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    Ttly.riallt IMatisEr:
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WX. M.SIIMILINP4Editor and Proprietor
FEBRUARY 17, 1864.
week, speaks of "our dear old Gov
ernment," just as though it loved it,
and in the same breath- endeavors
'to stab.:it to death. It
rigmarole of stuff against the very
life-essence of that udear old Govern-
ment"—State sovereignty, and its
",friends are making all the assaults in
their power upon that same "dear old
Governmentr.'' They never loved it.
Half a dozen propositions were of
fered last week in Congress by the
friends of thelieuriq to change fun
damentally that•surine "dear old Gov
ernment," and to make it a bantling
in accordance to the views of those
who are- now - idling . the "dear old
Government"tliits'destruotion Out
upon such hypocrites. 'They do not
and neverAlid.lovealic qd.ear.iild Gov :
Several propositions were
made last week in Congress pro
posing amendments to the Constitn
tion abolishing slavery. The nigger
is. to be the platform of the Aboli
tionists in the coming Presidenti'al
campaign. The aUnion" - cry an
swered itsipurpose , anth-is now to be
abandorted 4 for. that -- a "Abolition."
Itel. : , The stables at the President's
House,Mrashington, were destroyed
by fire Lon Wednesday night of last
Week. Several horses were burnt.
The fire is supposed to have been the
work -of an incendiary, or through
:carelessness. Congress .has already
made an appropriation 'to rebuild
RATHEIt Buituitts.—The Copper - Ilealu i , ay that
the soldiers are for MeQlcHitn, yet they oppose
giving the unbliers a roc, and McClellan him
self supported Woodir.r , t fim Governor of thin
State, when one' -of Wootl7nrct:u mor.t prominent
acts was the decision. Lc gave on the Supreme
Bench rl isfrenchisiog eoi.liers. At , Artenklic..
Ward would say, we guo,o, the uold iers ure lint
for McClellan "muclily."—Couricr.
The Courier knows that the above
'ls a falsehood, but nevertheless puts
it forward every other week to influ
ence the soldiers : - against their old
commander. Jadge ',Woodward was
not, and is not , opposed to "giving
the soldiers a vote,".7.end-the editor of
the Courier has no t truthful groand
forldS broad and fulee aSsertions.—
i e p in, was elected
by the %votes, of the siddiers of the
, 'Army oftthe Potomac inithe find -
The Polificul friends of the editor of
the Courier contested the election on
the grounds. of the unconstitutional.;
ity of the soldiers voting away 'from
their residences. The case was car
ried to the Supreme Court and there
decided in accordance to the Con stitu
tion and the laws, and in favor of the
friends of the Courier, whose candi
date, Mr.' Thompson, ousted Mr. Ew
ing from the tattoo on that ground af
ter the latter had lied it over a year.
Mr. Thompson, the Abolitionist; is
now sheriff 'of Philadelphia, on the
grounds of - that very decision. .It is
true Mr. Woodward was of the
judges, but would : any law-abiding
titizen have him decide adverse to
the law .and the Constitution ? If
the Courier would we knerv.r that the
BOrdieiT would not, dearly -as they
might love to vote. They are -figkzt
. ling for law, order, and the Constitu
.-tiOn, and they would have neither
'Violated even if It would be in their
favor. WO",defy contradiction on the
• correctness ..of this statement. Gen.
McClellan was in favor of Judge
'W,OodWard , because he
. was in favor
'of Carrying oz-tihOwar for the Con
titutiOn and the„Union, and not for:
-` freeing the negyoos, and because he
(Judge MT . OOd warti :rendered justice in
'aelmoWledging the bpwery, fortitude
and succEss of the Army of the Po-
Aomae , in the Penineular campaign
; arid:afterwardsln ..iltitryhind,' which
"'the. bolition culdidates, if they did
not Make light of v.r.4 sneer at, open
.deeried as "of notinuehlacteount !"
oie r Forney, in his, , speeeh of
is . Weleome," in the Court House, on
Tuesday,-took grentpains to tell the
soldiers what they- Nvere - fighting for,
just:as though they did not know it
Ram . an ,ertiiehruent of nearly .three
',years. Those that were fighting for
-the Constitution and the Union were
tin doubt .g,reatly 'surprised, after
'.oeirlong and arduc us duties, to learn
;that they were altogether mistaken
-in. their supposition's, :and that they
"*ere only fighting for the abolition
of slavery, or to qaote Mr. Forney's
own words, "engaged in a war which
=meat be fought through on the broad
'and ck.pansive principle of universal
„liberty, without condition or reser
:7fation 1 .
):#l,O-.. The enemy are threatening
l'i,ewbern Washingeon, North-
Carolina, with some nrobabilities of
both; as-as section of
country, it,ssjn falAing iAto their
qil ar.
Sttr"Genoral Butler sent an 'expe
dition,-last week, up the PeiyinrSilla
towttrti4 Itieh mond, for the purptiso'Of
reliefting Oil , ' prisoners in that , t3ity.
At''tlhc sanw. time an, advancewas
made by the Army of the•VotOmac
to draw the attention of thet'enetty
so that Butler's expeditionlinight suc
ceed. The plan was detected by the
rebels and frustrated. The expedi
tion returned, and the army went
back to its old camping ground. With
a loss of upwards of 500 killed,
wounded and prisoners. This raid
upon Richmond by Butler, which he
did not accompany personally, seems
to have been rather a wild-goose
chase r and the noise about it is com
posed .of more:fuss than feathers, save
that several hundr4d valuable lives
were sacrificed hi itfor-no,purpose.
The Courier is eon - ling , out ev
ery week more openly against, sand
more abusive of, Gen. McClellan. It
is supposed that McClellan is oppo'sed
to the pet nigger schemes of the Abo
litionists, and a friend to the white
soldiers, which is the reason of the
milk in the cocoa-nut. We advise all
those opposed to and abusive of Mc-
Clellan to go within half-a-dozen miles
of Richmond,- in wliiclrease they will
-have a:Tight to abuse him and those
. *ho did. Until then they shoUld
hold their peace. - The 93d was there
and can speak on that . point.
The Special Election for a
State Senator in the Indiana and
'Armstrong district,- to succeed:Major
WuIT) ,'trill bell6llloll' riday , 4/ex t,
the 19th 'inst. The • Abolitionists
have . norninated Dr. TrtomAs ST.
CLAIR, an old ;physician of the bor
ough of Indiana. Dr. =Ronsrm-Ottit,
of Armstrong county, is - the IDetno
cratic candidate. It is presumed that
St. Clair will be elected, as the dis
trict is strongly abolition.
A proposition is before Con
gress, and will be put through by the
abolitionists, to build a new Presiden
tial Mansion, and abandon the pres
ent "White House." Build Old Abe
a palace, and darn the expense.
LlEr' Thadileas Stevens was one of
the prime movers that loade . d - a debt
of 840,000,000 of dollars upon the
State of Pennsylvania daring the
short term of power of the Anti-Ma
sons in Pennsyll'ania. After an ab
sence of nearly 30 years from power
he makes his appearance in the Na
tional Legislature, and during "the
short term of the Abolitionists in
power there, he will be the chief
means of riding the country also into
&debt.° .._
i Senator Sumner, one of the
leaders of the Wool 'Pedters in Con
gress, reported a bill to the Senate
granting equal privileges to white
and colored citizens, and RNMB passed
by a vote of 30 to 10.
Wy- The Netbs, of Philadel
phia., an out-and , .ont Abdlition paper,
says that "candor,ias well -as just
appreciation of its duties .as public
journalists; requires that it .Should
state that 4n its own :political
hold the elenientS of discord are much.
more rife than is generally supposed."
We think so' too. Let Democrats
prepare ; the light of better days is
dawning !
na.. The editor of the Courier seefils
grieved because the "Copperheads"
did not pay more attention to the lit
tle niggers he and his friends were,
exhibiting in the Court HouSe afew
weeks ago. "Copperheads" don't
want to make voters of them., hence
it matteis Terry &tie to them wliefh
er they are "kinsmen •of Stonewall
Jackson" or any other rebel. The
"Cops" leave all that to these who
have a "fellow feeling!" for such corn
party and things and all that.
Abe Lincoln's first emancipa
tion proclamation is to be raffled for
at Albany, N. Y., some time this
month. 5,000 tickets are to be sold
at $1 a piece, and the drawing is to
be. after the manner of drafting con
scripts—the first number drat n. is to
take flip idomment..
said that both;Chaselind
Fremont are deter Mined to rat •for
the - Presidency litany rate: OM Abe
ought to arrest them for attempting
to "overthrow the Government."
rm. On Saturday of last week,
John Jordan, an employee of the :Erie
Mining Company, at their works in
Deerpark, Orange county, N. Y.; fell
'headforemost down a shaft one hnn
elp6d and twelve feet deep: There
was seven feet of water in the shaft,
into which he - plunged, and strange
to relate., he escaped with no worse
injuries than,a few slight bruises and
a good ducking. When the bucket
was let down he seized hold of it and
was drawn out, and was able to re
sump work' on Monday morning.
Kr The guerrillas in the Hardy
county valley of Virginia made, their
appearance on the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, a few miles west of'
Harper's Ferry, on. Thursday night.
They captured a railroad train and
took over thirty. thousand dollars and
some jewelry from the passengerS as
a ransom, They made no prisoners,
and without doing any injury safely
&camped with their booty. Several
members of the Maryland Legislature
were among the passengers.
Rechelderfor, of 'ortl► Whiteisiill
township, Lehigh I , , , ;,unty, went - to
the office of Drs.GaMing' and Grieat
mer, dentists from 'A 11'd hhVe
a number of teeth -extracted, and al
though dissuaded by the -dentist she
urgently requested td'have the opera
tion performed under. the•infliience'of
chloroform. Dr. Martin' • Was Called
in, who made an' ekamination and
pronounced her a suitable subject to
have chloroform adMinistered, "and
proceeded to administer it. While
under a partial infltienee Dr. G. pro- .
corded to extract her teeth. Ater
the extraction of the eighth tooth she
fell fbrward, became uneonseious, and
her pulse and heart.ceaSed to beat.
All proper measures 3 were -taken to
restore her, and artificial respiration'
was kept up for an hoar and a half,
when she expired.
Otr We are told that a good and
reliable old farmer of Dauphin cotin
ty,-who has always heretofbre voted,
'.and been radical against Democratic
prineiyilesomw declareS that he will
next fall vote l'Or the Democratic can - -
didatc, from the convietibn ''that' - khe
Democratic party can make better
terms of peace with the .South than
the Abolitionists can. The South
and the Abolition party can make no
terms of peace so . long as there is
the slightest power of resistance, but
the Democratic party could settle the
war and restore the Union in a week's
- ay evening =the -dwelling of 'Mr.
Gottschalk; in -Perkiomen township.
Montgomery county, Was-destroyed
by fire, while he:und his •wife -were
absent at church some distance-from
home. Three , children were in the
house when the conflagration occur
red. Whena•iieiglybor arrived, the
oldest :one-was standing -do wn stairs
and was ' rescued. The second was
also gotten clown stairs, but died al
most immediately thereafter, and the
youngest could not be rescued, the
flames and smoke preventing further
access to the room up stairs in which
the fire originated qui it was entirely
consumed in the fire. Not '.sa, trace
of it could be discovered after the fire
was over. It was left lying in the
crib.,.; It is supposed that the explo
sion of a coal oil lamp caused the
conflagration. This terrible catas
trophe should be another warning tO
parents not to leave small children
alone in the house.
lam,. The Administration has ille
gally arrested -thousands of Demo
crats,•and plunged them into bastiles,
t- we - are not aware -that they have
proved a single charge against one
of them. It is, however proved that
the friends of Lincoln have-not only .
been -robbing the treasury all the
time, but also engaged blockade run
ners, and doing all manner of things
contraband of war, a.nd although ar
rests are taking place almost hourly,
and yet, strange to tell, we seldom
hear of a trial and still more seldom
of conviction and punishment.
reqUisition - was - iwa'cle; a few!days
since on the Crovernmenifor beiats:fdr
the colored regiment in eairip
Quincy, 111. The sizes were so enor
mous -that they could not be procured
at Chicago, and the, agent had to
telegraph to Washington to, know
what was to be done. He was or
dered to have the regimental feet
Measured and send the result to Wash
ington, so that the boots could be
constructed the-re. Th 9 sizes range
from -tons to Itwenties. This regi
ment .apt to "trample on -the
-rights of the 'South."
td3k-, there is some Southern news
from TaSt Tennessee, which repre
sents :ihat disease ancl ;starvation -are
making severe inroads upon the Fed
eral garrison of Knoxville. There
are seven hundred cases of small-po*
reported. General Longstreet , now
has a complete hoe of railroad from
Richmond to Strawberry Plains,
twenty-two miles. froth Knoxville.
A lair e :convention of radical
Republicans is to be called, to meet
in Louisville, Kentucky, for the pur
pose of placing :General Fremont An
noMination for the Presidency.
convention is to assemble .on the -22 d
instant. •
Or Whisky;has ,fidlen in the: New
York market to 80 cen.ts,a gallon.
wk. Edward Everett haS been try
ing to persuade the President to 're
verse his unjust and - outrageous decis
ion in the case of Fitz Jobh Porter.
Gonea-zd Meade resumed corn
/114ml of tilt; Army of 'the Poto,ai lic
011 .Nioncily •
From Charleston Oicre IS IR.
tel I epee -of -a slow eentinuance of
the •bom hard aent upon the city.
Dahlgren:took itwo iron-clads to Flor
ida, and now but three remain in the
liarbor. A British ship•of.war was
off Charleston on February 5, and
asked permission, of the blotkaders to.
communicate with _the,British Consul
at Savannah,. Verreission was refus
ed, and she sailed away.
wa., There is a report from the Ar.
my of.the ro.tomac that in a Rich
mondpaper- of Thursday last which
was brought. into camp, there was an
account of the escape of one hundred
and nine Federal officersfrom Bibby
prison. They dug a tunnel. under
the street and passed .out throug4 it.
But four had been retaken.
gav- i i man on Monday , purchased
a military overcoat from orie of the
second-hand clothing stores in De,
troit, sewed inside the lining of which
was in the neighborhbod of $l5O in
United States money.- He paid $lO
for the coat, and Made. a
speculation by the:purchase.
The New York Church Journal
(Episcopal) sums .up , the duties' of
clergymen in this pertinent sen
"Sound divinity is better material
for sermons than poor politics,"
'On Wednesday of l4t VOA,' the
'fltitidlment Act being befrhe ' the
Muse, Mr. Strouse'
t follbws :
1 11ribve to amend the amenddient
"by striking out in the sixth section of
the sublititute the word "only," add
ing after' the word "draft" the words
"fur threeyears," and striking out the
remainder erthe section ; so that the
secti on 'wiirstead .
See . 6. 'And be it ' further enacted, That nny
persOn drafted into the military service of the
United States, may berate the time fixed for his
appeararfze at the draft rendezvous, tarnish au
eceeptubte substitute, Subject - to. such rules and
regulations as may he:prescribed by the.Seere
'tory or War. If such substillite . is not liable to
drot ft, the ,person f urn lab ing bin; andll be exemiot
from draft during the time fat wbleb said sub
stitute is liable to draft, the name of the p - er-ou
furnishing hint shall he liable to draft in filling
future quoins. And if nny drafted person shall
hereafter pay money for the procuration or ft sub
stitute, under the pew: igitm of the set to which
this is an umendmeni,..citCh payment of-money
shall operate to relieve such person from draft of
three years:
Mr. Chairman ' I understand the
call of the President of the United
- States to be for flye e hundred thou-
BSriii allowances, to
serve fOritree .ISean's' 6r-daring the
war. There can be . no` - mlistakeekbOnt
understanding thevlain labguage of
the order of the President, and if that
be so, of which there can be certainly
no doubt, there can beno objection to
this amendment. Lcentend that it is
but right and proper that we should
conform to the language and intent
of the order of the President, and say
that the party furnishing an aceepta
%le substitute or paying his corn mu
tation,money 'has e ahsolved himself,
under a correct interpretation of the
law, from service for three years._
The payment of ComtMitation money,
nnder the ofd draft, coaslio interpret
ed by no less a distiaguithed 'jurist
than my colleague, the learned chair
man- of the Committeti of Ways and
Meartfl. The payment of the 's3oo,
or the procuration of a substitute,
wasLhelirl to absolve' t. 4 party for that
'length ef time. 'We diust itx . a, limit
'and in accordance with the language
Of the VPresident of' the thiite'dttates,
thatris the
If my amendment is adopted, the
remainder of the section, is incongru
nue. There is no ne4essity for
The name of the persqn drafted and
paying the commutation money or
providing a substitute`` need not be re.
tained on the roll for the purpose of
filling future quotas, because the par
ty. is discharged rOm everything
that Abe country demands of him.
Now, 11r. Chairmani I may be op
posed entirely to the principle of the
conscription law. I imity 'say 'that
Lho law is -mOre despotic; than any
laws now evdsting in Airstrip, France,
drTrassia. It is eerirtinly a verylnn
' popular law. The pliblie voice 'is a
gainst it, It is ugainst the spirit and
genius 01 our institutions to coerce a
I tree horn American 144,e citizens of
the United States toile service that
he is averse to.. -
Azt we are !eMere s 'e7nTCY,
etwer - m - oiren..ellei - ATe inutit 'do
!th.trbeAtlvie eaullatiethe'direernstan
nes le ceM anti 'th ere fere
in Ipal4irit. -so litringent"and to 'so
' great egtent Oppressive'eapaet, let us
not forget that stir constituents, the
yeomen of the bind, the
the artiteers, elietneettanies, the mi
ners, the labotOrs,'have some rights
arid demand - sotto ' , consideration at
our hands here.
I wish to indulge 'in'nO pak?kan
harangue. I have no partizan 'feel
ing in this matter.; I have listened
to some speeches uporethisiloorlrren
which -the inference can only he
drawn that no man 'hasjoilled.Our,
volunteer army who 'did nOt belon g
to a certain party Ogauization. Sir,
will'not stand her 'to 'quibble over
such a statement, 4veiry man knows,
who knows the truth that- the Army'
of the •Ilnitt'd States is'eomposcd of
men •Of all ehesses;lfrom
f rom 'alt party 014anizations e
there should he no iticstion 'raised of
each a partisan; niyire relative to
them. I, for onct - 4mready to enforce
thelaws •by every theaus within my
control. I shall 'throw no impedi-..
meat in the way-of tole •Getvernment
in sustaining itself, in 'defending our
flag, in maintaining ihe Constitution:
and 'the Ins ; I.d (tail* Oral while we
do -equal tend e, , x.aet . .SusVce to aft and
upon every occasion, le, should re
member the poor laboring man, torn
from his wife and lfttt dries, from
everything which he' hpide. dear in
life, and called to imperithis existence
.on the battle-fields of tlfe coun try.—
Let , us remember that t4reare many
distressiv circumstances attending,
the.exedution of such a Jaw as this,.!..
and while we do justice to all let that
he tem' i l'U',;(l.- - With':a little mer
cy and a little consideration. Let us
not be too severe%and tl4otie in our;
measures, lest there shonid follow a.
reaction worse than t4e difficulties
which are sought here tVeniedy.
STnOUSE also offered the fol
k:411)g amendment:
Add to Section twenty -tone:
And any person claiming exemption for any
'cause, and believing himself aggrieved by the
decision of the board of enrollioart, may with in
ten dayS after 6 , uoh :to the dis•
trict tionrsof the United Slatee far the district in
which the-appellant wee draftedl and the boatd
of enrollment shall certify the"proceedings tti
said, voourt,'whertvwspeedy-eximination-shali be
tied, and 'the decision orsald unit shall be fiat!
and-conclusive. ,
I Offer, this amendmoti Chair
.man, With little:prospeit'fof its iallop.
'Um), but. With ,h - faint bop that some
plan may be 'developed which may
enable the unfortunate'victirn of the
illegal and unjust decision Of a dis
trict =proVost marshal! to apply to
some tribunal for redress, - and have
justice"dene. As the law:now stands
and as
,is contemplated-by this bill,
every man, hoWever rnnctj entitled to
exemption from drafternder the pro
visions of the act of Congress. ; is sub
jest to the caprice - , malactt ignorance,
or predjUdice of a petty-tyrant,-cloth
ed with brief Illithoritynowo as a
deputy ;provost marshal; and from
-hose • • decision th ere: no appeal.
SornaaPpelfate jurisdiction is impera
j o u pr . otectior of
our, peop outrages have
been cornMitted this' - matter of ilk
holdiog to Olitary service of par-
'Vita by partial, dishonest, and corrupt
'l64)l.i:wised "captains and provost
nirti-eltals" ache different con greBsion
la tee i as. :tribe majority of this
Ilbuse " fins nht entirely igHored the
rights bf the*hite man, then I beg
leave to say With all due defereifee to
the superior claims Of the iiCgrd-L
-slave and free, citizens of Miloan
• see.nt —that a passing tlitiught may be
bestowed on thu poor"and now subor
dinate white man, "who, in the'pres
ent war for "universal - eMancipation,"
i is likely to change place with the ne
on)aShecome himself the slave.
. Strouse's ameildtner.ts- were
'hb'th rejected !
[From the Richmond Examiner, February Stb.)
The following extraordinary reso
lutions were yesterday introduced in
the House ofT,,epresentatives by Mr.
Wright, of- 7moreorgia. The House
went into secret session before taking
any action upon them :
- Whereas, The President of the Uni.
ted States, in a late public communi
cation, did declare that no proposi
tion for peace had been made to that
Government - by the Confederate
States, when in. truth,
such proposi
tions 'Vero prevented from being
made bYt,he . PreSident of the United
States, - in that'herefused to hear, or
even to receive, two Commisstioners
appointed to treat expretsly of the
preservation of amicablerelatioli's be
tween the two Governments:
Nevertheless, that the Confeder
ate States may stand justified in the
sight of the conservative men in the
.North of all parties, arid that the
world`may know which of the two
Govennine:as it is that urges on a
war unparalleled for the fierceness of
the conflict, and intensifying into a
sectional Hatred 'unsurpassed in the
'afiffals of Mankind. Therefore
Resolved, That the Confederate
States invite the -United - States,
through their' GOvernment at Wash.
ington, to meet 'them by Represen-
Oyes equal to their Representatives
and'Senatoi's in their respective Con
gresses, at on day of
next, to consider,
li.'irst--- 2 -Whether they cannot agree
upon the recognition of the Confed
erate States of America.
Second—ln the event of such recog
nition, whether they cannot agree upon
the formation of a new Government,
founded upon the equality and „sovereign
ty of the States; but if this cannot be
done, to consider,
Third—Whetlier they cannot agree
upon treaties offensive, defensive, and
cow mereini.
.Resolved, In the event of the pas-
sage. of 'these resoluticins the Presi
dent be rco:uested *to 'communicate
the same to the,'Clove=rurtient at Vash•.
ington, - in such mann-er as ho shall
deem most in accordance with the
usages of nations.- and in the event
of their acceptance that - Govern - 4
ment, be - do issue his proclannition
of election Of delegates under Stich
regulation's as 'he may deem expedi
Fauns op AtOuftoNISAI —The
tenehings of.the hbolitionists are be
=ginning 'to &15toduce theirlucvitable
limits. t o week or two ago, the wife
of an honest soldier of the 9703 Penn;
sylvania Volunteers, residing in fast
Whiteland township, Chester county,
eloped with' a- rievro, carrying off
with her two or three hundred dol
lars of her Jiusband's money, which
he had sent home to her, from time
to time ; for the support of his fami
ly. The little children' of this degra
ded mother were taken le her fa
Q* — The 'Legislature of 'Delaware
have eleeted the Hon. George Reed
Riddle, fdrmerly a member of Con
irress to the'seut in the'Sokate vaca
ted by Mr. Bayard's resignation. =
The i r enat,drelect is a Democrat, who
will vote upon all national questions
as fir. Bayard would have done.
Cif/WI It OM Allinalt TO /1 r
ri)111.1 subseriber respectfully informs the public that
he has the largest andliest assort nfent of FUANI
TUR Wind 011.0 RS, liver offered to the,pul lc of Lob
-Mon county. Ile has on 'hand at his 'Cabinet-Ware
ro.dins, in North Lebatilin borough, nearly opposite
Zeller's ililtel, and a few doers south of Borgfier's, a
splendid-assortment of good, substantial raid fashion.
able Parlor, Cottage and Chamber FURNITURE, con
sisting of Sofas, Tete a-tetes, Louogee, What-note • Par
lot, Centre, Pier, Card and Common iables;
DtesSing and Common BUREAUS; Bed
'- steads, Work-stands, Wash-atands.and K 'tefl
on Furniture of all kinds. Also, itlarge and
elegant variety of FRENCH lIAGN, SPRING SEATED Chairs,
Compton Spring-seated Chairs;-ell kinds of Spring-
seated Rockers. Also, Windsor, Cane-Soated. and Com
mon &hairs and Rockers of every description.
*ft. All Goods sold LOW and WARRANTED to give
Persons desirous of knowing the character of the
goods here offered for can be fully satisfied of their
durability by refer , nee to those rok witont he has man
ufactured or to whom sold.
. .
Old Furniture and Chairs Repaired and Varnished.
N. R.—Coffins made and Ynnerahi attended at the
shortest notice. -JOS EPII BOWMAN.
North Lebanon :September 19, 1960. •
New goat and Shoe Sitwell,
undersigned nrincinnen tothe public that they
have remove.' their ;Saw Gdat and Shoe Store to
Ozenthertand stem, Lebanon, in :John Illraiiff'e
onelloor weal_ of the Confectionery Store, where they
intend 'keeping constantly on hand a general as
..,..:sortnient of Ladies, Gentlemen, Aliases, Boys and
Boots, ,Shoes, Gaiters, th. cfre
all of which will be made up in style and quality no
to be suipassmi by any other workmen in the country.
No effort shall be spared to please and satisfy all who
may favor them with their orders, and their charges
will bean reasonable 2.4; possible, compatible with a fair
They also keep a larg,e stock of •
which is warranted to be as represented.
Tice plettliesvo4nAted to call and examine their stook
previous to purchasing.
Repairing done an short notice and at l'easonablc
Lelatnon, 3ialGh 19, 1862.
Etas been removed:to his New Building on Cumberland
Street, opposite the Eagle DuiMine,
Lebanon, Pa.
stallEsubserlberroppeetfully announces to his Amman.
9 ctanees and the public in general, that be has coo
-1 ntly on hand a large stock of
_ .-
Burning Fluid, surgical Instruments, Toilet Soaps, Se
gars, Tobacco, &e. Alw« a variety of Nancy Articles
too numerous to mention, which lie offers at low rates,
and warrants the qualities of the articles rts represent
ed. Purchasers will please remember this, and exam•
hie the qualities and prices of his goods Before purchas
ing elsewhere. AtiirPhysician's prescriptions and fam
ily recipes carefully compounded, at all hours of the
day or night, by calling at the Drug Store, oppoSite the
Eagle Buildings.
On Sundays the Store will be opened for the com
pounding of preacriptions between the hours of 7 and
10 o'clock, A. 31.02 and I,.and 4 and S P. 31.
Lebanon,Aug.l3 ing; okvo S. RARER:
Lebanon Female Seminary
RACHEL F. ROSS, J'rincipul.
JULIA ROSS, Musicsl Department.
Mrs. M. A. J, JIMISON, Drawing.
ri Ninth Session will commence September 3,1860.
1 This School is designed to elevate the standard of
female education, and to oiler superior advantages at
moderate cost. The school year is divided into two
sessions of five mouths each. Charge per session, from
7 , 4 to 16 dollars, according to the studies of the scholar.
Extra for Music, French, Latin, and German.
.*** Particular attention given to the musical depart
ment,. Instructions upon the Plano, Melodeon and
Guitar and in Singing. Pupils not connected with the
School will be waited noun at their homes, when de
sired, mid at the usual rates.
Eeily application ebould be made to
S. J. STINE, or
Board of Directors:
Lebanon, Aug. 21, 1501.
TO aTtalll [iii.2nra3
mA R C 1 3 45 NATHAN respectfully informs the people
of Lebanon and vicinity that ho has Opened a No
tion and Fancy Dry Goods Store in Lebanon for the
WHOLESALE and RETAIL Trade of nil articles in his
line at the most reduced prices possible. His stock
consists in part of all k lusts of Woolen and Cotton
Stock ings and Mose, Undershirts, Drawers . Woolen
Caps and Nnbias. Hits and Gloves, Scarfs ,all kinds of
Handkerchiefs, Collars far Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hairdresses and Nets, Ribbons and Velvets. Spool and
Patent Sewing Thread, Buttons, Scissors, Combs. &c.,
&c. A large assortment of HMEBELLAS and PARA
SOLS, at the lowest pr ices, Spectacles, Pocket-bo ks,
Portmonalres. Dominoes, Cards, &c. A large assort
ment of Musical Instruments, Violins, Accordeons,
Banjos, Tamborines ' Flutes, Fifes, Baskets, Trunks,
Carpet Bags, Satchels, and all kinds of Toys, in fact
everything almost that can be thought of in the Notion
and Fancy line. Also a large variety of JEWELRY
and WATCHES, Pedlers and Storekeepers will find
it their interest to buy of us. Our Store is in cum
berland Street, in Funek's building , bet*cen the Court
Henan and Market House.
G e it) ete Ito trosia et s
• +.l
- -1-=r
By Lebanon Valley Railroad.
ILIARTICULAR attention will be paid to Goods slipp
ed by the Lebanon Valley Railroad. Goods will be
sent:ololy to and from PliiladelpLia to Lebanon, Myers
town end Alllll4llll Stations, and all other points in the
contracted for at the least possible rates
en) delivered with dispatch,
The Proprietor will pay particular attention to.iand
attend personally, to the receiving and delivery or all
For inferiliation,apply at his 'Mee at tie Lebanon
Valley Railroad etot, Lebanon,
1101VARD MARK. Ae-ent in plait:4oolin. will al
ways be reand he* Bush's act - thane's Hotel, North
AS just received at his Grocery Store, Cumber
land St., one door rest of Market. a lot of Fresb
Fruit in Cans, including readies, Gages, Green `Corn,
Tomatoes, Jellies.
Pie: alelil, Cauliflower, Ketchup, Pepper Sauce
English, Limberger, Sap-Sage..
Sardines, Salmon , Mackerel, Herring, Codfish
Raisins. Currents, Prunes, Dried Apple4.ftnd Peaches,
Cranberries, Apples. Hew iuy, Tapioca,
Marley, Peas, Ex.
A lot of Buckwheat Meal. Also '5O barrels of New
York Apples.
UM. Highest price given in CASH for Eggs, Putter
Dried Apples and Peaches. Beaus. thdon., &c.
rUblie patronage is solicited.
Lebauou, Der. 23 , ISC3
A NEW riarfl..
"4%TOULD iufnrui the Public, that hating bought and
IL U. Roedel Mid qeerge Welty.. they are now prepared
to wait on all Om' will favor them with a call, at the
old stand (11. IL Roedel's) in CUmberland street, where
they will always have on Itm.d...a..laritx and well k.xe
leafed or Wine'. - Malik and . School
Rooks, and as an ingu s ecitient they *Wet' their Miseella
neous books at greatly reduced prickS. .
The New York and
Vin he had 'Arid tialiikrihed for,
odreonnabla:teritis, by calling at their store.
Anythiewa'uting in their line will be cheerfully at
tended to' with promptness and dispatch
Lebanon, Bor. 12, 1802.
The undersigned having taken the Largo and Cordate.
diens Hotel. in Pottsville, known as the
mottirmun -HOUSE,
would respectnilly announce to his old friends and for
mer patrons that be is 'Ten:tied to aceommo
- date all who nu favor him with
their patronage. "
The MORTIMER HOUSE'has hem newly papered,
painted, and refurnished throughout, and the Paomun-
TOR feels warranted In saying that it is .
Bothugh of Pottsville, fOt comfort and convenience.
'iV Pain's fedi be
To render 'it an agreeable and corn fornibfe atoriping
place tor strangers and travelers.
The 'Stablinfi. -Ind Shedding;
Attached to- the Hotel, are sufficiently large for [heat.
connnoclation 6f the horses and carriages of
. his guests
The Hetet is new epee for the
Receptton of the Public
qe6iiiitioclate all who may
givelinn a eel). .PJSPI. 4 II 51. EIMER,
PPottsville;Airal 8,. iBC2. Proprietor.
Manufacture of Liquors,
rp.TIE only reliable Work ',Per Tobin-bed in America.
1. Will telF bow all Liquors are adulterated and im
itated. Also how three barrels of Whisky are made
from 4.0 gallons of spirits. Sent on receipt of $5,00.
Address. N. N. BROWN,
Wonielsdorf, iterka Co., Pa.
Jan. 6, 1 £04..-3m.*
Boot and Shoe Store.
JACOB lICETIET, respectfully, In
forms the public that he still contin
..„, nes his extensive establishment in
a d i „, yaw his new building, in Cumberland st.,
where he hopes to render the same
satisfaction as heretbfore to all who
may favor hint with their c astern, Ile invites Illerchants
and dealers in BOOTS and SIIOESand every one who
wishes to purchase fashionable and, durable articles in
his line, to call and examine for tliemaeivea l lds large
and varied stock.
lie is determined to surpass all crmpetition In the
manufacture of every article in his business, suitable for
any Market in the Union. A dne care taken in regard
to materials and workmanship; none bt the best quali
ty of I.lsATillat and other materials are used, and none
but the best workmen are employed
- B.—fie returns his sincere thankS to his friends for
tile very liberal patronage heretofore bestowed on him.
lie-hopes by strict attention to business and endeavoring
to please his cdstomers, to merit a share of public pat
ronage. f Lebanon, July 3, ISfa.
Philip F.
(AN Cumberland Street, one door East of ,
1,../ the Bleck h orse hotel. Thankful for the,
very liberal patronage extended to me for the short time
I have been in business, T. would respectfully solicit a
Continuance of the patronage . of the public..
e has at all times an assortment of BOOTS and
SHOES of his own manufacture on band, which will be
disposed of odreasonable terms. . •
Those desiring a neat, well made article, are invited
to' give me a trial. Childrens' Film; of every variety
and color on hand. Heavy work made ho order.
Air All work warranted. Repairing Really defeind
charges made moderate. Lebanongtily 3,1881.
-W. J. BURN - SIDE, A. .21t, Principal.
THE ENSUING SESSION will commence on
MONDAY, July 21st.
TOR 5011001, has the advantages of a pleasant and
beautiful. Location—spacious , Buildlngs7 , 4entillated,
Rooms.:-.a line Library and Cabinet.
TUE COURSF. OF STUDY is not fired. the studies of
each pupil being directed according to the time he can
onord in School, or to the profession he designs to pus
Till: NORMAL DEPARTMENT offers special advan
tages to those who propose to engage in Teaching; as
the Course pursued conforms Strictly to the require
ments of the County Superintendent, and to the Course
of the State Normal School.'
CIRCULARS and further information can be ob
tained by addressing the Principal.
W. J. 131111NSIDE,
June 25,1862. Antoine, Pa.
rimiTs is to notify nil Carp nters and Cabinet puiltrs
j: that no bills for coffins will be paid by the Direc•
tors of the Poor for poor , persoud dylag.*lth id a 'circle
(if rev o miles of the Poor House ; us all each pereone
will be , fern isbed with Collins free of dtpensti on appli
cation • to the 6teward at the Poor Ildh^e.
ItLIAS WALBOltff, of Liza Poor.
GEO. 7.11151ER31AN,
.5111 y 27,18113.
ValtYar vaanza
T a T
"z=6.14.±.,4 "Ih,rIEIXX.9.X.R.SI7
(From' Jarto s and 4.) at the
Being the
Gainod by
Anything of
the kind.
It also re
ceived the sn
perlative Re
port of
For Food.
mA Zgam
Great international Exhibition. at
*Used for Puddings. Custards. Blanc Mange, &m.with
out Isinglass. with few or no eggs. It 'is - es - cellent for
thickening Sweet Sauces, fl ray ies for Fish. Meat, Soups,
&c. For Ice Cream nothing can compare with it. A
little boiled in Milk makes a rich Cream for Coffee,
Chocolate, Tea, &c. A most delicious article of Food for
children and invalids. it is vastly superior to Arrow
Root, and much more economical. -" ' ^ •
age. Put up in cue pound Packages, with Ibll direc
tions, and sold by all Grocers and Druggists.
WM, DURYEA I Whole,sale Agent,
166 Fulton Street, New York,
October 14.1.661.-6 m.
*Blanket Shawls,
C LOTII, WOOLEN GLOTUING of all colors, dyed .let
Black or Blue Black, pressed, the color warranted
and goo turned out equal to new, by
Bast Ile :offer.
..4W , Articles to be dyed can be left at las. L. _Umber
gees Drug Store where aq orders for the above will be
attended to. riltarch-11,186a.
Sxrai & - Tobleta Man ufacturer
10 & 18 CHAMBERS ST.,
[Formerly 42 Chatham Street, New York.l
Would call the attention of Dealers to the articles of
his manufacture, viz.:
Brown Sncgtf
Macahoy, Demigros.
Fine Rapper:, Puri Virginia;
Coarse Rappea. Nachitoebes,
American Gentleman, Copenhagen.
Yellow Zoinutr
Scotch, Money Dew Scotch. ,
nigh Toast Scotch, Fresh Money Dew Scotch,
Irish nigh Toast, Fresh Scotch.
or Luudyfoot.
lai?' Attention is eared to the large reduction in pri
ces of Fine-Cat Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, which
will be found of a Supenor quality.
Long, P. A. L., or plain, S. Jago.
No. 1, Cavendish, or Sweet, Spanish.
N 0.2, Sweet Scented Oropaco, Canister,'
Nos. I& 2 Tin Foil Cavendish, Tu.'kish.
NB.—A cirettlir orpriees will be sent on appli
cation. New York, April. 1. ISSS= 2p.
South.cast corner of Market. Square,
vim sub*criber respectfully informs the pubic
1, that lie. has now onitand, at bis Ware rooms.
~,, ,.„,„„iiredeselilialt,..zetb , .., a splendid assertmen
and substantial Punt Rum—
,• Parlor. Cottage and Chamber
—.consisting of Sorts, Tete-a
, Tetes, Lounge:., 1 Whatnots,
Parlor. Centre, Pier, Card
and COIIIIIIOII Tables, Dressing
aid Common Bureans. &e.
Seated, Common and Rock
ing, &e. Cane seated Cloths and Old Furniture re
paired at short not ice and at moderate prices.
Vit•t °MINS made wind - Funerals attended at tho
Eibortesi. notice. lIERItY A. AL L.WEIN.
North Lebanon borough, Jan. G, 1804.
r i r nr..
C7Leap Stare, and Milling and
WIRE undersigned having formed a partnership in the
NESS: tirotild i . e4iectfully invite the attentiorrof the
public to their eAablishineuts. They will tontine to
licep_ at ttle late stntnd of SHRUB , OEESALIAN
LONG, a . t complete stock of all kinds of GOODS
11$1.1iliiy kept ina:country store, which they will re
tail Cheap for CASH, or COUNTRY PRODUCE. They
also want to buy for cash
50,000 Bushels of WHEAT,
30,000 Bushels of RYE,
20;000 Bushels of CORN.
25,000 'Bushels .of OATS.
For which they will pay, the hi6hest Market Prices.-
They will Also tale iIIIALV•is STURAGE. The will keep
always,un hand and sell at the lowest prices.COAL
. by
the Boat Load or by the Ton; all kinds of MILL FEED,
Allap7 they solicit tire tininess of all their old friends
end the public, and w111„ - sndeavor to deal on such lib
eral and just princlides as will give satisfaction to all.
_North Lebanon, March 19, 1862.
Markel Street Hotel.
Corner Market and Chestnut Streets, Lebanon.
JOHN .1‘1.111.7.RE5, Proprietor:
Tir A VINCI taken the above Stand. long occupied by
I] . Mr. I.eosAno ZIATMERNa.y,3 wilt spare no painsto
Make the Traveling Public who stop at it, perfectly
comfortable, ant, invite all to , give me a trial., The
House is large abd well arranged. The Table supplied
with the bent easonable edibles ; the Bar stocked with
the choicest L.quers,and the Stabling large and com
modious. .lOUN MATTfIs.
Lebanon, April 9, 1862,
Door Sash and Steam Planing
31111:11La MLA
Located on the Skam-Rentse Road, near Cumberland
Street, East I.4banon.
'VIER undersigned respectfully inform
I the public in general, that they
till manufacture and keep on hared....
Door, Sash, Shutter, Blinds, Flooring.
Weather-Boards,- 0 Gee Spring
Mouldings, of all sizes, Wash Boards. Dating. Surbace,
Cornices, and all kinds Of BUILDING MATERIALS
for Houses. We also construct the latest and most im
proved Stair Casing and Iland'Railing, suitable for
large and small buildings.
We now invite Farmers, MechanicS and Builders to
call and examine onr stock. which' we will warrant to
give entire satisfaction to all who may favor the under
signed with their Mitten'.
Lebanon, April 23,1862. LONGACRE G ADEL.
P. S.—There is also all kinds of TURNING at the
same Mill. Plaidng, Sawing,. &a., promptly done for
those who may furnish Lumber.
Saditie ated Harness Niantto
THE undersigned has removed
BAR his Saddlery and Harness 4.„ ...4 , 4
Manufactory to a few doors South iff,4lj4
of the old place, to the large room Viriore.\ ,
lately occupied by Dittman h.: Bro., as -
a Liquor store. where he will be happy to see all hisold
friends and customers, and where be baS increased fa
cilities for attenditl. , to all the departments of his bardd
nen. Being Bete coined to be behind no other -ifstab
lishment in his abilities to accommodate custrinii4, he
bas spared neither pains nor expense to `obtain and
wake hitnielf master of every modern improvement in
the business and secure the services' of «work
men that liberal woges would - command. He Wilfireep'
a large stock on hand, and manufacture at the short
est notice, all desc,lptielis Of HARNr.9S, retch egad=
- dies, Bridles, Carriage harness, of all - heavy
IlereeeB. Buggy Whits of the best manufacture, But=
falo Ruben, Fly Nets, such as Cotton, Worsted, Linen,
and a now kind lately invented; WHIPS of every
kind, such as Buggy Whips, Cart Whips, Au.; flames
of all descriptions Halter Chains, home-made Traces,
Ac., Sze, all of which he will warrant to be equal to
any that can be obtained in any other establishment
in the country. All be asks that« those, desiring any
thing in this line, should call at.his place and examine
At stock. lie feels the fullest confidence in his ability
to give entire satisfaction.
ga. All orders thankfully received and promptly at
ended to. 861.01110 N
North Lebanon Borough, Aug. 13, 1662.
New Cabinet %ere kocnna - and Chair
Mann factory,
armket St., ad Boor north of the L. riihrey Railroad.
Largest Manufactory and Best Assortment of
FURNITURE and CHALBS,Iin the cOnkity.
%818 public is respectfully reques
ed to bear in Mind that at these --?;
Wart. Rooms will be found the best -----'-'-
assortinent of' RAsiumvaarm and Flinn - '';
SOME FURNITi.TRE and CRAMS; Persons in want of
any kind wohld best call and- examine his stock: before
allreitasinc Sisewhere. - .Which (being all orbits own
work) he Avkirants to luibettor than.any Ofered-Iff this
narrai than at any,.oklier
-either lb the Borough or county of' Lebanon.
All orders promptly attended to, and Speedily. exeen
ed at the lowest prices. - ' •
Ail persona purchasing, sarnituere from ‘ him ill be
accommodated by having, it delivered to :Mem, to any
part of the county, razz or *CELIROZ, and withotit the
leatit injury, as be bas Immured one of-the !zest cosh.
irmed furniture wagons, especially for that purpo s e
COPPINS made to order, and funerals attended
at the shortest notico. Plishattom sept.l3,lSt
, -i