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    611 f (Salta.
I am a merry beggar,
3ly heart is bold and light ;
I liva ripen the highway,
And eleny in barns at night
I eat behind the hOdges
My scraps of bread and meat,
Jind drink, when Tory thirsty,
The water at my feet.
But,"money in my pocket,
And nano to tell the talc,
I hie mo to the alehonso,
And drink my fill of ale I
frown upon the tapsters,
I langh, and shout, and stag;
For, giao a beggar 'money,
He's mighty as a king I
Or From the tenth to the twelfth of the last
'month there was no aw.olution in Mexico One
old Mexican gentleman bung himself in conse
quence on the eleventh. He left a note intimat
ing that he bad been accustomed to his revolu
diOn 'every morning after breakfast for the last
!forty yelms, and that he couldn't live to see his
country degenerate, etc.
Airr• "Common titters.," said Mrs. Partington to
herseK, as she waked out of a little nap into which
she had been thrown on Sunday by a soporific
preacher, "what has common taters to do with
the gospel 2"
The preacher had alluded to some commenta-
Ors, the odd sound of which tickled her ear and
awiikoned alcr.
" Common tutors," she continued; "well, all
.sorts of taters are bad enough, and many of them
are rot ten clear through; and if he is calling his
hearers such names, heaven knows where he will
-stop. Common taters, indeed I I'll send him up
a pock of uncommon fines to-morrow, and show
him that all of them ain't alike."
She left the house with a very indefinite idea of
what he meant, but determined to set him right
,on :the
_potato question.
Or A man with a large family was complain
ing of the difficulty of supporting all of them.—
"But," said a friend, "you have sons big enough
As; morn something for you." The difficulty is they
are too dig: . was answered.
Rif "Father, are there any boys in Congressi"
l'No, my son—why do you ask that question ?"-
-"Because the papers said the other day that the
members kicked Mr. Brown's Bill out of the
Muse." •
,*511,.. The late Mr. John Jones being asked by a
&Slid "how he kept himself from being involved
in quarrels?" replied, "By letting the angry person
have all the quarrel to himself."
j Peace is the evening star of the soul, as
Virtue is its sun, and the two are never very far
till..'"Sce what I am V' not "See what my lath
or wag is an old and excellent Arabic saying.
The Philadelphia Ti in ea, (a Black Repub
lican paper,) is discontinued.
vORNER of Market do Water Sts., Lebanon,
Li in the room formerly occupied by Jacob Weidlo,
where he still continuos to keep an assort
reenter the very best brands of Wines and Liquors
that can be got. To those. who are acquainted with
his liquors it is not necessary for him to speak as
the liquors will speak for themselves. To Hotel
seepnrs, and all others, he would state, that it is
merely nosessary for them to call and examine his
stock to satisfy themselves, as he warrants to ren
der full satisfaction. EM'L. REIGART.
N. E.—Remember; at Wcidle's Corner.
Lebanon,-Sept. 9, 1857.
TO Na. 4, Eagle Buildings.
Fashionable Hat . and Cap Store,
Market Square, Lebanon, Pa.
THE undersigned hereby informs his friends
-L and the public in general, that he is now, and
will be always, fully prepared to supply his cus
tomers with goods in his lino Wholesale and re
tail, at the shortest notice, and upon tho most ac
oommodating terms. His stock consists of Bea
ver, Nazis., Russia, Cassimere Moleskin, Silk,
ha,, Hats, a,, which. he will dispose of at tho
lowest prices. All his Hats are manufactured un
der. his own immediate superintendence, and he
feels' warranted in saying, that for durability and
firtish_theY cannot be surpassed. Country mer
chants, visiting Lebanon, dealing in hats and
caps, can be supplied at wholesale prices, from
One to a doienouch sizes as they may want.
't213., X. B.—Fox, Mink, Muskrat, and Rabbit,
Skies wanted, for which, the highest market
twiiiti *III be paid. [Lob., Feb. 6,1856.
PI DIO II) DI ITS 9 Di t-may
~Cloth, Manufactory !
THANKFUL for past favors, the undersigned
respectfully informs the public, that he con
tinues his manufactory in Fast, Hanover, Lebanon
county,,on as extensive a scale waver. His un
necessary for him to say more than that the work
will be done in the same excellent style which has
,made his work and name so well known to the
'surrounding .country. lie promises to do the
work in thb Shortest possible time. The Manu
factory Is in complete order, and he flatters him
self to be'able to render the same satisfaction at;
lieretolore. He manufactures
_Blind and Narrow. Cloths, Cassinets, Blankets,
White and other-Flannels,
All.finished in the best manner, and at reason
4bre Prices. He also cards Wool and makes lions.
For, he convenience of his customers, wool and
. taken in at the following places :
At the stores of George & Shelienbergor, Looser
do BrotherS, Shirk <l5 Tice, and George Reincehl,
and at Guilford a Lemberger's New Drug store,
in Lebanon ' at the stores of Shirk Miller, and
Samuel U. Shirk, in North Lebanon borough ;
Samuel. Goshert, Bethel tp.; the public house of
WrarEarnst, Fredericksburg; Samuel E. Bickel's
• store,knestown • George Weidman's store, Bell
vierri<Melchior lielehart, 2 miles from Palmyra;
Mar4n -Early's store, Palmyra ; Gabriel Wolfers
beigei's store, Palmyra lauding; Michael Shirk,
East Hanover, Dauphin county ; at the stores of
Mr. Eby, and David K. Rank, East Hanover,
Lebanon county.
materials will be taken away from the a
bove places, finished without delay, and returned
Those of his customers who wish to have Stock
ing Wool carded, dyed and mixed, can leave their
Wool (white,) at the obove mentioned places,
with directions how they wish it prepared. Or
his customers can order the stocking-wool to be
made from the undersigned's wool, which will be
done, and loft at t 0 140 4 4,4".
N. 13.—1 t ip 4Allllll4_kiiit - Aloact - : having wool
carded, will iiyfthe'eailv.ther.o9l,-;aktike. above
named P* 4B . 1 4 : PICIROP/SZR.
East Hanover tp. Apri1A1847.441,“::,
Cumberland Street, Lebanon . ,-..:iffa
"'TM Undersigned, having taken tide ole an 11
tut,.-ite stand, and having refitted it in the'
commodialtprepared to accommodate the
Air- To hy a - ti s i trangers and travellers in
anon County : , as House is commodi
aw:"thal invitatiZ e : / .ball be well pre
en vi sitingba n : 42 ako kits Ile but the
Aprl/ 29, 185te DAVID 1;-01;'''tillisit°2tt,
Aetompanied by reliable and responsible Certificates from
1-rofeasorif,of ISTedleal Colleges, Clergymen and
; . peepers and. 001 by
. . ,.. ,. m.,...
52 .
soutiel P peo rticti t ea h l s an t i d l :A b n e a l i o y w ... c i Ch
he . B . t: t iit,
.1 11114L :ru g l gis ii tei B l ll 7/D ri e l)rY alerlthrti 'l: 4 . I: ls lrht li t iti rli alba te r d S a t n a il lo ° s:
Canadas and Briggh PrOldiMeell , . . --__
Ask for Helnibolirs—tnke otherb - .,
41:rll'ne3rPs!.I'tcprtSeiwizth diseases of the El -- - - '
. Iv h B' ~. .
teethe to
Guaranteed. u:Gß , : ~ ..
. . ..
ii fica b a t h e r
4 , t i f u t is t orensv:
tglEbeeltentvoldleiseGinen4lutiluy i P e .s e ( ii o ra ßrth E t :: : . ; lB e Bo l : :F : h .: :: ( iiit a'al::: : 4 : l47 e . .your Teeth.
awiva a hae just returned front the City with
azti,..., j 1 1
Lg t / ..,._.,: e / II
, i g ir h eapL l o34
r t r dp T e E; P : ez o n :; j :
L e psaf p7 o4 : ii
iqwoßaodrdit 1 0: e r - : •
eirgss.took of Boots, sh oitbseto_ii
buret/rig b oes, T rn „,..
..41,5)1124 1
. 1 -•
W '" l ig Store, m ar k et et.
Of all diseases, the great, - first cause
springs from neglect of Nature's lairs
Self-abuse, Nervous Debility, Strictures, Gleets, Grav
el, Diabetes, Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder,
-Mercurial Rheumatism, Scrofula, Pains in the Boars
'and Ankles, diseases of the Lungs, Throat, Nose and
Eyes, Elcers upon the Body or Limbs, Cancers,
I Dropsy, Epileptic Fits, St.Titus' Dance, and all Dis
i eases arising from a derangement of the Sexual
gaps, such as Nervous Trembling, Loss of Memory,
Loss of Power, General Weakness, Dimness of Vision
; with peculiar spots appearing before the eyes, Loss of
Sight, Wakefulness, Dyspepsia, Liver Disease, Eruptions
upon the Fare, Pain in the -Back and Head, Female Ir
'regularities and all improper discharges from both sexes.
tft matters not from what cause the disease originated,
'however long standing or obstinate the case, RECOVERY
I.9•CEIITAIN, and in a shorter time than a permanent cure
can be effected by any +Weer treatment, even after the
disease has baffled the skill of eminent physicians and re
sisted ail their means of cure. The medicines are pleas
ant without odor, causing no sickness and free from
mercury or balsam. During twenty years of practice, I
haveanseued hurrah° Jaws of Death many thousands,
who, in the last stages of the above-mentioned diseases,
hadimon•given up to die ;by their physicians, which war
rants me in promising is the afflicted, who May place
themselves under my care, a perfect and most speedy
cure. Secret Diseases are the greatest enemies to health,
as they are the first muse of Consumption, Scrofula and
many other diseases, and should be a terror to the 'hu.
man family. Ass permanent cure is scarcely ever- ef.
Meted, a majority of the eases falling into the hands of
incompetent persons, who not only fail to cure the dis
eases but ruin the eonetitution,lilling the system with
inercury, which, with the disease, hastens the sufferer
irate a rapid Consumption..
But should the disease and the treatment not canoe
death speedily and the victim marries, the disease is en
tailed upon the children, who are born with feeble con
stitutions, and the current of life corrupted by a virus
which betrays itself in Scrofula, Totter, Ulcers, Erup
tions and other affections of•the Skin, Eyes, Throat and
Lungs, entailinf upon them a brief existence of suffer
• ing and consigning them to an early grave.
SELF ABUSE is another formidable enemy to heidth,
for nothing else in the dread catalogue of human disea
ses canes so destructive a drain epees: the system, draw
ing its thousands of victims through a few years of suf
fering down to an untimely grave. It destroys the Ner
vous System, rapidly wastes away the energies of life,
causes mental derangement, prevents the proper devel
opmentaf the system, disqualifies for marrirge, society,
business, and all earthly happiness, and leaves the suf
ferer wrecked in body or mind, predisposed to Consump
tion and a train of evils more to be dreaded than death
itself. With the fullest confidence I assure the unfortu
nate - victims of Self Abuse that a permanent and speedy
curt can be - effected. and with the abandonment of ruin.
ous practices my patients can be restored to robust, vig
orous health.
The afflicted aro cautioned against the use of Patent
Medicines, for there are so many ingenious snares in the
columns of the public prints to catch and rob the unwary
sufferers, that millions have their constitutions ruined
by the vile compounds of quack, doctors, or the equally
poisonous nostrums vended as "Patent .51edicines." I
have carefully analyzed many- of the so-called -Patent
Medicines. and find that nearly all of them -contain Cor
rosive Sublimate, which is one of the..etrongest prepara
tions of mercury and a deadly poison, which, instead of
curing the disease, disables the system for life.
Three-fourths of the patent nostrums now in use are
put up by unprincipled and ignorant persons who do not
understand even the alphabet of the Mxreitin
and are equally as destitute of any knowledge of the hu
man system, having one object only in view, and that to
snake money regardless of consequences.
,„ Irregularities and all diseases. of males and females
freated on principles established by twenty years of
practice, and sanctioned by thousands of the most re
markable cures. Medicines with full directions sent to
any part of the United States or Caned:is, by patients
communicating their symptoms by letter. Business cor
respondence strictly confidential. Address
Office No. 1131 Filbert St, [Old No. 100,] below twelfth,
July 8, 1857—March IS, 1857.
The Greatest Discovery ever Made
Grey Uitir Restored to its
linquer Color without
Dveing !I!
I - VERO:RW.4 HAIR COLOR RESTORER is acknowledg•
40 ell to be, and is. the most IiFEECTUAL article for
Restoring GREY HAIR to its former COLOR and
BEAUTY, and causing it to grow when it has fallen off
and become thin.
Aw By the use of ONLY ONE TtorrLE—and iu from
ten to twelve days—the Greyest [lair will assume its orig
inal, life-likecolor, and the harshest huir will look soft,
smooth and glossy.
Alcir This valuable preparation is only 50 cents a bot
tle. Prepared by T. 11. JEROME, 175 Fulton street,
Brooklyn, General Agent. Sold ulso by D. S. lt:ean, at
his cheap Drug and Medicinal store, Lebanon,
sept. 24, 1356.
Helmbold's Genuine Prelio.raf ion
Highly Concentrated Compound Fluid
Extract Eachu.
For diseases of the. Bladder. Eidneys ' Gravel, Dropsy,
Weaknesses, Obstructions, Secret diseases, Fe
male Complaints, and all diseases of
the Sexual Organs,
Arising from Excesses and Imprudeneles in life, and re
moving all Improper Discharges from the Bladder ; Kid
neys, or Sexual Organs, whether existing in
Mule or Female,
From whatever cause they may have originated,
And no Matter of How Long Standing,
Giving Health and Vigor to the Frame, and
Bloom to the Pfdlid Cheek.
Joy to the Afflicted!!!
It cures Nervous and Debilitated Sufferers, and removes
ull the symptoms, among which will be found
to Exertion, Loss of
Power, Loss of Memory,
Difficulty of Breathing, Gen
eral-Weakness, Horror of Die.
case, Weak Nerves, Trkinbling, Dread
ful Horror of Death, Night Sweats, Cold Feet,
Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision, Languor, Univer
sal Lassitude of the Muscular System, often Enormous
Appetite, with Dyspeptic symptoms, Hot Hands,
.Flushness of the Body, Dryness of the skin,
Pallid Countenance end Eruptions on
the Face, Pain in the Back, Hea
viness of the Eyelids, Fre—
quently Black spots
Flying before
the Eyes,
with Temporary suffusion and Loss of sight; Want of
Attention, Great Mobility, Restlessness, with Horror
of Society. Nothing is more desirable to such Pa
tients than solitude, and Nothing they more
Dread for Fear of Themsalaes no Re
pose of manner, no earnestness, no
Speculation, but a hurried
transition front one
question to an
These symptoms if allowed to go on—which this med , '
leine invariably removes—soon follows Low! of Power,
Fatuity, and EPILEPTIC FlTS—in one of which the pa
tient may expire. - Who can say that these excesses are
not frequently followed by those direful diseases—lN
SANlTY AND CONSUMPTION ? The records of the In
sane Asylums, and the melancholy deaths by -Consump
tion, bear ample witness to the truth of these assertions.
In Lunatic Asylums the most melancholy exhibition ap
pears. The Countenance is actually sodden and quite
destitute—neither Mirth or Grief over visits it; should
a sounder the voice occur, it is rarely articulate.
"With woeful measures wan despair
Low sullen sounds his grief beguiled."
Debility is most terrible! and has brought thousands
upon thousand to untimely graves, thustdasting the am
bitiou of many noble youths. It ran be cured hy the use
If you arc suffering with „ny of the above distressing
ailments, the FLUID EX,TRACT BUCIII/ will cure you.
Try it and be convinced of its efficacy.
Beaton of Quark Nostrums and Quack Doctors,
who-falsely boast of abilities and references. Citizens
know and avoid them, and save long suffering, Money,
and Exposure, by sending or calling fora bottle of this
Popular and specific Remedy.
It allays all pain awl inflammation, is perfectly pleas.
ant in its taste and odor, but immediate in Reaction.
fielmbold's Extract Buchu
Is prepared directly according to the links of Plutrinary
and Chemistry, with the greatest accuracy and Chemical
knowledge and care devoted hi its. combination. wee
Professor Dowees' Valuable Works on—the practice of
Physic, and must of the late standard Worksof
0* - othijaitilllDGESP 4:0
One hundred dollars will be paid to any Physician who
can prove that the medicine ever injured a patient; nod
the testimony of thousands can be produced to prove
thatit does great good. Cases of from one week to thir
teen years standing have been effected. The mass of
Voluntary Testimony in possession of the Proprietor,
vouching its virtues and curative powers, is immense,
embracing Tames well known to SCIEZ. , :CE AND PAAIE.
100,000 Bottles Have Been Sold
and not a single instance of a failure has been reported!
Personally appeared before me, an Alderman of the
City of Philadelphia, 11. T. nELMBOLD, Chemist, who
being duly sworn does say, that his preparation contains
no Narcotic, Mercury, or injurious Drug, but are purely
Vegetable. IL T. /1110.1130LD, sole manufacturer.
Sworn and subscribed before me this 2.3 d day of Novem
ber, 18.54. W.V. P. I.IIIIDAItD, Alderman.
Przce $1 per Bottle, or six for $5, De
livered to arty Address,
Bowman / Hauer & Capp's
This Way, if you Want Cheap Lumber.
riIHE undersigned have lately formed a
nership for the purpose of engaging in the
Lumber Business, on a new plan, would respect
fully inform the public at large, that their place
of business is David Bowman's old Lumber Yard,
in East Lebanon, fronting on Chestnut street, I
square from the Evangelical church. They have
enlarged the yard, and filled it with a now and ex
cellent assortment of all kinds of Lumber, such as
of all lengths and thicknesses. In short, they
keep constantly on hand, a full and well-season
ed assortment of all kinds of BUILDING MATE
RIALS. Persons in want of anything in their
line are invited to call, examine their stock, and
earn their prices. Thankful for past favors, they
hope, that by attention to brisinosss and moder
ate prices, to merit a continuance of public pat
ronage. BOWMAN, HAUER es CAPP.
Lebanon, April 8, 1857.-Iy.
5000 MEN WANTED ! to come and buy
their LUMBER and COAL at the as
tonishingly low prices which I am now determin
ed to sell at.
Now is the time,if you wish to save your money,
to come to the NeW Lumber and Coal,yarat located
between the Old Lutheran Chureh and Myers
shot. , Sterna Mill, and one square north of the
Courthouse, in 'Walnut street, in the borough of
Lebanon, whore is a well selected stock of all kinds
of Building Materials, consisting of
500,000 ft Boards;
300,000 Shingles,
X 0,005 ft. Joist & Scantling,
60,000 ft. hemlock boards,
60,000 ft. de fene'g Was..
Also, Planks, Plastering and Roofing Lath, all
of which will be sold, wholesale or retail, at Mid
dletown prices, except a small advance for freight.
Also, all kinds of the best COAL the market can
produce, such as Broken, F;gg, Store, Chestnut,
Limehttrners' and Nollidayshurg Blacksmith's
Coal, which will be sold almost at cost.
Lebanon, June 24, 1557.
NEARLY 2 7 000.7 000 FEE
Or the best and cheapest assortment of 1111131 . 17 HP.
ever offered to the public, at the new and ex
in the Borough, of North Lebanon, on the bank of
the Union Canal, at the head of Wanut street, a
few squares North of the new Steam Mill, and one
square east of Borgner's Hotel.
His assortment consists of the best well seasoned
White, Yellow, Norway, Pine b Hemlock Boards;
Cherry, Poplar, and isine Boards.
It and 2 inch Panne!. and. Common Plank;
White Pine and Hemlock Scantling and Joists;
White Oak Boards, Plank and Scantling;
I a inch Poplar Boards, Plank a Seahtling.
The best Pine and Hemlock Shingles;
Also, Roofing and Plastering Laths ;
Chestnut Rails and Posts, and Pailings for
fences and fencing Boards;
FLOORING BOARDS of all sizes it descriptions.
The largeit stock of Broken, Stove. Limelinrn
ers' and Hollidaysburg Smith Coal, at the lowest
'JP - Confident that he has the largest and best
assortment of LUdinklit of alkdeseriptions and siz
es, as well as the largest stock of the different kinds
of COAL, ever offered-to the citizens of Lebanon
county, he ventures to say that he can accommo
date all purchasers satisthetocity, and would there
fore invite all who want anything in his line, to
examine his stock before purchasing elsewhere.
'North Lebanon Borough, July 22,'37.
• 7
The Largest, Best and Cheapest
'ever offered heretofore to the public,
Abrilit _Lebanon Dorough l
Situated on East 4 West side of Mar
ket street, at Union Canal. •
mITE unnersigned take this method of inform
ing the citizens of Lebanon anti surrounding
Counties, that they have now on hand a large
stock of WELL SEASONED LUMBER, and are
constantly receiving additions thereto. Their as
sortment consists in part of •
White and Yellow PINE and HEMLOCK
1 inch and 2 inch PANNEL and COMMON
1 inch and 4s inch CHERRY - BOARDS,
Alo, 1 Web and h inch POPLAR BOARDS,
' A great assortment of good PI Na and linuLocK
LATHS. Also, RAILS, POSTS, and ready topped
PALINGS for fencing. .
Flooring Boards, Doors and Window Sash.
Of which they positii7ely have the largest and
best assortment ever offered in this section Of
country. -
They keep constantly on band the'best quality
of Broken, Stone and Limeburnere COAL: Also
the best quality of . .flolliday.sburg Smith coal,
which are sold at reduced prices.
tna,„ Having now on hand much the largest
and completest assortment of Lumber eves offered
to the public in Lebanon, they feel confident of
being able satisfactorily to accommodate all pur
chasers, and would, therefore, invite an eka mina
tion of their stock before purchasing elsewhere.
North Lebanon Borough, Sept. LI, MG.
Are sold by
Mito,, , ALTZ A: MOLE would respectfully inform
wf the Public, that they constantly receive,
from the Eastern Cities, copies of all the most important
and attractive New Looks, as soon as published, which
they offer fur sale cheaper then they can be purchased
elsewhere. Among those lately received are—
Dr. Kane's Expedition, in 2 Vols.
Prescott's History of Charles V., in it Vols.
Recollections of a Life Time, in 2 Vols., by S. @.
Goodrich. Author of Peter Parley's Tales.
Autobiography of Peter Cartwright, and other
Miscellaneous Works.
Carpenter's Assistant and Rural Architect -
American Architect; by 3. W. Miele.
Downing's Cottage Residences and Cottage Grounds.
The Economic Cottage Builder.
They have always on hand a large assortment of School
Books, Blank Books and
Also, Sunday School Books, and Music Books,
among which is
"The flarmonia linito s ))
BY E. D. Iratmsy.
Also, Piano Forte, Melodeon and Violin Instructors.
of foreign and Domestic 3.lenufectitre; -
Window Shades.
The u t ELI y Iflugazineg,
NEWSPAPERS, daily it Weekly,
Can be had by calling at thestore, on Cumberland street,
in the borough of Lebanon, at the sign of the "Big Book."
wt.. Orders left with them for any kind.ofgoods In their
line, will be promptly attended to. -
Lebanon, April 8, 1857.
Of J. NJ. Good's Book Store,
THE undersigned, having removed his N6w and
Cheap Book Store, to Market square, 2 doors
north of Dr. GUILFORD'S Now Building, Market
st., where be will be pleased to see all of his old
friends, and those . desirions of having articles in
his line. With a determination of selling cheap
or than can be purchased elsewhere, he would re
spectfully call the attention of the public to his
assortment of
Bibtee,,Hymn and Prayer 'looks, Ms. -
Cellaneous, Blank and School Books,
.Wall and Window Paper,
Stationery„aridlverry, article in his lino of busi
ness. Also, NakiiP , Diarles and Almanacs for
All the Mtigautee , find Newspapers, both
L e 4,7eckly to Voila& atitplisher's rates.
articles liti4f.eirefully and
`".by the undbrslgrted.,
J. lit; G 0 , D.
.LUmber and Coat.
The Cheapest Sofas
stANci , ,terennit
Improved Fin: and Water Proof
HARRislitrim, PA.,
DESPECTFULLY inform the citizens Gf
their sicinities, that we are prepared to put on
roofs on most iiheroi terms, and at the shorthst
We respectfully call the attention of persons a
bout to build, to our invaluable method of roofing,
now much used throughout the principal cities of
the United States and their vicinities. This mode
of roofing having atf the combined requisites of
cheapness, Durability, and Security against Fire
and Water, and dispensing with high gable walls;
the roofs require an inclination of not more than
three-quarters (1) of an inch to the foot, and in
ninny cases saving the entire cost of rafters—the
ceiling joist being used.
The gutters 8.1) made of the same material,
without any extra charges • consequently, our
roofs are put up at almost half the OA of either
Tin, Slate, or Shingles. The material being of
an imperishable nature, it surpasses all others in
Durability ;—besides, in ease of any casualty, it
is the must easily repaired of any other roof now
in use. Yet, the host proof we can offer as to its
being both fire and water proof, are our many re
ferences, to any one of whom we aro at liberty
to refer.
B.—But let it be distinctly understood,
(since we manufacture our own composition, and
do the work in person,) that we warrant all our
work proof against both Fire and Water ; if they
prove contrary, we will most willingly abide the
The materials being mostly non-conductors of
heat, no roof is so cool in summer, or so mina. in
.winter.. Those wishing to use our roof should
give the rafters a pitch of about one inch to the
foot. iinti/ 27,1854.-4 m.
Dundore is• -oves
J_TAVE just opened the finest, largest and
L cheapest assortment of Furniture ever offer
ed in Lebanon. Their store is in Cumberland
street, between Market and Plank-road.
Their stock consists of all kinds of Parlor and
Common Furniture, which they mill sell lower
than can be bought in Lebanon. All they ask is
of persons in want of Furniture to give them a
call before purebasin , r.
They have on hand ' a
large assortment of Sofas,
Tete-a-tetes, Lounges, Centre. Pier, Card and
other Tables, What Nots, Ilat Racks, ,te. Also,
A large and cheap stock of Stuffed, Cane-scat,
and common Chairs, Settees, Bedsteads, and a
lot of Cheap Mattresses. Also, Looking Classes,
Rosewood and Mahogany—vary cheap.
Venetian Blinds ; Carriages, Gigs and Hobby
horses, for children ; end a large stock, too nu,
morons to mention. Particular attention paid to
UNDERTAKING. We hare provided ourselves
and will manufacture Coffins and attend Funerals,
at the shortest notice and most reasonable terms.
April 29, 1857. DUNDORE b OYES.
.2 `..; • 9 t
r ' ;*
P 'l2
g :1
. Z 7l
'5 ;
5 ' 4 7 4 5. g'
0 .57-7
t. 2
5. ) 9 . 8
* •
w '7;
• * g .
The public are invited to call at his
one square north of Union Hall, Lebanon, Pa,
where he will attend 'personally to all who will
favor him with their patronage.
He would also return his sincere thanks for the
y 6patronage afforded him since opening
business, and feeling the more eneomaged by the
interest manifested in his behalf by the public, he
enters upon a new season with renewed energy,
deSpatching business with apromptnessbecoming
an honest mechanic.
rerms lien4onoide. Can Exam ine.
Lebanon, April 3, 1557.
P. S.—Also, a number of select Limestone Door
Sills, for die accommodation of building men and
Contractors, who would do well to call and exam
ine. 3. E. D.
11AltltIA , GE GUIDE by Dr. WM. YOUNG
mAßram;ii (wo)FI by Dr. WM. YOUNG
nu:num: u WWI by Dr. WM. YOUNG
Lou, LEAL WORE, The Pocket I:set:lapin& or Every One
Ills Own Doctor, by Wm. Youxe, 31.1. r: It is written in
plain language for the general render, and is illustrated
with upwards of One hundred Engravings: All young
married people. Or those contemplating marriage, end
having the least impediment to married I ife, should read
tl '8 book. It discloses secrets that every one should be
a uninted with. Still, it is a book that must be kept
1 ked up, and. not lie about the hoses. It will be sent
to any one on the receipt of twenty five cents. Addres
Dr. WM. YOUNG, 152 SPRUCE street., above Fourth
Philadelphia. [January 7,1.5.57.—1 y
or, THE
orar Convicted,
11'ho has had 10 years' experience:lst' Bank
er and Publisher, and Aul her of
cll. ' ' , A series of Lectures at the Rr0ad
,...., way Tabernacle,
*ma when, fur 10 successive nights, over
tID 0:::r 50,000 People .4-4
PI Greeted him with rounds of Applause, while
he exhibited the manner in which cone
2io terteiters execute their Frauds; and
the surest and shortest means
of Detecting them •
The Band Note. Engravers all say
• that he is the. greatest judge of pa
"Z per money living.
the Present Century for
4 „,, Detecting Counterfeit Bank Notes.
(_,2Describing- every Genuine Bill iu existancc,
1..+• and exhibiting at a glance every Couu
terfeit in Circulation!!
n Arranged so admirably, that a ,
r:1 Reference is Easy and
Detection Instantaneous.
• No index to examine !
No pages to hunt up !
• But so simplified and arranged, that the
• Merchant, Banker and Business man can
See all at a Glance.
, 0 English, French; and Gernian.
Thus each may read the smile in his
CD. - own Native Tongue.
oiMost Perfect Bank Note Lid
I° l4 Also a hit
4:: ) All the Private Bankers in America.
CPA Complete summary of the Finance of Eu
ropel.,,,, and America will be published in each
~ .owedition, together with all the important
O News of the Day.
A Series of Tales,
From an old manuscript found in the East.
• It furnishes the most complete History of
Oriental life
- Describing the most perplexing positions
cr,, in which the ladies and gentlemen of that
c i e country have been so often found. These
stories will continue throughout the whole
year, and will prove the most entertaining
ever offered to the public.
en . --- ftL.Furnished Weekly to subscribers on
‘-,..,.. ly, at $l. a year. All letters must be ad'..
(-o'i dressed to
r i JOHN S. DYE, Broker..
t*`Publishar and Proprietor, 70 Wall street,
- ,",74 April 22, 1307, Now York.
Dr. Ross' Drug Store
Opposite the Court House, Lebanon, Pa.
TAR. ROSS offers to buyers the best bargains in
drugs, in Lebanon ; a long and varied expe
rience, of over twenty years, in the drug and
medical science, enables him to do up things in
the first style. Purchasers will please make a
note of these facts.
Magnetic Sugar,
For the Permanent Cure of Neil
'algia, St. Vita? Dance, and all
'her Nervous diseases, sold by
r. Ross.
Upham's Electuary,
certain cure for the Piles.
)r.Marslsisi's Uterine Cathol
:an, For the cure of all fem. dis.
) r. H. IL Higbee's Remedy,
m the cure of Coughs, Colds
Professor Wood's Hair Restorative,
For promoting the s-rowth of hair, always to be
had at the prineil al d ag depot of Dr. Ross.
Henry's Invigorating Cordial,
The best tonic in use for strengthening the hu
man system, sold only by Dr. Ross.
Dr. Hasting's Syrup of Naphtha,
Is That superseding all other medicines for the
cure of Consumption and Bronchitis. Dr. Ross,
sole agent.
Allen's Razor Powder,
For Razor Straps.
Pure Ohio Catawba Brandy—a pure and safe
article for medical use, to be had at Dr. Ross'.
Allen's Liniment, for Rheumatism.
Mrs. Ailen's Hair Restorative
Is an unfailing restorer of the Hair,
it is taking the lead of all other
remedies for the hair. No toilet is
perfect without mrs. Allen's Hair
Restorative. Call at Dr. Ross'
Drug Store -for mrs. Allen's Hair
Restorative. Seemly. in another col.
Dr. Ross' Worm Lozenges
Are as sweet as sugar and a certain
cure fur Worms.
Dr. Ross' Infant Drops,
For the relief of restlessness ' colic pains, &0., of
children. Sold only at Dr. Ross' Drug Store.
Cough Cured ft . n. Twenty-five Cents.
Dr. Physiek's Cough Syrup is the cheapest and
best row edy for Conglis,Eolds,&e. Call at Dr. Ross.
Dr. Ross' Horse Powder
Is the best Horse Powder in use.
Dr. Ross' Cattle Powder
Is fast taking theplace of all other Cattle Powders
Dr. Ross' Horse Liniment,
For the cure of Old Strains, Swellings, Bruises,
Sold Only by Dr. Ross.
Lir. 'Ross' Eye Salve,
For the euro of sore, weak or inflamed eyes. In
dividuals who have been afflieted with diseases of
the eyes, for months and years, have been entire
ly cured by the use of Dr. Ross' Eye Salve.
Fresh Garden Seeds
In groat variety at Dr. Roes' Drug Storo
Dr. Ross' Teller Ointment
Persons afilieted with totter, ringworm, and vtt
rives other skin diseases, will find various efficient
medicine's for their cure at Dr. Ross' Drug Store.
Dr Ross' Moth Wash
Is a very superior preparation for the Teeth and
Gums. 'lt whitens, cleans autlpreserve the teeth,
and hardels the gums. It prevents and cures
Scurvy. Try it, by all means, if you value a
sweet breath and white teeth. Ask for Dr. Ross'
Tooth Wash.
HOl's Embrocation for Horses
Itas no superior for the cure of swellings, bruises,
galls produced by the collar or saddle, scratches,
old or fresh wounds. Askfor llcyl's Embrocation.
Dr. ROSS has a. variety of Trusses—for infants,
children or grown people. Unless a Truss fits, it
is - worse than useless—it will do barn,. He has
had an experience of over 18 years iu this branch
of surgery, and adjusts every Truss bought of him.
15 Gallons of Soap for 19 Genes
One box of Saponifier, costing 19 cents, will
make 9 pound.; of hard soap, or 15 gallons of soft
soap, - without any trouble. Full direetons given.
Sold at Dr. Paps' Drug Store. [April 8, 1857.
COR BIN tik - .
0 J
A RE authorized by the Managers to fill all or.
JCL tiers fur Packages, Tickets or Shares, in the
Maryland Lotteries.
These Lotteries are drawn in public in the city
vf' . itlinore under the superintendence of the
State Lottery Commissioner,
Who guarantees the fairness of the Draw•ins, and
the official drawn numbers are pabliAed in the
Journals of the city of Baltimore, with his certifi
cate bearing his signature.
One Trial may make you Rich for L fel
Splendid Schemes Drawing Daily.
fl Send your orders to CORBIN h CO., the
Old. Established Authorized Agents who have sold
more prizes, than any other office iu the State of
This iliverite Lottery is drawn daily. The Cap
ital Prizes are $3.000, $7.000, $6.000, $5.500, sc.
Single Tickets, One Dollar. •
20 Whole Tickets, $l6 00 1 213 Half Tickets, $S 00
20 Quarter Tickets, 54 00.
Nothing Venture- Icothing Gained.
Tickets bought by the Package are always the
most profitable to the purchasers.
For $26 we send package Wholes, Halves & Quarters.
For $lO we send package halves and 2 Whole tickets.
Fer 1)3 we semi packages Quarters and one Whole ticket.
Look at the following SPLENDID SCHEMES !
one of which are drawn at 12 o'clock each day
of the week! :
1 Prize of $7.000 is $7.000 207 Prizes ofd 20 are $4.140
1 prize of 1.341 is 1.341 132 prizes of 10 are 1.320
3 prizes of 1.000 are 3.000 132 prices of 4 - are 528
4 prizes of 400 are 1.000 4.092 prizes of 2 are 8.184
4 prices of 100 are 400 25.740 prizes of 1 are - 25,740
30.316 prizes, amounting to $53.253
C.A.PrrAt. Pam, $24.000!
26 Wholes, 580 00.1 26 Halves, 540 00
26 Quarters, 20 00 1 26 Eighths, 10 00
1 Prize of $24.000 is $24.000
ti prizes of 2.000 are ' 12.000
6 prizes of 3.000 are 18.000
20 prizes of 659 are 13,587
20 prizes of 400 are S.OOO
20 prizes of 300
20 prizes of .200 are 4.000
127 prizes of 100 are 12.700
63 prizes of 50 are 3.150
6:3 prizes of 40 are - • 2.520
63 prizes of 30 are - 1.890
63 prizes of ' 20 are 1.260
3.906 prizes of 10 are 39.060
23.438 prizes of 5 are 117.180
21.814 Prizes making $263.347
Tickets ss—Shares in Proportion.
$30 5 000.
, -
for the benefit of the SUSQUENANNA CANAL,
1 Prize of $30.000 is 830.000
1 prize of 10.000 is . 10.000
1 - prize of 5.000 is 5.000
1 prize of 3.007 is 3.907
ir - 100 prizes of 1.000 aro • 100.000
25 prizes of 600 are 12.500
25 prizes of 300 aro 7.500
66 prizes of 200 arc 13.200
60 prizes of 100 are 6.000
132 prizes of SO aro 10,560
132 prizes of 60 are 7.920
132 prizes of 40 are 5.280
3.804 prizes of 20 aro . 72.880
25.740 prizes of 10 are 257.400
30.310' Prizes amounting to $547.747
26 Whole tickets, $l3l SO I 20 Half tickets, $66 00
26 Quarter " 33 00 126 Eighths " 18 00
. _
- Tickets SlO—Shares in froportion.
We invariably answer letters by return mail en
closing the tickets in a gocid safe envelope, and al
ways observe the strictest confidence. kter the
drawing is over, we send the official drawing, with
a written explanation of the result of the venture.
All prizes bought at this office are payable inunedi
ately after the drawing in Current Money, and we
hike Bank Notes of .any State, or Bank Drafts in
payment for par. For odd amounts in
making change we receive postage Stamps, they
being more convenient than Silver. Correspond
ents the utmost confidence in the regu
larity and safety of the mails, as very few.or .
miscarriages of money happen when properly di
rected to us. Be careful that you mention your
Post Office, County and State. Give us at least
one single trial, you cannot lose much, if not gain.
One single trial may make you independent for
life. Tar us. There should be no such word as
fail. Address CORBIN et CO.,
Box 190 Post Office, Baltimore, Md.
Orders for tickets in any of the Maryland
Lotteries promptly attended to. Circulars con
taining a list of all the Lotteries for the month,
forwarded ori application. - [July 8;'.57-Gta.
Whoiesale and Retail Druggist,
Corner of Cumberland et., :ma Doe alley, lew doors
west from Greenawalt' , " Ilardwnro store.
Lebanon, Penna.
TE undersigned basing just' rc4cived a large
and well-selected stock of unadulterated Eng
lish, French, and American Drugs, Medicines,
Chemicals, Paints, Perfumery, Dye-stuffs, Varnish,
Turpentine, Pine Oil, Burning Fluid, Surgical
'lnstruments, Glassware, Washes, Hair Oils, Toi
let Soaps, Segars, Tobacco and a 'variety of Fancy
articles too numerous to mention. .
Bengal Indigo, Dogwood, Madder, Tnateric,
Annato, Ext. Dogwood, Cochineal, Copperas, &c.
Sime's genuine Cod-Liver Oil. E. Dande
lion, Medicinal Wines, Brandy, -be., sold only for
Medicinal purposes at D. S. ltaber's Drug Store,
Lebanon, Pa.
For Family Use.
Cox's Patent Refined Gelatine, Ftench Gelatine,
ice Flour, Decker's Farina, Corn Starch, Flavor
lig Extracts, Lemon, Vanilla, Rose, Orange,Ban
sna, Celery, se., also all kinds of Spices, &c.,
s ild cheap at liaher's Drug Store.
Trusses ! Trusses
.41E,,,. ; ,1
i ?if • - *it,
3 r
' •„
A large assortment of the most improved styles
of American and French' Trusses :varying in
p. ices from 50 cents to $5. Also dood's Abdom
it al Supporters, Vanhorn's Uteri Abdominal Sup
p.rters, Vanhorn's Shoulder Braces, &c., sold
ci,eap at D. S. Raher's . Drug Store.
For Horses and, Cattle.
Doet. Phreauer's Yellow Water powder,
dition powder, Heave powder, Ileinitch's German
egetahle Horse powder, Poet. J.Worley's Horse
€ od 'Cattle powder, Leader: 85 Co.'s Horse and
' attic powder, Merchant's Gargling Oil, Horse-
Man's Hope, Reinhold's. Liniment, ac.,
Saponifier, or •Concentratcd Lye.
Warranted to make Soap without Lime . and
with little or no trouble. One -box of Saponifier
costing only 1.8.2 ccuts will make I.pounds of
liard Soap, or 15 gallons of Soft Soaik
Sold at D. S. Timber's Drug'Store.
Worms, Worms.
J. Gerbard's Infallible Worm Destroying Syr
up, Faluaesteek's, Gallagher's,: and Dr. Jayne's
Vermifuge, &.c., also Holloway's Vegetable Ver
na:rage Confections, a, safe and effectual remedy
fur worms. This is a delighful preparation of
sugar, that any child will eat With pleatiare. Ask
for Dolloway'sas none other are genuine_
&Ad at D. S. Raber's Drug. Store.
All the popular PdAient medicines, sold at
Cheap Drug Store, Cum'imrland st 4. a few ttoore
from Greenawait'd Eardware Store.
July 2:, 1
of !third and Gnion streetc: Philadelphia, Pa.
Experience has rendered Dr. K. n most successful
practitioner in the cure of all diseases ofa private nature,
manhood's debility. as an impediment to marriage; ner
vous and sex tut I infirmities, diseases of the .skin, and
those arising from abuse of mercury.
There is an evil habit'sometimes indulged in by boys,
in solitude, anal growing up with theta to manhood;
and 'widen, if net reformed its due tima not mix beget
serious obstacles to matrimonial happiness, but gives
rim to a series of protracted, insidious, and devastating
Few of those who give way - to this pernicious practice
are aware of the rOneegtienre.". until they Ind the net-
eons system shattered. feel strange and unaccountable
eeneeijene, and r:efue fears in the mind.. [See pages, 27,
2S, !29, of Dr_ ti.:s look oa "elfProservation.")
The nefertenate thus affected heeomes feeble, is una
ble to labor with accustomed vigor. or to apply his
mind to study: his step is tardy and Weak : lie is dull.
irresolute, and engages eyen in his sports with less ener
gy than usual.
It he emancipate himself before the practice has done
its worst, and cuter matrimony, his marriaxe is unfruit•
ful; nod his sense tells him that this is cansul by his
early follies. These are coneideraticas which should
awaken the attention of all who are similarly situated.
ltEll KM It it,
Ire who places himself under Dr. JUNKMAN'S treat
ment, may rAligionsly confide in his honor es a gentle
man. and rely upon the inisuranee, that the secret., of
Dr. K.'s patients will never be disclosed.
Young man—let no false modesty deteryou from mak
ing your ease known to one. who. from education end
respectability, can certainly befriend you.
„tie- Dr, RI NE Ektivt; residence has been for the last
Tavern reAns at the N. W. Corner of ThilltD AND
UNION streets, Philadelphia, L'a.
Can have
. (by stating their ease explicitly, together
with all their symptoms, per letter. enclosing a remit
tance) Dr. K.'s medicine. appropriated accordingly.
Forwarded to any part of the United States, and pack
ed secure from DAMAGE or CUR] OSIT r : by Mall Uri:Lir--
A. VIGOROUS LIFE on A. PRKMA7' - 14 , 1 - 6EATit, kt;i111111X ON
- . - _
Letters containing that value ite stamps, will onsurc
copy, per return of mail.
A Free GIFT To AU.
- - .
"Nature's Guide." a new awl popular Work, full of
valuable advice and 'iMpressive warning, Mite ealeulat
ed to prevent years of migery, and save Tnovs.tsns of
lives, is distributed without charge, and forwarded by
mall, prepaid to any Post , Olike in the United States, ea
Teething an order eneloAttg two point stamps.
July 14, I
Diseases of the Lungs and Throat
A Pl' POSIT' V 1 , 111.17
• which conveys the
Remedies to the cavities in the lungs through the at.
passages, and coming in direct contact with the disease.
neutralizes the tubercular matter, alleys the cough.
causes afree and easy expectoration. heals the longs,
purifies the blood, imparts renewed vitality to the ner-
VOUS system, giving -that tone and energy so indispensa
Me for the restoration of health. To be able to state
confidently that Consumption is curable by Inhale:len.
is to use a source of unalloyed pleasure. Itis as eruct,
under the control of medical treatment as soy ile
formidable disease; ninety out of every hundred eases
can be cured in the first stages, and fifty per cent. in the
second; but in the third stage it is impossible to save
more than fire per cent., for the lungs are so cut up by
the disease as to defy medical skill. liven, however. in
the last stages, inhalation affords extraordinary reli,f to
the suffering attending this fearful scourge, which an
nually destroys ninety-five thousand persons in the U
nited States alone - and u correct calculation eLews that
of the present population of the earth, eighty millions
are destined to fill the Consumpthe's grave.
Truly, the quiver of death has DO arrow so fatal as
Consumption. In all ages it has been the great enemy
of life, for it spares neither etre nor sex, but sweeps elf
alike the brave, the beautiful, the graceful, and tl e gift
ed. By the help of that Supreme Being. from whom
=meth every good and porting gift, lent enabled to offer
to the afflicted a permanent and speedy cure in Con
sumption. The first cause of tubercles is from Impure
Blood, anti the immediate effect, produced by their depo
sition in the lungs, is to prevent the free admission of
air into the air eells, which causes a weakened vitality
through the entire system. Then, surely, it is more ra
tional to expect greater good from medicines entering
the cavities of the lungs , than from those administered
through the stomach ; the patient will always find the
lungs free and the breathing easy, after inhaling reme
dies. True, inhalation is a local remedy, nevertheless,
it acts constitutionally, and with more power and cer
tainty than remedies administered by the stomach. To
prove the powerful and direct influence of this mode of
administration, chloroform handed will destroy sensibil
ity in a few minutes, paralyzing the entire nervous sys
tem, so that a limb maybe amputated without the sibght
est pain; inhaling theordinary burning gas will destroy
life in a few hours.
The inhalation of ammonia will rause the system when
fainting or apparently dead. The odor of many of the
medicines is perceptible in the skin, a few moments af
ter being inhaled, and may be immediately detected in
the blood. A convincing proof of the constitutional ef
fects of inhalation, is the fact that sickness is always pro
dui.asi by breathing foul air. Is not this positive evi
dence that proper remedies, carefully prepared and judi
ciously administered through the lungs, should produce
the most happy results ? Du:ring eig,liteen years! prac
tice, many thousands, suffering from diseases of the
lungs and throat, have been under my care, and I have
effected many remarkable cures, even after the sufferers
had been pronounced in the last stages, which fully sat
isfies me that Consumption is no longer a fatal disease.—
lily treatment of Consumption is original, and founded
on long expe.lence and a thorough investigation. My
perfect acquaintance with they nature of tubercles, &e.,
enables me to distinguish, readily, the various forms of
disease that simulate consumption, and apply the proper
remedies, rarely being mistaken even in a single case.--
This familiarity, in connection with certain. pathological
and microscopic discoveries, enables to relieve
be lungs from the effects oecontracted chests ; to en
large the chest, purify the blood, impart toitrenewod
tality, giving energy and tone to theentire system.
Medicines, with full directions, sent to any part of the
United States and Canadas, by patients communicating
their symptoms by letter. But the cure would befruore
certain if the patient should pay me a visit, which
would give me an opportunity to examine the lungs and
enable me to prescribe with much greater certainty
the then the cure could be effected without my seeing
p again.
G. W. GIIAIL/331, IC I)
Ortoo, 1131 gilbort St., (old 11" o 109 )b 1- 1 9 th
c ,
July 8, 1657--itarch 18, MK,
Grindle's Ancient and Cdebrated
Natures - -
A Positive Cure for Liver Complaint and Bilious Disor
ders, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism. scroful a,. c litarter,u,
Diseases. Fever and Ague, Costiveness, riles. Dysee•
tory and Diarrhom.Worms. Suppression of tbeMen.eo,
Nervous Debility, '&e.. and a sure Preventative to all
WE offer the ANCIENT JAPANESE LIPR Pius on emote
extensive scale, after we have tested them in the
worst forms of disease, and after having been urged [ode
so by eminent physicians, who have tried them to their
satisfaction. Performing cures where every other rem
rely had failed, we feel it our solemn duty to spread the
glad intelligence to every family of the globe. They
purge the system thoroughly (trail corrupt humora,pen.
etrate and purify the vital fluids, and the corrupt secre
tions( are replaced with rich, healthy blood. Parts that
were even decaying with the disease are restored to a
healthy, vigorous action, and disease eradicated as inbv.
magic, leaving the system in a robusteenditien, and less
predisposed to contract disease again of whatever Mai:
Possessing such penetrating and healing virtues, their
success must be inevitable. We know it. We can read it
in the now glowing features of the once pale and prostrat
ed patient; we can read it in the friendly grasp o r th,l
father's hand, and in the mother's warm tears of joy,
as they behold their darling child snatched from the
clutches of death by their powerful agency: we ran read
it in the young man's gayety, and in the old man's ripe
and "God bless you;" we can read it in the husband's
and wife's gratitute, and in the children's prattle: Rt,
can read it away out upon the bosom of the the
sprightly treed and invigorated system of the poet resc,
iner. Tea, and we sometimes fancy we can almost read
it far up in the blue canopy of heaven, in words or Dri na
These Ancient Pills arc also an invaluable remedy fur
females suffering from suppression of the Menses, the
cause of so many dentinal and female weakness. The
various diseases that attack children are quickly ban
ished by their healing qualities.
The Pills are sent by mail, from the Proprietor enlYi
on receipt of the price. Thepostitan in the United States,
not over 3,090 miles, is fifteen cents on live baxes.which
must he inclosed in money or stamps. It' we have us
agent in your plate, send to us by mail.
For sale by respectable drivraists and dealers in medi
cine throughout the Unitedltatx*, Cattalos,
South America, &a., at ;25 ets. a box, or five boxes for ;1.
JOSIAH S. RINPLX, New York, Sole Proprietor, to wh o m
all letters must. be addressee!. Also, Proprietor of Dr.
Wesley Grindle's Celebrated Magic Compound ; the greet
remedy for Pulmonary Consumption.
trA... Principal Depot, N 0.54 White street, New York.
Sept. 9, '94-Iy-cow.
The Medicine of the Million
• ALA r
I).' 4 ft
.10$ 4
t=B'4 is the liftssuntaining agent. It furnishes the n.m.
Fe:tents of ftesh, butte, niuscle, IterVe and intentesin.
The Stomach is its ntatutfactory. the reins its fi-trita„
tO.C4, and the intestines the channel thrinerli wji tha
waste nuttier rejected iu its ' , roam-dons is expellst_ the stotnuelt, the circulation and the h0we1,.tb,,,,
rills act simultaneously, relieving indigestion, peritx•
ing die Cuids, and regulating the ex - m.olons.
The National Disease.
Dyspepsia is the most common disease amotigall
as its this country. It assumes a thousand shape,. ant
is the primary source of innumerable dangerous aide
dies; but whatever its type Or symplont=. however ob
s tinate its resistance to ordinary preparations, it )ieil•
readily and rapidly to this searching.t:inicrrinereme.l).
Bilious Afections.
The quantity and quality of the bile are of vital in.
porta nee to health. Upon the liver, the gland which,-
eretes this fluid. these pilisoperate imminently. infallibly
rectifying its irregularities and effectually curing Jame
dice, Bilious Itemittanta, anti all the varieties of dive.ov
generated by an unnatural condition of the organ.
Liver Complaints.
Unless the bowels perform their functions properly.
the whole body suffers. Tens Of thousands die attneaf•
iy - of Dysentery, Diarrhcea, Chronic Conetipatiun, aid
other diseases of those waste pipes in the system. '110•
effect of the pills upon all intestinal disorders, whether
matuti or epidemic ; is a phenomenon in medicine. Lty
following the printed directions, the -rated alarming ra•
:ca.of hewed complaint are promptly iontrolled.
A Word to Females,
The local del,ility and irregularities which are the
pedal annoyanewt of the weaker sex, and which. w
neglected, always shorten life, are relieved for the the.
being.. and prevented. for the time to come, by a course or
tida guilti but thorough alternative.
4.76- itolloway's Pills are the beat remedies known in
the world for the following disonscs:._
Asthma, Diarrlaea, Indigestion,
Bowel Complaints. Dropsy, Influenza,
Coughs, lb Hammel km,
Colds. Fever k Ague, Inward Weaknes..,
Chest Diseases, Piles, " Female Complaints,
Costive:nets, Headache..., Lowness of Spirits.
Liver Complaints.. Stones-Or:wet - Secondary Sy saptorko,
. . _
Venereal Affections, Worms of all kinds.
***Sold at the Ilanalhetory of Professor ilellowar,S4
Maiden Lane, New York, and by all resp...etable lire.i
gb.b, and Dealers in 3ledieine throughout the Unit.'l
States and the civilized world,in boxes at acetic',
cents, and sl* oth.
o..tuttox !—None are genuine unless the word, ••1101.
limey, New York and Loudon.," are discernible as a Ws.
ton tutu in every leaf of the book of directions
. 1 0 1 I+ot or lox: the same may be plainly Seen /T 1 1 , 4 ,1•
inn the leaf to the light. A handsome reward nil[
given to any one rendering such infOrnta lion O. any
lend to i he:detection 01 Huy strty or parties Mita telt - cit.
tog [le medicines or vending the same, knowing data
to to spurious.
There is aconsitterable saving by taking the larger sin 9.
11—hireetions the the cuidanee of in every
disorder are fluxed to each box. [Sept.l6, '5l.
rZs;:alional Safety Trust Co.)
.4c7c --- t - TiA L.\ tcr &,uth-West corner of THIRD
',Re Street. Philadelphia.
.7.10 N EY is received in any sum, large or small, ant
mterekt paid from the clay of deposit to the day of with
The office is open every day from 9 o'clock in the
roornine, till i o'clock in the evening, and on Monday
an i Thnmlny evenings till 9 o'clock.
- - - -
All sums. large or small, are paid back in gold on de.
mond without notice, to any amount.
lion. HENRY L. BENNER, President , ,,
W3l. J. REED, Secretary,
Henry L. Benner, C. Landreth Munn,.
Edward L. Carter, IF. Carroll Bruitster,
Robert Selfridge, - Joseph B. Barry,
Samuel li. Ashton, I
Henry L. Churchman,
James B. Smith, Francis Lee.
This Company confines its business entirely to there
ceiving of money on interest. The investments amount'
ting to over
One Trillion and a Half of Dollars!
are made in conformity with_
the provisions of the Char-.
and such first-class securities, as will always ensure Per"
feet security to the depositors, and whichcannot tail
, to
give permanency and stability to the institution. n.127;',7
REofryir E
win) takes the best LIKENESSES in Lebanon?
why KRIM, in the
Be has the best room, best light, bast fixtures,
and has madd it his entire business for the last
five years. Ile always gets the latest improve
ments he has always the latest style of eases fa..
hand ; he takes pictures in every style of the art
his STEREOSCOPE PICTURES are wonderful
to behold. All his pictures are sharp, correct,
and of the highest finish. Give him a call and
you will not regret it. His terms are very mod
His rooms aro open every day (except
Sunday,) from 8 o'clock. A. M., till 6 P A -61,
Lobroon, June 3, 1357. •
TWINS McADAM have a splendid assort.
Mk went, of Boots, Shoes, Trrartl Ls and Travel.
11, 2 13 iEF.
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