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TE/IMS, $1 50 A YEAR
Ile. Barron :—I have recently noticed in SC \"-
oral numbers of „your paper nu account of the man
ner the 'election was held in Swatura, from which
it would appear that Mr. Haldeman would have
good cause to contest the election, independent of
Other pfaces, and it is believed by his friends that
* owes . it to himself and to the Democratic party
*co do so. "Fair play is a jewel," and an investi
gation will alio* whether` fairness has been Frac
,tised. If so his friends will be perfectly satisfied,
lot In the event it should turn oat that this has
not been the case he would be entitled to his scat,
and should of course have it. An investigation
can do no harm to either party, and it will re
move all doubt on the subject. If one is had all
the boxes will have to be exatnined and things
may ho developed which now aro in the dark.—
Light is therefore desirable. A CITIZEN.
Ma. Entrint tee to ask the individual
who signs himself in tho Courier of last week "A
13usiness Man," to demonstrate the fact that the
Democratic party is responsible for the Hard
Times. A man should not hide his light under a
, Jushcl, and when an individual, in a country like
ours, whore the peoble are the rulers, possesses
such prodigious powers of discrimination—sttoh
ability as to enable him to penetrate far enough
into the policy of the Democratic party as to dis
cover the fact that said.paity is Tavorablo to "Free
Trade," be should mako it known. We hope, for
the sake of our Cpuntry—this glorious Union, ho
will not persist in his expressed determination to
make the "rgi9iid feel the effects of their Democ
racy I" •`.
Dare you no feeling for tilt) miseries or your
follow•creatures? Enlighten us ! Permit us not
to grope in darkness, when with a stroke of the
pen, as if by magic, you can per/tops open our
eyes to the error of our ways. - -
ogii- Our neighbor ADA.II RISE, has just return
ed from the city, with alplentlid assortment of
Winter Hats, Caps, ho. Those in want of an ar
ticle in his line, and surely appearances favor the
supposition'that nearly ull need a new top-piece,
will call at his store nod obtain the desired article.
His stock is the choicest and complotest in the
Burglary.—Recucary of pare of the &dot
Mods mid Arrest of the RobLem—On Monday
night of last week tho store of Samuel U. Shirk,
at the North Lebanon Basin, was entered and
robbed of n largo quantity of Dry Goods, Beady
made Clothing, ,te. On Wednesday a search war
:, rent was obtained, and the houses of two Germans,
residing in the Eastern part of North Lebanon
Borough, wore searched, and the greater portion
of the stolen goods found in one of them. Tho
Germans, mimed Frederick and George Schroeder,
. were arrested, and are now in prison. It seems
that these fellows have been carrying on the game
of thieving for a long time. They stole almost
anything they could lay their hands upon. They
have in their ileums large quantities of potatoes,
Cern, Oats, Apples, Am., none of which articles
--they cultivated, neither can it be ascertained that
.4they bought a bushel of either. They are the
owners of the houses in which thay resided, and
, were apparently well to do in the world, and also
-sober and industrious. Suspicion was directed to
:them by the track of a wheelbarrow on the canal
tow-path, which led front the robbed store to the
inmse where the goods were found. The wheel
' barrow on which they hauled the goods was also
,"found at the latter place. The amount of goods
so far recovered by Mr. Shirk, is over $3OO at first
Fire.—On Saturday evening, about 51 o'clock,
a stable belonging to Mr. Conrad If. Bergner, in
North Lebanon borough, was discovered to be on
fire. The neighbors rushed to the rescne, but ton
lute to save any of the contents, among which ware
two fine and valuable cows.. By the time the
engines reached the scone, the entire building was
enveloped in flames. The adjoining and sur
rounding buildings were saved by the timely up-
!Mention of water. The entire loss's about, $5OO,
two-thirds of which is insured in the Lebanon
Mutual Insurance Company of Jonestown. The
Aro is suppoiod to have boon the work of an in.-
Concert.—The "Perseverance Sax Horn Brass
Band," of this borough, will' give a Concert in
the Court House, on Thursdny evening next.—
The members of this bend have already gone to
oonsiderable expense for instruments and instruc
tion, aside from the loss of time, and as this is
the first encouragement in -the way of pecuniary
assistance, they ask from our citizens, it is hoped
that their Concert will bo liberally patronized.
ta... Dears aro quite plenty in the northern
part of our county. It is said that one carried
off a "porker" in Union township last week.—
several have already been killed along the "Blue
Mountains," one weighing nearly 400 pounds.—
There, uow, is noble sport for our Holliday hunts
men. Let them shoot bears, and spare the little
P. S. .A friend of ours, blessed with a steady
hand, quick eye, untiring perseverance, and a
good rifle, loft on Monday, afoot, solitary audits
lone fn• a week's bear bunting in our northern
.mountains. Ho avoided observation and desiins
Io remain unknown, but, if successful will loy
yB narrative of his exploits before our readers.
Well Filled,—Our jail contained 19 prisoners,
'the beginning of this week, some six or seven of
whom will probably receive quarters in the Eastern
.Penitentiary. The building of a new prison will
• soon boa question of economy as well as security
with our county officials. The cost of maintain
ing six or eight 'vagabonds ut Philadelphia will
:be no small item.
"gr. At the sale of the real estate of kliehxl
Hoffman, tlee . 'd., on Saturday the 24th ult., Mae
. orn Hain purchased house and two lots in North
ebanon borough for $2350. Mr. Billman pur
hased two lots for $655. Geo. Hoffman pur
lased a Landing lot for $7OO.
r •
Tho Jonestown and Fredericksburg stage
land mail now leaves at 3 o'clock, P. AL
"may. Complaints are rife, in town and vicinity,
depredations committed by chicken and other
level. A little more grape might mend the
"Zap.,. round Dead.—A man named Jos. Poore,
found in an out-of-the-way place, in Union
wnship, about twoweoks ago, baring died from
temperance and exposure.
Lebanon Val* R. R.- . —The Harrisburg Tele
aph says that the editor of that paper "has been
Id by one of the heaviest eontre.etere on the
rks that the Directors have found themselves
able to carry out the arrangements [noticed in
e Advertiser last week] satisfactory to the con-
rectors, and that the probability now is that op.
rations will not again bo resumed on the roar'
.wring the present winter."
Prof. Spayd, of Razor Strop Paste notorie
is now in town.,,Prof. Allen also. The
oko tho lance ; but the feeling is rather in favo
the Paste instead of the Powder.—What doe
ajtir Getz of the Gazette say
PAST. — Sixteen years' ugo Washingtoni
anisra was nnito prevalent, and wo know that
more good was effected by its "moral suasion" than
ever has been, or ever win be, by legislation jag
law, Maine law, prohibition and all. The Wash
ington Temperance Society," of Lebanon, was nt
that time a flourishing institution. On the 22d
December, 1841, said society sent out a special
committee to ascertain the number of inebriates,
or persons addicted to the vice of intemperance,
within its precincts. The committee attended
faithfully and proMptly to its duty, and in two
weeks reported the number us follows :—N. W.
District 15; N. L. District 18; S. E. District 33;
S. W. District 12; Total 54. The districts were
formed by making Market and Cumberland streets
the dividing lines, and embraced North Lebanon
and the inhabitaets in the suburbs. Here Ives
work for the society-84 inebriates to reclaim, as
well as to make tee-totallers of many "moderate
drinkers." Wonders had already beau performed,
—some of the most depraved druukards of the
year before Wore 'active
,members of the society,
and sober, industriens,and prosperous citizens.—
Many remained such; and those now among us
owe the difference between what they are and
might have been to the "Washington Tem
perance Society." Others, 501110 of whom have
gone to their long home, and some still in our
midst, aro none the better for their temporary
reclamation. The few "white sheep" are the ex
ample, the fruits of the humble Society, and vin
dicate its efficiency ; while the thousands of dol
lars expended for legislation on the subject; the
time lost thereon, and the rigorous provisions of
its laws, have failed, as yet, to present a single ex
ample of a drunkard reclaimed. Nay, not one
-oven temporarily:
For Mc Adrcrligrr
For the Advertiser
Man Drowned,—Susrlctots.-•-A man named
Hugh McCune, the keeper of a boarding house
on the line of the Lebanon Valley Railroad, wad
drowned in the lock of the Union Canal, near
Hammelstown, on Monday evening of last week,
under circumstances waranting the belief that he
met with foul play. He loft the shanty in the af
ternoon for the purpose of obtaining provisions
at Hummelstown, intending to return in the eve
ning. About 0 o'clock a noise was heard in the
vicinity of the lock, and upon the persons look
ing win, heard it, nothing could be. seen. Short
ly after, however, the noise was repeated, and
then a man was observed on the opposite side of
the canal, who sung out that a man was drown
ed. After searching in the lock for half an hour,
MeCnnes dead body was drawn out. The stran
ger was arrested, but nothing could be proven a
gainst him. McCune has resided five or six yrs.
in Harrisburg, and leaves a wife and 3 children.
"Melitz."—The number of delinquent Militia
men in Lebanon county, for the year 1857, arc
2171. The number of Uniformed men in ditto.
aro 212. Major l.nibieb has in his possession
over 310 stand of arms, which any new military
companies could obtain. .
Fble- lion. VALENTINE BEST, Speaker of the
State Senate in 1850, died at Danville, on Wed
nesday last, in the 57th year of his age.
DANK o' PENNSYLCANIA.—Tho Philadelphia
Ledger contains information in regard to the in
vestigation into the affairs of the Bank of Penn
sylvania, which if correct, places the Bank in a
mach worse condition than it was generally be
lieved to be. The assets will scarcely cover the
liabilities, leaving nothing for the stock-holders.
The note holders and depositors will probably he
paid in full.
The Minnesota election is still undecided.
Tho Democrats claim the election of Sibley, fur
Governor, by 123 majority; while the Republicans
claim the election of Ramsey, by a majority of
12 votes.
We are happy to announce the triumphant
election of JOEL SPrIZEH, Esq., to the Legislature,
by the democracy 'of the -counties of Jefferson,
Clearfield, McKean and ilk. This will be agree
able news to Mr. Spyker's many friends in this
county, and of which Le is, we believe, a native.
Lebanen county willt be well represented in the
next Legislature; at least three of its members
being native born here—Messrs. George, Ebur
and Spyker.
A Professional Impostor.—The Laneaster•Ea•-
press posts a fellow calling himself . Mixer, and
representing himself as a Clergyman and Profes
sor, as an arrant imposter.' He preached lately
in several of the churches of Lancaster, his ser
mons, however, ware speedily identified as Melt
vine's hest, copied verbatim ! After his, preach
ing he is usually in want of money to defray bis
traveling expenses.
arj,., A convention of Railroad ticket agents
was in session at Chicago, last week, and resolved
an increase of passenger fare rates about 12 , } per
cent higher than the old rates.
IfsAvv DAM-ICI:S.—The Jury in the case of
Ferdinand Meyer, against the city of Brooklyn,
being an action to recover damage for injuries sus
tained by him on account of an accident which
occurred to, him on the 7th of June last, by which
he was permanently injured, has rendered a ver
dict in favor of the plaintiff, assessing the dam
ages at $7,250. The damages claimed was $lO,-
000. Moyer was driving nionghlushing Avenue
with a load in his wagon, when the wheel ran in
to a hole', in the street and threw him from the
wagon, which passed over him.
'7.3..The large rolling mill, at Phoenixville,
Chester county, is in full operation, with the reg
ular complement of hands. The other mills and
furnaces in the same place will resume in a very
short time.
EXPELLED.—The Allentown Register states that
the case of Rev. E. H. Helfrich, to which we re
ferred last week, was revived before and under
went synedial examination at that place last week,
and resulted in his'suspension by an almost unan
imous vote.—From the testimony adduced, it was
apparent that he most flagrantly abused the sanc
tity of the clerical ermine. Charges for straying
beyond the parts of peSteral propriety arc also
pending against Rev. Simon Gross, of Lehigh
County, which will undergo e xamination prior to
the adjoinment of the Synod.
Tan CaNCERT.—It is of course the unanimous
conclusion of our citizens to give the Perscver.
once Sax Horn Band and Quartette Club, such an
out-turn on Thursday evening as will astonish the
maim ! Because wo know that this useful insti
tution needs the assistance of , the citizens of our
good borough. We can all bear having our pock
ets lightened of a few quarters; and come away
with lightened hearts. There is no medicine like
good music. Our citizens should be on the look
out, as no doubt some evil-disposed persons will
endeavor to raise a falSe alarm of fire.
GOOD EFFECT.—The Ordinance issued by the
Town Council, renders pavement walking more
agreeable than ever. Some of the pavements,
however, are in a dilapidated condition, which
has a tendency to check somewhat that bustling
throng of promenaders, that would otherwis
make their appearance,
Sickness of every description hos become
very general in our borough, and people are' now
not only complaining of "hard times," but also
of "hard colds." Keep cool?
WILD Duca:3.—A number of wild ducks have
been seen in this neighborhood within the past
week, several of which have been shot. Look out
for a "North-wester," and a shower of wild geese
next. Then the "Local Reporter," with a good
rifle 'WM prove himself all right on that much
mooted subject, the "goose question" Fine sport.
OR" Oysters have made their appearance, and
are ns inviting as lips at a party. They will "go
down" much easier than the times. The person
said truly who wrote that "oysters and intelligence
were much nearer allied than people
They seem also to have fallen in price, and we
may now enjoy a stew or a roast, spread our ap
petite and fancy over a "quarter" fry—"-Thrip-it
te-thup !
Court is now in session here, and the stu
dents in our "stone-college," in consequence or
the hard tittles, would no doubt have no objections
to a permanent situation.
WAsersm.----A microscope to see the mute-tome
that would haul all the Democrats outer Bradford
county; also to see the S,OOO majority with which
Wilmot would come to the city from the North
western counties! Truly "if he :Would hare had
enough votes he 4anid iiiivehecu elected." How
about the Union that would "certainly carry?"
pea" Young America ikengaged in laying in a
store of walnuts, chestnuts, tte., fir their especial
use this winter. The crops are unusually heavy
this yestr,..'
Over,coats, Shairls, •te., are in active de
mand. In the mean time the "Local Reporter"
is looking around fora bargain.
ON A Rusn.—One of the amusing incidents at
the fire on Saturday evening was the speed made
by the Daguerrean Gallery acrossthe street.
GOOD FARE FOR HARD Tions.Hln Paris, a man
may dine for twopence. in the neighborhood of
the Marche des Innocents there is a dertain en
terprising Madame Robert, who daily feeds some
ds thaw:and workmen, in the oPenJtir, yet shel
tered from the weather. Her daily bill of fare is
cabbage soup, a slice of boudii OW), a peice of
bread, and a glass of wine.
AGAIN IN Ommarrox.—The Norristown Regis
ter says that Me. Hooven's rolling-mill went into
operation again last Monday, and that Gen. Schap
is making arrangements to re-connuenee work nlzo-
Or- While the times are dull, teeny busincsr,
folks are taking advantage of advertising, which
has the effect upon their trade of a life preserver,
swimming on top of the water. Of course, those
that sell the cheapest, advertise in the "Adver
Sped:ma Notices.
4117" nrory person should read the adrartis7mrmt of
arindle's Celebrated Magic Compound and Ancient Ja
panese Life Pills which appear alternately in another col
umn. They are tile twat successful remedied In the World!
Try them all be cured.
This is to certify that I have WA' hut one :ITO.
cation of the MAtne Om on thy fingers, which hare peen
drawn from contraction of the cords, brought on by Arm.
matism. it was of seventeen months standing. and I inn
now entirely cured. I cheerfully recommend it to alt af
flicted likewise. .T. M. FIN FROCK,
liolloitais Pi ail cases of , 1431,.'ness, troll
cleaning but too Officious friends suggest a variety of rem
edies. beware of tampering , with the beginnings of din.
ease. Reject everythinr, like experimental Imminent.—
Rely upon litilloway's iffils, the medicine of one-ffiurth of
the human race, civilized and enrage. which has the Salle
tioll of the most scientific, men in Europe, end has been
under trial for- a quarter of a century without a single fell
rue. All disease which affect the stomach, the bowels.the
liver or the lungs, are cured by this great remedy without
enfeebling the system by over purgation. The Pills con
tain no mineral or corrosive ingredient.
Ham RasTonATon.—Prof, Wood ntivertiPa in our col•
limns his valuable medicine for restoring hair. and 11.. r
the prevention of baldness. he. This remedy has bees
used quite extensively, and with great success. Han
dreds, nay, thimsands have used it, and arc willing to tes
iffy to its efficacy. Read the advertisement—go at once
and procure a bottle, and prove its virtue. Our good old
told-headed bachelor friends should embrace this oppor
tunity to cover their pates with a coat of evil, luxuriant
hair.—/ndianupolis Locomoliri.
Ala - Candor compels us when considering the wants of
the afflicted, to recommend that which i= hest known and
tried. and to recommend Dr. J. llostett er's Cfehibrated
Stomach Bitters. Wouhl only be adding M Wien' inn! }Wen
heralded far and wide, not only by a few isolated certifi
cates, but by the people of the land, endars-.1 by the phy
sicians and the press, that Hostetter's hitters bar, nu
equal in restoring, and imparting health tuenfeelded men.
Ladies and children find this medic inn invaltalide in Ina
ny of their ills of debility, to which thi!y are suldert. es
pecially (Win g the summer Season ; insach CnFeS it ;41 ,, U1a
be taken in small quantities before meals. For hale by
druggists and dealers generally, every nod by flois-
TETTER fi SMITH, 267 Penn at- Pittshtug ,
EMANUEL Rem NAT. Agent. Nortli-west corner orMarket,
null Water streets, Lebanon. feet. 11,'57-lin.
.1 •
ftf - j• P ?t
BY R°Y.L. 4 7,72: 6 PATENT
Preparal few,. a prr-zeription.,l,‘zir (1,,p-k,,,
I)., Philsician Eciraard;narg to tha Chteerz.
This inesitethle wu.ii,ina is unfailing hi tLe cure or all
those pnincril and it-tugere-Am-,l3,ett,,es to Ivbiels the frionla
litmlitation ie. subject. It InaCeraie. nil o%,•eust awl re
moves all ok,trueli , mF, iv! a 'STAM:y clue may be r,:iod
TO 71.4,1:11.1.4'.1) LA P.:75
It in peculiarly nnited. It will, in a 1.1.0 rt time, ruing en
the monthly period with regolarity.
Each battle, price Ono !loner, bear• the Gorernmoni
Stamp of Great Britain, is pielettt counterfoils.
These Pills should not be takes bu females dsriss the
FIRST THREE 1110.T7'1IS of Pregaamey. os Ike? art
sure Is briny os; Miscarriage, but at auk other time they
ere safe.
In all cases of. Nervous and Spinal Affections, Pain in
the Hack and Limbs, Fatigue coa alight exertion, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Hysterics, and Whites, those Pills will
effect a cure when all other moans have failed, and
although a. powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel
antimony, or any thing hurtful to the constitution.
C : Full directions accompany audit package.
.Sole Agent for United States and Canada,
JOB bIOSES, (Late LC. Naldwin C 0.,)
Rochester, N. Y
N. 8.--$l,OO and 6 postage stamps enclosed to any au
rhorized Agent, will insure a bottie of the rills by return
For sale by
Dr. ROSS, opposite the Court thlitgi',, Lebanon, Pa.. sod
by all respectable Druggists throughout the United States
itud*Canada.; also by Harvey birch, Reading-, Pa.
October 7,1857-Iy.
Religions *Mice's.
English Preaching next Sabbath morning' and Ev.ming
in the Methodist Episcopal Church.
German preaching next Sabbath morning and evening
in the Emanuel's Church of the Ev. Assoemtion.
. _ .
The meeting will be protracted during this week—
preaching every evening.
Religious services in Salem's Lutheran Church, en next
Lord's day morning, in the German language.
The Lord's Supper will be administer.] in the Reform
ed Church, next Sabbath meriting, in the German, and in
! the afternoon in the English language. Preparatory see.
vices connected with confirmation, will be observed on
Saturday morning in the German, and intim afternoon in
i the English language. Preaching also on Saturday awl
Sunday evenings.
English preaching next Sabbath morning and evening
in Zion's Lutheran Church.
- 111A , RIRIED,
On the let ult., by Rev. John Strine,Moses Shark, of
North Annvilte, township, to Missltlaria aga:dens Kohl',
of Bethel township.
On the 10th ult., by the Caine, Mr. George Mick, of
Jackson, to Miss Maria Ann Yoder, of N. Lebanon.
On the 25th ult., by the Rev. J . S. Reined:a of Lids,
Mr. John Oswald to Miss Mary Ann ltornberger,lictli of
this place.
On the 10th ult., by Joseph Coover, ltsq., Mr. John Wag
ner to NW Anoints Helder, all of Jackson township.
On the 21.0 utt4 by C. P. Miller, leq., Mr. Jacob N.:in
ter, of Fastßollover, to Misslltiry Keens, of Union tp.
On the 20th August, by Rev. J. Y. Ashton, Daniel Me.
Kinney to Anna Miller, both of North Lebanon.
On the let September, by the saute. Mr. Samuel Shiner
to Misit Susan Hanscom, both to North Lebanon. - •
On the 20th ult., by the some,. Mr. John B. Smith to
Miss Catharine Kiseedditti;'both of Cornwall.
On the 20th tilt.. by the Nov. 5. W. Kremer, Mr. Jelin
A. Bowman, of Cernwall tp., to Miss Mary MILT, of'S.
Anliville tp. this county. • •
Rp the Rev, IL S. Miller, Mr. John IL Fritz to Miss Ma.
lincht Burkhart, both of Rehrersburg.
By the same, Mr. Also . loth Webber, of Schuylkill Ha
vett, to M. Susan M. Stotyveri of:Lebailon.
The 2,1 Olt., in Jonestown, Maria Oeistweit, wife of .Ta
cob 0 eistweit, aged 68 years, 8 months and 22 days.
The 7th ult., in Jonestown, Anna Lehman, wife ofJohn
Lehman, aged 75 years, 2 months and 20 days.
The 13th nit., in Union township, Jacob, son of Freder
ick Hassler, aged 1 year, 1 month and 13 days.
Oa the 25th nit., of Typhus. Feveroit the residence of
John Graybill, near Shnetrerstown,, , MoSes Long, son of
Mary Long, of Dayton 01410, agett44'years.
In Lebanon, on the 211th, ult., Andrew James, son of
James and Mary Ann Young, aged 10 months and 14 d'S.
In Lebanon on the 28th ult., Ottroline Emma, daughter
of John awl Elizabeth Hipp, aged 7 months and 18 days.
On the 30th lilt., in this borough, Mrs. Mary 0., with of
Jacob Schwartz, aged 54 years.
'On the 17th ult., in this borough, Zift:s. Cathaiine dray.
aged 76 years and 1 day. -
The Lebau,
[ ty,6lll . ti Corrreteit
Extra Family Flour. j 7
Extra Flour el 00
Es Ira See per. PlOO r, AOO
Supertitto It. Elonr, 600
Suporllaii Flour. 4 76
Prime Whirr Wbrat, I 20
Primo Esc: Wilma, 12U
Prime nye, 70
Corn. 40
Cloimr-meal, 7 00
Tineol.hy.ser,i, 2 50
Flax Nerd. 1 00
'Drivel Apples. bu.. 1 Oil
Drivil Apples, pealed, 1 60
Potpie "Anitz." 251)
Pearl) “Hulzels," 12$
Cherries, 150
Unions, 50
oat Markel.
Idr f j
NOV. 4. 1157.
1 1 01:60e,,, 1 1 ,
Eggi. id.o., 14
6611 IT, 16
inn!, .10
1 1 :1116w, 10
liam, 14
.'Thoulders, 12
'l:':l4:3w 12''''.41
Whitt, nagg, 5
Nlixed Rags, 2
Flax. 12%
1111:4110s, 1 6 1, 40
eflaburs. 1.1),, 1 1 2
W 001,10,11%, 40
Saul) beans. TA qt., (1
Vinozar, TA gal, 12%
AppluSt atter, FS crock, 45
The Philadelphia Market.
Er.Pir A, °VTOL= 26, 1557.
Ercadstuffs exhibit little or no alteration to-day
iu price or demand, and about 400 lbs. of Flour
only have been die - posed of to shippers, mostly
fancy Ohio extra, on terms kept private. Com:
mon superfine is quoted at 55,25a5,37A per bbl.,
with but few sellers at the further figures; the re
ceipts and stocks continue light, and the local
trade is being supplied at from $5.37 up to VT
per bidd for common to extra and fancy family
brands ; a sale of 300 bbls. Penna. Meal was
made at $3,50 per bbl., Rye Flour is scarce and
wanted at $4.2511 bid., but there is no stuck here.
Wheats come in slowly, and prime lots meet with
a lair demand at, $1.25 @51.27 for fair to good
red, and $1 30 to $1.35 for white, at which rates
about 3,000 bushels have been Laken in store and
afloat. Corn is wanted, and Solliei 4;000@5,000
bushels old Southern were disposed of at 71. c. for
yellow, mind 72e. for white, afloat, establishing an
advance, Oats are unchanged; sales of Southern
have been made at 32e. and Pennit..Bl 33c. Rye is
setlirug lit the distilleries at 75e. for Penn Sylvania.
A Dom a fortnight sinca, n pair of SI
CLr3nor lit or mislaid. The tinder will be suit
ably rewarded by leaving them at this office:
Lebanon, Nov. 4, 1657.
New Slag - e, Line
Between Hummelstown and Middletown
(IN and after the 15th inst.. the cub..a_ s .
El'El' .
ecribers will run e Daily Stage Line -.
I,twecn IfnunneLtown and Middletown, .•
connecting with the cars on the Lebanon Cali 'y Railroad
on the arrival awl departure of the: same at /litturneit“
town. They al , io keep a LIVERY STABLE at Middle-
LAvn for the accommodation of the public. Good horses
and all kilt :4 or convoyonee,!.
Nova:fiber 2, Itsl.
?Egli) of ice.
XTOTTCE VE , hereby given that on applieatiou has been
. 41 made to the l'onddent, :Mat:agars a nil etanimny of the
TIFICATES for TWO SHAH ES of STOCK in said Compa
ny, nunthered 204 end 2(15, lately held by Jacob 11. %Veld
man, 1441.. deceased, and transferred to him in.the Trans.
for Book of sal l Company. by F. A. M. !relater, one of the
Executnrs of the hest Will and Testament of J. S. Holster,
deece,ed, the stove I.4dani.
ELIZA hrill C. W hIDMAN,
InJitnitT If. C01.301.1.1N,
Adm'rs of the hi'f ate of .Theun It.,
Lebattou, Nov.
rash ionab ie Boot anti Shoe Ala kei
elinegrland Aired, one floor Bast rtf Black Iforce 8"..dc1.
•-•. • TIM SnbAcribfu• t1e,41,4 to inform no public
that he lola upew.4l as abovt. , _ wb.n..-, it^ is p,,,,,,:1e
,. etl to execute Ordarti of 8.1,a6 and : 4 11 . 3Eti, of the
- finest finish and style, if not superior, toany here
tofofo offered to the public.
New Fall and Winter Stork!.
Ito has just returned from the city with an unrivaled
assortment of the latest FALL and ',MM.: STY.I.,FiS of
Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Sze., AT., for Imdica, Gmtlemen awl
Rsory lowly is inriteti to es?! sot? exam inc.
4.; thou. licA-. 4., 1857.
Tao Original Gift Book Store
13YANS NVO illferel arid the public,
9,3 that he has removed his T a tar (lift Book Store and
publishing Home to the splendid store in Brown's iron
439 C:tout street, two doers below FilthAtlicre
the purchaser of each book will eeeeiVe one of the fu,atw
fug _gifts. valued at from cents to 6'1.10, cousin m' pf
Coda Watches, Jewelry. , tnti 'Nonni
5541 Patent English Lever Vold [Fetches, $lO.OO each.
Patent Anchor do. do. 55 00
. _ .
400 Ladies' Gold Hatches, 12k. mows. 25 00 li
1.500 iiiilver Lever WatelivA, Warranted, 15 00 "
500 Parlor Tillospieees, 10 00 "
500 Cameo Sets. L 4,11. Droll 3 1.4111 PIUS, 10 00 "
500 Ladies 1In1:1 Brae:gets, $5 CO tol2 00 .
5)0 (lento rest Chides, 10 00 "
1,0.10 tiolg bwkote. (lails , sizo floulgo case) 800 "
2,000 Gob) I,x:it:l F., (SIIISIi 'ion) • 8 00
1.000 Uold Pencil Cases, with [lola Pens, 500 "
1,000 Extra Gold Pens, with eases and lwithirs, 10 50
2.500 (told ) , ;11 , 11,4, (L. 114,a) 250 "
2.ii00 lot,) I'en. with Silver Pencils, 250 "
2 500 Isalliesills:10 Pens, witli eases, , 150 "
0,500 Gold 1101,:i. (bathos) 100 "
2,000 Gent's Kehl Kings,2 75 "
2,500 Ladies Oolsi lireastbins, 250 .
2,500 ..risses* Geld Breastpins, 150 "
3,020 Pocket Knives, i 5 "
2,000 Sets Gent's Gad, Bosom Snare, 3 01) 0
2,lmi dtt. do. Sleeve Buttona,* 300 .
2,0n0 Pairs Nur Drops, 250 0
8,000 Ladies' Pearl Card Cases, 500 "
15,000 Ladies' Jet or Mosaic Pins, 500 °•
2,500 Ladies' Caine. Shawl and Ribbon Phl.3, 350 0
5,000 Fetridge's indin of a Thousand Flowers, 50
EVAN'S near Catalogue contains all the most popular
books Of the ally, 11.711 the newest publications, all of which
will be sold as lota' as can be obtainedat tither stores. A
complete Cil.battit, of books omit free, by application thee'
the mail, by addressing G. U. EVANS, 430 Chestnut street,
ladel in.
44 — Agents welded to PVCrY town in the United States.
Those desiring so to act can obtain full particulars by ad
dressing as above.
N.l3.—lit consequence of tho money crista. end unmet.-
oils failures, the snliseriber has been enable &to purchase
from assignees an immense stock of hooks. embracing ev
ery deparknent of litcrature,at-prize's %Oath will enable
hint to give :pen worth of the above gifts on every $l.OOO
worth of books sold.
irlir-An extra Nob:, w;th a girt, will be sent to rub
son ordering book: , tobe gent toom , ttibir:,&!, by Elese.
bird fvr a Ntalvgur.
November 4, 1F.51.
Lebanon Valley lit ail-Road.
rrpir 'tem — =
Fall and Winter Arrangement.
rv: AND Arrzit 1111 DAY, OCTOIWIt 1201,1857. a
' N J PA: 4 BV.NUEIt TIiAIN will Icavu Reading daily (ex
cept Si .lay=,) at 10.20 a. la., arriving at Lesvos, at
12:0 noon.
Returning will leave Lebanon at 3.30 p. m„ arriving at
Reading at 5.10 and canneeting with Melding Rail
road Passenger Trains for Philadelphia, Pottsville, Elmira,
and Niagara Falls.
Evm , -11Thvecil Reading and 'Lebanon 0.85 and .70 eta.
Slag,:ls run in connexion vrith these trains tw•twern Leba
non and Ifarrisbrirg---Ratst .?..1.,450; also from Lebanon to
Jonestown and Selneiferstinra:
Ire All Vicauermeru will purchase their lieketu before
the TrlkiliA
ftp.,. A FREIGHT VIM N leavim Reading at 7 a. in., and
rernrn from Lebanon at .1.2. a p. in., daily (eae.rpt Sunday s.)
uotiihrr 10, IS4. C 4. A. NICOLLS, Sap'L
UCH 11_I UN l:! CO 11E A LI,
Give us a Call at the Golden Sign of
t zt.;, JUST RECEIVED, a very . iarge
, and splendid
of Ik b ALL & IN I hi., ( t ?tlDs, wipth
; 4 1&i - A^.;lllrore purcluted at the loxmlt.Cmhpricea,und will
` , tiAiliilt.,tre sold at unusually low p r i ces ,, for cas l,, or hi ei
change for country onklpoc.
Their dock consists in part of the following,
MT 00018, Lmitere DITSSOIKKL , , French Merinoes,Cobunts,
Parametta Cloths. Lustres, Ducats, all-Wool Do-
Laines, Monello DektineK, high ei,lored Wool
01111411i11116, tin endless variety of p r i o t o . he.. Se.. which arc
offered at very low prices by HENRY & STINB.
Silks! Silks! Silks!
Jut received, a splendid iiiisortnient or rich black, plain
and strird Drew 811Icii. Also. extra rich plain and striv
ed fancy; all Me rip , ! Call and sere at the dlOap store of
Shawls! . Shawls! Shawls! .
Just opeurd,a 4plendid Assortment of Lug Shaw
State, Tliibet, 7alstc and Caney, plaid, Stella, all colors,
Chenille, and a variety of others, which {lra selling tiff fast,
cheaper than the chetivek, at the A a r e o f
1t!N1tl C STINE.
Domestic Goods—Cheap ! • -
• 'Just Rennived—Mmlins. Chuck; Giunlifazns , Flannelg,
Canton Flannels. Ticl: ;r,A, and a variety of others. which
are offered at minced priees, ENRY & StINE.
For Men's Wear
.Thstr,o4 ved, a large and apl inlhlasamtment of French
and English Cloths. at all pa-Ices. Also, plain, black (ut
fancy C.44.-WilliereB.' Fre7lol 'arid side
stripes, Zi!ttlinetii,. Kentucky Jeans, Viaitingn„aTt a vnade4
ty of ether Gnu& for Boys' and Men's Wear. Vlach are
offered low by HENRY STINE. '
Now's the time to buy cheap Goods
ItE N E have .)nu opotain their Fall and Who
tor Flock of Goods, and their tnisertniont of Fresh !loco.
RIES and guEENswA RE cannot be amp:wised in the
Tioroogh of 'Lebanon. call turd exantino, at the more of
lebanon,Oet. 25, '57. HENRY S; STINE.
Read y de C stgl
'CU AS OYBRCOATS, Sack Coats, Frock Coats, Pants
and Vefftl3. all colors and nll prices„Mst received and
otremd at such prices as Imo already induced many' to
purObase. We defy competition on tteady-rn a d, Cl o thi ng .
For cheap Coats, Pants and l'ests,3 all at -
. I,:olianon, October Zd, 1857.
Al inallianS.
if !.
WALTZ & tiOMEI, bay , lind fate, eived a
, :: . lorgg 41 , ,i01111:£.110 of Allnazin4n n 14101 titer
1 7 * *" 1 1,4 , are pcerored to sell WholonalC and Retail.
Among 4 item wtil be huno—
Th, Nt.NV :tooling Almanac, EngliAt and aerl4l4l:l
1,1444,41. , r to
- 411,1 ikritlit 11 tIIIITI 410
" American do
" City St: Country, 4h
" - U. 'S. do
" (treat Wo3tern, do
" Lutheran. do
Lebanon, October 28, Uri'
WI 1.1 . , 1)6 1 , 01,1 noblio sale. on SATURIM.Y, the 14111
day of NOVI:3111E1i, 1857. at I.lm public hone of
ADAM HAAR . . in Ulu Ilurongh of lA:Ninon, thin following Ile
eirable 1101 LOIN(1 I.O'lT, 24 KS3I.IAO V: Oh 1'11.:(4E:
OI[OU\D. sitimte in tin, aforesaid Borough:
10 Building Lots, Ilessuage or Piece of Ground,
adjoining and fronting on the Lebanon Valley Railroad on
the South. lands into of.larob B, Weidman, deed., on the
East and West, end —.Street on the
,Torth, containing
TWO AORES, , be the same more or less.
"This 111nastaige is sithate one square west of Plank Road
Street, in one of the nfostdesirableictrts of the Borough
fir Building purpose and has born divided into and 'Mal
out in ?EA' Suitablii and thoranii , nt Briekling Lots—nine
fronting 30 feet and one:37;feet ou Ifarbesoimu . reot on the
East. running back IEI fiat to au Alley, mud will he sold
in the Whole or Lot4;ms pirrehiMers. .
Kiy - -Any IWV:iolllkAirillg to have a, pleasant and Meath
fill home in this Duuth, will not regret a view of the
above mulled premises. For information and draft or 'mis
call upon the undersigned. ,
Cie _The terms for tho.,ale of the foregoing premises,wil i
be made known on the day of sale.
Sale to cominence at n o'clock.. P. 31.
Lebanon, Oct. 21, 'U. RANO EL II ARBESON.
and fiet!!
CARPETS Cal:petal Oil Cloths! Oil Cloths! llaskotsl
itasiVits!Carpot Carpet Chain! had "Feathorst
Bed Iroathersl Cofa Brooms? Corn Brooms! Rand Brixosl
alai a variety of other (.100(6, riti:eiVed awl daily risiolvini
by lloward F CI). - 14 Eapiassi r which will he s i , i dt":tr by
G'lll.ll , llV. DALY, INLymi.F.T S'rt tnT,opppsite the Leb
anon Bank. Nvoul.l rf., , p , xtfally inform the Citivms
Lebanon amt vicinity', that he stilt ermtbrnenbiB
Shaving 4' Hair Dressing Sa7acin,
:ma ix prepared to to busineiN in the hheate t and best
style, and would licit all to give Liza a trial.
Lebanon, Oct. '2l, LSS7.
i~ sPE e. '.
113.N0N DINN, PA.I
• October 19, 1857.
A. GEN]OtAL MIMING of the Stoei".lBtilers of this
zit the Banking Molise, on Tues
day, 6rertil:cr d, 1537, (the day of annual nieetine.) of 10
o'clock, h., fur the purpom of taking into emedderation
for acceptance or non acceptance the pr. - A - Wow; of Act of
1::t1z Octebdr, 1807, as required by the 7th section of said
Act. Ity order of the Hoard of Otrocicts.
Lebanon,. Oct 21, '57. E. A. UHLER, twuer.
Great CrOwds---Low Pric.toz.
meraing, last week% an a friend ,oul mypadf, were
lei.'mruls ottt Market Street, and e n arriving
near tile corner of - ffullford atreat. ottt attention trait at
iracted to a large crowd of Ladles—and nearly all of
wheel. Were prOVkieil with lore market 16;kets, and
others with satchels hanght„ to their ;ulna, and were eel
intent, WltttU the. eame ohject. Upon hepilry the
ilvand that in the Mansion I Come, on tin, c<aller
and Itiarkat streets, in hneited the extensive Dry
(finds. Grocery, mei ttneelliovare. :item of Olir polite and
atfahle & BRO., who bare just opened a
large :inch of Fall (Moth., and that the grind crated of La
dies were their regular cugtonaM , , who toot be a, a dally
at their counter,,, purchniging their goott,i. Alt WO
eVidently ElitiAtt:d with °their purchas,s; 'Were loe,l
is the praise: titv excellent - quality of theft stock. soil
all won, of the mrtnimow opinion that rUNCIIi: ;.
the Lett roalitie.=, at lower prices, titan any ‘if their
r{ua,isa4tos:v_ Sri our advice worth' he to ymi, one and all.
both great and ionall, to give Tckea dii Into. a call. and they
will surely try to pl3se you. P hflantll:l AN.
North Labenon, Oet. 21.1557.
rirb undersigne,l hasjust ret!teneil 41,in
the ci t y, where lie has purehie;ed the best at,- .
ttaassortment IZ eVer offered in Leb
anon, and which taties this opportunity to
say he will sell an lan., et I , ,:wer, than at any other eAtaLe
lishmeaL Lfrhas
,S'OFAS, Tete-a-tete Lounges, Caryl Tables. Cen
t,.e Tables, Racl.•a, Tea
Polls, ',poking Glassee, and all kinds.
of 0011411,011 and Kitchen Furniture.
Al=b, Mitttra , sea, 'Venetian Blinds, Carring,ea or Chil
deem. Cone Seat and Common CIfAT ItS,and ahnort er.wy
thi that eita properly be ae.loeiareil with his business.
f.G) - 11, col fblenbe r.slug t. - ,ltlion to this
t ,,, 9ortment. ren,i cordHly invil All givv hint s Call he
ron, parcil,wing elsewhere. lie is *ermined H , v; t o be
31,1 , 1ersolci. liwier is in i.-'‘e 11111... L. iii 31, plat
simet. TH Fq/INT7,
P. S—lleadf•tnit'it Cott?Kes kept on band, awl
splineli4l..llE.tnon binittoen obtained to attend lib itritle.
;Ain, - I.OE isi
any iiiianitty. [Lebannn, "1,*57.
800t4.'4-- Shoe Store litemored.
New Fall and Winter Stock!
MITE Undersignnd wanld reepeetrully lutbrin the public
that he has ItiIMOVED hh BOOT and SHOE STOBE
to the mum lately occupiud tr.T. 7L Paher's Cloth
ing Stare ; second Building. East of the Court House, where
he has opmed n beautiful stock of
Fall and Winter Boots and Shops,
for Ladh,s, Gentlemen:lnd Children. t Ili, tt,ssertioent
is very complete, :uld embraeca all the latest styles, which
he can sell out Ytt, to W prices, The public will picuse call
and examinn. DANIEL aItAIFF.
N. 8.---Tit.tvrtErts, now is your time if you wish to fseo
a hug tts3i , rtment of Prunks, - Valises, and ilifftnent kinds
of Bugs. Collie guy, come nil
LutLuau, Oct. tti,:1857,
Fall ojid lyinter Arrivol of
Boots, q2 U Hats, Caps . ,
rylltE Subscriber would respectfully inform the citizens
j_ of Lebanon that he has 1313310VE1D his
BOOT and SHOE 5T03113 to his New Budding in 1172itut
sfrtet, between Re;nharint tout Rirndrr's flintetc, where he
Inti just opened a superior stock of 1300 TS end SHOT'S,
for Ladies, Gentlemen and Child fan, embracing Calf ; ,, t
Goat Kip, and thick Boots for. Men. Boys, and Youths; all
kinds of such as Calfsk I,3lorocco : K ip and coarse
fOr•Men. Boys- and Youths; also a general assortment of
Men's Gaiters. such as enameled Congress Calf, Congress
Cloth and Kin Congress tbr Ben and Boys.
A general assortment Of Gaiters for Ladies and Children;
also Fancy Shoes for Indies alttlhildren,Wit colors and
styles; a general' assortment of Sartatei-BoOts Said L'oek
ins, for Ladies and Children.
snob as line :ltolei.kin. S.llk.and Brush Hat,s, a general as
sortment otalrefdnr, and styles of soft lints for Men and
Boys. Also, a variety Lf Traveling Trunks.
ZYZ—AII the above:nib:les In, offers far sale at tie loitost
rates for Casb. Coma one; Mlle all, and see, examine and
Judge fn' yam-selves. . ifehas all kinds of borne-math,
Beets and Shoes; and will take orders for any kinds of
Boots and Slwas, and fulfill them in a short time.
Lebanon, Oct. 1.357. JOSIN GASSER.
HO! for ihe Centre Wing.
11. A B E k B O.
TTANE REMOVED their STORE to the New Building,
re w doom Eit. , it or 02%, old stand; corner of Onnber
land and Market streets, where they have opened a spicn
did it..,A,rtinc,nr of
of every olezq,ription ; of GADD;s^ DRESS GOODS-Now
Styles for , the B.ensou—too notneron; to name.
a, - COI stud tit)e th,nt. Now is the time to buy cheap!
Letcwon, Oct. 21,'1&57.
Fancy Dress Goods..
A T.RABER a BAG'S NEW BUILDING yonlvill find a
1,1,101,1 M as of all kinds Cr knncy Goods—
:Shawls., Capra ' , ads Collars. and to short, every variety
of Goods ter a complete Dresit- r —very cheat,
All }Linda of Dointirtic floodt , -3l realer are very cheap—
Check, Ticking, Sheeting; Elanicet6. 'lease
call rad t3ect youreelfeei , • [Lebanon, 0ct.21. '57.
For Cheap CiOth, Cassivaner ,
lA.TINETT, .1111t1 Ulla Wtlo/(11 , 0otyls, call at c2l,
Centre. Building of GALGiII .&131t013, where you %All
crop variety of Goo& fur Gentlemen & Boni' Wear,
In kind for the season mid in price to suit the times.
Lelmuon, Oct. 2.1
The Clothinal.' more 6t Tail-.
ming Establishment of
r io ABER St. BRIYS you wilt now find in their NinV
ing, fin-doors Mast of their former place, on the
Story, where you can ti rid all hinds of (71.0 . 11il Na—cuati,
Over-Coot, ':!1 - 1(!liti, Round Jacketii, Pants, Vests; Boys'
Clothing, all very clump. Yea stn tin* yourself from top
to toe at such tote prices as will suit the tithes.
84%., All orders for ',VAILtiItING 'will be prOmptly at-
tended to.
.4114.11 Marla of amnia , Produce taken in exchange for
Clothing and TMlofing. [l,thanon, Oct. 21, '57
Queen s ware
r t v every ilrAeriptS,ln sold very 10w at
[1.(dm0n,,0i...t. 21,'57.] RABER 5: IMO'S*
11011FS 11 - 0.1.11:1.8 DOR Fiuvitas the LA DIES of LetAmin
and vicinity to examine her staek of F6I,G BON
NETS 111:111SG5, which she 18 now opening at lior
4,ppo,ito Dr. C. D. Gioninger, in Etunkstatind
street, (Amnon. . [ Oct, 7,1557.
Notice to Creditors.
-4..T.TiPIe.IISONS indebted tolho 111311 of UK
/3„ or to SAMUEL:U. SHIRK, by Note, not;ls/'
orot4erw6e, ate reqpesteil to make early
7i.80c00m,72,5q,at Office
U1.1;111011, Ott.
Discsobillion of Pariner*bip.
• TcrorreE k. hereby given that tho tortnership berme
.lll tire eic hat Jig between :roux (I.vo , en at & litta. GASSES.
iltaterS Cep;i. ire the iiiiromi:ll cir
1 - ,,tmom has been dissolved by miltual consent_ All pei ,
sons indebted lOhniil firm will 1/11,3.111the immediate pay
ment, and those having claims will present them t. JoliN
GAsszit, by whom the biilliesn_ will be uuntunuvl.
Island s. Oct. 7. 's7—tt
Ar tz nvou wi m id Lerch} inform the LailieB T.chn
111. mai and vicinity that she hasjust returned from the
city with a large supply of
Fall awl Wintei• 97i,llinetrf Goods,
to which Bbe would respectfully c a ll th e i c 'ai t en tide. if,
stock consists in part of neraly-snack Fan :t int no i ,
net,,liimim,,FriniolCimil Alleriein Flowers, Feathers,
Caps, Satins, Velvets; Laces, &C., Vic.
Foil lung experionce its business and a determination
to render satisfaction' y strict atttentinn to the same. stie
bores to receive And merit a continuance of that liberal
patronage with which she has been heretoforejavored.
.trir _VI orders promptly attended to. —'63,s
Lebanon, 0et.14,'57—.1t. L. Heel]
Brii•gaiiass Bargaiiiis
Goods botrght at Sheriff's Sale to be sold
rpfiLenbsoriter - would reepi.,etfullro infono the citizens
of Lebanon and, vicinity, that lie has putehased, ut
Sheritre Sato, tb ontire Htock of
Dry Goods, - Groceries Queensivore, 44c
hi' or . Pileg,er Itrether. at a 1-Vey, priq. lie
Aral remit the mtoek
,ch n ettpCo- flo tp
ut ly.' , Goods have,er-r
hv'ors said h'sretor 4 re, Lebanon. for tho purpose of cloo.
ihri ont lb mneurn. The opportunitf n gaol one, and
should now he embraced by an di:sin-MS of hilNiaa' cheap
Goods ror the. cooing
,wint:T. The sioCle is a full We—
complete in all its departments. ,-
.t Gicc lie
a. call and 00.0 our bargains.
Lebanon,Oct.l4,'67. GEOIWE PFLEC,F.IL
:ECM r - Afr €ll-11)-
ORB , : tot ZTRAWS
To bay, youi• (V AL & I'iI.):TER) GOODS:
Ia such [La Dumas, Delnino. COoergA,Tibrt Cloths, Cash
311ere.i. (Priers to cult the times.) at
hvbanon, Oct. 14, '57. SWARTZ .5. DRO.
AT E m„4l - respectfully infoim the Gent]timien of Leha
'f I • non and vicinity, that we kove clamed a /Veal Cloth
ing Sere, in Cumberland street. nest door to Ilenry
Stbnfs Store, where we intend to keep ccantantly on hand
a most select asimrtment of
Ready Made Clothing,
such as Frock. Coats, Overcoats, Dress ants, Cassimere,
Sattinett and Cassinett rants, of ail paces avid deverp
lions, from g 1 50 up to $5; Vests. cloth. plain and fancy
stylus and designs, and a p;:mmd asKadment of
etri2iskirl Goods,
E.;milra. l 7.N7eck-tis...uspenders, Wool ritri iNckskin Gloves,
whit 4 rind flaancl Shirts, Wan] and Silk Undershirts, kc,
ti , ing In connexion With a lard wholesale inannliteturing
establishment in % the city, where our ]Dods are manufac
tured in the IKeit manner, and buying our materials at
the lowest cash prices. we are COl:fitleilt that we can please
all _who will f,,vor us With their custom. All we ask, is a
trial; as our mot to 1.4---“finick 4 , T7dea s m au p r ,01. 4 !”
Lebanon, Qe1.1.1.
r {I:II:LAI'.ijP.ST,IIf,44: tti , orteil sloe.: of
ing rvin• exhibit - 01 iu 1 . ./:lntnon, unts jest olonsint nt the
read- fief. !re:W. for (/.4 tutti Inetp Ofetking!
iu Cumbertntel siren, oppo,ite the ("mkt Iton.e.
tuterkzt: take the lead ill selling ebeap
they can't be beat.
ineite out 111111111V1.1115 Cut and 1 1 ,11 1 1/111/EC 111
geaeral. to call and examine out new e]aek of NALL anti
WtNTEIZ. Cliff Nh. eon,itaing of all atylfa+ of Over-
Sack anti troth Costa, 9:i;/la.l. C/11.411,1.1'
and l?n-sini•sa Coats, Boys' Coat Cants awl. Vests. as well
aa.a law; stock of now edyles of fniley caaimer• pants. silk,.
velvet. plash and satin 'Vests; Ilndorclothinc:. such as sill;
shirt, nmriaza Slllll5 and dI awars. vy cot tall and NVotd
dralVVli, Ger1111:11 hint Jactasts,wool lnld cotton hose, :gar.-
trys, c.atiforo. col
itc) , I rate nest Cnps. Trunks, and Carpet 1-1.:45:
11 st.fd tiu•.
Lebanon, Oct. 7, . . P.illY ENST.2I.2; & P.D.
ste,,ooo worah Goodb
r VIM UNDIIII.SIGN_LI/, having purchaaed 'at Sheriff's
I_ Salo, the large and complete aesortment of STOIZE
GOODS of n K S TICE. at "a very low price, and being
desirous to close up liii cfaxern or an early day, will re
tail the stock at lower prices than (folds have ever - been
sold in Lebanon, and much cheaper lieu, tht , sitult , kiln! of
Goods can be bought nt Wholesale in the nities•. Theorig
inal cost of the_ I:"JuDS W. 4 6, sl2,Gal, and the stoclz is large,
complete and well.assorted.
Such an opportunity` tb &Main °HEAP GIMMIS
r!relyaflin:cel. DY.I tf GM/CF: - HIES and QUEENS
WA nil in gr, avian!
Novas of all solvent Banks taken in exchange for ClannS.
Lebanon, Oct. 7i ABRAHAM SHIRK.
THE subscriber . , being desirous of selling his
merchant and Ciaisr MILL, together with his
SAW •MILL and sixty-two acres of land, the
present opportuultY of informing the public that
he has one of the Lest Mill Properties in the coun
ty of Lebanon, situate one-fourth of a mile from
Jonestown, on the ‘9.watara Creek, and one-half
- mile from the Union Canal, at,Turies
i t town— This mill has been newly
114 if b remodeled with the best of bevel
u , r .;;, 11 -,;-,, gearing, and everything in the best
of orddr, for either country, or merchant,
work. The land is in a high state of cultivation,
it being lately limed with one hundred 'bushels to
the acre, and is all under new fences. Any per
son wishing to view said property, cau call at
the mill for information, or on the subscriber, two
Allies from Jonestown. An iudieputable ark; will
be given, and by paying a small advance on the
property at the time possession irgiven, tho bal
ance will be set out in payments to snit the pur
SwattLrai tp., December 31, 1 Sso.—tf.
1 Valuable Town Property
At Piivate Sale.
4 WIIII. underSigrsed offers for Sale
1 AV the 'folloWing Properties. viz:
i 1---LA desiiikile STO - iII:STAND :;;;
I and LOT, situate in the business part ES; fi!"
tOf the Borough of Leh:mon, fronting -
Cumberland. !street, between Mr. Ennis and Mrs.
SW:Ours Hotels; front 22 Rad S ineheS, depth
; 1.52 feet.
; feet front, convenient for public business,. situate
in the borough of North Lebanon, corner of Wal
.nut and Oak street, one square from the Lebanon
Val. Railroad Depot, and two from Union Canal.
No. 3.—A One and-a-Half Story HOUSE and
LOT, adjoining l o. 2.
No. tL—A LOT of GROUND, with a large Snot
;or Dwelling, and a shed, adjoining Nos. 2 3.
No. 5.—A One Story HOUSE and LOT, in the
Eastern part of said-borough, corner of
streets, and adjoining Lot- of David Boyer, near
k the Union Canal. 7 LO. RE triN ER,
. Lebanon, Sept. 23, '57.
.. Til. IS has been a Hotel for the last
i':.r :i-' 40 years, and is:well known over the
;a': ~ k R
, State as REINIIAD'S HOTEL, and
g ill a:',.2" is the most central and best located in
......, -7, .. ...,..,_-
this Borongh, It is located on the
corner of:Cuinberland and Walnut streets, directly
opposite the Court I louse, and but two, squares
froth the Lebanon Valley Railroad Depot, on the
same street, (Walnut.) It fronts 45 feet on Cum
berlard and 105 tact on Walnut streets, 39 feet on
Walnut being
. 50 feet deep.
The Building is a three-story STONE HOUSE,
45 by 58 feet. The third story was put on not
lOng since and the whole house remodeled, with
a frame 'Kitchen. Also, belonging to the proper
ty, n newly built stone STABLE on corner of
Sinokc and Jail alleys, on lot 08 by 04 feet, with, a
good Cistern, &c., thereon, and closely situated to
the Hotel. Also an EATING SALOON in the
Basement of the Bowl; which brings a good root.
i.6+ - This is a Choice Hotel property ; has an
excellent county and traveling custom, and has
been the Stage Otlice for some time. It, will be
Sold reasonably, and terms of pa:OtiOntniade easy,
Lebanon, July 22, 1557. ,
T Aril E5S' coßmw SKIRTS!—
.1j A tniperior quality and cheaper than ever. offere4 a.
Lebanon; Oct. 13 ; 57. Hall Bnilding, Market
CO - rocket Book
lA N SAIIIIIDA Y L An, botnn ,
& firothvre Storms-..
ahnon,s:% in Money
taming, raid book +
wain - lint.,
To the
Private Sale.
TMIN (1 A'SSEE. I,lntiv,.l his Hofyr.t 11111 Slim /3
OP to 11 - olnitt• strerVberw,:on. Rein Itanr. 11am1,1•%,
tiotelg. [Lebanon. i vet. 14. 7,7.
•' • -
The: Groceries
T the Centro liuildirav or RA12.1-di yoU
±l, find very cheap, ;Anil a full assortnient.
'Lebanon, Oct. 21,1857,
' 17:1 r -- - ..t' 1 . - -,-s
-- -. t
, i!,-.'„, - -. . ..c.A...':_(„,,_,V- 4 ,7!.. ! ,..
t r,
';' ~ \-) 1 , '-',-:-, azol.q. _L.!, .-
' ~i.-... , , '''' , :y -, :1 . ,-.. 571 , :'-' r •
"4 , ;>-'-. ii, iok rf Lc
~......d.- -„-K., ...) , ...,i. , ,, , -.
.•!„1.1- ; .; .. $1 ,...-- 4 , - 77 .. • It, . v. , ,
5 •X:., Z.': rFI4-:` - ‘-: . " 0, , ,. , 4--- ~ '
lili' WA.
,4 . 1 : - . '',,.":: , i
~ ..
-- - -- - - - 21.‘1 *- : --111- •_ -- ""=."7": ' ' -
Illett•LATl TO THE tiirli.—The first horpilal Fur
glean, mat uurlirinal pnl , lirhdr of i nrope admit the
unparalleled anlirinthumnetory end heeling properties
of thief giant.; goverutnen's its tire in their
naval and the nia,a,.i;;
- try nintlhrougholit ihe simrh; rop6,„ .
denel iu its ear:give properties, I t 1,1,•tra,,1 hqsr,nr.
CeS of inn:1111111;1116n n : the
extarintl arldeneer or. 1;41 n , :ttrnti,, , the tery
'etilente which feed and, tho niehaiy.
ft/ICU/7M Win:, Scayilin, Erysipelas.
, .
Theße are IMIOITZ the 111,7“- ;0..1
easei. of the Inio,le.s. the I:fe7hy f;:e, awl s vv.,
in thoirWk - rrt, forms;
inyztrinbly disappear raider II if...a:M . 4 , 1TV.; il5ll Of
titi4 topain and
Salt. Rheum, Fen . r Sores, St; . ff Joints.
Sn en ca-e, of t , alt Rheum, whore reollval 'waters,
tione. 1131 d oven rPeipe Or 1114: • 1 1 harmeeep. ea have proveFl
- useless. the OinteeeLt nieree,fh
Fever Sow heel quickly tvrWer itr inT:llee , .,e. anti its n o -
InXing effect evem 1 7, 4, 11trad , d wonderful.
Discharging; Ulcers
A most eennnliatio and happy el ,::•m Is reed:wed in
the appeeeenee nitaNna llt i fI!W :111,1iC11.
i'Ar , of this Ointment. The envreniniit,p; n-en, , , yen
'sties. and .; - zeinnle4 oI nealthy ne:11 Leedia In tali., the
plare of flit: di;,-hat•' g ' - 0 tql
wore Dr less rapidly until the orih-e is flied up whi t
sound material. 211:d tit Weer re:l,lly (t;ted.
A ITTord to ilJother•s
The young. are the niast fro:11.1,11i ,offerers front ex
tern:o inbaiee.and therefr , re e:ery inel her 61 odfifl have
thia healing preparrtiett:l , :a;loy
4.,:cat z te spedlt,, for temay,-,
the tqwrtt,Letl iintet:niva ditlignre the heady
faces of children.
S.'ilrnificant Fur.•t,^,
• This Ointment M asedmi honed the A Item
lie and Peritie iv hither irt a, a I•Ure the seminal, Mlle,
Lions, nod fIA the be, t. fOr and
bruises. Lode smmlies It beer re.e..l is been ordered
by the Sultan or Turtwy pee uses.
tr , ,lleil3 the Olillment :suet 1111 , ~, h odl I be used le the
followbis unses:
Mermarial S . :et-OM:01411de,
111.1;1A, ,S-tre
ChapplA Ifonds,
Fistnle, Felt Chime:,
(lout, 'ones 61: oil kind ~
Lumbago, IV, v.:, or
the .!.larinf,e:t , ry Pron , ts , ..r I I eli , rwny.. , t
gahlen Lane, New Yr tic. and hy ull re..peeni"nle Drug
tf,ist, nal Dtalent. divine ihr.n.,,hent. ILc I.:nite.+l
'States anti the eivilizeti Wi , Vid. ill itt
(Pule. niel
Dr. Wesley arin,lid's
Nag COL'n,p4bs2:ad t
PaimOaa:T "
Al,o,nn ~fr,-,tnn
N,nrd,•; , .
and nil Iti , M
1.1 - 14FM . 0 stnn, of
fro—Prinrilnd 14:1.7. No. :4 W
street, Nev.. tenors
ntnyt 1;0.
111,0 010.11 01, 111111011 10:,0 1 1 1,!10:1 , 101i - 11,
00 1 i the polite art: v” ogsie , t :;tr imposi
tion, of any person , wino.,
sotette l sltnt rtotri,a, att. - stria
wooderf.:l i:emedy dee , in'-r, to 1,1;5•1 e. !na
man suffering than 011 p r hem
the greatest sale
,of any ramik•itet the w or ?.l for Pul
monary Complaints ; front .tretne to the intet retired
dwelling, of Ore;zon. or wherever consurilition btknown,
it thlilS U. , ' way, varr± log health mei joy into thousands
of families. Patients, the I.:pro:tug :tau:Ali:ea of hope
enny note be re:Ai:cal: for flit: rmu.siy nc.t only Isdieves,
bat floss ICITALLY CUP 111111: Hilt ONE
trill will surely prior the curt Dr, not ;all it ear
ly grave, when a sure remedy is at hand.
Take Cod Silver Oils. Cherry syrup, cherry Peciorald,
Inhalation of Vapors. and 311 other puffed nostrums for
this disease; tat:obi:tit all their virtues into one. and we
ShiSilitl not have a rtllledy 1021,h wcold , at all. compare
with this. Put all those men ttere Lb, who hove hceome
notorious by advert isin g . that they eau cure cum, uun ption ,
arid they cantata produce cur many 1:1:11.
their tubule lifetime as we ran fornislt in onv month.—
This may 'oak like hansting. Mat it is the solemn truth
The mediehte is in a powdered state. but readily pre
pared for tiring in a liquid form, ccrording to the dire ,
atom which accompany` it.
made bY Datil and express,—
Less than halt domen hoses are usarilly sent by mail.—
Half dozen boxes cr more are usmdly sent hy vepres: , ,
if there be a direct express line; if not, they are sent lip
mail, in a number of packages.
Plaots.—One box.: 00: three
Loxes, ordered td one time. On
half dozen, $ll one di nton. or
any number greater. $d tilt a lox.
The postage in the tiOiti :-_ , ratett.
not over 0110 1, lift ateet id ,
a beg TO all ca,es the amount
should be inclesed itt nreeNy nr
sAampt.- Wu are repensiltle 'lx all
moneys sent us by mail.
JOSIAH ii. Dravi",. Onto partner
of Dr. Wesley Grinille.) t,oltt Propri
etor, to whom al I traitors noo4; 1,0
addressed. A Is°, P roprietor t.tfhl
dle's Ancient and Celebrated Japan
ese Life Jtilia. [ziept. Vi-eow.
G. W. 111frewces,
Ornamental and Plain Guilt Looking Glass
es, Portrait and Pieture Frame: , of every style; a
large stock of the above always on hand, which I
will sell from 10 to 15 per cent. then any other
establishment in the city.
work reguilted, the. A liberal , lise , mnt to the
Irene. ' W. ItEWE
No. 154 North 201 street, below Iteee, ire,t ,hte
April 20, 1557.--4 m. Phildl- Oil No , 102
LEIVIE3 - Eltilt,:iT:'e', 7 ,l l S
Cloth Araluffactory
IIIANKFUL for past favors. the undersigned T
informs the public, that he con
tinues his manufactory in 1;,.',0=.t Hanover, Lebanon
county, on as extensive a scale es ecce. It
necessary for him to say ntorn than that the work
will be done in the SUMO eNcellent style which has
made his work and name so well known to the
surrounding country. 110 promises to do the
work in the shortest possible thee. The Mann
file-Wry is in complete order, and he flatters him
self to be able to render the same satisfaction as
heretofore. He man ufa e t arcs
Bread and Narrow Cloths, Cassinets, Blankets,
Wiiito and other Fl9.nrials,
All finished in the best manner, mid st reamon
able prices. He also eards Wool Owl maiies
Por the convenience of his customers, wool and
cloth will be taken in at the following places :
At the stores of George & Shellentuirgor. Looser
Brothers, Shirk & Tice. and George Iteimehl,
and at Guilford & Lentherger's New Drug store,
in Lebanon ; at the stores of Shirk &, Mirk'', and
Smumel U. Shirk, in North Lebanon borough
Samuel Goshert, Bethel tp.; the public house of
Win. Earnst, Frederickslinrg ; Samuel E. Bickel's
store, Jonestown ; George Weithno n's store, Bell
view ; Melchior Reichart. 2 miles from Palmyra;
Martin Early's store, Palmyra ; Gatiriel Wolfers
bergor's store, Palmyra lending-; Michrel Shirk,
East Hanover, Dauphin county ; at the attics of
Mr. Eby, and David M. Rank, East Hanover,
Lebisnon county.
All materials will be taken away front the a
bove places, finished without delay, and retaiztetl
g. 1
Unmet of his customers who wish to have Stoek
ing Wool carded, dyed and in fixed, can 1e ,t
Wool (white,) at the obove meld hmed plaecs,
with directions how they wish it prepared. tit
his.:custinner:s can order the stocking-wool to by
made from the undersigned's wool, which svP .
done, and left at the desired pla e o.
is desired that 1,,_ . „,h0 ,
carded, will pay the cur!,
named pluees.
East, 11 sourer '
'ori; 111 il7 Iki.e:t4. iot:, e lltteils, !t
1.0 1 ) -
IA %tortls
fr • " ;'ti .
cC ;iia ie ltWrL n
Npea '29 :0711) - •
Sore itreasts,
Sure ll<:ids.
np Flo of ao