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    Ittanint railatiort,
X. BRESLIN, Editor and Proprietor
jam` The Murder of Miss flavor, at Muhrsville,
is much of a:mystery as over. The reword of $5OO
has eimuletted the police to increased exertion,
but up to the present, not the slightest clue cal
culated to lead to the detection of the guilty par
tleipias been obtained.
BYARS'S GIFT BOOK STOItE.-01.1T - readers are
;direated to the advertisement of Mr. G. G. Evans,
*Mai head-quarters for the sale of Books and the
distribution of Gifts, at No. 439 Chestnut street,
Philadelphia, , aro in high favor with the public.
roomimend Mr. Evans's enterprise, because
is endorsed by all the respectable publishers of
Philadelphia, New-York, and Boston; and because
be malty performs'all he engages to do, in the way
/le glib to his customers. It is something, in
those bard times, to be able to buy a standard book
'at ilia regular store price, and get, in the bargain
vOtiatlo and useful present, worth, in many
eases,ten times more than the book itself.
iffew and Dangerous Counterfeits.—The York
Pennsyitainiun of Thursday last, says :—"A
gerous counterfeit on two different plates of the
York Coun ty Bank, has found circulation in this
county. They are so well executed as to require
a searching glance to detect them. About the
surest guide is to look at the trace in the vignette.
where two person and two horses are plowing. - In
the good note the face rung down to the horse's
legs; in the counterfeit the trace does not go near
, ly to the leg of the horse. Another good method
to doted is in the President's signature, Eli Lewis.
I • .
the genuine the s in Lewis does not touch the
printed 'Pres.,' while in the bad the s touches or
runs . 11i:do It . The teeth in the rake on the left
-tide of the note, at the bottom, are coarser in the
counterfeit than in the good. Besides the above
• dangerous counterfeit, there is one on the 10's of
" the llarriaburg Bank, and an altered note on the
b's of the Columbia Bank. There are also l's and
on r Akte Columbia,Bank, but these are all frauds
~es theßank had no notes of so low a denomination
• '
A Fearful Judgment.—‘Remember Lotes Wife
Sirtierafireeks ago a rumor was prevailing in our
;40itititat a man turned to stone for blasphemf.—
Thaseene of this frigptful metamorphose was first
,;.,/paitted in. Parry county, then Muffin county, and
swain. in Camberland county, each with -a differ
eat version, until finally, for want of some con
firmation of its truth by the public press of those
iionnties came tolhe conclusion to regard it as an
.`idA fabrication. A late number of the Hollidays
bttrr Standard, however, contains a notice of a
dikettmstanee somewhat similar in its details to
the .above mentioned rumor, which occurred in
Huntingdon county; and as it bears a plausible
....stamp we transfer it to our columns. That pa
-',per says. "For some days past there has been a
• •tiitielar story afloat in this community. Meth
. er true or not, we are not prepared to say, but
the information comes from such a reliable source
that we are free to say 'there must be something
- „in it. It appears that one day last week a man in
- thanelghborhood ofift. Union; Huntingdon eonn
ty, while cleaning grain, suddenly diseoverd that
the weevil had destroyed the greater part of it.--
This so exasperated him that he blasphemed the
- Saviour in such a wilful, malicious and wicked
manner, -that will not bear printing. He left
the barn and went to the house, where he seated
himself in a chair, where he had remained but a
few minutes before he turned to his wife, and ask
ed her what she said. She replied that she had
• not spoken. "I thought," said he, "that I heard
' 'somebody say that I must sit here till the judg
meat day." It is now alleged that he is still sit
' tit!, in the chair, unable to rise or speak, with his
eyes rolling, and totally incapable of moving his
body. His family, it is said, has left the house,
' where-he remained, seated in the chair on Satur
dexArtat I What a terrible warning to blasphe
- mere who suffer their passions to oversway their
• ludginent."—Harrisburg Telegraph. [Wonde r fuliif true I ]
Excitement nt.Baltimore.--Tux CITY PLACED
. EDIA*MARTIATAAW.—Governor Ligon, of Mary
lankjilacted a proclamation on Thursday morning
plicieg"the city of Baltimore under martial law,
and ordering out two division of the military, con
sisting of some seven thousand men. The com
manding officers are ordered to•enrcil at once, and
report for service by Saturday,and hOld themselves
in readiness to preserve the peace on Wednesday
next—to day—the day of the general election.
LATER /ROW EUROPE.—The steamship Persia
- arrived at N. Y., on Wednesday, from Liverpool
the 17th., with three days' later news from Europe
and $1,500,000 in specie. There has been a de
crease in bullion in the Bank of England of .£553-
000. The pressure at the Bank of England, for
discounts, continued very heavy, but nevertheless
the tone of the stock and money market is more
favorable' than. at the departure of the Baltic.—
The Bank is paying dividends to the extent of
L 0,000,000. Several additional failures are an
nounced, but none of very great magnitude. The
Indian mails have reached London. The accounts
.00nonrin pronouncing the prospects of the Europ
eans more cheering. The letters confidently give
the opinion that the next mail will bring to Eng
land the news of the fall of Delhi. The mutineers
are represented as nearly exhausted and fast leav
ing the city. The Paris correspondent of the
London Times says : We understand that Presi
dent Buchanan has addressed to all the American
Ministers at foreign Courts a confidential circular
declaring that tho principles of the international
law regarding Neutrals shall be respected by the
American Government. That any expeditions
from the. U. S., against countries with which they
are at peace, shall be prevented by all legal mea
A REMARKABLEI STORIN—We take the following
from the Walkulla Times of the 14th inst.,
and &ell to our readers for what it is worth :
A friend informs us of the following occurrence,
:which is reported to have taken place recently at
Attapnlgus, Geo. A gentleman who had received
a considerable sum of money was compelled to go
from home, leaving his wife alone in the house,
situated some distance from any other dwelling.
Toward evening two negroes entered the house
and demanded of the lady the money, or they
would ham her life. Being a woman of great cool.
neam she did not attempt to evade the demand, so
she produced the money, and gave it them. The
Degrees then tomarked that, as supper was nearly
ready, they would stay and . eat with her She
told them to be seated until! she got it ready.—
The womanb, *man
a vial of strychnine in her cup
' board. The man in sweetening their coffee,
managed to Ott a dose of the poison in their cups.
They drank, and in a:few moments were dead.—
The neighbors were called in, and thenegroes dis
covered to be white men in disguise—near neigh
:bars and friends of her husband, whb had known
Of his receiving the money and his absence.
~,Firat•The Hon. A. O. P. Nicholson, Democrat
htti,,NOus,,Tennessee Legislature U
• .341402.suceeed theHon..rno.
-4"a9oklA+44eitire mail 1859.
The Mormon Question
The advance of the American troops, under Col.
Johnston, towards the territory of Utah, proves
that the Administration of Mr. Buchanan is in
earnest about the solution of the Mormon mystery.
The troops are accompanied by the newly-ap
pointed officers of the Territory, who bear with
them 'full instructions from the President. Al
though a decided public opinion attends upon
this movement, and much expectation of a favor
able result is entertained, there is doubt as to the
successful issue. We do net give groat weight to
thelgar violence of the wretched loaders or the
Mormons, especially to manifested prior to the
departure of Major Vrin Vleit, of the army, for
Washington., ' These seem to be the idlest vapor:
legs. But it must not be forgotten that Brigham
Young will try to surround himself with the idea
that his people are'entitled to the right of govern
ing their own Territery, and have never offended
against the laws of the United States. It must be
recollected, too, that no'great oeert act against
these laws has yet been rally' established against
the Mormons, There have been many accusations,
but, le far, very little distinct proof of rebellion.
Major Van Vleit, himself, says the people seem to
be united. It is right, therefore, that in our just
abhorrence of polygamy, we should look to all
the facts, and should remember that, for nearly
ten years, this has been a trouble which has defied
the genius, And the patriotism, and the skill, of
two Administrations, each of which was naturally
most anxious to adjust it. TIM Administration
of Mr. Buchanan must, so to speak, "crack the
nut." lie is about to bring, it to a test. 'But his
duty in the premises becomes most delicate when
we refleet . that, deep ' , mid bitter,
.ms is the , public
feeling against Mormonisffi; the nodding of hu
man blood will not he approved, save in the very
last resort. 'Our own hope is, that the Govern
ment agents and troops may set.sueh an example
and present such reasons to the misguided follow
ers of Joe. Smith as will either 'prove - to them
selves that they have committed a grave . blunder,
or will soldeteet the' weaknesses of their system,
to break it up altogether. But these agents and
troops have a difficult ditty to perform, and we
should not expect too much from them.-:-PresS.
fidential agent of the United-States government,
who has just returned from the' Salt Lake, reports
that the Mormons will refuse to - allow the troops
to enter Salt Lake City, Brigham Young main
tains a defiant attitude, declaring that he will burn
the.prairie to prevent the horses of the expedition
from finding sustenance, and that he will burn the
city itself sooner than surrender. The forts along
the route are in bad repair, and do not afford suf
ficient protection to the troops.
At the last accounts-the Urtited 4 7States expedi
tion against the Utah Mormons was on the 22d of
September, 230 miles cast of Fort Lawrence; giass -
SCUTCO, cattle dying, mules breaking, and a 'heavy
snow-storm on the route. On the Sth of October
Some of the supply trains were within 150 miles of
Salt Lake valley, while others were far bohind,and
not likely to arrive this season.
1144#011mnnons Itoppse to. Conquer the
An escaped Mormon Saint has been astonishing
the people of California with disclosures about
Brigham Young and Ms Mormons. De says, "lie
knows the object of the leaders, of whom Young
is tho supreme power—that'it is to conquer the
world and bring every nation under . the dominion,
physically and morally, which will be the accom
plishment of a millenium and peace universal.—.
But the means of this accomplishment are startling.
"Every spring and .fall, says my informant, a
company of 'seventy are ordained' and sent out to
different parts of the globe. These seventies, of
which sixty have already gone forth as missiona
ries—making in all thus far forty-two hundred,
are known as 'Destroying Angela,' and they go
into all the world without 'purse or scrip,' and are
directed to seek such employment as will best
enable them to facilitate the great work of their
religion. A great number arc engaged , in the fields
of China, and especially in the manufacture of
tea; into which, during their labors, they incor
porate an insidnoue but fatal poison. Others, are
engaged in the same god-like (?) work, in the
manufacture of liquor and tobacco ; which articles;
together -with some others, are guarded against by
the faithful, who receive what are called by Brig
ham, the 'word of wisdom,' and of course abstain
from the use of the interdicted articles.
"These poison's are of various kinds. some
are so slow that long periods elapse before they
take effect, while at, the same time their fatality
may be precipitated by the admixture of other poi.
"One poison within: the knowledge and posses.
sion of Brigham possesses.qualities that remain
inert in the human system for years before its:fa
tal consequences are developed."
[From the Harrisburg Patriot and Union, October 19.]
The Lebanon Courier casts many slurs, i
recent aaticle, upon Dauphin. county, and vents
its spleen by impugning the character of our citi
zens. We do not reply by comparing Dauphin
with Lebanon because each has point's of eharae
tea in which superiority is marked. That Leba
non county was carried away in the recent elec
tion by misrepresentations as to the action of the
Legislature and the position of the Democratic
party upon the question of relief, only argues the
mendacity of a few leaders and the energy with
which they deceived, when too late to prove them
falsifiers. The good eitizons of that county can
now see the absence of truth and principle in those
whom they had honored by selecting them to the
high position of their representatives, and can
judge of the different modes in which the cam
paign was conducted ty the op posing parties.
-But because Dauphin county boldly repudiated
the sectionalists who, trade upon the capital of
slavery agitations and ranged herself beneath na
tional banners, the Lebanon Courier dares to say
"we have heard the capital has very sensibly felt
the influence of its location," that is—a pernicious
influence from its location in Dauphin county.
It is scarcely becoming in the Lebanon. Courier
to charge citizens of Dauphin county with "for
getting the great princiPlesWhichshouhl govern
every freeman in his suffrages" when a respectable
journal of Lebanon openly declares that fraudand
illegality was practiced by Republicans in dif
ferent townships of that county. 7 When the Cou
rier speaks of the "honest voters" of Lebanon,
we heartily coincide, but we should think this a
decided misnomer if applied to some of the Re
publican leaders.
Chestnuts and Shell-barks are said to be
very plenty, this year, in the northern and eastern
parts of this state. Large quantities are shipped
to the New York and Philadelphia markets, where
Chestnuts bring from $2,00 to $2,50 per bushel,
and Shell-barks about $l.
TUB TROTTING MATCH. came off at Harrisburg
on Thursday afternoon. The prize of a silver gob
let was put up, for a trot in harneSs,; mile ..heati
best two in three. N. K. Shoemaker,of
pha, entered his bay horse “Billy Penn," anal Maj.'
Geo. M. Lauman, of Reading,en tared abay mare.
"Billy Penn," won, having distanced the mare, the.
mile being run in 2ni. 45.
IN HIS OWN AINMICINE.-A German doctor of Ur
bana, El., the manufacturer of snake bite med
icine, caught a rattlesnake.= the prairie and took
It home, and offered to let tlic snake bite him
every time any person bought a box of his medi
cine for one dollar. On Sunday of last week,
while fooling withids pet, it bit him in the hand.
He applied hiS medicine without effect. , *On Mon
day he sentfor actor, but too late; he died the
some day.
How To Piisseuvs CIDER SWEET.-31e8srs.
Editors.—From time to time ninny ways have
been recommended, and many directions given to
preserve and keep apple cider in a way that it
will retain its freshness, and that peculiar flavor
that it possesses when it is first manufactured,
and also to prevent its being hard and sour. Of
the various methods proposed, more, or less ,e.x 7
pense and inconveniences attended them all; but
the most effective, the simplest, and the cheapest
. way that I have over tried, is, to serthl the eider
previous to its fermentation. k,iirMtliod of treat
ing my eider, which I wish to keep sweet- and
fresh, is'to heat it until it then:take it
from the fire add eobt it,•put it in casks, and close
them air-tight. In this way .I have kept it with
out any apparent ehange•until eider that was pint
up without scalding would be' sear enough for
good vinegar. How long, - it'may bo preservodin
this way I do not know, but , cine, can easily de
termine by trying the experiment.
I:3y boiling down new cider from ,one-third -to
one-half, an excellent syrup:minim made for culi
nary purposes, which can be kept. for .any . length
of time as well as Molasses ; and -my family by
preserving eider in , these 'ways,: and•also having
a snpply of dried apples to use, when green; ones
fail, can supply themselves with many cheap and
healthyi dishes of which they would ,otherwise be
deprived of. -
: This apple syrup :is:_valuable as a medicine, and
is much used in this vicinity, for the cure of colds
and coughs, and I have known:fandlies who used
no other article for their childrou when troubled
in that way. . C. ALVORD.
Wilmington, Ye. • •
Mn. EDITOR. pere etre thattho frPerseveranco
Brass Band" propose giving a, Coneert'in 'Lebanon
on next Thursday, The me or portion of this
community are entirely unaware of the object of
the Concert,
I would state that it is raise money for the
purchase of instruments,. for tuition, music and
equipments. The members of this band are young
men, permanent residenta of the Town, full of en
ergy and enterprise, they have. at a great cbst pur
chased instruments, and have - had many contin
gent expenseS besides, without askMg the aid of
any ono of our citizens;Many of these instruments
are second littneleCoiring to a, wept of means to
promo better. The foist WO Can do will be to
give them 'support and encouragement by buying
tickets for their musical entertainment,
There are few. among us who have no soul for
music, then let us spur them on in their laudable
enterprise, the equivalent . we will receive for, our
quarters will be a good one and the money will be
devoted to a good PurPose. It is to their interest
as well ours to have a large audience, they -de
serve to be successful in tiMir undei.taking, and WO
hope they will realize seinething Min dsome. Leb
anon has long struggled for a. Brass nand, now we
have it on a firm footing and let us,sustain it; thus
far they have individually defrayed all their own
expenses, now they wish our patronage; let us
give it them freely and we will be amply repaid.
The first female born in Gali•cston; Texas, was
married:a short time since. She is described as
being young and handsime.
tal.The Circuit Court at Washington has de
cided that lage:r beer is not an intoxicatingliquor
and that the Sunday laws do not apply to it.
We ridicule othe'rs for theii fears and fan
tires, and fear and fail like them in like situations;
for many a; path that looks smooth at a distance,
is found to he rough when we have to tra.vefit.
Twp Deumeratie D. S. Senators are seem:-
ed from Minnesota, the tegislature elect under
the State constitution being Dernoortie. Gener
al Shields will, no doubt, be one of thetwo elected.
The Vote in. Pennsylvania last year and this.
7 -We re-pnblish our election table below, with
all the returns complete and official. Last week's
table was not full, hence .those wishing . to;pre
.serve one fur future reference will keep the one
in this paper.. .The majorities are as follows:
Packer over Wilmot, 42,741
Packer over Wilmot and Ilazlehurst; 14,639
FOR CANAI, co3nflame:S:4m.
Strickland, 186,51 S
ilivard 342,4`19
Strickland over ilfillward;
Strong. over Nreer7b, -45,356
Thompson over Lewis,, 45,646
• Ist '2d 3,1 4th
For, 122,653 111,143 114,666 118,605
Against, 12,653;_ .21,412 20,396 14,332
. . , .. ,
Maj. Far, 110,00'5 .- 95,Y31 ' 94.271., 1P4,273
The - total 'vote Cait.iii tills State for Pretident
last fall, was 460,295: . This year- for Governor . ,
363,155, showing a falling ott of 106,140. -Puck
er lacks 41,613 of Buehunan'a vote; Willmot fulls
. . .
behind . the Unionvete '57,202; .while Ifazieburst
gained on the Stright-out vote 1,6114. TEM re
sult shows that, (the lacking' votes being equally
divided between the Democrats' and Republicans,
although of right it may ho inferred that . the
greaternumber belong to the former,) that we
have received accessions of - about 12,000 votes
from their ranks, while they lost some 16,000,-
the, Straight-outers
.haying an actual gain of
1,694;and it is to be presmned'tbatsotiM of their
, .
votes "were not`out 1" This shelve republicanism.
.. -
to be in a bad why, and getting. better over the
left very fast. The necessity of a "re-organiza
tion," is' self-evident. ' ''
.. ..
Pennsylvania ElectiOn7--Official
Packer Wilmot nazelherst
Adams " '934,900 58 -
Allegheny 6,610 . 7,687 856
ArmArong 2,409 2,106 - 111
Beaver 1,557 1,999 .20
Bedford ",838 1,568 398
Berks - • - 8.722 2,750 '-874
Blair 1,119 1,450 569
Bradford • 2,082 5,642 ' 0'
Bucks 5 747 4,301 101
Butler 2 361 2,831 53
Cambria 2,379 1.042 365
Carbon' 1,557 672: 153
Con tre ' 2,603 2,145 35.
Chester ' - 5,388 ' 5,260 ' 424
Clarion 2,132 , - . 917 23
Clearfield . 1,459 . . 725 235 r
Clinton '1,484'-. '1'983 'lB
- Columbia 2,410. , 1,145 -30
Crawford "576 ' 3.514 -
Cumberland 3,078 2,466 - 58 .
Dasiphin 3,109 2,056-- . 600
Delaware 1 898 1,014 . 609.
Elk - 502 276 ~ ' 3 -
'Brio 1.995 3,806 148
Fayette 3,101 2,520 60
Forrest, 65 . 79' -z- .-
Franklin 3,186 3,058 91
'Fulton 817 570 9
Greene - '',034 - 1,000 S
LEnntitifftlon 1,749 1,073. 248
Indiana - 1,431' 2.600
Jefferson 1 9 'B 1,125 54
Juniata 1,108 1,035 20
Lancaster ' 6,4 88 7,690 1,236 -
Lawrence ' 993 1,992 50
Lebanon 1,980 2,664 182
Lehigh r ` 3,805. 2,957 9'
Luzerne 5,268 3,536 .214 ,
Lycoming - ' - 2.824 1,084 347
All Keen ' - 498' 565 7
Mercer' 9 ,539 - , 2,928 • - 40
miff in - ' • 1,532; ' 1,217 104 ' -
Monroe 9 254 , 504 - • ' - 5
' . Montgomery .5,448 - 2,608. 1,386 i
'3loutour 1 080 568 71
Northampton 4,067 1;111. 1,010
Northumberland 2.821 . 974 -,.490 -
:Perry '- ' ' ' 1,965 1,584. ' 161
%Philadelphia , 27,749 , 10,001 14,335 i•
Pike 758 190 • 12 .
Schuylkill ' 5,980 - : 3,079 , 581 ~
Snyder 999 98981
Somerset - 1;741 - 2,277- -,
' 5
Sullivan 49 # 265
Susquehanna ~ . - 9 ,419 3,224 " -= 8
'logs 1.193 3,284
Union 971 , 1,275 162 .
Venango 1,900 ' 1,790 2
Warren -, ' - 899 • • 1,369 ,-- - , 9-;
Washington 3,752 ,•• _. 3,014 - , 142
Wayne 1,992 1,691 50 .
Westmoreland 4,391 • 3,418 24 • ,
Wyoming 1,226 995. 12
y or k • , • - ' 5;314 ' ' 1,778 1,332
Tato 1.38,881 148,1E6 'P./OS§
For Me Adveribret
The. following correspondence between the Leb
anon Bank and the State Treasurer, will be inter
esting to the Banks nod the community, as indica
ting the actions of the State Treasurer, under the
fifth section of the suspension law, passed at the
recent session or the Legislature.
Lennxost BANK, 1
Oat. 25, 1557.
11. S. MICRAW, ESQ., State Treasurer.
Dear Sir:—lt has been enjoined upon me by
the Board of Directors of this Bonk to enquire
‘.'whether you will receive our tax on the May di.
vided in a draft, on one of the Harrisburg - Banks;
and whether it is the purpose of your department
to'exact,'under the late lawS our dues-to the Com
monwealth in specie," Misinformation is adjudg
ed 'requiiite for the theeting ,: of our stockholders,
when they purpose to decide upon the acceptance,
of the said law. An early reply will ho duly
appreciated. Yours, respectfully.
Ilarrisifurth Oct. 271k,1817.
Enw. 'A. Unt.tit, Esq., Cashier of Lebanon Bank.
Dear Sir:—Your letter of the 20th instant, has .
just, beenreceived. Under the power given to ins
by the sth section of the suspension net, it is my
intention to ask the Banks to furnish the State
with an' amount of coin sufficient to pay the inter
est on her public loans; each Bank to pay in'Pro
portion to its capital stock, and to receive from
thit'State therefor its own notes or the notes of
other solvent Banks. The sum required for in
terest purposes, in - January Will amount to about
$1,000,000,00. The capital of our Banks amounts
in the aggregate to about the sum of $25,000,000.
If it he the pleasnre of your Board to aid. the
State . inher effOit io Ply the interest in specie, a
draft'orrthe ThirriSburg Banks' will be received
' for the MX on Our May dividend, if not, specie !
will be exacted for it, as well for any of the cotes
of your Dank Which may herettfter be received at .
the Treasury._ Very_ y
respeetfall, _
State Treasurer.
AEr- Tim New York- election took place yester.
day (Tuesday.) Notwithstanding the Republi
cans had, last fall, a Majority of NAN) for Fre
mont; the Democrats feel confident of success.—
Should" this be the result, it would he a matter of
groat rejoicing; yet, we can scarcely believe it
possible that so enormous a majority can be over
come in one year. The Republicans daring the
Past year have beMi'grtilty -of a great many sins
of com Mission aad omission, not the knit of Which
. was the aboMinable act of the Republican Legis 7 ,
lature of "that State legislating- the demo:crag() -of
fice-holders in Now York city out of office.
• 7,,V` The stockbohlors,of the garrners' Bank of
Schuylkill county, ou Thursday last, unanimous
ly, aceepleil the la 7 legalizing the saspenFinn of
s.peele payments.
rived at New York, on the 2tith ult., (besides that
by Saiithern sessels.)' 33,000 barrels or flour and
100,000 bushels of irheat, by the Ca
nal boats and' the Erie Railroad.
Zn Engbind they believe it irapossible
establish communication between the cars and the
engine of a railway train. The papers teem with
suggestionS -on The subject. An instance lately
'occurred of cars taking fire, end the passengers
nearly roasting, before the train could be stopped;
and then' thi: attention of The Engineer was caught
by screaming out of the windoWs. The simple
expedient of running a cord under the roof of the
ears, as in this country, is considered impractica
ble! .I'eople who are so obstinate and stupid de-
Serve a slight'roasting now and then.
Dwelling -House and Store Staid
For Rent.
THE subscriber offers for rent for one or more
i• years, the building for a long time occupied by
him as a residence and Shoe-store, on the corner
of the alley between Bruas Hotel and Pincgrore
street, Cumberland street, Lebanon. The build
ing is large, well protided with cellar, stabling,
c. The corner room is well calculuted for a
store stand, and if rented for :any such purpose
will bo' well furnished with shelling, .to. For fur
ther information apply 0 „ .
The property is also offered for sale at
private sale. ' April 22,1357.
liißipodland for Sale.
g..',...-e - ,:: TILE undersigned of K.,
..., -.- - fors at Private Sale, tv ,
.. ~_ -63 A CiEBS ,- ',ir: ": f
...,,e —......(m0rh or less) of excel- !.:,;- 1..."4.4,
Pent WOODLAND, themor of which is good Om
- her, situate in Union township, Lebanon county,
near the Dig Pam; adjoining land Of: Jacob Hun
sicker, Emanuel Fey and others. Erected on the
premises is a good two.:stOry log nwm.LING HOUSE
£6 good as'new, good•Stablieg, and:a:well of nev.
er-thiling water. It Will be sold Chertin. - Good: ti
tle anti possession given on the let of April, IS=
SS. For further information apply. to ..
'N. L. 80r'e,"mt427,'57. DAVID BOYER.
PnE undersigned offers at private silo his mag
ificent estate, situate in East hunover town
ship, Lebanon county, about 2 miles from. Harp
er's Inn; 4 mites from the Cold Springs and the.
Dauphin and Susquehanna Railroad, as follows:
NO, ,1,--Contains 160 ACRES, more or less, of
the hest land in the neighborhood, a djoin in g prop
'oily of Miehail Deininger. John potter, and oth
ers. The greater portion is cleared and under
,• :•-' good cultivation. The buildings
• ,'
Ii t;.;;•; - erected on this tract are the under
~.7 • .\ a i r g ~s signed 's well-known Cloth Man a
i..,-7.,,,,1iv-, factor, which has a largo patron
=-- -•.--,,,, age and is capable of indefinite in
crease; a large two-story double Steno Dwelling
House, with Kitchen annexed; good two-story
Farm Hence; Tenant,.House; large stone Darn,
with threshing floor and Stabling ; and other out
buildings, in good repair. Also, all necessary
buildings for the Manufactory;Viz :--Ttolling-mi it,
Card and Spinning Machine building, Dyeing and
Finishing House, &c., &e. The Works - arc all
well supplied with good Igachiuery and plenty of
water power. A stream of - geed water is led to
the ' dwelling-house in pipes; alSo, ,i-7,e,, z _ .
springs and pump-wells near. Also, a r t i".47-4.,„
beautiful Young ORCHARD on the ''' ~..c.
premises. _
NO. 2—Contains 160 Acres, (more
or less) adjoining No. 1, land of Mickel Defining
or, John Dotter and others. Nearly the whole of
this tract is under good cultivation and excel
p len w t ell f i nce i s imls E e r , ec st tl e t , h a e n r d eon a
l i r : rg a e ,
1- ' . Shed ' Also, near by a well, spring ;
11 i. - •
.. .
~.;. &e., a splendid site for the erection of
• •'''. , a dwelling house. There is flowing-
Writer in nearly every field. A School
located on this tract.
NO. 3 1 —Contains 180 Acres Wood, •
land, (more or less;) adjoining No. L fp.#
land of John Dotter and others, It - - 1•••-
has a rich growth of Chestnut Sprouts,
from S to 10 years growth.
As the undersigned is sincerely disposed to sell,
the above may be purchased either in parts as
above or in- the whole, as may be desired.
Good title and possession will be given on the
Ist of APril, 1858. For further information ap
Aug. 5, '57-tf. East Hanover, Lebanon Co., Pa.
VA!nubile Borough Property
.•,, FOR SALE!
S offered at private sale, that valuable half-lot
i or piece of Ground, situate at the north-cast cor
ner of Walnut and Water streets, Lebanon, front
ing 33 feet d'n Walnut street and SO feet on Water
street, at present oCeupiedby John FerroPs Marble
Yard, on -which are a FRAME HOUSE, 1.5 e. It
is,docased within a square of the Lebanon Valley
Railroad Depot, between the Depot and the cen
tre of town. For further partkulars apply to John
Farrel, on the premises • [June 24,`1557.
A superior assortment just rOCCiYCIi, ten per cent
lower than ever, offered at •
Lebanon, Oct 14,'57:• SWAJtTZ &
Bleached and tlnbleaehed;of all the differenVinakes
at the very lowest cad( prices at , • .
Letamon, 0ct.1.1, si. SWARTZ 47 BR*,
- -
K irrrr;;; , =- ,-- -• BOAS, GASSER &GETTBE
r i
E'll'Vtl,47, wish inform the citizens of Leh.
ith;74r4l , non County and nei g hborin g coon-
C!":4ties, that they are now in full oper
ation, and are prepared to do all kinds of
snch as
Flooring Boards, Weather Boarding,
Sash,Doors,Window 4. Door Frames,
Shutters, Blinds, Planing Scrolls,
SAWING, and any other kind of Savingwhich
may be wanted to suit builders. The subscribers
beg leave to Inform the public that they have the
latest and best improved msebiuery iu the coun
ts, such as Woodworth's Planer, ,te., and that
they are able to produce as pod work as the coun
ty can produce:
None but the best and well-seasoned LUMBER
will be used.. CarpeUters and Builders are invi
ted to call and examine their ready-made stock,
which they will always keep on handy and judge
for themselves.
Their shop is on Pinegrove Road. near
Phreoner's Old Foundry.
Door and sash Mandatory !
Loratel on the Steam-House Road, nearCuraberland
Street, East Lebanon.
TIM undersigned respectfully in
'' form the public iu general, that they
have added largelY . to their former
F1 .i44-Rig establishment, - and nlso have all
kinds of the 'allot and best improved MACHIN
ERY in the State in full operation, such as
for conducting the general business for
Planing, Scrolls, Sawing.; 4'c.,
and the experienee acquired by E. Longaher and
J. G.Gabel,durini their connection with the Door,
Suds and Lumber Traq<A, for a number of years
past, affords full assurance of their ability, in con
nertion itb 3.oabel,to select stock suitable to the
wants of the Door and Sash business in this State.
...They now offer to'lHeehauics and Farmers
generally, upon favorable terms; a judiciously as
serted stock of DOORS, SASH, it c., from the best
Lumber manuflictories , in the State, feeling confi
dent that their assortment is not to be excelled by
any other establishment in the State in regard to
exactness in size, quality or finish, and is caleulat- .
ed to eirord thorough satisfaction to all those who
may favor the undersigned with their custom.
The following
list comprises the leading arti
cles of stock enhand :
Doors, of all sizes; Sash, of all sizes;
Door Frames, for brick and frame houses;
Window Frames, for brick and frame ]rouses;
Shutters, of tdicizes ; Architraves;
Blinds, of all sizes; Casings, from 3 to 6 in.;
All hinds' Mouldings; Siirhime •
O. G. Spring Moulding ; of all sizes; Wash-boards,
Lebanon. July 16, 1367.
P. S.—Pl,ruing, Srrwin , q, &c., promptly done
for those furnishing the Lumber
.JPLI C 111.1113 VFW .P.K ,
Opposite the Lebatiou Valley R. R. Depot, .Leb-
anon, Lebanon county, Pa.
reloww WM. Sr, P. L. WEIMER, Propri
;it.'N„linet,nrs, manufacture Steam Engines
from 1 to 300 horse power, of the
TAB l 4 l .;Pklatest styles and patterns, with'all
the modern improvements. Also, superior Port
able En7inei (with Link Motion Valve Gear,)
mounted en Wheels, for Saw Mills ' Wood sawing
and Hoisting purposes.' Particular attention is
called to our small Upright Engines for Printers,
Druggists and persons wanting a small amount of
.Power. They take up a very small space, and
'can be put up in a room as a household fixture.
Also; Blowing Engines and Machinery for An
thracite and other Blast Furnaces., of improved
construction. Forgo Hammers, of P. L. Weimer's
Patents.: Rolling Mill, Sawing, Planing and
Flouring Mill Fixtures; Mining
Pinups ; Hoist
ing Machinery fur Mines and Sitine Quarries;
B,ailroad Cars, Iron Bridges; Shafting, Hangers,
Pulleys, Turning Lathes, Drill Presses,Plaming
Machines, Brass Stop Cocks,. Valves and Brass
Fixtures, Globe Steam Valves, of all sizes, and
Machinery and Castings of every description.
Boilers of any size, form and weight,
made of the best material, by well-known and ex
perienced worktden; Smoke Stocks, Water Tanks,
Gas flues, Heaters, and sheet iron work of every
description:. [Oar Boiler shoots'are' all tested by
dividing them into squares of 2 inches, and ham
mering each square ; any imperfection is thus de
tected, and the faulty sheet rejected; this is pram
lised in very few shops in this country.]
Also, a stock of Wrought Iron Pipe, for steam,
gas and water, with all the necessary fixtures, con
stonily on baud, and put up at the shortest no
tice and en most reasonable terms. Iron, Brass,
and Composition metal Castings, made to order,
at the shortest notice.
pit; Repairing attended to with promptness
and despatch. A gang of Boiler makers always
ready for Boiler repairs.
Blacksmith Work made to order.
..r.Orders respectfully solicited. • All commu
nications, by mail or otherwise, attended to with
despatch, and work delivered to railroad, or ca
nal, free of charge.
: WEIMER - ,
Lebanon, February 4 ; 7557
f!..t % '- CORN,
at the Genesee mills of
31YERS'ds . SHOUR,
Lebanon, Pa
Jan: 7, 1557
A T the Genesee Mills ' in tke Borough of Lebtr.
AM Min, WHEAT, . CORN, '
. : _
In any quantity, fur which the highest, Market
prices will be paid in Casb;.by
January 7, .1.867. MYERS & SHOUR.
TWELVE good Flour Barrel COOPERS, at the
Genesee mills, in Lebanon, to whom constant
work and good wages will be given. None but
sober ar.d steady workmen need apply.
January 7, 1557. MYERS & MOBIL
Marmre Ci - cayafor' and Hay
iIdrANITE.A.CTURED & SOLD by Elias Kreider;
iii Proprietor of the right, for Lebanon eounty,
(excepting the two Annvilihe',l:Londoaderryi
This Machine is superith , 65 any noW inure; for
strength, durability and simplicity of construction.
The Machine, when sot in the form of a Manure
Excavator, will do its work admirably. When the
load is drawn mit'as far as necessary, by giving a
little jerk or tap at the curve of the lon , r , lerer, it
will nnshift, and the stop believer will fi s y forward
and the fork will unload itself.
The same Machine, with a very, slight altera
tion; will answer for ele.v'ating Hay
.in Barns, bet;
ter than any kook or fork now in use. The fork
is unshifted, when swinging in the mow, by giving
a very little jerk at the rope, which is.extended
down through the band bolt of the stop Intr.
Novice.--All persons are hereby forbid buying
or selling the above Machine in the subscriber's
district, unless the same is stamped "A. R. laurel's
Patent, Manufactured and sold by E. Kreider."
I am now prepared to furnish farmers with this
valuable machine. For further particulars,
Shmfferstown P. 0., Lebanon Co., Pa.
Sept. 9,
Call and See the
Dry-Goods, Grocery & Crockery
LEONARD ZIMMERMAN informs his friends
and the public that he has just received a new
stock - of GOODS for. the FALL Trade, which
will be. found as cheap as any stock of thokind in
this town, consisting of all such Goods as are
usually kept in a first-class store. Particular at
tention Staple Goods for the Country
Trade, not neglecting the fancy articles for La
dies' wear—such as LaceS,. Lawns, .Edgings, llin--
dersleves, Handkerchiefs; AO'.
Gentlemen are invited to' examine his CLOTHS,
Cassimeres, Casinets, Tweeds; • l'ancy and other
Vestings, Velvets, Cords, Ac.
in the Grocery department may be found a
splendid assortment of every need in the Fami
ly:—Coffee, Sugar, Spices, Teas, Mackerel, AC.
In Crocery, the stock is well selected.
tat-The highest. market price will be paid for
Country Produce. Lebanon.,.Sept. 30,1857.
C ALL and examine the new stock of Atkins 4.t*
McAdam. Come !soon and purchase your
BOOts, Shoes ho., at Atkins 4, - cAd tun' s
Nvw Coach in g Establishment
EE ENDEES-jaN ED. having taken the
'AV COACH-MAKING Establishment of Mr
LEVI LIGHT, on the 'Turnpike, at the East end
of Lebanon, wish respectfully to invite the pub
lic attention to their business. Each of us having
served re:,ptlar apprenticeships to the business,
and having had meth eNperienee therein, we feel
confident of our ability to give satisfaction. Ev
ery article manufactured a t our establishment will
be under our personal supervision. We shall
keep on hand, REtAIIY
which will be warranted of the most superior qual
ity. We will .also attend to REPAIRING, at
short notice. - ts„, None but the best workmen
will be employed in any branch of the business.
We cordially invite the public to give us .a
and we tcitl guarantee satisfaction.
Sept. 2, '57-6m. FAUBER &: YOUNG.
. „,„
p ag
11--k •
• -_ -
.R F E R
GUILFORD .4; LEMBERGER, Graduates of
Pharmacy, and Practieal Apothecaries and
Chemists, offer to the public a large and carefully
selected stock of Drugs, Medicines, Chothicals,
Dye-stuffs, Oils, Spieos, Perfumery, Toilet Arti
cles, Flavoring -Extracts,-Tobacco and Cigars,
pure Wines and Liquors for Medical purposes;
with everything in their line as Druggists, Per
%niers and venders of Fancy Articles, which we
can confidently recommend to. Families, Physi
cians, Country Menchanta;and , Dealers, as being
fresh, pure, and prepared in the Ina milliner.—
' All the new Preparations, Chendeals and Patent
Medicines. Horse and Cattle Medicines. The
largest assortment of Trusses, single and double,
for children and persons of every age, and for ev
ery variety of rupture—carefully fitted and ad
justed if desired. Abdoniinal Supporters.
tm:.. All orders correctly answered, and Physi
cians' Prescriptions and Family heceipts careful
ly compounded. • -
Country Merchants and Dyers will find it
to their, advantage to bay of Guilford Lembe-ger.
Please call - and get one of our Circulars,
(printed in both English and German,) in which
you will find a. list of most of the - articles and prep
arations kept by us.
is opposite the Market House;'
July 20 1.857.
Lebanon, Pa.
THE Subscriber has . made arrangenients for
rarniiing a DAILY EXPRESS, in connection
with his Freight Line, on Philadelphia and Read
ing and Lebanon Valley Railroads, and is prepar
ed to forward Packages, 'Money, Jewelry, and
ether Valuables daily each way
Between Philadelphia, Reading, &c.
Each Express is charge Or arSpeCial 31essenger
by POschger Trains. Ali enders &ineptly deliv
ered. and g-bodzi forwarded with the , -reatest des
patch, at reduced Yates.
Mark all goods CAnr. or P. ALBRIGHT'S TRIM HT
Lugn, or Ex ennss, as parties ordering may intend.
Offices 311 Race Street, PhiladelpUmr tomer of
Fourth and Penn Atreets, Beading; at Sinking
:Springs, Wornelsdorr, keyerstown, and at D.
Groan's, Cumberland street, Lebanon.
N. B.—A Line of Six Boats, running
Philadelphia and Pottsville to carry fiferehandise
and Freight generally.
Schweitzer it Co., 65 North Wharves, Philad'a.
Chestnut street Wharf, Reading.
July 29, ISs7—tf.
Lebutton Palley ltailko ad.
Tuns LIRE 4onsists of :42 first-class BOATS,
running betirei‘n Philadelphia, Boitimbre,
and all other points along the Union, k.selittylkill,
Tide-Water and Pennsylvania Canals.
FREIGHTS contracted for at the lowest pos
Bible rat* and delivered with dispateh.
The Proprietors Will pay partienlar attention,
and attend pet:tonally, to the receiving and deliv--
cry of Freights.
_ _
SHIPPERS and MERCHANTS can rely on
having their GOODS delivered in good condition
and with 'promptness and dispatch, at low rates.
One of the Firm will pay particular attention to
Goods shipped by the Lebanon Valley Railroad.
Goods will be sent daily to and from Philadelphia
to Lebanon, Myerstown, Annville, Jonestom,
and all other points in the county.
For informatiou r apply at their Office in North
Lebanon, or at the Lebanon Valley R. R. Depot.
EDWARD MARK, their Agent in Philadel
phia, will always he found at W. 11. Busn's Mer
chants' Hotel, North Third Street, Philacl'a.
Lebanon, Aug. 12,'57-3m.
bought for CASH. H. I. 13&
Speed increased and
4 t 3
Tf-11, 1-1011 A 4.l).ii,XPitt,t. , .s CO.
J'AvE , Made arrangements with the Lebanon
Valley It. R. to forward Goods, Packa
ges, Moneys, &m., in Co., hargdof their own s pecial
Messenger from Philadelphia and heading by Pas
senger Train: -
'Merchants wishing their goods forwarded punc
tually and with deapateh, will consult their own
interests, by patronliing the Express Co.
Orders for Goods to be returned by Express will
be delivered in Philad'a free of charge.
Persons having reaiiitances of money to make
to any part of the IL S. or Canadas„ will find the
Express the onlYSar . b mode of conveyance.
OFFICE—No 4 Eagle Building, Lebanon, Pa..
and 20 Chestnut SL, below 3d et., Philatra.
July 22, , For Howard Express Co. •
Fa ronero & Mechanics'
• •-•
0„..4 le;
T:41 7 .1
l'l L V l 74' ) e V r
*NNE undersigned would respectfully invite the
AFT attention of their friends and the public in
general, to the fact that they are prepared, the
coining season, to manufacture and have on hand
the largest and best assortment of
ever offered to the Farmers of this county, such as
Wheeler's Improved Railway Horse-Powers and
Threshers; Manny's combined Reaper and
Mower, with Wood's latest improvements;:
Coleman's Farm Mill; Grain Drills and
Fans; Gourley's Patent„Harrow and
Clod Cutter: Corn.Ploughs and Planters;
Portable Cider Mills, Clover-Hullers, Corn
Shellers, Fodder Straw and Hay Cutters, dc.
All of the above Machines are of the, latest
and best improvements, and are all warranted to
give satisfaction. Also.
Castinas of all kinds made to Order,
and at shert notice. Particular /mention paid to
REPAIRING, and charges reasonable.
FARMERS will do well to call and examine our
stock before purchasing elsewhere, as they will
And it to their advantage to purchaSe'3lachines
manufactured in their own county.
,All orders or communications by mail will
be promptly attended to.
July 1, 1857. Lebanon, Lebanon Co., Pa.
Cheap Looking Glass,
Gilt, Rosewood or Mahogany, or Venithm Blinds,
ATKINS . & McADAill have just received a
new stock of Boots, 'Shoes, Trunks and
Travelling ,bags.,
' TRE'highost 'price for Country Produce mill be
given in extbange for Gado, at Rim
- 4 , 4 , 4 , 04
P29.5491.fia55iv. 1
~. a~s!!3A~snit9S-
a~l~t:,i, ~ __
I'n OftlilLNAl. 31Efk.+1.7tE E:,/"Ai-a,ISMErs 1<,;7,
And first article of the kind erer introdnied node!. the
name of "I'vr.m. , :vo: Wafr.o:s."' inAkia or any othii
country; ait caber Pithltailie ;refire are , counterfeits.
The genuine can be kdoien by the nonie-BRY Lein/
stomped um each WAFV.R..
ReHeys - Coughs, Colds, Sore-throat, Hoaretateei,
Relieve itsthma, Bronchitis, Difficult Breathing:
Relieve Spitting of Blood, Pains is the Cheat
Relieve. Incipient Coneumition, Lang *maw
&dove Irritation of the Uvula mill liatothir
Relieve the allow Complaints in Tula Maildess.
Are a blessfinf, to Cal classes and oonstitatipns.
are...adapted for Vocalists and - Public apeakarE:
Improve the eompz3s And flexibility of theVoioe.-
' I Brirks's ri.3,1“.1.1;;1C wArtng ,
Are In a kniple form and 'pl-. -.lit to the tastei
Not only relieve, but effect rapid & lasting Cures.
ire warranted to give-Esafe_acticm to every one.
BO Family should be without a Box of
Bryan , s'Pitirmonic AY/at:ors,
IN Ton tms4,
No Traveler should, be without a SSI oe
Bryanls Pulaconic Wafers
vr ;us POCKET.
No Dealer should, be without a supply cC
Bryan's Pnlrannie Wafers.
No person will ever object tri_ give tor
Bryanls l'a/inonie WiTaterw
For sale by Dr. ROSS, opposite the Court:lrons., Loba.
non, Pa., and by all respectable Drumists throttle:volt Oar
;United. States . and Canada; also by "[array Birch, Read
ing. Pa. • [Oct- 7, '57-Iy,
Lebau * ourMutual insurance
Office at Jonestown, Lebanon County.
THIS Company is now fully organiied and
I ready to make Insurance on all kinds of
property in town or country and on as fairorable
terms as any well-governed and safe company,
either on the 'Mutual or joint stock priniiple.
President—Jon' Bunxisea, Esq.
Vice President—D. AI. Karpralry.
Treasurer—Gno. F. Marrs.
Secretary—Wu. A. BATtur.
:. . Directors.
John Brunner; Esq., • Daniel Brown.
D. M..Karmany, Napeleorr Dosh,
Geo. F. Melly. r John Arndt,
W. A. Barry, Sohn Molly,
S. IL Shirk, ' L.' R. Walker,
Daniel IL Bierer, - D.:M. Rank.
2.0.." A. S. FAA" is the Agent for Lebanon.
He may at all Unica he found at his office in
Walnut Street. 1 -
Jonestown, July 15,.1i1;
Lebanon Valley Rink.
Located:in Market "street., nearly oppo
site the United Hall, one Door North
of the• Pat Ofce.
IXTILL pay the following RATES of INTER
TV EST on DEPOSITS, on, and after, the lab
day of March. 1557, Tie :
For 1 year, and longer, 6 per pent, per annum.
. 6 months, and longer, 5 per cent. per annum.
For 3 months, and longer, 4 per cent. per annum.
Requiring a short notice of withdrawal, and af
fads a liberal line of accommodations to those who
may favor itwith deposits,payable on demand. Will
pay a :premirui on SPANISH and MEXICAN' DOL
E—ins, and, also on .OLD 'Aufuc t kx DOLLARS AND
RALF DOLLARS. Will make collections on and
remit to" all parts of the United States, the Cane
des and Europe : Negotiate Loans, Jsc., and
do a
NES?..-. G. DAWSON COLEMAN. President.
G no. Gr.nin, Cashier.
.ttri4,THE, undersigned, Managers, are indiviatrally
liable to the extent of their Estates for all
deposit* and other obligations of the-co-partner
ship filed in the Prothonotary's Office of Lebanon
County, trading under the name and style of the
f5.1310N G&MERON,
teinftu's Super Ph osph ttte'ot
7,000 . TONS.
ET A RIVE. Yti for your WE EAT CROPS. we ,
LEINALT'S Super Photrphate of Lime, at 2t eta.
a lb. or $4O a Ton; or use
Leinau%s - American Fertilizer !
at V 3,50 a. bbl. or $25 a ton. One barrel or either
is sufficient for au Acre of Wheat. - These are
made 'of reliable Chemical Elements, and hate
been in successful use for the past Six Years, im
proving the sell and increasing ihe value of the.
-Four Diplomas from the State Agrieriltural So
ciety of Pennsylvania; New Jersey ; Delaware;
and the Crystal Palace Association of the City of
New York, have Imen received for those-Valua
ble Fertilizers.
Pamphlets in tie English and' German Lan
guaite ettn„be had by application at the Office.
""",,liberal discount to wholesale dealers.
The above Fertilizers, delivered FREE of.Plixt
age to :my Wharf- in the old City proper. ,
Orders sent by Mail accoinpauied. with Cash or
Drafts, will be promptly shipped_ , to: any, pert of
the . werld. GEO. A. LEINAIf, Proprietor,
No. 19 Smith Front street, Phila. City.
July 29.
Jamb Rea le,
LEST ; EOTPULPY inform ; the public that he
still continues his extensiveestablishment in
his new building, in Cumberland street, where he
hopes to render the same satisfAetion as hereto-
Fore to all who -may favor him with their custom.
He invites Merchants and dealers in
Boots and Shoes,
and every one who wishes to purchase-fashiona
ble and durable articles in his line, to call and ex
amine for themselves, his large and varied Stock.
He is determined to surpass all competition in
the manufacture of every article in his-, business,
suitable for any market in the Union., A duo
care is taken in regard to materialsandArorkman
ship ; none but the best quality. of Leather and
other materials are used, and, none but the best
workmen Are employed,
P. S.—Yle returns his sincere thanks to his
friends for the verY liberal patronage heretofore
bestowed on him. lie hopes by strict attention
to business-and: endeavoring to please his costu
mers, to merit a share of public patronage.,
Lebanon, -Oct. 17, 1556.
indemnity Against Loss by Fire,
Franklin Fire Insurance Ca,
7 IS6.
Published Agreeably to an Act of Assembly,
First Mortgages. amply seemed, - , $4519,932 73
Real Estate (present ',dim; $109,088} eOst, 82,734 38
Temporary Loans, on ample Collateral secu
rities, 89,114 18
Stocks, (present value, $83 . ,581 32, cos t, 71,92 97
Cash, 64,111, 58
SLB27 made
Prp.Pvrear., LrArrip INSURANCES on
every deseriptiortutproperty, in
Rao as LOW as are consistent with security.
Since' their incorporation, a period' of twenty-eight
years, they have paid.over THREE MILLION DOLLARS
LOSSES 11Y FIRE. thereby affording evidence of the ad
vantages of Insurinee, as well vs the ability and dispo-
Sition to meet; with promptness, all liabilities.
Losses Pad during theyear 1856, $301,638 84
Cato. N. Baziusza, litoi6acel D. Lzww.
TOBIAS WAGNER, -3)Arn, S . B a r".;
&unmet. GRANT, Takao' YEA,
Camas N, BAxciont;-Eresident;.
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