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oCoDOLLARS REWARD will he paid
9 for any medicine that will excell this
for the following diseases, viz
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Spinal Affections,
'Contracted Joints,Cholla Pains, Pains in the
Side or Back,leadnehe, Toothache, Sprains,
S '
ore Throat, uts Bruises , Burns, and all dis_
eases of the Skin,Artrsaes, and the Glands.
None genuine without the signature of Pratt St
Butcher attached to each label.
For sale 'Wholesale and Retail, at Guilford Jr.
Lemberger's Drugstore, Lebanon. [June 3,'57.]y.
Darius J. Seltzer,
irIPFICE, in Cumberland Street, nearly opposite
V itrua's Hotel, Lebanon, Pa. Aug. 26,'57.
LEVI .77.7E7 Er,
WlLL A ttond to all his official business; also,
nll other legal and professional business en
"trusted to him will he promptly attended to.
Orrrcir—ln Cumberland street, second door
east from Market st. [Lebanon, July 22,'57.
fiIIFICE In Cumberland street, opposite the
V "Eagle Hotel," Lebanon, Pa.
Lebanon, April 22, 1857.-Iy.
Latityclite Brower,
GAS FITTER, adjoining A. S. Ely's Oilice,Wal-
U nut street, Lebanon, Fa. A largo and beau
tiful assortment of Fixtures from the well-known
establishment of Cornelius & Baker, always on
hand at Philadelphia prices.
tu. All work warranted to give satisfaction.
An orders will bo faithfully executed on the
most reasonable terms. te,.Tbe bostof reference
given. [Lebanon, Sept. 16,'57.
DV. WM. M. GUILFORD has removed his Of
fice to his now redidence on Market Street, a
row doors Noi th of 'Labor S Oyes' Store, and be
tween it and the Now Lutheran church.
Lebanon, Doc. 10, 1836,4.
Water Cooler for Sale.
entirely new, can be obtained cheap at this
It is just the thing fur a landlord or store
. [Lebanon, Sept. 23/51.
oth e.
To Printers.
size, is offered for sale,ot this Office, very
Amp. The pricte is $OO. $003.0
For Sale.
ASecond -bowl Steam ENGINE, 10 bursa pow
er. It is to be sold to make room for one of a
larger aim Apply to
Lebanon, July 1,1337.
- -
quivs, Whitefish, :ilitelcorel, herring, 'Meese,
Vinegar, Tobacco, &gnu,Feedine•Sc.
fur sale by J. ILEISNZIL
Lelemen, July 30, 1836.
Leather, Leather, Leather!
lIENRY W. OVEIIigAN, Importer of French
Cnlf fiklns, and general Loather Dealer, No.
6, South 8d ttruct, Philadelphia.
A general lusertinent of all kinds of Loather,
Moroceos, &a., Rod Oak Solo Leather.
Foh. 25, 1557.--ly.
NWood 14Vood
fflaerrlE undersigned, residing in North Lebanon,
IK, Borough, offers for saki cheap,
000 or 700 Cords
(estimated) good Wood. It may be seen at "Fin
nigan's dam," on the Union Canal, nem. Jones
town. [may 27,'57. DAVID BOYER.
To Persons about to Visit
Market street, below fttll street. Eve
sa a ry attention given. with a desire to
111 please. Boarding $1 per Day.
I 41 wanted immediately trt the Steam Planing
Mills of the undersigned, in this borough. None
but the best of hands required, to whom liberal
walos will be :siren. Apply to
Lebanon{ Feb, 18, 1857.—tf.
Bricklayer and Jobber,
Union Deposit, Dauphin county, Pennia.
AM prepared. at all tittles, to put up Brick
Work, in all its branches, and on the shortest
Inn-wails, Bushes, Hearths, and all work connect
ed with a Purunee done. 27:1 4 :-.A gang of Stone
Masons always ready to put down rountiations,
and do stone work of every description.
July 1, 1.11.57.—tf. P. G. WIKEL.
Xu North Lebanon Borough.
1.00 000 BUSH
100,0 Bushels RN f. 3.
100,000 Reshels CORN,
100,000 Bushels OA Ts,
Clover Seed, Flax Seed, Timothy Seed, fur all
which the highest tuttrket price; in cash will ho
paid by ROFFMAN, IMMEL L Co.
North Lebanon, July 20, 'l7—tr.
Tit irty Da y,
;,e 1E i it t Day 3
• Thirty Hour,
; 1 Just Received at
J. J. BLAIR'S Jewelry Store,
Lebanon, Pa.
In Cunwerland street, next door to Dr
Oct. 22„
Market street, between Mares and Rise's Hotels.
SS. RAMSEY do CO. have just opened a large
. and cheap assortment of
Their stock embraces all tho different styles of
COATS, PANTS, and VESTS, suitable for the
•Oeeds of all kinds in thy piece, which will ho
. made to order at the shortest notice.
Shirts, Under-shirts and Drawers, Cravats, Col
lars, Pocket Handkerchiefs., Gloves, Umbrellas,
in short, every thing Usually to be found in a gen
tlemen's Clothing and Furnishing Store.
Lebanon, Sept. 23, '57.
Tiiew Livery Stable.
THE undersigned has establish
o — ' ad a NEW LIVERY STABLE in
_ •
) the Eagle Hotel Stables, Lebanon.
• -" I i" Ho has good and safe horses,
• . images, as may be desired, and earn
fel Drivers, which he will hire on
-fair terms. He hopes by being attentive to busi
ness to resolve a. liberal share of publie patronage.
.Apply at the Eagle Hotel or at the Stables.
Lebanon, - ang. 'Si.
Cebairwit Female Seminary.
wax, BEAINALLY" will commence the Piret
day of September, newt. It is earnestly requested
that Parents intending to send their DAtroirra as,
,ahopld do so .tst.the commencement of the Session.
LEI3H It. BAUGIIER, Principal.
fretteher of french niicl
Ilobanothlitly29, 1867.
ja' THERMOMETERS ,—Persons in
MID t or ao aural° and reliable Thermometers, Hand
31irrors Traveling Flasks, China Fanny 'Poi,
Jot Bottles ' Puff Boxes", Lubin's and other Chok e
Perfumes, Tortoise Shell, Buffalo, India Itubbur
and "torn Pocket and Toilet Combs. Fancy her
-gar and Ash Stands (a new article.)
New Drug, Medicine & Perfumery R'stablisment,
Market Street.
THINS a MoADAM are ready to ready to
accommodate everybody with Doots, shoes,
' -mite and Traveling bags.
c k,
lair .7.•
-,... .
• ::::, .
I t ' 1 1 111 ' ' IP
$ &.
. _
. -...—,f. , .-i.- l-er '
, tt Ali
,_,,•,....„ p:tr,
t.' 4 . , , AV
- ,....ii .. 1: :- .1.1.7 : i : ilr: R ' ri ---' 1 —ill
-1716' - ii>lsl=` , c me iY.
VOL. 9---NO. 19.
glover's Liquid Hair Dye.
alltflE following; from that eminent Physician of Phil
_ ndelphia. Dr. Brinckle, aidea to the testimony of,
Professor Booth, only confirms what is evidenced by
thousands who have used Dover's Dye:
apoatt, ROW. ell MIA? 'STEEET,I
Philadelphia, December 22d, 1553.
"In regard to Dover's Hair Dye, I can slate unhesi
tatingly, that it contains no deleterious ingredients, and
may he used with entire safety, and with the, utmost
confidence and success,. w, p. JOUNCE: LE, M. D.
Dover's Writing and Indelible Inks;
Are so well and widely known, as to require no eulogy
of their merits, it is only necessary to say, that the steady
and increasing demand, gives the best evidence that they
maintain their character for superiority, which distin
guished them whanAirst introduced, years ago.
Orders addressed • to the Manufitetory. No. 416 RACE
street, above Fourth, (old No. /44.) Philadelphia, will re
calve Prompt
15,'55. Manufacturer.
Fancy, Furs for Ladies.
TWIN FAREIRA & Co., (sew No.)918 Market
street, above Eighth, Philadelphia, Importers,
31anufacturers and dealers in Ladies, Gentlemen and
Children's FANCY FURS, wholesale and
J. F. & Co,, would call the attention of dealers and the
public generally to their humus° Stock of Fancy Furs
for Ladies, Gentlemen and Children; their assortment
embraces every article and kind of Fancy Furs that will
be worn during the season—midi as Full Capes, Half
Cam, Quarter - Capes, Telma, Vietorines.
and Multatees, from the finest Russian Sable to the low
est price Domestic Furs.
For Gentlemen the largest nssorttuent of Fur Collars,
Gloves, Gauntlets, &e.: being the direct Importers of all
our Furs, and Manufacturers of them under onr own su
pervigoa. lee fro satisfied we can offer better Induce
ments to dealers and the public:generally than nay other
house, having an immense assortmeutto select from and
at the Manufacturers' prices._ net,.We only ask a call.
Sept.lo,'s7-4m. No. Sit Market St., above Sth,
Lebanon Marble Yard..
THE subscriber respectfully informs
the public in general that he is
prepared to do all kinds Or FANOTAND ORNAMENTAL work
at his Marble Yard, in Walnut street, half way between
the Court House and Lebanon Valley Railroad Depot,
at the shortest notice, as good no work done in any city
in the United States, end being the only Stone Cutter is
Lebanon county who her, served a regular apprenticeship
to the business:, he plaices hluaself that he can manatee.
turn cheaper, and give a better finish than any other
man engaged in the same business. Ills stook consists of
Monuments, Grave Stones, Mantels,
Cemetery Posts; Furniture Slabs, &c.
Also, SANDSTONE of the beat quality for all uses, 1
plain and ornamental. A large assortment of LIME-
SWINE tbr all kinds of housework, of any size and
quantity. n,, , ,a , Plettse call end examine prices and the
stock betbre you purchase elsewhere.
Lebanon, December 10, 1555.
N. u.—mirrimiNct done in German and English, by
the best practical workmen
.N 1) for any Eruption pr Excoriation of the Skin.
whether on the head, titre, arms ur other park of
the body. Old ulcers or sores, and pimples on the face,
may be speedilfenred by the nse of the Ileeto Alisture.
To those especially that are suffering from the Piles, we
offer a sore remedy.
From lice. Enterline, Pastor German Church, Car.
Conway and Sharp streets:
For the bench t the afflicted, r feel it a duty to state
what a blessing a medicine. known by the name of "hull's
:Recto Mistma." has been to ate. I have been afflicted
with the riles for eight years, during which time I tried
toy own remedies, as a practitioner, and many others,
but without success. Flaying heard of Mr. Bull's rile
Remedy, I tried it ; and though I used but one hulfbot
tie, I. rnu soy that I ant perfectly cured. I also used it
in a violent rase of 'fetter, which extended over thewhole
body, and in less than two weeks it disappeared, and
the skin became. clean and smooth. I sttictly adhered to
the directions. 8.12t11.1EL ENTER:LINE.
Sold, WhuleGale and Retail, by D. 8. Reber, Druggist,
Lebanon, vole agent fur Lebanon county.
nett2l., .1 1851.-ly.
.fflgricultatral Ware-honse
Nod. South Sixth Street, Avar the State Lfunzie, 9
1•1111. A DELPIO A.
r EN - moons of this spacious Wilding% erected express
ly for the Proprietors' trade, an. , stored with Eiceils and
linploluentA or interest to Fortnum owl Gardeners.
.Sixty rears Estabtishcd.--The std,Feribers desire to call
the attention orevery one intofesnsl in Farming and Gar
dening. to their weil-selected stock of
,Auricultardi implements. and Machinery,
Great Variety of linrlicatinrat Made.
'Warranted Garden and ,Phaver Smds,
Gross tool Field Reeds of t& 11194 reliable rflialify.
The Agricultural implements sold by ua are mostly
untuuthetured at our Steam Works, Itristar t Pa.
Having fitted up this establishment without regard to
rlpsnae, with the most complete machinery, for the man
ethetttre of various kinds of Agrieurtaral Itur airmen ta, we
are now prepared to supply all articles in this line fully
urinal, if not superior, to any thing of the kind ever offer
ed to the public.
Landitth's ilhrrantsd lr, ralen
navo been before the public ftw apwards of sixty years:
their wide-spread popularity, ant the constantly increas
ing demand from year to year ; is the bet evidence of their
superiority Over all others.
Country merchants can be mulpika with seeds in pa
pers. or hulk, on the most liberal. terms.
ISlooriuslate, near Bristol, Pa.. our f :mien Seed grounds,
contains three hundred and seventy arres, and is the tar
gest establishment of its him! in the world.
D. LA spilliTif E 4ON,
0ct.7,'57-3111. Nos. 21 St 23 uutk Sixth Street, Philatin
1 , 111 LADELPII (A.
Important announcement
r 10 all persons afflicted with Sexual Diseases, such ass
Spent ut terrines. Somi na 1 Weakness, impute n ce,Gonor.
rtoea,Gteet,Syphttis.the Vice of thiatthemor Self.Abuse,&c.
The Deward Association, In view of the useful destruc
tion of human life, caused by Sexual diseases, and the de
ceptions practised won the unfortunate victims of such
diseases by Quacks, have directed their consulting Sur
geon, as a Charitable Act worthy of their carne, to give
Medical Adrice Gratis, to all persons thus afflicted, who
apply by letter, with at description of thole - condition, (ago,
occupation, habits of life, Se..) and in nil Caßt,i , of extreme
poverty and suffering, to fgeULth Med icin ex free of ehartie,
The Howard association ie a benevolent institution, es
tablished by special entimment, for the relief of the sick
and distressed, afflicted with - Virulent and Epidemic Dis
eases." It has now a surplus of means, ninth the Direc
tors have voted to expend in advertising the above notice.
It is needless to add that the Association commands the
highest Medical skill of the age, and will furnish the roust
approved modern treatment,
Jest Published, by the Association, a Report on Sper
matorrlttea, or Seminal Weakness. the vice of Onanism,
Masturbation or Self-Alotse, and miler discuses o r th e Sex
ual Granns, by the consulting Surgeon, which will be sent
by mail, (in a sealed envelope,) free of charge, on the IV
-0.110 of two stamps for postage.
Address, Dr. Gltla R. CALUGPN, Consulting Surgeon,
Iloward Association, N0..2 South Ninth Street, Philadel
phia, Pa. By order of the Directors.
Gao. rAntennA Sees. Etict.7, '57-Iy.
Gold, Gold, Gold.
nillE greatest offer in gold pens, gold pencils, gold
aa♦r chains, and gold watches, ever made. Read the
A Splendid Gold Premium,
worth from fire to ono hundred dollars, positively given
to nny person who can spare ono day in a week, or ono
hour in a day, getting up clubs or subscribers in his own
and adjoining neighborhood, for the best and most pop-,
nine family newspaper now published. No expense, no
outlay, no capital required of agents. An entire new
pion Is proposed. by which any person tan succeed in
making it a paying business, who will undertake the
agency. A private eireular, for the inspection of agents
only, with full list of premiums, will be sent to any ono
who desires it, on receipt of a stomp to pay return post
age. Some agents bare earned a hundred dollar gold
watch in one week.
Every family should read at least one Newspaper dem
New York City, without interfering with their Local Pa
pers, which of course cannot and should not, be dispens
ed with. But New York being the great eammercial and
business centre of this Continent, DO fanner, mechanic,
professional man, or merchant, is properly prepared far
the emergencies of his calling, unless In is in communi
cation with New York City, by means of one of its first
class newspaper mediums. Suck a medium is our "LED
GER," neutral in polities, but giving all the facts items
of news, and thrilling incidents worth knowing through.
out the country..,
A Valuoble Gift.
Each new subscriber will receive with the first No. of
his or her paper, one nt tho DOW and beautiful glass point
ed indelible Pencils,* just Imported from Europe, and for
which we have obtained the exclusive agency for this
country. This is the most ingenious and useful improve
ment of the present age and Is the only pencil ever made
that will write with Ink, making it both a pen endpenejt
of the finest 'nullity at the swine time. It will lust for
years, and for prnetimil use is worth more than any gold
pen in tiro market.
For list of premiums and full particulars, address
HALL .4 WEST, Publishers, New York City.
* These Pencils supplied to the trade at a profitable dis
count. • Aug.[ 20,7.4%.
41C111311011E:.1 7 iik_11..
r nu: undersigned are now opening a very large assort.-
.1 meat of _FALL and WINTER. GOODS, among which
are Cloths, Cassimeres, Vesting, Ready-made Clothing,
and all kinds Men's and Boya wear.
ALSO, all kinds of Coats forLadies' wear, such as blank
and fancy silk, Doluines, French Aterino;'Cuburg and plaid
Goods, Shawls of all descriptions, Bonnet 'trimmings, &c.
Also, a large stock of GROCERIES& QUEIBBSWARB.
• *Om Cult at the Bee Htee. — tat
Up many flight of crazy stairs,
Where oft eno'a head knocks unawares;
With a rickety table, and without chairs,
And only a stool to knoul to prayers,
Mrslls my sister.
There Is no carpet upon tho floor,
lake wind whistles in through the cracks of the door;
One might reckon bet miseries by the score,
But who fools interest in one so poor?
Yet she is my sister.
SW WM. blooming, and fresh, and young, and ildr,
With bright bine eyes, and akilaira hair;
lint the ruse is eaten with canker cure,
And her visage Li mark'd with a grim despair.
Such is my sister!
When nt early morning, to rear her heat!,
She throws herself on her weary bell,
Longing to dleep the sleep of theoleml,
Yet tearing, front all she has heard and rend:
Pity Loy sister.
But the bright sun -shines on her and on 111 C,
And on mine and here, and on thine and thee,
Whatever nor lot in life may be,
Whether of high or low degree,
Still; she'S our sister,:
Weep fur our sister,
Pray for our sister,
Succour our sister.
PistAtirat gitctrtno.
Towards the hitter part of the year Vita, the
French, aided by the vast bodies of the Huron and
Iroquios Italians, had begun to make themselves
very d4agrectible neighbors to the British and
American colonist in northern Virginia, Ohi o and
the north-west portion of New York State—the
l' their encroachment on the frontier.
and the Indians by their forays and savage bar
barfly to all who were unfortunate enough to fall
into their hands.
To put a stop to those aggressive proceedings,
numerous bodies, both "regulars" and colonial mi
litia, were dispatched to the several points assail
ed; and among the rest, a. Col. llenry funes, with
a company of thirty men, among whom . were a
party of some dozen Virginia riflemen, was order
ed to occupy a small outpost, or log fort, which
at this period stood within a few miles from the
north fork of the Allegheny river.
Having arrived safely at their quarters, the lit
tle company set about righting op tl;e old pc,st, to
make It as comfortable as circumstances would
permit; and this being done, and order once more
restored, sentries were plated at all the advance
points of the station, while the strictest vigilance
was both enjoined and exercised by day and by
Among tho riflemen who bad volun-
Mered into the company, was a tall, manly, tine
looking young fellow, who from his fatal and un
erring skill as a marksman, had received the
somewhat awe-inspiring nom de plume of—Death.
But with whatever justice this uaniehad been ap
plied to him for his skill, his disposition certainly
entitled hint to no such terror spreading epithet.
On the contrary, he was the life of the company.
Ills rich fund of mother-wit, large social pro
pensities, and constant good nature, rendering
him a general favorite with the men ; while the
never-failing stock of game which his, skill einv
bled him to supply the mess table of the officers
with, not only recommended him to their g ood
greens, but caused many a lit le "short coin
ing" of his to be winked at and pass id over in si
lence, which, otherwise perhaps, he might not
have got over so easily,
The company had noi been stationed at the fort
more than a week, ere Death, in one of his exeer
diens for game, discovered that nt a smell fau•ut
I house, some three miles or so distant from the
fort, there lived a ecru' in Miss tester Stanhope,
whose equal in beauty and amiable qualities he
had never seen before. And to cinder blot still
more certain of the fact; Le coiled the day Mow
! ing, under cover of the pretence of Luring left his
Death was invited to come again, by farmer
Stanhope, who happened to be from the same par.
ish as the father of our hero ; and we need scarce.
ly say that the invitation was both eagerly and
joyfully accepted, and as often am eir6allitallee4
would permit, complied with.
The second week after this occurrence took
place, was marked by two events, which, though
both affecting the welfare of the little community
at the fort, were of widely different degrees
The first was that Death had either suddenly
lost all his skill as a marksman, or that the game
had removed to a safer and more distant neigh
! borhood, for the officers' larder had been found
sadly wanting in the items of woodcocks, black
! cocks, ptarmigan, &e., for the'week past—and the
second and most important of the two events, was,
that in regular succession, four sentinels had dis
appeared from the extreme left line, without leav
ing the slightest trace to elucidate the mystery of
their disappearance.
This laSt circumstance struck such dread into
the minds of the rest of the company, that no one
could be found willing to volunteer to take the
post—well knowing that it would only be their
own death warrant to do so; and Col. Tunes, not
wishing to wilfully sacrifice the lives of the men
by compelliwy them to fp, enjoined double caution
to tho remainder of the sentinels,, and loft the fa
tal post unoccupied for triiiklit, or two.
Two or three reconnoitering parties had been
dispatched off round the neighborhood in the hope
of finding some clue to the mystery or of obtain
ing some intelligence of the enemy, bat they had
each of them returned as wise as they started,
with no reward for their trouble save weary bones.
It was on the third night of the desertion of the
post, that our hero, Death, was returning to the
fort, after paying a visit to Stanhope Forum. The
moon was up, but her light was nearly all obscur
ed by the dense masses of clouds which at every
few minutes were drifen by a pretty stiff breeze
over her face; while the huge trees, now in full
leaf, creaked and groaned, and bent their tall forms
to and fro ; as the heavy gusts rushed whistling
in among their branches.
Our young hero had approached within a hun
dred yards of the termination of the forest that
skirted the small open space in which the fort
stood, when suddenly he paused, and crouching
down on his hands and knees, crept cautiously
forward a few paces. Having remained in this
position for several minutes ; he again stealthily
retreated in the manner ho had advanced : and
plunging into the forest again emerged at a point
considerably lower than where he had intended
to leave it before.
Col. Jones sat reading alone in his private
apartment, when an orderly entered, and inform
ed him that one of the men wanted to speak to
him. • •
"Send kiln in," said the colonel ; and at the
nest minute, our friend, Death, bad entered, and
made his best bow to his commanding officer.
"Well, what scrape have you boon getting into
now?" said the colonel, when he saw who his
visitor was.
"None, colonel," replied Doath ; "but I am
come to ask a favor."
"Lot us hear it," said the lacaenel, "and we will
see what we can do."
„ Well, colonel, it is simply this—if you will
put the 'rides' under my oldort to-night, and let
me occupy llte deserted post, I will not only clear.
up thia mystery of the sentries, but make lb the
post tenable for the future.”
~ But how ?" said the colonel, in intense surprise.
4 .1 ., guess, Colonel," answered Death, "you had
better let Me have the men, and order ua out,
and tell you the whole affair after. I prom
ise you that nut one of the men will receive a
scratch, that is, if they follow my directions im
"You arc a strange man," said the colonel, "but
thiuk I will let you have your. mu way this
time. When do you intend
,to start ?"
"In about an hour's time," answered the :elat
ed Death.
"Very well I will giro- the necessary orders,
so that you eau start irlin -you. 0104: proper,---
And what is more, if- yeti perform all that you
hare promised, and &at% cause Me to repent hav
ing humored you, you shall have poor Campbell's
place ?"
- .Meter Campbell was a brave but very head
strong. young Scotchwan, who had occupied the
post ullientkmant at the fort. In a sudden freak
of daring, he bad volunteered to stand sentry at
the fatal spot from which three sentinels had al
ready disappeared and he paid for his rashness 1
with his life.
"Now, my lads," said Death, as in about an
hour alter his conversation with Col. hms, he
approached the deserted post, at the head of the
dozen riflemen who had been temporarily placed
under his dedore,
"I 'will tell you what we are going to do. The
lung and short of the affair is siMply tlds—it's a
gang of them cussed, thievin' Iroquois that have
circumvented curried off our four men—
shooting them with their arrows, and then de
camping with their bodies. •
"To-night, as I was returning to the fort I sud
(bully thought I heard the sound of several voices
and creeping towards the spot, got nigh enough
to see and hear that about a dozen Iroquios ware
there and then arranging their plans to surprise
the fort to-night—intend to steal in upon it by
the point which their cussed deviltry had render
ed so easy of access. I only stopped long enough
to learn this, when I hurried off to the colonel,
and asked him to place you at my disposal, and
here we are. I did not say a word to him about
what I had learnt, being determined that if possi
ble the 'rifles' "should have all the honor of exter
minating the varlets. And now I ask you, are
you willing and ready to follow my orders?"
Every man cheerfully answered in the affirma
tive: aml with quickened pulses, and sanguine
hopes the little company again moved forward.
The post consisted of along narrow spaembound
on each side by a rocky, shelving bank ; while its
extreme cud was closed in by the dark and im
penetrable looking forest. The hank on each side
the pass was thickly covered with brush and un-,
derweutl, and among these Death now carefully
concealed his men ; taking care to arrange them
so that their fire would cross each other, and hid
ding them not tire until he had given the signal;
and after they had fired, not to stop to relode, but
clubbing their rifles, to jump doty.ti turd finish the
struggle in glint manikr.
With steady alacrity each man took up the post
assigned him; and in another minute the spot pre
sented the same lone, still and solemn appearance
it has worn previous to their arrival.
The little company had begun to grow very
patient, and Death, himself, began to fear that
the Indians had either rued of making the attempt
or else hind changed their plan of attack, when sud
denly his quick eye detected the form of ono of
Isis crafty foes issue in a crouching position from
the deep shadow which the lofty trees threw up
the pass. •
"Three—six—n c—twelve—thirtecu ," count
ed Death, as cue after another they emerged in
single file from the wood, awl with eat-like stealth
iness of movement, advanced up the pass, their •
rides in trail, and their. faces and bodies rendered
still more hideous and ferocious-looking by the
grotesque marings of their war paint. On they
came, swiftly and silently, and unconscious of the
fate that was in store for them.
The formost of the bancl,.whose commanding
stature, wolf-teeth collar, and eagle tuft, at once
proclaimed him as chief, had advanced until he
was opposite the bush in which Death was hid}
when the latter with startling distinctness imitat
ed the cry of a night owl, and dischargrd his
Eight of tho Indians MI by the Irtilley which
the remaining riflemen now poured in upon them
but strange to say, one of the five who did not fall
was the chief who Death aimed at. This unusual
event was owing to the following - cause; the branch
of the bush on which he steadied his arm in the
firing, bad euddenly yet:ailed at the moment lit:dis
charged his piece, thus rendering harmless his
otherwise unerring aim.
Utteritig an imtwe.atiolt at his ill luck, Death
sprang down the bank with the rest of his com
panions, and with one bound reached the side of
the Dot/noir chief. They grappled and both fell
heavily to the ground, clasped in a fearful em
brace, and darting glances of savage hatred at
each other beneath their knitted and scowling
"Keep off" shouted Death ns ho saw one or two
of his companions in the net of stooping down to
assist him, "keep off and if he masters me lot
him go."
Over and over they rolled, wrighting and strain
log but seemingly neither obtaining any advan
tage over the other. At least the head of the ire
(lois suddenly came in cocaina: with the point , of a
rock that protruded from the bank, stunning . him
so that he relaxed his vice like grip of Death's
throat; and the latter thus released, springing to
his feet finished his career by bringing the heavy
breech of his rifle with sledge hammer force down
upon his head.
The rentaning four Indiana had been, likewise
dispatched; and the victorious riflemen (none of
whom had received any wound worth mention
ing) now set up such a shout of triumph for their
victory, that the echoes of the old wood rung with
it fur minutes after.
As Col. bones had promised,lienth was promot
ed to the vacant post of lieutenant ; and now dear
reader, we beg to Worm you that our hero and
the uncompromising veteran Gen. Morgan, of rev
olutionary notoriety, were one and die same indi
At about a fortnight after this eventful night
Stanhope Farm became the score of us much mirth,
good eating, and dancing, as could bo possibly
disposed of during tho twenty-four hours ; and
though we think it will be almost superfluous to
do so, we will add, that cause of this"morry mak
ing," was the marriage of tho beauteous Hester
Stanhope with Lieutenant Henry Morgan.
ts,.. A man must possess Are in himself, before
ho eau kindle up the electricity that thrills the
great popular, heart.
Tho good barque Fish was lying becalmed off
the west and of Celebes. with a largo sperm whale
alongside, ready to be cut in. The sea was smooth
as a pond ) and the suu hot as blazes.
"In board there!" shouted 'the mato, who was
on a stngo oror the side, "In board then), ahoy!"
'"Sir," was the response.
"Whose hook on is it?'
"Mine," reeponded a'voiee from 'the half dock,
and up bounded Tom, a smart young Loatateorer,
with nothing on buta pair of drawers. Inn con-'
ple of leaps he made a dash at the open gang
way overboard, for ho was a geed swimmer, but
unluckily his foot slipped, and instead of jump
ing outside of the whale, which was evidently his
intention; the back of hip head struck thelidge of
the whale, and he went dcwn with his hinds ex
tended over his head,. All who saw him supposed
he was going down a fathom or:two to cool off,
and expected him up again in few seconds ; - but"
not appearing soh* the Mow along the gangway'
and the Mates upon the stages roared out, "lib's
gone! save him,. boys !" and in a seemed five of
our be swiminerS'phatiged after him, and a boat
was loWered at the same time :-But it, wys•all in
Vida.; poor Thai I'o.o nirthere eVen ;the men who
plunged after him only salt a shoal of sharks de
seending 'iw the direction they supposed he was
sinking. No doubt, he was devoured in less than
live minutes after he jumped overboard. Shoals
of sharks generally keep company with whalers,
especially when they have whales alongside, and
dash at everything that is thrown overboard.—
They would eat a whale's blabber in a night, if
not I , ept off by spades and lances. These sharp
instruments are appreciated by them—they seem
to know that their touch is death, and, iustietivc
ly, keep a respectable distance, until the carcass
is surrendered to them in due forn; then they have
a blow out, and a free light, without interference
from salt beef surgeons.
Poor Tom had taken his last dive. Tim boat,
after pulling astern, following the set of the cur
rent for a reasonable time, returned and was hoist-.
ed up in silence. ThOlacti were too oppressed
with grief to sing the usual song, and willked for
ward without exchanging a word. The captain
had walked the quarter deck full five minutes, ap
parently lust in thought when the Man at the mast
head song Out, "There she hlOws—there
there's two of them."
"Where away?" dement:red the
ing into the main rigging.
"Right astern, sir, large whale! There goes
finks, headed across the ship's wake to port!—
There she blows . , therasgain," continued the look
out, and soon the eaptain and sates were up along
side of him.
"Clear away the boats!" shouted the captain,
and get ready to lower away ; down from aloft.—
nip-keeper, away aloft and keep a good lookout.
All hands were on the move, Nil of life and
animation. Poor Tom was forgotten in the ex
citement of the moment. It was not until thecap-
Min's boat had dropped astern that be recalled to
mind the fate of his boatsteercr by his absence
from the bow; but seeing the cabin boy looking
over the tat - Iran he snug out—
" Jump overboard, Bill, and I'll pick you up,
I want you to pull the after oar."
Without a moment's hesitation, Bill was over
board a fathom deep, but rota to the surface like a
cork and was dragged on hoard.
"Now," said the captain, who was a jovial young
relloW, and delighted to identify himself with the
humors or the crew, "you; Parson, pull the har
pooner oar ; give you a chancel° fasten, if
we have the good look to got upon the whale
but mind, it you miss, drive a lance through
The young man whom he addressed as Parson,
had obtained the title by trying to teach a couple
of New Zealanders to read the Bible. All the
men bad by names, such as Long Boy, Broad
swordi Jack Ketch, Livereomplaint,Rheumatism,
Lazarus, ,Cc., and these names were more used
than those on the articles.
This was the Parson's first voyag,e whaling, and
the voyage was yet young, as there were only 300
bids. oil on board, and the'ship could stow 2,800
bbls. The death of Tom had given him a lift,
which of right belonged to some experienced
spottier, of whom there were several among the
crew, and he felt determined to show himself wor
tny of the place the captain had assigned him.
"Pull, my boys—spring to your oars—bead
your backs," said the captain, grinding his teeth
and pushing at the Utter oar with all his might.
"Pull and bead the mate-that'syou another stroke
like that, my hearties; there there she goes; now
she Inca, hurrah ! the mate droops—new we lead
—off she gotta'!"
"The whale's up, sir;"said the Parson, interrupts
ing the captain, "on the larboard bow:"
"So he Is, hinLiCs our chanee. Peak your oars,
boys and take to the paddles.
The order was promptly obeyed, and we were
seated, along the gunwales paddling like Malays.
The whale was about half a mile off, going at the
rate of three knots an hour, and blowing as leis
urely as a blacksmith's bellows.
"Don't make a noise, my lads," whispered the
captain ; "keep your paddles clear of the side of
the boat. What a noble fellow Leis—gray-head
ed, a. regular Wretch. Now, Person; if you miss
him, Tit kill you—Mind, he's good for eighty-live
barrels; yes, ninety; perhaps one hundred, and
to miss him deserves death-4wo .deathseb,
buys? hush ! take your paddles out of the wa
ter—he smells oakum—no lie doesn't 1 paddle
We were following in his wake, and as the sun
was shining on his starboad side, the captain con
cluded the glare would half blind him, and enable
us to approach without being seen, and steered
the boat accordingly. It was really grand to see
the noble fellow ploughing along so gentle, the
water curling over his back as if ho wore bathing
for the benefit of his health, and enjoying the
"Stand up, Parson," said the captain firmly,
though in a whisper—his eyes glaring as if they
would leap from their sockets.
The boat's bow was square with the whale's
bump not more than eight feet oil; the Person held
the iron (harpoon) by the middle, carelessly in his
left hand; the man still paddled, just keeping way
with the whale, while the captain was gradually
edging the boat, head on and stern off:'
"Dart.," whispered the captain; but the Parson
whispered back, "Lay on." „ "Dart, I tell you;
you're near enough !" "Lay on !" iwas still the
response of the Parson.
"There, blust you, there's lay un and haveyour
head knocked Mr" giving the boat,a sweep ou
with the steering Oar. This time there was no
order to dart, nor was it necessary; for the Par
son, in order to give increased velocity to the
harpoon, sprang into - the box of the boat and sent
one iron after the other atoulOtyp into the whale,
just abaft the fiu ; then jumping down into his
proper place, seized a Mace, but before he could
bring it to bear, the whale fairly sprang out of
water at least six feet,and came down with a splash
that shrouded the boat in foam as if she had been
immersed in the ruins tin water-spout. •
"Stern hard," shouted tho captain—"stern for
your liveb and the men- beat to their oars amid
WHOLE NO. 436.
the srldrlpool.createf by the motion of the whale.
But, the. Parson, truo;to his orisinal purpose, re
gardless of the cons?queneos, while, the hoat lay
almost against tho..whale's hump, sent the lance
into his vitals and,shurned it round and around
the captain sWearirng,Elito a maniac for him 'to sit
dosin to hh.4 oar,and;lend a hand to back the boat
clear of the whale.
"Ile spouts tbialtsdend,7 said the Parson com
posedly as his exciianwed places mdth the captain,
"I did not miss him.
The whale thon went down 'Shout ifty fathoms,
but was too Much,,nie up to rainfall long haioW,
and when ho came to blow, lay motionless 'for a
minute. "Lay en',7,said the captain,,' I'll
kill him acad.!' 'Ttlo. order, had not to be repeated;
the Parson sent th4tain of thebnat square against
the whales side, the captain was about pitlk
ing out a soft place for his lance, when the whale
milled short round, and raising ono corner of his
tiukcS Mid it genllf:tipen the boat's gunwale,
and tipped her. politely as ft la
dy would kurn,hengo . in bidding adieu:' But
gnickly'lM afh sh tlinakes flew to the other side,
cut another boat clean in two, and broke the third
'mate's lea. Hera wa's a pretty mess ; twelve sin
ners preiboirrC* - 4look i tnler, surrounded by
sherkoAidriittlieei „ amp4lll7k to'bir ; spitish:r
nil in pMeVeryTtlit'WlTeeSiltikes ;- but the vener
able patriarch, apparently satisfied with what he
had done, heft us to the care of sharks, add pad.
died away with two irons and a boat's line.
To right our boat was work of A few minutes,
and in half an hour she was an ark of safety with
all hands on board. The whale made toward the
ship, ran round nred_roand a few times, and them
turned up flu out and head sunwards. Ile made
95 barrels.
The mate and second mate, unable to capture
the other whale, returned to the ship; but that
same afternoon, the Parion saw hint, or another
fellow like him, and had the pleasure of fastening
to him also. The three whales made 270 barrels
of oil.
In six weeks; the Parson saw and struck four
large and twelve school whales, and never missed
one. This 'Uniform success induced the captain
to give him charge of the third mate's boat, in
which ho killed Some half a demon whales, when ho
had three eLhis ribs stove iu and was put ashore
at Game, to procure medical attendance, and re•
tnaine+i there six.. min]the.
Whaling is cot unlike war—every In ering is
a battle in Which all arc liahle to lose their lives.
But the whaler requires mere skill and courage
than the soldier or man.of-war!s-inan, lie must
think and act at the same time—there era uo giv
en rules by which he can goCern himself; for every
whale be attacks is apt to show some new caper,
against which he mug, iirevide on the instant.—
Our whalemen, With a little inertial training,
would make the most formidable. sailors in .the
world, as they are certainly the most intelligent
and daring.
We are indebted to Lamartine's exquisitely fine
pen, for tho following touching and graphic illus
tration of a Mother's Love:
In some spring freshet, a river widely washed
its shores and rent away a bough, whereon a bird
had built a cottage for her summer hopes. Down
the white and whil4ing stream, drifted the 'green
branch, With iWttindiet , cup of unfledged song;
and fluttering beside it, as it went, the mother
bird. Unheeding the roaring river, on she kept,
her cries of agony and fear piercing the pauses of
the storm. How like the loVe of the old fashion
ed mother who followed the child she bad pluck
ed from her heart, all over the world. Swept
away by passion, that might be, it mattered not;
bearing away With him; the fragments of the shat
tered ronf-tree, though he did, yet that mother
was with hint, a Ruth through all his life, and a
Rachml at his death:
READING Ammin.—There is no treat so great as
to hear good reading of any kind.—Not ono gen
tleman or lady in a hundred can read so as to
please the ear, and send the words with gentle
force to the heart and' understanding, Indistinct
utterance, Whines, drones, nasal twangs, nohes,
hesitation, and-other vices of elocution, are al
most universal. Why it is, no one can say, un
less it be that either the pulpit, or the nursery, or
the Sunday school ) gites the style, in these days,
Many a lady can sing Italian songs with ctonsid
able execution; but cannot read English passably.
Yet reading is by fur the more valuable accom
plishment of the two. In most drawing-rooms, if
a thing is to be read, it is discovered that nobody
eau read: otie has weak lungs ) another gets hoarse,
another bus an abominable sing-song, evidently
a tradition of the way in which he said Watts'
hymns when ho was too young to understand
them ; another rumbles like a broad-wheel wagon;
and another has a way of reading which seems to
proclaim that what is read is of no sort of cense.
*pence, and had better not be listened to.
The moon i 3 Width and fon,
Like a lily overblown ;
Come down into the garden,
And walk with me alone.
The garden-walks tiro dark,
And none dm moor to sou;
They are too buoy dancing,
To think of you and mei
I've something now to say
That I never said hefera;
It will not" do to-ntorrow—
• - To -night, or nevonnoro t
Blip on your nutA and como,
You need not fear the light,
ror when your taco is hithlon,
It will ho douhly night 1
She comes! I feel her near;
he still, my beating heart
What I shall say will part ns,
Or we shall never part I
gj A "retired merchant" writes a communi
cation to the N. Y. Express, discussing with cool
ness the causes of the financial troubles. to clos
es his letter by saying: --"Twelve years ago I re
tired on a snug country farm, and every year my
fields look greener, and I feel younger as I grow
older. This I would recommend to all, before the
loss of property and a shattered constitution make
it too late." This is a pleasent picture, and ex
cellent advice, but, just at this time, comes a lit
tle "too late" for many people. .
twit,. Women in tlioir most exalted state, are
not so difficult to win as ;they. are sometimes im
agined to be; it unfortunntely happens that the
best men think them the most so.
tlx.The only class of men-in the world who
nro not in the habit of disparaging their neighbors
are the Assessors of taxes, for it is well knOwn
that they nover!under:rate' anybody In the slight
est degree.
"...I.lcalth conies, of itself; -but Ave &rest great
pains to . get diseasea.' liealth•comes frorda sim
ple life of nature ; diseases front' the artificial life.
ki , 21 , 11C4 1 )34 5 03 1 ) 5 0'411N:Ct0i11A041: , 1:
WIIE undersigned would respectfull7 inform
Tit the citizens of Lebanon and vicinity that they
will at all times be found ready to accommodate
them in anything which belongt to their business,
which is PAINTING,. GLAZING; and PAPER ,
HANGING. They warrant all their Worin
By' Strict attention to luisiness they hope Eo BC=
cure a share of public patronage. Orders for work
can be leftatlVALvz t Itmont,'s Boole-store,whern
they wilt be promptlyetterfael to. At the latter
place too, ean.!:1090011 alargo asMarnent of neat
chaste designs 'or Wall, Ceiling ana Hull Papers
selected by them, from one; of the most extensive
establishments in the city of Philadelphia.
Sept. 2, '57-3r0.. THOICiiTON &
OVALtH I)l4'k:id:OS ONlti OLOOO
Bra,nds:eth'sPillspurity the Blond;
bllld operatioltwith otteceogul effect riro notpoolfil.
Hurl ty of Bratolroth's
U ' tSlt race itre Subjedito a redundancy of vitiated bile,
at this season, and It is as dangerous as it is prev
alent, but Brandretire Pills afford an invaluable and
efficient protectiOn. liy theiroccasionaf use we prevent
the collection of those impurities, wbialt, when ht nffi
cient quantities, cause so touch danger to the body'it
health. They soon cure livercomplaint,dyspepsia,lose
of appetite, pain In tbo bead, heart burn, pain in the
trreast bone, sudden faintness cud costiveness. In brief,
Itrandretb's Pills work their weiv to the very roots of
the disease, cleansing in their passage, removing every
Unhealthy accumulation till the blood is purified, the
whale, systent renovated, and the functions and ditty of
life become ar. pleasure, where before they had been sad
end- weary burdens. Often when nothing has relieved
vomiting of the most serious charaCter, whether front
ilmksichnes,s or otherwise, where the retching lids Wort
appalling, a single dose of four Brandreties Pills bus at
once cured and the patient has fallen into a sweet sleep.
then the rabid cannot collect itself; when the memory
fails; when it is an effort to Its the attention ; when out
sleep is broken and our waking hours harassed with
forebodings of evil,then Brandreth'a Pills should housed:
If these warnings remain unheeded, rheumatism, con
numptiou„.44nT of the heart, bilious affections, jaun
dice, d ropsks, pil es, ap peplos les and ros ti venom will sod'
doily present themselves. These lirandreth's Pins would
have prove n ted,bu t neverthelessru sas they will also cure.
Use them at once; do not let prejudice prevent the use
of this simple but potent remedy.
Brandreth's Theory of Disease
Never extract blood. Blood is the life. Sty abstract ,
ing it in painful diseases you may occasion the patient
ease, but remember, this ease is only the reduction or
loosening the power tp feel. ifed by thus taking away
na.ture's t‘mis, you may prevent herfrom fully repairing
the ravages of intleinmation, s convert what might only
have been the sickness of a few days or weeks Bit° 4
chronic affection of months and years.
Brandreth's Pills accord with Nature t
Nitture's remedy in fart. When sudden, acute or bettL
tiunea paiii UCVI.Ir3 from any came. then to insure a quick
return to !multi,. yt Moot me nrundreth's Pills, which
will soon relieve erery Organ from undlie preistire, and
remove those humors whose presence often occasions
Such terrible suffering.
BEFORE 'rum woR LT) lon 'maul
filL,Twenty million boxes sold and the sphere ol their
usefulness still extending. Ask for altuanack and pam
phlet of cures. A gents will Fupply gredis.
Bewane—all pills with -241 Broadway" on shin table
are counterfeits. Get the genuine and they will never
deceive. Sold at Dr. BOSS' Drug Store. opposite the
Court House, Lebanon, Pa. [July 15,'57-SID.
Advertising and Correspondence Office, 360 Broad ,
way, New York.
Alen , tend Important Dis 4
covert' in the Science of Medicine,
-31 E detCOLT* tle P OAR)! ACIE PHA RMACIEN de
enna. Sold wholesale and retail by Dr. H. .11.%
Barrow, member of the half/ College of Vienna,
and Royal College of Surgeons,
London, who may be
per rally consulted at his residence, 157 Prince kraal,
few blocks west of Broadway, New York: from 11 A. M.
till 2 I'. AL and from 4 till S I'. M.
,Sltlitirty6 4Xcepted,
unless by appointment.)
Triesemar No. 1,
Is a remedy for Relaxation, Spermatorrhera, and all thd
distressing consequences arising from early abuse, iadi&.
Criminate excesses, or too long residence in hot climates.
It has restored bodily and sexual strength and vigor to
thousands who are now in the enjoyment of health and.
the' functions of manhood; and whatever may he the
cause or disqualifications fur marriage, they are effectu.
ally subdued. •
Triesemar No. 2,
Completely and entirely erndhlnies till traces of Gonor-
Inen, both inits mild and tte•gravutrd forms. tileets,
lures, Irritation of the Madder, Non-reteniioti of the
Urine, Pains of the Loins mud Kidneys, and those disor
ders for which Copsivi and Cubttbs have so long beefs
thought nu antidote.
Triesomar No. 3,
is the groat Continental REMEDY for Willis and SCCOI3-
dury,symptoms. It also constitutes a certain curefor
Scurvy, Scrofula, and all cutaneous Ettiptions,relliaihtt
and expelling in its course all impurities front the vital
stream, so as altogether to eradicate the virus of disease,
and expel it by insensible perspiration through the ran
(Dam of the pores of the skin and urine.
I t is a never failing remedy for that clarts of disorders
which English Physicians treat with Mercury, to the in
evitable destruction of the patient's constitution, and
which all the Sarsaparilla in the error Id cannot remove.
MIESEMAR N 0.14 and 3, are prepared in the formula
lozenge, devoid. of taste or smell, and can be carried in
On waistcoat pocket. Said in tin eases, and divided in
separate dives as administered by Vatipean, Lineman,
*Roux, iticord, c., lie. Price $3 each, or four cases in
one for $9, which saves $3, and in $27 cases, whereby
there is a saving of $9.
None are genuine unless the Engravings of the seals
of the Patent Office of England, the seals of the teole de
Pharmacia de Paris, and the Imperial Collegeof Vienna,
are affixed upomeach wrapper, and around each case.—
Imitations are liable _to the severest penalties of the law.
Special arrangements enable Or. harrow to forward
immediately. on receiving a remittance, the $9 and laf
ger she cares of Triesetuar free of carriage. to any partof
the world, securelyitacked and properly addresses', thus
insuring genuine European preparations and protecting
the public from spurious and pernicious imitations.
Attendance and Consultation from 11 a. m. till 2 p. m.
and from 4 till Sin the evening. 117 Prince street, stew
blocks west Of Broadway, New York.
May 5,125741,
Cristadoro's Hair i)ye!
Within a nut-shell all the merits lie,
Of OriStadoto's never-equalled Dye ;
Bed it makes black, to brown transforms a gray,
And keeps the fibres always from decay.
gTAIIIIS matchless, re-vitalizing Hair Dye. still holds its
AA position as the most harmless and efficacious (lair
Dye in THU WORLD. rrepared and sold, wholesale
and retail, and applied in ten private teems, at Calera.
DOlto's, No. 6 Astor House, Broadway. New York, and
by all Druggists and Perfumers in the United States.
Agent—George H. liuyß,r, 140 Woodst., Pittsburg, Pa.
A Retired Physician
Whose.sands of life have nearly run out, discover
ed tin* while in the East Indies. a Certain cure Con
sumption. Asthma, Bronchitis, Coughs, COWS A Gen -
eral Debility. The remedy was diserivered by him
when bis only child, a daughter. was given up to die.---
tie had heard much of the 'wonderful restorative and
healing qualities of preparations made from. the East In -
dia ilemp, and the thought occurred to hint that he might
=the a remedy for his child. Sic studied hard and suc
ceeded in realizing his wishes. Dig child was cured, and
is now alive and well. lie boa since administered. the
wonderful remedy to thousa tuts of sufferers in all parts
of the world, and he has never failed in milting them
completely healthy and happy. Wishing to do as much
good as possible. he will send to such of his afflicted fel
low-beings as request it, this recipe. with full and explb
cit ditec lions for malting it up. and successfully using it.
He requires earls applicant to inelose hint one shilling
—three cents to be returned as postage on the recipe,
and the remainder to be applied to the payment of
this advertisenieut. Address
DR. 11. JAMES, No. I'D Grand Street,
. Jersey City,
V' t
v P e.,er,wh cre have you been
W 11Y, I hate been at the. STOVE STORE of JAMES
N. IWO EllS, niol bought one of his superior COOK
TM; STOVES, as be has just ret.nrnol from the city and
brought one of the hirge,l n,ortanents of
STOVES ever brought to Lebanon.
My neighbor got one from him. and it is the hest Cook.
lug Stove I ever saw. They run Bake, limed. Cook and
Wash at the same time, if they wish to. and it does eve
rything to perfection: I was determined to got one of
the same sort, and the best of all is he warrants every
COOKING STOVE he cells to do as he represents.
A few more of the same sort left, with a general as
sortment of
Parlor, Hall, or Dining Room Stoves,
which will be sold cheap. with a Toll assortment 4.4' TIN
and SILEET IRON WAItE, jr..nerally e t ,nnected with hi 4
busbies& .tar All work entrusted to him will ho done
with neatness and dispatch.
Lebanon, Sept. 23,'57
(Three Mike West of ilurrieburrO
rum: FOIifTEENTII SEr , SION of this Institution will
commence on MONDAY, the 211 of NorEttllC/i. next.
The attention of patents oral guarani, i. respectfully in'
'Cited to Oat advantages it :drols in educating Young Men
and Boys. The location is pleasant. hcalt hint and ropy,
nient of access, and the com.,. of similes eNt.llSiVe. CM
bracing the primary and higher an.deo of an English
Education, together with Latin. ti reel:. Vrench and Gi,x ,
than lAnguages, and Vocal and I ostranictital Music.
TEattS:—Boarding. t4 - a4tia„,. oral Tuition iu the English
Branches, Vocal Music, per Session. [2l Nwelis..l $OO,OO
For Circulars giving full particulars. address
B. DEN Li tiftEtt,
Oct. 7, '57-st. Hi/ rrisftcg, Pa,
Dissointiott et" Partnership.
iHB Co-Partners hip existing between the m elersigned.
aPtlantS;in the baron gb of Lebanon, was ilisliohred
by mutual consent ; en the Ist inst.
t t.:QttUti W. DALY,
' ' ..1011.N w. Ya.I.I.I.AMS.
• - . . . ....
Mr The business will be continu,d at the uld 6 tand by
the undersiFued, who reepoetfriUy dot:When continued ptet
ronako Of the establishment. '
Lebanon, 0et.1.1,'57-It. 11E01111E W. DAL)