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    Darius J. Seltzer,
O FFICE, in Cumberland Street, nearly opposite
V Brun's Hotel, Lebanon, Fn. Aug. 26,'57.
WILL attend to all his official business; also,
111 all other legal and professional business en
trusted to him will be promptly attended to.
Ol''xcE—ln Cumberland street, second door
east from Market st. [Lebanon, July 22,'57.
n'FFICE in Cumberland street, opposite the
VV "Eagle 'ntel," Lebanon, Pa.
Lebanon, April 22, 18b7.—ly.
Lafayette Brower,
CIAS FITTER, adjoining A. S. Ely's Offieci,Wal-
LT nut lotted, Lebanon, Pa. A large and` bbau
tihtl assortment of Fixtures from the well-known
establishment of , Cornelius A Baker,. always on
hand at PhiladeliThia priett. • -
t - s„,All work warranted to give satisfaction.
All orders will be faithfully executed on, the
most reasonable term:, tze..The best of reference
given, [Lobahon, 5ept...113,W.
DR. WM. M. (MILFORD his removed his Or
flee to hii now reloidenee on Market Street, a
few doors North of Rabor k Oves' Store, and be
tween it and the Now Lutheran church.
Lebanon, Deo. 10, 1856.—tf.
Water Cooler for Sale.
entirely ntr.r, oat' be obtained cheiip ak this
ewe. " lifirst4the thing for a landlord or Store-
Iteoper.:i - [Lebanon, Sept. 23,'5T .
To Printers.
is offered for sale, at this Offiee, very
cheap. The prices it $6O, septl6
For Sale.
A Second-hand Steam , ENGINE, 10 horse pow
er. It is to be sold to make room for ono of a
larger Mao. Apply to
Lebqnon, July 1,1557.
114111SrS11101311: DEUS
SIDES, Whitefish, Mackerel, Herring, Cheese,
Vinegar, Tobacco, &gars, Flour, Feeding,
ac., for sale by J. C. REISNER.
Lebanon, July 80, 1850.
Leather, Leather, Leather!
TTENILY W. OVERMAN, Imparter of French
.5—L. Calf Skins, and general Leather Dealerr No.
d, Sot,ltli 3d street, Philadelphia.
A general assprtmont of all kinds of Leather,
Moroooos, ie., Red Oak Solo Leather.'
Feb. 25,1257.-Iy.
To Persons about to 'V'tsit
.Markot street, bele* 9th street. Eve
ry attention given ' with a desiie. to,
H-7 , please. Boarding $1 per. Day—
„„„- .., • A. M. no pn.s,,
July 22 'Bl%-ly.
4.0 wanted immediately at the Steam Planing
Mills of the undersigned, in this borough. None
but the besrof hands Inquired, to whom liberal
wages nrilt•be given. Apply to
Lobitnen,, zit,. 13,
Bunker's Hi ll sand.. '
A Yety 'superior SAND'for Building and other
IL purposes, is offered for sale by the undersign
ed, in Rwatara township, at Bunker's Hill. . It is
sold at reasonable prices and delivered by the lin:
dersigneff personally. Send hauled and delivered
by other persons is not the genuine article. •
April 22, 1857.—tf. J. C. COOPER.
Wood Wood
MBE undersigned, residing in North Lebanon
Borough, oilers for sale cheap,
000 or 700 Cords
(estimated) good Wood. It may be soon at "Fin-'
Ikon's on the Union Canal, near Jones
town, [may 27, '57. . DAVID BalißlL
J. - VV. 'AcKER , s, -
From $1,25 ,taslo, 8 day and .30 hoin.
Cut, 2E''s6.
IL brick Marling in Aferket erect, north of Wa
ter, adjoining Jacob Weldle's property, in the bor.
,nigh of Lebanon. It is ealeulated for a Dyy Goods
and tiroeury Store, and la in a thickly populated
iteiglii.orltoutt, Possession' Will ho givenintineci
*tidy it' desired:- Apply on the premises to
Lebanon, A ug. h,
P. G; I . VIKEL.
ilricklayer and Jobber,
Union Deposit, Dauphin county, Penn'a,
AM 'wowed, at all times, to put up Brick.
AVork,'ln ail its branches and on the ehorteitt
notice. • Also, BRICK BUiLDING§,, portions,
Inn-walls, Bushes, 11oarths, and all work connect
ed with rt Furnace done. "11 , LP-A gang of Stone
Masons always ready to put down foundations,
and do stone - work of every description:: . ,
July 1, 1.887.—tf. G. WIIiEL.
Raftroo4 OMnibu,s.
A N OMNIBUS belonging to the undersigned,
11 will be daily at the Depot on the arrival of
the Oars to take Passengers and their baggage to
any partof Lebanon and vicinity. Pcrsons.leav
ing by the cuts will !MVO the omnibus millet their
residences in time for tbe cars, by giving previous
notice at Mrs. ltise's Hotel. The patronage of
the citizens of Lebanon, and surrounding coun
try, is respectfully solicited
July 1 p,'57-4m.
gi:Mb 17/2001 1 11%
3inrkit Street, HALL BUILDING.
QW ARTZ, &BRO. have just returned- from Phil-
adelphia with a splendid assortment of FALL.
Wrltt/M--Aosnlk; new styles.. of Ladles' Il)reit
Goods. Or* Please Call and Examine.'ll‘
Lehnnon, Sept. 0, '57. •:r '
r ,,
In Cumber al:CI street, next , door; Dr
Oak. 22, ;fie.
0 Loo-tcq
Thirtir I)stb
Eight *Ways
Thirty JUL 0 lir,
Just Reo(ited at
.T. J . ...SLAMS .TewolryAtm,
Lebanon, Pa.
"WaShingtOn ,'-
,Cumberland •Pa.
"rn . F. undersigned, having Wien this old and
Am- favorite •stand, and having refitted: it in the,
best "fa, is now prepared. to accommodate the
Tublle, and entertain strangers and travellers in
ithe best modern style. The }douse is -commodi
.ons and pleasant. The TABLE shuill be well pro- •
Tided for, Hod the BAB, itikbliti'Ntit:l;the
Ttinkiyiyiitcoons. The •STABFLAG Atiplhed
the /14 001 le lhrge and rodiny, and catuito 4f:
.combo, agreat numter of Horses. • 1 y A
Or, to his friends and amputintancesin Leh: ,
anon•Conti.ty, as well as to all others; ho extends,
a cordiallinvitatlon to make his Houk their noirk
when visiting Lebanon
April 210407,,
I) AGCEILEE 017 kr Pgas.%
IXTIIO takes thobeit RENESSES in Lebadon ? t
V V Why I) II: KELM; in the
lie has tho best , roomplest. light, best fixtures,
and has mode it his entire bus Ness for the last
five years: IRO alyray t vgoo:4o, .Aatest improve
ments ; he lies always thajotastistyle of eases on
hand ; he takes pictures. In, every. style of the aril
his STEREOSCOPE • PICTURES are wonderful
to behold. All his pieta-0144444 Sharp correct,
and of the highest finish. - Ghte,blin a 0 11 1414
You will not regret it. His terms' are very,;nioa
ewe.. • trn.
His rooms are open day 11(1 , 1030
Sunday,) from 8 o'clock. A M ytill 8• - "
Lebanon, Jnne 3, 1867.
T X/ ' 1 01 cAPAV, irea4r WIPP 3'; tai
acedtamodate enntOndyeivAhtliogots, - Shocub
maks and Trawel.ingAnkgs., t ; `• r,'?
=Lehanonsllutual Insurance
~• ' .J'' . tOrnpany. -
. ,
°foe; '2iijOne,edown, Lebanon Countk.,,
l• - tiVARANTEE CAPITAL $5,000.
THIS 4 „qom - pany is now fully organized and
reali - "to. - .make Insurance on all kinds of
.Fropertyfiy , tor or country and on as favorable
,`terms Warr .well-goVertted and safe company,
cithor owille Maud or joint stock 'principle.
President--Jbwrt Bnuromn, Esq. •
1 . , Tice President—D: M. Kenzazir.'" " ,
I •. Treasurer—Gao. F. MEILY.
Secraiikry—Wx. A: BArrar. •
Director 4.
Johb,Brimner, Esq., : . Daniel Brown, , •
D. M. Karriany, , •". . Napoleon Desh,
. Geo., F..llfoily.. . John Arndt,
WA. Barry, - : : ..l"ohn. lleily,
S. IL Shirk, ' L. R. Walker,
Daniel N. /Sever, D. M. 4ank.
14 1 A. S. Evi is , et .;Agent for: Lebanon.
Ho may ak.n f ll,-times ,be:Tottad at his ctlcco- in
-Walnut Street '• ' - '•.. - ... ,-." -" •
"Jonestown July 15 la '
titltoalliori. Valle* Rank;
. .
Located in Market. street,. nearly oppo
site the United' Hall, one. Door , North
.qf the Post Office. ' • '
• ,
- I , XTILL pay, the
DEPOSITS, e following KATES ef INTER-
:- . Tv EST on n, and after, the Ist
day of March, 1867, viz :- 7 -
.. .
For 1 Year; and longer, 6 per cent, per annum.
For 6 swathe, and longer, 5 per cent . per annum'.
For 3 nitinthi, and Linger, 4 per cent. per annum.
,' *.Retviiring a. 'short notice of withdrawal, and af
fords a liberalline of accommodations to thosi who
may favor it With deposits,payable On demanci. Will
pay a' premium on 81.A:reran and'l.leXteAX Dor,-
lias,'And also on OLD AMERIOAN'''COLLAES AND
HALF DOLLARS. Will make collection"' on and
remit' to all parts Ihalinitedtatek, the Cana
due; and. Europe ; Negotiate LOinsjite. &e., and
L ,-
ano:Gixtis, Cashio, ~ 7 , . , 7
IscHE, undersigned , Managers, are individually
-- ay - 'liable to the extent of. their Estates for all
deposits and other obligatiOns" of the ooLpartrier
ship filed in the Prothonoterfs Office of Lebanon
County, trading under the name and style of the
14 Lusartcur VALIiEV BANE." ''..
Sinew °Aurae% . G. DAMSON COLEMAN,'
ft,' ty
...lA - IWe 'Forma, l' , AUGUSTUS Bev), ,
' .1.441,1je:11,557..) - GEORGE Ovum'.
• i
' .
.....„..." , -;‘,.., .
,--.........: . . . ~ .. , , ... . .
-. : ,
. -
a.,...,..,..,,,:„. ''r'.“ 11
'if -..-- -: - , AUI
f er iris r
VOL. 9--NO. 'l6.
Indemnity Atainst Loss by Fire.
Franklin 'Are Eisurance Co—
Pltne* 163 i. OlOgliTpliOTßEvr, Ni!AR STII
' B lll tagtr. , .r.
STATEMENT OF ii:S9E7+S4 $1 5' 8 27'4 11845:
J ' ANTI44Is72, 1857;
2Pubitieheci AgreeitAtit to an Act of Aseeinbty
First Mortgagee. • amplyseemd, $1,019,028 70
Real Estate (present value, $109,000) cost, , 82,784 36-
Temporakyrities;,Loans, on Collateral seen
' ' 89,114 18
Rteek s , '(Fneiaitt f value,2sB23,BBl 12, coat, ; .1)7
Cash, At, 22. 2 • 04,121:-56
• 2 • , $1,827,18 80
PERPETUAL 46eirdivittir INSURANCES made on
every description orknpeity,
nate, is LOW as, are 'consistent with' security.
'Since their incorporation; a period of twenty-eight
years, thiy hav6 paid over TIIREE MILLION DOLLARS
LOSSES' Y Fizz; thereby affording evidence of the ad
vantages pf Insure's' co, as well is the ability and dispo
sitionto meet, with promptness, all liabilities.
Losses'Paid4aing the year 1850,
TostAs Wxaz!!r, • ^1 PATID S; .I}R,O*N )
'Mo. W. ItionAws, l . Okonaz Pawl.
Cruat.o BAnun, President,
25. 7 4 f.
To No. 4; Eagle
Fashionable Hat and Cap. Store,
~....-Market Square, Lebanon, Pa.
THE undersigned hereby informs his friends
and the public in general, that he is now, and
will be always, fully prepared to supply- his ens
toinors with goods in his line Wholesale-and re
tail, - at-the shortest notice; 'and upon-the most ac
conimodating terms. His stock consists of. Bea
var, Nutria, Russia, Cassintere Moleskin, Silk,
Soft Hats, ac., which be will dispose of at the
lowest pikes: All his Hats are manufactured un
his own immediate superintendanceyand be
feelswarranted in saying, that for durability and
finish they cannot be . surpissed. Country.mer
chants, visiting Lebanon, dealing in .hats and
caps, can he supplied at wholeaide prices, from
ono to a dozen, such sizes as they may want.
P.--Fox, Mink; lifuskrat, ataltabbit,
Skins wanted, for which, ,tke,,-higheat market
prires Will be paid. - [rob.,Teb. 0,1856.
Of J. NI. Good's Book Store.
THE undersigned, having reiniWed'his New and
Cheap Book Store, to Market square, 2 doors
north - of Dr. Go ILFORD'S New Minding,. Mark a
st., where he will be pleased to see all:of his old
friends, end those dcsirious of having articles in
his line. With a determination of selling cheap-
Cr than can be purchased elsewhere : he would re
spectfully call the attention of the public to his
assortment of-
Bibles, Hymn and Prayer .Ilooks, Mis
cellaneous, Blank and &boot Books,
Wall and Window Paper, :
Stationery, anti every artielein4isline of busi
ness. Also, Pocket Diaries and Almanacs for
18.57. All the Igagazines, and Newspapers, both
daily and weekly, to be lied it Publisber's rates.
All orders for articles in his : line Carefully and
.promptly attended to, by the undersigned.
Lebanon, Jan. 14, Mr. J. M. GOOD.
Cloth, Alartufactory
THANKEtL for past. favors;the undersigned
respectfully inform; the`public," that he con-
Clones his manufactory in East Hanover, Lebanon
county, on ns extensive a scale as ever. Itis un
necessary for hinyto say more than that the work
will be done in the same excelleu t. style which has
made his work and 'name so well known to the
surrounding country. Be promises to, do the
work in the shortest possible time. The Manu
factory is in complete order, and he flatters him
self to be able t render the same satiSfactien as
heretofore. lie '` inaiiiifaCtures
Broad an Narrow Cloths, Csasinets, Blanket '
White and other Flannels, ,
AU finished in the beet manner, and at reason
able prices. lie also cards Wool and makes Rolls.
For the'eonvenience of his customers, wool and
cloth will be taken in at the following places :
At the stores,of George A Shellenberger, Loeser'
Jr, Brothers, Shirk A Tice, and George Reincehl,
end it Guilford a Lemberger's New Drug store,
in Lebanon ; at the stores of Shirk dt Miller, and
Samuel U. Shirk,. in North Lebanon borough ;
Samuel Goshert, Bethel tp.; the public house of
Wm. Eurnst, Fredericksburg; Samuel E. Bickel's
store, Jonestown ; George Weidman's store, Bell.
;view ; Melohior Reichert, 2 miles lune Palmyra;
Martin Early's store, Palmyra; Gabriel Wolfers
berger's store, Palmyra Bending; Mehra Shirk,
East ilinover,.Dauphin county; at the stores of
Mr. Eby, and David M. Rank, East Hanover,.
Lebanon, county:
All materials will be taken away from the a.
I ,bove planes, finished without delay, and returned
• Those of, his customers who wish to have Stock.:
_ing Wool earded, dyed and mixed, eau leave their
'Wool (white ) ) rat the ()hove mentioned places,
with dirmitions how they. wish it prepared. Or
his customers can order the stocking-wool to be
„made from the emaersigned'a wool, which will bo
'done,. and left at the desired place.
N. B.—lt is desired-„that these having wool
carder w . ll.pu the ;AIL' therefor, rat the • above
im p ali e o v-tr v -' LYON LEMBERGEIC
• Else - flover - tio.'APril. 6 , 1557. -
$301,638 84
To-morrovi you Will 'bow to me,
• *
And giro mo greeting'as wo nuiet;
8611 not torn around to we
Your fhir self ariling down the street.
roar silken vibes May braid! my feet,
Your lips may wear the coldest smilei
And curl as though they lid not greet,
;With sweetest kisses; mine erst while:
shalt not wander to the glen
To hiens•tho path your small teet trod;
Nor hang each moment's agains
Upon your soft apprpring nod!
The hot blood will not born my cheek
'When'you and I etand tam to face;
.t.To pulse quicken when you speak—
Nu grow wild at . your eweat: game
Then heave in prone disdidnionr breast,
Si. White-and Win 'and veined With blue,
And blush to think how oft 'Mks prest
To mine, when yon and love were trim!
The'iroftcl gets *tsar every day,
Mara so, that's so':
bound to hare bet way,
That's so, too;
Te contradict will raise a spree,
'MOWS so, than, so;
But man with her should still wet.,
• - Afid that's sti, too.
She carries hoops beneath her skirts,
That's so, theirs so;
They show• her off when'er she flirts,
That's so, too;
She wears her bonnet very small,
That's so, that's so;
Awl flounces If sites very tall,
And that's so, too.
Of a Shipwrooked Passanger on Board tile
" Contral America I"
. Ir may appear a frivolous remark, but:l never
embarked on a voyage with such misgivings as I
felt when the Central America steained from As
pinwall. hope lam mat unduly superstitious;
but thrice life, and thrice only, have I been
visited with a terrible nightmare--alddeous mon-
O'er, resembling pictures I have seen of winged
devils, squatting en my chest, and throttling '
with its bony fingers, till I woke with a real rat
tle in my throat, and a clammy perspiration burset
ing forehead. Thrice, I say, this hor
rid nightmare visited me. The first time, I got
up, absolutely Unnerved, and found the house on
fire, and my young brother beyond the, reach of
rescue. Again, years afterward; the terrible spec
tre re-appeared t -I woke, Sat up all night in ago
ny of dread ; finding all sure when daylight came,
kfancied that my fears were baseless; till the post
arrived, bringing me tidings of the death of one
for whom I would willingly bare surrendered my
own life. I was visited by the same dream the
night before we sailed from Aspinwall.
I would have staid behind had I bad the least
reasonable pretext. Bat there were some in theso
Atlantic States who were anxiously expecting me.
I could not disappoint theM—espeeially for my
dres.m! sake; I sailed, With gloomy forebodings
whiCh were at times almost overwhelming.
You have read in the published accounts the
narrative 'of our voyage from Aspinwall to Ha
ventie,,and from thence to sea again. At Havan
na I. was sorely tempted to wait for the 'next
Steamer. I did-not like the Crfitral America; I
distrusted her when she bore the name of George
4ew,,and the change of name did not tend to in
crease my confidence in ber seaworthiness. lint
after all, I had not the courage -to be swayed by
my fears.'
On the morning of Thursday the 10th when I
went on deck the gale was high, and the ship was
laboring heavily. I did not at that time realize
the danger that was approaching; I was so cool
and confident 'that I derived amusement from
Watching the nervous fears Of some of the passen
gers. There was a young boy among the latter
whose dread of drowning was visible in his
blanched face; every wave that approached made
him quiver and tremble; could notice his teeth
chatter as the
.steanter. yose over the huge seas;
When I .rallied by., he Shuddered and crossed
himself—he was a devout Cittliolie, the son of pi
ems Spanish parents. ' • •
I walked the deck during most of the day;tuitt
toward evening accepted an invitation to play .
with some California friends. The gale, .the
whistling of the witol, , the.groaning.of the ship,
the rumors of a ‘.‘regular September sterol" which
were already afloat among -the passengers, height
ened the exeitement'ef our play; }se begunwith
- $2,50. Stakes—we soon made them twenties. An
open,basket of Champagne stood beside us : one
or two of the party sang hilarious songs; the Vote
passed to play "till the wind went down." I won
several hundred dollars, perhaps thousantlel
hardly know. About throe or four a. in., on Fri
-day, I asked permission to lie'down for"an hour,
proMisitig'M - resettle `my Itlace afterward.
friends consented reluctantly. I had hardly
stretched myself on a berth, and.clesed: my eyes,
when I felt the darkness gathering itself into a.
form—l felt a. growing weight on my cheat—lf•elt
an increasing tightness about my throtitH..l knew,
what it meant; it was flty dream' returning.
I sprang out of bed and rushed on dock. It
was pitch dark; and the north wind blew so that
I could not keep my footing without bolding on..
The, steamer was working slowly. - The officer of
the watch and the crew looked very anxious flrid
were unusually alert. .
Prone that moment I forekildicloier fatal
I went below, and declaring that I would play
no.tnore, drew from my belt my winnings and
laid Wein onlbe'table.
"Gentlemen," said I, "will any of you ant for
these,;or shall I give them to the Orphan Asylum
at San Francisco?"
(poor fellow I he is gone, I fear,) bad
been losing and drinking 'freely; he accepted.tho
I cut kten, bet held' it in Iny bind :1!!0 that he
could not seO,it:; he cut a seven.
"Lost f! said Ito him; pushing him did money,
"I have ,
Throwing-the cards in a heap, I walked out • of.
the state-room, and prorneded to make my arrange
ments for the catastrophe. They were few and
simple. , I had a large amount in gold with me,
and severit drafts—the product of years of ardu
ous and persevering labor in' the hardest of fields
—California. .The former I rolled into a bundle,
and threw into a corner of the state-room..
.- I could not help:laughing bitterly, at this.—
Here were several—no matter how many—thou
sand dollars in gold; which had cost me years of
bard iriolt'iO earn. Afol , hours before, thole who
know me, will not need to:be told that.l would not
have shrunk ,froni blood to defend s ifH.
latent lochs, revolvers, and extra prudonca had
ail been 'ailed into play to tranepOrr.,il , ,,thup
,snfi ty; . nn f l.none - I kicked ft lute- the,eorn9r of the
state-room with as little ceremony as if it had
been a dirty shirt, walked out, and left the door
Before the day was over roused to think my
self singular. On Friday night a min might have
had a fortune for the gathering; several poor fel
lows went to the bottom wait ; rolls of Stolen gold.
round their waist.
It witlabdutmid-daY on Friday, as near all I
can recollect; that the steamerhecame unmanage.: !
able, and the. pumps wore rigged...A*ls of ;earl-.
one kinds were set to try to keep het head to the'
storm, butwitheut success. Then the fore-yard,
with an OnChor fast, to it,,was put overboard to
act asadriigi but it, had no effect beyond imped
ing the Working of the forward pump. We lay
fairly in the trough of the sea, which washed over
us and into us. Under the direction of Captain
,Ilerndon, gangs'of men were farmed to work the
pumps. I joined one of them, and , wrought, I
hope I may zealously and:faithfully, as long' ,
as my strength lasted: Some, On hoard said:.that .
they were orof order, and , ;threw out no water;,
others, agai 7 , --tirol among these the ship's officers
—encourages to persevereitly many assarite_ .
cgs that wo Aire gaining- 7 on'"the legit. lam
not a sailor; and can not undertake to decide
ainong - these conflicting opinions. I never had
much 'belief Myself
,in the theory of "the leak,"
and I was prepared to believe that the pumps
threw out no water. We were in the trough of
the sea, and could not keep our head to windward.
What more need I say?
I htul.not slept on Thursday night; needed no
sleep -on the following' one. Went down below,
and talked to the ladies about the prospect of our
being saved, striving 'to encourage them. The
storm raged more finionsly than over, and the
steamer careened over on her beam ends. The
poor, creatures lay huddled together in heaps, a
few silent and thoughttul,:bitt the most of them
nervous and restless. Went to M--'s room, and
found him asleep, with the money ho had won
from me under his pillow. Sat down on a attest
and began to recall the stories of shipwrecks I
had road hi, days gone by. Captain Bligh's was
the one I remembered hest: While I was sitting
there the steamer gave a sudden lurch, and threw
some one upon MO. :
It was the
. Spanish boy: He was crying. Il i
suppose he Was not a manly boy, but his feeling
was quite human. Ile was very much afraid of,
being drowned, and he, lth myself, foresaw our
fate 1 I tried to cheer him up. ITC took a little'
cross from his neck, and showed it to Me, saying
that his sister: bad given it to him when he left
home, and begging me to let her know, if lie were
drowned and I escaped, that all his thoughts at
that terrible moment' were about her:
On Saturday morning those who, unlike myself,
had derided the storm, began to look serious.—
..lII—. accosted me with assumed bravado, and
asked if I would go finish the game. . .
' "Providence will do that for us," said I mourn
fully, for my spirit wargone.
I believe:—l sorrow' to . say it—that • 'arid -
some of his friends went below to play, and that
they went into the presence of their Maker with
cards in their , hands.
Suffer me tepause a single instant in thiS gloomy
narrative to pay a just tribute of 'admiration to
the noble fellows who suffered the women and
children to bo taken off to the brig. Remember
that we were five hundred, all of us armed; that
the Captain and crew could not have kept us back
for five tainutealf we had chosen to seize theloata,
True, there were matirtinong us wheconsiderea
the steamer safer than the boats. But the major
ityof the Californians knew that the former was
sinking. None to whom I spoke entertained any
delusive hopes on the point. Rescue from passing
vessels was the only resource to which nine-tenths
of the passengers looked. Yet, with one or two
trivial esceptions, not a man interfered with ! the
embarkation of the women and children. Consid
eriug the character and antecedents of the bulk of
the passengers, this conduct appears to me to ho
unequalled in history. -
It was dark when our last hour came. The
wind had fallen, but the sea was running in high,
massive waves. Heavy clouds hid the sky, with
occasional flashes of lightning, and now and then,
as the clouds shifted, a glimpse of a star. There
was a genteel silence - on board, interrupted now
and then by boisterous "shouts from revelers belew.,
Waves had washed over us before. I did 'not
realize the difference between this one and its pre
accession till I felt my feet lase their hedd,and saw
all dark above. I knew that I was going down.--
down—down. I tried to resist the down Ward suc
tion, but it was impossible. DOWlii slowly, very
slowly down, I went, till I was in the , depths of
the deep, and. the preitsnre Of the:water oinnY ears
and nose was exerueiatingly•painful. think I
.fainted in eonsequenCe. If I did, the sensation
: of rapid motion through the water reviVed Me. I
was rising to the surface. I never realized the
power of water before. My utmost strength could.
' not in the least moderate or alter my nicition.:.
Ohl it was heart-rending to hear' that-shriek
which 'rose frem the belly of the waves as five
hundred men rose from the depths . and found
themselves floating on the surface of the ocean, in
the night, miles and milcs - distant from'lmid
Theyrose, thick as a shoal of fish, striking each
other, and being struck by the fragments of the
wreck which jhad been submerged with-the ship.
What death-grapples for pieces of the Irreckl—
One of the last sights I saw was the gleam of a
knife is a burly fellow cht . the hands of a fellow
passenger from a spar in order to keep it for
himself. I needed all my strength,. myself, to
protect myself froth this de i#llygrasp of drowning
men. • • ' ' :
After a time a piece of-the wreck floated toward
me. A man was clinging to it. I called to him,
and asked whether it would support two? No an
swer. I called again.. Still no answer. I swam
to him, and seizod him by the arm. was dead,
but his hands still clung to the timber. I had no
hesitation in Miring a place on the fragment,which,
indeed, would have supported several persons.—
tooking about Me, : to find some ono to share it
with, I descried 'a head in the darkneas,;andl hail
ed. lt wrenched near - enough for me to - grifilit .
it. I pulled the swinuner.hp,`anddieofivered that
it was the-Spanish bey!
Poor fellow ! thoegh it was warm, and there
was no wind,he shivered from head to foot: I,
knell, at a glance, that it was a death-shudder.—
I bade him hold on firmly, lest a wave should
sweep him off; but I had hardly said the words
when I saw hint "press his little cross to leis: lips-
a huge sea swept over us—he was gone, andi saw
him no more:
lie was the last of my . fellow-passengers Whont
I beheld that night.. The cruel sea semi separat
ed us, and.' was alone. rear had gone &Om nie;
escape seemed,,utterly out or the question. , I now
observed proper .precautfonsmore view
of carrying ont.conscientlouslra curious experi
ment. than from-any belie that Imight be saved:
Several times the thought of precipitating my end
by plunging into the , sea occurred time; I do net
know 'why I repelled it.
Hoare passed. Psychological students Will an,
derstand me when I say that I was busily engag
ed in composing, mentally, a business, letter to
accompanY taciaztt Sales—polishing' firol,l
- the sentences, altering a word here, addina
phrase th4e, and even inserting with mot r
care each comma and period—when a cry like
tbunder—"Aboy, there!"—woke me up, and I
found myself close under the qua . rter of a skip.
How I got on hoard T hardly know. That I
was saved; that I lay down on board the deck of
our preserver and cried like a child for an hour or
more; that I was most generously and humane
ly treated; and that a lifetime of devotion would
ho but an adequate return-for the obligation riti
marred, lam bore to testify. , '
From the'iMes, Oct. 8..
Three Men Reecued after being Nine Days Adrift
on! the Ocean—Vey
.49 rrive in New York—A.
Tkrining Narrative of Famine and Suffering.,
The City, as startled yesterday by the appari
tion of three mon rescued from the Steamer Central
America. They tame looking alieost like 8 kele
tons, gaunt, sick, exhausted..they were :found
drifting in 'One of the steamer's :life-boats, some
:1111 miles NortheaSeof the sPot Where the Central
America went down, and nine days after, that sad
affair theißri ,,, Mary picked them up; on her Voy-'
age froin Cardenas lettba) to Cork, Ireland. The
Har,y carried them eastward seven day-s, when ,
she met thi Breman Bark Laura, coming from
Bremen toward New-York, mid transferred them
to her. The' Laura arrived yesterday morning
with the three men. Their names are.
Trot, 2d Engineer of the Central America
Ar.r.kannrm GRANT, Fireman.
NV. Divscis; (coidred,)Passenger
Mr. Tice staid by the steamer till the moment
she sank, with a plank that he had before prOvid,
ed, he plunged into the sea. He was drawn down
• 0
in the whirl, but, in coining to the surface, again
brought his plank, with him.. To 'this alone .be
clung for three days, seeing no sail, nor any of
his late shipmates. On the fourth morning be
drifted past an empty boat, for
. which, deserting
his plank, he swam, and,ltifter a tedious pull, got
into it. On the fifth day he drifted close past the
steamer's hurricane deck—simply an inch-hoard,
platform, covered with oiled canvis—Mr. Grant,
One of the steamer's firemen, who was on this hur
ricancleck, jumped off, swam to Tice's boat, and
the two rowed her up (for happily the oars had
not been hist out) to the hurricane dock, and took
off DaIV3OII, thq only tenant it then had. The
three, then, drifted four nights and three , days
longer, north and eastward, up to the very east.
ern edge of the Gulf Stream, sad out of usual tree"(
of all vessel. Tice had nothing to eat nor to drink
from the day the steamer sank until on the fifth day l
when he strack a dog-fishwith the blade of his oar
and killed it. This Wretched provender they eat
ravenously of, raw, of course, and then till the'
ninth day they had no more to eat. On the
eigth nighth there was a heavy rain. Of the wa
ter that fell they drank freely, and would have
killed themselves With it, Grant said, but that
they bad been able to save only &little of it and
the supply soon failed. Whether it is true that the
two on the hurricane deck had cat we know not;
if they had it must have been that 'they fed on
human flesh. * But this Grant stoutly denies,
while Dawson stubbornly refused to say "Yes" or
"No," when his friend, as delicately as a bluff old
sailor could, asked him the queition.
The two who were saved on the hurricane-deck
suffered less during the first four days than the
Engineer. Grant says that when he found him
self overboard, still clinging to the piece of wreck
-th.d.4beld by when it parted from the steamer '
there werenine otherfon it, six, of, them the steam
er's passengers. They saw no sail, nor could tell
that any survived beside themselves. 011. the sec
ond day. Dawson, the colored man, drifted to them
on a plank.' lie attempted to get on the hurri
cane-deck, but they remonstrated, as the weight,
of those already on it sank it so low that the waves
washed clean over it at every wave. He would not
part company with them„however, but clung fast
to a side, waiting until as. one after ;mother of
them dying, fell off, it lifted to the surface, and
Grant was glad to have his company. ' As we
have already said, Mr. Tice picked
_them up on
the fifth day. .
Though these, three coon are in.tho City, andwe;
have conversed with them all, it is little that; can
be got eut.of either of them, or that they have yet
told anybody. So long, as they were on board the
brig llary experiencing the: kind attentions • of.
Capt. Seeorer, they were so utterly prostrated as
to be unable to communicate much of OCH-horrible
nine days' experience, even if in their wretched
monotony it were not like,, one.long , dream. yy
On board the Laura; Grant had recuperated a.'
nough to
- tell his story, if be had felt disposed,hut
he spOke only English, which of the 400 odd . Ger
man passengers and, crew ef the Laura, only the
the mute and one passenger spoke English. Oa
their arrival here, their liest''friefitis , and their .
physicians unite' n advising thein to open their
mouths only to eat „The statements that we an...!
nex are the result of their.oceasional conversation
since they reached port Tien is Mteeedingly
weak and debilitated. Ile:iiiiiited;'several times
The bark Laura came up from Quarantine and
anchored off Castle Garden•at 9/ yesterday, The
three rescued huided, and paSsed'a short time at
Castle Garden, receiving the ~grecting of such
friendstisliad , heard of their arrivaL• They were
almost suffocated by ; the 'tio*tt which pressed
around them, - and 'it,Was diffieult tb answer "one
half, the enestiona, put them. The colored man,
Dawson, evidently impatient of the distinguished
attention shown him, soon found an' opening
through the ctowii and Ilinped away.
• Mr. Tice and Mr. Grant were driven in a car
riage to No. 177 West street, whore another larger
crowd was assembled in expectation of their ar-
rival. They went up' stairs to the"office, where
the officers of• the Company, met them. Mr. Tice
and Mr. Grant aro much reduced in flesh, their
feet are tender and swollen, and- their-lips, face
and hands sore where the skin has been peeled off
by the action of the salt water washing over them
for so many.days, and their exposure tp,a scorch 7
ing sun. They have the appearance of men just
recovering from protracted ,apd..serere illness;
their lips are black-Choir cheeks sunken. Both
Walk with difftel4y., Both, ay that they could
not have continued alive , many hours longer. n -,
'Then fallen in with by the little brig Mary for.
Greenock, they_could s.capply move a hand or
speak; their flesh was wasted, and their skeleton
forms were frighlfUl to each Other. limy weep
also covered over with small boils,Whinte'vi!iib ,
fast opening into painful. ulcers. They hild';ebn .
their 'Co4iPtiniona die; one by one, and hadlost all
hope of being saved; They had 'to bi3*lilitid''On
board the brig by the'sentnen, and it Was several
days before they could•wiilk; their feet wore so
much swollen, and so tinder; food .. Wit, given (hem
very sparingly, Until rbstored,
and Ciptain . Willianniont and his officdra' bad con
stantly to . caution theui . against eating to exedss.
They had 'very littlo ClothistsUpon thein alien
picked - up , but they were Won impplied wiflrall
they rtiquired ori• ktiiikt . 94ll4#3i, whoio
and officers acted tiowards tliem with great hit=
Manity. In one week from the time they were
P, up, they
o spiiiceilie t hark'Litara, from Bre
merifler 'Noir Yerk, Capt. Williamson, and were
put (on the 28th of Septethbor,
- noon,) lilal . 40° 54', lOng. 60°, and broUilit to
-thin port. It will be remembered that itt - wits
i ii}t; 31° 25'; and long. 7T lO'; W. that the Cen-
WHOLE NO. 433.
tral America foundered. Capt. Williamson had a
ship full of passengers, 'but did everything possi
ble to supply' their wants.
nab Who indulge in the !weed," have
been considerably exercised of late by the reports
of a short crop of tobacco, both in Cuba and the
Southern Stees. -To relieve their fears . , we would
state that tiftwo are several earioes of guano on
their way here - Mach is equally as nasty as Wham).
. ,
.013 4 . - Tho . eseential:point in our intercourse with*
children, is to be truthful oursoli;oe: ' . 3grerYether
interest 444 to be sacrificed to that of truth.--
When we irriaq: way deceive a child, we not on
ly set him a Oink:ions example, but also lose our
influence over him forever.
- • •
;"Going to jail is fun, in Raleigh, N. C.—
The Spirit of the Ago says, the prisoners are a
merry set, fiddling and dancing, whooping and
yelling, oia cutting,
,up all sorts of capers, even
to the) iti:hoy:lnee Ofontildcis who are taxed to,
AV - Insults, says a modern philosopher, are
like a counterfeit moiler; we can't hiuder them
being offered; but we are not Compelled to take
them: . .. • . . •
jat-A pleasant. wife is a rainbow, in the sky
when her husband's . m end is tossed with storms
and tempests, •
ASr . Never give ,counsel where it is not asked of
you,•especially to those who are not capable of
appreciating, it.
The best heads can but inisjudge in cases
belonging to the jurisdiction of the heart.
• pir•Pride breakfasted with ptenty, dined with
'inaverty, and supped with infamy.
9l`,s" .Labor and prudence relieve as from three
great 0141s- 7 -vice, lygtnt and indolence.
Leivau's Super Phosphate of Lime.
7,000. TONS.
.14 Lk:nut's Super Phosphate of Lime, at 21 ets.
a lb. or $4O a Ton; or-uso.- -
Leinates American Fertilizer! .
at $3,50 a bbl. or $25 a ton. One barrel of either
is sufficient fin. an Acre of Wheat. These are
made of reliable Chemical •Elements, and have
been in successful use for the past Six Years, in=
proving the soil and increasing the value of the
Four Diplomas from:the State Agricultural So
ciety of Pennsylvania;, New Jersey ;.,telaware
and the Crysfal Palace Association of the. City of
New York, have been received for these Valua
ble Fertilizers. ' . '
Pamphlets in the i English and German Lan
guage can ho had by application at the Office.
' A liberal discount to wholesale dealers.
The above Fertilizers, deliiered FREE of Cart
age to any :wharf. in the old: City . proper.
Orders sent by Mail accompanied with. Cash or
Drafts, will be promptly shipped to any part of
the world.` - GEO. A. LEINAU, .Proprietor,
No. 79 South Front street, Phila. City.
July 29, '57-4m.
Jactib Ittadle,
- DESPECIWriLY lifiiirnie the Phblii that
Air still cohtintiet*scifinsive establishment in
his neleintildinw, in Cumberland street, where he
hopes to render the same satisfaction as hereto
fore to all who may favor him with their custom.
He invites Merchants and dealers in
Boors and Shoes,
and every one . whO wishes to purchase faShiona
ble and durable articles inhis line, to call and ex.
amine for themselves, his large and varied stock.
Ile is determined to surpass all competition, in
the manufacture of every article in his business,
suitable for any market in the Union. A due
care is taken in regard to materials and workman
ship; none but the best quality of Leather and
other materials are used, and none but the best
workmen are employed.
P. S.—He returns his sincere thrmlt's to'his
friends for the very liberal patronage - eretofere
bestowed on him. He hopes by strict attention
to business and endeavoring to please, his custo
mers, to merit a share of public patronage. .
Lebanon, Oct, 17, 1856.
01-*Well;Peter, 'Where Have You Beene_
tIIY.I have beenat the STOVE min; of JAMES
. he oLb s o j tgl: r t;r u i: .n o e fp f a ro s i u n p t er t lorCO9ff..
1 . 1 4 1 G STOVES , as city and
brought ono of the largest assortments of
STOVES ever brought to Lebanon.
Ify neighbor got one from him, and it is the best °pok
ing Stover ever saw. They END Bake, Roast, Cook and
Wash at the same time, if they wish to, and it does eve
rything to perfection ; I was determined to got one of
the same sort, and' the hat of all'ta he warrants every'
COOKING STOVE he sells to do as he represents.
A few Mere of the same sort left, with a general as
sortment of ' ' -
Parlor Hall, or Dkning Room Stoves,
wiiich will be sold cheap,:kitb a.full assortment of TIN
and snEE'r now WARE;generally connected, with his
business.' `Wi - All work - entiiisttil tObint will: be done
with neatness 81/11 dispatch. : -
Lebanon Sept.. 3, '57 JAMES N. ROGERS.
CORNER of ilarket tt Water Sts., Lebanon, Pa . ;
in the room formerly occupied by Jacob Weidle,
Esq., where he still continues to keep an assort-
Men tof the very best brands of Wines and Liquors
that can be got. To those who are acquainted with
his liquors it is not necessary for him to speak as
the liquors will speak for themselves. < To Hotel'
Keepers, :others, he would state, that it is
merely necessary.for them to call and examine his
stock to satisfy thems'alVes, as he warrants io ren
der full satisfaction: EM'L. RE IG ART..
87-Itankomber; at %Voidle's Corner
Lebanon,..Sept. 9, 1857.
in North Lebanon Borough:
N E.W R IC E S ! •
100;000 B l 7 o7llll3u ' sh il el E s A ß T Yß, •
100,000 Bushels CORN,
1100,000 'Bushel s OATS,
Clover Seed, Flax Seed, Timothy Seed, tor 'all
which the.:highest market prices in cash will-be
paid_ I,y IWPFMAN,. .k Co. •
: North Lebanon, July ;9, 17,.V.. •
. . •
IN the inatfer: of the nioney raised on tho sale of
the Real Estate or Jew( WEIDMAN , of the Bor
ough of Lebanon, Poem's.
True undersigned Auditor appointed by the Court
11 of Common Plena of said county to make dis
tribution of said ninnies, to and•ani mg. his credi
tors, Will meet , the parties.intereSted at his Office,
io the borough of Lebanon, Penn'a., on:Tunsnsx.,
the 20th day of OCT9,II . EIt, A. D. 1857, at 10 o'-
clock, n. m., at which time said distribution Will
be made. All the creditors InOludesi in the judg-
Moots will exhibit their'evidonce of debt, whether
bonds, notes or otherwise, to the..underisigned
or before said day. 4NTHONY S. ELY,
Lebanon, Sept. 23,'57. Auditor.
.L 0 0 N .LA 13 . 8 ES. '
.• • G. IN.
.WHOLESALE AND' RETAIL Manufacturer of. Ornamental Ruffians Guilt LinskixigGines4-
es, Portrailand . Pieture Frames of every ntyle;
'large stook of the above alwiy§ on baud, which I
will soli frolii:10 to 15 per cont. less thim any other
-eStablishment - in the' city. 4' •.•
r .. i ts„ . P.tiNTINGS 'AND Excuavinns; Old
wora.reguslied, &e. A . liberal discount to the ;
trade. , G. M. ..L...EFEES..
lip: 154 Nortla 2d street,„beliiw Race, west
1857.-8 m: Plillimla;Old No. 102 T
~. , , . ,
1100WI..fortet t0...001 at
ta k THINS It and . ,w?ine their
int of Boot", 14sveling
_Baia: • _ , e. •
Fancy Furs far Ladies.
TORN FAREIRA & Co., (New No.)818 Market
street, above Eighth, Philadelphia, Importers,
Manufacturers and dealers in Ladies, Gentlemen and
Children's FANCY FURS, wholesale and retail.
J. F. & Co., would call the attention of dealers and the
public generally to their immense Stock of Fancy Furs
for Ladies, Gentlerimn and Children; their assortment
embraces every article and kind of Fancy Funs that.will
be worn during the'eseasort—such as Full Chiles, Balt
Capee, Quarter Capes 'Palmas, Victorinee, Boas, Muffs
and Muffatees, from tic finest Russian Sable to the low
est price Domestic Furs.
For Gentlemen the largest assortment of Fur Collars,
Gloves, Gauntlets, he.; being the direct Importers of all
oar Furs, and Dlarrufacturers of them under our own su
pervision, we feel satisfied we can offer better induce
ments to dealers and the publiegenerally than any other
honse, having an Immense assortment to select from and
at the Manufacturers' prices. tm.We only ask a call.
Sept. 16, 's7—im. No- 81.311arket St., above Sth,
.11111overls,..Liquid flair bye.
Kigant following, from that eminent Physician of Phil-
Intelphin, Dr. Brinckle, added to the testimony of
Professor Booth, only confirms what is evidenced by
thousands who have used Mover's Dye:
thirAnefto*, Cants:n.l' STREET, I
Philadelphia, December 22d, 1853.
In regard to hovers hair Dye,l can state unhesi
tatingly, that it contains no deleterious ingredients, and
maybe used with entire safety, and with the utmost
confidence and success." W. D. BRiNCKLE, M. D.
Haver'i - Writia' ,, and litdelible Inks,
Aro so well and widely known, as to require no eulogy
of their merits, it is only necessary to say, that the steady
and inereasiOgdomand;gives the best evidence that they
maintain their character for superiority, which distin
guished them when firstintrodueed„-years ago.
Ordora addressed' to the Manufactory. No. 416 R.ias
street;above Fourth, (old N 0.1440 Philadelphia. will re
ceive. prompt attention, by JOSEPH E. MOVER,
Sept. 16, '57-4.Aprill6, Manufacturer.
Gold, Gold, Gold.
VirEtrin greatest offer in gold pens, gold pencils gold
04 chains, and gold watches, ever made. Bead the
A Splendid Gold Premium,-
worth from live to one hundred dollars, positively given
to any person who can spare one day in a week, or ono
hour in a"do7, getting up clubs, of subscribers In his ow n
and tiNdlivitirneigMainaid, for'the best and most pop
ular fantilynewspaper now published. No expense, no
outlay, no capital required of agents. An entire new
plan is proposed, by which any person can succeed in
making it a paying business, who will undertake„,the
agency. A private circular, for the inspection of agents
only, with full list of premiums, will be sent to any ono
who desires it. on receipt of a stamp to pay return post
age. Pomo agents have earned a hundred dollar gold
watch in one week.
Every fitmily should read at least one Newspaper from
New York City, without interfering with their Local Pa
pers, which of course cannot and should not, be dispens
ed with. itat New York being the grenteoromereial and
business centre of this Continent, no farmer, mechanic,
professional man, or merchant, is properly prepared for
the emergeariet of his calling, unless he lain communi.
cation witliNms York City, by means of one of its first
class newspaper• mediums. Such a medium isour"LED
-0131t," neutral in poslitics, hitt giving all the facts items
,of news, and thrillingincideuts worthknowing through
out the country.
A. Valuable Gift.
Each neW silbsCriber will receive with the first No. of
his or her paper, one of the new and. beautiful glass point
ed indelible Pencils,* just imported from Europe, and for
which we have obtained the exclusive agency for this.
country. This is the Most ingenionsund useful improve
ment of the present age, itla is the only pencil ever made
that will write with ink, making it both n pen and pencil,
of the finest quality at the same time. It will last for
years, and for praetical use is worah more than any gold
pen in the market.
For list of premiums and full particulars. address
----- 'HALL & WEFV, Publishers, New York City.
Those Pencil's supplied to the trade at aprofitable dis
count. jAug.
Cheap Looking Glass,
Gilt, 'Rosewood or Mahogany, or Venitian Blind«,
TKINS d MeADAM have just received a
rim new stock of Boots, Shoes, Trunks and
`travelling bags.
Bran dreth's Pillspurify the Blood;
4 Mild operation with successful effect arc the pecu•
Ilarity of Brandretles Pi 115.950;
in UR race are subject to a redundancy of vitiated bile,
at this season, and it is as dangerous as it le prey.
Bleu t, but Brandreth's Pills afford an invaluable and
efficient protection. By their occasional 11,0 we prevent
the collection of those impurities, which, when in surfs
eient quantities, cause so much danger to the body's
health. They soon cure livercomplaint,dyspepsia,loss
of appetite, pain in:the head, heart burn, pain in the
breastbone, stifiklen faintness and costiveness. In brief,
Brandreth's Pills work their way to the very roots of
the disease cleansing in their passage, removing every
unhealthy accumulation till the blood is purified, the
whole system renovated, and the functions and duty of
life become a pleasure,"where before they had been sad
and weary burdens. (igen when , Ohlbf„ ties rend - Sea
Xciiiiffing of' the most Serklll . 3 &tin
seti:Sickness or otherwise,' where the retching has been
appalling; single'dOse of four Brandreth's Pills has at
once owed and the patient has fallen into a sweet sleep.
When the mind cannot collect itself; when the memory
fails; when it is an effort to fix the attention; when our
sleep is hroken and our waking hours harassed with
forebodings of evil,then Brandreth's Pills should be used.
If these warnings remain unheeded, rheumatism, con
sumption, disease of the heart, bilious affections, jams,
dice, dropsies,piles, appoplexies and costivencee will sud
denly present themselves. These Bramirviit's Pills would
have preveuted,but nevertheless au zst they will also cure.
Use them at ones; do-not let prejudice prevent the use
of this simple but potent remedy.
Brandreth's Theory of Disease
Never extract blood. Blood is the life. By abstract
ing it in painful diseases you mar occasion the patient
ease, but remember, this ease is only tit, reduction or
lesseniwt the power to feel. And by thus toting away
natures tools. you may prevent her from fully repairing
the ravages of inflammation, t- convert what might only
have been the sickness of a few days or weeks into a
chronic affection of months and years.—
~,Brandreth's Pills accord with Nature!
Nature's, remedy in fact. When sudden, acute or con.
tinued pain occurs from ally cause, then to insure a quick
return to health, you must use lirandreth's pills, which
will soon relieve every organ from undue pressure, and
remove those humors whose. presence often occasions
such terrible suffering.
16S.Twenty million boxes sold and the sphered their
usefulness still extending. Ask far almanaek and pam
phlet of cures. Agents will supply gratis.
Bzwana--all pillsyith "211 Broadway" on side lately.
aro counterfelts. Get the genuine and they will never
deceive: Sold at Dr. ROSS' Drug Store. opposite the
Court House, Lebanon, Pa. (July 15. '57-3m.
Advertising and Correspondence Office, 360 Broad-
New York.
Mete and Important ills..
covery in the Science of Medicine.
. enun. Sold wholesale and retail by Dr. H. A.
Barrow, member of thelmpl College of Vienna,
and Royal College of Surgeons, London. who may be
personally consul*, at his ru,.idonce, 157 Prince Street,
few blocks west of Broadway, New York, from 11 A. M.
till 21'. M. and from 4 till S I'. M. (Sundays excepted,
unless by appointment.)
Triesomar No. 1,
Ta a remedy for Relaxation, Spermatorrhcra, and nil the
distressing consequences arising from early abuse. indis
criminate carcases, or toolong residence in hot climates.
It has restored bodily and sexuist strength and sigor to
thousands who axe now in the enjoyment of health and
the functions of Manhood; and whatever may be the
cause or disqualifications for marriage, they are effectu
ally subdued.
Triesemar No. 2,
Completely and entirely eradidates all traces of Gouor
halt, both i u ita mild nod aggravated forms, Gleeta, Stric
tures, Irritation of the Bladder. Non-retention of the
Urine; Pains of the Loins and Kidneys, and those disci ,
'dors for which Copaivi and Cubobs havo so lung been
thought an antidote. .
TriOnemar No. 3,
Is the greet Continental RTNY-DY for Sipbilis and Secon
dary symptoms. It also constitutes a certain cure fo'r
Scurvy,'Serofula, andall cutaneous Eruptions, removing
and expelling. in its averse all impurities from the vital
stream, so as altogether to eradicate the virus of disease,
and expel it by insensible perspiration through the mo
Slum of the pores of the skin and urine.
It is a never failing' remedy for that class of disorders
which English Physicians treat with Mercury, to the in
evitable destruction of the patient's constitution. and
which all the Sarsaparilla in the world cannot remove.
Talescscan No.l 2 arid 8, are prepared in the form of a
lozenge, devoid of' tasty or amen, and can be carried in
the waistcoat poeket. • Bold in tin eases, and divided iu
separate doses as administered by Valpeau, t.O Leman,
Roux; Ricord, be., be. Price $3 each, or four cases in
one for $9, which eaves $3, sod in $27 cases, whereby
there is If saving of $9.
None are genuine unless the Engravings of the seals
of the Patent Offtee of.Eugland; the seals of the Ecole do
Pharmacie de Paris, and the Imperial. College of V ienna,
are affixed upon each wrapper, and around each case.—
linitations are liable to the severest penalties of the law.
, Special arrangements enable Dr. Barrow to forward
immediately. on receiving a remittance, the $9 and lar
ger site cases of TriesemarTfree of carriage. to any partof
the world, sokyreirpacked-and property addressed, thus
insuring genuine European preparations end protecting
• the public from spurious:tad pernicious !windfalls.
.Attendance and Consultation from 11 a. ni. till 2 p. m.
spd frten 4till Sin the evening. 157 Prinoe street, a fow
b oaks west of Broadway, New York.
; ;May 6,1857,17... •
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Of Criatedoro's nevereclualled
Iliad it makes blaelt,.to 'brown transfortesistreyi
tha lteeph thOlibres froth' decay..
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=atchless, re-eitallzing'llair Dybiatill hinds lta
m Mop, as the moat harmless and MlScacious flair
Dye in THE WORLD. treVaited . sold, wholesale
and retail, Ind applied In ten miTatnieens, at Cam.
noito's, No, 0
.Astor HOMO, .llresdway, New York, and
by all Drugs. staMid Perfumers in the United States.
Jen. 14, labt—ly.--lsq. •
Agent—lltearp 11. Kopper, 140 Wood at., Pittsburg, Pa.