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agent at this place, and Mr. Henry A.
Shertzer, his Assistant. Judge Deppen.
has been appointed freight and ticket
agent at -,,MyerstoWn.- COl.
Misserner. has been appointed freight ,
and 'ticket 'agent at IVliaiemer's Station.
The following time-table to govern
the running of the trains, has
,been is
sued by the Superintendent :
Trains conang West.
Passenger Train leaves Reading at
10:30, - A. M.; passes Sinking Spring at
10.48, Wernersvilia at 11, Robeaonia
at 11.12, Womelsdorf at 11.21, Mill
bath at11.31,' MeYerstown at 11.45,
and arrives at Lebanon at 12.10:
',-ISt Freight, Train Naves Reading at
5 A. M., and arrives at Lebanon at 7.58.
2d Freight Train leaves Reading at
1 P. M.,:arid arrives at - Lebanon, at• 4,40.
T '
raans gain!, East.
4 Otr,HoTEt, ENLAROCKENT.—Dr. J • passenger rain eaves e anon , at
W Gloninger, proprietor of Mrs. Rise's 3.30, P.M., passes Meyerat own at 3.53,
Motel, in Market street, is having a l Millbach at 4.08, Womelsdorf at 4.17,
rthird story added, to the main building Robesonia at 4,27, Wernersville'at 4.38.
This,. with the many other improve- Sinking Spring
Reading•at '5.10. 46
at 4.50, and arrives at
menls made to well-kept nnd finelori
Ist Freight TranATa.ves Lebanon at
I ocatedFlotel, the v past, year,. Inttkp i , 0 A. K.,*and arrives at Reading at 11.50.
it one of the largjf and 'moat coni;eniVi •2d Freight Train leaves Lebanon at
ent in, tgsvin. 5.30, P. M., and arrives, at Reading at
Alongside the•. above Rroperty, in i B'lo',
Passen,ger Fares and Distances.
place of what was formerly known as Ist clap. 2d class.
Lebanon, July 8, 1857
4foipc ,affairs.
1:16" 2 0n - i'Uositay; ,of Tait week, the
fulitotlecikitotive made the through trip,
by rail from Reading to Lebanon. The
Ilocoinotive was the ",New England;"
a n 11; under charge of Division Engineer
• - . •
-1:47".'-ihe Mt. Joy Band passed through,
Lib:alibi, on Monday evening, on their
return 'home frorn'A T 4:,ii t 'sir'J uyy excur
sion to.Harristhurg, , tice,: The. Bt/nd 'is
, c_e t triOsed of ,13 rhedibers under the tu
ition, of, Prof. B. ;gates. What we
beard 'of the:mimic - was very well.
. .. • __ ,
- i lipading, ee'Sinkimr, Spring, 0 miles, ilair i - 555
4I S toev'er.s 01,1 holly " M0,; 7 ,105e ph Bow- 1 " ," AVernersville, 9 " 'ao ' 25'
, I ". . " lobe.soitia, 12 . 40 SO
, •
'man of!Corown11;; ha's just put; ;linoer ;; " -i< - Womeledorf IV f. " 45 35
, ,
IT " 50 40
roof' a beawifui thiee-siory hick dwell- " " 2•Verstewn, .. 21 . " 55 - '5O
itig house " ‘• Lotsmon, 281, , 4" -.."- -85 10
... • ; .. • ..
- o:tr Olir ,
town 'is'ilming
with:ingprovetnenis. In*.onc. place the
. w*th.r
etreets are- made impassable .from the
cutting' and - for grading them ;
in another the working then are digging
up the gutteriand,cressings for the re•
ceptinn of the gns•pipeS"; litalnut street
hae:.heon olistrocted.for'soMe .tiroe''hy
the new bridge being built over the
Quittapshilhur,and in other
,parts of
town there is geKeral confusion from
the materials for the runny new I odd
ings in the course of erection. Sever
alrars ago . Lebanon did look like a
finished town, but its appearanee is
(pike differerit,now.
Or The coluinns of the Advertiser
ifro' kin*,.ar4bake,been fur some time,
ergo wded - to i .excesi with sdvertisements.
TherimmettSelottronain of that charac
ter rushinCiri: upon us is Ilie•reason for
our contemplated .enlargerneni. Our
Iziiirons will, therefore; hear kiodlrwith
us for several months longer, when we
hope to make up fur all now taken from
the general reader. Eight years age,
when the first number uf the Advertiser
wiii issued', it was looked
,upon as of
lilanket•size—entirely. too. large for the
place: It is quite different now, and
„instead of being too large, or even
liirge enough, it is,entirely too small.—
With the proper u encouragement, we
.know ourself to he possessed of enough
of the spirit of Yilung America to meet
the wants of our patrons and friends.—
We shall pablish a paper of which citi
zens of:Leh:moil county may be proud,
no matterwhat their' politics, and which
'iniiy:he taken in any part of the world
as an index of the prosperity -of Leh-
o:tr . We presume the 4th iti this I.
passdj off to the satisfaction of
o.y:ery : t one. The day, %yes pleasant
throughout, contrary. , ,to the tears and
"-Oxpet:lations of all. The eve of the 4th
was- celebrated by young America by a
profutiltre firing of Chinese crackers , and
a number •of large bon-fires. The
.morning of the 41h.was ushered in :by
• the ringing- of , bells, and the : roll•yof
drutns:.,Then followed ,itte..partole of
the WtOhiegtomfßiflentreni: uniler court•
-mend of their new captain, Major Etn•
„bich. `%'e' trust the AJ ijor and his aids
may succeed in building up the Rifle
men, for, certes, the Ph/cc—islarge e
nough to furnish ,farik'and file for two
or more companies. If the Riflemen
tcontinue to languish under its present
able and< soldierlike officers we Editill
desßakr q - futures. " for
tl trill. parade oil•Satur . daysthey
the" "effe'vetl*te
vt a.? . tecomin,,
Sax Horn B"I to 1
-quite proficient in their exercises.
• At about'eight o'clock the ,different
Sunday Schools proceeded to,their des
tinations for the day, ancl'from that time
. .until evening the town remained. well.
...drained of its inhabitants, In th e even
tng a grand disphiy,.of fireworks took
place at Ike .North. Lebanon Furnaces,
:'which wound up:the festivities for the
~. We presume that nearly every one
delighted with his or her part of
f-gilhe-4th, and that very few feet like re•
„feattng it at the present time, In a
le f or i however,. all wilt again be ready t
40 ra i. i tiraugh the hilarittes, the eating :
(.„ r icl3lytikinking, save these who may{
be underAtie sod,
leease,,bea44„before then—rnahy a tear
Zvi}} 'helve - been. shed, and many a one
be missed who,.eo. last Saturday, was'
full o'f Rife' and spirit; . : The hope is that
theittjay-inay infinitely .greater than
• (eithly, joy we knoyectf.
Ot"'.Thet , Lebanon Valley Railroad is
now fairly' open to Reading, 281,miles,
, end in good running order. The pas
senger trains, will cummenca making
regular trips nes,t:Moriday the,l7th
Cr. A..Nicolls, of Reading, has been ap
:pointed Superintendent of the Lebanon
irinetißailroad, and Mr. Strickland, his
Malatant„ Mr. Conrad Mark,has been
appointati . .‘pinotpal tialtet and freight
e*-- The School director.s of North.
Lebanon Borough are erecting large
and handsome school-110339c,, , on
ford street, in said borough. he
a two•story brick, divided' into four de-'
partments, capable of accommodating
two hundred scholars.
I We arc told that in East Hanover-rind
Union townships, this county, a Ire:
mendnus rain fell on Sunday. last. In
this section "nary a drop" fell. . :
o:7 Messrs. .Kulinte - 'dr; - Mischler
have contracted with Messrs, Walter &
Batto for the,erection of .their :"hotel
the - depot;in' this Bortitigh.—
The hotel, will ho a . large one, and is to
be ready for occupancy, by the, .first 9f
next November,
I A good thing well a pplieq.
The scientific dileavel'er and the Scientific in
venter are distil* anti different character's. It
: is rainy that by Who discovers, a great principle
applies it successfully and thoroughly. Sonic
; times, however, this is the ease. :Professor HO
! leway was among the first to breach the cheery
that iii:ease wits the result of the'inirt;cinetion of
morbid matter into the circulation:`., But of itself
I this theory, however true, was Useless; It could
not subserve any beneficial purpose to point out
the locality of :he bane unless the discoverer were
I provided With an 'antidote capable of'retiching it.
Prot-HolitwaY came up to the good iiiirgdonbly
armed. < 110 had nut only traced thetiktnitents of
diseatheitir thcii-geenine catise,4but had, 11 i er4ing
roscarelt and itmuluttrahle experintents, - prLa.::,
two rome , iiiis which,wotild infallibly relkOlt....i: -. 4; ; ; ,
Time, which tricCalt things, has tested
of those remedies; What has been the result?
During the twenty years they have been before
the world, thousands of medicines, hundreds of
! new , systems of practice have been ushered 151(0
existence, enjoyed an ephemeral popularity, and
passed' into oblivion. :„ Not so with Holloway's
Pills and Ointment. They stand first on the list
of modern curatives. .Their reputation is found
ed on a rock—the, rock of:truth—and cannot he
shaken. Seareely. a. year"-age their inventor came
to our shores unheralded: It is true that large
quail ti ties of his medlcines'were consumed in the
United StateS„ and that his skill, his enterprise;
his succes, - wore.often referred to by the Atneri
eatepress, but personally he was unknown to us,
and the great system of- agencies with which he
had covered more than half the habitable globe
had not yet been extended to this country. lle
Caine hither for the purpose of affording, us .nety -
facilities for the procurement of his preparations,
end the consequence has been an increase of -One
hundred per eent„ ,in the demand for them within
a few months. It appears, from the statoment•of
all who have.taken-the Pills Tor indigestion, that
their offeet in - cases-Of dyspepsia is al - most beyond
belle its this CoMpliint "h'its with 'some truth
been rolled the national disease of America, a spe
rifle that never fails to remove it is of course in
The public, on both Sides of the Atlantic, had
been, so „often victimised by medical charlatans
during the last fifty, years, that it received with
something of VII til;tht the first ranters - or the effi-
I cacy of HolloWay's remedies: Lot every iltryTur
nished new-proofs of the: filet, and atlast such was
the oVerwhelming weight' in their laver; that'ir
herniae more absurd to doubt titan to
They grew in .eelebritY. and the demand fdr'fhwen
increased with a raiiidify unexampled in the an
. naisMt media& scieneo nor has their rammer that
i of their inventor yet :attained its culminating
point. It never will reach !that point, for eulmi
; nation pre-supposes.cessation of progress; and so
long as husnauityls subjeetto p;tin, fever;
ty, injuries and death, Holloway's and Oint
ment must !condone:re maintain their proud pre
; eiiiinettee.—N. Y. Nat. Gus.
The ltaite Zetw-su:V
The mast eminent surgeon of Paris,
.Mr. is just now the defend
-1 ant in a very curious law snit,
• . -
In his daily visit to the Hospital, the
Doctor passed, fora considerable time,
a hlind heggar,lly whose pathetic co-rn
plainings he %vas invariably touched.--
i He always dropped the expected trifle
into his hat.
Pne day it occurred to the benevo.
lent - practitioner that he would stop and
examine the opthalmic tlifficulty of the
unhappy man. He: IPoketrat - his eye
accordingly, and satv that itwas:indeed
a cataract, but one tlita
be removed. He was- about leaving
town to,,pass a few dayaet his country
'seat near Pars, and thinking it:a good ,
L'ppporttnity to- best - OW - the tiecessary.
Lupon:' the Ycase, ho-progiosed to et
_ -
oeguat o-ge atonce.. into- his ear
•riage and go with him te,W days
:where he :wohld be well takenTeire -of.
The blind plan :wittingly consented.
Dr. Al-, from a feeling Of deli
cacy, - promised:noihirig as to the.resto
ration of sight ; Wit-explaining his in
terest in the case by *it physician's curi•
osity as to the cause of his. blindness,
he:left to. the the pletis'ore of
dithrprise.'" -- • • t ,
With 'hie remarkable - skill, the opera
tion was a . quick and almost' painless
one. He' handeged the eyetrof the suf
ferer, and, after:u. day or two's atten
tion to him, took him back to
,Paris, in
structing him not to remove - the band
age for a certain 'lime- tied igen', to call
it the Hospital near by.
Eight or ten days passed, and, absorb
ed ,by The pressure of his cEifes;tho kind
Doctor had almost forgotten his blind
patient, when, one morning, a ,profes
sional-loidting. gentleman mitered his
office at the Hospital: Very busy, the
visitor's errand was the first thing to
know. •
"Have. you called for advice 1" he
asked. '
" No !" s'aid the stranger, "I come on
the part of the blind man upon whom
you have operated."
"To offer me some reward, perhaps.
But pray excuse. me, anti tell the .. poor
man that my interest in his case was my
sole motive in the affair. If he sees
clear at present, I am sufficiently re
"But that was not my errand," again
persisted the visitor.
No ? What—has the operation"prov.
ed unsuceesstal, then 7" '•
"On the contrary, sees perfectly
we11...1f be:hail ever learned to 'read
he could read without 'Spectacles."
"Brieflyohen—for I am .very: , much
occupied, whit - do you wish 7"
"I came .to inform youithat the. once
blind man demands of •Yed.rt pension for
his support. He has been blind from
childhood up—has gained - hislivlng by
the pity ' - ,it- expited-Land by restoring
his sight you.have deprived him of his ,
tneansof' support. I am his lawyer,
and he lays his darnacres at twenty thous--
and francs.. .114.t.iy k t now at once wheth.
er give, me" sl.curity for the.
amount or await an action at law 7"
from his astonishment ; Rojnted.the•law
yer to th'e'door, at-present, awaits
the Summons ;05e,tiiis %law stilt
Special Notices:
S OD4 WIT 1%,:,
Guilford; & Lomberger I;Lave now gain full op
eration their new and splendid SodalWnter.Voun
ban, where the public will iind'soda water of the
very best quality—cry:mil - 4o any 'obtained in 'the
cities or olsekchere.
.They would inform the public that as their so
da water is made with-au entirely new and im
proved *Manaus; there dun be no danger.of COll
- .. With' ,fiireign - matter.. .Their Foun
tains . being lined:with Porcelain, all danger, so
common with the copper fountains in general use,
is avoided. You will always find a choice selec
tion of SYnnns of the' finest flarois ; and for the
convenience of Physicians and Families at a- dis
tance from town-, we will bottle:the soda water in
its pure state or flavored with any'of our delicious
Bear specially in mind..thatour soda wa
ter is drawn frotn , Poncatatx-faxnu. FOrNTAINS,
not Copper, and. is the coldest, purest and most
sparkling iu tho'Borough.
INT.LO WAN'S Switzer
land,' where a diseaSe of the 'glands of the throat
called !OW. - Prevails, Holloway's Ointment has
hem used with the Most deidded success. ThiS
malady is scrofulous in its character, and previous
in the introduction thia famous remedy, was
supposed to be incurable. It has, however, near
iti disappeared from the Canton of Berne, smoe the
Bait of Professor Holloway's agencies in
that region, and a distinghis.hed physician of Ge
lieVa has recently recommended the .use of the
preparation in 'all•districts where the . Malady ex
ists. I t is, unquestionably, a certain and safe rem
edy for nil external disorders ; and the Pills are
equally ehiedeions as a cure for internal complaints.
AB- WORT Rams:lan i—PrOf. :Wood, whose
advertisoMent will be found in another column,
has discovered a remedy for' he gray end bald,
which is at once practicable and cheap:. .4-re
piiies no dyeing, no wig, nor extraordinary Hun
hie. There can be no doubt whatever of its effica
cy. WO have seen; testimonials almost withoitt
number, and from men of great intelligence, high
standing and moral 'worth.
Those who have been bald for years are now
wearinown liiiir;.4fid appear ten . years
younger' , Elriat they did six months ago. ~3
are Moth
cases gray hairs and bald beads are hoth
premature and unnatural, it is a duty to remedy
them by the natural and undoulded means which
Prof. Wood has invented, and now kindly offers
to the afflicted. Read his advertisement,. try his
wonderful remedy, and giro the Professor a new
testimonial.—lfeniphis Whig. [jy S-2t.
o ate t es' s Stomach Bitters corrects the
appetite, - impart a tone to the system, force offthe
bilo and all impure accretions, regulate the bowels,
give us strength of the body and vigor of mind.—
For Dyspepaid and dyspeptic symptoms, they are
the wonder of the afflicted. In all cases of flatu
lency, dizziness prostration, great fatigue and
general inability, it is `surprising how soon the pa
tient finds relief. No family can afford to be with
out Hostetter's Bittersi, They require no spirits.
Sold in full quart:bottles .byl Druggists and deal
ers generally. Liy B,lm.
EMANUEL Briaaur, agent, North West corner
of Morket'apd Water streets, Lebanon, Pa.
July 8, 1857.-Im.
This is to certify, that I hive .mtrde . but
ono application of the MAGIC Om on my Bogen,
which have been drawrt from contraction of .tbe
cords, brought on by rhoumatisth. It was . of sei'-
enteen,montlikstentling,,and•l am now entirely
cured. I cheerfully recommend it to all afflicted
]cewiae. J.
Harrisburg, 72 Locust street.
White Teeth; Peiluined Breath and Beautiful
CONPLEXION—Can he Inquired ley using. the "'llAbl OF A
THOUSAND FLowcasP. hat lady or gen tletuarrwould re
main under the curse of ir,disagreeable.broth. when by
using the helm of-a ThoOindlloweis," as adentifriee,
would not only renderit siveet,'but leave the teeth
as alabaster ? Many persons do not know their breath
is bad, and the subject is so -delicate, -their friends-will
lierFrinentien liewarC of counterfeits. 'Bilsureeoth
bottlePkreltit.7o4l4 CO.: Y.
For sele - by Unitford Leuthergcr•and tall Druggist&
Feb. 1808513.-Cm.
Religious Nol ices.
English preaching wit Sunday morning „and
Evening in the Methodist Church.
English,preaching next Sabbath evening, in the
Reformed church. . • •
German preaching next Sabbath morning and
English iu the evening in Zion's Lutheran Church.
A sornion to young mon in the evening.. 1 ,
Divine service in Salem's Lutheran .Churelt; on
Sunday next, in the morning German, and in the
evening English by Rev, J. F. Falls.
German preaching next Sabbath ingrain "end
evening at 0 o'clock, in the Einannel's Church -of
the Evangelical Association.
English preaching next Sunday morning at the
Ilorseshoepike M. louse. In the afternoon at 3
o'clock, 'Rev. T. Fahs will preach in the English
language in the Moravian Churcitatiebanini,
' *Aim IF •
•OLI the sth inst., by Rev. R. S. 'Antler, Mr. Nihn
Seheetz to Susan Matilda Wolf, both of Lebanon.
q On the 20th ult., by Rer. Gring; Mr. Henry pol
lute to Sarah Eberly, both of ,Tatiktion..:
..: On the 2ff by Rev. J. Y. Ashton, Mr. Ben
elven Steffy, to Miss Anna Seider, both of Lebanon
- • ID 1 C D
On the 2d inst., in North Lebanon, .111'r. Jacob
Drandt,agnd 40 yeizia, 7 nintha., and 22 days. '
Oh Wedn6sdriy, June 24, in Dayton, Ohio, Wm.
.MeCatily, forrooily of Lehafinn;ag,ed 40 years, 3
isiohtlis and 12 days.
On the'24th ult., North tehanon
John, son of Jacob and Eliza, U ackley, aged year,
2 MoUths - and . 13 daS7.
On the 24th ult., in Fredericksburg,' Eliiabeth
Wagner, widow of ! John IrVagnbr,. dee'd., 'aged
about 57 years.
N K. - 8v .k.r) v. E -Kr. xsj;iv.i, ; ...E_N:y'g s
Public Sale.
"[IT'LL be sold at public - silo, .On. TgußstjA It,
Y V Jtivir 16, 1857, at the residence of Josiah D.
Dehuff, in North Lebanon Borough, the folloiring
2 Young.MuLEs ' 5 Draft HonsEs," -.-:.
1 BOAT, (Syra of Lebanon,) 14 ft.
l a
wide ; 5 Plantation Wagons, a. wagon , , 7 ) ,
box, 2 Ore Wagons, 5 Ore Boxes, 4 ' " 1`
Carts, a 7heelbarroc%, Horse and ' ls
lifnle Gears, Boat Harness, Saddles, '-'- "; 7- "^`-' — ''
Bridles, I Pick, 2 Sborela, Spreaders, Single and
Double Trees,' Cludtis,..a-c.,4c. - . .
Saleto commence et 1 e'elock, i...M., - cif said:daki
when dne attoodoncelsill be" n' o takes
of sale madeknown by
4t,' DEBUT
North Lebanon Bore : July 8. '57.
Mantilla Lost.
A 'WHITE SILK ANTILLA was lost o'n
11 day evening in this borough. The fluder,"by
leaving it at tbo Advertiser Office, will be suitably.
rewarded. • - [Lebanon, July 5,'57.
5 Teachers Vaunted.
orcITE - SCHOOL DIRECTORS of the _Nom%
4 . 1 LEBANON Ronoton)-Distriet, winieet in the
Plank Road School Rouse; on' MONDAY. THE
3RD DAY OF AUGUST, 1557, at 9 o'clock, A.
M., for the purpose of electing 3 male and 2 fe
male Tea.cherS, for the Public Schools of said-dis
trict, for the ensuing term of -ten months. The
County Superintendent will be presentat the sumo
time and place, to examine applicants.
By order cif the Board. .
:• . CHARLES .13.• FORNEY), 'Meal.'
JUIN: H. MILLE% ee,,pre.tAry.. ; , ; . •,
North Lebanon Borough, July. 5,
_tavg_ Ing
- • -
Slisqueilanntt Sr, Schuylkill;
Front Ifarrii.b:zor to 59 '3111e;
,Oa AND ILFTD. AloNDAi t J&z:E 29, 18 - 57.., --, ,:
T t
WO PASSE TEAINS each way daily,,
Sundays. l4lt
Trains zoing Brist.No. I—leave liiirrisburglt
5, a. m.-=arrive at Aubufn at 1:55. a. in.
Trains going East.- - -No. 2—leave Harrisburg - at
3.13; p. m.—airive at Auburn, at 6.50, p. m. ,
Trains:going West.—Nn. 3—leave Auburn at 8.45,
a. m.—arrive a.t , ,llarrisbnrg at 11.47, a. M.
Trains going Weit. l -Ne: 4—leave Auburn at 4:37,
' p. m.arrive abliarrishilrg at 7.50,41 mi.
Passengers by*Trainls.Noli. 1 and 2 proceed. by
Trains of the Beading •Rtill-road to PottsVllle,
Port Clintonv Beading, :Philadelphiai.and .potnts
on:the valley of the Schuylkill: And by.the Cat
awissa Rail-road and its connections to Tamaittfac
Catawissa, Danville, 'Milton, .Williamsport, Elm&
ra, Buffalo,,Niagara .Palls, and: all points of-the
North and West of the United States and Canada.
And Passengers front any place.above named,.or
points in their direction, will arrive at Harriatuig
by trains Nos. 3 and 4,and connect with trainCtif
the Pennsylvania Central Rail-read for'Eancsiter
and Philadelphia,:orfoe Pittsburg and the Weal,
and with the -Cumberland Valley Railroad for
Carlisle, Chambershurg, .x.r.q and 'with the North
ern Central Rail-read"to York: Baltimore, 'Wash
ington Cityiand all the Rail-roadpoints.of,tlie
Southern. States or to Miliersbursi (18orgetOA,
and Treverton, on the Sasquelunina.if: , 7 7j
Through tickets ale-sold . at :the:Office of the
Dauphin and Susquehanna. Railroad; - oppositelhe
National Hotel, Harrisburg, for all - points:on„Hie
Catawissa Railroadhud its connections throlitt
to Niagara- Falls, &e. P. W. MASON, - -
COLD SPDIXG OFFICE, Sup't ,atul Cashier.
Lebanon county, Penn'a, July 8,1857-4 t.
. .
- • SHERIFF'S -54,•11 - 4E.- •
DY virtue of a writ of. Yendi ti oni... Exp on as i .
-LP sued out of the, court-of. COMMPU Piens 'of
Lebanon county, ine direpted, I Will' sell
by Public Sale' or-Outcry, on
SATURDAY, JULY 'v,„ 1557,
st one O'clock, et the Court House, in the
Borough of - Lebanon, all the estate, iight,titleand
interest, of JOHN WEIDMAI7, Esq., of,' in, and
to, the following real estace, viz
No. 4. ' A certain TWO-STORY
4 " t . :4 10 1 7' STONE 0 USE and LOT :OR
~ PIECE OF GROUND, fronting fon
Cumberland street, in said botouglipf
LebatiOn, and bounded ou.the South. and. Easttlfy
Alley . s,_and on the lot of Christian
This lintiSe'iS the best finished Dwelling in LOB . -
anon; having recently been completely remodeled.
There-are, also, en the premises, 'a good BRICK
STABLE, CISTERN, &a., .17e. •
No. 5. A certain OUT-LOT, situate - in - Cern
wail townsbip,.(now Borough of Lebanon,) adjoin
ing lands of JircolY MeConnel, George " Snavely,
and others, containing 5 ACRES and 20 PERCH
ES, more or less. •
No. , 11: All those certain OUT-LOTS,' situate
in the Borough of Lebanon, and part of Light's
Addition, and numbered in the General Plan of
said Addition, with the numbers -10,.11 12; 15, 18,
17 and 31, respectively, and containing in- the
whole .14 ACltlid ant 35 PERCHES, more or
less, adjoining the Lebanon 'Valley, _Railroad,
Church street, Old Farm—Head,. Hornet Alley,
Matthew Steward, and other's. This Tract is, di
vided into 07 BUILDING LOTS, and will be se
sold. These Lots are 'ad ventageously locat
ed for Dwellings, being near the Lebanon Valley
Railroad Depot and IN - diner's Machine Shops; and
present, an opportunity for investinent rarely
Seized'and taken under execution 'as the
property, of JOHN 'WEIDMAN, Esq.; and will
be sold by DA:YID M: SHUEY, Sheriff.
Sheriff's:OtEcO7l:ebanon, July 8;1357.
• .
-1.1) Office, Julylst, 1A357. •
Brady, Miami. . Lachey,William H. 1 3 -454.
Danly, Wellington MeMallen, Thomas- °`-
Dunn;, Edward Maloney, John
Golding, Micheal. McCabe, Julia
Guis, William Mclntyre, Hugh ,
'Gorman,.James Meyer, Major
liarlarber, George 4uinn, John Juni.
Kutch, Joseph
lieveney, Thonnis Shea;;Tanies ,
Lyon, William. - - Sheal-y, John .
Watieb, Teraned
Carroll;Antininy' • Mellarthey;'eanelius
Mufiihy, Sorb:l'M:taw; G eorge. a
Tooher, John • .11`M. STCBVER/P. iS
Meyers town, 3 - nly4, '57. t• ".
Mt-titian:4 'Scheme; '''
Capital' Prite '.of $32,660
to b drawn on tinajrAy.l2sri
_PLaI , ;•"I
.Grand:C.ensalidated,Lotterffof Merryland
. • ~:
. .
To 1:to 41.a,:tvrt irt, the _City of, Baltimore, Maryitmcl,
On ES day, Jaly 31.-st 1857.
.. ~.
1 prize of $32,6C0 is . $22,000 2 prizo3 of 1,750 aro 3,500
1 " 10,000 is ' 10,000 2 " 1,590 are 3,000
1 ' " 5,000 is . 5,000 2 " 1,250 -are 2,500
2' " 4.060 are 8,000 20 ." . 5750 are 15,000
2 " 3.000 are 0,000 20 .." , :COO are 12,000
2 " 2,500 are 8.0001 40 " 400 are 10 ; 000
2 ", , 2-,000 are 4 000 I 103 " , - me are 30,900
4 prizes of 400 Ap to $12,600 are $l,BOO
4 " ' 300 " • 10,900 are 1,200
4 "- ' 250 4 . . .5,000 ~are'. 1,000
8 ,t 200. , " ,:. 4,000 are 1,600
8 :' 350 . " . , 3 ; 000 are, ,1,200 '
8. I s " '• • 80 " " 1,050 . are 640
8 `"" 70 ~ .„, 1,500 are , 560
8 " CO " 1,250 are ' 480
80. " 5O " • 750 are - 'OOO
SO - "' ' - 40' 2 : .. " "r .'..,,6'00 . firb. i 3.20 p
Ifiu " ao ..... ..:, 400 are , 4,8:00
c 0412 .20. a • - .300 are ,5,240
1,000 Prizes, ' $183,600
Whole Tietets $10:11alres 85.—Querters
at ; 2 t 2,;00.0.- „,.
Grand Consolidated• Lottery of Maryland; Glast. 1,
For the Benefit of, the Consolidated,Md. Lotteries.
jgßr-To , be drawn in Baltimore, Maryland, on
SATURDAY, JULY 25, 1857. 7'B Numbers-12
IDraten.:l3allote. An Trite Scheme. g.. Each
and EVERY Tinketin this Lottery, WILL RE x PRIZE,
for all those tickets tritimuttt:dynram number, are
each entitled. to FIVE, t/OLLAIIS gross. • „
Prize of .$62.620 is: " $'02;620
• '• ‘. 12,500)
r j. are_ 20,000
3 .13 3 0 ,00 0 ; 0 6 ,;
0 0 0 0
0 0
" : . /0000 f
, no f
1. " 1,000 ,
1 " 5,00020,000
1 " 5,000
'lO " • "••• - 2,600 are 26,000
106 : = 400. are:- .78,400
68 " , 200. are 13,200
' • 14,, 100 ars 6,600.
66 00" are 5,940
-66 - 60 aro.
4,092 40 are 15:3.080
21,740 "
45 ; 760 " , 20 are - 114,800
• 5 ha* 226,600
76.076 prizes, amounting to 81,202,000
Certificate of package of 26 Wholes cost $257 60
26 Halves 128 75
26 Quarters 84 37
" • " • 26 hilghtlis 3L-18
Tickets $2O; Rallies $10; Quarters $5; Eighths S2i
Address all orders for Tickets in'the above splen
"did Schein's to . • CORBIN 41: CO., •
-.Boa 1904 P. 0., Baltimore, Md.
N. B.—All Prizes, no matter from whom porches.
•ed, in the Maryland Lotteries. clashed on receipt of
the Tiokets, by Drafts on Banks nearest the &tries ,
pendent or as they. may desire. July 8, 1807.
_ . .
.1.4 • AN ON, Jinx 1, 1867.
&amid,. Marla . • Luttrele, Andrew
Blum, Win. - Lowry, Thomas
Boone it Shannon Lynob, Wm.
Bowkin, Wm, Lamson, Jamei
Bock, -Philip • , ' TAichtag, Daniel
Boyer, Belijainin • 'Long, Nicholas
Fi'rri. • • **Lovell, J. £ Bitothers
Brubaker, Samnol •111rprgan,•Levi
Blair, John • Murphy,
Becker, B. L. Miller, Malt. •
Brown, Mrs. Mary 314Clouil, Job ..'•
Behney Joiiiiniah • Mille ?, DdidasaralC :.
Best, John( - Martino. George W..-
I3rownwell, S. Mccs, P,hilip
Brandt, Christian Moyer ~ J osiah
Brown,' John • . Manigh, R. •
Barnhart, • Miller, Mies Mary Ann
Beek, Joseph • . MeAvee, Mickel .
Carroll,- W. 1.11 "-Miller, Adam , s
Cam pble, Bernard Mitettel, Joseph
Clemens, Pt;tei - Miller, Samuel J. •
Cornisky, Edward ' Miller, &Meet H.
Cavil, John Meyer, Nicholas
Onnipbell, Daniel :1, Newman John
Coffe,,Michtet Nicolas, J. W.
Connelry,'Patriek, .Nevill,-Michtel-
Cullen, Walter O'Brien, Philip &And'w
Calton; Isatto.D.. • Peter, JOhn, carpenter
Curtig,Mehry, • ' '.• Pearson, E'd.wnrd S.
Dougherty, W. T. Peters, Catharine
Diehm, RuCke, David
Dike, Jennison Riddle, Elias . •
Donnett, Wm. ' • : Rees, Sainuel
Daucatub, Henry, • Ritter,,Satnnel M.
Ettinger, Isaac , Reins, Jacob'
Fernaler, Abr e ham.•-: isdni.
in • .-
Fury, Jaci ' Roberts, J. • " •
Farley, Hugh '. Reilly, O. P.
We'pitt, Mrs. Catherine Sadler, Christian-
FitspatriCh' Francis . Shenk. 'Henry
Fisher, Jacob . ... Strickler, Samuel •
Fright, Sarah'', Shull & Brothers -
Gingerieh,Dantel ' Seltzer, Daniel •
Good, Celestial Wraith,' Blies Mary
Good, Thomas Sturge.? ' Ilitam, • •
Gorey, Jacob • ShiVeqMargaret
Grosh, Levi Shatter, John L.
Gorman, Daniel Solders, Jacob . . •
Geib, Samuel • Spayd, Bonneville
(.4 re el o, Wm. Shaeffer, Mrs. Catharine
Henderson, Rebecca Schneitzer, Abraham
Rershberger, Abraham Seibert, Samuel:
Hotiver,aPhilfp Sohn, Joseph
Heilman, Levi ~• Smith, J. M.
Hynace, OttorgV4.-`• Steivart, Judge . •
Hofrman,.Y. , C. , ;s , r ' Snider, Daniel • -
"lonian, JaColi• Steinmetz, John
Hi~rnnn;'John F . • • Spongier, ,E. J..
Ilostetter, - Yohn ' ' Stager, George -
Townsow Saever, J . :Mob
Short; Priscilla
iles4leylJOhn- Spangler, W. IL
HoWard, Jolu Etoehle ' John F." '
Hoffa Cyrus"T. • Staub, Conrad
Hertdeg,. Ernal. • • Train, Srisan
Hecker, Frederick r.- . Tice, Ara/wide
JObenising, Charles . Taylor, John A. - • ,
Jobnson, Citettelet '. • Toutny,- Michtel
Kermany,..P. D. : ...Troughlon ' George
Kline, Benjamin • Verging, Charles
Kuhn, Mr.!Editor 'Wise, Jacob.
Kilism.,•Mr. • Wegener, Isaac •
Keller, - .Albinus Weaver, Andrew -
Kreider, Jacob , , Wise, Henry. •
Kelly,•John . Walter, D. L...;
Kreider, Goo. W. .. Wright, J. • •
Kurtz; H. Albans - -William, Mr.
Krill Jacob . Wolf, Moses L.
Kreider, Joseph 'Yeager ' Miss Rebecca
Longnecker, John .Toust, ,Mrs. Sarah
Lama Henry Yatnall, John
Zimmerman, Jacob B.
'P. 131—Persoce calling for any of the above nem
ad:Letters, will please eay that thoy.are advirtieed.
I . • ANN L. RUTURA tail', ,
-Lebanonf.July 8, 1857. - -
-.-, •
All M116E4 ND $T,Afq, taorftfps I
coil:II/N:4k 'co., • *.
A RE authorized by the Managers to 611 all er
n. dera.for P ackages , . Tickets or Shares, in the
hleryladd .Lotteries.
These Lotteriei are drawn in public itrthe city
of Baltimore under the superintendence of the
• State Lottery Commissioner,
Who guarantees the fairness of the Drawings, and
the official drawn numbers are published in the
Joarrialaof the eity , ofEtrltimere, With his certifi
cate bearing his signature. •
ALL PRICES ARS onstis.:crEan Zr ; TOII 7 I3;ATE.
One Trial may make you
. .12fch for Lie!
• Splendid Schemes Drawing Daily. • • -
•flair* Send your orders to CORBIN A t CO., the
Old Established Authorized Agents who have•sold
more prizes, than any other office in the State of
Maryland. • . • • • .
.This favorite Lottery ie'drawndaily. The Cap
ital-Prizes are $8.000,47.000;$6.000, $8.500, sc.
Single.Tiekets, Ono Dollar.
26 Whole Tickets, $lB 00 I 28 Ralf Tickets, $8 00
26 Quarter:Tickets $4.00.
Nothing -.Venture... • Nothing Gained.
Tickets bought 'by -:the 'Padkage are' alwayr the
most profitablato the purchasers. .
For $25 we send package Wholea,:lialves 4 Quarters.
For siO.we send.packege . Holves and 2 Whole tickets.
For $5 we spud .paolcagea Quarters and one Whole ticket.
Look. at the 'following SPLENDID SCHEMES !
one of which are drawn at 12 o'clock each day
of the Week! '
1 Prize of $7.000 is $7300. . 207 Prizes of $2O tiro $4.140
1 prise of 1.841 tir • 1.341 182 prizes of 10 are 1.820
3 prim of I.oooare. 8.000 132 prices of 4 are 628
4 prises of 400 aro . 1.6001 4.092 prizes of 2 are 8.184
4.prkes of 1.00 are 400 I 25.740 prizes of 1 ere 25.740
3 . 0.315 prizes, amounting to ' $53.253
• CAPITAL Pgiiii,4l4:ooo!. -
(11.4 Es Ftrz.-rIERTIIPIOATE 01.);.P4CIKA4MS.
26 Yl:l9lep, • 'sBo . oo'l 26 Narver; •• • $4O 00
20 Quartets; .20'0 0 (-20 •. •10 op
SCIIO.9IE. . • •
• 1 Prize of '524.000 is t .424.000
8 prizes of 2.000 am 12.000
6..prizas 'Of 3.000 aro
.. -.2o'prizes of 689"ara ' r.y
.20:prizes 0f.., 900 arc; l .., t t ,8.000
2Q,prizes of 309 aro , 6.000
20 prizes df `2ooaro 4.000
122 Prizerof ;3 . 00.ari0 •••• •''' - 12.190
83 prima of - 60 ' ' 3.160
_prises of 40 are l • ? "" . " 1620
• 83•Iirite'ileif 20 Wer s t' 27 .! • ; • •1 1 .260
3.906 prizes of 10 aro: ,"' • 39.000
23.938 prizes of . 6 gra 112.180
27.814 Prizes •izaaking • .• .$203.347
Ticinitarahares in Proportion.
$4 0 ).0 00. _.-
MAR 'A" COSSPLIDATED tore o tcy!
for tho,benefliof the AusituediNA.C.axlz,.
, j OABf# 4 PIATFA. Spligsll,lVl
Prize 0(130.0001s - " ' — 530.000
- 7 prizolif? 10:000'18' • f : 1400
1 prise of 5.000 is • -4.000
1 prize of " 3.907 is .. •:4.007
tifir 100 prizes of 1.000 are • 100.000
25 prizes of 500 are 12.500
25 prizes of 300 are • • 7.500
• 86 prizes of - 200 are • 13.200
66 prizes of •• 100 tiro ". ' 8.800
122 prizes of 80 ere • 10.580
132 prizes of GO are . ' .
132• prizes of 40 are - • -
3.504 prize/ of 20 are 72.850
25.740 . prizes of ' •10 are 257.400
30.310 Prizes, imonntigi to • $547.747
26 WhoLe tickets, $l3l SO 26 Half tickets, 566 00
26 Quarter • " .33 00 l
26 Eighths " •IS 00
Tickets slo—Bbarea in Proportion.
We invariably answer letters' brrettern'mail en
closing the tickets in a good. safe envelope, and al
ways observe the strictest confidence. After the
drawing is over, we send the official drawing, with
a written explanation of the result of the venture.
All prizes bought at this office are payable immedi
ately after the - drawing,i.n.tharrent Money, and we
take Bank Notes of any
.sate - , .or.J3ank Drafts in
payment for Tickets at , par. Foritidd .amounts iu
making change we 'receive postage Startips, they
being more convenient than silver. Corresiond
ants may place thetuttuost confidence . in thwrogu
larity and safetY of the mills, as very feiv or no
miscarriages of money happen when' properlY'tli
rected to us. Be careful that-yotemention your
Po Office, CoUnty. and Stlte. - . Give nalt.t least
Enesingle trial, you cannot. lose inuch,ifhotgain.
Q2e single trial may make you 'lndependent for
life. Tur.tist. There should be no'..such word as
fail.. Address, - , CORBIN .4 CO.
pcii:l9.o Post CHEco,.Balttlitore, d. t
o.rdOrs for tickets in any-of the Maryland
Lotteries w:oniptly attended to. •Circulars con
tainitiVa list of a& the Lotteries for the month,
forwarded - on application. (TulyS,'.674m.
ONNETS. Every description and at :
prices very cheap . needityleFintz and &nets, you will find - vtry °heap
at RAKER fr., BROD.
.._.._. _
0 N'S U M FO.N
Diseases if the 'Lingi•izad Throat
which conveys the.
Remedies to the - thel.lutigs Alden& the air
passages, and coming In direct contact with, the disease,
neutralizes the tubercular matter, allays the cough,
causes a free and easy expectoration, beaus 'the lungs,
purities th e blocal,.imparts renewed vitality to the riff:
Toro system, giiitig that tone and' energy,eo iodivponim
ble for the restoration of health. • To be able to state
confidently that Consumption le:curable by rinhulation,
is to me a source of unalloyed pleasure. ,Ifis as much
under the control of medical treatment 'ate any other
formidable Warmed ; ninety out of every hundred cases
can be cured in.tbe firet)tageo:nridalfty p . t s -neen In the
second; but ie the third stage IL is impossible to save
more third ffve per cent.; for the lungs areisq out' uP by;
the dlimuie as to.defy medipel lkill.t • Even, however, lila
the last etages,•inhelation &fronts extraordinary
the suffering attending, ;his fearfpl scourge, which
Dually destroys ninetylilve thousand personisaiii the th'
nitetefitates alone '' ' 'and a correct ealculationisilows that
of the present population of the earth, eighty mtliloair.
are deatinetlitoßH•tile Consumptive - A:grave. ..
Truly, the quiver of death has no arrow, so Rita as:
Consumption. ln All ages it has heel' the ghiaT enemy
ofllfe, torn spares 'neither egi'hor sex,' but 'iiiiltops off
tinker the ;breve. the benia CI rut iheirracefuVand the gift.
ed. By the heti:, of that Snmaime 'Rettig.; from whom
cometh every good and perfect gift., Lam enabled to offer
to the afflicted .a perp:ourent and, speedy cure. in Con
sumption. The firsteihre of tubercles is from Impure
Mood, and the immediate effect, Produced, by their-depo
sition hi the lungs, is to prevent Che. free admission. of
air into the air cells, which causes a_waskened vitality
through the entire system. Then, surely, it is morn ra
tional,,to expect greater gond from medicines entering
the cavities of the intim', than from those administered
throligh the• stomach'; the patient will alwayi find the
lungs free and the breathing easy, after inhaling retool .
dies: True, inhalation:ls a local. remedy,-nevertheless,
It sari constitutionally, anti With more, power and car?
Minty . ..than remedies administered by the stomakif:. :,To
prove the innnenen of this - made - of
administration, chloroforin inhaled Will destroy sefisitill ,
Iv In a few minutes, paralyzing the entire nitrous sks
tem, so thato limb may be ampu tatad•without theslighs
est poly ; plfailog.theortUnaryhurningrgas wilt destroy
life in a few hours: •-"" • -
The Inhalation cif ammonia trill winos the system' when
fildtirigur apparently dead.' The odor orminy of the
medicines is pct Cptffala iri theiskizi,;apfeW ithentents af
ter bele. , inhaled, and May,.babonnecliatai.deteettsl in
tile 'blood. coriVinel cg preof trf-thls constitutional ef
fects of inhalation, is the fact' chat always pre,
duced by breathing foul-air. ;Is not this•positivs rob
deuce that proper remedies, earefolly-prepared.and j udi
oioualy administered through the lungs; should produce
the most happy results ? During - eighte#n Vehre prac
tice, many thousands, suffering from' di/celiac.... of •the
tangs and throat, have been under:my care, and Ihave
affected-many remarkable cures, even after the Sufferers
had been p . ronot. need in the last stages, which fully gat..
lafles me thatConsuCaption is no longer : a fatal dfiessa.-
6•Vatinatif or Conehmidion Is original. and founded
on long erfierlence and a thormighqueestightion. • , My.
perfect acqurintance with the- nature oftubereletbi&c.,
enables me to distinguish,- readily, the various forma. of
disease that simulataconatimption, and apply the proper
remedies, rarely being 'ultitak - •.ikciohtlitt - stogie ease.—
This familiarity. in- cannectbStavcith certain. pathological
and -microscopic diacoceries, enables me ,m relieve
the lungs front tile effects of contrueted chests';
large :the chest, purify thehlood,inipsrf to It rem:ivied IT
?alit% giving energy end• tone to the entire 'system: .
• Medicines, with Intl direct/man, Meat to anypart of
United States and Cauvlus, ky. patients what/smite/lug
their aymptems by lettyr... /tut the cure wenid, bemere
tortain if the patient should pay . Me
.. a vlsit7whleh
would give me an opportunity to esarninethe lungs and
enable me to proscribe With 'much greater, ehttainty.;
and then the cure could be effected without: my. seeing
the patient again. •
• G... 11- GRAXAM„ •
Oinee, 1131 Filbert 5t.,;(04N:p.;104)
July 8,1867-11 arch 18, 1867,
..ofnll dtgeacoA,,the gnat. firaecittaa •"
`-'Epriagv fro= neglett of Ifikturen! las%
wnicx s
" 4 !WALL STAgEIi lop
seirsittlio.Bergen! Debility. SOSchur:4, (floats, Una
• el: Diabetes, Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder,
Merruri el Rheumatism. Scrofula, Atina in the Bette!!
and An k les. diseases of the Lungs, Throat,-Nose and
. Eyes, Ulcers upon the Birds , or Limbs, Cancers,
Propsy, Epiletitle Fits. ELVituas Dance. and all Dls
' eases' arising-from adarnhgement or the Sexual Or,-
' gnus, such as Nervous Teembllsig. Loss of Memory,
Loss of Power, General Weakness, Dimness of Vision
with pecullar•spota appearing before the eyes, Loss of
Sight, Wakefuluesa, Dyspepsia. Liver Disease. Eruptions
upon the Fete. Pain In the Back and Bead, Fimile Ir
regularities and all itnproyer disehargesfrout both sexes.
It matters not from what cause the disease originated.
however long standing or obstinate the•casi, imoorrAr
r 5 CERTAIIe. , aIAI in a shorter time than aperulanei , t cure
can be effected by any.other treatment, oven urter the
disease has bellied . the skill °fel:nit:mut physicians and re
sisthd all their Matins 'of etre. The medicines arc pleas
ant Without Odor; causing no sickness and free from
mercury ot balsam. During twenty fears of practice. t
hare ke.rened from the da,We of Death many thousands,
who, in the last stages of tbp.pbere-mentioned diseases,
had been given up to die by"their Physiciansorhlch war.
rants me in promising to the afflicted, who may place
themselves tinder my care. n perfect and most speedy
cure. Secret Diseases are the greatest enemies to health,
as they are the firs Leanne of Consumption,. Scrofula and
many other diseases, 4.11 , 1 should be a terror. to the hu
man family. As a perntauctrt cure is' scarcely ever of
theta], a majority of the onset felling into the hands of
thcompetentspersons, ulio not only tall to cure the die
eases but ruin the constitution,.olling the et a.,ein with
mercury, which. with the diemats; hastens the sufferer
into a rapid Consumption. • • -
But should the disease and the treatment not cause
death speedily and the victim marries, the disease Is en
huled upon the cbildran, who are born with feeble con
stitutions; and the current offlife oxruptett by a virus
which betrays itself in -Scrofula. Scrofula. Totter, Ulcers, - Erup-
Gone and oilier affection& of the Skin, Eger, Throat and
Lunge, entailing upon them a brief existence of suffer
ing and consigning them to an early grave.
SELF ABUSE is another formidable enemy to health,
for nothing else In the dread ceenloeue of human disea
ses causes so destruetife a drain upon the system, draw
ing Its thoustuadcof Victims through a few years of suf
fering down to eh - untimely - grave. it, &strop' the. Ner
vous System, rapidly warsinaway the energiei , of
csit•ca mental . derangemoxiirevents the proper devel
opment of the systent, 4 disqualifies for marrirge, society,
bushiest % and all.carthly happiness, and laves the- gal
furor wrecked in body or mind, predisposed to Cont'ump
lion and a train of evils more to be dreaded than death
Itself. With - the tallest confidence I assure the-unfortu
nate victims of Self Abuse that a permanent and speedy
cure can be effected, and-with the abandonment of ruin.
nun precthaismy .. patienm'can be re, toned to robust,
Tito allii4red . ere cautioned against - the' use kif .Patent
Medicines. fur thrre are so many initenibus snares in the
tolunins of the public prints scratch and rob the unvery
sufferers. that millions' have their constitutions ruined
by the vile yampounds of quack doctors, or the equally
poisonous nostrums vended es "Patent Medicine" I
have carefully analysed many of -the 'ea.ealled- Patent
Medicines. and end.that nearly alhof them contain Cor
rosire Sublimate, which i+l one of the strongest prepers.
tions of mercury and a deadly poison. which. Instead .of
euriue the disease, disables the system foriife.
Three-fourthitorthe patent noelruius now in use etn
put up by unprincipled and ignorant petsons why dp not
ondendand even the alphabet of the MATERIA lintraca„
and are equally asineetititte,'Of soy knowledge orlise
monaystent: Within one (Meet only in view, and that to
make:money regartnisit ofennsequences..• : i
Irregularities ancl-alt disiesett of Tales, and faniales
treated on 4i:inclines •eatablisbed by. twenty yeaxs of
practiee?Mtiniabettenerf by- thoutende of. the most re.
workable curcs,...liedicines with full directions sznt to
any part:Arpin Cisited :elates or Cantinas, by patients
communicitingibeireyniptome by letter. Business cor
respondence sulctly conntlenglea..,4ildrees •..
- • J. summmma.l . s,'3": D., '
Offtee3l6.llBlrubert.St., rilbl-1ece.1093 below titelf:b,
3nly'S,.lsG7—March 18 .V`T• • • • • ';„i•
• 2.• G. NVI:KE4 •' • 'lead Jobber,
Union Deposit, Dauphin countp,..Penn'a.
et all times, to put 'tsp 'Brick
1, in end on the' ihertest
notice. Alio, 'JIB:JCR BULDENAS. - 410tr:Ens,
Inn-walla, Bases, 'Hearths, and albrork connect
ed with a Fternice done.— 'sze-A gang of Stone.
Masons always ready to fast'. down foundations,
nifd•do itotio'svark of ereryr description:.
July 1, 18,"...7 - 1 • P. O. MENU
. .
~ -. . • .. •
.1•,,F40r Sale... •
... ,••••-e.
,t Seeond-hand.Steam ENGINE, 10 horse-pow.
, et. 'lt is to be sold:to make room fur, one of
.larger -Eiza.. .Apply to ..
. .
A. MAJOR it. 2.1?..0111 . .ER.
Lebanon; .74:T.a. 7351. ' • .• •
Grading. the. :Streele.;"
DROPERTY-LlOLDERS;:rfibiitg tte grade
; pegs for building tiy;'<ii veying curb-stones.
will please , take notide, that P haVe•Oeslgne T tl that'
appointment and cennot'givaan3i . for 'eke Tutide.
Those for whom I mdy have set grade pegs will
also be - good enough to recollect, in case of disa
greement between my pegs and any that may hire
after be given by others; that such di.oTepaney
caused not by'arror 'my , part, but simply by the
gradma went by, having been changed:
,tebanort, July 1, 1857.-a.
to rowiNawr..ll.
Cheap L•iaiag Mao;
GiliT TtlyieWoOd - OTAlrOplly. or Verlitin 'Mind!),
as 7121* -- : tOORE
D A RA504.5.;1411 gu,.aP4ity„all the W.?.
fari t itt qbeftott• thitn'evai at
.: L st ! Kilt* :11Sq' 14618 •
.• . ? . ct i ow t: ii c e i rp ea., \A - 7
A SPLENDID' StOofc of 1811=3io t cil and
all do?oujewsottor; sncl*
riA'A ,94103, rP0 1 01:: EigrOgid;s!atres
4i .0, stjaige L aiienrt roam of. OWAli)Lbir
int Table: and •Stni re-, just-recoil/444nd'
for sale very cheap, al
• main; •,;:"mmy.;sr;ELTßip-•
WEE undersigned having,di.sposed of his Boot
I§g and ShoogEadttilishment tb his son, P. F.
MeCaully, and -retired fAim' the busin&s, is ans.
icrtts to make settlement with the public. There
fore, all persons•knoysing theteselFes indebted to,
or tutting chime upon; him,. are respectfully re.
queited to call'ithis reslde.nee, between this time
and tho 'first day' of August next, to make settle
Lebanon, Juan 24, 1.357.—td.
Valuable Borough. Properly
. “GE0,8.• SALE!
IS offered at .prprate saje,,that. valuable half-lot
or piece of Ground, situate at the north-east cor
net.' and - Water streets; Lebanon. front
ing 93 feet on Walnut street dud SO feet on Water
reettat presopt.9ecllßicid.l)3 , •Tolgt•Farrel's Marble
yard;on gbicli are It 01...5.M$ ROUSE, &c. It
is vielied: 14nare of the Lebanon Valley
Railroad: Depot, 'between the 'Depot and the cen
tre of town.. Foy further, particulars apply to John
Farrel, on the Premit•es. [Tune 24, 1857.
PO .SALT. at, the ff',OWN HALL, in L,EBA
.I: NQN,.for Csaliloi r good notes. 12 PIANOS,
dirnot Mins the eelebrated Makers Millet, Davis &
Co:, Bustoh; kna A. H. Galen Co., New York, em
bracing as many different styles, and carykng in
price from $3OO to $6OO, all of which will be sold
nt thilowest factor ylprices; and warranted to give
entire satisfaction, or the full amount of 'purchase
money' AAA be refunded,- at the shortest notice.
.y• • 0:C. B. CARTER, AGENT
LiNitiolli : Zinie 24,1967.
Valuta le Property for Sale.
Subscriber offers at Private. Sale a lot of
' °Toned sit:nate on Market square; Jonestown,
eisty-eis-feet front, And one hundred and sixty
/WS, ill depth, on -which axe a„tirat-rate two-story
DlTelling and Store house,. with cellar under the
whole,*; brioleStitinifer Ilinaim..liod Stabling,
Well with Painir, 'ke. ' , Possession and good title
given on the ht of November..
Ho also offers his entire Ftoek of.UARDrA RE,
Iron, Nails, Glass, Paints. ic., at 'prime cost.—
All those (.lirnus of bargsdus•will•find it to their
interest to call soon, cc be is determined to close
out by the Ist of November, ISt?.
Jonestown; Dale 1. 1857.41t.*
• TQWN. to,.LEBANON. • .
Lotting Fredericksburg every morning (Sun
dit:rs.e'acepted,)et o'clock , and iiii-leaTe
no/moults t outran:l the arri7al of the Philadel
phia end Itending_liros.
7.04- Through Tickets, la a 'retinal:a pries, can
be secured at Philadelphia or treallidg, for Jones
town or Fredericksburg.
This We! finit..;horte Cbeab, and the Line
will be !tent in the best condition. None but good
Herievwill he need.
The!plifslio pltionage Is respec . Ifhlle solicited.
The-Stage Oth i pe irt•Lebanon at - Reinhard's
Hotel. and at Fredericksburg at•Dats's Hotel.—
Too Coach will bo at the Railroad meet
the 'train. - • • • , 'TOBIAS BARTO.
• 1•441yY1,1:P
& Mec ha n
• r: 4 -b .-
2 .?" .
; •
. 4 0 4 .I.Werps
;-..wc" . ..,•7- - - • •
Krt •-••- •
' -
' .4* *
jot ITE un erzigneti wculd respectfully incite the
attentiou of their friends and the public in
general, to the ftwt ' that they are prepared, the
coming season„to manufacture' and have on head
the !argent andikest: assortment of
over offered tp the Farmers of this county, ruch as
Wheeler's Improred Railway none- Powers end
• Threshers; Manny's combined Reaper and
--Mower, with Weed's ?atm improvements ;
Coleman's Farm Mill ; Grain Drills and
Fans; Gourley's Patent Barrow and
•. plod dater; Cern Ploughs and Planters;
Portable Cider mug, Clover-Rollers, Corn
Shelters, Podder Straw and fay Cutters. it-c.
tali: All of the above Machines are of the latest. Improvements, and are all warranted to
give Ballarat:scion. Also. .
Castingslf all kinds.7nade to Order,
and_al abort notice. Particular attention paid to
REP (RING, and charges reasonable.
FAITSFERS will do well to call and examine our
'Stock before purchasing elsewhere, as they will
find it to their adrantage to purchase Machines
manufactured in their own county.
. 2 .W"A1l orders or communications by mail wig
be promptly etternied
Lebanon, Lebanon Co.. Pa.
ty 1. 1R57
OAS, GASSER & GETTLE wish to inform
the citizens of Lebanon County and neigh
bonog-countles, that they ore now in full opera.
tion, and aro prepared all kinds of
. .
••• • • • such as
Flooring • Boards, Weather Boarding,
SaskDoors.Window 4. Door Frames,
Blinders, Blinds, Planing Scrolls,
SAW G, and any othr kind of Sawing which
tuurlii;ivanted to.tuit builder& The subscribers
bog leave to ipfoim the public that they have the
latest and best improved machiumy in the coun
ty, anclt Ai Woodworth's Planer, &c., and that
they ere able to produce as good work as the coun
ty ear produce. •
• None but the best end woll-reasoned LUMBEII
will be used. Carpenters and Builders ore invi
ted s to call- and examine their ready-made stock,
which they will always keep on hand, and Judge
for themselves. . .
• ts.:•Their Shop is on Pinegroce Rosa, near
Phl-Oaner's Old Fonodzy.. •
Lebonon. June 17.'57.
Jewelry, &c.
_ IT is a fact worthy of note
that the Jewelry Store at 3:2
North Second st., Philadelphia,
belle- goods 20 per cent lass than any other place
in the *United States: Look at the prices.
Gold Lever'Wefebes 11c, full jeweled $22.00
Silver Levers, full jeweled, 10.80
Hanlon, . 12 to 18.00
Gold hunters, 28.1.0
Eight-day \Vetches, (Hunters,) 60.00
Also, all other kinds of Watches, Gold Chains,
Jewelry, ac., sold less than anywhere else. Call
in and examine.
tze.... Country merchants Eupplied wholesale or
retail. : N. D. GODFREY,
No. 332 North 2d at., between Callowhill and
Wood ate., Philadelphia.
Sine:l7, 1857.—Fims
J. - W. - AOKER,
In 9igsterigo ptreet, next door to Dr
'04,42; 'lsl3
. . .
, . 11..64 4 14.8GX.D'5' " U. \E IMEPARATION,
IlighlyiQqncentrated Extract Buchu, for Dimas.
es ef. the Bladder, ./Lidnoys, Gravel, Dropsy,
Weeknoesea,lte., is a safe and pleasant remedy.
Itead lhqAulvertisement in another column,hond
ei aHelmbold's Genuine Preparation."
' . • - EIMBROFD , •
ERY, Collars, Sleeves
it. A.Milts,.Gloves, liosiery, •in . shorKall
a lady wawa for a full-mid complete Dross. Thoy
thlitlOhee are able t 9 proyO by their prices that
be spur, advantago to ace their geode before
pan_p*big elsewhere.
Domestic Goods,
A NU and general assortment that defies beating.
. Ggptleinep,
Irk( find . the hest, the handsomest, and they
feel yrarrsnied to say the cheapest assortment of
of Cloths, Cassimores, plain and fancy,
and alricindelof and summer Goods for
n 2012 and boys, Abu will be offered anywhere this
firing,Thoir,paloottona are largp and good, and
.f4ldr.POsea : lrery ley: :To see them call at the
,Nl4! Ma ••41 Of s; RADER & BROIL
Bdnsiii, Ribbons'! •
..tEADTIP.JIL assortment of Bon
.llll:;ixekSatin aid Mantua Ribbons jiiat
retteived'and• for:sale mail cheap at
7+219` 13; ifErrRY...-Ot