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Lebanon, July 1, UV
Bane affairs.
gr. We. tekday,and to-morrow
resent bills due this establishment, to
Jur patrons residing in this Borough
AdNoqLebanon.'' We trust they will
etinvenieot to make' payment, as
re aesVatringen,tty in want of money.—
Ve .: hite payments to make, and must
.Iso'have means to make the improve
nerds on theAduertisir we contemplate.
)ur own. - Should not be.withheldi if it
:an .posst v. e avoided.
. . -
Citt? ..- ,' , wwiro.rovrafs.-141r. John Wal
'ower, Of ' , Harrisburg, snitounces
iinaself tmatt cardidate far the State San
te (rout this district, lie belongs to
he opposi.tiot4' but his announcement
mule as if he intended being an inde
Adam German, of North Lebanon tp.,
iubTll.if9'-his claims , to the Black. Repub.
lica'n' i d`oii i titi convention for their nom.
inatitTio,rthe office of Recorder.
Chiristian O. Alcily, of Bethel, ditfo,
for the-office of County Treasurer.
•Bettson, (Mtlier,) of North
Lekinttno,vlp., ditto, for the Aloe of
Cott it IT'Cr - O inissi '..,r,
Otitt , ritire?;.--- ---- Last week
thel , Whifi';'Or. grading the streets was
commvuceditearnest by the contract.
Gra,. of men commenced on
Cumbeilind street west of Market, cut.
ting the hill, working up towards Mar
ket and filling up to the Plank road.—
in consequence of this work going
on, '%our' "neighborhood was overrun;
with , : would-be engineers, serveyors,
mathematicians, - &c., almost every one
of whom, of course found some fault
with the proceedings. Even the dar
kies."crauldtrtt..see de use ob digging a
witY-41eAlii.rhere and putting it down
dere." If "our people have a little pa
-lience, now Since the work is begun,
we presume that all will be well in the
6' Saturday last was an excellent
grass cutting day, and we presume bun
41rede ot. acres were cut in this county.
Sunday;.:4llS4, was a fine day for drying,
but on MOnday all was knocked into a
cocked.hat by. the heavy rain.
•SAtio , orßroeu..—Gen. Weidman sold
at public sale, on. Saturday the 20th II It • ,
66.,Shares of Stock in the Berks and
Dauphin turnpike company, belonging
to th r tyestate of J. M. Haldeman, dee'd,
as foltows:—
22 sterna, Tadao Kroldor,
4$ " 'lobo Funk,
O THE RAILROAD.—There will be
oti.. 4 ),,itelebration" or "free ride" on the
Valley Railroad, on the open•
int of the line to Lebanon, being de
ferred.tili the whole road is completed.
The:Atimnexion was made on Saturday
ey,iliting, and, as we learn, a jolly time
wait'li4d at that tune and place. The
cars' wil! commence running riviihtrly
eXt Monday, one train n dnv each way,
The train up from Reading will reach
Lebanon , it about noon, 83341 leave here
for Reading, at about 3 o'clock, I'. N.
This arrangement is thought will not
be very convenient for ',us-Lebanon
fags, with Which opinion, we differ.—
Ths,Peopte and stage lines from every
sedtiow of country will have time to
reach Lebanon, and"leave liere in the
4lown , train in plenty of time to connect
withlipisix , ,o.',elock trains for. Philadel
philci-Pottsville. The up-train will
also meetAlti stales, before they leave
-for their deatinatiqns, However, should
the Arrangenient be found, imperfect it
will be perfected after .a time. The
running time to Reading will be 1/
hours, and the fare 65 ceps.
sy et might. here indulge in some re
fienti-dhs on the past and future of. Leb
anne,,on the interesting era the present
will i'ruiptituisk,in its, history, the public
spit' , nitAirtse, and perseverance of
aim hieBrijintlted, - pushed forward,
encouraged, and completed the great
work which now connects it with the
busicess'and intelligence of the "rests
of-mankind," the didculties that were
experienced in the progress of the
work, financial, old fogy, and otherwise;
indicate thriie" Whose interests suffer
by the work,,(very few,) and those who
derive benefits, (all;) review the work
ittilf in all its strength and
,beauty; but
cOltimnd would not suffice for'such an
undertaking. It must be the history,
pilblic and private, of the Lebanon Val
lotkailreatl;frent the day of- its con-
cdftion, to next 'Monday the day of its
tritiMph. For such an undertaking we
,not the tithe at present, nor the
"Alosardipts" at hand, but hope that
souls One mho may have both, may also
14 , 10 tha l laination to fulfill our desires
in this partionlar.
I SOPODAT SCHOuLti of this
'borough iotenif %delebrating the 4th at
. the following . places, viz :—Balem's Ltr.
theran in Leittnan's woods, about 1 mile
north of Market "square; Moravian in
Light's woods, on the Jonestown road ;
Zbiri,'s Lutheran .in Lehman's Birch
Woods ; Reformed in Laudermileh's
woods) Methodist Episcopal in Krei
.der's woods; Evangelical's in A. Light's
ueiterstand that previous - destinations for"the
%day, there 4911:beleneraxineetingt in
Ozr We earnestly request that these.
of our subscribers at a distance who re
ceive their bills for subscription in this
number of the Adrieitiser will *Ward
the amount hy „mail immediately. Vve
shall, receive their Rromptnesa,:ia this,
matter aa, a favor, although the suing due
are ours of light. Do not .ahackletts
in our intended enlargement, by with
holdingenr:own, which is all we ask for.
Ozr Therels no luiury in the world,
that 'elects a ,Magnifident sha've, cape=
cially in warm. weather, when the hair
grows amazingly fast. It is the very
acme of human bliss to place youself
in the hands of Professors Daly and
Williams,- who can take your beard . off
with such ease and
,elegance that you
can fall into a gentle slumber while
submitting to the .operation.
O Mr. David . E. Miller, of this bor
ough, has been appointed Court Crier,
in place of Jacob Smith, dee'd.
Ot'l Mr. Satnuei Itrman has been
appointed Manager of the Lebanon Gas
Vr All ye who want early vegetables,.
fish, &c., can be supplied several times
a week, by showing the - light of your
countenances at the Market House.—
Capt.' J. P. Ely has made arrangements
,procure the best that can -be obtain
ed; which he brings to Lebanon by-Ex.
press. Last week we noticed'peas,beats,
&c., at the stand.
military company, composed of youths
froth 12 to 16 years of age, has been
formed in Myerstown, and will parade
for the first time, on the 4th of - July,.
They are fully equipped and command..
ed by R. Reinhold. •
o*." Messrs. John and Ckeorge Line
aweaver and Levi Dodendorf, of Heidle
berg, have lately sold a farm near Sha:f
•ferstown, containing 77 acres, to Sarsi'l
Kurtz, nt 8119 per acre.
Or The "Union Bank of Reading"
hits the requisite number of shares of
stock subscribed to enable it to go into
0:r President Buchanan will spend
several weeks at the Bedford Springs
during the present month. .
DICKENS' LAST INTTEL,s—Dickens has complet.
cd his story of Little Durrit, which has been in
the process of priblication in successive numbers
for a long thue. 'lhe advance sheets hare been
received from the author by the last steamor,by
T. B. Peterson, who has published the work in a
nowt edition, uniform with the other colutnes of
Dickens' works issued by that publisher. We
need not say flint Little Doerit is a work which
will interest the public—every - body knoiirlhO
merits of Dickens' writings, and this last is equal
in graphic power end skillful delineation of char.
neter, to any of his previous Works. For sale at .
J. M. good's Book Store.
$23 per glitiro
Lnne.toN, Juno 19tb, 1851.
Mn: Eerron:—"Union" was' again constrained
to defend his friends-tbe rowdiestAithough
our moons deserved no reply-in biquimation,
h.o belies himself by devoting nearly a cola=
thereto. This /oohs like net being ser'Arreqg ef
fected! abun and en vy disreg,urd, not con
sidering it pertinent to the question, end contain
in,, no nrgweent. The fact that "Union's" emu
no:ideation we,i written in a school-room, by the
rid nf Fev crud public officers, does not improve the
snd ill-temper displayed therein; but
;is lird, where ivulignutio» overrules,
To keep gaud. Fenn ILI a Eat of fools"
fu his wrathy distractien he mattes a pass at the I
"printer's-devil," for reasons unknown tome, but
like "a drowning man catching a straw," he omits
nothing by which he may stray from the real is
sue. Be dragged the insulting notice of the la
' dies before the, public to screen his able "defence ,
of honor"—declaring that "the wreaths were made l
by members of the Terse
' and handed to the ln
dies for distribution." Discovering thisassertion
to be false, and instead of a due and jest apology,
he adds insult to injury by stating that "the lit
dies did make the wreaths, but were paid for it,"
which I learn is another falsehood—a reproach
on their intelligence, nod a tad contradictio n ,
verifying that "too many cooks spoil the broth."
Again, "Union". says with a triumphant air t
that their wreaths were received "gratis", (but ao
knowledges that they paid for the flowers!) for
which the ladies will be remembered. lie has of
course the unfeigned thanks of the 'ladies of parts,'
for the kind manner ho is remembering them!
"Union" has learned that "A Citizen" paid for
and had a wreath presented at a corner which
would truly be a distinguished' place to receive a
wrtath from "a lady of parts!" But unfortunate
as "A Citizen" neither paid for nor received
any such wreath ' I must infer that in his imagi- I
nation Ito"is barking up the wrong tree." Next
he is highly elatedthat the Union engine carried
the palm in his. German friend's opinion, and as
ho appears to be content with small favors,' cheer
fully grant that glory !
Finally, "Union" arrives where the shoe pinch
es, and to extricate himself from his unhappy di- . I
lemma, he is compelled to expand the truth in
pretending to quote that."the dinner affair was
put in motion by members of both companies!"--
Arid in reply to my interrogatory, "whet those not
belonging to the Perseverance end their guests,
wore - seeking at Mark's hotel, ut that particular
time; s a, -rapier); I" he cowers his retreat by say
ing that "'A Citizen' had no right(?) to consider
the . presence of any ono at a public house a mys
tery!' But the old ailage—"The truth will out,"
proved correct in his case r w hen he unraveled that
EVSTERYin these plain worils:—"The anniversary
of the Perseverance lire co., was a day well calcu
lated to SETTLE ANCIENT 'Penne !" 'lnd he ac
knowledged this; or -bad it so - unpromeditately
leaked out in - his - lint, this war 'oftwords would I
have terminated king since. The peculiar deport-
went of the rawdies'efllds "ancient fetid settlers,"
on that day led me to inspect that something was
wrong hence my questioning. It appears pal-
pubic, then, that "Union"and his brave adherents,
now known as ancient - fetid settlers, came there{
at that particular time to iettle AISC/ ENT FUETIS I
(being terrible feifo(rs - in, mortal combat,) while
the honorable portion_were enjoying themselves as
friendly guests, who with the Perseverance and
host, repulsed them with contempt—hence I could
not consistently caesura a whole eonipany.
Not satisfied with theahuse already heaped upon
our fire committee, "Union" wishes the:public to
"gaze at a company two-fifths of whose members
wore at ono time under arrest for As his
dismay no doubt prevented him from filling up the
sentence, I take it for granted that be •was allud
ing to the arrests made - in Market Street, on the
night of February - 22 d,
,186'1, for which petty
charge ho has net the thenks of his"contpany; and
as be seems to be'eoniersunt of the feet, I opine he
also considers himself "in that ring."
"Union" says :—"Biery one should frown on
an attempt to create ill-feeling, and with but few
exceptions (the axon= rutin SETTLERS!) OUT fire
men.tire respeettible and -well-meanint men, and
hopeothey , may,doen forget the petty animosities
he (Union) exhibited." My sentiments and re
' sition exactly. I frowned on. the 'attempt' of the
anoientlend settlers, wb o are now backed by "Uni
on?? as. neither friendly nor becoming good. fire •
men* and they -save the credit of the honor/40i
nreze,hers. But asliedefends the ahhientfetteC sit-. I
tier., who-attempted-to . disgrace, the anniversary, I
termed the:Perseverance hOsis Carriage. ',Mint
ntfeja,:striped," charges tiro-Aftins eta echitany,,l'hittra aslaneltatrirarienceZwi.ththeabotel
kind remarks gratis, as from his ancient nutairresif
09e#4141*4,4w)14*.i0 cuT,vrigerY4kol4lPart - .4
44 1 0114 0 k-ck.,ftftki
t i t *ln:ahcotse. 406.R1;*".09.?ip,74,4 eopii
tradictions, Pretended flattery and impure. insin
uation's', which when compared suffer wofully,
for Which halos just cause to feel the qualms of
remorse. lii.:granted it little reason in my last,
but lo ! wherels , his? EohO answers—nowhere !
Therefore, acquire knowledge before you attempt
to show. Having offered my remarks for our fire
`department to profit by, and being cognizant that
.they. have met the approbation of, the unbiassed
public, I conclude, by reminding those. that at
tempt to wound it, that the citizens are ever ready
to offer a just yindieation in its behalf.
OZ, - CLOSE OF oun-Serroor.s.--Yeiter
day . bur Public' Schools closed, amid the
shout bf the Pirpi4. We sinterery
hope they may be sb fond or reimibing
_their studies as they seemed to be to
lay them aside.
(-- At an election for Officers of [he
Franklin Institute, the following were
elected for the ensuing term :--Presi.
den t,—J. Roedel, jr.; Vice President,—
H. M. Eby ; Secretary, J. W. Harbeson;
Treasurer,—Wm. C. Fauber.
Ott' We understand that the Perse.
verance Sax Horn Band, have accepted
invitations from the Zion's Lutheran
and Reformed Sunday School's, for the
4th of July. •
, .
Lands of the Ridgway Farm and
Land Co., in Elk co., Pa.
The following is a copy of the proceedings of
the Huston Sccictrot Natural History. It shows
to great Ovantage the immense mineral and, ag•.
ricultural - wealth of this prirtnf the country. It
is in the midst of flourishing settlements, where
a large business is now done, and where them is
a cash market. It is not difficult to perceive the
immense wealth and business importance to which
this distriet is destined to arrive. It will .supply
the vast trade of the Lakes with coal, and a large
lumbering district of country east of it with agri
cultural produce: In the settlement, over 20,000
acres are now in n high state of cultivation.
Here is solid ground for future progress and in
crease. This is an unaveidablii , consequence
its resources and location. , How "People can be
so infatuated as to go, to the hard=working and
tinwholecomo regions of the West, whilst such
great ath.antages are at their doors, We are at a
loss to conjecture.
Of Natural History.
[Reported for the Boston Traveler by the Re
cording Secretary.
six opened the meeting by some highly interest
ing remarks upon a new family of fishes and their
Dr. Charles T. Jackson gave a brief descrip , -
tion of the bituminous coal formation of Elk cu:,
Pennsylvania, which ho had been engaged in ex
ploring during the month of June last. He ob
served that the great bitominous coal basin or
trough extends from the north-western border of
Pennsylvania, to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as indi
cated on Mr. Jules Marcuu's GeolOgical map or
the United States. .
The northern portion of this basin is of great
economical value on account of its being the near
est to Luke Erie, one of the greatest markets fur
coals, which are required for navigation on all
the great lakes,and for the furnaces and gas works,
as well as - domestic use fur fuel, on both the U. S.
and Canada sides of these hikes. lie remarked
that statistics showed a:larger amount of tonnage
on the lakes then exists on the Atlantic coast of
this country, and That steam navigation would
certainly greatly increase upon the lakes where
coals could be obtained at a reasonable east, as
will soon be the case when- the western portion of
the Sunbury and Erie Railroad, now under con
tract is completed, which would be done in the
course of two years.
Since the recent explorations were made into
the extensive coal formation of Elk county, Pa.,
the Directors of this important Railroad-have or
dered the road to' be laid amid these coal fields,
and tho consequence of this movement will soon•
be felt in,the-augiuented value of the coal lands.
The Phiticular region explored by Dr. jai:look
is' known as the Ridgway hatici and Cool Compa-_
ny's property, sotno _17,900 acres of land, all situ
ated in the coal region. Five or six beds of coal
underlie this soil, and they generally dip only
from two to six feet in thickness. Must of "the
largo beds arc undisturbed, and only the small
ones are here and thMe denuded by valleys of ex
The deep ravines, or runs, expose some of the
out crops on the larger
.beds. on the southeast
sides of the hills. On the northwest they are still
deeply covered with rocks, the Sandstone and
bituminous shales.
Each of these coal beds is overlaid with a stratum
of 8 or 10 inches of sista cannel coal, and they all
rest on fire clays. Iren ores, namely, carbonate of
iron and brown hminatne, abound, the former in
the fire clays, and thelatter in the superincumbent
shales. Bat few fossil plants are found in these
shales, and only the stales, fins, arid tails of fishes
in the slaty cannel coal, which appears to have
been a fine aquetus sediment of water-logged vege-.
A bed of buff.colored limes tone occurs heneath
the principal bed of coal; and is nine or ten feet
thick. This limestone contains small fossil bi
valve hells,not yet named.
The Ridgway lanilllms cOntaiils coal, iron ores,
limestone and sandstone, with an abundance of
clay suitable for fire-procf bricks. All the facili
ties for the reduction of iron exists on the spot,and
soon the means of transportation of the costs snit
metal 4.0 market will be supplied. The country is
elevated about 1600 feet above the sea., and is in
lat. 41.25 N., and long. 1.40 W. of Washington,
and is remarkably healthy.
The tenoning analysis of the coals; iron ore and
limestone have been: made by Dr. Jackson,. since
his return to Boston. Specimen from the 6 foot bed:
Fixed carbon, 52.36
the expelled by heat, 40.00
Ashes of coke, 7.62
The ashes analyzed yielded--
SiHail, 6.20
Alumina and oxide of iron, 1.10 '
Lime, 0.22
The slaty cannel gives—
.ll.xed carbon, i
Earthly matter,
The limestone yielded
- Carbonate of hale,
Insoluble silica,
Peroxide of iron,
- -100.00
AnalOis of the balls of carbonate of iron. 100
gr....r. - bf , rids ore yielded—
Peroiide of iron, 151.50=iron, 43.
Carl?onie acid, • 31.50
In smelting. iron ores with these coals it will be
necessary to convert the coal into coke, and tho
small coals may - thus bo di.sposcd of on the spot.
No better gas-making opals are found in the Uni
ted States, and but ono botter variety in the Brit
ish province of Now Brunsivick--natnely, that of
Albert county.
.Ottowa: Clarion says
a constable- of that county arrested a
fellow a few days since, on a charge of
counterfeiting, and afterwards lost his
prisoner in a laughable manner. The
man was taken on the opposite side of
the river from Grand Haven, and was
brought to the village in a boat.
• On
arriving at the landing, the constable
jutnped out, and turned round to order
the prisoner to follow. His astonish.
went may be better-imagined than' de.
scribed ;for the culprit had shoved-off
the boat, and was - just beginning to
"paddle his own canoe," in right good
earnest, to the infinite amusement of
the bystanders. All the boats in the
neighborhood were docked and could
not be. readily put off, and the fellow
made the. best of his time, seeming. to
enjoy the predicament of his official..—
The . last that was seen of-the marl, he
was on the top of a hill, over the. iver,.
swinging-tis hat and hallOing at a great
THE STATE SEDrtirg;- 7 *-The terms of
the following Senators.expired with the ,
elomkttfiihe4ettehnt,stuiffioll:tr-Nitid Tag
gart, Rep.,_ Northumberland co ; James
M. Sellers, Rep., Juniata ; Wtn. E. Fra
zer, Rep., Fayette ; Francis Jordan,
Reit, Bedford; John C. Flerniiken,Rep.,
Greene; James H. Walton, Dem., Mon
roe; John W. Killinger, Rep., Lebanon;
Jacob G. Shuman, Rep., Lancaster ;
- James S. Lewis,; Rep., Delaware ; N.
B. Browne, Dern., Philadelphia ;
A. Crablr, Rep - : - , Philadelphia.
The crop of
: sugar in Porto Rico is
a million Poun'd'S more this year than it
was in 18.50, molasses 220,000 gallohs
coffee Soo,opp , pinthrls more.—
Won't . the price' dl sugar soon'Oome
down I
&noun . ; DEA'rit . ,-L- - 'Mr: George Heim,
a respected - citizen of Jonestown, this
county, died suddenly, of apopleicy;
on Thursday night last. He had retired
in apparently good health.
Dn. BAumnack in his iravels . on the
cape of Good Hope says: I found very
frequently among the Dutch Boors of
the back country, Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral, which they keep hung up by
thong around the neck of the bottle to
a peg over their hammocks. Indeed
this seems to be their sole protection
against the throat and lung disorders
which are quite preveletit among them.
I thought it a speaking comment an the
practical genius of the American peo:
pie, that they should furnish the staple,
Pbelieve the only' remedy this people
'buy to use. AskinWif they used the
same manufacturers Pills, they told me
that better purgatiVei grew all around
them than any body could prepare.
GEATITtIiM.—IT gratitude was ever, evidenced
among any class_, it certainly has been with those
who bare used and tested the extraordinary vir
tues contained in Dr. S. Hostetter's celebrated
Stomach Bitters. Scarcely a day passes, we are
informed, that the Doctor does not receive from
some recent heart-stricken and solicitous parent,
brother, sister, or friend, seine testimonials of
deep and earnest gratitude, for his agency in re
storing to health and wonted 4gor,soine kindred.
For tlio cure Of DyspepSia, Flatulency, Constipa
tion, lack of Appetite, and all Billions tenden
cies, aro speedily corrected by the use of these
Bitters AS per direCtion on bottle. Sold by drug
gists eiterywhere.. . [Juno
EMANUEL P.s . .to.Airr, agent, North West corner
of Market and Water streets, - Lebanon, Pa.
June 3,1357.4 m.
This is to certify that I have ninth) but
one oppliestiOn of the illActo Ott on my fingers,
which hrivo been drawn_ from contraction of the
curds, brought on by rheumatism. It was of sev
enteen months standing, and I am now entirely
cured. I cheerfully recommend it to all afflicted
Laicise. J. tl. FESTROCR,
Harrisburg, 72 "locust street.
Guilford R Lemberger hare now got in full op
eration their new and splendid Soda Water roun
tain, where the public will find soda water of the
very best quality—equal to any obtained 'in • the
eities . or elsewhere.
They would inform the public that tis their so
da water is made with an entirely now and il/1-
proved apParatus, there can be Rio danger of con
tamination with foreign matter: Their Foun
t/di/3 being lined with Porcelain, all danger, so
common with the copper fountains in general use,
is avoided. Ytti will always find a choice selec
tion of Sneers of the finest 'layers ;_ and for the
convenience of Phy . siciall.9 and...familiesat a dis
tance from town,'we will Wile the Soda water in
its pure state or flavored with any - of our delicious
Bear specially in mind that our soda wa
not Copper, and' - is the colder , purest and most
sparkling in the Borough.
"Woodland Preant"--A POKADt: FOit BE.i.tirr
-111110 THE 11Am—highly perfumed, supeilor to any
French article imported, and for half the price. For
dressing Ladies' ]lair, it has no equal, giving it a bright.
glossy appearance. It causes Gentleman's Hair to curl
in the most natufal manner. It removes dandruff, al
ways-giving the hair the appearance of being fresh
shampooed. Price only fifty cents. -None genuine unless
signed FETRIDGIi & GO., Proprietors of the
Par sale by Guilford .& Lemberger, and all Druggists.
Feb. 25,185 G.-Gm.
liot.LOwxx's PILLs.,--The stomach, by the
chemical agency of its solvent - fluids, converts the
food into crude blood; the liverfolmishes a score- -
tion which fits it for the Venous syStem; the lungs:
vitalize it: If the stomach is diseased; it cannot
produce a healthful element, and if the fountain
of life is infected,: all the streams that flow frem it
must, be poisoned, It is upon the stomach, the
great feeder of the system, the traimuftiettirer of
the aliment which subsequently becomes bone,
muscle, sinew,. andflesh, that Holloway's Pills ex
ercise their salutary influence, curing indigestion
in all its shapes, and thus giVing a vigorous tone
to every dependent organ. , This is the philosophy
of the rapid and thorough 'cures of all the varie
tists of internal disease accomplished by this pow
erful remedy.
Ptaca Phr aux, Pea WAR."—In the days
of our youth, it behooves us to make some prepara
tion for the approadh of age. Row 'many persons
have become prematurely hold by neglecting to ap
ply appropriate remedies to prevent the hair from
falling off I The use of Prof. Weed's celebrated
"Hair Restorative" Will proven t the hair from fall
ing off. impart to it a - healthy growth; and even re
store the hair of the bald. Thousands have testi
nod to its efficacy. To be had of Druggists every
where. ,1024-2 t
The Lebanon Market
WEDNESDAY, 'July 1, 1857.
Ex. Family Flour, per bar. - - 49 50
Extra Flour, per barrel •- - - 9 00
Extra SUpertine Flour, per bid.-- 8 00
Superfine R. Flour, -• • . --7 00
Superfine Flour, .• • - 625
Prime White Wheat, per bus.... - 1 90
Prime Red Wheat, per bus. - 180
Prime Rye, per bushel - -95
Corn, per bushel -. . ••. • - .75
Oats, per bushel - . - r i p
Tallow, per poutul - - -
Ham, . - •• -• •'. 14
Lard, - --- • • - - 12
Shoulder,' - 12
Sides, •- • • -•- 11
Butter, - - . .. • 14
Egg's, per dozen, •
The Flour market continues decided
ly languid, there being Little or no ex
port demand, and the retailers and bak•
ere are purchasing only to ,supply their
immediate wants. Shipping brands4tre
offered at $7.874 per barrel, without
finding buyers. 100 barrels Rye Flour
sold at $4.75. Corn Meal is scarce and
firm at $4 per barrel foi- Pennsylvania.
There were but few samples of Grain
displayed on the tables at the Corn Ex
change' and the transactions were unu.
sually-limited. Wheat is wanted - by the
millers, but the market is nearly bare.
Small sales of red at $1:88a1.9 . 0, and
white at $1.05 per bushel ;. 1000 bush
els prime Delaware red sold at $1.90.
Rye continues to command $1.10.
Corn is in good demand, and prices are
la2eents higher--sales of saBooo bush
elsyellow at: - 90 cents, part in store. 4.-
In Oats no change,— sale, of;Pennsyl:
Variit wee'nutde- at 1! cents per bushel.
Special Notices.
rum: alcp SPARKLING
31031D.vr, June 29.—P. 31
(Kr The Lebanon Post Office will be
open as follows on the 4th :—from 6 to
9 A. M., from 11 to li, and from 4 to
7 P. M.
Strong-minded women in Albany and
the parts adjacent thereto, - have, com
menced Cutting their hair' slibit, litre
men. What a pity they don't raise
Engliab. preaching next Sunday morning and
Evening in Vire Aletboilist Chureh.
German, preaching next Sabbath *ming, anti
evening t o'clock, in ti; Eritaitnel'a Church. of
the EvangeliCal Ass'ociation.
English Preaching wait Sunday morning in the Mora
vian chord!.
English preaching next Sunday evening, hi. Salem's
(Lutheran) church. •
Germain presetting next Sabbath morningg—aand En
glish in the Evening—in the Reformed church.
English preaching next Sabbath.morning and.
evening ins , Zion's Lutheran Church.
111 Alt R. I E D ,
On tho.2lst ult., by Rev. Mr. Stein, Mr. PE.
MER, both of Union tp., this county.
On the 14th ult., by the seine, Mr. HENRY
both of Jackson tp., this county.
On the 28th ult., by the Rev. F. W. Kreuter, Mr.
GEORGE W IVIRLLINGER, Of this, borough, to Miss
ELIZA LOWRY, of North Lebenon bOrougb:
On the dtb ult., by Rev. Rotnteh, Mr. SOLOMON
LIAAIi, of Sivutara, to. CAftIARINE SOHAND, Of
On the 24th ultt, in Elizabothtthru; Lancaster
.Co., at the residence of her grandfather; LIZZIE
LAURA, only child of Samuel and Caroline S.
Hoverter, aged 4 years 2 months, and 27 days.
On the Nth inst., in Meyerstow», LEONARD
RAMLER, aged 59 years, 2 months and 22 days.
On the 13th Inst., In Jackson, SARAH, daughter of
John GETTLE, aged 11 ears,.s months and 19 clays.
Bricklayer and Jobber, ,
Union Deposit :Dauphin county, Penn'a.
lAM . prepared; at - all times, to put up Brick
Work, in alias bfanthes, and on the shortest
Boshes, Thiarths, and all work connect
ed with a Furnaco done. gabg of Stuue
Masons's] ways ready to put • down foundations,
and do stone work of every description.
July 1, 1.357.—tf. P. la. WIKEL.
ON Friday last, between this place and the North
LI Lebanon Furnaces, a Frame and Lid of a ble.•
dallion Wateh-Key. Any one finding the above
will please return it to this office, for which the
finder will be rewarded, .
Lebanon, July 1,1857.-4
For Side.
A s eem &hand team EN HNE,IO horse pow
er. It is to be sold to tuake.rooln for one of a
larger site. Apply to
Lebanon, July I, 185 T.
Grading the Streets.
PROPERTY -HOLDERS ' wishing for grade
pegs for building by, or setting eurb.stones,
will please take notice, that 3 hnce resigned that
appointment and cannot give any for the future.
Those for whom r may have set grade pegs will
also be good 'enough to recollect, in case of disa
greement between my pegs and any that may here
after be given by others, that such dherepancy is .
caused not by error on my part ,- hut simply by the
grades - I,went by, haVing been changed.
_ _
ED. M. 13.1 . 611ARDS
Lulnatori t July 1, 1857.-tf.
Valuable Propelly fur Sale.
rIIIE Subscriber offers at Private Sale. a let, of
Ground Situate on Market square - , Jonestown,
sixty t six feet front, and ono hundred and sixty.
iiifivedepth, on which are a first-rate two-story
Dwelling and Store house, with cellar under the
whole, a brick Summer House, good Stabling, a
Well with Pump, &c. Pos.Session and good title
given on the lat of November. -
He also offersbis entire stock of HARDWARE,
Iron, Nails, :Glass, Paints, (U., at prime cost.—
All those desirous of bargains *ill find it to their
interest to call soon, as he is determined to close
out by the Ist of November, 1857..
Jonestown, July 1, 1857.-3t.1
Leaving Fredericksburg every morning (Sun
days excepted,) at 6 , 1 o'clock, and will leave Leba
non on its return on the arrival of the Philadel-
OW and Reading line. .
"Fr- Through Tickets, at a reduced price,- can
be seeured at Philadelphia or Reading, for Jones.
town 'or Fredericksburg. '
This is a four-borse Coach, and the line
will be kept in the best, condition. None but good
_Horses will be used.
The public patronage IS respectfully solicited,
The Stage Office in Lehanon will be at Reinhard's
Hotel, and at Fredericksburg at Bata's Hotel.—
The Coach, will be at the Railroad Depot to tweet
the train, TOBIAS BART°.
July 1, 18.57.-351.
Has Worked Aliraetes.
ryuIIAT all the bald and gray can be restored perfectly
tab to original growth and color, does not admit' of a
doubt ; besides. it will cure every possible disease of the
scalp, whether developed as dandruff itching, or in the
shape of cutaneous eruptions—even scald head—and in
no possible case will it fail of caring, as Why magic, ner
vous or periodical headache, and if - wed twice a week by
the young, regularly, it will preserve the color, and keep
the hair from falling, to any imaginable age. Read and
31illford, Worcester Co., Mass., Nov. 1656.
PROF. 0. J. WOOD—Bear Sir :—d take pleasure in
bearing voluntary testimony to the magic effects of your
wonderful Hair Reston - Airco An far back as 1830, my
hair commenced falling elf, until the top of my scalp be.
came bald arid glass,and it has continued to
fall for a great ninny years, notwithstanding I have used
many celebrated preparadons for restoration. Seeing
your advertisement, I was induced to Dive your article
a trial, and,,to my utter natoniehment7found, after a few
applications; that my hair became firmly act, and assum
ed a glossy ;and beautiful appearance ;'anal by the time 1
had used a quart bottle, my bald head Was covered over
with a young end Vigorons growth of hair, which is now
from one to two inches in length. and growing fast.
Yours, truly, HENRY GOODRICH.
OnARLESTOwN, Mass., Aug. 5, 1555.
Gents i—ilothing but a duty and sympathy that I feel
to communicate to others that are °filleted as I have
been, would.induce me to give this public • aCknowledge.
ment. of the benefit I have received from Professor Wood's
Flair Restorative. When I that commenced using It, my
hair was quite gray; andln spots entirely bald. I hire
now used the Restorative about five month% and my
hair is entirely changed to its original color, brown,. and
the new hair is over three inches in length on the spots
where it was bald. .1 hare also bean much gratified at
the healthy moisture and vigor of the - hair, which before
was dry, and it has ceased to come and as formerly.
Respectfully yours, &0., Mn, 11: A. STODDARD,
From Mrs. Ingalls, a well-known nurse 14 Boston.
BOSTON, October 10th, 1555.
Guys your.requeet, and being so highly pleased
with the effects of the Restorative, I am free testate that
my hair had becomaiquite thin, and entirely irate. I
have, for the last fire years, been in Abe habit of using
dyes but hearing of the extraordinary effects of this arti
cle, I was induced to try it. My hair has been restored
to Rs original tbleknes, and also to its former color,
which is light brown... • Fours, respectfully,
The from the Pastor of the Orthodox church,
Brookfield. " 11O0OXYLELD, blare., Jan. 12. 1855.
Prof. Woon.:-Dear Ellr—llaving matte trialof your Hair
Restorative, it gives me pleasure to say, that its effects
have been excellent in removing inflammation. dandruff,
and a constant tendency to itching, with which I have
been troubled from my childhood, and has also restored
the hair, 7hic4 wattJuKoPti,ng gray, to its original color.
!have used no:otb'er - article, With anything like the some
pleeaure and profit. - `Yours, truly,
"[FrOm the:Jersey City Tele/reph.) ,
19116TAS /T POS,-TELTS IXOoOltadltt ILLSORATPiII ? : -411
sarmatiOit.giAvidd, daily by hundrede. We.answer without
hesitation'Ofeer of contraclletion; that it is the only, ar
ticle-knOwn' Alch will do all It promises for the human
war. kimiw ITS CLSOWTEIT WM. STOP ITS' 711 . .10-
019- 7 11. STELL - RMSTOWS rts xertniat , cmon 1 It is not a
Hair Dye, but a speedy .014e,cioyslleatorstive.
~ .
Oil. WOOD &CO., Proprietors, 81 2 4roculwaT t *,... Y
. . . aid,11,4 arkeckieego6:llq4,49A:iiiik::
J'or.saka;l2l,lols44, tii,tfirwa,s4.-DrAit
item:- 'Aliki, tkalr reept!fielblillitioiiiite Jillyll'aiate.
NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Eto maim' , H auer & c a poi
This Way, f you Want Cheap Lumber.
J IM undersigned have lately formed a part
.7o.l nersbip for the purpose of engaging in the
Lumber Business, on a new plan, would respect
fully inform, tho public at large, that their place
of business is David Bo*man's old Lumber Yard,
in Easit,Lebanon, fronting on Chestnut street, 1
square from the Evangelical church. They have
enlarged the yard, and filled itwith a new an,lex
t assortment or all kirids of Lumber, such as
Fairmero' Sc Me;chaiiiits%
JFLF undersigned iTotildrespectfullyinvite the.
7, 1 1,5 attention of triciffriends and the'pahlic in
generalMO the fact that. they are prepared, the
coining season, to'nitinufacttire and have on hand
the 'largest and hest assortment of
ever offered to the 'Farmers of this county, such as
Wheeler's Improved Railway Horse-Powers and
Threshers; Manny's combined Reaper and
Mower, with Wood's latest improyethents ;
Coleman's Farm Mill; -Grain Drills and
Fans; Gourley's Patent Harrow and
ClOd Cutter; Ccirn Ploughs and Planters;
Fortab:lo Cider Mills, Clover-Hullers, Corn
Sbellers, Fodder .Straw and Hay Cutters.
AR of the above Machines are of the latest
and best itnproveme,nts,,and are all warranted to
give satisfaction. Also,
Castings of all kinds made to Order,
and at short notice. Particular attention paid to
REPAIRINC4, and charges reasonable.
.PArtstErts Trill do well to call and examine our
stock before purchasing elseWbere, ac O:MY' Win
find it, to their. advantage to purchase Machines
manufactured in their own county.
• -All orders or communications by mail will
he promptly attended to.
I July 1, 1857. . Lebanon, Lebanon Co., Pa.
Washington Artillery,
cr- A oII will meet for drill. in full uniform, on the
at boll:past Enron o'clock, A. M., at the public hour of
Joux Jl. MARE. in the Borough of Lebanon. Arms and
accoutrements in good order, provided witb 16 rounds of
blank Cartridge.
N. B.—The .I . usle will parade the street prochlely at
hulf-past slx, A. NI: By Order of
Lebanon., July 1, iso—lej F. EMBICti, Capt.
' Wit undersigned having clisposed of his Bout
- 74,c - and Shoe Establishment. to his son,P. P.
Illtesully, and retired from the husinessis anx
ious to make settlement with the public. There
fore, all persons knowing themselves indebted to,
or having claims upon, him, are respectfully re
quested to call at his residence, between this time
and thn first day of August next, to make settle.
Lebanon, June 24, 1857.-td
.NOtice to l'respassers.
H 1 underi:igned hereby giro notice, that
CaT they will prosecute to the law's extent, all
persons who will shoot any kind of game, kindle
fire, burn or bump trees, throw wood apart, or do
any other kind of damage on their lands, in East
Hanover township, Lebanon county..
June 17, 1857.
Valuable Borough Properly
1 S offered 01 private sale, that valuablehalf-lot
or piece of Ground, situate at the north-east cor
ner of Walnut and Water streets, Lebanon. front
ing 93 feet on Walnut street and EU feet, on Water
street, at present occupied by John Fa rt el's Marble
Yard, on which aro a FRAME HOUSE, &c. Ii
is locased within a square of the Lebanon Valley
Railroad Depot, between the Depot and the cen
tre of t0w,, , ..„ For further particulars apply to John
Farrel, onhe preusizes. [June 24. 1857.
Pianos and Melodeons!
rooß SALE at the TOWN HALL, :in LEBA,
NON, for Cash or good notes. 12 PIANOS,
direct from the celebrated makers Ballet, Davis &
Co., Boston, and A. H. Gales Co., New Ymic, em
bracing 11.9 many different styles and calling in
prim from 53011 to $6OO, all of which will be sold
at thc lowest:factot'y prieea, and wafrant od to giro
entire satisfaction, or the ital amount of purchase
money shell he refunded, at the shortest notice.
Lebanon, June 24, 1857.
Teachers Wanted,
00HE School Direetors attic, Lebanon Borough
Sehnol District, will meet in the Academy,
"AIONDAY, JULY 6, 1657,
at 10 o'clock, A. M.,• for the purpose of electing
teachers for the Public Schools of said district for
the ensuing term often months.. The Coiiety Su
perintendent:will be present at the same time and
place, to elatnint 'applicants. By order of the
Board. JOHN DILLER, Prat:
F.D. A. UEMER, [Jane 24.-td.
Latinber and Coal,
6000 MEN WANTED ! to come - and buy
their LUMBER and GOAL at the as
tonishingly low ?nevi which I am now deterTaio. ,
ed to sell at.
.Now is the time, if you wish to sato your money,
to come to the NOW La - Miler and Coul yard, located
between the Old - Lutheran . Church and Myers a
Shouts' Steam Mill, and one square north of the
Court House, in IV alruit street, in the borough of
Lebanon, where is a - well selected stock ofo,lkinds
of Building Materials, consisting of • '
500,000 ft. Boards,:300,000 Shinges,
200,000 ft. Joist a Scantling,
00,000 ft.. hemlock hoards,
60,000 ft. dO fenc'g.h'd.S.
Also Planks, Plastering and Roofing Lath, all
of' which will be sold, wholesale or retail, at Mid
dletown prices, except a small advance fur freight.
Also, all kinds of the best COAL the market can
produce, such as Breken,:Egg, Stove, Chestnut.,
Li mcburners' and Hollidaysburg Blacksmith's
Coal, which will be sold almost at cost.
Lebanon, June. 24, ]857.
RECTO ii'aisTuact,
ND any Eruption Excoriation
heto.edrernsorOtherlt p o
the body. Ohl Ulcers or 1301 VS, and pimples on the face,
may be speedily cured by the use of the Recto lilistura.
To those especially that are suffering front the Piles, we
offer a sure remedy.
From Rev. Ur. Enterlime, Pastor German Church, Con
Conway and Sharp streets: •
For the benefit of the afflicted, 1 feel it a duty to state
what a blessing a medicine. known by the name of “Bull's
Recto :Mature," has been to me. I have been afflicted
with the Piles for eight year 3, during which time I tried
my own remedies, as a practitioner. and many others,
but without sneeess: Having heard of Mr. Dun Pile
Remedy, I tried it; and thedgh I used, but mm half-imt
tio, I cart say that tiin perfectly Mired. I also Used it
in a 'Violent ease of letter, which extended over the whole
body, and iu less than two weeks it disappeared, and
the skin berme dean and smooth: I strictly adhered to
the directions. SAMUEL EN TERL Ii E.
Sold, Wholesale and Retail, by D. S. Daher, Druggist,
Lebanon, sole agent for Lebanon county:
June '21,1857.-13%
Soktieth lug New.
Hall's Young America Fite-Cracker
THIS - is admitted to be the most amusing toy
ever offered to Young America, suitable for
all titnes , a year. It makes a report - Anal to the
euteroun pistol, anti carries a ball with the some
preeision for ten paces, though not with force
enough to kill, making it the- only cheap and
harmless pistol .for target, practicein existence.-
100,000 sold la four Weeks ! Retail, price, 25
cents and upward; • aceording to, the market.—
Trade price, 14 dollars per lin pistols, cash on de
livery. Sent by Express to any part of the coin
try. A. W. MALL,
335 Broadway, N. Y.,
Inventor and. Sole Manufacturer.
A full description, with llngravings, sent to
any address, on receipt of a postage stamp.
FIRE CRACKERS • constantly on httrid.--
. ...,Rga-1000 Agents Wanted.A beautiful specimen
pistol sent by Expresser Mail, pre=paid, onr
celpt of $l. [June 17,
. I §- tro IT is a fast :worthy - of .note
"*"- \r c. that the Jeweloy Store at 332
SecOnd sw, Thilattelphia,
sells goods 20 por cent. less than arty ,other placein the Unitedl3tates. Look at thepfiee.S.
Gold Lever Watches 18c, foll4evireletti„ . $22.00
Silver Levers, full jeweled, '•10.00
•H" orders, - • 12 to• 18.00
Gold Bunters, - 28.00
,Eight-dap Watches, (Huittert,) 80.00'
Also, all ether ldads of N 940105, Gold Chains,
Jeweltyt ke„ sold less nap anytybore else; ' flail
in and eaautine
, • _
r&atiPP , ' y• • Wl) : .' - emalcgr,
No. 332 North 2413 C, betweeiCallewllikand
Salo-4Y 18M-43ms.
of all lengths awl thicknesses. In short, they
keep .:onstantly on hand, a MIAMI well-season
ed assortment of all kinds of BIJILDINO MATE,
RIALB.- Persons fn - want of anything in their
lino are invited t cat], examine their stock; aria
earn their prices. Thankful for past favors, they
hope, that by `attention to buzinesa and moder.
ate prices, to merit a ,continuance of public pat
ronage. • BOWMAN, BAUER & CAPP.
Lebinon, April 8, 1857.-Iy.
Woodland for Sale.
t iF.4.,-. THE undersigned of
olt' - _ fere at Private Sale,
t' 63 ACRES
- - (more or less) of excel-e k ,_
lent WOODLAND, the half of which is good tim.
her, Situate in Union township, Lebanon county,
near the Big Dam, adjoining land of Jacob Hun
sic liar, Emanuel Fey and ether=. Erected on the
pr,nnises is a good two-story log DIFELLUSO ROVSE;
as good as new, good Stabling, and a Well of nev .
er failing Water, It trill be sold cheap. Good ti
tle and possession given on the lst of - April, I&
5'.. For further information apply to
Y. L. Bor'u, tnay27,',57. DAVID BOYER. _
Grouiad Piaster!
ON hand and for sale at Jacob Bender's mill, in
North Ann villa to Iv nzlatp.
N. Away - 'lll9 tp, April 29, 1857.-2 m.
31 A G I 4:`, 0 1 L
1,000 DOLLARS }tkWARD will t , e paid
for any medicine that-will emeald thla
fur the following dtstenees, viz
Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Spial Affectionii;
Contracted Jointr , Cholie Pains, Pains in the
Side or Back, _headache, Toothache, Sprains,
Sore Throat, Cuts, Brniset., Lures, and all dia
enses of the Shin, Muf.cles, and the gland=.
ZTone genuine without the Piga atttru of Prelt
Butcher ititnehed to each label.
For sale Whole:tale slid RetAil, et Guilford ic
Lemberg,er's Drugstore, Lebanon. [June 3,'57.1.x.
ilunkcios Dili Sten&
A very superior SAND for Building and other
13- pnrposes. is offered for sale by the undersign
ed, in Swatara torrnEhip, at Bunker's Hill. It is
sold at reasonable prices end delivered by the un
dersigned personally. Band hauled and delivered
by other persons is not the genuine article.
April 22, 1857.—tf. J. C. COOPER.
• N ; .1 A T -• • ' • ,^F
Grain Wanted.
Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, 4•c. ;
. A T the Centre 'Warehouse, 011 the Eroj9ll Cane,
Ix in Meyerstenn, for which the highest market
cash prices will 150 paid. They also keep con
stantly on hand and for mkt, Sulphur Coal, Stove
Coal, and Coal for linehurners, which they sell at
the lowest prices. URICII, TICE & CO.
Myerstown, June 10, 1857.-'31o?
A S the time is drawing near when the trip trill
take place, on the Rai!rued. to that Wonder of
we woad remind the eitiezis of Lebsuoa county,
before this trip takes place, that it will he neces
sary to supply theruselveY with all 'Enda of fash
ionable. Dry C100c4 , , so ras to appear in suit desira
ble for the ocea.don, and therefore would advise
all such as wish to rig themselves off and appear
as Young America, to call at the wonderful
row is the time fur every rerstm to eall tinder
-111111110 that wonderful Bet hire, under the Mam
moth Portico:
Tito peculiar eonstfuction end tae inortneur
toek of Ltoney will be 1.6 I:ortotea interest
to obsee.m.
HOVEY is Universally udmittel to be agreau,
his to the taste of every person, kind the proper
place to get it is itTluivri to be tho bee hive; eon
*equently every person desiring, their taste suited,
need but remember that the Bee Hire is theplace
to call.
The superiority of this Great 'Give, aside front
the enormous stock constantly in Store, is also ev
ident from the fact that thos.o Bees assume quite
a diluent disposition, with tegrard to their gath•
erings, to what other Bees do: instead of driving
visitors away by dying at them in a haughty
manner, and humming souse unintelligible lan
guage in their ears, nod send them away lab:tent
ing and crying with disappointment and pain, for:
having to leave without getting a bit of good
Honey, and being badly stung in the bargain,—
they are kindly disposed to solicit the friendship,'
and cherish the visits, of neighbors and strangers,
and endeavor, in every way, to treat them with
indueements that Will make theta call soon again.
They cheerfully dispose of any quantity of their
sweetutoch, at trifling priceS; snd never fail in
sendinf , away customers 1011;1d - 11g and rejoicing,
with the Great 13argaine, and frequently exclaim
ing, with overwhelining joy, "Dt.:!Val , 2 this is the
place for Honey !"
It will also be found- that the bees of this great
Hive have not been king idle during the winter;
and particularly since the first appearance of
Summer, when a portiottof them immediately
flew off to the ilowery.,Bast; *here their gather
ings never failed to be the most choice of theseas;
on. Raving just returned from their third tour
this Spring, from the city, they are prepared to
show their numerous friends the handsomest se
lections ever brought to this Borough, embracing
in variety a eolleetion of every article in their line
that necessity, fancy end fashion can conceive.—
In short, their store is complete, and an invita
tion is extended to all who believe in the truth of
honey being sweet, or value the satisfaction of
having their taste suited. Seep into the Bee
Hive Store. The large swarms that are continu
ally moving to and fro, in and oat. arOund and
about, is another evidence that their labors have
not been in vain, or remain unappreciated by a
patronizing public. The merits of this great
hive have not only become apparent at home,
but its fatie is also fast spreading itself through
out the land. ,
Juue 10, 1857.
Wood! Wood!
reI HE undersigned, residing in North Ltbimon .
Borough, (dors tor sou aeat,z,
6 . 09 or 700 Cords
(estiniattd) good Wood. It may be seen at "Fin.
iiigan's data on the Union Canal, near irouta
tarrn, [may 27 ; '67: DAVID BOYER.
91:10:1S, GASSERS GETTLE wish Co inform
the citizens or Lebanou County and neigh
boring eounties, that they are now in full opera:
lion, and are prepared to do all kinds of
Flooring Boards, Weatki s `r Boarding,
Sash,Doors,irindow 4. Door Frames,
- Sliutters, Blinds ' Planing Scrolls ;
SAWING, and any other kind' of , Salving
may be %Vented to snit toilders. The sabseriberi
bet , ' leave to inform the publics that they have the
late.-. 4 and best improved machinery in the coon- .
ty, such as' Woodworth'a _Planer, Lc., and that
they are able to predate ag• g 00d work as the cons
ty can produee.
Norte but the keit and iiell-settioned LUMBI R'
rsill be used. Carpenters and Builders aru invi
ted 'to PM' tind . exiixiine 'their ready-made stook,
which they will-always keep on hand, and judge
fbr theinsetves.•
*- "tiv . „.. Their Rhaii is on Pit egrove Road, near
Phreinees Old Foandry.
:Lebanon June 17,'57..
lifanheira and 4ebarion Ptanic rum
pike Road Company: ' '
INllMRStookholders of said (ompany aretostubst
at their Ofhoe, in Corumartorrooldp, net!
the Borough Of Leharion, on Towlay, the-7th day
of JULY neit t , betiveenr the , heart of 2 add "4 o'-
olock,1). re, and` adlipt the Guliplinnent to their
'Charter, paasert.hy, the : Were Logialetute, approviol
by the Governor ) mil,ltst, 1857.-:
By order of the Board of. Managero.
JOHN MAR.Q17.8.41, Secretary.
*Tom) 27;'57. " • •
IDAAASOLS, any quantity v a4 the dif
.l. Lama atees, cheartey tbir4,lk.v6r. ott •
RAPE*, 6. Wit.
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