Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, November 23, 1881, Image 2

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Giorqi B. Goodlakdib, Editor.
Reader, if Ton want to know what ti going od
la the world, Juil read our ftdTcrtiMog
ulumna, the Spatial eolumn In pnrtteular.
Tho Pronidont is busy preparing liis
annual moMiairo to Congreas, wliii-u
aaaombloa on Hiq flint Monday of next
JIESIARKAUI.X. It i slated uh a fact
that President Fiorce'a Cabinet is the
only ono that underwent no change
during his terra of ofllcc.
Uioiit. Congressman H. G. Fishery
ol Huntingdon, gives his constituents
u good talk on tho subject of iho gravo
jard insurance business, ltoad hie
letter in this isnuo.
We think that if 1 port;'! principle are worth
nvtbing they are worth atiokiog to. A'a.
That's certainly good advice ; but if
a follow don't practice what be preaches,
what is his adviro north in a moral
senso 1
An exchange says they aro about to
start a watch factory at iliimy, Pa.
As tho Insurance Company has busied,
tho town might be rccuporatod in that
way. If tho samo men get control of
the watch establishment that run the
lnsuranco Company, they will pcuttle
it too.
Directous to he I'boseoutki). De
positors in tho Mechanics' Hank, of
Newark, Now Jersey, havo held sev
eral meetings and consulted lawyers.
and aro understood to havo determined
to prosecuto tho Directors ol the bank,
and employ Benjamin F. Butler and
ltogcr A. Pryor as counsel.
Brass. Wo see it stated that Sec
rotary Quay favors reform sinco tho
election, and is, anaconda like, sliming
Ouluslia A. Grow all over, with the
intention of swallowing him for Gov
ernor. Wo had supposed thnt Grow
had seen enough ot Quay last Winter,
during tho Senatorial contest.
Bad for the Editor. Aaron A.
Chase, "editor ol tho SuranUm Times,
has been convicted in the special term
of Court, held nt Wilkes Barre, of libel
against W. W. Scranton, late manager
ol tho kawnna Coal and Iron Com
pany. Tho jury gave a verdict for
damages in tho sum of 9.'t,.15H.
A Capitol Burned. A spocial dis
patch to the Now York World from
Austin, Texas, fays: "Tho Stato Capi
tol was entirely destroyed on the 11th
inst., by an incendiary firo. Tho ma
jority of tho State archives were saved,
but tho battle-flags of the old republic,
tho seals of foreign nations and tho
library woro destroyed, together with
tho monument, cominomorating tho
massacre of the Alamo, which Btood
in tho portico of tho building."
Twentieth Judicial District.
Felix Norton, of Mifllin, Sephariiis 8.
Schoch, of Snyder county, and John
Tate of Union, met in the Court limine,
in l.ewistown, on the 15th inst., and
compiled the official voto for President
Judge, as follows :
iucu:n. Linn.
2MS 1117
Jlst 1.117
1S13 li'.SU
Totil : 6,303 4,uM
Judgo Bucher's majority, 2-.V). Gar
field's majority in tho camo counties
last year was 1,4111.
Another Bank Failure. Tho Pa
cific National Bank, of Boston, closed
its doors on the IS lb instant. Capital,
(1,000,000; loans and discounts, K.'jO,-
000; due dopositors, (500,000; due
other jianks, 13,315,388; bonds held
for circulation, 83,770,000. The Cash
ior did not deliberately lob the bank
and apply the lunds to his own use, as
in tho Nowark cacO, but ho loaned
81,000,000 to an outsider, who has
"busted," and besides, he allowed the
said outsider to overdraw his account
largo ly.
The AaoitEOATE Vote. Tho total
vote polled at tho recent election for
Stato Treasurer was as followB :
iuut, Rniltl... :5,Js
notiM, llemoerat 2&S.47I
Wolfe, Independent Radical 41). M
Jftokion, Ifreenbacker H.97S
Wilfoa, Prohibitinniit 4,St)7
Totil voto 593.2113
llailv'a plurality over Noble 0,824
Tho vote last year for President was
(or Hancock, 107,428; and for Garfield,
444,704. Total voto, 852,132. It will
be noticed that 180,000 liadicals re
mained at homo so as to allow the
Dcmocrnts to gain a victory. But
they wore too stupid and lar.y to em
brace the opportunity, and about 150,
000 of our voters remained at homo
too. Reader, tho result is beforo yooi
6,824 for Baily, when it should havo
boon 20,000 lor Noblo. The job is
"too stupid for anything," as tho say
ing goes.
Giiteau Shot At Again. Tho
Fodcral Capital undorwent considera
ble of a disturbance oil Saturday last,
during tho trial cfOuilcau. Dr. Bliss
whon called to tho witnoss stand pro
duced that section of President Gar
field's backbono lacerated by Guitcnu's
bullet It produced qtiilo a sensation,
and Guitoaa examined it moro minute
ly than any one olse. Several other
medical witnosess wero examined,
after which Court adjourned until
Monday. Whilo the prison van, con
taining Guitoau and tho guard, was
going from tho Court llotiso to tho
Prison, a man riding a sorrel horso,
when tho van "was near the Capitol,
redo np and fired through it, the ball!
takingcflect in Guitoau's left coat-slcevu
slightly bruising the arm. A squad of
police followed tho man on horseback,
who fired the shot, but the flootness of
his horse toon put him out of sight.
Although tho assassin claima that the
Lord is ahiolding and protecting him,
ho has ordered the jailer to furnish
him with a strong guard whilo passing
long the street.
Tlit) following is the lull vote by!
" I
couuiK-s in too ouiiu oi i en !.(. ivmna i
for I'resiib nt in 1.S0 ai.J Slitlo Tivn
urer in lssl. Compare them unJ no
ti io the decrea o in tho vote at l!m
last eluclion over that of 1SS0 :
Ailarui - -I
Bearer - - -!
3752- 31.17. 1W71- SI-IK
22 . 35.'i.'W: 9m 15679
311911 472 T 2lti: 2H-.I3
IM'.iS 47(Hi: 2M4 21M
3723; 3taf; 3370, 3163
K.'.i.V.lj ',122.') tt'.'20 4650
472H1 5WI8 24:i5i 3275
4'JSUj 8152 2'Jli'J. 43S7
81)27 1 83cS ti'.l'.ilj 6246
4678: 52IW 3327: 3517
4.'i.').'i 3'.'62 3565 3117
6.v2 647; 47'J 510
3464: 2857' 27I'J: 2152
4.V.IH 36U2 34tl' 2344
7524: 112'.l, 42'.M' 56.10
44,i3l 2i.t. 2734; 173(1
4'.i2sl 3165 2WI4 1H41
3117! 22h4 25251 rlt
45i' 22:161 2H7X 1247
5H47, 71H2 371 45ii7
5462; 4431, 4623 222
66111, 8573. 31H.ll: 571.3
41731 7tsi8: 2372: 3221
1534' 720 1242 .1.20
6471 H752 4130, 4li.'.6
0251 4U2II 3752 34.1S
325 370 255 371
4ti64 53711 41.11 4ii;i6
12.'.2i ri.'.li: 1I3H 76s
4271 2210, 2(176 15.10
:unO 37H7 2.134 2020
21l(i, 4.117, 1103 31U..I
26.151 2750' 2212: 22.13
Kl'.l'.lJ 1625 17117! 1446
717 7357: 41 16 4220
10789' 19489! 5770! 999
20471 4360 1221 2.162
8218 5042 1622 3191
8292j 6144 5756! 416H
12.'.75' 1102M 7695: 5870
C41G 4955 3629 2751
3169, 3693 2192 2477
5.129; 6079 35U 3971
1955' 2075 liW: 1469
.13.14' 962' 2338 619
11625 11026' 8949; 8407
1862' 1265 134.1 891
9653! 5961 5178 2914
5931, 4847 44IU; 2748
2894 3032 2435, 24'!0
76.130' 97220 42357; 55866
1332: 537! 863 206
1134 1773' 594 l'-0
11511 9337: 809, 4963
1579' 2120' 1278! 1367
251KJ: 4150 2053 3-V j
994 625 677; 417
3802 5031 2542! 34-JI
2815 6.I1H 1297' 2737
1 5..2 2254 1134 638
3573' 408(1 2058: 2302
2118 3207' 13601 1927
5850 6151 -1703' 5362
3421 3122 2254 1720
7974 7113 522'. 4398
198.1; 1787 1796 1559
11581, 7870 7068 43071
Bed lord
Hoiki- -
Blair -
Butler - --I
Cambria -;
Carbon I
Centre - - -i
Chektes - -Clarion
- !
Clearfield -
Clinton -
Columbia -j
Crawford .,
Dauphin -
Hlk j
Krie I
Fiiyelte -
Forest - - -Franklin
Fulton - -Greene
Juniata --
Lancaster -:
Lawrence -j
Lebanon --!
Luzerne - -
- - -Mitllin
- --j
Monroe -
Montour -j
I'iko ;
Potter - - -Schuylkill.'
Snyder-- -Somerset
Sullivan - ',
Venango -j
Wnrren - -Waaliingtli!
Wnyne -I
York 1
Total - j 407 IC
441704! 25847 1!205--'(15
37276 6821
Churlr. U. Wolfe, In.l. Ktmblicjn, I9.US1.
Heno W. Jc-kfoo, dri.rr,l,iker, II.U7S.
Jouici W. WiIiod, l'robibitiouitt, 4,0.17.
An Klection Freak. Last Fall tho
Kadicals elected one Levi P. Morton
to Congress from the Kleventh dis
trict in New York, by 2,510 majority.
Morton is very wealthy ten millions
and a groat Ciorfielder. (ionornl
Noyes, of Ohio, was our .Milliliter to
France, and being much moro of a
Hayes man than otherwise, President
(iarficld last Hummer conceived the
i.leu Hint ho would punish Noyes by
appointing Morton in bis place, nflirm
ing that Morion's sent in Congress
coul.I bo filled this Full. Olf Morton
went for Noyes and Paris, and tho
liudicnls nominated onu of tho rich
Aston! to fill the vacancy. On cloc
tion day, President Arthur and Con.
Unint trumped with linked arms ovor
half the district, soliciting votes for
Astor. When tho ballots were count
ed, Flower, tho Democratic nominco,
had a majority of 1,.'120. It is reported
in Kadical journals that Astor spent
$75,000 to securo his election. Wo
suspect that when Minister Lovi P.
learned the fuels ho was startled.
More: With Morton in his seat, the
Kadicals had 117 Members of Congress
a clear majority of ONK over all
parlies. Hut the loss ol Astor gives
tho Democrats and tho (iieenbackcrs
a majority in that body. This cut in
political science will canto a rattling
among the dry bones of the Kadical
How Grant Looks When Mad.
A New York correspondent of tho
Cincinnati Ga:ctle took Grant in the
other day in this way!- "A Kepubli
can who wsb with Grant when ho
first saw the Tribune article, and who
called bis attention lo it, said to a re
porter: '1 asked Grant whether ho
had read tho Washington letter la tho
Tribune reflecting upon him. Ho said
ho bad not. 1 handed him the paper
and called his altontion to tho closing
paragraph. Ho sut down, put on his
spoctaclcs, lit a fresh cigar and thon
began to read leisurely evory word.
I bad always found him a man whom
nothing could disturb, but now lor tho
first timo I saw him upset. As be
went on with bis reading his faco grew
pale, liis teeth clenebud anil Lis hando
quivered with rage. 1 novcr saw a
madder man in my life. Three or four
times ho brought bis great hand down
heavily upon the desk and declared
with hoarse emphasis that 'it was a lie,
every word of it.' "
A Mooern Improved Operator
Cincinnati has brought to light a tele
graph oporntor of uncommon businoss
sagacity and professional enterprise.
Ho was dotoctcd in selling tho content
ol tho other's privato dispatches to
each of two rivals in a railway stock
operation in that city, and in addition
to this stroke of sharp practice was
doing a littlo occasionally in tho stock
business on his own acconift based on
tho information ho thus obtained, Tho
propor field for this young man's gonius
is all streot, New iork. Tho hank
account of a millionaire awaits him
Pisturhed. The graveyard insur
Slice men aro receiving an awful shak
ing up just now. Attorney Gcnoral
Palmer has taken tho bull by the
horns, ruling half a do'.cn of the com
panies into the Dauphin county Court
for vioalating their chartors, and per
polraling fraud generally. If he estab
lishes half his charges before the Court,
forfeiture of chartors will snroly follow.
KlsriN no. Secretary illsine has
just rosigncd his position as Chairman
ol tho Maine Kadical State Committee.
IIo proposes to scltlo down in his $50,.
000 Washington house and work up
tho approaching Presidential canvass
to suit himself. . I
Foot, as I'h'I.omat. A to-
... , . i
mcut seundal is not carried on at ash
riilat is not earned on hi ash
ii)Lloo, alludes to a pieco i.ow being
played in South America, ns I'.Xows:
"Something in (lie naturo of u diplo
nni.ic scandal Iu.a broken out betwixt
thu eini.-saries of this Government,
lluilbut, tho Minister to l'eiu, and
Kilpatriclr, the Minirler to Chili. Hul l,
but has taken it upon hitnsell sinco bis
arrival in I'oru to re'constiuct tho (iov
eminent of that demoralised Ilcpuhlic.
In this laudable undertaking bo hits
acted as r. pro consul of a great met
ropolitan Stato ratber than the accred
ited envoy of an equal and friendly
ftepublic. In pursuance of this extra,
ordinary whim ho has taken it upon
himself to affront the Chillian (lovern
ment nud laid his own liable to have
war declared any day. When these
amazing proceedings of his aoalous
colleuijiio roached Kilpatriek'u cars,
that rough being, something more ex
perienced in diplomacy that llurlbut,
writes a vigorous letter to the Chiltians
disavowing tlio former's meddling and
reminding them that this country is
not in tho habit of meddling in the
domestic affairs ( f its neighbors, even
when the uffairs of tbono neighbors
have been invaded by powers which
threatened our own stability. A very
good placo for llurlbut would bo in
Illinois. During all his career llurl
but shone best in his home in Illinois."
Guii EAi's Ji'itv. The jury cmpan
ueled in l.itiilian'scase is constituted as
l.illows: John P. Haiiilen, rcstuuranl
keeper; Fred W. Biaudehburg, cigar
dealer; Henry J. Bright, retired mer
cliunt ; Charles J. Slew ait, merchant ;
Thomas II. Longly, grocer; Michael
I Shoehan, grocer ; Samuel F. llobbs.
plasterer ; Georgo W. Gates, machinist,
Kalph Wormly, colored, laborer ; W.II,
Browner, couiuiissisn merchant ; Tin is.
Uienlin, iron worker, and Joseph
Prat her, commission merchant. The
twelfth juror was obtained about one
o'clock P. M.on Wednesday afternoon,
when the jury was sworn as a whole,
and the Court adjourned until the next
day, so us to allow jurors to repair to
their homes and arrange their business
for a long siege. On Thursday the proso
cution wascoiiimencod,und the first wit
ness called to the stand was Secretary
Blaine. The defense, from preser.t ap
pearances, will rest solely upon the
ground of insanity. That failing, the
question of jurisdiction or mulpractice
may intervene as a last report. The
trial, no doubt, will be a long one, arid
many points of great interest lo tho
legul fraternity will bo likely todevelop.
F.asii.v Answered Wo find the
following inquiry floating around in
tho columns of our Kadical exchanges
llio past week :
Tbc Prcaulonl OD Monjnj, oepipted tbe rciljr
oalion of Attorney Ucneral MioVeiigh, who roo
mmy from tbt Star moto Wbnt it
tl.c uyrtory l.out Mr. Attorney dent-rot Meo
Ycojtft, oibiw ? Lait Summer, if Weibint'iD
rr por to oouM br oreiiite,), he oral thought to be
oversowing with ogalnit tht Klor route peo
ple. It wet difficult to buld bim bick. Rut tu.l
denlj Lit tpeert lo hurt cuoleil off, nnd
not ool; do the Httr routt pro.ecmio.ii In bin
charge Ug, but Mr. MocYeagh lit Sed to fenn
rlrenia. and Ihowi most valuable determina
tion to bava n-itliing to do with the very dutiet
ol proiecution to which be wai a few muiitbi ago
absolutely devoted.
The fuct is that llio Attorney Gen
oral discovered during his investiga
tions, that tho Star routo ring had
President Arthur on their Bide, nnd if
bo did succeed in convicting tbc scoun
drels, Hie President would patdon them.
Hence his hasty resignation. No gen
tleman would remain in the Cabinet un
der such circumstances. It was to be
the llarrisburg bribery job over again
convict then pardon. It is our be
lief that Ihoso rogues will never bo
tried. President Arthurassumes that
their removal from ofhVc wits punish
ment enough.
Wuat Will he Done 1 Tho editor
ol'tho New York Herald, views current
facts in our State, in a truo light, whon
alluding to the result of the recent
election. He slates tho caso ns follows:
"Tho fact that so largo a vote should
havo been cast for Mr. Wolfo shows
tho existence of a sentiment in Penn
sylvania which Kcpublicnn managers
must recognize or give up their con
trol over the Stulo. They havo done
things in public ways and us polilicnl
methods which bring sliauio upon our
institutions. Tho pardon of Keniblo,
the conduct of the Legislature in pub
lic measures, the Philadelphia ring,
the street-car monopolies and hundreds
of other matters mark the record of a
rulo which must como lo an end. Un
less tho wholo Ki publican system iB
changed in Pennsylvania the good
pooplo of that great and patient Stale
will inflict upon the rtepubliran party
an irrotriovablo defeat."
Cllipi'iNM In. "Mr. MacVeagh does
not explain," is tho remark of the Now
York Herald in refereneo to tho lutost
so-called "explanation" by tho ex-Attorney
General. Tho Herald again
asks Mr. MueVeagh to answer in di
rect terms what ho means by saying
that bis usefulness "as representing tho
Qovornmont in tho &tur limlo cases
camo to an end when Mr. Arthur bo.
camo President Tho Attorney Gon
orul was well aware that tho Slar
Routers had "fixed the Court," and it
was folly for him to fool his time away
beforo that tribunal. Mr. MncVcagh
acted manly in taking no hand in this
prcpurod fraud.
A (Jj.od Index. Orange Noblo, our
candidate for State Treasurer resides
in I'.rio county. Last year Garfiuld
carried tho county by a majority of
2,2M, and the Kudical county ticket
at tho late election received majorities
ranging from l,4:i2lol,CS0,whilol!aily,
the Iladical-Scotl candidate, was put
off with only 520 majority. Did Scott
lie when ho announced that Orange
Noble was unlit for tho position, or
aro the rest of tho pcoplo in Krie coun
ty fools 1
Wi DouiiT It. It is stated that the
banks of Kngland and Franco have
raised the rate of intorost to five per
cent, in the vain hope of stopping the
drain of gold to tho United Statos.
Notwithstanding this unusually high
ralo, no less than 12,490,500 in gold
arrived at Now York last week. At
tho samo time money could be bad in
Now York at throe por cent
Concisi. Tbo Lancaster Xcm lira,
a Wolfe organ, in alluding to the do
feat of Cessna, soys: "In tho defect
of lion. John Cessna in tho lied lord
and Somerset district for the President
Judgeship thoro is cause for congratu
lation. The Stale boasts ol no more
unscrupulous demagogue."
The eiiy of Philudi-Ipliia I. as been
vcrruii Willi ballot box Bluffers and
repi-alets lor ye ,:- in the great an
noyance nl (ill W. II pelenns.
Another c'a.- ol tvrii, do. r.-. s-.-i in lo
have opened up lor l.iinin-.-, w hich are
likely to piovo stni a noise mh-iuI ver
min (bun liio-e tir-l imiicu'.id 1 hey
ar.: Id.o n u "Jury Fixer!.."
Wo notice lhat llio 7'oii.J is about
lo "take tbo bull by the horns," will.
thu intention (it breukii g up tbo trade
of tbo "Jury Fixer." The editor in
qticolion, hi his issue ol ihu 17th, says :
In order lo coiniioiiKile men for la
boring in the cause ol integrity ill the
administration of justice, the billowing
nronosiiions aro made :
1. The 'J imes will pay SI, 000 for
the first detection and conviction of a
' Jury Fixer" in Philadelphia, and any
one oonvKlcil or corrupting, or lit
templing lo coinipt, a juror or jurors
in any caso, will Do regarded as a "J tiry
i. The Times will pay $500 for the
second conviction ot a "Jurv rixer,
;i. The Times will pay $250 for tho
llnrd conviction ol a ' Jury rixer.
4. The Times will pay $100 each
lor the conviction ol luo next ten "Ju
ry Fixers."
Tho propositions before named will
no open until llio 1st day ot January
1KKI, and all such convictions, within
tho irimber staled, attained in the
Philadult'biu Courts before that dale,
will be promptly paid lor by The Timet
to tbo person or persons who liirnish
t lio ovitleneo to llio Commonwealth
nnd in ease of any conflicting eluitua
lor the rewards, tho certificate of the
District Attorney lis to the parties
who lurnn-lied the evidence will be
accepted as final
Hoi.ii IH roi.arv. On Sunday morn
ing, l.'llh inst. the residence of William
Wciiienhuiner in Turbut township, two
miles lrom Milton, was burglarized
and money and property to llio amount
of nearly two hundred dollars carried
oil. 1 hu entrance was made hy ruis
log a window and shoving buck a bolt
to llio bade kitchen door, und every
room in tlio houso ransacked. Mr
Woideithumer bad something over SlfiO
in his pants pocket lying on a chair
next his bed,wbich was taken, together
with five overcoats belonging lo film
self and four pons. Tho clothes wero
"gono through" ami left in tho yard
As tho membcis ot the family wero all
moro or less sick when they arose
later than usual it is lliout'lit cliloro
form was freely used hy the intruders
Hesides tbo money lost by thu heu.l ot
tbo family, each ot the boys, whose
rooms wero visited while llicy slept,
hwt sums varying from o:.o to twelve
dollars. I pon gelling up in the nioru
ing and discovering llntt be hud been
robbed, .Mr. W. immediately went to
his stul.M to look alter hi hordes, all
of which were in the stable but one
which was found Man. ling behind the
barn partly bnruesse.l, which shows
plainly thai it was the intention of the
thieves It) make way with horso and
buggy, and wero only prevented l.o
cause Iho enliro st of burners could
not bo found. Jhllotiian.
.Skcuktahy Foi.ueii. President Ar
thur's now Tieiuury clerk bus finally
reached the Federal Capital and is now
engaged in bundling tho Government
cash. The Washington Vast, in allud
ing lo him, fays : "The new Secretary
has mode u very favorable i in predion
upon ull who have seen him. In per-
sonal uppeuinnce he is quite sinking
and is what might be called a hand
some man. He is tall, wi ll formed.
with btocd shoulders, upon which is
set firmly a large und shapely besd.
His face is nllritclivo and is fringed by
heavy hide, wbiskeis of iron gray. Ho
bus a plcu-aul, gi un-l iiiuni.i r hiii! is a
good talker."
Tiiat's Sol Mr. Arthur, savs tbc
Philadelphia Chronicle (Democrat), "ii
going to bo a party President of tho
strictest kind. In all his nets and in
all his conversation, be looks at every
thing I loin the standpoint of a Kepub
liean politician who is determined to
givo his parly Iho full benefit of llio
Presidential oflico. It will be well for
tho leaders of tho Democratic party to
recognize tho fact that they will be
obliged, during tho next three years,
to deal with ono of tbo keenest and
shrewdest organisers and disciplinn.
riacs in national politics."
Where theGi.i.d Cots. Director
of the Mint Irorchurd, in his umiuul
report, shows that over glO.OIlO.OUO of
gold Is used In llio United Stales in the
industrial urts during the year. There
havo never been any statistics collected
on Ibis subject beforo. The report also
shows that tho production of gold dur
ing the year 1WS0 was :lfi,0(IO,000, and
of silver :i2,200,000. Since July 1st,
gold bars amounting lo ?20,000,000
havo been transported from the New
York Assay oflico to Philadelphia for
Well Said. Wo find tho following
n the Clarion Jachsoman of a recent
lute, and as it meets our approbation
entirely, and is applicable lo more
pluces than Clarion, wo giro it a placo
in our columns : "Wo don't know of
anything on God's footstool that is
more contemptiblo than the man who
r.nnotinces himself as a candidate, sub
jeet to tho decision of bis parly, and
him by n largo majority, bolts the tiok
ot and Lttcmpts to defeat his success
ful rival."
Federal Leoislation. Congress
moots tho first Monday of December,
tho 5th. This is what is termed tho
long session. Tho iiouso will stand
Democrats, LI7 ; Kadicals, 140 ; Green
backers, 9; Independents,. It takes
1 17 to clod a Speaker and othor ofll
cors. Tho Kadicals must securo a Ma
hone, or some othor commercially-inclined
fellow beforo tboy can elect ofll
cors. Tho Sennto having held an ex
tra session last Spring, will moot lully
organized for business.
Some Difference. Wo notico that
the Kadical nominees for Stale Trais
urer, Commissioners, oto., in Snyder
county, received majorities from 500 lo
700, whilo Bucher (Dem.), for Presi
dent Judgo, rocoivod H07. The volo
for State Treasurer stood for Daily,
1,3T i Noblo, 1,278 ; Wolfo, S(10. Wo
should say that somebody has hern
diBturbod in tho vicinity of Selinsgrovo
and McKoo'a Half Falls from thocleo
tion roturns.
Soiled Doves. A Washington tele
gram says: "The troubles and scandals
of tho Hayes administration constantly
increase, and now tho wavo of corrup
tion rolls up to the hem of Sehurs's
robe. The prosecutors of a cluira for
supplies lost by Indian depredations
nllcgo that they bad to pay tho chief
clerk of the Indian llureau 15,000 to
got the Congressional appropriation."
JKA Til Oh' A PlSTlXd V1SI1KI)
James Lot Kiclgcly, Grand Secretary
ot llio Sovereign Grand Lodge, Inde
pendent Order of Odd fellows, si, an
old and dMinguilicd cilixeu, died
in l'altimore, Maiyluml, edi.usduy
nioriiihn, November 10, 1HK1, til lnB
ri-Hdoni-o, 207 West l.anvalu street.
He sullered a siroko of jiuralynis in
December, 1M 79, from which hu never
fully recovered olid which was finully
tlio cutisu id his death. Tlio deceased
was a nulivo of this city anil 711 years
of ago. His father was a well known
merchant of lliillimore, und his ancua.
tors for generations back wero natives
of Maryland. Ills tin. le, Nicholas II.
Kidgely, a man of great wealth, was
President of tho United Slates Hank
of Discount, of Illinois, and alterwurd
President of the State liut.kot Illinois.
The deceased was educated utSt. Mary's
College, Finnutsburg, and curly in life
commenced tho study of law with
David Ilollinan, Professor of Law in
llio University of Maryland. He was
admitted to tho liar in Ibis city in
1S2H, and then commenced his ueeful
and brilliant career. He was a mem
ber of tho Baltimore City Council In
184 and lH.'ia, a member of thu House
of Delegates in 1S.'!S, and a member of
llio Constitutional Conventions ol IK ID
and 1MU4. He was initialed ink. the
Order of Odd Fellows in 1829, and the
following year bcenino a member of
the Grand Lodge of Maryland. From
the time ho entered the order bin en
IhtiHiuHlie interest in itn w-t-Uure and
earnest work fur llio promotion ot its
interests and tbo- inereasu oiis mem
bership in this Slate madu him very
popular, and a few years alter hu be
cuiuo a member bo entered the (irund
Lodge of thcUiiiled State, now known
aj tlio Sovereign Grand Lodge. Ho
was elected Grand Siro ol llio latter in
lA'ISuhd again a lew years later, but
declined both election-. Since 1x10
until the 1 1 mo of his death hu was
Grand Secretary of the older in the
United SlittcB. In 1SI2 be went to
Utiropo us a delegate from the Grund
Lodge. He spent about six months
abroutl, traveling extensively in V ranee,
Kngltitid, Ireland ami Scotland.
F.arly in hto ho was a inviuhor of
tbo Whig purty, look an active part in
politics, but lor years past bo had been
u firm member ol thu Democratic purty.
From 1MR2 ho tilled the ollieo of regis
ter of wills foi Dullimore county for a
period ol twelvd years. Under the
administration of President Lincoln he
became United Slates Collector of In
ternul Kevcnuo, which position ho
held iinlil the election of Gen. Grant.
IIo was several years President of the
Ballimoro county Hoard of Education,1
and sinco lsflfl until his tleulli was
President of the Muttiul Firo Insur
unco Company in llaltimoie county,
lie wrote and published some time
silicon history of American Odd Fel
lowship , which is a very clahoiuto und
valuable work Ho died a member of
the Methodist Kpiscopal Church, in
1S28 bo married Anna June, ilani'lit-r
ol Major Jamison, ol lliillimore. Sho
died in Kl7t. Ho ultorward married
the second daughter of Mi.jor Jamison,
who survives loin, together with threo
children two sons und a.tluughter.
Hultiinore (la:ette.
Five Hurolahs Kacii Ma k ha I 'or
TI NE AT ONE 11 A UL. J esso ISoldwin's
residence, 5 miles south of YoungslO'.vn,
Ohio, wns burglarised at II o'clock on
Tuesday morning of last week, and
between :IO,000 und $10,0110 in gold
coin tuken. A lewaid of fl.OOO is
ottered for thu arrest of the robbers.
If aid win is thu crank who recently
crealed a sensation by appearing ut
the Treasury Unpart ment nt Washing
too, I). C , and demanding gold lor
?17,0ii(l worth of Government bonds.
He kept bis money in an old fashioned
stile- under the stairs in the hallway of
Ins residence. 1 he parly of burglars
wero five in number. I'.-ur of ihem
gained uilniiltiince. Thu llaldwin
family slept upstairs, and the first inti
mation they had of the burglary was
tho furious noiso ma le by blowing the
sale open with powder. Georgo Lewis,
iluldwin's s in in law, fired threo shots
ut the burglars as they left tbo houso
with the bags of gold in their arms.
Tho burglars returned a volley. No
one on either sido was injured. The
robbers had previously tuken two ot
Mr. Iluldwin's horses and best carriage,
und hod them standing near the resi
dence. They jumped into tl.o bugg
and escaped, going south. The buggy,
it bus been learned, broke down about
lour miles south of Haldwin's home.
It is believed that Baldwin was
robbed by tho gung of professionals
that is woi king in the section composed
of Western Pennsylvania and F.astern
Ohio, and from soino point in which a
sale blowing operulion Is reported ah
most every day. A siuiilur robbery
was perpetrated ut Krio a night or two
ago, and there, as ut Haldwin's, tho
thieves drove olf the horses and car
riage of tho man they plundered. Tho
rewurd is ample to induce tbo deteet
ivos to start upon tho trail of the burg
CoM'tinTS, Ohio, November 18.
Tbo Stalo asylum for Iho inntno was
destroyed by firo today. It was
completed in July, 1S77, at a cost ol
$1,520,980 and bud accommodations
lor 900 persons, A lady attendant
wai ovcrcorjo by excitement and for
a timo was entirely bereft ol reason
hut by care sho was soon restored.
The 011 pupils and all employes were
safely moved from tho building and
tho only accident occurred lo a tno
iM n ii who spruinctl bis leg. Dr. Doran
is firmly convinced that tho firo was
tliu WorK of Ull tlieeinlltkry. a9iin-ii.i.
Urndcnt Itultor has furnished tempora
ry assistance to about two hundred
sulferers. The ofliccrs, teachers and
employes lost everything except the
clothing they were wearing. Dr.
Doran slates to-niifht that the loss will
amount lo100,0U0 or I l.r0,000. There
was no-insurance on tho property, as
tho Stale does not insuro Us buildings.
Some StRFACE I niiications. The
truo inwardness of llio lute Nowark
bank failure is fust coining to light.
it is now learned from Wall street
brokers lhat cashier Baldwin was fre
quently nnd lurgely engaged in stock
speculations operating mostly in the
namo or on nccouiit of his wife and
brother. It appears that ono concern
nlono was at ono timo carrying slocks
for him which represented more than
11,000,000. At tho samo timo ho was
interested in other vontures equally
hazardous, if not so largo. This sort
of thing Is as certain lor bank officers
as the famous western remedy was for
(lis. It knocks them every time.
Aoalher comet baa bona diaeovared. Coaaata
are netting to ba nlmoat ae sunfaroui si ofiVe
boldeni ait bava been diieovared vinos tbt
finning of tba yaar. .Vkitttdttpkim Ttmtt.
Yes, and evory comet discovorod
gives Dr. Warnor's Rochester drug
storo a 1,000 worlb of advertising for
Retirnino. According lo tbo re
ports furnished by tho Custom Houso
olllcers to the Secretary of the Treas
ury, no less than 6,34ft Americans 10
turnsd from Kurope during tbo month
of October, and (9,029 Foreigners land
ed at thi same ports, mostly emigrants,
How tux Masses are Koiiiied.
Hulow wo publish u I ii Liu show ing
what etiotnious taxes pcoplu pHV for
the bemtil til u lew iiiuiiiil'm turers ut
the expense uf the iiutiiv eolis.iuiers :
An!..!. Tux, Fur cent,
Calii.ip ii In (111
H I Tlire.d.. , lo 7S
ttle.i Ware ii . to llol
lion 60 to VII
om ju ii, ias
Paii.l , All o H iii
Sail t n&
Silk , io Hu
dlari-h , It, 1 1 it
sugar a. d MoU.ioa 60 to 111
Itlanksli 7S to IHO
Flalibel oil to UU
If robbing Peler lo puy Paul Is pro
teetion to Peter, lion robbing thu
many consumers to pay the few manu
facturers is also protection to tho con
sinners, lint who bus a belter right
lo bu protected than tho consumers,
lor ure they not to a targu extent the
poor? If the lurge profits of manufact
urers added lo tbo revenues ol the
Government or the wages of their la
borers, there would bu soino oxctiso
for a protective turifl'; but they to
noitber, untl mostly go direct into
the pockotsol the protected manufact
urer who sooner or later dies and leaves
millions lo Ins heirs or bestows them
upon some institutions us a monument
lo bis liberality, generosity untl benev
olence I Srtinsyrove Times.
Two Confident Candidates. A
gentleman who recently ha l a conver
sation with Mr. Hiscock.ol'NiHV York,
says he feels quite sanguine of his
election us Sprtiker of tho Hctise. M r.
Hiscock does not think the west can
combine on any one cuiitlidale, and
that llio race will bu between hiu.bcll'
and the Held. Moreover, ho suid, if
there was a combination upon a single
western eundidute votes could not bo
truitsterred, lor the reason that he bad
tho promise ol votes from tho Iriends
of ull the cantlidutes alter local favor
ites were out of the way. Mr. fiuTcr,
who is at tho Kbhilt House, is equully
confident that bis tbancesof election
aro good. Ho couiils on sixty votes
or more to begin Willi, it would bo a
good joko on both these patriots if tlio
Democrats would elect tho Speaker,
An Induinant Soi tiierneii. As it
appears lo the editor of tho Greenville
(South Cnrolina)Air. llio world is up.
side down. Spoilsmen hold tbo reins
at Washington, thieves toss up their
hats in the shadow of the Capitol, und
llio edilo'-'s native Slule, Virginia, fulls
into the butiils of robbers. Therefore
he puts bis puper in mourning and
wears crapo on his editorial headlines.
If Hayes and John Sherman told the
truth about one Chester A. Arthur,
three years ago, the Xews inan is moiu
than hull' light when alluding to
"spi iUinen."
VX.XSYL YAXIA cue s von
II Aitltlslllltil, November 1 f The
tul.iilur roturns of 450 oflieiul reports
of the Pennsylvania Hoard of Agnctil
tine for the nine months ending No
von. her 15 lead to tbo following esti
mate ol Pennsylvania crops of lHSl :
Corn :iJ,7u.H0 liu-hell
Wheel IU,4TU.Oi.O lu.licU.
Oat Ht.'-'il.,!..". tiufl.ell.
llockwtr,i I.rs7,.'.' huiheli.
Potecea S.n.ll 2;,"l t,uhcli.
Totaeco I.',u2i,l0tl poutuli.
OfCoi;rse. The Philadelphia Times
says : "There are Iwo sides to tho as
sassination after ull. Tho trial of the
dastard temporarily diverts public at
tention from thu Chrisliuncy scundal
and perjury of witnesses goes on tin
noticed." Hero wo havo it. Social
scandals, assassination, perjury und
robberies all at tlio Federal Capitol.
What a mixture of "grand moral
ideas" (?i! Wo wonder what Sunday
school those vagabonds attended while
they were young.
A Foolish Mistake. Don't mako
tho mistake of confounding a remedy
uf acknowledged merit with tho nu
merous quack medicines that are now
so common. Wa. speak from experi
ence when wo suy that Parker's Gin
ger Tnniu is u sterling health restora
tive and will do all that is claimed for
it. Wo have used it ourselves with
tho happiest results for Rheumatism
and when worn out by ovorwork. Sec
advertisement. Times. 11-9 4 1.
It is now thought that Mason, the
soldier who attempted to shoot Gui
toau, is insane, and tho order to try
him by Court Martiul has been rescind
ed, ll it turns out thtit ho is not in
sane, his trial will proceed.
Tho totul mackerel calch for llio six
months endintr October 111. no. shown
by receipts at different Now Kngland
ports, was m i.i.iu naircis, against zw,
901 barrels lust year.
For three years my son was sor.i all
over. Periina cured him. J. Notion
sell wander, S. S., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Hud very soro eyes, almost blind.
Periina cured mo. A Bender, S. S.,
Pittsburgh, Pu.
Qtvs ai'rrtisfmfiit3.
TSTRAV NIIEI'.P.Cme Ireipaminr; on
X j the of lha euhaeriber, In Monla
town. hip, in. I ne. ir July. IS-1 .T II H p: R Tjr, .,v.
SHKLF. The ownerti hereby rrquea- "TwJ
ted lo eome forward, prove property. lI-pT
pay charge, and take then away or they wtli be
dipoied ot al tba law ilirrela.
Kylertowo, Pa, Nov. J.I, 1881-31.
TaiTnAV BTHIill, Came treipauln no
1 j the prrmlael of lha anilenlnned, reitidinr
in Chert townrbip, on or ehout the Ut of Meplem
her leal, a Iwa.yeur old It Kll .S TLKK, with white
bind li- and a while ipot on the forehead. The
owner, or ownari, ii reiueitrd to come forward,
prove properly, pay proper ehergel and lake b.m
away, or ba will be ditpmsd of ai the law di-eeta.
New Weikiniton, Nov. J.I, lss.:n
V 1)111 NIHTRATOH'M NOTU'K. Nellea
la hereby given that latter! of Adtnlnlitration
on the eatateof LAZIRIS A HMSTHUNU, late of
Perirneon lownabip, CleerAeld oounly, I'a.. dee'd,
having been duly granted tn the undereigned , all
ptnonl indebted to aaid aetata will pleaaa make
immediate payment, and thoae ltw.iw elaimv or
detnaoda agalnal the aeaa, will prevent thelu prop.
atly authenticated for leltlemant without delay.
OKORIIK STRAW, Admmiitralor.
Lumber Cily, Nov. 2.1, IKSI-ltt."
VfNiTiitnw in net mSnllrllnn. f-irl'iil.-ntrt, CnrpnK
Triili- Mt.i.s. r"i'vrlirtiin. cUv. fur tU I'mti-d watr
t liktilft. ( uKv r.'ilt iHid, KrkDi't. (.i-mirthy .'If. It a
li. r hud I ill rl) -live ) rant' r prrlriirr,
I'ntfiilit.liiniiHil thnniKli iin ant m illicit in iheprt
rvTitic AMMtu aV Tlile Inrifti anl hiniii1h1 llhm-tf-HTifl
iI S- ictH'ii, ta tv ttii.'i.'Hiiiitf.iuid liiui mi i-iiitiiitii
rlrruimu.ii. Addrv. MI NN A CO., raicnt 8ill'l
tin, fill), tit k. itTinc AMFiiicAN. Jt; rar.t ItsjW,
Kt'W YTk. llaiiflu-ikatxHii ruiMiuIicc.
One of the Rfaiumble Plriurfi of MTr,
proparly nohd naal, alTorrii Hula or bo praa
en l anjrtynirtat, and nurh tuhtaqofot tortura to a
mil flr toad d.npaptlo. Hot whan ohmnia IndifMt.
tloa ta nmbattad wtla lloataitar'l Htamaah Itit
tari, ih food U aalaa tlb raliah, and anal In.
ptirlaat of all, la atattaflaiad b and aoariihaa tha
xrta. ll tail fraud toata aad aorrtatlta
It ta rraiady aaatapaUaa, bilkaaaatii rbuaj
Utm, far aad arua.
tot tub bj all Drilitf aad Daalart.
i ' frmr$
flm mtlstmcnts. j
AMHTOII'S NOTU'li-Tlieuadirrla-nad
Auilln.r ai'"liil-. lo d.lrituta the tiro
ci.'.ie mmi'iik ffoirt i!:e rilicnH'r aa's of the pr. p
er'y of l.ih II. II ire,-'. u'l'Ur Van. I. Kt. No
S7 June T'lui, Ihh, t amciirf Ilia irtiea
lcir..ilv ai.lli.ed thereto, heroliy Kir' n .tit'a thai
hu olll ,lt to a' n nd In ih. lu : ol hla a.ii;til.
I' ill at hi. ofllt-e. to I'h-.r . I I mi Fit I ll IV, Ilia
Hill DAY ..f PK. KMllKH. . b. at I I'. M. W'. A. IIA.IKItTY, Anlilor.
Clin.B.l.l, Fa., NW. 13.1, ISSI-Sl.
1XHi:Tnl. ull !:.-s...,i, hr.c
J hy n'ven thai L.tisri Tralami-ntarv on Iho
e.ieOi .,r IIKS'RY IIA.NTZ, late of Uradv lap ,
OoarOlil ci'Unlv, I'eni.rrl' line , leeeeaej, having-
btee duly jtranlsd lo Ilia uutoriij,'iie.l, all
iera' na indebted lo aitl'l e.tale will i!oaie uialto
lUiUieiliala payment, and tuuae having claiuia or
demand! a-ainat the aama will preaent tbeln
proporiy aulhenticlted fur etllniieiit.
Lutherihurf, I'a., Oet. IS, !S'i l',t.
In ra eilnta of I In the (Iridium" Cumt
A. H. Jllokinion. J of Clearlleld enunty.
, Tim unilerrigmd Auditor appointed by the
Court lo take ladiuiony and hear el'-epti'inv to
ai-cuunt .if adiulnivtration and report Ihem to the
Court will attend to hia dil.loi a aui-h at hla nf
S..eln Clearlield, on 'I'll I RSDAY. DhCKMltKR, al I ci t ik. A. St., when and a-here all
pnrtira inton-Hed may attend. S. V. Wll.SoV,
Clearlluiil, I'll., 11 2 81 :il. Auditor.
i IHIIVmrit ATtlll'S NOTICK Noll.
ii hrrel.y given lhat l.ettera of A dnilnlalra
liun on the e.talo of SAM ULL SIlnPK, late
of lleeeana lownililp, Clrarllrld Co., I'a , dec'.l,
having hern duly grantr I to the undereixnej, all
periorii Indebted to aai I o.tate will picaaa make
iintjediata payment, and I lioaa having elaiiu or
demand! a-ainat the eaiue will praam! thrm prop
erly au.beiilirati-d for letilemrnt. aiibout delay,
Kem-y, I'a., Nov. Id, IMl.f.i. a
JAM KB K Klin.
CADBitLL L. llr-DLf.
IMHt HrtlHW tt UUbJ V s
W '
hci!ffnt the foil
ln,x flnt-cUaa Corjj.tiii.
l.ivtriiool & I.inton 4 i!,H?il,!fi6
1'litoiiii, (,f Hartford, Codii .T.07 2, 1 ft
lniunn.t?a Co. f North A a or lea. 1'bil 7 ,3n tW :i n
fananylTODia liuurantMi I'u., 1'aila... l,IHl,(i:tl
Queen Iuiimnoa Co., KnjjUmi 6,lifJ,l0U
It.noa h!rf Instirs.nva Co., HnRlmt )...
North Iiritlnh A MurraQHIa, Jinj ,2a,lM5
Wnlern Aniraro Co., T.Tonto . IJIl.O.Su
Oflioa on Markrt (St., t.p. Cuvt llouia, Clrar
(Id. June 4,71-tl'.
r',ll K unilnrfigiivd ollen fur lata twu rulual-lt)
X friui fituated in Lawranoa township, f A -Imra
On hundrnl and twtoty f 120) acrai cUrr.l and
t uoil ttitta of culiiraliiin, and tinving tin reon
art oltM. a lrjo and tine frame d welling bouif, too
Urge frame imi and other ntcrmry ou'.niil.i
ing, t.-)(i'fbfr wilb a large urthard, gwi water,
Ao , An.
ertilr acron lare tr.d aadcr v'tilt'i-atl'-o,
but pith r hutliii(rf.
Tho laid Untl atu dtuata within 2 inilca of
Clrarficlii and the I'trinxjlvaala lUiiroad and are
ua rUid with .Htua,i.i.)u. ri.jl taint fire c)y.
Itrat'itt lur Htlhrir. Heel in ing henl'b 'if uwrr?r
Pcr lurllicr parli uiar, inqM.roof the ioberii ar,
J. r'KANK, Au'y f..r ULtr.
Cl.i.r,, H, , June ll if.
Sheriff's Sale.
HY virtue of wrila af V V an r-n. . ,
frud out ol thoCuurt of I'luti of
C Iwarfleld, and to uie directrd, 1 mil fx
ptia to put'lio alt, at Via Court Jlouta lb tbr
bt ruuffh of t'lurtii,l.i, on
Friday, Nvf lubef ', ln-t.
At I o' V. M . tha fcllowinj drecriUd rial
fstat, t wit :
All l hut certrtio piaoo or lot t.f fsroonJ nitunte
on Xht ri'irlbwftt coriitr nt' Stutts and Wainut
airict in Ifce brupb ol Car wen ivi lip, I'n , bnutid
ed af follow, rii : Uo lb inuli bv (Sia'c ilttet.
on lhaeHtt ly V alnut iifpr t. uo t hi1 ooi th by an
allry, and on tbt west hy proprrt of Voraoe
Clara, being i'J feet on Mate meet b 1M fi-at
OD Wai nut itrret. aid baiiiT thereon are"trd a
larit-eone End a balf f l ry buildmf, blackiuiith
tticp and oilier outboildinRi
heiied, taken to execuiioo, lio tj rf lolj a;
tha pn.pnty ol ."-oiuuel U'ay ao i ti. L. Way.
AH that cprlaiii tract of land fltuulo Id Bell
ttiwnbi., (Jlertiel.i ci-nnty, l'u., h'uxid on the
pt bv tbf river, aouta by I .ud of lloraoa JVchin.
wet hy land of K. 1). liatrd, oorlfa by lani o"
John 1'atton, iii. tmin 1! 11 aret, more or leu,
with a.i.ut 81) at-rre eKtroI, and having tberooo
erected a log ho one two toriea high, and a log
tviit-.I, t,-kco In exri'jtion, and to be iclJ ai
the pn-iit-rtr of 11. S. liufl and N uoy Smitb,tiow
Naury 1, (1
Ad thai certain tract of Und iltua'e in Iltijrgi
towmhip, Ciearljcld O'mnty, I., bcginalnir "t a
rookuak corner ; theni-o i uih 87 diyreoi eait
2.t peruhe- toatonea ; theoraby land of t). and U.
Merrett north H ileroei eaat K4 4 10 p-irthea to
poat ; tbenca by Und formrrly ut Sainuci Ardery
uonb K( dojrroe" wet 10 perebfi lu h pout ;
thenca dill by aaid Ardrry'i land north 2J de
groei eait 21 parchea to pott; thenee by other
laodf of laid SiiooD 'fbouipion north U7 df(reen
wext K8 prrrhra lo a poit ; thrcca by kndloru.
rlytifjuol Hawlatoa lonth I degree wait 170
parch, mora or leaa, to tbo placo ot beginning,
oontaining 3U aorei, M fl-Io pervbet and allow
anon, more or In , being part nf fame laiid coo
reyed lo aaid SitLon and Win D. Mnitb trora Wm.
Irtin and wife. 4id Und oontiiui a good pt lit
mill with w iter-piwer ani appurtonatioai, alm.a
dwelling houfa and ether out butldmiri and iui-
proveiuenti, and about one acre, tnote r leoa.
eieared. Alio, a largo ijuaatity or good and val
uable whitepina, belli I np a and other timber.
Veiled, taken in axocutiuo, and U be itt! 1 a
tba property ofSimnn Thoinpinn.
Tumi or 8lb. Tha i)rlre or luu at which
the pmpertTaball he at ruck oil a-jt be paid at the
nine ui te, or auon outer arranaeuieiiti made aa
will be approved, olhtirwinc the property will be
immediately put up and fold win nt the epn
ami rtfk ol ln pvrfon towbuin it ru ptruck oiT,
and who, In oaae of denoienov at auob ra iale,
bull make good the in mo, und iu no it.itancc
will tlia Utrd he, prcffti'rd in Court fur fl.mfirma-
lion unleia lha tuorey U artitally paid to the
nwrin- JAvih? AM 1 1 A r r r. V ,
SHKRifr-'e Officii, I JSbentl
Claailinld, I'a., Nov. 2,
SherifTs Sale.
1)Y virtue or writi ol Lpri '.iett itued
1 ) out of tha Court of Common 1'lf aa cf Clear
Hold aounty. and to me diroeted. there will ha
oipnaed to HWU.IC BA1.K, at tha Court llouia.
ut iitj ooruugn oi nearneti, on
Friday. Novnnltt-r 940., 11,
At 1 o'clock P. M., tie following doribcd rati)
eitale, lo wit :
All that or Main tract or pitee of UnJ iliunta
in in 1 1 rmipti ot l 'urwtMViiir, Clenrnt-ld enunty,
a., bounded and deft(lN-d ai fullnwi: Hr,rin.
ni&g at a plum tree on the line ot tbi and Wm.
Mi.l.ten't land ; thenn liy land old tn tSamuol
Arnold lonth 8;iJ degrera wi-it 6S 4-10 petehe to
poit, thenca mulh 4tl degree tail 7 ixrrbe to
tba rirer ; tfaenoa up ths nrar non'h 7 c J decreea
wtft 2ft pvr--hoi to poit, thence north ) d grera
weit 68 perchea tn black oak atuuip, Ihi nee a .Dib
CI degreea eait 104 perohut to plrtoe ot begin
ning, Containing U aorei and 113 perrbea neat
meamri, being aama premifei deioribel tn aime
deed.Jamei 1. Leonard lo Catharine llarlihorn
of 21 May, ISM, racorled in lted lirak "Y"
page llt Ao., renarting e,od anceptmg there
I rota aaid IS acrop and 1 U perohea. Xoreo acrea
aold to Thoniai Itawliton.
Halted, taken In exeoulloa, and to ha lotd at
tha proporlj of Catharine 11 arUboro.
Taaai or Bai.b. The prlee or aum at which
tha property abail ba atruek off uiitt ba paid at
tha time of aala, orauch other arrangemenU
made aa will ba approved, other! the property
will ba Immediately put up and told again at
tba eipeni and riik of tha pereon to whom it
waa airuck off, and who, la eaie of deflctaooy at
uch r-ala, ahall make good tha fata a, nd in
do initance will lha Dead ba preiantad la Court
for conBrmatioa nnlois the money li actually
paid lo tha KharitT. JA3. MAllAKFKY,
Suaatrr'a Urrica, Bberiff
Clearfield, I'a., Nov. 2, l8.
Sheriff's Sale.
1)Y vlrtna of a writ of Vem Fntint luiued
ont or tha Court of Common Pleai of Clear
avid oounty.l'enn'a, and to ma diroeted, there will
be aipoaed to I'l H1.IC BALK, at tha Court
Home, la tbt borough or CI ear fit Id, Pa., on
l-'rlday, November V.ltli, IHH1,
At 1 o'clock P. M , tht following dcicrlbrd real
titata, to wit i
All that carta In tract or land litnate In OacffnU
borough, Clearfield county, pa., bounded on tha
nuth by fiarab atreat, on the north by Pine alley,
on the eaat hy lot No. !4, Mofhanmm L md and
liUinber Company, on tht went by Kllinhfth
itreet, lot known la laid plan ol town aa lot No.
S42 and having thereon erected a frame home
Ii24 feat, with k tic lien attached lOilS feat.
Belied, taken In aiecuttoa, and lo be told at
the property of Ueorga Turley.
All of defendant! intareM la ibateertaln pleca
or lot of ground altuata In lha borough of llurn
Ide, Clearfleld county, Pa., bounded and deacrib
ed a fnllowi , via t On tbt north by lanili nf A.
U. MnCardr-ll 18(1 feet lo aa alley, Iheaoa along
aid alley flf fa at lo Fourth ttraet, tbenne along
aid Pnnrlb atreat IflO feet to landi of V. Ton
htm, I bene along laid Tonklna land AO feet to
plaet of beginning, containing 9ftl0 equere feat,
Bora or Icm, having tbereoa treetd a new frama
bout Sl)i3 feat, fraraa Habit and vtbtr out
ballding!. Belied, takaa In execution, and ta ba tuld ai
the properly of L. II. llaanaigh.
Taima or Pa lb, Tht price or aum at which
tha property ahall bt ilruck off mm I ba paid at
the lima of aala, or aaeb other arrange menu
Bade ai will ba approved, otherwise the proper
ly will ba Immediately cut up and eold agata at
thttipenta and riik of tht partoo to whom It
waa itrack off, and who, la aait of delcleacy at
acb ra aala, ahall aike good tba aama, and la
ao laataaee will Ut Deed ha presented la Court
far tunlrmaUoa aalaat tba monry la ataally
paid ta the Sheriff. JAtf. UstiKYhMX,
Saaairr'a Urrica, I Ibtrlf.
Clauatltt, PaH Not. 1, lilt. J I
at' lU'frtiSfmrnts.
XTO'l aU'l''.--Thf. ii dcrsigiiid. iidmg la ti e
Villitji;o of UorlnVhr, it t'!il m 'ii,..
te.t tn iJ Ll.n lifts iv arraiig tn'i.t til pru
l,isii lo an KATINll llnt nK f..r tt:o uc
ctntiujoilii'i'.n ol Ilia pubht' (tutentil), and 1 bire
hy aoln'ii a Utoral itiar ol the pub if p i?ni;4g-.
JOHN J. a-sN . IH.K.
Ws.hirr, Pa., Feb. II,
Thri' r- lOf.iMi'j g ml U irk for al at tht.
Mamball II l--h Yard In Hi U per ef-d if Hu.
b -r..u,;h i-l i:it.(ld. Unck wiii ulwayt !- Ii-ui. 1
up hauJ tt ae.'ouiinodaiit any cmtinoor Wlitt tuy
cnII. J. M ,MAIl-IIAl,L, AP;i-t.
Cle.rfi ! I, I'a , A..g. Jl, Ul .'ta.
DiMM.i.rrioN ttv iMitrF.Hiiip.
Tbn v irtnirtl.ip heretuture t iltt ing between
A. K. Sboli and 1'tni-t. Pieiiau hi (b.i day
(Saturday, Nov. i, liHI ) tea dtvudved by
mutual ouiiceot, and the l.uf.W ! Ibv Lrui letutiln
to tba p' liejiiOD of A. K. bhi.ff.
UK X 'I O.N iu.i:man.
Madera, Pa,, Nov. A, I - -H.
Town Lots for Sale
IN COALrORT. Clearfield Co,, Ta.
1 l.AHUK number f town li'ti eon bo bad at
i a r nt.oat.te pi ice bf appl irg lu J-bn L.
L-K'UtrnT, Jr., Atfunt. pid tuwn it lim.tdt in
the ouAi tuna mi l lcurtiild creek, nt tbi leriul
o. of tbt lltdl'i (Jap railroad.
liOTri A Ull AW,
Clearlleld. I'a.
Nov. Hi, 1J-81 Itu.
Alte-uU iin:itf! it
tl:i''I.Jt'e adiI V.'ur tf
1 "iDi T'TTTr'K
ft:uitllt fjul (-rii"-:m 1 I. . l . ; . . 1 . t i.L. . r j 1 ."1
li :. ,Ui.iJ I '. . I. I. . it.:' 1,.. In! '( rid lul
I 'i I'r .loh:. ICIdiMtih, .!...
CAUTlOiV. !';.:V':i:i::';,'1
. - m1.! , mi c.'tii 1. 1 ,.,1 thx m-'.ii.i T f b
.( 't, - ..I ( i.u- - (It (,1,1. in-. - " ' 1
rMtli cl.T tt-w. T'l.'ii.h w 1 r n .rthv i '.. i, .
lctl .Hie. lit KtllHl ! liirA.rilt'1 Oulf'J.
15 H 51 V A Jj I
rtlKK ' cilni. and nejr-.'lei of the lute fr,n
I ol It ( A IHil.NT A I'll ! 1. I HS, having been
ptjrrb med by the under lithul, tbey ltte movi-d
the i.itue t'i V 1 4 t.'hc(!mil Kteet, wbere ibey will
i-.f pleated t;i ti'e Uieir o d pntron.
'ery r"pectfuHy.
i;k(iaijiii:nt a co.,
(Stii cetfvri to l riiadbent A 1'hillipa )
I'biladelpbia, Fcnn'a.
rriTrNc.ttiTei nf the uM egbt ur ten te
it rn d ly tbi m.
'Mirei;ilicr i. .tl.Jy.
Agricultural IniplBments !
ITAKI. Ilii tnetl.'.d of Dnlirring :ur in need
of a giod Uiiwer.-lUflper, Tbro-ber or .low,
lhat I have the aouy ol tbt
Mower, Reaper nnd Thresher,
Manufactured by AI LTMAN A C )., Canton, 0.
I am alio agent fur tbc cc't-lirnted
Soutli licml Chillod Plow !
'Vfl'er.yii in End of either nf the nbu.r bud
Uctlfrcjll on wr ad.lrtK uj9 hrfum
els-nb"1' if .
June S, IMm -tf Carweiirville. I't
J'i r l-3la la t! a llmLs. t;omath. f. I
hrrst, r: lo or r.j. -nl.l'-r lihtl.-i, t'Vi i'r-l
For civ.n.ii nf U.Ji. Tnr'i. c. i,r. tl --V 1
mtra, orvuiui.IiifT, i-iio 1 -VA. ' ' ifcurivii J
and iw.DUiiiattil c Uaii-l'lii;;, a. " bt&iv ,1
cfl uiiHucJii.lL.0 ki, i:r-zt Invl :i rat-r ft hn V-v nnrIJ
' I III' I HI I III MIMWIafjillll ll I
"If till Mn't .,. t..Hu f.,,, . a It
w-.k c-r d rr,i iMr, ni't r-t. tat. 1
'firiOM-nUojMid r.rlhn lei-t hnnurltv or
mtiiLrul UutniA bulouod lu 1'titL hi, ' UCaJ
t nr A W
b. li. 11 AK1 .U AN L C ., u jym, Ohio. U
Tf yrm art) 1r, fty,! hvtfr, tr In any way l
" w'i'in tak A tu bow- h. 1
Fire-Proof Safes.
j.MiJl.ti(i;; ji
li n
Tho only 8-Flunge Safo in tho World,
More Improvements than any Safe
made, such as
Miiro Booiiio frnm lltiriv tnrs llisn on'
Firo Proof Safo, mnl no expenjo
in reiairinre Bult or Lock.
Patent Hinged Cap,
Four-Wheel Locks,
Inside Iron Linings,
Solid Angle Corners.
Tlioso Safe, fir now being oltl in
tli in Slnto in
And givo Iho
Greatest Satisfaction,
Boingtho Most nijjlily Finiliod,
Best IMidc, ml Clioapcat rirst-
viass BAif a ever rroiusoa.
Tlioso Culubnilotl Sulci ltnd llio
Champion Record
Great Boston Fire,
Ant unca Hint timo (iuicat nnd lNnm
taut nirRovr.Mr.KTii havo
boon m.lo. yuur uruor 10 any
olhor concorn, lond for prieoa and
dofcripliro Cutaloguo.
Dm. , IMM7.
it fir arttfvtlsfinfatj.
Cur'l.. tile. I'a., J.U. II, '7 If.
BKI.M I'llll II,,, (
ll:i.ti ll.ra alilill I mil nil ... i
e.iU, i.r eaeliftliR-u wheat, fjr lurin.r in.
I ..rn-nii hi call vii ar a.Mre I l.e itu ler.i ....
1 J. t
; N,.v i. ';n tr. ciiam. n. p..
ii U-rlvii'iii Hal l.rtt.-r.i.r AJ,ii.i
! Hiii an Hie eital. ( I'll 1 1,11- J. V,l l.l.h;. .
I of l,ariiii-e li., Tlrarln-IJ ecuiil;, I'a.Jti'.J,
bavin hi.'Q ilulr jrrinlrtl to tliv ui .I. rtirfL. I, ill
ieraoiii itiiU'l-ttil to ria.J vrtala will f 1. .1. Luke
iiuuinhale .e)tu-lit, afi.l tlii-ie tavli.f nlaini. or eBumit the lame will prereiit iIimo .r .
arlv autLvuiioalaJ l,r irttlern.-nl. with .ut Ji-:.v
I III till Mi l. hi S'.
' Ailioitli.tiaturi
i (lo.rfiilj, I'a , Nov. ll. I HS 1 -61.
f IHKHK will be eipma I to public ilc, ot t l.e
I t cexla Hoi)., in I l.e b .rough ot Otcenia, uu
Saliinlay, NovrmlW L'Otli, 181,
Tba fullowing dci?ri
I. ilxrnur, of
Une pirce tr porcel
iliip tf llei'utur, c
IVnt: ylr ia , boun
bed pr'p-fly, owrud by Wm,
I'rcatiir iwi)bip. d.ce.if I :
if iatid utiiaie in tbc town
uity vt ( learfleM, tS'at- of
led on Ibv umlh by Ai, irtw, on Mm m
l by Curtis It emu, t.o flio
. Keplttrl, and on (be "iHli
Ut, e-t.''g nbojt lliirly
7ita Und i uuu-rljid mtb
c al, and ttti a lrso ra
nnfth hr ;,pbun 1).
en-t by 'J boumi IdJi
i acie.", iihh ii or i. i
I .I.-.
I orc 'el ilifron
IK it MS - n--ih
unit- bit d r viin y a.
itcu'cd bv b nd ui'
.1 A M K
iid on i lib' ib at i n tif ilv,
r, and 'je third in tu ) tar ,
'I trii:rt-T iio dii (hi) iiri-iiiKi'i.
K. liAHNKK, K.icunr.
' 'afM'la, I' it., Njv,
3. iMJi-ait.
2To2? Sale or Rent!
The rubfcrihur prnponci to fell or rent a Dum
ber ol Inrtni lcn.ed a (ollowi ; The tint ntuale
in lturniide tot) tirb ip, Ceutre onuti'y. i't,ntaiiiing
150 acne, having thcrtn ner'ed a tmiii dwell
inn. frfiit! barti, a -jki . i.: to a mtrih, and km, wo
! aa ilit JHinfj .Vu.'t.ti.iii-l fjria.
I A I. ", Bnuibrr fnr.u ritg.ii in tirnham tuwn-
ihip, C'Uartield i r.:tny . c -n !n . I i i acre, wih
the nece'-ary iujirov ir..nt '1 tm faria it under
1 laid ,ln a UOnl) VKIN UT CuAL.
( A LS, nix older f.nuM in tbo virmit j nf Fr'ncli
j villi', cuti'JiiiiiBg renpsflt fully 1 12, I yti, ui, it)
; and :'n acief. Tinse fa run all Iiavi h'utci and
! brni 'lronn. tn .i wcr, l,-a:ng nr.-.-.ordu on
' aauif. a wiii m inn- g d wj1 Ijp I- For
lurtli ' pjrti-ula rf cttii In p .r"in, or addre tie
uiidrrigntd i.y lc:t r. L. M. lHUtr.
Jnu. lyih, H-Hf. Kirnelmlle, I'a.
Chronio DiBe.ucs a Specialty 1
Uyron Claxk. M. I).
jt T--: ivy -
(Itu N'l'llV Sl-K with OFFK-K at I
I lll.lIM rtlrlV. l'.i:n a.
1)11 I. '. I N I .- I, i. e tam.r
i i.r 1'. a ri:it Mir iui;
lil l.-r 'ii.-1 1-'. 'i;.. -i-. in li.raii.n- ai. ! tn aii,j(.
"11 ''''':' '' '' -e Iri-iu n I'll 111 INK' A I. ami
.Ml- II ,.-.? .; ir.l, A!NA1IH.V i-l tba
IIIINI: I... .i,.l lor lii. ein ul.iri
iiicr ;n:niitt,. I.. umI Mini
eieim i I .r i;;i:'i. . I ., .a w -l, ,-, .,
I'll Hf.l'N' I'i.lllK.
N" 1 'I I... Wailiinf... I',
Th- Ni ' V k rinTfiv rn h't n tl.e ! r. .
oiriu oi n i',t:t, It it
IM.I TIIMI 1 l) ll
I V WC.t.I tt 11,
and N fiov , I .
It wi: : tiur
with t-'m.''. Kur lnr.i'i the lire of ir Srt i- tni.
full cl 1 i r.i;'ii In iiitsi ir Ntwt ; HiihMf.r
ou iv.i't.ri,!.. ii uiuMtTK of Fcl'gi'iuit a'.d n,--ular
ti:tcrft ; with ci-rdullv vdiit J Ipp irt;nii, ti
for rhildrta, ralibath H-hoo) TiaeheiP. Kaniacra
and liuii:f Mm ; niih tight active K i,;..!.-, tn
unnralli d ftntl o rmt-iga lptii'. u I
paid Wrileii and Coniiibutori in every mr1 n
the Cuutilry.
tVllli Hti-tl Porlralt of I lie Aulliur.
il fiven to eovone lenlinif tie a lone ft It Ni:w
Si aeraia.-R and w3.IA fur tae aiming year.
S)nrltnrn eopirs fret.
.ti!ilrc: NI'.W Mlllk (iiki;ii l .
New York.
Nov. is :t.
On In OI-IO X'v.tMinlitrelFa...
WUIUgnc, loaakle. a,maw.i.
IVr,i nn.l -w.j. fciaMlWI vl Jlu. 4 ti .V. V...
iKolhm, fjraien, Mtchaaica, Buliaua Men tj
inoaiaa, IllChm. ft aUwhoaietireHeutrTOMil J
Art; Vot, ti'ilrniiif lrm 1 ivmrnui Nmtaii-u. i.
pmh It-twel, Knllirvor Ijitrl'ninfibinlvyuu ta:
i:; cirej by mini' 1' ark ah a (iiNutit lohic.
f 1 f you nre wactinir awy witli Cotwitnpiion. Ve
fmala Wtjlmrw, Khrumatnin. or nv n, kntM : i
yi'ii hive a bad ctueh or coM, you mil hud luif
r;..i7. in j-arkex a .in;kr ionic.
r K wtare Mifrrble.1 by dweane. are. or rhMpati
i,-tHl yoiM tTMem nenJa invtgoiatiiie. or jmhii blowl'
(..fe,..v,r-. ,.".. 'vHrTV.fv, '
. 'Jlii
i.i :.le Innnl .inerv, Ku.liu, MeiurMC, .-iouii i:i..
. ..lo lieri ttlie inef known ; uuilie lle.i.
. i :e..!ili Mini .Strenclh Keilurerever Uxl lar aut '
I iior lo Hitler I iem-ea of lonerr and other 'l oni..!
I -1 i: T.-rrintni i.e.. ami Cum Ilninkem.i. .
;; It Ilea Saieil hnnqrea-a ar laveat 11 May 1
I have loura.
I'.'y a .Te, twti Lw.t.le of your drncr.iit, anJ be.
- r- our .iitnttireuonihaontHile wrapiwr. Hi '
".. .NY l.;r.,.:,-,
Parker's tL
- .Mr ba lsam hwnli l!..l.lrrvv
am! Motl IVoNivHiirBl Hair hrfialaf fc
1 1 .. ' 'ri niRMNitriiU lhat a:e Itnajt-ulti
:. it .11 i . !p. I'AHkt-.M's lUtR lUl kAM
:vtr r:l I to Rcitort Cray t Tii4 Kalr
; fj.fuli-Mir, anH i warrant 1 lott' n - .,: :g
.: lU hi.-. &tlilj rttfim mi 30.. . 'it.,
A,lll fAh, HS ly.
Cheap Cash Slre
BKI Km HI 11 l.i:, (IPIillA IIOI'SK,
Clearfield, Pa.,
Cdiaprlflnu Hrret llool nTthe very latet l.,lrS
wnninlinn lo part of Canhmrref, '.ua.h"tr
Faariff, Alii', and all nianurr nf
Fancy Dres? Goods,
Hinphani. Prem F.uili if lha .trr latnt
'jiff, and fhop a the can ba ibl
la tbia in .irk 0 1.
Conflating f Ul.ti A.f tlanli. LaHira arjf
Miitea. line of aM aka-lo. Silk rrinfrr., Frpv lreaa Uutlona. I.vlici"
. Tiri tit all ib a. leu ant tvle, Cufli
un l IV lar., hiklmni of all kmHe ar.J
qualllitl. Merino l odertrear, Trimoi iai, e!f.
n fi'jtzin -j w
Queensware, Hardware, Tinware,
(iritpK OllCiollis,
Wbioh win ta Ml4 wbolnale tr retail. Will !
Country Produce
la Uirhaur for Unit at llarkal Prlrtaj
WM. 1. 11urF.11.
t'laart'lel. Pa., vtepl. 11, KeHl-tt.