Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 31, 1881, Image 3

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Terms of Subscription.
If p.d in dTano.r wftbin tlir mouth.., 9
It paid ftr ttiret aad be for eli noaihe.,. i i
If i,id after uipirt.oB f ti iBoobta...
"lKmietica l'trt:i:t, at Htmler'.
Flwk i Iniay M uptnitiK new gtxMla.
It will lie hmful to nhnot aquirrtls after
- -
Jul. a Miwhoji Blurted on WediiMwlay lint
fur (ieontytimn, Coloruilo.
A very line of pockot cutlery,
heitwon mid nhc am at iliu-dt-T
Koti r-it rawer 'loimtif" w winR lum hincs
with all attwhiurot fur (33, at Hiinlcr's.
liev. .Mr. ('urwcimille, prea(-hel
in the CW-nrMd Hapttat Duirch liwt Hiihltutli
Hie aule of the property of the cstuie of
the late liiehard Shaw, 8r., will tk place on
Thumluy of this week.
- -- i m
The rtnue nf water in the river at prewirt in
quite iiiMtaiitlcwt. The Hniall boy con linger
alwut the. edjie with pefert antVty.
The Curwcnavillc Timrn soys that Mr. Gil
bert KtliotiV)d,uf thiUpluce, w ho recently had
his arm amputated, is able to walk around.
' m .w
Judge Foley, whow ill new we mentioned
lat week, in nhle to Ix-nlimit Huain.aiut ha
almost reeovtred fniin hi attack of vertigo.
Prof. Tortnpy, the tlrnt Prinripnl of the
Leonnrd Gradt-ri HcIkkiIs, i now Itev. G. W.
Fortney, and nuidw at Chatham, New York.
A new Hivenient han recently been put
down in the vicinity of the Presbyterian pur
Honnye, and the build i mi w sheltered by a new
rot if.
Harry Snyder, the burlier, puri-ows slink
ing the ilust of Clearlield off nf his nim-nmiia
ubnut the mitldletf September, ami move to
Coiuiniiniiin service will le held in the
( Uuirfield Prettbyteriaa Church nextSabttath
uiorninft. There) will be preimrntory servieea
on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock.
Several new announcements apprur this
week for the different county office to lie
tilled this Fall. Thin 1 the last week for
announcing the named of candidate.
The O.Hceola iUrdllc nays that Mrs. Win
Ik Id. of Huutnltde, ilropied deud by a
stroke of piilsy, while engaged In luying out
a corpse, un Monday night of last week.
"Jersey" Snyder tin removed hi jewelry
tore to his new room on Market street, lic
tween Second and Third, where every thing
l.rttks a hnnilaomr a the gnodft he deal in.
Itcv. J nine H. Mft'ord nnd lady of New
Cumberland, Pa., (opjiomte llarrifbnig) have
been visiting the at week iu this plaee at
the home of Mr. (V parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Judge Foley.
MuKtcr Royntnn I'tll now sportH with a
voung bicycle. He enn manage it very well
taking theftic of the nast and rider into
consideration and the amount of practice in
dulged in.
The street sprinkler of Jimcph Ian has
lieen dmimI for A week past with good effect
along portions of Second nnd Market street.
Our merchant have had their good greatly
damaged by duni.
Geo. H. W eaver, Ksq., a prominent and
rxtimai'le citizen of Bellcfimte, died at his
home in that pliu. on the lHth Inst., aged
nlwut 6? years. He was a relative of John
F. Weaver, Kq.,of this place.
A lurgequnntHyot personal pmK'rty will In
sold by the Executor of ft. Shaw, Hr., on
.Sidnrday.Septemlwrllrth. Among the articles
to lie sold is a piano. See advertisement in
this iiMtienf the If kithi.ican.
John W (Mill idge, Administrator of William
Graham, late of Bradford township, deceased,
w ill offer for sale the farm nf said decedent
at the Court Honse in this pliww to-day. See
description in another-column.
Th(a who softer from nn enfee bled and
disordered state of the system, should take
Ayer'i Barwaparilta nnd cleanse the blood.
Purge out the lurking distemper thot under
mine the health, and constitutional vigor
will return.
The Shaw Honae prop-rty and lota belong
ing to the estate nf the late Kichard Shaw, Sr.,
will positively lie sold on Thursday next.
Those parties who hare any intention of bid
ding on this property will take notice nnd lie
present at the side.
The light from l,eay s enuring, on the
monnUiin west of town, uttnuted a great
deal of attention lust Friday evening, und
uUo elicited a great many inquiries from our
eitixeiis. The view of the new comet was
badly demoralized that evening.
The sport of the typographical fraternity
In thr Juniata Valley and along the sides of
the Allegheny Mountains will enjoy their
fourth animal picnic at Bedford Springs on
Friday and Saturday nf this weekand per
haps a couple of days of next week.
mm '
Prothonotary Kerr has received the Pam
phlet Law for the session of 11 , and is
prepared to distribute them to Justices of the
Peace nnd others entitled to them w-cording
to law. One hundred and eighty-four jiages
arc taken up with the laws, and sixty-one
pages with a list of charters of corporation.
mnm ' -
KxShcriff Pie was iii town on Wednesday
of last week. Since being engaged In the
lumbering business in McKenn county, he
doesn't find the time to visit Clearfield ft
often as hns !cn his custom. Me says that
Pie A Gamier are cuttingalsuit ;IT,(nm feet of
hemlock per day at their saw mill at Sar
grant, McKenn county, ami bv ovrr
million feet to iU yet.
mm ' ---
Two Houses Burned Hear Osceola.itn Wed-
nosdny morning last, nlmnt 5 o'clock, John
Fitzgerald, lit lug In the suburb or (isccoin,
kindled a roaring 6re in the cooking stove,
and soon after he discovered smoke Wwiiing
from the kitchen loft, which hud liceit set on lire
by a sjiark from the stove-pii-. The honse,
together w ith another adjoining, U-longing to
Mrs. Philips.weivcntirely consumed. Scanity
of water presented saving the buildings. The
low nf each is fully coven d by Insurance. The
porticnlnrs of the above wo take from the
(Weola Itrrrillt'.
A Family Shipment--The Huntingdon
of last week ssys: "Among the emigrant
passing went over the Pennsylvania Kailroud
iie dny lust week was a German family, con
sisting of the grandfather, grand mot her and
their nine ehildrcn.siistms and three daught
er, nil of whom are mnrried, with their fam
ilies on board the same train. There were
fortv nrandchihlren nnd eleven grent-groiid-
childrcn, the entire n hdiotiHhip consisting of
nincty-fle js-ople. They will settle in north
ern lown,and will form a colony of their own.
Among the men in the party were practical
farmer, weavers, shoemaker and butcher.'
Horo Brides. We are ph ased to learn that
the Count f Cnmniisioners, and the citizens
of Knox anil Woodward township, haventswt
agreed to build a bridge sen f lenrfleld
ereek, near the mouth of Potts' mn. The erec
tion of a bridge at this point will Ik- grand
outlet for the citiren of the township nf
Knox. Jordan, Chest, etc, to the coal region,
now being operated from Phlllpsburg te
.liuiesville. We understand that the Knper-
visor oI'Kmoi tmnhip have agreed to build
the nbntmcnt on their side of the ereek, ami
the Snpnn isors of Woodward are really to do
the same, and also to fill up the rondway imw
bag to the bridge on their rcspeclire i'les of
theem k. The County Commiionera have
consentrd to put the tnictnre npon the abut
ments, and tn all can pus over safe and
free, It it I of iron, which will m nrn,
"nor blow dbwn by the wind, and wtU last
wet Hmm sal loof as a waodaa one
Six-drawer MlVm.ettc" fr $.15, At HarderV
Aug. ill, tf.J
Fleck is enjoying a nice trade in tlte dry-
tfmds line, and iiIno in Indies' dres final.
Fl(MkliteHeerylMdyin Clearfield cmuitv
and elww here nun, women and children
to call and the new gotHla.
M i
Wottere. Gtt Kmt fail to rend
the premiums offered by the Cleartield Agri
cultural Park Association, to lie found on our
lourth iugu this week, relative to Iwibics.
Class 4.' Is the one in which you are interested-
7t$ Comtt Disappwar mg. H is suid llmt
thr new comet is whirling into the unknown
regions of siwec with a velocity that haiilcs
comprehension. The position of the comet,
which was distinctly visible hist weekww
directly ht neath the bowl of the Ureal Iip 1
Icr. llie caudal appendage point upward
and away from the. sun.
A Nct$ttf Supplied. We learn that our
friend, Peter Keppel, contractor for carrying
the mall Itetween Kylertown and Morrisdale
Mines, hits placed njion the route a ImndMiine
new covered wugou, which will lie appreciated
by all truvclers. Penton who wish to visit
Kylertown, or that vicinity, will find the hack
at Morrisdale Mines on the arrival of the
Mail train each dav.
Hon la. The Legislature i . the lost ses
sion parted an AH compelling the County
CommisNionert) of euch county to furnish the I
Overseer of the Poor with a transcript of the I
last adjusted valuation or rwwwiment, similar
to th lit furnished the School Directors. This
will add considerable lalwr to the duties of
that office. The Act will be found in the !
Pamphlet Ijtw of IhSl, pgc 75. j
- - - m
A Sirer Hill. Thousand of Clearlield raft- !
men have glanced At tlte rugged, steep hill ;
opHisite Northumtierland. The Vwtof that
plnce, in alluding to this natural monument, I
says; "The men (uairying stone at the huge
of Blue Hill, opjiosite this place, hae struck j
vein of utiout a foot, in diameter of
silver and copHT ore. Some of the ore has
Ihtii sent to an, nssayer to lie tested. Mr.1
Wm. Elliot owns the quarry, and Mr. Kottert
Lesher, who ow ns land close by, has taken an
interest in thwmatter."
The Btecaria District.- Tha editor of the
Tyrone ifr rahl of lost w eek says; "Visiting
CndKirt last week, a emA representative as
surprii d to find that village the vitalized em-
boysofth future city. There are vast coal
fields east, west, north and south of this new
Kl Dorado, and us the great coal veins of that
region dip toward the creek at this point,
Coaliort must, as a matter of necessity, Iks
emue the centre of trade for this part of Clear-
Held basin, us Houtrdale is, in the Itcaver
mn coul field, with the exception that Coal
port is surrounded by a much larger coal ter
ritory, with three, workable vein, while
rHotttzdale has but one uhovu u titer. The
coal operators made a mistake in not opening
the Houtilnle or Mohnnnon vein; but this
is js rli:iiH Ml tor the bent, us it will be the
means of giving B and C vein u fair test Ite
fore diMturbiug the MoHhannon eoid In that
part of the district.'1
The Fire Around Lodtville.K very de
structive and terrible eoulhigration raged in
the mountains in the vicinity of Lloydsville,
Cambria county, lost Thnrsdity night. An
Altoonu pnHr gives the following account of
it: "The tiro had its origin in some refuse
matter in the yard of Pluck A Glunts saw
mill. Everything lieing intensely dry the
devouring clement spread rapidly In every
direction, endangering the mill, ns welt as the
milts of Hcynold und McFurlund. Besides
the destruction of timU-r, miles of tramways
and thousand of cords of bark were humcd.
The people of Lloydsille kept wntch all
night lest the flumes might attack their vil
lage. In fact the smoke of the conflagration
wo so dense that many feared suffocation if
they retired to lied. Parties who have been
on the ground represent the (Ire as very great
and destructive.''
Leg Broken. A Utahvllle correspondent
sends ns the particular of a painful accident
which happened to Mr. Charles Bicket.
while working on the tram-road at McFur
land's mill, near IJoydsille,on they'd inst.,
which resulted in a broken leg, besides other
injuries, some of w hich are internal, and may
nrove very dlsagreeuble, if not serious. The
circumstances which caused the accident
uppeur to be as follows: On the Haturduy
previous, (lie road wn lieing repaired by other
workmen. The removal of several plank w us
required at a point un the road where it is
tiOeen feet above the ground, and in replacing
them they were not nailed a they formerly
hud been. Mr. Bickers stepped on the end of
two of these, which tipped and precipitated
him to the ground, along with the two plank
indicated, two other hoards and a scantling
sixteen feet long, all of which alighted on hi
Itody and injured him as almve stuted. It is
hoiied that he will stsin be able to be about
Death of A. J. Draucker. Our citizens were
considerably startled Jo hear lost Thursday
evening that A. J. Irancker, proprietor of the
Hnuicker House, Cnrwensville, wo deud. His
death occurred at his home that evening, after
a very brief illness. "Jack" Urauekerwa
widely known and universally respected, and
his demise will be sadly lamented by others
than his Immediate relatives. His funcrnl
took place nn Kuturdny morning last, and was
largely attended. The Curweiisvllle 7i'mr, in
speak mg of his deat h , pub) ishe the follow i ng
"Mr. Prauckcr was attacked with cramp am!
dysentery on Monday lust which his physi
cian succeeded In cms-king, and his friends
did not realise that his disease would result
fatally. Thursday uBernoon n change for Ihe
woreeoccurTcdandnt fifteen nilnntesnf" eight
o'clock lie breuthed his lust. Mr. Drancker
wits burn In Pike township on the loih duy
of April, lw, within a mile of town. He
wn the father of nine children, six buys uml
three girls, all of whom, with a tailhl'ul and
devoted w ife and mother, survive to mourn
his sudden dcuifa. Mr. Hruucker has been
proprietor of the Praucker House for many
venr. formerly keeping hotel nt the old
Font stand. Thewmwiiigfumi!y have the
sympathy of the whole oomwunity In their
hour of sorrow,''
. - . mm - -
Burning of D. W. Holt's Lumoer.W'e copy
the particulars of Ihe destruction of I. W,
Holt s InmU'T from the Philipsburg Journal
of Saturday last : MOn lust Tnesduy evening,
shortly before eight o'clock, fire wus discov
ered In the lutuhtT yard connected with the
IxmIi l-omond saw-mills, ow ned by P. w.
Holt. K1m distant twomilcs north of Philips
burg. T!ie alarm wo tilily teleplnneil
to town und in a short time a number of eitl-ju-iis
were on their way to the scene of de
struction. AHboiiKh the Are wn discovered
before mnch progress has been made, yet,
owing to the extreme drouth prevailing, and
the compact condition of the lumlsT piles,
the ft-w hands present could do nothing to
stay the rapid progress of the flames. As
additional help come to hsnd It whs evident
that nothing could lie done to save the large
hodv oflnmlier.wthe fin hiul lieen kindled at
both ends of the yard, and the ronring Hume
on both i(les, were fust consuming the piles
of valuable but highly hitlumnble material
U tween them. Hevernl lumber trncks were
aecurerf and as runny men a could work at
them, removed some of the lnmlier to a safe
distunee, until driven away by the flume. A
portion of Ihe Iron Inu k rail were also torn
up and removed out of dungrr. Of the large
lot of lumber, njiwurd of twehe million
feet, only about two hundred thousand feet
were saved. In connection with this loss at
least one thousand yards of tram-road, laid
ii.t.n mil. wus also destroyed. Mr. Holt
estimate his low ai $m,m on which poli
cies of Insurant cover to the etent of $PV
(UNI. Although Mr. Holt's pecnnlary loss Is
heavy, and the interruption to his general
business serious, yet having his mills Intw-t,
he purpose to -commodate his large trade
as fur at possible uudcr (be circumstance.
Hevernl large order for lumlier wen- getting
in readiness and piled oo Hie )ard, end were
to have been shipped dnring the next sisty
day. Among these was ft contract fir a
Urge elevator uggregnUng irver two million
feei . The arc waa evidently the work af an
Incendiary, a no area t ha unwinding
forest were prevailing duriaf tf day "
Calicoes, uusllna and goods of every de
scription Just received from the city at T. A
Yon cun have uny kind of on old hut modi
new, by Newkirk, the halter, over Bridge's
Tailor shop, Market street, Clearfield, Pcnn'
Six-drawer "Ikmiestic" sewing machinea,
with a full and complete set of attachments,
and warranted for six year, for f:i5, at J. E.
Murder's store, Clearfield, 18.
tiring Wttnessst. The hundreds of strong,
hearty, rugged and healthy looking men,
women and children, thut have been rescued
from beds of jiniu, sick new and well nigh
death by Purkt-r'a Ginger Tonic, are the best
evidences in the world of its sterling merit
and worth. Yon will find such in almost
every community. Head of It in another
column. &-3-4t
ll m mt
Attention ? Vie have just received another
ear loud of lop nnd ojk-u buggies from the
ccU-hrutcd firm of Kuiersoii, Fisher & Co., of
Cincinnati, consisting of Tinkutu's sidc-lur
phnMon, elastic spring and platform spring
wagon, which will lie wild at a very small
profit. Persons needing any ot the alwve
wngons will do well to call early. All work
warranted by theninnafacturers. Wnrerooni
ut Brown's Planing Mill. Both wide nnd
narrow track. A. Mt Ot ihton ft Co.
Clkhkiki., Aug. IWd, lHHl-3t
New Dailf Stage ine. James L. Ivy
ha siiccecileil In having a daily mail estnli
lishcd between Clearfield and Pen field, and
will hereafter run a doily stage lietween the
two points. His contract begun with April
1st, and the stage will leave Clearfield every
morning (except Sunday) at 8 o'clock, mak
ing connections with all trains on the liOw
Grade Railroad ut Pennfield, returning after
the hut train the same evening. Passengers
und freight will bo carried at low rate.
Order kit ut any of the hotel will he
attended to. 4-l(ltf.
mm i
Hay Fevsr. For Huy Fever I recommend !
Fly's Cream Balm. It entirely relieved me
from the first application; have been a suffer
er for ten years. Going from home and
neglecting to take the remedy, I hud nn
attack ; after returning I immediately resorted
to it, und found instant relief. I liclieve.had
I Is-gun its use earlier, I should not have
lieen troubled. Have stood heat, dust and
draught us well as during other mouth.
J. Collyer, (Jerk. 11H Broad street, EliiuMh
New Jersey.
For years I have been atllicted with Hay
Fever, from early August until frost. I wo
induced to give Ely's Cream HaJ m i trial.
The relief was immediate, I regard myself
cured. G. Kchreiber, HupL of Cordage Co.,
Elizabeth, N. J. September Wth, in), price
fiO cent.
The followingphysicimis, residing in Clear
field county, have registered in the order
mentioned in the Prothonotory's office, in
compliance with the recent act of Asncmhty :
Edwurd Conrad Lewis..
I.. U. Butliet
, Fn-nehville.
tieo. F. Prowell
J. A. Buird
H. B. VonValznh
J. Currier
Thoinn K. Iuvi
F. H. .Sealing ,
John (i. HartHwick
Ai Thorn
Hnmiiel C. Htewart..
leremiah Haines Woodward township.
J. L. Wultcr Hontwlale.
Ash I). Bennett New Washington.
Jumcs P. liurelltield Clenrtield.
C. B. Klliott I tuhville.
Pa vis A. Hogue llmitzdiile.
T. Jcft'erson Byer Cleartield.
Thomus K. Blumly Iloutdide.
(union It. Hotchkins Morrisdale Mini's.
James Mctiirk Buiin New Wnshingtoti.
George W. Caldwell Glen Hope.
The water panic still prevails.
The sewing machiue war still wages.
The coa' trade Is good, but cars are very
The new store of Mr. MeCaulley, Moore and
Shurliaugh wHI lie finished soon.
Me thiui'S ivesaw the genial face of Father
Test pa railing our streets last week. Come
again, Father.
The residence of Kamuel Murphy, near
Houtzdate, wu destroyed by lire last week,
Part y insured.
Boltert Kiehardsun, a native of Scotland,
died at his residence in Hontzdaleon the 17th
inst., aged 4 year.
John Holey, a native of Texas, is doing our
town with a drove of Texas iionics. He has
made sule of some very tine teams.
The miners are jubi ant over the "store
order" business lieing crushed out. No more
store orders after the 1st of HeptemU'r.
Michael Griffin died on the 2flth. He was
un o'd and rcspeetab'e citizen. There was
over one thousand peop'e in attendance at the
The Harrison mine, operated by the Bead
ling Brother, is doing a fair trade for, a
new opening. Success to the gentlemanly
op s1 rat or.
Officer Malee hml quite a lively bout with
an offender which caused John to use his
non-gun. However he was mn in without
any bloodshed.
Saturday was jwiy duy and the town w n
ijuite lively. However, the boys were on their
good behavior. No one in fort Rohiaon that
we have heard of.
The brh k-layen finished the school house
on Saturday last. We have oue of the
finest buildings in the county. The building
contains eight rooms.
John Swires wu interviewing one of the
Texas ponies from the rear end. When he
came to he inquired whetlipr the lightning
hud struck anything e se.
The mill owned by Hoover, Hughes A Co,,
situated on Coa' ran, together with a large
amount of lumlier, owned by J. B. Moran,
wo destroyed by lire butt week. !os not
The Moshunnon ExtensionCnnipuuy, limit
ed, Is pushing the new mod up thr Mnshannon
creek as fast ns possible. They are putting
up some extensive buildings on the lands ol
Test. It is hoped that they win gT n
finished this Fall.
Unite lively foot-race took place between
the llnrges and one 1 homos Shaw, f hnmaa
wu tiring to lump the fine. The under
standing was that the race was to lie heel
and toe, but the Hurgeas broke, and of eonrse,
Thoma done the same. A Iry-stander heard
the Burgesay something alwut Mund S. an
he passed him. It is needle to ay that
Thoma wo run down and captured.
A most brutolassau't was made on William
Bowles, of Woodward twnshlp on the 'ioth
inst.. hv officer Malee. Mr. Bowles come to
town to do ftome trading, and the conse-
onence was he got a'ltt e the worse of drink
He left hia team in front of the Exchange
Hotel and his wagon was soon fi"ed with
boys, some one of w hem sto'e a pair of shoe
from Mr. Knw'ea. He naturally became en
raged and ordered them out of his wagon.
nnd to scare them aw ay, he picked up a stone.
Ma'ee came forward and ordered him to lay
down the stone, which he refused to do.
Ma ee then took ho d of him and struct him
arms the arm with a heavy hickory e ub that
he carries. Bow e not dropping the stone.
he ogain struck bim across the bar of the
hand. This a' so fni'ed toaiuhchim drop It
He then drew back his e'nb and dca't him
a how on the head, which canscd him to
drop the stone, and the second stroke on the
head laid Bow e out In sn Inscnsib e state
He railed lv-k his eyes and bystander
thought the man was killed. He nna"y came
to in abrwi'dercd state and inquired what
this all meant, when Mal'ee grabbed him and
chucked him Into the gutter, and then after
near y hi' Ing the man arrested him and put
him under hai' for his appearance lie fore His
Honor. Mr. Kow ea t a saiaU man. and ton
(i d ta he abused la this way. It Is to be
hoped that the eltiaenae the Iwrough will
rise la mans and sab an rip anal ion ef the
afucer for hia conduct. It Li ft disgrace to the
own m unity. VtX
A, W, Walter! bs beta awsHtd tb oantrsot for
repairing the Swoad ttrsrt bridge.
Jeeob D. Boohs U auttluf dowa a d psvs
at aloof fats property on tleeead street.
lbs inoky and bsiy appsrsBe of ths atoaot
phsre uKtd thst of tb IndUa Heamtr msios.
It li eanaed b; the fereat lrs na th noanlsloi
all aboat ua.
Frank Fleldios sad W, D. UifUr will ranoTS
ibalr law effloa tba prsaaot ak to tboroona over
Orahsos'a drnjt iters, elaeoad atrast, aearly appo.
fits th First Mstloasl Dank.
Wanted! A boy, between the ages of 17
sad 31, la art n led at the tiowiretatabliahmant of
Fred Ssokatt, Claarflsld, P., ta latra tba trade.
Apply fooa. A-Sl-tf.
Farmers' Attention f Mr, Thus. V. King
hat bow oa baad a quantity of pboipbste io
mount! to lull purobaaara, Psrntrs In naod of
It bad betUr try Mine oa tbslr wheat this Fall.
Fsr furihar part loo la ra call oa or addnaa blra at
Cltarflatd, Pa.
R. M. McKoslly, eg" for the Mutoal Baaaflt
Life IaaursBos Company, hta ramovsd bis offlot
iato tbs roooj raosUd by 8. 1, Snjdsr, on door
wsat of F lack's store, where ha will be plasiad to
snest bla frlsadi sad talk to them oa tbs aah)sot
of Ufa laaarane.
A juunj dsugbtar of Pulloauso Dorritt wu
esrrjinf a glsas jar ona day last week whan ab
trlppad aed fall a it, tattlaf a gaih la bar ack
which required lb services af a phjalotao to
dreaatha wuaad. It waa a est row eaespa from
what night bar bcoa a dsngaroos aooldeat.
House Burned. The residence of Mr. F.lishu
Aebeafeltcr, In Brady townnfaip, oa the pike,
about two aad oas-bslf miloa west of Lutheriburf,
waa totally destroyed by lire oa Tutadsy foseaooo
of last week. The house was Intorad, and aearly
all the household goods wera asvod. Th Are
originated from amp tying hot sahaa in tba wood
bouse. Lit of letters remaining unclaimed in the
iVBstofflce nt Clearfield, Pa., for the week end
ing August 2!tth, 1NW1 :
Miss Fsnoie Csplia, D. K. Cow gill, William
Coihrao, Misa Alpbarelte Dare, 0, N. Esston, Mrs,
. Ilill, lUrry Lelttell, Peter I. Loadiaatber
Joph Parent, John l. Rlcbsrdaoa, William
Blddl, Barah 0. Wlneberg, Jonny W I lion.
Th Sterllog CooiaJy Company played tut
evening In Pie'e Opera Bouse to a limited audi.
nee. "Ooe Chrlalmaa Kr waa played inattad
of "Lucretis Borgia," ai annuuaoed, wbioh waa
pottpooad oa aooouot of the hosrasneas of oa of
th lady actors. "Luaretla Borgia" will be par
formed this (Tueiday) artmlng . Tb part played
by Frank Peats laat eTonina;, aa Wm. Allison
boy, waa good, and for an amateur bo displays
wonderful talent. The CitiseDi baud of this
place fumUhed the muiie In place of aa Orclioa
tra. A Social ftcnc Keedsville w as the scene
of a pleaaant little eoelsl gathering oa laat Thurs
day evening. The invited gnosis mostly mar
ried folka, with thair families nam bared thtrty
flvo sod repraaentad almost every period of life
from li months old to 46 years. Tho party waa
gettea up by Hra. John MoUaughey as a aurpriio
to Mr. and Mrs. AIUo X It obeli, and waa held oo
the shaded lawn in thoir front yard, where a table
was sot with delicious fruits, tempting rlands and
well prtparad pastry. All want away highly de
lighted with the good time enjoyed, and feeling
especially thasLful to Mrs. McUaujthay si tba
prim mover in the matter.
A meeting of eltlienn waibetd la the Commit
sloners' oftioe oo Saturday evening fur the pur
pore of eoBlmiag aa to the beat manner of orgae
ialng a fire department, hmilh V. Wilsda waa
jailed to the Chair and J. B Biater aetod aa See.
rotary. After diteuMion It waa decided by vote
to organlte a Fire Department by adopt ids; the
Constitution originally submitted by tb commit
tee appointed al a previous meeting. Tail Coa
titotion eooferred upon the Town Council the
power to select a Chiat or Fire Marshal nnd two
aide, who are to bate entire oontrol over all ex
oept the Book and Ladder Company.
In organising tho llouk and Ladder Company
It waa decided to allow all persona who bad sigocd
th original oall U make application tor meulier
sbip within aisly days free ; attar that time a fee
of $1 will be charged for membership. The meet
ing then proooeded to elect eucara of tb Book
and Ladder Company with th following result:
Fortm AI. W. Walters.
lal Anitiant Fornm (jeorg 0. Moore.
id Ainttent Fortma It. C. Heed.
Captmin of AMAk Thorn.
Secretary A. J. 11 agar ly.
TraTr- L. II. Ate.
J..rAaf-D. W. Jordan.
A'mimH-W. Baoka tloluea.
A. B. Bead, A. F. Martin and 3. V. McKonrtck
were appuioted a oommittee to watt oa the Tow
Council and submit tb UoDStttation at adapted .
Adjourned to meet oa second Tueeday of 8ep-
temnor. n. 0IXLSR, Secretary,
The fourteenth semi-iuinuul sesHion of the
Bennett s Brunch K. 8. Aswx iatiiin was held
ut Hickory school house, in llustou Uiwnnhip,
nn rnuuv and Huturdnv, Aug. l"th and villi.
.John H. Kfsiker, of Winterlmrn, presided
with ability during all the wwion. levo-
tinnal exercise were conducted hy Albert A.
Bml. of Pentiel. T. t'. llnvt, of Hieknrv,
made an excellent Address nf Welcome, which
ww, rcsjsuided to in a fi lieltons manner hy
the President. Allen H. Bwenknuis and
John H. Brown, of I 'en field, were aniinted
reiKirtcrsof the nmceedinu. The tonic, "How
to tret People t the Kulilstth S4-I100I," was dls-
cumcd by J. M. KiiuHhIi, of MuMin Hill, A. H
BoNetiknins and A. A. Bird. The speakers di-
e lured that a gotMl school anil personal work
would secure tieonle
Thetonie, "How to keep Ieople in Huhhnth
School,'1 wu tliscuMwil hy (ieirfl II 11 it, of
Winterlmrn, lollowed hy A. H. Kosenkran,
T. C. Hovt, J. 11. Kisiker and .1. M. r.iiKli.-li
The siiUtance of the talk wus that ph rents,
teachers and oflleers wrre eiiually rcNjionsilile
in the matter.
L. Bin! of Penfleld, Carrie Derrof Beneirette,
A. 11. Boscnkran, T. C. Hovt and J. II. Hook
er, reported visits made to the dirli rent school
in the nistriet.
At the evening sewinn, devotional cuen ise
were conducted hy A. II. Bosenkruns. Ainer
ieus H. WfNMlwun'i.of IVntield.mailea fine ad-
flren on the subject, 'The Bible as a Ijiw-
Book," pnyiiiK a eloquent trihute to the
Hilue as tne immik atstve uli others.
The topic, "How to Huise Mnnev,"wo dis-
msed hy L. Bird uml (ieo. Ilurr. The apeak -
ers said thut retfiilnr collections in the school
and personal apteals for money outside would
tie neurlv alwuvs successful.
A. II. Boenkrnndiacuedthetopic,"llow
to licnrn the lesson,'' stating thnt lli(imuli
and iiraverfnl stndv wu the only true way,
Tnesiunect, Mow to leacli the lessnn, was
diM'itmed hy Tho. lliitchtiison id Puncoast,
A. A. Bird, J. M. Knuhflh and A. II Uoen-
krnns. Thestienkerssiud thut thorough wrei-
nrution and the metluN) of tench ing hy asking
ouesttotis were most siiccesslul
in a inuniv nutnoroiis, vei sensnue speeco,
l.ucien Bird diwunscd the topic, "How to get
more sinuinii.'' Mr. It. said that nil could wine
some, and hence that all nhmiht sing in Huli-
liatli school and chureh service.
A. 11. Bosenkruiis mwle a few remarks on
the Ionic- "How to prewerve order." The
tit-tie, " H ow tnmainlntnte-ruMil throngbnut the
venr, wu discusMd hy J. M. Ktilili nnd A.
H. Koseukaiiiis. 'I he siteuker nrgued thut a
determined effort by even one worker would
keep the nehool in session.
A numiierof oucstinnswcrcrcierrcii toanu
answered hv dillerent persons.
A large collection aim a inrge nnmoer 01
memtiers were receiveit.
L. Bird. (mmittee to gather statistic, re-
nnrted Hi schools in the iHitri. t, with a mern-
hersbin of KtH, and an average attendance of
At the Haturdnv morning aession, A. If.
Woodward conducted devotional exeniw-s.
A goisl aldre to the children wn mud
hy Allien A, Bird. T. C. Hoyt reviewed the
Hickory Hahhath Hchnol in an ame manner.
llow to leach the mteriium was mnw
ed hv Bev. A. I. Met loskey, of penfleld,
Hcv. W. H. I'ilson. of Beech wotds, end A. H.
Boseiikraii. J. II. Kooker, Bev. Met'lmkey
and A. A. Bird diwussed the topic, "Iniport-
anee of committing stTiptnre to memory.
The important idea advanced were that a
knowledge of the Bible i necessary to salva
tion, and that Scriptural pswigr-H hxlged in
Ihe memory are the Itest weapon with which
to fight the enemy.
A numtier of new meniner were rreeivra.
Bmfilution were wloiited, thunking the peo
ple of Hickory for their kimlne and urging
upon rnniiay wnooi woraer ine nrti m
personal worfc, ami ine iniponnceoi n jnnpi
the school In session ine enrire year.
The President condmied the devotional ex
ercises of the closing cion, Salurduy aHer-
The following were elected officers:
President, A. If. Kosenkran.
Vice President,.!. M. Johnson.
rVcretarv. Carrie Ierr.
Treasurer, Augusta Buoy.
Amid intense excitement Omnt school house,
Elk enmity, wa seleetel a the plaee of next
meeting, rw-eiing 1M vote to 17 for Webb,
and 1 for Mill Hun. The Treasurer n-jsirted
a blnee on hand of over f.
( losing woid. were krn hv J. M. En
glish, A. IL Kownkmn and Ifev. W. H.
Conventi'm edimired to meet an the third
Fridav of February.
The fin Musea of the aieeling reflert
great eretlit oa thoe wha peepwred the pro
gramme, and those who worked ia the Coa-
A. n iv.
j. a a
' It. M. McKnally, Agent of the .Mutual
Benefit Lite Insurance t'oiuiiuuy, reHptTtfully
ntairata those coutempbitiuii insurujiee oil
their .ive UmwII or write for circular giving
lull iwrticulurs iu regard to the Company he
reprcjteut. Thentiordol the Mutual Beiielit,
for aire, furstuhility,forecurity,lor economy,
for euuity, for lurtte dividends, for mutuulily,
tor popularity and for ftuceemtul niuuuge
meut, will Is-ar fuvoruhle Comparison with
any other Life ('oniony In America. Atten
tion is directed to advertisement in another
column. H. M. aIi Kkam v,
( 'It urjtt Ut Pa.
Ofllee one door west of Fleck's store.
The Ten Commandments of the Hem Testa-
msnf. Rev. H. B. Crittenden, sends us the
following contribution for Bunduy Hchool
workers :
Mil. Kni ruK: Over .VMMKIHnnduv G houls
in our own country alone have Imi'U studyiiiK
the Ten Coiniiiiintlmciit the pust and next
HnhlHiths. I send you herewith the proof
text Rliowinir Hint Itiese comimuiiliiients are
given not only repcutedly in the Old Testa
ment, hut also siiimtanttiiiiy in tne teacliitiir
of Christ in the U('L 1 am not aware thut
thce (nmhiikus, ns 1 have arranKtil them, are
to rV found anywhere ele. All teacher can
make pniti table use of them.
irirf Ami Jesus answered him : 1 hut urn
of all the coiumundnients is, Hear, O Israel ;
I he Lord our tftl is one Lord. Mar PJ-m
,Srrom For they themselves show of us
what manner of entering we hud unto you
und how yon returned to (iod from idols to
serve the living and true Ood, 1 Them 1:H.
rsirrf But I guy unto you, Hweur not at
all. Mutt. b.M.
Fourth And he nutd unto them. The Sul-
huth wu made for mun and not man fur the
Huhhath. Mark :S7.
Fifth Honor Uiy fattier and thy mother.
Mutt HUH.
Sijrth Thou shalt do no murder. Matt.
Srpenlh- Thou shnttnot commit ailultcry.
att. HhlH.
Fiyhth Thou shol not stcol. Matt. lfl:lH.
AisM Thou shult not bear false witness.
linlh And he uid unto them, Tnke heed
and beware of eovetonstitm Luke 12:15.
1!. B. C.
The Tyrone Herald, of the a."ith inst.. cives
an instuiMteof Npcctilutive Life Insurance, und
coiumetiui on it as follows : "We hud thought,
us intimated elsewhere, that the bone-yard
shurks were alsiut giviiiK Tymne the cold
shfiulder, hut we were mistukeu a iVw, if not
mon so. An insurance raid was made on the
tow n yesterday, for a purpose that will herein
aptcur. Muux Kuutliuun, who is lingering
on the very edire of the grave, was recently
insured forSHsMKHi. Yestenlavit wasiiuictlv
iutimnted hy some one in the interest of tlte
grave-yard agents, that Manx wusaliout ready
to so, when a crowd of Huntingdon comity
agents apiieurrd on the scene, and alter eon
sultntion, it was decided that he couldn't die
easy unless a few more policies were issued.
These paKTs are culled 'death policies,' and
there is no word fool i 11 ir about it. They are
just what thev claim to he. When a subject
is in the art of dvinc, his triemla,' the death
hawks. iMunce upon him like huzjEunls uKn
mitriit carca, and fasten mm witn tne
irraiinliiiK inins of their insurance machinery.
Kaultmun wus tUwl over again, miti near as
we can OHcertain, is now insured tor almut
f'JtMMHK). The outcome of all this will he. old
Manx will die one nf these days, and hi
ehnritnlite 'friends,' the ghoulish polii-y hnhl-
ers, will come in for the spoils, suv ",ti,issi.
This may or may not he a legitimate business.
At anv rate these tellows follow it up with
impunity. Homebody ought to apply the
legal nipnere to these death-speculators, ana
if it is all right, let them gosh end. Iet them
enjoy their constitutional rights. There are.
no doubt, cases where these men. or some of
their gong, help their subject out of the way,
A good plan, and a iust one, to settle the ac
count with them, would be togetthetn heav
ily uiHii red through their own agencies, and
then hung them.
Ckmar BAPUN4, Iow a, Aug. ltli. IMi.
Euitiir Bkpi'Hi.ican : When on the litth
if Murch, lt, I iHulcacarelcssgiMKl-hyetoa
lew fat ni7 friends anmud home, and started
for the Northwestern College, I exmrtcil to
return the following June. More tlutupyear
has pussed since then, during which tune 1
have lieeu carried, still further away from the
picturesnno sccnerv of the AUeghemes.
Our school, lie lug located so near the
metropolis of the grent West, enjoy the
advantage of bringing its at 11 dent in practi
cal contact with the true spirit of the Ameri
can age. On the meridian we can sntely
occupy neutral ground, and fucing the nort h,
cun listen to the politiwl sentiment of the
hustern manufacturer with the right ear,
while the lea receives the earnest appeals of
the westem producer, demanding legislation
in his favor. Thus the un binned mind can
weigh the churns of euch with impartial
view, and gazttig across the clear hikes, enn
take a look into the political affairs of foreign
The British Provenocs too feel an interest,
in Aiuericuu enterprise. They aim have their
share ot sons lone 01 whom, Mr. in. u. rrv,
tnim Bright, Out, i my College chum) in
our educational hulls.
Our Knninier vacations are eleven weeks
long, which time I spent last year in the
interior of the Plate of Illinois. 1 traveled
over a largo portion of the Htate, visiting
many place of interest. Among them was
Peoria, noted tor her ilntiiiene. inmcitv
consumes thirty-five thousand hunhels of
corn daily, nnd Is said to lie only second in
the Vnion in her revenue contribution- I
visited the "County house," aiiont eight miles
from the city. It is a building of targe
dimension, surrounded by 2.ri0 acre of hind,
which is being tilled by the Inmate (then
UHi in numMr,l under the dimiion of a
HniHTvisor. I was ofticiailv informed thnt
the average annual cost to the county for its
jumpers. alVr the proceeds of the farm were
deilucted, was less than per individual.
1 need not tell yon of the immense corn
field some of them containing more than a
hundred acres) now Been on the old battle
ground of the Black Hawk wur. Many are
tilled by the old veterans of thut war, while
occasionally you find a hoary bend who
Mounts of lieing a hero under lieneru! rk-ott in
Being employed by the Westem Publish
ing Company, I urn sent from place to place,
anil thus I meet an endless variety 01 men
from foreign us well as our own shore. None
are more interesting, perhttii, thnn the emi
grants from the old Keystone Htute, many of
whom 1 have met, ami a lew 01 wiiotu 1 Knew
a doen vears ago. This elans will take solid
comfort in detaining yon with questions per
taining to their native home, until nothing
but a Plain statement will rem 1 ml them 01
the tact thut the hour hand of the dial is
lingering on the verge of the mid-night
Hince the lutter imrt of June lust I have
been in Iowa, On my way here I visited
some ot (he principal cities 011 the Mississippi,
taking ad win t age of ateumlioat possuge on
ihe bosom of that clear stream. This river
is noted for its pure, clear water. At thnt
time, however, the stream was turbid. Its
Uinks were overflowing w ith the largest rlissl
known lor eighteen years. Among the point
of interest were theliovernnient buildings on
the island in the river lietween Iavenporl
und Bock Island, the fNhcrie and lumbering
mnnuluetorie. I hud seen a mini tier of saw-
ills in Illinois for manufacturing ouk lum
lier; but in Masculine, Iowa, I saw the first
pine logs. CliuUm, however, takes the lead
with her mills lemi John HuBoi, with his
mills, unite in the siiutie in point 01 cnpnciiy
only. The machinery being quite similar,!
bnt (II I can indgei not as systematically
arranged ns Mr. Oulbiis'. Their logs ore
brought down the Mississippi in large fleet
hv the aid nf stcamliuats and their lumlier is
hipped chiefly west much of it into the
Bocky mountain.
My trip to the interior of Iowa ha lieen
full of interest. The puUicroad hern, a in
most nf the western rjlote. run mnillel and
at right angle. The wild prairie of the
north are gradually being turned into large
and productive w heat-nelus, sitrronnued hy
bruntilul hedge fences, wnue nrounu ine
dwelling are seen growing tine groves of
tree, quite 111, giving shelter from the
storm, to which this country is subject. All
thene things improve the ppemnce of the
landwtttie. Thecom-lielt stretche acmsstlie
centre of the Mat, while the south is rich in
coal-beds. Ihe coal-bed of Illinois ami
!ma are mnch more extensive than those of
Pennsylvania; but the quality not a good.
It doe very well for fuel but contain ton
much sulphur for smelting process'. I have
seen large pile of the slock at the mine
ignite hv simultaneous ntmbustion and smoul
der away, leaving it a pile of ashea.
To those young men w ho are investing their
money in the norren hillside of the A lle
ghenie, collecting some day, among those
st umn and rocks, in nmt a insuihui larra aim
a quiet home, I would simply my, that only
a far west the western imrt of the Ntnie of
Iowa they can hny Innd quite as eheaii
with le work will mnkethem wealthy, w hen
the hrennipold men, while thecanty income
amf hardship connected with the cultivation
of a hack-hone from the Alleghenien (wilh
half the fields standing on end ) will alwav
cireumsiTilie their means, and alter-h re will
And them in a farm, crooked a the ramUw,
nnlv not svmmetrieal. It is my opinion that
uny person with limited mean can do lie Iter
west than in eastern Hiatc. The original
settler here are beginning to recogniw that
fact and encourage their son to punhslill
further westward.
Not wishing to tax any more of your time
and patience tor the present, I am respectfully
, . ((. W. Wkavkk, 1
Udiw arc Innled to go and m Uie avw
Kooda ai Flack'.
Clearlield Coal Trade. Htatemeut of Coal
and other freights aunt over the Tyrone A
Clearfield IHvision, Pennsylvania Builroud,
for tho weekending Angust 'JO, 11, and the
same time lust year
bo A It.
fur tasrak H.H
Sam tin laat yar H.M
Previously durlav yar .
8ma tina last yar. ...
lao reaat H..
TntaJ to 1BHI
Sstaa lime Ual ytar H
Inoras .
17 ears
... 134 "
Uisollaoua fralgbta..
A Good Boy. W. C. Kothrock, uf Benner
Uiwnship, Centre county, was the aucowwl'ul
competitor for tho free Bchu'arHhip in the
Pennsylvania Kntte College, to which this
Senatorial district was entit'od. The, ex
amination took p'ueoat BeHefoiite on the HUh
inst, according to tho pub'ished announce
ment of rVnator A'exuudcr. There was no
applicant from C'earfle'd or C in ton. There
were on'y two Kothrock nnd A. B. Lucas,
both of Centre county .
Mosey is being raised by suliscription to
permanent 'y wharf up aud tlx the mim-rul
spring on the river aide, near the foot of Mar
ket nt net. Any person wishing tocontribute
to this enterprise can report to C. L. Barrett,
who is Huiierinteuding the work.
Thomas A. Fleck new stock of goods has
arrived, and is now being opened out for mb
11c insiectiou. Call and m the new styles
iu colors and haic in millinery goods, und
ladies' dree goods.
mj mm m
New and seasonable goods, nnd Ihe leading
atyhvsat Fleck's, Market street, Clearfield.
Flock bought fifteen rolls of Ingrain carpets.
He will also keep a full line of Bruclficaritit.
Everyliody is talking alxmt Fleck's new
"AH ftignsfiill in dry weather."
It is the 'ant duy of Hummer.
Bl RKKT McCU'RB. At tbe parsoaaiTa of
flraca M. E. church, Willlatofport, AoKuct Utb,
lSSl,by Rot. B. C. Canaer, II. II. Bi mkt and
Mvstlr Mat Chub, both of CureeoavUls,
Clcarfteld county, P.
aooaga io Lamhr Cliv, on Tbarmlty, August
I sib. 1HM. bv Ksv. I. EJwstds. Mr. IUkrv
11 as and Miss Khka Thosi-nos, both of Lswrtne
BIDDI.K M08S0P Io Philadalpsi. oa Frl
dT. AonuitlCib. Bv. A. V. C. cichflDck,
Mr. Cssauix h. Bidbi.b oq) Miaa Blas-ub
Mot nor, bith ot Oletrflald, Pa.
CKACKEN. In Bceaari tnwbabip. oa
Monday, August 1Mb, lfiHl, Jon J. M-C.rkax,
agd 72 jaara, tf naoatba and 24 ij.
1'RALThKR At bla iablanc In Curwenc
villa, od Thomdsy a veiling, Auguat jtb, itnl.
A. J. Iallmkh, asjod ii ytra, 4 months and U
NEWC'iMKK. At tlreenwood tuwn-
abio. 00 Thur'dy. Auauat 4b. Hsl, Mrs. Mast
Niwcomsn, if of J. P. 2t0wooar, a Red !9
years, s atoolua aod 25 days.
KVI.KR -In Illinois, on Tuaadsy, August ICtb.
1(1)1, Mra. Llizaibi hVLSH, widow of Anr
ham Kyltr, formerly of Bradford towoiblp, Ckr
field oouaty, 1'., cd hi years, 6 months and 7
The deceased waa bora la I'nio aounty, this
State, and mored to Clearfield eottaty with tba
family in tbe year 1816, aod some year ago re
mot fd to Illinois, Flit waa sitter of John Sliiea
who was Sheriff of thi eaniy soma thirty jf-ars
ko. KaAuruan.
On Ui'siiaan Psa Caw. DiacoiiNT oa Otn
Pairas. Sawiog Macbioes en now be prehsed
at Mrrel a tin and rarietv etore, from No up-
warda. All kinds of aewlnr auohinea repaired
oa the aborteu ootlee
Clearfteld, Pa., iuly 18, U77.
Wastbh. Dellrerad at tbe Rail Kosd.
10titA(lO 2fi.incb absved ablnclet,
110,0(10 24-lnoh sawed shmlM.
100,000 feet of pin boards.
600,0)10 14-fet ah nod boopa.
5,0H0 rllrod tie.
60,000 feet of good hemlock board.
for which I will pay tb hi ft beat mar set prio.
delivered t Olurfirld, or at ny point oa tb
iyrone a uiearbsia Hsiimao.
Otarflold, Pa., Oet. 16, lS7fl-tf.
Just ll??elvi?cl.
Juat liociveJ by AH N OLD. t
Car Load 2sova Scotia Plabtur!
Car Load puro Corn, Hyo and OnU
Cur IiOau JJcnken hull!
Car Load of Cliuico Family Flour!
Car Load Dry Goodo, Grocorioa.&c!
HShintrlt'S, Bark. It. K. Tics and
Grnio will bo taken In exchange.
Curwenavillo, May I, 18(8.
PatlADRLFHiA, Aug. 2U. Flour la held Arm,
bat wheat and oorn are lea actir and lower.
Cottun ia strung. hla t 12o for miadling up
laods. Bark Nothing doing to til prieea. Seeds
Clover ia Juhning at fiot ll. r iI old at
Sl.SMa I.HJ4. Hoar and Meal Flou ia In mod
erate request and Armor. Hales of 1 ,710 barrel a,
inelndmg low super t H.3.i j Mlnneacia eitraa
at Ifl.bOmjA a& for olear, nnd t t:M('ul.2b tor
straight ; Penoiylvani eitra family al $67A'i. 7;
western do. do. at ? .00(',7 M ; aod patent a at
tT.ibfh.lS. K ye floor ia arm al f .A0(a 6.00
pet barrel.
Ntw Yo( Aug. Flour ia shade slronirer,
oleaiBg Irn. Hre dmr la Hon at IA lOt.i.rt IS.
Cora mralsteart? and quiet; yellow weter,a.T6
(a,X0; Hru.wlne. :i 7.''';i.W0. Wheat opened
al tfojj higher and eloeed at tb nWaoc ;
scarcely any export demand and moderate specu
late busineiai aniraded spring, II. 27 ft I 'M ;
Nn. t Chicago, nominal, $1 8"ffc I. UK t uniiraded, j
winter red, I lard.i.s. ny vim na quiet,
quoted at $1 .OAft 1.10 ; state, 1.07. Barley mm
inal. Dailey malt quirt and steady t market
i(ihi lower, eiloslng quiet and wen, t'ornl'n
graded, nr-Ci'lic f fto 8. ftfil't ftKo; iteaiarr, TU
(rt.774 : No. 2, while, 7fl yellow, 7e i 1
,. ij
August. 71oi Beptemher, 7ll('t71ic, nlosing t
7lio: Oetoher. 7:tgfu. 7 j ; rlnting at 7"M ( ?o
amber, 7ifvfl closing at 7(((ii7;c. Outs
Vo lo higher and lesa active i wLtie, 44i(4iio ;
No. 1, 424fit::e; do. white, 4i(it; No. J,
4Hej do. white, flOe ( miied wentern, 4l(fi 4Hc;
white do., 44f 4e i white state, 4f tte; No. 3
Bepteinber, 4'ijroi4So October, 44444) do.
Nuvember. 4Afu4A.
Cbicago, Aug. 99. September. Wheat, $1 .J.
Cora, Ao. Oats, lo. Fork, llA.HO. Lard,
Oil Quotations !
i.Hhrirnllnf, ittfnrd k .Hinfrn'
riui.ipsitriifj, ricsN A.
Vi'9 qaot. our oraodi of Petroleum aod olhar oil.
(..hfrrl M mark d.lWared fre.
oa hoard oar, at any nation on
th. Tyrone A Clearfield
HeflBedOII, lit f.l. 1
At lowaat
Pnaaawhtta, l "
Water Whlllt. " ....
Elaine, "
na to
ReDiloa, TttlraTlty per fa)..
N.ptaa, "4 " " ..
tle..,lina, fill " " " ..
Miner.' Lamp, MO t " " ..
Car Aila Oil, (W. Va.) Katra. " .,
" W.Va.Md m. ..
iW.Va.Buaim'r ..
Nattiral Lubrloallng ' ..
Kranklia " Kttra. , " ..
" 11 Sumracr. " ..
Rlatk Diaaioad " " ..
Umt Rnalne - M ..
lloldea ' " ..
Amber " " "
X.. "
No. I ..
MatrhleM Cjllnd.r (HI. " " ..
No. I - ' .. "..
Wool (111, No. 1 ' .,
LardOiliexiraiWinururaia'd" "-
"No. ".,
No. I ' .
aVIInae Kniin., No. I " " .
- ' No. I .
' N. I... - " " .
.22 j
.2 l
Mlaere' Yellow. ter aallua...
White I At lowaet mar.
LIMel, No. I " I aat rate. nh
AmerW-an M out rrf. t. r
TarpoTitlaa, u.l " ..
tmtei mli foinpttition.
ay 4, ll-ly.
Qtiv dvcrtlsr mt nt.
feT Bn,"fc Psmplea wortb
Address Srisw a Co.,
Portland, Maine.
rNAIITItlX.-W. D- Woodwerl. Jr., la
j nouoaod Io H. i. Dun Co.'a "Wemntila
fteiiorlsr"aa fit. Th people ar berehy no
uflcd that be ia not aguui lor m. onif a oa
ir.otor. JOSKfH WlbBLLM.
hi. Mary'a, 1'., August 31, Mh1-3(.
rEAVt:H, I hereby fire node that I am
) T prepared to weare all klnde of oerpei to
order, at my place of mldenoe ia Paradise, Law
rence township.
Cll (In Paradise) or addrera
C'Uarliald, 1'a.
Aug. 10, I bSl-4L
IMX I TOIfit NOTICi;.-N(.Uoalt bere
J by gtvra thai Lett era Traotnieutary on th
atat of Et.bANOK WRIULKY, (relict of J. K
Wrigley) lal of Clearfield bu rough, I' , dee'd,
hm ing bn duly granted to Ihe uoierelt:ned, all
Perseus indebfd to said estate will pleae make
imuiedlst msytueac, and those luring elnlui or
demands against tb se will present ibem
pruierlr ambeatiratml for settlement.
' Crw!DitIlle, P., Aug. in, 18.H.(lt.
F.M. CAED0N& ER0.,
Ob Hon4 Bt, aarth of tb MsDiioa Uonue,
iar arrofmata ar cf the most eompltite
ebftraoUr lor rurni.hlng tb public with Fresh
MesUof all kind, nd of tb vory beat quality.
We aieo deal ia all kiada of AgriflolUral Imple
ment a, which we keep on ihibition for tb bn
nt of tb public. Call around whoa la twa,
and lake a look at things, or ddres aa
ClearllsJd, Pa., July U, l&7ft-tf.
The undersigned has eouie to th eooclutlon to
quit farming and follow bis onctiatinn, a ear
penter, and nnw (Tera fr sale hi farm, situate
one and bslf miles norlh of Clearfield borough,
Most of which la cleared and usder good null if
tion. and having thereon a g("l
Lante fraoje barn, and other oecarr outbuild-
inm. tost'ther with an orchard of all kind of
Iruil, ud an evnelieut aprinff of water. The
whole ia t N D K It LA I i WITH (JOOD COAL.
This properly will beeichangcd for smaller prop
erty, or old on eiy tonne ia payments For
fun her particular call wn (he pre in lies or address.
JOHN C. KEKD.eirerneld, Pa.
March ltb, Ififfl-tf.
Jffolm Vanamake r'i (CJothiuj 3vWrmfnt.
Th Best
.Iet loiey.
AAanamaker & Rhown,
S. E. Corner Sixth and Market Streets,
The Largest Clothing House in America.
flrw jadwtlscnunt.
Toil W OH K All kind, of lob work Metol.d
Id th. b..t muiD.r .t tbil offip..
ft ft mt n yu' ow1 town. Tcnoi and 15
V u v 01
oatflt, frM.
Addr... It. RALLrrr k Co..
Portland. MiB.
SlltlKMAKINO. I hereby infnrm my pa
trons, and mankind in general, that I have
removed my ahoemalting shop to the room in
Orabam's row, over ti. I. Snyder's jewelry store,
and that I am prepared to do all kinda of work
In my Hne cheaper (ban any other shop in town.
All work warranted " good c can he done any.
where elf Poaitlvcly this fs the rheapett shop
Io Cleartield. JOS. 11. DKKRl.N'tj.
Deo. 11, li7-tf.
wniliRAS, HUB. V. A. in n i bit, r re Slue til
Judge of th Conrt of Common Flea of
the Twenty-fifth Judicial District, composed of
the countlea of Clearfield, Centre and Clinton
nd Hon. Aart (tort and Hon. Vickt 1).
Uoi.T, Associate Judgea of Clearfield ounty
bve issued their precept, to me directed, for the
holding of Conrt of Common Pleaa, Urphana'
Court, Court of Quarter tieiaioni, Court of Oyer
and Terminer, and Conrt of General Jail Deitr the Court llousekt Clearfield, in nd for tbe
county ol Clearfield, oowmenclng on the Kourtll
Monday of Weptrinber, cimh day) A l.
IKpl. and to continue lor two weeks.
NOT ICR IK, therefore, hereby give to th
Curnner, Justice ottbe Pce, and Constables,
a and for said eounty of Clearfield, to appear la
their proper persona, with their Records, Holla,
Inquisitions, Btaminattons, nd other Remem
brances, to do those things which to thelrofficee.
and in their behalf, per into to be done.
liy an Act of Assembly, parsed the Bth day of
Mar, A. U. IfM, it ia mad tbe duty of the Jus
tlrfti of tbe I'eaeo of the atveral counties of this
Commonwealth, to return to the Clerk of the
Court of Quarter SeiMlone of tb reapectiv
eountbe, all the reoognitance entered intu before
the in by any percoa or persona tharged with the
eotnmiseien of any crime, except such eaea aa
may be ended before a Jumb-e uf th I' are, un
der existing lawe, at laaat tea daya before th
eonimrneeaicnt of th aemlon of th Court to
which ibey are made raturntilercspectlrely,nd
in all eaes where tiy reegniianeea ar enured
into lett than Un daya before tbe oommencement
of the tension to which they r wad returna
ble, th eaid Justice are to return th sain in
the same manner e if aaid act hd Dot boea
OIVRN indar my bend at ClcrAld, this 3d
day of August, in tlx year of our Lord, one
thousand tight hnndred nd,elshtyone.
Teachers' Examinations.
riHK public Kxaralnationa for tbe present
JL sehuol year will M ni at ice loiiowing
ttuioa and placoa
Fur Dogfa township and Watlatton borough,
at U allaoeton, Tueeday, August 2. Id.
For Morris, at Kylertown. Wedoeodriy, August
2 It h.
For Oraham, at Palestine, Thursday, August
or Kartbaus and Ctntral Pollt,
Friday, August
For Ulrard, at Cor-grt-s Bill, batarday, August
For Decatar aod 0PKla, at Osceola, Tuesday,
Anguat Hutb.
For Woodward and Hontsdale, t lloutidale,
Anguai Jtlst.
Foraolieji,at Raraey.ThursJay.Heptemher lit.
For Bacriria, at I tahTille, Friday, Sept. 21.
For Knot, at New Millport, Tnesday, Pep tem
per oik.
For Jnrdiin, at ADsnnrille, Wtdnoetlav, Rep (em.
ber 7th.
F Cheat at M'-rherrfn, T!inid-T, Septem
ber Sth.
For I'urnslje, Nrwhurg, end New Waihlngtoa
bArougbs, and ilurnside township, at Nn-w U h- i
Ingto. Friday, Pepteoifcer 9tb. Bell township, at Campbell' church, Tuii
dy, Heptembr I.Hih.
F' r Ureenwed township, it Bowtr, We Inn-
day, 8epiembr 14th. )
For Lumrier City borough and FergttRu ttiwiv j
Bp, at Lamber LHy, 1 hurday, hepn-wuer i.ul
for t men aad I bio tndepuodeat. at Hoekten,
Mnndar. tSenieinher IVth.
Pr llrady, at l.atheraburg, Tueeday, 6pteoi-1
ber Slth.
For Pn nd niaora, at l'ennrllie, We Ine Jay,
fteptemher flat,
'I he public examinations are Intended to rea"b
all wh eipeel M teach In th fount? i ken
there will be n apeet! iataiaatloBt held, aad
nnder n elroomtuneea will ertineelee be
d'-rsed er renewed. Applicants moat preaent
ihamaalvea for eiatnlnUon la the district I
wliteh they Intend teaehing. Kdniationai meat
log will be held at ihe ehaof eaoh aamlnailoa,
and i tb erealngs if auitahl arraoiremenla be
mad by teaehera and directors. Me hope to
meet full Hoard a ef Directors and tbe patrons of
tfaoeohools attach appointment. Applile will
pleaee mbuIi "leaober a llao ovi, page aa,
I'twLj for fill Inlormatiun regarding th requirement
yiot proTialnBal oefliGealea. hatpaerlptloaa to Ed-
uliiai a Gurnets at rttuo raie win o uaen oa
day or eiaaiioatloa. The exemteat.r will begia
at V A.M. M. L. MegloWN.
County HnriBioadtit
Clearfleld, Jty lfl'V
Jlcur drrrtbrmruU.
Shingle Bolls & Saw Logs.
OurwenavUla, Jan. 0, TS-tf.
XTOTIC K. Th, uadamlgned. residing la tb
1 villag of Westover, ia Cheat town. hip,
ha made lb nMesiary arrsnKeneota and pro
poses 10 open an KATINU for the
oumodatioo ol tbe publte generally, and I here
by aolicil a liberal share ol the public patronage.
Westover, la , Feb. 9, 1 sol-if.
1 X KCUTORM' Ntn iC Bi Notts Is her
j by given that lifers Teitamaniarv on the
Mite of JAMKM H40KRTY, let of Ileroaria
Utwnihlp, Clearlield ountyt I'aan'a, dnened,
kvlug been duly ra(ad to th undersigned, all
persona indbid to aaid estate will pleie make
immediate pautot, and ibne having claims or
detnanda igainat the same will present them prop
erly authenticated fir aeitlement, wnhnut dulay.
11 out i.l ale, !'., July l Uh, IRHl-ft.
For Salcor Rent I
The aubaoriber proposes to sell or rent a num
ber of larra a located as follows 1 The. first situate
I l)ur aside towaihip. Centre ertunty, containing
154 teres, having thereon eiotd a tram a dwell
ing, frame bam, adjacent (o a church, and kuna
as the James Idulbolland turm.
A 1.60, another firm situate in W rahata town
ship, Cleartield county, containing 117aere, with
ihe neeeisarr improvomenti. This farm is under
laid witu a 0001) VK1N OK COAL.
ALSO, sic other farms io th vicinity of Freneh
Tllle, oontaiaiag reKpectfully 112, IOo,W5, 6i, t6
and 1 aeres. Tbe ftrma all bar bouses aod
barni thereon, good water, bearing orchards on
eame, a well aa torn guod woud land. For
lartber particulars oall la person, or addrena tba
undersigned br letUr. L. M. COL Dill ET.
Jan. IVlb, ISsl-tf. Freechville, ra.
O IX hundred and ninety-two (fll'J; acre of lad,
f3 situate ia Clearfield eounty, Fa., will be sold
in a body, or In three ) eparate parcels, to wit:
Fit hundrod (ii'O) vires well tlmbtred with
oak, pine and heatlock, ami havlug thereon a flrit
olafS water-power mil) with circular aawa.
One hundred and twenty ( 120) acres cleared and
a good atat ot cultivation, and baring thereon
erected latge and fine frame dwellibg honse, two
large frame bares and other neoantary outkuiild
ings, together with large orchard, good water,
Ac, ao.
Seventy seres vies red aud ntider oeltiration,
hut with no huilrlinffi.
I Th laid lindi iltuaLe aithia IK miles of
Clearfield and the 1'ennsylvanla Kaiimad. and are
uclerlaid with hituaunmia coal and fire-clay.
Heon furHelling. Declining health oTowiier.
For lurther parttruIarK, intjuircof Ihe inbsorfber,
J. FltA.NK 8N1)KH. Att'y for Owner.
Clearfield, Fa , June 16th, IttM-tf.
grif 2iavrrtljtm(nts.
There are 10",000 good Brick for sale at th
Marshall llrlrk Wrd, In the upper end f tb
borough of Clearfield. Brick will always be found
on baad to accommodate anv customer who may
oall. J. M MAItSIIALL, Agent.
Clearlield, l'a., Aog. U, IHH-Sm.
rp KNTV HOUSES .ml LOTS Id CleuHald
J. for lal a at maxmahl. prtm twi oa ea.y
term,. Aim, Mr.ral r'AHMS la llradTord anil
De. lSil lf. Clearfield, Pa.
Re-Union of Trade.
Til K andersigncd wishing to Inform the pnl-He
that be opened a
At tbe old stand in Troiitrille, Clear field eounty.
Fa., on tbe 1 sth Inst., with full clock f
dry (;ori)H, c.Hot i;hiic, mtionn,
Il4wta, Hliue, ICtr
In faot e.ery thing tob found in first-da" store,
all of whioh I aiu deirmlned to fell at the to west
each price.
Will find It to their lrntage to do their dealing
with me, aa the highest prices will 1 paid for
Urain, biilftglea, or Produce of any kind. Part
or one-half oaub will be paid. Trading for
Shingles or LuBilier of any kind a specialty. Alto,
agent for
Singer Sewing Machines.
Having made arrangements with Eastern mer
chant to pell gooda furniabed me, therefore call
and ee. aa I will b enabled to sell ehenr than,
th choapeet. W. CA 111,11,1.,
Troatrille, Pa., 9rpt. 24,'Tfr-ly. AgenU
Cheap Cash Store
Clearfleld, Pa.,
Comprising Ires Uoo.Ip af tb very tatart tle,
ooniiiiiig ia pari t ua id meres, Mennfcetter
Faaciea, Alpaoaa, nd all manner of
Fancy Dress Goods,
Such aa Crctona, Wobir Larters, Plaids, I)res
Uinghams, reaa Fnnciea of (he very latent
style, and as cheap ae they ear, be sold
In this market.
Consisting nf OI'i Or Otat. Ladlei and
j Mwea. Ha of all shades, Kilk fringes,
. iWcea, aney ifra Uullona. l.adtea'
" Tiaof 11 aha lesand styles, Cud
end C tiara, Hibhom f all kinds and
qqali'tet. Merino Underwear, Trimmings, etc.
Queonswaro, Hardwaro, Tinware,
CnrpetN, Ollt'lollm,
Waltk will aa aa!4 aikaWaala ar raUM. 1J uka
, Country Produce
In Biafunf (or Cocla al Maikal Prlraa,
. J. BOFFf R.
VttarfcM, Vat. 1H, lew, tf.
Prices of Shingles.
CorwensvllI. J. 9, '71 tf.
I1AHM I. A MIS fOH HAI K. In lla.toa
and PintowBahlps,ClrAeldounty.
heaonable time flren for part of purcbaee 3
money. Prloaa $.((! to l.0 per r.
i in era's rarfej. L. BlltD, Agent,
Penflold, Pa.
erW'i.i.acit Krinr,
dvpL 10, lhIV-tf. Clearfleld, P,
I IjVJlXllflx matioa abuut thex Sutea
read the savannah )litia Nawi. WiRLr
miuaioth 0 pae sheet i 1 a yer taily lll a
year. Hit beat papers la tb oWh. Kauiple
e-'pis It oeats. Add reef.
J. II. I Mil l Kavanaah, Oa.
& 17 II 31
1)1 III IC NOIIt a berby revok
and aonul any and all auihorilj ef what.
aerr kind aad nature, at any lima hrtnfor
given to Joarph R. Ames, to dj or transact any
buiinest lor me or In my name, aad especially
written agreement datd on or about Joly 4th,
M7( aod 1 do here I y want all peraons against
doing bustneas wilh bin for me or aa my aooount,
I will not ratify or eontrm the am.
B. R. R0HK.
Newburg, (Hurd P. 0.) Aug. K, 1PHI-.M.
T Y irtoe of an order ef th Orphans' Court ef
1 Clearfield oounty, mad May Wth,
itiere will be exposed A public rait at tb COI RT
HOI SK, la Clearfleld, on
Wednesday, August 31st, 1881,
At I o'clock P. M., certain traet of land, lal the
property of WILLIAM GRAHAM, deceased,
situate in
Clearfleld oounty, Pa., bounded aa follows, vlij
On tbe north and west by lands of Joeenb Win
nary; south by lands of Aleiander Llviogeton i
and oo th east by Ian is of John and William
Livingston, containing
115 ACHES, 115
Ha ring aboot It) acres el eared and under guod
atat ot cultivation. A gitod orchard of about 140
trees of cboiee fruit. The improve men ta ooeslst of
three sals of buildings, one a large frame dwelling
h-u 2'jxXb feet, with large bank bam. and the
other two, good small house, with stab leu to each.
Tho eutire tract Is underlaid with good eoaL
Tbe grata la the ground is reserved,
TiVM.n.S or S.tLBlt
One. third eah oa eonlrmatio f aale, one.
third ia one year, and one-third to two year.
Defeired payments to lie with interest, and secured
hy bond aud mortgage on th premues.
JOUN WOOLRIDOB, Adntnistrator.
Urahamtna, Aug. Hi, 1B8U4U
John Irvin & Bros,
All Kinds of Merchandise,
-fllCH AS
Dry Goods, Groceries, Etc.
Mtrtni; TUiisEit,
Tlio Only Maimfactiirorn In C'lorfli lil
County of the
riorn, t nor .iato fkeii
.himi o.i' n.i.rui
nCnsh paid for all kinds of
Grain Wheat, Rye, Oats, Etc.
Carwenarilla. P... Jane I, ISfcO-lf.
.1DJOI ..'
Desirable Real Estate !
E3tato of lUchwd ShA7, Sr Deo'd.
THK andrrltiir, FieatAr. ef tli. aitata of
KICHAKU BlIAtT, Br., drxeewd, will afar
at public nlaet Ike COI KT IIUllSH. in th. bor
ough of Clearfleld, Pa., oa
Thursday, Sept. Int. 1881,
AT 1:30 O'CKIt'K P. M.,
The following valuable real att, rli t
Tb three-it lory BRICK HOTE1. proparty,
oorner tit Market aod First atrotti, ia tha bor
ough of Clearfleld, known as
'The Shaw House.'
Fronting with two W of groan d thereti belonging
loiifeet on Mark itrMt, and Vo
j I If dwelling bouse attaehed. The bo.
I ' tW tal nrannr has alvt hrf.mnini nrl
all oonresteooca for a flrst-elaaa
hotel. On of the nostdrsirabl hotel propertiea
in Central Peansylrania.
The arwre win oia together with a two
story frame dwelling bouse on Market street, ad-
jaceut to the Hotel, aod on other frame dwelling
house and a two-story store building, all fronting
oa Market street.
ALSO. All that rwrtata tot, kaowa ta th
nlab ol Cleartield borough Lot No lfl, . .
fronting Ml feet oo Lucuat vtreet, rnn- f"
ning back 172 feet, iorr or less, t an alley
with dwelling bona dlleaaary oat-
buildiDga thereon trctd,ndoihi iatprortneU.
TtH.n Of 81 LE!
One-third sh at delivery of good deed, and
tbe balanoe to be secured by bond and aaortcace.
payable in one and two year, with interest
A. U, BlIAw,
BurviTing Ki'ra of Richard Shaw, fir., deo'd.
Clearfteld, f'., Jan I, USUte.
New Goods,
Come to French vile !
JIIAVE juat received the Urgent'
atook of gooda erer brought to
tlil acetlon oi tho connty, which 1
will atoll forcnah or produce as chenn
aa they ran be bought elsewhere My
itock oonsiite of
Dry goodS,
Groceries, Bnols'SSliocs,
e"Nail a Specialty.-
f;iily Made Clothing.
A full stock of FISH. Salt In lf.ra
or small sacks, or by Hit barrel,
siono or clay. UKR.NflWARK, til
styles and quality. In short, I bar
evoryihing needed by the farmer, the
mechanic, the laborer, or anybody
ols, which I will tell just as cheap as
the (roods can bepnrchisod anywhere
cle. Pleaao call and examine my
goods and price before investing
Ti. M. COUIiftlET
, PrenchTille, Ta., Mar. 2, '81-tf.