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    She Republican.
Gioboi B. Goodlardib, Kditor.
WEDNESDAY M0HN1NU. Al'tltST 31. 18.1.
Reader, If yon went to know what If going od
la tbo bualnoao world, jnot read oer ad.erti.ine;
.olumna, mo Spwai ooloinn In pertteeler.
Let every tremterrnt In Cl.nrtlelct eotuity
we A t oVCKttlnt Lm mine la ou III Hug
loir). .
UnI'Rofmbionai,. Thti editor of the
Chicago Timet ditra one of tbs 1'roni
dontiul doctors in this way :
"Dr. oonilderable .ourl.hiueut ye,
tordey, end eaaiotamod o healthy flow of bnlle
liot throuybeul the Uy. Ho peeeea a aigbt In
tranquil eluuber, and .wekened rerreibod and
' 31n. Burclotto, the invalid wile of
the Ikrliiitfton (lirfcie humorist, bits
fulln heir to $10,000 bequouthed bj
her grundlather, the late Captain Hall,
of Fooria, Illinois. Exchange.. Good
for the Havkeye man and Mrs. Bur.
A Mkitino. We learn that the
State Comniitto on ruled, appointed by
the Pomocrats, will meet tt thu til
rard House, Philadelphia, on the 14th
of Septomber. Tbo Committee con
sists of Dill (Chairman), Wallace,
Eandall, Whitman, Jainea P. Barr,
Hcnsel and Bargcr.
A reunion ot tho "Soldiers' Orphans'
Graduates" was held at llarrisburg on
Wcdnenday of last week. Between
400 and 500 were present. A. S. Grow,
of tho Lock Haven Journal, (himsell
graduato) presided, and addresses
were made by Governor Hoyt and
Kx Govcrnor Curtin, and sovoral other
prominent parlies.
Oi'T With Tuim. It is the opinion
of tho Now York Sun, clearly express
ed, that thero will be no reiorm ; no
reduction of public expenditures; no
examination of the books of the Treas
ury; no exposure of the enormous
plunder during tho last fifteen years;
no overhauling of the contracts and
jobs, and no purification of the official
atmosphere, until tbo Republican par
ty is expelled from power.
IUtiibk Too Decidid. Distance
lends enchantment to the view, and
tbo Presidential olection of last year is
" oo far hack that the Xew York Trib
- une speaks of it as "an overwhelming
defeat" ot the Democratic party. We
advise the Tribune to take -Webster's
Unabridged and its own political alma
nac and see whether last year's victory,
which a matter ot 10,000 votes in Now
York could bavo changed to defeat,
can be properly squeezed nndor the
dictionary definition of "overwhelm
ing." Every llrtnnrralle voter In Clearfield
county ahould hear In mind that THllMa.
JA, M-.PlKtlHKH lath laat day lor
reglalerlufr fur (lie next election.
The PaEHinEnr'sCoMMTioti. Presi
dent (iiirtiold's condition last week
was such as to dispel all hope, but
late on Saturday evening be rallied
and hope of bis lifo being prolonged
was again revived. His case since
maintains favorahlo symptoms, and
tbis(Tucsday) morning's bulletin givos
cheerful nows. His mind Is clear,
and the physicians think there is a
cbanco yet for his recovery. Pulse,
102 ; temperature, 98 ; respiration, 18.
Tn Two paced Party-. The ques
tion of prohibition ol the sale of liquors
in North Carolina wus votod upon last
week. They were heavy anti-prohibition
majorities. The Republicans pro
nounced against prohibition, and tbo
negroes voted solidly on that side. The
Republicans elsewhere preach prohib
itory views for popularity, but hero
tho other was tho popular side, and
where most is to bo gained there will
tbo Kepubliean party bo found. It is
simply another illustration of their In
consistency. 0aul.n Tii.oosam Faon WaiaoToa Laat
Wadoeedoy altorooon, tbo aafailo. Unltoao. made
aarago atleok oo n guard Darned Molltll, who
entered bio eon nod eotnraendod bim to tiro op
n knife is hie nooaopaion. in tba aouSlo, the
fuard'a pletel wool ofT, but ooono waa wuuaded.
od, wllk tbe arrirtao.wj of two other guardi, tho
eeeaetio w.,1 overpowered ead bit weapon eoeured.
Tho knife la whet le termed a ''ohooaor," mode of
tho ataoi fhank of n ibuo, ground down to a Ana
What business bad tho keeper alone
in the eell of tbo assassin T It is pretty
clear that somebody is to bo sbieldod,
and this is one of the introductory
plans looking to the awassination of
tbe assassin (Uuiteau), and thereby
prevent further exposition in this hor-l
rid tragody.
Judicial Vexation. It is stated
that Justice Hunt, of the United Stales
Supreme Court, is said to show no
eigns ofimprovemeut. -IIe ratnnion In
about tbe same condition that he was
aevoral months ago, and will never be
able to rosumo his seat upon tl,0 bench
again. Not having been on tbo boncb
long enongb to entitle hint to be re
tired it is not expocted by his asso-
. ciates that ho will resign until Con-
gross passes a special act to moot his
caaa. With Justice Hunt loo much
disabled to attend to any official work,
and one place on the bench vacant,
tbe court is crippled in Its circuit duty,
and next Winter will put the court
till further behind in deciding pond
ing rase.
WauT is Killing the I'bioihint.
A Washington correspondent ot tbe
Pittsburgh Ditpatch says the solicitude
on the part of the public for the dis
tinguished sufferer at tho While House
baa obscured for the time being tbe
petty bickorings and disgraceful quar
rels of the doctors. 1 shall bo very
much surprised, howovcr, if, when it
is all over and Mr. Garfield is well or
dead, tbe particular of the most dis
gusting modical wranglo on record du
not become public. Human nature
pever appears to worse advantage than
wb u bickoring over corpse, or over
tho perso.i of dying man. In the
exact ratio of tbe publio-eMccra lor
tbe unfortunate object of thoir wrang
ling is tbe public disci'd. Tht tw
duct of th doctori in the cfo of the I
tick President is enough to ma4
a , .
well man tick and make a tick man
every Uemin-rat In ( Irartlrid rounl)
eeet AT ilNIK thai lila nnine lauu the Heir. ;
.1 AA II' rf;j:.
1 h majority of tlio Jiaillcul oinum
aro tilwuya full of political niuain.
Tli'iao ol I'liilmlulpbia art. tiuriii'iilitrly
mimical on "the .loi lino." The Pa
triot Mittr tltu ca.a iu this wi.y :
In di"UH-iiic Mnvor Kintr'ei rebuilt
appointment of oolorott policemen tbojont' M 100 "h"n ,ho f,we-?. wrot0
Keening Bulletin fay" thu grunt nines
of tbo negro population ' are ignorant
and debased," that thoy aro "easily
led by ahy cry" mid "as linpiessiona
utile aa they nr purcbusable." There
is something wron when Kepubliean
liou-MiiHni.rH til Pliilnllrili ih hitirin li
use this nlain Wo. in re.mnf In
C- C "
thoir colored political allies.
Froba -
b!y the negroes are beginning to show
signs of a deposition to break from
the control to which they have sub
jected themselves ever Binco their en-
franchisement. But while holding tbia
opinion of tho jolorcd voter the Bulk
(iit has evidently no objection to see
Virginia and other Stutes of the South
brought under tbo political domination
ot a people whoso muss "aro ignorant
and dubaxed," In A'irginia tho color
ed voters, comprising nino tenths of
the Republicans of tho Stnto, aro tho
party of "tolerance, progress and liber
ality" in the familiar cant of tbo Re
publican organs of the North, but in
Philadelphia tbo mass of the same race
"lie lar down in the scale of human ad
vancemont"and are as "impressionable
as they are purchasable," according to
tlio confession of tho Bulletin. It is
strange that thero should be such a
difference. But it is very plain that
there is a screw loose among the color
ed voters of Philadelphia.
We Second the Motion. Tbe edi
tor of the Clarion Democrat, in allud
ing to the reconstruction of our State
Central Committee, and the adoption
of permanent rules to govern future
conventions, says : Tbe new rules
should make tho manner of choosing
delegates uniform and definite, so as to
avoid the yearly contests. It should
do away with thu Senatorial delegates,
useless, unfair and troublesome in'so
locting and unsatisfactory in action in
the convention. It tho convention is
to be largor, double tho number of del
egates fiotn oaeh county, the num
ber of dologatcs should be changed so
as to proportionately represent tbo
Democratic voters of each county, and
not according to tbe unjust Kepubliean
appointment of the State in Legislative
districts. For instance : Lancaster
county wilh a Democratic vote of 10,
789,and a Kepubliean majority of about
8,5(10, has eight delegates under tbo
present representation, while Borks
county, with a Democratic vote of 16,.
956 and a solid majority of about 7,
500, has only seven delegates. Other
districts are equally disproportionate,)
that the minority districts really con
trol the convention while the others
aro expected to do tho work in the Held.
The Celebrated CAnivr. The Phil
adelphia Times remarks: "Lieutenant
Flipper, tho only colored officer in tho
army who is a West Point graduato,
baa been arrested for embezzlement,
as Acting Commissary at Fort Davis, His arrest and. tho search ot
bis quarters soem to have lurnished
conclusive evidence against him, tnd
at last reports ho was in close confine
ment. Ho baa been very generally
trusted as a man of integrity, as It is
shown by the responsible position he
occupied, but bo has proved that tbe
black man is no more proof against
temptation than the white man that's
all." Wbitlakor, thocarclipper, closes
out the race at West Point. General
Howard, the negro bureau robber, still
has a position in the concern. Flipper
and Whittaker (colord), and Howard
(whito)! What a combination of
rascals I
Wuolesome Tbith. Hon. Thomas
S. Bocock, who presided over tbe Dem
ocratic Stato Convention of Virginia,
said some very good things in his ad
dress in taking the chuir. Among
them was a sontence which is not only
portinent to the subject of repudiation
in Virginia, but applies with equal
force to all other political chicanery:
"In tbe long run great results are not
to bo accomplished by tricks, not by
artifices not by natural alliances
not by corrupt coalitions or other cor
nipt means." When party leaders re
alize tbo full significance of the truth,
and make their actions conform to it,
a big atndo will havo been token on
the high road to roform.
F.very DeaMM-ratle voter In rieerfleld
runny al a boar In mind tuat 1 III H.
on. sKrtKnilb'll h ii me laat day for
rrnjieiennB; tor ine ueii eiertion.
A Uostlt r dnerai.. V e notice
that the Kxecntors of Honry Disslon,
Into of Philadelphia, have filed thoir
account, in tbe Orphans' Court of that
city, which rum up to f 1 ,:ir2 H32 15.
The Executors tile a bill of $1,1:11,6.12.-
4 1, leaving a balance of about f 321 ,000
to be divided among the heirs. Tbrco
items in thir hill nr. uo follow -
Prioe of lot Is Laurel Hill Cemetery...! I.eOK
Coat of Monument .. 26,0:18 7ft
Foneral eipenael ,....H l,!Sl.Vk
Total $SS,ii.70
Jivery "wood mechanio" knows
tbe value of Disston saw, and thoy
will notice that it took g great many
saws to put the manufacturer to rest.
Somebody Mistaken. A Boston tel-
ogram of the 21th says:
In tbe earl en the way Io Portland. General
Hancock wee aaked hla opinion of fleaeral Ar
thur and with mack warmth replied Ibat be waa
n anie, peirione, nigo-mtnare gentleman, and
in tbe eveet of bia being called to Ihe Chirl Meg
ieiracy would dleeberee tbe dative with but oeo
pnrpoee that of neoellieg tke entire eounlrv,
and that tbe people might rely on till Judgment
wilb abeolute eooudeeoo.
That's not tbo ticket Secretary Slier
man and Hayes voted when they kick-
od Arthur out of tho Custom House
for being a scoundrel, or words to that
effort. However, tho Vice President
may bave improved morally aince he
was "boosted" out of tho Custom House
and elected to the office ho now holds.
We hope so.
Mixing the Races. An exchange
aays: Lx-Sonator A. U. Dill and lady,
Kopreeenlativo Charles 8. Wolf and
lady, President Loom is and lady and
Attorney -General Yilon,of Minnesota,
were among tbo guests at a colored
weddidg in Lowisburg.
Captain Cook, the Ohio hero, who
I slapped some other person in the mouth
for expressing Joy at tbo shooting of
tho President, saya that ha will not!
I 11 a I
Ucocpt office ot any kind. The odd
Ipart it Utbst b ia an Ohio man.
.v a m e sex mi ex rs.
li U. MoCulmciiit, Jli , ciiy ni.licitor:
t Hrftilfnrtl, wun u i-ninJiilnlo lor thu
Iioinorriilic nnniiiiullon lor IMetiicl
Ulormy of M'litan cuunly. He was
ili'frRtC'l in the (-(invention lately by
Kdwanl M'Swoeney, of Hmelbport, u
risinx young Inwjer. Instead ol
linK.ilu.jr over his deltat. obari'trtK
fraud in I bo nomination of bis comiiot
nor, nm iiirouicnin in run tmlepund
a loi'K letter to the liriiillorii Era, un
der dale of tbo lTili, wbicli is so ad
mirable in tone and correct in princi
ple that we give a good portion of it
below, and commend It t- the careful
perusal of our Democratic readers:
"Kvtry true Democrel, lot bim bo candidate or
voter, ought to loce tight of hi, pereonel a.plre.
tiana, bia prtferenoei. and Ilia lucal nreiuuice.
M !."-! '''
' "" a"- MTWUBII.P, IB ,D W-OI-
' hr,ns l-dOO'P'e I tbe rimndatiuo stone or all Tree
I r.u-Ef w.uiuiM i u gruunti-wara ui iionriy it"eu.
It It toe ODoomprouiiiiog foe or oorruplioa, ol
lugntry, of proeoriptiim, of oentralltatlon, and of
dreiutt,ai in all it foruia. it oouibati every In
tringemant un the rlghu (-1 men, oeery epecial
lirivilegv to Individual! or combination of indl-
Vluuala, granted or propnai-d to be conferred at
! ,h 'apo'" of the maaaoaiirthe peupi. n.?r.
all lalla-
eiuua theorinaof Uurrrnnieiilal boliov. It Bran.
ploe with error and fal(o precenie wlierevor Ihuy
otirtrunt it onward tnareb in tbe pathway of pu
rification and reform, and It vinlieatrl truib,
risbt, juetioe and equality ageiait all ataailaola.
Though it meet with Irequont reveriei, ia otleo
betrayed in tbe houee of ita friendi. and ie aoma
times overwhelmed by an avalanoha of Ilea and
th e dlveraided and eorrupt opplienoea of the eoe
mloa ol freedom, yet Democracy ia limitleae in
duralioD, aa eternal aa tbe Kouk of Agef, and ll
will live ee long at time ibell lent aed the gU.ri
oua tun ehell continue to light up the baltle-nrtdr
of iti Vutariat. It will never, ueter die.
"In theciiDteft for tbe office of liiitrlet Attor
oey, Mr. Ateewceneyand myielf eaid or did noth
ing to mar tbe frieudibip ibjt eatrled and atlil
aaiila betweeu ua. Neither of ua bave anything
to regret or retract, and. ao tar aa my knowledge
goo. I know ft no riaion why it abould not lie
to w ith all. New lot every ileinooret io Ihe oounty
keep In Blind that hia party ie not orgeniieii to
promote tbe iolereate ol any particular ioividual
or ret of iodividtieli, or qualily personal like or
ditlikei, but to perpetuate a priooiple. And let
every man take courage in the tact Ibat ble eau
reeta upon an iodvalrurtil'le ourner Mtoue, aud
oruehed to earth though it hna been in tbe peal,
and may bain tbe future eonlllat, yet Democracy
will aaver retire from Ihe held of combat ao long
aa it tiudr- iKrlf coulrnnlcd by an enemy of in
sarred principle. Nor will it ever become o
deeply liuried io the Blth end rottenaral of the
eoh iru of uppreinion, but that It will mo again
in iu might aLd lencw tbo flruggle lor buoett
ilorernroeut and iuut righta for the whole peo.
pie with increased earneiioeei and vigor, never
giving up the Sgbt until tbe enemy tball be dia
iudged frm tbe ailedel of power nod Ita own u
pretuaey become accurely OAtabliehed in the flov
erooient of tee country."
Wo commend tho Press for its luto
disposition to expose tbe corruption
which hud so long boen practiced on
the "Hill" at Harrisbnrg. It is a late
day to begin, but beucr now tbuu
never. Tbo J'rem should know, most
probably doos know, that stealing in
that direction has become chronic in
its party. It denounces Huhn and
Dclnney, one tbe House Clerk, the
oilier the hunato Librarian, for nrnsti
tuling their places to promote jobbery,
but it is notorious that Sherlock who
held the position of Chief Clerk ante
cedent to tluhn, eras even worse than
the latter in using bis position to plun
dcr the public Treasury. So brazen did
no become and so notorious Ins no
ti-ayal of trust, that a committee of tlio
House was appointed to investigate
anu expose bis rascality. int party
exigencies would not permit ol it. In
stead ot this Radical commiltco doing
their duly as they were sworn to do,
tbey allowed tho chief witness to be
spirited away most probably sug
gested it and tbo result was tbo com
mittee cither made no report or one
that was so closely guarded that it
never appeared in the public prints.
At tho date of Delaney'n election to
tbe position of Librarian of tbeSenato
there was a contest between Cbilds
who had held theoflleoand TomCoch.
ran for tbe nomination of Clerk of tbo
Senate. Childe was defeated, and
smarting under Ibo blow, which came
from tho Radical Cameron Ring, he
threatened to muko a clean breast of
the villainies, tbe stealings, 1 he cor run
lion that bad been practiced in the
Senato previously. This so excited the
ears ol the King that Ibey had to pro
vide for Sol, and sent him away to
New York to prevent the expoeure.
Sol, wo understand, admits that bis ex
penses were paid to slay awuy, but
feigns ignorance as to who footed the
bill. The I'rest know all this and more,
but it failed to make one sign of disap
proval of such proceedings.- We are
pleased to learn howevor, that its con
science b!is been quickenod at last and
it is disposed to aid in exposing that
sink of corruption which Las so long
existed on the "Hill" at Uarrisburg.
Danville Intelligencer.
Tho Pittsburgh Telegraph contains
the following :
Tbe prominence of Dr. D. W. llliss
in the case of Prositlont Gartield has
called to mind the unenviable notoriety
no guinea come yoars ago In connec
tion wilh Cundurango, a South Amer
ican plant, which was at one time bo
lieved to bo a specific for cancer and
other diaoaoes. In connection with a
Dr. Keone, Bliss about ten years ago
imported a cargo of cundurango, and
prepared from it a paltetit nostrum
which was put on the market and wide
ly advortised as tho '-Fluid F.xtract of
Cundurango." This wonderful com
pound was alleged to be possessed of
virtues little less than magical, in tho
euro of discuses deemed by thu rest ol
the medical fraternity in moot cases
incurable. 1 he bottle which contained
this elixir of lifo contained about ciuh
teen fluid ounces. The list retail price
was t'i. Physicians all over tbo coun
try wore induced by specious adver
tising to procure quantities of this drug
and lost it in their practice Large
quantities ot It woro sold, ot course at
an immense profit to tho proprietors,
and considerable of the stuff found its
way to Pittsburgh. A physician ot
in is city, speaking ol tho bumbuir, said
that "tunduraiigo is not only worth
less for any cnt-alivo purpose, but be
sides, tbo cargo broughi to Ibis country
by Bliss and his partner was damaged
to such an extent that even it it had
possessed any virtues in its sound state
it would not have been worth a haiiheo
as it reached tho trado in the Uniiod
Tho Oil City Ikrrirk Baya : "A lady
who has beon vinitiiiff at President.
informs us concerning one of tho mom
terrible accidents that over came to
our knowledge. Thero residos near
rremuunt a widow who had three
children. A fow dnvs since she watt
preparini(dinnoratid had the yountrent
child with hor in the hourte. The
othor two children wero aent by ber
to buntaomo okk Tlioy were both
young, and going out ot the bouse thev
saw a bollow log in tbe yard. One ol
them put in her little band to aeo if
thero were any eggs, but quickly
pulled it out naying a chicken hud
union nor, me otUor Inserted bit.
band and jerked It out with a stream.
A ratllonnako bad bitten them both.
Tbo screum of thesocond child brouirht
out tbo mot hor, and lifting a kettle of
boiling potatoes Jrom thestove, so they
would not burn, she alurtod out. (She
had just got outside the door when she
was recalled to tbo houso hr tho
ugoniRlng cries of tbo baby, who bad
crawled across the floor ami up not tho
boiling water oror himself. Mio was
almoin ditthoartcned and did not know
what to do. Help noon arrived and
everything that could bo done was
done for the throe littio anflurors, but
nothing did any good- I hey all rap
idly grew worse and within a day all
throe diod and wore buried in tbe same
KrtaVVCe d MV 'eaiiiw n w u IU lIVEy IVOIII.
Cut we assured the above are the
grave, iue name we did not learn,
'Jo Ihf IhM'ier'itw rol'fs of f'lriirnrld
I'ouniy :
In obedience to the rules L!'(vctti:i'i;
the 1'i mix uitii- jmi iy "' t'lcai fit-Id
cuunly nl. 'lie l.'r mary Klwiiiin. the
County 'niiitniMee hereby gives notice
that tiio elei lion for deliuutes, and for
tbo inslqntlion of xu li deleufes. as to
candidates for tiie nuveiul olllt-cs to be
filled at the approaeliin;; Noveinliei
election, w ill tie held al llio Kleelion
lloimu iii'lho oiivcntl borough and
lowiiNbi in said county, on HATCH
OK SKPTKM UK II, A. D. lfiHI, begin
ning hi 1 o'lol lt I'. M . anil continue
open until 7 o'clock I'. M. ol said day.
the election will be held by tho igi
lance (roiemitlee, wbu are ti.e Kleetion
Hoard, tinder our rules, and are enn
stituted lis tnllows: "
B'irDiilde borough Matt. Irvin, David Muhaf
fev. William Metier, Daniel lloover.J. tl. Herd.
Clearlleld borouKb Jnbn llulliben, W. C Car-
Carji-n, (Ic'ireo Weaver, J. r. Howell, H. A. Harr.
Curweneville borough John H. Nnrrli, Apgar
Illoom, Henry heme, Jamee .wclntlre, n. u.
T bnnjDfuD.
Duiloia bnruuKh J. Mtad, Mii-I.ael 8im-
atone, J. A. Tcrpe, Alfred liarrii, Joe. P. Taylor.
Oleu Hope borough C. J. Kegy, Abraham
(iroen, It. A. Wright, Uaurge M. Delia, John
Iloulidale borough Patrick H'lli-ldi, II. II.
Ilarlman, T. J. Price, lleorgo II. Woodie, J. U.
Lumber Ciiy borough leeac Ilelney, J. D
Ilephuin, J. J. riterliug, Jamet 1.. Curry, Iirael
Newbuig buruugh -Jnbn M, Toaer, Jchn Hod
den, John 0. Miller, E. Uildebrand. Uuod Worrell.
New Warhiogton borough William Mebnfley,
M. T. Miiabell, Uenrge llerclay, Adam Ilrelh,
Dr. Anb p. fiennet.
Oet-eula boruug-b J. II. H. Walton, Juhn It.
MoFeddcti, tinny Parka, lleorgo Jonei, J. W,
Wallaoet'to borough M D. Hrldy, Juhn Weat
bronk, Prouk liuitc, tieurgc l.iuigb, Fred Camp
miu. lleooerie faiwnehlii Jnbn II. Pillcn, Herman
Crick. A. J. Pry, pred riholf, W. J. Mr-Coy.
Hell townalitp Jainea Vt.ML-tiee, Prank Ma
haltey, John M. Knee, .Uuiee Campbi-ll, Cbri't.
Bloom townrhlp Sidney Smith, II. II. Ander
son. Calvin iiilger, Jubn P. Mtull, Prank
Hoane lownebip (I, II. Merrilt, Wn. Petrre.
ileorge M. hmeel, eaac Heiili, Thninei Deere.
lli.llord tone. hip til Suult, Kdoerd I. ill,
John II. licirhen, H. H. H'lU-.u, Ch. Hcdiler.
Brarly tuwnehip J. W. Corp, P. N. (loud,
lander, J. 11. Kirk, II. M. ISeylcr, Jcmo Linee.
Uurnr-ide towoebip Jno. Onroiaq.tVileeo King,
Micliacl Vinglieg, Uiiiion Nelf, i'eier Berk.
Cheel townihip Lawrrnee Ki'lian, Jacob A.
Urelb, I). H. MrOully, Jlin Connelly, Oliver
Ciivmglon townetiip L. I-. Flood, K. Mignot,
Frank l.cigey, howland Kennedy, Peter (lerneir.
Decatur township Adein Kepbart, Jerre Ooer,
Pavld lldgbae, Hemuel MrLarc-n, Win. Iteama.
Fergueoo townihip lleorge Miohael. Joeeph
Muore, 0. T. straw, A. Young, Werren Hell.
Ulrard towaihlp-W.H. Uilllland.F. A.Mignot,
Joeepb Moral, U. W. Steever, Jemee r-lewart.
tii-ben towoebip n. M. vtil-on, Thoaipion
Reed, H. O. Shaw, Jemee at. Ilrabam, K. bert K.
tiialiem lownabip John W. Turner, A. C
Pale, lr-a-u U'.tbrock, Jacob Itiucharl, Jerry
tlrernwnod ti'welilp Jamee C'rary, Cbaa. A.
Thorp, Matthew Jubnetnn, A. 11. Newcomer,
J. A. Ilowlee. I
tlulioh towohip D. C. Fljnu. W. II. CaMidyJ
J. K. Devi.-, II. II. Uatouiel, W. D. David.
llueion townefaip II. L. Ucroing, (ieorge W.
Weaver, Troroa 11. lluoy, W. I). Woouwar-J,
J. A. Mdlillir, jr.
Jordan lowo.iiip J. W.Jnhnlon, Jee. Mi-flee
hen. Dr. A. K. Crenwell, Michel tmith, John
kartbeoe tnwnebip Martin Kopp, R. J. Oil
Ulend, I. C. MeCto'kcy, . B. Msinea, Oeirge
Khnx towaehip Eooe llli;im, Itaao Mays,
L 0. Ituh.rje. II. J. Moppy, II. P. U.-nlee.
Lawrence town-hip A. M. Bloom, John W.J
Howe, Aaron (1. Kramer, II. IV. l.lgorn, John A.'
Morni lowi.ihip Peter Moyer, A. C. Polmer,
B. P. Wilbelm, Jamee Jeme HoovLr
Penn tuwnehip D T. Kherp, K. W. Hephorn,
Wm. M. Howlee, Martin M. Klyon, John Peon, j
Pike townehip Samuel Moore, W. A. Porter,!
Jamre C. tllootn, J-ibn llagerly, Hamoel McKen
riek. Handy townibip Amoi Kline. Samuel Pontle
Ihwalle, Juhn P"X. Andrew Liddle, leao Zirt
man. I ninn townriiip Win. Welty, I.. It. Dreler,
Perdinn-id Sejler, L It. tiilneil, It. II. l,ioirde.
oieZkard (ownehip (.'. N. King, John biutnn
dinger, tleorge W. Limlioro, Jauir- t'rtinj.beil,
Samuel T- llrnderoon.
Kvery Democratic elector has the!
right, under our rules, to vole for j
'Two persona for Asioeinte Jtlilgi,
One peieon f ir Treaeurer,
Two perruna for Commirsi-iner,
Too pereone for Auditor.
Ojo pereun for County Corontr.
And fur tho proper number of dele
gates assigned under rule 2d, to each
election district, not less than two in
every case.
in the formation of new township
Or boroughs between gllhtTnutoriul
elections, ttio bounty Uominilteo haa
no power under tho rules to asih
more than two dcleguicsto tho new
diftuiels until a ft or tlio next Govern,
or'n election, when the voto etist hIihII
settle tho qucalioti.
Tho delegates will meet in the Court
room in Clearfield, on TUKSDAY, pre-
ciMely on o'clock P. ?!., and there and
then piocecu to nominitto cnndidutett
tor llie Heveral ofiices above named, und
to select three Senatorial Conferees to
lili-e. 1..i..-....- .!...
ill, ui nnu v univiwn 1 1 1.1111 UIV UIMI III IU
Ol Centre and Clinton, for tho purpose i
of selecting a Senatorial deify a to lo i
the State Convention, and ono person
,, . ,
as UepreHentutlVodoleg.tO tO the same j
Convention, and also to elect a Chair
man and appoint a standing Commit
tee for lyh2, as well ao any other
matters pertaining to our partv inter-
It is tho dewire ol tho County Com.
mittee tbut the member of tbo Vig
ilance Committee, or Klcctioo Hoards,
beat tbo Kloction llounoat tho time
appointed, and bo prompt in tho din-
chargo of tho duties enjoined upon
illank forma will bo forwarded for
the qualification of thno holding tbo
election in accordance with tho recent
Acts of Assembly, approved the 8ih
duy ol Juno and llio U!lih day ol Juno
A. J). 1881, (.See Pamphlet Laws of
tho current year, page 70 and IL'H), to
geiher with other blanks und tkkela
It will bo further observed that by tho
second section in tho latter Act, eioc
lion offlctTK or voters violating any of,
..... . A
tlio ruled of tho Democratic party of
ClrnrfW'ld county, nro nutijcrt to a fino
of $200.
Tiio CiiAirmnn of each Viilanco
CommittPo hat already boen furnifthed
with a copy of tho Acln indicated, att
woll ah inmructionn how to proceed in
tho jitoinincH.
J. T. lU'liciiriKtn,
W.E. Wallace, Socrotarv.
Clearlleld, Pa., Aug. ,'lilth, 1881.
1. Tho orf(anlitlon of tbo Cuunly Com ml I e
hall bo and remain aa no onnrtitutotl that ia.j
ona member fur every hnrnugh and twna)iin and
. IM..:. LI.. ei i.. a . ,r . .
m veiiatriiixn, ouirii ajnuilBII lHl in It 1 1 DO rei'-OieO.
annually by the dakjtatea. and their tern of offiro
ball beg i a at Jaooiry following thalr oloetiba.
or taa palatum aiocuiitrkti ir.
I. Tbo nvnlefr of drlfffatea to which earW dia
trlel la entitled U baaed upon the fulluwing rule,
that la to aay : Knob elertma dlatriej lo tho ooua
ty polllnn nno hundred Domneratlo ratea or lata,
ahull ho ontidad Iu two delecatea abanlotely, and
for aarh additional nntbuodrad Denooratin vntea.
nr fraotinn creator than ono half tharet.f, tird
la aaid dutrlot ot tho laat preQedtng Ooeeronr'i
oltnlloo, aa additional doleicato, and under tbia
rate tho fnl'owiog allotment of deloca'.oa la now
undo for I S I :
Pnmalde boroob....
t Corln(ina
3 Dreatur
t Fo-fiaon ,
S (lirard
S Ore ham
2 (Inahrn
2 4renwHid ..,
1 Outlet.
3 lluaton,.
2 Jnrdan
2 Karthana.M...
2 Knn
Carweo'Vilk ,
(lien H pa
Iloutfdalo ,
l.uuhrr City
Now Weahioft-tun
ttawila ,,
Ueoearia towobip,.
2 Lawrenn.....,
2 Morria
2 Penn.-
I Pike
... 4 Handy
2 1'ninn
2 Woodward....
B ro.l ford...
ToUl ,
.lrctior aan niTtiea or chairman.
k. Tbe deleoele eleelloe. end Coaale r..n..
lion .hall he in.erned and eenileeleil .Irietle n
eeeordaeee nlila the felkiwlnf rale., aed the nf Ike Ceeate Ceajmlltee .hell he
eeeeell, eleeleel b, the t'oeelj aa.
ahall he aa Kie If,. Prealaeal ef all Ceeme
Tta er .Lncnoea.
4. Theeleellei fnr 4eleialea In the
dltlerootd'.atrlet. l.tke annual lleuioeratle Cou.
-tivaailon .ball ne held at tbo umai place of
fc il-lu.g t'je general elrelloor loi- e.l. dl .Iriel,
on On- rUturd.y tirooclinx 'he third 1 oi'
lepru,u..r, .brie, too 17th tbl. .er.'l hrint.lapj
al 1 o'oli-uk, T. .l,,el' eain. -la .
wii , re ifci SLtdia.
0. 'i lia aal.1 election, ehall li beld li.v
an (-IroHon luinrit, to ciuliit of lha inroibanof
thn L'iiuiiI) Coii.iuittro (ur ui-h dturloi, and ton
olhar llnDiooratlo volari Ibofonl, wlm alialt bo
aiiutnttt fir dtilgnated by the Ciuuly tloni-
mil Ire.
Sow to rn.L varAscika.
to vaeeany of Iheperioni en oonotlttiting the
hoard ahall ue abeent from ibe p'aee el holding
Ihe elei-iion for e i'irlcr of an hour alter (he
lime uppulrtled, by Sule Firjt, for opeuingof Ihe
keuio, hie or their plaue or placev, ahall be fllled
by en elvotUn Io lie etnduotod eirt, eeiee by the
Democratic votera prvaenl at the time.
utiALiricAtiovor votkh.
d. Kvory qualified voter of the iiltlr'nt, who al
Ihe lea gi-neral election voted the Demueialio
ilokel, eliall he enii'led to vote at the delegate
uooa or volixo.
7. Ibo vuln-.g at alldelegete tlecliitie alisll he
by ballot j upun wblcb belleteehall lie wrillen
or prioled tiie name ur oa-ut-e of (ho deh-if.ile or
drlegatrl voted for. together wilh any Inelnic
lloni which Ihe voter may dvairc to give Ihe dele
gate or delegatee, kiei-h ballot tw be received
from ihe pereou voting the cione by a memiier of
the election board,' end by bim deposited in a
liux or utherrecepiecle prepared lor thai purpoee,
10 atloh box or other receptacle no perenu hut
Ilia BBcmhere of the elecliou lioard ebull bave
or laerHeeriose.
S. No Itiitrucllone ehnll be raoclred or recog
niled unlree tbe eame be voted upon Ibe ballot ae
provided by Rule Seventh, nur ehall aui-h ia-
Iruetione, If voted upoo Ibe lull .1, be binding
upon the delegate, unleie one-half or more ol Ihe
balluta ahall contain inetrucliona noncrrnitig the
eema bOioe Whenever be If or more of the hal.
lols abell eoniakij inritrnctlona uonoerning any
office, the di-legatee eleeted et eucb election ebail
be held to be Inntructed to eupporl the eeodidato
having the bigbett Dumber of votes fur eueh
That wbcfl a eaodldate bavirnr received ihe
blgheet number of votee in a dirlriet ia atriokea
"." V"r , 7 . . a auiriceoin.nin lroIn Washington on good author
It become, the duiyof liie delegalee iu .aid dia- , , , , ,,, . ,,
trict loc.t their . lor the csndid.te having l -llial Secretary Jilaine has a cull
reenlvod the beat Signet number of vote, iu
eaiddi.trict; Pr-oeided , that eucb eandidele .ball
have received one-fourth tbe number ot vote,
polled for tbe candidate.
covm-crisn TBi ii-mctios, nuTi-naa tan slink..
9. Fach elertloo board .ball keen an nceorele
11.1 et ine name, ot ell uerionr Toting at .ueh ' (fill. IO Innel llie L-ollt ll-t;elit'y ol Ar
.lecilon., whu-h Hat of rour. toireiher wiib .i,hur's disability or some sort t an
lull aad e'tmpUt return ul luoh lertlnuoun-
Uitaioit aa aivurates UlrtnDt rf tlio ji?rnn
Iroted .llprftt(ta una all iDiirufllton, atuil
be coriihotl t iaiJ buurd tu Hi Cuuntv C- nvB
tiun, upon p mi ted t'lnnki tt hM innnihpii lv tUt
Ounot roium.ttea.
CnTK-IllHlt HBATK or Dll-tO 41 Y.ft numt, ttti:.
6. Whfinvtr from tn? dUtrlM. iiailWti lim-
ecrkttln v uteri, in nutnltr tu na tit nm
at-K-ttwit-a wbion men dmtitit in tbe Cotiair
CoovtDtion, rbull i-empIniQ in writiojf uf no u
dut leotiob ot return ol' dttlricalf tr ui iu
ructiuDi, In wtitcjii .mpf.iot tn mig d trtn
hall bo iwtlorth ant vftrill-. I Uj 16
Qiiliit it' una or nt'irt prou, atiob o'ututilalitt
ball havo the riattt to oontofi t!' aL f u ii
delegate! or their valMitj' of tarU initruut i ini'.
bueh oiHapixinl ball bo hoard br a UoKia.ltld.f,
of d.t((iM to t apiiiotd by tht I'miiieat
of lha Convvntioo, winch aaid Com ml tin nliall
prooetd to hmr iti pattie. thtir jirooli ai.j
MlUyUioDa, aud tuna m iaay t rprrnl to
tba I'ltotvition h dflci(4t4 ar aotitM lo
leu if tt. ere i ii, aod bit aru bimiinK
upi.n tacb dlftatM. H hurvupt'D ibe OunTrnu-in
jttmJl (imeet-d luiiaodiataljr, upua th eah of tbe
ytii aud naja, t adupi or if.,?t tbt repart of
tbe ountentlng partia. In wbtith oail uf tba taiu
and ouyt tbe banica of tht dalcKktva he teata
are eoule.ted or nboae inatruolljn. are diepu-ej,
ball boomillei.
lUiLiricATioatnr laLKoI,.e.i.T.
hll !!,r1"u " di:',"cl
tnejr rfprcfoi. lo caa of atMruca or inabi it
to atieMnl, wikMitatiop tuy ha ualHria clit-
mdi of tb dinriTt..
mjT oiibv hutbi'ctio!.!., on bk FxrriLrn,
12. IM.'tii tcuit obey inairuciioni siren
J - -... l-lliir,gllll Tl)riatl
it ahall ttie dutj of thu l'ratueQt of Lbv Cud
vantion ti Pact His vota of inch daltfjrate or
ti tn afi(iie,nce wilb tbe ir.slruoitnm j and
ttie (lelffta-ta or -lel.'Hite o of. no il aball ti
furthitUb axpfllrd fruiQ tho ConveBtiuu, ami
ball nut b elipibla to any or plm- ot trou
ia tbt prty for a prrM ftf two yaara
k "WD,,0""".","'y moroimqiiHck med e 110.9 ihut nro now
gktca aball ba Maa-wry to a nomin.tioo i and c,, ' ., it- . , , .
no prri.o a oataa ahall l aKivltt tnun tbe lint I POfnttlOtl. 0 P)tuk from fXpOH
r cuntiithu untd aitr the SIXTH ballot or cnuo when wo say that Parker's (Jin
...t. bn tho paro ranait,, th iflist UIIIuflr Kcr Tonif! in ii HterllnL' health rontora-
ii tu... e.i.n nr uuiiinvn nal lirUDK IT. I III t Ud fOII,
i Tt4 mi on asciaira uto nntil a nmiD- i
t'l-n I tnaJt.-. '
hli, tbat if there ahall be a
vol hot wren
op mure ot the candidate! ;
gate,. I.'icn II' t tl Hi
a Km nandiilata hnvina .
I tiie lowaot popuUr tot shall be druo.iB.i
and the ballntg praceed.
rKNii.TV ron oNNmiao rnAtioi 4r biiikht.
14, If any pcraon who ia a Aandidale for any
noiuioatlon bielore th County Contention, aball
be piuven to have offtivd or paid any money, or
ot bar valuable thing, or male any protnite uf a
oonildtrettinn or reward to any peraon ffr bit
Toteor tanurnce, loifcuratne delea'e frota any
diitrlel, or ehall hav (.ffnrM. or paid any money
or valuahl tbtng, or pruiuifled any eon n deration
or reward, to any lrltttte lor hra vot, or to any
other fioraon with a new of Indulging or teeur
Ing tbe rotar of delegatea. or if tbe aamo aball
! s by ny other peraon with tba knowledge
and nmirnt of aurh raodidate, theoatna of au-b
randidato aball bo liatnedialely atriokea from tba
liat nf cAndidatea, or if aucb fact b anoertatiied
after h'l nomination to any ottico, and belora tht
final adl'turnin-nt, the name oftbe numlnao ball
j be atruok from tbo tiebet and tho vacuo? np-
jmsu iij m ww iitpuiiniiim, ana in eiiuar oai
aurh pnraon aball l-e ioaligUda to any nomination
by a Convent Un, or to ao election a delegate
thereafter. And In -ae it Iball la alleod alter
j tbo adjournment of the Couve.itton that any oau
i ditlate put io nomination haa been guilty ot aaob
actn, or any o'bor fraudulent practioea to hum
aucb nomination, tbe chargo ahall bn iOTeitigated
by the County Coukdium,, and aimh atpi taken
the good of the party mny reulro.
I li any delegate ihi) reeeira any to one?
or other valuable iblitg, or nrrrpt the promio nf
J....;. . , . ' -
or Mcured to him, or anr poraon for'auoh dele'
S"1 B indoofmnt lor bia toi, ui.nn proaf
V I,."' ,h ,i:r,(0 c,.non.ion ,
ui n uci'geie anaii on lormwitB Okpci'ad, anl
ahall nnt bereaved al a dl-gU to any lulur.
Convention, an 1 aball b Ineligible to any pftrty
nnmlDition. th mm vr.t rd!i:k.
IS. Caaaa aritlng ttnder tbe rulei ihall hare
prernlenro over all other buaineaa in Conrentinn,
until detorwiaed.
arnriso or Tin ConrK-jrinii,
17. The Connty foorention aball tnaat annu
aly. In tbe Court llniae at I olook P. M., on
tbe third Turxlay of 6fptrtubr.
ariaoritCBMirfrnor r ardid atih.
1 TbtBnmoa of all tbe randldatet for fiftoe
ahall be aonounod at leaai tbreo weeki prorloui
lo Ibatimq of boldtog tbe primary elention,
J. IMC KCHHKLU, ( balrrnin.
Wn, B, Wai,ui , 8rotary.
T ii e Horn llrroitMBR. The Burlint;
ttin llawkrye man probes tho o8 in
lliin way : Mr. Coiiklinir wan a preat
pnlilienl "Imf8." When Uollvcttir Koli
urtnon ciilorvd upon tho tluli.ot of hie
ollico nt the I'mt of Sew Vrirk tho
olher tiny one of Ilia flrnt tliitifs was
l0" ln"k.ttJ' xi,e h,m! "fl!t'''Wfi'
-hn 1Ul ftt t-.llt ir.l nl.a-a I... U-
who had been put into i1hco hv Mr.
Conkling. Ii wan not much of a hordo.
It contiud of a widow and her mm
and a ono armed soldier from t'tica
Tho ex Senator has not made hay
while tho eiin pint no. Hut that (at
tern hand box civil service roliirnior,
Gcoiyo William Curtin, ban imventy
nvo renown csconord thorein, loromoHt
ol whom wno hid brother, with A soft
thing at a year.
Dkviithy and DucKMir. Tho New
York World romarku: Tho Albany
.faurnal, after admitting that Honator
Stockton, of Hvw Jersey, nn rnleil
out of bin Rent heeauco ho wa "de
clared elected by o plurality voto of
tho New Joracy Letfirilntnro," and d-
mutiitfc oibo that Air. g arner Miller
has juHl been "olecled by a plurality
vole" of tbo Now York LcgitdAture,
olmerre" Hint it would navor moro ol
"deriltry" than ot "defwwy were any
ono to iiitorpono any objoctitms to tho
m ating ol Mr. Miller "for even a day
iMd it navor more of "decency" than I
of -deviltry" to keep Senator HtnMaon
ont of hla eat no, lur a day but for all
t,n,t-' '
A mot ii m CoNvsRT. J. Milton Tiir
nor, anoihcrciilori'tl mnn who line beon
traveling in tlio South hne Imrl Ilia
oyc npoiicil lo the poraiatont anil nia-
liiinnnt Hailical mi.ropriinonliitinn of
llio rcmimna or tho mten tliorf. llo
lnunil tho lilaclta much mnio prospcr
oii than ho vxnedorl, and tlio whilpa.
: far mors pntriotio and lihcral to hia
! rntia. In KHaLeilln tu-.tii-.fiuM
aro wnrlh ovor 120,11(10, iargcly owinj.
il to whiln patronatfo. Hy all moaim
ho lliinka Iho nt-i;ro ahould atay South
where hla real friend aro.
A IVou Ci.tmiviAH. Tho l!cv.
Dean Slunley, ,0 died rocontly in
Knglanil, haa had hia will probated
by hia Kxceiitora and il amoonla to
about H50.000 peraonttlly, n aum whit h
will probably alrike olorgyraoii Id tbia
country aa very large fur divine to
lva behind bim.
.4 11TJJ VJtS A f. I Ed ED DISA
The U'Utttc devotus I, n ciliitnu
toconsiilering Yitie l'resi.luit Arthur's
ineligibility to tho 1 rei-iden-y, because
(it hi p. altiiiroii hum if luirn in
Jvven H luc KUllT il Irtt I C'lit.t.Uhir,
euj a tins pi'OIOUIIllOIU'.'ie,' were nguinst ' ( - Immedialelv put epand .uldagain attheexpan-e
Arthurs succeeding llh spirit Would; "" t-ar"n"""'- and il,k oftbe er.on to whom it wee .truck Ob
ni-i-e,irilv iIiiviiIvm ll.M i,lli,..i 111. in,- 'e ee eulboeired to ami ounce llie name of i eaid who, in eaee of dotlcienoy al aurh re-ala,
nutssurily .leyoltu Ihe C "I""' j f..U JOIINtiTON. of llr..i,.d lo.o.l . ! .h.ll make good the eaine,and in no inelanee
hllll. 1 here is a SCt-OIld Ihitlicl lor, , oaoilidstelortba office of Cuiilv Cooum.iuoer, I will the Deed le preaeolcd lo Court for eoohrma
VOII. TllO CotlhlilUtioll SUVS Without! .ubject IO to the rule, g-.vernlos id Democratic I tion unlee. Ihe mol-ey ii actually pud to llie
iiuslincutioii "ihut no person i xi cpt a
natiirul born citir.eii sliull be ehgibie to
the olliiii ol President." 'i'lmi's ihe
inner ui tlio law aim tun spirit too,
tllllcsS Ibu (idZelte COIIStrueS tilO Spirit
iifuiiufiii-muiivotolie its negulive. A
1, , , ... . 1 , ,
Itmlicul on Conslilulionul law isciiiiul.
...... .
IO UlUI, Accepting as cor-
reel the bitsis ol tho Gazette 8 lirglllnelit
thai Arthur wus born in Canada, il
unfortunately he should succeed to the
President and buckle fortune on bis
back, the lirstact would bo to commit
perjury in inking tbe Constitutional
outli thai he will "lo the best of my
(his) ability preserve, protect and do
fund the Constitution of the United
Slates," at the veiy time bo was set
ting aside one of iis plainest provisions.
Nor Would tbo ulternulive as tbe
Gazette, says, be "anarchy" if Arthur
be disqualified "by a mere legal fic
tion," which is its indecent chatucieri
ration of as specific ttnd imperative
command as tbe Constitution contains.
The Senate could bo brought together
in a week, and a President pro tern.
elected who wculd succeed lo the
Presidency, until a new election could
be ordered. I n fncL the retiort renr-licn
siiriii-d by tbo President, for a special
session of the .Sennit-, ready to be issued
vvbenevf-r the ernerfreney vnrrnnlh it.
Tho niuiii pnrpnsn ol the, special ses
sion would be to elt-i-t a President tiro
"accident" which was so loudly threat
onwi a lew weeks atro tiint be was put
under police. (;mit'liioilnii
The Gazette should noi have at
templed to cross the tenet) of Arthur's
disability nntil it came to it. lis idea
thai Arthur' elevation in a dread
emerjemy is more liiipnrlitiit than tho
Constitution, Is Hndical lo-rie nurc and
simple; but as thin in common sense!
as it is wanting in tmtnilisrn. Pitts
burgh P:t
. A Capital I iea. The Alloona Daily
Son snys: "Tho jrn-at des'rut-tion by
tire of leucine;, fta arid hay stacks,
bridges and oven depots by locomo
lives, consequent nn the loii"j droiii-ht
has bertome tilarmio-; to raiirond men.
An improvement mlating to caiisinj'
locoinotives and file and portable or
stationary engines to conMime their
own smoke, consists in plat-in:; on ton
of the stuck or t.'llimncy a Vulvo Or
.Iine,e awki..h I... ol.'l f, ...I .,. .
eeeaaijrare all, la VWII IIV OllllkVU m HS 11
Oon or n(JS0 tt cn,ranc0 , ,10 pip0
w,lich connec-iR with theash.pit, where-
... ' '
' n" l!,e l,r',.,t't' -! COIllhllHllon fun be
Ittirnwl itiroptlv into the nino nurt Ia
cortvcvd'l hwk into tiie fitrnuce, or van
le turn im I into the opttn uir. SciutltifllB
claim l hut ftO pur cunt, nf tho very bent
part of tho fuel panMO out of tho ntnck
in th pn t'nt wantt'tut prataicu."
A Kooiiifiii MihTAKK Don't mako
tho miHtuko of confounding a remedy
oi acknowledged morit with tho mi-
tir ... : 1 1 l .11.1 i i
v ' w uu 111111 " ,B,m I
'or it. 0 hfl0 Used it OUThcIvoS With
tho lllippiust reSllltH fif ItthoiimatUm
.wl . I I.
I advertinomynt. Times.
.. .. on,....,, ... vnir.,,,,,,
A Goon Lick. Tbe Su Louis lie
pnfilican,n alluding to tho recent bold
robberies, remarks: "With tho Law
rence train robbers of Kansas, the
Williams boys of Wisconsin and llio
MeKeesport outlaws of Pennsylvania
to apologise for, wo suggest tbut our
uepubtiuan friends might as welt re
frain from any Invidious comparisons
ahnuit tho James boys, of Missouri,"
Primary Eleotion, Saturday, Sept. 17,
Frta. Tbo fa moat V paid In a-Uanre, ant)
will be aa follows t for Tronr?r. f IS. f.r Ai
Mjiaio Judge, ta fur Counfy Commlaainnor. lit.
for County Auditor, $i. Tbia will pay for II,.
tNlO tic It eta for oarh oandidat and tho nanal
olactinn blanki.
We aro authoriied to annnuoeo tba nam t.r
JOHN L. ClirbK, of Cloarfield, aa a candidate
ior me nnoe o Aaaociata Julge, aubjeot to the
rulca governing the Pemoeretio party.
roatoffioe addrear, ClaarfiVId, Pa.
We are enthnrivoJ in nnn.n... u.
JOHN IIOCKKNRKKHY, of Chert towtuhip, aa I
a oanditlato for tho office of Aa.wta'o Ju'loo. anh
joot to the rnlft (t'trentinf the Detntwrntiu pirty .
Pnatofllce aciilrona, Mni'bcrron, Pa.
We aro anthoriinl to aiiu.iunce Ibe nam nt
JACOII W. CAMHHKLL. of Hell tnwnnhip, aa a
candidate for tbaoRineol Aaoeiato Jmlfto, aohtrot
to tho roloa (t-JrarOinn tho Detuooratio party.
t'-.n to nine addreaa, Cunli, ln.
Wo aro aiithnr)rl to arnaonno tbo name of
DANIM, W. MOOkK. of Cloarfield hnrourh. .a
t-nnqigiiie ior mo uniio or Aaaociato Jude,
auhieet to tno rnla (ntorolnK t Dammrailo
PoitnWit addreM, ClcarflrlJ, Pa,
Wo aro auth'iriir.t tn anooLnce tho name of
C1UKLKS D. WATSON, uf Clearfield brooRh.
aa a oandidato for tho olfloe of Aaauciata Ju l;e ,
rwrtjoot to the rulaa (tirorniatf the Drnnoratiet'
party. j
Poatnffl.'o addre, CloarfiniJ, pa, i
Wa are autlinrirrtl to announct the name nf j
DANIKL K'MtZKIt, f Kawrmrt ...wn.liip, ail
a oandidato for the odino of Artnoialo Judce. I
uhjeot to the rule! guveroiuK too Demonratio
roKtoflloo ail 1 1 an, CIcarRt Id, l'a.
We are authorlird to annotmoo lha name nf
."nil t rt i, 1 1 m rrnn lnwnhi,a a candidate
for the oflirte of Aaaneiaio Jmlpe, anhjeot to tbo
fverninif mo Mrmorratio porty.
PoatcfliPe addreM, Orarofiian liilll, Pa,
wo are aii'hftrirnl tn nnnnnnct the mini a of
J Ainu F. n I K I A K Ii, Oi llBKMldr (rexaaakifn. mm m
canli.litte fur thn offi.e of Treaaurer, aubjeot io
tbo rulaa governing tho Uemo-ratto party.
Poituffloo adilrea, Philip. hurg, Pa.
We aro not hurt iH to annnunee ih Ar
DANIKL HlKWAKT.of Bradford lown.bip. ai
a oandidato I tr Treaanrer, aunjret to tho rulca
(overniog tba Devmeraiir party. addrrta, Wondtaad, Pa.
Wnaro authorliM to annnonco tht nana of
THOMAit A. HUOVKK, of Piko townahip. ai a
randidalo for tho oflie nr Treasurer, lul.jt'ol to
th rulei govflrntng tbo Drmonrntio party.
Pnainffipo oddreea, Curwenavllie, Pa.
W are authnrlael to annnnane the ....... .ri
"'" in,".iM..ot Im..U bnrough, aa a
oaodidaif for tho oflieo of Treamror, aut jeot to
tu (urn frain inn irravorotic party.
Pualothoe adtlrraa, I)ultia p.
We are anlhorlied tn annunro tht noma of
muim n. "ni'ii,r.t,ol riearneld
a oandidato for tho nfflno of Troaaurer, autjeot tn
,h ""nin Urmorrati. p.rty.
u. ,1,,'",Bm "tdrM c,-rlH1' l4'
w''SS, 5 lllVl
eenrliieletor the e'rlre of Trenanree .w.
candidate tor Ihe e'rlce of Tren.erer. utJ,.'lle Ihe
ruie. gov.rnias; ine iieraoerttle parly.
P'luV. addre.., Ulearleld, Pn.
we are eul!ii.rl.el ie eeneonee Ihe name ot
CIIAHLttSKOIItVKM.of Head; In.e.hlp. ee a
ealtdhl.te far Ihe office of Treaaurer, aul-jeet Id
ue rmee ,".ernioa: ee . remo-rar ie part,.
Pealeffiee ad Irea., I.uther.lrarjr, l'a,
VTe are atnhnrl.ed ta announee Ihe nerae ef
dl dale lor Ihe oltw of Treerurer, .ui.iiel lo the
rule, eorernln. the lleni'ieratie (jirtr.
reatomoe adder,,, Trouttltle, Pa.
. T!.." "'"''"'I I" eeeonnee the name of
JOHN T HI-HAW, of town.hlp, ea a
eendijate for tbe offioe ef Couaie Coiamieaioner,
eni jeet to Hie rule, orernlii Ihe Uenioorau,
I'vatnlBee addre.., Marron. Pa.
We ere anthorlird lo ennnoeee the name ef
JOHN HI NI.AP, ol Pihe lown.blp, n, n eendl
dale lor Iho ofltoo el Oooetj ComraiMl'iuer, .eh.
jeet te the role. to,eraina Ihe Uennerailo perto.
poaioQlje .dtfreaa, llleemle,en, I'n.
We .re .otnorlaed le annee.n. the nemo f
JOHN PICAKU. of Oeelottoa teera.hlp. ae n
candidate fer Iho elloe ef Oonet, Oemauielenir,
nhjeet in the mlee ffer,rai. ke iaeeneentle
feetotlee neMr rreaehTllle, fa.
W arf uhnrlii. to nnoatir the me of
TlluMSS MAHAKt-KVp of .Ne-J W .liinfh.B
horuuh. kki a en itl tint far lha oflliM ot ruuntv
Cataiiuit-aioiawr, u' j r t tht ru'eii firrtilof ttm
Prtufv rhit Ic Mriv.
I'o-K.tti.t- i.ltw, Nw ailnjtfO, P.
w. r MUtt.nntl in nliloilOo If.f Ol
ui 1 1 I i a u u fit i uiil im .ui...
' 1. a .... .1 '. . ...
1 n.i.iuiir, ui'.iJi-t in tle. ruit talon 'U
: '"
Port-.lfioe addrear, Urkiiipi.u Hill., Pa.
We are eulborirt-d to annouo -e tbe nemo nf
.hip. .. e eandidme f.-r tie ollic. of founly
Coiumieilnnor, .ubi,' to the rule, governing the
"""" P""'-
Po.lolllce a-ldrea., Karlhaua, Pe.
We ere eufhoriied to an..iinoe ll, i.eioe of
W,MAM M hLOOM. of Pike to.o.hip. .. e
; rendidaie for Ibe olhoe of County Cummiieloner,
i uijectioiheru'eagovereingiheDimocranopariy.
I oaionjce addre.., Ill..ommlon, I a.
We are au.boriied lo announce tbe eaoie ,,f
RIDKON D. OOODPFLLOW, of Clearlleld bor
ouj-h, a cnliJat lor ilicnffl.-f of Cuunly Com-
unisiuuer, ui'jicl tn lit rul eoteraiitjc it Hem
...v v- vu.e-j u.m
I'ottoftiofi a.ltlreu, ClcafRHd.
Wo art- author. i-wi to aonounaa tba haute of
RIM lll'.N bTHAW, ut Jurdaa toirothip, ai a
(AQdltlate for tbe ffle of Audi lor, uhjeot to tbe
rulaa got "ruing tba Ueioucratie party.
I'yptort.oe ad'iram, Aununrllle, V.
H't arit au'horlted to announoa the oatue of
BKMJAM1N KUNUKH, of Obaat lowoibip.aa
a aandidaie fur te oldoeuf Couoly Auditor, aub
jvet the rulei gnvernitiK tbe Oetnouratio par'y.
PoBloltlca adrtrpi, MxPberron, Ym,
W tare autboritfd to HtiBounco tba D-iLia of
FRANK I. THOMPSON, of Curwenai il'e br
ooRb, aa a candidate (or County Auditor, flubjeci
to the rule govefniog tba Deiuooratie purty.
I'ortioltice KtiJrrM, Curnviiaville, Pa.
We am aulhorifd to antianuee tbe ram of
J. Ill IIOI' Ml AW, .if Ltwrr do KrN.blt, aa a
oandidette for Count? Auditor, aatjwt to thn
ruloa govsroiDg tbe Ueinooralie party.
1'ofLufflre addieia, Clearbelai, i't
Wi are autbnritad to auDooDoo tha Dunn- ui
,1(1 UN W. HOWK, of I, a France toaiiil.i,, a a
oandtdtitr fur tbaoffine of (.'oaniy Au'ijtiir. mHrct
tn tbe rul-c gvrning Ihe Dtmo ratio partv.
I'oaU-flice ad'lrru, Olrlinii1, I'm
We ai- aiithoriicd to atini-uo.-ft I'm tiaat t
JOtlN li. Mil.LKh. -i Nnwl.utg tinmKb. aa a
abliiite tor lb oUtiet" i.f t'ounly Auditur, 'jlij"t
to llif rule govcrnioii tb lpii.orra lie iiartv.
I'u Hi trine aitdreaa, iiwrd, l'a.
M'e urn suthonrrt to rootincn ih" naute of
CHItlM IAN UHOWN'. t.f t?oiogt'm,
at a i!UB Jttlale fur tbt ullioe ui County Auditor,
jeot to tbe fulta gorftrunig the lt.-iDtcratio p irty.
roiturhne att'lmcn, karthaut. l'a. (U'rvtisfmtitts.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY virtu of a writ of AVr Pacini ivxued
oat of tba Court of Common Pleaa of Clear- :
u.Jil pouDtT.PcDD'a. and to me directed, there will
ha axpoeed to IM MLK' hALK. attha Court;
tluaae, io fb oorougo ! UloarOeld, l a., oa
Thursday, September 23d If I,
At 1 o'clork P. M., tb lollowlug dpwrib-d ral
it ate, U wit :
All that eartaia tract of land altaaU In Bum.
aide tuwuirhip, t'lrarflrld county, Pa, b-nindt'd aj
follow ; Ou tbeeait by laud of William Owena
and Jaiura Oweaa, on tbe auuth by Und of fhuri
(Smead. uO Ibe weat hy landa of Aaron Pntcbm an l
Oavid Failoo, on tbe north by land ol Will ism
UkTcnai eontaiotng oao bunJri'J acrnt, ttiJ.e t-r
la,wiib ab'iut aikty-live artea cleared ,anti a goud
Urge omhar'l nl eboiaj fruit Uv gmwtng the re
on, ao-i biaifing tltereoo frcoUd a tramr hiuf
and Iriute baru 3Ux.ix feet. -d, talteu iti execution and tn be "liaa the
pro-party of J ituieat'baptt) n.
All of tbat eruin lot or Intl of trou ad altuai
in the bi.roiigb of Clettrtial I, Ixttiadf 1 and
dracrthad at followa : lleiog part of lot Maud' 1 ' J ' " n,
irto Mo.aop'a Hd-aitUn, troutinx una buntir.'d!J H. Ilainiltoo,
It-et, to jro or lew. on nalnut Btrt-at, and being
na hundred and fily leet dvi), more or leaa. on
Tliirdotioct.andi-Ker.dingliiick to an alisr.hound--tl
on ttie rt liy Third nrr t. on the caat by lot
of Jauci L. Ltavv, (.0 the aourh by ao alley, add
oo the north by Melcut tuet, Laviny tbtreon
erected two fraruo dwell nig bouaea, lining
about Jm tO feet, two aidiiaa high, and, Htao a
tratne a table tbervoo d ootd.
eifcdl Ukeo In execution and to he ao d e tba
property of the Iftiendnnt, John Shrilfcr.
All of tbo Iiefrndant'a interobt in ail that cer
tain pii-ro or tract of luni aituale io Bloom town-
rbip, C'loarflrld oounty. Fa . bounded and do
arrioed at followa : Oa tbo out by Und of Kllia
Keiter, oo tbo aotb hr land of C. M. Uott.oa tje
waai by land of 1. M. Fetter, aod nn the north by
land ol Kraok Orcutt, rnotaiuing 1:14 aoraa, more
or Uaa, with about VU aorca cleared, a largo
utnnard growing thereon, and bating erected
tbarton a tratnv tmuaa, a large bank barn and other
bcikod, taken in execution and to h ir.i or tho
prnperiy ol li. t. An'leraon.
All tbat corUin tract of land altuatcd in tho
townablp of Jordan, in tbo rouutr of Clearfield
and btaio of Fenaitylraoia.buunded and doerib-d
ai folio wa, to wit; lioginning at a ben lock ;
thenoo by land uf fuey booth 61 ty degroea Weat
I So peicbei to a poat; thence hy land uf Thorn aa
McUeo North Jfi degreeo Weat ITS per?hoa to a
witch baaet; tba boo by land of Joaeph faitaraoa
North il degrtua Kat 12S percbea to a poat ;
tbt-nco by land of Jamea Jarkcoo e'outb iH da
greoa Gael ITI perobee to a henloob and the place
ol beginning, oontalnior oao hundred and twen-ty-aerro
acica atd lorty-iii perches ard a Unw
aoc. Selied, token in and to bi i.i'd a
tho property of W. K, I'aauiorr.
All tbat orrtain tract or pieue of lar. I aitnata
in Morrie township, ju the county of t'iearbeld
and Ktateof Ponn-yl tenia, bounded and decrih-
cd aa Mlowa : Hegianing at a poat, the north want
oorner of aaid traot of land aurvovod in tht name
of John Fnco ; tbttoro by treat of land turrerod
in the name of F ratio ia JobnMon oaat 1 54 iHTouct
to a poat by a white oak ; thenoo hy treat of bind
aurrnyed in the name of Cbriuophor Uakr aoutb
3)2 perch ea to a atono ; thence by land jf Joaepb
Uauter weat l;.rtj pfi0hci to a p.Mt ; tlteneo by
land of Meorge J. U earner, Jr , north ?1X per; hra
to ttie plaae of beirinoinir. eaniainin ohm han.
dr, aui lb" nd fif, n,,,e P'bea au.l
lilowanoo, with about 4tarria. more ur 1m nlr.
d, and a good young orchard of ftlt ireet orow-
j ing therein, and having thereon oreciel a atn.ill !
I w'Vn7 a" . UM aA ,0 hm
'vn In eitecailuD, and U, toll aa
thr property of Jhn Krin.
t The dofendanf. iottrtr In .'libit .w.ain
Itant or pitceuf land ituatad in tlreenw-od
lown-bip, Clearfield county, htale of Penaaylva
nla, bounded and denenboil ai fellow, tn: Be
ginning at apoatnrner lo land of aaid lln lihan
Urt.tbcraf theneo Honth 4V d 'arret Weet Pit 1 . 1 0
ptrchea to a poat; ibcnce by land of Arthur Bell
romp n.i ac -rw hAn ih.1 pen-he to an old bein-
iook rorncr t tnenne hr land ot Huntrr and haw
Iry Fourth !v tl ri ca Knot Un and . pprrhea tn
a poat; ttirofe ty land of 11 itihtieu and II rot bar a
rtonn r,.i jrgieea "eat lh:i ptroha to the rw-gin
ning. ponfainiog one hundred a"re oinro or li,a,
net bi at, witti a.tat twenty aero anoro or lr
cleared, and having th-renn ere.toJ a tutail hoitf
aiiu i'g uara., It ken In tTocntion and to be mM aa lha
prtirty of i'nul W hite.
All Ibat pleee or pa-eel of land ed
la Mum, tone. hip. Cleerhuld euuely, n id llute
ol PellliarlvnDI., ennailed and daerrilied aa (nl.
leer, i ilefflnninir at a pi.t on Mo-hanon crerh :
thenoe hv leod el llenrjr Lor.ln, M. t IVe.t 11
perehea tu a maple ; ihrnee North tl porrho. to
.toeee : theaee VV'e.t Jtl perehee le a natile ; Ihence
he Catharine Wyme Nurth ett) pen-he. o
a po.t; tbeneo l, other land, ef John II. Kjler
Kaat 4. perehee Iheooe Koath t perrhe. Ut n
port ; thence Kat hi perehea lo a Inea.l on llie
tmeh ef etoeliennn ererlt Iheooe hy raid Mo.
ah.non creefc the eeveral eour.ea and diet. nee, te
the plane of heieelii(, enniaiulni lie acre, end
ellneanoe. end barina: aliout AX aere. more er lee.
cleared, eriib n email orchard ejroeini thereon,
and li.rinj thorenn erected a loe buure and let
BeUed, takoo io elocution en I l We rolj aa Ibe
properly of Hubert Arderj and .r, ArdArj.
Taano or Sam. The prle, or ,m .1 .hick
the preperte ahall bo airurk oft e.n k. .i.i
the lime of .ale, er euck elher errenemenl,
mode a, eelll be approeed,othr eri.o the proper
17 will be Imiaediai.l, net up and .old a, am al
toeoipoaeo end rl.k of tbe per.on to nhoia It
a, .truck of, end who, In ea.o of detelenoy at
-H.,i eaeae aroon .no oenie, nod in
no Inaiance will tbe Deeil ho preaonted la Court
Tor eonbrrnatieh unleaa the money I, actually
peid le the Sheriff. J AH. al A II A PI'K V,
da.airr a Orrica, I gberirl
Clearleld. Pa.. Ann m,leil I
Sheriffs Sale.
1)Y Tlrtua of writ, of r.e-)ir.o.( Von,,,.,
1 1 l..ued o jt ef Iho Court ef Common Pleaa of
Cluarfleld enunte, and to mo directed, I nill ex.
po to peMle eele, al the Court llooae In Iho
wrvuRn 01 uiearneu, en
rhurerlay, rplrmbrr 9'J, IHHI,
Al I o'clock P. M, the following dr.crlt.ed real
eelale, to wil 1 .
All that eerlaln Irael of land altoaie la the b..r
eu,h of O.eeola, Cle.rll.ld eoualy. Pa., boended
on iheea.t hy Pruner Mreet, on the north lie Mm,
alley end on ihe neat Lr Oeor,e W. l,.ne, hoine
two leu iineaa In pUa ef ..Id knrau.h aa lm.
No. e aod J. and l.e.h, I hereon eroeled n a....d
..or. room II 74 few, wilh w.r.-Miim all.ehed
1J.11 feet, and email Iremo elohlo.
Nel.el, lekea In exeeutlen, end le be (old ee
tbo (impute ef llerkoeiio A llirih.
All that eeetala trect of land titnale In bere
Inr town.hlp. Cle.rlleld eouniy, P.., boooded
follow. 1 Norlh by A. Kepb.r-, .oulb hy II ,,..
lon.we.t by John M.Chaaeend lletrerte', a.t.i.
eoolalemj fi.rty ecree, more er loo, with a two
.ury pl.nk heuo, tfltll feet, lo, hern, end ulkor
eel.ej, taken la etceullon, end lo be told e, Ibe
rreperty ef lleerfo W. K.pbarl.
A certain In et arennot altaa-e In Weet Clear,
eid, Lawrenee lown.bip, Clenrkeln eoaate P
srfiiri.'n- "''
lei No. (I, benoehal en Ike north by hterroR otroelL
eltay aod en the weal hy lei No. H U- . .
1'fflal aeflrfrtlsfrnfitts.
j ir'
( ti9t, inf iu rifotiiitfl, Ai.ii t
mi iiiopti'i ui Anini eieatusit
alBiil nr b lli
The' price or auu. nt wkicb
.truck of n.,.,0. paid at Hie
Una of Mlc, or euob .itber made
will be approved, oilierwire tbe propirly will
r-heritf JA).t .UsIIAI FKY,
Haalre'a Oerics. I at'-r'S
Olearbald. Pa. Aug. SI, I SMI I
Sheriffs Sale.
BY firtu of rlM et Itimri F.uiai iifiitj
out of tb Court of Co unmo Fleai of Clear-
huld nuatvt Bod to n dirotMcd, thtr b
I eaped to PUHI.IU BALK, at the Court Hou.e,
j " the borough of t'leartleld, ou
I Tliurvdey, Septenilicr K'Jft, Ihhi,
: At I o-clock P. M-, th. following deacrlbcl real
! e.late, lo wit !
iwo w, .th ir.:oe ..u.jun, nmuaK
UUI.a IZIA-O irm. TJUlll DP 11 nil. ltr, Bntl
itet, but it oo i.t kv. 4rt, mi
- ulh-r bin frm chon. fiiiift lt. on lot ad
joining and lot Ho. 4S, both lota and batltlinga
iM-tr-n tiMiate it taa Tillage ot allaevtoo, tl-ar-UM
onumy, Y.
h t ((, tukau ia aieoation, aad u b t-l . the
pr..-tiy of i. li. Uiiibrtf.
Tiam op 6alb. Tbt price or auui at which
tbe property aball b atrnck off Muat be paid t
Ibe tlma of aala, or aacfa arrauKutnU
uadeaawtU b Approved, otbarwtaa tbe property
will b lmtBtiattlj put np aod aold airaiD at
tba axpenao and rtak of tbe prsiii to wtioin it
waa airuci oo, aDa wdo, tl oua ol deooieooy at
neb re-aala. aball wak good tba aume, nd ia
ao toiunoa will tba lieetl be preaeaud la Court
for cuoflruiatioD anlear tba mooey i actually
paid to the bbariff. J.. Mtil tt.,
Hnantrr'a Orrii , ( fberiff.
Claaikld, Ma.. Auf. II, ItHt. (
Tbt Mirt
Iaid H ibai
ilt g Kireutcra of fhe t-taa uf the
tl -bitw, tSr., will tvll at public outcry
all i-i'me tn-
aaved ditrinit tht- Lifnint nl th
HII AW Hill K.'.mbf.rt.mia.f,onSA'li;hIAV(
Ml'Ti:MIIKH 10ih, IHI. The property eon
ti nt . pianii, a numti-ir of Lcii lead', nat
tra(e ur d bihvr led rlatbing, bi-u, tndi.
tnb1.- a in nf rariietiog. Alan, a number ol
atnd- nnj p.mal door.
:"Ttie auie will onu. menee a ( IQo'tilock A M.,
I vtht-u ai: i where Ibe conditinua of tba ala will lm
I known by tbe utidrticnl.
i JOSKPH flllAW,
A. B. Ml Art',
nnarlleld. Pi-, Augu-t tl, (Ml St.
J II IIV I.1T-.Vatuoi and location of tfaoae
peraona drawn m juron to larva at Heptam-
tcr ,,rra' rommencing oa tba fcorib Moaday,
u, "no roouniuag iwo wqeR:
j rand Jcaom Mida., HcrTKnaaa Mru.
J J c ('"oner, b A Hoienkrana, Iluitoo.
l L FtrjtuaoB, L City, j Hrnry Hb, Jordn,
.. . r.n'' " ",BvV trl hf'nl,'
H A Wright. Breria. Ino R Ounlan. Knui.
j J W McCoy, u i.l 0 Krhrn-rf. Lawrenm
HnrfTf Canttinttn, Bell, h Miner Jr. Morrh,
A L rrreman. Uradfonl H M Davis, Pcnn,
Kobtrt Dunbar, Obait, Adan iSmib, Pike,
Joieph H iirrtb, " j H. U ngno, Sandy,
J F ritrinrr, liecatur, John b ICllia,
Aott Fiynn, Uulirh, IB F MuCail "
S h B Itanify, Oulk-fa, d B Itunlup, Wotward
mhiid Wrrk Mot da v. 0 touch So.
II L Hft?,lrr, Cl-arfltld. IJoaepb Waiity. Dcrmur,
lleury W liner, ' -i, T. Bat.kio. tiohheo.
June. U ijoton.
eruiia. uijnion, :ii,rge uwrna, "
I AtieB -fl'ir. Curwr.!!, Lev i 6. Kioe. (inlicb,
Ll ",rd' "' ' dol, fnt. fiyna, Mtjton
-Samuel browu, LnwrV
llaae 0 joii, 11
't. u'ieu linler, Mor. i
M. II. Fon, Pcnrf,
Arnold Utoi.m, Pike,
lllO tl. Httoff, Cccdla,
W. A Vtitt,
K Campiuan. WaHnee'D,
Win MahnfTcr. bell.
U Cbambera,
Cru A. W..e i, illoom, Hb't llcCraken
Ifnac Ueiah, llo(,', Mantra Wiae.
J l. Kama, biironde, Sf rawhridgc, (fiandv
A llugi.enrr, C ingtnn - "
1'hua Lambert, ' NirboUa 0 rdon,
t. eicbnarr. lUvid l.T"ua, "
Stephen Tet, Decatur, ;Tboina Wavne,
Wo tbe undcralgnod, bartby certify tbat tbo
fortuning Iit of ntoinca of perooa wete drawn hy
ua on tbe lath d-iy of .Inly A. I. Itfcl, n ttraod
and Trarorac Jurun fir tho September Term nl
Court, eoniRicncing &a the fourth Mnmtar. ia
I rorroet, ao I war drawn OMording to law, in mi-
cornance wild on order Of the Hon Cbarif A.
Mner. Preaident Judge of tko oaid Court.
Thavomi Jiftotta, Moidat, Sarr. 2fiTi.
W B Ayerr, Uurnaidc iJanoa Fitgal. Orabacu,
J M, ClrarflcldJC Hullibaa, OreeoWood,
J ll tban, - , Hiram llumiuol, Ooliab,
Jno Jlulilban. " II Wuudwrd, Huatoo,
J A Mrrgorj, Cur't villa, 'Uoorgo Hurr, "
Ki hM Krani, , Wlet, Jordan,
W P rbaraber-. " .lai Micbaeli, Kanbaua,
P McDcrmot, llouttdale If F tiulich, I.awrcaco.
Itob'i Fleming, Ucoj lhaw, "
Jno Mi-hacla, L City, M S Kramer,
J B McKadden, Oacoola Allan Wngtey. "
D Hamilton, , I' bur-too, Irwin
Kllia J Itogrra, - W F Merrrll, Morrii,
Ltw Urisbin, ThoiCKyler,
Henry bailey, Bcccaria And Fulmar, M
J li Ulangow, U Douglaa, " m
Tbomaa B-era, Boggi, Hubert 11 tinier, "
Kudt.tph Albert, boggt ; Andrew Lata, "
Joa Wmary, Ilradfurj, V A Moore, Hon a,
HenjKnepp, Jama Walla.
W W Marxb. Brady, W T Oeiley,
W H Wright. M Ligbtncr,
II Htbring. Ituroaida tp ilanrv J Knarr. Sandy,
.1 Summervilio, " David Wolty. loiuo,
Oeo Kuntunan, fl Eidridge," Woodward,
Kann .MvKwou John ltuiiorf, '
C lluroioy, Covington, Owen Lewin,
John lluitbea, locatnrt W W Wiiiuii,
R Ubbowaiter, (.ltdoa Kcatloy,
MenJ Jury, Uiran!, Tdwar.l M.-Cbo. "
H. nitlliuK.
Jorv Conmiadonera
UleaiSeU. P., July 27tb, iK-il-to.
by Riven that tbe fopowmir ocwnnti hao
bet'o oaamlnM and paaard hy tua, and retnaio
BM of word in tbia ofli fbr tbe lnanr.i.n. r
b",r"' ,rH""' "e.litora, and all otbera interred.
nd witl be proeonte.1 tn the next Orphant1 Cnort
of Clearfield oounty, to beheld at tho Court
Home, in the borough of Clearfield, 'ntnmenf iog
lt .U,n (b,D lh of
depleieber, A. I). IrM :
rinai account 01 amuel llendereun. Guardian of
nonie 1. nrpnart, minor child o( M. V. hep
ken. late ol Clearlleld eonoiy, Pe.. ileceaMd.
Final account of Lewie Ttt. Admlolalr.tor ot
reran v. .aie, late ot Clearlleld ooi.oiy, Pa.,
Final ec-ountof William L. Ploom, Qnardian of
i-ucy it. uioora mow Lucy K. bloerel, oeo of
tbe children end be.r, ef lleeid and fiareb
Dluom, lale of I iho townkblp, Cie.rtie d eona-
j t in., uieeaee-j.
Vital account of C. M. flerlline and R. f. 01111.
lend. Admlnlelratere of theolale or lleore L.
Ilerilinn. late ef Karlhaue tnwnthip, Clearlleld
county, Pa., deceeaed.
Fu .1 account of Samuel lln, Jrrn.n, fluardiin of
e-'oirr 1.. nepnerr, minor child of A. '. K,p.
berl, late of Cle.rlleld eouniy, Pe., deceased.
Pin. I eocnom of N.ih.n Moore, Eircutor ol Ihe
e.l.te of Mary Wriflnworlh, of Prnn lown
.bip, CleerBeld cimuly, Pa., dece.nd.
Account of tle-.rir;e H Walk, Admlnlltrakir of Ibe
eaia'e of llicherd Walk, lale of Ihe borough of
Carwon.rille, CleerOrhl oo.nty, Pa., deoeaaed.
Final account or R. 8. Kl.w.rl, lluardian of A
N. Uieb im. minor child rf c.
lal. ol t'lr.rlirll oouaty. ISi., deeeevd.
Parllr.1 account of tleor(e lleekendorn, tinardi.n
of I'anl.l. Joeepb, Nore, (Jr. HI. and l,M
llelchel. children and belra of Mary ll.iehel
l.le ol K. lown.hl, , Clearfield oounty
Pa., deceeaed.
Parllal account of K. I. Ililllland, tluardlah of
l.jdia end Clara Ullll.aed, children and heir,
ef AJ. I. ee Ililllland, lele of Karl ha., town,
hip, Cl.artleld onunly, Pa., deeeaaed.
Final .ccount ol C. Krelier, lluardian of guaen
M. Howlea, minor ehild of Andrew Hc.iu 1...
v,e.aa,u neiaij, r., aeooee.a.
Finel acconnt of W. ,r. rtoffer, Tru-I.o or Ibe ei-
lale or Ji.aepb Yolhere, lale or karlhaoa town-
l.ip, Cle.rll.ld eonnly, Pa., deceeaed.
Account or J. Hoe. nioom, A.lmli.l.ireK.r of Ihe
e.laie.rj.Linn Hooeer. I... ,r p,ko town.hlp.
CleeOetJ county, P. , ujeccaaed.
Accent of J P. Fry, Tta.lee of Ibe e.teU ef
Fred-rick Frniley, lale of Clearlleld enunly.
l a , eooeaaed.
Ac.unt oruenrt. C. Kirk, Adml.l.tralor nf the
r.l.le ol J.erph PoMlelhwell, loto of
town.hlp, Cloartieid eonnly. PadeceeMd.
Flnel eec.iiel ef F.aeharlab MeNoul and Mary
: " e. ineeeiale of John
ll.neook, lele of Pike towe.hln, Cleerteld
eoealy, Pa., deceeaed.
Parllal account of Jb,, p,.n K,ceulor ofihe
e.l.1. of loiorih A. Caldwell, lata of Cle.rfi.ld
eouniy, Pa., deeeeeod.
t l.el aeeounl of William I). Hiflee, liuardlaa of
John r Nhimell, minor child of Wm. fblroell
lale of Morrla lownahlp, Clo.rielil coooly. p.
deoeeeed. '
Final eeeounl of Woodward, tluardlu .1 P. hogora.
Final aceou.l of ll.ory i,il, ,k priw
Admml.lralor. nf the .... ... . ,.
Pa " 'ocoeed P"" l","'"i'' CI"'U eonoty',
Final eeeeue, ef ()wp Mllehell,,
el lee ..lale of Charleo W.r,i, .te of HI,.,,
to. a. hip, Cleernold ooaely, Pe., deceneej
Flnel aeennat nf J. . Pence, Admlol.tralo, of
iho onete of H.nho... ...... .... . 1 1
loa town.hlp, Cleerleld eoualy. Pa , dece. J
Flnel eeeounl or N. W. Yo.n, a.d Ell,. Then'.
nn, Adujiolatratera of Ik. eaute ef Willi.!.
I.Td"""": ''.' ' to.D.hi,, CI..,,
old eouniy, p., d,o,nd,
r.rilal .count of Juk, o. I.,i., ,l,i,, Ad., , ,h. u , u, , ,
Letahe, Cll,, Cle.rl.ld M.nty, P.!, deeleed.
riulMoeeaiofW. R. DlekerMa. Ad.l.lalra.
tj A, i. UleherMa, Into f liranrteM eoealy.
l'a., deoeeeed. "
OlORoa M, riRSDBOrt, ketUtaa.
CVurteid, fM Auirul II, mi.
ttu- flrrrtigrmtnts.
A DtlllklHTII tTIIR'S NiiTli-c- ..
I J la hetel.e given that Lelier.,.1 . ',T .""
ha ..ildae'li .o -n Ike ee late of JOSKPH Mil LIS
ol Morrla townahii,. CI....,J '.. - 'v
j """ h" ,' I'"' lb. under.,,,',,' ;
! P"'""' "'"'"'d to ajil e.lal. will p
a. I -"" i-r-."". n iaoee lar rh
i.i i.
be agamei : ine win pre..,,, ,
erlv eulbaiitic.ied fur aellletnenl. an
1.1LMJN HootKK. AJmiei,,,,,'''
ivylrrluwn. Pa., Auguat ol, I Sol-...
nk llio rvllowinf pTnn prptny, n-w ,7
I l-.wftihlp, vi ! To ttru Mi mi W,j,jt,'
) one irtn')rtone, on cnpptr kritlt, un tli '
I eo'tfc-itovo nni uttfi'ill, ml ono hmf trre of p,"
ad U 'li(wtl to rtcnaio io lo (.'hhmhh,,, , n''
Mc(r'rinko o lno n(T. lutjtt to
ordr ! ttut tttut. J-W.l.llj
Lumber Viij. Ft , AuuM SI, 1M jt.
VTI'fi lothmM)rof tbeMUle-oi j,)tl
i.1 Knr-uerh, Imt o( Burnni lown-hip, .
Nvtic li btrsb girtn that ih uuJ-r
Wal httt0tr4 b lb Codtt to ,.1
ttt i f..,i,f.fc,i lhL iKi,i.. 1
IUO f. J , .,a;A. .1.. ...L .'
- 1 .. V. m"'Hit'
illeAtd eontrecU art forth lo tbe expeiitirm.
tbe ennlrmalion of inquisition taken ufu ,
rl aftat uf eaid dooedflnt, will atteo i., (
dutit ot bia appQiottoeat at bia oUiaa iit tht oJf
nugb of CifarAeld, on fKIHAY, the V;h d., ,i
SeptanUr, A. V ltfil. at U e'eWk A. M of Hli
dy,wbra and wbate all praon Intrfr-nUd ti0 u.
lend i f try ae pmiicr.
T J.WcClLLOrtlll, .it.,,j
ClrarAald, Pa , Augut XI, 1M At.
Farm for Sale.
The lintlrrtiijiird oIT-iri for alr hii ftrn,, mu.
td ia Lawrence townrhip, on Ihe eaM butt;
tbe fuquba0Da rtvrr, whrre tbe Kailriiad lini(
oroea tb rir. The land ia rirer botuu ui
j ) a jrotd alate of onltiratinn, having been tbur--ouitiiiT
Ifflitiwd. A good and ll-furnito
lioo e witti nme roniia all plaitered, patntxl u.4
pftprre.i, with itie bouaa, Biitk bouae aod 'thrt
qiitbuildiDf-t altatbH. A good bank barn, ,i
a )ung orrbard of U-i freer of obuir liuit,wt
nut upoo It. WilJ he old al a 'air prttw and
reaaoDnhla term a. i'otaeulon given at anv t't&t
U. K, li A It K K I T.
ClearfloM, Pa , Auguat HI, lM-!f.
ITA K K thl metbnd of nr-.ilfyirg ftir ,D Bf)tj
ol a good M..wer, Reaper, Tbrc-her or l'ii,
its' I hftfe tbo ogeocy uf tbe
Mower, Kraprr and Thrcslur,
Mannfaelered k? Al'LTMAN t ri.. Caiii.,,n.
1 am alMi afnt for the eelehrelel
.Smtli Uftitl Chillt-tl I'ltnv I
.Perenn. in need efeitbernl the aenr.ha,
Irelter rail ou r allre.. ate ttefnre nurch..!..
el..where. '
1!CI1ARHII MiStl'l.
jane , IMl-tr J Cureenoille, l
Thin M ay for 'or iiarttrunt
IF you want to rtndy yoor own lnfort-i, do Lot
fail tncallat ANDREW HAKWlt'K IMR.
NESa HllOP.on Market atreot, nci' door to Je
A. rtrk'i tohaoooatoro. Clears eld Penn a.
fimt-rlaan wnrk 1 r'na at
1IAHU It K -
Teat (-.t .-P and ail'' L'rr:iM at
IIAHWK li t.
U a rd inge barncNf M ail hn h ai-
og .ddkt or all kind nt
I'ar ut-ic ano mi oovnr ol all kn ta at
m i , IIAKUii KS.
T bi,.- nt ei. kino and At low aa l.'i cenfp t
Harney of ail kind male tn ordrT at
It h in la ..f eo.Ur. at hn'l
i puree .1
OAK tt'li Ki.
I .lueroher in .l. N.Tli.jeel h-.w rarenh-
I 1. li , pioj. at IIAItWICK it.
Till kej. an.l lu.Ve all kieda of lumber t.r-
".! HAKWICk'a
ory ao.i .11 o'l.r .ir.,1, of rtne el all. ire. at-
ud Int. rlerinjr en hit!
. duller,, and ecreen, .1 ,n
(1..IIH.., hniaref,
Knee n br. km at
Job work and repnirinir promptly allc ndrt It.
Remember Ihe ,b p--in Sh.w'fl row, on M.rlel
troel, het.een ibe Men.ion rloee.od 'he Shae
llou-e. Cleer.el I. Penn .
Mar IU, IMI-nm.
Save moneY
Geo. Weaver & Co.,
Dry Goods, Notions,
Bonis? Shoes, HatCaps.
Csrpets, Oil Cloths, &c 4c.
FLOUR, rr8H,
Bacon, ham. salt, oats, cor,
mop, kto.
IhftDkfal for ptt fvors w iatiu th pnhk
to enll Btirl ttt our lrit and & Hock of $ott&t,
hib w will dispoM ut ai iwnnibl rut W
m-S, ot ibitnM tor ootintrj proHu.
Polil and attrniir clcrki to wit upoi
tllereld. Pe., April it,
fpp"lte court llonia, Market atreet.)
CI.KAHFJ r.I.l), l'KNX'A.
Itnltri in Mad KtauhPturtri of
Stoves stjro K.ixcks
of ftn; it or derrtttioa.
Pj.fitt. Dn.M J "I . -1 fl! .
Will ntt krpt fOtlftfttitly oq bind, f f prMlf'1
-nun nttllO.
1'0 It TH R I. EA S T .1 OS E X
A.d Menaleetured out ef Ibo beat Materiel "
in a nnrkmenllko Manaer.
aPnilTiMr. iun DnnriNf.
aa VJ I 1IIU MI1L l"u
Promptly .Handed to.
AtURiUd to, wd OAS FIXTl HliS f til K1''
kpl Conitaail; hand.
All hied, of Rrpalrlnj will be Prompll'
Neetly done.
Alee a Qener.l Aeaortmaet of
Alt of whlek erlll be Mid el Reaeneal.l. Ril
Ulie e. a eell. A .bore el Pubhe
P.trona,. U Reimi.ed.
ttoutiU, Pa., Astnat M, lUI-ta,
Agricultiiral Implements