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"c'l'KAKKlkLD, PA."
Terms of Subscription.
A i ivn,or within tbre 00
w .,',,1 alter thr- aid bfor sit mnriths... I 60
aft tbeeipiration of eii north ta... 1 00
MrttiMlM I5plrtpl ChurrhR.Ono.
lru r, rftJf. Service every Sabbath t
A.M.,'andT P. M.
,-ul,liath Hfhool at A. M.
ii,.v.r MretiDt erery Wednesday, at Tt P, M,
Cotiiti union Herrlee, flrst Bebbatb of erry
(1lltli, at it m-
it Clearfleld M, K. 4 liurrli Hn.
fHU'LfiW, IliiuiaiY, Pastor. Preanbing every
.itTimt Sunlay, at 8 o'olook, P. M. Hun 'lay
i'i-fiirrlaii ChuTrhRev. II. 8. Bdtlrr,
-i,k.t,itli servlcs morning and areata; Hab
,.,1, .-J, h')'l - M. Prayer Meeting Wednes-
m evening
iijttlUt Churrlu Rer. , Pastor.
MiMitith School at P. M. Prayer MeetiBgerry
..'-liie-iUy oreiilng.
M Fraud1 ( liurch.-t atliolic Rot. P
I. :-M(iuAi. Divine service at .Of A. M., on
i rat. third and fourth Bundujs of each month;
Vcftrnd Hen eviction of l ha Llessed tSaerameat
Bt ; a iiioca, r. m . c uuu cvuvui umu;
iftrrDujn at I o clock.
Swund Monday of January.
Third Monday of March.
First Monday of June.
Fourth Monday of tieptember.
Firat Monday of Jnne.
Second Monday of November.
puilio orriciRi.
Prtiidtnt .Wye IIoo. Charlal A. Mayer,
( ..ctr litven.
Anittant Late Jvdge llvo. John H. Orvls, of
fir I If font.
Attneifttt Judge Ahran Of den, Clearfield)
Vincent It. Holt, Clearfield.
FrolkoHotary Jatnts Kerr,
iilcranil Recorder (leorge M. FergofOB.
TmMr-Philip l'ntts.
IHitrirt Attorney 3. P. McKenrlok.
Shtri.T James MahaffrT.
rHly Surveyor Samuel P. McCloikey, Cur-
"r-.un -m mi ra C. W. Kyler, flraham
mn P 'i-: Etal1 Jfn,oB Oven-plan I'U P- -j,,hnNorrli.Hr.,
. 'I..L lin W Haw
Ti-mfy ilairifoM William V. Wright, Clear.
Cift.ff (,'rar Jamei A. Moore, Claarlel
frit Win R- Urown, Clearfield.
.VHwrtarw" o 5coU-M. L. Mo-
onown, ClonrlWd.
t',tttrit9 ruhhcivon r'K'rt
intf hT rrui (lordon, Claarfieldi Joipb K
in, N. K. Arnold, Curweitafille ; J. A. Living
, iul!uii nty.
..w in ma (nke wheat, oala or oora for tub
urti'i"n V We are often Inquired of in tbli way
bv litter from pat rone who reiida at a dietanna
frilm ri,.rflHd. We again aay yei. The retain ti
uf a re'p"i'cil'le merchant or mill owner in the
vKimlv, will aniwer ue juPt at welli the oaib.
Tn itlluetrate: if any of our pntrona will deliver
ill n hug Of grain at tbe Ulll "I Jocej-n u. ureiu,
.. i i -.i iMi.nliti. lluritce Putchin. in Iturneide,
V :.!-: f H- l-'itrrcy, iu Uraham, Win. Purter or
m,, , in 1,-iwroiice, r Urown A Seyler'a, at
( u'.'u, I i.k a l-fMi.6h:p, and forward their
r,.,., jii'n the a-iownt, w win eretiu inm uu
i... .r .-r.,unt lor the lama. In thii way all may
.(.., ,y tln'j owe, il they "ill puraue thii
JE'rA'lv.'rtiHerH unci oilier will bear
mm r.d thutall article Intended for publication
in (1 ! n u,t be bandtd l, net later than
Tm-'Jay, al 0 A. M. Don't forget It!
Ni'W jrimtji ut LgIiiiiuii'b.
yv. (iuoro Tborn lfi couUiied to bis
h me ni:h illncl.
A lilllo "tally" now und then U rl-
ttt l 1y moil everybody,
. mi ......
The Irunio work ot Shirk's new tan.
i,vrr ii being railed tbii week.
. mt
Morrow, the rnnrkot car man, has a
rrntorian ruioe, and he knows how to me It.
11 rojiorts are corrcot a greats deal of
"storing wai done along tne river ian weei
W. C. l'entz, oi' Jlrudy townhip, is
t luw itudt tt in ibt office of Menrs. Fielding
a liigl'T. t
Tlio Citizens' Cornet Hand of thiB
Uie intend bilding a festival I'-ino time during
Ui 'tith of Mny.
- me
Jiidt) Mayer arrived in town on
M :.!; night. Hit million Is fur tbo purpose
1 !i .riiig a h'lltne coipue dse.
A lariro number oi raltmen have r-
i iirtd v ut from L"ck Haven and other points
i i'ii the river the pat few days.
Win. M. McC'ullou(5h, Kq.,habccn
i.;inu-lj III for om weekl put ith Ijpbold
!.ir. Wo l.rliur. h. Ii Bow oootil.iclog.
IV. II. K. linttorf, whom wo an-
n uiiL-p.l lomo Hull go wobH loctt. ft irun.,
!: olinnriJ bii iniwi nd bung ool bil .lilntl.
in I'bilipHl.urg,
I ho moiTiuitilo tlrm if T. A. Fleck
1 Co. ! bD dinolTJ, Ut. A. M. HUH "!'
.nr. Mr. Fleck will continue the t (be
ul.1 Hand, o Merket ltrt.
(ion. Jttinen 11. Stoodman has bocn
noiiiiniit.i bjtlie Uemoornti or, Ohio, (or
Mavor. Qen. Bite.lman It t brolhor-in-lnw of
ttir towniuiMi JuJk Berrrtt.
. - - -
Tho first of April this year comes
on KridM u nlaokj uej na iuieriuoiii
peojil. will feel lull, movinftluir
h' urclud etTioti at tb.t tlm.
Ii F. Winslow, lor dome tiino pant
'hpiffinlMit telfirriijh onoretor t Wint.rbiirn, oo
'he Low Oreil. K.llrond, bu romored H nd
tiiken charge of th. offloe nt Iienfietlo.
Tlio (.ccond work ol March Term
w i a inllcrable failure. Quite I number of par
ti, wltncnei, etc., put In an appearand on
.M.n.iaj'j but thera wai no C-url to look at.
Mrs. J).(io)(lluiidir,of LutlicrnburK.
pencd tbrouxh town on Wedneiday laat, on bar
way to wlwil (inda at Bbrewebory, In Toik
cum.i J-, and In tba eitj of Il.lliniere end Tlolnliy.
. m wi
Trmit fishiiiif will bo Icual on and
after Krldai neat, April let. Betore jou o,e.ll
at Kred ) tue, and fee ble outtta for
nehermen baiketa,, line., booke, etc
lr A Kchnmorhinn and her sister.
Win Mrrj Weloh, we are lolormil, will open
out milliner atore on Market Itrret, In tba
room ndjolnlnj Hinrj Sr da tmloring eeleb-
i. w. - -
Mi.-s Aniiio 1'auliiioHeolt, ol Mnnon
..h,la Cilr. anw promieel to earry awaj For
t..nnti. nrii. of S1S.0O0 for "the mult beautiful
woman la America" to with bii .bow the
Cuming1 e.alnn.
It. Ii. Cook, a prominent dealer in
l.if,,l,er at Lock Heron, died In lb. Stalw f Flol
i la on the 16th loil, where be hd gonw t r
cui crate bii health. He waa a Ttrw blhljt
citcrmcd eitlaen.
Trof. John A. Gregory, uf Curwt-ns
till. )l...rrri1tid eDrofeiionbipin the Loek 11a-
mo Normal School, and entered upon bit dutiea
Ism week. He will remire his family iooa
Haven In a short time.
ri.o f'i..utfl..l.l i'ii,--m ia now run bv
a ijndicate. The editer ii roraiiiing for bis
hialtb, which bai bm tttken down by overwork
oi. a tlirfe-fonrlhs patent. nope nm win rw
turn wbule if;aln. (in 4 he, Hil
By MHticra printed at this offloo wo
tiluc tut Judge Holt will sell all his perional
IT peny at piiblto vendue, at his borna in Brai-
rMiownihip, on Tuesday of neit ween, April a
Mr t.i euhinienee at I o'elook A.
ia -e -
Tbo receipts ol tho c9 cream and
tkt leitival, bvid at tla residenee of Mrs. W. M.
hw, on first street, on Tuesday evening of last
andsr the auspices of the ladies of the Pree
J ttiUn congrrgatioa, amounted to M3.
I' iro cauht in the roof of a house
" Cherry strtet, oecnpled by Mrs. Susan Brlerly,
' aeui on Mcaday. It wai dieeoverwd ta He in
fio-y, warn the alarm wai fires, and a few
" isis or wair biined tne namns. sue
(t ii ownrd by J. O. Whitehall.
Tbo iumily of Mr. and Mrs. Jamoa
-" rni, ur ., ta Lawrenet towaimp, wae wui
''tJoa Tbanday latt, twe of Ibeir ebildm
lk 4i-d from diphtheria inonedey a so a,
Lii lsth year, and a daughter In her 14th. The
'jnfthy of the eoamanlt; la tended to thea la
ub dark koiref atTlciion.
II. Lehman Is in the Kant purchas
ing Spring goods.
n mm m .
Itev. J. II. Walterick, of Tyrone,
will preach in the Lutheran ehnroh, In this place,
on Bund ay Bos, April Id, morn lag and evening
Itaftinff closed on Friday last, the
river being to low at this point for rannlng oa
Saturday. We learn that our lambermeB ar
getting good prloes. Proa II to IS oeati is being
patd for pine at Lock Haven.
Mr. Albort Tbanhausor left last
Saturday morning for the eastern oWies, where
he will purchase a new stook of goods fur his
tore and merchant tailoring establishment, lo
the east room of Ple'e Opera House.
- mm mm
"A Clearfield correspondent says
there ie snow enough In the woods la parts of that
eouaiy to last until June." Ahnon Sun. That
Is providing the weather gets bo wanner than It
bas been for (bepastfew weeks. It may last till
Mr. Andrew J. Mcllride, brother of
John A. and J. I. ftfcBride, of Lawrenoe town
ship, was united In marriage on the SOtb of Jana
ary laot, to Miss Maggie' MaNorens, of White
Haven, Laierno county, Rev. Father Smith
mm 1 --
Adjourned. -The Hoard of County
Commissioners adjourned on Haturday lest to
mett again on Monday, the IBtb day of April.
Persons having business wlih them will please
attend to It nt thai time, as '.he Hoard will be In
session but a few d-.v.
. mm mm
The second week of March Court
waj "a Utile." This has Keen the remit for
many years. There Is no nse In the Court to
beaten or stop a flood In our streams, especially
when the thing Is as well flted as a rafting season
In Murch In thii latitude.
A valuable farm of 1(3 acres, situato
in Jordan township, Is advertised fur tela tn
another column. For Information not given In
the advertisement, apply to Aaron U.Kramer!
Eii)., Clearfield, Pa., or Isaae Harkte, at New
burg, (Hard Poitofflae) P
Fatal Fall. -Tbo rhilipsburg
Journal of last week says tnat Jobn f ugle, aged
about 20 years, and a resident of Houtsdale, oo
the 80 lb Inst., fell from a trestle Into Coal run.
and was takes out dead. His skull was fractured
by the fat). He was Intoxicated.
- mm
Wo arc sorry to learn of the death
of Daniel P. Ray. one ef Tyrone's best el 1 1 sens,
which occurred on Thursday, tba 34th Inst., aged
60 years. Mr. Ray was proprietor of th large
team tannery at that piece, and was a Dan of
pluck and energy, useful In every sphere of life
Health, the poor man's riches and
toe nob msn bliss, is maintainea by tnojudi
olous nse of Avar's Sarsaparills which strengthens
and Invigorates the system by purifying the
blood. It Is to highly concentrated that it is the
most eeoaomlcal me llclne for this purpose that
can be need.
mm -
Granok Mketino. The Clearfield
county Pomona Orange will meet In the Mechan
ic's Hall, in Pie's Opera House, In Clearfield, on
Thursday, April 14th, 1881, at I o'olook P.M.
There will be an afternoon and evening session.
E. M. DAVIS, Master.
M. J. Owkrs. Secretary. m30-3t.
aV l
V. Hayes Grier, editor of the Colum
bia froJ. wlll be a candidate far Grand Warden
of tbe Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, 1. O. O. F.
The inlrordfnate lodges vote for officers of the
Orand Lodge at the last stated meeting in
March. Mr. Grier Is worthy and competent In
every repeot for the position.
Before leaving Washington, ex Sen j
ator Wallace was caned Id on of tba Senate;
Committee Rooms by a number of the Senate1
employee. The eane is a very One gold -heeded;
ne and was placed In bis hand, accompanied by
a short speech. Tbe Senator responded lo no
appropriate and graceful manner. He ) quite1
proud of bis sticky
Lock Haven will gain a good and i
enterprising eltlien In the person of cx-Sberiff
Pie, of Osceole, who will remove to that city,
with bis family about tbe first of April. Mr. Pie
tl extensively engaged la tbo lumber business
end Is preparing to build a circular mill, 06 by
51 feet, bftween Wilcox and Kane. H finds It
more convenient to make Lock Haven his head
quarters la th future.
i - I
A new operating chair in tho dental
office of Dr.'e Hills and Heicbbold Is the neatest '
as well si tbe most complete piece of furniture for
tbe nse Intended that we ever came In contact
with. It can readily be converted into a chair for
either en adult r eblli, and can be put In any
position with ease while the patient Is sitting on
it. Tbe operator alio Is enabled to work with
perfect freedom and comfort.
Presbytery. Tho Presbytery ol
Huntingdon will hold its next stated meeting In
the Presbyterian church of Osceola, on Tuesday,
April I3tb, nt 11 A. M. Statistical reports from
eaoh church will be called for at this meeting,
also a report from each congregation as to whether
the Pastor's salary baa been pail. Narratives
to be sent to Rer. William Usmmlll, Ramey
P. 0., Pa., ten days before tbe meeting.
At a mooting of Clearfield Lodge,
No 1UB, I. 0. 0. ., on Saturday evening last
tbe following officers were elected to serve tbe en
suing term :
Noble Orand Jacob D. flnoke.
Vice Orand John K. Bottorf.
Secretary Win. A. Barr.
Assistant Secretary R. II. Shaw.
TreeiurerWm. Kadebaugb.
TruMees Samuel J. Raw, I year; Levis K.
McCullougb, .1 years.
James G. Allison, of Washington
township, Indiana county, who was tried week
before last at Indiana, for the terrible crime or
murdering his father, Robt. Allison, on the 19th
of Jane, IS9-), wsi oo T ie ley of last week found
guilty of mardor in the first degree. When the
verdict of the jury was read the prisoner did not
exhibit th least sign of motlan and outwardly
seemed leu concerned than many of tbots aromd
e aw
Hand Amputated. Isaac Chambers,
of Curwensvllle, employed as a brakeman on the
local freight, while ooupling oars in the yard at
Oieeola, on Tuenday evening of liut week, git his
left hand caught between the bum pen and
cruihrd so badly that amputation was resorted
to In order to sere the onfortunat young man's
life. He was taken to Philipiburg, where tbe
operation wss performed, after which ho was ts
movrd to bis bunt i 1 Cnrwensrllle. He had been
railroading only llr days.
Vo notice thai an item is going the
rounds of our exchanges to the effect that B lady
named Myers, residing In Wallaesloa, this county,
has not a single tooth la her bead, yet she n ever
had any use for a d'ntUt nor did sbe ever have a
tooth pulled, nor did one tooth ever eome out of
her jaw by aoy other process. Tbe fact Is sbe
nerer had any teeth. Dora toothless sbe has
lived toothless all her life. However she has
Buffi-red no Inconvenience whatever, being aide to
men Irate all ordinary food na reaJily as Mb or
person i .
Thk Look-Up. At a special moot
ian of th Town Council, held oo Monday cran
ing, tbe contraot for tbe erostion of the loak-op
was awarded to Kdward 1) nrattnald, at $329.51.
Tbs bull ling li to be 14il feet, and built of
brick, lined with two-lnoh hemlock flooring, and
this to he covered with corrugated Irul. It Is to
be divided into four epparttnente, three f wkieb
are to be used as cells, and the remaining room as
aplaoe for the guard, Each cell Is to b furnished
with an Improved hemlock bunk. The accommo
dations are to be made as uninviting as possible .
The building will be erected en the South ead of
the market lot.
A IU,00 Hihlical Prize. Tbe pub-
liibera of timlMgt'a UmtV$ offer the following
easy way for some one to make 1 10,00 1 To th
penoB telling hs how many times the word
"Bethlehem" Is found In tbe New Testamrat
Scriptures, by April 10th. 181, we will giro
1 1 0,09 la gold as a prls. Tbe money will be
lor warded to the winner April 1Mb, 1881. Thoie
wko try for the prise must eend 10 cents with
their answer, for which they will reeelte the May
number or th JeaiA', a bandsom Hagaslo of
32 pages, tn which will be published the name
and address of the winner of tbe prise, with th
correct answer thereto. Address, Hot ledge Fab
llthiag Company, Kaston, Pa.
Fine Cattli. H undrods of farmers
and toren of fin stook Uld th Leonard
House stable during the past week to tome as
fat and floe looking attle as r t hay Ib Cknr-
field county. Th hrd consists of Bin head .t kdlli and belongs to a gentle
man from Bonrbon county, Kentucky, whera
thee lhorugb-brds were brought from by rail.
They ar alt short-horns, aai ef tbe imprwvwd
Durban breed. Tby ar ptnm mooeie
cattle, and It will take a small fortUBe U paroha
one ef th tows. Mere itek can be enrd
from ens nb of Ibis bled ef bwef thaa is tmbbIIj
t t. k. Ar m. riaerleld eeantf itr.
t.. .in oe eitubitia frf some
tima, aad ar worth f aotlM hy fP la t"U
Don't forgot to go to Lehman's and
ess their sew Spring goods.
... i .mmmw mm
Frkiobt Aoent, Clearfield, Pa.:
Make room oa eld track fur Lebmau ' special
train loaded with Sprlog goods.
Freioht AobhTj Philadelphia.
List of letters romaining unclaimed
In th PostoftlcB at Clearfield, Pa., for th week
ending March tftth, 1881 1
Albert Berhet reiser fl), Mr. Jemes Q. Dixon,
Joseph Hlggtne, Mrs. M. B. Irwia, W. J. Jeok
soa, Frederick Kerch erer, William Mondlebaagh,
Thomas MoCrncken, 0. 0. Mullen, II. W. Mullen,
Tillie A. Bmend. P. A. (MULIN, P. M.
A correspondent in sneaking of tbe
Lumber City Normal, lays i "Th attendance of
our school promises to be extremely large this!
Summer. Th number of applications already
received eioecds by far tbo expectations of th
Instructors andcitlsens. W welcome all ; know
(ug they will bar a pleasant and profitable time."
This is oertainly encouraging to Messrs. Moore
and Weber, who have charge of the school.
"Will yon give permission throngh
the columns of your paper to advocate the claims
of n No. 1 school teacher for Superintendent
Corrpadmt .
Our column i are always open to everybody. W
handle a "free press" and will gW publicity to
everything hearing on th Superintendenoy or
aoy other pnbll question, when th articl Is
ilgood by a reipMtable cltlian.
Business Think of It! Theaver
age number of oars that pasted over tbe Tyrone
A Clearfield Railroad daily last week, was b60.
It Is no wonder tbe trains become tangled some
times. The Tyrone division is becoming very
branchy since th Tyrone A Lewlsburg and the
Snow Shoe wings have been added to the manage
ment. But we have full confidence la Blair,
Woods, (Irt en t Co.
Fatal Aooident. William Gaines,
well-known to all river men, was killed instantly
in West Keating township, Clinton county, on
Tuesday, the 1Mb Inst., while engaged In rolling
timber into tbe Susquehanna rlrer. When the
pile of timber started to roll, he was thrown down ,
and a number of heavy logs paired over blta,
breaking bil neok and crushing bis body bid ly.
It waa several hours after tbe aooident oc
curred before th men could recover tbe bodj from
tbe timber. Deceased was about 52 yes of age.
Pine Grove Uigh School, located in
Lawrence towasblp, abont tbre and a-half mile
south of Clearfield borough, will be opened on
Monday, April 25th, 1881, for a term of sixteen
weeks. Miss Mary C. Weld, a graduate of Edin
boro Normal School, also of th National School
of Oratory, and on of our most experienced and
successful teachers, bas been engaged to oooduct
tbe school. Circulars, containing terms of tuition
and board, and full information, can be had by
addreislng L. Denning, Clearfield, Pa., Chairman
of Esecutira Committee of Clearfield County
Pomona Grange, or J. Blair Read, Clearfield, Pa.
Missionary Contribution. At the
MishoerT annlrersarT of the Central Penmvlva-
nh Cjoference. bell Sunday evening, addresses
wsre made by Rer. M. L. Smyser.of Berwick,
and Rev. Dr. J. M. Reld, Chler Secretary of the
Misiionary work of th church. Th following
hews the amount raised In each diitriot during
th past Conference year :
Wiitlanisport district 3,lSi.9
uanvllle district v,w,Vi
II.rriiV.urat rliiLriot 4,445 4
Juniata di.lnc I,8:t2.u&
Altoona diitriot 11,808 81
An advance over last year of...
.,$-'0,224 IT
... 3,520.80
A LumtierBoom. Tho Spirit of last
week says: Punxsuiawney experienced slum
ber boom th latter part of last week which goes
ahead of anything before known In the Bonth nd
of JerTeraon county, not oven excepting tbe p.lmy
days during the war. There waa a market for
all kinds of lumber, end everything In the shape
of a raft found buyers at big figures. Hemlock
brought from five to seven cents and some extra
pine wax sold at the bridge for sixteen aoda-balf
cents. We learn that some of our merchants
old their lumber in Pittsburgh at prloes ranging
from sixteen to twenty.on cents. The total ran
of lumber out of Mahoning will aggregate over
two hundred rafts.
Luth eran Opinion. Wo notice that
th Juniata Confereno of th Central Peon 'a
Synod, of tbe Lutherao churoh. which convened
in Bloomfleld last week, passed th following
resolutions relative to speculative life Insurance :
Whkrkas, Bsliering that speculative life In
snrano as now existing, and so rapidly spread
ing over onr Commonwealth, 1 monstrous evil,
demoralising In lie tendency, dlshoosst In Its
purposes, and disastrous in its affects, we hereby
Heeolee, That, as tb watchman tn whom the
Master has given the ever? Ight of His flock, we
recognlx tb duty to defend and protect the
moral and spiritual interests of tbe same.
Wo hereby sound the not of alarm, and most
earnestly advise onr people to giro beod to this
specious but dangerous evil, and not to be entan
gled therein. A. II. SrastoLXR, Secretary.
Man Drownkd. A young man
named Tboinas Shaffer, whose home was near the
village of Covode, Indiana oounty, was drowned
In the Susquehanna river, on Sunday afternoon,
March 20tb, while engaged in rafting in timber.
II was working for Mr, Ball, near the foot of
Chess Falls, and was standing at tbe time on the
unfastened end of a lash-pole, when the lashing
that extended out over tbe water was strnok by a
heavy log, knocking Shaffer's feet oat from under
him and throwing bim Into the water. He waa
s tending on the outer edge of the platform with bis
face down stream and did not nctloe any danger
until thrown In. We ar Informed that he ap
peared on tb surface of tb water twice tbe first
time bead foremost, and tb eeoond time bis feet
came up but nothing eonld be done to save his
life. He wai a bob of Mr. Jobn Shaffer, of North
Mahoning township, Indiana county, and was
about 22 or 23 years of ego. II had beta bat
recently married, and got to housekeeping a few
weeks ago. Up to tbe time of going t press, we
hare not learned of bis body being recovered.
The insurance on tho loesostustained
by the late fir at Curwensvllle will be adjusted
through the agencies of Win. O. Uelmbold, of
Curwensrille, and Messrs. Kerr A Uiddl. ef
Clearfield. Clearjield Htpukhoan.
We beg leave to correct the above. The insur
ance oa the loisei will not b adjusted through
these agencies, because six out of th lea
insarano losies have been adjusted through tbe
agency of R.D. Swoop, of Curwensvill. Tbe
twe losies represented by Helmbuld have not yet
been adjusted, although they may be sometime.
Mr. Swoope'sageBsy paid $4,910 four days after
tba fire. The lues luitaioed by Messrs- Kerr A
Diddle were so complicated that more time wa
required, but their companies ar solid. Thss
arethe facts, and th ltr.iuiLlCA should mek
tb amend konoraUt.CirweMettiU Timtt,
There aowl Th agents all have had aa ad
Terltsemeat free of charge.
Mr. Noteitine has this to say too;
Ct awBns villb, March 26tb, 1881.
Eeiron Rerrii.icA . fitar Sirt I notice by
the Curwensvills Times, Ibat tbe losses ef Ur.
Helmbuld, in tbe late Ar "her not been adjuited,
but may be some tltne." Permit me lo aay that
the ..'is on my furniture, ac, was promptly and
liberally adjusted, and paid in esvah in tour days
from time el less, l ours iruiy,
8. h. Notistibe.
Now, bow U that for honorable f
Below will b found an official Hit of tb name
of tbe perrons appointed by the Commissioners,
Collectors of tbe tevsral boroughs aad townships
of Clearfield oounty, for 1891, as well as the eg
g regale amount ef tb county and Stat taxes for
the current year, as follows t
liorovgkl, Vnthetorm.
Bumiide J. S. Wetse)
Clearfield J. I. Patterson.
Curwensvllle. .J D. Thompson
Hoatidale John Maine
Lumber City. .Anthony llile
Newburg..,..Iaa Markle...
N. Wesb'g'B-Kathan Palmer
Otoe ol. T. C. llrlms....
Wallacetfin-.Jaa. 11. Turner.
Bscearia. Joseph W.Lull
Bell 11- L. MoUhe
Bluom Jacob Zilliui..,
Beggs.,.. I'aalel KmeaJ...
Braillord..M...N. P. Wilson...
Brsdy Christ. Korb ...
Buraside John Wearer...
Chest. J. Hockenberry.
Covington-,.. F. F. CoudrieU
Decatur John Reams....
Ferguson...... John M. Mile...
Uirard.H Hubert Lei g hey
ttusbea.H Robt. K. Hegel
UrahauH Andrew Smenl..
Ureenwood,...N. J. Freeman..
Outicb Jobn H. Djers..
Vo. TVr.
St. Tax.
U2, 3U
2,01.1 08
1,118 lr
80 41
Ifl8 la
158 IB
2:o 02
8.19 14
141 4
1,880 01
1,117 8
422 05
VII 7 4t
,0 78
1.V7S 16
1,850 80
oo ri
804 41
1,573 II
80 04
701 48
484 61
600 OS
THl 86
716 OS
671 25
848 74
: 88
748 67
2,804 04
1,643 81
s:t 67
1,72 II
,TII 11
4,07 TT
2,0 i a 00
$17 4ft
870 9tl
94 20
16 SO
10 48
S 60
61 10
0 16
29 90
12 06
2 15
ft 60
T 40
00 25
26 00
12 74
4 65
16 00
6 20
ft 70
lft 85
I 65
11 81
9 06
20 65
4 06
I 60
lft 20
16 25
10 68
14 6ft
Law ran e....
,.J. H. Kline
.JO MeObeehan
..John Uilliland..
..Jacob Arnold...
..Miles Read
..Peter Moo
.Ooo C Pa in ore.
Pike JnhDs n llolden.
Sandy Joea M Trotell
Union. Wa. Welty
Woodward... B. I. llendersea.
20 10
7 86
Total for 188l...MH..,
.$.( 6t7 62 30
Total for 1&S0,
$40 0T4 82 $1,461 70
Call at Morrill's hardware store and
see th cheapest and best Sewing Machine Tor
th Unit money. Dm. II-U.
To Sportsmen. I have fishing tacklo
of all kinds ( also, powder, shot, lead, eps, oar
trldgea, te. Fii Bickitt,
March 23, 2 in.
This Way fob Your Pumps I Tho
undersigned Is now sole agent for th sal of the
Celebrated Wooden Pump manufactured by th
Toledo Pump Company. They ar without doubt
the best pump la th world. They throw more
water, work easier, aad last longer than any pump
ever put oo the market. Alio, for sale, Iron
For and Pitcher Pumps. Rspalrlng done
promptly. Frbd Backitt.
Clearfield, Marob ISd, IftSl-tm.
Coal In. If any of our coal bank
men feel like trading some of their product for a
series of numbers of copies of tbe CLiAnriiLD
RsrtinucAM, we will gladly show them where to
put two or three hundred bushels on account tn
that way. ni bav a bin at our residence and
one at th office that will bold t load every now
and then. A hint to th wis U a vary Big re
mark, aad should be eufiVlent. tf
Complimented. Tbo Altoona Trib-
unt of Monday lays t Rev. D. U. Campbell, of
Ansonvllle, Olsarfleld county, son f our esteemed
friend, John Campbell, Kcq., cf Anils township,
Blair county, preached two able and Interesting
sermons la the First Presbyterian church yester
day to a large and appreciative audiences. He
is an earnest and effect lr worker la tbe cans of
Christ, and bis many friends In his native county
will be pleased to leain that he has been meeting
with much success In bis present location.
New Daily Stage Line. James L.
Leavy bai succeeded in bay ing a dally mail estab
lished between Clearfield and Fennfield, and will
hereafter rua a daily stage between the two points.
IHsoontraot began with April 1st, and the stage
wilt leave Clearfield every motnlng (except Sun
day) at 8 o'clock, making connections with all
trainson the Low Grade Railroad at Pen nil eld, re
turning after the Inst train the seme evening.
Passengers and freight will be carried at low rates.
Orders left at any of tbe botets will be attended
to. loaprjw-tr
Still Uarnesued. It will be ob
served by tbe appointments, that our neighbor
Rev. Win. H. Dill, Is sentouttodotT(-ctlv work.
There being more preachers in tbe Central Penn
sylvaola Conference than circuits and stations, he
bu notified the Confereno for several years that
be would locate, and at low some of th outs to
come In and take his plao ; but tb Confereno
refused by a highly complimentary vote to locata
him. Hones, somebody who needs a circuit Is
overboard, while Mr. Dill Is assigned to West
Huntingdon and Mill Creek.
Pennville Normal. Those wish
ing to attend school should attend tbe Pennville
Normal School, which will open April 18th, 1861
Tbe Principal, Prof. W. S Lather , is known as
one of our oldest and beet tenoher. He will be
assisted by other Irst-olau teachers. Students
will hare the use of tbe Pennville Library, also
a good reference Library. Instrumental and Vocal
Muslo will be taught by good teacher! in that
branch. Also Industrial Drawing and Paintiog.
For terms, board, Ac, address E. M. Davis, Sec
retary Board Trustees, Grampian Hills, Pa., or
W. fl. Luther, Principal, Lick Run, Pa. tnh 9 If
Bomb Sunday School Facts. In
Northern Pennsylvania there ar some Sunday
school facts of Interest to all who rejoice in the
I'Xteniiiin of the Redeemer s kingdom.
1st. There are many and great benefits to be
gained for the ebnreh of Christ by organisations
wbiob bring togeiner unninan people oi every
name to work fi Cbriit, Tbe world means to
tee that all Ood's people "are laborers together
with Und.'' (1 Uor.B, v.j
Sd. Uv His A nos tie. God euiolos. "And above
all tblogs.heve fer vent obsrtiy among youralves."
(t Pet. 4, 3). Union Sunday school meetings
offer to tbe various religions denominations oi a
given oounty or district an opportunity to mani
fest this chief ol Christian graoos by encouraging
each ether in the one wurx of bible ituiy ana
teaching. All who attend such meetings in "the
uniif ot the faith" testify to their value.
'id. There are M to uteri and their members of
every denomination In Northern Penn
sylvania who do, tn various ways work together
for Sunday school improvement and extension.
4th. Christian union effort, rightly directed, Is
never In conflict with tbe bigheit interest of the
churoh. With a few or no exoeptieo those wbo
are the most active tn anion effort are among the
foremost in their own church work.
6th. In all tbe Northern counties of our State
mor than one-third of those who might attend
are yet to be gathered into the church and the
Bible school en ibe Lord's day,
0th. It Is certain that these thousands around
as will remain nnconrerted as long as they are
uninterested ln"th truth as It Is in Jesus. To
bring the precious souls under the saving influ
ence of "the Word of Lite" is the chief objtot for
which we labor. Surely these momeotous Inter
ests loudly call for tbe prayerful, earnest and
united efforts of all God's people.
7tb. Encouraged most of ail with God's mani
fest approving blessing, beloved brethern and
workers In Christ, let as follow the Dirin?
command and "Go rorwerd.
R. Crittexdis,
BxLLiroXTK, Pa.t March 1831,
Mr. Editor: Sino we have quite a flood here
we are getting along swlmingly. Lumbering 1b
over and lumlermen are now driving logs. Chai.
Rob acker Ii driving hemlock logs aa far as the
mouth of Laurel Run, where they will pass into
lb bands of Coon ran Brothers, wbo are doing
tba driving on Bonnet's Branch this Spring.
Th logs cut by Cochran Brothers al Summit
Tunnel have been carried ea thenars of tba Low
Grade Railroad to tb "Big dam," below Bancset,
Klk county.
All toe schools of the township, exoept the Peo
fleld schools bav oloaed. 1 learn that William
Postlethwalt, who taught lb W internum school
last Winter, has goo to the Kiinboro Stale
Normal School. The Board has employed tbe
following teachere for tbe Summer term of three
months i Hickory Loa Ueisey Winterburn
To be supplied ; Mill Run Kile Rosenkrans
Laurel Run Mary Snllivan ; Pen field Primary
School Mrs. G. W. Weaver. Tbe School Board
bare eilabliibed a graduating course la the i'aa
fleld High School.
We are to have a ohange of ministers In Hus
ton, Rev, A. B, Hooren of tbe M. K. Church,
wbo bas been here three yean, will be succeeded
by Rev. D. B. McCloikey. Rev. W. M. Burch
field, wbo has been tbe Prcebyterisn minister here
lor over three years will stay at DuBois hereafter,
but his soecessor here has not beta chosen. The
Presbyterian ladiea have organised a Sewing So
ciety, to eld In building a personage, and two
Sewing Societies in Pcnfield are making things
lively. 11 ARKr.
PxnriKLO, Pa , Maroh 28th, 1HS1.
Mr. James Dougherty, Sr., died at his home in
Lawrenoe township, on Sunday, March 30, 1081,
in the 88th year ot bis age.
The deceased waa born in County Donrgnl, Ire
land, January 26th, 1714 ; married Sarab Dough
erty, si iter of Mrs. Jobn McLaughlin and Mr.
John Daugberly, Sr., now living in Lawrenoe
tuwnihip, tn tbe Fall ef 1818, and In the Hprlng
of 1010 be, with his wife, emigrated to America.
Tory landed at Philadelphia, and settled in Del
aware county, l'a., near what was then known as
"Old Chester." In Denemher, 1H33, he. with bis
family came to Clearfield county and Settled on
the farm where ho died, which was at that time
en entire wilderness. He waa the father of eleven
children fire sons and six daughters. Four sons
and four daughters are living. Hts son Hugh la
now living in Kansas, and Sarab, marrisd lo
Martin Brock way , is living in Illinois. Tbe others
are living in Clearfield borough and Lawrence
township. Sarah, his wife, died August 2ltb,
1K70. Since that time be has been quite leeble,
but able to be am und most of tb time until tbe
link of the present month, when be received n
stroke of apoplexy, from which be never recover
ed. He lingered until tbe 20th, cunclous all the
time but unable t apeak, lie waa a man of
m'tre than ordinary Intelligence, generous ana
kind, of honest Impulses, end a warm friend. He
was a oo oiistent member of th Catholic church.
Us lived to a good, rip age, and died reipeeled
by all who knew htm. He Is gone and his chil
dren need bar no ree-rot that they failed to do
their duty, for I have never kuewn a family of
children so kmd nod aft action ate to tneir parents
Lawrence township, March 20, 1391.
Our school! are drawing to a close, aesrly all
will "wind up" with literary exerel las, and some
of them with public e I ami nations.
The third annual Educational Re union or Brady
township will be held at Trouttllle, April Otb.
A programme of live educational topics bas been
prepared aod distributed. A pro table time is
A great deal of alcknesi prevails in our midst.
Mr. Justus Seyler, the junior partner of the firm
of Seyler A Hon, has been prostrated with In
flammatory rheumatism. His many friends nnlte
in wishing him a speedy recovery. Mr Chaa.
Sch warn, one of our most trustworthy and inooess
ful business men, Mr. Philip Wenvr, Laibere
burg's practical shoemaker aod J- U. Kdioger,
the congenial proprietor of tbe hardware estab
lishment, are just convalescing after a sersre at
tack of pneumonia. There are ale several eases
of scarlet fever.
Tbecltisene of Lnthersburg have made arrange
ments to have a term of Normal school In their
beautiful school house, the latter part of tbe Sum
uer. Th term will bgm about th middle of
July, and oontinu twelv weeks. This eehool
will be taue-bt br tw pruOcleot aad experienced
teewbera. It will b a new d apart ur here la th
right direction, aad should receive tne encourage
ment and rapport of every cittien of Lnibers-
knrar. and the ant Ira MBmunttr.
Tba ham of ur ehingle and saw mills Indicates
a revival ef business in our community.
nfih mills tiara an Increased stock over aoy
previous year. Th immense amount of logs ta
tb dam of "Shaffer's mill," would do credit to a
mill of much larger capacity. On aooonal of this
imiwaaea atoek. and the to creeled demand fur
sbingles, Mr. Shelter's foreman, Mr. Feadereon,
la runtiia thai bh.II da and Blcbt.
Mr. William Lytie and wile bav "pulled up
ii.kM." and mnmm to Clarion. Mr U. Will attend
Carrier Seminary at that plao, With a view of
taking a ttlmfUmt eewrer. ".batbvw
Appointment! for 1881.
Th thirteenth annual meeting of th Central
Pennsylvania M. B. Confereno convened at
York, Pa., en th 18th of March, and closed oa
tb 22d. Bishop Andrews presided.
There are Uoluded la th Confereno 218 min
ister. Of th five Presiding Elders three bar
gon out of offloo and given appointments rli t
Rer. 8. C. Swallow, Rev. J. J. Pearoe aad Rev.
Dr. Mitchell. The new Elder ar Rev. James
H. McGarrah, AMoona District, Rer. Eira H.
Yeoam, WlllUmsport District, and Rer. Richard
Hlokle, Juniata District.
Tbe reports of Presiding Elders Evens, Clarke,
Swallow and Mitchell, of th Danville, Harrii-
burg, Altooba and Juniata District!, show aot
only an increased membership but Increased eol
lections for Missions.
Rev. 0. W. Burnley, stationed on the Clearfield
Circuit the past year, waa granted a eupirnnm
rary relation hennas of broksn health.
Th Confereno decided to meet next year at
Look Haven.
Before adjourning tb Bishop announced th
following appointments for the emu ing Confer
one year i
Eiba II. Yocitm, Presiding Elder P. 0. Will-
iamanort. Pennsylvania.
ileeoh creeB ana mm nan lueouero a. raus.
Beneietle Joseph x- Hothrook.
Cogan Valley John W. B ethane.
Du lloli town William A. MoKee.
Kmporium Benjamin H Crever.
Great Island Henry Wilson.
Hiaer and Weitport Elial M. CbUcnaL
llughasville Mortimer P. Croithwalte.
Jamestown Da Id B. MoClosky.
Jersey Shore William A. Stephens.
Kedron George W. Stevens.
Leidy J. B. Graham.
Lewliburg Millon K. Fo.ter.
Liberty Valley To be supplied.
Lock Haven William A. tiouok.
Loyaliook J. R. Furey.
Lycoming W. H. Bowden,
Mifflinbur Alexander M. Barn Us.
Milton William C. Robios.
Montgomery Andrew B. Hooren.
Montoursville J. B. Mann.
Muney Alexander R. Miller.
Muncy Creek Andrew P. Wharton.
Penlleld Adolphus D. MoClosky.
Pine Creek Reuhen B. Kelley.
Ratston-r-James P. Anderson.
Renove Bartholomew P. King.
Salladasburg James Hunter.
Saloon and Weahlngton William 3. Nororosf
SinnemabonioK Aiburv W. Guvei,
Watsontown A Montandon Andrer E.Taylor.
Wharton To be supplied.
Wiliameport, Pine H treat Samuel Crelghton
" Mulberry SL Martin L. Genoa.
" Grace Church Benj.C. Conner.
" Third street James T. Wilson
Newberry William H. Keith.
Kdward J. Gray, President of Wlllamsport
Dickinson Seminary, member oi uuibtrry ft tract
Quarterly Conference.
Knniernnmsrarv and Bunerennuated tree ob era
John W. llaugbawout Henry tf. Dill Thomas
Greenly, Thomas ianeybill, Cnaries W JJurnley,
Jacob Montgomery.
William W. Stars, Presiding Elder Post
office. Bloomiburg, Penn'a.
Ashlsnd John A. DeMoyer.
Beach Haven C. T. Dunning, one U be sup
plied. Benton George W. Donlap. 0. T. Mauler.
lUrarlnk Martin L. 8 03 Tier.
. Bloomingdale Jubn Horning, J. II. Mortimer.
BIoomBburg Joun yoniow.
Book horn George V. Savldge.
Catawiasa John B. Polsgrore.
Catawissa Circuit John Lloyd.
Centralla Robert L. Armitrong.
Cenyngham Richard H. Wharton.
Danville, St. Paul's J- Max Laots.
Trinity Peter P. Strawinskl.
Blysbarg Uldeon H. Dev.
Ripy and Light Street Henry 0. Chestoa.
Ilailetoo G. Tarring Gray.
Uelfcmtrln and Gordon Henry N. Minolgk.
Hickory Run George K. King.
Jeansvill and Audenreid George Warren.
Jeneytown Timothy II. Tubbs.
Miffltnvilla Crawford L- Ben looter.
Ml. Carmel 8. Milton Fro-1.
Muhleaburr John C. Brown.
Northumberland Kmory T. Swarts.
Orangevilie T. O. Clees, one to be icppllsd.
Riverside Daniel Hart man.
Selinsgrovo John W. Back ley.
Shiekshinny Martin L. Drum.
(Sham ok in Jacob S. Mr Murray,
Kniliriawn Henrv B. Fortner.
South Heberton George N. Lamed, one to be
arm 1 ltd.
Stockton A Reaver Meadow Nathan B. Smith.
Sunbury HUes C. Pardoe.
T rev erton Joseph R. King.
Washingtonvilie Edmund Whit.
Weatherly P. Franklin Kyer.
W hite Haven William C. lleiacr.
Hue-b A. Curran, Professor In Slate Normal
School, member Bloomiburg U.uar. Conference.
Aunarntiuierarv and sunersnnuated preacher
Ceylon W. Marshall, Alem Brittein, J. P. Robb,
jobn w. irecxie.
Jaubs 0. Claris, Presiding Elder Peitoffloe,
Barrisburg, Pa.
Carlisle A. Duncan Yoeaus.
Castle Fin Levi S. Crone.
Cheinhersburg David A. Monro.
Cove To be supplied.
Dillsburg R. H. Gilbert.
Duneannoa J. Ellis Bell.
Fairview and Marysville J. P. Beofard.
Fort Llttlvton Charles J. Book.
Get 1 71 burg Richard 11. Col born.
Green Caatl J. Pat ton Moor.
Greo Village George W. Bouse.
Hanover and New Oxford Wm. McK. Reilly,
llkrri.hur. Graoa Charles W. Buor.
Grace Church Mission George M.
" Ridge Avenue BenJ. B. Hamlin.
St. Paul's Nathan S. Buckingham.
" Fifth Street James il. Black.
Lewiiberry John A. Wood, jr.
Little Creek One to be supplied.
Littlestown Henry i. Lundy,
Liverpool John W. FsighL
Loudon Jonathao R. Phipe.
Mecbanicsbnrg Alfred S. Bowman.
Mrrcersburg Benjamin H. Moiser.
MoConnelliburg William Moses.
Moat Alto J. R. Dunkerly.
Mount Uelly Andrew W. Gibson.
New Cumberland James H, McCord.
Newport Nathaniel W. Colburn.
Newville and Rehoboth William W, Reese,
fjbippeooburg D. II. Shields.
Shrewsbury William Uwynn.
Stewartstown Benjamin F. Stevens.
Waynesboro Thomas 8. Wilocx.
Wrlgbtivkll Jared V. Shannon.
York, First Church-IS ilea 0. Swallow.
" Duke Street Jobn V room an.
York Snrina-s Thomas M. Griffith.
Irvin H. Torrence, Secretary of Pennsylvania
Bible Society, member or Grace quarterly won
W. Maslln Fryslngcr, Superintendent of Cen
tral Pennsylvania ton fere hoe Boot Keom, mem
ber ef Kid re Avenue Uuarterly Oonfereno.
Thompson P. Kg, President of Irving Female
Uo liege, member Ol Juecnaoicsourg quarterly
Aouila R. Bandar. Vie President of Wilming
ton Confereno Academy, meinberof Green Castle
Quarterly Conference.
Sutiernumerarv and SuDcrnnnnated preacher
Jobn btino, Oliver Ege, J. A. Meliek, Williem
Sohrlber, W. L. Hpoltawood, V. h. Ureter, J. u
McKecban, W. K. Uoob, Jobn Moor bead.
Richard Hiwklb, Presiding Kldr-Potofflo(
Huntingdon, Pa.
Bedford Samuel W. Sears.
Bedford Circuit-Marshall 0. Piper.
Blaine J. W. Ely.
Burnt Cabins J. Q. Eherbart.
Cassvllls William A. Meinioger.
Concord Andrew W. Decker, one to be sup
Deoatur To be supplied.
Knonrille William A. Clipplnger.
Everett William G. Ferguson.
Freedom Joseph A. Ross.
Huntingdon J.J. Pearoe.
Lewislown Thomas Sherlock.
Manor Hill John W. Olewine.
Mct'oRnellstown Frederick Kogersoa .
McVeytowa and Granville Wm. d. Hamilton.
Mlfllintown -William. V.Ganoe.
Miiroy Jonaihaa Gutdin.
Mt. Union John W. Cleaver.
New Bloomfleld James M. Johnston.
Newton Hamilton kdward K. A. Davis.
Orblsonla Klisba Shoemaker.
Petersburg -James A. Mr Kind! ess,
Pleaiantvilla James F. Penningtoo.
Port Royal Henry M. Asb. one to b supplied,
Ray's Mill Amos S- Ita.dwin.
Rubinsonvllle J. D. W. Denver.
Saxton Richard to b supplied.
Shir ley sburg George A. (Singer.
Schelliburg Beth A. Crsvehog.
Thompsontown James W. Rue.
Three Hnrlncs Jams W. Bell.
West Huntingdon and Mill Ureek--Wl lllem II,
Dill, Charles Uartsel.
Suneraumerarv and Superannuated preachers,
W. II Sieveni.J. H Slice? Clarke, J. R. A here,
George Berk i trailer aod Levi u. Hack.
Jambs H. MG aimam, Presiding Rider.
Altoona, First Church Thomas Mitchell.
" Eighth Av. Jesse B. Young.
11 Chestnut Are. Thomas M. Reel.
" 24th St. Aiher R. Crono.
Bellefontc Georg D. Penepaeker.
Birmingham Henry H- Bender.
Clearfield George Leidy.
Clearfield Circuit George 8. Ague.
Curwensvill J amee Cures.
DuuflanavtllcLutbsr F. Smith.
Glen Hope Fur man A Jaws,
OrehamtwB Walter R. Whitney.
Half Moon -J. S. Beyer.
Holddayebnrg -Joseph B. Shaver.
Howard Henry F. Cares,
Lloydivllle Te bw supplied.
Logan Valley Isaa Heckmaa.
Lumber City Isaiah Edwards.
Martlasharg-M. L. Smith.
Milesburgaod laivnvill John A. Woodcock
New Washington Owe Hicks.
Osceola and Uontsdale W. Scott Wilson.
Penn's Valley J. Benson Akers.
PbthpsbBrg-Abram M.Crelgblea.
Pine Grove Henry S. AteodenbalL
Pleasant Gap N. W. Wonner,
Pert Matilda Cambridge Graham.
Snow Sbee William A. Carver.
Tyrone Fmley B. Riddle.
W arrior's Mark George Outer.
Williamsburg William W. Daamlr.
Woodland Hen ben K- Wilton.
William Barasbaw, Chaplain of th National
Horn for Disabled Velnoteer Soldiers at Dayton,
Ohio, member f Warriors Mark Quarterly Cob
bupernomerary and Superannuated prahra.
hli.Iis Batter, L. N. Clark.
J. K. Hyhes, Misileaary ta China.
TERM, 1881.
Court eanvaned on Monday. Maroh 21. 181,
at 2 o'olook P. M , Judges, Ogdea aad Uo It
oa th beach.
John M. Haatlngs, John Shaw and David
Johnston were appointed tipstaves.
Th Hal nt Urm-oA and Petit turorS havt DeB
called, th ConstabUs of tbe several boroughs and
towBsbips made their returns, and the Coostabie
clect were sworn in, ...
Tha flrat dav of th term being tb aay axea
by tbe Rules of Court for the eonsidsration of ap
plications for liosniss, th following application!
war granted, io wit;
S. B. Row Clearfleld
William B. Dean Clearfield
R. N. Shaw uiearneia
James MeLaughlia.. Clearfield
L. 0. Bloom .,..Curwsniville
Milo Uoyt....... osoeoia
G. W. Lao Osoola
Smith Balrd Osoeoia
Nicholas Soollini 0 .ceo I a
Michael Hurley Osceola
George E. Robacker Pen field, Huston Twp
James L. Seofleld M....Pnfleld. Huston Twp
Jules Janot Covington iwp
Lewis Lei gey (transferred to Leon
Coutriet) ...Covington Twp
Joba Walton H CovtngtoB Twp
Hiiar art Pieree Woodward I Wp
George Rhoads Woodward Twp
leaae L.lovd ....n oouwaru u
Thomas Moore . Woodward Twp
Mr. Wm. Wells Woodward Twp
Mrs. Richard Donahue........ Woodward Twp
Wm. W. Lane Hootadale
William Parker M Houtadala
John McGirk M......Uoalsdl
Richard Maddigan Houladale
Wm. Curraa..,. .,..Houlsdak
Frank Slater Houtadala
Patrick Dunn.. Houtsdale
James Haley Hootadale
Ellaabetk Smiles Houtsdale
Fred Wreee Houtsdale
Edward Jordan H ..M Houtsdale
Patrick Shields Hontsdat
James Bolger Uoutadala
W. L. Nicholson DaBois
Mead Brothers DaBois
Julius Terpe I trans' to U. P. Strobridge)..DaBola
K manual Hunts (trans, to W. n. Kussell...uuDoui
Joseph B. Sterne..,
Jacob Trnby
John DuBois
John McNulty......
Wm. Sehwem
. DuBois
, Lutbersbarg, Brady Twp
J. II. Feerar.
George W. DetU... . Glen Hope, Beccaria Twp
Wm. Marsh..
urauy iw
Beccaria Two
Jacob Knleman
. M. Flynn Pennville, Penn Twp
George Knarr.
...Troutville, Brady Twp
Peter Ruflner
J. A. Roland
G. D. McCracken
Mary E. Eseinbuwer..
Samuel Hulliben
George W. Dav la
William Shields
..Madera, Woodward Twp
Chest Twp
Greenwood Twp
...Kylertown, Morris Twp
New Washington
, Sterling
R. T. Kelly DuBois
H. Livingston Clearfield
Jobn Dugan A John Parks Beccaria Twp
J. S. Graff ...Curwenirills
Mary E. Dsmnnt vs. Charles Demon t. No.
January Term, 1K41. Sub. Sur Divoroe. A. P.
MacLeod was appointed Commissioner to take
and report testimony,
Annie E- Diggins vs. David Diggins. No, 3 ill
September Term, 1880. Sub. Sur Divorce. W.
A. Chase, Kiq., was appointed Commissioner to
take and report tetimny.
Martha Bloom vs. Wm, L. Bloom. No. 32
March Term, 1881. Bub. Sar Diroro. T.J.
McCullougb. , Esq., wm appointed Commissioner
to take aod report testimony.
Boad Matter,- Petition presented for a pnbli
road leediog from public road near th Moshaa
non black imith shop to a point intersecting First
street In tb village ef Criifleld, la Woodward
townihip. Read, aod Wm. R. Frailer, Edward
Pidgeon and Harry MoUowea were appointed
Petition for a public road to lead from western
termineusof Elisabeth street in iioatsdale bor
ough, to Mosbannon oal mine, in Woodward
township. Read, and Wm. R. Frailer, Edward
Pidgeon and Harry McGoweu were appointed
vie were.
Petition for a road from Philipiburg to Osceola,
on lands ol Albert Owen, to Intersect a public
road leading from the old turnpike to Clearfield
creek, on lands of Campbell Brothers, la Decatur
township. Read, and Themas W. Moore, J. F.
Steiner and Richard Hughes appointed viewers.
Petition to vacate a public road in Union
township, leading from a poiat in paMlft road
leading from Hoover's mills to Summit Tonne),
at a point at or near Home Camp school house,
to Winterburn, in Huston township. Real, and
John L. Outtle, Josiah R. Read and Ckarles
Mignot appointed viewers.
Petition for a public road leading from a point
oa tbe twp. road near Sterling saw mill to a point
on tb Moshannon creek, near Bolger's bridge,
iB Woodward township. Read, and U. H. Bart
man, Jesse Diggins and Frank Bolger appointed
Petition presented praying for a public road to
lead from Shick'i dear log, oa tb road leading
from Bhawevill to Jobn Murray's, and inleseet
with tbe Trout run read near Morrow's mill, and i
to vacate the old road that leads from tbe Clear
field road on Shawsvllle hill to said Shlek's clear- I
log. Read, and Jobn L. Cuttle, Robert Stewart;
and Isaa Gaines appointed viewers. i
Petition presented for a re view of road lead
log from Morrison Sbarpe'i, In Greenwood town- I
ship, to road leading from Chest creek to Hoyt's I
mill, in said township. Read, aod Thoi. Moor.
Jama Somervllle and Jobn Pent a appointed
viewers. I
Petition for r-vlew of road leading from Home
Camp school house, lo L'nion township, to 8 tow
el's mill, in said township. Read, and John L.
Cattle, Chnrle Mignot and Josiah R. Read ap
pointed viewers.
rwtitien ir re-new oi roaa leading irom ins
Bell and Brady township line al or near Jobn j
Baiter's, to a public road leading from Rishel A 1
Be backer's grist mill to the Susquehanna river I
at a paint near said mill, In Brady township.
Head, ana i nomas n. moore, Alexander bite a
aod Jobn Smith appointed reviewers. !
Petition for re-view or tne report or viewers
vacating that part of a public road la Bradford
township, leading from a point Bear Jas. Parks'
to toe punno road near woodland rire nnok
works. Read, and 8. F. McCloikey, D.W. Moore
and J. A. Moor appointed reviewers.
Confirmed ni $i. Report of viewers Vacating
and supplying part of a public road in Decatur
township, leading from Fishtown to Susquehanna
Report of viewers laying out a private road
leading from public road running from DuHola to
West Liberty, to the dwslliog of Thomas Wayne,
la Sandy township.
Report of viewers laying out a public road
leading from Mathers' school bouse, In Beccaria
township, l said township.
Report of viewers laying out n public road
leading from Glen Hope to Pusey road, at or
near Henry Bailey's, in Beccaria township.
Report of viewers vacating and supplying a
road leading from Clearfield borough to n point
near A, II. Shaw's mill, in Lawrenoe township.
Report of viewer vacating that part of public
read leading from Packersrille, on tb Kris
turoplpe,to Rock tea, In Union townihip, between
tb Erie turnpike and the old Union twp. line.
C firmed abeolutelif .Report of viewers vacat
ing that part of public road la Bradford town
ship from Mark Kyltr's to Jona. Wiser, in said
Report of vitwsn laying out a public road
leading from Nichols street, In Weit Clearfield,
Lawrence t ownsbip, at its intersection with Front
etreet to Park street, at it Intersection with pub
lie road, in laid township.
Report of viewers laying out a publia road
through tbe lands of K. 0. Bridgens, in Karthaua
' Report of viewers laying oat a public road
1 idmg from near Benjamin Carson's, in Brady
township, to a point in public roaa at or near
tbe Seyler School house, in said township.
Report of viewers vacating and supplying a
public road tn Greenwood townsh ip, leading from
a public road at or near Marion nfterp s to a pub
lic road running from Chest creek to Hoyt's mill,
at a point at or near George Kos', in Greenwood
Report of viewers laying out a public road
leading from Deer creek bridge to iater'ect tbe
Deer ereeft road near J. o. Jury s, in said twp,
Hoadt aad Mieeetlaneoue. Exceptions to re
port of viewers vacating and supplying a portion
of public read in Greenwood and Bell townships,
leading irom n. c. inompsona,m ureeawood
townsbtp. w u( s a. iougneny s, in ueu town
ship. Sustained, and report eat aside.
Bridyae. Report of viewer recommending
Ibat a oounty bridge be built across the Susque
hanna river near widow Wet set's, In Bsll town
ship. Disapproved by the Grand Jury. '
Report ol viewers recommending Ike erection
of a county bridge across bandy creek. Disap
proved by tb Grand Jury.
Report of viewers recommending th erection
f n pun ue Bridge across iao suoinannon ereex
at Oscola, at Ibe Joint expense of Clearfield and
Centre counties, too turned absolutely.
Report of viewers changing lha site of tb
bridge known aa the "Good fellow Bridge, to
Lawrence townihip. Filed and approved by the
Grand Jury. Remonstrance filed, and review
granted. George 0. Kirk, Dental Stewart and
1 nomas u. roreey were ap no in tea reviewers.
Petition presented by the eitksens and Super
risers of Lawrence and Boggs townships, for a
a public bridge across uiearneia erect, on oia
Pb lipshnrg and Susquehanna Turnpike. Read,
and John L, Cuttle, John A. L. Flrgal and Zaoh
ariah McNaul appointed viewers.
Borough. Thecitliensof Glen Hope present
ed a pett I loo, asking Ibat tb town be incorpora
ted as aborongh. Approved by the O mod Jury.
(Jramd Jurjf'e Report. Th Grand Jury, among
other things, report that portion of tbe publio
road leading from Logan's mill to Carwenirllle,
in Pike towmbip, 1b bad condition. Also, tbe
road and bridges leading from Osoeoia to Boats
Tb following accounts were presented and
oonurmed ni i, te wit :
First and final account of W. H. Patterson,
Assignee ef J. B. Bean, of the borough of Hoati
dale, Clearfield county, Pa.
Partial aooonnt ef Samuel W. GUI, Executor of
the last will and testament of Aogus M. Gill, late
of Bradford township, Clearfield eoanty, Pa., de
feased. Final aceonnt of Samuel llegarty, Administra
tor of Thomas Cowan, lata ef Beccaria township,
Clearfleld oounty, Pawn', deceased.
Aeeoaat ef Joke B. Shlaael, Administrator ef
George Sbimal, late el Boggs townihip, Clearfield
county, Penn'a, deceased.
Final aceonnt of Cntharlo Marry, A dm In Is
trains of Patrick Marry, late f Woodward
township, Clearfield ouaty, Peon a, deoeesed.
Final aeoount of George S. and Adam Weaver,
Executors of George A, Weaver, late of Brady
lewaabip, Clearfield eouaty, Penn a, deceased.
Fiaal aoeouBl of James T. Leonard, Admlats.
Irator of Mrs, Amanda J, Leonard, lata ef Clear
fleld borough, Penn'a, deceased.
Partial aooonal ef A. D. Roe, Administrator
of Reubesi Nelaeat, lat ef New WashiRgtea bor
ough, Clearfield county, Penn a, deoeesed.
Final account ef Godfrey Fisher, Administra
te f John Hartsog, mi r Kartbaus township,
Cwrflld teaaty, Fna a, deceased.
Partial aeoount of John Getnett, Administra
tor f Lewi Doney, late of Union tewushlp,
Clearfleld oounty, Penn'a, deceased.
Partial aooonnt of William Hot brock, surviving
Administrator of A. Kylar, late of Morris town-,
ship, Clearfleld county, Penn'a, deceased.
Final aeoount of John MeLaughlia, Adminis
trator of James MeLaagblla, Tat ol Snyder
township, Jefferson eoanty, Penn'a, deceased.
In re astate of Samuel Powell, deceased. Ex
ceptions te report of Frank G. Harris, Kiq., Au
ditor, sustained, and report referred back.
Thomas J, McCullougb, Esq., wai appointed
Auditor to dUpos of the exceptions to tha ac
count of Godfrey Fisher, Administrator of Joba
Hertseg, deceased.
Daniel W. MoCurdy, Esq., was appointed Audi
tor te distribute balance la hand of th Admin
istrator of F. K. Raiarty, deceased.
P. M. Lytic, Esq., of the Huntingdon Cennty
Bar, was admitted to practice aa an attorney in
tbe several Courts of Clearfleld oounty.
The Court fixed for the week commencing on
the 38th Inst, was continued.
Court adjourned on Thursday, the 21th Inst.
Editor RxrrjiLirARt In tb last Issa ef th
Raftenan' Journal I noticed an articl headed
"Lumber City Bridge," written by John Russell,
in wblob b attempt to give th publio tons in
formation, rii : That the bridge is now free t and
It ie well that he has come to that ooooluslon at
last. But new to th part of tb articl to which
1 want tecall his attention.
In the first place, when a man attempts to give
tbe nubile information on anv subject, ne ibouiu
be governed by truth and fairness ; at least be
ougbt not to eontredict bis own assertions.
He says Ibat "tbe Company, through their
offloers, waited upon tb Commlssonon with tbe
view ef effecting a sal. Twelve hundred dollars
was one red, 91,500 waa esbd." Now, as l wnai
was then asked amounts to nothing; for t hey
ea-reed to take sl.2u0. with nrUilcee to lake the
toll noose, rained at aiou, making bi.juv tor ioe
bridge. Then be lays aeompromia was about to
be effected, when attention was sailed to the law
la referenoo to tb sale of bridges. Now, her
ho aomit there Is a law requiring the Court te
appoint viewers to view and appraise nriugee
This eons was then pursued, lie forgets lo say
that th same law says the viewers are to an
praiie bridges at what It ftcftssw them to be
sort, andnotwAaftlMittoftaifd them Uirfy year
ago. Me goes on to state tn viewers ware snown
what tbe bridge cost, end bow much it has paid
tne stock bolder s, Ac, and, noth with standing all
these facts, the viewers appraised the bridge at
eniyai.uuu. Ue tben pities tbe Judgment ana
doubts tb honesty of some of them, and says '.he
reiult was that tho Company would not accept the
price offered, aad asked tbe Grand Jury not lo
confirm the report. Very smart, Indeed) for
blgbiy educated men 1 vt ny did not tney go ac
cording to law and refuse to accept and show
cause why they could not Mil at that price J
Then he says "a few cltlsens attempted to raise
izuu for tne company, but was met by tbe reply
tnai tne commissioners said toe bridge waa free,
Which was the only truthful answer that eould
be given, for It was virtually a free bridge by ac
tion of law, and it is my kelisf that all toll taken
after tbe time was up for the Company to refuse
iuc appraisement, eould by taw be recovered irom
tbe Company by tbe County.
He further says, "the Company labored while
there wa a hop or even a show of justice." Jus
tice, Indeed, to persuade the County Commission-
ers to pay out money Illegally and contrary to
the Interests of those whom it Is tbsir duty to
Again be offered to give us a bond te indemnify
us iu case tbe County Auditors would aot pass
th aeoount, If we would pay the Company $100
mora than.tbe amount fixed by the appraisers in a
cor dance with law, and in this wy attempted lo get
the Commissioners to do an unlawful act, and one
against the Interests of the people of tbe County
simniy so neneni a lew individuals! and oe-
cause w would not go outside tb pale of th
taw io grainy nis menus, men ne says gross in
justio ha been done tb Company for whioh he
noius me commmioners and tne appraisers
responsible t Now, hero li where the injustice
aod nntruthfulness comes In, If be wanted to
be truthful, why doa't ho lay that he, as en of
tb officers of the Bridge Company, did not know
nis amy ana aid not apply te taa Courts a in
proper time for relief. He was vary careful not
to inform tb public that the law does not allow
tb County Commissioners to fix the price or
value of a bridge to be purchased by tbe County.
Tbe duty of tbe County Cumin isiioncrs in this
ase was closely laid down by the law. They
Mold pay $1,000 far the bridge, and no more nor
no less, and a man or general intelligence, teat
Russell claim lo have, should hare, and I be
lieve, did know, that fa?t, but had not enough of
candor to admit It. Knu Jon it sex.
Gn a nfi ar Hills, March 2lt, Ibtfl.
Clearfield Coal Trade ISiato-
ment of Ceal and other freight! sent over th
Tyrone A Clearfield Division, Pennsylvania Rail
road, for the week ending March 19lb, 1831,
and the same time last year t
For tbe week ,
Sam time laat year
Increase ,
Previously during year-
Same time last year.... ,
Total tn 1881
Same time last year H
Increase 91,640
Lumber 165 ear.
Miscellaneous freights 107
A Fact. Anauvertisemontinsortod
In the Rifuilicaji will reach more readers than
if published In all th other papers ia tb eoan
ty, and cost tb advert) let less than one-half
In other words, aa advertisement published in
our Jcurnat tl worth denbl tb prio of that
charged by aay other publisher ia the eoanty,
It Is a fact." tf.
Onb Ht'uriRio Pnn Cirt. Discount en Old
Priori. Sewing Machines can now be purchased
at Merrell's tin and variety store, from $46 up
ward!. All kinds of sewing machines repaired
oa toe shortest aottoe.
Clearfield, Pa., July 18, 1877.
Just Itecelved,
Just Received by ARNOLD, at
Car Load Nora HcotiA Plaster!
Car Load puro Corn. Rye and Oats
Chop i
Car Load Deakon Snlt 1
Car Load of Choice Family Flour I
Car Load Dry Goods, Groceries, Ac!
ftSlnntrles, liaric. li. li, lies and
bruin will bo taken in exchange.
Curwensvill, May 1, 1878.
R EITER HAGG. At th Reformed parson
age In Troutville. en Sunday, March 10 lb. lttOI.
by Rev. Jobn Wolbacb, Mr. A JAM Riitrr, of
Clear Water, Wright oounty, U I ens note, aod Miss
A it urn Hagu, of Henderson township, Jefferson
CARR WALLACE In Clearfield. on Wednes
day. March 33d. 1881. bv Rev. II. S. Butler. Mr.
Maxliu P. C abr, of Pike township, and Miss
.ikRxiR vr ALLACB, or Lawrence townihip.
NACH ALS NELPON. At Mortlndele Mil
on Saturday, March 26th, 18M, by C. C. Crowell,
biq,, nr. vin. rn Am La and miss axxib nri.sox
rII of Morris townihip, Clearfleld county.
HOLT. At her residence In Bradford town
ship, on Saturday, March 13th, 1881, Nsarr, wife
of Hon. Vincent B, Holt, aged 66 years aod ft
BPENCK. In Goshen township, oa Monday,
March 14tb, 1891, Miss Keren Spence, second
daugnur or Mrs. Mercy u. epenoe, aged io yean,
LI THER In Prady township, on Thursday,
March 24th, IHHl, Uiavt H son of Herbert T
and Mary H, Luther, aged 3 years, 2 months and
4 days.
PATTERSON. In Jerdsn township, oa Toe.
day, Marob S2d, 181, Mnrtir M.,only daughter
oi James and Hebecca l'atterson, aged 16 years,
o memos and ii aeys.
"A steep In Jesus.
NORRIR. Tn Lawrenoe township, en Thurs
day. March 24th, 18SI. of diphtheria, at flfteea
mine tee before six o'clock A. M., Ki.nan L-, nged
it years, v saontoi and ix days : on tba same day,
at twenty minutes after eleven o'clock P, M.,
ulara u., ageoj 1.1 years, i monins and l dnys ;
both children of Joanna and James S.Norrli, 8r
SMKAL. In Bradford township, oa Friday,
January 21it, 1881, Ralph a Pilmorr, ion of Ellis
and Martha Smeal, aged 0 years, 4 months and ft
SMKAL. In Bradford township, n Tuesday
Maroh into, 1881, Ai.ica Annas, daughter of
hiiis ant Mar tba pmeai, aged years, b mentbi
an lo days.
Dearest children, thoa hast left as,
Hire on earth thy loss wa deeply feel ;
But 'tis God that bath bereft as,
He ean all our sorrows heel.
Yet egala we hope te meet them,
W hen our life ob earth bas fled ;
Tben tn Heaven with joy to greet them
Where ne farewell tear 1 shed.
CLBARriBLB. P. Mrh 20th, 1881.
Floor, per owl.- $3 00
Buckwheat Floor. per cwt 1
Cora Meal, per cwt 1 80
Coon. rve. nerewt 1
Chop, mixed, per wt 1 46
Bran, nar awt 1
Wheat, per bushel 1 10
Rye, per bushel SO
Oats, per bushel $0
Corn. ears, ner bushel .... 40
Buckwheat, per bushel 80
Clover eeed $ 0
Timothy seod $ TO
Polatoei. nor bushel T5
Apples, per bushel - . $0
Onions .. 1 60
Hams, per pound 13
Sbewlder, per pound ..... ft
Dried Beef, per poand ...... If
Chickens, per pair.,, 60
Batter, per poand 26
Eggs, per dnsen 16
Salt, per sack, large H 1
Ooi Oil, per gallon '
Lard, par poand , m.h. 124.
Dried Apple, per poand 6
Dried Peaches, per poand 12
Beans, pet InsbI.....h.,......... I
t gidt'rrtlsrmruts.
The Great CLOTHING Emporium I
IF YOU want to Btudv your gwn interest, do not fail to call at
, tho above establishment and examine
Hats, Gen,:s' Furnishing Qoods, &c,
Whether yea wish lo make a purchase or not, we
assortment of gon Is, which will
Styles are the Best, and
R.i.owW, al,o, tla! w. have an elrganl .aortni.nt of PIKCI UO0U3, of th. leteat ...elllel,
And wt at. prepared to HAKE SUITS TO ORDKH
to eolt ine taJte oi in. meet laauaion,.
Opera House Block, opposite postoffioe,
The largest and best assortment of wagons ever brought to
One ar load of CONKLIN wagons,
One car load of STUDEBAKER wagons,
Which wc will sell at fuctory prices. We buy these wagons by
the car load and pay CAfcH for them, therefore we are able
to sell cheaper than any other dealer in the county.
We guarantee these wagons to be first-class
in every respect. Also, a lot of
Platform Spring Wagons? Buggies.
One car load of GKA1N DRILLS which we will sell cheaper
than ever before sold. Give us a call before buying elsewhere.
F. M. CAEDON & BR0., Clearfield, Pa.
February 23, 1881-tf.
3Ejtfk"X",,r,02r BLiOCIi,
Curwensvllle, Pa.
Wholesale Dealer in
Boots, Shoes, Groceries,
I buy direct from jobbers and manufacturers, receive goods at
car load rates, hence can compete with New York and Philadel
phi a houses.
Also, Dealer in
Saw Logs, Lumber, Shingles and Bark.
Fartiea having bark to haul during the Winter, can contract
and receive liberal advances. Also, advances made on Saw Logs.
Give me a call.
Sepl. M, ISSD-lf.
All kinds or CaskoU and Coffin, kept on hand, and lurnihbed to order on
hori notice, including tho finest aa well ai tbe clioapcst that can be manu
factured. Our
oonrii xti.zubAizi. v iui
la the beet In use, and will be furni.hcd when required. Funerals attended
lit any part of the county. Call at my office, on Second street, or leave
jour orders at Troulman'a Furniture Store. adioinW the Postoffioe.
oct 1,'79-lf. Clearfield, Fa '
5,000 Rail Road Ties.
CtrwMiTlIU, Pa. Ju. 1, 1171-tf
X for aal. at rraeraeble rrloM and o. aae;
t.rne. Alio, Wferal FARMS In Bradford and
Graham townihkpe, Applrto
b... I, '0 af.J
Clearkld, I'..
Fine llnllan Marble in llif Slule,
ap an, wnrk ibel ea. b. do. in lb. city at n.eb
,hea..r ratae. W. will ,wt wp
1. Italia. Marbl.ot OrMlla, .haanw tban It Hi
b. dow. In .ny other fart of tbe Slat. An. pwr
Hl wa,ln monamonul work t. aoioa.tof3l and
pwwrda.will hen far. paid t. and from Fbllipe.
bwrw. li. ftot b. fooled with aliMp Anivrlea.
j.rbl. whe. yo. own bn, in. Iulka. tnarbl. nt
l.war prlM.
ov-UEAD B TONES . fpwel.ltw.
Prsdae. .ad approve fpn will b. Uk.t I.
oh.a.fot Coneteri work. Alloub pa;wwnni
will b. mad. t. Ih. Moh.iaoa Banblai C. U
tk. mdlt of R- PltRCM.
Fhiltpibu,, Pa., Jna. M, 1M1. .
2Jw gunrtlsfttunti.
shall be plsaied at all time I shew yon ear
at onoe convince you that ear
our Prices the Lowest,
inlenuea lor
AT SHORTEST NOTICE, tad ,ball udearor
r A A
,r. , 1-11 t
A WKEK. lit. lajnt time aMirwaul..
V I & Coelly Mtnt frM. Addraa, Tat. d, 0...
Aufuila, Malnk (ehi-l,.)
C.rweoftllle, P.., Ju, I, -II. H,
MONEV TO I.OANOa Ir.t-.laj. m
prv.4 fan. property, by tk. Mntwd Llf.
mno. Company of h.m Ywk, .n Iret wjoei.
Ir.. In na, from ll,n .p. For fwnhw la
lornatioB apply U tb. wnderelrnl.
ClMrl.ld Pa., Ilay Tib, 117, t.
Grist Mill For Sale I
Avery desirable mill property, with tw lr
of barra, sitaaU In bee star twp.. Cleor
leld oaaiy, Pa.,aboat two aasl a-ha If mile weei
of Phlhpiiiarf, Ceotre eouaty, Pa.
Apply lo 8UMMBRP11LU PLKOAtt,
Pbtltpsbarg, Cenlr 0., Pa.
Vov. 19, llB-tl.
THE nlwrlbar kenby fl.M ..tlM tba be
Ie w.w delivering oal or aa .EMlleatqwltj
.ad propwM t. .p.rat. kl wtla.
.tLL mv.h.heh,
So ikat ka will W wMihd to ncply hi, Mitoann
nt all tiM witk good ro.l. Mo Haaaer
tloa. Ordm ky null .roanlly iiM.
ClMrl.14, Pa, Marrk t, IMl-tf.
K A .-I l VS7 W.