Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, March 30, 1881, Image 2

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tiioBai B. Goodlandir, Editor.
Reader, If yoa want to know what la going on
In th. baalneea world, loot rood oar advertiring
aolamna, th. Sp4iul oalutan la paruenlar.
Imposed on Aoain. It looks now
as though Conkling and Logan have
things politically as much tbeir own
way as if thoir third term project had
Tin "Sun" Editor Dead. John F.
Crow, for many years managing editor
ol the Haiti more Sun, died suddenly in
that city on tho 23d Instant, agod CO
The Raleigh (N. C.) News of the
15th inst. says: "The apricot trees are
in full bloom horo. The buds on the
plum trees are nearly open. Thore is
an odor of Spring in the air."
No' Sisaioa. Tbo latest telegrams
from 'Washington, relating to an extia
session of Congress, aro to tbo effect
that Frosident (iarfield concluded on
Monday that he would not call an ex
tra session.
The 11th of March was a field day
in tho United States Senate. "A Con
federate Brigadior" was Hill oj in and
smoked out most completely. Head
the proceedings on our fourth page.
Grant Settled. Tho West Chester
Village Record has learned of the pur
chase ol fifty acres of ground near
Wayne Station, on tho Pennsylvania
railroad, by Gen. Grant, upon which
ho will build a handsome residence.
Our first page is covered with a va
riety of literary and historical reading
matter suitable for old and young.
Statesmen, divines, scientists, and all
others may learn a good lesson by giv.
ing it an attentivo porusal,
Kenned Radicalism. Gen. Shields
was allowed to die in poverty, and the
widow of Gen. Thomas receives but
thiily dollars per month, while the
Government has spent 110,000 in try
ing to prove that a darkoy cadet at
West Point didn't slit his own ears.
Ex-Speaker Randall has our thanks
for a lot of valuable publlo documents.
We hopo that tho member from the
III. district will havo a good time dur
ing the session of the XLVII. Con
grew, so as to overbalance the lnr
Ibons of the past two sessions.
Antagonizing. It looks now
though the Garfield and Grant forces
would soon separate Both the lead
ers indicated want to bo on the I'rcsi.
dential track in 1884, and aa the road
to the White Houso Is but a singl
track both cannot go over it. If In
thoir blind zeal they attempt it, thore
will be a collision and somebody hurt
It is pretty plain already that Gar-
Cold wants to bo his successor. There
is tun ahead.
Not firaaaoa. Thee aev thai at...
man bH ml difficulty In getting Viet Freeidenl
Arthur to neogala, bin whin b wuli to an;
eom.thing. Tbli la a horrillo itaU of thing!
almoet h borrlbU el wbon Beeretary Bhormaa
turned Collator Artbar out of offle. for iron
abarea tad forth. &reaae.
Three years ago Hayes an J Sher
man both denounocd Arthur as a scoun
drel, and tho official loiters aro on file.
More: Wo believe thoy told tho truth.
Yet to day ho aits in tho United States
Senate as its presiding oflioer. What
a "grand moral idea I"
Something Wronq. It looks
though Garfield upset several Grant
carts the other day. In the various
translors ol office on Thursday last,
the Rov. M. J. Cramer, Gen. Grant's
urolber-in-law, drops out of bia posi
tion at Minister to Denmark, and Gen.
Adam Badeau goes in. What with tho
appointment ol Robertson for Collector
of Customs in New York and the re
moval oi Cramer, Thursday was a bad
day for the third term faction.
Misled Aoain. The Now York Sun
makes the following pertinent inquiry :
"Did tho President ovor live who would
have dared to place upon the table ol
Daniel Wobstor, John C. Calhonn, John
J. Cilttoridcn or Henry Clay a bouquet
as a tokon or Whito House approval ot
a vote?" Tbo point is here: Garfield's
man Friday, who bossos the posey gar-
aon at tne w bite House, placed a huge
bouquet on the desk of the "Confeder
ate Brigadior," Senator Mahono.
Virginia, after he voted to betray his
party mends who bad elected him
This act is certainly sentimental White
llouse-iem. Shame!
The Philadelphia Times says: "lies
olution, if bis friends aro to be believed,
is not Garfield's slroiigcxt characteris
tic. There aro a good many concur
rent testimonies of this, however, in
the President's own actions. Ho has
from the tlrxt dreaded the idea of an
extra session. Like all men new In
tho ofllco, ho wants to enjoy aloiio and
unmolested the iutoxicating gup of su-
promo power without the incessant at
trition that comes from the co-ordinate
branch. He ieels equal to the filling
of all tho places that are likely to be
vacant, and, if the truth woro known
he wants to bo rid of the intimacies
bred from long association on terms of
equality with members wbo today
cannot realize tbo difference botwoen
'Jim' Garfield on the floor and Presi
dent Garfield in the White Houso.
When he listens to Blainoand the stal
warts, who aebo for ammunition to fill
tbo caissons for the Fall campaign, bo
glows with a desire to straightway
summon Congress ; when, howovor, he
reads the unansworablo arguments of
the able editors, who have a whole-
some dread of partisan redundancy in
legislative blundors, his mind waivers
again and he is rocked on the billows
of a problem too deep for hasty solu
tion. The bankors too havo boon send
ing in their notes of warning. Thoy
don't want an extra session, you may
bo sure, and it may turn out that all
tho oogency of tho Cabinet and tho
pleading of tho party princes will turn
out unavailing as against this still
small volco of the money power, which
has a knack of working in mysterious
ways its wonders to perform." We
advise the President to keep a sharp
lookout for shovel dealers, liko Axes,
and pavement contractors, liko Do Gol-
yer, who always have au eye to busi
ness, whether it results in damaging
the reputation of a Congressman, Sen
ator, or President, or not.
A Fuss in tue CamI'. It appears
that a majority of the Senators and
Members of our Legislature have but
little business to attend to at homo,
and had, therefore, made up thoir
minds that they would spend the one
hundred days at Harrisburg (which
expires on the 14th of April) without
doing anything, and then remain in
session for fifty days longer, for which
they proposo to chargo tlO per day,
making the session one hundred and
fifty days and pockot 11,500, instead
of $1,000. Howovor, tho Auditor Gen
eral and Slate Treasurer, have ap
pealed to the Attorney Goncral, and
ho has rendered an opinion that the
fifty-day grab would be an unconstitu
tional act ; that the Slate Treasury is
not warranted iu paying out moro
than 11,000 salary and tho mileago to
which each is entitled. Hour legisla
tors cannot discharge their propor du
ties to the taxpayora by the 14th of
April, they must work for nothing the
balance ol tho time tbo; may bo in
session. 1 bis decision has caused
great flurry among those members
who have already drawn thoir $1,000
and spent it. Fun ahead, hut they
will get away with the $1,500, which
is about all they go thore for.
An Oil City (I'a.) dispatch, dated
March 24, says: "About ten o'clock
last night seven masked men robbed
tho house of Mr. John Cotiiioi, Sr., a
wealthy old man, living In an isolated
locality near (jueenatuwn, in Clarion
county. Mr. Connors is about seven
ty years old, and wbon tho burglars
called upon lilm he was seated with
his aged wife by tho fire-place Fivo
of tho men entered and two remained
on guard outside. Upon oiitering the
burglars ordorsd the old man to open
his safe, which stood in the room.
This he refused to do, whou they shot
and heat him in a learful manner, one
bullet taking effect in bis head. Tho
old man still refusing, they proceeded
to torturo Mrs. Connors by putting
nor feet on burning coals. Tbey threat
ened to roast her alive before his eyes,
and proooeded to do so. This caused
tho old man to succumb, and be open
ed his treasure box, when the burglars
helped themselves to gold, silver and
bonds to tho valuo of Irom fllleen to
twenty thousand dollars. Railroad
bonds, East Brady Bridge bonds, six
thousand in Government, bonds and a
largo quantity of other negotiable pa
pers woro taken. Connors is tho ownor
of oiio of the best grain furins in West
ern Pennsylvania, and receive a largo
royalty from eoal companies opeiallng
on bis farm. Ibe old man is now
lying in a critical condition and it is
impossible to tell oxaetly how much is
taken. There is no cluo to the rob
bors, but it is supposed that thoy knew
all about tho houso and the old man's
property. Thoy are thought to be
rosidents of tho neighborhood and not
professional thieves."
Ioval Patbiots. Theoity of Wash
ngton is crowdod with clamorous
claimants for office, and tho new ad
ministration is fairly hedged about
with gangs of hungry politicians who
"want something." During tho Presi
dential campaign one of the strongest
ploas for tho support of Republican
office-holders who served under the Re
publican administration, was that which
called to mind the fact that in tho caso
of Gonoral Hancock's election they
would necessarily bo forced to quit
I pon this ground was based repeated
demands for contributions of money to
help the cause along, to which thoy
readily replied with thoir cash. Now
it would seem that thoy are in as much
danger of losing their places as If a
Democratic President had been cho
sen. Inure could not havo been t
groator number of office-seekers at the
Capital if Hancock had been elected
tban thero is now.
A "Loyal" Dose. The Harrisburg
Patriot remarks: "A part ol the cor
rupt bargain with Mahone is revealed
in the selection of Mahone's man, Iiid
dolborgor, for Sergeant at-Arms of the
Senate of tho United States. Riddel
borgor is the editor of a repudiation
organ in Virginia, and is one of the
'Confederate Brigadiers.' Such sunor.
fine Now England loyalists as Morrill,
uoar and iawos must have squirmed
when this ex-rebel and ropudiator was
prcsontod to them by Mahone for Ser-Keant-at-ArmsoftheSonate.
But there
was no help lor it. They could ex-
pect irom JUahono none but his own
kind when he had tbo seloction. Con
spirators and mongers of corrupt po
litical bargains must not be over nice."
laorouND Views The Cambria
Freeman avers that John I. Mitchell,
the new Senator from this Stato, Is a
made perfectly manifest from the broad
view he takes of the bargain entered
Into by his colleague, Don. Cameron,
with Mahone, who advocatos the doc
trine that the honor of a State consists
in repudiating hor pnblio debt. Mitch-
II says: "I think that the action of
Mahone moans the dawning of a now
and bright day for this country. It
means the establishment of national,
not sectional parties. The fetters have
boon broken and the apostle of a
new order of things has come forth."
Mitchell Is tndonbledly a "brick," as
is evident from this opinion which ian
DiMAoocii'tsM. In his rocont roply
to Sonator Hill, General Mahone con
fessed that he fought with his peo
ple in the "late unhappy contest" and
had no apology to make for it Un
der any other circumstances this alle
gation would have been mot with a
howl of indignation from the Republi
can sido of the Houso. If Congor and
Hawley had not been aware that Ma
hone was "fixed" thoy would have
loaped to thoir leet and with frothy
mouths cried out against tho defiant as
sumption of the " rebel brigadiers,
But silonce prevailed among the Rad
call. Even a robct brigadier's short
comings aro forgotten wbon he votes
with their side.
A Modern Ciiusader. Tbe New
ark (Ohio) jliwocaferomarks: Judgo
Hunt ol Louisiana, tho new Secretary
of tho Navy, is not exactly an old salt,
but he has Bailed tho seas of matrimony
to somo effect and is not altogether
unacquainted with squalls and stormy
weather. Ho has buried two wives.
has divorced one, and another one
shares his house and board at this wri-
ting. The divorced wifo, fooling that
Improper advantage had boon takon of
hor in the Louisiana Courts during her
absence in Europe, made an attempt
lor several years to sot asido tho de
cree. As tbe Judiro bad taken nntn
himself a new wifo, this placed her in
rather an awkward position. Tho
courts stood by him, though Louisiana
eocioty docs not. Tho Judgo seems to
be a person well fitted to assist Mr.
Garflold in his crusade against Polyg.
The Traitor Ahead. Tho Phila
delphia Timet states that case plainly
in this way : "Tho repudiation Sena
tor from Virginia shows up well on
tho committees. Mr. Mahone has one
chairmanship and a place on three
othor committoes. This is doine- bet
ter tban almost any of the Senators.
Sonator Sherman has an ornamental
otiairmansuip and two committee
places ; Senator Frye has throo com
mittees and Senator Harrison only two.
Mahone has even beaten Senator Cam
eron, who has one chairmanship and
two other places, and (Senator Mitchell
is left away in the shade. The most
ot them will bo latisfiod, however, since
bad it not been lor Mahone thoy would
not have done so well."
The Alloona .Sum blocks it out in
this way: There is ono thing about
this Mahone matter that points out a
moral, und that is the alacrity with
which the average Radical wel
comes to his arms an "unrepentant
rebel" who will consent to boa Repuh.
licsn either fur cash or any other con
sideration. II you ask a Radical about
Akormun, or Key, or Longstroet, or
Mosby the answer is, "Oh, be Is repent
ant" Now to show how repontont
Malione is It is only necessary to give
one sentence Irom Ins speech in tho
Senato tho other day, when Hen Hill
smoked him out Hero It is : "I oomo
with a proud claim to represent that
people (of Virginia), won on Holds
whore I vied with Georgians whom I
commanded, and others in thocaune of
my pooplo in tho lato unhappy contest,
and as one of those who engaged in it
I havo neither here nor elsewhere any
apology to mako lor the part taken
This man who comes boasting that his
deeds of valor in the Confederate cau
give him his claim to represent "his
people" in tho Senate of tbo United
States is "reconstructed" and "truly
toil," though expressly stating that he
disdains to mako apology, and is to
have tho i odoral patronage of Virginia,
while in tbe Radical estimation the gal
lant Hancock could not be trnstod with
tho Presidency lest ho should turn the
country ovor to the "rebels." This is
strange consistency and worthy only of
tho party whose high priests aro
Boocher and Ingorsoll ; whoso creed is
cant and hypocrisy, and whose contin
ual practice is corruption and pocula
The Const itulion of Pennsylvania
enjoins upon the Legislature the duty
ol apportioning the Htalo Into Senato
rial and Representative districts "im
mediately after each United HtaloB
decennial census." Tho time for mak
ing Ibis apportionment is hero and yet
the Legislature bus been so much oc
cupied in doing nothing for nearly
a party organized against all taxes
will levy special tuxes lor tho educa
tion of the blacks if tho poll tax shall
ho repealed.
President Garfield must soon act on
this important question and it is not
assuming too much to say that be
holds the honor of Virginia and of tho
Republican party In his own hands.
Vt ilh his official power exorcised to
usiain imcirrilv. rouudiation will
Uftu dwfisfiufnts.
TOII WOK It -All bind, of job work oieouted
in int noil osaaaor a I taia ornoa.
E Wilt HALE Several ew.rnie al
urea, la S'Htd condition, fur aalo at low
iriiee, in American and Simplicity hiree.
1K. A. H. HI U.S.
Olaartald, Pa., Mar. IS, ISSI-lt.
three month that hardly a step has speedily perish in Virginia, and
lli'im I II knit l.tvnr.U li... iw.s-i... ..,..,.! 1 .. . .. . " . '
LacTUBEB Like. The Cleveland
Plaindealer is reminded by Garfield'
position on pumio questions ol a cer
tain lecturer. Having an engagomont
to speak in a town upon certain mat
ters of an ecclesiastical naturo, and not
desiring to wound anyone's footings.
ho Inquired of a local committeeman
what subjects be had best avoid. Ho
was informed that it would not do to
say anything against the Episeop."
Hans, or Methodists, or Catholics, or
any of tbe othor ovangolical churches,
bocauso the membors thereof might
not like it "But," said the commit
too man, at last, "you may give tho
Mormons b I ; thore ain't one in town.'
the Removal DiAr.-Tho bill to
remove the Stato Capitol from Harris
burg to Philadelphia came up in the
House on the 23d Inst, and, after
amendments wore offered to locato it
at Crosson, Pittsburgh, etc., a motion
prevailed to postpone the question in
definitely. Upon a call of the yeas
ana nays, It was agreed to yeas 132,
nays 48. This kills the bill for this
session. This question of removing
tne state offices to Philadelphia is an
annunl hoax on the part of a row dem
agoguos who are sent from that city
to Harrisburg. The taxpayors do not
asa a change of site.
Sound at Last. That noted South.
em Abolitionist, Mr. Cassias M. Clay,
writes to a Northern friend : "I can
not go with the Republicans lor cen
tralization, corruption In office, extrav-
agant expenditures and imperialism.
I am Jeflersouian Democrat, and
maintain that the rights ol tbe States
and ths Federal government are grants
by the people and equally sacred.' I
Bellefonte Democrat says : It is re
pertod from London that President
Garfield a short time before his inaugu
ration, wrote a letter to tho Cobdon
Club, of which be is an honorary mem
ber, in which he expressed himself in
favor of "all possible ventilation on tho
subjott of froo trade in America."
Wholhor the President's views accord
with those of the Cobden Club, or not,
one thing is certain, not a word in his
inaugural address will encourago tho
protectionists to hope that he will
favor the protection policy which was
so fiercely claimed to bo an issue in his
election to the Presidency.
Think or it I Remarks the Pitta-
burgh Post : "On what small things
groat ovonte bingo. Here is the 'little
rebel ropudiator' of Virginia, selling
his vote to make the Senate a tie, so
that Arthur, kicked out of office by
uayos and Sherman for bribery, Inca
pacity and gonoral misconduct, can
have a casting vole and so dotormino
tho Senato organization. Is thoro not
a pungent odor or Credit Mobilior and
De Golyer knavery already exhaling
from the Garflold administration T
Judging from the report ol the do
ings of the Legislature at Harrisburg,
no session has ever equaled the present
for utter worthlessness. Somo ot the
worst elements that degraded logisla
tion for years, and in which Harry
Uuhn heads tho list, havo secured po
sitions which enables them to give
character to legislation So long as
tbo Republican party remains in power
will this pandemonium continue, and
not until tho Democracy gains the as
cendancy can a reform he expected.
Nothing that the minority can at pres
ent do will have tho least effect Tho
Harrisburg Patriot draws the lollow
ing picture :
If anything had been needed to con.
vinco the people of Pennsylvania that
the present Legislature is tho most
contemptible parliamentary body that
evor assembled within the limits of tbo
stato, tbe disgraceful scene on the
floor ot the House last Thursday dur
ing tho debate on the resolution ex.
polling tho offending newspaper cor
respondent would amply snpply the
lacaing testimony, autii miserable
wrangling as that which on Thursday
made the House a pandemonium is,
nowevor, only wuat may bo oxpected
from a body which seems resolved to
attend to anything but the public busi.
noss. Two and ono half mouths of tho
session are already consumed and tho
burdoncd files of tbo House havescarce
ly bocn touched. It is indeed now too
lute for that body to give propor con
sideration to a titbe of tbo bills that
are before it. If a few more newspa
per correspondents offend tbo dignity
of the House thoro is danger that even
tho general appropriation bill may
been taken towards tho performance
oi tins important duty ot making an
apportionment. In the House Annor-
tionmont Committee the present law lore
uas neon reported as a bill with the
view ol giving it a number on the cal
ondar, and beyond that nothing bos
noon uone. it is said that tho Legis
la t ii re is not in possession of an off)
cial copy of tbe lust census and that
for this reason the Apportionment
(.omuniiee nave been unable to pre
pare the bills. There is certainly no
difficulty In procuring the official cen
sus roturns from tho proper authori
ties, so that there is nothing in this
Tho changes in representation can
not bo many, and tbo task of ro appor
tioning the State will therefore bo by
nu means uiuicilllll too legislature so
riously desiro to pcrlorm tho duty re
quired by the Constitution. In tho ro
apportionment of tho Senato Schuyl
kill is no longer entitled to two mem-
bers, and Lebunon is not entitled to
the ball of one. By a liberal interpre
tation of tbe purposo of tho Constitu
tion, so as to eocuro fair representation
in the Senato Lebanon could bo joined
to Schuylkill for two Senators and Lo
high to Berks for two. Berks and
Lehigh united havo a population lurgei
A Costlt Senator. The Williams
port Banner myt: "It cost Pennsyl
vania ovor $300,000 to elect a Repub
lican United States Senator. Ho
should provo a valuable representative
in that honorablo body, when he cost
such a price. It cost only two hours
time to elect Senator Wallace." That's
the difference in cash between tho
two Senators. Mitchell must be more
active in tho future than he has been
in tho past if he evor pays for bis bill.
Lovely I "A Confederate Briga
dier" now rules tbe United States Sen
ato since that body has again drifted
into tho hands of the Radical party,
General Mahone, of Virginia, is his
name. He was one of Mosby's men,
well known to the fiih Pennsylvania
and Ducktail regiments. "Loyalty,1
about which the Radicals have boasted
so much, during war limes, seems lo
havo taken wings and flown away down
Bonln. tt bat hypocrisy I
A Golden Rewabd. Ei Governor
Hendricks, of Indiana, has sont to E,
B. Martindale, of Indianapolis, a valua
ble gold headed ebony cane in pay
ment of a bet made last year upon tho
result of the Chicago Convontion. Tho
ex-Governor wagered that Grant would
be the Republican candidate.
Cbowded. A Washington corres
pondent of the Philadelphia Timet, in
illustrating how busy the new admin
ialration is kept, avers that the Presi
dont has not kissed eitherhis mother or
wifesince tbe Inauguration scene. "The
Government" must be kept busy In
TbeCbanue. A"ConlodoratoBrig
adier" (Mahone) and tbe man who
was kicked out of tbe New York Cus
tom House (Arthur), for trenoral
'crookedness," now control tbe United
Slalos. How charming t
The Chicago Timet thinks thst Gar
field will send Mahone two boquots
Great Men. Some men are born
great, somo achieve greatness, while
somo havo greatness thrust upon them.
Of tho last named class Robert T. Lin
coln promises to be a shining example
n ncn uurnoio. macio mm Secretary ol
War, at the instance of Logan, or Illi
nois, his fitness for the position, judg
ing from the Republican press, was
mado to rest on tbo ft.ct that be was a
son of Abraham Lincoln. His fitness
must be shown by his acts and by
thorn aiono, and cannot bo presumed
from his paternity, for scores ot great
men in an ages havo beon tbe fathers
of blockheads. It is now urged in his
uchall that J.incoln is older than Jef
ferson was wbon be wrote the Decla
ration of Indepondonco, and older tban
w illiatn Pitt whon be became Prime
Minister lo England. A irood munv
men have boon appointed to bigh offi
ces in this country and In Englund
who woro older than Jefferson or Pitt
at tho periods of their lives referred to.
butneithortho mantlo ol Jofl'erson nor
that ol Pitt fell upon their shouldors
for all that If the Republican papers
siop plastering young tiincoln with
their fulsome praise and lot him so
vorcly alono, he will perhaps acquit
uiiiiseii creuiuiuiy. his onice is ono
that is not at all hard to fill in time of
pcaco, for Junies M. Portor. of this
State, a very aide man, who was War
Minister about one year under Presi.
dont Tylor, oncp stated to tbe writer
that tho post was a very easy ono to
fill and did net require any groat
amount of labor. Exchange.
Poisoned by a Pencil. Mr. Samuel
Clarko, of Vassalboro. Maino. has been
in the habit of carryiug a copying pen
cil in his coat pockot. Ono duy last
wock he went to Auttusta and while in
tho city purchased somo troches for a
cold, which he put loose In the pockot
wnore iney were constantly coming in
contact wiin tne lead, tvbilo return
ing to i assaiooro in the curs bu lelt a
tickling in his throat and to allay tho
n riiaiion pariooa oi sovorai troches.
His tongue at onco began to swell and
turn black, and by tho timo bo arrived
home he was deathly sick, A pliy hioon
was summoned, who promptly admin
istered antidotes lor the poison. It is
said that a pioco ol tho lead of ono of
inese pencils, half the size of a pea,
will causo the death of a robust man.
than two Senatorial ratios, and Schuvl.
kill and Lebnnon togethor have a pop
ulation nearly equal to two ratios. In
the Senatorial apimrtionmcnt but few
othor changes will berequirod. In the
nouso the notcssary changes will not
tie greater, rniladelpbin. A leu-hcnv
Luzerne, Clearfield and McKean will
gain eight members in all, and these
must be taken from the counties that
havo not kepi paco with tho rest in in
creaso of population, as indicated by
tho lust censis. So there is no diffi
culty in making an apportionment ot
members ot tho House, and not tho
slightest roon lor the excrciso of par
tisan fraud.
It is intimated that thero is no in
tention on the part of the Lecislaturo
to obey tho injunctions ol the Consti
tution in mtking an apportionment ol
senators ani members at this session,
ami the extraoidinary delay in report
ing the proper bill goes far lo confirm
such a suspicion. It has been ullegcd
as a pretext for ttiis evasion of duly
that it will be necessary to hold an ex
tra session next Winter lo apportion
members cf Congress, and that tho
Legislative apportionment may as
well be nude at the same time. If an
extra session should bo required to
mako a Congressional apportionment,
that does not afford the sliehtost rea
son for acglccling or putting off tho
uuiy ot mux ing a Legislative appor
tionment. Thero is no necessary rela
tion between the two that one Bhould
bo poslnoned lor tho olbor. Tho peo
ple of Pennsylvania may bo very dull
but they are not so stupid that they
will not see in this failuro to make un
apportionment tbe invention of a pre
text for holding a protracted extra
sessiuu ol the legislature.
By proper legislation an extra ses
sion for apportioning members ol Con.
gross might not bo required. It is
probable that the number of .Repro-
sentativoe in Congress will bo increased,
as such a disposition was plainly man
ifest on the part of tbe Republicans ir.
tho last session In that caso Penn
sylvania will hold its own or gain in
representation. It will be necessary
only for the Legislature to provide
initi suea uauiuonai members as may
bo assigned to Pennsylvania bo elected
at largo, aa was done in 1873. In case
tho reprosontation he unchanged thoro
will bo no need of a new apportionment
until ine next regular session In 1HS3.
But whether an extra sossion for mak
ing a Congressional apportionment be
required or not there is in that no rea
son or excuse for noglocting to make
the regular Legislative apportionment
now, as required by the uonstltution.
After dawdling away months an ad-
joarnmont without making this appor
tionment couia not tan to mcot tbe se
verest condemnation. Tbo proscnt
Legislature does not eninv so arno a
share ol publio esteem that it can af-
lord to practice such an cxporiment
on tbe public tompor. Harrisburg Patriot.
it is
oven possible lhat tho honest people
oi irginia, win overthrow both Uor
tield and Mahone and their rcuudintion
s if the President shall dcL'radu
tho power ot the Nutional Government
to dishonor a Stato and shame the
Republic Philadelphia Timet.
Rolla, Mo., March 23. Ono of tho
boldest attempts at bank robbimr In
the history of Missouri occurred in this
city at d o clock this morning, which
rcnuiteu in ino oeatu oi tho burglar,
Pot Ebert. Ho arrived in Rolla about
a month ago from Kansas, ostensibly
looking for a location to open a saloon,
tuking up his lodging in a boarding
bouse near tho Nutional Bunk of Rolla.
His suspicious conduct attracted at
tention and upon investigation it was
discovered that the burglur hod gained
access to a vacant building adjoining
tue uuiik una ior inreo nigbls was un
molested in his desperutn efforts to
tunnol to the vaull. On tho fourth
night, just as ho had mado an enlranco
to the vault, Marshal Dennis and bis
posse, at a signal given by tho cashior
who was secreted in tbe bank, sur
rounded tho lluiidincr and attemnlnH
I his capture alive, but Ebert, wbo pre-
lurreu ueum to arrest, with a daggor
in his hand, made a desporato effort to
escupeund was shot down in his tracks.
He lived ono hour after being shot mit
would reveal nothing.
( mil III Hlll;l.l.(lrj. Woarar A Co.
want Bto thooaand buahcla of OATS, now,
nntl all! pay eaab or arodnro.
C:arOall, I'a, Aug. IS, ISfS-tf.
irAfiOrVrJ fOR SALE! Tba sabaorlbor
V I baa two Two-Huraa Wagona, naarljr now,
for aalo. Will boaold oboap. Callon or ad.lraaa
CloarOald, Pa., March I, lhSMl.
"IOTICKTh. andoraigncd, maiding In tbo
XI "asa oi noatuvor, in Ubaat towoibip,
na too ooccararc arrangemcnta and pro
poaoa to onoo an KATISO liol i.II forth, u
oumoiodatioa of tba pol.lic grnorall?, and I bara-
uj aoiimi a liocral anaro ol tbo public patronage.
JOHN J. KM lif.u.
Wtatorcr, Pa., Fab. , lssl.if.
X and Fino toarerbipa, CloarSold ooontjr. t
ttcnaonable tlraa glara for part of pnrcbaao Z.jS
none;. Prlcot (S 00 to tlO.00 per aora.?
Minora'a roearted.
per aero.
L. BIRD, Agent,
FenOeld, Pa.
or Wallacs A Kania,
Clearfield, Pa,
and at
gem awtlstrafuts.
la berebj giien that Leltert of Admimatra
tian dt eoaie aoa on tbo aetata of SA ill'HL I'D W
hl.L, late of Clearfield. Fa., dee'd, baring bean
dale granted to tbe nnderaigned, all peraona in
debted to aaid crtata will pteaeo make immediate
payment, and tboao baring elaima or demanda
egalnrt tba lama, will preaent therm preporl
authenticated for aetllemeot without delar.
Adniinietratora D. B. N.
Clearfield, Pa , March SUIb, ISSI-fit.
In Name Only. The United Statos
Sonata seems to behave nearly as had
as the Lower House of our State Leg
islature. We have looked over the
proceedings for scvoral days and more
of tho Senators are found outside tban
inside. To illustrato : On Friday
quito a number of questions were vo
ted upon and failod because there was
not a quorum proscnt. One ballot
was taken, the yeas boing 17, nays 12
alisont 41, paired 6. That don't look
like business.
DIATION. Tho trade between the Republicans
ol the Senate and Mahone for the offi
ces and committees of tho body, is a
matter for which President Garfield
can t be justly held responsible, It
simniy a bargain by which Uorliara
gets a place that be couldn't get on
his merits, and an ex Confederate ro
pudiationiet secures the second most
important place against the honest
convictions and wishoa ol lour filths of
the Republican Senators. It is the
usual bartor that politicians of both
sidos make when offices can be bad bv
tue saie oi principio,
JJut if tho Ronublican enaliiinn
repudiation shall go beyond the Senate,
as u is now openly boasted and conn
dently exnoolod, tho responsibility will
bo upon President Gartield and unon
him alone. Tho acceptance of Mabono
auu ins ropuuiation policy Into lull
Republican fellowship in the Senate
will drive the entire Intelligent white
Jtepubiican element ol V irginia from
the party fold, and Mahono will havo
no party in his State beyond a few
unscrupulous placemen, without tho
The partnerahip heretofore exiating bo.
taarn Tboiaaa A. Fleck and A bier H. Ilillt In
tbe dr groode buaiooaa at Clearfield, la tbia da;
(Mjreh Ufitb, 1S81,) dioeolred bv mutual oonacnt
aod written ngraement. Tba bnaioeaa will bo
eloetd at tbaold aland, where tbo booka and aaaete
ol tbe aria remain. TIIOMAH A. FLKCK,
Clearfield, Pa, March !, ISSI -It.
Hi-ti-ui. Nonce The bnalnea will be
led by aod it odor th ftm or T. A. FUck. Ai
btrtlofor Ttrjr effort will b maJ to met), tbo
waoti of to auiaeroQi patroni of the buu, aod
tboM firing ll:r-ir patroni mjr oxpoct to And
u ntui itur acdiiog, eourtooua trottutDt and
bontat friao that bar ebaravtoriicol the boat
'"fJM". T. A. FLKCK.
Valuable Farm forSale !
WILL be add at ptlrala aila, a (rat-claaa
form, alluato in Jordan tnwnehfn, Clear
field oouoty, Pa., known aa tho WILLIAM WILL
IAM6 farm, containing lit neree and allowance,
with about 75 aorea cleared iHanBj.rM.i
of cultivation, baring tbereon erected
nrn umaoea, a large bank bara and .11 rk.
naceaaarjr oulbolldlnga. Alio, a good bearing
orchard of about 7 Irooi, Ao. Will be add rheao
ior oaaa, ar on p.ym.ota to anil parchaier. For
partloulari, Ac, Inquire of, or addreaa A. U
Kreaor, Clearfield, Pa , or tho undersigned at
.-..,..u. v"" r. v.; viearneid oeantr, Fa.
Kurd, March JOtb, HSl-tf.
Kept, lo, ury-ir.
Clover and Timothy Seed
A largo Hock of homo
Clover and Timothj
March 16th, lftI-3t.
Coal Coalm
TDK atidfriigtied, baT.r.g procured a leata ol
a Ant-elan wiai rclo, haa opened a ml do,
and Ii bw prepared to foroiib evitoarra with
fint-elau artlola of ooal oa hor( nolle, and at
(no mod art.. price) of K A CK.NTS pit buiL-al
All orJeri left t my cliop will ba at
la-nded to. WM. R. ItRUWN.
Cltarfiold, P., Pb. 1,
English Classical School.
rpiIR linden. gn ad will open tbli tvhot in tba
Leonard buildiag, Olrarfiald, l'ean'a, on
MuNDAY, APRIL U, IHHI, to coot inn, tit -en
Common Kocli.h Brancbea tfl 00
Higher Kuglieh and Claaeica ;.j
Clearfield, Pa., Fob. It,
3" lAr co-rfioiM.i krev Uwm ,ifm
Jimovat H orn.
lo. i,7. ii . """r'PUKia.iiii. Wo guarantee
iSctedll thl iiA'Vs".',,ndre,V' oil
u ino l, ,utf to ,r. ntf-hleaoa.e.'. orm
Ueotrorer lo remove ll H ,,, M ku
UiuruUKlily reliable mfillcliie. l Tlr- ..... l
a Ul luDlri.r . n .
n. w.wniuni a, tu., Wholctale Oruppitl,
amci aim front Slraeti, I'luladclohla
February J, It'll. ,1m.
CALTION. All peraona aro hereb) cautioned
againat purchasing or in any way meddling
with Ibe following deacribed peraonal property,
In tbe noaaeaaion of Itarid Carter, nf K.rtbaoa
towneUp, to wit i Two-lbirda internet la acroa
of wboal growing, two-thlrda Intereat In t acme
of rye growing, J oowa, 1 J. roar ol J heifer, 1 1-ye.r
old bulla, ft ahoalf, 1 cook atore and utaoaila, 1
bedateada and bedding. I oitenaton table.l corner
oupo'.nro, I alna, I roekiog ebaria, 4 kitchen
on.ira, jiu weight or pork, I plow, 1 barrow,
cullirator and I abovel plow. The forrooii
property wea porcbued by me at private Bale o
tno nnol Alaroh.aod la left with aaid David Carley
"- uojew. ui my oruar ai any time,
Fr.nolirllle, Pa , Mar. IS, ll-3l".
Opena Monday, April 18th, 1881,
to Continue12 Weeks.
rpHIS icbool ooumond itaair to publia favor
J for tba following rvaiooa t
Flrt. Boarding on I bad in good familial at
from $2 to II. 40 par wet.
feooond. Local. oa U beahbfa! aod aooiatjr ro
ta ned and eulturod.
Third. Tbo ooura of atudr oaabodloi tho Stata
Normal School feat n iff, and If parlloularlj
adapted to tba want! of tfaoia who oxptot totoaoh.
fourth. Tho atudanta havo tbo advantaca of a
wall-oooduoud Litorary ttooioty, boforo abich
will bo deliver ad aoilei of fro laoturoa.
Filih. The work of tba aebool i atimulatrd br
the oDsouragament and faror of ao Intelligent
eo m inanity.
mim. eptcia, attrotioa will b giraa tba
normal elaia by tba Principal, who la a araduata
of a 8 tat Normal fciobool, and tbo loitruotion in
Tbaory of Teaching, Uorarnmont, Ac, will b
mad to acoord wita tba modern Ideaa of ad
vanced aduoatora.
Common Rratiebea with School tconotny...$6 00
Common Ilrenobae and School Keonomj
wim a i ft ear, ueometry, roy ileal uaog
rmphr, Natural J'biloiophy, Civil Uov-
untnant, Latin, ote 00
Higheitalaia. . i& 00
Lower olateea t 00
For further information addreja,
W. A. AMI1KOSK, Owe.. la, Pa ,
MATT &AVAUK, Clearfield, Pa.
liar, v, ippj.u.
flfut flvrrllsfiiit'iits.
Mercantile Apjirakiiieni.
rpHK vender nf Korljra and Dotneitie M,r.
1 ehandiM, DliliH-jr, Urvwera, Urukxn, Ap
in Cirflld county, will tkm nvtio that thav
ar appraised and cIa4 by lb un lcrijjrti,
Ajipraiierof M proband lie and other lloenia text
for tb year lfl, ai foUowi: '
ri.AH. Hum aide Ilorough. ta.
IS Jack ion Patcblo, general tndia f iq Qn
14 Pro will A Conner, drutfi A latiotiery.,. J r-o
7 00
T l
T Oi)
XO 00
7 lo
7 00
7 en
6 b
7 "
. 30 no
-in tio
a. 7 0
.. 7 n
.. 13 Ml
.. 7 (id
b DO
7 (()
7 On
4fl on
II? Mi
li 00
7 no
Dry Goods, Groceries and
General Merchandise,
Repc,tfully solicit their pittrons
and tbe public genarallv to oall and exam
ine tbeir new atock of
Spring and Summer Goods,
CabhmeroB, Velveteens. Delaines.
I-.swna, Ginghams, Prints, Un.
blea'ihed knd Hlcacbed M in
line, Fancy Skirls, Sheet
lugs, Tickings, Carpets,
iiufrs. Oil Cloths,
Laundricd, White,
Cheviot and Percale
Sliirls, (.loves, Neckwear.
Men's and Boys' Clothing,
Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, etc.,
Xotiee to Heirs!
What an Outbaoi An exchango
remarks: "Garfield hasn't had time to
eat a squaro meal nor say his prayers
since be got into tho White House, on
account of the persistency of the army
of offlco-Bcekors. Thoy aro more de
vouring and obnoxioui than the crass
hopper, and, like the daughters of the
horse leech, thoy constantly cry, 'Givo,
A Cabinet Uuebtiow. The Phili
dolphia Jicrald gels uu this kind ol a
slur on the Government: "There is
some curiosity to know whioh of Sco.
rotary Hunt's two living wives will bo
jura, (secretary, the woman qnestion
broke up Cabinet fur Andrew Jack
Can't Lit Him Aloni. The Pitts-
burgh Critic wants Senator Wallace
when he' votes to confirm Stanley Hat- nominated for State Treasurer next
"" I Kali, or for Governor ths Fall after.
positive support of repudiation by the
The Republican parly of Virginia,
wiin iue inieiiigont white anti-rupud
ation element driven out of it. will
cmuist simply of tho Cnited Statos
Manuals, I'osttniuitura and lievenuo
Collectors as loaders, and the ignorant
uoiorou voters anil JMuiiono s rcnudia
tionmts as rank and filo. Thoy will bo
without intelligence, oonvictlon or
nroncrtv. anil aa l'raiilmt. CorilM
shall direct his Federal officials the
party will follow. If he sustains ro
pudiationnts, tbo J(cpublicans of V
ginia will be for repudiation and unite
wim manono; 11 bo demanda that bis
olllcials shall be honest to Virginia,
thoy will declaro fur honesty in the
settlement of tbe debt ol tbe Slate.
The responsibility for vitalising
Bhamoless repudiation in Virginia must
rout squarely upon President Garflold,
euu uo snoum iuok me issue in tbe
face before he degrades his adminis
tration hopolosaly at the ou tact. J f he
shall commit It to penudiation in Vir.
ginia, be must forfeit the confidence
ol the entire South and cive Hcnubli
canisra a fearful if not (atal wound in
the North. II he shall domand the
maintenance of tbo honor and faith of
Virginia and of ovory othor Soutborn
Slate, he will be sustained by the bosl
men of all parties and all sections.
The Mahone repudiation movement
in Virginia doesn't slop with dishonor
ing anu paralysing a great Common
wealth, but it strikes directlv at the
froe schools now euaranteed bv the
vonsiuution to the children of both
races. Tbe Mahone crusatlo is against
all taxes, and it ia now rallied to adopt
au anienumeniujint Uonstltution pro
posed by Mahone's repudiation Lcgis
Islnro, abolishing tho noil-tax ol one
dollar as a proreonisito to votinir.
When it Is considered that ths poll-
tax is the only absolutelv certain free
school lund Virginia has for wbitos
and blacks, the hypocrisy of Mahone
in rallying the ignorant blacks to de
stroy their own schools must be ap
preciated by all. It it Idle to Bay that
IN Ibe mailer of tba Parlitlna of tba real aetata
of Jonathan Wii.r, late or Bradford towaabip
Clearfield oouotv, Pa., deooaead.
A writ of Partilioa harmj bean awarded la tba
aiNiTo eaeo on loo appllcetioa of barab YViaer
Willleoj U. Vornar aod Barab Jaao Veraer, sod'
placed ia anw banda, I will oonrene a jury upon
the around for Ihe parpoae of oieeotinf aaid writ
oa the 13th tlATC OF MAY, A. D. lailT
To Henry Wiaer, larael Wlaer, II. n nab Wlaer.
oterinarrird with William U.tta Jnn.n... vJ
Llndaev Wiaer, Aloiaoder Wiaer, Jered Wlaer!
- "'"' """''- who doaepn I otaara,
Margery K. Wiaer, intermarried wilb llenrv
Young-, Sarah Wlaer. intermarried wltb Llndaev
Stnoo, Buaannab Wiaer. Intermarried whh
Ureen, aod Lewia Wiaer, chililrea and helra of
looainan n laar, neoeaeeo.. 1 and eaei o oa
will take notioetbel tbe Jory of Inn, neat anmmoned
by me, will meet at tbe farm houae oa tbo farm
helonniia; to th. ..late of Jonathan Wiaer, deo'd ,
la Bradford towaabip, Clearfield eonoty, Pa., for
tho purnoee of maklna- partition or at .,
the eame If It cannot be divided, on FRIDAY
MAY 191b, A. D. ISSI, at It o'clock A. H. of
aaid day, wbrb and where you. aro warned to at.
Rasairr'i Orriri, I Bbtriff.
Clearfield, Mar. ', leal at, J
Re-Union of Trade.
11 Ilk' sBdereltnrd wlahlng to Inform Iba public
lhat ha opened a
At tbaold eland la Trontvlllo, Clearfield county,
Pa., oa tbo 181b InaL, with a full etoek of
Moota, Bltoea, VAt
In Tact everything to be fouod la a flral tlaaa alore,
all of which I am delermlacd to aell at the loweat
eaab price..
Will find It to their adrantagoto do tbeir doallng
with me, ai Iba bigbeat prior, will be paid for
Oraio, Hbingloa, or Produce of any kind. Part
or one half ceah will ba paid. Traillnf for
MM.uH,pa . boomer oi enr a 00. a .Dee a tv. A n.
agent for
Singer Sewing Machines.
Having mado nrraneemente with v...
obanu to aell gooda furniahed me, therefore call
and aea, aa I will ba enabled to aell cheaper than
Ihoeheapeat. J. W. CAB.LII.K,
ironiviiia, ra., Sept. 14, 'TB-ty. Agent.
Eight Farms for Sale or Rent
in luDioribsr propone! to or rsnt l oum
Mr or (ftl-mi locftted aa followi ; fiie Int lituat
In Uurntid. towns-hip, Csoir county, owDUininr
I rad aaat-u Ik , r . .
.viva, aaeaaaug UCfwaoaj wrVOlCU ft ITMUt aWCIl-
inr, frttno barn, tditoent to a ehuroh. sr. knnm
h in- j tain ai aimnuiiiid trm.
ALHO, noth.r farm til aula in (lr.k.
liip, ClerfiU coast;, eooUinina; 117 uni, wtlh
raia win uuuu ni h or CUAL.
ALSO, aii othor farma in tho leinlini irHH
Till, eo ii tain in a; roapontfullj 111, 10(1, .5, 8it fto
dh wrii, iDfii ior ma u havo houaoi aod
bnaa thcroun, pioi wator, bear in a; orebarda on
ftn.0, aa wrll M lutu food woot) land, for
torlh.r parti jo an call ia pnon, or a..,rM the
mriiRneu oy loiur. 1. U. COUUKIKT.
Jaa.ltfth, FronohTdlo,!'
The onderalgned baa come to the eonelueloa to
quti larmmg anil lollow bia occuoatloo, a car.
peoter, and new offera for aala bia farm, aitaata
ooe ana euaii unci aorta or C'learSold borough,
Mod of whioh if elearad and under food cult Ira-
large frame barn, and other ncceaaary outbulld-
aca, together with an orchard at n Ar
iron, son en eaceiient aprtng or water. The
wnoie ia unuinhAlu WITH GOOD COAL
Tbia property will ba exchanged for amalier proa.
any, or aold on eaay terror ia payment!. For
luriuer parucuiara call on le premiaoa or addreaa.
uita u. BK1SU, Clearfield, Pa.
March, Utb, UHl-tf.
Thomas A. Duckett,
Real Estate !
Estate of Eiehu4 Shaw, Sr.,Soo'l
T'!". "'"""I. "aecutora of the aetata of
hICHARu rllAW.Rr. .111 . '
at pal.llcaaleat ibe COIiRT HUUBK.Iatba bor
ou ah of Clearfield, Pa., an
Fridny, April lBt, 1881,
Tba following valuable real aetata, via i
Tba three.etory BRICK ROTBL properly,
corner of Merket and Firat etre.u I. ih. w.. '
oogh of Clearfield, known aa
'Tho Shaw House
Frootlnf with two tola of groand thtmto boloogtna;
aj-amfi oa nirill lirMt, tBd VU
Xtl f 9 inl Mnti, with a two-at or J
II W dwollinn bouM titaohad. Tha ho-
all eonrBina for a Int.slau
otoL una ar ino mo dntrabla hota Drrnsrttu.
la CMjtrl PeamrlTaoia.
Tbaaboft will ba told toftvthar with a two
lor? frama dwallint honao on Harkat atroal. aJ.
Jooont to tba Hota!. aod na othar frama d.iiin
iwsj.BMir nitrsj oaiiaing. an iroatlnf
oi MarhatttrMi.
AI.HO. All that etrtata tot. know a ia ih.
lab of ClaarfleU borovRh u Lot No 1X9.
booting to ft a iioeuit ttratL ran- s '
IH RR Ell Y glva notlca to tha ettli&a of Clfr.
Hold fend tba aurrondin vleinit ih I
prepared t all tlmoa to furokah fam.llaa aod
uanuraftaring oatabliahmanla with a lupcrior
Coal, Wood f Coke,
Which I am prepared lo deliver lo a f.w houra'
aotloe. I em alwaya ready to haul aod dellrer
Irom and to the depot, or anywhere alia, and
moro foaoiliea aod houaehold gooda anywhere on
aborlnotioe. THOS. A. Dt'CKKIT
Clearfield, Pa., Mar. II, IBBa-tf.
Groceries & Gen'. Merchandise
Will be fonnd ot first nunlilv. and
satisfaction is ijunrutitoeil. The ful
lowinj; aro always kopt on hand,
(some few only in thoir season):
Supjars, Teas, CotToos, Spices, Syrups,
ConfuetionerieB, Oranges, Loinons.
oanaiins, r irrs, Dales, etc., Hard
ware, (uoeinware, Glneswnre,
Tinware, Wood and Willow-
waro, 1'ainU, Oils. Clouka,
Trunks, Valises, Mirrors,
Stationery, Kurnituro,
& Minors' Supplies,
BdlUS, X..B.TXES & shhtgles,
July 28, 1880 tf.
New Goods,
Come to Frenchville I
T HAVE just received the largest
stock of ooods ever bronirht in
this Bcction ol the county, wLieh 1
will sell for cash or produce aa elienn
aa ( I .,n I I , . , , . . 1
. ... v inn un iiuuinit eisewnoro. .Mr
Dry goodS;
Groceries, BoolsiSliocs,
ntuw a specialty ,
Ready Made Clothing.
A full stock of FXSU. SultinlarD-B
or small sacks, or by the barrol.
stone or clav. (iUEEN'SWAUE, all
styles and quality. In short, I havo
ovorytliing needed by the (armor, the
mechanic, the laborer, nr anvlirwltr
else, whioh I will sell just as cheap as
mo guuua can Dopiirciiasotl anywhere
oloo. Please call and oxaminn mw
goods and prices bolors investing
hronchvillo, Ta., Mar. 2, 'Sl-tf.
14 aloha C. Connor, aTBrl ntlaa....
14 Jlgraoa J'tol.iu, general aiJaa
1'lcarUeld llorouli,
14 W. I). MoKaj, acwiof naeliiaaa
8 8. B. how, on a pool table ,
14 O. l. Walaoo, dm
4 O. I). Walaoo, ratDt nialioiDa
14 I. Ilrilbrun, varlrl Hot.
14 Harlawlck A Irwin, diugi
4 Hartawiok k Irwin, patent rocdloinei
14 J"hn A. Htook, tobacco ami elcara
ft .Ao drew Ponti, Jr., on pool tabla...,
iu n.. wiiop, RttDcrai mme ,
14 A. J. Jaokaia, furr.ltura
14 8. I. flnyder, Jewelry
11 Kick ft Co., dry ff.roJ and notioDi.,..
14 K. W. Hrabam, drua
4 B. W. Urabain. patvot me-lifllot?a
14 MeGaughwjr A .Vhnwara, Imoti A ahoaa.
14 II. I.lviugMoD, eootaolionfry
8 H. LivingaloD, bilMarJa, S tablet
15 William Powell, hardware
II John MoCetubfr, jr(friM ,
14 I. Oulnr.buT(, cliftliinK
8 K. ti. Cdiw, one pool table) .in flu
14 Jeatnee L. Lay, Havrt and tinware... 7 do
0 OtoTfn Heavtr A, Co., neral mdae... 15 (ill
14 J. R. Ileerf, arwiD uiaohlnaa f on
14 Alex. Wataon, taftn and cigara 7 do
12 lllrHoiri rA Ko,.k. clMhiair I? fn
II II. A. Kra'tnr todre li do
14 P. A. Uaulto. ttatiiinrrr T iia
18 O, 0. A T.W. Moure, boott A ihoen lfl u.)
14 n . J nanhaaaer, elnthint?. y flu
1.1 W.J. Hotter, fiiDtral indta (l
12 H. Lehman A Co., general mdaa 12 bli
14 J- A. (ta.ller, bakery and efiDtettiooery 7 00
b v. Leipoldt, brewery
11 Jatnna fl. Lytlf, gnctrie$
8 Jytm A. Kumar, one pool labia
urwrnflvllle l.ront;!..
14 Watt H. ThntapMon, groevriea
14 A M Kirk, jewelry ,
14 John Irin 4 Ilrotlivr, RtfUfrl ui'Im'.'.m
14 Jacob Hilgrr, hardware
14 M. C. Fnrker, a;neral uda
14 Harry II. Thoro paon, jfroseriej
12 Hamual Arnold, ajcneral mde
12 A- Ualea A Son. bardwarr "
8 Kirhard Krai.a, one pool table
14 Hiohard Kvaiia, cotift;otirinry
14 D. Fauat, general oirrchandiae
14 Jorph 1(. Irwin, drua
4 Joaeph K. Irwip, patent Didttiiiiee
14 (iraff. eonlcfliuiiery
8 !ribcD tirall. one billiard uhl u n
13 Hurat-eugh A Nnrrif, fencral tndke 0 oo
11 Bprenkla A Faitoo.dry g.-i ii 0
Curwenavi.le Unk
14 William A. Dale, (rroceriei i (lfl
! 12 JJe-uizn Iliiupt, general mdee 12 ;,(
1 14 !',i- A Wliittaker, tl-aonn and clgan,. 7 (ID
ii n. t. rpencer, general uJae
10 N. K. Arnold, wholraale
Hnulxdalr 1lroug;h
14 H. H. Te.t. jewelry
14 William Outran, genvr.) inle
14 J uit in (Jranjrer, groceries
K Lirericbt A Co., general todae
14 W. C. Lanffifortl, bo kl A atatioary,..
15 C. W. VariDumi), general
14 C. MjCauley, hardware
14 W. J. hharbaujtli, drug
14 A. 11. Aihtt.n, grDceriea an . eunfee......
11 1'nion Hardware Co., hardware
18 I'eter Moran, wholraale liquor
15 H. If. Shaw, general nidit
14 J. W. Roada, drugi
14 W. (J. Welly, grooeriea .''.
13 M. A I. M. Lang, general mdae
14 M. Mayer, raririy atore
14 B. Charlton, confectionery
II A. 0 If a aon, general inde
14 Ferd Trtdd, droga J,
14 J. K. Arnold, atationery and e- nfep
Ilnuitdale Bank
14 John Colrman, liquor dealer
8 Oe-rge W. Woodin, one billiard Uble.'..'
8 William Parker, one rmol taMa
I umber Clly llnruu;li.
13 Dyer A Coolhrnth, general n. Ite
14 1. L. Krrguioo, gnneral mdaa
Keuburg' lioronch.
14 Wi.Maa Hunter. gtBera! ttd-e , 7 en
Kew Wat)tiii.;toii Huron ph.
14 N. A Arnold, genera) mdae 7 i,o
4 N. A. Arnold, patent medicine 5 Of
11 J. K. HoMntray, general mdea li Of.
fta-cola Ilorouph.
14 MrCUrren A Ilrother, general uidre... 7 ini
II F. llirab. general md a 12
14 George E. Jonea, Jewelry 7 on
M T. C. Ueiint, general mdie MM tS 00
13 Kranae llrntbera, griflwriei 10 On
14 H. P. R. lilanJy. druga ; no
14 W. 8. Walla, atatioaery and eon-fee 7 (i
14 Michael Griffey, fcroceriea 7 ha
11 llarry Livartght. geieral da !;, 0ft
M illacetuH Horough.
14 W. J. (J on, georral mdfe 7 00
Ilerrarla Townahlp.
14 Nutter, Rumeiy A Co., general nd....
13 Coalport Lumber Co., general mdaa
14 J. W. A P. C. Galea, general mdae
14-J, D. Weld, general todae
14 George Roberta, grucerieff
14 Mm Frlck A Co , general mdaa .
14 John C. Gatea, general m die
II rad y Towiialtlp.
14 O. 8. Knarr, boon and aboca
14 P. A Q. Wither, ceneral m,t.
14 J. M. Lydlck, cenaral nji
14 8. G. Kunti. central milaa
14 8. Knarr, general mdaa
14 J. II. Edinger, general mdae w,
14 J. Peyler A S.-uf, general mdaa
14 L. B. Carliale, general tndia
14 D. Uoodiander, general mdaa
lloll Tonnatilp.
U H. II. MeGee, general a die
14 Robert Mahefley, general mdee.
Burnalile Townahlp.
14 A. W. Palchio. general mdaa
Bradford Townahlp.
U T. Curley, cigara and general aidat
U I. . Gray A Co., general mdaa
1 . b. ooin.)ge A Co., general mdaa.
8 L. C. Petera A Bro., one pool tlle
Cheat Towiiahin.
U J. R. MfKee, geoeral mde
14 Jaraea MrUuinn. renere.1 mi.Im
14 J. L. W altar A Bro.. teneral mdae
Covington Tuwuahfp.
14 franria Lelgey, general mdaa
14 L. M. Coudriet, general mdaa
U l'etter A Keiter, general mdae
Iterator Towimhip.
14 M. Ijing A Co., general mdie
C;irard Town ab In.
14 W. 8. Oillllaod, general mdae 7 00
rah an Townahlp.
U T, H. Foreey, general mdae 7 01
Greenwood Townahlp.
16 00
15 00
30 on
r no
7 00
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7 011
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7 no
12 .SO
12 :.u
30 Oil
7 00
7 (in
7 (1:1
5 (ill
7 (HI
s nn
20 uo
7 Ou'
7 I'M
7 I'O
20 I to
7 On
10 01)
7 Oi)
7 id
7 OO
i: en
Jj Oil
10 (10
7 CO
7 HO
10 do
7 (0
7 n.l
15 00
7 CO
7 On
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7 nn
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7 no
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r oo
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7 no
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7 OV
7 uo
7 Oi
7 00
7 On
7 00
ti no
15 00
80 00
7 00
7 00
i co
7 00
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7 00
sn'a- -:HA.iaii .ill
THR nheerlWr aa effrr. to the eltlaeaa of
harneld. and vieinitv, an naprovldefl
ajieelallv. Hereafter all kind, of Caakela and
vumee win oe aepl oa Bend, and order, (lied at
ruiurali .lllended .lnyirhert.
T will furnlah tha flneat aa w.ll .1.. .1... .
ertlrle. dedie.ted to fnnerala. All ardera left at
tbe .lore of Joan 0. Cunaaa will receive pronnt
ettentloo. B rn..k.. .i . ..' '
... .,,HT, p.,r.IBrR, m on
r.".. .... .. 8. HKNDKHHON.
Dee. to, iirs-tr.
Bin, back 1)1 feet, mora or leaa, to aa alio;
with dwelling hooae aod all aeeeeaarv out I I L
balldinga therooa ereetad,and otaor leiprovenienta. OF tjiLEl
Ona-t bird eaab at dellrerv of aood iel uj
tb. balance te ba eeenrad by bond and aaorliaare,
.arable la aa. and two Jeera, witb Intereat.
Borvl.ln, KiVf of Rlebard Skew, Br'.dea'J.
Ol.arleld, Dee. I, IMt.ta.
James His Licavy
Ilavlat parebaaed tbo entire alork or Prod., berebv (iraa notice lhat be baa la. red
Into the room lately .copied by Read t H.prty,
on Second atreet, when he la prepared to viler to
to. poblla
nr..iTi.ra ..
of tb. laleet lmpror.d paltama, at low prlcee.
Qm Fiiturei and Tinware.
RooHnn, flpoullnf, Plonblns, Oaa riltlna;, and
R.palriai Hempa a (peoiall. All
work warranted.
Anvthlna la at line will k. eni.Mj m...i.i i
sartrael. JAfl. L. LEA VY.
Olaartod, Pa., January , IITI tf. '
K tuko pleasure in liiforraiDR
our iiiwiy friendssnd patrons
throughout tho counly, that wo shall
open our storo for tho inspection of
evi'rybody, on or prohably a low days
March 23d, 1881.
Wo have boen busy selecting our
stock, and havo exorcised every caro to
got nothing hut the best quality ol all
goods, and can truthfully say that, if
our stock is not tho largest perhaps In
tho county, it is the best. We shall
keep a full lino ot DRY GOODS
every and all kinds of goods belonging
to eacn department. Wo havo somo
choice lines of LACKS, EDGINGS
We Make a Specialty of Mens',
uoja' and Youths' Fine Clothing.
We have bought an immense stock.
ana shall koep it np, aa we will strive
lo always have the lartroat stock of
Uotuing in tho county. Wocanshow
some vory pretty stylos in FINE
SUITS, at very low prices.
in connection with Clothinit. we will
keep a fine line of FURNISHING
GOODS, II ATS and CAPS, tho latest
and moat fashionable styles in market.
n e now ronpectlully request you lo
givo ns a share of your custom, guar
anteeing to yon that we shall endoavor,
by honest and lair dealing, and polite
treatment, to always command ths re.
spect of our friends and neighbors.
Respectfully Toon,
Curwensville, Ta., Mar. 1Q, 1891 4t,
Id Wlnleld Bell, general aidr.
tlullcb Towneliln.
14 II. A Neman, ceneral in.l.e
II P. A A. Klynn, general mdae
14 T. A. Prideaaa, general mdae
11 D. K. Heraev, general mdie
liueton Townahlp,
15 C. Rlanchard, general tuerch.-.ndia.
1.1 v.. n. toryeii, general mdae .
14 R. Smith, druge
14 A. llornina. Jr.. h.r.lw.M
13 C. Robackcr, general uadre "".'.I'Z
14 Palnam, ll.rria A Co., geoeral mdae...
Jordan Tunnahip.
14 W. T Perry, general mdae
Knot Tovmelilp.
14 Joaeph Krhard, graeral mdie
14 Oeorge Arnold, general mdaa
karlhaua Townelilp.
14 laaeo McClo.Vey, general mdae
14 Gillil.nd A Ynthera, general mdeo
II Godfrey Flaher, general mdie
lawrcnre Townahlp
T. Sell, brewery
14 Ueorge N. Cuiburn, groeerlea ...'...V.l.
Morrla Tovrnahlp.
14 Leonard Kyler. general mdae
14 Jonaa Vona A Sona, general mia
14 Peter Mover, general mdeo
F n. u. vi igloo A r-ona, general mdaa...
Penn Townahlp.
14 McDonald A Speneer, general mdaa...
14 W. A. Moor., groeerlea .nd eoofeo.....
Handy Townahlp.
11 Long A Brady, hardware
II P. 8. Weher A Co., general md.e
14 Weber A lleldrtok, boota and ahou
14 II. Lneh, olothlng
14 W. fl. Khaw, variety atore ,'.,M"
14 L. Zeleler. groeeriae
14 J. B. Kvana, general mdae
14 W, M. Mct'ollouirh. eriHri..
14 Hnlmee A llr. ."
II John Uoodyoar, georral mdae
14 T. II. Sianua, groeerie.
'4 A. L. Hoy, furnilora
10 Hell, Lewia A Yalee, geoeral mdeo
in l-amly Lie. Gae.L'oal A Cka Co., mdaa 10 nil
. m nine, general m.lae w 7 08
14 B. Monllhrop, groeerlea J 00
14 Uelllirun A Buring, groeerlea 7 1.0
4 A. Uoiidmiller. billiarda A noot. 1 tmhl.a hit an
- r (10
.. 15 (10
.. r oi)
.. 11 ill
.. io I'O
.. 10 00
r oj
.. no
ia on
7 0l
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.. r oo
... 7 00
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.. 11 0l
.. r oo
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. r oo
. 7 00
55 00
- T oo
.. t OS
,. U HI)
.. li 00
. t K
.. 7 00
. 7 oa
7 Oil
. t 00
. r no
. t 00
. 10 00
.. 7 04
. 7 oo
70 00
14 Oeorge Kehwrlo. .rtieeil.....
14 8. II. I'rtlrrow, diuga ."
4 8. II. Petigr.w, l.alent Bjodioinea""?.'.
14 M. D. Ainaley, drug
4 M. D. Ainaley, patent medicinea'.'.'..'.'.!.
U llrlor A Brother, hardware
15 I). 1. Corbet, general md.
14 O Iloken, bakery ar d nfeotlooery ...
a nicnoiaon a kin b..i.i.. ka nn
14 W. W. Haoev, grooeriee 7 00
llullola ll.pc.ill Bank II 00
4 McDonald A Willi.,,,., I p0 t.blea... 40 00
John boBola, general mdae frO 00
14 J. A. Boweraotgrneral mdae 7 00
I liiou Town.lilp.
14 J. Heyler A Boba, general mdae 7 oo
Woodward Townahln.
!. i"" 0vn"T, general radio
10 M. Llrerlth! A Uu.. u.r.l B.,l..
14 D. R. P. (,... . " i -a..
IS Hoover, llaghee A Co., general d" 10
a viaitehead A Co., general mdee to 00
Frank A Co , general md.e JO 00
Jtombarger.Croeewell A Co., gea. aide. IS 00
14 Long A Co., general mdie .. f 00
Taboaolloa, all who are non.o.d to ahla en-
pralaemeat, that aa appeal will ba bold at Ihe
(.eamliel'.noro' oBieo. io f!Urt.u tt't....
day, APRIL STI1, 1ml, balween tho hoara of 10
aeloek A. M and 4 0'elo.k P. M., wbea ani
"beta yoa Bay alien 4 Ifyoa think proper.
e,, Moroannla Appr.laar.
Bleoa.lnfl, p..,M.rak I, im.ii"
7 no
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