Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, March 16, 1881, Image 3

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Terms of Subscription.
If ra-d In edvai.ot,or within three month!.. .$3
K tter throe and before lis months... 1 10
if ' ij .fit tbeeiplretlon of tlx uonbu... I 00
MftlirtUt r,Uoiil ChurrhRev. Qto.
Li inr. Pastor. Kerr t eel avery babbata it Ibi
A. M.,n 7 P--..htitth
Hnbool nt 9 A. M.
1'rayer Meeting avtry Wedoeedey, at 7 P. M.
Cm. in union hemct, nril oabbatn ai avtry
j.nth,ai . A.M.
Mot fleartleld M. E, Church. Rev.
Ciiarlki W, Hi-Maar, Pastor. Preaching ovary
altcrnatf Sunday , at t o'clock, P. M. Sunday
ch.,,A at 2J, 1. M. All an invited to attend.
irehierlau ChurchRev. II. 8. Butler.
.Sikblnth services morning and tvenlog Bab--.ath
School at 1 P. M.Praytr Meeting Wednti
Jtv oveoiDg
ituntlat Church. Rer. , Pastor.
Si'.l.wlb School at 3 P. M. Prayer Meeting erf ry
W'l-dnMday oviiing.
Ht. PranrlH Cliurrh Catholic -Rer. P
j Divine service at 19 A. M., on
the flnl, third and fourth Sundaysof each month,
Vespers and Ilenediction of the Blessed Baoramtnt
at 7 ( clock, r. m. ouoflay eonooi ovary Bunoay
.fiernoon at 8 o'clook.
tihi or no LOTH quartbb ibuiohi oourt.
Snrond Monday of January.
Third Monday of Maroh.
Kini Monday of June.
Fourth Monday of September.
First Monday of Juno.
Second Monday of November,
rciLio orncBRt,
Pretident Jndgi Hon. Charlei A. Mayer,
Lock liar en.
Aitittant Lam Judy Hon. John
Aoeiaf Judyet Abram Ogden,
II. Orvia, of
Clearfield i
Vincent 11. Holt, Clearfield.
Prothenotary Jamea Kerr.
Rgi$urad flseordtr George M. Ferguson.
Trraiurtr Philip Dotta.
Iiitlriet AnorntvJ. F. McKenrlok.
Sharif Jaines Mabuffey.
Otputu SheritfY. I. Thompson.
County Survy or Samuel V. MoCIoskcy, Cur
Ouaiy CymmitiionrC. W. Kyler, Grabim.
ton P. 0.; Kith John ton, Gram plan Dills P. 0.;
?i,B Knrrta. Sr.. Curwansvllla.
rommifioHtn' Clrk John W. Howe.
Cuntu Auditor William V. Wright, Clear
fiild ; Joseph Qilliland, Three Hum j J. 8. Nor
ri, Woodland. m , ,
n.A.. Jimoi A. Moore. Clearfield.
J,trV6oiiiiii.Woae-AndreJ.Jckaon, Clear.
fif 1, Wa. K. Mrown, Clearfield.
Siprinfnd,nt of Publit Seloolt M. L. Mfl
yunwn. Clearfield.
Sotnrif Public-John W. Wrlglcy, Wm Ra-
.itl.iiuffh, Cyrua (lordon, Clearfielflj Josepn it,
Irwin.N- E. Arnold, Curweosvillt ; J. A. Living.
t..ti. Ialtoli City.
YF.9,OP CO(tRl
"Will you take wheat, oats or eorn for tuh.
(i -rijitittn j" We are often Inquired of in tnla way
U li tter from patroni who reiide at a diitinoa.
from Ck-arfield. Wo aftain say yea. The reeeipts
of a rp'mihle merchant or mill owner In Ibe
vie ititv, anmer ua just aa well ts the eaih.
T illliiftrate: If any of our patron a will deliver
w n imp 'if frrain at the mill of Joseph H. Hreth,
in rhcet lowofhip, Horace Patobin. in Hurnside,
Tliomas II- Forrey, in Urabam, Wm Porter or
.Lsw. in Lawrence, or Drown Seyler'i, at
rti-'ktMi, I'ti ion township, and forward their
fn.ipif for tho akiount, we will credit them on
tiirir account for tbe mm. In this way all may
(y "hat they e, If they will pursue this
LMure. '
"Advertisers and othora will bear
iDinu.d that all artUlea Ictended for publication
In tiiii paper murt be banded In, sot later than
Tur..iny, at 8 A. M. Don't forget It !
Ku!l moon this TuemJny evening.
. II M I
The elicnpest isn't always the bent.
To morrow, March 17tb, is St. Pat
The pay train paused over tho branch
run J on Monday alternoun.
The new Spring bonnets have strings,
anl moit of Ibe wearera have beau I.
mm m
Moving day, April 1st, falls on Fri-
Jnj thil year. Have yon got a booae yet ?
). M. Ross was recently appointed
pi. tm alter at Clearfield ilridge, In tbta oounty
- wm e -
The Ornhons Cornet Hand was out
ttiYnadinf iime of ourolilieoa last Friday even
Mi8 Maggie lrvin, of this place, is
yithizi in liellefunts, a gueat In the family of
Tho Lock-iin nronosals will be
found el nw hi re In this iiaue. The borough "dada"
( vii)pRtly moan builnesa.
. . m a
Ulank bonds for District Treasurors-
eWt can be procured at tbe office of the County
O'lumiffttooers, or Prothonotary.
Ilcv. Mr. Ilurnley has been conduct
ii K a protracted meeting IB tbt Weat Clearfield
M. K. Churci for the pait two or three weeks.
Ilev. O. W. Stroup, of Karthau, will
j.-f.rh in the Clearfield Lutheraa Uburen next
Sabbath morning, March 3tb, morning and ereB-
A bill was introduced into the House
of Hep re ten tat I rea at UarrHburg lait Friday,
utncrliing Notarial Public to perform marriage
- mm e
Our iM-rivor lumbermen have com-
mtiffd to raft in tbeir limber. Othera along tho
rivrr, both aborf and balew thil point, will begin
'eraliona Boon.
mm mm
Tho patients ot the Danville Insane
Ho'pital, recently deitroyed by fire, have been
tnnporarily tranaferred to ibe Harrilbnrg and
Warren Hoipilall.
mm e mm
(Jot it Down Fine. An exchange
ayi that Spring openi thil year at 6:12 A. M. on
'lie 20th init., and laita ninety-two days, twenty
hour i and eight mfautea.
- - iw mm'
Reg. Fullorton slaughtered fourrao
cooni in tbe vicinity of tbe Mitchell farm, near
town, last week, and It wai not a very favorable
time for "rockooons" eltber.
Mr. John C. Reed offers his farm for
ale. Having determined to resume the.carpeu
taring buaineaa, ba will sell tba farm at a bar
gain. Bee advertisement elsewhere.
mm m m
Miss Maggie MeCullough, one of
the teaohers in the Seminary, has gone to btr
homo ia Clearfield to spend a fsw days, on ae
eountofwiak eyas. Williamnorl Sum, Match, 10.
"Courtesy opens many doors," says
the old adage. It sterna mat tourney eigni o
but many doors at tbli season but It doesn't,
and the man going out has to be yelled at vigor
ously, mm a
"The secession county of Clearfield
hu made a good financial showing." Ztm
Courier. Tbat "seceiilon" Is a sloe fling al your
itighbon. No hatchet will tver be awarded for
puhlnblng that libel.
.i imm e mm
Mr. George- W. Weaver, o! Penfiold,
ami W. a. Luther, teacher of Lick Run school,
were In town on Saturday. Bo'th tbeat gentle-mt-n
are aspirants for tbt position of County
Superintsnlebt. They art both oo rope tent.
mm m -
Ilis pretty generally conceded tbat
whi-n onr new Lock -up le completed that our
t"rQ will bavtbut few frcqotaurs, becauit our
ti.wnipeopie are aot of tbat boWtereui elaaa th a t
ue Uarnfoccaaionallylnour nelghbotlag vlllagts.
A sth'iablo and festival will bo held
t the mi d not of Mra. W. Milton Shew, on
Fint iireet, neit Tuesday trenlng. March 32d.
oi'dcr the aufplces of Ibt Presbyterian Laditf1
Aid Hncisty. Evrrybody is ecrdlally invited to
liev.'s (ieo. Doidy and W. U. Dill have
takes their departure for tbt annual session
f Cntral Penniylvaala K. ConfertBte which
"itatt to day at York, Pa. filibop I. Q. An-
Jrt, of HtiMolnes, Iowa, Is si peeled U prt-
- mm e mmm -
Tho M. E. Ladies' Aid Society will
" this week on Thursday afMrnooa, at the
I (idtnoe of Mra. Israel TesL Tbt ttasoa for
tUr.(l, froa) pri,uy to Thursday afternoon for
Itfc.i oci V besiptalaedatthemeetlag
'h Society,
Tbe Lumber City Academy prom
l"i to he attuiaally large la atteadaitt tbe tom
'"e term. A great many have already made
k;liMoa te ht ad all led. Ai this will ba a
! eipectslly far teachers, I boas who deilrt to
frrpare ibemMlvet for laatbing will dt wall by
i-tBag. Ihformalloa etatornlng tka tchetl
I e be ebtalaed by addrwatlag It. I. Weber,
I Ciearnid, Pa, tr W.W. Moart, Lamhw Oily, Pa.
Hall Testable Sicillian Hair Re-
newer la a universal favorite for rtatorlng gray
balr to Ita original aolor, and making bair grow
oat taiei.
Watch Cleaning. UarrvM'Uenrv
will be found at the Alleghaay House, daring the
.wo weeks or eppraaobing term of Court. Will
repair and el tan watobaa. Jewelry, etc., ot abort
Mra. Kancy Holt, wife ot Hon. Vin.
east U. Holt, ona of tba Aaaoolato Judgea of our
Court, died at bar homo la Bradford towt.Mp,
laat Buday morning. Her funtral took plaot ua
Tuaiday forenoon.
The Now Cantlo JJetnocrat now lakes
the plaoa of the tawrtmet Pmragry. The paper
be baoa obangsd from a quarto to the folio form,
and Is muck Improved in Ma typographical ap
pearanoe. It U the only livmoersiio Journal pub
lltbad la Law ran ee eounty.
Mr. Webster T. Hair, editor ol tho
I'btUpiborg Journal, was married en lb 8th in at
to Mln Annie M. Elliott, ol Bhirleyaburg, Hunt
ingdon oouuty. We bope tbat be may never bare
onus to rrgrot tbe atep ka baa taken. Ho baa
as good a right to atarvt a youag lady ai anybody
tbat we know of.
Still on Duty. Senator Wallace
waa at born for several days laat week, but bii
party friends telegraphed him back to Wnibing
toa OB Saturday morning. Ha la in fine trim
for bualnesf, but be seeui t ba unable to get rid
of tba Washington berneaa. He will be at home
during Maroh Court.
Tbe regular term of our March
Court will brgin ua Monday next, and will ton-
tinut for two weeka. Wa would be pleased to
havt the patrons or tbt Rrfi'ILICab call and see
us, wLetber on businesa or not A cordial Invi
tation Ii ei tended to you all. Wt will not ob
ject to rtoeiriog aew subscribers or back sub-
aoriptiona,and will ba in rtadlntssto attend to all
A branch of Lcavy'tt livery stable will
be started this Spring in stables in (ht rear of Mot-
sop'a itore, thus securing a more etntral and con
venient Uatlon. Mr. Ltavy will use tie room
in Mra. Elisabeth Irvine' building, on Market
at ret t, for an office, now occupied as a rtiideoat
by Mr. W. D. McKay. McKay will remote bis
family to tbe Leavy homestead, In tbt tlololty of
tbt CatLolio Church.
Wo call attention to tho law card of
Mr. Frank O. Harris, of this place, and etmmend
hint to tbt builness public aa a competent, able,
and prompt bminea man. Any legal builneaa or
collection of c talma placed in bis bands will aot
suffer Tor want of faithful attention. Mr. Harris
also represents strtral drit-otais Lift and Fire
Insurance Companlti. Ht solicits a inert of
public patronage, (lire him a trial,
mm i
That Hridok. We have received a
number af communications from Ibe upper section
of tbt eouoty btarfng upon tbis question. Ont
wrlttr states the ease In this way : "Every per
son tu tbe upper end of the county Is tpposcd to
the rebuiltlingof the Uoodfellow bridge on Ibe
old abutments. There Is entirely too much danger
jf life atd property at Ibe old site. No man of
Christian feeling would Initit on baring it re
built on tbt o!d abutments."
mm m mm
2tck would liko to have the names
of tht montha appropriately changed aa follows :
January would be Bluihuary ; February would be
Slopoary ; Maroh woold ba Wioduary; April
would bt Kainoary ; May would be Ituduary ;
June would be Warmuiry ; July would be Roait
uary August would bt Boiluary ; September
would bt Cbiluary ; October would be Co Id uary ;
November would be Krostuary; beoeubtr would
bt Snowuary. Very appropriate, Indeed.
- mm -m mmn, -
A New Physician. Mr. D. E. Uot-
torf, who is widely known throughout tbis eounty,
having taught school with great ability and sue-
cess, and a brother of J. K. Bottorf, of ibis
borough, has returned home from the Homeo
pathic Uoepital College, of Cleveland, Ohio, where
bt baa graduated and recalled his diploma. It
Is Dr. Bottorf's Intention to locate al Tyrone for
tht praotict of bis profession, and wa oao cheer
fully recommend him to tht peoplt In that vi
cinity as an upright and studious young man,
Wt hope to hear of klot having good sueceaa and
a largo practice,
Mour Rio Timber. Our friend,
Leon M. Coudriet, of Frenchvillt, one of Clear
field county ' moat enterprising lumbermen, bis
had a pint tret out apin bis lead during the past
Winter that made three sticks of square timber of
the following dimensions t Ont 62 feet long, ont
60 feet, and one Sfl feet long making In ail 168 ft.
At thirty-six feet from tht stump ths titt squared
twenty -seven inches, Can any person beat this t
Wbo will say that the white pint trees in Clear
field county art nearly done wben such treta art
to ba found. If there ia a good tret In tbt
woods, Leon is lure to find it.
The "beautiful" has departed from
our strttta and alleys, and the "ugliness" and ac
cumulated filth, lu the ahapt ef ask piles, Infected
with slops, disease aud death, together with dead
oati and chickens, old gum shoes, tin tans, At.,
Ac, abound In all directions. As soon aa Jack
Frost bids adieu lo this vicinity, the germi tf
ptitittnot will begin to fill tba air, and if the work
of purification ia delayed, we nay expeot a great
amount af alckneti. Cellars should bt looked
after, and all decaying vegetable matter and
fruit removed, and their places thoroughly purl
fled with disinfectants. This matter demands
early attention, and as soon as the weaber will
permit tbt remedy should be applied.
mm mmt
Correspondents need not In writing
to tbt Couritr sneak of "valuable palter" or refer
to our large "number of reader!." We don't cart
to bt instrumental in spreading soft aoap en our
own paper. DuBoit Vouritr,
Tht editor iu question Is evidently a lover of
tbt truth, and bt does not wish bii correspondents
to miitlair aci. Ht knows tbat he la tbe owner
of but ont fidt of bii paper, and Ihcrefurt not
very "valuable," etc. Tbt aforesaid ihuld hart
a cherry tret and a Washington hatchet awarded
him for his honest confession (?) and a little "soft
soap" should be rewarded to him by his "numer
ous" corrcrp on dents, so that bt need not in tbt
future do anything with dirty hands.
mm m m -
Missionary Work. Tho Clearfield
M . K. Pabbatb School baa made a vary creditable
abowlng in Missionary work during tbe past
year, Tbey work ay itemstieally, tba scholars
contributing every Sabbath. The teacher acta aa
treasurer of tba class, and at a public meeting, held
monthly, tbt amount contributed by each class ii
reported and given Into the handiof tho Treat-J
urer of Ibt general fund. Tbt collection of tht
Sabbath School for tbe Conference ytar just
otostd amounted te $17ft.S9. This, wt art la-
formed, together with what hat been contributed
by I bt congregation of the eburch during tbe ytar
tnding March 13,1881, will amount to about $400,
A pRoi.mrSiiF.KP. Tho Holliday-
burg torrtspondant of the Alloona Tribunm ia
responsible for tbe following: "S. Reed Matthews,
Eiq , who Is a teaant on one of the Matters farm a
adjoining Gaysport, In Blair lowmbip.ia the owner
of a mixed Lancaster and Beck well twt tbat
dropped four Iambi on the 30th day of March,
IS 80, and again on the 10th day of March, 1SS1,
dropped four snort! tbua producing tight lambs
In ten days tes than a year. The first four lamha
still follow their mother. Ont of tht laat four
got a Itg tramped off and died, still leaving seven
alive and kicking. Wt challenge, act only mother
Huntingdon, but Ibe world to produce a grater
yield tf mutton, and claim that lit lit Blair county
oan't bt btat far raising wool."
DoRouoH Finances. The Finance
mmlttet appointed by the Town Council to as
certain and report the present liabilities and as
sets of the Borough reported tbe following :
Total liabilities. fl,17.VM
Tuttl assets W3 &
Liabilities avtr aastts... $6,179,41
Decreets of Indebtf loess la 1880, $771 SI ; dt-
ertast tf Indebltdotas In 1878 9, t7I.N. Tbe
interest on Ihe bonded indebtedness has been de
creased from si i and levin per tent, to five per
tent. Tbla doqblt decrease priatl pal and ta
ttrtst of our borough Indebtedness li otrtainly a
btaJtby ladltatloa financially. Wt art glad that
Hayes had at ebancttt vett this reduction pro
cess. ! a -
A Buss Fcss A man named FoMor,
employed at tht Shaw Houst, was arretted on
Saturday for committing aa assault en Frederick
Haak, tht driver of the Maneloa Houst omnibus.
From what wt tea teems some III feeling
bad prtvloualy htta aroused between tht parties
IB regard to tbe place occupied by their respective
vehicles at the depot, although at angry words
had passed tetwtea them. It Itrtbar apptan
that after returning lo tht Shaw noast on Satur
day Boon, Foster entered the long shed attached to
tht MaasloB House stable, and aa Utah waa la
tbt att of paialbg with a bktt of water far,
bones la bis eare, Foster sprang tut of one of
tht Halls, kaccktd Haak down aad It flirted a
number tf tavtrt wtunds in hit fact. Haak had
b warrant Issued ftr tht arrest af Jtsltr, who,
when brought before lequlrw Howe, ta tared beij
In tbt sum $209 for his apptaraatt tt answer al
Court. 1
Messrs. Rosenthal & Lovy, of Cur
wtnavHle, aa noun at that tbey wilt hat a Spring
opening of their aew goods on or before Wtdnaa
day, March .ld. Their atook is complete and
tm braces tht best and latest styles of goods,
diva them a tall and tat how rtasonablt they at 1 1
- mmm mm
List of totters remaining unclaimed
In tba Postoffiat at Clearfield, Pa., for the week
tnding March 14th, 1881 :
William Brady, Archie M. Clark, John Bloat
James Graham, John W. Hall, Mary Hill, John
henna, Susan Mager, Jamea Marsh, Elliot 0
Pierce, Dr. R. Powell, Tlllle M. Smith, Henry
Snteldea, Miss Ada Spenotr, Isaat Wryt, Anna
M. Walk, Susan Y. Young.
P. A. GAL LIN, P. M.
Everybody is getting tirod of tbe
continued aad tedious Winter weather, and wt
will say nothing about tht snow that fell on
Saturday evening last to tbt depth of aa inch
It la becoming monotonous tvtn to the most en
thusiastic lover of Winter aotnes.
"Cold weather, go! O; frigid dall ler, go !
Too long you've lingered hereabout
Tot long, alas! too long; you're dreadful slow !
Come, vamoose 1 clear ! get out I
'Too long wt've watched the mercury in tbt gtaas ;
Too long we've lied about tht thing ;
Much havt we all to answer for, alas 1
Come, gol 'twill toon bt Spring."
The New 'SoniRBs. We this week
publish tbt nsmes of those persons elected to the
office of Juitlce of Iht Peace In the several bor
oughs and townships In tali county at tht lata
election, together wilh tbt poilofflct address of
tacb, to wit :
Clearfield borough Daniel Connelly, Clearfield.
Curwensrillt borough D, S. Moore, Cur wans
ville. Newburg borough E. Hlldebrand, Hurd.
New Washington borough. Wm. W. Barclay,
New Waihingtoo.
Osceola borough Patriok Gallagher, Osceola
Ueccarla township John W. Brat ton, Ulen
Hoggi towmbip John Bleih, Wallace ton.
Chest township 11. H. Hurd, Hurd.
Decatur townibip C. C. Mullen, Pbilipsburg.
(lirard townihip George W. tittrer, Uilling
bam. Uoihen townihip Allan Cuppler, Lick Bun.
Urrenwood township A. 11. Newcomer, Bow
er ; Inac M. K titer, Bower-
(lulioh township C. H. McDonald, Smith's
Jordan townihip Honry Swan, Anaonville.
Knox townihip Knoa Bloom, New Millport
Pike township Richard Freeman, Curwena
Ville. Handy townihip John R. Keel, Jefferson Line ;
Joseph Bowersox, tabula. ,
I uion township S. B. Weltj, Hookton. '
mmt m- mm i
The Fish Way. The Columbia Her
ald is tho authority for tbt statement that tht
fliii-way, trected in the Columbia dam at no In
tomiderablt coat to tbt people of this State, hu
beta swept away by tht floods and ice, and tbat
not a aingla vestige of tht structure remains
Tbis settles tht shad business for 1881. Not a
single flsb will be able to pass tht dam at that
point, and unless a stray apeclman bow and then
flndi bis way around the barrier by means of the
raft chute, the people along ihe upper waters of
tht Susquehanna aud its tributaries will havt to
content thcmielvea with catfish, eals and auckera
for tht next year or two. This work of tht let
puts tbt Fisb Commissioners and their elaborate
furthcoming report In a pretty deep holt. They
say la their beautifully illustrated statement that
they havohad much trouble with these shad ; tht
fishermen will not glvt them aebanot to got over
tht obstruction!, huit grab them up as fast as thay
make tbeir appearanot. If matters wert so bad
when the flih-way waa in full operation, bow
muiit they bt now, when the fish-way hat been
totally carried away f From tht prtsent tondl
tiwu of affairs, It looks a Utile ea if tht money
tht will be spent in publiihlng this el abort tt
report of the Commlsiioocri might havt been de
voted with more profit and advantage to rebuild
lag the flih-way. Ai the Legislature Is still in ses
sion, It will bt in order to take a new start In this
flih-way business. It is something of a reflection
upon Iheir scientific training, that with all the
money they want at their back, they art unable
to build a Bib-way that fish can use, or which Is
able to bear tbt wear and tear of a linglt hard
Winttr. Tbe fiih ought to havt a otaact to go up
the river, and wt bope they will bt given one.
jV Erm.
A Log Slide. To porsons not familiar
with tht lumbering buiineis in this aection,tht fol
lowing description of a log slittt In Green town
ship, Indiana eounty, on the headwaters of tht
tbe Susquehanna river, will bt found to bt quilt
Interesting, It Is well described, and Ii clipped
from tht columns of tbt Cherry tret Rteord, tht
tditors of which had taken a trip through tht
country atd wert telling what they saw and heard,
tu wit:
"Nothing of importanot was lean except the
grand scenery of vast acres of pint and nemtiek
all along tba road till wt struck tht log alidt In
Green townihip. This slide, to one who baa never
seen such things, is a curiosity. It Is the prop
erty, wa believe, of Messrs. Hopkins A lrvin,
and n the Ardell Job. This slide is five milts in
ltngtb, and hat been used two Reasons. For the
benefit of those of our readers wbo mayntvtr
hart seen these might bt well to say
(hat tbey are constructed by laying two logs ifde
by side and bowing out a groovt In which Iht
logs fit, and art thus kept on tht slide. Tht
modt of operating Iht slide is to roll tbe logs into
It and draw them along with horses some'
thing alter tbe style of a canal boat, where the
slide Ii level or up grade, but where there li a
down grade no bones art needed, tbt long trains
of togs flying down tbe slide at a fearful rate,
ever and anon making tbt woods ring by bump
ing tht ends together, and occasionally where
there Ii a ihort turnout will jump tht track.
Tht slidt at present Is aot being used as all tht
logs on the job art in tbt landing for this season.
Wa followed tbt slidt in Its winding! down to
the landing nt tbe big dam on Cash Cuibiag,
where we found tier after tier of large logs piled up
tt tht depth of about twelrt feel, ready for tbt
drivt, and In length and width It looked ttbt
big toough for a whole township. This landing
contain! fc,POO,000 feet, and when wa eomt to
oontidtrtbt fact that about 800,600,000 feet of
timber will go down the Susquehanna this season,
or sixty times as much as wt taw here, It Is bt-
joad our eom prehension."
e mm
V1LLE. Destruction of the lrvin House I
About 9 o'clock on last Sunday evening, a Art
brokt out la tht old McBridt store building,
corner of State and Filbert streets. The trlgin
of tht Art ii unkntwn, It being supposed that
rats, or mica, and matches wert tht oaust. This
building was only about ttn feet from tht Xrria
Houst, which almost Immediately took Art.
Tht dwelling cast of tht store building also took
Art, and within forty-Ava minutes Art buildings
wett ablate, tht peoplt being nnabla tt do any
thing ob account of the tlost proximity of tbt
buildidgs, and had Bt Art apparatus of any
kind to work with. Tht following U a Hit of tbt
property destroyed :
lrvin Houst, owned by Ju. L. Leavy,
occupied by 8. R. Notts tine, loss on
building ....$ ,00 80
Noteitiae, Iobi on furniture....
MoHrlde titate building
Occupied by-
1 ,61)0 90
1,009 00
200 01
100 00
1,009 09
100 90
100 00
Watt Thompson, groceries, Ac,
lea, Ac )
ir, shoe shop j
jonn uutier, zj Boor, dwel
J. F. Thompson. t floor.
McNaul estate, buildinc
Ocoupied by Rosemleel A Mabaffsy,
dwelling, loss on furniture -
John Carl, dwelling
A. M. Kirk, Jewelry store A dwelling..
John McNaul, dwelling
Occupied by Mrs. Caldwell, furniture..
Musier tit, saddler shop A dwelling...
I. B. Segner, dwelling, damage to
houst and furniture m
3,600 00
1,009 00
80 00
1,000 00
809 90
Total loil ,
Insured as follows :
J. L. Leavy, Phoenix
S. R. Nolestiot, Commercial Union..
MoBrlde estate, Jtlltrten
John Butler, Lnioa
Watt Thompson, l oion
..HUSO 09
.4 2,506 00
., l.SHl 00
,H 1,6UB 00
I AO Oft
1,300 00
McNaul estate, Merchants' and
A. M. Kirk, Fire AiMcialtou......
" u Lancashire
Jo he McNaul, North Briiiab
Muster estate, Lycoming., .
600 00
1,600 00
S00 00
MO 00
too 00
Total iBsuraett H $11,10 00
Ttn office of tbt latt Dr. D. 0. Crouch, tht
dwelling and tannery tf Z. McNaul, and the dwell
lag and feral lure of I. B. Segnar wire all dam
aged to eomt tiltat, but are all covered by lnaar
aacu. Tht dwelling of Mr. Segnar was almost
miraculously saved, tha sntn doing nablt aad
dangerous work. There ware not more than fif
teen feel tripaot between nay tf tht building!
destroyed, and tbt largt crowd of met, willing to
work, could only look at tba devouring flames,
at power being abtt tt save tht buildings. This
Is tbt sttond large fin tbat Gurwaaivlllt hu had
within seventeen months. More substantial build
ings hart btta trected la tha plaoa of thttt de
stroyed j and it Is hoped I bt txample will bt fol
lowed 11 this cast. Mr. Notertlnt, who was ab
sent, bad a portloB tf hli goods tartd, tt bii lorn
will hardly reach $2,600. Tba bail dings dt
ttroytd wert all Iramt, ud adjoining tack othtr.
Eight famlllet wart thrcwa tat af hoast and
hem t, but all war promptly taken tare tf by iht
till seal af Carwtns villa. 1
Youo mother, ht Is Boat !
Ills dimpled tbaek no more will ttuth thy breast
No mora the muele tone
Float from his Hps, It thine all fondly pressed j
it ii smite and happy laugn art lest ct met
Earth must bii mother and hit pillow bt.
His was tbt morning hoar,
And ht hath passed la beauty from tht day I
A bad, Bot yet a flower,
Tom in its sweetness from tbt parent spray j
Tbe death-wind swept blm to his aoft repose,
As frost, in tht Spring time, blights tbt tarly rost.
Than waa a tint tf rose on cheek and Up t
Ht touched tht veina with lot and tht rose faded j
But there beamed a smile , so fixed, so holy,
From that cherub brow, Death gaitd and left it
He dared not steal tht signal ring tf Heaven,
Mother, thy child Is blessed
And though his pretence may bt lost to that,
And vacant leave thy breast,
And missed a sweat load from thy knot,
Thou'lt mett thy first-born with his Lord at lat ',
Luuirb Citt, March 4 lb, 1881 .
Call at Morrill's hardware store and
set ibt chtapest and best Sewing Machine for
tbt Itast money. Dec. 23-tf.
The protracted mooting, carried on
for nearly nine weeks in tbt citarfitid u, Jt,
Charoh, under tbt supervision of Rev. George
Leidy, closed on Wednesday tveniog of last
week. Some thirty persons jotntd with tht
members of tht church on probation.
A Fact. An aavortisoment inserted
In tht Rrfublicar will reach mora readers than
if published In all tht other paptra In tht ooun
ty, and oost tht adrertisti ltag than ont-half
In ether words, an advertisement published la
our jc ureal li worth double tbt prlct of that
charged by any other publisher in the county.
It la a fact." tf.
A Cash Osdinancs. An exchange
aaya: An ortliaance against profanity u rigidly
enforced al Avoo, III. A timplt d a brings
a fine of fS, and itrongar a wearing costs more.
And It ougU to b tmforcid everywhere. The
profanity and vulgarity constantly heard upon
tbt streets of American towns, art a national
disgraot, as well as shookiog to tht eari of all
properly tducaled people.
Coal In. If any of our coal bank
a fsel like trading some of their product for a
series of numbers tf copies tf tbt Clrjlrfirld
RnroiLiCAR, wt will gladly show them where to
put two or three hundred bushels on account In
tbat way. We havt a bin at our residence and
ona at tht office tbat will hold a load trtry now
and then. A hint to tba wist li a very aage re
mark, and ahtuid bt sufficient, tf
New Daily Staoe Line. James L.
Leavy has succeeded in baying a dally mall estab
lished between Clearfield and Pennfleld, and will
hereafter run a daily stage between the two points.
Hlseontraot began with April 1st, and the stage
wlllleavo Clearfield every morning (except Sun
day) at B o'clock, making connections with all
trains on the Low Grade Railroad at Pen n field, re
turning aUer tbt last train tbt saw a evening,
Passengers and freight will bt carried at low rates,
Orders left at any of tba hotels will bt attended
to. lfiapr7V-tf
Penn villi Normal. Those wibK
ing to attend school should attend tbe Pannvillc
Normal School, which will open April 18th, 1881
Tht Principal, Prof. W. S. Lnthtr , Is known as
ont of our oldest and best teaohers. Ht will be
aii li ted by other Ant-class teachers. Students
will have tht use of the Peon v lilt Library, alia
a good reference Library. Instrumental and Vocal
Mmlo will bt taught by good teach era la that
branch. Alao Industrial Drawing aad Painting.
For terms, board, Ac, address S. M. Davis, Sec
retary Board Trustets, Grampian Hills, Pa., or
W. S. Luther, Principal, Llok Rub, Pi. mu 9 tf
Fresh groceries and new goods are
received every week at George Weaver A Co.'i
store, on Second strstl. They to ploy tbliging
and attantlvt olerki, and keep every thing In stock
that li nsed by man, woman, or boast. By refer
ence to tht mercantile Hit, in another column, It
will bt noticel tbat this firm la ont which enjoys
the largeat sales and best patronage of any eitab-
llihmtnt in town. They leave poople know what
they sell and where they do business. Tbey art
one of tht fsw Arms in this place which believe In
advertising, and art deserving of liberal patron
age. Read their advertisement on tbt fourth
page of this paper.
Clearvield Coal Trade State
ment of Ctal and othtr freight! seat avtrtht
Tyrant A Clearfield Division, Pennsylvania Rail
road, for tht weak tnding March ftth, 1881,
and tht aami time tastyear i
For tht week
Herat timt last year
Prevlonaly during year
Samt timt last year
Total In 1881 .
Same stmt last ytar...
Decrease H 8,382
Lumner t9 can.
Miscellaneous freights...., - 142 "
Mention bat been made 1b these columns of
tht fact that tht Pennsylvania Rallrtad Com
pany contemplated relaylog tht track of tht new
Portagt railroad. Thil reference Ii made to it
ia tht annual report of tht Directors, and tht
project may therefore bt assumed as a Axed fact :
"Tht great pressure of (raffle upon the attep
gradient! ascending tht taittra slop! of tht
Allegheny mountains baa brought to tht atten
tion of your officers tho propriety of relaying tbt
trtck upon what Is known as tht 'New Portagt
Railroad." Tbis was originally eon it rue ted by
tbt Statt of Pennsylvania to nrold tht passagt
of tbtAlleghtay mountain! by Inclined planet,
and was purchased from tbt Statu by tbis
company. Tht mountain tunnel and general
location of tbis road follow very closely those of
your own road, making a connection with your
branoh Hoe near Uotlidaysburg, Tht relaying of
thil track will not ba very expensive, as tht
road-bed Is generally to a good state of preserva
Hon. It will relieve tht mala lint of tbe local
traffic frtm tht largt Iron works and mints In
tbt vicinity of Uotlidaysburg, aad afford an al
ttrnatt lint on the moat difficult and expensive
portion of tht mountain division."
Out or Pkbt. We clip the follow
ing frtm tht Huntingdon Bwmi-WMhty AWi of
tht 19th Inst, i Tht following tf the
Ananeial standing of West Huntingdon M. E.
Churoh has beta mada public. A few yean ago j
thil church was struggling against a dsbt that I
threatened to swamp It, but tbt dlsasttr was
averted through tbt tntrgy and courage of Her.
William H. Dill, tht pastor, wbo la Itss than a
year baa raised Ibe amount necessary to entirely
liquidate tbt debt, and Itart a balance In the
treasury. Tht ehureh should bt grateful to tbt
pastor and tba friends wbo eamt to Hi help la
tnt nour ot need
Hdrtirodor, March fth. 1881.
William H. Dill In account with Wait Uunt-
iogdon M. E. Church:
To cash from Trusttts .$ 14 00
To taia rrom friends abroad 1&6 00
To cash frtm friends la Huntingdon 377 00
To abatements madt tj creditors 29 OS
By Insuranet on Church
.,.$480 0.1
16 00
... 10 99
By Sttwart A Flsontr'a bill
By Henry A Co,, judgment-
By Stewart, Maroh A Co., Judgment...
Uy Buchanan A Son, Judgment
By Bill tf Striokler A Co..
By Bill of J. R. Simpson
By Bill of T. K. Carmen ......
By Br!anot ia treasury ..
... iro vi
... 121 611
... 72 64
... fit 34
... 28 13
... 11 26
. (MR (IX
Orb Hururrb Pan Crrt. Discount on Olh
Pbicbi. Sewing Machines ean now ht purchased
at Me trail's tie and variety store, from $3 a up
wards. All kinds of sowing machines repaired
oa tht shortest not lot.
Citarfitid, Pa., July II. 1177.
Wartrd. Delivered at tbt Rail Road
100.000 20-Inch shaved shingles.
100.001 24-Inch sawed shingles.
I00,1M feet of pine boards.
600,000 la-feet shared hoops,
6,000 railroad ties.
60,000 feet of good hemlock boards.
For which I will pay tho highest market prlct,
delivered tt Clearfield, or at any point an tba
TyroBi A Citarfitid Railroad.
I. V. Kbambb.
Citarfitid, Pa., tt. II, U7l tf.
Just Received.
Juit Rooftived by ARNOLD, at
Car Load Nova Scotia Flaiterl
Car Load pure) Corn, Jty and Oata
Chop I
Car Load Peak en Bait t
Car Load of Choice Family Flour I
Car Load Dry Goods, Qrooeriea, Ao.I
InsrShmtrlea, Bark. R. TI Tie and
Grain will b taken In eachanft.
CuTWtDiTillw, Kay 1, 1979.
GRAHAM DICKSON. At Philipsburg,
Thursday, March 10th, 1881, by Rev. A. M.
Oreigbtoa, Mr. Armor O. Grabim, of Lawrtnot
township, and Miss Nauru uicrsor, or Clearfield
ROWLEfl C0NKLIN0. In Philip. burg, on
Tutsday, March 8th, 1881, by Lewis Hon, Esq.,
Mr. Valbrtihb Kowlbs aad Miss Jbmhir Oorb-
liro. both of Woodland, CloRroald oounty.
BPENCE. At tht resident tf her mother, la
O os ben townihln. on Monday tvenlns. Maroh
14th, 1881, Karrkn Si-brcb, in the 31st year of
ntr age .
Funeral on Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock,
MOORE In Pent township, ob Saturday,
February Stlth, 1881, Arohbw MooRR,ia the fijth
year tf his age.
SMITH. In Sandy township, on Monday,
HarebTlb, 1B81, Al abuarbt, wiiu or Andrew
Smith, aged 87 years.
Ml'RRAY. In Bradford townihip, on Sunday
morning, Harob otn, lotti, drlirua Mi rrat,
aged 77 years and 31 days,
CARLTON. In Bradr township. on Satnrdev.
March Mb, lttHl, Mabrl A. L Carl tor, aged 4
years, a m on ins and 7 days.
SMKAL. In Graham township, on Friday,
Maroh lltb, 1881, Frrdirkr Sural, aged 87
years, ii aionius ana ia oays.
KKINER. In Luthenburgb, at the re rid en oe
of Mr. George Glllung, on Monday, March 7th,
1881, Girtrudr B., daughter of gueaa Krlner,
aged 0 years and 8 mouths.
TRVDE. In Lawrenea townihip. on Satur
day, Maroh 6tb, 18M, at the residence of his
grandmother, of diphtheria, IiiA Trudb, agtd 10
years, iv monins ana it uays.
Hidgway and Lock Haven papers please copy.
RAYMOND, In Mcrris townihip, on Thurs
day, February 34th, U81, of diphtheria. SoraiA
M., aged years, 10 months and 9 days; an
Wtdnesday, March 2d, lttM.ef diphtheria. Mr.m-
tib L., aged 2 years t both daughter! of A. W.
aad Josephine Raymond.
Bsllefontt papers please copy.
LOSE In New Millport, on Wednesday. March
9th, 1881, Kluabbtu, wife of J. U. Lose, agtd
33 years, 7 months aad I days. . .
United In marriage not tbret monthi ago ; to
day separated by death. How short the wedded
lift I The husband, in bis lone and sorrow,
and the friends, In their sorrow, havt ths sympa
thy of tht community. Tbey, too, havt tbt com
fort that sbt died trusting in Jesus. D. H. 0.
Centre county papers plaast copy.
OAKLAND. In Bradford township, at the
resldena of Was. Dixon, on Saturday evening,
Maroh 12th, 1881, of diphtheria, Miss Katu U ab
lard, daughter of David Garland, of Bald Eagle
Furnace, Centre county, aged 21 years.
Tht deccaatd waa visiting at tha residence of
Mr. Dixoa wben she look ill, on Sunday evening,
March 0ib, and died lait Saturday. She whs en
gaged to be married this Spring. Her remains
wert takoa to bar homt In Centre oounty for
burial, and ware laid to rast on Monday. M.
Hl'NTKR. In Btcoarla township, on Sunday,
March fith, 1881, Frarb Ki.rrr, infant son of
John M.aad Martha Hunter, aged II months and
21 days.
"Of such is the Kingdom of Heat-en."
Il was on God'a own holy day
Tbat little Fuark waa called away
To dwell on high, with God above,
And rest forever in arms of lovt.
So for his loss do not complain,
But pray to God to meet again,
Your little Frank can never die,
He lives with Jeaui in the sky.
M. M.
MORGAN. At bar homt at Centre Hill, In
flrehem township, on Thursday, Maroh 3d, 1881,
Mra. Si; sawn A MoauAti, reliot of James Morgan,
Sr., at tht advanced agt of 98 years and 17
Tbt subject of this notice was born In Hert
ford, England, in tht year 173. At tht agt of
about 10 years sbt united with tht Episcopal
Churoh by public profession, and has lived a con
sistent member for eighty-two years. Sbt re
tained a sound mind until tht lait, and remarked
to btr ion a few days ttfort her death : "I havt
always trutted in God and taken blm as my por
tion, and it would bt a poor time to girt him up
The doccaied oaint to this country In August,
1833. Sht wai tbt mother of eight children,
seven of whom, with stveral grand and great
grand children, are now living ia Clearfield
eounty. Her remains wert Interred in tht Kyltr
burying ground, in Graham township, on Sunday
aweok, followed to tht gravt by a large concourse
of people.
Osceola Htetiltm and Philipsburg Journal p ltast
PilL.nii.riil, Much 13. Tber,u rm.r
f.cliDf in brd.tufTi to-day, tod whet ud wra
r. rmlhir hi(br. Cotlm , dull tt 11. for
niuaunr apiantit. u.ri I. nominal r .nehan.ed.
S.d CIotw iaia fair demand at 781o. Tim
othy and flaxiaad rfmaini ai Lit quoted. Flour
and Moal riour It to light d.mand, but firm.
SalM of 1,000, Including wlnur wboat,
itrai, at t:i.lD(4.12i I MianuoU .itrai, at (6
(tli.U for modiua to Inner. ,l,ar. and at total...
li for Itr.ijht i Penn.jlrania ultra tamil, at
."..iviiyv, w.aiern ao. ao. at ,.I3(no.7a, and at Bj0(y 7.76. Rj. tour II li.adj at ti
par barrel.
Urain Ii rather hifhir, but qnl.t.
Balei of 9,000 bniheli, ineludin.r.i.eted.attlV9 :
No. 1 red, .levator, at ll.lnr.1.IT. At th.
1' no., urn ean, o.oou buibeli, Hat, lold at
(1.18, ; wai bid for Maroh; 11.171 for
April, and II.18J for Ma,. Kj. Ii firm at at
11,00 for r.nniTlr.nle. Cora li in food raquilt
and a .bad. nrmer. gain of (1,000 buibeli, in
cluding j.llow, at i0o, whit., at MKajto., and
teaoi.r, track and (rain depot, at 6S(ui64o. At
th. open board, Brit call, 6,000 bulb.ll, Hay,
old al 6to o6. waa bid for M.rch 63o for
April, and Me for Hay. Data were la moderate
reuuoel, and batter. 8.1m of hu.h.l.. In.
eluding wblto, nt43Uo,and rejioted and lulled,
at 41tlci,,2,o.
bilk, la ioactlre. W. quota waitera at 11.01.
Cniciao, llarch 11, -Floor ,i..,Iy. Whaat
aotlr.,flrm and higher; No.l red, winter, 9i(in
1.01 : No. 1 Chioatfa a.rln. BUI I mil fa. ...h.
ll.OOi for April) l.04,l,il,06 for June; 104j
lor May. Uora ti flrni : ;t8f,v30, for May, (lata
Iteady. fly. armer at V8(,i,l.00. Barley iteaily.
Pork aetire and lower ; tli, Mr. -a.h .nil Anril.
$l.n:Mrijle 6 for Mar : II S.75f'i, 16.fH for June.
$w 3itfwtlsfmcnt3.
FOR SAI.E.-B.Tiral iwarm, of
I J Heel, la goad aonditlon. for lele at low
prioai, In Amerieaa and Bimphoity hirei.
UK. A. l. III1.L8,
Claarleld, Pa., liar, 18, 1881-St.
NOTICE. The anderilgned, reildlng la tba
Tillage of W.itorar. in Cheat townibin.
baa mada tba aaeeitary arrangem.ntl and pro
poeei to .pen aa KAT1NU liUtitiK far tha aa
aotnmodation of the public generally, and 1 hara-
oy aonclt a liberal abare or tbe public patronage.
JUI1N J. BAl unit.
Wailerer, Pa., fob. , 1881-tf.
Clover and Timothy Seed.
A large stock of home
Clover and Timothy ssed at
March If.tb, 191 -St.
CAUTION. All person are hereby warned
against purchaainr or In any meddllni with
me lojjowtog personal property, now in posses
sion of J. D. GALURAITH, of Buruiidt town
ship, Clearfield county, via : One grav mare, I
pigs, 2 sheep and 8 lambs, 1 cow, I spring wagon.
1 set harness, 1 buffalo robe, 4 acres wheat in tbt
ground, 1 cupboard and dishes, 1 cook stave and
nxtures, 1 sink, 1 table, half doien choirs, 1 rock-
fg bavlt. 1 !(, 1 UlMtlM tbl, I taaa
it ova, 1 aewlug machine, 1 dressing bureau, 1
clock, I beds and bedding. The foregoing prop
erty was purchased by me at Saerifl s aale, and
Is allowed to remain in tha nonesslon of said
J. D. Galbralth on loan only, subjsct to my order
at any tuna. r, r. PITTS.
Urant, Pa., March 2, lSSl-lt.
LOCIi-rP,6aled proposals for fur
nishing tbe material and erecting and completing
a Look-up for tbe borougb of Clearfield, in the
manner and of Ibt form, site and description
given in tht plans and specifications prepared by
tbe Town Council, will bt received from builders
and mechanics, by William Ptwill, Burgess, at
bis efflee, until 12 t'clook M., oa Monday,
MARCH 28TU, 1841. Tht plans and specifica
tions ean bt seen at tbt store of William Powell,
and at tht ortioe of J. F. Bnjder, it any timt
a tier marcn loin, l nt utrgess and Town Coun
cil ristrvt tht right tt reject any tr all bids,
Tbt names of the sureties to tuaraultt tbt ntr-
formanct of tbt contract must accompany the
it. sy urutr oi mo mwn uoonoii, I
WM. POWELL, Burgrst.
Attest t
' J. F. Sa man, Clerk.
Clearfield, Pa., March IA, lsl-2t.
rpRIAL MMT. Tht following la a Hat tf
jl oauats set aown tor "iai tor March Term,
iooi, commencing at area intn i
Fourth Morpit, Marcr 2Sti.
James Gardntr tt al. vs. Patrick Flynn.
George Bingham vs. Patrick Flynn.
William D. I ma vs. H. C. Thompson.
John B. Dillea tt al. vs. Sttwart Cowan tt al.
John M. Adams vs. Charlea II. Prtaoott
Mitchell Askty vs. E manual Kunti.
Emery Hi tka vs. Alet A I. Wlsor.
M. M. Du&rto, Adm'i, vi. W Albert A fires tt al.
v net tianhof Ol fl d vs. Atram Humphrey.
uo nat llank ttUI I d Tl. w imam A. Walla
Sttwart A Paarct)
John M. Chase
John P. lrvin
A. M. Lloyd A Co.
George M.Briibia
John Clark
It name Dalt
Taylor Row Its
ti Wm Luthtr tt al.
va. Atstia Kline.
Tl. James A. Bloom.
ti. William Wettovtr.
vs. Jtseph J. Ltnglt.
vs. Andrew Ptnts.
vs. T boas as O. Kyler.
ti. James Irvla, sr.
ti. J T Uu'd.
B. K. Rosa
W. U.Armstroag.Kx'r, vs. K A A W D lrvin.
no oeri vrowa ti, Auim Meyer tt al
William M. Prion Tt. Jacob Bllgtr.
Charles R, Drown ti. W II Dunlap,
B. A Z. L. Hartshorn ti. R R Nelper.
Thome Ralston vi, Wm Hoover at al.
J.B.araham'aAa'atei vs. A Schemerbtraat al,
JAMM KERR, Prtthtnetary.
ClearSM, Feb. II, 1681-ta.
Estate of Jonatlun Nichols, dee'd.
BY v Irtut of an order Issued out of the Orphans'
Court of Clearfield county, Pa,, the under
signed Administrator tf tbe estate ff Jonathan
Nichols, deceased, will sell at public tale, at tht
uoukt HOI BK, IB tut borougb or VltaMtld,
Cleardeld county, Pa, on
Saturday, March 19th, 1881,
At o'clock P. N. of said day,
All tf tba interest of tht deceased tn and tt a
oariaia piece of lead situate in tbe township of
Lawrence, county of Clearfield , and tita tt of Penn
sylvania, bounded and described as follows i Be
ginning at a hickory on line of land of Hugh and
Jamea Orr ; thence by land of Alice Dale eaat fifty
perches lu a post i thence by land lata of Martin
Nichols, jr., ont hundred and thirty perches to
atones in lint of Thomas M. Lanloh's; thence west
Dlly porches to a wbitt pint) thence north by
land of Hugh and Jamea Orr ont hundred and
thirty perches to Ibe plant of beginning, eeataia
ing UHacrcaand J percheaaiid allow aure,
hav ing about aaveu acres cleared thereon, j
being good farm land, covered with food
Timber, and being underlaid with a vein fTL
ol Coal.
One balf eaah, and the balauot In one ytar from
confirmation of salt, with Interest, to bt secured
by bond and mortgage.
O. B. MKKUKLL, Administrator, Ao.
Clearfield, Pa., Feb. 28, lc6.4t.
jCrflnl gutrfrtlsfmcntt.
L1CEN6E NOTICE. Tbt following per
sons have filed la tbt office of the Clerk of
the Court of Uuarter Sessions of Clearfield count v. :
their petitlona and bonds for licenses, at tbt
uaron session! next, agreeably to tat Aot of As
sam bly :
UOTRL licrrib.
S. B. Row
, Clearfield
William II. Dean .,
R. N. Shaw ,
James McLaughlin
L. u. jtioom
James L. Leavy
anio itoyt -
G.W. Lane ,
Smith Baird
Nicholas Scollins
Michael Hurley
George E. Robacker
..Pen field, Huston Tnp
Jamei L. Soofield Pcnfield, Huston Twp
Jules Janot.
.Covington Twp
.Covington Twp
Lewis Lelirbov ,
John Mulson ,
I'ovington iwp
Woodward Twp
Woodward Twp
, Woodward Twp
, Woodward Twp
Woodward Twp
Woodward Twp
Woodward Twp
Woodward Twp
Woodward Twp
George Pierce
George Rboadi
John Watson
Isaao Lloyd
Thomas Moore
James W. McMahan....
Mrs. Wm. Weill.-
Mn. Richard Donahue..
George W. Smith
Wm. W. Lane
William Parker ,
John McGirk
Richard Madditan
Wm. Curran
Edward McGrouty
Frank Slater
, Houtadale
Patrick Dunn
Jaiues Ha by
Klitaheta Smiles
Fred Wreae
James Bolger
Edward Jordan
Patriok Shields
W. L, Nicholson
Mead Brothers
Julius Tei
Emanuel kunts
Joicnb K. Sterna
Jacob Truby
John DuBois,..'.
John McNulty -
Wm. Hchwem
I in boil
...Luthersburg, Brady Twp
J. H. Feerur.. Wallaceton
George W. Dotts... . Glen Hope, Becoaria Twp
Wm. Marsh Brady Twp
tievcuo r.iieoiaii... ueocana iwp
M. M. Flynn Pannvllle, Penn Twn
George Knair Troutrille, Brady Twp
Pcler Ku finer Madera, Woodward Twp
J. A. Roland Chest Twp
tt. u, Mcirecien ..ttreenwood Twp
Mary hi. Use. n bower Kylertown, Morris Twn
Samuel Hullihan B urn i ids
George W. Davis New Washington
M. V. Tyler Huston T
G.W. Llnyd Gulich Twp
Jonn a. Morgan ..umton ti
R.T. Kelly
Wm. Corley
II. Livingston
John Duftan A John Parks..
J. 8. Graff
Charles J. Sheldrake
Peter McGovern
. - Dubois
Becearia Twp
Huston Twp
..Becearia Twp
Max Kllnordllogtr PoBoli
W.C. Uuigley DuBois
Peter Moran, Uoulidale
Certified from tht record at Clearfletd, this 1st
day of March, 1881. JAMES KEKR,
. Sheriffs Sale.
TT virtus of writs of iV. Fa., Inoet
1 1 out of tht Court of Common Pleas of Clear
field countv, and to ma directed, there will bt
exposed to PUBLIC SALE, at tht Court Houst,
in tnt borough of Clearfield, on
TUuraday, March IT lMutl,
At 1 o'clock P. M.. tht following desoribed real
estate, to wit:
All that certain lot of ground sit o att In Chest
townihip, Clearfield Bounty, Pa., bounded and
described as follows ; Beginning at a post by
Chest creek i thenot north 8c decrees west V
perches by land or Joseph M, Hreth to a post ;
thence by land of laid Joseph H. Brath north 6
degrees east IS 0-10 perches to a pott thenot by
land of said Breth south 8I degrees tast 8 1-10
perches to a post i thence br land of said Breth
south ft degrees west 18 0-10 perches to a post
and place of beginning, containing 1 acre and
4 IM0 perches, all cleared and bavins thereon
erected a two-story frame beuie 10x20 fett.kitohtn
attached, 12x14 feet, and storeroom attached.
16x22 feet, also n wagonmaker shop, and a small
frame stable, 10x20 feet.
beistd.takeo in execution and to bt sold as
tbt proptrty of O. P. Pierce.
All of tbe defendant's interest in a certain house
and lot situate in Wall ace ton borouirh, Clearfield
county, Pa., bounded and described at follows:
On tht east by Clearfield street, on the north by
lot No. Ot, on tbt south by Graham street, and
oa the West by railroad, being 80 feet front on
Clearfield street, by 100 feet deep, and kaown In
plan of said borough as lot No. 62, and having
ineretn erectea a two-story irame dwelling neuse,
stable, and other outbuildings.
Seised, taken In execution and to be sold as tht
property of Alexander Leavy, alias John Riot.
AH tht defendant's interest In a certain piece of
land situate in iioggs township, Ulsarneld county,
Pa., described as follows : Befrinuini at a post
on lint of George Sbimel, Sr. ont perch seuth of
jaoon Btneai a turner j tnttnot tast parallel with
said Smears Mot 40 ptrches to a corner at post :
inenot sou in pert ties to post t tnenot west Jt
perches to lint of said George Shimel, Sr., and on
turnpike te a post j thenot Borth along said lint
IV perobes to tnt piaoe ol beginning, containing
6 acres, with abont 2 acres cleared, and having
thereon trected a frame houst and outbulldioBs.
Seised, taken In execution and to bt told as tht
property tf James Mo A lenity.
All the interest of defendants lo all that certain
tract of land situate In Brady township, Clear
field eounty. Pa., bounded and described aa fol
lows : Beeinning at a red oak corner at the cor
ner of lands of Jacob Kuoti and George Penta;
thenot north 8l degrees east 827 perches to a
pott; thenot south 440 2-18 parches to a post;
thenot west 826 9-10 perches to a dead hemlock ;
thenot north li degrees - 210 perches to a
terriot berry thenot south 81 degrete wett li7
perches to a hemlock theoetnorlh 1 degree wast
Mo percnes to post; tbenot north n"j degrees
tast lo6 perches tt trvoo btrry j thence north
one degree west 60 perches to the place of begin
ning, containing 1,032 7-10 acres.
He i ted, takn in execution and to bt sold as tht
proptrty of George Kramer aod Wm. K. Bell,
All tbt defendants' Interest In all that certain
tract or piece of land situate in Bradford town
ship, Clearfield eounty, Pa., bounded and desrib
eil at follow i Beginning at a chestnut and
tones ; thenot east 1 1 8 perches to stones ; thence
south perches to a post; thenot west 118,
perches to a black oak (down) j tbenot north HA I
perches to a chestnut, itsnes and place of be Li
ning , oomaining jui acres ana av percnes, more
or itss, being toe southwest quarter or tract war
ranted in name of Francis West's survev. bavins?
about 70 acres cleared, and having thereon treated
a framt dwelling house, blacksmith shop, lot
barn, and other outbuildings, al.o a Touni eti,e
and ptaoh orchard of about 1(10 treat.
Keited, taken la ex too tion and to bt sold as
tbt property of Jacob and David Williams.
TiRua or Salr, The prist or sum at which
tht property shall be struck off must be naid at
tht timt of salt, or inch othtr arrangements
madt as will bt approved, otherwise the proper
ty will bt Immediately put up and sold again at
tht txptnst and risk of tht person tt whom It
was struck off, and who, la last of deficiency at
auth re-salt, shall make good the same, and In
no instance wm tnt need bt presented la Court
for confirmation unless tht money Is actually
paid te tilt Sheriff. JAS. MAHAFFKY,
Saamrr's Orrtca, I Sheriff.
CltarOeld, Pa., Feb. J.i, 1SB1. J
Sheriff's Sale.
1)T virtue tf awrlt of Ltmmri Facial Issued
If tut of tht Court tf Commoa Pltaa of Clear
field eounty, Peon a, and to mt directed, there will
bt ei posed tt PlltLlU BALK, at tbt Cturt
li oust, 1st tht borough or Clearleld, Fa., oa
TUuraday, March IT. IfMI,
At 1 o'clock P. M., tbt following described real
estatt of Defendant, tt wit
A tar tain two-story plank houst, MiU feet,
1(1 feet tt tvta, abingla roof, laid houst is divided
latt Are rooms, with tight doors, being ertetad
on lot No. 14a in tht general plan tf DuBois,
Handy township, Clear II aid county, Pa,
Maed, taken in tiecatita and to be sold as Ibt
property ef Patriok Clark.
Taunt or Pxi.a Tht prist or turn at which
tht proptrty shall at struck off must bt paid at
tht timt of tola, orsuch othtr arrangements
madt as will bt approved, ttbtrwlst tht proptrty
will ht Immediately put up and told agaia at
tha tiptnst and risk tf tht person tt whom It
was struck tf, and whe, lu tasMf deleituey at
inch re-sale, shall make good tht satae, and tn
nt Instance will tbt leed bt preset Ud la Court
fur ton firm atl oa ualtsi tht money Is actually
paid to tht rthirtr. JA. hiAUAhV,
Baaairp'i Orrtca, I Sharif.
Otajfitad, Pa Feb. IS, 189L J
Sheriffs Sale.
11 Y virtue of write tf Venditioni Ennat.
t Issued out of tht Court of Common Pleat of
Clearfield county, and to mt directed, I will ex
pose to publit sale, nt the Court Hoast in tbt
ot rough of Citarfitid. oa
TUuraday, March IT, 1HHI,
At 1 o'clock P. M., tho following described real
estate, to wit i
All the interest of defendant! In n certain tree
of land situate la North Houtidale, Woodward
towosnip, uiearntid county, Pennsylvania, being
thrtt town lota fronting oa Reed street and run
ning back to an alley, bounded and described as
follows i Hounded tast by Krin street, west by
an alley, south by Read street, and north be an
ellny, and known ia tbt gentrnl plan of said town
as isois Hut. J4J, and 246, aod having there
on erected a two-story frame dwelllnc house.
Seised, taken In execution and to bt sold as
tht property of Michael Leach aad Mary Leach,
All the interest of defendant In a certain tract
of land situate in Morris tew nib ip, Clearfield
eounty, Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
follows i Bounded on Ibe nortn by land of O. L
Sohoonover, tail by land of Potter, west by land
tf Fraaier, and south by land of Franklin Roucb,
containing one hundred acres and allowance, with
about thirty aorta oleared, aud having thereon
erected a small bouse, small barn, aod other out
buildings. Seised, taken In execution and te bt sold as tht
proptrty of Benjamin Chance.
All tbt Interest of defendants la two other toll
of land situate in the borough of Houtidale,
Clearfield eounty, Penoaylvanli, bounded and
and described as follows : Being Lots Nos. 21
and 23 adjoining, fronting on MoAteer a treat
about 200 feet and running back 160 feet tu Pine
alley, and bounded by Railroad street on tbe
nortn, Me A tee r street on the west, by riot alley
on tut east, and an alley on tbe south, con Lam
ing about one-half aa acre of ground, with a largt
uoubit on or nouse, atxw icet, two stories mgu,
stable, and other outbuildings therton treated.
Seised, taken Intxtoutlon and to be sold as the
property of William Watchman and Thomas
All ef defendant's Interest in a certain tract of
land situate in Bradford township, Clearfield
county, Pa., bounded south by land of William
Albert A Bros., east by land of William Albert A
Bros., aow in possession of John A. Green, noith
by land of Daniel Stewart, and west by land of
Benjamin Lansbtrry, containing 218 acres, and
having about 60 acres cleared, having a two-atory
frame dwelling houst, large bank barn, and other
outbuildings thereon trected.
Seiied, taken In execution and to ht sold as ths
proptrty of I. G. Burger.
Att tha Interest of defendant In a certain tract
of lead situate in Morris townihip, Clearfleid
county, Peaa'a, bounded and described ai fol
lows: Beginning at tht south-west corner of a
post; thence 631 perches to a post; thenot north
148 perobes to chestnut sapling ; thence weat 3i
perches to post; thenot south 148 ptrches to tbe
piaoa oi beginning, containing si arret, cleared,
having thereon erected a two and a half story
frame home, a small barn and necessary out
buildings. Seised, taken In execution and to bt sold as
tbt properly of Abbon Gray.
Atl tht Interest of the defendant in a certain
tract of land, situate in tbt borough tf Houta
dale, Clearfield county, Pa., bounded and describ
ed as follows: Lot No, 4, oa northwest corner
of George and Hannah streets, the buildings hav
ing been burned. It ia bounded on the east by
George street, west by an alley, north by Bearer
alley, ana sou in ty iiennan street.
Seised, taken in execution and to bt lold at
tbt property of Chants Kinney.
All defendants' Interest la a certain tract of
land altualt iu Woodward townihip, Clearfield
eounty, Pa., bounded and described as follows :
Bounded on the west by J. M. Jordan, north by
Joseph Alexander, south by public road, and east
by George Hegarty, and having thereon erected
a frame house, liable, and ether outbuildings.
Seised, taken in execution aad to be sold as the
property of James Root aod Lydia McKeo.
Al) the defendant's Interest in a certain lot lo
West Houtidale, Clearfitld eounty, Pa., 76 feet
front on public road leading from Houtidale to
Madera, bounded north by lots of Hill, south by
lot of D. W, Wist, tast by an alley, west by pub
lic road, and having thereon erected a small
house and necessary outbuildings.
All defendant'! Interest in another piece of
land in Jordan township, Clearfield county, Pa.,
bounded and described at follows : Bounded oa
tha tast by land of John S. Williams, west by
land of George Mays, north and south by laodi of
John S. Williams and William Jordan, contain
ing 188 acres, mora or leas, and having thereon
erected a two-story house, ftamt barn, and other
Seiied, taken in execution abd to be sold aa
tht property of A. W. Vouug.
Tbrmi op Salb. The price or sum at wbl
tbe proptrty shall bt struck off mast be paid at tbe
time of salt, or such other arrangements made as
will ba approved, otherwise tbt property will be
immediately put up and sold again at the expense
and risk of tht person te whom it was struck on,
and who, la case of deficiency at such re-salt.
shall make good tht eamt, and in no instanot
will tbt Deed bt presented in Court for conn rela
tion unless tht money Is actually paid to tht
ftnsriff. JAMKI HAHArfKi ,
fiBRRirr't Orrica, ) Sheriff.
Citarfitid, Pa., Fab. li, 18S1. (
TOIi HOH K. All kin Js of job work ei ecu ted
fj in tbt I
heat mauntr at this o trice.
m OOO nilll !,!,.-Qeorft Weavar A Co
ej want Art thousand bushels of OATt?, now,
and will pay flash or produce.
C.earutiJ, Pa., Aug. IS, 1979-tf.
I VTA CONS FOR SALE 1 Tht subscriber
tf haa two Iwo-Horit Wagons, nearly new,
br salt. Will btstld tbtap. Callon or address
John a.stadlkr.
Clearfitld, Pa., Maroh J, 1881-tf.
UY. ii berth given that Letters of Admin is
tratitn oa the eslatt of HU. D. 0. CHOl t'H
latt of Curwensrille, Pa., deo'd.haTina; been duly
grantrd tt tht undersigned, all persons indebted
to said estate will please makt immediate pay
ment, and tboat baring claims or demands against
tht same, will press nt tbeta prvperly autbuntlca-
ifi lorstmsmani witnoui aeiav.
Curwensville, Pa., Feb. 9th, lMl-oL
A 1 DITOR'S soTicr
U III Co. 1 In tht Common Pleas of
rs, Clearfield eounty, Pa.
Rose A HeKwtn. ) No. 119 Sept. T., It 7 3.
Tht undtrslgned A udltor, appointed to distrlb
utt tht money iu tht bands of ibe Sheriff, arisfng
trom too sale ol tfte real estate, to and among tha
creditors legally entitled thereto, will meet tht
far ties In Interest at bis offint, la Clearfeld, on
HI OA V, MA KC II 18TH, 1H, at 10 o'clock
A. M. W. A. UAUKHTV, Auditor.
Clearfletd, Pa , March 2, 18M-3t,
T?Xl;i:i'TORH KOTICE.-Nollctishert-
I j by g i? en bat Letters Testamentary tn tht
estate or JUI AS MU7, late or Morns township,
Clearfleid county, Ptnnnaylraola, deceased, bar.
Ing been duly granted to tht undersigned, all
persons indebted to said estatt will please makt
Immediate payment!, and tbost having claims tr
demands against tba stmt will present tfatm prop
erly authtnticattd for settlement without delay.
J A M r.n li. ISTKWAKT,
Kylertown, Pa., February 3d, 1881-flt.
Mary K. Demon t
In tht Court of Common
Pitas of Clearflsld Co.
Cher Is i Demon U ) No. 183 Jan. T., IMI.
To Vkarlt jVeMoal .
You will take notice that aa AHt 8(pna
r Divorce hat been awarded against yaa by the
above Utun. and tnat you art renal red to appear
on or before tht Jtd Monday of March aeit, and
snow ean Ft wny a decree or divoret a riaemo
eitrriMONii should not be made,
Clearfleid, Pa., Feb., 18, 18H-4t.
fTIHG subscriber bertby glvts notice tbat ht
X 1 now dehrtrlng ooalof an eioellcntquality
aod proposal to optratt his mint
Bo tbat ht will bt enabled to supply bis tus tomtrs
at all tlmts with good fuel. No Bummer vac
lion. Orders by snail promptly filled.
Clearfield, Pa., March 3, l8l-tf.
rpIIE undersigned will open Ibis school ia tht
JJL beonard buiiuiag, utearoeia, I'eun a, on
MONDAY. APRIL 18, mi, to oonliou tltrea
Commoa Enlll.a BranonM Irt.n,
llib,r Infllibaad Clmlei S.oo
. B. C. VOUNliMAN,
ClearteM, Pa., Feb. 1,
Tht subscriber proposes to sell or rent t num
ber tf Itrms located as follows t Tht first situate
In Barasidt township, Centra eounty, tonlaiaing
1M acres, having therton trected a framt dwell
ing, framt barn , adjateot tt a eburch, aad know a
at the James Mulhollaad tana.
A LBO, another farm situate ia Graham town
ship, Clearfitld eotaty, containing 117 acre, with
tbt aeoeeaary Improvements. This farm is under
laid wltn a UOOb VKIN OP COAL.
ALSO, all ether farms la tht vicinity of French -Title,
eonulalag rtspeetfally 111, ltu,v, fit, i9
and IA acres. These farms all havt a -to see aad
haras thtrtoa, good water, bearing t retards oa
a erne, as well at tome goad wood mod. For
further particulars tall la persea, or add rent tht
wfidenigned by letter. L. U. COUDRIKT.
Jaa: Wtt, lfisi-lf. rrtaekvillt, Pa
English Classical I::::
Eirnt Farms forSale orRcnt
The largest and beat assortment of wagons ever broiiulit to
Clearfield. " b
One car load of CONKL1N wagons,
One car load of STUDEBAKER wagons,
Which we will sell at factory prices. We buy tliee wagon by
the car load and pay CASH for thcni, therefore we arc able
to sell cheaper than any other dealer in the county.
We guarantee these wagon to be first-clasa
in every respect. Also, a lot of
Platform Spring Wagons Buggies.
One cur load of GRAIN DRILLS which we will sell cheaper
than ever before sold. Give us a call before buying elsewhere.
F. M. CABJXON & BRU Clearfield. Pa.
February 23, 1881-tf.
Curwensville. Pa.
Wholesale Dealer jn
Boots, Shoes, Groceries,
I buy direct from jobbers Hnd manufacturers, receive goods at
car load rates, hence can compete with New York and Philadel
phia houses.
Also, Dealer in
Saw Ltgs, Lumber, Shingles and Bark.
Parties having bark to haul during the Winter, can contract
and receive liberal advances. Also, advances made on Saw Logs.
Give mo a call.
Sept. 19. im it.
Ty 1ST 1C JEL"!? jX3LJZm
All kinds of Caekets and Coffin, kept on hand, and furnished to order on
aliort notico, including the fin out as well as the clieupest that can be manu
factured. Our '
oonrsE pjiBsnnvBn
la the beat in uho, and will bo furnished wben required. Funorult attended
in any part of the county. Call at my office, on Second street, or leare
your orders at Troulman's Furniture Store, adjoining the l'ostotlice.
oct 1,'79-tf.
5,000 Rail Road Ties.
Curweoirllle. Pa. Jaa. 1 , 1178-tf
. and Pina townshirii, Clearfield oounte. .-ffif,
Htaaonable time firm for part of purohaae
moae;. Prtoee Ifl.OO to $10.00 per aora.'f 1
Mloera'i reierred. L. Dill I), A lent,
Penfleld, Pa.
or Wallacb Knaai,
Sept. 10, lS7-tf. Clearleld, Pa,
1 l 1 1.LEH W ANTED. Tha aadenl(oed
oe.iree o empioj a aiui.r u run ui.un.
alill. lituala ia Pre&cbrill.. Tbemilloan be had
on tha ihare,. or will p., b, the month, ai maj ba
affread opon b, Ibe partial, reiieiitoa giren oo
tha flnt of April. For further particular! Mil lo
perion, oraddren hj teller,
u. tn. ivui'nifti.
rreoohrille, Pa., Jan. IVlh, 1881-llt.
TWENTY 1101 8LS and LOTS in Clearfield
for aala at reasonablt prices and on easy
terms. Also, several FAHM8 In Bradford aud
Urabam townships. Apply to
Dec. 1, '80-tf. Clearfield, Pa.
Coali Coal i!
TIIM undersigned, having procured a lease of
a first clan coal vein, has opened a mine,
and Is aow prepared to furnish customers with a
flrat-elass article of coal oa ahnrt not toe, and at
tha rod rate prlct of BIX CKNT3 pr bushel.
All ordert left at my shop will bt promptly at
tended to. WM. K. BROWN.
Clearfield, Pa., F-b. 3, l81-ly.
rflliB lubicribtr now offrrt tt tht tltlseaa of
X Burnside and vicinity, an unprovided
specialty. Hereafter all kinds of Caskets and
Corn os will he kept on hand, and orders filled at
Mineral 4licndtd .Irtytrhrre,
1 will furnish the finest as writ as the cheapest
articles dedioatsd to runeralt All order! left at
Ihe store of Jonn C. Connbr will receive prompt
attention. For forther particulars, can on or
address I. 6. HENDERSON.
Dec 10, UTD-tf.
Fine Kalian Marble in llicSlato,
up any work that can ht dote in Iht tity it much
cheaper rates. Wt will ant up
la Itellen Marble ar Granite, ebeaptr thaa It tan
be done ia aay other part of Ihe 8 tale. Any per-
buying monumental work toamouttef I2& aad
upwards, will havt fart paid to and from Philips,
hurt. Da aot bt fooled with theap Amerieaa
marhlt when you taa buy fiat IttUlaa marble al
lower prioes.
D-1IEAD RTONBS a spetlally.
Product and at craved a a per will at takes la
tirbangt for Cemetery warn. Alloash pay man ts
will bt madt to Iht Jfobauaok Danklsg Co., to
thtereditof R. PURCM,
Phlltpiburfc Pa., Jaa. J, llfil.-fim.
8w dwtliimfttt
JA3. 1j. XjCtA v l .
Clearfield, fa.
79 A WEEK. 11 la da' at homo eaii It
V " voitly outot ir.
Addr.ll Tata Co.,
Anguata, Maina.
Curwensrillt, Pa., Jan. t, '71-tl.
MONKY TO I.OAN. Oa firtt-cleee im
proved farm property, by tbt Mutual Lift
Insuranet Company of New York, ta first nort
gagt, la sums from $1,001 up. For furthtr ia
formal ion apply tt tht undersigutd.
Clearfield Pa., May 7th, 1879-tf.
Grist MiHFor Sale I
Arsry desirable mill property, with twt palrt
of burrs, situate ia Deeitar twp,, Clear
field county, Pa., about two and a half milaa watt
of Philipsburg, Centre county, Pa.
Philipsburg, Ctatre Ct.. Pa.
Nor. 10, 1880-If.
Thtundsrslgntd hat opaatd up on Third ttrttt,
Bear tbt Lulberaa Chureb, and otTel ftr salt a
large lot tf doors, sash , ttc, and
In all its forms and atylea. Spring beds, only S.
All kinds of moulding for picture frame! . Soaoal
houst ssals, desks and blackboards cheaper thaa
elsewhere. Inquiries by mall will ht promptly
answered. MH8. A. B. CANFIKLD,
H. P.. CiPriRLn, Agent,
Clearfitld, Pa., Dot. II, Uflt-fim
Thomas A. Duckett,
IUEHKHV glvt aoilct to tht dtittas af Cleuvr
field and tht surrounding viciaity that 1 am
prepared at all tlmts tt furnish fatalliat aad
manufacturing tstabtish meats with a luparltf
quality tf
Coal, Wood t Coke,
Which I am prepartd tt deliver la a few hours'
notice. I am always ready to haul aad deliver
from and to the depot, or anywhere list, aad
mora famlllet aod household goods aaywhert ta
ebnrtnotiet. TMOB. A. DICK KIT.
Citarfitid, Pa., Mar. II, 1881-tf.
Re-Union of Trade.
THE ander.i,o,d wliklnf u iDf.rm Ik. aabll.
that ha vbea.4 a
Al tha old Hand la Troattllla, Cearteld mat,,
Pa., oa the I elk laat, with a fall alack ef
I loo la, ahoea, Etc.,
In faet aTenlhla. to be foaod la t iral-alaai aian.
all of ahiek I am det.nalaed to .all at tha towMt
oath prleM.
Will lid II to tbrlr adraata. U da daalla,
with ma, aa tba alfth.rl prloaa will be aM for
Urala, KbiBflea, or Prodao. f aa klad. Fart
or ene.kalf eaak will b. paid. Trading far
Bhlaglei or Lambwraf an, biad a epMlaltv. Alaa,
agaal far
Singer Sewing Machines.
Barlai mad. arraarematl will laatora mar.
ekaala la aell foedi farnlaaW ata, lkmf.r mU
and a, I will b. aaabtod to Mil eheepw Uaa
Uaaheapeat. J. W.C A RULE,
Irtolnlle, re., spl. II, Il-lj. ' Aal,,