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Sbt jtUpuMtran.
Qkoioi B. Goodlanikb, Editor.
R.edsr. If yon want to know what Ib going ob
la tho bosiaeas world, Just read our advertising
aolnmns, tho tyeefaf oolumn Id particular.
At the New Year's levee at the
Wliilo llouso tbo Kusioo Minister and
liia wife wcro pronounced to be among
the most distinguished looking people
in the rooms. Tho Jlussian court drcsa
it quite a striking ono.
A Statesman. Although Delaware
is the smallest Slate in the East, she
sends and keeps in the Senate ono oi
the ablest statesmen iu tho country.
T. F. Bayard was re-elected on Friday,
the 21st inst., ior another six years
Senatomhip. Such men are needed as
much by the country at largo as the
States thoy represent.
A Chkap It now turns
out that Congressman Loring wrote
Grant's Canal article in the last Xorth
American Review. How dog cheap I
Wo suspected, wheu we read the arti
cle, that Grant never compiled the
document. Tho fraud should have
been kept a secret.
"Not Out." The would-be
Sonator Olivor, who has' been driving
a political campaign at llarrisburg for
the past four weuks as vigorously as
be ever pushed any business, must
have learned that the thing docs not
pay as well as Pittsburgh iron works,
if be. pays any attention to the Income
and outgo of bis cash account.
A Position at Last. Goneral (i rant
has tried awfully hard to be Presidout
of something worth while; but he has
only succocded in rogularly missing it
overy timo. And now to think that
the poor old man has had to tnko up
with tho Presidency of the Now York
Exhibition Company ! Ab, Republics
are ungrateful, and no mistake!
An Index. Tho present situation of
affairs in Ireland is but a picturo of
what tho United States win bo some
years hence if capital sets up an aris
tocracy. Tho "business mens' meet
ing," to bulldoze, laborers, marked bal-
lots, and tu'llions raised to corrupt
eleotions are but the forerunners of
class legislation and caste divisions.
Maonanimity. Tho llarrisburg
"Hoppers" hove presented tho Cameron
ring men tho names of no less than a
half dor.un of men besides Grow. They
are roady to volo for Hayno, Wolf,
He Veagh, Stewart, etc; but the Cuin
aronitos don't nibblout this bail. Tho
Oliver men act liko Bourbons.
Conorihh. This body is notorious
ior two things, vie : absenteeism and
geaeral inefficiency. The lack of ex
ecutive management on the part oi tho
Chairmen of a majority of Committees
is patent to everybody. But as the
body will die a natural death on the
4th oi March next, we will say no
more about it.
No Cuanok, Mr. George Colton, oi
the Baltimore American, travoling in
the Holy Land, went from Jerusalem
down to Jericho, the other day and
fell among thieves. He propitiated
them with tobacco. Over eighteen
hundred and fifty years ago, a traveler
encountered a similar treatment How
ever, they had priests and Levitcs to
overlook maltors then.
Odk Leoislatcri. Although it has
been in session for a month, it has es
tablished a broad roputation for doing
nothing except tho taking oi a ballot
tor United States Senator each work
ing day, and in that, liko in every
thing olso, it has impressed itself on
the minds of the poople as a do-nothing
organisation at 110 per day.
Tin SiNATORsniP. Tbo thirteenth
joint ballot was taken in our Legisla
ture at noon on Saturday last. Tho
body was called to order by Lieutenant
Governor Stone. The attendance of
members was very slim, a large num
ber bring paired. A ballot was taken
which rosnltcd : Olivor 35, Wallace 32,
Grow 29, Scattering 6. Tho whole
number of votes cast was 101, includ
ing 22 Senators and 79 Representatives.
There being no quorum of mombors
voting, the chair declared no election,
and adjourned the convention until
Monday at 12 M. In the Senate there
were 26 pairs and 1 absenteo Senator
Parker. In the House there were 117
pairs and 3 absentees. Absentees,
Welsh, Liggett and Philips. Owing to
the detention of tho mail train on ac
count of the snow storm, we are una
ble to give Monday's proceedings up
to the time of going to press.
Am Ohio Case In 1861, "the late
lamented" appointed one Noah 11.
Swayne, of Ohio, an Associate Justice
of the Supreme Court ol the United
States. During all tho intervening
perioTl the majority of this Court and
Its friends bare bored Congress, and
actually succeeded in having a pension j
law passed so that after a Judge is
seventy years old, he can resign and
still draw full pay while he lives. This
is a bully hold on tho Federal Treas
ory. The other day Swayne resign
ed, and his Fraudulenry Hayes ap
pointed the notorious Stanley Mat
thews, of Ohio, who figured so con
spicuously in the counting out of Til
den by assisting in the larceny of the
Louisiana Electors. Matthews' ap
pointment is stab at Garfield, who
is just coming in. This is set-up job
between two Judgce(?) and a fraudu
lent President to reward a scoundrel
by elevating bim to tho Supreme
Bench. Is murder more loulT
The editor of tho Clinton IhimiTOt
gives our viowa exactly upon this dis-
turbing question its follows: "The
Philadelphia members have again ot
tered bills In tho Legislature to ro
movo the Stulo Capitol from flurris
burg to that city. The greed display-
ed by Philadelphia in iu attempts to
despoil an interior city of an advan
tage ami honor so trilling, run scarcely
be regarded as gonortmn, and this is
about all that there is in it for that
city. That the Capitol of so large a
State as Pennsylvania should be loca
ted on tho extreme border- in a hole
at ono end smacks strongly of the ab
surd, and when it is brought to mind
that that nolo is the most corrupt spot
in tho State, the proposition becomes
fruitful of suggestion that the welfare
of the people is endangered.
"Tho experience of Constitutional
Conventions that sat iu that city is
that no good is derived from the cir
cumstance of being located there, that
dobauchory is increased, and that the
various alluromouts of a largo city
render it difficult to assemble or kocp
a quorum together. Sessions tkero
would prove first-class nuisances to all
members desirous of attending faith
fully to public business and despatch
ing it with industry and certainty. In
fact tho Capitol is too near Philadel
phia already, and the brothels and
gamblingdens oi tho groat city are even
now too strong an allurement for too
many members away from the wbolo
some restraint of home influences. Te
remove the Stalo officials and their
battulions of clerks and under strap
pers to a very sink ol pollution, where
not even a fair olection can be beld oil
a political rascal punished, would be
to invite official corruption and to in
sure it against punishment."
Federal Paiterb. Locally overy
community is burlhencd with poor un
fortunate, and must be taxed to sup
port them. The thing is becoming
rathor "tony," becauso persons who
have been moving in far higher
spheres of life have also turned beg
gars. General Grant stands at the
door of Congress socking alms. Tho
Judges of tho Supremo Court aro al
ready on tho list. Who, or what class
will turn up next is hard to tell. Our
pension list is doubling up awfully.
Tho bill introduced into the Senate
somo weeks ago by Grant's men of all
work, Logan, of Illinois, placing Grant
on tho retired list with tho lank and
full pay of General of tho army, got a
very black eye on Monday last, when
a motion made by Logan to take the
bill up out ol Its place on tho calendar
was defeated by a volo of 25 yeus to
28 nays. Logan guvo notico that he
would continue to press tho considera
tion of the bill up to the Inst day of,
the session, and it is to bo hoped that
the Senate will give him a prompt
backset every time ho makes a motion.
Mr. Vest, of Missouri, put tho caso in
a nut shell by saying that aguinst Grant
personally he had not a word to utter,
but as Grant had seen proper to take
the chances of political life he should
abide with the consequences.
Commercial Catsup. An exchange
states that some of the New York man
ufacturers, in making their returns to
the census takers, wore quite willing
to pat a value on their manufactured
products,but frequently hesitated about
tho valuo of the jaw material, and left
the matter blank. In ono instance a
manufacturer of tomato catsup report
ed the value ol his product at $18,000,
and the value ol tho raw material as
nothing. His explanation was that
every year in the canning season ho
sends to all the wholesale houses which
mako a business of canning tomatoes,
clean tubs, with the understanding that
tho women who trim and pocl shall
throw the skins and parings into these
tubs ; every day tho tubs are removed
the stuff in them is ground up, fer
mented, flavored and sold as tomato
catsup to tho extent of f 18,000.
Why Keproacb Him? The Phila
delphia Timet takos the liberty to
frown upon a third-class statesman of
that city because he had "been misled"
by somebody in the coal-tar trado, in
this way :
After all. tbt Innocent Mr. alcMane. tocmi to
hare bean milled at to tbo atlor raluelessnsss of
eoal-tar. But bo li tuft tbat eoofidtDg that any
bod; oaa Bako bim believe anything.
Why crowd this "innocent?" The
editor no doubt rcmombors tho caso of
a Massachusetts shovel man named
Amos, and that of a Chicago pavement
makor named DeGolyer, bow they
wandered to Washington In 1873, and
"misled" a number of "innocent" lotto
A," "No. 1" statesmen, who pocketed
tho Credit Mobilior stock and the
15,000 pavoment fee. ' Why should
littlo roosters bo plucked while the
big ones are promoted and honored?
We novcr did liko to see a big boy
striko a littlo one.
Peansylveala, aooordiog to tbo Wtit Chsster
STspeetleaa, deee not furnoi tbo fool tbot br tho
reuromeat if J net loo Strong this Ktetehee aorep
reeeatattr. oa tho Supromo Omsrt and If Intra li
to ho aaotbor eaeaney abe hai a riibt t auk tbot
a ion ot tao Keolone ebnll ho selected. iYnrfioal
There is something equitable in tho
suggestion ; but the Camerons control
that matter and it is sheer imperii
nonce on the part of an ordinary Had
dical to put in his lip without first
consulting bis owner. An Ohio man
gets Strong's place, and another one
has been added besides Matthews
who, with Eliia Pinkston, Mrs. Jenks,
and lot of other harlots, counted the
Louisiana electors for Hayes.
A Contrast. The new year is not
happy one for the Rhode Island
weavers at the Perry mills in New.
port, whose wagos wero reduced by
the mill owners. To this tho weavers
refused to submit, and now tho doors
of the mill are closed. The contrasts
in life might well be illustrated by a
picturo of Nowport in summer, filled
with tbo pageants and pleasures of the
rich visitors, and Newport in an ex
ccptionally bard wintor, as it appears
to these weavers.
OIre a Senator ho mil bring ono
no ua unrmeuiio ail aioeard aaj ho worthy tho
people had a orodll la Ibo great Commea.sslth.
Alleonn frieaee.
Our neighbor asks too much. There
is not a man in the ranks of the Radi
cal party in this Stale qualiCed for the
onds aimed at. The crime and cor
ruption In the background, which the
Isadora want covered up, will never be
undertaken by one who is fit to repre
sent Pennsylvania in the greatest body
in tbo world.
As nearly every one is more or less
interested In the law relating to me
chanics' liens, wo publish the annexed
statement of facts and recent decision
of the Supromo Court of this Common
wealth :
Walter B. Dick, owner, and Albert
J. McLaughlin, contractor, vs. II., Stev
enson ft Son. This wusan action upon
a mechanics' lien, Hied by Stevenson li
Son against a certain building en Ktf
teenth street, above Jctl'ormn, in I'liil
adelplna, owned by Waller 11. Dirk,
and erected by a firm of which Albert
J. McLuughlin was a member. In the
bill of particular tiled with the lieu,
items were charged for lumber lurn
ished in the month of December, 187".
Dick filed an affidavit ol defense., set
ling up that McLaughlin was not the
contractor; that, moreover, the build
ing was not begun until February 211,
1878, and that the items chnrged in
December wero net delivered at the
houso or upon the lot in question, but
wore delivered at the shop of ono of
theeontractors. Upon thissiatooffucts
Judgo Ludlow held that if the mule-,
rials wero furnished 'for' the building,
no matter 'where' they were furnished,
tho lien was valid, and gavo judgment
for the material men. Dick thereupon
brought the case to tho Supremo Court,
where bo claimed that the lien, to be
valid, must, at least, be of the dato ol
the commencement of tho building and
not prior thereto, and that, moreover,
the contractor was improperly do
bc rilied.
Tho Supremo Court, in passing upon
the caso, says ; Tho surveyor of two
joint contractors is rightly named as
tho contractor in tho claim riled, lie
had the power as such survivor to bind
tho buildint', and, so fur as the owner
was concerned, it muttered not whether
the materials wero furnished at tho
shop of the contractor before or alter
the building was begun, provided they
wero furnished on its credit. We think
tho opinion of tho learned President of
the Court fully sustained both on prin
ciple and authority.
Exactlv. Tbo Philadelphia Tele
graph, one of tbo leading Kudicul or
gans of that oily, though not the prop
erty of the Camcrons, 111 alluding to
the election of a Senator, says : "Why
not olecf Wallaco to succeed himself in
tbo Senate, as a sort of compromise
candidate? He has as much ability
as both oi his principal competitors put
together; he is as virtuous as either ot
them for ho is not wickeder than a
practical politician of tho Democratic
faith is expected to bo, as a matter of
course nnd he is evidently tho favorito
candidate, for bo leads the ballot day
aftor day. Ono thing is certain : the
Republican members will commit tbo
worst kind of a blunder if tboy do not
elect somebody who is the poor of Mr.
Wallace in ability, and who is his su
perior in well, let us say, in piety.
Mr. Wallace is a real Senator, wilb real
knowlodge of State and National deeds,
and roal ability to say his proper say
on the floor ol tho Senate in such a
fashion as tocommuud rospectful hear-
IIo is a "Boss" and not a hench
man. As between a Democratic "Boss"
and a Republican henchman of such an
absolutely inconsequential Senator as
young Mr. Cameron, thoro is absolutely
no choico."
GARriELD Behind. The proprietor
ol tho Baltimore iS'm, who is alwuys
alive to overy vittetf issue, went to tho
troublo and prepared blanks and for
warded them to tho Secretary of tho
Commonwealth In every Slato in tho
Union, for tho purposo of learning what
the popular voto was at tho last Presi
dential election. Ho has received full
returns. The aggregate voto was
9,201,094, subdivided as follows:
Hanoook, Democrat. 4.444. .IIS
llerneld. Radical..
. 4,4117, MI
Weaver,' tireenbaRker....
Dow, ProbibiUoaiet ,
. G7,vn3
Total rot 0,21)1,(1114
Hancock over Gai field, G,332. And
yet, the latter is to be inaugurated
Hold on! Tho Bradford Star is in
favor of a regular Northwester, one
that will not cease blowing, howling
and ciowing until a United Status
Senator is secured. It says the selec
tion of Stone or any other man from
that section would givo strength to
tho administration party in every one
of the counties in that class, and adds
that "nothing but the tardy action ol
tho Representatives of the Northwest
can prevent tho nomination of the
Lieutenant Governor at tho Senatorial
caucus." Tho editor does not rcalino
tho power ot the machine that runs
mattors at ll arrisburg, or ho would not
place such confidence in tho efforts of
the people.
A "Moral Idea" Statesman. Min
ister Christisncy in his application for
a divorce from his young wife, says
ho objected to marrying her at first,
but the blushing damsel told him she
loved him bettor than any other, and
actod so tbat ho did marry her; that
she perjured herself by taking tho mar
riago vow, in as much as she said then
she loved another, and lainted just be
fore being married, becauso she was
going to be married to old Christiancy ;
that alio had othor lovers and has con.
tinuod to have them, and with whom
she has been on terms of intimacy, or
words to that effect. What is the
world coming to? -
Kicked Him Overboard. The
Democrats in tho Tennessee Legisla
ture kicked up a fuss over tho bond
question and split in two (like tho
Cameron Lcgislatnro In our Stuto) on
the election ofa United States Sonator.
The Postmaster General Maynnrd
abandoned his post at Washington and
scampered off to Nashville, wbcro he
spont fonr weeks trying to cloct him
self; but his scheme failed. Tho Dem
ocrats carried off tho prize and elected
Don. Howell E. Jackson. Maynard
turned np again in Washington, but
without tho Senatorial certificate.
Someiiodt Hit. Tho Christian Ad
vocate feel called upon to rise in moot
ing and remark :
Wo baeoa right to oipeot that Ibe homo of nor
Chief Magistrate will bo marked bjr Chriitlan
sobriety for four years to tome a It baa boon for
fonr yeart paet.
Whatl Doos the CVisftiri Advocate
moan to insinuate that the While
House was not "marked by christian
sobriety" during the eight years of
Gon. Grant's administraliion? Really.
this is too bad. What will Parson
Newman say 1Bclltfontt Watchman.
Senator Hamlin is the oldest, and
Senator Brnoe the yonngost, of the
members of the Senate. Senator An
thony, who is now in his fourth term,
has served more years continuously
than uy other man id the present
I Senate. , . I
A .'ollllEi-l-oNntNCE THAT KXI'I.AINH
Boston, December 27, 1880.
Dear Hut : Only three persons bavo
over been chosen 1'residrnt uf the
United States w ho biivo received a do
groo in Course at Harvard University.
1'lteso are John Ads ins, John Ouincy
Atlanta, ami 1'rvsidcnt Hayes, who
took our degree ( 1. 1.. II. in regular
In Memorial Hull, al I'umbridgu.
are fine I'otltuitn i f the Adamses, one
by Copley, and one, in purl, by Stuart.
We have thought It would be a good
thing lo obtain a good portrait ot Pres
ident Hayes, while ho is yet President.
,'ith ibis view we propose u sub
sci iplioii among the uluinni, not lo ex
ceed in any case ten dollars, so that
the invitation to him to sit for his pic
lure may come from a large number
of his lidlow-gindtiutes.
Will you join in that subscription ?
Please address either of tho under
signed. Yours truly,
Amos A. Lawrence,
Edward E. Hale,
John Lowell,
J os m-11 II. Ciioate.
New York, January 21, 1881.
Gentlemen: 1 have received your
communication of tho 27lh till., invit
ing me to join in a subscription to pro
euro a portrait of Mr. liulhorford II.
Iluycs lo place in the Memorial Hull
of Harvard University at Cambridge,
ulong wilb the portraits of John Adams
and John Quincy Adams, Presidents
ot the United Mutes and gruiluutes ol
the University.
1 decline lo join iu such u subscrip
tion. 1 urn not willing to do unvlhing
Ihut may be designed or construed us
a compliment t'.i Mr. Hayes, or that
may recogiuzo his tenure of the hxecu
tivo ullice ut itsliiiigton as anything
other Ibun an event of dishonor. He
was irnt chosen President. Ho was
defeated in Hie election ; and then a
band of conspirators, Mr. Hayes bim
self conspiring and conniving with
them, setting aside tho Constitution
and the law, and muking uso of for
gery, perjury and false counting, se
cured for him possession of tho presi
dency to which another man had been
elected ; and when bo had got posses
sion of it, his almost sedulous euro was
to repay wiiu olliees and emoluments
those authorn, managers and agenls
ot tho conspiracy to whom he bad been
chiefly indebted for its infamous suc
cess. Sooner than honorably commemo
rate such an event or do public horn
ago to such a man, 1 beg you, gentle
men, with your own hands first des
troy the portraits of John Adams nnd
John Quincv Adams in Memorial Hull
and then to rur.e to the ground the
Hull itself.
How great an insult you ure propos
ing to tho two illustrious Presidents ol
thu numo of Adams is made manifest
by the following words liom tho son
of the one and tho grandson of the
"I think Mr. Hayes was elected by
a fraud, and I do not mean to bavo it
said that at tho next election I hud
forgotten it. 1 do not say that Mr.
Iluycs committed the fraud, but it was
committed by his party. 1 bavo no
enmity to Jlr Hayes, but alter tho
fraud by which bo became President,
1 tould not voto for any person put up
on the Republican side for President
who did not disavow the fraud com
mitted. I would not support any
member of that party who had any
sort of mixture with lliut fraud. 1
feel lhat the counting out is just as
much a fraud now as at tho time it
was perpetrated."
I remain your very obedient servant,
Charles A. Dana.
Messrs. W. Armors, A. A. Lawrence,
Kdward K. Hale, John Lowell, Jos.
11. Choato.
Death or the Survivor. Mr. K.
O. Goodrich, Surveyor of tbo 1'ort of
Philadelphia, died at Towanda on tbo
28th ult. Mr. Goodrich was appoint
ed to the position sinco by successive
appointment. He was horn in Brad
ford county, this Sluto, in 1825, and
has always raided in that section ol
the State. He became connected with
the Bradford llrporter, tho leading Re
publican newspaper jn Towanda, in
1845, and sinco that time has retained
bis connection with it. Ho soon bo
came the editor and proprietor of tho
papor, and acted in the former capaci
ty until his appointment to a position
in tho Custom House, retaining tbo
ownership of the paper, however. Ho
took an active interest in the polities
of bis native county, and was twico
electod to tho office of Prothonotary
Tbo deceased was a staunch Republi
can, and obtained his appointment
through tbo official influcnen of the
el -lor Cameron. Ho was attacked with
neuralgia of tho stomach when last
at his homo in Towanda, and succumb
ed to the disease. Ho leuves a widow
and two daughters.
Puck Has It Ho exclaims : " What
fools wo mortals bo." Three months
ago Grant promised "(ho loyal mill,
ions ot the North" tbat ho would visit
Albany, the Capital of Conkling and
Cornell, in "York State." Lust week
ho entered tho Capital of "the Umpire
Mato, and was introduced by Conk
ling's Governor Cornell who said in
his speech : "Before us moro than
Washington is he first in war, first
in peace, and first in the hearts of his
countrymen." The man, liko bis guest,
was not sober, or he is a fool. Such a
defilement of the "Father of Ifis Conn
try" is a disgrace to all men who hsvo
tuken a.i oath lo support tho Consti
union. Go in! Tho Now York Triiiinc puts
the cntiro blame of tho Senatorial broil
on tho Cameron faction. It says "llio
unfortunate political imbroglio at Hur
risburg grows out of an attempt on
tho part ofa fow politicians to shut the
poople out of all part in the choico of
a Sonator." Further: "Tbo question
is, therefore, whether tho Pennsyl
vania Republicans shall bavo a Senator
representing them or ono representing
merely tho machine." And finally :
"Last Tuesday's battle in tho Legisla
ture shows that tho men who bold it
to be their duty to represent their con
stituents aro standing together with
admirable firmness."
Nurse Your Bart. Senator Vest,
of Missouri, displayed somo true grit a
few days ago, by rising in the Senato
at Washington and making some sen
sible romarka against the Grant pen
sion bill. Grant is simply a bitter Re
publican partisan, and it is the duty of
that party, and not tho country at
large, to take care of him.
Too Tai'E. An exchange remarks:
"We are glad that Congor, il a clown,
is a respectable man in comparison
with Chandler or Christiancy. Ho has
a true, devoted wile snd is Iree from
vices that have destroyed his prede
cessors fn the Senate of the United
States Irom Michigan during the past
quarter of a oentury."
VICTION. Judge Fitsgorald concluded his
charge lathe jury at twonty minutes
past 12 o'c lock, lie asked the jury to
perform theirduty .villi count go spring
ing f i out a desire to act conscientious
ly, without ftur or favor. Replying
to counsel for traversers, lite judge
said f his directions lo the jury wuie
wrong in point ol law be c.u Id be put
right by appeal to the Supreme Court.
llacDonough begun an nrgtiineiil, quot
ing authorities. Parnull entered court
anil was loudly cheered by the gallery.
There, was great excitement iu court.
Judgo I'u.geraltl in summing up
wus specially severe on llio violence ol
leuding members and paid agents ol
llie liUitu J.cuguo. II the jury, bosuid,
found all the charges not made out it
would bo their duty lo acqnil the tra
versers. lt,ou the other hand, tbev
found thuchargus brought homo lo one
of the traversers all, according to law,
wero equally guilty. In connection
with this point bo told the jury tbat it
wus for the court toloy down the low,
which, il wrong, could be amended
olsowboro. MaeDonoueh contended
tliut the judge should not have men
tioned this powor of appeal to the jury.
The jury did not return into oourt
until sent for by the judges ut 5 o'clock.
The foreman said they bad not agreed,
nor wero they likely "to agree.
Tho jury again Mired, and wero
discharged at 7:45 o'clock, the foreman
stating thut it waiutjerly impossible
noil utey eouio agree. . juror had
previously stated they wore lea to two,
but the judgo slid lie eould only re
ceive a unanimous verdict. Great ex
citement prevailed and it heightened
when tho judge said after the exhibi
tion of to-day :n court bo could not
expect there would ho a Iruu and iiiuini
mouB verdict. I ininonse crowds were
cheering outsidj of the court house.
As soon as tie result of tho State
trial became known in Dungurvan the
town was brilliaitly illuminated. Tho
bunds paraded Ike streets, mention of
the traversers' names was cheered and
the surrounding bills were all abluEC.
Tho Land Leiguo roceived a postal
card threatening l'arnell would bo
shot if acquitted The mayor Liver
pool has been communicating with the
commander ol t-oops in tho district
and tho captain of the Guard's ship in
Mersey to arrono for the landing of
seamen lor co-operation with the mili
tary in the evert of some suspoctod
action on tho part of the Irishmen.
Tho first new of the result of tho
Stale trial in Dublin reached the House
of Commons in a telegram from the
solicitor of tuo traversers to Soxton,
stating that ten jurors favored a ver
dict of not guilty.
A Side Show. Tbo Senatorial con
test at Ilnrrlsburg shows pretty clearly
how far tho factional quarrel in our
Slate goes. Then again thu removal
ot Rutan, Collector at Pittsburgh, in
dicates that Hayes has beon drawn
info the fight. Tho Philadelphia
Times, in ulluding to tho mallei, says :
"President lluyei baa tbo honor of
tho first knock down in tho Pennsyl
vania Senatorial light. Surveyor liu-
tan, ol Pittsburgh, it the first lieutenant
of Cameron in tho West, and iluycs
yesterday did his part in turning Ru
tun out ol oltno ana power, by nomi
nating John Druvo for the Survey-
orsltip, and bo did It in the luce of the
most overwhelming recommendations
in fuvtr of Kuiau. Congressman
liayne, of Alloghouy, had Senatorial
aspirations, and when Oliver ran away
with the Allegheny delegation Bayne
carried the war to Washington, look
wravo totno rrusulent, denounced Itu
tan as a machine man and perfidious to
civil service reform, and demanded Hu-
lun a place for Dravo. Sherman stood
by Kuton, but Hayes took the last
guess himself and he yesterday nomi
nated Dravo as liutan's successor, thus
slaughtering one ol Cameron's corps
commanders in the midst of tho fight.
h is a mamicsi ana intentional knock
down for Hayes in the Senatorial fight,
but Cameron will be likely to win the
first blood in the Senate by holding
tho confirmation over until about the
5th of March."
The First Pennsylvania Leiiisi.a
ture. On the 4lh of December, 11182,
William I'c-nn convened the first Leg
isluluro ut Chester, tbo port at that
time of Pennsylvania. Its session was
just four days. The bouse is still
standing where it met and is used as a
cooper shop. Sixty-one acts wore
passed in that short session, as the
body mot for the dispatch of business."
One act was against tho "drinking of
healths," ono against tho spreading of
aiso nows. it was also declared in a
preamble to certain laws that they
should bo read as school excrcisus.
They allow every man to plead his
own caso, and further tried to riass a
law lo prevent lawyers from "pleading
ior pay, icsi it mignt "lengthen jus
tice into trado." The Speaker's chair
is all that is Icff to us of tho first As
sembly. The laws wero all repealed
or bavo become obsolete. ,
On the Royal Road. A Btcp in tho
direction of Impetialism is plainly in
dicated In the bill ol Senator Hoar, oi
Massachusetts, providing for tho sup
port of retired and retiring Presidents.
It proposes to pay iinniially, during
life, to every ex-President of tho Uni
ted Stales a sum equal to ono lourlh
ol tho salary paid bim whilo in office
Tho Republican leaders do not feel
quito safe yet In advocating life toniiro
ol the Presidential office, but they will
mskn a good start in that direction by
paying the ox-Presidents, frauds and
all, a life salary.
Protect the I'RorEssniN. An ex
change says :
"Fetent-o-it'ide aewrpaperiereeotnplainrd of
In Miohigen ne a nnieanoe and It ii prnpneed lo
ebete it bv cDoetlng a lea- ilmllar lo tboie of
Arhenree aed talifxrnla, wblrb provide that nn
pntent "nuliiiie" or"lnaide" een pulillob kgelad
vertieotnenta. Hundreds of printers who havo serv
ed a rogular apprenticeship and aro ex
cellent workmen, are thrown out ol
employment by the monopolies in Now
York, Chicago and elsewhere, who
furnish the patent newspapers. A
Slato law as above indicated, will savo
tho prolcasion Irom bulldoters and
Township Omcuns. According to
the provisions of an act of the Legisla
ture of IhisStsto, passed Juno 4th, 1879,
tho term of every township officer,
hereafter elected .whose term of ofBco
would under existing laws, expiro on
the first Monday of April of any year,
shall expire on tho first Monday of
March next preceding the said first
Monday of Mar b and continoo lor tho
period now fixed. And Township Aud
itors shall moot on the second Monday
of March, 1881, and so on each year
Hard on Beecuei. An exchange
says: Henry Watterson writes to his
paper from Block Island about the
Conkling Sprsgne business: "I wish 1
may be harpooned," says he, "il ever
I heard of anything like it In all my
perusal of wicked history from Claudius
down to Ilcnry Ward Beecher."
Ono of tbo growing evils menacing
llio lite of Ibe Republic is an inordiiiule
desire to secure place and power. Bold
ambitious and unscrupulous men, in
these latter days, have appeared lo
ply their voculioii with a boldness and
daring that would have sot n caused
our lathers to have repelled their nd-
vunces. llio time wus when positions
of honor and profit sought the man.
and it was considered presumptive in
tho extreme to muke a personal etlort,
no matter how talented and iailieu
larly adapted a person was for a eeiluin
position in tho governmental service.
How changed the relation. Today
tho people expect men to go bogging
lor office, gelling down upon iheir
munis una knees lo the dear people unit
ask for support, ll this wus all, il
might not tie so duntrerotis ; but a cer
tain cluss of professionals expect vulu
ublu remuneration iu money or ils
equivalent for serving such seekers of
Tho scramble ut Hurrisburg among
the Republicans for tbo Senatorial of
fice, is enough to bring tbo crimson
stain to tho chock of every honorublo,
higb-tuinded cilir.en. Political gam
blers niovo among tho representatives
of the pooplo with a conscious feeling
lhat they can buy and sell votes. Wbui
caro they if members were instructed
for a certain individual? What care
they if tho new Constitution makes
iheir acts criminal ? What caro thoy
if the real interests of the Stalo aro
plucod in jeopardy, so long as they have
certain work to do ?
How soon tho cormorants found
whore the lnonied strength was avuil
able, and how soon was ils influence
perceptible. Of course the agents aud
their vilo co partners in crime so ar
range that no human eye can delect
their guilt und bring them to the bar
of justice. ' In this wuy constituents
uro sold and their opinions trodden tin
tier foot. Unless, therefore, this method
of securing pluco is discountenanced
and return to the grand old way adop
tee,, the uays ot the Kepuhlic are nil in
bered in tact, if not in name. King
caucus must bo dethroned, when it
binds ono to do wrong, and makes the
holiest sustain the work of dishonest
men. This is not a parly question ; it
rises above and beyond ail party lines,
and must be met by tho men of tbo
country, men who would prefer seoing
their political opponents successlul
rather than commit a dishonest deed, or
countenance, nn uct thut is not honor
able and in accordance with justice
und right.
Tbo refusal of fifty six Republicans
to meet in caucus shows a determina
tion to resist the actions of the clement
that has so long bad tho say in tho
soloction of men for high official trusts,
and, no infliienco but the corrupt uso
of monoy and promise of olllcial recog-
niliou win reconcile the matter, and
bring thorn together.
A Mr. Flanagan, of Bradford, has
pattened a cattle car in which the ani
mals can lio down and bo watered and
fed on their way to market.
.1MHTIO.V.1L !.Oltt.S.
Coal. William R. Brown
has Cn
preparrd Sea bii
gngrd in the cnal buiinrii, and il oon
furalib perauni on ihurt ntlieo.
A now sul'o, weighing 2.C0I) pounds,
and manufactured by Memre. Murri k Ireland,
of Uoiton, Mae!., woe put la the Couotj Troei
nror'a oQloo lert week. It la a nine piroe of work
manship. The mail train on the Lewistown &
Sunburjr Keilrued, whloh loft Lowirtowa at 7
o'olook A. li. on oUturday, waa thrown from the
traeh bj a broken rail, near Middleburg, injuring
flftaen perioni , five of tbom ooriunrly. Thonera
took fire and wero destroyed.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
in the l'oetoffioo at Clearfield, Pa., for tba week
ending Jannery II, 1881 :
Mihel; Anlal, Charlea Creuger, II, II. Uoljte,
g. II. Miller, W. W. Priea, Dr. J. W. Raoadi. I.
L. Struoh, Roiej Welch, I. 0. Welch, Iraae
O. WeloL. P. A. OAULIN, P. M.
A new bank will soon bo Blurted at
Shlllpiburg, to be llyled "The Moihaonon Bank
ing Company," with Win. P. Dunoaa ai I'reildent
and W. II.Hsnford aa Caehler, The gentlemen
oomporiog tbo aaaeoiatloa are Meaire. John Nut
l.ll. Ueorge MeUefiey, Hobarl Lloyd, William P.
Dunoen nnd 1. V. Sterner, of Pwllipiburg. and
Dr. B. W. Halo, of Bellefonu.
A Bar Meetinu. Wo learn that
the membere of tho ClonrQold bar bora held a
meeting for the purpoae oflakiog etepa to took after
the proper meaeura in bringing about the lormatloa
of aur new Judicial Diltriot, ai contemplated by
the New Constitution. Wo bolievo tbat a aumbor
of ooinaltteoi have beon nppulnted and aasigoed
to duUoa lookiog to Ibie end.
P. C. Hammer, of Pittsburgh, has
been Hopping at the Bbaw lluia for the paet tan
deya, where be boa on exhibition two vary fine,
largo eteol engruvlnga, for whiob ha la taking
nrderi. They ara Bierdrtadt'o "Rooky Moun
tain!" and '-Lnly Wnehingtoo'a Reception."
Tba original 01 the lart named la awned by
Mn. A. T. Btewert, nf New York. Wa bad
tbo pleasure of looking at tbeia engraringl snd
oan pronounoa them aa being tho finest of this
olasswa barn arer soon. Rrery lover of fine art
should oall at tba fibaw House, Room IS, and
take a look at tbeae pictures. Mr. B. will remain
for a few days yet.
Clearfield Coal Trade State
ment of Oenl nnd other freights eent over the
Tyronn A Clonrfield Division, Pennsylrnnin Rail
road, for tbo week ending January lid, 1881
and the name time last year t
Por tho week
Same time last year
... 1J1IJ
... 4ii,:
.... lS.SOV
Previously during yenr
3ame time Inst year ,
Total In 1181
Haute time lasl year...-
,. SS.8JJ
. It'll, :i2
... 31,oot
.. 141,114
.... 48,818
oturs rnaianta.
11 cars.
Mlsoellenoous freights..
origins or it-STlcn oonnon m tun noumarows
On the evening of December 11, H:i,a party
of eitierns, numbering about thirty, paraded the
streets of Norrletown i most or them were drank
About 7 o'oloek P II. they proourod a small eao
n, nnd dlschergrd II sererel times. About
unlock lha party raeohod Main street, Iforril
tenn, and eommrncad 'firing. At this point
Alloa Fllspatrlek, n gltl seventeen years of age,
was arnaslng the street, and Iba wad from the
eannoa struck her Is the fice, totally destroying
one rye end eaaalngudioflgurmentof una side of
her fane. A verdict an the faatewas ilvea In bar
favor for 1.1, !00. The qnealloi of law was left
to tha Court as Is whether Ibe borough wna liable
for lha aegligenoa of Its polloemea, one of them
having stood by nnd witnessed the firing wlthoal
interfering lo atop It. Tha Court be lew deoidod
la furor of Miss fllsnatrlok.
Tho Baprame Oourt reverses tha Court Below,
and Jarlloo (lordol la his opinion oaya that ma
nleipalitles are sot responsible for tho ecu or
Iheir pollea offieers, hut tbot Iba oglcar la parses.
ally responsibla for hla own misdemaaaors. Each
of Ibo parties were undoubtedly responsibla for
any damage dona by them, but there It aa law,
aloept special ststole, Uy which s Bullelpallty
ot aarporatlon P0 bt held for dllBIr t) tilted hy
ft nub. Thd fJllT-rtite fctwiHa ihma iiuiltii
wbloh cillM, boriujhi i to nth 1 pi bat-l baa a 1
bli rt-poniihl for alMt ind tbt oa ii bin
Unrwiil. TbmtlfttoftftBM mot rtptirof hlfb-1
wtjr, , -whirr, etc., belong Utb-lr
4Utt JiriHlBtlnB, h4 otm- Um th alott bar
Mfttrot, btftw their MioilblHty. Bal the ton!
Mrratlea f tb twac Ii a ratt pablla Jatv, at I
by tbt Ooataotiflih lat lha bandiof public I
ofttTtf -Jattftt, in Mir tf tba Pftea and Mty.
ara, la Oavtmar.Bhtrlfit.CaQitablN aad Ptllea
athfajUtM u4 baraafbs aaa m art b
obirr alib taaaa rtiailia fraa tbnlr U
tenia e thta ria aaaailat, ar tba S'.ita at Urp '
Cull fit Morrill' Imrtlwaro Htore nnd
fa tba rbaitit anil bt 8wj Mai'blna fur
the lent mrar,v. Dm. 32 tf.
New Daily IStaur Liwk. Jamca L.
Lur 7 hai tueceodcri in b log a lUlly mfcil tub.
lUbed bet w wo Claarfielil aoJ 1'tnnfitiJ, and will
btreartvr run a tUilT t(f bat waen lb l wo pi-inti.
IliiaoDtrtaiit b(e wlib April lit, snd tha lUg
will Irava i learfltM tvarj atomiBg (wofpt Si
dr) at o'clock, nabing ounaciitni wlib all
traiui on tba low Urada Railroad at I'muM'). n-
turn in f iftir tba lait train tha uma trrning,
ikaCDgoiaal ftalftbl will b carried at luw rataa.
Old" It-It at aur wf tha bnlrla will ba atttM.dtNl
to. ltlaitrTW-tf
Farm err. Look Heuk! Kytlu will
girt jou highest market priflaa fur Wheat, Otti,
Corn, Uuckwbaut, Butler, Kg, Ooiom, Applet,
dried fruit, and all kitU of brodiioa he bm
Iba target! aud i tt trleot'd rtook ef grwcehaa,
tear, octree, mi. It iet, up Ice, oil tall, sugar,
querr.twe.rc. tub, bucket, banket t, ebucni, Ac,
ia ClaaiD Id couuly. 11a buye hit gundt in lurye
juaMtillet from aianufaj-turVa and firtt bitndi
for eavh, tad takea lha advantuga of all
dltoouati.atid to ha la aaablad to tell at loweat
prlraa. lie givct oath prices for prduc,and tellt
hit good at tha lowett prloat ta the eouolj.
t-pi -,-'7 tf
to thu wi;ht akd wot; Til.
All travelers will ap pre elate tba aBBOUBcetneDt
tbat tba Plttsbargb, Cine In oat I A St. Louli Hail-waj-
Cum pa 07 (I'an-Handla Woute) will hereafter
run a first-elan PastsLger each from Pittsburgh
to tst. Loots oa lha Fait Eiprtas train laavltig
l'lttiburgb everj day al 9:22 A M- Bleeping
jars will eoatluue ta run ob same train from Pitts
burgh to Cincinnati, Loultv Ilia, Indianapolis aad
St. Loult, but the through coach to HL Louis will
ba a great benefit to ptrionr eu route to Indian
Niollt, Terra Haute, fit. Louis, and all points
West ai.d Southwest, wbo do not car to paj the
extra eharge fur flipping ear privilege.
Uutel or ilerplug ears will continue to mn nn
Cinoititiiti Kxprcts leaving Pittsburgh at 7:32
P. M fur Ciudunall and Lou it villa, and 011 Night
Kiprni leaving Pittsburgh at 12:02 A. M. Ut
Cincinnati, Louisville, IndlsB.pol.t and St
Louis without change.
PatnonKort fur the West and South will pleate
betr in mind the Improved through-car service
bribe Pan-Ilandla Koute.
To ire ure tba advantage of quick time, $o.l
connections la Union depots, and tbrough-rar
arcomtnodstiont, over one of the bent eonxtru'ited
and most perfectly equipped lines, It is only
naoasary to ask fer and ba sura tbat yon receive
tickets via Pittsburgh, Cincinnati A St. Louit
Railway (Paa flaadle Route).
For time tables and information aJdreti W. C.
Rinearion, Parienger Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa., 01
W. L. 0'Btieo, General Passenger Agent Pan
Handle Route, Colainbui, Ohio. (JaaStt -M.
Onn Iltinnnin Pun Ceist. Dlscouftr on Old
Pnicas. Hewing Machines enn now be purchased
at Merroll s tin and variety store, rrom fso up
wards. All hinds of sewing mnohinos repaired
on tbo shortest notion.
Clearleld, fa., July IB, 1877.
Wastih. Delivered at tba Rail Road.
inn, lino 2Mnrb shoved shingles.
I'HI.IIOO 14-inch sawed shingles.
ttMI.Ulio lent of pine boards,
otio.utill U-feot shared hoofit.
0.000 railroad ties.
bli.OoO feet of good hemlock boards.
For which 1 will pay tba highest markst price.
delivered at Clearfield, or at any point on the
Tyrone 4 Clenrfield Railroad.
J. F. Kaluen
OlcarDeld, Fa., Got. Id. ISJS-tf.
Just Herri ved.
Just RccnivcJ by ARNOLD, at
Cur I. und Nova lectin I'luster !
Car Load pure Corn, ltye nnd OiiU
Car Load Dcaltitn Pull!
Car Load of Clioico Family Flour t
Cur Load Dry Goods, Hroecrien, 4c!
lerShinL'IcH, Hulk. K. J. Tien and
G ruin will bo tukon in ejechiinc.
Curwoimvillo, Sliiy 1, 187H.
CLaaariBLD, Pa., Feb. lit. ltM.
Flour, pef owt.- ..... $$ 00
Bucket beat Floar, perewt I an
Cora Meal, par ewt H 1 l
Chop, rye, perewt . 1 A
Chop, mixed, per awt .. ......... I 46
Bran, par owt 1 00
Wheat, per bnibel 1 10
Rye, per bushel . (
Oata, per bushel Bo
Cora, ears, per bushel - 40
Buckwheat, per buihel Il
Clover seed 6 Of
Timothy seed . S 75
Potatoes, per buabal M
Apples, par busbel a
Onions 1 ISO
Hats it per pound 13
Shoulder, par pound aw I
Dried Bee!, per pound 11
Cbirkeaa, per pair M. (I
Butter, per pound 2i
KftK1- Per dosea M , 20
Halt, per sack, large Oti
Coal Oil, par gallon 21
Lard, par pound 2
Dried Apples, pr pound m. b
Dried reaches, par pound 12
Beans, per buabal 1 H
We ara authorised to announee the nana of L
K. MaCrjLLocsa as a eandidate for tba aoniaa-
Uon of Just iee uf the Peaoe, tn Clearfield borough,
tutiject to toe result ot tne rrimary eiaeiioa.
We era authorised to announce the aaue of
C. D. Watsom aa a eaadldate for the aomination
of Juittoe of tha Peec, In Clearleld bnruagb,
subject lo tne result ol tba Primary eltotioo.
Wa are authorised te annnnnne the aarae of
Dabibl CorkblIsT as a eaadiJate for the noaiina.
tion lor Justioa of the Peaoe, ta Clearleld borough,
tahjeet to the result nf the Primary election.
w 3-lrrrti$rttt(nU.
Id the Eitata of ) In tha Orpheus' Court af
wsrreu Hila, dee'd. J Clearfield eountr. Penn a.
The andersigned Auditor, appointed b tha
Court, ta ditpote of fhe exceptions te the final
arcoiini oi uenry una, Aiiminitlrator, nerehy
gifaa notice tbat be will attend te the duties of
hit appointment, at bis office la Clearfield, an
Tl Kb DA Y, r KItHl'AKY 23. 1 HH1 , at 10 e'elock
A M., when and where all parlies interfiled may
attend. FKANK U. HAHHIS, Auditor.
Clearleld, Pa , rebroary 1, 180 -It
KM' NOTICK.-Notlee Is here
J hy u en tl
by git en that Letters Testamentary an the
eMtiie ui junA9 saun.i, late or Mums township,
Clearfield eoanty, Penanavlvanla. deceased, hav
ing bean duly granted to tba andarakgned, all
persons Indebted to said estate will pleate make
immediate payments, and tboe ha? ing claims or
armanua against taa sane will present them prop
erly authenticated for at-tt lenient wtihimt deity.
K i rout ore
Kylertoaa, Pa., February IJ, 1M1 fit.
An 1)14 anal Tried Hesnedy Removal Iks
Worms nnd tha seereltoae that keep ineto nllee.
We guarantee lis virtue. W . here knndreji af
leeiisaoniols. oolleeted 10 Ibo laet li rears, nrov
Int aonelasivelv there Is no remedy eqaal lo llr.
Ilutrhlueoii'a Worm Destroyer to remove
tall kinds. Hoond, Heat, . nnd Tnpe), tool
infos! Ibe human system. Phystelano any them
and lire tbesa ta their enlferion oetleole. There
Is no humbug; or quaoboiy ebout this thoroughly
reliebla mediotae. Prloo Ultr. ,.r boa.
A. W. Vf RIGHT A CO., Wholesale Dm, ,1,1,,
Market and Front H reels, Pbiladslpbla,
February i, UDI-Sti.
Sheriff's Sale.
T4Vvlrlu.of.rlt.of Ten AVnnd Fi ft ,l..oed
J .ut f th. Court of Com moo Plena of Clsnr
neldCe., nnd to mediraoted, there will baeinosed
in PUBLIC RALR. at tba Court House, la th.
borough at Olaarll.ld, Pa., a
al.rday, P.bniary S, IHHI,
Al 1 .'.look P. I, th, following deserter, real
estate, ta wit 1
All treat af land sitatte t Car.
wanevllla aerauih, uloertal eoaaly. Pa., sllaata
en! earner of rtl.te and Walnut stmts
Hounded an tha north by aa alley, weet by lot of
Varus Clerk, e.ib hy Stela etrest, and neat by
Walnut street. Hlse nf lot from Huts etreet In
alley, IM feet bv It feat wid.. b..l..
la.raoa large Ihrea-olory frame house, stable,
and ei her aolballutnga. Heteed, takea ia eieoa.
una, ann as a. sola a. th. pr.p.rtr at Bamu.l
Way and Ueorg. L. Way.
Taawa ar Sat.a. Tha art. . t .ki.i.
tha property .hall ba elraok af vast be paid at Iba
date af sale, r look othn arrangsm.nU sne.le as
.111 o. approvaa, otherwise tho property will ba
Immediately Bit ap aad said anala ai tb. ........
aad risk af Use pereoa ta whom II wae street al,
aad wha, la aaaa of detelenoy at snob re sale,
shl meke good tba msm., aad la ae
will tba bead ba praaeated la Court lor aouareae
uaa ealasa tka m.f.y It usually paid 10 aha
nh.rlf. JAslIti HaHAffRV.
Bettairri Omoa, 1 flherih
Oltarttld, Pa., Jaa. II, Mil. ' I
fa .
A ?
Q5 u
Cur uvensvillc, P.3.
Wholesale Dealer in
Boots, Shoes, Groceries,
I buy direct from jobbers nnd manufurturcip, receive goods ut
cur load rates, Iience can coni)ett with New York and I'liiladel
pliia bouses.
Also, Dealer in
Saw Logs, Lumber, Shingles and Bark.
Parties having bark to haul diirinjr the Winter, enn contract
and receive liberal advances. Also, advances made on Saw Logs.
Give ine a call.
Sept. tt, 1880-tf.
All kintlo of Cafkctd and Collins kt il on lintitl, and turnlnhcd to order on
hnrt notico, inolntling the fittest on well as tho cbcupunt tlint can be maim
fitdorod. Unr
conraH piuisnnvBri
Is tho bnst In uo, and will bo ftirnieliod when required. Funorals ottonded
in any iart of the county. Call at my oflice, on Second street, or leave
your ortlora at Troulmnn'B Fumittiro htorc, adjoining the PoMoklico.
- OC, , , , ClenrBcld, Pa.
,j-7i . ; Jr r I'W.V.tiY.VaVaVt'
piTTBuonon, r-tv.
TI10 moot centrally Iwatvrt firnt rlann limine in the City. Htrcot cars mfs
tho door every five niimilex to all the l),-pt ,,, mrlH , h(,th cili '
Tkrm., J2.50 I'm Day. WALSH A ANJJKKSO.N, Proprutor..
IW-Tho t'l.tAriM.D lUiiBMfAN received weekly at tho Hotel and planed
on tilo fur tho heiii-llt ol KiK-Htn f,-m this aot-tion. foclZi' 3ra
l(U) (lirrtisnntntiJ.
(w IX l) IU HIII.n.o.rt, w..Y.r A V
tj4 want Bre thonennd Itushels o( OA TS, now,
nnd will pay ensh nr produce.
CtenrtelJ, I n, Au(. II, ; tf.
5,000 Rail Road Ties.
Curw.nsrllln, P. Jan. 9, ISTS tf
AMII.I.I.H WAP.TI.I.Tli.nn.lrl,t,ed
desires In einpl-r a mlll.r tn run his Oiist
Mill, altnete la Franrbellla Inemllleen bw kail
en Iba sbaree, nr will pee bjr the month, as asr ba
.Rread npoa hy Ibe narttes. I'assesslon fivea aa
Ibe first of April Knr further psulenlars .all In
perwn, nr address bs Islter,
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Frenrhslll., Pa., Jan. Illb, IMI-at,
IaTRAV NOTIi'K.-r.n tr..r..,ln a.
J tha premises nf lha undeisitned In t'nlnn
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ebarf.s and lake bim ...jr. r l,r will he a.1.1 u
Ibe law dlrwle.
RMhtnn, Pa
, II, 18H 21.
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aad le now prepared la famish anstnnera wiih a
ral alaea arllele ef aasl n shirt nolle, and al
lha aaderate print of HU cn1t per ba.h"
All ardert salt at my sbep will h, r,.m,, tw
taadalsj. WU. R. BRtlwv
ClearlaH, Pa , PsV I, IHMt.
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JUut flffrtistnifnts.
Cnrwsnsrille, Pa., Jan. , 'TH-tf.
CI II TIIIMWhrrssi tnr wife. Alice Leiere
J Oinhsm, bss I. ft air bed and beard wilbeat
enr Jmt eeu.e nr prostration, I iberelere lass
this method uf infnrminil.usiae.s m.n nnd tbsensi.
munilr In t:eaer.l not lo b.rbor nr trasl hsr M
anything on my aeonuot, as I am delermiaee
pes nn d.bts ennlrsetsd br bar after this dels
unless eempelled lo do so br due process ef 1st.
0IIHatliam, Pa, Jan. 11, 1811 It t
Grist MiMTor Sale I
A.rt d.slrabta mill prer.erle.wltb two pslrs
af knrrs, situate In beestar twp , Clesr
eld e-.aeiy, Pa., abnat two aad a half miles west
nf fhllipebarl, Centre annnle, Pa .
l'blilnslur, Caalra Oa., Pa.
Nat. IS, llll tf.
Cnart of Clearfield eeeeiy, Pa.
In the w.tfr ar the aeanaal af Willises
lie. in. Uaanllan at William H. Toanf. '"'
heir al Baraej teaef, law af Haste u.asbtp,
Tba andarslna4 Andllar, appointed hy said
Caart, la dlspnsa af the tied t. la. se
aount of Wlihem B. Ilewltl, Oaardla af ibe sett
William K T, an(. will allaad la tba datlHef
his al his onlne, la the heroel"
ClesrSelJ, an Tl) KSIIAY, Iht Islh dajr sf
RUAHY. IWI, a It t't'eetA. M,abHlt'
nbatt all ntrstnt Interested tnsy ttittd.
CVsuflili, 1 4 , Jaa llta. III! It.