Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 15, 1880, Image 3

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Terms of Subscription.
f paii) in within tare months. ..$1 80
If lter lfere and befuntlx Boot hi... 3 10
11 .,id after tneeiplratlon of ail nonhtt... I 00
-ffMfHIU. B. M. PlTTINQItL A Co..NWi-
i.nrpr Advertising AgnK, J7 Park Row, ornr
lrVkmft.n titrct( ar our duly authorised Agenti
, w t.i i-ny.
hi:i.i;hi' NOTICICH.
WritnillBt F.i'lcopl ChurchRer. Oru
Lt:inv, I'tttor, Hervioot evaty Sabbath et luj
, M and It P. M.
. ,K(,.ih Siboul et 9 A. M.
.'raver Meet inn every VYedDea.lay, at 74 P. M
Communion Herrice, Ant tiabbath of every
monlb, it lfi A.M.
Weal i'lenrtteld M. is. C Lurch. Rev.
1'hihi.ei W. Hi, 1'aitor. Preaching every
hlternete Hund!y, nt ft o'clock, P. M. Sunday
.s.'hi.ul at 2, r. Al. All ar in vl tod to attend.
Ireab)terlan ChurrhRev. n. 8. Botlbr,
..Snbbath tervicea morning ana vening raO'
r,nib School at S P. .M. Prayer Meeting Wednea
v veiling.
Hantlat t'hurrta. Hv. , Paator-
.-ii.tiatb School t S P. M. Prayer Meeting every
UVlneiday evening.
St. I'rancla Church Catholic Her. P
j.SuKRinAM. l)ivln mtrrlot at 10i A. M., on
tie tint, third arid lourtb Sundnyaof each month;
Vision end lnedlotion of the I'-leieed Haerawant
at 7 o'clock, P. M. Sunday Be boot vry Sunday
afternoon at I o clock.
Sreond Monday of January.
Third Monday of March.
Firit Monday of Jans.
Fuurtb Monday of .September.
nun or loLDina cow von rLBAt.
Kiret Monday of June.'
Second Monday of November.
ruiLio omenta.
I'retideat Jtdg$ Hon. Charlea A. Mayer
'..-k lUvtn.
Attilan$ Lam JuttgoUon. John II. Orrlt, of
Aitociat Judge Ahram Ogden, Clearfield;
Vin"nt H. Holt. Clearfield.
VolaottooryKli I) loom.
Hrgiittrand Recorder L. 3. Morgan.
Trmmrtr Philip Dottt.
liiitriet Attorney J. F. McKtnrlck.
Sheriff Jttnea Mehafley.
Ittvutv Sheriff K. I. Tbompion.
County SwrrcyorSamDel F. McClotkey, Cur-
County Cnmmhtiontrt C, W. Kyler, flraham
ton . 0.; Etah Johntton, Oram pi en lHllt P. 0.
John Norrl. Sr., Curwenavllle.
Cotimifianera' Cltrk John W. Howe.
County Aifftr. William V. Wright, Clear-r-!'l
; Jmph Utlliland, Thre Huna; J. 6. Nor
Tin, Woodland.
Count CVoner Jam n A. Moor. Clearfield.
jMrCoiHiMtoirt--ArdrewJ. Jackion, Clear
rn,i Wm R. Itrncrn. Clearfield.
Suptrintmdent of Public SckoottiS. L. Me
Qu-'wn, Clerfli-ld.
SraUrof W eight f eoitiree Jiie W.Carlile,
dllii'e t Lathershurg I'a,
Sharif Hubliv John W. Wrigley, Vt m. Ra
li hiiiifth, Cyrui (lordon, Clearfield ( Joseph R.
Irwin, N. K. Arnold, CurwenTllU J. A. Living-
-f ne. IiuIJote City. Social column li decidedly interesting In
n l .(m) p. tint of view, and profitable reading to
ou!-iien who want to Tt money.
V I ., OK COrRM'", 1
Will you t-iko wlirat, oatJ or eoro for iub
, r 'inn v" We arc often inquired of in tbit way
t.y litter frem patroim who reiide at a distance
(r-.m Olrarlleld. Wo again aay yea. The welptl
ui a rrypuniil'le merchant or mill owner In the
i it,itv, will answer up Jnt ai well a the eauh.
itlluatrate : If any of our patrnni will deliter
ii a h-.g of grain at the mill of Joaeph H. Bretb,
in i'bet townnbip, florae fatobia. In Darnalde,
T! M:m II. Frcy, In (J rah am, Wm. Porter or'n, in Lnwrenee, or Brown A Peyler'a, al
Kkton, I'tiion township, and forward their
ici'il'fi for the nmunt, we will sredit theiu on a. cuui.t i.r ilif tame. In thli way all may
tenn piy what they e. if they will pureae tbii
jftrsV Ailvcrtiruii'8 hrnl othern will bear
in mind that all article intandrd for pablioatlna
in tliia paper nuit be handed in, not later than
Tars-day, at 9 A. SI. Don't forget U!
CbriHliiittH lrei'8 will soon bloom.
XoxtTiuwJiiy, Iticembtir21rtt, in Iho
-h.irttKt dftj of the year.
I'ml. M. Curdon loft a vulimble
b-r't v death on Monday.
Clean the micu in your stove iloore
will) warm vinegar and water.
A young daughter of NV. W. Worrell
.Jit'il ol di.hthtria on Monday night.
Hugh Kelly, of Urdy township,
lillrd an old bear and two enbe week before lait.
.1. N.t'asrtunovajot' FhilipAburg, bus
g at to lUrana, Cuba, lo be ahient during tbe
- -
Huofiit Helling on our streets at five
tsl tlx oonta, and pork at an and a half and
ven cfnti.
This w the hurt week of Bobol nntil
fur the holiday a, whereof the yogngteri rejuiee
an l sre gll.
- -
The little folks are ansiounlj await
ing the arriral of Santa Claua with biaileigh
and reioileen.
The firrtt ahipmont of leather from
J. B. Hoyt A Cu.'i new tannery at thla plaea wai
made Uat week.
. ii ... -.
Tbo State Gratigo of tbe Patronnof
Jlmbaodry ia balding In annual atnlon at Urceni
l ut, lhl w"k'
lUttckflmitha will have a good run of
wri at roughing boriea' iboea wbllt tbe Icy
w rubor ojntinuai.
Tho lift of hotel and autooti licences
to be a-ked for at the Jaouary Term of Court,
appear in thii liaue.
Christtnan randicfl. lino confection
cry, Oranjrci, Nuti at Finkbeloer'e grosery and
bakery. Don't forget it.
Itopintor Morgan publiftho a number
of Kegi-ter'a acootinU I hie week Id addition to
thoie pablithed left werk.
Tbo Hurnside Cornet Hand will hold
a Fair and Feitiva) during holiday wrek fr the
t'cntflt of that organiiatl'n.
,1 ew
Jlunka Holmes hud a bunion cut out
of hta lelt foot (on day laat week, and now he
hobble around an erutehea.
Tbo JUrtrnucAN will bo inmied next
week aa nrnal.but no paper will be publifbed
from thii offloe on the 3Vlh of Ueoeiolier.
Tho cold snnp of last week roverod
i tie tlver Dearly over again with Ice ; but It la not
in good condition yet to afford pleasant auuie
Bent at ikating.
Call and see tho (argent stock of
'luihing, tieuta' furniihing guoda, hata, eapa,
trunk), Taliet, Ao., at llirlinger A Ronk'f. Call
a' dne. If ynu don't with to buy.
- li i i
Denny Iirother, of Meadville, Pa.,
ailreilifea fine Clydradale hortea in thii paper.
Thii U one of tbe Aaait breed ef atraci la tbe
'ountry. Write to ibea. Correrpoadtnct lolielted.
Tho Passmore properly, on Hritlgo
treet, c fined by the heln of A. II. Shew, de
ceared, wm tld by the aduinlatratura, at publli
tale, en Hilurday, for tlT0.. It war porch a led by
L"ii K, Mcfullcugh.
Wo noticed our good tm Hired friend,
forge M. Fergnaoa, or Lumbar Ciiy, ia town
laftweak. Ueorge aill aaiame lb reapooai bill
tin and dutita of lb Regiiter'a and Reeorder'e
ebout the firat of tbe new year,
ii i
Thti Susquehanna House, at Cur
ttMille, waa sold at publie sale, by tbe admia
litraur'a ef A. II. Hhaw, deMaaad, oa'fiaturday,
to Uia I. Bloom, of Pike towaihlp, for 11,700.
The "Corner Store" property waa sold la Cel.
Ma Irvia, for U.OOtt.
it was fortunately discovered on
trday that oa al Ibe builef -ljeada al lb w
Uanery wai defective, and It wai atafb t are
11 la4r altkoot repairing, which lea beta Va.
boileri were aaauratur4 al Tyroa. A
diikkUr u u doubtartl4 by tale timely die
Popery. ,
There never Was a mort favorable
a fot w t,gaM tede tbair warb tkaa tb
H JM tatw awaagb la th w.odl gal
wareairatiy, and rraii(i weauar ar
11 tbiiukii ike logmaa'i datlaf aaay aad
An elegant assortmont of plain and
fancy gold ringi at Snyder'a.
- i
"11 a! hat! I've found tho placo at
lait t Here'i FIoka i that i why I laugh."
Thero ia no store in tho county keen
aketuraaaortaiantof goodi than Pleak A Qi.
m ' " a- - - i
A pretty taoe it displayed hotter by
on of F look 'a hata than any other ornament.
1 m
Did yon aee those childrons' over-
onata at Hlrllnger A Rook'a Tbej ara good aad
eheap, !. 15. t
New stylo of dinner casters, Cue cv
glaai bottles, and all kinda of flat waca, m-h ai
knives, forks, epoons, ladles, Ao.( at Snyder's.
- m
IIohkeh For Salk! Tbeundersign
ed baa two young ho net, weighing about l,i00
pounds eaeb, for sale. Klah Joaatoa.
UHiHrna Hill, Pa., Dee. li-St.
A library of over ono hundred vol'
unai of history, action, Ac, baa been established
la the Odd Fellows' lodge of thla place, for tb
us of ila members.
Sheriff Mabaffuy'B otllco in tho Court
llousa has reoaotly been Improved in appaarano
by new wall paper and parnt. Kragl did H
aitb bis llttl brush.
A Thanksgiving dinner and Oyster
upper In Coryell's Hall at Penfleld, on Tbaaka
giving day, for the benefit of th M. E. Church
of that place, netted li.
- -
Another Gone. Mr, John Dale,
on of the oldest eltiteni In Bradford townabip,
died at his horn In thattownnhlp on Wednesday
bight of kal week, in lb 36th year of his age.
11 a 1
The public are indebted to Dr. J. C.
Ayer A Co., not only fur their standard madlelrm)
preparations, but also fur Improving tbe loeks of
the community by their incomparable Hair Vigor.
m w m
The Teachers' Institute is the largest
and muit dignified organisation that ever assem
bles in our town. Therefore, let our people en
courage it neat week with their patronage and
Kightcvn or twenty dump carls from
Reyooldsville, on tbe Low tirade Ruilroai, passed
through town on Tborrday on their way overland
to Tyrone, to be used in the construction of tbe
Lewiiburg A Tyrone Railroad.
- 1 1 -
To those of our readers who havooc
ca slon to secure tb service of a good Surveyor
or Civil Knglneer, w would eall their attention
to the card of Mr. A, V. Hoyt, of Philtpaburg,
which appears in another 00 1 urn a of this paper.
Purchase your Christmas presents
now, and escape tbe rush and erowda that will
throng tb etures a faw dayi hence. Tbe fir it
customers hare their pick of th noveltiei of th
season, while th tardy ones ar oompelled to
take what le left.
Peter Conklmg, while working at
ft o well's ehingl mill, on Andrrvon eraei, on
Thankngiviog day, had bis right band 10 fear
fully lacerated by coming in Contact with tb saw
that amputation of th member was retorted to
in order to save his life.
The ilellowsl'alls (yt.) Times, in
peaking of Wallace Hrocc, wh Iceland in that
place saya : "Th lecture by Mr. Bruo waa one
of the finest literary entertainments ever enjoyed
ia tblai place, and certainly plaoea Mr. Bruce In
the Brat rank of the Lecture field."
ii 1 -- - -
During the counting of tbo mail
matter that left tbe Clearfield puetofilae durlog the
first week of December, lUSli, it waa ascertained
that th amount tent out by Poatmaatcr (iaulki
average 1,109 artiolai daily, an lucrea of about
100 pieces more per day than last year.
That's Old. An exchange remarks
that ''No cne koows wh invented tk feibionin
society of turning duwn tb corner vf a visit
ing card, but tbe feshlon of turning dowu the
coraer of a street wai first invented by tb man
wh owed for a newspaper and saw tb printer
The pay car made Its regular month
ly run over the Tyrone A ClearftuM Railroad last
Saturday forenoon. The empUye of tbe Com
pany were more glad to have It come along than
they were th polar wave whicb struck tbit sec
tion on Tuesday of lat week and has tarried with
utever sine.
A young man rushed up to II. toll
men a Cot atiinery sign, which occupies a
pretnlaeot place just inside lb itor door, and
raised bis hat. II waa eriJeotly a viotlm of de
ception, for be waa brd to muUef as be went
away :
"This world (sail a fleeting show,
To rain illusion given."
Cliarfibld Coal. The shipment
of coal from our region last week, waa magnificent,
reaching to o6,fiK3 toe a, being an increase of 21,-
33ft tons over the same period last year, and con
siderably th largest weekly out put rr made
from tb Clearfield region. On Tuesday ofsam
weak, th shirmcnti were over 13,000 tons, or at
tb rat of about 10,000 tons a week, which would
indie at a carrying capacity of 4,000,000 tona
per anna to. '
Sew iicu Machine. I bavo one
Ilaopar A McLaae Loek-ttitcb Sewing Machine,
and brand new, with plain table, I drawer,
and warranted to do 3nt olas sewing, with the
following attachments: I Qailt marker, 1 Uuag
screw, 1-Binder, I Screw driver, 6 needles, I Oil
can, 1 bottle of ail, Ac, Ac. I will aell this ma
chine and attachments for $19 cash. Call at J. E.
Harder'tOun Store, Clearfield, Pa.
Stop It. The vellingand bellowing
f young man ') oa oar ttreta after night-fall
abould be looked ator by ear boroagb anthoritlet,
If it cannot be cbeokvd any other way. Th boya
ar large aaougb to know better and big enough
le be taught Utter. We hoard people other than
nervous old ladiet complain of this rudeoeta and
uncalled-for yelling at unseasonable bourt of tb
night Lour when good boyi were asleep, aad
other people trie! to, but failed.
1 1. 1 - 1 -Tonv
M'Allistor'eCombination troupo
will opn the new Opera House at Pennrille by
an entertainment on Wedneaday evening of neit
week, D toe iii be r 22 d. Profs. J. K. Bond and J.
W. Wilson will make a double tlght-rop aaoea.
tioa at 4 o'clock P. M., on a rope elUndiog from
tb topi of two of th highest buildings la the
village. This troupe will eleo gir an entertain-
it In Plo's Opera H iuse, Clearfield, on Christ
mas evening, December Jjth. Far particulars,
ree posters.
CiiRiHTN ah. J . F. Finkboincr will
bnv a full stock of fine confectionery on band
for next week aad tbe holiday at bit restaurant
and bakery, on Market street. There you will
find a nice variety ol caramels, mlied candies,
atlck and lareandy,BuU, fruit and cekes. Also,
white and yellow taffy. In making purchases for
Cbristmkt and New Year's day, do not fail to call
at Plakbeiner't. H baa enough at bis establish
ment to supply all tbe childrea, both great and
small, la the county.
Grand Army Officers. On Friday
evening last, tbe follow mg oflWr ol Larimer
Post, Mo. 170, U. A. R., wer lMd to serve tb
ensuing year:
Post Commander Hiram T. King. w"'
Htolor V. C Frank O. Cbtfrpening.
Jnalor V. C John M. Haatlnge.
Chaplain John I. Patterson.
Surgeon J, P. Burchfield.
Quartermaiter William R. Brown.
Officer of tb Day Cornelius Owens.
Officer of th Ouard Juba W. Carr.
Coancll of Administration Clarence L. Utrrttt
Amoi How and P. A. Qeulin.
Ordnance Sergeant James SuUon.
Reprceatltv t Encampment C. L Barrett,
Alternate, Job I. Patterson
Tb State Encampment will hold lie neit session
in Pitmbargh.
A Useful Article We have
been shown Letters Patent No. tS&.OTS, recently
granted to our townsman, Mr. Joba F. Finkbeiaer,
th Inventor, for a small plok aad haaamvr (hat
oaa be need by lumbermen , logmen, farmers, rail
road men. l. Tb body portion of tb Imp)-
at consists of an iron bar,tb front ad of which
is tnraed upward, ao at la term a point or book.
Tbit pointer book It faced with steel. The op
posite ead ef the body It saltobly ealarged, later
ally and vertically, as ta fvrm a bead, which
serve a a hammer ar maul. Tata ena is ait
faced with stool. The bead is provided with aa
eya or socket for th rswptlaa of s vertical
handle. Tb object ef lb iavMioa it w turatin
lmolmat to b used by la barmen. tr rals-
Inc lees aad other heavy objects, attracting
tumpi aad roots 1 and while It la cr especially
designed tar th hied ef work anon aoeve,
it can also be applied eoeally wall la other
aaea wbiob will readily taggert themselves. To
railroad men for raising at drawlag aal
railroad ims, an ' pushing aert it llavala-
bla artier. Mr. Fiakbeiuef tlyli bit lavaua
A Tool fer Ubrtaa,MM4 villi beveaawemOty
af them maae fee tared aad pat upS) tb market
teen. W trwd that the pateatee't fa derl hepee
will be reellaod by ladlag a rga aa4 ready taia
for a awful device af bit wa lavwHaw.,
Gold pens and pencils, tooth-picks,
and geati' icarf-plna at Snyder's.
You'll miss a charming sight if you
miss seeing f leoa i inrmmaa goods.
"Out of fashion, out of tho world."
Appreciating this adage, th people ar srowding
to Flank's.
I Go toSnydor's jewelry store and buy
apiece of silverware for yonr wife and mother-In
law. T be re ia nothing Ilk iu
Silver tea sets, cake baskets, card
reoelreri, vaea, jewel eases, and oa goods at
Saydor's More, oa Market 11 reel. I4-1J
One of the most sensible things in
th way of d real, by tb ladies, la adopting warm
flannels for Winter dress. A full lln at Flack'.
"Christmas is coming f He is almost
ncr wt 11 laugo at bit storm and giv aim good
cheer." So they say at Fleck's. Dec. 10-it,
Philipsburg's militia has been dis
banded, and tb ofhen ar rdrd t return all
accoutrements, Ac, In tbelr poiiettioa to th
Stat antheritlet.
liev. John Coflin NaEaro, an itiner
aat minister, hclured to a congregation In tb
Presbyterian Church but Sabbath evening, on
th "Kloqueuee of tb Bible.1' Tbe speaker was
mora eccentric la bit ttitc than eloquent.
The Teachers' Institute will be tbe
absorbing thorn next week. From Monday un
til Friday our street ar expected to be thronged
with tbe educators of oar future Presidents and
United States Senator, and their wires.
'Poachers, call at Finkboiner's gro
cery, nearly opposite th Opera House, and get
some of his aloe candies, cakes, fruit, nuts, Ac,
Ac, for a Christmas treat to your scholar, or to
your little sisters, brother, nieeet, or nephews.
Cell and sc the geodt,
William Brocios, who disappeared
so mjsltrioualy several week ago from bis home
in Lawrence township, turned up last week near
Morrltdnl Mines, In thii county, whet he bas
been employed for some time past, working oa
th railroad. He returned to his home 00 Satur
day last.
Iint of letters remaining unclaimed
In th Postoffi'! at Claarfield, Pa., for th week
ending December 13th, 1890 :
Mrs. Mary Iligle, William (lenlcis, Jacob
Howard, Misa Tillie Hughes, Jamas Kerr, Charles
MoNulty, Mary Salman, Jacob Bhiogler, Anny
Sugort., . . P. A. GAL' LIN, P. M.
Tnnoron. We notice by tho Cherry-
tree Record, in at th survey for a narrow -g nag
railroad from Curwenavill to that place bat
been completed , and It engineer! aver
that a mere feattbl and ahtapcr route of
thirty-four miles la length cannot b adopted
anywhere. Tbe Chief Engineer, Mr. Barrett, It
highly pleased with tb prospects. Tb right of
way and a few subscriptions along tbe Una will
make th road within th next two years.
In the Ice Goime. From tholtcnova
RteorJ, of last weak, we learn that an ark be
longing to tb Corporation driva was (rosea up
near Richie wh?n the river closed, abeut three
weks ago. Since tbat time It bat been used at a
place of abod by lumbermen. Oa Monday
morning, when tb ice broke up, the ark, con
taining a nomber of men and horaes, waa struck
by tbo flood and oemmeaoed to mev down tb
stream before any of its occupants wer awar of
their dangerous situation. Alter drifting down
about half a mile, the lumbermen managed to run
tbe ark aground and mad their cacap from the
perilous veyngc. The horses were aI?o saved.
Singular Accident. Tho Itellcfonte
Republican sayt: ''Mr. Isaaa Shuey, of Spring
Creek, met with a rather lingular accident while
out bunting en Thursday lait. He wat accom
panied by hit dog. and In tbe court of hit
ramldfagt came aeroa tome boyi, who wer also
on th bunt, with whom be stopped to convene,
resting bis bands on th muni of bit gun.
While thus engnged, tb dog, tecmlogly anxious
to an dent and tbe nature of tbe conversation,
jumped up on the gun and looked into nit in aster '1
face for aersral seconds, until satisfied tbat every
thing was all right. But In getting again upon
all fear on paw struck lb trigger and tb ban
mtr want down. Tb gus wat discharged, the
ball patting thnugh hit left band and severely
mutilating the fingers."
The Band Concert, The Excelsior
Cornet Band, of DoBnlt, arrived In this plae
las Wednesday and put op at th Leonard House.
I th evening, about tight o'clock, tb Curwena
vill Cornet Band put in an appearance, and
tbtt two organisation! assisted by the two Clear
field Band, gavt a pleating and enjoyable enter
tainment ia Pit't Opera House. Tb DuBoit
Band, under the leadership of Prof. McCartney,
with seventeen meabert, remained in town until
Thursday afternoon when they took tbtir de
parture for bom. Tb good muslo with which
they treated our oil I tens, together with tbelr gen
tlemanly deportment, won for them many friends
and complin. an tt. ; The Curwentrill baud, tti
tan in ember 1, wat under th direction of MV
John Minbinnett, tb regular leader, and done
well, at did our own, tb Qrpbeai, seventeen
members, Davie Rlebards, leader, and tbe Citl
sens', seventeen members, Dr. J. K. Wrigley,
leader. Tb Concert wat given to aid) tha luffer
ert of th lata DuUola fin. Tbe entertainment
wat Mediant, but th audience waa tmall on ac
ooaitff the extremely add weather that evening.
Narrow Escape. Tho local of the
Bellelonte Dtmocrat records th Jollowlog : A
bridal coupl hailing from Warriors Mark arrived
at the Brockerhoff House on a lata train en nay
last week and were eatigoed to room No. "Letter
B," Jut above th offio. Shortly after thete
"two touts with but a ting) thought, two heard
tbat beat at one" had retired, Clerk MeKeever,
who was patilag through tb ball, dltcovtred tbat
a strong odor ef gas pervaded lh whola of tb
upper portion of th hotel. He Immediately com
menced aa examination and wat toon convinced
that th gat waa escaping through th transom of
"Letter B." He kaooked at the door and wet
greeted with an Impatient, 11 What do yon want V
How did yon put the gas out?" naked Mao.
Blew It out, of court. How ) would I put It
out f " It was explained to him naleas h found
torn ether means of summoning darkness hit
honeymoon would be of short duration. After
repeated failures with the ehandeJier, tha door
was opened and UcKeerer, ovenomieg hit natural
modesty, waa oompelled to eater aad tare off the
gas. Silence brooded ever "Letter B" from that
until morning.
A Coal Oil Horror. Wo clip the
following from the Kane Blade, of the Vth lost:
"A gwedfih woaaa by the nam of Murllag, wat
tho vfetim ef a karotea horror nt Bradford on
Satarday alght last, fib It a widow, and with
tb anistanc of aa alder ton tupporte herself and
four children. Oa tha ertaieg In question tb
wai litting at a table or stand tcwiog by tb
light af a lamp bavlag ao chimney, which was
i t audio g on tbe tablt. The burner waa not
ouraly fastened to th lamp, and by torn mishap
tb lamp was overturned and fall Into her work-
baket, which was by ber sid an tb floor, and
tb burner becoming taper a ltd from tbe lamp,
the contents of th basket war n mess of flames
In an Instant. Tb woman ruthed for a backet
of water and dashed H Into tha firs, when tb
flitnti darted aut from lb tldst of lb baeket and
caught bar clothing. Realising her pari) and lot-
ing her self control, ah ushed from tb hoe,
when lb attfaetad the) attention of the neigh
bor!, who cam to her a ill it nee, but not before
her clothing was almoct Mtlraly burned frem her
body. Her limbs were badly burned. Pbyaleiana
wer summoned, wh prpnoane her rat not en
tirely hopeless." "
The First Pater Mill in Western
PcKftarLVaftiA. Th Uollldeyaborg aorrespon-
dtalof tb Altoona fWaiiMiaysi The Ant pa
per over mad In this part af th eenntry waa
mad la a paper alii bnilt abent tbe year 1100,
at Laurel Springs, Iluatiagdon eoantj, between
Tyrone and Birmingham, by Cbarle Cad wai la
der and taper! a tend d by Hear llarptter. Tb
procea f making paper was a meat primitive
ad aim pic one compared with th valuable In
ventions, improvement and costly maehiaery af
tb preient day. Th vrlaetpal kind af paper
manufactured then was writting paper and wrap
ping paper, mad entirely oat af rage, Michael
W el lace wat tb teoead owaer, and In 1127 Jcha
MoOahaa nought th property far ll,M, la
el ed lag tha paper mill, ll mill, (arm and farm
buildings, Th bona wai built with part of the
foundation la lb Juniata river, tb baaement of
which Was a hag warcbeeie la which ware fre
quent! atend ftv hundred bar r tit af floor,
which wen leaded on to arki and floated down
the river to (Mvmbia tad told. From 1S27 to
JB19 Jturi A. MtCahea operated tb paper mill
and alee tb all mtlt. 1 bo oil wat menu feet nred
out of laiteed, which wat ettenilfsly raited la
tha ntlgbborbool. Ia 1S both the paper and
ell mills were Hepped ant never age la started.
Tha aid balldlag we believe It atUl Handing, aad
lb property la at 111 wned by lh heln af John
MoOahaa, aV eased,
Go to II. Lehman & Co. In the Opera
II out for yonr holiday goods.
Sealskin remains a fashionable, fur.
Yon can find them at FLECK'S.
II. Lehman & Co, have just opened
a lot of fancy goodi, laiiebitror aoitaay pnsentt,
For History, Poetry and Fiction, or
book or any kind uu iw UAt J-i .
For Fine Stationery of all kinds
Ladies, don't tail to go to II. Leh
man A C. for your hats and bonnet. Dm. 1 tt
II. A. Kralr.or invitea tbo attention
of aasb buy art ta bit large ttoek of Win tor Dry
Fleck & Co. are square dealers in all
thing In tbelr lln. Tbelr prices can wot bo an -
We call attention to the advertise
ment af th "West End Drag Store," in this
m m 1
II you want a fine Mason & Hamlin
Organ lor a Christmas present
00 TO (J A L LIN'S.
II. A. Kratzor is manufacturer of
ladivi'eoatt, dolman, rircnlan, akirts and gentle
man's underwear.
rVlopk A- f?n. intend In do an-ico
trad thla Winter. They haven aire stock of
goods to do It with.
Hundreds of ladies are to-day cher
ishing grateful remembranee of the bargains they
have had at Fleck's.
For Sale! George Thorn has a
pair of twia-tledi for sale, good as new, which
ha will tell cheap. Dec. l-3t.
H. A. Kratr.or is agent for Richard
son '1 Klmira boota, and Carlisle fine ihoet for
ladiet and cbildnn.
H. A. Kratscr is agent for the cele
brated Jamestown Alpaca Milli. Tbetearatbe
bait gooda for tbe money, In th market.
II. A. KraUor is agent for the James
town Woolen Mills. These oasimere for gentle
men's wear an unsurpassed in quality, dec, 1 It
Lntoat novelties in iewelrv. watches.
chains, necklace, bracelet, lace pins, tllrer
eombt, gold and tilrer thimblet, gold spectacle!,
pent, pencils, At., at Snydcr't jewelry store.
Teachers, while, attending tho County
Institute, don't forget to ritit the Pcstuffio Book
ttonto tecun any tuppliet In your lln tueh
at ttationcry, pent and pane Hi, writing tablet,
school apparatus, books, rewards of merit, Ac.
Ac. Call and xatnin goods. d-3L
Coal In. If any of our coal bank
men feel like trading torn of their product Tor a
aerial of numbers of copies of tb Cleabfuld
RapuiLicAi, w will gladly thow them where to
put two or three hundnd buthelt on account in
thai way. We bav n bin at our residence and
one at tbe offlt that will hold a load every now
and then. A bint to tb wis it a vary sage
mark, aad aheuld be tuffiritnt. Nov, 10-31
New Daily Staoe Line. James L.1
Leevy bas euccveded in having a dally mail eatab- j
listed between Clearfield and Pennfleld, and will
hereafter run a daily ttage between the two polntt.
Ills contract btgan with April 1st, and tb stag
will leave dear fl Id every morning (except Sun
day) nt ( o'clock, making connections with all.
trains on tha Low tirade Railroad at pennfield, re
turning after tbe lait train tbe tame evening, j
Paitengert and freight will be carried at low ratet. I
Orders Uft at any of tb faotali will he attended
iopr7V-ir j
A Sad Affair. We learn from tho j
Cherry tree Record, that oa Wednesday of lait
week, at Mrs. Robert Smith, of Darn lid town
ship, Clearfield county, wat going to visit torn
relatives in Cherry hill township, Indiana county,
a heart-rending ictn occurred. Before alert
ing the carefully wrapped up ber yonngeat child,
aged two montht, putting the wrapping closely
about It, the day being very cold. On arriving
at hr dettinatloa, tb mother wat horror -ttrack, ;
en removing th cove' logs, to find that tb child
was dead, having bean tmothered. N blame
can b attti bed to the moihtr, nnd tb ion-owing
partntt bar th sympathy of th oemtnnalty .
The undersigned wtshet to Inform th popl
generally that be baa retimed the bullae of
thoamnking In all it branches, in tbe room above
Cardona' meat market, whan he can at all tlmai
b found ready and willing ta wait on alt of hit
old aad as many new eustomen at may favor
him with their patronage. He innurei all bit
work and guar an tees tatiifaotion, both in ttook
and workmanship, flenti, give mt a call and I
will give you fits. Country produce taken la ex
change for work. Da ConxiM.r,
Clearfield, Pa., Dee. lst-4t.
Farmers, Look Here I Lytlo will
give you highest merkat price for Wheat, Oatt,
Cera, Baokwheat, Butter, Kggt, Onlont, Apples,
dried frnitt, and all kinds of produce, lie hat
the largett and best selected stock of groceries,
teat, coffeea, molasses, spices, oil talt, tugar,
quoeoiwere, tubs, bucket, baskett, chums, Ac,
la Clearfield county. U bnya hit goodi in large
quantitiat from manufacturer and first handt
for cash, and takes the advantage of all
discouati, and sob is enabled t tell at lowest
prices. He gives eaih priest for prodnc,and tells
hi goods at the lowest prices in tb county.
Clearfield Coal Trade State
ment of Ceal and other frelgbti cent over the
Tyrone A Clearfield Dlvltlon, Pennsylvania Rail
road, for tba weak ending December 4th, I860,
nnd tb aaui time lait year
For the week -
Same time laat year
Previously during year
Same tint laat year
Total In JM0
Seme.tim last yaar .
loenaae ,
oTaan rnnioMTt.
Lu other
Miscellaneous freights
. I05tift3
109 ears.
Iu lie Nitreesooicr Teacher' InttituU ;
I dtslr t call attention to th following ex
plalaaticnt relative lo tbe T chert' Institute
which will be la susioo In Clearfield all of next
week t
Monday evening's tetcrtaiumeat, which prem
ises to b a grand 00, will be fro to all who may
attend, la order to accommodate a large audi
ence, w deem It best to admit no children unless
accompanied by their par nit. No tlckett need
be pre tea ted at the door oa Monday evening.
Partoai Meuriag toart ticket will pleat ob
serve tb inntractloas printed upon each ticket
ia order to avoid ooafusloa at th tha door
Tha even lag teuton 1 will be held la Pit's
Opera House and will begin nt T SO a'eloek teob
tveolsg. The Court Ilona bell will be mag al
? e 'slock, at wkieh tlm lb door will be opened
for tb propr agent I reeiv tb ticket of ed
it ton .
Ceurva aad tingle ticket art now on tal at
th pot to me, waer they can ha punhasod dur
ing tba entire week. They will alto be sold at
tbe Opera Hot ticket orfi during eab even
It should be remembered tbat tb eat Ire count
of lectam will coat let than would be required
to hear Col. Saaford't two tectum alone, ia ao
established lecture eoun.
U L Mrtjrown,
County ttuperinteader.
THOMPSON-HliFri.inXdgH.-O. Ta.,
dj, No,.ab.r, I nk, !, b; U.f. W. M. Un.b-
I. ld, Mr. M. C. Ti.oan.ll ul Mrt. Lr.u i.
U.rmruiaaa, kait .1 D.lluu, I'..
gSCOTT-WILSOS. O. WvlittUtj, Dm
bn l, IU, r "... O. U. Millar, .t lb. tell
4mm Jo.. C.M.roi, I. Jub.atowB, ft., William
Kmott .ad Ua WiLdvaj bulb of
d.l., fa.
WITIIOOW-POKT.-Al lb. n,U,iM af
J.Mb, R7, OB Tbond.;, Un. lb,
II, .. br Hm. V.,, Mr. Joaa.a VV'tfaBauw,
of ABMB,llla,aaaaluvl U.Ota Voar, .IHtaia,
BUMM8LL SMITH. Al tb. mklaaoa af
Juob, K.n.;,aa Thgt.d.,, 1m lb,
IH80, b, K.,. r. Ataia,, n... .a.a r. udm
bbll, ol Joba,lwa, H. HI, Abii I. B.ira,
ol MoalldaM, Pa.
CIPHERS OODBH. -At lb. H I Puloaaio,
CIra.W,oa Huaraaj, Doo. 1 1 lb, KMI, b, H.r.
li. L.ldj, Mr. William Ctraaa., of ilo,b.a Iowa
bip, aad MM K. Uaaaa, at Uwi.oo.
PRItn-ntlNTRR. Al tho roaldoaaa of i.
U. a-ilb. U.abfilM, aa (aadar, Uoa. ttb,
b. Ha.. V. Adaau. Mr. Mu.i.f M. Paara. al, aad Mm Liaai. A, lUaraa, of
BKLFRIDUK In Ooibn towaihlp, on Uoa
dav, DMMabrdtb, UHO, Wamrrr Nihrp,, bob
of Wbllnw aad Sarah M. Balfrid.,a(ad I wt.k.
aad 1 dav.
I.OWHIR. Oa Moada; al(ht, Dm. lSlb, 1 S80,
af diphtheria, Abblbt, a. I J.ari, aad will
iah, ac,d 10 yaara, ooaa of John and Mary A
LowJ.r, af Bradford lon.blp.
DALE la Bradford towmb.p, on Wlne.dy
albt, Vaoauibar Hlb, !, Joai Oalb, ag,d
5. ;.ari, 4 noatai aaa a, u.j..
UoooBMd wu bora la Laaoaihlra, Saland,
and wai formwlT a roildiat of Pblllpabur,, P.
For afar fiflr y aara ho wai aa oaaaplary naaibor
of tho M. E. Chureb, aad, wa.a eompar.d with
ethart, wu a feaerouj juf porter of Iba .arlotta
booarolanoaa of tho ebnreb. A good Dj.B bu
ooa to hla roward, aad will ka aliaad h, lha
oomnuBll;, bj bla faailjr aad tho obaroh.
W. B. W.
SMITH Al Port Matilda. Contra Montr, oa
W.UbmJ.7, Dao. Htb, 1MI0, Lr.lib Uavbk, ob
of A. 4. and 0. A. DaiilB, ag . roar, i atoaui
and 14 da,,.
Th. raiaalna of tbo deeeaaid war. brought to
the raaidran of bl f randfathar, Mr. W. II. Smith,
la Pergaaoa towaahip. Claarflald aaaatj, and oa
Fildaj, Dm. lOlh.wal borl.d la tha Mmatorjr
aoarNaw Millport. "Da littlo Loilio," aa ha
waa oomnool; called, li no uoro. Tbo parenU
hare tha eroopetby of Ibla catiro eontraunliT la
their berMToaMt. aaa
New Millport, DMeubar I lib, U80.
Ohm llt'MDRlo Prr C'rrt. Di,ooi:rt on Oi.p
Pricrb. Bowing Machine, oaa now be purrhaied
at MerreU'e tin and variety ator., frota $te up
ward,. All klnda of aewing BDaobinea repdircd
oa tbe aborta.t notlso.
Clearn.ld, Pa., July 1. 18JT. s
Collbctob'i Salra ! We have prepared
a fora, and hava oa band a large quantity, of
blank Colleetor'a Bale,," whicb bare been ap
proved by tho blRhoet legal authority In lb.
Courte of thii eouoty. At Tutnty tVal, per
doten wo will mail any number to Iho Collector
orderlog them. A Collector, when oompelled to
advertiM proparty, aiutl pMt ap not lasa than
tbrM notlcea in tlia mo.t publie place, Ib fall
borough or townabip. tf.
Wartrh. Delivmd at tba Rail Koad.
100,000 2.inch abavod iblnglei.
100,000 24-lneh MWed ahiuglel.
100,000 feet of ptno board,.
&00,odo 14-feet ahaved boopa.
5,000 railroad tiea.
00,000 feet of good hamloek board,.
For which I will pay tbe higne.t market price,
delivered at Clearfield, or at any puint on tb.
Tyroa. A Clearfield Hailroad.
7. F. Rrahrr.
Clearfield, Pa., Oat. 11, 1873-tf.
x Just Iteeeivoil. ,
Jtut Roomvod by ARNOLD, nl
Car Load Nova Scolia riastor I
Car Load pure Corn, Hye nnd Oats
Car Load Dcaltcn Suit !
Car Load of Clioico Family Klonr!
Car Load Dry Goods, Grocerioi,&c!
trfShinules, Bark. It. II. Tics and
Grain will bo taken in exchange
Curwonsvillo, May 1, 1878.
Cli ARriBLD, Pa Dec. Htb,
Flour, per et,-.
Buckwheat Flour, per owt
$5 00
I 00
1 81
1 00
I 46
I 00
1 10
1 00
t Ott
1 76
Corn Meal, per owt
Chop, rye, per owt
Chop, mixed, per cwt ,
Bran, per cwt
Wheal, par buehl.
Kye, per bushel
Oats, per bushel
Corn, ears, per bushel
Ituukwueat, per buiuel
Clover seed
Timotiiy teed
Potatooa, per bushel
Applet, per butkel
Hams, per pound
Bhoulder, per pound a
Dried Beef, per pound
Chicken, per pair
Butter, per pound
Kftrt, per doaen ,
Salt, per aak, large
(Joal Uil, per gallon
Lard, per pound
Dried Applet, per pound
Dried Peaohet, per pound -
Bean, per buhel,.
PfitLADULPRiA, Deceoiber U. There was not
much life In breads toffs to-day. Wheat and corn
ruluretwere higher, but aaU wnn lower. Cotton
ii quiet and firm. Kales at 120 for middling
uplands. Bark is dull and nominal at fill for
No. I quercitron. Seeds Clover is dull and
weak. We quote fair and choice new at UOul.a.
Timothy and Uax ar cglecled and nominal.
Flour and MealFlour Is dull and to effect sales
to any extent lower priest would hare to be ac
cepted. Halea of 1,0(10 barrels including Minn,
iota extras, nt $6.25o,t).T6 for medium to choice,
clear, and at $0 26(art.60 for straight; Penn'n
family at $6.206 0, weatern do. do. at
(f;M0, and patents at f7fi.8.ti. Rye flour ia
dull at 16.26 par barrel, ha tale of oom meal.
Grain Wheat ia in better demand and future a
lo hi jr Iter, fialei of 4,000 bosheli, Including re-
jetted, at $I.U6(c).0flfc ; 1'cnnaylvania, and south
ern red on track,at0l.lti ; b.Ui'O bushels retmiary,
1.28; 20,000 beehelt do. $1,231 and No. S red
levator, at tl.lei. At the open board, first call,
16,000 bushela January told at H.Mi. and $1.17
wat bid for December ; $1.20 for Jaouary and
$1.28 for February. Rye it dull at Ve per bu.
for Pcunsylrania. Corn Tbe market i firmer
with talea of 10,i00 buahela, Including old, yellow
and mixed at 5((uy5btc; new yellow, tail, track,
at 66)0, new steamer, at 68(n)6:tic. At lb open
board, fit at cell, 66c wat bid for December, 66 Ac
for Jaouary ( and 66 lo for February. Oatt are
lesa active nod teller. Hales ot T.000 bnshels, In
eluding wlute at 4i.(u,4, Je 10,000 bushela Jan
nary at 4 Ac, and rejected and mixed at 44(44Ao.
Whisky it Arm and icarc. Sties of 160 bar
rels at $1.16.
CHtcAOO, December 18. Flour quiet. Wheat
active, firm aod 2o higher: Mc I red wmter,
$1.011(0,1. 02; tin. 1 ibiago soring, $1.03K
$I.UX'for cash, $1.04KII4 for January;
$l.tl6i(ml 061 forFehraary; No. Ido. ITifiltSie.
Cora aclive, firm and higher ; W jj for cash ; 4uio
for January ; 40K440.V tor February ; 46i(o)46e
for May. Oatt firm at S2o for cash; Jtiio for
January ; 32e for February ; Itrlja for May. Rye
Staadr. Barlev strenr aad higher at $1.10. Pork
eaaier; $N.l(-vU fur rub, $)l8U(jj 1,00 for
December ; ilJ.Uiv? U.lo Tor January ; fin .lurtu
13.824 for Febrnarv. Lard easier i $H ,ibtau.m
for o i h ; $S.42(8.46 fur January $H.66(0.67
for February. Bulk meat steady. Whisky de.
v. I10YT,
Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer,
TeT'AII business will be attend 1 to promptly.
Deo. 15, 1880-ly.
J be a meeting of the Stockholders of the
Woodlend Fire Uriah Co., ( Limited) in their office
at Woodland, Pa., on MOIS DAY, JANUARY 1I,
I SSI, at Ooelock A. M., for tbe purpose of elect
ing officers for the eniuint; yw.
'A. V. IfO. HTON, Pretidenl.
Clearfield, Pa., Dec. 1st, lK8U-3t.
To N'Aom ii ifny Cvnttrm .Notice It hereby
given that the nndereiirned will pre tan t to the
Court ef Common Plea a, holden In and for the
County of Clearfield, at January Term. A, D.
1881, bit petition, praying the benefit of the In
solvent Denton Act. WM. WAT40.N.
Ilnutadale, Pa., De. S, 18Q.-4t.
llorftc for Sale I
Y. grade. Also, a few grad
LLVDK MAREH In foal to import
ad brsf. Will be avid reasonably.
Corresnondeno toileted.
Addresa, DENNY DROTliKKi,
Box 818, Mwdville, Crawford Co., Pa.
Dm. 15, IHH0 tf.
II TR A Y NO! I ( K I Came tnspasilng on
J ln premise of th undersigned in Morris
u wash to, on or about tb lit dav Jun laat, a five.
year-old COW, hlick. with whit spots, front feet
blf k, a Hit ta the right ear, and small, crumpled
herat. The owner la requeued le come forward,
prove property, pey the Beceuary charges, and
tak ber away, or lh will b sold aa the taw
direct. FRANK D. WKIMKR.
Morrisdal Minn, Pa , De. 8, 1880-31
Grist MiUFor Sale I
Avery deairabl mill proparty, with two pairs
of burrs, tit oat in DecAtur twp., Clear
fiaid enuaty, Pa., about two aod a-faalf mllarweat
of Fbihpaburg, Centre county, P.
Philipatiurg, CentnCo., Pa,
Nov. 10, I88C-K.
The Largest and Best Family Paper
in theWorld.
Bm4 for Sample fopy-IYrt.
KtW VOBK Onni-.HH R,
81 Park Row.MfW Vark.
grut 3idi'rrtlsrmntts.
Carw.niTlll,, Pa., Jan. , 'tl tf.
The most complete Institution In tha United
Bute for th thorough practical dueatioa ef
young nnd middle-aged man. Students admitted
at any time, for Cireultn giving full particu
lars, ad tire ii J. V. SMITH, A. M.,
octdf7-2mJ PiUsburgb, Pa.
rpWENTY IIOt'PKS and LOTS In Clearfield
X for aalo at reasonable itriee and oa easy
terms. Also, several FARMS in Bradford and
Urabam townships. Apply to
Dec. I, '80-if. Clearfield, I'a.
The undenlcned Auditor, appointed by tbe
Orphani' Court of Clearfield county, to nport dia
trioutlon of th balano in tbe bands of Joseph
II. Uretb, Administrator of L'brUlian A en, let
of borough of New Washington, dee'd, anoogtt
those legally entitled, hereby gives notice that he
will eltecd to the duties of his appointment at bit
office, In Clearfield, Pa., on Til I Rb DAY, the
3JI day of DECKMBBH, 18S0, at 10 e'elerk
A. M. DANIKL W. McClRDY, Auditor.
Clearaeld, Deo. Sth, IhPtJ-at.
-R 1 V 1T.1RH, R7f IX. f ,.' VAll I. k.u
lJ by given that Letter, Tcatainontery on the
eitale of UKUKliB KNAKR, Senior, lata of
Brady towoahip, Cloarficld-eounty, Peousylvania,
deeeaaed, having boia duly granted to tbo under
niKnod.all peraoBa Indebted to aaid aetata will
pleaie make Immediate payment, and tboae bar
ing ciaiua or acmaoai again,! tne eame will pro
acnt Ibcra properly authenticated for Battlement,
aitboul delay. ADAM KNARR,
Trout.llle, Pa, or. S, laSO Bt.
Farm for Sale I
riAHi: tul tcriber now oil en hit farm for tale.
I The properly la located one mile and a half
norm of uiearueld, containing HI li It i Y ACKhs,
most ef which it eloand and under good cultiva
tion, good two-ttory L bouse, large frame barn,
and other neceisary outbuildings, together with
an orchard of at) kinds of fruit. Tbe who) tt
trty will be exchanged for tmalltr property.
For further particular! call on th premise, or
addrcil a letter to JOHN C. KKKll,
Dee. 16, 1K80-4I. Clearfield, Pa.
T lCHNfcB NOTIt li. The followlnr per
I J com hare filed la tb oflioe of th Clerk of
the Court of guar tor Hctaiont of Clearfield count v.
their petitions and bonds for licenses, at tbe Jan
uarvtcaiiouinixt, asrteablv to the Act of Assem
bly :-
John Kooaer Clearfield
R.T. Kelly- M..Dnllois
M, J. Kaliy
Joseph M. Smith Btccaria Twp
O.Bennett .Bccoaria Tw'p
Jobo 8. Barr DuBoia
Samuel R. Noteatine Curwensvllle
A. J. Drauvkar HCurwesville
John Coleman Houtsdale
Job Franclt Hlloutsdale
Ueorge 11. Woodin H Houtidale
Andrew Pen It, Jr Clearfield
William fimi'h Woodward Twp
ur.nt AHTILH
W.C. Quigley A John Height UuBolt
Max Klinordlinger DuBoft
Certified from tbe record at Clearfield, Ihli I4ih
day of December, 180. Ll BLOOM,
OrpIiaiiH Court Male
Property in Beccaria Twp,
1)Y virtue of an order ef tbe Orphani' Court
J of Clearfield county, made October 2d- lftttf,
and renewed at aubtequent terms of taid Court,
then will be exposed to public tale at the Court
Ilouie, on
Monday, January 10th, 1880,
Th following detcribed nal eitale, situatt In
Beccaria township, Clearfield oounty, I'a ta wit :
One thereof bounded aa followt, to wit: On
tbt north by lands of K. A. Irvin, toiith by landi
Mn. Wm. Puacy, eaat by tnot of land below de
scribed, and west by landt of T. W. Bailey, Dr.
A, Worrel and 11. C. Bailey, eootainlng
18l ACRKS.
The other thereof bounded at folio wi : On the
north by lends of K. A. Irvin, eoutb by lands of
Mn. Wm. Pusey, aal by tan da of B. S. Dunlap,
and wast by tract ol laud abot described, eou-
Both of laid tracts ar heavily limbered with
pine, oak and hemlock, and underlaid with rood
coal. The toil it alto well adapted far farming.
I he lands are situate along. what it known at
Porter's run, about lj miles from Clearfield creek,
and 21 in ilea below (ilea Hope, and within a
hurt distance of the line of tbe extension of th
Bell' (Jap Railroad.
One-third oath on con firm at Ion of tale, and one-
third In two yean with Intercut, to be secured by
bond aad mortgage on itie preomei.
JSU.AtiMH W IDEM I riff,
Adm'ra of tiamiteMVidemlrf, dee'd,
Dec II, IrtcO-St.
Gifls! GIFTS!! Gifts!!!
Highly interesting to all Ihoxe who
arc ahnM to buy their
Wo Lave one of tho finer.! asortnient
of fancy and uaelul (jooda In town,
among which will bo found
V t.iflrj
milt aVaHiiMp
"Work Boxes,
Jewel Cases, kt,
A Hill anil onmpU'te awiorment of
Ms d h Stationery.
CTcry ucarription, from
IrTason & Hamlin
I'crsoiia vititing our town
Institute Week,
And all othera, are invited to call with,
ont fail, if yon want anything in
our line. We ean'l he beat in
quantity, qtrality or price.
F. 0. Building, CLEARFIELD, PA
Decembers, ISWMt. ,
Christmas Presents
mouth Harmonicas.
CAUTION. All persons ar hereby cautioned
J againtt pttrcbasing or ntgottntirg a eertin
onacit drawn on "itio vurwouiuio uidk, iur
la j. liined bv ua and dated September 23d, I SH0,
in favor of W. O. Thompson, payable July 1st,
isi, at the ceo ait ion or to payment oi taia
ebeok bav not been compiled witn ay toe seia
inompion, aad we will net pay is urihi eom
pel led to do to by law. BARD A OASIDY.
Curweotvilie, Pa., Nov. ID, D3SQ fit.
SIIOEMAKINU. t htroby Inform my pa
trons, and mankind in general, that 1 bavo
removed my aboemaking shup to th room in
uranam a row, over o. i. Dnyur a jeweiry nor,
and that I am prepared ta do all klnda of work
in my line cneaper than nny other ibop in town
All work warranted as wood aa can ha done anv-
wber else. Potitlvely tbit it the cheapest shop
in Llearueia. JO. 11. DbbKlnU.
Do, it, un-tf.
May Concern i The undersigned, having
been appointed Assignees for the benefit of credi
tors by Jat. li. Ore I lain, of Clearfield borough, all
peraons, tberefon, having claims against him will
present them to nt for aetuetnant, and those In
det ed to the taid 11 rah am ar required to tettle
and mak paymtat to ot.
Clearfield, Pa., Dm. SI, 1870-tf. Anignect.
The subscription price of the Wrrklv I'irntoT
has been reduced to (I per copy per annum.
To elubl or Fifty and upwards the Wbkki.v
I'iTRior will be furnished at the extraordinarily
eheap rat of 7t ccatt per copy per annum.
The Daily Patriot will be tent to any address,
during the tettloni of Congress and the Legisla
ture at the rate of 50 eents per month.
Under tho Act of Congrcaa th publisher pr.
pays tbe postage, and subscriber! an relived from
tbat expenae.
Every aubtcrlption tnuit be accompanied by
the cash.
Now it the time to tubaoribe. The approach
log settient of Congnst and tbe Legislature will
be of mure than ordinary interest and tbelr pre- i
oeeoiogs will be fully reported for the Dally and
a eumplste aynopslt of them will be givea in the I
Weekly. Address,
320 Market Stretf llarrisburg, Pa.
Dec. l,lfiS0.4l.
Whikias, Hon. O. A. MAYKR, Pntident
Judge of the Court of Common Pleat of
the Twenty-fifth Judicial District, eompoeed ef
tbo eonntte ot Ulearleld, uentre ana vunten
and Hon. Abraw Ouurr nnd Hon. Vihcrrt
Holt, Aatoclate Judgea of Clearfield county
have Isancd their preetpt, to mc direoted, for Ihe
boldinf of n Court of Oommon f leaa, Orpnam
Court, Court of guartsr Beiilons, Court of Oytr
and Terminer, and Court of General Jail Deliv
ery, at the Court Houie at Clearfield, in ami for the
county ol Cleartlelo, eouunencingon tn nrroua
M outlay ci I January, (imiit a is. i-wi
and to rout lime lor two week.
NOTICE IS, therefor, hereby, glrcn to th
Coroner. Justice oftht Peace, and Constables,
in and for taid county of Clearfield, to appear In
their proper peraom, wun tnetr itecorua, Hoin,
Inauliltloni. Kxaminatlona, and other Rcmem.
brances, to do thoa things whicb to their offices,
nnd in their behalf, pertain to b don.
By an Act or Assembly, pasted tn atn aay 01
May, A. D. 18&4, it it made the duty of tho Jus
tices of the Peace of the several counties of thit
Commonwealth, to return to the Clerk of the
Court of Quarter Sessions of the respective
counties, all the rccognianneea entered into befon
them by any person or persons charged with the
com mini an of any crime, except tuck eaaea at
may be en did befon a Justice of tha Peace, un
der existing laws, at leeat ten days before tbe
cots mence men t of the session of tbe Court to
which they ar mad nturnablerespectirely.and
In all cases where any recogiiltanoes are entered
Into less than ten days before tbe com men cement
of the tension to which they are made returna
ble, tbe said Justice! are to return the tame In
tbe tame manner ai if aaid act had not been
QIVKN an tier my hand at Clearfield, thla 24th
day of Noveiii her, in th year of our Lord, on
tboutand tight hundred and eighty,
nor. 34-tc JAMKS MAUAFtKY, Sheriff.
This popular periodical is pre eminauily a
journal for th household.
Every Number furnishes the latest information
in regard to Fashions in dress and ornament, the
new eat and most approved patterns, wun descrip
tive artit'les derived from authentic and original
too ree ; while itt Stories, Poems, end Kesayi on
Bocial and Douteitio Topici, give witty to lit
HARPER'S MAGAZINE, Of Year ...........4 00
Tb THREE abovs publication!, On Year. 10 00
Any TWO abov namod, On Year ,...T 00
HARPER'S YOl'NO PEOPLE, One Yar...l 60
Postage Frts to mil tuUcriberf in tk United
State and Canada.
Th Vulirm! ef the Baxar beg id with th ttrat
Nuailrer for Janaary of eaeh year- Whea ao
time Ii mentioned, it will be an der toed that tb
lahscriber wishet to commence with the Number
next after the receipt of the order.
Th lait Eleven Annual Volumci of Harpkr's
Bazar, In neat cloth binding, will be sent bv
mall, poster paid, or by express, free of expense
(provided tbe freight dcei not exceed one dollar
per volume), Tor 17 00 tv.h.
Cloth Cesea for each volume, tultable for bind
ing, will be scut by mail, noitpaid. on receipt of
tl 00 each.
lUmittanew should tie made by Pott-Ofiioe
Money Order or draft, lo avoid ebane of lots,
XttrtntitM art not to odv lln aJrcrh'HMeNt
mthont Iktetpret order of llARrRK A Brotbrrs.
Nov. 24 tb, IfM-llt.
18S1. - '
"Studying the tubjeet objectively and from the
educational point of view seeking to provide
tbat which, taken altogether, will be of the moil
ervice to tbe largett number I long ago con
cluded that, If I could have but one work far a
public library, I would select a complete lot cf
Harper JIoIMy. ' t HAtlLKa fRAXClB ADAMS.Jr.
lit content! an contributed bv th molt emi
nent authon and artists of Europe and America.
wniie tne long expeneae t lit patiianen aat
made them tburongbly conversant with the de
sires of th public, which they will spare no effort
to gratify.
BARPKU'8 BAF.AR, Ua Year. H ... 4 00
Th THREE ahova publications, On Ot
Any TWO above named. On Ycer.,.. 7 00
Paitag Free to alt tuhetriim im the lm'ti7
Stare or Cwmdit, t '
Th volume of tbe Mnattite begin with the
Number for June and December of each year,
When no lime Is specified, it will be understood
tbat the subscriber wiihei to begin with tbe cur
rent Number.
A complete let of Hinrka't Manttian, com-
f. riling (II Yolumet, In neat cluih binding, will
latent by express, freight at expense ol pur
chaser, on receipt of IS a per volume. Sili
rolmmt; by mail, postpaid, ;t.00. Cloth eaies,
lor mndinr, s cents, hv mail, post n aid.
Remittancei tbould be mad by Postoffiee
money Order or Draft, to aroid cbanc of lusi.
iWwtpttpert arc net to py let's advertisement
without iav e.rpreee order 0 lURPBR URomaRR
Addreat HARPER A BROTH KRS, Kew York
Not. 24tb, 10-at.
Desirable Heal Estate !
Estate of Eiclxard Shaw. Srn.Doc'd.
riMIK anderslgned, Vxteutort of th estate of
I If IPII A U It HHAW U. aRa.ll kfa.
at pwhliesaleat the COl''RT ItOUrjR, In th hor
ongh of Clearfield, Pa., el
Fritlny, April Int, 1881,
AT 1:30 O'CLOCK P. M
Th following valuable real aitate, vis
Tb three-atery BRICK HOTEL proprty,
corner of M artel Baa rirst llreetl, in the trar
ougb ef Clearfield, kaona as
'The Shaw House
Fraatlag with two lots of erennd Ihento belocrlnf
lw reel ea Market street, aad vu
feetoa kirst street, wttaatwe.atory
dwelling house attached. The be
tel proper baa titty bed-reomt and
all aeavaaieaeo fr a first-olast
betel. Oae of the moat desirable bolt) properties
la Central Pennsylvania.
Tbe above wttl be wld together wllh a two
slnrv frame dwell In B"B on Marktl Street, ad
jaceet to lh Hotel, and on other fram dwelling
bouse and iwe.itory tton ouiiaiag, an inniing
on Market ttreeU
AL80. All tbat eerie la lot, know in tbe
plan of Clearfield boroegh at ftl no l-v,
frontlBg M fH en loeutt street, rua
aiag back lit feet, are or lea, to aa alley
with dwellina beato nndallnecesiary aut 1
bnildinga thereon ereeted.aed other improvements.
Ooe-tkird eesb al delivery af good deed, aad
the balano to be secured by bond and mortgage,
payable in on and two year, with Irtentt.
A. p. SHAW,
Burvlvlag Ii'n ef Richard Shaw, 0rdo'l,
Cltarleld, Pa., Oct. I, lHS-f.
T C j C p
J52-S I
S S.2 S
3 . SO -
.5 5 I
S 2 8 Eg
-S n M O e
11.1 8
- -
To a,
2 0
' r-1
' 0
.5 cs
1 e
t 6
3 6
i 5
Curwcnsvillc, Pa.
Wholesale Dealer in
Boots, Shoes, Groceries,
I luiy diroct from johbfti's nnd nianufncturcift, receive poods at
car loud rnton, lionet? can coinpcto with New York and Philadel
phia houses.
Also, Dealer in
Saw Logs, Lumber, Shingles and Bark.
Parties having hark to haul during the Winter, can contract
and receive liberal advance.. Also, advances made on Saw Logs.
Give me a call.
Eeil. t,
WE INVITE the people
insnprtirm nf nnr luiwi
READY made
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
As wc buy for cash only, we are enabled to dve our natrons
every possible advantage. Our linn of piece poods, especially
adapted, to Merchant Tailoring,, is complete. Wc employ only
Grst-clafB workmen, and ore prepared to make suits at short notice
and unusually low prices. . : ' , ; ')'( ''')'.
We tender our thanks for past favors, and solicit your future
Room No. 1, Pie's Opera House Block, Clearfield, Penu'a.
September 29, 1880-tf.
hv ri Ban ffa JL
TT 3V X JSt DE!."!" A X3C 3S 3F1. ,
-J ' ji i i IHAI"'RT """"KKT, CI.KRKIKI.II, PEMJI'A.
All klnda of Pntkats nntl Coflin, kept ou hand, anil furnished to order ou
abort notice, Including tbo finest aa well aa the cheapest thnt can be Iti&nri-
Cnottired. Our
la tho beat In tmc, and will be furoiahed when required. Fuuerala attended
in any pari of the county. Call at my office, on Second atreet, or leave;
your onlcra at Troutmnn'a Knrnitnro Store, adjoining the I'oKtofllee. '
oct 1,79 ly." 1 Olearfiold, f'a.
in iiibmii, . I,, I, i r, ' -' -
piTTBHunon, xJk..
The moat centrally Icx aled 6mt-claai Uouao in tha City. Street car. paai
the door every five Diinotea to all tbo Dcpnla and all pari, ol both oitiea.
Trana, 12 50 I'm Dat. WALSH & ANDKHSON, ProprietoM.
orTba CitAinELD Itipiaucivji received weekly at tba Hotel and plaoed
on file for the benefft of gieats from thla section. or.tS7.3m, .
n3, t
el 5
..-21 S a
5 .as
A S c
S & E
"2 3
t2 .
S 5 jij
o r
be g
j S aT af
S3 3 " '
a a B
o S
if a
1 W
.5 "SI?
S fa
hi .
- o a -3
- o -i
- - t.
c .2 o
2, a
a -5
-,Xiu c
i "SO
a. li, -
. j.
" -
3 i w
&3 SM a
a 73
M al MS 5
21 S
ai " i -i
Bo S
9 Tj -
w 0 4) C
.o .z
T- v a
o u
V U S .
0r Clearfield and vicinity to th
nnd n-ell Holntnr1 arvlr n'f