Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 15, 1880, Image 2

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    Gioboi B. Goodlandib, Editor.
Reader, If you wist to know what li aolnr oa
ll loo buelnoca world, lull read our advertlalng
itMi ue ffneeieji oetuma tB particular.
tho United Statea Treasury on Fri
day a wock paid out nine million dol
lara for poneiouB.
A commission jviu isBiicd on Thurs
day, tho 2d Inst., to Uonry Urvon, as
Judge of tbo .Supremo Court of this
State for a torm of twenty-one yeiirn.
Mr. Four Baldy, of Daavllle, amoog hit vari
olar btqaeete, lad jO,oou ia be teed by hi Kxeoa
tore la bailding a monument to biroaelf and wife.
Wo wondur if lio had any poor rela
tions ?
It is announcod that Secretary
Thompson has resigned and will leave
Hayes' Cabinet next week, ll in re
ported that ho is to bocoino President
of tho Inter-Ocean Canal Company at
a salary of J 25,000.
Xum nsa Seven. Chester A. Arthur
will bo tbo seventh Vice President
eleoted from the State of Dow York.
Hia predecessors were Aaron Burr,
Georgo Clinton, Daniel 1). Tompkins,
Martin Van Buron, Millard Fillmore,
and William A. Wheeler.
It is reported that Judgo Strong, oi
the United States Supremo Court, is
about to resign his place on tho Bench
and take the Chief Attorneyship for
the Reading Railroad at double tho sal
ary he is now receiving. He was put
on tho Bench by monopolists and he has
nerved them well. Tho public interest
never bothered him.
A Bid Tui!a. Hayes' Mesaago is
one of tlit longost documents sent out
from tho WhiteHouHefora long time;
and it has less in it than most of such
State papers ctitAuin. ilia talk on
Civil Sorvico is clear bumbuggory of
tbe itulost kind He has never prac
ticed whathe preached on that subject,
and to alludo to it now is assuming
that the peoplo are lools. '
HH. - l.'l ...a Wt-.ll I. I . .
.u..TOv-UHf1!.e..nH..r, M,.mi)l)llrtf n,.,,.-, ....
a - .r -
the cuntoft for the United Htutes Son-
alnridilp in this Htnto seems at present
States mot aecording to luw at their
respectiro capitals on tho first of De
cember, iimt., and went through the
formality of voting for President and
Vice President of thu United States,
which resulted us bad been decreed by
the popular will as expressed on tho
second day id November lust. The
only exception to be iioirtl was that ol
the State of Georgia, w hose electors
did not voto on tho day named because
of some conflict between the State and
United States law, which will proba
bly result in the rejection of tho elec
toral voto of that Slate, t'nder the
circumstance this rejection will have
no effect upon the result, but that In
connection with tho failure ol election
of one ol the Democratic Electors in
California, by reason of bis personal
unpopularity ,cltarly demonstrates that
our electoral system baa outlived its
day, and so long as it exists, will prove
to be a source of danger to tbe peaco
of the country ; and it is to be hoped
that Congress will not any longer neg
lect its duty in tho mattor of providing
a remedy.
Tho result of the vote in detail was
as follows :
For Uarfitld aud ArtkurAFarllttncotkandEngKA.
Colorado ....
Connection!. ......
Iowa '
Kanaaa .,
Now Ilainpebire.
New lurk
Obio ..
Rbodo Ialand
I 'Alabama
8 A rk to Ik I
.... 6 California.
21 , Delaware.-
IS Florida
II Kentucky....
.... ft Loniaiaoa.
.... 7 Maryland .
....II Mliiouri
S;New Jerrey
.... 3 Nevada
.... S North Carolloa...
86 South Carolina...
.....32 Tenneiaee...
.... 8 Taiaa
30 Virginia
.... a Weil Virginia
lei Total
.... 7
A Remark. The late
Governor of Indiana, "Bluo Jeans"
Willlams,hclicvcd emphatically in econ
omy. When applied to once, to aid
some charitable cause, he said to the
ladies who asked it : "If you will dis
pose of your jewelry and fine clothes
and give tho proceeds to this object,
and dress ns plainly as my wile, you
would not need to solicit aid."
"Down ok the XiontR," Too! Tho
late election returns indicate that thcro
are a great many Radicals in Iowa who
apparently are not in favor of admi
ting colored men to the Legislature.
The majority for the constitution!
amendment making colored men cligi
bio was less than forty thousand,
while Garfield bad a majority nt pear
ly eighty thousand.
The "New Probabilities." Gen
W. B. Ilazen has been appointed Sig
nal Officer, vice Gen. Moyer, hotter
known as"Old Probabilities," deceased
Me has no special fitness lor the posi
tion, and owes his appointment to
political influonoo. llazen will
known as "Old Probs" hereafter, pro
vided the appointment is satisfactory
to tbe Senate. About bis only qualifl
cation for tbe office is tho fact that he
is an Ohio man.
Well Baouaoeo. An exchange
says that "Mrs. President Lincoln re
cently returned from Europe with
wardrobe represented by sixty-five
trunka, which wore forwarded from
New York to SpringSold, Illinois, at
cost of 1 100 oxprossaga." I has al
ways boon said that "the late lamented'
died poor, and that his family was near
poverty 'a door. If tbe abovo "sixty-
five trunks" be true, who is lying about
"the Government" family ?
now weSwino Around. Tho ncz
United Statos Senato will be prosided
over by Chester A. Arthur, the Vice
President-elect, who was turned out of
the New York Custom House by Sec
retary Sherman for corrupt practices
in the discharge of his ofliciul duties
Suppose Sherman be elected United
Statos Senator from Ohio, what
spectacle it will be to see him a mem
bor of lbs body presided over by
Arthur. Did Hayes and Shorman lio
abont Cheater three years ago?
Presidential Election Dat. The
Cincinnati Mar remarks : "Jnst why
tbe Tuesday next after tbe first Mon
day in tho month was selected instoad
of the first Taosday we never heard
explained but once, and that explana
tion waa that if the first Tuesday had
been named it might have fallen on
Sunday, but being plated after tho first
Monday of the month that accidont
would bo impossible. The gentleman
making the explanation was of Irish
parentage, althongh born in Western
CoNUREsa. Tbia body bas keen in
emon over a wock, but baa accom
plished very little, though itisroportod
that much work ia done in the Com
mitloe which will all be laid before tho
House after the holiday vacation. The
Congressional apportionment under
the Dew Census seoms to be tho load
ing question, after tbe Appropriation
bill. Representative Cox, of Now
York, Chairman of tbe House Census
Commiltoo, has been informed by Su
perintendent Walkor that the Census
return will be ready lor transmission
to Congress not lator than tho 21st
. Instant. Mr. Cox baa a bill ready pro-
viaing lor reapportionment on tbe batia
of a new Census which be will press
ror passage as soon aa the Census re
turns are tent In by Goneral Walker.
He baa no doubt thai a reapportion
ment law will be enacted during tbe
present session. Hoietoforo tbe ap
portionment alwaya went over to the
next Congress ; bocause the Consue
Bureau waa unable to got through with
its) work previous to the March ad-.jovrntnent,
tore -Vol Graf.
Georgia II
In plain English : Tho Electors in
Georgia acted tho tool, and those of
CASH. Now York defeated Hancock.
Tho 35 Electors of that State sotlled
tbe question.
The remain! of Simon Snyder, who waa Qov-
arner of Penneylvaala from 1808 to IMS, are
buried at Bellnegrnvt, and tbe grere ! unmarked.
Yes I A monument has been placed
over the gravo of John W. Geary, who
with Auditor General Hartranft and
State Treasurer William H. Kemble,
conspired with ono Georgo O. Evans, a
Philadelphia "rooster," whom tho trio
jointly labeled "Agent lor the Common
wealth," and sent to Washington to
collect f. $:100,00 War claim duo Penn
sylvania. The money was paid to
to them by tho Federal Government,
bnl not ono dollar of it ever reached
tho Stato Treasury. Tbe money was
divided among the conspirators. Not
withstanding Ibis bold robbery on the
part of Geary and his confederates, tho
"Grand Moral Idea" Legislature ap
propriated t.),000 toward erecting
monument over hia gravo. Snyder
and Geary I Such is tbe fate awarded
honest men and rogues in this high-
toned Commonwealth. Roadcr, which
grave would you prefer to honor?
That of Snyder's, at Selinsgrove, or
Geary's, at Harrisburg.
Too Hi de. We like the editor of
tho Solingsgrove TYmr-o-forhis unflineh
ing Domocracy ; but sometimes ho sees
fit to trespass, by unnecessarily assail
ing some of our mutual party friends.
Here is bis last on Judge Black :
It ll hoped Judge Black hat permanently re
tirad from tbe buiineea of mending tha amlrebed
reputuationa ar Redieal polilioiane. The Garfield
job waa a atunner on tbe old Judge. There ll
till aa unexplained myatory about It, and we
eant't get away from aa iatattivo tmpreaetea that
tha Judge tried to fti up Oarfteld'e ruputalion for
a ooaeiueraiion ae a pruteoaionu eorvioe. Here
after tha old man bad batter keep out uf each jobi
una cava nimaall Irooa nnplaaaaut refleettaae.
Now, if the grand old Roman did
become tajiglod in defending his broth
er, Garfield, ho made the blunder on tbo
right side because of personal friend
ship. Garnold is the sinner in the caso,
and not Judge Black. Tho Judge, of
course, likes a good fee; but when a
personal friond thrusts it upon his
hands, fees are never thought of.
Should be MoreCareeul. The noxt
time that the man who drawa the
Presidential salary, or of the Secretary
of tbo Treasury, writes a letter to a
Government oflicial be should revise, it
before it goes into the publio prints.
That lottor from Hayes to Arthur,
while tho latter was Collector of Cus
toms at New York, "I fool it my duty
to dismiss you that the office may be
HONESTLY administered," will rise
up to plague him if he overshotild moot
Arthur as Vice Prosidont of bis politi
cal party. Roadcr, remember that
tli roe years ago Mr. Hayes und bis
Secretary ol the Treasury pronounced
Arthur, tho Vico Presidentelect, a
scoundrel, and, like honest officials,
turned bira out for his crimes. Now,
he is made Vico President! What
kind of a "grand moral idea" is that?
Lvaoa Law. Vlnlel 8mitb. colored, waa ana.
vlcte In Palaekl, Teoneeaea, oa Tbareday, of
aaaenlt with intent lo kill, aad eontoneed to Iwon-
ty.nnn yeara in tha penitentiary. Aa eooa ae
aenteoce wet proooanoed a mob broke Into tbe
Court-room, overpowered tha Sheriff', men.
ceiled Smith, took him to a bridge, where they
hanged him until he wae dead. Ihte ie a nh...
of Southern aociaty. kjttkangt.
Why not allude to another lact.
Scarcely a month elopoa but we read of
aimilar occurences in Colorado, Kansas
and Nebraska, for stealing horses or
mules. Now, if the theft of a bcaHt
amounts to more than tbe life of a
human being, whore does your Yankoo
civilization come in?
to lio between Gov. Jloyt and Galusba
A. Grow. Mr. Cameron's luvorito,
Henry W. Oliver, of Pittsburgh, has
dropped out ol the race. John Cessna
heads a small banil of devoted follow
ers, and .1, K. Mtirubeuil is also in tbo
field. Thu leading supporters ol Mr.
(irow claim that filVy fivo Senators and
Members have been instructed for biui,
and thut this ascertained and positive
strength is rapidly increasing and will
certainly control the Republican caucus.
But lo Ihoso lumiliar with the history
oi former assault upon the Cameron
citadel in the Legislature, it looks like
tho old, old story. Admitting tbe
claims of tho Grow leadont of fifty-five
instructed votoa In the caucus, they
still luck twenty-throe of a majority.
i hen Thaddous Stovcna and Andrew
G. Curtin once on a timo entered tho
lists ugainst Cameron they were able
to muster a majority of instructed and
pledged members of the caucus: but
when the decisive moment came theii
seemingly invincible strength melted
awoy before tho peculiar tactics of
their adversary. Now Thaddous Ste
vens and Andrew G. Curtin, whon
they were candidates for the United
States Senatorship, bad a greater fol
lowing in the Republican party than
Mr. Grow has to day, but still with all
their power they wore unublo to bold
intact tho apparent anti C'amoron ma
jority in the Legislature. How then
can Mr. Grow expect to do better than
those abler politicians who with greater
advantages of position thun ho pos
sesses, failed in their attempt to cap
ture the Cameron stronghold 1
The interests of tho Democratic
party, it must be admitted, would prob
ably be subserved by the election of
Mr. Grow. He cannot have ontiroly
forgotten or discarded his former Dem
ocratic and liberal principles. Hie
views on the tariff are undoubtedly
moderate and bis sectionalism is a
more pretense to. which he felt himself
obliged to rosort in ordor to carry
favor with tbe stalwarts. Ho bas
turned bis political coat twice already,
and who knows but he might gel it
on with tho seamy side turned tho
right way should ho onco bo soatcd in
tho Senato? Besides Mr. Grow is not
a man who is likoly to play socond
fiddle to Mr. Cameron, or to mako any
alliance by which the latter would bo
enabled to retain his present control
of oflicial patronage. The rival houses
of Cameron and Grow would divido
tbe once huppy Republican family into
hoelile factions, and tho power which
has so corruptly and yet so absolutely
ruled in tho politics ol Pennsylvania
would be endangered if not broken. We
confess, therefore, that since tho elec
tion of a Republican to the United
States Senato seoms inevitable we shall
not bo griovod beyond consolation if
the choice of tho Republican caucus
shall fall upon Galusha A. Grow.
Piiilaiiei.I'IIIA, Deo. 11, 18H0.
The question of the noxt Senator
ship is tbe one that just now takes
Erecedence of all other in this city,
'or reasons not yul officially announced,
Colonel Multhow Stanley (Jjiny bas
resolutely declined briryr a caudiduto ;
but as Philadelphia has her bead set
on having u live Seualor among hur
curiosities, the thirty six Republican
mutnliera Imm lliiu i-itv have about I
concluded that Col A. Loudon Snow- fraudulent practices in connection with
den is the most available person that tbo ballots, with thu regulations as to
We concur with an exebango in its
remarks is follows: In biameuagjlo
Congress Mr. Hayos complains liial
the colored meu ii. aoveral of the
Southern States aro not permitted to
onjny the rights ol citixonship con
ferred upon them by the amendments
to the Constitution. Ho says tbey are
leprtvud of the right ol snlfrage "by
An effort ia being roudo before the
Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to onst
the two Associate Judges of Fayette
county who are not learned in tbo law,
The local papors slate that tbe object
ia to have the Court declared unconsti
tutional, so as to render void the sen
tence of Benjamin Campbell, who was
convictod of arson somo two years ago
and for whom a pardon could not be
bad. Tbe Attorney Goneral applied
for a writ ol quo warranto; which was
argued a woek ago. In his applica
tion Attorney Gonerul Palmor directs
attention to tho Constitution, which
provides tbat each county having 40,
000 population shall constitute a sepa
rate Judicial district, and in such dis
trict the office of Associato Judgo, not
learned in tho law, shall be abolished.
AsBOciato Judges in offico at tho time
oi adoption of the Constitution wero
allowed to serve out their terms, but
the J udgo of Fayette county wore com
missioned in Dccomber, 1870. They
were electod on tho ground that Fay-
elto was not a separate district, having
Green county attached ; but tho At
torney General instances Dauphin with
Lebanon, and Franklin with Fulton as
districts whoro the Associate Judges
not learned in the law have been dis
pensed with, although the law forming
tbe districts ia identical with that ap
plying to Fayotto. There are no au
thorities in the caso and it will be re
garded as a mattor of interpretation of
the Constitution.
thev can nut lorwartl for Senator.
As things go, it is not likely tbat a
Senator will be elected who will make
any approach to Senator Wallace in
point ol ability and energy. The Re
publicans of this Commonwealth fre
quently pass by the most meritorious
and select men, instead of tbe least
worthy, for high office; and tbo same
rulo may apply in this case. In that
event tho mantle of Senator Wallace
will not fall upon Colonel Snowden ;
for be is the equal in most respects and
superior in othora to any yet named in
connection with tbo Senatorship.
Tbe business men of Philadelphia
continue to play into tho bands of tbe
Republican ring that bus so long ruled
this city ; and, In ordor to porpetuate
the powor of tbe ring, thoy havo, un
der tbe cloak of reform, tukon upon
thomsclvos to renominate Mayor Stok
ley, tho head, body and brains of the
Republican ring in Philadelphia.
As tho shamming over the Moiey
letter govs on we are more and more
convinced of its genuineness, that the
body of tbo lettor was written by
Brown, Garfield's clerk and signed, by
the C. M. statesman himself. It is so
characteristic of (Jar Hold to mako oath
that ho did not write the lottor, it hav
ing been written by his clerk I The
man who circulated a counterfeited
and intorpolatod copy of the Poland
report (tho satno which lod tho Musca-
tino Journal astray) is capablo of Just
that sort of moral though not techni
cal porjury. Every fact in Garfield's
life relating to a pinch in his fortunes
condemns him of this tricky oath.
Whon a question aroso as to tho ordor
in which his back pay was covered
into the Treasury, hr,in a publio speech
exhibited a list of tho members who
had returned the salary grab, printed
in the Now York Hrrtild, and said to
his audience, "there bas boon some con
troversy as to the order in which my
back pay wag returned. You will ob
serve that in this llirald list my name
ia tho first."
Now that was true, hut it was a lie.
His name did bead tbe Herald list, but
instead of being the first to return bis
back pay ho was tho twenty -seventh.
It is this miserable untruthltilness,
this lying and sneaking disposition of
Garfield, that appals all thinking men
who value public morality. Every
such man and evory gontlcman can
appreciate this paragraph in A brain S.
Hewitt's lato article in tbo Nation on
the Moroy letter. Replying to tbo Ju
dicial coward Noah Davis's charge
that Hewitt and Garfield woro"fricnds,
air. Hewitt says : "lhoro was an m
suporable bar to the formation of any
friendship botween us from tbe outset,
and this bar never was, nor by any
possibility ever could havo boon ro
moved. Gen. Garfield never crossed
my threshold nor did I over enter bis
Of no other man ever elected Presi
dent of this Republic could a thing as
true and severe have been said. M
Hewitt ia a gentleman, careful of bis
associations and Gurfiold bad just been
convicted of bribery and perjury by
tbo Poland report.
Christian Soldier" Howard boa been
appointed lo lake charge of West Point
in place of General Scofield, retired:
Now if Gcnoral Howard wants to take
tho starch out of tbo whito embryo
Major-Generals who are supposed to
slit tbe ears .of tho colored embryo
Major Generals, he will at onco pro
coed to establish a savings bank for tbe
special use ol the cadots. Then, when
ho gota all thoir money, and tho bunk
follows the oxamplo of his Froodmon's
Bank, and "busts," tbo boys will bo
really as 'umblo as Uriah Deep pro
tended to be.
It is shown by tbo report of the
Comptroller of Currency, taken on tbe
1st of November, 18S0, the amount of
circulating medium in tbo country was
as follows :
.... .S4S,tai,oi
... :iJ,s,ii)7
... 434,013,0.10
.... 11.8,371,180
A Kadical Question. A Radical
organ states it in tbia way: "If it
would bo injudicious to eloet Secretary
Quay United Statos Senator Irom this
Stato, becauso be rrnmmcnded the par-
aon oi William II. tumble and others
how much more so to eloct Governor
Uoyt who granted tbe pardon ? It is
a Tory poor rule tbat won't work both
ways. What should operate to debar
Quay should operato with greater
lorce against lloyt"
A Bio Reoommeiipatioii. An ex.
ohange saya they are having some
iron bio over the selection of a poet-
master for Altoona, and aa Gen. Grant
seems to be in need ol aomelhing to
koep Dim through the Winter ha bas
been mentioned as one who, by accept
ing tbe appointment, could compose
ll ditlerencea. General Grant is get
ting to be a very numerous citiien.
. A Pittsburgh firm ia making what it
terms "crystal cloth," wovon from
threads of glass. The cloth can be
made up into garment, washed and
ironed Exchange. That's rather a
brittle storr.
Legal tender note)
National bank aotos
Oeld ooln
BUrer oain
Totnl tl,:01,7fS,Sa
I pon these figures an intelligent co
temporary, in answer to an inquiry
showa that the amount or currency In
circulation In this country gives J20.05
to each person, estimating the popula
tion at fifty millions in round numbers.
There baa boon a large incruaso in the
volume of currency sinoe January 1st,
1879, the date of resumption. At that
time it waa officially slated at $1,055,
350,019, and tbe increase siuco then
has been nearly two hundred and fifty
millions of dollars, or to be precise,
$247,871,801. More than $175,000,000
of tho incrcaso has been in gold, and
nearly $52,000,000 of it in ailvor.while
only about $20,000,000 of it baa been
in papor. Tha gold and ailver of tbe
country, according to the Comptroller's
report, amonnta to $012,283,357, while
tho aggregate amount of legal tendor
notos and National bank notes ia C90,
515,123. Judging Irom those figures
thoro is no likelihood thnt Government
aocuritiet will get below par very soon.
Sainted Politicians. Benj. F. But
ler and Colonel Ingersoll mot on the
train to Washington on a recent even
ing. in reply to Colonel Ingersoll'a
greeting, "How do you fool to-night T'
Goneral Butler said : "Oh, pretty well."
Why," aaid Colonel Ingersoll, in a
surprised lono, "I supposed you must
be fooling very aick ovor Garfield's
election." "I misundorslood yon," ro
pliod Butler ; "I do fool badly enough,''
and tben added : "Yon and Beecber
did It, Colonel." "Woll," retorted tbe
Colanel, "bow toald you expect to win
with th Lord and Poril against youv"
None or Tuat. Our exchanges an
nounco that President-elect Garfield
ia seriously ill at his homo in
Mentor, Ohio. It is said also that ho
is threatened with apoplexy. Itis to be
hoped that those reports are exagger
ated ; as no ono would bo likely to be
willing to exchange him for Arthur,
tho Vice Presidentelect, who was turn
ed out of tho Now York Custom House
lor his corruptions by his own party
We have madu up our mind to stand
Garfield, but wo bono the Lord will
deliver ua from tho rule of Arthur.
"SureRB" Loyalists. The men who
voto against such a soldier as General
Hancock, and then awarded large sal
aries to such men as Mosby, Lougstreut
iv Co., who slaughtered tho Union sol
diers liko dogs, wbilo such votcrnns as
McClollan, Hancock, and many others.
risked thoir lives fur the Union and
mot tbo Confederate Brigadiers so high
ly primed by "the loyal millions of the
North"at the cannon's mouth, ia indeed
a veryslrango reversal of modern affairs.
But so we go.
"TotnB as Wax." It is announcod
that nnn. Alexander H. Stephens, for
merly Confederate Vice President, and
now Congressman from Georgia, who
bas boon at "the point of death" twenty
times within tho past fivo years, bos
been put on a pair of platlorm scales
and balances tho beam at 89 pounds;
and he bas the dyspepsia so bad that
he can't cat anything. Tbo old man
says he expects to starve to death one
of these days.
Tho thread for the glass cloth, now
made al Pittsburgh, is drawn out bf a
molten bar by means of a rapidly re
volving wheel at tho rate of 2,000 yard
a in in ii to. The weaving ia done on
looms, about the same aa with silk.
Tbe coloring is done with minerals
when the glass ia originally melted.
Abraham Lincoln's old home at
Springfield ia reported by the Sanga
mon (Illinois Moniter)to be"a calaboose
for vagrant." The building was va-
catod by a boarding-house keeper re
cently and since then tramps bave
found lodging therein.
Lira BaoKERAfii. Tbe Selinsgrove
Timet aaya : We loarn from a pretty
reliable source that there aro about
$100,000 speculative insurance on tb
lila of Abraham Johnson, an aged
pauper of Union township, Snyder
county. Pennsylvania.
tbo places und manner of voting, re
turning and canvassing the votes cast."
This chargo made by tho Fraudulent
President is not false, but it is un in
sult to tho people of tho South. It is
impossible to conceive of anything
noro supremuly absurd and imprudent
than tho idea of the present occupant
of tho White House prating about
fraudulent practices concerning the
counting and returning uf the votes
cast at any election. If there is in all
this country, one man who should for
over koep silent upon tbe subject of
election fruuds, that man is Rutherford
B. Hayes. He knows, and the Amor
icau people know, that after he had
boon fairly dolcatod, by an overwhelm
ing majority, ho was placed ii tbe
Presidential chair by the most in
famous Irauda perpetrated in tho his
tory of any free government. H ia ad
ministration represents the wicked
conspiracy which robbed the pooploof
thoir chosen rulers, in 1870-7. For
nearly four years be has filled an office
to which he was never elected, and
bus drawn an annual salary of $50,000,
which of right belonged to Samuel J,
Tilden, tho legally electod President of
the United States. When Mr. Haves
pratei about fiauds concerning tho
ballot, bo invites the contempt of just
men of all purtios.
ine now lorn sun tells ot a new
and novel church project which is un
dor way in Brooklyn. The projector!
iniuK mat more is room in tbat city
of churches for a place of worship that
shall be as froe from aristocruoy as
ecclesiasticism and sectarianism ; that
shall have no salaried preacher or
choir; that shall not bo bazaar uf
fashion; in which tbo poorest shall be
as welcome and as well treated as the
richest; a church not only saying but
believing that no man is so bad as to
be unworthy of help of so hopelessly
depraved as to be beyond hope ; "a
true Christian church, which Christ
would join it Ho wore hero on earth
a company of bolicvcrs in and follow
ers of tbo Nazarene in all respects, en
gaged in works of mercy, in lilting up
tramps and vagrants, not in hunting
them down by bureaus of espionage
and detective ; in feeding the sinful, no
matter how thoy come into their do-
plorablo condition ; clothing tho un
clean, giving rest to tho weary, medi
cine and gcntlo words of lovo to the
sick in a word, doing just as tbo
Saviour did." If a church of thia sort
is successfully founded in Brooklyn it
will be the most ntitcd achievement of
tho ago.
The Lie Ahead. An exchange says
that it was on a recent Thursday
thut Prof, David Swing congratulated
himself in the New York Independent
on "tho waning popularity of the lie."
And this whllo tbe people wero huzza
ing because tbe man whom somo ol tho
most distinguished members of bis own
party declared bad sworn lo that
which was fulse was elected to the
highest position in tho world. The
increasing popularity of tbe lie seoms
to be tho danger, Dr. Swing. The
doctor will have to "take to tho water'
this timo, althongh he will have Poland
Banks, McCrary & Co. to back him,
A stolen President followed by a lying
one ia no credit to prevailing morality,
It ia vory thin I
giant, has arrived in thin country. Ho
is 33 yoars old, about 9 feet blgb, and
woll educated. He was interviewed
by a reporter 6 foot 3 inches tall, who
put on a high silk bat and then stood
under tho giant's outstretched arm
without touching it. Uewoars a watch
presented to him by Qnoen Victoria
which weighs 21 pounds, to which is
attached a chain 9 feet long, which
barely reaches around his neck and
duwu to bis vest. His vest pocket is
about the size of a charity fair grab
Lorn Sayinus. A Baltimore paper
goo oft in this way :
One band-cd aad fifty yeara aentheelteef Bel
llmore eoaid have been nurebaeed for aineuen
bogebaada of lobaceo. There were then forty,
three Inbahitante. At tbe eloie of the lait con
tury Haltimore waa ahead of Boelna In oommeroe.
la 1820 there wal a population of 80,000. Now
then are 8:10,000. Tha actieily of tha neoala la
rbowa in the faot that Baltimore made the Aret
irnplkee and the flret railroad. If not the firat
team boat. "It preceded tbo world." cave Mr.
Beharf, " in tha nie of Illuminating gee aad in tha
magnolia telegraph. It pet up the Ant Iron
bulldinr and tbe flret CTllnder nrlntina nreie in
tba Halted Staloc, prlated the (ret egrloaltaral
paper, aau aoieteo tna firilAmerieen Sag,
that editor must bave felt good af
ter that delivery. Wo hope he will bo
able lo provo his allegotions historically
true, il called upon for the proof,
The WniTgs Ahead. An exchange
saya that Hancock carried nineteen
-States and Garfiold nineteen. Kxcept
that the Kepuhlican keeps possession
of the official fleshpola they bavo but
little to boast of. The peoplo of tho
United Slutosaro about evenly divided
between the two great parties, and
subtracting the negro vote from tho
aKgroK'" Republican voto it will an
pear that the number of while Demo
ciata exceeds thai of wbilo licnubli-
cans by just about one milion.
In a Hurry. The Now York 2ii
uneaays: "1 lio American people arc
n favor of soemg General Grant prop
riy hvviuuu inr, anu tnai promptly,
too. That last clause bits tho nail on
tba bead. "Tho American peoplo"
want to have an end of tho discussion
of "what shall we do for Grant ?" as if
ho were a public pauper. Philadelphia
i imei.
A Sahfli Tramp A rat'trcd old
tramp was arrested at Buffalo. When
taken to the police station, and sub
jected to the customary aoarcb, ha re
sisted furiously. His reasons was ap
parent when $3,242 in bonds and money
waa lonnd sewed np In hia clothe.
Tbo annual message of Mayor f
ley, of Philadelphia, shows tha
that the
funded dobt of tbat city is $70,970,041,
threo times that of tb State.
Alaska ha a population, according
to the last oonsu, of 22,000 persons, ol
whom 10,000 arc Indiana, 1,300 A louts
and 1,500 Creoles.
California furnisbe tb best bonev
and a larger quantity than any other
portion of the world.
For many years the American read
er of cm rout m enu lias bud bis at
tention culled to the crimes and daring
deeds committed by iho brigands'ul
I'aly and Spain, little dreaming that
something of the sumo kind would oc
cur in tbo Quaker Commonwealth,
and that, loo, about midway between
the great chy ot the Stato and tho
Slato Capitol, where civilization is
eerlninly "as tony" as anywhere else
in the United States. Ilul such is tbo
fuel. In addition to buiug annoyed by
the Indiuu on our Western borders,
wo bavo the brigantl right in our midst.
For a number of years thu papers of!
Berks, Lebanon, Lancaster und Dau
phin counties have referred to tbo nu
morons outrages committed in the
shape of bold burglaries, during high
way rouuenoa ana numerous potty
thofls perpetrated within tho borders
of said counties the robbery of stores,
railway stations, freight houses, mills,
farm houses and barns. Those thotts
were traced to the infamous crowd
known as the "Welsh mountain gang."
Their stronghold, and place of refuge,
was in tho low range of hills aud wil
derness fatniliaily known as tho Welsh
mountains and Barren hill, Bbout fifty
miles west of Philadelphia, and nearly
tuo same Uistanco from Hnrrisburir,
rri i .. , ., "
aire iucu wncro ineir stronghold was
located composes the border of three
counties (Chester, Lancaster and
Berks) but their depredadious extend
ed over Upper Lebanon and across
tho eastern limits of Dauphin county.
A correspondent of tbe Now York Sun,
writing from the neighborhood infested
with Ibis notorions gang, says :
Tho rosort of the desperadoes is
known as tbo "The Sassafras," an ox
tonsivo thicltet ol sassafras trees, so
densn tbat a horso would find it im
posjiblo to foico its way through, and
many parts of it aro impenetrable
oven to man. In many places the
land is unovon and broken by deep
gorges. Down the mountain sides
aro many largo cavos, almoBt screened
Irom sight by tbe thick undorbrush.
Looking down from tho edgo of the
hills npon tho country below is like a
transition from a wilderness to a para
dise. To tho west, as far as tho ovn
can roach, stretches tbo fertile Cones
toga Valley, with its endless prospoct
ol well cultivated farms, neat whito
farmhouses and barns, its numerous
wheat holds, and pastures filled with
grazing cattlo. Ibis irardon country
is populatod by tho thrifty MononiloB,
tuo jrunaarus anu mo descendant) of
tho famous old Dutch stock. It it
this thrift and wealth in livo stock
coupled with tho pdculiar topography
ot tho country, winch makes thin
lertilo country a fuvorito field of oper
ation for tho horso and cattle tbiovos.
who havo been plying their trado horo
for years. It is hard to tell when these
wilds wero free from them. No far
mer within a radius often miles from
The Sassafras" has escaped their
io ireuauons. uouoyurook. over ten
miles it way, has heon invaded twice
in tho night and two ol its most valu-
awo uorrns carrot away, r.verv fur
mor with any valuable stock in tbo
surrounding neighborhood has at one
timo or another siinercd. hverv nrc
vioiiB effort to capture and bring to
punishment tho tbioves have failed.
At length tho fariuors banded toe-ether
utter me manner oi mo western vigi
lance committoe for mutual protection.
The farmers in tho Lancaster section
organized themselves into what is
known aa the Harmony Detective As
sociation, while the farmers and citi
zens ot tho Chester county section
bandod togothor as tho Houeybrook
lretectivo Association. A libera sunolv
of arm were distributed in both those
communities and tho members ot
the respective associations agreed
to shoot any man on sight caught
stealing from their promises.
"Tho tbiovos oarriod off not only
horses and cattle, but wheat, corn.
pigs and poultry. Then houses wore
brokon into on Sunday nights, when
tho occupants wore at church, and
wearing apparel and bed clothing wero
carried off, to tha extont, in some in
stances, of dopriving families of evory.
thing in this lino that they poaCBsed.
Some months ago throo masked men
cntorod tho houso of Isaac Soldomrido,
a well to-do Dunkard farmer, living
throe miles from Uonoybrook, Lan
caster county, occupied by Scldomrido
and his aged sister, drew pistols, bound
the womun fast, and holdinir a nintol
at the head of the brother compelled
bim to deliver up all the money in tbo
houso. Thia was only twonty dollars
wnicn iney look away with thosilvor
ware and oihor valuables, swearing
that they would call again, and that
next timo ho had better have more
money about him. Thoso outrages
wore so often repeated that tho citi
zens throughout the whole section of
that country which had boon invaded
by tho robbers becumo thoroughly
aroused and mootings were held daily
to organizo measures to break up the
gang. J. his bas at length resulted in
tho arrests just made. bother tho
whole of the gang has been captured
or not.confidcnco is lelt tbat tho arrests
will put a atop to any further depre
dations for somo lime at least.
" i tli in the past few weeks thirteen
men ranging from eighteen to seventy
years, havo boon qniotly arrested in
pairs and trios and jailed in tho Leba
non, Berks and Lancaster county iails.
Jacob P. Heffly was tho first man ar
rested, and ho made a lull confession
before Magistrate Shullze."
Jlellly, it appears, had a quarrel
wiiu nis who anu tnreatencd her with
bodily harm. In order to protect her
self, it is ullcircd, she informed the an.
llim-ille of tho actions of her husband.
Tho Sun correspondent continues :
"Tho ontiro gang lived in tho forest
country near tho nine mountains.
They mot in (ihost Hollow, where
each took an oath on tho Bible lo bo
loyal ono to tbo other and alwavs be
reaily to protect and defend and also
to divido all plunder. At tho conclu
sion of the oath daggor wero drawn
and evory man throutoncd with death
should ho reveal tbolr secret.
Edward Schaum, Alfred Dehmam, F.
Brill, Ben. Kattorman, Sam McOono-
ugh, Geo. Good, W. .Moyer, (J. Sliaeffor,
inn. Mover, Jacob ifouck and several
others wero takon Into custody. Thoy
aro rough looking back woodsmen of
tno poorest class. Memo procured bail.
They all cluim that tho man who con
fessed against them sworo falsely.
i ueir iinovinit operations extended
into four or five counties Borks, Leb
anon, Schuylkill, J.ancnstor anil Dau
pbin and iho band was a terror in
'.astern Pennsylvania. They bad
night siirnals and coutilersii-iis. and
carried on tho boldest operations
driving off cattle and plundering in
discriminatory, biding their booty in
tho mountains, and tben running it off
io tno cities.
ep orr on accoi nt or I'oi.itics.
Not far front the town of Luck a
waxen is the home of two young la
dies sisters aged respectfully 18 and
211 years. They wore each receiving
the addresses of lovers who wore
brother, and both couples wore en
guged lo be married, ll wits their
intention to celebrate a double wed
ding about tbo holidays, but mallei's
nave ueen rhuiiLfcd,
'fl"1 ttrntlgfrncntg.
Sheriff's Sale.
BY elrtue of lundry wrlla of !'. Sr., Iieued
out of tbe Court of Common Tleaa of Clear
lieldOo., and to undirected, there will beeipoeei!
lo HIIUL10 BALK, nt tho Court llouee, la tbe
oorougn ei uiearneia, ra., on
Tliureday, January lltb, IHHI
Al 1 o'clock, P. M , tba Mluwing described real
caiaie, w wit i-
A aartaln traet of land iltuata In Cheat town
hip, f'learfivld county, fa., bounded and describ
ed ea rillwo : On Ibe cert by Cltcit etcee and
laedi or J. A J. II. Broth, oa the non I. ly Und
uf L. J. Ilnrd, on Iho weat by publio ruad leading
nna newnurg to new wariunglon, and on tile
md lamia
about 12
erected s
.Sometime hl'o
tbo four were sitting together in tho ";u'h,7 ''""I' '"th; mliu a;
-l r.i i , , , , . of aaid J. A J. II. Brrth, containing i
parlor ol tho girls home wbeu tbe eld .n cwli .,!, thereon .
er lauy expressed a desire to attend a lw '" frame houee, in br t feet, with email
political meeting thon being held in a """1"
near-ny-vtiiuge. .She asked her lover
to accompany her, but he refused her
point blank, giving us bis reason that
uo was no Uomocrul. J he young lady
insisted but still bo refused. Finally
she turned to his brother, wbo,it seems,
was a Democrat, and askod him to ac
company her. To tho surprise of all,
he at once consented, and lliey wont
to the mooting. The two who re
mained at homo wore quite indignant,
tbe one at the conduct ol her lover and
the other at tbo way his sweetheart
had acted. The more they discussed
it tbo angrier they became. . Tbey
tho ones at home wore both Ho
publicans, wbilo tho two who had lelt
were of Democratic proclivities. They
talked on, discovering little by little
similarities ol tastes und habits, and
finally resolved each lo break with the
old lovo and form a new alliance No
sooner resolved than the oompact was
ratified with a kiss, when by chance
tno ouici'B entered. 1 ho gentleman
told bis brother at once what tbey had
decided to do. To bis great surprise
no sorrow was shown, no anger mani
fested, and his wonder was increased
when be was informed that the other
eouplo, while on their way homo, had
resoivoa to do just the samo thing
Iho hugging still continues as usual
and the wetlding will take place about
auw i ear s uay.
The rumor that Gonerul Grant is to
be elected to tho Senate to renroscnt
New York is closely followed by the
rumor tbat be is to bo elected to rep
resent Pennsylvania.
Both statements ate nlausiblo on
thoir faco.1
Grant is eligible. For the last twelve
yoars ho bos had no permanont resi
dence, and can as easily claim citixen
shipiiieilherono of the States mention
cd as in Illinois, from which Common
wealth ho hailed when elected Presi
dent. Ho is invincible. Conkling con
trols tho New York Legislature, Cam
eron tho Legislature of Pennsylvania.
Kach has tho power to make the ox
President a Senatorial colleague.
Tho difficulty lies in tho fact thut
(rant cannot sit for New York and
Pennsylvania at the samo lime. Ho
may bo elected Senator by both Stutcs,
but, being so electod, ho must make a
choico as to which he will serve. A
question of rivalry arising at this time
oeiwecn t.onkiingandt.'amcron,would,
also, be awkward. They are both for
Grant and the F.mpiro.
It is our Christian hope, how
ever, that Grant will bo elected to the
Senate, from somo Stato or other. Wo
witnt tho American people to find out,
beloro he dies, of what metal their
ridiculous idol is made Exchange.
There was anothor cremation al I)r
Lcinoync's crematory, in Washington
county, on Thankscivintrdav. tbo aub-
joci being Jura. Lucia Noyus, wile of
C. 11. JSoyos, a lawyer, of Warren, Pa
The lady died oo tbo 21st of Novem
ber, in her 28tb year, of child birth.
Tbo body arrived at 11 o'clock A. M.,
accompanied by Mr. Noyes, who with
nis who uau piedgod themselves to cre
mato tho one who died first. Thoro
wero religious services at the crema
tory conductod by Itev. Dr. Hayes,
after which the body was removed
from tho caskot and placed in tho re
tort. A soon a the door was closed
all took their denarturo. Nnthinor
could be seen but denso smoke after
tho remaina wore placod in the retort.
i no tires wore liirhtod at 1 o'clock
on mo previous allernoon by John L.
ujo, ine gentleman by whom the cre
matory was built, lio has ovorsoon
each ol the incinerations which hove
takon place in Washington. Throo
persons in aow York, two in Philudcl
phia, and ono or two in 1'ittsburi-h
have about completed' arraniomenut
to have their bodies cremated al their
death. Jlodic that have boon Interred
will not bo rcccivod.
One other pieoa la Cheat lownrhip, aaid count,
being tba aame piece of lend bought of William
Hunter, and boui.drd nnd deaorlbcd aa followa :
On the eeat and north br lana formerly owned
be eaid Wat. Hunter (of which thia piece le a
part of aaid tract), on tba watt b; landa of llenr;
Pennington, nnd on tba couth by lande formerly
owned by Jacob Liogafelt, containing nbout ti
aeree, mora or leaa, and baring about 8 acrea
One town lot eituete In tha borough of New
burg, bounded and deecrlbcd aa folb.we : On tbe
eaat by lot of leaaa Morale, oa the couth by an
alloy, oa tha weal hy Water at reel, and oa tbo
tf uth by Iota owned hy J. H. Toaer, eontelnltig
abont i of an acre, with aereral bearing apple
treea thereon.
Selied, tehen Is excoutloo, nnd lo ho eelj ae
the property af Port McPadden.
A certain lolof landaituatein rlaiclrTwp .Clear.
teldOii.,Pa.,ln tha Tillage ol DuUoie .boundod and
rieerribed aa follow,: Bcgioniug at a oorni-r of
Main atreet and an alley and ruuning north l:tj
degrera welt to lot of John Troiol ; Ou nce along
lot ol Truxel Ine feat to an alley i thenoe aoolh
lut degreee along eaid alley An feet lo Orchard
ellry; thenoe along Orchard nller ISO feet to
Main elreet,- thence along Main alreot 60 feet to
place of beginning, being known Io plnn ot eaid
,,iia- 1.01 wo. anu having thereon erected
a frame houa, tan ateriea nirh.
belied, taken In execution, and to be auld ae
ine property ot A. J. M. llugh.
A oertala tract of land aituate In llradr town
ahlp, Clcarllcld county, Pcnerylrenie, bounded
and dcecribed aa followa : lirgiuoini; at a rtd oak
corner at tbe corner of laoda of Jac.h Kunta ai:d
Ueo:ge Pcnti ; thence north 89 degreee eeit;iL7
perofaee to a pot thence aoutb all) Ml! perebca
to a port) thence welt .11 j 9-10 penlea to a dead
hemlock tbenoa north H degreee iflo per-
chea lo aerrlce berry; thence aouth 81 degreee
weal 157 perrhea to a homlei-k ) thence north I
degree weat 118 perohea to a poet; thenoe north
1 drgrera eaat Lit perrhea to aervice berry :
theaoe north I degree weet all porctiee to the pleee
of beginning, containing 1021 7-ltl acrea. -
Keiird, taken in exreutton and to be eold ae the
property of Ueorge Kramer and Win. K. Bell.
A eerteln tract or lend aituat In Brady lown
ehip, Clearfield county, Pa , near the eiilege of
Troutrillo, bounded and de-cribed aa folluwe :
Bounded on tbe eaat by tieorge Knarr, 00 the
watt hy publio leading from Trouteitle to ltik
al'a mill, on tbe eouth by landa of Jobn Slump
etlne, and on the north by landa of Andrew Mil
ler and Atnoe Booaall, containing nbout 80 acrea,
more or leae, wiiu anout an acrea cleered, nnd
having thereon erected a two-atory rriue liuuae,
email atable and other out buildinira.
Beiaed, taken In execution nnd to he eold ea
the t.roperly of Jobn 81. Miller and Charlee W.
Korh, terre tenant.
A certain tract of land ailuata In Knux town
abip, Clearfield county, Pa., bounded aud de
eerihed aa fellowa : Beginning at a whita pine ;
thence 48 decraee weat 140 oercbee to amn.
thenoo north 50 degreee eaat 1VII pcrchee to a
beinlock t tnenoa aoutb 40 degreeaeaat 140 perchee
to a beech j thence aoutb 60 degreee eaat 120 per
chea to the plaoa of brainnloa. cenieinioe ion
acrea, with 611 acrea cleared, and baring therein
errcteu a two atory frame houee, a log larn, and
other outboildinga, with ao orchard of abul 4.1
apple treea.
All ILat eeitaia lot or nieae nt im, o..., t.
Jordan towoaliip. Clearfield oounty, Peneavvauia
noun-led and described n followa : Beginning
at a dead pinu corner of J M. WoVcU'e end ().
Ouler'a laudi ; thence aorth 40 degree, wert If"
pcrchea to e port ; Ibence l.y land of M. Pcboening
aouth iO deg reea weat 1 18 perrbre to a hemlock ;
thenue 150 it.greea eaat 167 porcbea lo a beniiork ;
thence hy J. McNeil'e north 50 degreea eaat 116
percbea to the piece of beginning, containing 1 13
acrea and 60 narchea. with al,ui '.n .... i....i
., ua lot-reun erecteu a Irame bnuae.lreoii
eiauie, anu a log barn
of aboat twenty trace.
Thet certain piece of lanj aituate In Knox
townablp, Clearfield county, Pa., bounded and
dcecribed aa followr, rii : Bounded oa the north
by leadaof Knooh and Lewie Krhart. ,)..
l y landa of lurid H i,,, on tbe ca.t by land of
I'Atar Mara ...I k . , ....
. . ... j ., .uu UH ,UD wee. oy lanil 01 John
High, containing aSout 70 acrea, with about 4 0
acrea cleared, and baring thereon erected a two.
atory frame bouae, log barn, and a two-alory log
,Ur, uuwuiiuioge. Aiao, a amali
uiDoeni on rue aama.
incur 3lflruljsnnfnts.
5,000 Rail Road Tie?.
CarwtniY.lI., P. Jan. 9, WMf
-IIAKM IjAM FOR WAI.l. iiuit(11l
X ft1" Pin tuaibiiitCIarl.ili cduntr. w
It oatoD utile time (tr en lur imrt of (lurclitia
mowy, FrluM til no t ..00 tt rpr.,
MinriVi rrH. L. BlIU, .-.(rtDt?
Penliulfi, 'i.
or W A 1.1. ATi A Kit m,
h,.t III, IMIf-lf.,), Hai
AH prrtoni llitri-eittil air htfUj i,..,,-.
IliHi lh untWfltifd bvo ,7 umtuil cntni
(iiwidlvtd their iar(nnhlp btrMurro mie,,,,!
Intrt for kctpirig tb bin Hoynt Hot., in tht
liortiujih of CloirfislJ, IV Th buinen L tre
ea ft er will ht ondurtil by Ariiirvw 1'ct.ii Jr,
lio will dulltint til claim, dat Ihtui md pty Bij
(jrl.t ci'Ptraoleil tj tho firm.
uavid Johnston
A.NDHKW FEN 12, jr
CI crfi eM, IV, Nor. la0 n.
la (be Court of Oomnion 1'lea of ClMrf.i.i
itouDtr, Henntrlvania.
ticorge A. Hiu(1i.cb1 No. 20, P.'i.l. T., I80.
wick P
.ok j fi
failVB oi.uiuwica ) O) I, M R. UUOIlOK.
to ru.tJi nut'Tllw.cjt, nrrixtuNT kwi t a it.. ,
ii pitaiit take Bfitict that you Hr
quired to ooQiti into Court and tUfeoJ In ihr
abuv action at the pen Terra (January Termi
nr judgment will le uttered atrninat vnu ),x !
CrarflolJ, Pa , Nuv. 3ltb, lMf.0-4t.
felling the Haudard Acrlrultural IIoA.
Farming for Profit.
Cuujplete j-'ann Library. Mira t.oiJc lo iuccii.
ful Farming.
TELLS 2X0 WW A Cullll Farm Crop.,
M i Car for Liva Stock,
UakoKonoy lUX"--.
Beat Hook fur Faromri aud Farrafrt' B'n. En
il'irwd liy It-ailing papcra aad a'.lett write ri ti a
Thoroughly I'raetieil Maiiuitl of Farm AiLiirt
Have m iiny time it rout ery aaon.
WMl Papca.and HO I lluati DtintlH. Unj
(iinet aiid iicat Farm Hook tear publitit . Kv
ry tarnitr t.iuld hive a copy.
Fur drtoripiirtj oircuUr and termi to agent al
J. C. MeCMtDV A cu ,
t,.li Cbetnut Htreat. Fhilt'lehta. IV
Ou.cir.r.ari, O.. Chicago, 111., or St. Luuif, Mo
Dec. H, l-SO-tt.
rpiUAI- I.lMTTIk following U a of
X camei tot down fur trial for January Trrtn,
Ital, cifiiineiKjiag January 17th:
SatoBD Wkkk .Uit'aSRr 17.
J GUrJuerA A 8 Morrow tj Patrick Flynn
'corge niiinain a "
Tbomai 11 Forcy va Hoffer A Kline
Kir hard Art hurt ti King k Fuller
.Hi..nrd Arthurs va Joaepk Hand et al
Let Heirf, Ae.. va Hie hard Arthur .i .1
John B LOill.-n ot al vt H Cowen et al
Wash'gton B A L Aff'n va (ieorge lUger
B D Ki'liormovpr
Birlcr, Vi-uria; A Co"
Kinhard Arttiurt
M M PuUree, Adtn'r,
County a'a tin rial Jintb
S:twart A I'earce
John M Chart
Bridget Hiknr
A M A Co
J M fimhiD
John Clark
Itltaiocr I) It
Taylor Howlta
E H It oio
va DWiJM Hull
va John Duh'iia
v Sidney Fuller et al
va Wfrodland Firt U C.
it Abrain Humphrey
va it in a t nuttee
va Luther A Htgerty
va Aoctin Kline
ra A V KailrriaJ t'.,
va W in Wfjiiiovt-r
va J J Lingle
a Andrew Wnti
v T hum at C Kylrr
va Jain a Irvm Hr
$ J I llurd
K1I 1M.OCM, I'rothorjottry.
t.erfob drawa aa ji
Alio, a bearing orchard
2!fu ai-frtunnrota.
AIIll-.IHIHATOIl'r1 re-OliCIE.-Netlc.
la hereby gl.en that Lettera of Admisia-
I ration an tbe allele of L. U. WILK, lata of
rniiaucinma, fa., aeeeaeed, haeing beea daly
granted to tbo anderaigned, all petaona Indebted
to aaid eetare will nleaee make Immediate Dav
moot, and thoee having claimeordemanda againat
in imh, win prrccni inrra properly aatkeatica'
lad for eettlomenl wil hoot delay.
Clearlild, Pa, Noy. Uth, IRSO-tt.
ia hereby girea tbat Lei lera of Admlaia
trationonlbaeatateol BKNJAMIN 8. ROUKKTrl,
lata or Kaox lownahlp, ClearEeld county,
Fa., deoeaaed, having been duly granted to tha
undcraigned, all pereoai indebted ta laid aetata
will pleaaa make Immadiata payment, aud thoee
having claime or damanda againat tha eame will
praaent them properly authenticated for aettle
aest without delay. CO Ml A 1) BAKKH,
A dm inlt
New Millport, Fa., Nov. 18, ISBU-St.
Ie hereby given that Lettera of Adtninla-.
tration an the eil.te of KM AS L. B.MII.KV. lata
af Brady townabip, Clearleld coanty, Pa., dao'd.,
having been duly graated to tbe undereigned, all
peraone Indebted lo aaid aetata will pleaee make
Immediate payment, and tboea having claim, ar
damanda agaiaal tha a. me, will preeoal thorn
properly authenticated for eritletaent without
... Admi nlalraior.
Lejlheraburg, Pa., Nor. 10, 18M te.
Sad. Mr, hong ol ilaltimora wan
until lalcly muring, aodat woman,
the willow ofawealtliy merchant, and
(luvotexl wholly to domenlio kflaira.
Now ahe ia riroachtng on tha alrtret
oorntira a religion which ah ara ahe
ha been ooniuiitwiniicd ny (iotl to mako
known to tha world. Though Innano
on that oulijool, aha ia rational in other
Uuti The Lowell Unmter aara
noma cnlhoairwtio fashion writer pre
dicts revolution in underwear. Well,
ebange in auch thing ii neoceaary,
ono In awhilf.
SheriiTs Sale.
virtue of write al Y. v. . l...a
Oat of tba Court of Comma. Plea, .r ni...
eld eouotr. and to ma directed, there will be
axpoaad lo PUBLIC BALK, at tba Court Houee
la tba borough af Clearleld, oa
Tliuraday, January 8, IHHI,
All tbat certain traet of land ,li I. n.....
toemahip, Clearfield aouaty, Pa., bouaded and
deeanlied aa followe t Ua Ibeeaet by land of lira
ham aad Flea-el. on tha aoath h U.J r wia..-
Shaw, on tha weet be land of Shaw and Wilaoa.and
an tha aorth hy landa of llarrle, Hoy A Company,
ooalalalng 08 aeree, mora at leae, with aboat ie
acrea olearal, and bavlag tharean araated a log
houee and email frame hara.
Beleeo), taken la ei.eralioa and to an Kid aa
prvpen at n. V , liMBOr.
Thoee two earlaia alaaaa ar ua..!. r i i ...
uala In Kartbeaatownahip, Clearleld eouotr, Pa .
bounded and deaerlhee) aa followa, to wit Oca
thereof bouaded oa tba aorth by lead af Page
'""" - i oy mnaai w.u. Hembel,
- eemro iiiary loearea
and oa tha weal by lead of F. t. C.od.l.t
laialag 18 aeree, mara or leee, all cleared, aad
bavlag tbaraaa areata Iwa email ple.k dwelliag
hoaeea, email frame bar and email lag aaru.wita
- rUMUn grewmg oa aaid premiaee.
ail DMaadaal-i latarcct la aaotber place of
- -" a ooaaaea aa tha aorth
land of J eat. a tielebol, aaal by lead af Ja.tla
i.ikd, aau n. naaiia, noma by land af W II
ll ...... i . j va ii .... t
........ n. . ... nvenerre, aaa weet by aablia
read, ao.tal.leg lleeroa, mo .n. , eleaw.
he. Ing tbaraaa areata a pleea dwelling h.aee '
and a yonng orchard being aa aa d nremlcoi
eleea, tabca ia eiaratioa and la be Kid lathe
p..,.... wm n iiHaae n. rjoBBarve.
Taaaa or Bt.a.-Ta. prlea arm. .1
tba property aball be atnech a meat be aaid at
" ". er each .ther artaagemeata
made ae will be approved, otherwlee the proper
l will be Immediately pat ap aad aaid agala al
tba eipeaee aad rlak af aha aearaoa ta whoa M
waa Itraalt of, aad waa, ta aaaa af deieiaaee e
aaeh re oale, aball mk good tht aama. aad la
aa laeteaae wUI tba Deed be pre earned la Coart
at eoetrmeitea aakeaa the meaey Ie aetata!.
pai la ta, naerll. JA4. MAHAfrgY,
Baaairr'i Orrtcg, 1 a,,,l
Cltartalc!, ., tin. 1, "
Oae other let iltuete In Knoa townabip. Clear
field eountv. bounded end rf.M.,il rAn ... .
Beginning at a atone ooraert thenoa 40 degreee
a peat ( laenoa au drgraea eeat
. I..,, io a oemioca i tnrnae aoothotl dcgrrai
weat I'll percbea to the place of beginning, eon
taining 18 acrea.
b'eiacd, taken in execution and lo be eold ai
the properly of Tbomaa UcCrackca and John
A certain traot of land aituate In Ph.. .....
eblp, Clearleld coumy, Pa., containing HO acrea,
with no tmnreremenla. hnun.l.1 ., k. u-.iii.
.--...i.i,. wuiq ey i
une-balf interaat la z77.crM nr l.,l i. ck..,
.o-o.oip, .iraruaii eonoty, no Improvemeata,
.... , n.uwr ,raci, nana ny nnney
4 Johnaoa, taat by John Fry at al., aoutb by
one-nail Interaat In 111 acrea of land lo Cheat
townabip, Clearleld eounty, wilh 4 acrea cleared
bounded weat by 0. llewetl, aaal by W. Weetover,
. mj ,. v,w,.r, eoo eouia oy ar. rry,
Ona half Inlerret In 1 acrei of land In Cheat
tawnahip. Clearleld eouaty, with a goo,l aaw.
mill, I tenent noueee, blackamilh ehap, aad large
7 : .""' ""a wv acrea cleared,
bounded eaat by Fry, wait be W. Weetover
north by leaao Kern, aoutb by Jamaa MrKwen.
Belied, takca in elocution, and lo be eold aa
ue property oi HOea MCKwea.
A certain lot af ground ailuale In Clearleld
vieerueia oounty, fa., bounded and de-
orioeu aa loiiowa I Ua tba eaat by lot of T. A.
Flack, oa the weat by lot of Cyrae Uordon, on
the north by Bridge atreet, oa the aouth by en
alley, having thereon erected a frame kouae and
at bar oalbutldinge
Belied, taken in exrcnllon, and lo ba told ii
ue property ei aiaggie tt. Buck.
A certain treat of lend .II...I. U I,
abip, Clearleld oounty, Pa., bounded and deeorib'
- ,,.,: ucginntng nl a dogwood corner :
tbenoe eaat bv John Kre.k'. ...... lea .
tbance aouth by P. Mill,, ,gr, Jnh i
atone. , thence weet 120 prrchet to corner , thence
by Uroadheed lurvev north lt',A .n
of beginning, ooaiaining 123 acrea and 110 per
ebea, hevlag about 70 acrea cleered, more or Icei,
Vhilh, fi in : '"" ,M' "veycd by
Philip D. Weld, bavina thereon .,i..i . i...i
frame hnoia, loa ham. anrina bn,,.. ...I ......
....,,.m,i, oaring too Dealing apple treea and
Sailed, taken lo execution, and to be mid aa
s I'lupriij ui rr, iravta.
A certain piece nf around .Itu.i. i. a..
Jordan Iwp., OlrerSeld oounty, Pa., bounded and
deaarihed al followa. vli i On tk. ..k a. i. j
J u u... .a ' ... .'
. T " PBD,a roail, an tbe
eou.o oy aa aney, ana on tba aaal hy aa alley,
ana Bating thereon erected a good frame bouae,
wu uoeae, waen aouae, and n good Btetile.
oeiaeu, learn ia exacution and to l,a i.,l,l .. ,k.
liuwriy oi n. u. oiraw nail Hiram, strew.,
A aerlaia treat of land illuale It Morrla Iowa
abip, Clearfield aountr. P. . kn..i..i ..j ...
eeribed aa followa: Beginning at tha aoath weal
,..r.i a poeii tnancet.t perchra to a poet
nonce aorta 111 aerobe! to chealnut lap ling!
thenee weetA.U nerohce lo ooat ,!k i.e
parobM ta tba placa af beginning, containing 11
r i. aoereoa areolae a Ii atory
...... ...... Mra III DCD.r ..ll,,,
Belled, take In axaeuUoB nnd tone e..l.l ,k.
prnpony oiary a, uray and AtiooB Oray.
A eerlaln tract of load altu.ta i. nu. .
chip, Clearleld coaaly, Pa, bounded aad draerib
a ae ioiiowb : oegianiug at poet corner of lot of
. inoiae waiee i leence north 88 drgreaa weat m
percbea ta a hemlock i thee. a.,k . a
eaat 81 perehea ta poet j thenaa eoolh 88 degreea
' , taonna eoota I teereaa
watt ti percbea to poet aad alaea af b..i..i..
aentaialng 88 acrae and 84 perchee, and having
a aerea aleered. aad bavlne ik.u .. j r
hT i'm' d","'" kM 'tablt and atbar
A w ait treat of laod aituate la Beeoarla t.wa
Jblp, Clearleld eouaty, I'a, bonded aa followe :
u'g'"ng at a dogwood poat the aorth wae t earner
Phil,p. ...t l08p.r.h.. ,. . b,mlM, on.e
beak of email ran theaoe Moth llio perahee lo
d"gwood poat tbiaoa ea.t lod perchee lo d . -wd
put .. Ii., .f K,,rd J ,M ,' r"t1"'" " Han""
lT..d .'a '. '' aa, with HO aeree
elearad, and aavln, tbarao. ent , dwrtli.g
boaaa, lup beak bar. ..a ether ealbmldlage.
ik JliN? ' "'oa, aad t. aa aaid aa
Ike property ol J.E. Dill.o.
'i townabip, Utarleld O..,
ra., kalag bia lot.reet In the uu ,r u u,4
toB.aaaiaiaiag aboat 114 aerea, with bl aerea
aleartd, aad bavlng a Iwe-alery frame koata, leg
bare aad atbar aulballdlnge, kaaade aad da
aorlba aa followe , Oa the e.n by II Matt, waet
aad aaeuh by Snyder 'a e.t.t,. "
Baiaad, takaa ia eieratlon and la ba aaid aa I ha
r-"i. . oi ueviaeeB.
Taawanr Ralb Tk. ..i.. . . .
tka properrv ih.ll ba .trunk of ...t ba p.,
arraagamaata taada aa
will a apnravd.atbaneiee the preparte .,11 be
immediately pat Bp aad eaid aaaia at ik. a..
Yoa to,
rt aale.
ill Ut Dead ba araaaated la lk.o u.
nice and location of thoro
jurora to eerreit Jnnimr
term, commencing on the eccond Mon.liy, , loth ,
and continuing t-vo wei ka :
ontxn jrnous, In uuMi&r, jti, lit, ISsl.
Clearl eld, W J Hemphill lichen, J H llcl lea.
Cureiille, JIiTliumi.aon Uiilitb, I'aul J Khnn,
llnuttdtlc, r Uo'ger, Grecnw d. . I. ll'ratcr,
N Wa.h'o.W V,' 11. relay llualoa, 1'iioe B ll'tov.
Olrtola, U W Lant. J 11 Kline,
" II P H lllendv, Lawrence, I. Klogtl,
Wallaraloa, A M phiw, Morrla, Al Thorn,
Bopr, tlcorcc Hcsa, " Clark Crowd!.
Covington, L Loigey, S.nlv, P S,
Ilt-atur, A J riteiorr, " K W Pentr.
I lajrhen, John A Murry.l " W 0 Onigler,
Oeo A Mender, I'nicn, David Urcailcr,
raarBRuB Ji-Rona, lay wxra, J.B. 10ra.
Clearfield, B F Cooper, itlreenw'd, B Thompaou
" ticorge Noll, I WPJohnaon
Houlxlale.ItKicberdaou llualon, Jno B Hewitt,
" 11 Charlton, i " F Hoyt,
Oaceola, M Hurley Jr, John Brown,
A Co-otline, knox. Itobart Lord.
Bccraria, A Nevliog,
Bell, Che Siinpeon,
Bogga, tleo Dtmeling,
O W Iiavie
" 1) Ilimellnr.
Bredfcr I, C T Albert, '
W S Foroea,
" Thoe Morrla,
" W Uraffiaa,
" Ed Dale,, M fl Lather,
" W K Irvln,
" DA Troutmea,
Bitmiidc, Jobn Lee,
" OJ Weetover
Covington, Jul tloae,
Decatur, Joa Brown,
" J L (iearhart,
" A J Bankey,
" J H Burna,
Ferguaon, (leo Straw,
" J C Ferguaon
" Jamee Ktraa,
Dtaham, A U Antae,
Franoia Iluear.
Lawrence, .letnoi Orr,
" D Owcna,
Morrla, B F ICvler.
" J A Sohcurick.
' I U Mcrrvll.
Penn, Jao.than Kirk,
" Jamaa B Clark,
" Anna Sponcer,
i-iaa, itonert .griper,
Sandy, Jno Andaraoa,
" Elijah Burna,
" William PJonei.
" Jemet ilinea,
' C F Fuller,
Sandy, Munroa Aakey,
14 F Bamberger,
Woodw'd Clark linker,
" WI'Digrnbarh
M Martin Krllr,
" P Krnnard.'
. L T Kepberr,
f' LSauiodinger
" Abram J lion
ruAVBnai jtiaoaa, SJ waaa, jab. 17vh.
Clearliold, H 11 Shaw,
llouta.lalc, Uro Smith.
Oaoeola, L A H Krouarj
ueccaria, vr Milter,
W W Maya,
" Jno Pelchin,
Bloom. Sidney Smith,
Burnaide, A K Long,
' J M hlddle,
Decelor, J,ie tinea,
llrahitio, John 8 Jury,
lultcb, Wm Kdwarde,
BO Flrnu,
llualon, J L Ri hofleld,
" Don'l Miller,
" J 11 Bundv.
Jordan, (loo Mava,
Ilea Patltrton,
Jordf.0, laaao Bloom,
Lawrence, R McCorale,
" AD Wataon.
" eC Norrie,
Morrla,J Hollenbacb,
I'lko, Al Thompano,
" T liuwpbrey,
Sandy, Henry lleilhrun
" ID Colter,
" W K Pif.r,
M J Rumherger,
Woodward, Jno Toney,
" M llourlgea
" J Brintle,
" Wm Beck,
" W S Cuppler
44 JSenindinger
jaa king.
aad rink af tka peraoa U whom II waa IraektbT
as who, la aaaa af dalataocv u ,1 -Tl'
tball aaake rood Lb, my... ad la .
tktrif. JAH14 MAiiArrcT
BataipT'i Omct, I Sbattt
ClMrteld, Pa., Dee. I, Hio. J '
We, the anderaigned, hereby certify that Ibe
foregoing Hat of twoolr Toer (J4) aamee of per
inne ra eerra aa (I rand Jurora, and aixty (0
namea of peraone to terra ae Travarao Jurora for
the week commrnolna lfomta. J.n... m.i.
and thirty-tix i:i) nemea of peraone lo aarva aa
Traveree Jurora for the week commencing Mon
day, January 17th, 1881, were drawn by ua an
the Sliib day ol November, A. D. I0, la accord
area with a venire leaned by Hon. Cbarlea A.
Meyer, Prraident Judge nf tba Coarta of Clear
leld county, and bearing data tha 12th day ol
November,, to terve aa jurori In the Court
ol Wearier Heeaiona and Cnort of Oyer and
Terminer to be held at Clear!...! n ika VI . ..A
.'Id Motideya af January, A D. 1SHI.
VIM. R. HKtlWlf,
Jury Cotamiiiinnori.
UI.I-TI K'H KtlTICK-Nollcal, here
by riren that the fnllowin ........ i
been ex.inined and pa.eed by ma, and remain
lied of record In thia othoe f..r tbe lo.petin
hrir., Icg.teee, creditor!, and all othara tntereiied
nnd will be preaented lo the nail Orphana' Coon'
or Clearfield oouoty. to be held at tha Courl
llouae, in tb. bomuxh of Clearflel.i.
oo the aond Mon.iay ( tha I (lib dayl ol
Final aeuuatof Jamaa Mc'Kaowa, Adminlatralar
-. u... o, rraocia It. llelrrty, lata of Penn
lewa-bip, Clearleld eounty, Pa dooa.eaj
Final account of Oeorg. C. Kirk, Admlnltlrator
oi ine eetate of John K. Sb.ltrr, lata of Brady
towaahip, Clearleld county, Pa., deeaaaed.
inal traoaat nf Oeorg. c. Kirk, Admlolil'rator
or the eatata of 1 rederick ShaBw, l.u af Brady
tOWnillip, ClraiO.ld COUUlr. Pa., den.aa.1
Pln.l .count of Joaeph Pc,t,r, Admlniltrettr of
.... ateoi j,,nn llro.n. lata nl Morrla town
chip, Clearleld eouaty. Pa.,
Final account of McMurray. Uuardlaa of
..., .run. minor enrol H Milam V. Irvle,
lata of llurnaide, Clearleld aouole. fa A- A
Final aoanuet of 0. B. M.rrall. Admial.lrato, nf
he eetate of Jonathaa .Mchola, latacf Lawraaa
lawtakip, Clearleld eountv. I'a .
Partial .ccouot of F. I. Tbomneon and Th... W.
Moore, Adiutni.tratoraoltha aetata of D.nd
Bell, late of tlrerawood Piwnahip, ClcirlrlJ
county, Pa deoeaaed.
Iliiardian account of Aama 0. Tale. lluardi.B of
lie en v. Dale, Mary Dale, Alb.,1 M. D.le.nd
vtilhelmi.. Dale, minor beira of William Dale,
lata of Uwrenct towaahip, Clearleld eounty,
I'a., di-oaeced.
The Uuerdlaa tccnanl af Willi.,, n ll..,,i
llaaroia. ,f Willi., g. T..g, .iB ol
Barney ong, Ufa af lluaton townabip.Cloar
leld eounty, i'a., atoeaeed.
Final aoaoant af Japh M So, lib, U.ardianaf
mergem j. cowan (now Roae,) mieorhelref
Tbwmei Cawaa, lata at lownaliip.
Clearleld oouoty, !, daouee.l.
Fine! account of Tbomaa Bmith. Riaoator af the
ait will ua- Tenemental Klaard Uillig.n.lalr
ol Jor.laa lawBrbio. Ciaaileld Co . I'. . J'J.
Firat partial a-eaual of Mallha Uarleock, Kiece-
iria at tna laet will and leetamenl al Daniel
llerUock, Ula af Cavweaivlllt koiouak. tleir
Beld eoenty. Pa., daccaecd.
Flaal aeaouat Cbarlea Mlgviot.
al tka eil.te of J.meeFretia, mttot Uoilotea
towaahip, Clearleld oeuotr . Pa.. daaaaa
Reel atlata acteant af Blmlra Oeamgardner, AJ-
....i.air,i .i tna aaiate af Jerome L. Beam
gaHaer, lata af Hoatadak aaraugb, Oieerlald
toaaty, Pa., dacaeeeel.
Real tetalt acooant of John 0. Bekrrrer and
kilaa Reaat, AdmlBirtratort af Ike cute of
Artkar Haaet, lite af Uwreama tawaihlp.f
Waaaliel taaaly, Pa, dataate. f
riaal aoeoant ti Wat. . gb.w, ..rdiaa t
lleary Rider, mlaor kelr .1 JMk Rider, lataa
Cev.ngtea towaahip, Clearleld taaaty, Pa
c, jj, . t.J.SIOROAl, Ragll'tr,
Clatrald, Pa., trtt. , Itm.te..