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' p-tiri. 8. M. PiTTBaaitt Co., News
paper Advertising AgenU, IT Farh How, eornee
Heck man Street, are our duly authorised Ageotl
in Nw York City.
Mrttiodlat rcplscopal Church Rv. J. 8.
McMrntuY, Pestor. Herriee rry Eabbetb
l IK A. M., and 7 P. M.
Sibbktb Hchool at 9 A. M.
Prayer Meeting eery Weilneslay, at 7 P. M.
Como UDioa Herriee, Aril Habbeth of ery
month, at 10 A. M.
West I'learttcld M. E. Church. R.
W. fcoTT Wilson, Pastor. Preaching every
alternat 8un.lay, at I o'clock, P. M. Sunday
School at 2,, P. M. All arc invited to attend.
PreBb)trlan ChurchRar. K. 8. Butt..
Sabbath erfi morning and Taning- Sab
bath School at 1 P. M. Prayer Meeting Wednes
day aranlng.
Itaptlst Churcli. Iter. , Tailor.
Rabhalb School atS P. M. Prayer Ueetiog eery
Wednesday aTeolng.
t. Francis Church Catholic Re. P
J.KnKtrAN Divine serflee at 10 A. M., on
the fint, third and lourth Sundaysof each month;
Vespers and ltctiedletion of lb Blessed Haerenieot
at 7 o'clock, P. W. fuudy Bcbuol tvry Sunday
ftaroooo at o'clock.
tmr. or old ma quabtbb a ass t obi rotrar. j
Hwoad Monday of January. J
Third Monday f March.
Pint Monday af June.
Fourth Monday of September.
Fir at Monday of Jan.
Keeond Monday of November.
r nil. to orriciai.
PnthUnt Jndgt Hon. Cbarlii A. Mayer, of
Look HaTen .
Attittant Low Jttdgt Hon. John II. Orrll, af
A fecial a Judg A brain Ogln, Clearfield t
Vincent B. Holt. Clearfield.
ProlAotwIory Sli Bloom.
HfitUr and ardr L. J. Morgan.
Trtaaurer Philip Dotts.
iHttriet Attorney J. F. McKinrli-.
flktriff Junes Mahaffey.
Ii,ptt Skerif
CWty Surwty or 6am b1 F. MoCloehey, Cur
aensrlll. GWtfy Connitiontr$ C. W. Kyter, Graham
ton P. O.t Elab Johnston, Orampian I ill P. 0.;
Commiiiionert' Clerk John W. Howe.
John Norrii, Sr., CnrwinM.1le
County Auditor William V. Wrlzbt, Clear
Unld: Joseph aillllend, Thre Rnni; J.P. Nor
ria, Woodland.
(.Wry Coroner J. B. Neff, New Washington.
Ar Commiiriontr AndrewJ. Jackson, Clear
fled, Wtn. R. Brown, Clearfield.
Superinttntltnt e Public School M. L. Mo
Quown, Clearfield.
titaltrof Wright A Hartt-Jif W.Carll!,
office at Lntbersburg Pa.
iVolarie Public John W. Wriglcy, Wm. Ra
.lelisugh, Cyrna Gordon, Clearfield; Josrph R.
Irwin, N. K. Arnold, Curwena? ilia ( J. A. Llving
aton. DuBols City.
Oar .fpfcia column it decidedly interesting In
a local point of view, and profitable reading to
outsiders, who want to save money.
"Will uke wheat, oata or oora fur fub.
ription ?" W are often inquired of in tbia way
j Utter from patrons who reside at a distanea
frm riearCrM. W again lay yea. The receipts
uf a mpotiiihle merchant or mill owner in the
Ticlnity, will answer as Juft as well a tba easb.
To illlustrate: If any of oar patrons will dlifr
ui a bag of grain at the mill of Joseph II. Dreth,
in Cheat township, Horace Patch In, In Bnrnslde,
Thomas II. Forney, io Graham, Wo. Porter or
Slaw's, in LawrenM, or Brown A Seyler', at
Hock ton, t'nlon township, and forward their
receipts for the Amount, we will credit them on
their account for the mine. In this way all may
som pay what I hey owe, If tbey will pursue this
course. If
BV'Adverlisont And others will bear
in mind that all articles intended for publioition
in this paper muil be handed ia, not later than
Tucadny, at V A. M. I'on't forget It !
This IB M. I'ftincU H uay "in mo
Tho i:i-irVl pur.zlo can bo tnr-
baed at Guulin'a Pol,fti Book Stora. .
m m
II, Lchmnn & Co. arc hero and have
x OiBgnifficent display of goods on their shelves.
S tS, B. iiumey waa recently ap-
ituinted poitmaster at Ramey, Clearfield county.
Tho fbrmor triendw and neihbora
if Ita DeBrck.ln this vicinity will notice als
whrre In this issu that she la no more.
V. S. Thomas, who read law in thin
plaoe at one time with Mr. Murray, has opened
an oOto in Bronkvill far the pre olio af bis
Thus exclaimed an old gentleman
r covering from a sever attack of tba branohial
tubes, '"Sellers' Cough Njrup cured me." Pria
I werilv-flv cents.
MiM Libbie A. Smiley, of thin place,
who has been III the great ei part nf the past
Winter, Is convalescent, and ll now visiting
friends in Pittsburgh.
Tho iurrti Iioiihu oi' David Mitchell,
Lawrence township, wu eiuraly destroyed by
fire on Wednesday afternoon, March Ad. Most
of I he household goods wete saved.
- a e e
Tho Appointment ot tho Central
Venniylvania M. B. Confcrcoo for 1080 have
not been promulgated up to tba time of our going
to press. W will publish them neit week.
It U now pretty well Bottled that
tb bumlog of Mr. R. B. Stewart aaw mill, oa
llald Hill run, on Saturday a week, was the work
ofnn incendiary. No ana kas been arrested.
Clarence .lohtiBton, now proprietor
or a net! at Sbemokio, Pa., but formerly af tkta
place, Is Tlsitlog friends aad acquaintances In
Clearfield. U wu serenaded hy the Orpheus
Hand on Saturday evening last.
.Minrt Precilla M. Kvuiir wUhea to in
form the ladies of Curwensvill aad vicinity
that, barinc; purchased Mrs. J. M. Roaenstecl's
Clamping Patterns, she Is prepared to do stamp
ing ef all klads at reasonable prices.
The Sooiable, under the auspice ol
the lady members of the Clearfield Presbyterian
Church, will be held it the residenr of Mrs.
Nannie Fulford on Tburoday (to-morrow) evrntng,
wiiFie eteiyuwuy iavwiei; mm iu hhw.
. - im '
The Went Cleartiuld b(-IuhI, taught
hy A. K. Woolhdie, eloied with an etbibitluo la
the M. B. Church oa Tuesday oven I eg or last
week. The eierc leos ar said to have been pleas
ant and very intaresilnjr, and iv tvidnoe of
intellectual progress.
i an - -
A Tirriblb Affliction. Wo learn
thatJamea B. Anthony, realdiag la the north
weitcra corner of Bell township, baa, within a
week, lost sis children by diphtheria two at a
time burying sit children is three gravel. Tba
din rets of tba pat soU may be imagined, but
rinnot beeipressed,
l.i Tin Cr-NHi g iluHiNKSH. Wo pub-
llih a revised statement of tb onsas districts of
nr county, and call the attention of oar readers
to that fact, so that if at y one can suggest a bet-
t ler apportionment, we will ba glad lo give It
I publicity. The Supervisor, Bnamerator and all
j "tent Information oa thla subject.
I Cot'RT Wrrk. Our March term ol
I teurt opened at 1 o'olock oa Monday afterttooa,
wiib Ju lees Orvli, Ogdea and Holt on tba
i Iteneb. Tb aaw Constable! were sworn In, and
I Frederick KnhUr, ef Brady tswasbip, was mad
J foreman ef the Grand Jury whlek was charged
I br the Court and ri tired to their reeoi.
4 is-
I Tho Oiteeola Reveille, ot the lHtb,
s.yft Michael Cartnll, died la tbll alaea, an
Hturday night Itfl, Mr. Carroll teaves a wif
" anl trecbihlrea U meura their loas. Ills reeia las
were Interred an Tweaday, ta IhaOatboUebarial
t groaad, where they were followed by a targe WB'
..; eianeorfrlcadi." "aflk," a he was celled, was
i well hnawaj la this vMnliy.
? A lit iiriiox. A oorrB)Oiideiit trom
Luihevab arg mferma that lae Taae bar's IU-
anion, la be be Id at thai place oa tba ITtb met.,
j promisee ta b the graadtet adaeailaaal ajeatlog
ever bald fa thai towns If. A proframmt, ra
.v pleta with sparkling andtsterettg inhJetU has
just ba Ussd, aad promlnaat educators from a
disUM are tpeated. Meet. . K. srrert, at
CUarflsld, li iatd ttf naka an ad drees la tba
I evening. Srery teacher who eaa possibly get
& there should attend.
Put away tilt rarhrd-braln pottle,
II be climbed lb My I am stair.
Nomber IS, U, 14,
Turned hi bead and MDt bin there.
Ladies, boar in mind that in droHB
and millaary goods, w Intaud mahiog a spesialtj
tbii aaaaaa. . T. A. Flkk A Co.
Til i is Oprninq W'kik at Leh
man A Co s In Room No. I, Pfo'i Opera House,
where yon can see avinthlrg la the dry good
and fancy Una.
Sun dun Ieatr Wo team that
Charles Andreas, a attlsca af Houtsdale, fell
dead on tho sidewalk In that borough oa Men
day Inst, Ha wu a oober, lodastrleus man, aad
leaves a wife and a large family.
"A New Strike." Our readers will
notice by an advert istment In this lisne that Mr.
A. Thanhsoser, of Philadelphia, baa opened
ator in Pie's Opera House. Mr T. comes among
as well recommended by those bo personally
know him. Give him a call.
Another OPiNiNti. It will bo ob
served by an "ad." la this issue, that Messrs.
Geo. W. Tunes end Jamas H. Kelly, have opened
a Normal Institute la the rillage of Burnsid.
These gentlemen ar Irst-elaaa educators and de
serve a liberal share of publlo patronage
9 mi
MlBKRABI.E BURlNfctW. Just look at
it ! Oar coal put out the past week should have
been 4fl,00n toas! We can only tally o.ODg. A
yrmr ago It wet 4,M1. If Arlemus Ward was
alive he woull no doubt remark : "What a lot of
damphnols you must harbor In your coal re
gions." Bang. Wo nee it Mated that
the Pennsylvania railroad will soon put on a
train between Ilarrlsbarg aad Philadelphia,
which will mak th distance In two hours and
forty minutes. The asnal time Is three nad
half boors. Tba distance la one hundred and
seven miles.
A Substantial Comfort. Wo learn
that the Mutual Life Insurance Company, of New
York, through their agont, H. W. Smith, Ksq ,
paid over to the Executor af the lata Thomas
Reilley, a few days ago, the handsome sum of
$6,041.00. The deceased bad been Insured for
nearly ten years, and after the rebates given by
the Company to its members, his estate waa out
ooly about f 1 ,000. Thil la certainly a grand
comfort for the widow and her family of small
. m e
A Failure. Some of the Rtroot
news-mongers, on Tuesday of but week, did their
best lo bring about the death of Judge Mayer,
who It waa reported had died at Willlaraport,
the previous evening. Returning raft men heard
it at Look Havea, Milesburg, Tyrone, eto. A
telegram soon settled the question that the story
was not true. Tht-o they turned around and
made a corpse out of Judge Majnard, and It
look! now at though he, like Judge Mayer, had
not yet surrendered.
i. 'i m in
A New Court ilorwE. Wo notice
that the Commissioners of Cambria county have
decided to build a new Court House In the centre
of the square, In K ben i burg, on which the old
one now stands. The old Jail will be torn down,
and the stone In It that are suitable will be
used la tb ereution of the new one. The old
Court House will be left standing antil the new
one is completed, when it will be taken down.
Tba new structure will be built of stone, and will
commenced iiomerfl tlely.
Sad Kvent We Icuin that Annie
Patlon, aged thirteen years, daughter of Ueneral
John Pat ton, of Curwensvllls, and grand-daughter
of Judge Foley, of tb La borough, died at
Philadelphia oa Monday morning, where she had
been taken by her parents about a week before,
for medical ad via end treatment. Instead of
getting relief, she met the reverse, liar body
passed through Ibis place oa Tuesday to the
home of ber parents at Curwenivlllo.
Central Penmrlvanta M. K. Conference, now in
session at Alroona, on Friday last elected tb
following delegates to the General Conference,
which meets at Clarlnnatl lu May next. Thi
clerical dclegntoi are: Rer, W. W, Evans, 8. C.
Swallow. J. C. Clarke, 8. S. Monroe, D. D., and
F. B. Riddle. Alternates Rev. Tbompaoa
Mitchell and Rev. John J. Pearcs. Lay Dele
gates Dr. Uugb Pitcairo, 9. M. 8 lieu p. Alter
nates Jonathan Boy n ton and Jacob Salada.
Sf, fiint; s Accident. Asaph Kirk, an
old and respected cltiien of Penn township, as
w learn from the CurweniriUe fieri, was dao
gerously, If net fatally. Injured last Wednesday
forenoon. Mr. Kirk was riding along the puhlio
road leading from BellvlMe to Lubber City, and
when on the bill near Kloh Johnson's, hi borsa
shied, throwing him tit of his buggy down tba
embankment at the roadside, breaking his collar
bone In twa places aad cracking two ribs. Ha
was taken bom In aa almost lifeless condition.
Mr. Kirk la nearly 70 years of age.
I'h ikon Homance. The editor of tbo
Curwensvllle Times Insulted everybody last week,
by announcing that a tude woman waa kept oa
eihibltloa in our prison. And this week ha has
a couple of prisoners nearly killing Sharif Ma
haffey. It Is had enough to bar a prison, and
persons locked ap In Iti but it Is also bad to
retail inch slop to the readers of a joarna I. If
the editor li io full of romance, why no' branch
off on coma appropriate Sunday School lesson
Instead of the evil doings of tb degraded. The
secrets ef the prison ar as sacred as the family
circle. The virtues, not tb crimes and fulltci of
the race, la what should be cultivated.
- mm
Jealous, of Coram. Tbo Reynolds-
til It Paptr, af net wank, remark : "Tba PuBoii
Courier says It ll again reported thai lb passen
ger accommodation train un tb Low Grade Rail'
road will run to tbat village." Wa don't believe
the accommodation pays expenses aaw, and vara
It not for railroad facilities Reyaoldsvlll affords
we wouldn't be surprised to see Brookvill the
teruinns of th train's schedule. Certainly, with
two or three train going lltber way now, tbe
passenger patronage of DuBois wouldn't suffice
tb expanse of adding sixteen miles per day to
the present too long run of train men. What la
thunder will not DuBoli went, tf It ooatloae at
this rata?
Townhhip Audits. There is an im
pressloa among many of our oitiitns thit andsr
tha recent act of Aaembly, township aad bor
ough Auditors ihould meet ti audit the accounts
af township and borouih offioen an the second
Monday of March, instead of the second Mm Jay
af April, as heretofore. This Is a mistake. The
Aoditore will meet this year on tba second Mon
day of April, hut after this year, aader tho pro
visions of the act of Jane 4,U79,tbey will meet on
tho second Monday of March. Tba account! of
school directors and icbool treasurers will be
audited oa the first Monday of June. Tba terms
af all officers alerted at the recent election, ex
eopt school directors and Justices of the Peace,
will commence oa the Irst Monday of April, aad
end oa the Irst Monday or March, 1881, giving
them only eleven months iaofflo.
That Oil Well. Tbo Brookvillo
lmotrnttm alluding to Ibis slippery subject! last
week, remarks: "There li tare preyed aow
that the world will soea know whether ther Is
oil at Stump ereeh or not. For some time ther
appears to have been moresff -rt made lo conceal
the prestoee al ail ther, than to develop the
fact of Its ailsteno. Oa March Irst aa appliea-
ttoa wai made la the Ooart of Common Pleas of
Jefltrsoa county, sitting la eqnity, for an la-
inaction to restrain certain part lee from proceed
ing farther with reference to the well. A pre
liminary Injunction was granted, and Saturday,
March th, I tad for a bearing. At the hearing
the preliminary lojinctloa wai dissolved, and
Cspt. Joha Hastings appointed raeelr ar of tb
Company, he ta glv hail la the sum of &, 004
W are Informed that aader tb direction of tb
receiver work will be pushed rapidly ea tba well.
and if there is all the fact will ba developed. We
sincerely hop the question will bow be speedily
settled as to tb existence of oil at Stump creek.'
"Where Ignorance is Bust" etc
W last week aenoanced ibe Injury of a sob of
Mr. Samuel Ball, oa Monday previous, aaar Cat
don la, by a falling tree. W ban irinna learned
that his body waa horribly mutilated. His right
arm was knocked off at Iba sboalder and the
for -aim agaia brokrh, hil hi right thigh wa
crashed I a Jelly. Ha nevertheless lived ill
bonri after tba accident aad conversed aeasibly,
afferiag aa paia. Befese ravartJoB took place
ba died. Tba Hupldity af tba local physic lea
and tha aader taker deserve some at lectio a. Ther
la a standlog rut emphatically carried aat by
etary ratlraad aeapaay, thai their employee
shall aot reiwlva a oofla eoataialag a dead body,
without the aerti irate of tha attandiag phyat
etna, certifying that bis death wu at eaased by
amaavategwai disease small. pox, yellow fever,
t. Tkli material fact every physician aad aa-
dartakar iheaht know. Vet, la this esse tba
corpse wai taken ta (he railroad aad rsfased
traasportatloa, ceasing a delay af tweaty fear
Bonn, which was tba recall af this pieo af ta
pldlty. Tba father express! hie epiaiea meet
emphatically aa this petal, had requaetsas la re-
tora bis lhaaks i these ef hi neighbors who as
listed blsa la pay lag the ball aalema ritat t
his deed eaa.
Acbinp; heads and clouded brains
are eared by "Sellers' Uvsr run. iryioeia.
Sold by druggists. 14 cents a box.
J leader, Idoaarw. 11. Lehman k Co.
want 7oi ta aall at Room No. t, PhVi Opera
Hum, to see something in ill manner and shape
of dry and fanoy goods.
LiHt of lottors remaining unclaimed
la tho Postofflo at Clearfield, for the week ending
March 1ft, 1880 i
HaanahCannlnbam, Mrs. Clara U arris, Isaao
Ilalland, Hugh O. Kriie, O. C Lindsay, H. II.
MeH bee, Mrs. Sadtn S. Read, Charlie Weakly.
t P. A. UiLW, P. M.
Wine for Invalids. Tho Port
Grap Wine of New Jersey li Ibe beat medicinal
win la i he market, aad It is laid that the vintage
of A- 8 peer far excels any other produced. It I
heavy la body, rich In flavor and well adapted
for sickly persons and for general family use.
Fur sals by K. W. Graham, druggist, Clearfield,
mm i -
It is acknowledged by multitudes
who bava been eared of livar complaint, gravel,
backache, headache, palpitation of the heart, An,
tbat Barosma Is tb best remedy known.
Prepared at K. K, Thompson's laboratory,
Tituavlll, Pa. For sal hy ill druggists In
Clearfield, and Joseph Beylrr A Son, Luther
berg. Pa. 2t
- - - mm mm ,
Karmkkh, Look Httni 1 Lytlo will
give you highest market prioea for Wheal, Oats,
Corn, Buckwheat, Butter, Kggs, Oniuus, Apples,
dried fruits, arid all kinds uf produce, hi has
tba largest and best selected stook of groceries,
teas, Co Sees, molasses, spiooa, oil Belt, aagar,
queensware, tubs, bucket, birketi, churns, Ac,
in Clearfield county. II buys bis goods ia large
quantities from manufacturers and irst hand
for cash, and takes h advantage of all
discounts, and so ha is enabled to sell at lowest
prices. He gives cash prices for produce, and eel Is
fail goods at th lowest prics In the aouoty.
iepl-2t-'79 tf
Uow to Reach Kansas. Persons
moving to tb Went should eoaialt their own
comfort by aelsstieg th rout by which tnere ar
sure connections In Union Depots, fact train aad
comfortable oars. There li no Una that can com
pare with tha Pea Handle Rout ia those par
ticulars. Two daily trains leave t'nlon Depot,
PittsWgh, vis Pan Handle Route, which run
through in many hours quicker time (has by any
other line, a follows :
Leave Pittsburgh icity time) 8:42 a.m. 11:47 p.m.
Arrive SL Louie 7:10 " 11:00
, " Kansas 10; l)U p. m, 8:00 a. m.
Leavenworth 1 1:40 10:1 ft "
" Ale hi ion Mill, m. 11:20 '
' St. Jcfepb 2:0ft " It: 15 p. m.
Prompt connections' sre made In Talon Depot
at points named, for all land point. For further
information, time t alias, etc., address. W.L.
O'Brien, General Passenger Agent, Pan Handle
lUatc, Columbus, Ohio. Feb-lS-8t
. mm e i
It can utmost bo assorted that St.
Jacobs Oil works wonders Shortly before tha
New Year, when I visited my family la Mitchell,
I found my sob Edward, a lad little mora than
ten years old, very sick. He suffered with rheu
matism, and so terribly that ba waa perfectly
stiff in bis limbs, oould not possibly walk, and
had to b carried fromplaco lo place. At oboo I
scot for some St. Jacobs Oil, uted It acoording to
directions, and io a few days could sea evidenoe
of considerable improvement. Ob th tenth of
tbla month I again visited my family and was
astonished to find blm well and hearty. He once
more has fresh color In his face and can go lo
school agaia. Whenever the old trouble threatens
to return, relief ll immediately secured by the
an ef the celebrated St. Jacobs Oil. From sheer
Joy over Ihisreault I cannot withhold recommend
ing St. Jacobs Oil ta suffering humanity as a true
benefactor. Caaai.Ba MartDoar,
Office of the Yotkifremnd,
German paper of Straitord, Oat.
- i e s
Peath or Judge Clyde. lion.
Samuel Clyde, one of the links io the chain af
the honest, bard working men af oar county for
nearly fifty years, has dropped out. H died at
bii horn la Lawrence township, about thre
mile north of this borough, aa th morning of
tb 14th imt , aged about eighty years. Ho wai
elected on of th Associate Judges of our county
ia 1877, set v lag live yean with honor to hteiself
aod credit to bii party friends. He leave a
widow, a lister of Jouathaa Hartshorn and Mr.
Segnar, of Curwenivlll, and a number of grown
up children to mourn his death. Ua ll safe over
th river. Tb funeral took place on Tuesday
morning at 10 o'clock Court being in session,
a moating of tb members of tho Bar wai called
in th morning, and appropriate resolution! re
lating lo tba deceased were adopted, after which
a motion prevailed, a dj earning the Court antil
2 o'clock P. M., to allow the Courtand the mem
bers of tha Bar to attend the funeral. Judge
Barrett, the senior mtabtr of the Bar, was chosen
as tba proper party to make the announcement
to tha Court, which fa did lo a feeling and ap
propriate manner.
Action of ths Clearfield Bar on the
Death of Judge Clyde.
At a meeting Of th member, af Clear ft Id
County Bar, held Tuesday, March 10th, 1880,
Hon. G. R. Barrett wai elected President aad
W. C Arnold Secret.
On motion, Hon. G. It. Barrett wa requested
ta ask th adjournment of the Court, as a trlbuta
ta th memory af tho fat Hoa. Samael Clyde,
On motioa, tb Presidsnt appointed Messrs.
D. L. Krebp, J, B. MeKnally and Israel Test a
Co m tu k tea oa Reselaitoni. " '
The following resolution! wsre reported by th
Committee, and unanimously adopted :
H$otstd, That we hav bard with sloe ere re
gret of tb deeeasa of tha Hon. Bahubl Cltdh,
formerly aa honored member or our Court, and
for many veers one of the moot exemnlarv, useful
and rei peeled eftisens of our county, end one
whom wa belter u have been an honest, Chris
tian man.
Htattdt That as a mark of respect to hii
memory, the President of Ihl meeting la re
quested to move an adtoarament of the Court now
In session, to enable tba member of th Court
and Bar to attend the funerU.
Rtwolwtd, ?hat a copy of tbaao resolution! be
famished to the family of the deceased, aisarint
then of our deep sympathy in their lad bereave
meat. Davia L. Kaana,
J. B. MrKaai.LV,
Li.NoRiNO Facts. Tho following
communication! explain themselves i
DuBoia, March lltfa, 1880.
Ma. Gooolanhbb Dear Mr : The ertiole found
below waa forwarded to Iba editor of the Vitiaen
tot avblteaUoa, bat ee ho baa refaeed will you
please give It a pie la year columns.
W hav not been authorised by a resolution
to do io, bat a are alwayi ready ta comply with
a reasonable request. Mora i Wa personally
recognise th names of a majority of tba parties
signing the piper, and know them to b gentle
men in every seme.-I. Rar.J 1 f
Di'Rntu, Pa., March 8th, 1880.
Mb. Joan Rat Bixlrh Mir t la your lame of
March eta, 1880, you say, that "A. A. Graham,
Ksq , came to bis death through an Overdose of
untrue, end a lia of the darkeat kind ( ae It caste
a blemish ae tha good eharactar of tba dead.
Yoar Information wu aot "gleaned" from any
person of stand tug, or repute In this community,
as suca a charge was liner mau or inapeeted.
Veer Informant manufactured tho version givea
you out of "whole cloth" aa th only evidence
shewn before lb inquest was, that A. A. Gra
ham, Ksq., aema to at death by appopleij, nad
aot otherwise.
i oar fteepewttaily,
Jreso . Dal.
8. L. McOer,
W. J. B matters,
Joha Goodyear, ,
J. M. Hoover,
W.N. Pro there,
W. L. Nicholson,
M. . Alnsley,
Geo. He aw eta, '
W. A, Means,
J. P. Taylor,
L. A. Brady,
C. II. Barrett,
B. P. Act ley,
K. Kami,
D. L. Byrvr,
B. H Butler,
S. M.TtBtboff.
i The Now TAitiiOTW,
Work le being poshed rapidly Forward ta aom
plot ma at the large tannery now being erected
Jest below towa. We copy the following details
from th ewraai of tact weeki Na. B. Payar
wsalher, of tho Arm of J. B. lloyt A Co New
York wai la Iowa aa Friday aad Saturday, look
ing afler matters eaaaeeted with their new tan
nery. He wai acoompaaled by J. B. Childs, Su
perintendent of their cwtabllshmeul at i'hilipi-
burg. A.D. Meltlaairy, who le to sa peri lead lb
practical part af th busiauu at tali place, 8.
Uraeh, Supervisor of th T. A C railroad, L- O.
Llngle, Esq , of PblUpibarg, wba asm to loeate
a bw aiding aa the oast eld ef the tannery,
which, however, will aot be ballt before aext
Spring. Il arill ba an e leveled reJlread, built aa
Ureiy a treat n work, aad at tha aad toward tha
river, will ba about Iftaaa rat high. W. R. Mo
Phersoa, So pa riot dent of their work hero, teili
a tkat they Biped U comet ease apparitions
about the Brat ef May. Mr. Jean, tha boss oar
peaur, Ifpaihlig bii work aloag rapidly j the
foar boilers a re la plaoe and tho fa ranee ar be
ing built ) th Moke Hack, which Uelgbty-flre
feel long aad four foot la' diameter, li oa the
grooad and will ba out ap shortly theslxteea
large leach tabs, i feet dee aad 11 Nat ta
diaaseter ar aem plated the two bark mlUa are
1 1 most earn plated aad la feat overyUtag If ap
proaching aampmtloa aad Mr. Fayar waa they ex
pressed himsch B natlsled wKh thaaaaaga
meat, which ll a wsspHment to Mr. atsPhartoB.
Mr. MrKlnstry will remit."
More Census for I860.
Oa B form occasion ws blocked out eleven
Census dlctrloti for our county, apportioning
about 4,000 ta ioh j but anar lorn reflsotloa
and a full survey af tb county map w bava
com to th loooluiioo tbat tbo territory 1b most
f th district wu too Urge for one Enumerator
to vjase'over In tba thirty days allotted him la
which ta discharge his dutle. Wa have, there
fore, doubled Ih district! ia number, whiib will
average about 2,000 to aoh B numerator, Where
It fali much below this average, at tt does In
th lTtb, 18th aad S2d districts, It li because no
adjacent territory can ba added without Inradlof
adjoining dlitriets.nataialty sub divided by wall
marked lines, Oa tb other hand, If wa take tba
11th and 12th district!, they em too large. But
who will undertake to mark the boundaries, if a
ub-dlvisloa Is made P
Below will ba found In Ubnlar form, the work
Indicated :
tax- ran
dit. bob. A Twr'i, a a lbs, roru's,
I. CUarflsld boroegb...,....... 438 1471
II. Lawrence township 47ft 3.I3T
it. rnrwsnsvllle boroueh. ........ 100
Pik township l .
Beeoaria township
Bsll township ,
Greenwood township..,
Brady township
... 488
... Ma
... 21
... 181
... sso
... 441
... OS
1.41 If
I, Or I
I 11.1
Bloom township
Peon township.....,.-
1. umber City borough-
... 814 J
fa. Ferguson township 13
' Jordan township - 1'6
Knot township... H..w lft l.f3
Total..... 448
9 . Bnrnslde township 8771
Burnsid boroagh.... 74 I cjouO)
Total 451 J
10. Chest township 2l4
' New Washington borough.,.. M
New burg borough ... 00 1,836
Total 408
11. Sandy township....... T42 9,0418
12. Woodward tovaeblp 1 ,000 4,MM)
13. Deflator township 4C0 9.139
M. Morris township m 401 1.N04
IS. Bradford township 377)
Wallaccton borough . 41 '.
Total 418 j
III. Boggstownship 2fK1
Graham township 160 f
Total 410 J
IT. Oirard township 1.10
Goshen township 9V
Total 520,
lrt. Oovlngloa township 189
Kaitbaus townships... ..m 128 IT
Total lift.
1(1. Huston township. 280
Union township 13ft fH4iT
Total. 41ft,
2f. Uontadalo borough- 820 l,14
91. Osceola borough - 878 l.tOI
92. Gulich towoship 2S 1.21H
Total population 42.IMI
Now, If anjbody also oan make a better assign
ment of datlei for our Enumerators, whoever
tbey nay he la Jua Beit, let them M try It on,"
and send us their work for publication. As a
cltiien, w want to furnish all tha Information wo
can on the subjeot so m to get a correct enumera
tion of our county, and this oan only ba don by
each ltiin aasisting all that h aaa la thia mat
ter. It is tha duly of all ta aa that none bat
eompetent men are eppuiated a Enumerator! in
the respective districts.
Burnslde Heard From.
N'bw Washisoto, Pa., March 12, 18X0,
Kt. RnrrBLirAB Noting your request of
last week easing for the news, I will endeavor to
comply to the best of my ability. I do not with
to flatter you when I tall yew that no paper, local
or city, is received and read her with such
eagerness as the Rri'VilIca. It ll oherished
because It la reliable, aawsy, progressiva aad free
from personal abuse.
Our town, duiatioBally, is rapidly pushtag
her way forward toward the front rank. During
tho put year she contributed tea teachers to the
profession f teaching, all of whom have ouceeeded
well, and ar now gathering home to receive tb
oongratalatloni of their friends. Her past hiatory
Is Illustrious for educational aohiaremonls. From
within her peaceful domain, daring tba last de
cade, have emanated a Superintendent of Common
Schools, a Minister of tha Gospel, aod a Pro
fessor ia the Normal Institute (one of the leading
institutions of learning la tho county), and many
others who are tiling positions not Ion meritori
ous than those mentioned.
Oar congenial friend and representative la th
Legislature, Dr. A. D. Bennett, had the misfor
tune of being thrown from hi carriage not long
since, aod received several cover bruises.
R. M. Neiman and lady have goo from our
midst, bo having rented tba hotel property In
Dauphin county kaowa a the "White Uouae."
James Orr accompanied them, and will assume
the position af clerk.
Ber. 0. B. Ague and Mr. Joha Rorabaugh are
attending the M. B. Ocnfereoea at Altoona. Bar.
Ague expects ta return to admlamter la tha
spiritual wants of the people Ih coming year,
which mast, acoording to th rales of the Metho
dist Chareb, close bia connection with this circuit.
I do not wish to plant an advertisement in this
loan) letter, bat am forced ta oay tbat wa bava
two of the belt stores in CleereH eouaty. Toil
is conceded by vry person who visit! this place.
and if yon doabt it, ak our Mereanlisa Appraiser.
1 learn mat Mr. John u. lie. relay, oar erne lent
teacher, baa been Induced to take charge of the
Bower sehoel, to Batab ae unexpired term of two
and a-half months. Tbo people of Bower oan
xpeet a good ehool,for Joha is a good teacher.
Boon li loo vcrdMtof oar people.
Humor nil it tbat our fellow-townsman, Adam
Brett, Msq., will uk tba support af tha Democrat!
of Clearfield county for the office of Register aod
Recorder th coming Summer. If It were not
tha I am compelled le any "thilr will, not mine,
ba done," I would name the next Register.
Superintendent McOnowa, accompanied by
Jeer Button, Adam Broth aad W. W. Barclay,
member! of the Board of Director!, made a half
day'i visit to our acheol hut week. Tba Super
intendent gavo It a thorough examination, end
pronounced tt in a good eonJitioQ.
Tb wif of Mr. Joieph Huttea, an mil from
town, baa been lyiug very ill for some lime peal.
Mr. Hitloa 1 oaa of our beat el t teens, end Mrs.
lluttoa aa accomplished and estimable kdy;
hence every persoo longs for her restoration to
The Normal Institute, whloh did such excel teat
work Inst year ia the way of turning out so many
good teachers, promisee to ba exceedingly urge
tha coming bummer. Letters como poaring io
from all parti of the county asking for homes
dariag Iboseeitoa. I learn thai a third teacher
il about being added to tbo faculty ia order that
each department, Normal, Higher and Prepara
tory, may bo complete Well, "whosoever will
may come," and I will guarantee them a pleasant
aad aroAtabla time ia aar ailasl.
Moan Akwb.
From the Land of Goahan.
Lick Rna, Pa., March l&th, 1880.
Kditob Reroutes b Aa nmateuvwrltar from
the "land ar plenty" may aot bo Ignored entirely
In your eolemns. Inspired with this thought I
will endeavor to give yen a few soeal Jeuiaga i
Lick Run, u you are aware la not aa Hi cor per
atad city, but simply the borne of a few enterpris
ing and taoflonaive (amtltoe , aad a plaoe familiar
contain tha ooly pot to a) ce in ttosbea township,
ana wo are lor tuna la enough to get mail twice a
week, and consequently get to read the county
papers aearly a week after they are tosaed. But
then wa are ia the back woods and ao on com
plains. Rills and Louis Irwin (who la a business
potat of view are to Woe ben township what A,
T- Stewart wu to tba great Metropolis,) stertei
six largo raft to market last week. Just bow
many reached there, yoar dapannet aailh aot,
l aey expect to ran eight board rafts oa th next
A sad aocldsat be ft 1 1 Geo. Shuokwoiler, while
working oa tba mill last Friday moraiag. It
appears thai hu lather attempted to ttgbtofl tha
guaga of tbeolrcular aaw when running at full
speed, ia doing which tba saw oaa got the handle
of the ax, twisting it from bis baad aad tbrowlag
tl with some vloleaoa, tba bit striking George iu
the fame tuOietiog aa ugly gash. Th weader ef
every pereoa is tbat it did aot prove a taaal stroke.
Mr. Alei. Rend, one of oar Goshen Graogsrl
hu Jait retaraed I rows Leah eleven, wtth th
melt p lease n i smile rest tag upon his eeuaienaoou.
Me wonder, b sold his "ecrub" ran for eighteen
cents ft foot A remarkable goed eata,
Mrs. M. L. Megoowa, of Clearfield, has been
pending Iba past taw weeks with ber parent! la
West Goshen. She hue aot fully recovered from
her lingering Illness, benoe is aot seea moving ia
th aoeial et rotes of Go Bee eoeiety. Her little
daughter Aliea aooompaaie ber
Mis Mary Ann Irwia oar efficient Sabbath
Scboal Saper iateodoat, hu beam visiting frieade
ia roiisvuie aunng me put Bummer and win
ter. Jast when she will return home is ladelalto.
Joha II Mead elocod his second term of aeboel
it thli pleoa aa Friday mat. Tha pupils u a
take af their regard ler blm made a party
espaoially for his aeaeBt at Mr. Fred. Irwia a aa
Setardey avaaing. ll wu largely attended by
the pupUi aadiavuad greets, mb a ato 41 loleae
sappar wu rvetf By tb aetisaabl tady ef the
beuaa. Mr. M- hei awea very laeeeesfal a a
teaohar, aad la liked by ovary aeream, -
All oar schrsltoMhar ire arograuiT nad are
eeatsaaaUy aulrlag to baaesaa Baitor. Seme of
ihoca, 1 am Ufermed will attend tha New Wash
isgtoa Normal lasuiata the aomlaa Sammer.
We are gledte aot that tha RarvaueaB hu not
suneraB bere trom the raiaatleee aad fear leas
strrdo ef year groat rival la polities -th Cifiav.
Ita taflaenee bere doa't amowwt to a abadew, aad
oar aid Uiekotv Isomaosau wwt aametamg ra-
liable aad say tbey know nothing that tl bettor
ia iio ta taaa) ta vtAanaL avarraaaoAB.
Veara, Auo.
Kur Tour Mill Now f We are the
proprleterc af a Saw Mia, eaaaplato la ovary par.
t malar, which wa will neU Tory aheap. For par
ilealars, add rem I. A. A W. D. HOLER,
aieh8f'8Mf.l avarfleld, Peaa a
Spring styles constantly being re
ceived at T. A. Fleck A Co.
As usual, T. A. Fleck & Co. are
leading the market marl-It.
The now Spring stock of T. A. Fleck
A Co. li baiog aoastantly received.
Call at T. A. Fleck k CVs and Kt
a Fuhlon Sheet. marft lt.
The New Remington Family Sew-
imb Maobibb for ia1 at J. B. Harder' Oaa
Store, Claarfleld, Pa. Oct 10-lia.
Wo have now od band several thous
and first-claas envelopes, whloh w wilt print for
builneii bob, or anybody alse, at prion thai can
not be rivalled. Call and aeethsta. tf.
Hamburg KmhroiderioB in Edgings
and Insertions! A complete line, comprising all
the new pat Urns, just received at T, A. Flack A
Co, Call early and gst the bargalaa. mar S-aL
Spring, 1880 !-T. A. Fleck & Co.
are opening not tbrlr invoice of Spring goods
thli weak, which are marked at aflgura tbat li
boaad to sell thnm and cannot 1 undersold.
mar. S-M
At tho Hepuhlican offlc in the place
to get yoar job work done. We are fully prepared
to do anything la th printing line, will dolt
well, and at the right kind of prices. tl,
See a woman on boreohack in another
column, riding near B peer's Vineyards, with a
bunob of Grapu from which Spear's Port Grap
Win li mad, that ll highly esteemed by the
medical profetsion for the usaof Invalids, weakly,
parsons and th aged. Sold hy B. W. Graham,
Druggist, Clearfield, Fa. jly-U-79-tf.
A Fact. Anauvortisemontinsortod
In the RartrnuoAB will reach more readers than
If published lo all tb other papers la th coun
ty, and eost tho advertise! leu than one-half
In other words, aa advertisement published ia
our jcurnal Is worth double tb price of tbat
charged by any other publisher la th eouaty.
'It li a fact." rf.
Removal, Dr. T. J. Boyer has re
moved bis medical omoo to th room! recently
occupied by Buck A Graham, lu Grabam'i row
fie makes CHUONIC DISEASES a specialty.
CHARGES VERY LOW. The manufacturers
having lowered prices, be II prepared ta furnish
duced rates. Tb afflicted will bo benefited by
giving him a call. July 2, 79-tf.
Special to our Customers. We
desire to inform our large patronage ia Dru and
Millinery Goods, that w lateud to make then
branchoi a specialty thil oomlog icuon. Mlsi
Matlla Bonn, our milliner, is now In Philadelphia
attending tba openings, and will ba bora soon to
taki charge of her department and make It th
hiding Millinery depot In new and late styles, as
she hat don heretofore. T. A. Flbck A Co,
New Dailt Staoe Line. James L.
Leavy has succeeded In having a daily mail esteb-
liohed between Clearfield and Pcnnfleld, and will
hereafter rna a daily stage between the two points,
His contract began with .April 1st, end the itago
will leave (learfleld every morning (except Sun
day) at 8 o'clock, making connections with all
tralna on the Low Grade Railroad at Penofleld, re
turning after the last train th lame evening.
Passeogersand freight will be carried at low rates.
Orders left at any of the hotel! will ba attended
Clearfield Coal Trade. Stato
menl of Coal and other freight! Mat aver the
Tyrone A Clearfield Division, Pennsylvania Rail
road, for tho week ending March, 1880, and
the name time last year t
For the week
Same time last year
Previously during year
Sam time tut year
Increase ,
Total In 1880
Sama time last year
Increase - 80.7V4
Lumbar M -.17 ears.
Miscellaneous freight. 147 "
The Presiding Elder'a Wire.
Wabbbu, Pa. March 20th, 1ST8.
Dr. M. M., Vredonia, N. Y.,
Dear Sir r After using your Blood and Liver
Remedy and Nerve Tenic, and also Cough Honey
for two yean put ta our family , I can testify
that tbey will do all that you claim fOrtbem.
Oar family have derived more benefit from their
use than from any other medicine we aver tried.
Wa hcartly recommend them to all.
Yours truly, Mai. Rur. R. M. WabbM. .
Mar-17 21
Dr. Pinner's Blood and Liver Remedy aad
Nerve Tool may well be called "The conquer
ing hero" of th times. It is th medical tiiumph
of th age. Whoever hu "the bluei" should take
It. far it regulate and rector tba disordered
syalem that give rue to them. It alwayi eara
Biliouinese aad Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dys
pepsia, Constipation, Head aches, Fever aad
Ague, Bp teen Kalargemsnt, Scrofula, Erysipelas,
Plmplea, Bmtehee aad all ekia Kroptioae aad
Blood Disorders ; Swelled Limes and Dropsy j
Sleeplessness, Impaired Nerves and Nervous De
bility j Reitorei flesh and strength when tb syi
lam li ruining dowo or going Into decline ; cure
Fmal Weak oes and Chroai Rheumatism, aad
relieve Cbroaie Broasbltio, aad all Lung aad
Throat dlmcaltlei. It does those things by atrik
lag at tho root of disease and removing its cauui.
Dr. Fenner's Improved Cough Honey will re
lieve any cough 1b aa boar. Try a tamp) bottle
at tea cants.
Dr. tenner i Golden Reliol euros any pain,u
Teoth-ache, Neuralgia, Coll ar Headache ia Bve
to thirty minutes, and reedll) relieves Rhcuma
dim, Kidney Complaint, Dlarhcaa, tt.
Dr. Feoaer'a St, Vitna Dsnce Hpeeifio. On
bottle always cures.
For sale bv Hartswick A Irvlo. Drurristi,
Clear 3 eld. Pa. aug-ST-tt
FRANTZ SWARTK. At the Irvlo House, In
Carwensvllle. an Toeadar. March 9th. 1880. bv
Rer. Geerge Loidv, Mr. Israel Frants and Miss
Lydla Swarta,both ol Trout vtlte, urady twp.
SMITH McKRE. At the M. . paroaar,
New Waahlnaton.oa Hundsv, March Tth, I8"0(
by Kar. G. B Ague, Mr. D. W. Smith, of Csm-
brlaeoaaty, and Miss Kliubeth M"Kee,o( Mora
side township, Clearfield eounly, Pa.
H0OPKR-SMAIL Onflondav. March 14th,
188H, by John B. McGratb, Beq , Mr. tlkanah
Hooper and Miss Rosa Small, both of Woodaard
township, UearOeld eouaty, fa.
BRIGGS Tb I'nion towohip, oa Tuesday.
March 2d, 1840, of dipblherla, David D.t son of
0. II. and Mary W. Briggs, aged I year, 18
loothi and 10 days.
EVANS. la Graham township, oa Mondar,
March 8th, 18H0. Rebecca, wife of Mosei 0. Kvans,
aged 71 years, 4 months aad months
Clearfield CiiYsva and CarwsnMllIe fiats plaaaa
Thai another af tb veteraa mother! of our
county hu retired to ber avirlastlag home, leav
ing behind ber in aged buibaad and a large cir
cle of relatives to mourn her demise.
BELL Near Caledoala, Elk ooaotv, oa Ma-
day, March 8lb, 1 MHO, WiMl, C. Bsll, af Law-
rence township, thli roanty, aged 11 yean aad
ft day.
March 14th, 1MH0, Hon. Samuel Cljde, In Iba
nin yearei ni
Cltinrin... P, Mui-k l,
Flwir, pr owt. ....
ta M
t at
Barkwb..t rioir,..,..
0.n MmI. ,.r t ....
I w
I 40
1 .0
l n
Chaf, ry, r.wt
vhop, nud, ywr rwi
Mru, par ewl
Wb..t, p.r be.h.l,MMM
Itr. Pr bu.h.l -
O.U, buatMl "
Cor., trl, bh.l ......
H..IWD..I, ,.r M,n.i
Clo.w M
Tiaolh, im4 A
P.UIO,, fM, bh
AplM,,w bukU...M
II.di., pr fonoi
Hbo-kl.r, btf b. 4.
DrliMl iwr, pw po..4 H
O.lrkra pr
B.tUf, pr po..4 "
Kill, pr do...
H.Jt, pr .ftnk, l.rt,
Go Oil, par (.Ho.
L.rd, pw pni..MM.'- .
Drttd Appl.., po.B'-.Mw.M.
DrtMl PmbN, pr p...
Bm.i, imt bv.b.l -
t M
tvs gtttwrlismruts.
5 00O BIIIHKIA-Owrg. fm A C
, wut ire IhoonBd beabell af OATf, law,
and will pay eeah ar preden.
C:Hl.ld, Pa, Aag. II, IITP If.
Saw Logs, Shingles, Bark,
OfllM oppoilt. Irwls'i Dm. Slor. C.I1 111
prwD or ddrM u .bo,.. iaar.ln.
, .
Wl.TID.-6t0.00ll U-lMtlluV boODI, d.llT-
mi .1 Hi., la ear luadi of 8,0U0, .1 all
point, oa Ih. Tjron. k Olurl.ld, P. I., U.ld
KhI va.7, aod Paanaylvaaia lUllruula, Ibr
wbiob I WiU pa, tb. bilt..t anarkat prio
1. T. K.AMB.,
Oi'tH, 1S7I IF. ClMttald, I'a.
On. Uvuoaap P.. Caf. PlMMita. o. Out
PRira..K.wia Uwhla.. Mb now b. parcba.d
at M.rrrll'i tia and varl.l, ,tor., from X np-
warda. All kl.di .1 Mwlng iMbina r.p.tnd
ob th. ib.rt.,t aotio..
ClHttold, Pa., Jul, Is, ISI7.
rivt Uuudred Th owaud Strong
Tn lb. n.,t f.v month, th.r, bar. b.B nor.
than tOI.IHIt bottlM of Mhllob't Car. told Out
of tb. .art aambar of paopl. .bo b.. Md It,
mor. than I,OOU eat.. 01 UuniutaplloB navo m.
Murd. All Cou.b. Crouc. Atnma, and Uron.
.hill., Ji.l.l at one., brno. It ll tbat ...17 body
pak, In IU praiM. ao iboh wb d. hw
al II, let u. wjr, if job ba.a a Coojb, or jour
ohild tb. Croup, and too falu. lif. don't fall la
try It. For Lam. Hark, aid. or Cheat, aa.
gbiloh'a Poroaa Plaator, Pur aal. by 0. U. WM
iia, Cl.ar0.ld, Pa. aep-10 ow-ni.
Strange I'coplr.
110 .on know that ther. are alru.. ueoi'le la
our enmuunlt,, w. aay atrange Ibey
aaeea to prefer to eufler and pa. Ibelr day. tala
rably, made ao by Piepepaii, aad I.lrer Com
plaint, lDdiKetioo, Conalipatlon, and Uaneral
liability, wb.nelllLOH'8 VITALI.KRI. u
anteed to cure Ibem. For atlo by C. O. W.l.oD,
Claarl.ld, Pa. aep-lt aow-iwi.
Wa hav. a apaedj and poalllT. Curt for Ca
tarrh. I)lnhtheria.CaBker moolh, and H.d Aobe,
in SUIUOU'li CATAKltll KKMKUY. A naaal
Injeetor free with ath bottle. Haa It II yon ae.
air. health and awaat breath. PrleaM.U. For
Mia by C. D. W.Uoo, Cl.i6.ld, Pa.
BuaelB. ITob I.B. ft. newion Don 1. -
lull anpply .r rrMoaia Du,iaa h.
Wanna for aala. To b. aMS at tba Bbaw HouM
yard. t;aii on or aaunu ' .
ylrania. "'
(JOLLBCTOB B W.B.A.T.-n. "'" r
a form, and bar. od band . larg. quantity, of
blank "Uolleolora oaiee, woipb h.
prored by tb. blb.el kital autborlty III Iba
Court, of thia county. Al Tinl Cnlt per
doaea wo will nail any number to lb. Collector
ordering them. A CollMtor, whea aompelled to
adrertiM property, molt poll op not lea. than
tbra. notieaa la tba moat pobllo pl.oea la bii
borough or townihip. !'
Wutllt.-DellTerad al Iba Rail Boad.
100,000 21-lncb abarad ahinilea.
11)0,000 34-ineh aawed ahinglel.
100.000 feet of pine boarda.
600,000 14-fcrt ahar boopa.
6,000 railroad tiea.
60,ati0 feet of good bemlook boarda.
For whloh I will ua. tba biibaat Barber price,
dellrerad at Olearleld, or al any point on lb.
Tyron. A Clearoeld Kallro.d.
J. F. Ka.B.
Clearteld, Pa Oal. It, 1I7S-K.
Jiint llecclved.
Jut Reoiived by AKNOI-D, t
Car Load Nov Scotia Flaslor !
Car Loud pure Com, Ry. nd OaU
Cbop 1
Cur Loid Dcakon Ball t
Car Load of Choice Family Flour 1
Car Load Dry Goods, Grocorie., Ac!
IdrShinfrloa, Bark. 11. 1!. Ties and
Grain will be tukon In exchange.
Curwonsvillo, May 1, 1878.
rw drrrtisrmrnts.
' ad Plna townihipi, Claarfl.ld eownty.
HeaMn.bletlcaeirlTen lor pan of purch.M
mon.y. Prlca .00 to 110.00 par acre-C
Minara'l ruerTed. L. BIKI),,
P.nleld, Pa.
r Wall.ob A Kasai, 10, Cla.rf.ld, Pa,
$400 for$250 I
TIIK aadaraignad will Mil a Lot with a law
Htabla and oilier ontbaildinge thereoa .rer-ted
for 1150 worth 1100. Bllu.te In mat
Variety Store, Clearfield, Pa.
January tl, 1880-tf.
The Wliiis Sewing Machine
Caa be bouarht at lowest prices from ALEX.
PATTERSON, Woodland, Pa. It ta equal, If not
superior to any flrit-olais Sewing Machine la the
market Ulruuian lent oa appucaiioa.
Woodland, ra., uct. , lSTV-om.
TMBAV NOTICR Urt or strayed oa the
X j 7th day af February, 1888, s COW, eheut
seven years old, with white and rod spots oa tbe
bead, alonf tb sides and hind parts: tb horns
era well set aad Really curved ( not B very large
cow about middle si tod and all red aad white.
Anv person knowinc of hr whereabout, aad
brinainc ber to meat Diccinivillo, apposite the
Starling Caal Works, Bear uoutiuaie, iieerBeio
otniatv. or aendina word a here she oaa be had, I
will be very thankful, berhle will pay them for
tbeir lima ana uoabie. Aourees,
Hoatsdalc, Clearfield Co., Pa.
March IB, 1880-3L
ART partlaa la ad ar 8aw Mill are hotehy
iaformed tbat I will aril them oaa ai gaod
a. aew. B tern a jsioetl, m
Helling, and all tha other tliturea la food order.
For further In forma Ilea, address
Oseaola Mills, Cl-r8eld Co., Pa.
March t, 1880 If.
aplAUTION. All person! ar hereby warned
J ajtalnit parcbaainger In any way meddling;
with the following par sua al property, now ia
possession of Lewis Lecoote, of Covington towa-
chia, vis i A rail set of wagoamaker'i and caw
astnahrr's tools, ene grindaton. on scroll uw,
a lot of furnttare, a lot of hardware, two eheats,
a lot af weatherboards, a lot af hard lumbar, twa
tons of bay, a lot of paint, oaa barrel of pork, one
cook sieve aad atcnnli,ooaphoftrd aad ditties,
li chairs, eaa alock, oaa iiak, oaa labia, three
stands, oa parlor stove, one bareaa, two beds
and bedding, aad ana daa hie-barreled gwa. The
foregoing property was purchased by me at Sher
Id 's sale on tbe loth day of February, 188A, end
li allowed to remaia ia tba poaraaitea af sail
Lewis Lecoote on loan aaly, snhjeet to my order
at aay time. FRANCIS LRI0RY.
Leooote'i Mills, Pa., March I tth, I8-St.
J.1 an appllratfoa will bmad aader the Act
ol ASsemniy or ta lommonweaua ei renasyiva.
nia. entitled "An Act ta Provide far the Incorpo
ration and Regalatloa ef carta, tn CorporatlftBs,"
approved April tt, I8T4, aad tba npplemati
tnerrta, ror tne unaner oi aa uucbucu oorpora
""" 'llfeiVW kH COAL COMPANf,
Th aharactar aad object of which ! toparehasaor
lease coal leads, la open and work the came, to
mine, cjaerry, ship, traDipori, and bay and soil
eoal t and for these purpose! to bare, p
enjoy all the rights, benefits ard prlvil
lges of tba
said Act of Aoaeaibly. HENRY O. TRKRT,
- Kb. TM Wataat St., Philadelphia.
Mir. 10,1814-31.
8ii!oi winaommeaM APftlf. 16T1T, 1(50, and
eeatlnue tblrum eu.
Cnmmoa Kaglfah BraewfcM H -Al.OO
lllfbar Kngllib aad Claaaioa 1.00
Boardiag caa b, bad at from 11.10 to $2.60 per
T4WPor Circular, eontataiog farther Infunaa
tloa, apply te the Principal .t Rylrrl.wn, Pa.
ft. W. KM!lil,Aaetetant.
Ryletlowa, Pa., Marrh I, IHto-et.
f.V BKI.L TOyjt kHtP.
O.I. Bitval, tb.BBnhof la. HwM.ebaana
liror. la Bell bownabl,, ClearleH amaty,
coetala n 161 ACKI.4, with 76 ainwa
alaarad Bad la a good rUM f awlUraUaa, ba.lag
tberMa .rMtod targ. Iwo-aiory plaaa Boae.,
well aaiahed, a largo plaah bara, Jaat bow, and
other Baeeieart a.tb.ildin.1.
NO. i. Coateielag 101 ACRKfl,eJl it acre,
cleared, lb. baleao well Unbend with
hemldj, Ac, aad baring tlweH .reeled a lag
homm, lg bare, aad aiaer ewlBwlimnge la wua
la ewe hah mile af ab. rlrwr. Bail la naturally
wood and .redeetlra.
Tba abor. hrma will b. amIA obeap, bad oa
re.MMbl. letwa. pmmmIow glraaj April lae.
W. O. BfOI.FR,
Olearleld, Pa.. March II, lt II.
gut) gidi'trtlSfratnts.
beretofor. .aiallag be.
tweaa tha nodar.lged in the practlM of law.wM
diaaolTed by mirtuaj Mueal n tbe 4lh day of
March, 1(10. PRANK PlltI.Ul.Ntf,
WM. li. 1I1ULKK,
Cle.rlald, Pa., Mama II, 1S80-IU
Administrator's Sale
BY virtue of aa order Issued out of tho Orphans'
Court af Clearfield county, Pa., tb under
sifciicd Administrator or tbo estate of JOHN
IIKREKLINQ, dee d, win tell at Publl Pale, at
the Central Hotel, in th villa of Dultula.oa
Tba undivided half Inloroat af th td deoadent
in aad ta a certain lot of groan d sttnate ia tb
village of Wvst Liberty, Sandy township, front
lag lot) feet, mora or less, on the SuKquehaona Bad
watenora turaptKo, ana runniOK back loti leet,
having thereon rrectad a large and convenient
store bous aad other Improvement!,
Also, two other Iota situate la tha urn village,
adjoining each other, and being eeib 00 leet
front on said turnpike, more or less, nud stand
ing barb 108 feet, mora or leas, with no Improv
meat. Also, A lot of ground situate In DuBois, in
laid township, being lot Na. 08 ia Raaibarger'e
addition la the plan ef aaid towa. measariag 80
feet front on Main street, aod extending back 100
foot to aa alley, aod no improvement.
Tb sal will ope at 10 a'cliek A. M. Tbe
terms, ar Arc per oent, of the bid ia cash wiieo
tbe property fi knocked down, tbe on la no, eae
third at confirmation uf sale, ooa-tbird in one
year, and one-third in tao years with Interest,
secured by bond aad mortgage oa tha premises.
Lutbersburg, Pa., Feb. S6, 1680 It.
RF.CI-tTrH'f NOTICENotlce Is here
by givaa that tha following aeeounts have
been examined and pasted by ma, and remaio
filed of record ia thli office for tbo Inspection of
heirs, legatees, creditor, aad all other interested,
and will be presented to the nev Orphans' Court
of Clearteld ooaaty, to ba hld at tba Court
House. In tbe borough of UlearneliL commencing
oa the third Monday (being tba 10th day) of
aiaren a, u. ibbw :
Final acoouot ol Nancy E, Tbempso. Admiala-
iritrix oi toe estate oi Joan a. loompson, late
of Bradford township, Clearfield aouuty, Pa.,
Pinal account of Abraham Bailey, Administrator
ol tae estate ol tfusannea itioom, lata of rue
township, Clee.rl.eld county, Pa., deeeaaad. .
Final leonant of Truman J. Wall, Administrator
ot the estate of Wm. Wall, late of Pcbb town
bia, Clearfield eouaty, dooeaead.
Tbe account of Wilson Hover, Administrator of
tbe estate otJaehni Wood, late or Morris twp.,
Clearfield eouaty, Fa dee d.
Final eooount of Henry Bmeal, Administrator of
tbe estate of Meorge vt atiel, late of tbe borough
of WalUcetou, Olaarfield ooaantj, Pa., dee d.
The supplemental account af Willis J. N agent.
Administrator oi too estate ot ivlliotl hint,
lata ef baraaide twp., Clearfield Co, Pa , dec 3.
Final aoeooot of Jesa Goes, 3nrdlaa of Mile
a. Bin eai, minor neir of frtor Hmeal, late el
Boggi top., Clftrlcld aoonty, Pa dee'd.
Final ncoountof Kach. MoNaul, Ouardian ofWltl-
lam Mrlinde, Jr a son or Wm. Moliride, Sr.,
late of the borough of Curwensvillo, Clearfield
aeuaty, Pa., deoeased.
Final ao count of John O. Sehryver, Ouardian of
liowaru Aicbela, mioor neir of J no at ban
Nichols, late of Lawrence township, Clearfield
ounty, P., deed.
Final aoeoant of Joha Q. Bobryver, Ouardian of
Addie Nlcboi, minor heir ot Jonathan Nichols,
late af Lawrence township, Clearfield eouaty,
i'a., dee d.
Partial account af Aaron C. Tate. Guardian of
W. H. McKeo, minor helrof W. U. Me Km, late
of Knox towaablp, Olearleld county, Pa. dee'd.
The atroant of H, V. Morrow, administrator of
tbo estate of Jamel Lingle, lata of Goshen tap.,
C.earJifld county, Pa., dee'd.
Final account of Henry Kornman, AdmioEstrator
Of the estate of Henry 8inkabiae,leta of Qulich
township, Clearfield oouoty, Pa., deo'd.
Final account of Mrs, Belli M. Chaffee, Admlnia
Irotrii of the eslata of B J. Chaffee, late of tbo
borough of HoaUdale, Clearfield county, Pa.,
L.J. MOROAN, Regls'ir.
Clearfield, I'a., Feb. 1 1, laaO-to.
Desirable Real Estate !
Estate of Biclurd Shaw, Sr, Deo'd.
npilR wndirrelgne, Pierntorl of tbe eatale of
I HICI1AKU H1IAW, nr., dweaead, will ener
at public aal. at lb. COI RT 1IUUSK, la lb. bor-
ougn at uiewneM, r.i an
Tiairsdaj, April 1st, 1880,
AT 1:30 O'CLOCK F. M
Tha follow lag valuabl real estate, via t
FIRST. Thothraa.aiory brick hotel property,
orner of Market aad First itreets, ia the bor-
oagh of Clearfield, hoewa as
'The Shaw House,'
Profiting with Ibe lot of ground thereto belonging
144 feet oa Market ureal, and vo
faetea Firit afreet, with a tw..,try
dwelllBg boua. attached. Tba ho
tel proper baa aiaty Wd-romna and
all 0OBT.ale.cea for a flrat'Clai.
hotel. One of the mortd-airable butel properliei
ia Catnl PeaMylTUfak
RRCOND. AlolofiroandlaClearldborowirb,
beginaingat tba end af 144 feet, fronting on Mar
ket etreet, aad lb MM along Market atrret feet,
and ranking baek 10 fret, with tba buildinga
tbereoa erected.
THIRD. A lot of aroood alta.U In CWrl.14
barough, adjoining part No. t, and ailonding
al.,.. Itreet IS feet te en alley, and rua-
alng baek M feat, with batldingl thwrea.
FOURTH. A lot tt grand il Clearleld bar.
ough. adjoiniog hotel property, aod eiteadlng
along Piret alreel l feet aad ranaiag beok 100
feat, more or leal, t. aa alley.
FIFTH. All that eert.ia lot, h.owa ia ibe
plan ef bwroagh aa Lot H. U,
frontiac about AO feat oa LoouM li raeLraa.
nine b.ol zuo feet, mere or icaa, lea. alley
wiik dweiltnn how. and all aeeeaa.ry hi
b.ildinga theroob areeted.aail oiaer improTMBonla
SIXTH. All tbat cartel, aodlrided oaa alitb
lltereM in tbat ewrui. traM of lead
eitual. la Horril tawnibip, Clearfield
county, Pa., hnowo aa tbe ''ifeUirk A
Park. trMt, ewnUlaiag
B74 AOnXS,
More ar leaa. aad hariag tbereoa a large ouaalily
of white piae, bualoek, a-k aad .ther timber, aad
la underlaid wltn Taiaaoie Teniae. .iii'.u.utiQ
Oaa. third each at delleery ef good dead, aad
the balance to be recured by bond end mortgage,
payable la one and Iwo yeare, with Intcreat.
JOS. SHAW, ' ' "
' A. II. 8UAW, '
Ki'n of Riebard Shaw, Sr.. dee d.
Clwraald, Pa. Harck II, l8-ll. .
IirKIB "OTIt'R. The following per
J eoai hare tied I. th. oAo. of tb. Clerk of
tba Court or yuerter Peaelene el uenrn.i. eouaiy,
their Pntltloaoaad ftaada fbr Moaoeea, at tbe
Uarab Imlui. ISAII. Mreeably 10 Ih. Act f
AeMinbly :
W. C. C.rdoa................. "earli.U
B. Row... '1
R. N. Shaw..". , ", McLauihlis "
Thomac M(iareHH..MHM,.A...M Iloatiiale
William Curran
Riebard Ueddlgu
Jamre llaley..M.M
Prank dialer
rred Wm..,.,..
Pal Shield!
B. Hwnope
Mr,. K Hmilel.....
Pat. Bubb
Oeorg. Rbedea,...,,
William WelW
Peter Reffaer......
Weodward Twp
.riiad'eni '
Joba Mcillrk...........
Wm. Sblelda
lire. Bridget Uoaabo.,
Smith llalrd
Mil. Hoyt "
leorg. W. U-...... "
Niahwlaa Rcollina.. M
W. L. MlebeleM........ ..IlaBoia, Saady Twp
(m.nnel Kuali....... , - -
H. T. Kelley ' "
W. . 8Unl.y.-..... " "
H. P. Strobrldge , . " "
Jae.b ..l.d. ' "
Joba DeBoii,.HIU..
Job. UcMuIlT-
HilHem Bobwem Latherabirg, Brady Twp
Oecrg. Kaarr -.. Truettrill - , "
W. W. Marab
Jacob Beelmea -
Anrg. I. Ptbarkar,
Bneoerla Twp
..PaalelJ, llnaloa Twp
Jame. L. BcofleM a "
Mary Kiwob.war..,.., a. ...M.rrl. Twp
Faatar llavia..., Barnald. B.rough Mulam,.., CeTlagtw Twp
Louie Lelgey.mMfM..w,...HH....CMlrjgteB Twp
M. Af. Fire. ................. ...Pcrlli., Pane Twp
Hamwal liullib.e.... CarwaaeTille
Oeergo W. UeTik...M..M.M..,.wNew WaahlagtoB
tl aorge MrCraoken 8.ndy Tewnahip
Klla. Welk.,i,....ieoM- Toeraebip
I). W. Lloyd ,....llallck Tawnabip
lleergaW. Dotll Olea Hope
Urerge W. Uajbety Barrett, Bradford Twp
It. LlTiageta .........Olearleld
Job keeur ........... -
J. . lira IT C.rwenrTlH.
Andrew Hllkr...,...,....TrewlTilla, Brady Tarf
Jamre 8k.wMyH,....w...,..wCerlnUa Iwp t,a.
Paler Moren Il.l.d.l
Mu K UaordluigM-... 1.U.U, Band, Iw,
Pete, dueler. ..CoTlagtob To.aiblp
Cwllled b frem Ibe rreord M Olearleld Ibla
Ilia day ef Febravy, A. I). ISM.
Tho Game of "Fifteen" Solved at
Keep out Flics and Mosquitoes,
Al.reh 17, 1SHU. .
XJ INT DT3 3S II. O?1 A XC 3S 3F1. t
All ki iidoi of Cuskola and Colling kept on hand, and furnished to order on
short, notice, including tho find aa well aa tho cheapen that ran l. maun,
fiictnrfd. Our
oonpsn Fiusreanvun
la tho Inst In una, and will lx furniilied when required. Funeral, attended
in any part of the connty. fall at my office, on Second street, or loavo
your ortlors at Troulman'a Fnrnilure Store, adjoining tho Ponlofllce.
octl,79-ly.' . , Cloarfiold, Pa.
Pall and "Winter Styles,
' T. A. FLECK & CO.,
Black and Colored Cash mores, Brocade Drost Goods, IMain Preks Goods,
New Shawls, l.ndiei' Coats, lied Flannels, Ornj- Flannels, Klaid Flannels,
Navy Ulue Flannels, Waterproofs and Ladies' Cloths, all colors,
Cassimercs, Mon's and Boys' Wear, Drees Ginghams, Calicoes and
Muslina. Our stock was never hetter. Our Ladles' Skirls are beautiful.
Millinery Goods,
A roniplctc iStook at our iiNiial ItargaiuN.
Plumes, FIowois, Winxa, Oslrieli Tips, all kinds of Fancy Wings and Birds,
New Brocade Velvets and Silks, Satins, Black and Colorod Silks, Black
and Colored Silk Yelvot, Kid Gloves, Lisle Gloves, Silk Fringe,
llnttons, Laces, Corsets, Embroideries, Edging,, Insertings,
Linen ITandkeroiiiefs, Ladies' Tiei,
and Fancy Yarns, Ladies,' Gent's
Gent a and Children s Iloao. We don t Intend to have any store In
Clearfield county beat us in anything style, pricos, quantity,
quality, or soiling. Givo us a call and see for yourself.
on cioths
Graham's Building, - Market St., -
grw gutrrrtlgftnfnta.
TEI FOR NAI.E. TbirUeu hirea of
oab, or olobaaga for wb.tU. Far furtbar ia
l.rmalt.B aau an or aanreaa win anaoraianeu.
. f.l.RM...,
Not I, Tl If. ' Clouield, Pk
Aa.-.GEI- NOTICK.To Whom It
May Couccni t Tba aaderiigaed having
appointed Aestgaaat far tbo benefit of eredl
tori by Jan. B. Orah, of Claarfteld borough, ell
persons, therefore, be-log claims against him will
present ineni io nw ier itTinvni, n
dehted to tbe said 3rabaia are required to wttle j
aad B)ak piyneat to as.
KliWAnii a. nuann,
' ' ' 1 ASBUKY W. I. KB,
Clsaraeld, I'a., Dee. 14, l79 tf. As.igotes.
NOTIC B la the Ooartof Cobibiob I'leas of
Clar fluid eoaatf.
... a. .. . s v- loi ,
VoroaioBweaiiB e.x nti i io m-ji-u
varsui ' VwwdiBgi la taen
ia. A. Coartaev.. - I auy, r-, , . ,
Net lea is brel- ea that thr fta.t g.cantaf
O-orge O. R rh. In Lunary, in abore
oaee, hsi heea Bled la thli otBce, and will be pre
sented roreonflratitloB at the a it tern of Crmri,
commencing Monday, Mareh 1Mb, IfOO.
, a Ll HLU"N, rroiaonoiary.
CUariaU, Pa, Fab. U, UhaMt. .
ben h tag Orn haewa ae tho Clear field CoobIt
Banh hM been dissokod by matrtal ooasent, and
tba baah il to go into gradual llqaidatian. We
Bra respaasible fur the dvbls, aad will pay theat.
Tho aetata will ha aader control af Joba W.
Wrtglef ovelaslTely, at th Baahiag bouso, aod
aad Mill be collected hy him.
ClearielJ, Pa, Doe. J, 1K7V tf.
J. V. Gray ) la Ceaiaioa Pleas Court ol
verses I Olearaeld eaooty.
, 19 Willi.- I BV - W -T IBhB.
The Baderslgaed, wha wu appelated by the
Court, ta dtrtribata tbe proceeds of tho tale af
Defend ant's pe' soeal property la the who may
be entitled lo tbo tame, will at lead ta that doty
at hii ooe ia iba Ma-oalo bonding, la the bor
ough or Clearfield, oa THURSDAY, tba 1ITH
day af MARCH, A. D. ISB0, whoa aad where ail
per soas late rested oaa attend. If they eae proper.
Tflv0. 4. McGL'LLOL'UH,
Pro. 16th, 1V It . Au iltor.
Hattea Is hereby gt?tB thai Iba Commits
toner f Clearfield ooaaty, Pa., at their ofhoe,
will raceira reeled pro pose) lo find all isaieriaJ
aad sreot and eotapleta a wood a itabla for tba
an of the Hbertf, on lot adjolntng the jail, from
tbte date antil tba I7T1I DAY Of MARCH, I HUB,
wbra Ibey will epfB said proposals and let or re
fuse. ' All propooall maat h olaar aad definite la
taoaat.and ao Mated ta flgureaor writing. The
pi In aad speciacatiea wbieb were adopted ar
now oa file ta Ibe roramiiiieoers' office, where
all In tare ted eaa rail aad eieaalae th-ea.
RLAtl JftHNSOlt,
Attest' Oemmlssloacrs.
Joa W. Howb, t'Urh.
' Cbanialsriooeri' rSe,
Clearheldi l a., r et. li, Wi Su
J'HAT wall -h aow a property illwte oath baah
of tbo Busqnebanaa f iter, la th beraagfa af
rweaiTille. Clearfield eoanty, Pa , aacapied by
tha late BRNJAM1N HARThHOKN, deed, il
bow offered for al. It eoaielei ahoat
Thirteen Acres,
Vpoa whkh U rectod a fine two-stury frame
Ar DWELLntl flOOE,
eiill STABLB, a.d lb. amrnnrf nt-
limlV I1 '' aad am. HMWIHU
HH.ktMUtf wwraSPRINa WATRR. -Thil
m S .ry d.eireM. ejeperty M priTM. reel
dewe Thepr.B.rtylaaM.amdalPRIVaTI
BAI.S, mm rccaabl. urmi. Fee fanW l.
Ibrwiell.a la releiioa I. It, call at tb. mmleaa,
arspptl tothaaBderrifaed 1. pwrnwhylHtH.
Attorney for tba Main.
Clearteld, Pa, "apt. Id, IITS tf.
Ribbons, Yarns, Zephyrs
and Children's Underwear, Ladies,'
Clearfield, Pa.
Set., l," ly
lWw Pt1mtisfmtnt3.
0- O O B week lo yoar wa towa.
Term! and $6
VUU outfit free. Address li. Mallet A Compaay,
fort end, Maine.
5,000 Rail Road Ties., fa. Jm. . T-lf.
Normal lastiiuie !
0;o&s Monlay, April 28th, 1880.
riMHS. School eommeada llaelf to Babll. fa rer
for tbe followio, reaeoaa
Firal, BnardloR e.B be bad la good familial at
from 12 te f er WMb. ,
Sreond, Looatloa ll b.Utbfnl aad
lb lid, Tbe seme af aludy eowua.a
aod hi,ber brancbea.
Fo.rtb, Iu aiadeala reclra tbe benefit of an
aalabli.bcd LacUra Mare, free af ebarira.
Fifth, Tb. etudanle bare tha advaotaf. af a
well-eoadurlcd LiUrary Society.
Siilh, Tbe people af th. Tieialty bacoarag.
Iba tc.rbera and aturirnte la their work.
Any or all of tb. hlRlwr knanchi...U SO
Cnmmoit brancbea, with Theory of
liarblur..... (OO
C'ommi.ii branrliaa 4 &t
Modrl HrUool.. M
.IMr-The anderaiirned will ba pleaaed to farnieh
additleael inlormatiuB. either hy pereoa r leletr
Aildrrm Matt iaraf e, Cleaileld, V..
anrnary Ijtb, km Im.
Real Estatot:,
BY Tlrlae ol an arder lalaed oat af tba drpbama'
Ooart ef Clearteld oe.aly, P., tb. oeer
ained Admi.iatratora of th. aalat. ai A nTH UK
K HUSK, bte af UwreaM tawaebip, la ee.d
ooaaty, decMMd, will cell at Pablic Sale, at Uw
Cart Hoaa., ia the boraafb tt ObmrteMt '
Friilaj, April 2d, 1880.' .
At twa o'ekMk P. M , that T.leebte Mna'aad
bomeatead, aitvate ha aald towaabip, bMn.t
and daarribed a. folloera i kNginaiatt at a pre. at
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