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tl tion neatly eireoted it this nffliia.
Office In Court Hour.
ClearUeld, P.
Alt legal barioen promptly attended to. Offloo
in Second atreet, io tbo Maaonio building.
lU ClrnrfieM County, Penn'a. 15
- critui COBDOB.
jf"0ffio la l'io's Opcr Home, second floor.
9:307 1
Clearfield, Pi.
Will tUleiad to ill businsM entrusted to bin
.loini.tly tod faithfully, bov 1275
Wt I.LI ill X. WALI.ACB.
(Suicostiiirfl to V!liico A Fielding,)
Il-12'7t Clcarlleld, Pa.
did i el w. h ccanr.
Clearlleld, Pa.
.CHiTLenl busition attended to prtimjittT wlthj
l.lclity. UtUt'o uo Seund street. Above ibe First
National It rink. jan:l:76
Attorney and Coonhkloii at Law,
Having resigned his Juilgenhip, bas resumed
:he prat) tion of tba law In his old office at Clear
doM, P. Will attend the courts of JcfTeraon and
Kit; counties when riiecialty retained in connection
with resident enunsel. 1:U:71
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Hcnl Kitntc and Culled ion Agent.
ti.i;Aiu it:i,i, pa..
Will promptly attend to all es;al business -truted
to bis oar.
tTOllice io 1'iu's Of era II ue. Janl,
i 1:17.1 J'k'nrtlcM, Pa.
( IrorlleM, Pa.
rVOmn In Old Wilrn llot.l bullJloj,
ciirn.r of BeoonU ani Market Bta. dotSI,S6.
CiearUeld, Pa.
Mrl)fti In tba Court Iluuu. JyllC
Tinware, Mails, 4c.
8mm nd Ktrret, Cleartteld, Pa
Mid Heal Fitate Agent. Clearfield, Pa.
Offlre ob Third street, bet. Chorrj A Walnot,
rfrHeipeolfull; offers his seryiees In selling
ind buying lands In Clearfield and adjoining
tonntlea .and with an eiperianeeof c?er twenty
ears as a snrreyor, flatters himself that he an
render sstltfaction. Feb. 2S.f 3:tf,
Knw IoftH and liiiubur,
Oflleo In (Irabam'a How.
1:11 Oareuln, ricirflcld Co., Pa. j pJ
llrlltlulito. Pa.
Will practice la Clcarnnia and all of tba Court, uf
tha 2itb Juilioinl ilt.trlet. Heal calata ouiinaifl
and oollaotion of olaimrmnUe ipoalaltlel. -nl'TI
Will attend profMBionaloalle promptly. auglO'70
Office on Market Street, Clearlleld, Pa.
((-Office koum I to II a. la , and I to S p. m.
Ollloa la reaidrnee oa Markot It.
April 14, 1872. ClearMd. Pa.
Late Surgeon of the Md Regiment, Penney lan.a
Volunteer!, having returned from tht Ansy,
ofTors bis professional serf leas to tlteltlieni
of Cloarfteld oounty.
e-Prtfeisiunaleal1i promptly attended to.
Office od 8eond street, former I yoccQpifd by
lr. Woods. laprVM-u
( I K.AHl 1I-M, PFMU'A.
tr Office bors-Fro IS to t P. M.
May It, 1H7.
1LL1AM M. HBNUY, Juhtici
or tni P a.iri ian HrniTaaaR. LUHUKK
CITY. Cll.fftintii wade and m'neT promptly
I'iid oor. Articles of agrtrment and deeds tl
emit eye nee neatly terutcf and warraniea eor
t or no charge. lJy'7l
In kratier'a ilulldiiiff, I'lraiUeld, Pa.
Uraler In Orocilea, ProTlaloaa, Vef.tablet,
I'reil., Kl.ior, Pent, .to., eta.
Hbop on M.rkrt .1., 0'po.lta OoNrt lloBH.
A eltan towel for over oa.touer.
Alio Baaulaetarar of
All kind, of Artlrlea In Human Hair.
Clearbrle, P.. l, '.
Jmtlce of tbe Peaea aad Scrivener,
t'urwrnavllle. Pa.
ta.Culln)tionl nada and Banner prnnpllf
'J.ier. fobSI'lllf
V tlAKKR, Matket t., Clrailrld, Pa.
Prr.k llrrad, Ite.k. Holla, Plea and Cakae
oa hand or made to onlrr. A g eneral aeaortaieBt
Jf Unlarlionarlei, Krnlte end Nell IB ateck.
Ie (rraia and (Ir.lerl la araeoa. Pelooa ararl;
lr'.He tbe PoeluBea. Prleoa aiod.rale.
GEO. B. Q00DLANDER, Proprietor.
TNNTICEH' constaiii.i:h vkvm
We have printed a larga aninher of the new
ill on tho
m to acy .
Bee eente. mall a aoi
Itetnlur Township,
Oeeoola Mill! P. O.
.II offleial boainapa antraalcd to him will be
promptly atlanded to. mcbiv, "in,
frcucbvllla, ClearBeld County, Pa.
Keepa eonatantly on band a full aaoortmont of
urjr uooda, Hardware, urooonee, ana ereryininf
niually kept In a retail Itora, wbioh will be eold,
for eaab, ae ebeap aa elaewbera ia tba county.
Pranebvillo, June 17, UoT-ly.
Alio, exteneivo manufacturer and dealer In Pquaro
Timber and Hawed l.umberol ail Mlnde.
VOrdera .elicited and all billa promptly
tiled. lyion
House and Sign Painter and Paper
ClaarUrld, Penu'a.
XvWill eieeuU Joba In bll line promptly and
la a workmanlike manner. arr4.fl'
TPampi alwaya on hand and made to order
en abort notice, npea ooreo on roaBunenie irma.
All work warranted to render aatiafactlon, and
delivered if deilred. myliilypd
and manufacturera of
dealer in
Real Estate, Square Timber, Boards,
:10'T3 Clearfield, Pa,
Market ft., Clcarlleld, Pa.
In the lliep lately occupied by Frank fibort,
one door welt of Allrghany Uouae.
Plana and Specification, furntahed for all kinda
of building. Ail work Otat-olaaf. Stair build
ing a apeei.lty.
P. O. addre.a, Clcarlleld, Pa. Jan. 17-7711.
Rumbarger, Cleardeld Co., Pa.
Keepa on band all kind, of ITarnell, Soddlca,
nridlea, and lloraa Farniahia Good. Repairing
promptly attended to.
Humbargrr, Jan. 10, 1877-tf. '
Square Timber & Timber Lnnds,
1.1 very Ntnblo.
TIHE underlined bear leave to Inlorm thrpnb.
f. He that ha ii now fully preper to accommo
date all in tbe wayof farniihing H-.iea, Ruggiea,
riiai.. and Harneal. on the ihorteit notice and
en reaionnble terma. Heiidenoe on Loca.t atreet,
between Third and Fonrth.
Hearlleld. Feb. 4, U74.
Watches, Clocks und Jewelry,
Oroo' Ho-, ilarlut Slrnt,
( I.EAIII'lt:l.l), PA.
All klnda of repairing la my line promptly Bl
inded to. April 2.1, io:..
The Miidcrslcncd would Inturtn the puliHe that
ha hes reiaovrd hia Uot and Hboe Hrmp In the
roum lately occupied hr J. Dearkng. tn Hhaw's
Kow. Market it reel, where be ti prepared io
t putt i,. the w.iits of all who need anTlhiD2 in hit
line. AH work done ly him will he of tht brst
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hinds of Leather and tSlua Fin-ling- for sale.
Cltsrufl-1, Pa . July 18, 1H77 Om.
At tba end of tha new bridgt,
Tie proprietor of Ibia e.tabllibmrnt will bny
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from Ibia bouaa will be lure to get a pure article
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Vinery, at Hatb, New York.
Clearleld, Jon. Id, IK76-II.
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TUB ander.licaed, having aeuldl.bed a Nur
aery oa tb. 'Pike, about half way betwaea
CUuuBrld and Curwetiiville, la preared to fnr
aiib all bind! of FRUIT TREES, (.tandard and
dwarf,) Kvergroeaa, Bbrabbory, Urapo Vlnaa,
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(Jolnoe, aad early acarlel Rhubarb, Ao. Ordera
prouotly atteaded to. Addreia,
r ' ' i. b. WRKIHT,
aep( - CurwaB.vllle, Pa.
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and all kind, of
A fall .lock of Saddlera' Hardware, Braebae,
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All hiada "I bidea taken la aarbanga for bar
seal aad repairing. All klndi of barneel leather
kept oa baud, and for aala at a aiaall protk
Clearfield, J.a. IK, l7.
For Bala at tha Clearlleld RarriurAB oflee.
Tht nsil lomptrlt HtrUt of
lllank pubHthrd.
Tkeae Bleak, an fotlea Bp la eoperlor alyla,
Bra Of oairorBI aiae, ana larni.eun e.
sgnrel for eaab.
Call at the RarranrAB olca aad liamiae
Ibrm. Orderl by mall promptly Biieo.
Addraaa OOOIILARUin :
Cliarfield, Pa.
(J real Loss of Lire!
Millions of Dollars Worlh of
Properly Destroyed I
A ll.l It I'EST f OK Til IK I 'i.'.S.
Tllli Alt.MV CAI.I.I'.D OUT T(l lili
IIaltimohk, July 22. Tlio situulion
in Bultimore rvmuins practlcullv mi-
thanjrcil ob rcgartls tbe strike. I'rowdn
of peoplo have thronged the strocts nil
dny. The (.'nmili-n Stution of the llttlti-
moro nnu Ohio JtHilroau 1ms neon con
verted into s military depot, whore
about 350 State troops and about ah
many more I nitod Mates soldiom are
Htationod. with three pioccsol artillery.
Locust Point is another stronghold
which ban been threatened by rioters.
Hero are tlio two great elevators ot tho
llallimoro and Ohio Railroad and the
United Htalcs bonded worohoiiHos on
railroad piers tilled with merchandize.
Tho elevator and warehouses aro on
tho deep water front, and protected by
tbo revenuo cutter Kwing, on board of
which sixty marincHarestutioned. Tbo
boro may bo raked by tho guns of tho
cutler in easo of riot or attempted pil
lage, lliogarrmon at rort Jlellonry
has been strengthened by several com
panies. In tbe city two companies of
United States soldiors buvo been sta
tioned as reserves in the armory of tho
Sixth Jtogimont, which will tend to
facilitate the recuperation of that shat
tered command, which, it will be re
membered, figured in tho street fight
of July 20. Troops havo been also
stationed at Alt. Clare depot and some
other points '.hrontcned ny tlio strikers.
In all. upwards ol Z.UWI soldiers iorm
tbe law and order garrison of tho city
of Dnltimoro to night. Ol these about
Gill) are militia and 1,400 aro United
States troops, including artillerymen
ns inlantry and marines from Wasn
ington and Norfolk. Tho marines are
in command of Colonel Charles Hay
ward. Seven companies of troops from
Aow lork harbor, under lienernl It. II.
Ayrcs, Colonel of Third Artillery,
reached tho city this afternoon. All
tho troops aro admirably disposed for
cllicientsorvico.and it is tlio determina
tion of all concerned to have order, and
thero will bo no let down from that
position. Other things will bo talked
about afterwards.
Orders have been issued by tho Gov
ernor ot Maryland to recruit tho Fifth
and Sixths Regiments, Maryland Na
tional Guard, tip to 1,000 men each.
Tho regiments tiow havo in sorvico
about 350 men each. General Goorgo
11. Stewart, a graduato of West 1 oint.
and formerly an ofllcer in the United
States army, who served in tho Con
federate armv during tho war botween
tho States, has been commissioned to
raiso tbo Seventh Regiment, and open
an oflico to recruit l,"lll men. iho
officers nail men of tho militia are to
bo placed on tho same pay and footing
as United States troops. In addition
to tho military, State and Federal, 500
special policemen havo been enlisted,
tlitis increasing this force up to one
thousand men. Tho specials arc placed
on tho same footing and under tho
same disciphno as the regular force,
As an additional protective Influence
tho police havo received orders to ar-
rest all persons who aro found selling
strong drink in violation ol orders.
At an early hour this morning Major
General W. S. Hancock reached Balti
more trom Now York on the regular
train, and was followed in tho ulles
noon by the troop train, which he had
been ordered to dispatch to this depart
ment. Ho was accompanied by bis
Inspector General, It. It, Arnold, and
Aids, Colonel W. G. Mitchell and Gen
eral C. U. Sowtello. 1 hey liavo ostitb
liihed their quarters at Illinium's Ho
tel. General H uncock is not bore to
take any command, having simply
como in an advisory capacity. The
United States troops aro to form a
posse comilntiis, called out at the request
ot Governor Carroll, of Maryland. In
his advisory capacity, (ioneral Han
cock bits had consultation during tho
day with GovornorCarroll and Generul
Herbert, commanding the State troops.
General W. F. Harry is in command
of all tho United States troops In the
city and at Fort Mcllenry, whore he
is stutioned.
Brigadier General H. G. Abbott, who
reached llallimoro at 11 A. u. from
Willis' Point, N. Y., with three compa
nies of tho United States Engineer
Corps, ono hundred men and soven
oflicers, wcro mot by a mob in the
President street depot of tbe Philadel
phia, Wilmington and Baltimore Rail
road. Tho crowd groaned and hissed,
tho soldier. In passing along tho
President street depot, on their way
to tho Sixth Regiment armory, where
tbo late riot bcjian on Friday, tho Hn
ginoer Corps was stoned.. Privato
Michael Corcoran was hit on tho head
and painfully Injured. Tho command
was ordered to halt, and the mob dis
persed. The corps was not further
troubled. 'They carried breech-loader
and cutlass bayonets, which make a
very formidallo weapon. The regular
troops now in Baltimore are all nicked
and disciplined men, and will infuse a
lino spirit into the State forces. They
all havo the latost broccb-loading arms.'
Saturday night was one of intonso
fevenshness and uncertainty, many
porsons did not go to bed, and during
tho night over 6,000 people assembled
in a threatening mob at tbo Camden
depot, and tho polieo, protected by tho
soldiers, arrested several hundred ol
them, and they wcro taken to tbo sta
tion bouse and jail. After this the
mob nradunlly fell off. A serious riot
occurred the same night at the Mount
Clare depot, a milo or so further ouL
Over 100 rioters went to tba Carey
street foundry of tho railroad, near Ml.
Clare, and tlireaenicu to nurn n, oui
they wcro driven oft by the polifemon
with revolvers. At 2 A. M. a string ol
coal oil cars, mile or ao further out,
near Viaduct Switch, were sot on Hr.
Tlio nolico went to tho protection of
other proiMirty near by, when .'100 riot
era stoned them to prevent the oxocu-
lion of the design, but failed. I M
train comprised thirty llvocars, loaded
with potrolonm, of which aovon cars,
The police saved the rest. Tbo petro
leum will bo fully protected hereafter.
Immediately after tbo firo 120 mar
ines, who had just arrived from the
Washington Navy Yard, wore sent to
tbe spot. The loss was about 111,0011.
1 ho city was kept feverish all night by
firo alarms. A lumber yard and sash
lacuiry, near the f resident street depot,
were burned, and it scorned, toward
morning as if tho Incendiary's torch
was abroad, intent on destruction, but,
happily, the above wore tha only in-
stances in which there was any loss of
property. It is not behoved there are
more than flvo hundred actual strikers
in Baltimore, if so many, but thoy bavo
thousands oi sympntinnors who liato
the railroad. Jlesidus, thoro are vul
tores who mingle with all the crowds
in hopes that the frensy of tho work.
men and their sympathizers may bo
oxcitcd to dccibj of distraction so that
they moy profit by plunder. The
striking firemen, onirinoers and other
train hands aro confident of success,
and stato that they do not intend to
make any proposal to the railroad
company, tho former committees hav
ing been discharged for so doing, but
their committees aro ready to hear any
overtures from tho tbo company. Al
ter twelve ociocic Kattirday not a
wheel was turning on tho Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad, or any portion of
tho lino oust ot tho Ulno river, includ
ing tho Washington and Metropolitan
branches. It is understood that this
course was decided to bo pursued on
account of danger to tho employes and
proporty and that trallio of ovory kind
will be suspended until tho Governor
of Maryland and tbo President of the
United States can give the company
assuranco of safety to persons and prop
erty. At present the property of tho
road is givon into tbo bands of tho
Stato for protection. It is stated that
engineers and firemen were forcibly
tuken trom tho mail train which was
stopped by tbo rioters Friday night.
lSALTiuoni, July 22 Midnight.
The concentration of United States
Regulars at Baltimore is as much for
operations in other parts ol Maryland
and in West Virginia as in -this city.
Baltimore will be tho baso of opera
tions. Tho city is already a military
post of importance. I n addition to tbe
United Stutos soldiers now on the spot,
one thousund moro are within twT
hours' call, and tbe force will be speed
ily augmented by the war ships Pow
hatan and Swatara from Norfolk, wilh
6G0 of the troops which are moving up
from garrisons of the South.
It is believed a few duya will witness
the concentration hero of three or four
thousand. United Stntos troops, who
come with alacrity to demonstrate that
tho-urmy and navy, which have boon
so much abused, are of some uso besides
drawing rations and pay. It is expect
ed thut somo ot the troops will be tor
warded to Western Maryland to-mor
row, and others will follow as the Stato
forces increase bore and things become
settled, in a low days it is behevod
that Maryland will be able tolakecaro
ol itsell. it Is sale to say that in llul-
tiruore no more violence need be anil
ciliated. Up to midnight tho city has
been as quiet as on Sunday usually,
oxcept for tho eagerness to got the
now? from i'lttsburgb at all centres by
crowds of people and the issue of news-
papor extras. - - -
Harrikburo, July 22. This city
was in a stuto ol great oxcitoment to.
day, thousands of poople congregating
about tho Pennsylvania and the Read
ing Railroad depots to await further
developments In tho great outbreak on
thJ Pennsylvania Ttailroad. Thero
wore indications hero on Saturday
night of a strike on tho Middle Divis
ion betwoen Hnrrishtirg and A I toon a,
but tbo railroad officials wcro loth to
believe that it was imminent. Tho
interference with a freight train and
tbe hooting and stoning nut of soldiers
who passed through for Pittsburg from
f niliKlolphia were attributed to irre
sponsible outsiders by tliom, but all
their hopes wero dispelled this morn.
ing at ton o'clock, wbon, at tho com
mand of sovoral apparent strangers,
tho engineers and firemen of several
freight trains descended from their lo
comotives after having housed them.
All tbo Ireight trains wcro deserted.
The round houses in the upper portion
ot tho city contain about forty locomo
tives, while ovor twolvo hundred cars
are standing on the sidings in the samo
vicinity. The striko is general on tho
Middle Division, between twelve nun
dred and fifteen hundred being affect
od by it. Of thiwo tour hundred or
five hundred aro employed in this city,
most of them in tho Pennsylvania
round houses. A crowd collected at
tho Pennsylvania depot early this
morning and by two o'clock in tho af
ternoou it had swollen to sovoral thou
sands. Many ot thorn congregated out
of idle curiosity, but a considorablo
number wero attracted by a determi
nation to interfere with tbo passage
through tho city of several hundred
I'hiladclpbia soldiorsdestinedlor fitts-
burg. It was also believed that among
tho military would bo several coippa
nies of negroes, and against them nu
merous dire threats wcro made. The
ammunition for the expected whito
troops had been got in readinoss at tbo
State Arsenal, but it was deemed pru
dent, considering tho excitement at
A I toons and In this city, to counter
mand tho order, and tho ammunition
was returned to the arsenal. Had any
of tho military arrived it is highly
probablo they would have onconntered
considerable difficulty in passing
through the city, tho ringleaders in
the strike having expressed tho deter
mination to throw all possible obsta
cles in their way. A meeting of three
or four thousand people, many of them
railroaders, was addressed on a com
mon, a low hundred yards above the
depot, by a man named Torbelt, who
justified the strikers in their course
and predicted their triumphant suo
ccss. Ho counseled them not to des
troy railroad or other proporty. He
intimated that il 'attacked by troops
they had a perfect right, in sell de
fense, to striko back, as their brethren
had done in the affray at Pittsburg.
Torbctt spoko from the top of a box
car, and when ho referred to tho mili
tary he was loudly cheered. Altor
tlio meeting tho crowd surged toward
tho depot. About 8 o'rlock the day
express Kast, detained nearly flvo
hours by too car nre ot riuanurg, ar
The crowd imtlicrcd about thottaln
and several porsons detached tho en
irlno sovcal times, when the railroad
company officials ordered tho engine
to bo tiiKcn to tho round house. Tho
Iiassengors wcro compelled to lio ovor
icro. On the train wore about a
soldiers, who bad grown tired of the
servica wbich they had rendered at
Altoona. Several of thorn were sick,
and ono of them, named Jlallongor, a
perfumer, ol Philadelphia, who had
been ninstruck. was taken to the liar
risburg hospital for treatment.
A notice from General Superintend
ent Gardner, expressing tho hopo that
tbo Pennsylvania Ituilroad cm ploy os
who aro at this timo loyul to tho in
tercuts of tho company will remain so
and keep alool lrom all riotous demon
strations, was booted at in many hi'
stances and destroyed. Mayor Put
terson has issuod a proclamation re
questing tho closing ol all drinking sa
loons, and urging upon citizens tho
propriety of not collecting upon tho
streets in crowds during tho present
Harrisiiurq, July 2,11 a. m. An
atlompt was mado a few minutes ago
to throw a company on tho way to
this city from Pino Grove, Schuylkill
county, from the track, on tho Phila
delphia and Heading Railroad, several
iron bars having been plucod on tho
track a milo east of this city. Tbe ob
struction was discovered in time to
prevent an accident. Sovoral Lebanon
county companies refused to como to
this city. It is reported that an at
tempt will bo made to force tho Phila
delphia und Reading Railroad em
ployes to striko to-duy-
Meauville, Pa., July 22. Thurs
day evening orders wero received by
Col. J. M. Clark, ol the Fifteenth Uegi
nient, to hold the two companies of
National Guard in readinoss for im me
diate movement. Saturday evening 5
o'clock Adjutant Generul Latta order
ed the troops to report at Pittsburg
iiiiiuuuiuteiy, unu oeiore o o ciock mey
were at the depot. Tho Atlantic and
Great Western Ruilroad had provided
an cngino and cars and filly-two men
and ollicors were put on board tho
train. Just as it was ready to move
a railroad man uncoupled tho cngino
from tbe train. A half dozen others
mounted tho cngino and ran it to tbo
round bouse' The mastor mochanic
was on tho engine while this was go
ing on. No resistance was made to
this bold outrage, and no attempt mado
cither to arrest tho perpetrators or to
gel mo troops on. ibo latter remain
ed under arms during tho night, and
this morning another attempt was
mado to send thorn on their way by
tho regular express train. This did
not succeed, as tho samo gang of des
peradoes boarded tho train upon its
arm al, removed the brakes and in
formed tbo officials that the train could
go, but no soldiers could go on it. Tbe
troops then dispersed und went to
their homes, and have made no fur
ther attempt to obey their orders to
procoed to Pittsburg. Ono company
from Corry como this fur on tho ex
press train, but wero compelled to re
turn. A large proportion of the two
companies and of that from Corry
wore railroad employes. The railroad
mon, who had assembled hero in large
numbers lust night, held a secret meet
ing before thoy intcrlcrcd with tbo
trains, and their subsequent action
was probably sottlod by tho meeting.
They sympathize strongly with the
strikers and doclaro that no soldiers
shall pass over this road to Pittsburg.
The ruilroad officials fear tbo result ol
a fight and have mado no attempt to
maintain control of their proporty.
There' was no struggle last night, but
tho etreols were filled all night with
excited crowds. Any attempt to start
mo train containing any troops would
undoubtcHly havo resulted in a riot
and bloodshed, for tho railroad cm
ployos wero determined. Tho other
companies of this division have fared
no better. Seven companies aro now
at Chenango Station, the junction ol
tbo Erie and Piltshurg and Atlantio
and Great Western Railways.. Two
aro from Conneautvillo, Crawford
county ; two from and ono from
Northeast, Erio county, and two lrom
Mercer county. Tho hno and Pitts
burg road is in tho bands ol the strik
ers, and no troops will bo allowed to
go to 1 iltsnurg. All arkers, on the
Allegheny Valley road, several com
panies aro detained by the striko on
that road. A dispatch recoived but a
short timo ago from Greenville suys
tlio seven companies mentioned ns do
ing at Chenango aro still there, and
that there is no prospect ot their get
ting away. Thero is a fearful respon
sibility somowhoro for this failure of
troops from this section to got to Pitts
burg, whoro thoy wcro needed and ex
pected to help their companions from
Philadelphia. Tbe railroad authori
ties hero do not expect any strike, as
no reduction In wages has been made
lor over a year, r reight und passen
ger trains are running regularly, al
though considorablo pcrishublo freight
is detained hero and at Salamanca hy
ino striKo.
Nsw York, July 22. Since tho de
parture of 400 rogulurs from this city
for llallimoro, on Saturday evening,
there is hardly a corporal's squad in
each ot tbo forts in the harbor. The
Assistunt Adjutant General received a
disputch lrom General Hancock to-duy
to notify the officers in Fort Indepen
dence, Boston; Fort Ttumblo, Now
Loudon ; Fort Preblo, Portland ; Fort
Adams, Newport; l ort Porter, Buffa
lo, and tho Madison Barracks, Sackctt
Harbor, to prepare troops thero iu
readiness to move al a moment's no
lice. . About 1,000 mon will bo under
arms. Light Battery C loft Fort Ham
ilton this evening, luo sixty mon
wero armed wilh carbines and sabres.
They had rations for flvo days. m
Tbe Twenty-third Regiment, Colonel
Ward, of Brooklyn, recoived orders
this alVornoon from General Woodward
to go to Hornollsvillo. Alter much
trouble 300 men wero mustered in.
Men wore called by telegraph from
Coney Island and oilier places of ro
sort, and pohco officers knockod at the
door of every house and inquired tor
members ot the regiment. Kach sol
dier was provided with ten rounds of
bull cartridge. An immense throng of
peoplo followed and cheered the regi
ment on the way to the depot. Special
cars had been waiting'for them all the
alteration. Thoy will arrive in Hor
nollsvillo early to morrow morning, to
he ready to guard the trains which
Receiver Jowett says that he will send
out it there has to bo blood shod.
liZAiiiNd, Pa., July 22. There was
great excitement iu this city on Satur
day evening on account of a cull being
inserted in tlio IMily t.tujlr by Captain
Wonrick, of tho Reading Rifles, noti
fying bis company to meet at their
armory fully equipped and ready to
move at a moment's nolico at tho timo
specified. Somo of tbo members bo
longing to the company put in an ap
pearance, but tho greater part did not
show themselves, aa bets bad boon
mado that ii tbo compuny dared to
leave Reading there would be blood
shed. As it was, two or throe ol tho
soldiers were- rather roughly handled
on I'cnn street. At one time there
was a crowd of about 1,500 people
collected together, and it needed but
tho slightest encouragement to havo
started the whole mass of peoplo into
a riotous assemblage. Everything in
railroad circles is quiet hero to night,
but it teems tn be too quiet preceding
tho storm. Tho street in front ol the
Etiijh bulletin board it crowded with
people at this hour ( p. m.) I
Hktiileiikm, July 22. A largo and
enthusiastic meeting was hold at r.asUin
to-day by tho ompbryosof tbo Lehigh
Valley, Central of New Jorsoy, Belvi
dore, Doluwuro, Morris and Essex and
Delaware and Lackawanna Railroads.
They paraded the streets with bands
of inusio at their bead, shouting and
making loud demonstrations. Tho
officials ol tbo Lehigh Valley Bond
are closeted in' their rooms ut tho gen
eral oflico, ut this placo, holding con
sultutioiiB. Employes of tbe Valley
Road say they expect tho order to
striko momentarily. The North Penn
hands are excited over the rumor ol
trouble on their road at Philadelphia.
Tho Fusion Grays, who have been
camping nt Slrnudsburg, aro now en
route for Alleiitown, where thoy will
join the Allontotvn Rilles and Sluting-
ton Itillcs, and leave by special train
lor Pittsburgh. ' Demonstrations are
expected hero ovory minute.
WlLLiAUSi'OUT, July 22. Thero bus
boon great excitement in this city all
day ovor tho stirring events which
havo boon transpiring throughout tho
country, and thero has boon much
open and loudly-exproHsed sympathy
for tho strikers. At this hour (mid
night) all is quiet on tho Philadelphia
and Eii ie Ruilroad. The freight trains
west from Sunbury and cast lrom
Rcnovo left on their schedule timo
this evening, but there are apprehen
sions that they may be abandoned on
their arrival hero alter midnight.
Fraginouls of three military companies
loft bore this morning under the com
mand of Colonel Steads for Altoona,
and in tho afternoon they were follow
ed by the company from Canton, about
soventy strong. Tho freight train
over tho Northern Central arrived ut
midnight all right.
Towanda, Pu., July 22. Company
K, Twelfth Regiment, National Guurd,
Pennsylvania, under command of Cap
tain D. L. Sweeney, loll this placo lor
Pittsburgh this evening to aid in sup
pressing tho railroad strike. Thoy
wero accompanied by ono of General
Beaver's stair oflicers. Thero is con
sidorablo excitement over their de
parture. There is no indication of any
strike on tho Lehigh Valley.
Hiahinu, July 23. Tho F-aston
Grays and Allenlown Iti(lcs,nnd other
companies of tbo Fourth Regiment,
comprising nbout 2.10 troops, arrived
about 7:30 this evening at the now do
pot. Their movements wore kept se
cret, and scarcely any person outsido
of railroad circles wcro aware of their
arrival, and wbon thoy marched into
Seventh street from tho depot it was
tho first our peoplo know of their com
ing. Just before tho arrival of the
troops a crowd of somo two thousand
porsons bud surrounded tho 6:20 pas
senger train for Philadelphia and bud
compelled tbo engineer and fireman to
got oil' tho cngino, and after several
uielloctuat attempts to start the train
they wore conipcllod to abandon it and
draw tbo fire off the engine, leaving
tho train standing in the cut abovo
Penn street, Tlio passenger train due
oero ui o o ciock eamo thunucrinir
through tho city althorate of twenty
five miles an hour. Otherwise it would
havo been stopped ahd the cnttiiieer
and fireman compelled to leave the cn
gino. As it was thoy got to tho depot
without much damage, excepting that
uio engineer unu nreman were slruck
with stones by tbo rioters and badly
hurt. Tbo train was followed up to
tho depot by tho rioters, but they
were dispersed by tbo Coal and Iron
Company police, headed by Captain
Hoister, who acted with much caution
and bravery, and by whoso exertions
tho passengers wero allowed to proceed
to Poltsvillo. Alter tho train had
passed up to the depot Chief of Polieo
Cullcn read tho riot act to tho crowd
assembled on Penn and Seventh streets,
and ordered bis officers to clear the
street, but ho was answered by deris
ive yells. Ilia officers then made a
charge and cleared a small spaeo for a
jnorl lime, but tlio crowd soon fell
back into their old position, and were
not again molested by the police, who.
bowovcr, stood their ground, and tho
rioters mado no further attempt to mo
lest them. About this timo the troops
wcro heard advancing from tho depot,
and tho cry was raised by tho assoni-
oinge, winch was composed ol lrom
two thousand to four thousand people,
mon, women and children, "Hero comes
tho troops I" This bad no sooner been
said than firing commenced by tho
troops, and without any warning to
the people. At onco tho crowd scatter
ed liko a drove of sheep, and all that
could got under cover and out of tho
reach of the troops did so ; but alter
tho first volley somo ono yelled "only
blank cartridges, boys," and a stand
was mado by tho crowd. When tho
military fixed bayonets and again com
menced firing and continued for a few
seconds the crowd uguin mado a break,
and in a few minutes scarcely a per
son was left in front of tho troops.
Your correspondent, being ono of tho
crowd In front, mado for cover and
went headlong into the crowd.
Tho casualties, so far as hoard of,
aro about six persons killed, Officer
Rupp, of tho pohco force, being among
tho number. A man named Draco was
killed whilestundingtwo squares from
tho placo where tholightiug was going
on. Thoro aro about twenty wounded,
somo of them being children. Tho
crowd, when thoy dispersed, said,
"Boys, go for your rifles. AVo'll havo
'em yet for this." Tho sentiment hero
is very much against tbo soldiers for
firing on tho crowd without giving a
warning, as scarcely ono of tlio party
was armed. Kvcrylhing is seemingly
quiot now at 9 o'clock, bnt there will
bo trounlo yet to-night, as tho strikers
have gono for arms and ammunition.
Tho troops aro now quartered in Ponn
square. Tho different shops of tbo
company aro well guarded by about
:ro special pohco, well armed.
At this hour (11:30) there Is a largo
force ol men (caring up the tracks of
,i. i. .n.i:.... -I.?.... u ,i. ,
uiu ,,vi.,i,,ia nmu uitrii out en ill ail lti
in this city, which uro guarded by
about ono dozen men, armed with
munkotB. It is also reported that they
are tearing trucks up above and below
tbo city. No attempt is mado to in
terfere with tbom. Tho military are
ut tho round house, about half a milo
abovo this city, to which point they
marched after firing nt Seventh and ;
I'cnn. I oniing up town a short timo
ago a party of rioters showed mo somo
suits of military clothing captured
from tho Allenlown Rifles and somo
oight or ten muskets captured
lrom tlio samo company. As lar as
heard from tbo killed number eight
and tho wounded twenty. Among the
latter aro four polieo officers named
Hupp, llaggorty, Ilartand U'Donnclly,
all shot in llio legs. Among tbo killed
aro: Milton Truce, John Cussidy, O.
Sbaeffer, George Nacbtcub and tomo
others, whoso names could not be
learned. Tbo wounded aro as follows,
as far as heard from ; John Wcilcr, C.
Groetxingcr, Goorgo W. Palm, Kdward
Boyor, ilonry Grnff, Albort Mills,
Samuel Grant, John liinn anil 11. (1.
Corbitt. It is also reported that three
young ladies wore shot wLiio looking
on. Their names oould not be learned
at this hour. Tho armory of tbo Read
ing Rifles was broken Into and tho
guns captured by tbo mob, but as no
ammunition could bo found they wore
not put to use. Tho gun store of L.
Royet, on Soventh street, wus also
broken open and whntgunsund pistols
wore thoro taken off by tho crowd.
This ia all tho damage done to any
privato proporty or of the railroad
company, and thiiB far outsido of the
burning of tho Lebanon Valley bridgo,
tuo loss is very small. Thoro has been
ono soldier of tho Fourth Regimont
Killed ana lour wounded shuhtly.
Readino, July 23. To-day a crowd
numbering several thousand persons
assembled along tho Reading Railroad,
and this afternoon they commenced
stopping freight, coal and passonger
trains, only permitting mail trains to
procoed. At o o clock this evening
seven companies ol the rourtb ltcgi
mcnt, Pennsylvania National Guard,
arrived, and proceeded along- tho rail
road to Penn street; while in tho deep
cut, extending two squares from Wat-
nut to i'onn street, the Boldiors wore
assailed with stones, and immediately
commenced liring, it is alleged, with
out orders. The firing was indiscrim
inate, tho bullets doing bad work
among tho immenso concourse of peo
ple in tho vicinity of Seventh and
Penn streets, among whom wero many
rospectablo citizens,, as well as ladies
and children. Tho troops fired down
Seventh and up and down Penn streets.
Five persons are known to bavo been
killed and from eighteen to twenty-five
were wounded, several of them mor
tally. A number of other persons are
supposed to havo been B ounded who
escaped in tho crowd. Among those
wounded aro seven members of tho
police forco, somo of them soriouslv-
Cbief Cullcn bad a narrow escape, hav
ing been snot in tlio breast, but a
thick memorandum book turned tbe
ball. The policemen wore stationed
along the railroad tracks to preserve
order aud received tho full firo of the
military. A number of soldiers wero
knocked down and injured by lurgo
stones thrown ut them. Greut excite
ment prevuildto night. Tho mob broke
into tho armory ot tho Heading UiUos
and captured all their guns and have
also taken all tho weapons from a gun
store. They threaten vongcance upon
the military and further troublo is
feared to-night. Tbo mob is now en
gaged in tearing up tho railroad tracks
and thoro iss blockade of accumulated
freight and coal cam. Tho railroad
company has a strong guard stationed
around their machine shops und other
buildings in tlio city to prevent them
from being burned. Several companies
ol cnttoa .Males regulars and tho nix
tconth Lioginicnt, Pennsylvania Na
tional Guard, aro expected to arrive
during tbo night.
PiTTsiiLRou, July 23. Tbe storm
which bus been gathering for fivoyears,
and which broko over this great city
on Saturday night, is over, at least for
tho tune being, and the poople ot Pitts-
burgh are now contemplating the
monstrous result ot thoir own incom
prehensible folly. They bavo sowed
the wind and truly they have reaped
tbo whirlwind. Tho sympathy of all
classes was extended to tho strikors,
but tbo thing did not stop there, and
so bitter wore tho denunciations of the
railroad company that riot and blood
shod, arson and pillage were foreseen
by tboso who calmly witnessed tho
Btrugglo ; but no words of warning
wore heeded, and when tbo first shot
was fired into the troops by the mob
nt Twonty-eighth atreet there wero
not loss than 5,000 peoplo present, men,
women und children, and they unani
mously treated the command to dis
perso with contempt, and then, when
the troops did firo and clear tho track,
tbo denunciations were loud and deep
on overv bund. Jtiot and bloodshed
during tho night wero known to be in
evitable, but the citizens did absolutely
nothing to prevent it, and had tho
Mayor issued the proclamation calling
for volunteers which he lias done to
day, ho w ould have been derided and
hooted, and so the storm broko al mid
night and raged In nil its deadly fury
for twolvo hours. Then the people
began to rcalizo their mlstako and to
say to one another, this thing has gone
tar onuugh and must now be stoppod.
You will soo tho significance of tho
words "gone far enough." While llio
properly of tbo railroad company alone
and that for which it was directly re
sponsible was being consiimod intcrfor
once wus not thought of, hut when the
firo reached Ihe limitsof the company's
properly thoro was nn outcry that it
must bo checked. It never socmcd to
enter tho mindsof the people that they,
as tax payers, wore directly responsible
and wouid havo to pay for nil tho dam
ago done. Tho simple fact is that had
the citizens not shown such an. alarm
ing disregard of all law and onlor the
outbreak would never have occurred,
but the desperuto communist leaders
and plunderers in the community saw
thut now was their timo and thoy wero
aided, I havo the best reasons lor be
lieving, by experienced incendiaries
and pillagers lrom other cities, who
havo been gathering hro since it was
mado known throughout tho country
that Pittsburgh, through municipal
corruption and incompetency, had been
deprived of one-half of its already mea
gre police forco. The rioting and de
struction, you will be told, was the
work of a drunken mob, but this is
only part of tho truth. Tho work of
arson and plunder was directed from
point to point by cool heads and steady
nerves, by mon unknown in this com
munity and who probably never will
be known. To the credit of many ol
the strikers it can bo said that when
they saw what was to bo tho result of
tho riot, they cut looso from the mob
and endeavored to restore order ; somo
ofc them even offered to protect the
proporty ol tho Fort Wayne Rod.
Have wo seen the end ? Thut no man
can toll to-night. Troops uro massing
and patroling the streets In connection
with the special nflo armed police,
under tho command ot Gen. Negloy.
Tho Fort Wayne Road is again out
and all tho truffio stoppod, as is also
tho Allegheny Valley, and it it ex
pected that the Wost Penn will follow,
and If it does, then all communication
with the Kast will bo cut off.
Pimm tun, J uly 23. M idnight A n
afternoon paper published an authori
tative statement to-day that filtoen
Philadelphia soldicrs,killcd or wounded,
had been left In tho carpenter shop by
tbo round honsos and hail boon burned.
Tbo ilrliri about those buildings is still
too hot to al tempt any examination
and none whatover has been attempted,
so no positivo ovidonco can be obtained.
Generul Brinlon is in the city to-day,
in citizen's clothes, bnt refuses to givo
any information as to tho loss of lite or
limb in hit command, which it a sua
piciouaomon. Suvoral witneastn testify
that thoy taw sovoral soldiers shot
during the siege Saturday night in tho
. , , known to tbo official, and i
SERIES - VOL. 18, NO. 30.
round Houses, but Thoy could not toll
whether they were killed or wounded.
Several persons examined tho building
alter tho soldiers Kit, but found no
bodies. Persons who saw the soldtors
at tho depot say there wero no wounded
soldiers among thorn. Tba escaped
Boldiura scout tho idea of any of their
comrades being left there dead oralivo.
With this evidence, it seems very
improbable that any soldier was left
amid tho names.
At 8 o'clock this afternoon tho mail
.rain from Philadelphia collided with
express train which loft this place
4:45, fifteen minutes lato, at Guysuta
station, six miles out on the West Penn
sylvania Road, and a short distance
above Sharpsburg. Jacob Feil, pilot
on tbo Express; Frank Lantbor, bag
go go-master on Iho Mail ; James Price,
mail agent,and a passenger for Altoona,
were killed. Tbe express messengor
is missing and is reported killed. W.JD.
Mcliolvy, the engineer on the Express,
was seriously injured in the unklo. Tho
engines and eighty cars are a totul
wreck. Iho rfrdru has been cleared
This morning Gen. Brinton's com
mand took a train from Sharpsburg for
Philadelphia. At Butler J unction tbo
engineer aud fireman wcro compelled
tolcavo thoir cub by strikers, and when
last heard from they wore waiting for
mcins of transportation home. Only
three of their number wero killed on
their retreat from tho round house to
Sharpehiirg. Captain Kleinz, of tlio
lilnck Hussars, is amnortty lor the
statement that ail tho 1'hiladelphia
troops will return home to-morrow.
Tbo blockade on the Fort Wayne
Road was raised Saturday, when Gen
erul Manager J. 1). Layng said that
tho terms of the strikers would becom-
Slied with. This afternoon Colonel
cott refused to ratify this and great
tears prevailed that tho scenes of yes
terduy at tho Union depot would be
rejieuled to-night in Allegheny. Later,
however, a better fooling prevailed, as
James K. Shimer and Mr. Layng as
sured tho strikors that whatever ar
rangement was mudo with the Penn
sylvania Road would bold good on the
Fort Wayne. No freight trains have
yet moved lrom this placo. hverj
thing is quiet to-night, but all the
streets are heavily patrolled and all
the business houses uro doubly guarded.
Tho Pittsburgh regiments bavo re
ceived orders to appear on duty at
eight o'clock to-morrow morning, to
escort the nine killed Philadelphia sol
diers to the depot.
lhu rumors which havo been sot
afloat regarding tho renewal ol hostili
ties induced the proprietors ol mercan
tile and other establishments to sus
pend business, and some of them have
organized thoir employes into compa
nies and tendered their services to (be
Mayor ol tbo city to aid in restoring
order. General James Browne, of the
Nineteenth Regiment, also tondorcd
tho torviccs of his command to assist
in suppressing disorder, and tbe oiler
was promptly accepted by tho Mayor
and thanks returned in tbo name ot
tho order-loving citizens. In a short
timo tbe tramp, tramp of tboso organi
zations resounded along Fifth avenue,
and tho boating of drums and move
ments of citizen soldiery through the
streols recalled tho stirring scenes of;
the early day ol the war. As many
of the manufacturing establishments
had suspended work in consequence of
tha non-appearance ot tbo employee,
tuo streets wero tnrongca wilh people.
At 10 A. u. both branches of the Coun
cils assembled in tbe Seloot Council
chamber, Mr. W. W. Thompson in the
chair. That gentleman stated that
tbo object of tlio mcoting was to dis
cuss and adopt means looking to the
protection of tbe city and citizens. Mr.
Little moved that tha city be pledgod
to furnish all the rations needed as
well as oilier expenses incurred during
tho present exigencies. Tho motion
was adopted.
At two o'clock this afternoon the
Philadelphia militia wore in Freeport,
where the train islyingawaitingorders.
A telegram was sent to tbem request
ing them to return to the city, guaran
teeing them protection, it is not
known what will be done. Dotach
metits of the sumo regiment to wbich
tho troops in tho city on Saturday be
longed reached Blairsvillo Intersection
this morning, having been held at dif
ferent points along the road, it ia
hardly probablo that they will ba or
dered to the city,
Tho following proclamation was is
sued this morning :
7b tee eiliwo. of 'ifftearo '
The lawle.ineai and violence which hae boldly
defied all authority and all roMraiot ihowi tbat
It can only bo auppreeeed through prompt elocu
tion ot elero meaauroe. 1 have determined that
pcaoe, order and quiet ihall be rc.tored to the
community, ooine forward at owee lo the new elty
LUll and unito wilh tbe police and military bow
oraniicd. I coll opuB all thn.e who quietly oob
tiotia at their aeoal plaoea ef bueineie to rafraia
from participating ia eicited a.MiDblagei. All
woman and cbildrrB are eommanded lo retire
within IhHr home! and remaia there. All plaeea
where intoxii ating liquon are aold will beoloaed
lorlhwith and remain aeeure aad eloerd uotil per
mi.aioa la given to reopen tbe aame. And, by
virtue of the authority vo.ted ia mo, I bereb de
clare that all rioloue demoaetratione annea aad
Ih. II be put down, and (bat poece and order and
quiet etinll reign throughout the cut.
w a. McCAHTBi, Mayor.
Tho chief article of spoil was leaf-
tobacco, and there was nut much of
that. Occasionally a man was seen
walking off with an ainiful of this
stuff, pretty badly singed. Liberty
street, ut the corner ol Grant, was com
plotely blockaded with tho trucks aud
wheels of cars. Only a small pioco had
been Cleared away, allowing tho pass-
ago of a single vehicle at a time. There
was no dehrii on Grant atreet and nono
down Liberty street, except whoro the
tracks turn into tho freight depot.
Nono of tho streots wcro blockaded
elsowhoro. Thero were no flames visi
ble at any place, nor was thoro a great
amount ol smoke. 1 'no Ore onginoio.
muitieil during tlio morning, and con-
tinned pouring water on the dcbrii of
the grain elevator and thereabouts. A
largo number of persona visited tho
ruins during tho day. At various
places Binall crowds of rought could bo
seen collected together and quietly
talking over matters. There wore no
boisterous demonstrations nor any dis
position shown tognther lurgo crowds
by bitter denunciation. In nearly all
tho llttlo gatherings tho feeling was
one of regret that tbo thing was allow
ed to proceed so far. Tbe laboring
men in most cases snared this tooling.
We have enough taxes lo puy without
paying for all this, said ono man, and
tho other worklngmcn with him
thought the same. At two o'clock
this afternoon tho strikors at Twenty
eighlh street aurrendorod their arms,
Included three pieces of artillery. As
tho latter were being drawu to tho
city by hand forco, a man named Wm.
Duncan, loaned on one of tht pieces
and spiked It with a rat tail file. Ho
was afterwards arrested and taken to
tho Central Station.
BrniLMim, Pa., J uly 23. This com
munity it in a very great state of alarm
iu contemplation of tho threatened
strike by the employes on railroads
centering here. The strike on the Le
high Valley road, which was to bv
oocurrod at two thin morning, but u
postponed, It is now foarcd wilt tak
jilaco to-night Tbo officors ol the
road oxpross no alarm. Mr. Sayro, the
Superintendent, it la said, propose, in
tba event of a striko, to totally suspend
tbo operations of tbo road, run the lo
comotives into .the round bouses and
the cars into tbo yards an) upo tbo
tidings, and await tbo pleasure of the
strikors. Tho employes on tbe New
York division, coming in contact with
and being in strong sympathy with the
M -,,r then (tins.
a cr
extent under thoir influence. Tbe al
leged cause for the trouble it the recent
ten per cent reduction.
Tho feeling among tho employe of
the Central Railroad of New Jersey it
almost unanimously against a strike.
The brukenien are receiving 11.75 o
day and flagmon f 1.85 on coal trains,
and ten cents a day added for ireight
hands. The North Pennsylvania em
ployes are much exercised, and the
careful obsorvor notes trouble brewing.
un inursday last a cotnmlttoo or em
ployes asked the management tbat ten
per cent, recently taken from tbe wagea
bo restored. On Satnrday a negative
answor was recoived, and baa caused
much dissatisfaction.
Tho Bethlehem Iron Company em
ployes aro also being worked into a
fever heat ol oxcitement, and loudly
threaten to strike. Xhoy have just been
notified of another reduction, and thia
adds fuel to tho beat. The mill has
boon idle to-day and tbe mon stand
around in groups, and several inflam
matory speeches have been delivered
in various portion of lb tows by mn
who are entire strtnirors. but vet are
instantly received into full fellowship
by tbo excited men. Should these men
striko tho most disastrous consoquonccs
are teared.
Thocondition throughout the Lehigh
valley to-day it one full of anxiety to
tbo capitalist and tho reasoning inhab
itant. Since Saturday there haa been
much lawlotsnesa, and the streets to
day wcro filled with drunken men, who
were cursing the "monopolists" and
"opprcsBionists," and seemed ready for
ugly deeds. Various violent assaults
are reported. Tboso outrages are be
yond a doubt tbe result of the excito
ment engendered by tbe troubles else
where and the efforts tbat have been
nut forth to cause an insurrection hero.
To-night the streets aro filled with peo
plo, who seem to be solely of the party
who justify tho mob work at other
places, but the prsenco of the seven
companies of the E'ourth Regiment at
Allentown, five miles distant, it is be
lieved, will have a mollifying effect up
on the mora discreet of the ruffians.
Bethlehem, Pa., July 2311.50 P. .
M. Tho police on tho south side of the
river aro unusually vigilant, and the
full inrco is on duty. The outlook it
exceedingly serious, and tbe gravest
apprehensions are felt for tbe future.
tt is confidently believed that tbe Le
high Valley men will go out on astrikf
to-night. Their going out will be tbe
signal for men of the Bothlehem Iron
company, who will accept that as their
cue. Should a mob result from tbia
combination of strikers tbe most seri
ous results may be looked tor. The
residences of ruilroad officials and cor I
operators and gentlemen largely inter
estcd in the coal and iron business, on
Fountain Hill, are closely guarded by
a special police to-night. Tho rowdy
element of the town subsided about an
hour ago, but it was in a manner tbat
excited tlio suspicious and the appre
hensions of the police
Bethlehem, July 212 A. M. All
freight and otbor trains have arrived
and departed as usual on the North
1'ennsylvauia road up to this haur.
Tbe through Western freight, on the
Lehigh Valley road, was abandoned at
1:30 this morning. By orders of the
officers of the road there are no rail
way connections with Roadine to-nichL
Tho midnight freight on tbe Central
road passed up on timo.
Columbia, Pa., July 23. At tbia
hour (9 p. tt.) the situation is about
the samo. All the passongor trains are
allowed to leave here; unless they at
tempt to take freight, when they will
be stopped, Karly this morning the
Reading Company made an attempt to
start their freight trains, but the en
gines wore boarded and the engineers
and firemen weroordored off. hngines
wore then returned to the round bouse.
This afternoon tho tbop bands were
compelled to quit work and the shops
wero then closed up. Our authorities
have had appointed a patrol for to
night, and tbo strikers have also done
the sumo.
A large body of tramps are between
here and Lancaster. This afternoon
thoy stole a large steer, killed it, and
are now roasting it. It is feared they
may causo a great deal of trouble
around hero.
Erie, July 2.1. This morning a del
egation of striken visited the shops
and compelled the mon to qeit work.
Several attempts to move freight on
tbe Philadelphia and Erio Road prov
ed abortive, and the strikers have
everything in thoir power. The pas-
Bcngcr trains were allowed to run on
tho Philadelphia and fine. Urders
were received this afternoon from Buf
falo abandoning all passenger and
freight trains. The orders were issu
ed by Mr. Vanderbilt ordering that all
rassenger and freight trains on tbe
,ake Shore and Michigan Southorn bo
abandoned until further notice. The
express' train from Cleveland, which
arrived bore about 4 o clock this after
noon, was, in obedience to orders
switched on a side track, despito tbe
protests of tho passengors. Alter 5
o'clock an cngino manned with strik
ors pulled out the train and took it on
to Buffalo. No attempt has been mado
to tako out freights, and at this time the
strikors havo full possession ot the
yards, round houses and other railroad
proporty. One passengor train was
sent out on tho Erie and Pittsburg
road this morning. The remainder of
the trains havo to-day boon abandoned.
Tbe passongor trains are running on
tho Philadelphia and Erie. All the
macbino shops have boon closed and
tho stillness of death reignl in tho
yards. The Mayor has nrdored all
tho saloons closed, and large numbers
ol Hocial police have been aworn in in
anticipation of a riot.
BirrALo, July 237 p. m. The
mob, roinlorced by large numbers,
called at tlio car shops of the Lake
Shore and Erie Companios and order
ed all tho workmen there to quit,
which thoy did forthwith. No serious
demonstrations are aa yet being made.
About four o'clock tbia afternoon a
Btiffulo and Jamestown train, which
leaves tho firie Depot, on arriving at
Compromise Crossing, two miles from
tbo depot, had ft passenger coach de
tached and shoved on the central
track and the fireman forcibly taken
from tbe engine. Superintendent Doyle,
who was on the train, remonstrated
with tho strikers, stating there had
been no reduction of wages on their
rorul nor had there been any tino its
inauguration. The effect of this state
ment was tbe bringing back of the
coach by the strikers, who coupled it
on and assured the Superintendent
that nothing should h don in any
way to interfere with tbe working of
his road. Karly in the afternoon an
assault was made by nearly 2,000 riot
er on about 200 soldiers, who were
guarding tho Lake Shore round bout.
Tbe military were obliged to leave the
building, which la now barricaded by
the mob, who have placed cars in po
sition as detent against an attack.
Col. Kloch. of the Sixty -seventh Kegl
tnont, with about thirty men and
three officers, foolishly proceeded to
tli round houst to retak H from tb
Oisfuiwvrf nn fourth prtye.
wira in 'jj.
Jaly , UTT II.