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    cThc Republican.
Oman B. Goouuno. Rilitnr.
'. la. Smmr m anlooiB ! port.'.
"Braddock' Fatal Field," the "Stai
Law" and a number of other excelleni
article embellish our first page this
The "Official" Okdeb. Genoral
Sherman' order removing tbo United
State troopsfrom SoutbCarolina(found
elsewhore in thi issue,-! is warming
the wax in many a loyal ear. Mililarj
rule i at an end.
0u Fourth. Page. Here tho road
er will find the protest of Senator Wal
lace, and others, against thq finding ol
the Electoral Commission, "Forney ii
two Section," and "Mr. Stanley
Mattbows," by the New York IVorW.
beside, aeveral other good Article.
Extreme Meetiko. Hev. Mr. But
ler'a attempt to set aside tbo Court.
ho drawn the fire ot the triend oi
law and common sense. Wo have re
Deceived do less than five communica
tion bearing on hi senron last Sun
day a week, two ol which will bi
tound in this issue. Our readers bav
ing perused Mr. Butler's remarks, will
have the opportunity of reading some
thing on the other side, under tho head
of "When Greek Meet Greek," ele.
An Impudent Fellow. Puckard
the Radical candidate lor Governor oi
Louisiana, last fall, has addressed "an
open letter to President llayoe," and
among other question, ask thi one.
or words to thafeffoct : "II I received
eight hundred and forty more vote in
Louisiana for Govern than you did
for President, how docs it happen that
you bad the elector counted for your
self, while I am counted ont T" Mr
Hayes, you havo the floor, pleaso rise
and explain I No gouging now I Show
your band.
"The government," on the 6th inst.,
directed General Sherman to issue an
orderfortbe removal of the troops from
the State House at Columbia South
Carolina. Tho document waa sent to
Gen. Hancock and read a follows :
Bkadqcastiu Ansr or tri U. 8.. 1
WaaaiaaTos, April t, 1X77. J
f Otn. W. 8 oarer, Coit.mnt.dtr iliUt..
Xliaiatoa o A AlJfi', Nw F.r Cirjr I
' UOSKBAL t BMW BOf. IDS fl"Bur tt bol4
you aartinod 'pus of too louara tr tho hoaora
bit SeenjUrf ul War of April I, bu of the
PmldOMt ol tbo Ualiod titatra ol tho aoto .u,
BMcria too omadrawol ol tbo troopa ol tor
Uoitod titalo. from tho Stato llouoa at Colombia,
b. C. oa Turadat aril, at 3 o'olook a m. Yuu aili
Dlosto oau. tbli ordor to ba aiosuteo proetaolt
at Ibotlioa and ia Iko ai.aaar droeribo la aato
lotion, aod roprt tbo foot pruaiptlv to tbooo
Baadfiaamra, t a.?, ioo auaor to oo
Toar uboitloal orrvaat,
W.T Baaa, Goa.r.1,
There : At least one black spot ba
been removed Irom our governmental
character, which should eventually
damn every man politically wbo had
a band in defeating our Constitutional
parchment. The Army was never de
signed for sueh work and the men wbo
have degraded the soldier in assigning
him to a duty not warranted by the
Constitution, but actually prohibited
by that instrument, should be compelled
to restore four-told and then exiled
We have fuitb that the latter will take
place in the due course ot time. Why
the ordor was not issued to Gen. Sheri
dan, wbo bus herelcloro figured so
conspicuously down South, but to Gen.
Hancock, I a Cabinet secret that will
not creep out lor some time. Sheridan
and Fred Grant should have been order
ed to finish the job they commenced.
The poorest and happiest people on
this Continent just now, are those em
broiled wilhin the boundaries of the
Commonwealth of South Carolina, and
Wade Hampton seems to be happier
Hate' Bismarck. It ia already
pretty well settled that Stanley Mat
tbew, th new United Stale Senator
from Ohio, will be tbo Bismarck of
Uayea' administration. , Whether be
will be an improvement on Blaine and
Butler, (Ben, of course ) the future will
Senator Patterson bas mado peace
with Governor Uampton and will sun-
port him. He say he will vote to seal
M. C. Butler, and Bowen declare his
intention to advise those colored Con
grossmon from South Carolina, whom
he control, to go into tbo Democratic
caucus for the Speakership.
Or Doubtful Propriety. An ex
change say: "The solemnity of Easter
Sunday did not prevent much April
fooling in Washington. Perhaps the
gravest of the deception was the in
iting of five minister separately to
officiate at the funeral of a lady who
was alive and enjoying good health,
when the clerg) men entered, as they
supposed, the death chamber.
Nobby. -The following interchange
of compliment between two Ohio pa
per I to the point :
All adalrtor ara Ropablieoea. A' Itriao
Btki Nimtt I. that torjr rooi'ia Ibo ouoa
tr old oo hotlor off oilh fwor latftoro. Bot
thofocaofo StoN K ilkll; ajlnoaoa. Tboro
ro aoro aod tboro aiaUtora bo an VkrUlnM.
IfoBCoo Ooortor,
Jl tbe Buckeyt ba not gjt a black
Ete, there' no use of hitting him on
hi peeper.
Stranue Reform. Tbs "Civil Sor
vice Helcirm" Hayes, baa apKinted
Jiearly all tbe memliers of the Return
ing Boards in Florida and Louisiana,
to laerative office, foreoenting Tilden
ut, v bat a huge Ueform, Matthews,
roster and Uayea are carrying On. If
lb appointment f carpet beggar and
oallwag to offloa, work refonn, we
.u fooled. Tkat'taJL
Tliia oil) and well estalilislicil tank
.tnd it President, Jiteob Tonic, are w 11
ttnown to nearly H onr lumbermen,
md they will be Hurry to learn tliul
nne crooked work lion boon done in
that iiiposoil safe institution. Aitox
Imnge aya: "Tlio citizens ol Klkton.
I'ccil county, Maryland, an) much ex
oreised over tbo defuleiilion of a well
known bank officer. Tlio fucu are
i hut a year aiti lion. Jacob Tomo, ol
Port Deposit, President of tbo Klkton
hank, in order to increase tlio working
apital of tbo bank, offered five pui
: ,. ,? - .if vmc-.-, -3uhr.-
Iter of person made the deposit, and
t ha been ascertained that some in
i he deposit wore not credited on tin
iook of the bank. The discovery wu
mado by Charles B. Fiuloy, lately
elected cashiorto .(..thy vacant')
aused by the resignation of Mr. Mc
Kurland, confined to his bed with con
sumption. Mr. Fiuley ascertained thai
i ho deposits were Bhorl about $10,0011.
Mr. McFarland then acknowledged
that ho had appropriated tho $1,000
deposits to his own uso, but ho satis
luctorily accounted for $4,000, leaving
ibo amount of his delulcalion al 86,000
This amount will be mado good by ho
bondsmen, W. J. Jones, Reuben llainer
and Judge Slump, of Klkton, and Da
vid Palmer and Uendrick & Bowun, oi
Chesapeake Cily. There will be In
prosecutions of McFarland, as bispby
sician states be cannot live long. 11
enjoyod thoroughly the confidence m
the bank officers and the community.
A large family and email salary an
assigned as the reasons ol his dishon
esty. These appear to bo insufficient
to explain it, us bis sulury was aboui
$1,350 per annum, and in a rural com
iniinily ought to have been more thai
sufficient for his wants.
Senator Morton has also a Son
And now it appears thatO. P. Mol
ten, Seiiato from Indiana, has also i
sou and hi name is John, There h
nothing very strunge about that
neither ia it very remarkable that in
has been appointed, to what might bi
considered an insignificant office, ii
the shape of Treasurer's Agent of tht
Fur Seal Islands, Alaska, were it noi
for the underlying fact that John anil
his wily father am interested in tin
contract by which tbe Fur Seal Islundr
were rented to a seal skin compam
"for $55,000 a our and a revenue tax
ol $2 00 per skin." Tbe Secretary ot
tbe treasury bus remitted the tax.
and refused a bid made by unolhci
party for the same figurus and an ad
dilional fifty-five cents per gallon fm
theoil obtained. This tax on oil alom
would have yielded during the tern
of tho lease over two million dollurs
und yet Morton was not happy. Hir
son is now Treasury Agent to muk
additional contracts with himself J ha
yonng man will be a Senator, to sue
feed bis tut her some day.
Health fulness or Lemons. Whei
people feel the need of un acid, if thet
would lot vinegar alone and uso lent
tins or sour apples, they would feel just
as well satisfied and receive no injur;
And a suggestion may not eome amis'
as a good plan when lemons are chea
in the niurket. A person should ii
these times purchase several dozen i
once and prepare tbem for uso in tlx
warm days of summer, when acids
especially citric und malic, or acids in
lemons and ripo fruit aro so giatefu
and usclul. Press your hand on th.
lemon and roll it briskly on the tabb
to make it squeeze more cosily uu
then press the juice inlo a bowl or i.
tumbler, never into a tin; strain out
all the seeds, as they give a bud taste
A few minutes boiling ia sufficient.
Put a pound of white sugar to a pi in
ol juice, boil three minutes, bottle it
and your lemonaus is ready, rut t.
tablespoonlul ol this lemon syrup lot'
a glass of water and you have a cool
ing healthful drink.
The New Stay Law. VVe this weok
lay before our readers an official cop
'.bo slay law passed by our Legislature
It will be touud on our first page. Ai
exchange in alluding to the Act suys :
"The new stay law, which is creating.
so much confusion in tbo legal afluin
ol tho Stato, is almost a verbatim
copy of a law passed in 1812, which
remained in operulion just one year,
having boon repealed at the next ses
sion, lhe only difference noiiceabh.
is that the law of '42 provided for a
jury of twelve mon, and tbo now out
require but six. W hoover framed thi
new ono unquestionably had tbo olo
one before bim, as they aru identical
in tbeir provisions, with the exception
named." Wo aro no lawyer, but il
this act proves beneficial to eithei
debtoror creditor weshall be mistaken.
To us it reads more like an act to pilt
cost on the defumlunt und topostpom
ibo payment of debts, upd the title
should have been so amended.
Tho last Deniis:ruUi: 11. n. II,, use til
Representatives saved the governmen'
seventy-two million dollars. With Til
den in the Presidential chair and tin
Senato Democratic, as it will be in 1879
one hundred millions a year would In
saved. And yet a majority of the vo
tcrs ol Pennsylvania approve the fraud
which prevented this great reform
from boing carried out. They should
lorover alter bold their peace aboui
"hard times."
A Sample P. M. Tbe sixteen year
Lincoln-Grunt Postmaster, at Bethle
hem, Pa., i "short" in hit account.
Tbe Easlon Argus noticing the defal
cation of Poysurt, tbo Bolhlehein l'osl
master, say: "Whut becamo of the
monoy he earned in his sixteen years
as Postmastur bas not yet been made
public, and may never be. We have
no doubt a good share of it was spent
in controlling election.
"Short" Too. Thai' what they call
it now. W. 0. Hanoi, a clerk in the
office of the lecoiver of tuxes, Phila
delphia, is short in hi account, lie
ha been using the money of the city
since about the 1st of March last, and
the amount ol the defalcation will hi
irom $10,000 to $50,000. Hanoi, it is
alleged, has been sirei iilaiing in I'ciii,
sylvania and Reading railroad stock.
Closed Oct. -No. 188, of the liegis-
lative Record is before ua numlrcriiig
1 498 pages at $14 ier page, adding to
th taxpayer acronnt just $20 072 lor
th benefit of Cbarlco H. Bergner,
$10,000 of which ii dear profit
Tlio editor ol tbu Philadelphia PrtM,
while reviewing public (flair in "our
proud ltepublie," close s disquisition
in tbU trutblul but doleful manner:
"How painful it the contrast our
country now presents. Capital find
no employment in productive pursuit,
and can be aulely invented only in un
productive and untaxed government
bond, while luborer wbo would glad
ly contribute to the revenue ol the
Uorermuent were work and wae to
be bud. are living in enforced idleness,
and sinking inlo deeper depth ol
grritr, but within a week a leading
Now York journal has declared thai
the debt of that city must be repudi
ated, or its real estate puss into hands
that will hold it at such low prices as
to enable them to derive from it reason
able coui'mercial profit alter paying the
heavy taxes with which il is burdened
And in this oily we aro informed by
rodiblo authority that 8,000 of our
homes are untenanted or occupied by
families who, unuble longer to pay
rent, are permitted to remain in tbem
on condition that they protect the
premises from tbe ravages to which uu
occupied buildingsare liable. Not only
bus immigration ceased, but American
citizens are gladly availing themselves
of the free passage offered tbem and
their families by the Australian torn
mission of Immigration, and fleeing
from our proud Republic to become
citizens of a British colony, while bun
dreds of thousands ol foreign-born cit
izena have sought to improve their
i-oiidilion by returning to their native
"How painfull" We are glad you
fuel it. The writer in question never
iief'ore uttered the "nuked truth" in
Holler stylo. Well, why is this thus ?.
What party has been controlling pub
lie affairs lor the past seventeen years?
Oould a more fuUtl policy bo devised to
ruin our country in the shortest poriixl
if time. And yet, you are opposed to
a change of ruler. Uowl, demagogue.
Senator Wallace having lull Wash
ington in a hurry at the close of the
ession, for tbe purpose of parlicipaing
m the Turner trial, alter Court was
over returned to the Capital for the
purpose of arranging ome private al
fairs. The "interviewers" noticing his
return, supposed that ho came back to
"set up" something, and at once as
sailed him in the Iroi.t and on the
flunk, hut they fuiled to pump much
out of him. The editor of the Phila
lelphia 77niMtiii alluding to the affair,
ay: "Senator Wallace struck thai
rare plant of modern journalism, the
interviewing correspondent, when in
Washington, und waa made to stand
md deliver his opinion on things in
general and administration politics in
particular. He takes tbe mountaineer'
practical view of tbu situation. Seeinv
the political water studded with rocks
mil cascades and whirl and eddies.
he naturally concludes that the Hay
rait will have trouble on it votago,
und that however completely the
Southern question may bo scaled be
lore Congress meets, Ii will be tho pro
lific source of agitation and discontent,
'localise of the keen disappointments
ol the friends who claim I hut they
made Hayes President and should
have a free chance at the Smils. lie
suys that tbe administration has lost
nuch by delay on the Southern quo
lion, and that when Don Cameron puts
bis foot down about tho Pennsylvania
appointments, thing will be likely to
to pretty much hi way. Senator
Huyard has expressed himself relative
io the Southern policy of the adminis
tration in general concurrence with the
views of Senator Wallace. Neither
look lor any divisions in tho Democra
cy, however the discordant elements
of Republicanism may fly into each
other's wool over the olicy of their
President. "
Tut? New AstLUM Located. It
would appear that the greater our
civilization become, tho more Asylums
we need. Until tho close of tbe war.
tbo one at HarrisSurg contained all
tho crazy people we had in the State.
.Since that time one has boon opened al
Danville, and another al Warren, and
the Commission appointed to select
site lor thelourth insane asylum for
Eastern Pennsylvania, bad a mooting
on Saturday last, and chose the farm
of Adolpbus Kent, near Gwynnodd, in
Montgomery county, on tbe North
Pennsylvania Iiuilroad. The farm
contains about two hundred acres, ami
tho price is $175 per aero. Tbo choice
was made by ballot, six of the Commis
sioners voting for the Kent farm, two
for the Hiltinann farm, near Norris-
town, and two lor tbe Harman farm.
.Vest Chester. And still we need
tilth institution wherein to confine the
criminally insuno. The idea of In
carcerating a crazy man or womun,
wbo bo committed a murder or other
heniou crime, with tbe innocent in
sano, Is so preposterous a iiroiKiaiilon
that no sensible being can contemplate
it tor a moment wubou. shuddering.
Lot us havo a "crazy penitentiary."
The internal on tho overplus in the
Stato Treasury lor throe year, now
pocketed by a few bankers, will furnish
lhe right kind of a building.
Rally, Forney, Rally ! The edit
or of the Philadelphia Presi has boiled
over about six time week since
Hayes' inauguration, because of tbe
crookedness of the Southern policy of
the aforesaid. Bui on Saturday ho
cooked tho lust dish of spite, and in the
fulliies of hi palriitiiu soul, closes up
an article on "tho government" and
rallies around Hayes as follow :
Why tkuold w. boi rail; aroaod Kla.aaMaroio
hloi ib tho a.,bio work bo hu aodrrutoa, a id b
ooooorl,,a, amapr,,io ,.J furboorasoo O..I.1
biai Ia tho rooi.arolidBtluoui tk likwat Uk..
a il-il aoa toraiaolka it a.-alj bob bu adajiuli
trouoa If bo ooald Iravi ibo ooaoirj, aiBioa bo
roes dirlroolod b ilnfo or ooellon mi rsor,
ttsooilhoo.1, lorldiooa diolinollno oood. Bi,d
too rifiiu or oil avra noxgnltsd and prubMUd t
lllf o,iirollit oro lur sooa a ooon .. .
ii U ibo doir ulonrj patnonooiliua w proa , a
Ht roaliialioa.
If thai patriolio appeal doe nut
bring a loreign Consulship for "my two
papers, both daily," there Is no use in
puncturing II ayes for an office through
the column of the PrtM.
The Allegheny Valley Iiuilroad, in
stead of lay ing a double track, proposes
extending tbe Hligo branch through to
Oil t 'ily, striking the Clarnm oil region
in the neighborhood t,f Kdeiiburg.
Thi will h about thirty miles ahorUir
from Oil City to Red Bank than by
river route.
The New KiiKland conference of the
Methodist Kpiaoopal church opened at
Lynn, Matwacliiiautia, on the 4th in
stunt. IIeolulloii on I lie Houthern
queallon were presented by l!uv. V.
K. Mulleton, I), l).,of Dostnn.aiid upon
Wui( read wore received with great
applunao, and by n votu of the confer
ence were referred to a upcciul com
mlltee of Ave, -to bo appointed by the
chair. The preamble to the resolutions
review the blighting effect of slaver)
and the two Anal resolution are In
substance a billows :
11 BrM, vu!t
'I parll -a of lb- H -pobllo o a-lllioJ.a l
bat porlj wbo aoro bold , an b-.ld vorv In
OBMIO rolotl'.n In Ibo PrriidVat 1 Ibao rorrll.'lso
prluoiplo aad pnriy aad riabtowurwoao tor tho
-aks ui towpurarv ouooom.
AtMorod, that wo pruloat nol oarnoll.t
otsiuat tho aolloa of tbo arm adiolaUtrollua Is
uistiii lorma witn tbo oaiof of Ibo ha olui aad
.arliaotor ul Ibo Huibyr( aMMsor,, M. 0 Hat
lor, ondalill uturo oarooolljr do w pft.r-ftalDl
Ibo oRV-lol roeuf-nttl ia sj ibo oduiloUrot lo , o
ibsl arob onoiajr of tbo Hopaiilio, wbo lone las
"Udbt to havo broa hubs fr troaron, Wd,
tlaujptna, ol rioutb Carolioo, and abo anw b)
hioMta aiid Inlliuidsiliia uodor tbu ro.,f of lh
Whllo Hours, sa wall oo railruB-l plalfuriaa oai
ia oihrr paiiiaa plst-oo drloo tbo g .voruun-ni ac
bulla ibo Hroaldobt into oiuillouoo ailb bl
iraitoruua and wioood a-urpadool.
Thai wo should say ia Radical
Christianity. Hud those resolutions
been passed by a Convention ol Credit
Mobilior agents, dealers In Trudoi
Posts and Cadelships, or in a meeting
ot Carpel baggoia and sculiwugs they
would of course attract no uttenlioii.
Bui when uttered by men wbo claim
to be christians, it Is about time thai
lieenieii should open their eyes ami
sou tbe iiilamous spirit abroad in Nov.
The Hurrisburg P.ilriot, in ulluding
to tho recent course of event, eUimes
in in thi way : " When the de'il wa
sick, tho de'il a saint would bo.' Lo!
the thrifty carpet bagger, who has
boon so savage in denouncing Wade
Hampton, now rushes into the embrace
of the Governor til South Carolina ami
lallo upon his nock, whispering sweeter
words in his ear even than those which
have so long been ascribed to tbe eon
vernation between the Governor ol
South Carolina and the Governor ol
North Curolina. Sheriff Bowen and
John J. Patterson have hurried to bow
lealty, and Greener, a negro prolessor
from South Carolina, who has been es
pecially fierce against Hampton, has
pledged ult kinds of allegiance, and
even went so far as lo ask of Hampton
a letter ol identification, saying thai
such a document would do him much
service just now. It appears that he
(Greener) baa not been enabled to draw
any pay for tbe past eight months, and
calls on Hampton to have his little bill
settled. No doubt Patterson and"
Bowen want like favors. Atullovciil
we bid Hampton beware ot these
Greeks bearing gilts. It was Horace
Oroeley who drew the picture oi the
carpet bagger embracing the nogm
with one baud and diving deep down
into his breeches pocket with tbe other.
If Hampton has any valuable about
his person, we advise him to not let
Patterson and Bowen gel too affection
"The Onus Make tiik Durta
asca." Is the employ mami of a aquatl
oi Federal soldiers to maintain Pack
ard in office any less unconstitutional
than the employment of another squad
to uphold Chamberlain T And if Hayes
and bi Cabinet are convinced that
they have no right lo meddle with
South Carolina affairs, why send a
Comtiiiasion to see whether the troops
should be withdrawn from New Or
leans? Tbo answer is short and aim
pie. Haye bad more vote ibau
Chamberlain in South Carolina, and
lower than Packard iu Louisiana, and
jnst here come tho trouble if Pack
ard was not elected Governor of Lou
isiaua(aud every body knows be was
not) then how did Hayes got the elec
toral Vote of Louisiana? That's where
the shoe pinches. Usurper always
have a hard road to travel.
The Tune CuanoeDv How fre
quently young chicken come borne lo
roost. We have a case in point:
"The Radical evidently don't relish
taking siluxij their own medicine.
Some your ago they enacted a law
giving the clerk of tbe House at tbe
opening ol Congress authority lo place
ou me roll oi lileliiuers, wboru there
wo a contest, the name of sucu of
the contestants a he thouihl urooer.
I'he consequence was, in every such
ease the name of every Lomocrul was
rejected, no mutter how nguteou his
claim. Ibo law anil remains; but
tune have changed and a Democratic
clerk ia in power, and now ibo Radi
cals tear thin he uiuy bo politically in
fluenced as lite Ibriuer clerks were, und
place, In all coiilesletl cases, tbe name
of the- Democratic contestant ou the
roil. II be doe il will bu only com
mending to Radical lip tbe bitter
draught lurued on the Democracy in ibo
past. But the former shouldn't make
ouch wry lace over it. Tbey passed
tuo law ami iney should stand by it,
uven il doe work by contraries occes
Free Ao.un.-South Carolina, after
an enslavement of sixteen years, is
again a free State, and greatly do both
whites and negroes rejoice at lhe clos
ing out of public robbers an carpet
baggers. Tbe withdrawal of the army
from that State is tbe death oi Radi
ualism within iu borders, the leader
ol which have nrevJG unon tbecitiann
of thai Commonwealth lor tho nasi
twelve years just as tbe grasshoppers
nave upon the people ol Minnesota,
Kansas and Nebraska. . Tho avarieu
ol tho cariet-baggor ia only equaled by
me western vermin. Now, if we can
slop the ravage or tho "hopper" in
the Western State, and drive the car-pet-bagger
out of lhe Southern Stato,
we can be rendered a hannv Doonle
and a prtMiH-nm government, and
South Carolina rendered a treo a
Commonwealth as Massachusetts dares
to be.
What A l'nmlA i h
the Now York Trilitme AnmumikA C.r.
Wade Hamilton, now Govnrnns r
aouiii Carolina, as bointf a "human
devil I" But, a few dav airo that
'loyal" (?) organ remarked a follow :
'ii , OB'. IOOOI 10 BOT-
orsairtt of B,,k Carolloa, that fbloh W ,do
llopt. Boa-la aad shioh Ibo Proaldoal aaa
nrto.llj roooi nra-a, lo nnoduotod alia tbo aaola
aaaa of aaa alot. fbo L(ialolaro ooal an. ol
7 . . aoaoaot. aaa out af
l t a.' rooolood aa laios Ibo U.rernor aao
rnw no nana, ii uuooraor Hoojptna sbsaid
7 : r . ... aro nuiao ap
Noilh horo that woald Ilka u oaiplo) hia."
It' Mr. Haves I hat
now. Kb dresses in plain black ailk and
wear no jewelry at all. Tbla U worse
than Praatdeal without kid glove.
What la "aauiai,- Mating to t
We staled lust week that Wendell
Phillips, in his late lecture ul Philadel
phia, enunciated tho true sentiments of
tho Radical party when ho declared
that ' Blaine and the llloody-Sbirl"
curried Hayes inlo the Presidency,
and since then the Now York Timet,
the great organ ol that puny, responds
by maintaining that the withdrawal of
the Federal troops from the suiipori of
Chamberlain is -a complete ulmudon
incnl of the pusiiioii heretofore held by
the Republican party, as a consequence
of the rocoiisiriiclioii policy." This
proves 1 1 nit Hayes, in bargaining with
lliosu Hiuiihtrii riH-iisuiil iiicnilicr of
lhe House to niLceed with thoilccioml
MrV.ft'0V.'r. :,rilIVs :,,r-.r'M:.,oVS
Carolina and Louisiaua.a.iitl rill right
through the Radical parly. Thai pur
lioiiwhoac mouth piece Poillips. .Morton.
Chandler & l o. in, are governed by u
feeling of hatred towards tho .Southern
people, hence limy can lolerute no rule
by the white people of those Suites.
She g'jKuri ineitl must be by bayonets,
controlled by Massachusetts und oilier
Northern Stales. The eniisorviillve
sense of tbu country un I the inarch of
events has disenthralled all the Slates.
avu South Carolina und Louisiuna, of
this despotic and sclllsh rule, and the
peoplo therein have been ullowed to
assume control of ihuir own destinies.
But tho Radicals maku one despuiring
elforl to keep control of tbu Stales
nuinod throindi central power. They
have been ib leriuiuisl on il ever since
ibo war. Henry Wilson long ago
ijuve vent to Massachusetts' feeling
when ho expressed, Ihut "ii was a mis.
luku when thesu territories Mho South)
were lifted into .Suites." '1 ho modern
Radical is tho coiinierpurl ol the
French Jucohiu ol 1703, who essuyed
to rule France at Paris und hy u "reign
ol terror." Our Radical Jiicohius
would puisne the sumo course towurds
tho South through bayonets nt Wash
nigloii and satraps In those Slates. As
we have stated tho conservative sense
of tlio country has deleuted all such
machinations except in the Slates ol
South Carolina and Louiiuuu. The
chain that so dospoticully bound the
former, has link by link been severed
by a liberty loving peoplo, und now
the lust link that held (lie Stales named
has been unwillingly cloven asunder
hy Ha) os, as thu tiuulo of a corrupt
harguin. How gleeful tbu Radiculn
lull ; bow they glowed with plensui'c
to see their fraud steal into the Presi
dential chair. But they feel not so
gleeful now when tbey discover that
he "built wiser than he knew." Tbe
completion of his bargain, snaps, us we
havo said, the last link in tho despotic
chain, and now the Radicals, with
Phillips, gnash their loelh with rnire
over tho defeat of Ibeir policy. The
seeming o I luin of tho Presidency has
proved like the Dead Sea fruit, "fair lo
tbo eyo but turning lo ashes on tbo
I i ps." J5cin cillc In teUigrnnr.
It will bo observed by tbe lollowing
communications, that the thoughtful
elemepls are somewhat disturbed, and
need boiling down.
Tbe imprudence of Parson Butler, ol
thi place, ill his attack and attempt
ed inlerlereiieo i Ii the due execution
of the laws of the la'ril, although well
rebuked by you in your torse note to
tho published extract of his grumbling
discourse, on Sunday lust, merits, in
my opinion, further comment, fur the
reason that his sermon, "so-called," is
not only all attack on the jurisprudence
ot tho country and ail reasona
ble and pnqier efforts to pre
vent and punish crime, but contains
a throat that the terriblu vtoiKeaneu of
organised I'uriiaulsiii will be visited
on all future utteuipis to vindicate law
and justice, unless a proper regard is
bad lo lint ler'a meeting. Tbe sermon
ol tho Parson is a direct insult to the
Court and the eminent, distinguished
and tthlo counsel engaged in tho case ;
hut I have no fear that the Well merited
posilioiisatid characters of J udge Oivis,
Senator Wallace, ex Juilgo, Barrett,
District Attorney McCiilloiigh and his
uble assistants, Mussrs. Murray and
Fielding, will surfer any injury from
thi very zealuus fanatic, and sincere
ly hope the cause of purilauiv bigotry
will not be greatly enhanced by effort
such as tbe Sunday sermon referred
to; hut it shows conclusively that the
old spirn id Puritanism ia aa vigilant
as ever in its efforts to obtain a mas
tery over the religion of the Slates and
the consciences of manhood.
Wherever these people get a fool
hold, whether ill England, Scotland,
Zurich. Holland or America, tbey en
deavor to secure their ascendency by
trampling iisui tho civil and religious
right of others, there is no where to
bu lound an exception. Everywhere
liberty has been trampled under their
loot. Indeed the genuine Puritan can
not do otherwise than oppress others
and wrest from them their civil and
religious rights while they are faithful
lo their contcssion tit lailh, which
leaches them as a command of God,
that every member is hound to' the dis
approving, detesting, iprosiiigall Islsu
worship, and according lo each one's
place and calling removing il." Of
course, hy it they are bound by God's
commandments to destroy and remove
all worship from tho laud but tbeir
own. No denomination would be
allowed to remain hero alter tbe Puri
tan should begin to keep the com
mandments. It was lollowing the
puritanic ideas of the commuuds of
Hod when in earlier times in New
England they whipped the Quakers lo
death, anil drowned the Uaplisls, and
witbiti ball a century stoned the Moth
islisls and burned tbo publiu buildings
ot ibo Laltiolics. t'ui-iiuns have al
ways been al war with the Consiiut
lion of the United Slates because tbut
was In tbe way of il greed of dcsjmtic
Hiwer. v
Home years aim, to fool the nublic
pulse, these friends ot civil and religious
liberty combined, and made an effort
lo Have tbe Sunday mads stopped by
an act of Congress, to save the eouu
try from the ureal sin of trunsoortiin
letter on tbo Sabbath day, or raiher
to advance a (ten tiirtlier lit I'untun
ism, and enhanco ibeir power. It was
to accomplish this all-absorbing object
of I'reslc, torian ambition that an el
fort wa mado a lew years ago to have
tbe Sunday School Union incorHiralcd
by an act of Congress as a national in
siitution. Theso "friends of civil and
religious liberty" did wot hesitate to
avow thai their purpose was, to tise
their own words, "ui force out of cir
culation such books aa tney disliked,"
und to become as tbey expressed it.
"tbe directors ol the conscience of im
mortal boing."
To show timber that this is no new
zeal in Mr. Butler, but a simple out
cropping of the smothered wrath which
ha no long been fermenting in th an
cient mash-tub of puritaniam, s abort
extract from a aorinoo preached in
Now York, in 1803, by one Dr. Wilie.
(a liberal and venurou aoul) a full of
charity towards all, Ac, as our aanclifi
ea uroiner. in thi sermon on the
"DutV Ol Maiintralan atlil 11 illinium "
(Puritan, ot coar,)w find the very
eamino of Puritan Preabyterianism in
all its bideousness. He said :
Th Magistrate ought, by hi eivil
power, to remove all external impedi
ment lo th true reliu-ion and worshin
ol Uod, whether ther bo person or
things," (just what Butler tried to do
witn JudjeOrvisl. Amonrlbosa who
bav, in his opinion, no right in aocie
ty, were all lb Methodist. A train he
yi "Sueh eribcload ol illiterate.
Melbodial kmuU. which darken th.
boriaon of Unm Blat tbo infinite
! with whioh tby propogaU tW
poisonoiis doctrines, resemble much the
character of I ho Scribes and Phurisees."
I'o show the reverence this learned
divine (whom Mr. Butler seeks lo lin
iluto) had for, the laws and I ho Con
stilulion nearly three quarters ol a
century ago, read tho following extract
from the sumo sermon ; "Tho gov
crnnieiil gives a legal security and es
tablishment to gross heresy, bbispho
my, und idoluiory, under the mil ion of
liberty of conscience." This is a (oosi
live and direct assault upon the Con
stiliition, because it guarantee liberty
of conscience.
But enough ; if this Parson grows in
grace aud siiiicliinoliloiisncsH, 1 fear
lloil era long ho will enforce a cessa
tion if ull liat'iro' luwptin ho.itb-
mei j him ib wm
Muster tjsii,,, in ou tour, ralncr
ilipiouslv, I lear, gives an apt illusira
I ion ol'lheirausleroshullownens which
has become immortal:
"Ti Bornsly sown I Oh ! piofsna aao,
Wbnro I ot o Purit4B .ao
lloiifiiix irfhia ont a Mmidof,
Fur hilling of a aiooaa ua SuaJav,
Ob, ah !"
It at this period in our age. our pcti
pie can swallow such stuff as the got
la-1 .Sunday from Parson Butler for
religion, God help them; but they
should not In) tt-kcil to contribute atij
more money to send missionaries to
the snake worshiping ncgrm-a iu Alii
eu until bo bus, tit least, enlightened
the narrow-minded hhs k heads ut home.
"Piiaise Gob-Haio honks."
Cleaifl. bl, Pa., April 5, 1877.
Mr. Kuitoh: Uiioii hsiking over
Hie la-llsMiool tbo Rtl'1'Bi.lCAN, I was
asiuiiirhed to read, "A sad tuvuch ot
God's holy luw is occurring in ibis com
inuiiity toduy. jy (j1H
torgivu those who have erred in
mutter, ami may God avert from this
community the curse which is sure lo
follow tbe public trampling upon Hi
luw, even though it be ill the Bo culled
inleresls of justice !"
It is lair to presume that this extra
ordiuury language refers to the circiini
siauce that Judge Orvia held court on
Sunday last during the trial of Martin
V. Tiimrr. lor tho murder of Maria J.
Witple. From the lunifua.'e cmiiloved
by Rev. Mr. Butler, one would imagine
tbut a crime bad been committed b)
tbo Court, in comparison lo which the
murder of Mrs. Waple was a "trifle
light as nir," or as unsubstantial as
-tlio baseless vision of a dream." The
question ut once arises, Is the above
awful prayer (which sounds more like
an imprecation) justified by the facts
iu tbe case 1 A little lunher on he
says : "The duty of the hour for every
Christian and lover ol truth and order.
iu view of the apparently uncalled for
act. is to express himselt clearly in re
gard to It."
Now, Mr. Editor, claiming lo bo a
"lover of truth." I am more than will,
ing that tho whole truth shall appear,
and if Judge Orvis be guilty of a vio
lation of the law of God in holding
court on Sunday, Id it come out.
Will Rev. Mr. Bullerbokiiid enough
to answer the following questions
through the medium of the llr.l't ni.l
can :
1. Dims the Christian Sabbath rest
upon lhe authority of thu Bible ? "
2. If so; please give chapter and
3. How often doe the word Sabbath
occur In the Bible?
4. How often disc it reler lo Sun
day as being the Sabbath ?
5. Diil Christ observe the Jewish
6. Did Ho institute the Christian
7. Il He did not; who did?
Hoping that the reverend gentleman
will "express himself clearly," I have
thu honor to bu Yours truly.
Cleat field Pa., April 4. 1m77.
Railroad Accident. Joseph Wil
son, Eq., a resident of Wosl Chester,
and a prominent lawyer iu that place.
accnmiMiiiied by bis wile ami'daiigliter,
got into a car at tbo West Chester
Itailmud Depot, at Philadelphia, on
Thursday afternoon of lust week. Pro
violin to the departure of tbo train be
felt the car and proceeded to thu wait
ing room. The whistle waa blown,
aud Mr. Wilson rushed out. The
train wo then in motion, und Mr. Wil
son attempted to jump on the car, but
hi foot slipjied. The conductor, who
wus on the pisiform, seized Mr. Wilson,
but lhe latter being a very heavy niun.
the former lost bis bold, and Mr. Wil
son fell. Tbe wheels ol the i'nr passed
over hint, causing instant death. Tbe
disaster caused a coii.motioti, and Mr.
and Mis Wilson, upon going out to
ascertuiu tbe cause, were horrified to
see tbe mutilated body of Mr. Wilson
drawn out from under the car. Both
tainted, and were carried into the rail
road ofllco.
Benjamin Not FiXbD. Tbe New
York lleraljl, sent a reHjrter alter the
hero of Fort Fisher, lor tbe purpose of
interviewing that celebrated Massa
chusetts Congressman, ou thu subject
of Hayes' Southern Policy and the
Speakership. When interrogated by
tbe interviewer on those material
ioinu Butler remarked : "God move
iu a mysterious way his wonders to
perform," and confessed that we are
the happiest people on earth, or words
lo thai effect. Tbe reporter mission
wa a fuilureand both lluycs and Gar
Held will see tbo point. Ben will
speak when Congress nieels.
Soldier or 1812. There are a num
ber of soldiers of the war of 1812 still
livsng. Tbey will be interested lo learn
that the last Legislature of this Slate
Las increased the annuities, pensions,
lie., ol the soldiers of the war of 1812.
Tbo act lake effect from January 1st,
1877, and tbe sum is increased lo $76
ier annum, payable to the soldier or
his widow, but only so long puyablu to
tbe widows as they remain widow ol
the deceased soldiers ol tho war ol
risil. An exchange say: "On Fri
day morning a week, upward of two
tbousund black bass, California salmon
and brook trout were received al Ron
ova, consigned to A.J. Q dgley, for lhe
purpose of Blocking tbe West Branch
river in that vicinity. The fish were
forwarded from tbe State batching
house at Marietta, but through car
loss handling and want of attention
only three or lour hundred of the sal
mon, out ol tbo entire lot, wore alive.
DaoWKEb. Scranton, April 8.
Joseph P. Conner and hi wife wore
drowned yesterday al Upper Lime
Ridge. While driving home from
church their horse took fright and
rushed into the canal. The buggy
wa overturned and before assistance
arrived they were both drowned. Mr.
Conner wa prominent oilixen of
Columbia county and Vice President
of the Pennsylvania Agricultural So
ciety. Hon. Tho. A. Uendrick, who waa
looted by th people Vic PrasauW
of lb United Bute, is viafUar Cli-
lornta, aod every aaawtt of rtaot ba
The Bi'lblehem, Pa., iron works
are engaged iu making steel axes.
Green and Fulton are tbo only
counties in the Stato without a ruil
road. -
Horse Ibievesaro giving the people
some anxiety in portions of Lancaster
cou My.
Tbu Reuding Railroad Company
has coutractsoiiiis bmdta lor 1.500,000
tons of coal.
Grant will spend a few dais with
the oh! man Cameron at Hurrisburg,
beloro Bulling lor Europe,
Il ia estimated that over 280,000
at-avf ,aW-a. - "'"HI 4rmH
, m j. ..-, i tnn ij ...
A Kentucky distiller has whisky
on bund lo tin. value of tl. 000,000
valuable parcel of real enisle.
Tho paper mill of Jessiipi M'sire,
of '.Vilmiiigtoii Delawure, was burned
on lhu4lh inst. Loss 81(10,000.
" Tbo Texas cattle 'ifrive lor the
coining season is estimated al two
hundred and Hlty tbousund beud.
Gov. Bedlo of Now Jersey has
appointed Kx Senator J no. P. . Stockton
as Alt'jyiuy General of that Slulo.
D.'jl. Boyd. Jr., General Pasen
ger Agent of the Pennsylvania Hail
mud, died iii Florida a lew da a ago.
A careful observer in Niles, Mich.,
reports that eleven feet lour inches til
snow fell there during the past winter.
The Gcriiittiitown Telegraph says
turkeys should not be eaten beloro li,o
first of November or utter the flM til
Peter Ucrdic occasionally gives
the Williuiuspoiiers a church, but be
charges tbem three dollars and a hull
Over two thousand barrels a day
is lhe product ot the Bradford nil
Held an average of aboui six barrels
jrer well.
A colony of San Francisco women
have undertaken to solve the woman
problem ny buying a big farm and
going lo work.
Southern slrawberrie aro selling
in New York al tbe laney price ul
eighty cent lor a basket containing
eleven berries.
A Kentucky paper say a car load
of tbe beltur class of colored people
from Jessamine county, tbatSlulo, bus
just gone lo Kansas to settle.
Alloona I Bgituling the question
of inaugurating a Recorders' court,
under tbo act which was passed al the
late session of the Legislature.
A recent census of the Black Hills
show a population of over six thou
sand persons. All looking lur nuggets
oi giuu, out lew ol wbicb ure louud.
Hayes has appointed FredC. limn-
p dreys eullecUir ol tbe Port at Pensa
cola, Florida. Humphreys was one ol
too n ayes electors Irom tbut slate.
The Western Iron Association
bold a meeting ul Cleveland, a day or
two since. 1 be card rale lor iron w
put al II 75, tbe lewesl overreached.
Il is not generally known by mer
chant that a neglect to cancel the
stamps on coal oil barrels subjects the
dealers lo a lino of three hundred dol
lar. An autograph letter from General
Washington sold in New Yolk the
olber day for thirty. live dollars. One
Irom Simon Cameron brought rilleen
On a small island in Louisiana aro
a doxen boxwiHid trees, Ibo only ones
in tbo United Mates, and are supposed
ui bare been planted by coailcrn in the
Spanish reign
Tbo Tionesta Republican stutes
tbut tho amount of lumber and square
limber ready to run out of the Clurion
river this season is much less than tliut
got out last j tar.
On Thursday morning lust, tbe
wile of James tiding, id' Lower
Turkey bsit township, Somerset county,
commuted suicide by banging in the
nam on her husband' furin.
Tbe Legislative Record continues
lo come and its printer expect to
keep it moving all summer if hu can
find sufficient detested acts, resolu
tions, etc., lo make it pay.
The grain speculator in Sun Fran
cisco, who lately failed, undertook lo
nionopoliro the grain business in Call
liirnia, aud bus met with the usual luck.
The job was tuo big lor hint.
lion. Emory Washhurno, ux-Gor-
ernor of Massachusetts, died at Cam
bridge ot pneumonia, one day lasi
Week. Uo wa seventy seven yesrsol
age at tbe time of bis Heath.
A.Oitkey Hull, who so mysterious
ly loll New York a few days since has
beendiscovered in London, in com
pany with an unknown woman who lias
art Just two inches below the left
Large quantities of marble are bu-
g shipped from Knoxvillo, T'vnn., to
un rruiicisco to build a Stock Ex
a?hange, which it is claimed will be the
liucst structure ol iu kind in the
A delegation of Indiana County
fanners recently went lo West Vir
ginia for the purpose of hsiking up a
locality ill which to emigrate. 'They
arrived at the conclusion that It wus an
elegant place to emigrate Irom.
There are 1.200.00J children in
Ireland of sclnsil ago, and moro Ibuii
1,000.000 of them are on the rolls ol
the National Board sclnsils a propor
tion greatly in excess of the propor
tion which prevails iu England.
Sheriff Wright, ol Philadelphia.!
says the hill passed hy the Legislature
to prevent bim upoinling deputies on
election dav, is unconstitutional, am!
that he shall, consequently, pay no at
tention to il. Good lor Sheriff Wright!
In Muino fwa are selliny at II 80
It doxen. The teculiarily of the kind
is that instead of tbe Usual yolk and
whitartbe shell contain a drink of
whisky at flltoen cents. An itijiiction
is ahnnt to bo gotton out against tho
Maine ben. '
Tennesso clergymen have taken
up the exm-nso of lunerals. and tirirej
that hereafter . carriages lie provided
the family of the deceased only. Thcv
assure all other mourners that their
duty is done when tbey have heard
the sermon tbro'igh.
Six hundred and tbirlv persons
pleaded guilty beb.i. the United States
Court al Atlanta, Ga., of illicit distill
ing, and on promising not to do so any
more were all set free. This neems to
lie the sum total of th recent raids
into th mountain.
Twelve or Hfioon Vermont lawyers
recently got into a serious discussion
in tho court room in regard to the
Lord's Prayer. Each gavo a different
version of It. Finally tbey referred il
tulheJudgo; ho shifted tho responsi
bility upon the clerk, who got a Bible,
looked all through the Old Tesiament.
and then gave it tip. A Sundaym hool
scholar was then called in, who re
peated il correctly.
Another great Jewel robbery ba
occurred in England. Valuable Jewels,
eat i mated aa worth from 9,0n0tn X10,
000, and belonging to tbo Duchea of
Cleveland, have been stolen from Battle
Abbey, one of the Duke of CUveland'
neat. Anon; lb ankle stniea Waa
a neck lac ol dianonda, rabiea, and
emerald, a gilt ef tboj Qaostototb
th) DecbesB, wbo Wa bridesmaid at
her Majatty'i wedding.
Kellihiu Speak. The Washing
ton corresn,nileiil ot the Ciiiciunuli
Enquirer, of lhe 3d suys :
Kellogg said to iiigbt: "This mini in
the While House seems lo think I hone (uo'aiiiiig Limi-iatia and South
Curoliiitt) are only made to elect a
Piusideut. Why, hell, genii ellieli,
we've go in have Governors, you Is.' I ;
and if wo don't something iiitcrcluii;
might be developud about (ho way we
uiiiiiiil'aciiiru Presidents. You bear
mo? I'm talking business. Lay but
and keep your head to the w ind!" lie
thinks lie will munuge tbu investiga
tion Irom this end of the line, ami
go back to Louiniana with Ins carpel-
cor, .jr. The accursed iuiiule in pub
lic ii If aim lor the past filled, jeurs is
the cause of all financial dilliculties,
and the distress that prevails every
where. While Radicals rule. Insur
ance Companies will suspend, bunks
will bnk, ifimv iii n,t"ase,''tfn.)
poverty and wrong will bo entailed
upon us ull. The men who havo gov
erned our Nitlionul uffairs since I8(il.
aru about as well rilled for their duties
aa "Old Nick" would bo lu conduct u
Stop It. Returning Bourd Hayes is
being annoyed by tbut arch iruitor
and disiinionist, Wendell Pbiliis, and
Puckurd, ol Louisiana, besides a lot ot
olber fellows who seem to bate but
lilllo respect lor themselves or the
government, since Wade Hampton A
Co. have taken ehurge of South Cum
line, and bavu mule Ihut Common
wealth a sound Union Slutu. Lei
Phillips and the carpet baggers bowl.
I'heir days ure numbered.
iMii.PtNDkNCr. Bell. Tbe Pbiludel
pbiu ledger says the old Independence
Bell has been removed from its original
timbers, taken out of lhe National
Museum and hung in the centre ol the
bullway of the Stale bouse. Il bungs
by a strong chain of thirteen bronxed
links, about six feel from the ceiling.
Thu inscriptions on tbe bell can only
bo read Irom the upper landing of the
Cahpet-baii Information. The
editor of the Bellefonte Rrpubliean
furnished his readers some vuluuble in
formation. In Blinding lo tbo vacant')
on the Supremo Bench bo says :
Tho Drmnrrala hsro aam-d linn, "bolus A
Vovro, ol M fflio I Urorj(u Orvia, nf Cvair -1 Jh.i.
Trunhi-T, ,,t Vonnlig"' 1 llri Tr P K.,a-, nf .Vl-.o'-ffnoaory
t tlo-i. A. J- ae, of JelorMtn Nil a
Clara, ot ladiana, au C. A. Mairr, ,.f olinluo.
Georgo Orvia ol Centre und Charles
A. A live ol JlifHIin. will mi doubt Is
highly flattered.
Indionant. I'he Packard Senate
has adopted a series of resolutions de
nouncing tho pledge of Stuiiley Mat.
thews and Churles Foster for the with
drawal of itiHips us a corrupt und dis
honorable bargain. 1 1 looks as though
llicro would bo "a high old time"
within the party" lines pretty soon.
This thing of Satan lecturing sinners
will not end in smoko alone.
McLin's Ukchit. If McLin were
lo give a receipt to Hayes liir tho Ter
ritorial Judgeship iu New Mexico, the
document would read ubout us follnws:
'ffoceved from It. B. Hayes un Asso-
ciale Justiceship for the Territory of
ew Mexico, III payment lor services
rendered in eouiitingthovolo of Florida
for the Iliiye electors. Samuel B.
Stili, Anotiikb.-Iliii'rislinrg will
si sin bo a Pitiudise lor "busted" bunks
Number three is tbo failuro of the
Blinking Mouse of Messrs. )oiigberly
Bros. supMiscd to be one of tbe sitfesi
institutions in tho Slate. The officers
tell the same "old story," every dollar
of the liabilities will bo paid.
If Grant hadn't captured Key at
Vii-kshiii'g, what would lluycs liuve
dono for a Postmaster Generul ?
txc aihfitlsrttfiits.
CttiriO. AM pmoniittv ttarvhy tMH tinned
fainut pnrchtttainf tr ! my mf mmltMng
with the rllowint prithcrtf now in lh a..iitt-iipti
f A R. St-off, nf o lwH ttnihp. ti : Oi
tiUeti mr with milt, I buy hO'. I birnrti.
I I T-arliR mir, a 4 hi, ht mt
b InDK f t tnt ttn I ii lilt wub bim -u ttet Ii ur
nrr1r ' ftay Uii'. ?. B. DU ...V(.
Ilutltl llo, .pril II, .R77.1t
lie Ii her-It tfivfjn ihtt Itt.-
Bmr4 of 8-h-ol Uiri-eMiri ut the b .ronith
Uw'l. "PP'T tu tb Cftirt r Ctinnnn
Pirn I V. Iw it-1 fKMin-y. t t n-t trm, lor
d cr Mniboritln tii S. b-l Dir-f-tr to b .rr it?
mmr thia)4(nl iM.ihhii tjitllrtrt ir hwlMto; nni
cNHOflUllRtr ,h hull (mat Of ft ( h I'll .llt.lairt
c4ti. TOUtfh fOwolft. R. J. W AI.KKK,
(1. .8WOI'R.
OrtrnU. A,.ril II. 177. 4t.
F..afi :ur the Parir Ffteta Tor tbj Mrn-tiftui
-FtvjtP for thj .rontn- Feii t -r tltj Hiajk
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Tho Book of tho lOth Contuxy.
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