Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, February 28, 1877, Image 3

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rtKI.VK'tOAY MONNINO.FKD. 21. 177.
Terms of Subscription.
(1 iid n adranoe.or Hit in three months ...$t
I paid fti three aad before six months,.,,, S ft
I- paid af-r tbe eiptratlon of sii months... I to
jSdT-Meetre. H. M. Pbttvii.i. A Co. News
p AdveiiUlug Aget IT Part How, corner
l -.iiy.Vt &trtt ere eetburiied A grew
Ri:M(;mjH (tone fru.
Mfh.Klut Kplar opal C'burrta Bev. B P.
Ititkii, PaMor. Poblie Here ice every ftahbeth
u f 44 A M , and 7i P. M.
Hahi.aih Srhnol at 9 A. M.
I'raji MtiBR every Thursday, at 7 P. M.
Coian .ntnn Service Brit ftabbatb of every
mb, -t lot A. M.
Weut Clearfleld N. K. hurrh. Rvt.
We. II. Dim. ami J. K, Andkrhon, Pa More.
Preachlne every alternate Hundev. at fioolock,
IV M. iundy roboul .t i. p. M All art la-
tum iw uuertu.
Probyterlati t'liurrh Krv. II. 8 Buvlbb.
rliibliaita eervicea morning and evening -Sabbath
School at X P. M. Prayer .Meeting Wednes-
lav evening.
l Kruncla C burch ( atliollc Rpi-. P.
aI.SiiiHtn.,N. preaching at tiieo'clock. A. M..on
-kr firat. third and lourib ."un'layaureaflh month;
Mftra ana net editnon 01 tnc rflersed heereiutnl
at 7 o'clock. P M. fuodtty Reboot evtry bun day
iirrniHin ui u cioe.
timr ur uLniao Qt'Aaraw aaaaiuRi count. .
pe nd Monday nf January.
1 bird Mimila wf March.
Pup) MuDitav f June.
Fi.urtb Monday ol Heplamher.
time ur Loma common fLaaa.
Kirar Monday of June.
Setmnd Monday ol Noreniber.
rt' orpicaaa.
f'rfittrnt tdluo. Cbarlct A Mayer,, nt
l,mk Haven
AittHt I ie Juiiut
lion. John II. Orela, ol
Mwi'ii'i Jui$rt At train Oglea(
CI ear II eld i
VitierM it iiiki. nooniand.
fmlknntnrtf Rli Bloom.
fttyttr tif Httnrxier L J. Morgan.
ihttrtel Atturmtg Kb. M. McCullougb,
Trwtwr -Band Mc(tatibey,
,SAen 4mirew Penti, Jr.
CnKM'y Vitreeyor haiuuvl F. MrClotkny, Cur
aenaeille. Vomt'g Cimmituinnm riarh Brown, Clear
(fid i Ih. oia-V Medea, Cheat P. 0. llairia
Hmtrer. t It-arHrl.l.
County Auditor Chriat. J. Kraj.f ?, (lien
Mope ; fiauiael A Caldwell, Willitmnroe ; Jobn
0. Conner Burnakda.
Count) Oiiromrr J. B. Kff, New Washington.
Jurg CmmiiiiitT Br. Jhinel P HnrcltfleKl,
CleHrltrd, Jon-h Aleiandar, Woodward.
Huprinttttnt of Public Stkool Jubn A.
Qri'ttory, Curwraavilla.
A'ofiirVee t'ukiic Juhn XV, Wrifly, Win. R
Helaoh, Cyrua tjordun, ClwarfieUI; Jnaeph H.
Irwin. N- B. Arnold. Carwcnivillet J- J. Liogle,
0'Aeola Mill.
Oar fecial column i decidedly interrating In
local point of view, and profitable, reading te
outeideta who want to aa?a monry.
Br. Stuwnrt'rt dutitul office in the
Uaeonia butlding, Clear&eld, will be open nil uf
next week.
An exchange wi)oihat "floret with
t went). Ire buttons ait wura with ball tvllttt '
Tbey a at button down the baek.
Lorillarti'i culebrutvU hrainln of Na
ry Tobaoco, "Oefiauoe" aitd "Our Choice, at
Lytle'a, tola nxent or Clearfield county
J(ev. Wm. 11. will preuch next
gurnlay, March 4th, at rbtwieilio al IU o 'cluck
a. a.; Ooahcn at I p. ., and Catre at 7 p. n.
aa i
llnl with bine gittti crownn ure Uie
la left it re Ititiu Tbe !. gtwa will atari tbe
hair on Iba m otbeat ahull in furty-eigbt bun
or yaara.
a ai
The American potato bu hun emi
grated to (biha, and tbe almond etd naliitaare
debatla. whether to worah p it ac a ttmnge g id,
or boil it for e'Up.
Now that the snow hun diHitppeni'tMl,
top en dirtover what ya hart htea ihmwlne;
Into the baek yard doting ihe winter. It may
iurprie you it generally doa.
ita a
Rev. J. F. Antloraon will preach
oa 6un ay neat, March 4ih, at Centre M. R.
Cburcb at t0 a. m . i At. Joy at I p. ra., and In
the Wei CI arfirld M. K. Charcb at T p. m.
A Clearii- Id young nmti who gocit
about aoiflliBi ' blowia ha nuie,etplalu'd lu
i Iriend that "Hba didn't baa ady lira Id lb
parlor Ut Budday, dt Id waa blade coda."
i e -
There will he no service in St. An
drtw'a ifipiaetipal) Cburob neat rtuaoa, March
4lb, aa waa announced la the Church, hervtee
will be held on Sot day, M rch llib. In pUoe vl
Ihe -ru a da a.
Before nui it) week the I ml my 'ing
will La i ere, wh -a jour neigbbora' cbiekfna wit,
be let ooa to btgnone Ibvtetigalirg eimmituva
lc your garden, and ta otb aianii back and
awtar and throw tiowit at tta lend matimal ben
aa ehe atratcbelh around with her loving brood.
Thial Libt. '1 he tollowing caUHCH
ha teen et down tor trial wa lb aclid wa-h
or ibe Maroh term at Cuart, Ih77 :
W. h. A L Affroctattoa ve. Janift Haley
W. U . Wi.aon, lu uw, va. J. C. Wrigbl A Co.
it B l.(tn va. Tyrone A t lear-ld K It.
H. A C. lUruhom aa. T. A CleaibaM K. K.
The Journal inun ought iry the hlne
glaa auri on bie dead eown It allien men, run
poring ibe Klt-vtural Cumin I if ion, eau Iraudu
lently euuni IJayea Inlv the Preaidenoy, blue
(lata will eurelj n xarcitata a di-ad etmn, in ibe
meantime, those Hata lamps atill rruuiw lu the
Kipreta otbe wiib the " C. O. 0." trneu I It-eta hie.
m a-
Bitnka 11 ul inert fuels very indignuni
beeauee his H(lal "buttles" did aut alteK 10
bin at tbe rw. et eleeiiun, attar eouiinatiog him
for High Cunatable. Ilia name was feeUtl
scratched by maoy Hepubllvaus ( beoauau he waa
a darkey, and tbey didn't like iba Idea of Voting
fur "a genTan ob aw I or." However, Bunks aaya
be saa end are it tlile time.
Now that lluyen hun been "counted
is" as Prvaidot, ia BadtcaU of Ibis buraugb
ertalnly will aot cb4rga "us "with Impure mo
tives," when wa say that It would only be an act
of summon decency if tbey won Id raiae sumo
scrip to pay fur tboa, ate., which bars
been la tba fcipreee often al this place laat
November, ana wot NsilekH the K ipreaa agent
lor ibe price of them
i -
The potttotllee tinkers at Wattbing
lun Cliy art atill at work, liming up thiage lit
the P. O. Department. Tbey hare recently
changi d the aauo of tbe mceat Mrriedale frum
' llarnaalt" ta Buhieskt,'' perhaps in honor of
tba Hon. Bwblefkl Ree, member ai Cntigreee liow
the Utb Pa. lilainet. Ta pnmouaea tba name
properly yon mart be nbuat ana hair drunk.
Dr. A. W. Hater, dentist, of Osceola,
was a r renew kbd lodged in jail at Ibis place,
charged wilb baeiag set bra lu hi bower, wbieb
was burutd d.-wa on Frida) tigbi, lh I6tb Inal
aitd on lice of wbieb appeared in toe eolumas ol
Ibit pit per Ust week. Tbe priaunar was taken
l eioie Lie II ior, Judne llll, tat Maiarday alter
mii, i. n a writ l iuImi eo'tue. ai.d a as relmsi-d
ft. $6ii l.ail, t-t appear lor trial at the writ term
ol ilia Court uf Quarter Seeiine,
A tine bill wun touml in the V. S
biatrial Uonrt ai Pitisbargh, taal wek, agaiest
Uiayetta Bloom, af this eoaoty, Adaaa P. King,
Jubn Lance, Shirley B. M Mi Hen, Uhe A. Piatt,
Bcolt M-rdia, A A. Lech, Pbehe Leek, and aeven
U la aganst Milea On la and W. R. Jubn. tea, fur
aauiadarlng and pasalag tea a tar fait mowey.
Thate parties all belong tba oOebratrd Mardis
gang tf aoun terf eit era, wbieb baa beww opera i lag
In Uia and adjolaing eaaalfes lor yew past.
m e - -
Tho Hiawatha Liuimry Society, con
nected tba aahaol at Centra, wbieb Is Uagbt
Mr. A. P.- Read, gs mm en tar uia meat last
Ftida) even lag, ta a boasa "ell I fed with tlsit-
fs, who name ta w A nets Iba eternise. Tbs
tudieaee eeamndj u bt Well pleaeaA. and wewt
ny, ne doubt, foal log patriotic ; far after aeelog
Ihe tableau ef ' Red, While and Ble," rapraernl
td by thraa Nttl girls, aa well performed, aa
w'f nf bis eoaatry atald fall ta feel luyat. There
"s vaiiely at aiarslsas, and nil pasaad ef
pleasaatly and with mask credit to iba performers.
A youngster, who has faithfully and
t'tncteally attended ear llighmbaul for tbe peat
Ibraa wiatera, and Iba btighia or wboae ambition
ta la ha a nawapapar reporter, baadad aa tba lal
ing, rvaeatly, wbieb be say a la bis maiden
effort t
wThc Caw. What a foaataia of blessing Is a
I rtbe is Iba aaeiber of beef, the tourea al
bailee, ibe ertgia! eearee af ebeeee), la say aolb
tg M sbuaa, baraa, barr,amaa, aad r ppae leibar.
A gratia, amiable, avcr-yieldiag araeiara m
bns najayatwmar family aSaira vatebsbadaea
ahara with maw. V a raw br wf bar nbildraa
Wl wa may rob bar of bar milb, aad ewly aara
nv baa lAmt tba iwhbary aMp bo wasp eWaead."
-Mr it iba raay.
To prevent tobacco eh ewers from
being Imposed upon, Lorlllardt batt put a tin
stamp la evtry plug of th-lr tuhaean. Taka Bone
noteta 10 stamped. Ljtle I sole agent fur Clear
Bald county.
GO AllBAD.tvi lltililO lllUt tilt)
lllaana of La arc dm and Pike townabips are
taking slept la have tba bridge eeroaa iba rlvtr,
s tba line of the Pbiliptburg and Curwtntville
turnpike, generally known at Bloom's bridge,"
made a free bridge. It it practically frao fraai
lull Dew, bot lb are ie no security unlll iba aot of
Assembly treating tba corporation Is repealed.
We hope ear Senator en member of iba House
III give tbia matter their undivided attention.
hu ll.butHl AR au n.H nflt.. U.r., ..... ...!
tout line. We bve "The Illue Gloat Care,"
M Tba Hangiag or Witchrr,M Hnuw Bound."
"The Way to Treat Women," "Plymouth's IV
clina' Wbo mt lais'i Wifr," breidi-a utany
other iBtaraating aitiolet. The fuurtb and lal
apprarauea of tba "Aaditura R'n" atiil ou
eupira Iba fonrth pafa, aiOurdiOH to law.
The following new udvvrtiavmutitH
,!j;ar tn tbia Itaue fur the Brat time :
Adtniniirrator's Kutioe Jease Beams, Adm'r.
Caution Adaut Moyer, Sr.
Hair Hurh Mra. 8. J. Urowo.
Sheriff's Sale Andrew Pmia, Jr., Sheriff.
Petltiuus for Lieuaa Eli Bloom, Proibeii'y.
Tu Watermen W. M Jubusua.
Alderney lleiler fur Ble II. W. Smith.
6hiigles Wauled A. U. h.m-r A C-.
Bad Bora.--Sevoral young bo) a wero
reei-nuy arrested at Ki-lgway, oa vuiuplamt ui
'J. v. aiesaengcr, fur breaking Intu the Mure ol
Mrs. llouH, ol that place. To ol tbe boy a wvia
bald In the sum el tlvu each. One waa rtjlaaved,
bis lather going bis t-all t one was eommitied iu
J ail la d-fault ui ball, and iba other- were dis
charged, la It a wonder that boya will steal
glovee, eie., wbeo lha highlit tribunal iu ih land
wilb five Supreme Cwuit Judge, haa legal I led
villainy and fraud then a virtue 1 IVrh.ip the
Kidgway Justiua had oa beard of tbe late dvciaion
ol the tripartite Iteturning Board at Washington,
It Sceuis tbe boya had.
CLEAKyibLu Coal Thabk. Htuto.
uiebt ol Coal and other Ireighia tent over Ibe
Tyruna A Clearfield Oiviiiuu, PvuuayUauia Kail-
road, lor tbe wevb eudiug i'tb. 17, l77, and
tbe aeine time laat year :
COIL. . TiiNb
Kur tba week..M ,
... iu.JWW
.... 14.3HI
.... I;I4,Hj4
lt ,401
.... 2',,avi
.... 4l,77u
OA eari..
.... 711
aauta Oma laai year ,
Previuualy during year
"tame tiuia last year
Total io l77 ,.,
6a me tiait laat tar ,
Miaeeliaueoue Irvighta,.
Foi'ND 1'kab. Mr. Nicholiw
ph, a rtaident oi Kyleriuwu, lu Mrru ln-
bip, Wat found dead iu baa ovd oa 'i'ui-eday eteu-
iog ot laat week. Iba 20ib toai. Tut ditvasiU
waa aa induatnoua " uld baolielor," aged abuui
70 year a, and livd aluue iu bis hun at Kj Itr-
where be baa naidvd lor a ijuiubcr ol yeare.
His ettaeaoe Iruui the street fur seveial dja
cauatd the neigbltore to gu tu bis buuae, wbere
i he j fuuod bia body, cold and stiff in death. Ibe
aupposition auioug bil neigbuurs la that be died
ub bunday nigbl, tbe caue of bis death betog
unknown. Ibt body ol tbe dtneaaej was laki-o
in cbargt by Ihu ciiitrm, aud waa proptrl)
lodged ia the grave. Ur. Murphy waa a peacea
ble old man, and waa mueb reaiected In tbe aui-
aiunily wbere be lived, llu baa a brother imi1-
tng in Canada, and a ovpbew aouiOMhere in Oliio,
bul Bo relalitat in tbia part ol the country.
Tu bt Townkiiip Kl,.CT10. Below
ill te louno the mull of ibe eliohou ol utile.
tut Lawrence townhip, to serve ibvcoaumg year.
Tbia towuabip, uidir a apu-ial taw.t lecud lour
fiuperviaura : .
ilea of tbe Peace J.. II. It oka, B I iaa
Coo. table -K. K. Siiaw, 0
M. U. Ao lea, H cu
John C. Heed, U Ui
Jubn Huiitu, K l-l 4
Auditor A. H- Mtiaw, I) Il i
hauiuel uurge, n Hti
TuwnaLip L'Hrh Leais Browu, U IV2
iaaaa stage, U IU,
School Direct era J. L Couklin, U 142
W id. Lauaiieriy, t .lin
K. K. Daniel, 0 It
r. M. U ."i.. 1 IM
Mil- K-..I, D .i;.i
J. L. Mcl'brt".., U w;
I. N. t un- u, K le.i
Hubert Wnge, ii H VO
truperviaara James Bnwn, I) 2r7
h. J. Heed, B Ittto
Jwtta Parke, i . 24
Joba U. knue, U -1 14
Mopte t. Kraiuer, it itM
i. L. Noma, l(
O. P. Knee, H . M
Oitrsverof Poor Samuel llrowa, 0
aa. 1. JaVturaie, D Iba
Jamia Irwin, Jr., l ...144
Judge uf Election J. K. K -wd, B ltV
A. 1 oluure, 11
Ititlieelori of Eicctiobi Joutttbait Oalen,
n. i oDuouer, n...H vv
Bisi. Treaaurer Joa-ph Owens, B 2j4
IUilroab Bhibob Bubnkb. The
Seliuagrwo itmit, vi laat Week, puwiisbes lb
lulluwing paniauiars in reicrente to the destruolun
ol the raihoad bridge at that place, on faiurduy
titolag, ibe 1 T th tut.: " On Sat.rduy irerin,
about 16 minutes belure I o'clock, aud In My au
hour alter tbe laat traiu had eruaavd Ibe river
bridge at Ibta place, au Harm u " kirtt" i uveal eu
tbe last tbat Ibe Suubury A Lawieiuwa hatlruau
bridge waa on tire at ibe southeast corner ul tb
weal end. When brat diacjtered the Hit waa uoi
large, bal at a lair aiod aa lowing toward tbe
eauibiaat II fiuined rapidly, and ib nu ekntdingly
it time the Brat apan was all In Bro. as ibe
Ire cut off all t'Bmttiun wub Ibe vfaera, It waa
lutpoaaible lo reach ft ur impede It. Ilia si aut
bre-engiBt waa lakea lo ibe river, but to uo pur
pura, lha Boob and Ladder L'ompauy went out
ob a lat, bul could not retard Ibe Bra. A steam
abgme was bruugbt Irom Suubury in lorty mlb-
Irom tbe limn lbs news Was rtoeived there f
bui the progrcas ol tbe fl.twea was stopped only
by lbs sawmg vfl of Ihe eighth span, nbiob w
a riiky and dangeiuua underiaknig. Tbe estne
bndge bad rlaieen apaus beanies be treat le work
over one laland j aud, ot the, teveo were de
stroyed by fire and one by aawibg it off, ro thai
one-ball Ibe bridge aaa dealroycd. 1 here is only
Obe apao remain log weel ot the brat ielutid. Tltr
Bra is believed to bsie been the woik ot an Ibeeti-
diary. There wae an ineuranee vi 74,tlH) upo
the siileen spans refpetthtiy IB aertral ouuipa
olea the Atua, the JJoeut, and ttia R yl and ponton ibe aoupauy uy rvana
thirty -five to lutty ibuuaabd doliatt. 'J be pnawti
ger ctrs continue to run aa uilore, ibe pasacoKera
being tmnaleried trm Iba island to tba Ui u
Que by mean ul n Bal "
Tba reault of ear bereogb elect ioa ub ibe tuih
lost., ts given belifW. Tba Bvmotratt have tbeir
aal majority, with the eieepttuB of Juatloe ol
tha Peace, Ibe Radicals having elected Wr. Ura
bam over oar evmieee. Tbe Vote fur each eaud
dale is aa follows :
Oemocrata. Repabltoans.
jDarica or Tna rsAcs.
James Keif...,.....- 141 1 hu W . UiBoam.MH.IBJ
at auKHS. "
James L. Lefj m.IT Joeepb S. bWwers. IM
Town ci'tmriL.
UrBrV W Path.... t6 l J U llartawiek 1"!
Miitoa 0. Brawn. ...IV6 K. M tfenearer
A B.Stiaa lb I
niOB ONuTABi a.
William Portltt....HIVl I W. U Urn lee (tul.).,16
ka CI ell an l...J il Myers Tl
William II. I William B Drowa ..1S6
nisTarcT TBiAaenaa.
0. Whitebill IV6 JobB cUaughay.-.IU
irvoB or bluctiom.
Fred U. CtrdoB...H1f9 William Reed IU
J issi-acToB or Bbi crioae,
James Wriglty I "7 I Urrge 6. Young. ...IH
Roet Read IS9 I James Irwia 12-'
Juba Porter... U -
Hunihal W. flmlib Itil Thomas Rubias UB
Wa regret Iba deleat ol Mr. Kerr, our nomine
ter Jastiea el tba Peace. Me was lairly bom ma
bad, and should hae been e reeled. Ills de.tnt
may be gratify lag in n pereoael point f view, but
ia a party sense a is aa outrage Ibattaaawt bo
de traded. It is aa eld adage " tbat ium wrong
sevw make eat ngbt." We andersievd tbat ib
party kale be I waa buiM lesl tw.ll aad tbe vote
polled at that time showt that eibert tu eader
eteod ibe ejueaiien. Why Ibis andereuudiag baa
been vteiaied. Is a Bijsiery to aa. It will eow be
ia order for tbwse wbe breught abtetlbe da laat
4 ttr emiaea far Jatttce, la eAvenite tbeir
parir faliy aad Moral integrity. We bold tbat
all Bamaerau should eepwrt ibemaelvas la voliiiea
at tbey Aw ia baauMia or avetat aleira. Boare
yaer eewdva! wkA year pralaiaiaw, ead dljwambia, i
lbs aa4 emrwl at Rule at aeaslble. If taeaeeedy ,
affeasad a year age, R It aa Imprevemeat fee aa
eibar to effead ibit yeas. 1
Wanted 11,000 conl of Hemlock
and Rock Oak Bark, fur wblob wa will pa; tba
fa I be market prloa.
jllif. A. 0. Katnra A 0.
Wantkd! An itctivo, honvnt man,
to eel' tba luro ed Kilai llwa Dwlng Maebtae
la Clearfield county. To any who with ateady
tnploi meal, we nfftr eitraordinary ladaMmfnti.
W rile lo oar PperUt Agrat, Vr , s, putter, at Brook
1 1 Me, Pa., fur trim, lnfruati"n, At.
fvb- Tna llowa Macmirb Co.
m i
1it of IctlurH rvmuinin unclaimed
la the Poattiffoe al Clearfield, for tbe weeh ending
Ptbruary M. IB7T l
Frrd'k W Aldi-rtaaa, WiMiata Dowllng
tnra Ceiagbaa,
Mary A. Puatiaa,
Dudlr-v Cuuant,
Jubn Duwiing-1,
Pair ia li hevaulds,
Jubn W fu id lay.
P. A Oil' lih, P. M.
Vox Chase. The nportiiig fratern
ity bad 4uii an rioith.g time wilb a fui last
Saturday inoriurg, which bad been brought te
tbe pr"hriur of Ibe Shaw llouac a few days pre
vious. M K-ytiard" bad made an effort la get
a ul n Vat I, bul tailing In Ibta. he was taken to
Sliaa's held, above tbe uld bridge, on the west
aids of the river, and giteb a cbauoe lo lake "leg
hall' Tbe riflt-mrB were at at lured a'aog tbe
road leading uit r Cual bill, with urdere to "ahuot
bnu on lbs pul "i I ibe dg tailed tu catch be
lure be aruaed the ruad. All tbe meB were tn
readineaa, the foi set at liberty, when be Immedi
ately started ft-r tbe bill, holly puiaued by two
bounds, and ltg." and " Bulpb " eloaa upon
the rear, one uf ibe latter being armed wilb a
sutten-abooter and ihe 4hr wlib a pair of Nu.
II ouw bide boota. K-g" diaplaed abort
wind, pnibaltly owing to the Irrqucwi use uf "blue
gUoa," and be was neatly pneaed ty Boljth "
br lure tbe Orel-quarter pule waa reached. But,
uotoriuniitely, Blph " mlatouk Ibe track of one
of the doga lor Ih it f tbe foi, when he gut on
ihe wrong h ad and came "a little behind out." Tba
foi u ihe meantime made for the river-liank nod
aui of range for the " Big Injuo," who waa ata
lloned all rer the hill j but " Burns " gave It a
soup I rounds Irom bis duule-barrelled Mfl(e(
hut the range wai tou lotig and do damage was
doi.e. At the rlvt-r-bi.nk, tuatisrs were getting
interaatmg. Keg.," ' Bolph " and the hound
were i-lure upou " Hr) nard, who bud taken up
his pii itlon un a bue cake of ice, for tbe purpose
uf roulii'g bis levered brow. At this juncture,
one ol the guunera left bit pott, aud, get; log
wubin twenty. four !et uf Iba fia, aad resting
bia gun on tbu li-noe, beaui-eeedid in killing it at
ihe aeuoi.d fire. mded woal might have
U-eB cooatileralila spurt, bad tba animal But been
luin eo curly in the ebaae.
Spec tain.
T. A. FLKt K A t 0.
New Spring styht at Fleck A Co t.
I) ii ia ( rnw, btat ai.d laahienable a
T. A. rik A Co. 'a.
U'antkii ! lUti.bUtl rrt-ttteh aliaVid abingles
to average Irom 11 Co 6) in die for which We
will pay Ibe b i ft hart uiHrket price.
A. tl kHAUan A Co.,
rl.2S If. Citarb.l l, Pj.
Uo and see the new gooda ut Fleck's store.
Every da) bitoga toun thing new al Fleck A
Co. 'a store, ll you don't believe it go end aee.
1hie two lots of bodily comfort, rheumatism
aud ibe gout, caao tbi ir twingea. it tit afiVcied
part ta iiattj wtteheJ .tiih (i'tan'e Suipbur Soap,
wbieb baoifhea pain and rt ndi-ra the Jointa ami
ufin-te tipple ; d elaalta. Bt-p t t'nileaioa's.
No, 1 Mib Avenue, IS. V. lull's Bair d- H his
ker Bye, black or brown, bit cia. tab 4w.
An up town uan I difEuled with hard money .
He eerm-d a allvt r bait uul ar in bia pocket for
a. a utor.tlip, only lo dierour wliu be tried l
pan it I tint II waa cuuntorietl. No bogua goudi
-I T A. F.eek A IV s atore.
Ladlea are reuealed to on II and examine the
new good a at 1. A. rleca A 00- a.
ilenlleinrn will li nd mueb tl-aure in detain
lug the new a'v ut at Fleck a atviC.
llt oNtKn FonHii.a. k. Newton Shaw keep a
full etiMily ol Fredonia Butcitiea and Plallorm
H i,(i u,t aale. To be een at ihe Sbaw Houae
yard. Call uu or addreae him at Clearbeld PeBb
aylvaota. may 13-11,
Young mru "d young womn, the old and tba
in id I e mgtii, everyoudy of all aga, aiies and
colors, will bod aomethiDg tu pleaae them at T.
A. Fleck A Co.'t
AH kind of UMe llneos al Fleck A Co.'t,
tthlte gttods ot c.eiy deactlpitua at Flenb'r.
I.adifw' hats, all the new sprlbg atylce, at T. A.
Fteck A Co.'t cheap cah at ore.
Hen r city of Jftonry. ,
There ta no i1aoiI but lha rtre-ant eon Htlt nf
a1 ktndanf buaineas and induatry ta fearfully dc
prepaid, ami it b hixtrea everv family lo I'wk
earelolly to their expAnm-s Winter te coming on
when i-bildren are liable to Croup, H hi opina;
CoUtfh.eta Cougha and Cold will prevail every
where, and C"aU'uption. with other thral and
lung dieaat', will carry off inntir These die
eaae t-heuld not ttc ne;leoied B tnr's bills are
ex-fciiteive. aud we would adeiaeuur people to uae
Itwat ttr.R'a OKwaaM Svari. ll never haa tailed.
One bottle at 7& cent will keep your Whole family
well during ih-winter. Two rto will relieve
any rat- Sold in all lowna in tha United States,
and by your Biuggial, C. 1. Wan, Cleurheld,
Pa apr6, '7fi-ee1y.
If jou w-tht a good ehewl, nn matter what
kind gu lo Fleck A Cu 'a.
Til I'aV it h ill in.u
A few year inca the pr prie mra of .V. Morris'
Syrup of Tar, Wild Chirri anrt lforeboutd mint,
dnced it here. It waa not puBed, but sold no its
merits Our people toun found It to be reliable,
and tlrrady it haa become the mol staple aod
popnlar puimnary remedy in Ihe market. It
quii'kly ruea the won-loouh. colds croup, broo
uhitia, aotbiuaand Inciptant ocDinmption. Nothing-
art at, ntcalr in wtatxiutiii tod g i, and It ia to
pleasant that children readily uae it Contain
ing no opium, or thcr dang- r-ua drug, it is as
ante as it la aure. Trial site, 10 oeola ; large mi,
6i ct-ntt at'd one dollar, bold by C. B. Walton,
and llart'Wick A Irwin, Bntggats, Clearfield, Pa.
Prof. Parker's Pleaaatil Worn fiyrrp It per
fectly eale.-eitrcinrly palataltle. No pbyalo ra
uuired. Coat 2b eente. Try it. For aaia by C
D. Wataon and llartawiek a Irwin, Clearfieid, Pa.
Uich 2Jeowty.
Attention. Farmers and Lumbermen.
K NTKB by Arnol Curwcntville,
10,000 pou i ids pork.
1,000 IjiihIiuIh wheat.
1,000 bushdri ryo.
1.000 LuhIiuIh imtfi.
1,000 bushels hIioIIlmI corn.
1,000 buslieln otutocs.
IIMMHMI ilda-lisrli aliaved -IHliK ea.
HHtSHNi V4-lu h aw wed kliltiKlve
KHMHHI fret plite bttarda
A.IMHl railroad ilea.
A MM curua wak aud henturk tiarlu
For which unu-third ensh will
bo m'u. oct.25.
The heat kid giovsa, every pair warranted, at
r, a. Fiech A Co. 'a.
Collar, euffa, Beeknea, suapendsrs, best and
underwear at T. A. Viees A ta. t.
Flannelt, maalint, girghama, tbirttngl and
uaafiiutra at Fiech A 0.'s.
At the r sldenee uf tb bride's father, nn Thurt
tUy, F. b Ui. 1877, by R.-v. B. II. Campbell,
Mr. M illorrt R hpitce, ul lt ectria lownabip, and
Miat Kllea J Patiersnn, ol Jordan towaabip.
len n ny 1 v ii n in Hit 1 1 rend
TV HON K a HlUM 11
01 .nd (l.r Mond.j, NOV. 17, IHH, lb.
H.MH.nicr Trkin. .ill rvu d.ll (.injt ft...
dijr.) bH.ND Tyraoaand 0l..m.ld. m firliutt.j
W. J. Imri. t'uudvolor.
"l.KAvir"ni(iiTii. ! T.havk niTktii.
t'ur...lll.... I", r .
ClMr.HU "
l'b.ll..l.urg 4. SI, 447, '
rjrua. , "
Tyrua. w f IO,...
VwMm... 1 Sf,
Pblli..b.r,...l. M, "
Cl..r.ld ..... 1 1 .,
Uur.a.-ilt..l:l, -
W. t.. fi..i..n, 1'e.daotor.
0-Ml. -..-..
... i.
Hi "
6.17 "
. "
Tyro... f It ... T.2I
Omral. . ....
Phllli-r, M
Cl..rt.ld, ...... 4f '
l'.r..ii. III. 1.0.
a.)L M.ll I
A. . r. .. t. m.
..HO to... T;ro..
rrl I I
K.l. Kxl.
It ,4
10 4.
. .1
1 0.1,
10 40
11.11 UTiT.U U..MI
h.n I U
BAiTwaao. a a I waaTwann. am
PaolBe Ktpraaa, :U Pltlabura: bip'aa,
Uarrtiburg Aee'm. Paaktlo Kipreaa, fe SO
MallTia'a. S-.M Way PaHengar, l:l&
AtlaatloRipraM, tM Mail Train,
Pblla da Kipraai, 10:3iPaat Line, I.&H
0a and aOer Monday, Ni'V. ITih. !;, A
eomuiodatloB Traiaa will run O'er lha I'htlipa
lorg and Modiebaua Hranebaa, ac follow :
LfcAVh bul Til.
mX It
II:' 4 4:16
11:61 4:04!
11:46 X:6J
11:40 l:4T
Il::i6 8:44
1I:XU l;4
tl;24 S:.I6
CI.m oiinflMtlon. u.d. bjr .11 .t Tjrrua.
and uitcn ubv... a
8. 8. BLAIR,
jl7-tr. 6uti.rlBUnd.ot.
Allegheny Tullcy Kiillroad.
"N .nd .fl.r M"0,lT. J..urr Itih, IB7T,
tbr i.,.rnii.r train, will run daily (.iiYlit
un day) betwrc. fttd Ilanh and Driftwood, w
iuiiow. t
r .r Anii.l..y Mall Lava. 1'ltr.liurg
8:i0 .. n.) Kd Hank 11:4. i Hliaudunrtin. 12:1)1:
New Rrtbl.hra 1:00 p. m May.Till. 1:19;
iruy I :i urooayil.a l:un Millar . I:Z7t Hry
auld.villa ! Dullul. 1:10 i BnmiBit Tiinn.l
1:41 i PanHild 4:04 Wnd. ill. 4:17 1
4:t i arrlvM .1 Urihwixid .1 i:44.
ICH1 M AHltUay MaillraT.. Drlflwcrt
12:16- p. oi., H-n.i-ll. 1:03; Mra.lll!a 1:40! M-Yl tuuiDilTunnell:tai llubui. I:.H1;
K.ynuld.vill. 11:111: Kull.r'. HI; HraobvilU :46;
Troy 4:lit May.rill. I:.1II Nrw Brlblabru :lt ;
Mia-, Jauctloa 5:31 1 R.d llanb t:10 ; arrira. .1
Piu.burg at 9 10 p. m.
t Tb. lliynold.Till. Arrnmnodatio. l.a.M
Iti-juold.rille daily at 7:60 .. m. and arrive, at
Hi-d bank at IU:aS . a., titt.burh al 2:5a p. ui.
U-.T., Pittsburg, .t 11:40 p. a Kd Hank at
7:.t0p. a.; arriving .1 H.yDoldivtllaal 10:110 p.a
Clwa. eoDowlloD, aada wltb train, o. P. A N
Kailroad at lfriltmd, and with train, on lb.
AllrgliiBy Vall.y Kailr,ad at R.d Uank.
HAV1U McCAKliO, U.n'l Suii't.
A A. JicKaoN, up't L. U. Uir.
BeiialunU, l. II IMMiddl.UW. $i .0
L.k II. v.n. ....... I 70 Marl.tta- .40
Willi.Qi.iiort. S Oil Latioaal.r I 86
Uuntiaii-lo. I 00,fHILADKLPlllA Ot
Lawi,town S 00 Altoona 100
M.ry,nll... ......... 4 40 JohaMown........... loll
l'aw.a.villa lll'l'billp.burg ,1
Uaocola 64l I'yrona I 12
OOIi:i HTOC K aVOH P-Alli. I
A Tbnrooah-rrrd ALOKHNKY 1IEIFKH
CAI.F. tartttaare hereby notified as per agree
mint. Muet be taken away roon.
11, W. HMITII,
Feb 2A, 1K77 tl. Cl-arflrld, Pn.
SI-l.i:CTMtHHH-Tbe imdertigned will
open B private school in the Leonard build
I tig. In Clearfield, Pa., on or about the lat of
April,877, lo continue eleven weeks. Instruction
careful and thorough Terms reaaona.ii I e.
h. C. VdCNtlMAN, A. M.
Clearfleld, Pa., Jan. IT, T7-Jro.
1 nil' i
underlined rtaiitctrnllr tnfnrina the
WHinmi n oi uiearm in cunty, thai be will open
a Hoard! itf llouac at " Fulton's flood Water," lor
their aeeuiumudatlftu, this spring. Hoarding
good, and prices nteona!h. Thanking you lot
ptlt fe.ure, 1 would solicit your utm aeaiu.
Fab 23, 1877 6l.
C A If Till IH. -All peraonaarw hereby cautioned
again! purchaaing or in any way meddling
a ub ihe following property . now in p-s-eion ol
Peter Woer. rJr., ol Uraham toanahip, Chai field
mttity. lo wit ; One btaek bora, I red and white
eow, and I yeailing calf, as ibe same belong to
uie, and have I teen left with In in uu luan only, sub
ject to my order at any time.
Kylertown, Feb. t9,
VT ( H t.' K-A II enntractora are warned againal
X l taking tba contract for building me Uoihen
iontnip graded eobiwtl miilding, aa we ire de
termined to ettutrat tba right to erect aad build
itig. or appropriate any lit tide of the diairict for
tbat purpura. W. A. Nhl.Su.N,
ill reel ore.
and titty citiiens of Uoshcn twp.
Liek Rub, Pa., Feb. II, fl7Mt
XI citiiens of Clearfield county wi.l apply lo
l tie preaent Legtaiaiur ui me Ptare oi reiiB-yi
vaBia, for Ihe repeal of aa Act of Aaaembly lor
taking loll ob ibe t4uauBebanaa Bndge, oue and
one-ttiurth miles eaat af i'urwenaville) on tb-
f'btliiiabuig and Curwaaavllla turaulke, and ask
that aaid bndgr be handed over ia tbe county uf
l Icarflxld. JUMAH n. Hf.AU
t urweneellle, Feb. 2177 4t.
Teach your Boys that whiob they will Practice
when they becrme Men."
The BBtlcraigned will ones a school In the
Leonard building, oa April SJ, 177, to continue
ti-n weeks. The studiss to embrace Beading,
Written Arithmetic, Writing, and Bonk keeping,
whirh will be made a apecial feeioe of ibe hcfaoul
and iBorauililj and practically taujrht. Ppeolal
terms and arrangements lor such aa desire to take
a partial enure. Terms reatonahle.
ten. 7, 77 ft J. r. MeK EM MICK.
l.adie, whan you want hair work done,
rimmr these facia ; that Mr. 8. J. Brown did
nut pick up her trade, but paid a high price and
learned it thoroughly j aUo, that aba does not
ruet br work IB iba baartt of in coin net cot par
lies, but altenda te each order personally i alao,
it ou want watch guards, hair jewelry, bair
flowers, or anything ia that Hue, call on ibe un
deraigned, aa ab does all tbe wurk herself In to sending it away as other batr-drras-
era du. For Arat-claas call on T. 4,
Kief a A Co , ar tall and eiamine fur tturaelf
X4rHeldenoa on north aide of 5le'ktt alieet,
three dours east ol tbe raildroad. Clear It eld, Pa.
Mrs. 8. J. DUOWN.
Feb. 1177-tf.
ORPtlANH' COURT MA IE By virtue nl
an orlrr of ibe Orpbana' Court of Clearfield
Co 'there will be sold at public sale on the premie,
in tut borough of lioulsdalt, on
Maturday, Marrh IT. lH7t,
at I o'clock p. m., the following desunbed real
ealale, to wil : All thoae certain tola or piti ea uf
ground tituate In the borough of lluuttdale.
Clearfleld enunty, Pa., houndfd anit-4rcrihed a
follow i One thereof bounded n tketuttrtb ty
M N-t. 04, on tht aoutb bt eaer elli , on 1h
eaat by- ftiabin meet, on be wit t y Hpru.-e
a i ie?. BB'i mown aa roi no. v. i nt ointr mere
of bounded en the D'irtb by M oit a.ley, south nr
Cue at f el, eaat by let Ho. 12 n tba waat by lot
Nu. 122, and knuwn a lot N. 523
Aduiinhtra'or ul D. C, ft tea, dee.p
lloutsdtle, Feb. 7, 1H77 fit.
I1CKMMR NOTICK-The following per
j tona bweeliled In the offine ef tbe Clerk el
Cuurt of yuarter pesaiuns uf cir-arneta euutitv,
their netiiivwa aad ttonda lar L teen aee, at Mareb
trasioB bcii, agreeably te tbe Act of A teem My i
oral Licannai.
Wm. 9. Bradley m M Cltarfleld com eg h
W. C. Cardon
A. B Bow
James UoLaUihlin..,H
D R- FallartoaM
K. Put lie ...HouladamlrrtBgb
William HhieHs
Joba MeKiiery.M Hl
(Jeurge Khodee , t.....
William rarkar ,.
Mania Flank
J'-rome L- Baungardner
wiiham Carrao....
Patrick Dunn..
Jnmes L.vnaugb ,
Jamaa Haley M
Charles Kenny
James Carter
Patrick Quina.....M.....
Micbat-I arrnil
Neil Dougherty
... Osceola boroogh
Hmiib Batrd
Mile lloyt ....
lieorge W. Lane ,.,..
OeorgeW Davit
W illlam bavia, M ,
..M.Wath'a "
,.Wu. dward tow'p
Uanrge Pearte
1 noma tin aw ,
Daaiel MeCarty ,...
Peter Ruffner ......
William Hebwem, Jr.......
Adam knarr ...
U. Kieenbuwer.
I'etar KfWel
I. H.
....-Cut iogtoa
Jobn B. ifergey Mt...
John Mulson....HM-.....
M. B Barrole
William MagoBigle
M. K.l iet
UtMtrge b. Robaeher
Jam. L. Heuneld
Fredtrteb ilaag
H. S. Batters
Clearfleld borough
Wendell Bedrest....
M. B. Gleets
MeftbeB UraS ........
James llabertbeai
Michael rAaliea....,
Tbomae Millaa...,
....Csr wtmvllle hare'
' Otceola bertiegb
... -
H..lloaisdale M
M N Waata'a "
Brmiy towaabip.
Jamas U Cook......
Juba tkheenek ......
at boa art lb uqcob Licaatta.
Joba 0okmaBn..H.M..MH...llwaitiale aera'cb
Hiaaew Frt.lmM ... ,.,
Joaepb Uarea..M...M. w
aem baag.,H, ... hm., m.m "
km JJ. 0ednwt..M MMMMMr..Oeeingla ttwa'p
Certifleal freca tat lUterd at Otaarletd. tbia
Xflth day ef Febraary, UU, gLI BLOOM,
aev.iBi itri-tn.
J".. 4. .. . ..
- it T:
M It
1:H I T-SI
1:44 10:41 1:0(1
J It l:il t:l
t il 11:18 t:H
:Ut H ot :1
1:"7 11:011 :'H .
till 11:13
Jtru' gidrrrtlsfmrnti.
or ma Pa ten aan ScaiVKaaB, Ll'MIIKK
CITY, Collections made and money promptly
paid over. Artie lea of agreement and deeds a I
conveyance neatly tieeuled nud warranted cor
reel nr Bo eh urge 11 v '7
Tb. andmijtnl .n.iUDiwp In hu oltl frltmti
.nd p.lron. l..' b. hna T'.nrd , gttnti lln. ol
IIKnCKKIKM I'HIIVIslllNS i th. ul.l o.l
ol Kirh A l4inMr, far hib h. . Iih.r.1
llri'iin H. W HFKNCKH.
LumUr Cll;, P.., M.nb l-lf
ereuson town .b to. lisariield count v. Pa.
dtt'd, hating ben grant d le the undersigned.
an persona annwing inwaete-i rede ted lo tatil
rata 1 e are n auired to malt immeilfale pavment.
and th' te haitog tit ima age met ihe eeiue will
prretBl Hem prvpeily auiliennciitvd fur tettiY
next without deity. JANif H'lSK,
New Wniport, il, 7, "7 fl!.. liecmrt.
A)minimthatoh Koricu.
Nonce it hereby girts that .eturatf Ad
uiimatratioc on ibt ealale ot Mcn,AH M I' II
PI1Y, Ute of JMorri tuwnbip. Clearfield county.
Pa., deceaed, baring Utwa duty granted lo lle
utideralgncd, all perauni indel'ted to aaid estate
will pleae make iuimeiliaie p iiieiil, and hone
having claitus or demand agmnal the Sumo will
present them properly uutheii floated tor settle
went without delay. JbbUb UKA.M-4,
Kjlertown, Feb 28. fit. Aduiiniairator
AI)MIKIri1KATtfl4 MlTU I".,
Notice Is hereby gi'o (Imi Lettera nf Ad
ministration on lha eilatw f J'MIN MiTAVIHH,
late of Uullt b towuvhin, Clearfield cour.ty, Pa.,
dee'd. having been duly granted to iba utidcr
atgnrd, all perrons Indebted lo raid e-tate will
fiieate make immediate payment, and those bav
ng claim ur ileutaiid wilipreaeni litem properly
authenticated furaetih-ment wltlmut delay.
Mmllh's Mtlli, Jan.21,'ir- - Adui'r.
1 be partnership hrretofurt existing but wean
Powell A M or pun In the hnrdwure bualtieai ia
l bis day dtaolvt d bv oiu'ual cunirnt. The huai-
neaa will be conducled brreatter at lha old atuhd
by William Powell. The bntka of the late firm
are ia lha banda of U'm. Powell, for collection
and aettleinent, and all perenr knowing them,
aelvta iadebtetl will pleare call and settle Ibe
aunie without delay. W M. Pott Bl.L,
t-namei'i, reb. ii, 77-U WM. r. aaUHu AS,
In the Orphan' Court ol ClcarllelJ eo., Pa.
In ihe malter d the estate of Usee HImoio. Hr..
late ol the I'orough ol Curweasville, dioeaaed.
Notice is beteby given ttut the uodtrtigned
Auditor, appointed by aaid Court U dilnr-ute the
lutidlo tbe banda of Leah Hioi m. AdmininlmtrlJi
f aaid ealale, te and among ihe partiea lettall.v
entillc'l In reeeive the same, will aittpd to Ihe
dutieanf iheappointuienlat hi office in OlearfleM,
nn Thursday, March Sib, lK77,at t o'o'ock p. in.,
when and where pari its intoreated mar -tttend.
t YUI H Ookll'N
Clearfield, Feb. U, '77 i U Auditor.
l"Ti;il'w NOTICI.
Notice la hereby given that the following ac-
oounta have been eiamined and paaaed by nie. and
remain filed ol record in this ttthec fur the In
spection of heira, legateca, creditors, and all other,
intxreatfd, and will lie preaenlt-d lo the next Or
phans' Court ol Clcerfietil county, tn itu bold at tbe
Court llouae, in the bumugli ol C'leurflcld, com
ai imping on the ill Moaduy (being tbe Itflbduy)
of Mareb, A. U. IM77 :
Final account of John It. Mrgtn, Ahulnftratir
ul the eatate of Vt m. Ilajeock late of It urn tide ,
town hip, Clearfield county, Pa., d-f-emed.
Partial act'uunt of Oa'ar A.iatu an-1 Jut. Adim, j
Administrator uf the etata of llavid Adntus,
late of Cleaiflvld bomnib, di dated.
Second pNrtial account of J bn I.. Cuttle, Kq.,
Adiiilhiitrwor ot Ibe estate ul David Miller iaie,
ol Lawrviiue towuahlp, Lleurficld county, P.
Final aeoounlof K. W. LaWde, Adtulniatrator ;
ol the e-tale of Labord-, late ul L'bioO
tuwnrbip, Clcrfi.iid oounty, I'a , d'aud.
Partial aeeount ul Lydia P Leonard, Aduinit '
Iratni ol lbeelaleol Chut W. Leonard, Iaie
of Lawreiioc tuwn-bip, Clearfield c uiiiy, Pa..
diCehM d
tinal accttunl of Jaeub Pea ret, Otmrdhin of
Franklin I1 Dull, a minor am ol Tbus Holt,
late uf Biadfurd luwnctaip, Ccirfiel I Pa,, de
C. Bed.
fitml account of Allen lurr4y, aurviving d
mittitiiaiur ul ihe latate uf Ai.dciaon Mmrae,
Iaie in Uirurd lownabip, Ckwrtietd cuuuty, !',,
Partial account of J. Hun flliaom. A.tmin in ralor
ul lbs eaiaie ot J. Linn iluover, late ul Pike
lownabip, Clearoe'd county Pa., ducae4.
Partial account of t'barlee drown, fclisnlor ol
iba eatate ui llonry 8. U-lturn, U'e of lluatua
tuwnthip, Cte-irttuld eodnty, Pa., deoeaiied.
L.J MuHti.AN,
Feb. 3 Ute Hrgister A hocurdor.
TNI-UV MAL, ANMRMaMRWr a-on ihti
Ati in. n i nerei.y gnen. mm n vvmieia-
aionera ul t.'leaifl'-ld e.uut will meet tbeiai pay
er al the foil.-win named nlaees. for ibe pur.
poee of bearing and determining appeals on the
trl-ennial aasefument for 107 7. Tne time fr
bearing appcala will be betwatB the houra uf 9
'clock a m., and 4 o'clock p. in. of each day. Tbe
appeal win oe nsia lor
Jordan, at the hotel In Auenurttle. in said town
ship, on Iburrday, February J2d.
Fergu.n. al tha rtiidenue td Joseph Moore, in
aaid lownabip, on Friilay, Fenruary 2.1 1.
Knoi, at Turkey UillAuhuul llouae, in aaid lown
abip. en tSeturUey, Fe.nuavy SOb.
Luit. bar Citv, at ibe beu-a uf la rati 0uppy,on
Monday. February Stttb-
Newburg, at the hotel in aaid borough, ob Tuts
day, Feliruarr fth.
Cbvl, al Korabeiinb'e aobonl htuae, tn said twp.,
on Wedneadxy, February trih.
New Waohipgion, at the putihc hum of Oerge
W. Davis, ia said buruugh, ua Thuraday, Mareb
Ilarnaide twp , at Young's school boute, In said
tuwoihip, on Friday. March M.
Buraila bor ,at lleniiell't but I, in tald borough,
ea Hal unlay, Moron 3d.
Bell, at tbt buute of Hubert MahuBej, In laid
lownabip, oa Mondav, March tlb
Ureettwti4j.i,at tbe btel in UaUt ilie. In aaid twp.,
on ruea-lay, Mirob tth.
Peon, at the election houae In Penuville, ta laid
lownabip, on Wednetday, Marcti 7tb.
Bloom, at tbt election houae in aaid tuwnahlp, en
Iburaday, Maieb th.
Brady, at ibe public bouse ol Kinanual Kuntl, la
I'ulloi, un Friday, Mareb Ub. AUo, at ihu
pm lie boue el Wm. fttheni, Jr., in Luther-
t'Urg, on falurday, March ttnb.
1't.lun, at Ihe eture b uae uf D. K. Rruhakfr, lu
aaid lownabip, on Monday, M.trcti littd.
lluaiun, at ll'C pulilio buuns of Jauie dchufluld,
in Pet field, on TueeUy, Mai oh Uih.
Lawrence, at ibe C'oiitiuiaaiuuert' Ollice, on Wed'
mad ay, Man b Utb.
Cieartti-ld, al the Cuumiasiunara' Ol&ce, nn Thura-
Cay, March 16th.
NltTlCB it to hereby given in the Aaaor
uf Ibe acreral ruugbt ami lowoFhip. thai tliev
be preveni with Ihe boaid of Ciuiuiiilner tin
the dny ot Appeal, in ibeir rt-paeiire tliairiclr, a
well at ill .frf"t.a who may te I thfiuaeliea
trgritved. A geaeral appall will be bold at tbe
I ummiaeionert' edict, uu ibe 30th, .11.-1 and 22d
daa of M:treh uest. alter which oa app-al will -e
beatd. The Aaaeaaura are nximre-l lo give eanh
la la it It a written -r printed nileeof tba kin-l ;
end amoBkl uf prt.ierty be ur h I waeati, t
hal five ia)t belora ihe dv ul appi-al. 1
I LA H K ttltOWN,
T A. MoitllKK,
Atteail llAhHl-lltxtVEIt,
U. B. UunM-AtntH. Clerk. roiumitciooar
Cmtaismanera' Utbee, i;iaarfleld, Pa., Jan. IU,
j 3 4
oooooooopooooo J
Htm Ooodi ; 1 : WW 4I
New Oooda j ' j Jt)0j (J
1 1 2 s i s ssmsn
gjanaautS n ia qd n a w u. .
One Price Bool anil Slmc Store.
wiiiti a ho coLoar.u ovlrsiiihts.
II A N D K K RC U I E T 8,
r..a Olmt, -i-.o. ta. Cart Uwm,
tartan I. wmaiot v Unr ftafaL
CaalM. a, Jaa. 14. lln.
'!." . BIJ1.RED UIIT.
1 ri. d. u.l eo.te
Jj lameotnt 1 the ttutt at H ai. T m 1 1 1 g LBTsnksMi'ii "V'Ti" ' -"':"T';V rr't .-r-V-l--ewe- I
(Our (Dun dvrrtiirmrnt.
Publl.b.d ..rj WmI.mJi bj
II.. ih. ( lrciilil of rnijr r
lu KuriliH.ieru
The largo and conntanuy niuivue,
circuUiion of the Republican,
rundura it valuublo inbunincus
men as a m odium thro'
which to reauh lha
Tkrms of Scbhcbiption :
If nuitl in tttlvanco. . . . $2 00
If nuid after throe months, . 2 50
If paid uUursix months, . . S 00
When paiura aro foul ouiaide of the
county jiuymcul muatbe in advance
Tun tine, or le, 3 times, .
Each subHcqiionl inerlion.
Atlmuiict tutor' Notices, .
Kxocutord' Notic?N, ....
Audi torn' Noi ev, ....
Caiitimna and K'trnyn. . . .
Dirtiolutinn Nolkofi, , . ,
t'rufimpiohH. CitnJo, 5 lines, ywp,
Special notictm, por lino, . . ,
$1 50
2 50
2 60
1 60
2 50
6 00
. 20
One pqiiuro, 10 linen, . . . S3 00
Ttfo i-qtmroa, 15 00
Tli roo ftqiinrca, 20 00
One fourth column, . ... 50 00
One-half column, .... 70 00
One column, 120 00 1
j Wo llAVO ulwo nn hit 11(1 a largo t"ck
of blanks ol all description,.
Ac, 4c , 4 c.
Wa are prcpan d to do all kinda
Ac, Ac,
Uoodlander & Lree,
Clearfleld Cctu.y, ft.
SF. lrrk (fo.'i (Tohimn.
Go lo Flec'ei & Co.'a for
Go to FU-ck k Co 'a for
Go to Fleck & Co 'a tor
Go io Fleck A Co. 'a for
Go lo Fk'ck & Co. 'a for
Go to Fleck A Co.'s for
Go lo Fie k & Co.a for
Go to Fleck & Co.'s for
Go to Fleck & Co.'a for
Go to Fleck & Co.'s for
Go to Fleck & Co.'s for
Go to Fh ck k Co.'s for
Go to Fleck A Co.'a for
Go to Fleck & Co 'a for
Go lo Fleck & Co.'s for
do to Fleck & Co.'a for
Go to Fleck & Coa for
Go to Fteck A Co.'s for
Go to Fleck k Co 'a for
Go to Gleck Si Co.'a for
Go to Fleck & Co.'s for
Go to Fleek k Co.'s for
Go to Fleck & Co.'s for
Go to Fleck k Co.'s for
Go to Fleck k Co.'s for
Go to Fleck A Co s for
Go to Fleek A Co.'s for
Go to Fleck k Co.'s for
Go to Fleck k Co.'s for
Go to Fleck A Co.'s for
Go to Fleck & Co 'a for
Go io Fleck k Co.'s for
Go lo Fleck A Co.'s lor
Go lo Fleck A Co.'s for
On to Fleck A Co.'s for
Go"t Fleck A Co f-T
Go to Fleck A Co.'s fur
Having just Iaidi
m ' .HOT aVaf-aa-i ' ' -i . - -i- P IT D M P TA
o T m Wm 1 Ima 1 "t'B iMA I i T - ' . 1,1 A-) . XJ
You will save morrey by buying your
Cloarflold.Pa., F
The underaigntd offers for aalt oa reaannahlt
terma, their ateam saw mill, located at Wallace
ton, Clearfield Ca Pa. The engine and boiler
era a good at new. Tbe aise of iFe engine la
I4i24, and Is tn good run ntnn order. Tbey will
alatiaell hetr ahingla anl lath mill, and all Ihe
working machinery in tba mill. Parties wishing
to purehaaa eta fall on or addict
Clearfleld, Pe . June 80, IS7.
WnBttKAt. lion. C. A. MAYKR. Prtaidenl
Judgt uf l' Court of Cotnraou Pleas el '
ine weniy-B in Juaieiai uiatrlct, tompoaea oi
tbe eountitt ef Clearfield, Centre and Cliaiua
and UuB AtuaM (Innea and Hon. Viacaav B
Holt, Aameiate Jvdjree of Cltarfleld county
have iiru ed tbeir pecept, to me dfrecttd. for tbe
holding of a Court of CommoB Pleas, Orpbana'
Court, Court ef Quarter Beeafont, Court of Oyer
tod Terminer, and Court of llentralJail Dsliv-
, try, at tbe Court llouae at Clearfield, in and for ibt
county uf Clearfleld, commencing on the third I
Monday, tbe lOili day ol Mareb
end l continue two week a.
NOTICK IH, t hero Tore, hereby given, te tbt
Coroner, Jutiot of Ibe Peace, and Con tablet,
in and for said county of Clearfleld, to appear in
tbeir proper persons, with tbeir Records, Holla,
Insula i ttnne, Kinminatiuna, and other Hsmem
branoes, to do tboatv thlnga which to their oflJoea.
and in thtir behalf, pertain to btdont.
By aa Ael of Aeaciubly, pai-d tba th day ef
Mayt A. D. IA4, it is made the duty ef tbt Jut
tiees ol tbe Peace of ibe several counties of ibis
CoiemuBwealth, te return in the Clark ef the
Court of Quarter tteraione of the rtepeotiv
tounliet, all the reeogoisancet entered Into belure
them by any p-treoa ur pereunt charged with tbe
eommiaeioB of any trtme, etocpt such taaet as
may be ended helore a Juattee of the Peace, un
der existing laws, st tea days before tbt
commencement ef the aca-lon of tbt Court 10
which tbey are made retuftiablereiptctlvely.and
in all eaat wbere any recogiiiiaacee are entered
tnto less than ten days befue tbe ooinmeucamenl
of the seaaioB lo wbtob tbey are maMe returna
ble, the raid Juatlces are In return Ihe same ia
the taiue manner at if aaid act bad But beta
(UVfcN under my band at Clearfleld, Ibis Slsl
oay ef January, in Ibe year ul our Lord, one I
thousand eight hundred and seventy. seven,
jau .11-10 ANDKKW Ph.VI Z. Jr, SbenrT.
Ilxr of Jiriioitia.
j List of Jurora drawn for Mnrrb Isrm, A
It. 177. eommtneing on the 8d Monday Ibe
Iflih day and evntmut for two wtekt t
etAHD Jt-Bont.
C. Owens. Clearfield t leant Smith, Olrard
T. I Cooper, " jKroeal Mignot, '
Levi Jordan, L. Cltjlileo A.Moirison.Oosbtn
Jot. Hainey, Newburg Jamea l.vtie, lire bit in
J. Wettbrook. Wall'ton Samuel Flrgsl,
Mark Kvler, Bradford
Wm. Irfina. ir, fluaton
Wm. Had.. her, Brady
Wm. M,
A. D. J ihneton, Morris
Klijah Moore, "
Ja. L. Htewart,
Cbarlss Bet par, Pena
KH Harmon, '
ftobert .ung, Bnmaldc
tleorg Patehen, '
J J.ieard, Cot lo a ton
And. Keubart, Dtceiurl
TtAVBaai jrjtoaa rinav witt 19lb.
r, BMaaria'l llrfartt, -Jaa.
Pall-.B, M
U.or,. U.Wilt, "
Joba llvrab,
llaorv P.ola. Bloon
(aaae Hoibreok.Oraban
Uv Hubler, " I
0. W. U i titer, Oulleb,
Jat. Dunn, Ilouttdale
Mat i he Carr, "
Alfred Hoofleld, lluatoa
leaec Wolf, JorrlaB,
.lua. MoNeal,
Marttaftolen, "
ii. w.pi., iu,,.
fc. o riumn, uraaiuru
Jaa. W.-.IJrid,.,
Joha H Hilar
J W. Leonard, I
ltai. 8biBd(fr, Brady
l. I. Bloom, Lawrence
M a. Mar..,
Jb. Oarllla.
J. H ilhaw,
J W. R.Hw, Oavlarla.
MHea Fullertna. Krutiar,
Nirbulaa MarUI,
Jvba f,tfc.ra.
J. W. Tbnmpaea, "
it. P. Doughmaa, Peaa
H. 0. Wagoner, Pike
D. 0 R u tar,
WH Khimtl, Morrie
veo. DeHaae, -
lice. Kerns, "
Wm. Dale, "
II, IV. h.jO.r.Claart.ld
11 r.,
J.r A. faart
U 8. K.-harl, D.aalar
1 A.Hh.iia,
Onrtv Hballa,
O. L Bebooaevar. "
Joba Orr.N.Weebingt'B
Au.tia L..I., r.rguio.
Jaa. r.r.uao..
Jaa. Utllagker, "
Peter Built, Oiteeln
JU. K. Carr, Olrard
VI m al.rr., ,
Job. r. Jar,,
liaiilal Lm.i.
llee. B. Jones,
H. L. ttnvder.
F. K. Hb .ff, Woodward
Tbot Mai bare. "
1 buwau. hM4,ao.haa
THavaast juaoat tacoto wtat-lttb.
Iaaaa Bmttk, Beeria Jne. B. Bene, Coviagtea
Jaeeb w. U.ay, Huff
libaa. kanM,
JobB L.Wtia'B,brtMiiwrd
Jaeo-b L. Weaver, Brad
Fred em i try,
J. iBmmeir Jr.,
Jaeub W. Cur.
-aiaa... Mawrar,, UM, Dawatw
H. II. Krl.r. Caraw
Juba ila,
Um. W. Mavar, ttirard
B t. K..I.V, lraw
wf-Jae. M Mahafley, Bell
Adam Copier.
Wm Orr, H
T. A. frlOM.., Uallab
M'B.rwllarlaiN L.wra.M
tta. Haaa, Harrl.
Ml.bMl taM, "
I J. M rttddte,BrBSldelp
C. K. FaUMh. ai
Lack B-gi-rly,Cletriu
K. 0. Tayer,
M. haiiaBera, cariii
A. J,
10. b. Berabeuab. "
vtwaee Bibiaev Clreet
Maaa. II. Iluai,
1 rawl waitea
ataarr AddldaM,
g.. lrrli & (fo.'i Column.
k & co:s.
f.-dr tlroo, good.. (
jour dry jriHidn.
j-our klut k carhmere.
your colored uIjiuciii.
your blutk uliatia.
your pluid drcoa good.
your cnlicoe. and mualina.
your thirling)
your lublo linens.
your luimimera.
your wliito gomlm,
your wliilu flunnula.
your co rue to.
your kid glorci.
your hundkiTuhitfa.
your linen cull.ra and cu(T.
your lioae.
your lack combo.
your mottoes.
your ribbons.
your millinery goods.
your ludica' huts.
yotir ludiva' bonnets.
J our block and colored oh-twla.
your nnpklna.
your wliito snirlt.
your colored sliirla.
your auaprndura.
your necktli'S.
your funcy goods.
your underwear.
your paper collurs and fU fT.
ynurdi'uss trimmings.
your shirt (rom.
your pina, needles and thread.
your umbrellas.
n a large stock of
CK & CO.
ebruar 21,1877.
Wa have printed a luge awmbar ef lb new
rnt ti ii i, ana win oa ine receipt ea iauiy
ee twofita. mail a ertne la a addravaa. mett
Clearfield Nursery.
'"MIR undefined, having eatahliabed a Nur
t sere ob the 'Pike, aHut half way between
Clearfifld and Curweneeille, it prepared to lur
niah all hinds of FRUIT TKKK4, (etandard aod
dwarf,) BTcrgreews, ehrubriery, Urana Vii
Uooalterry, Lawloa Blachrterry, Strawberry,
and Haspberry Vines. A to, Siberian Crab Tree,
Uuioee, and early aearlei Rhubarb, Ac. Orders
promptly attended to.
ttp20 AH-y Curweoavllle, I'a.
L t T II R S B II R G .
II ere after, aooda will be sold for CASH enly.
nr in exibaoitefor produce. No booka will be
kept In the lutnre. All old accounts rauat be
settled. Thoe wbo cannot eah up, will pleate
band over their Botes and
I am deitrtniaed In sell my goods at eath
prlcea, aod nt a discount far below tbat evei
offerei tn this vielaii. The discount allow mi
cuelmrra, will make them rich la twenty year It
tbey follow my advice and buy tbeir good a fa.
a. I will pay ean tor wnaai, oata an-i cineer'
Lutheriburg, January 17, 177.
Complete in 16 Volumes.
Entirely r-wrlltrw.
to tbe prevent time.
Beery thing brought 4 w
ill wat rated ibrougoutJt wilb
Over 3,000 Illustrations
AND HAM.f T.rtOBtr. . lb.laa M
.Bl, bv .Bbaenpll... It U .bligaWr, I.
tab. .11 tb. ..tana, at o. ft vulaaM mty b.
d.llr.rad mm . aroalh, .r amm 1. t.,
r.. ..ta . day, tha prlrof a .ig.r, will pav far
, pi ,i CVOLUI'tUlA UK A Bl MuVrHLl
HUlltlC'Kll'TIIlN I. laaa tba. Ibra. ,aan. Tbali
ib.ra .III b. aenathiag aBb.uau.1 aad a
lanhMH .f bnawlwt,., ladaad . ..Ivaraa.
J librarv I. IIMII imim, wit. WW. i.uav vaavi av
tot Illra Clalk. par al.. ..... Ill
far Librarv Uaaliiar. Mr val M . 0
Par ball Tarbav M.uaM. par vol .-..- T all
ball hawi. Ktlr. Mill, pa val. I Mi
P. fall MarvaM AMI.., uar ..... I, 01'
Pov fall KaMla, Mval......B.. 10 -V
Par fanbar lalarwiaUM MraM
r.l4iabwr0 1t, IH Hulk oUaM,
I (toawvib, nw
JOMEPII II. DKERINO, oa Market atrttet, Ib
ltawa How, Clvarfifld. Pa., ht jut received
a flue lut er Freneb Calf Hkint and Sips, the
beat in ibt market, and la now prepared w maa
atactare ereaytblag In bit line. Ut wUl war
rani hit work le be at repeat a ted.
Alao, all ktads of LeaLber aad 8boe riadlagg
for aala
Tna tUitent if Clearfleld end eletnlty are
reaitctfully laetud ta glee him a tall.
Work doae at abort atlte. tilfUf
The noil s RuiiM oolen Far ttry lu.utbi,, CtaarOald Co, fa.
neighbor, rd neetsatty, in tbe ereetk ef a t-
nlaat Woolen Manufactory, with all awe modem
improvement a attached, and ere prepared lo make
all binds or Cloth. Casaimerat, Betiuette, Blaa
katt, Fiannelt, Ac. Plenty of geoda ow hind te
apply all our old and a tboaaand aew easterners,
whom wt ask to come and eaemiae ear stock.
Tbe be l note of
will receive nur eapeclal attention. Proper
arrangements will be made to receive and deliver
Wool, to suit customers. All work warranted and
lone upon the shortest aut ice, and by etnet attea
tiuB to business we hope te realise a liberal tbre
f public patronage.
Wt will pay tbt highest market price for Woe
and sell our manufactured goods at lew as similar
piods oaa be bought in tbe county, and whenever
e fall to render reasonable saliafaetfon we can
dwaya be found at borne ready to make proper
-iplanatiea, either in pceon or by letter.
JAMtCtH JOI1N60N A 80N8,
aprilJtllf Bowtr P. 0.
RAVI no ErrioT
t an aw.i-a thM tbara .r. torn, prraaa. a littl.
bard ta plaaaa, aod I at. .lau awar. Ibat tb.
luiplaiot uf "bard ttrna." I. w.ll ai, b universal.
Hat I an, Miaatad biw tbat I aao aati.fy tbe
uruier aad pMra Ibat "bard tin."
.ill But affv.1 tbu.. aho buy good. fn.B. aja,
,.d all my patru.a .ball ta lottiatad lata tha aa
rrat f ( ,
I here gooda enoegb te euppty all tbt InhaM
ants In tht lower tod of the county which I tell
tt eieeeding low rales from my mammoth store la
tlCL80NHUKti. where I can always be found
ready lo wait upeo tail era aod supply tbtm with
Dry Goods of all Kinds,
ueb as Clot ha, Satinetts, Cassimeres, Mualiat,
Delaines, Linen, Drtlhogs, Calicoea,
Trimmings, Bibbons, Lace,
'teady-made Clothing, Boute and Shoes, Hats aad
!apa all uf the beat material and made to order
tttae, bucaa, Ulovet, Mitten a, Lavte, Hibbons, Ac
Ouffee, Tea, Sugar, Bice, Molaaacs, Fisb, Salt
Pork, Linseed Oil, Fish Oil, Carbon Oil.
Hardware, Queen aware, Tinware, Caatingt, Plawa
tad Plow Castings, Nailsf Hpikes, Corn Cnltlva
ors, Cider Preeaei.and all kinds ef Attt.
Perfumery, Paints, Varniah, Ulass, and a genereA
ataortment of (Stationery,
'if different brand, always on hand, and will be
told at Ibt iewetl potsible figures.
J. H. MeC Iain's Medicine, Jerne'a Mtdlolatt
11 oatet tar's and iioo&and's Bitters,
5C0I Bounds of Wool wanted for which tbe
ntghest price will be paid. Cloveraeed ob hand
md for sale at tbt lowtst market price.
Alao, Agent for Streltonrille aad Curweatrlllt
fhreahing Machinct.
vfluCall and tee for yonrtclrts. Tea will And
rery thing nsuslly kept in a retail store.
Frentbrlllt P. 0., August 12, 1874.
(Successors te Boynton A Teung,)
. Manufacturer tf
Ooratr tl XomrU d Piaa Btmto,
ll daa
ING engaged la Ihe maaafattare ef flrti-
elatt MACI1INERT, we reapeetfully Inform
it public tbat we are now prepared lay All all
order t cheaply and as promptly at eaa be doae
iu any of tbt eitlee. We manufacture aad deal ia
Mulaj and Circulw Saw-Mills
lead Blocks, Water Wheals, ShaAing Pal hays,
lifford't Injector, Bteam Oaaget, Bteeja Wbittlea,
filers, Tallow Caps, Oil Caps, Gauge Cocks, Atr
'ooks, Ulobe Valeet, Check Valrae, wrought Irea
Pipes, S eam Pumps, Buller Feed Pumps, AbII
Friotlon Metres, Beep Btone Packing, Qum Pach-
tig, aad all fcinJt el miuu wunnj tngetnee
ritb Plawa, Bled Bolee,
, and etavr CASTINOB of aH ktmda. ?
jt-r-Ordert telielted and Ailed al eny prleee
ill lettort of laquiry wilb reft ranee te maekiwery
if our mnaufaotura promptly aatwtred, by addrwo
tng bb at Clearfleld, Pa.
Totmo dtsoh.
P.raM la HwkM.
Will ba b-pt aad Hid at IrM Mat. Cab paid
for Oow.lry PradaM.
Uaabaral, Lab. IT.rrl.,, Ood, Aa.
! riCKLKH, j ; ; ;. ' (
Barral Naklaa ud I.,Hrt Plokhak
rtnr, Cra Umi, OM Me.t, A. .
iM.aVtT. " AJt 8. LTTIJL