Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, April 01, 1874, Image 1

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j,J , ' (HLHinn Tnr wtnmfiur, r , '
' " CLEARFIKLD, PA, '" ' '
laratTaasi at ,v;-r
1 1 It'll '?
he largest Circulation of uy Newspaper
i la North Central Pennsylvania.
' Terms of Subscription i
Jf paid In advanoe, or within 3 months., ..B'l OO
T paid after 8 and befora 0 months 3 ftO
j If paid after tho expiration f 4 months. 3 OO
jt I't.-UM, ..lit' .
: .i ) ,
.TEEMS $2 per annum in 'Advance.
. ' Bates ot Adyortifling,
. Transient advertisements, par square of 10 lists or
, : less, 9 llmee or las l u
i For Mh subsequent Insertion...... 60
, Atalnletrstors' and KoouUrt'noUoea....... I 60
.Auditor.' aolioes ... S 60 i
Cautions and Bstraya. . 1 60
Dissolution notices.................................. 3 00
.Professional Cards, 6 linos or leaa,l year.... I 00
Local notions, par Una.................. SO
1 aqoart.... 00 I I column... ...,..J3S 00
'.'lit If! ;
ll NEW SERIES--VOL.. 15, NO. 14
.1.! . I
3 Iquarea..
I tquajoi..
16 00
......... 00
46 00 I
80 00
M t Job Work. '. ..' j
I a " BLANKS. " . ',- !
Single quire. tl 60 I, pr.qntre,l T6
4t quires, pr. quire, 1 00 Orer (, per quirs, 1 60
; ' - HANDBILLS. ', ' '.
Jalwet,16 sr leaa, $1 00 I ) aheot, J5 or laaa.tS 00
ahont, 25 or leaa, S 00 1 aheet, 36 or loss, 10 00
, , (Ter Ji oi each or abore at proportionate ntei.
a - ' PubHahera. ;
v . ..... . Clearfield, P. ' '
Will attend to all bualneea entruitad to him
.jiromptlj and (allhfull. novl 3'73
Omce In the Court Ilou.e, Clotirllcld. Pa."
-Will alwnya be found at homo on the BKCOXD I
and LAST SATURDAY of caoh month. 2:6 I
John II. Orvla. C. T. Alexander. : C. M. Boitcra.
if u . . ' ;
plaoe and aurroundinff oountrjf,
attended to. "
johx w. waiuLEr.
irifj plants aro rhroly ohjeotionnblo,
but on tho other, band'oflon aro ad-
VAritAgoous, bernueo cnrtnlo plantu
piirify tho wn tor by liberating oxygon,
ozenired -osygen, which Is tho boat
kind. .. Living ttuimals . in . wntor lire
raroly objoctlohabla.', . I'spouk now oi
"the belle or the season." ; pond or ciooU wator, and it is Impos-
I daelare mj head Kama hunting, ud tij brain I alblo tO got Water that U06S not COn
in auiu a whirl. i, i rt- I. . .. . . . ..
Uetletoute. P. , tJan28.j Theao won aro ao provohlng-'tia a pktfue to be lm "vlng nimBIB, DUl Moy r0 gon
r j 5 ' , . L ; : . u"' 1 "10; : orauy . narraiosa. . raraHitio worms
I don't objoot It hollo-hood, to hemtr er to I. . . . .
bcaui, . .. ,,, , . , iirnve oeen miroaueea into Iho body
Papa la looking turloua, and mamma, it looking mated Ihftt Ono-siXtU of all tho deaths
Thero'a a world of awfol warnlnain AanlTabbv-bf " 'COinnu Br OUB to tbIS Can8e.
iw.'i'A- Ll 1,M',ih:tJto; inarch oC ibs, JFrBnehaiiol;
ijio, and kind; J diors in Algiem, lour hundred caBOB
....-.nlJ.nann...ui,iori cant make tjp 0f wora oanno.l hw thn lrlnk.
tuj miou. . r.;' .- . J 1 J '
1 1 inn e BMi Innnl, nr, ...I. nk a.,vA mm
Thf. -f- . , , . i ,UK vi Dim ii Avuvuuoa nuicu wvru ao
his untamed, enffie ffUnM. . corta.Dod to bo in tb water. '
Sunt. - la.. in ,- ..t li i. . , .''.1,-1
Bm-T T" Tn ln "' Color in water, from ncatv matter.
'"htakOTi Iadorodhin, suchasisoftonBecn in lakes, rivers
Ana men ii somcnow struck me ho had rather too nnu croeK8, IS not ODOCUOno,DIO. XllO
lis unugoruus
PHYSICIAN. & SUEGEON then 'ti. ,f,n,Mnt .h.. th. bonid by drinking well water, and it is est.
profestlonal sorriofti to tbo pcoiU of that
fcodiurrountlingoountry. All cU promptly
JuAtke of tho Peace, Surreror and Convojancer,
Lutlieraburg, Pn. (. ,:
All bstlnesa Intruatod to him will be prompt;
attended to. Persona wishing to emptor a gur
Toror will do well to sire bim a call, aa he Batters
himself that he can render satisfaction. Deods Tf
oonreranee, articles of agraoraent, and all legal
papers, promptly and neatly exeeutod. tS0nov7t
Coolte's Swindling Bank, ;
(Suieeesora to Wallace A Fielding,) 1
111373 Clearfield, Pa. . " '
. T. WILSOiC, n. B. I. TAX TALXAlt, . D.
Clearfield, Pa.
Ofloe ln residence of Dr. Wilson.
Ornci Hours From 13 to 3 r. u. Dr. Van-
Valsah ean be found at nlgbt in his rooms, next
door to JlartawKt, Irwin Drug btora, up
auura. novxo id
Will promptljr attend all calls In the line of his
profession. nor.lV-73
Josnra a. ' diicisl w. a'coaor.
Clearfield. Pa.
Legal busliioss attended to prftmptfr with
flilolity. Office on Sooond ttroct, Huore the First
MaUonol Bank. 0:11:73
Attobnit and Counselor at Law,
clearfield, pa.
Having resigned hia Judgeship, has resumed
tthe praetice of the law in hia old office at Clear
i6l. Pa. Will attend the oourta of Jefferson and
'fclk eoontiee when apeciallj retained ln connection
with rdsident oounsol. , 3:14:73
Clearfield, Pa.
0flM la Court House, (SheritT's Offloo).
Legal business promptly attended to. Real estate
nought and sold. joU'73
J . .'W . B A N T Z,
Clearfield, Pa.
, ,4.Qfflce on stairs In Western Ilotcl building.
All legal business entrusted to his care promptly
.aiienuea to. . ,
Juitioe of tho Peace and Scrirentr,
Curwenarille, Pa.
k.Colloctioni made aad .money promptly
I paid over.
organio matter which
in water is sowago. " No mattor bow
clean wator mav appear to bo. if it
feb.3'7ltf "nosiuaies ino its though I were aome problem tontains CVCn flltorod SewagO, it
highly objeotionabio, and many and
frightfully Fulfil disoasos aro tracod to
Then the famous Lawyer Morton, who'e ao witty
sad i. kain. l
Who lays so many eloYOT things I don't an
0KO. ALBcnt nsattr iLBEnr... w. A mint uut 1 couldn't have the lawyer, he has mil In
. . . . . - n A A I . nu 1. 1... n..A I i ' '
W a I Ht-KI Ki HK11N I """""
Manufacturers A extensive liealcra in
ci 3T I O rp. l , I shining eve,
oaWBU UULUUBf, ouuait) Aliuuui, utu,, And hia fortune floating somewhere In a
r0rdcra solicited. Bills filled on short notloe
and reasonable terms.
Address Woodland P. 0., ClcarV.d Co., Pa.
Je36-ly W ALVlKRT A 11ROS.
Frenchvlllo, Clearfield County, Pa.
Keeps ooDSttkntly on hand a full assortmont of
ury uoods, Hardware, urooerlcs, and everytning
usua'.l; kept In a retail store, which will be sold,
lor oasn, as oneap aa eisawnere in me oouniy
Fronohville, June 37, 1887-ly.
I n w mn 1 1 . i wnvubj
Also, extenalve manufacturer and dealer In Square
Timber and Hawed Lumber or all Unas.
ttr-Ordera solicited and all bills promptly
nned. fjyioi.
Clearfield, Pa.
TTAVINO rented Mr. Entrea' Drewery he
II bones ny atriot attention to business and
the manufacture of a superior article of BEKK
future skv,
They aay a poet's worahip la each woman'! le-
erot goal i
But I'm of "earth, still earthy" ho hoa rather
iuu moon soul. i -
And (Hero's well, yot another, who is noble,
brave and true, . i
Who wooes with simple earnestness as almnle
men will woo. .
Whose lore la deep and tender of hia very life a
J.nn my dreamy poet-lever, with hia starry, this great source of impurity. Ty
UtJlphoid fever has again and again been
prouueod by Ibis causo. Cbolora, al
though it haa no origin in polluted
wutor, is ofton greatly intensified by
wator tainted with choloraio excreta
Weils must always, in towns like
ourssbo viowed with suspicion. Ev.
orv woll is liable la lia rnnlnminntH
BU iS"to'i''r Nearly every bouse in the borough
t..ii,.i"' ' iJ- . . t has s woll and cesspool, or, in tbe
ror I must haro loco and diamonds, and I must , ... 1
have stylo and dnh. BDSenCO of the latter, whnt U al III
Anron!inucl.k,;,or"i,',,"',,r I0"1'' " fotksl worso, a guttor or top-drain, rookintt
i vow i ii take old Ooldlog, though they any he's Willi 111 111, and A privy. The usual
Bui he's worth at least a million, and what bct. i"' c-Mots being sixty by ono bun
........, urea to two nnqareu loet. in raanv
ins mind is gettius shaky, to he won't h Ovir. I . . "
wise. inHtailCCS 0110 Of those lots rnntnininrr
And 'tia time hia aoul waa tending to a home be- turn thp.. . f....
yond tho skies: Uut iviiuiuuii. iiuunvn,
lie but neither heart nor lirer, and his lungs are and it is ubaolutely impossible to place
far from strunv I.. .. . 1
Poormsnlhe quits adores me. and he ean't I weu BO tur irom IIIO Cesspool or
aaoremeiong. ...... privy as to escape tho duniror of con.
T. H, Ml) RR AY,
Prompt attention given to all legal husinosa
.entrusted to b if ears in ClemrfUud and adjoining
-wuul.u.. vwin vn marset su, opposite naugle a
vowcir cwnj, uicarneid, la. jeM To
Clearfield, Pa.
W-Offloe in. the Court Hons. dec3-ly
H. W. SMITH, -
A T T O R N E Y - A T - L A ,
tl:H Clearfield, Pa. '
OBcs on Second St., Clear Said, Pa. noT31,8
Clearfield, Pa.
ayOHlce la the Conrt House, Jyll.'et
Clearfield, Pa.
floe tn Market BL, over Joseph Showers'
Orecery store. Jan.3,1873.
.nd Ileal Estate Agent, Clearfield, Pa.
ones oa inira street, oet.unerry A Walnut,
-Respectfully offers hit services In telling
ua iuisjk. Besides, woll water is stairnant. and
This question cannot be discussed not subject to niovcmont that can
to reoeive the patronage of ail tho old and many too much in this community, because brinir it in contact with tho air for
new customers. etSiaus:?
-- ' uI,on ' uepouas we goncrai lioullb oi punlication. This objection cannot
J. K. BOTTORF'S 1110 borough, moro than all olso com. apply to rivor or pond water, because
PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, bmed. Give us plenty of pure water, nature has provided moitns.for the
Market Street, Clearfield, Pa. and we will bo firo-proof, and it will purification of theso. Sho sunnlios a
J 1 I . - . '
soavengor lor the atmosphere by aup.
tho effluvia
STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS. Fr.m... from any ... , Wy mere, anu B Similar
style of moulding, made to order. alr28 tf
Dr. JJpycr, Is stiuarcly to the point, foto matter in stroams.
-cromos made A 6PECIALTY.-0 do moro tn kcop off ditctieo and ren-
July 3, 1873. "E"JS"lJi " . dor us healthy than score of nhv,,. nlvin,? . i H.i.
' t......s. ...,.eio... uu hiiuii - 6U - It I I O -veww
luWill exeoutv) job&.n hi Uo promptly und
ff4rPumpa always on hand and made to order
on snort notice, ripea bored on reasonable terms.
All work warranted to render satisfaction, and
delivered If desired. myz6:lynd
ugb designed for local consutnp- purification. - Tho matter in thorn
so oxiJiisod that it beoomos hurmloss,
and benco tho great difforonco between
woll water and rivor, creek or pond
watc. :.
This article, Mr. Editor, is not writ
assortment of FRAMES, STEREOSCOPES and Clans can nCCOmnlibh. Tho follovrimr that fiiwU il. .
article on this subject, from tho pon of romody is gi von to got 'rid - of tho ef.
Til H(-lf Ate sB annn..,.1ri i a I. . All-a-.i ...
rnnrn uArMutm I "' ""J v' " iiijt iu ine point, 1010 matter in stroams. ThoHo Don.
iiluulii nnwrmniii I ,i ,i . , -, 1 . r
Houss and Siim Paintfir and Panpr . ' " eDorui perusal, bi- soss wimin tuomselves the power of
nousB ana.aign rainier ana raper thoUL,h dusinP(1 , ... ., L ,-. . ,
t. lesrueiu, t-euii'S. , v., t i i i
iiAuii j loua nrounu our
stroets and alleys Just now.'nnd if it
wero not in bad tusto, or in fact im-
portinont, a peep at some of tbo back
doors and yards, will snggost the ton to alarm anv on ,i;0.,.n
great importance of renewing tho dis- .nylearning.for to the intelligent mind
cuss.on on pure water, which I bave U olTor. nM now or ovoL ,
uupurueu aruesiro iocngngoinnow. sUte it as plain common sense, and
avnt Bn.l In i.i' . l '
Bjru a as such urge its candid consideration
fnw nirnmi-tn mnnan tntttm ...Ml Ht I ....
.V.a v.A0v IWVW, II VIB- QDOni Rhn VIII1A t.A. La lit
SQUARE TIMBER CDM tho ma".r, beyond defending, if tho well-being of the community If
and manufacturer, of necessary, what I may horo state. you would iruard the health ami lin.
. - - -7 I ' A eT. s.sM . r i " ' .
Aa.x.KiwSursiAyi,ii.uMiii,H, -w u,.u,o gu . ,uw i cases oi of our pooplo, appoal to thorn to re.
t'ti rr.pinprvin ni'Mvi I B ti. Hi I tin r mat Aft i mrwt. nf nnnin I ... .
wites - vMu-iA iiiuii aAli n I 1 s wwa w VI I MS il I W I Vapiin f Itnl te miollAn . A ' A
. . . -. - .. I v, i iinoarvou vuru.Ub VII
JAS. B. GRAHAM, . "u," VW,n net mat qucstion which( if much ,
dealm Id , . .,r Rloctoj mny d j b,, ...
:1073 CicarBeid, Pa, . ... ' danger. Unliko tho usual wintor, for
.v uy v..e.r uosu -cats, toads, many vcarg ,Lo roun(l hna not hnn
' ' o
. Tho CoramittQo on Banking and
juurroncy,. acting undorB resolution of
tho Houso of lionreBontutiven. lmrn
Just concludod an investigation into
yuo nnairs oi tuo f irst XSniional Bunk
at Washington, which was, chiefly
owned, by Jay Cooko & Co., and closed
iU doorj on thelglh of lust Soptora
ber, wbon that concorn lod off .in tbo
punio yhich 80 seriously disturbod
confidencB and.orodit. ., '.,,. .- .
The capital of this bank was JS500,
000, and JLonrv D. Cooko. a momhor
of.the house ot Jsy Cooke 4 Co., was
it President. Tho bank and tho firm.
which woro substantially ono. ncou-
nicd tho snmo building in WuBhing
tOrlj (Jlrcrtly.ln front of tho Treasnry
Deptti'tmom. Tho First National was
B depository of pubno monoys, a finan
cial agent of tho Treasury in tho con
version of a portion of its bonds, and
i no ngontoi a largo number of national
banks tor tbo exehango ol mutilated
curroney,. to which it was indebted
1750,000 on tho day of the colliipso. ,
Those various rotations and tho in
fluences arising out of them wero util
ized, in flagrant dorlanco oflav, Treas
ury roguiutions, and good luith to de
positors and othor creditors, solely for
inu uuiieiit, ui jay tooito 8, VO., and 10
prop up Uiotr tottering tortunos when
ino crasn enmo, ln lact tho bank
was a contrivanco to attract public
ana private deposits, and a conduit
pipe to carry thorn into tho firm of
Jay uoolto & (Jo. Its Trcsidcnt took
the money out of the vaults of ono
and put it into thoso of tho other, and
tbon, after making this fraudulent
transfer, drow out about one-half of it
for himself. ,
According to tho CWonty-ninth seo
tlon of tho Nallftnnl Currency act, the
total liabilities of any person, com-
nany, corporation, or firm to anv na-
lionul bank for money borrowod. should
at no limo exceed ono tenth part of
the amount of tho capital stock acta
ally paid in. Consequently, if the
Cookc8 had owned tho whole stock
of this bank they could havo borrowed
out SJU.uuij. ln prcsenco of this ex
press and emphatic restriction, the
committee say thut from tho boi'i
nlng of its business, and tbrouuhou
tho whole onrocr of this bunk, no at
tention was ever paid to tbo limitation
itie report shows that Jav Cooko.
Co. not only drow out the entire cap
ibi, dui nearly as muclt moro. Th
figures aro worth studying. On the
lHth of September Jay Cooke & Co.
wero inaeuiea to ino Dank in tho su
ot f74M,iiou.ou in current acoount.
Tbcy also owed $100,000 as endorser
or tho Aortbern racifio Railroad for
loan moro than two vcars old. An
Henry I). Cooke, tho resident, was
indebted 8 19,078.42 on a noto which
dated back to January, 1808. Tho
total of theso various items is 8898
9;iJ.ll, duo by the Cookes to tho banl
at tho time of abutting un tho shon.
But this docs not tell the w hole story
oy nny means, lor mo irauduleitt mis
application of this money is traced
down to the very cvo of tho failure
when tho vaults were cleaned out to
aid iho overloaded and bankrupt firm
r . .. .. .
lXJiwccn mo isi oi August and the
18th'of Soptombor, tho current ao-
count ot Jay Cooko & Co. was
issued: by tho bank for 1185,400 and
cashod. On the 1 3th of Soptombor n
transfer order for 46,000 was puid.
On tho day of tbo failure there was a
Daluncs duo the treasury of 187.782
45. Of tho lust certificate! 1125,000
wont to Jay Cooke & Co., in Philadol
phia. When those largo certificates
wore oasnea at the l'reasury tho bank
was already indobtod for a sum much
largor than the Amount of securities
on doposit with tho Treasoror. "
I. It may well bo asked how it came
to pass that the Treasury made these
advances ot the piiblio money upon
tbe mere drafts of B bank which the
Socretary, the Tronsuror, and the
comptroller of the Curroney' must
oave Known was on tbe eve ot bank-
rnntovf ' Win '. tn
vokad from tbo White House, or who
is responsible lor tins criminal ouoncor
The committee shed no light on this
subject. They do not af.peur to havo
examined the witnesses who could tell
all about it, or to have inquired whoth
cr Gon. Spinner protcslod. as has been
alleged, against this daring outrage
when I he Socretary of tbe Treasury
uuiumunucu it to do aono, ' - .
Tho forty.fiflh section of tho Cur
ronoyuut provides that "the-Socre
tary of the Treasury shall require of
the associations thus desiirnatod satis
factory security by the deposit of
untied mates bonds and otliorwise.lor
tbo safe keeping and prompt pavmont
oi mo puullo money deposited with
thorn, nnd for the faithful performance
of thoir duties as financial agonts of
Mr. Richardson treated this pro
vision bs a nullity, and advanced the
pooplo's money to these speculators as
if tbore was no responsibility. In
stead of arraigning him for this un
lawful conduct before tho House, tbe
committee condono bis crime by say
ing that immediately after the failure
of the bank the .Secretary of the Trea
sury took effectivo steps, through
wnicn ne was enabled to obtain lull
and amnio guarantees and security by
men iuc uuvurninent wouia oe Bave
' The Great Colorado Desert,
9. Senator Jones, of Nevada, has re
eeived a full report of the result of a
seioDtiuo exploration made at tho ex
penso of himself and a private citizon
of California, ' last' summer, for tbo
nnrposo of ascertaining tho practica
bility of reclaiming . or submerging
the groat Colorado donor t by turning
iniu ii, ma waters oi mo uoloraco
rivor or the Gulf of California. Tbo
report of J. E. Juntos,' the engineer
who conuuoiea mo expedition, and an
elaborate commentary upon it br U.
E. Slouch, an eminent civil engineor
of Sun Francisco, furnishes tbo fol
lowing very interesting information,
uiuun ui vt men is entirely now :
- The exploration shows that th.
greater portion oi the Colorado des
ert, and JUoiave valley and Death val-
Icy which lie north of it, ore from 40
to 100 feet below the sea, and that
this great dosort,! stretching from
Lower California to Intro county in
the Stalo of California, and from the
base of tbo const range mountains to
ino Colorado river, comprising an
area of about 300 miles long by 150
miles wido, may bo converted into a
chain of lakes . or . irrigated by the
method abovo mentioned, and also
that a Iarcro portion of this desert
really consists of extremely fertile
soil, being a deep alluvium suscepti
ble of the highest, cultivation.
It is further shown that tho nrcra.
lenco of whut aro known as sand
storms and hot desiccating winds and
the deficient rainfall, the evils suf
fered by the surrounding counlrr.and
as far north as the Tulare valley of
California, aro directly tracpublo to
tbo existence ot the desert from which
ns from a great furnaco, constantly
rises in tbe summer time, a vast col
umn of hooted air without appreciable
rats, lirzards, worms, Ac, is a fearful L.rifWi h f..,
I T . I ... r-.."-- vj a vuv, miiu UWUVUj II UO
urrur. l musi DO understood that Hirlw.nnn ..t...!...
inr..u.u7 oners ni semoes in telling o rp. , . m. T s iu:.,,.:ii.r n . , -"v -i "a") vuhubiuhiuviiii;
and baying lands la OlearSeld and adjoining Square TlITlbor & Timber Lands, tbe ""POI-ltlOS of Well Water are all in Qllh, ready when tho snrinrr riin,
eonntitai and with aatinerlencsofovtrtwtntl UnlutinnVnw .n ' rluu7.non IIIO spnng rains
- . - vvbwiuiiai i;u. Ul
toontlet and with aa tiperlence ofovtr twtnty
laars as a torvsyor, Oatttra himself that be oaa
render satisfaction. Feb. J8:dS:tf,
aw XiOgs mid Ijiimbor,
tDlllae III f)r.ll.n,'a Saw I.e... .
tiis ttseeola, Clearfield Ce., Pa. y:pd
Dealer In all kinds of
Market 6treet,
One dour eaa( Puat Office, e
Agent fur the American Double turbloe Water
Wbel and Andrews A Kall.acb Wheel. Can fur.
l.fc r.n.1,1. Crl.l alills oa .hurt .olio.. JjlH'71
come to porcolato it into our wolls.
somo such trifling mattor) and not in tf wn nn.M h K,, . ' J
I .....(. P. . t ; , I ,v mwi H ljT JUUb UI
: . . 1 a is f'ost oniy can Pn
us iuidi a irot, mineral, uortvetl from I H:r : i. ... ...
,, . . "i we woum bi ioasi not navo to
.uUi...o.ui uuiinwiueuiB oi vne WOIIS : nn,lr H.Vl t ik. l....:..-t
second, nrcnnln imn.,,1,1... J....J " " ."u
.," ,', ". llesnoetfii Uv rnnr.
From thfl flohria ftf inim.t. ..J.l i. I 1 V '
.. nuiuiHi.AuuiilUlllS.
Either organio mattor from ordinary
vegotation, or the artificial organio
matter derived from the rofuso of
T. J. Boyer.
lUB AtcUINEKC. Manv nnnnln
I,...: i . ' . '.
iiuviiiii ivuu ireiniein uosnatciics In
men, or organic mattor derived frnm h0 papers about tho Alchiiioso, will
----- i i. - t i i i . . :
sowago. In b town compactly built ZS - i ."i? . l"Dy "V0,
, . , ., .ii . Atchin forms tho north-wostorn nor
na loaatea on level plane, with so tion of Hu matra 1 it rnvnr. nn nr
Urt. J. r. BURCH FIELD. uraiungo : wnoro mud nolosscem about citrht hundred irr.rrnnl,ir..l
Ute surgeon of the 83d Regiment, rsnneyivaiiia I ' be the rulo all summer, and cess- square miles, and has 2,000,000 inhftb.
.ff.,.Tr. PV.fV,.io;i7. necessity j a soil the Tory "nis belonging to the Malayan race,
of oiearteid county . nature of which is calculated to ab. ? . lohlnoR,e Bre ', "Irongly built,
rroioaaionaloalla promptly attended to. -orb .11 ,. fl, . . I Hud oi B Violent and haughty tom-
oa Second .treat, form.rlyoc.unl.d by orD " lue fillh D1 rofuso j cvory noratnent. tl.nn.rh m..i.
Cjmmi foot of which is rooking with tho loul more intelligent and skilful limn most
W. P. MAIlni c . iUi tbroutth which tho wator in nnn. of the othor inhaliitnnls of Snmnirri
WITf ll Hii ro v iiMi iirn stantly percolatod to the wells, which y ?r. mostly Mohameduns. Tho
a..v.a MA.n 1,1.1.1., yo w,u Bnd variously located ton tn "l .T bout 8'P.?. hon!"
Tallaeetoa. Clearfield County, Penu'a.
Bk.Aii itgai ontinata promptly atttndtd to.
t Market street, (north aide) Clearfield, Pa.
"'f All legej business promptly attended to
Jan. 31, Ii.
nH I I DnvrD ........... euusiusiui mn nn, i, ,.
-- I x .1 i , I - - ' ' , tun LI, , on l ! . ' . . . . .
?nofl8ICafIlsANISUROEON' WaClTckTjclry, Silver T 1
Offica on M.rlrM fllM.1 Pl....l J t. I . ' ,v DriVV : thn Woll irnnn.. U rAM . i r..-.:i . '
uses and
OHIos on Market Street, Clearfield, Pa.
rOOot hours i 8 to 13 a. m., and 1 to 8 p. m.
noMcnopATnio pnysiciAn, '
Office la residence on Market at.
prll 31, 1873. Clearfield, Pa.
1 attend professional oall. promptly. augl0'70
' Itellelbnta. P.. '
'"Jl? p'rfrtold and aU of the Conrls of
.iiJT.i 7 "'""ot. nasi est sis business
.llectloa of claims made speciaiHm. ,
anil Tlated Ware. &c.
)etl'73 CLEARFIELD. PA..
Ann nsAi.ts in '
Watohos, Clocks and Jowolry,
f7ronsi's K9m, Mnrlt.l Stmt,
All kinds of repairing tn my Una promptly at
"d"1 Aprll3.1, 187.1.
wholeMla dealtri In
Have removed lo 1ST Church atroet, helwetn
"aits na., new lark. Jy81'73
Miss E. A. P. Rynder,
riLLlAlt M. nENRY, Justice
of raa Psacs Ann Sonivsaaa, LUMBER
.. uunm.iiona mads and mi
vsr. Article, of agraenient
ryauet neatly tioxmted and
p so Ruaro.- Jy33'M
Chlekerlng'a. Stelnway'a and Emerson's Planosi
nd Peloubot's
. Organs and Melodtona, and Qrorer A t Be. log Maehlnes. . . tBAOBBB OF , l.i
iarmony aad Voeal Ma-
lots Use half a term. llnll,.!..
C1.arl.ld, Mat , is.l-i; Dwr-.
monty promptly piMOi 0iri Zt, "hZ
i and deyl. of .. N, , u,"" .VT.
""'i.T- 0"n , 'iu
privy j tho well generally from two to
lour foot deepor than theso rccopla-
ciosoi nun ; mcse nuisances aro so
rapidly augmontcd, that unless an in
tolligont view is taken of tho mattor,
it will bo no easy task to contemplate
tho trout misory wo may bo collod
npon to endure through this proliflo
sourco of disease Heretofore wo
havo providentially escaped sorious
conscquonces, yot every physician in
tho placo has often suspected and
known tho impure wator to causo
groat troublo in tbo treatment ot bis
caso. I
ine uiiieront kinds of wator and
thoir impuritios, wbother ohjoctiona
blo or not, nood .not bo disscussed
bore. Should An intelligent judiment
docide to abandon our wolls, wo have
b source of supply at once pare and
abundant. .Itroquirw a very lureo
quantity ot mineral Impurities in flow-
ng watoriomakoilobjootionablo. Of
thoorgnnlo Impurities in-witter, liv-
ncly fortilo t pepper., coffee, cotton.
tobsoeo and vegetables irrow
and produco abundant crops. (Jold
and precious stonos aro also found in
great quantities. Although part of
uumiH.u is nnuor ino tquulor, the cli
mate is very modorato. Tlie air is
hoalthy In tho mountain districts', but
not in tho plains or on tho const.
Atchin abounds with wild .animals
there nro elephants, tigers, bulTuloos
rninocoros and orang-outangs. Tho
lattor are novor killed by tho natives,
an wcy uunvTc initi mo souls of thoir
ancestors havo passed into thoso ani
mals. Among tho allies of tho Ainhl.
noBo nro tho UuUhb, oheorful pooplo,
""' wnimiuttiH, ana always take
salt and lemon juiee with them when
they go to war, so as to be ablo to ro
gale thomsolves on the flush of tboir
dead cnoioios.
The gamo law of Missouri forbids
tbe dostroying of bird's, nests, but has
no protection for the birds.
The Rudtlor and tho Rock Thoso
who will not bo ruled by tho rudder
aro likely to be ruled by tho roek.
crousod from 23!;082 to 8748,000,
without n dimo of security. That is
to say, they carried off bodily over
half a million of the nublic and nrivato
deposits In six weoks in addition to
tho quarter of a million which thev
owed before. Nearly $1100.000 of this
ggrcgato was takon aftor tho 1st of
woptombcr, and fl'10,000 on the 15th
and 10th ol Soptombor, two days before
mo explosion, xo bo more accurato.
85 10,000 wont from tho bank up stairs
io jay uooKe co. down stairs in six
teen days I
It is impoflsiblo thut this pillugo
oouiu navo oeen curried on without
the collusion of tho Troastirv oflleiuln
Tho act of March 3, 18GII, requires
thai tho nations! banks shull mako
five reports annually to tho Comntrn!
tor of the Currency, and that bo may
call for Bpociul reports from any asso
ciation whoncvor in his judgment tho
samo shall bo necessary to a full and
complete stnowiodgo ot its condition
In addition, ho is authorized to an
point cxaminors to rtitjuiro into Iho af-
mim ui every association. wilD nowor
to put tho agents and officers thereof
under oalli, who shall muko a full and
dolailod report lo tho Comptroller.
In view of thoso mandatory stututna
the Comptollor of tho Currency must
navo Known that tho r irst National
had not only violated the limitation
act, but that tho capital, llio surplus,
and tho deposits woro corruntlv and
criminally annronrintod to thn nan nf
Juy cooktf & Co. ili rough the manipu-
iuviuu ui tuo i rosiuoni oi mo nana.
iio sttinds In tho light of having tao
itly conspired to defraud the creditor
and to dely tbo law.
Lot us now turn to tho connoolion
ol tins bank with tho Treasury Do
partmont, in ordor to discover how
tho publio money was treated and
what tho head of that d uliiirtmntit Hid
to favor a conspiracy to abuse its un-
nuuiortisou trust, as b public deposi
tory tho bank issued its certificates to
tho Treasurer of tho United Kim
lor iractional currency, to bo forward
ed to tho banks which mniln tlinir nr.
dors for this currency through tho
First National. Ordinarily those cor
tificntos would bo limited in amount,
and tho balances In bank would bo
kept down by transfer orders, mado
as soon ns tho reports of tho hnnk
could bo cxamlnodj so that in tho
courso of regular business thoro was a
chock upon excess.
On tho u:id ol August, 1873, ilbont
thrco weeks boforo tho fall, tho btil
ance to tho credit of the Tronnnrer in
mis bank wns 81.11,103 45. During
tbo following week certificates woro
insuod by tho bank and cashod by tho
Treasurer to tho amount of $118,750.
Thus tho balance tn tho err.rli't of Mm
Troaureron the 30th of Aitirtist had
ran up to $-'51,858.45. Tho hoxt
week moro certificates Wnre nnid fur
$40,521, making an aggregate ol $1.1)2,.
382.46. Transfer ordors wero paid
amounting to $145,000, thus reducing
this balance to $147,882 on t,be 0th ol
Septombui'. , Between tho 8lh nntl
Jiiu of bcplombor, certillcatcB were
from loss.
Tho facts micht havo boon told
other language When Mr. Richard
ion and others now concoalod from
view found that they had become lia
ble to prosocution and impeachment
in this business, an appeal was mado
to save mem irom exposure and ruin
men lb was, and not till then, that
these parties through a next friond
furnished theso securities, though pro
tending to have given np alt thoii
proporty for tho nse of plundered cred
itors. ' ' -
With tho snmo peculiar reserve an
forbearance which this committee hav
matiifoated throughout their report,
when speaking of the "manacetnunl
Of the bank," they say it "has been, to
say tne loast, unfortunate' And al
most in tho sume breath thev ndmi
"thore is a differcnoo between the baL-
anco'shcot prepared by tho committee
and the statement actually shown by
mo ooohs on mo. mm, tji September
last In the htettilatcd curroney acconut
lor siu.dUH. A thorotch exuminaiion
snows that tint deficit Cannot be ac.
counted for ln olhor words, th
money was stolen.
Tho ooramitie recommend somo lit
tlo modification of tho existing laws,
but do not utter a word about prose
cuting the swindlors who stripped this
bank of its valunblos and filled their
own pockets by barofaeod robbery.
They ignore soction 65 ot toe Cur
rency act as if it had no force. It en
acts "that evwy president, director,
cashier, toller, olork, or agont of any
association who shall embexzle. ab
stract, or wilfully misapply any of iho
monoys, lunus, or credit ol tho associ
ation, , shall be deemed guilty
of a misdemeanor, and upon convic
tion thorcot shall be punished by im
prisonment not loss than fivo nor moro
than ton years.
hen Honry 1). Cooko ns rrcsidont
of tho First National turned over lo
Jay Cooke k Co., of whom ho was a
partner, $540,000 botwoon tho Island
lbth of beptomber. ho wilfully misan-
plicd, abstracted, and ombetr.lod the
money belonging to tbe bunk. Ho
knew il well at the timo, just as he
Know mat ne had willblly violated
ino taw iimiiinir tho loans to stock.
holders. Ho is now livine in luxurv
and pomp at Washington. Yot not a
finger is ruisod by tho authorities to
mako him answerablo for theso and
othor crimes, whilo they hunt down
poor creatures who are tar less guilty,
out noi proiocied ny the nowor and
mvor oi mo l'rcsidunl as Henry I).
Cooko is. Tho samo hund which
recklessly broke Into the Treasury is
now stretched out to keep him and
his confederates from tho penitentiary,
whore ou'.raired justice and a swiii.
.11... I ".... .,
uiuu I'uiniiiuiiiiy cntim uioir Drcseneo
-iV. Y. Hun.
Gkn. Siiermam on Dancino. Tho
ionorul, says a Washinirton letter, in
an odd genius, yot a ureal favorite
with old slid young. Ho Is extrava
gantly fond of dunging, and somo ono
wiituy remarked:. "Jlo nover steps
owor than tho back of a r-hnir. or
higher than (ho chandelier." Ho la thnr.
onghly nngracofiil, but ontors into tho
piihtimo With such real rolish and
earnest cnioymont thnt Ono can ek.
cuso his wnlking half way np ono's
train, or in tho height of his doliirht
carrying tho greater portion of ono's
prutiiost uounce nail way across tho
room, or in the Lan'ors, for Instance,
persistently going tho wrong way in
tho grand chain, thereby causing tho
most laoghublo confusion, mid tho en.
langlomont of his lowor proportions
in tho surrouhdinir (loulincr
of the littlie,, Hi, wifo and daught
ers disapprove Ot round llimninir. ami
he ono day uil to mo: "I wish wo
had dancing at our Jiouso 1 liko to
seo young people skooting around."
A Boston Imly, sitting in hor parlor
and engage! in dreamy contemplation
of tho moustache of tho young gentle
man vho was to osoort hor and her
sisior to the festival, wnl suddouiy
Bwakencd by an ominous whisper in
B Juvonilo voice at ihe door i "You've
got Ann's tooth, and she wants thorn."
A J cvknile Monster. A Kentucky
paper gives tbo following account of a
huge infant, ramod Dero Edward
Chambers, and born two years and a
half ago, in Barron County, that Stale :
"When about thrco months old bo
began to fleshen, and soon attracted
tho serious attention of his parents
and immodiate frionds. His accumu
lation of fat has been uninterrupted,
and now bo exhibits an obesity of
hugo aldcrmanio proportions. Wo
visited bim and mado a careful exam
ination ana measurement, winch w
givo to the curious publio. Ill
parouls are Iho reverse ot their infunl
iU representative, so far ns physical
proportion is conccrnod. The fulhor.
.Smith h. Chambers, is a dulicato.
sparo-mado man, of not vigorous look
and weighs 127 pounds j tho mother is
mall, dulinatnly.biiilt,and weighs 144
pounds. l)oro,theyounggiant,tands
in perpendicular measurement,' 87
inches. 1 he measurement around th
wrist is 10, inches, and abovo tbo
Iho elbow, 10 inches. Tholegoroond
ino can gives a iircnmiersnco of 18
inches, and tlie thuh 'tho enormous
Iffngth of 28, while the hips take full
.i inches oi tope to circuit their bugtS'
iii-bm. vtrounu ino waist bo shows i
ginth of 42 inches. His avoirdnnoi
pulls down the scales easily at 118)
pounds. The child is quite Intelligent,
can walk with much cabicr locomotion
than his ponderous, unshapely form
would indicate, and enjoys vorv irood
ii cm in.
According to tho orthodox creed
of Islam, women will be saved with
jnen and all bo made young again
on except ono woman. Joseph, when
Viceroy of EitVPt. was ridin-r one
day,whonanold woman seieed his reins
and demanded alms. Ho tnrned to
look at hor, and was so shocked at bor
appearance that ho involuntary ex
ciuinieu, "jtow vorriblo homely you
are 1" "Then," said tho old woman,
"Why don't you pray to God, who
answers an your pryors, and ask him
to make mo beautiful f" Whorennon
Joseph lifted up bis bands and prayed
im iiur, anu instantly uehold her
standing by him, younir and lovolr.
so lovely thai bo lovod her and mado
nor his wifo. She lived lono- aftor
him, and died very aged, and went to
heaven, and is an old woman there
now, and tbe only old woman
thore, for God mnkos all tjood women
young again onco, and sho can novor
be made young again.
Newspapers Doiriesticajlv Coasadarid;
Too loWnn estimate is opt to be eot
on tbo domcsiio vuluo'of newspapera.
After reading them, antj putliiig our
selves, through their agency ,Jn t'jon
tal correspondence with tho world;
they 'are thrown aside and forgotten;
But lo suppose their pscfuluoss bound
ed by thoir newt 'columns anil thd
Waste-bag is a thriftless mistake. , .
In the first place,, thoro are tils'
house hold recipes, lo bo found iff
Btfly cornets, ofUii excellent, and do-'
serving a reliige on tho fly leu f of tho
family cook-book. Then come thfl
pretty verses, the strange and droit
stories, the brief biographic! and re
miniscences which, pusicd in a strop
look., are. a source, of novor-endinif
pleasure not only to those who do not
care for richer intellectual food, but ii
thoso who have only odd' minutes fyf
.Notwithstanding the squibs loctilnr.
journalists have penned on tbo use of
nowspupurs for bed clolhing, we know
from cxporionco that these are not to'
be despised, i 'i hey , may not be as
comfortable as your blanket, but cer
tainly they keep- out the cold. Two'
inicknessos ot papers nr bettor than.
a pair of blankets, and in the case pf
persons who Giolilio tua weight or
many bod clothes, they are invalua
ble A spread mado of a double luycr
of papers between a covering of cuTico
and chintz, isdcbirabioih pvory hou6-
noiu. tne papers should be tacked
together with thread, and also basted
io mo covering to keep thorn frort
slipping. Ao objoctio'n has been msdd
on uccount of tho rustling, but if soft
papers be chosen tho nolso will not bb
annoying, especially should the spread
be laid between a blanket and the
counterpane. '.
As a protection to plants acrtinit
cold, both in and out of doors, nothing
in nuiicr. ji newspapers aro pinned
up over night at a window between
pot'S and clasfc, the flowers will not
only not bo frozen, but will not even
get chilled, as they arp so liable to bo
at this season; in the same way, if
taken to cover gsrdeo beds, on the
frosty nights of early aiitumfi, they
will allow the plants to remain safely
out-doors soo timo la'fer than is com
mon. . .
Ono of tho oldest services to put
our journals to is tbe keeping of ice in
suminor. An ingonious housekeeper
recontly discovered tbot hor daily
ump of tco would last ncaly twice as
long when wrapped in newspapers.
and placod in any kind of covered box,
as whon trusted solely to a reMgertor.
This is vory convenient, sinco it is
possibla to have tho bent and cheapest
refrigerator constantly at band.
To poliBh all kinds of cIubs after
washing, except tablo L'lass. no cloth
or flannel is half so good as B newspa
per j and for a baker's dozen of olhor
uses, quite foreign to its primal pur
poso, il is without a rival. ScriOner's.
A passionato man ridel a horse that
runs away with Lint.
Oldest Fortification im Amfrica
Tho Spanish fort of San Juan do
I inos, now cnllcd Fort Marion, nt St
Augnstine, Fla , is tho oldest fortifica
tion on tbe wostorn continent still used
ns a placo of defense. It covers about
an acre ol ground, and would accom
modate n garrison of 1,000 men. with
100 guns. It wns beirun In IS 20 and
complolod in 1750, the Indians being
compelled to do the work of building.
Over the onlranco is tho Snnnish mm
ui urine nun mo name or the thon Gov
ernor, tho chief engineer of the works,
anu mo uoio oi tho completion of the
fort. ' In 18.')5 a dune-con was diamw.
ored by the caving of a wall from
above, and in it wore two iron caoe.
just largo enough to admit tho body
u. .linn, miu cacu contained a hilmun
skoloton. Who the victims wsraihs
Is no traditions to toli. In ono of tho
dungeons Osceola was chained pre
vious lo his removal to Fort Mouluio.
The fort is now gnrrisonod by an
old sorgoant.
Whoopinci Couuii in tub Last SrAtir.
A writer in The Medical Journal,
London, states thut irt cases of whoop,
ing cough in tho last siaio. Hint i.
alter tho third week he has hnd ono
ounco oi tno strongest liquid of am
monia pul into a gallon of wator in an
opon pan, und sioam kept up by rrfoans
of a bnek mado red hot throughout,
and pul into tho boiling water boo
taming tho ammonia, tho pan boing
placod in tbo middle of a room, into
winch tho patients were bruugbt as
tho ammonia steam was
Ibis method, ho says, was used in tho
ovoning, before bodrtmo. and it nm-i
so efficacious in abating the attack
Hnd nflor Uireq o four dy leiuiina!
ting the malady, as to establish, beyond
doubt, the value of this modo of In
haling ammonia ns a thorapoutio agont
n trunquillsing the nervous system in
Ike whobjjiliigcoulh ' ' ,
Tue Sebator from 3fiSsniiai.
Whon Carl Schurz is scon ail tin r in
is scat bo docfc not impress tho spec
tator with tho idea ot a tall man
But when he arises, you wonder when
his head will stop going up towards
tlie clouds. Afler ho has "towered"
to a certain allit'ucd, and all tho links
and kinks and hinges rerm Straight
ened, ho gives his shoulders another
twist upward as much as to say ".Shades
of Iho mighty Schiller! if ono only
oould louch tho top of space V Then
thcro is n shake. of (ho long, brown,
curling locks as a lion tosses his mano,
for all tho rdytil animals of creation
"uso similar signs and symbols. . Tho
moulhnpons.' (ll is notagrowl. Tho
ear is greeted witli tbe swoclcdt and
softest strains of the human voice.
Who has ever read Oliver Wendell
Holmes's description of those velvet
and flute-like tones that ravish, tho
soul liko hoaveniy melodies of Beeth
oven ? Carl Scbuhs has a voico like
thb wind sighing through tho sugar
cane, and his classical English floats
In a sob of rhymical measure. In
manner this distinguished Gorman or
ator wpuld not attract notice for eilber
awkwardness or grace. The person
ality ot tho man is lost, because his
mind is fully chcaired in following his
subtlo thread of argument, which is
fairly embroidered with pearls of
thought. rresa.
A Sketch or a JIiLli'onairb Wm.
B. Astor lias walked Broadwav tor
thrce-iVjore years without indicating
any sympathy for mankind. If von
wish to mako a.lriaj, call at the olh'oo
in Trinco street. It is woll under
stood that charily is not tolerated
mere. Mr. Aslors property enabled
him fifteen years niro lo nnv a tax of
$10,000, and at present he pays about
$05,000, whicl is a small sura in pro
portion to his unmensoestato. When
no was a boy his father's property was
won h about $1,000,000. Tho old gon.
tlcman 'died in 1848. leavlnr? SO.tlOO..
000, and tho cstato has much more
than doubled sinco that lime. Six
hundred houses acknowledge Astor as
landlord ; but with all his wealth, why,
try him for charily I Thirty
thousand woiiion havo been driven htr
poverty Into prostitution during tho
timo thai Astor's proporty haa thus
grown into a colossal pilo, and now,
whilo poverty grinds the musses more
bitterly than ovor, tho goldon moun
tain increases still more rapidly under
its careful management. What a con
trast to behold $00,000,000 in the
bunds of sn bid
of tho gravo, whilo tho direst povorty,
reaching oven to starvation, is the lot
of thousands. Rochester iAinocruf.
Mrs. Sinclair t Fnuiirs-M ttr
dorstand ttut. tho executor of Hit.
Into Edwin Forrest have effected a
Bottloment with the divorced wifo of
tho deceased by paying hor $05,000,
sho agrceinc to foreini nil lir, ii.
for this sum. It was doomed proba
blo that bor divoroo in New York
would not prevent Mrs. Sinclair from
laying claim to all of I liri'l.At'. ..ul .1 n
Bs ho left no heirs by consanguinity.
' "otllomcnt, therefore, may bo re
garded as a wise and reasonable method
of clonring tho ostato niid iiistnln,r tl,
execution of (ho great tragedian's will
r-prciing mo ..fetors' Homo," for
he erection and suniioi t of i.;,.i. u
npni.til.t. . ...I .1.
gives Mrs. .Sinclair euftluiont to keen
hor handsomely during tho rest of her
hto. Philadelphia Doy.
A Bubm-ban mllllstep applied to a
ticket agont od ono of the railways
for a "clergyman's tMol," ,nd fMUt,
offloml expressing a doubt as to his
blortru characlet- oxclaimod ; "If you
don t believe I'm a tlorgyman I'll
road you one of my sermons !" The
agont passed ovor tho ticket, but did
not Insist upon tbe proof.
The CeMI Whig nay lhatw"ork oa
tho Iort Deposit and Columbia raU
road continues in progress. Tho com.
pany oxpeel in tho spring to lay tho
track ai fur up as I'cath Bottom.