Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, March 25, 1874, Image 1

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    . TUB
- reiuinirJ Jiirnav wibntspir, if .
The largest ClrcwUUoB of any Newopajier
U North Central Feuniylvauia.
. - 1 Terms of Subscription.
if tld ta advance, or within I monthi..
If paid after S and before ( monthi
If paid after Iho expiration of 0 monthi..
Bates ot Advertising,
9 so
a 00
Transient advertisement!, par equate of 10 11 net or
lait, I timaa or lest....... .....II
For eaeh eubiequent inaertloa 60
Admlnlitretort and Bxeoutort'netloee. ! 00
Auditors' notlooa 1 00
Cautions and Bstreyi. 1 00
Diliolutlon notloei - ..... J 00
Professional Cardi, t lino! or lesi.l year.... t 00
Loeal notloei. per fine 10
1 aqaara..
I iqaaraa.
I iguana..
..$8 00
..10 00
-10 00
J eoluma.....,..t3S 00
i eolumn........... 40 00
1 eolumn........... (0 00
Job Work.
f Ingle quire- tt 00 I 0 quiret,pr.qnlre,$l TO
Z aulroi, pr. quire, I 00 Over 0. par quire, 100
i iheet, 15 or tea,) 00 I i iheet, IS or leu,J 00
I ihaat, 10 or loot, 1 00 1 sheet, 14 or lou,10 00
Orar SO of eaeh of above at proportionate rates.
Clearfield, Pa.
. Will attend to all butlneii entrusted ta bim
promptly and faithfully. novU'73
Biear a. Wallace.
DATID L. (Riaa.
jos w.wriolit.
(Suxiasiori to Wallace A Fielding,)
ii-irrc Clearfield, Pa.
a. r. winoa, v. D. . ta vauam, m. .
Clearfield, Pa,
Office In residence of Dr. Wilion.
Orrtci Hours: From 11 to 1 r. a. Dr. Van
Yaliah oan be found at night In hit rooms, next
door to Hertewick A Irwio'i Drag Store, op
tain, torim
Will promptlj attend all oalli in the Una of hit
joibfi t. 'eallt. AiaL w. a conor.
Clearfield. Pa.
fttgtl baiineu attended to promptly with
fidelity. Offloe on Sooond ftreot, abore the Firrt
National Bank. t:U:ll
Attoeniy and Counselob at Law,
clearfield, pa.
Having reilgned hit Judgeship, bat returned
the practice of tha law In hit old office at Clear
Held, Pa. Will attend the oourtt of Jofleraon and
Elk oountlet when ipaoially retained in connection
with reiident eoumol. 1:14:71
Clearfield, Pa.
j-0fflce ap tuirt ia Wee tern Hotel building.
Legal builneu promptly attended to. Real ettate
bought and told. Joll'73
Clearfield, Pa.
Vft-Office up ttairt ia Woitern note! building.
All legal butinott antruitad to hit care promptly
attended to. , July 1, 187S.
Prompt attention given to all legal buiinetl
entrusted to hit care in Clearfleld and adjoining
eountiet. Office on Market it., opposite Naugle'l
Jewelry Store, Clearfleld, Pa. Jel4'73 '
Clearfield, Pa.
k$.0fflce in the Court Hone. decl-ly
tl:l:fl Clearfield, Pa.
Oflee on Second St., Clearfleld, Pa. noTll.DO
Clearfleld, Pa.
Offlce 1b the Court Home. Jyll.'C?
Clearfield, Pa.
Office on Market St., orer Jotoph Shawert
Uroctry ttora. Jaa.1,187.
And Real Estate Affent, Clearfleld. Pa
Offlea on Third street, oat. Cherry A Walnut.
Respectfully offen hit services In telling
and buying landt In Olaarfleld aad adjoining
eoantioat and with aaexparienee of over twenty
yeara at a surveyor, flatten himself that ha ean
render satlslactloa. iron. xs:na:u,
and maun r
Haw XiOgs and Ijumber,
Offloe In Masonic Building, Room Ho. 1.
1:1 B Oaeeola, Clearfield Co Pa. y:pd
vVaUtucetoo, Clearfleld County, Penn'a.
TjevAU legal busineas promptly attended ta.
'Market it reel, (north tide) Clearfleld, Pa.
.TV-A II legal basineai promptly attended to
' Ja. M, '73,
Offloe on Market'Street, Clearfleld, Pa.
y-umot boon i S to 1 a. m., and 1 to 8 p. m
Offloe ip rasidegoe on Market it.
I April 14, 1871. ffleerfleld, Pa.
: DR. W..A. MEAMS,
Wlllattanii profoitlnnal oalli promptly. aug!070
nellel'iinte, Pa.
rm practice in Clearlleia and all of the Courts of
A i . . ,Q'""- Ileal e.tste btfslneM
v"i.po..u oimhi maae etieetalllct. nl'71
Vl CtEABFIEM), P j. u
VV oe rnn Praos ako Scaivnata, LUMrtRR
Tr. Collection! made and monev promptly
Hd over. Artfclet of agreement and deed! ef
veyaooe neatly cieeuud tad Warranted eor.
at or po chargo, Jyl J'jl
.in im a ttk "irir-iTr ttv w?.4s -.r ttiv 1171 tfvtt t ttk it tt n a ta r
7 J 1 J 11 y 1 II II 1 J II J II 7.2. aV 1 U) W'l U J V J II 17 tt 10
. . . , : , . - ; - : ; . . . .
Q00DLANDER & HAQEETY, Publishers.
VOL. 48-WHOLE NO 23(13.
Offloe in the Court Itouie, Clearfleld, Pa.
Will alwaye be found at home on tha SECOND
and LAST SATURDAY of eaoh month. 1:0
John H. Orria. C. T. Alexander. C. M. Bo Wert.
Beltefoute, Pa. jan:8,'47-y
J, H. KLINE, M. D.f
HA VINO located at PennSold, Pa., offcra hit
profetflonal tenrioet to tha pool do or that
plaoe and turrounding ooantry. Allcollt promptly
attended to. eel. II tf.
Jutloe of the Paaea. Samyor aad Canvayaneer,
lutliertburg, Pa.
All builnott intruttod to bim will be promptly
attended to. Pernont wl.hing to employ a Sur
reyor will do well to giro him a cell, at be Uattert
k:.r th&t he ftn render tatiflraelton. Dccdt of
eonreyanoe, artlolot of agreement, and all lepnd
papert, promptly and neatly executed. tl0no74
Justice of the Poace and Scrivener,
Curweneville, Pa.
fco-Collectiont made nd money promptly
paid over,
io. ALaaat aaaar .uRT. w. ALaanr
Hanufaoturert A extcntiva Dealeri in
Sawed Lumber, Square Timber, &c,
r-0rdort tollcliod. Billt Hied on thort notice
and reatonabta termt.
Addreea Woodland P. 0., Clearfleld Co., Pa.
Freuchvllle, ClearUeld County, Pa.
Keept oonttantly on hand a full eeeortment of
Dry Ooodt, Uardwaro, Orocariet, and everything
n.,,.ll. kent in a retail ttora, which will be told.
for euh, at oheap at elsewhere In tha eaunty.
Frenchville, J una 27, tooi-i j.
iiialxa ia '
Alio, axtentiva manufaeturer and dealer In Square
Timber and Bawea liumoeroi bu kiqu.
rtrOrdert eollclted and all bills promptly
Slled. tJ'IB"
Clearfield, Pa.
TTAVINO rented Mr. Entret' Brewery be
I 1 .nM h etriet attention to buiinetl and
the manufacture of a auperlor article of BEER
to receive the patronage of all the old and many
new euttomert. eui,ug7H
Market Street, Clearfleld, Pa.
NEQATIVES mado la eloady aa well at in
dear weather. Constantly oo bend a good
assortment of FRAMES, STKREOSCOPKS and
STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS. Frames, from any
style of moulding, mado to order. apr28-tf
House and Sign Painter and Paper
Clearfleld, Pcun'a.
to. Will axeeuta Jobt in hit line promptly and
in a workmanlike manner. afr4,7
C-Pumpt alwayt on hand and made to order
on short notice. Pipoi bered on reasonable terma.
All work warranted to render lati.gfaotion, and
delivered if desired. ' myzMypd
E, As BIGLER 4. CO.,
and mannfactunri or
dealer ia
Real Estate, Square Timber, Boards,
1:1018 Cleerflold, Pa,
naAtaa i
Square Timber k Timber Lands,
Dealer In all kinds of
' Market Street,
One door eatt Post Office,
in L I H A H M A ,
Agent for the American Double Turbine Water
Wheel and Andrew! A Kalbach Wheel. Can fur
nish Portable (iri-it MIUl on short entice. Jyll'7l
Late Surgeon of the 8.1d Heglmant, Pennsylvania
Volunteer!, having returned from the Army,
offen bis professional tervlcti to theoitiient
of ClearlaU coaaty. "
"Profenlenal oalli promptly attended to.
Office en Second itrest, formtriyocoupted by
Dr.Woodt. apr4,'l-tf
and dealer in
Watchcfl, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver
nnd Plated Ware, &c,
aim CL'BARFlEIiD, PA.,
Watohos, Clocks and Jewelry,
(Iraham'l Hint, ilarUi Strut,
(LEAHa'IF.LI), pa.
All kladl of repairing In jaj line promptly at
ended to., April 13, 1878.
wiiolofalo cloatftri la
Have removed to 1H7 Ohareh ttreot, between
Franklin and White eti,'Niw York. fjy31'71
Miss E. A. P, Rynder,
Aoiat roa
Chlekerlng't, Stalnway'i and Emerion'i Planot,
limllk'i, Mason A llamlin'i and Pelonbat't
Organs and Melodeoni, and Orevtr A
Baker's Bawlag Maehlnea, a
alio TiArsin or
Piano, Guitar, Organ, Harmony end Voeal Ms
tie. No pupil taken for lost than half a terra. ,
: sHooiur opposll flullch't Furniture Bloro.
(loarflold, tiff A, 19'jJ U.
-I- - . -- - I - - -i
Mary, lat't kill tha fatted ealf end oolebrate tha
For the last dreadful mortgage on tho farm It
wiped away i
I hart got tha papert with ma, they are right at
rightoan be ,
Let at laugh and ting together, for tha dear old
- farm it free I
Dont all tha Yankee! celebrate tha Fourth day
of July,
BrctuM 'twas then tha Freedmen'l tun lit up onr
natlon'a iky I
Why shouldn't we than celebrate, and thli day
- ne'er forget I ..- .,...,-. .
Where it there any freedom like being out of
I'vo rii up many mornln'i an boar before the
And night hai overtaken ma befor the task was
When weary with my labor, twat this thought
that nerved my arm i
Eaoh day of toil will help to pay the mortgage
on tha farm.
And Mary, yon have dona your part tn rowln' to
the shore.
By takia1 eggt and hatter to the little village
Yon did not tpend tha money fn dressing up Tor
thow, '
But tang from morn till evening In your faded
And Bessie, our tweet daughter Qod bless her
loving heart I
Tha lad that gctt her for a wife mutt be by na
ture imart
Sho'l gone without piano, her lonely honrt to
Td bare a hand in pacing off the mortgage oa
the farm. ,
I'll build a JIUlc eottage toon, to makoyour heart
I'll buy a good piano, to go with Benle't voice.
Yon aball not make your butter with that np-and.
down eonoeru,
For I'll go tbit very day and buy the finest pt-
-ent ohura J
Lay by your faded eaUeo, and go with me to
And get yourself and Boiiie a new and shining
Low prioot for our product nood not give ut now
Spruce up a littlo Mary 1 there! ae mortgage on
the farm. .
While eur heart! are now joyful, lot us, Mary,
not forget
To thank tha Hod of Heaven for being out of
For ha gava the ruin and tunthlne, and put
strength into my arm,
And lengthened out the dayt to toe no mortgage
on tha farm.
Superfluous Lying.
was onco said after A Sunday
morning sorvico in uosion, at wu
Kdward Jitcrott
oulcialod, that he
offerod up the most eloquont prayor
ever listened to by a Boston congre
gation. Mr. Evorott's prayers may
have boon nore eloquent, but it would
have been difficult for bim to make
thorn more pointed than tbnt which
was recently delivered by tho Chap
lain of the United Suites Senato. II is
words are reported at follows :
"0 Lord our God, we come In thii plaoe to de
plore before Thee the spirit of lyiog which ii
abroad, and wa beseeoh Tbea to rebuke tha giant
demon of slander that atalka forth, easting upon
all tha earth a fearful ihadow ; paralyie the band
that writes the wilful detraction j palsy the longue
that etten wanton calumny, the thingi whiob
tend to undermine all the oonfldenoe In tha good
and clve a maliirnant power to all the bad cle
ment! for the demoralisation and deatruotion of
Duman toclety. Let Tby flaming tpirit take
vengeance upon the false aoeuser and oonsume
this spirit of ruin from all of the land. This we
eak in the neeae and for tha sake of Him who wat
truth itself. Amen.''
This was pretty sharp ; but we do
not think the reverecd gonllomnn
performed his wholo duty on the sub-
joot of lying by simply offering a
Let bim ao to work now and preach
a Bcrmon about it; and in order that
bo may do bis subject full juhiioo, we
will take the liberty ot suggesting one
point of view from which we think it
may bo treatod witli peculiar aptness.
Ul course he will begin by announcing
lying in gonoral. and with somo other
commonplace remarks, xiioso no can
make to suit bimsoll, anil as liioy are
not likoly to attract attention we
shall not dwoll upon thorn.
It ia when be comos to treat oi iy
ing about this administration that our
advice may sorve him. And tho point
wuicb wo should mako. It we wore
preaching on that subject, is, that
wbilu in point of sinfulness it ia wicked,
and in tbia rospoot like an otbor lying,
it la also entirely void oi ovory oxcuso,
and worse than useless, bocuuso tbore
is no lie wblcb can be told or invonled
about Ibis Administration wbicn is
half os bad oa the truth. Tolioagainst
the present Administration, thoreforo,
Is to lie witbout any object, and more
ly for tbo sako oi lying.
Lot the Chaplain put all this into
his sermon, and we think it will be a
very good sormon; and wo will print
it for bim in the Sun, and will put
ovor it in big letters, "The Sunlight of
Trutb on JLying. ' The Chaplain will
tbus clear bis conscience aud do
publio service. iV. Y. Sun.
Telkorapbio Clocks. In Pitts
burghj Pa., an oloctrio clock bas been
eolablisbea to niovo the hands of sev
enty dilTorent clocks, scattorod all
ovor tho city. The motive clock is
poworful. and has a pondulum com
posed ol hollow coils of coppor wire.
Thoso swing to nnd (ro over tho polos
oi borsoshoo mngnots, and evory time
they pats from one polo to the oppo
site a current of electricity U called
up Inductively Jn tbo ooils, Hows up
the wire, and thence to the sovonly
diulft, giving a enrront of opposite na
ture at evory swing. Bohind each di-
al is an aslatio pormanont magnot,
snsponded on tt pivot, and surroundod
by a coil of wire, and it rotaloi under
the elootrio Influence irCn tbo wires.
A small weight may .be used to C.h
dial If the hand are boavy, and tho
pivotod mngnot may merely xogu
lalo tho timo. Of courso every oloek
will be aliko, and will run with vory
little attention.. To provont tho pen
dulum of tho motive clock from mov
ing too fast by tbo inoioaso in tbe
length of vibration of the poudulum,
a magnotio bridling at
tached. i It was a jNorlu Carolina landlord
who poslod the notice in his dining
room that members of the LegisUtuf o
would btr fli-st seatoi, out cTlet wa.-'J
Iho gcnOcmcp.
Life in Portuguose Country Towna.
Tbore ia nothing that would strike
a travolor frosh from England, Ger
many or Fro n oo moro tbau tho great
rarity of ronl conntry houses in Por
tugal. It is entirely ajjninst the genius
of tho pcoplo to live a country lifo.
The Portuguese ia too oooiablo to en
dure to be surroundod only by wood
and fields nnd mountain!. . lie baa
many of our northern taBtoi ; be likes
field aporUi in moderation j bo ridoa
in hit own stylo, better than any na
tion in Europe exoopt ourselves ; he
haa a sineoro delight in country lifo
and country aoonory, but bo cannot
long support tho otter soiitudo of the
country. A Portuguose nobleman," if
bo b nob enough, lives in .Lisbon or
will visit it for a month or two in tbe
autumn ; evon thon lie will ofton rath
or endure tho misery of a seasido
lodging among a crowd than go in
land. Tho larger of tho country
towns have streets full of gentlemen t
bouses ; and bore vogotate, from yoar
to year, familios who aro just rich
enough to live upon thoir incomes
without working. To livo, indood,
as tbe Portuguoso dp in such towns,
need cost but little. A largo house,
with a plot of cabbages a kaleyard
behind it ; with whilo-wasbcd walls,
floors nncarpolod, doron woodoo
chairs, one or two doal tables ; no pic
tures on the walls; no mirrors; no
tablos pleasantly strewn with books,
magazines, nowspapers and ladles'
work ; no suoh thing visible as a pot
of cut - flowers ; no rare china, no
docks, no bronnos none of tbe hun
dred triflos and ouriosities with which,
in our housos, wo show our taste, or
our want of it, but which either way
give such a 1 charm and individual
character to our Knglish homes. All
these negatives dosoribo tho Utterly
dreary hubitations of the middle-class
Portuguese For occupations, the
women dd noodle-work, gosaip, go to
mass doily and look out of windows
by tbo hour. Except the ono short
walk to church at 8 o'clock in the
morning, a Portuguese lady hardly
ever appears in the streets. As for
the men, they lounge about nmong
the shops, they smoke innumerable
papor cigarettes, and thoy .take a
"siesta" in the boat of tho day. If
tbore is sunshine, they stand in groups
at tbo street corners, with umbrellas
over their .heads; in winter, they
wear a shawl ovor Choir shouldors,
foldod and put on threc-cor norwise, as
a Frennh or Knglish woman's shawl is
worn for this is a fashion in Portu
gal, and the Spaniards laugh fx good
deal at their neighbors on tho score.
of tboir being a nation who Invert tho
duo order or things, and wttose wo
men wear cloaks and tbo man srjawis.
In these towns there is novor any
news, and if two men are Scon in
cagor discussion of somo matter of
apparently immense importance, and
if ono happens to pass near enough to
overbear tho subject of conversation,
be sure that ono ot tliera te piungeu
in despair or kindling with enthusi
asm at a fall or rise of a half-ponny
in tho prico of a pound of tobacco.
An American jreotloman of my ac
quaintance told mo that be had never
passed two rortugucse in conversa
tion without hearing ono of two words
spokon, "tostno" or "rapariga," fi
nance or love, lnore aro not oven
fashions for them to think about;
yonng mon and old men dress alike,
but tho younger ones wear exceeding
ly tight oools, and "when thoy take
their walks abroad," it Is obvious that
they do so in considerable discomfort.
Tho voune mon. however, have ono
occupation moro important cvon than
wearing tight boots, nnd which, al
most, in fact, goes with it that of
making the vory mildent form of love
known among mon. Tho procosp, In
dood, la carriod on in bo l laionio a
mnnnor, and with so much proper
fooling, that I doubt if even the strict
est Knglish govorness would find any
thing in it to object to. Tho young
gentlemen pay thoir addresses by
simply standing in front of tho house
occupied by thn object of thoir nlToo
tlons, whilo the young person in ques
tion looks down approvingly from an
upper window, and thoro tbo matter
ends. They are not within spooking
distanco, and have to contont thom
solvcs with oxprossivo glances and
dumb show; for it would be thought
highly unbecoming for tho young la
dy to allow a billet doux to flutter
down into the stroot, while the laws
of gravitation stand in tho way of the
uppor flight or such a documont un
weighted, at least, with a stone,' and
this, of course, might risk giving tbe
young Indy a black eye, or breaking
hor fothor's window-panes. So the
lovers there romaln. often for hours,
fooling no doubt very happy, but
looking unutterably foollish. Thoso
silent courtships tumetiiuos continue
for vory long poriods belure the lover
oan ask the fatal question, or the lady
return tbe final answer. The Acw
Quarterly Magazine
"Head tjs, Somebody !" A corres
pondent of a neighboring journal tolls
of a oour.try clork in a rural town who
had a pot oaif which bo was training
up in the ways of nr. ox, Tho calf
walkod around very peacenik J under
I - r . i , . l:i i , -,!'
one uiiu oi vno yotto wnuo Jir. lura
hold up the other end, but in an unfor
tunate moment tho manconcojtrd tho
idea of putting his own nock into tho
yoko, to lot toe ealf see how it would
work wi'Ji a partner. The frightonod
mister ealf, elevating ills &il and Jiis
voioo, struck a "dnael ran" for tbo
villogo, and Mr. Clerk wolit along with
his head -down and his plug bat In
band, blru1"in overy nerve to keep
up, and orylng ul the top of his volco,
"Uoro we como, darn 00. f fool souls;
head us, somebody!'' 1
LF.OIHI.ATIVI DgflrlTTtON.-Thoro Is'
a bill before tho Logiclalure defining
the Corrupt solicitation of members of
tht legislature slate, county, elootion,
municipal or othor publio ollioors and
porscribing tho punishment therefor.
A socio ly for promoting meditation
hat a ruli! bat whoovor breaks 'tho
gcnoi al nilouu) shall puy tho damages.
A Fallen Hero.
The Itrlo Dispatch, of February 2G,
says : "Fifteon days in jail for vagran
cy"(wns tho sentenoe imposod on
James Lafl'orty, a gray-headed, wan
dering vagabond of the happy go
luclrr stripo, who is scarcely ever so
ber, out wbo, drunk or sober, is harm
less" to all except himself. He was a
hero once j one of the men in reality
thrtt John Day must have imsginod
wherl be wrote tho graphio linos of
tbe engineer of the Prairie ilollo !
"I'll told bar noisle agalnat tbe bank
Hat tha bit galoot i ashore."
Oft the 0th of August, -1841, the
steam boat Krie, then tho finest on tbe
lakes,and which had only made hor
trial trip previously having then on
boar,! Marge number of tbe oitisens
Hrio,witb their families, and also
the "Presquo lale Band, which bad
stayed on from the timo of tbe trial
excursion left Buffalo for this port.
It was a bright, sunny day, and tbe
lake was almost doad calm. When
noaring Dunkirk the boat was discov
ered to bo on fire, and the flames
spread rapidly. She was hoadod for
shoro, and tho horror-stricken passen
gers orowded the forward part of the
boat as she clove through the water.
Two men were standing at the whool.
Almon Fuller, of Wesleyvillo, and
James Lafforty the drunkon vaga
bord sent to jail yoslerday of Erie.
It ssomcd almost certain that the boat
oould not reach tho beach, and every
thing that would float a humon, being
waa made use of as passengors and
ore ? throw themselves overboard, but
whilo there was life there was hope.
Almon Fuller dropped where ho stood,
dying at his post. James Lafl'orty
stayed, though bis clothes were on fire,
his hair burned off, and hands and
face crisped by tbo scorching heat,
and only abandoned his post when
the Erie was sinking. A number of
persons wore lost in that appalling
disaster, but the great majority wore
saved. The wheelman who had bare
ly escaped with his life and the mem
ory of tho one who diod where bo
workod, were honored ,tbon, but that
is upwards of thirty years ago, and
the surviving hero of that day is now
only a drunkon vagabond, who must
soon drop unnoticed in a pauper s
Legend of a Bad Indian.
A long, long time ago, according to
the traditions of tbo Flathead I ndiuns,
they went once a yoar to bunt buffalo,
juot as thoy do now, and their trails
were the same up the Hon t.ate and
Little Muck foot and down Ten Mile.
The present site of Helena was a fa
vorite camping placo. "In those days,"
according to ono of tho chief's of said
tribe well versod in its legendary lore,
"thore was one of the Flutheod braves
who waa a bad Indian ; he bad no re
spect lor the virtue of tbe beautiful
Indian niuidonsj ho was a regular borae
jockey mado racos lor pomes and
butlalo rooos, ail on llio square, and
thon "dropped" tho opponent's fleet
broncho ; be played that ancient and
respectod game of "old aledgo" in such
a dextrous manner ae to vanquish all
bit, adversaries, who never could ao
count for the manner in which ho
"turned Jack ;" he had a way of "hold
in cm ' at draw poker -that mado bis
rod brethren swear in tbo most op-
proved Flathead jargon ; in short, ho
waa a "very Dad Indian." unco upon
a timo, whon they were camped on
tho little stroajn whore Holena is now
situated, on their way to hunt buflulo,
tho Uevii "called lor tbe wickod bravo,
and told him his time bad como, and
Lhat ho must accomnanv him to tho
unhappy hunting ground oi bad Indi
f . . : .
ans, lb Indian told the wickod
Spirit lhat bo had somo business mat
ters to arrango witn otnor braves ol
the tribo, such as 'A few collections to
mako, etc, nnd that if his Satanic
mnjos'y would go out to tho prosont
site of Wass waiter's hot springs, bo
would come as soon as tho wind quit
blowiDg. Tho devil agreed to the
terms, and deportod to await tho lull
ing of tho wind and the eorainirof the
bravo. As the wind has never quit
blowing, his victim has novor iipponrod,
and the Indians say tho dovil ia still
oampod thero, and that the hot wator
of the springs is takon from tho wa
ters of Ton Milo for use in his camp,
from wlionco it omorgos in its prosont
heated state.
The Fate of an Koo-eatino Hen.
A way to prevent bona from eating
thoir okki is to fill an cga with a solu
tion of pepper, and put it back in the
neBt. ; A Uanbury roan bas tried this,
and says it works liko a charm. lie
put a pretty good doss of pepper in the
egg, and placed it in the nost of the
oriminal. rrotly soon tho bon como
around and took hold. It was a brin-
dle animal, with long logs, and soino-
what oonooited, It dipped its bill and
inhaled tbe dolicnoy, Then it came
outdoors. It didn't gallop, wo don't
mean, but it oatne out camo cut to
took at the scenory, and soo if it was
going to rain, its mouth was wido
open, and tho foal bora on the top of
its head stood straight up. Then it
commenced to go around the yard like
a ?ircus horse, Once in awhile it
would' stuj; and push out ono log in a
lone of astonlHlimoni, nd thon holler
"tiro," aud start on again. The Olhw
bono camo out to look on. Soon tho
hens from the neighbors camo over the
fonoo and took np a position of obser
vation. It was quite evidont tbo por
formrtii? was somotbing entirely now
and unique to them. Thore is a good
deal of human nature 3 hons. Whon
thoy saw this hen idanoo and !.?ve Bli
the fun to Itself, and heard it hont
"rlrC," and couldn't see the conflagra
tion themselves, th'y nl,d ttP with
wrath, and with One accord sprang
npoo It, and before the Danbury man
could inlorfcro.ttio brindlohon with tbo
long Jogs Was among .the things that
were. Ho says tbo reooipt is offeotuoj.
Danbury JS'wi. " "
. . i.
Wbnt ll that, which, whon it is
thrown out, vou' may always. catob
.without hands ? A hint. .
An Almost Forgotten Hero.
A writer of tbe Chicago Tribune
rendors tributo to tho memory of Col
onel Jonathan P. Miller, of Vormont,
of tbo volunteers in tbo cause of Gre
cian indopondonco. Miller, then a
young man in tbo university of Ver
mont, was ono of tho first to go out
witn JJr. . u. iiowo, who was city
years youngor than ho is now. Mil
lorarrivod at Missolonghl a few months
after Iho death of Lord Byron, and
greatly distinguished himself int' the
war, finally onduring all tbe horrors
of the seige of Missolonghi tho long
est and most temblo siege or modern
times. The issue of it, it will be re
momborcd, was the assembling of tho
women and chidron of a population ol
elifht thousand in one place, where
they themselves applied tlio match to
tho train that insured their destruc
tion, whilo their husbands and fathers
bowed through the Turkish lines, one
thousand out of throe thousand surviv
ing. Colonel Miller, after tbe peace,
bought tho sword of llyron from the
family of a Grock officer, to whom
liyron bad given It, and who was sub
sequently found doad on tho batllo
field, with tbe sword knotted to bis
wrist. Tbo valuable souvenir, after
somo vicissitudes, returned to the pos
session of Colonel Millor, and is treas
ured by bis descendants. According to
tbe Chicago Tribune writer, the lady
in whose possession it now is, was
obligod to floe from ber rcsidonce on
tbo night of tbe Chicago fire, and only
saved a small box of plate, tho shawl
thrown over hor head and the sword
of Byron. Millor brought borne with
him two sons or Madame Milliades,
whose husband claimod a lineal descent
from tho horo ot Marathon, and was
slain on the same field with Marco
Hozarris Hor fortuno boing ruinod
sho entrusted her boys to him : one
was adopted into his own laraily, and
the other into that of a friend. These
two bavo sinco, grown up to success
sb A morican citizens. Colonel Millor
himself married wealth, and settled
down to tho practico of law at Mont
polior. As a member of the legisla
ture be introduced the first resolution
on the subject of slavery, and became
ono tho treo soil party in that tnato,
A granite obelisk there marks tho
resting place of his remains.
The Son of Peter tho Great.
Alexis, the ill-fated son of Kudosia
and rotor the Great, bad long incurred
tbe resentment ot Ins lather. Of a
tall and commanding appoarance, be
was looked up to by a nation among
whom colossal stature was particular
ly esteemed. Around bim ho had
collected associates who plungod into
every sort of vioe and lieentiousnoss ;
be oponly opposed tho reforms of bis
father, and, foaring his displeasure,
lolt the country.
Peter, discovering bis retreat al
Naples, ordered bim to return to St.
Petersburg, promising forgivonesa if he
did so; on the other hand threatening
him with tbo most drcadlul curses if
he refused. Alexis, relying on his
promises, relurnod, and bad barely
arrived lielore be waa surroundod and
imprisoned ; and thon bogan a most
fiainlul ordeal, which was carried on
or five months. Petor daily visited
bim, and working on bis woak mind,
prevailed on him to aecuso himself of
the most dreadful crimes, and to name
all the friends who were in any way
implicated. Ho thon nominally con
sulted the priests and nobles what
course to pursue; thoy, in awe of his
power, pronounced sontonce of death
against Alexis, and Potor, in snito of
his previous protestations, confirmed
it. Seated in a prison at Moscow, by
a dim light, we sco the unfortunate
princo bouring tho soutenoo from tbe
lips of bis fulbor, who actually mm
clod bia tears with his. The door
opoos, and a viul is handod to the
monarch, who pours out tho contonts
and prollers thorn to his son as a sooth
ing draught. Ho then retires. Al
exis raisoa to bis lips the poisoned cup,
be drinks, convulsiona of the most
dreadful nature follow, and before
morning he lios a corpse Potor gave
out that tho nows that sontonco of
doath hod bcon passed upon him bad
operatod fatally on (its fboblo constitu
tion. Thus perished the heir to tho
Russian Empire. Potcr aflorward al
altor tho order of sucoossion in favor
of his oonsort Cathorine, wbo reigned
for two years after him. At her death
she bequeathed her crown to Petor,
tho son of Aloxis, who ascended the
throne at tho ago of twolvo, nndor
tho lino of rotor II.
Ollio Dutlon is the post of tho ho
tola and shops in Woatorn Now York.
ho is young, prolty and bigh-lonod
of address. She goes to the host hotel
and takes one ot tbe best rooms, aaa
ally tolling tie enraptured clerk that
sho wants to stay thore a few days
until tho arrival of her father, She is
timid and shy at being loft alono, and
sweeny aikeu vo do looked altar bo-
cause she is so inoxperienoed. Thon
she gooB to the dry good stores and
sal eels some valuablo things, which
she asks to have aot asido until her
father comes, when she will call, pay
fur,and take them. On second thought
wonrn, sno is in a hurry tor tbe silk
as sho wants to wear it as soon us sho
can get it made up. Won't Abe dry
f roods man send it to the hotol, where
to can find out all rbout hor, and when
hoc father comos ho will call for the
rest u' tho purel:ro and pay the bill.
Just at the mon'.cnt Ollio looks truly
good, and tho dry goou'a man Bars bo
will sapdtlt right around. Hbf?re
the effect oi hor grateful smile bas led
bim the silk ia at the hotol. Whon
sho bus got alt tho goods that .can bo
had she packs up and slips off. But
Ollio has boon arrested at last in Buf
falo, RTid bow sho may practice at
smiling llie Cftrs off hor coll.
r - 1 i lM I tatflT 1 1 I I '
CotlLDN't Tbihc Oi' It.A gontlo
man was admiring a young lady' hair
the other evening, ufiiss Di
please give me one little cUrl justons,
won't you I" hi ploadod. "Couldn't
think of it, Mr. .couldn't thin V
it .for a moment," Jvpiiod tho young
Inoy, tr1Tcly. "Thoso curl cost uie
livo shilling apiece."
TEBM8 $2 per annum in Advanoe.
NEW SERIES-V0L. 15, NO. 13.
- The Efficacy of Prayer. ' .
Tbe Gilded Ann toll bow Undo
Dan'l and the cbif'n first saw a Missis
sippi stoamboat. They were Bitting
in a row on a log in a warm evening
telling about spooks, after tbe manner
of southwestern negroes, when Unole
Dan i said Impressively, "Chu n, dors
sumfln a oomirj.'" A doop coughing
sound troubled the stillness, way to
ward a wooded cape that jutted into
the stream a milo distant. All in an
instant a fierce eye of fire shot out
from behind tbo capo and sunt a long,
brilliant pathway quivering athwart
tbe dusky water. Tbe coughing grew
louder and loudor, tbo glaring eye
grew larger and still larger, glared
wilder and still wilder. A bnge shape
developed itself out of tha gloom, and
from its lull duplicuto horns dense
volumes of smoke, starred and spang
lod with sparks, poured out and went
tumbling away into tbe further dark
ness. Nearer and nearer the thins
camo, till its long aides began to grow
witn spots oi light wbiub mirrored
thomselves in the river and atlonded
the monster like a torchlight proces
sion. "t;iuld n," Bald Unelo Dun I.
it's do Almighty. Git down on yo'
knees." As the noise and the lights
drew nearer Uncle Dan'l prayed : "O
ijord, we a ben mighty wickod, an we
knows dat we 'zorve to go to do bad
plaoo, but good Lord, deub Lord, we
aint ready yet, we aiut ready let
dcsepo'chil'on had but ono mo'chaoco,
jes one mo chance. 1 ako do olo qtg-
gah if you got to hob somebody.
Good Lord, good deah Lord, we don't
know wbab you'aagwyno to, we don't
know who you s got yo eye on, but
we knowB by do way you's a comin',
wo knows by de way you's a tiltin'
along in yo' charyot o' liah dat some
po' sinner's guyno to ketch it. But
good Lord, dese chil'en don't b'long
bean, doy a I ro Ubedstown wban dcy
don't know nuffln, an' you knows, yo'
own self, dat dey aint 'sponsible Oh
Lord, spah ds little chil'n, don't tar
do little chil'en away, I'm doy frons,
jost' let 'em off jes dis onco, and take
it out n de ole niggah. iletsh 1 is,
Lord, heah I is ! De olo niggah's
ready, Lord, do ole " Horo the
steamer's whittle screeched fairly in
the faees of tho awe struck group, and
Undo ian I, soiling as many ot tbe
okil'ns hands aa his own brawny ones
would bold, scoured off towards the
wood. Looking back thoy saw that
the boat was rounding a point out of
sight. "Well," said tberolioved Uncle
lan I, "dercs somo folks dat say dor
ain't no 'Gcioncy in prab. Dis chile
would liko to know whah we d a bcon
if it warnt fo' dat prab. Dat' it,
ual it" '
A Peculiar People. -
Tbo Cologne Gazette not long Binco
ravo an accouut ot some ot the pocu
iar customs and usages of the natives
of the African Gold Coast. It seems
that all the mon born on a certain
day of the week aro callod by tho
uiaculino appellation of that day,
and all tbe womon by tho femlliine
name for lhat day. Thus, all girls
born on Sundav are named Ai-eiia.
sauk ; all boys bora on Sunday aro
namod Auassio ; girls born on Mon
day are named Adjuah ; boys are
named Cudjo. Tho choice of names
being thus vory limited, nicknames
aro much in vogue. Se a fat man
born on Monday is not callod simply !... V
An appalling custom of these na
tives is tboir babit of pawning thoir
sons and daughters and wives, with
very much tho same Indifference as
that with which a Gorman student
wonld pledge bis watcb. A woman
wbo has been pledged becomos tbe
absoluto slave of .ho person to whom
sho if pawned. When a plodgod per
son dios the body is fustend to tho
bough of a tree, high in the air, be
yond the roach of animal. The na
tive tribos butiave in tho irumortalilr
of tho soul, but they thiuk tbo dead one
cannot comuienco bia wanderings to
tbo eternal realms until bis mortal re
mains have boon consigned to earth.
For this reason tho relatives mako'
ovory ofTbrt to redcoro tho body of a
pawned porno n as soon as possible af
ter doath. The Fun toes rejoice lathe
possession of two devil Abousam,
wbo prosidos ovor the souls of the
wicked in tho noxt world, and Sassa
bousam, a largo, rod-colorod, long
haired dovil, who ruloa on earth. The
lattor resides in tho deep ravino of a
gloomy forest, and near a gigantic
mulberry tree.
The mortality among tho ohildren
on tbo Gold Coast is very great. This
is duo partly to the sudden changes in
temperature, and partly to tho early
loss of milk by mothers, who in lieu
thereof nourish their children with a
liquid called lauki, which is vory apt
tooauao inflamation ot tbe bowels.
Scandal. Tho story is told of a
woman wbo freoly uaod her tongue to
wo acanuai oj oiiiors, and mado a
confession to the priost ot what she
had dono. He gave hor a ripe thistlo
top, and told her to go out in various
directions and scatter tho seeds' one
by ono. Wondorlng at tho penanoe,
sho obeyed, and then returned and
told bor confessor. - To her amaze
ment, he bade ber go back aad gather
llio scattered soods ; and whon she
objoctod, that it would bo impossible,
ho replied that It would bo still more
difficult to gaUtcr np and destroy all
the evil reports which sho had circu
lated about olhors. Any thoughtless,
careless child oan Realtor a iiandful
of thistle teed, but the strongest aud
wisest man canuot galhor tbem again.
Cr.srrnF.s. Atn';tltor President, bo
sides Fillmore, is dead Manuel Cos
po.lcs. of tho Cuban Kopublio. Tl'Oitgh
the "Itepublio" 4tM huon ratbor t
shadowy institution, it ba, evQriba.
less, lor four years past, maintained
an organization and enough of a mili
tary fcrce in the field to give the
Spaniard trovblo. It hnsloen a ro
publto a tho Unllod Ftato waa whon
,its lil,tlo army lay barefoot at Valloy
FcVge, or routed after Whilo Plain,
nnq lospouo I only Q unsucoeuful
W aaliinirton. Will the republic sunriv
iiaPrceidctlJ Kvpnjs mut answer.!
Finance! of the United EUten
In brdor to give our reader a ofe
ndorstandihg of tbe financial eondU
tlon of the frovernment of tbo United
State, and its expenditure and d.
manda, w most revert, y ue ja.w
York Ilerald, to the report of lb Be
retary of tba Treasury at tha meeting
6f the present Congress. Tbe Seer
tary did not pot tno estimate oi wo
fiscal vear from June 80. 1873.10 Jund
SO. 1874, in a lump, bat take for bia
exhibit tbe first quarter, and then tbf
remaining three quarter aeparately
Putting tbem together wa find tbe
oivil and miscellaneous estimated x
fienditures, Including pubtie bailding,'
itrbt-housea, and collecting the rover
Uies, to bo 100,577,233 ; for Indians
S8,bOS,713 ; for pensions, 3U,4V,ido;
for the military establishment, Includ
ing fortifications, river and harbor
improvement and arsenal, 147,795,-'. '
053; for the naval esUblisment, in-'
eluding vessols and machinery andr
improvements at navy yards, 27,792r',
451. In addition to these sum thero
is set down, 11,100,000 for foreign In,'
tercourse. This give for the Current
expenses of tbe government,lndopond
entof interest on thepubliodebt,182..'
251,668. Tbe Interest onvpo ami
is near about a nundrea mfllforiS that
is, on $1,218,729,150, at six per cent.
in gold, 178,123,698, and on 1503,478,,
800, at five por cent. In gold, $25,173,.
940, and in addition tbo fifpall amoant'
of interest on tbe three pef cent. Navy
Ponsion fond and tbe four per cent -
cortificato of Indebtedness. Let Ol
any, tbn. In rnnnrl nnmheru, vb ham ' '
dred millions of interest on tbe debt.
This, added to the $182,251,668 fof
current expense, makes a total bf
$282,251,668. The interest op tbe
Paciflo railroad bonds, amounting to
nearly four millions, must be added.
Tbe amonnt required for tbe sinking
fund, which is estimated for 1876 at
$29,918,856, is not inoludod. Includ
ing the interest on tbe Paciflo flail
road bonds, tho revenue required for
the fiscal year of 1873-74 amounts to
little over $316,000,000. The Sec-,
rotary's estimate for 1874-75 is $319,.
198,736. f or tbe first quarter ot tbo
prosont fiscal year the receipts from
all sources were $81,843,492, and the
ostimatod receipts for tli other three
quarters, were $187,100,000. Tbe to.
lul is sii(i,Uba,4UJ. TO this must bo
added the premium on the sale of
gold, which for the year will hardly
amount to more than five or nix mil
Thus wo soe that tho actual and es
timated expenditures exceed the in-
como forty millions to forty-five mil-
lions ol dollars at least.
Beauty Everywhere
Somebody bas said that beauty la
not local, but purely a question of
taBto that tho eye form it own idea -
of beauty, and ao on and now an
huropcsQ traveler discovers lhat Hin
doo women aro pleasing to look at.
"Thoy attract the most," he Bay, "by
tnoir graceful carnage their pictur
esque drapery, consisting of a full
skirt and a sort of brunous, which
passes over tbe head, almost complete
ly veiling the facs. Tbcso vary in
color, being somotimcs bright blue,
and pink, and yeilew, the skirt often
bordered with a hem of some other
color, often very gaudy ; but the dark
skin harmonizes it all. Tbe most
artistic to my mind is tho doop indigo
blue, but it is more rare In tbo north
west than in Southorn India, where
almost all tbe lowor class women woar
it. It is pleasant to watch the easy
grace with which they walk, bearing
round red earthenware or bright cop
por water-jars on their heads, steady
ing thoir bunion with ono well-shaped,
smull-wrisiod.duBky arm streached up
to it lull loanglhi and covered almost
to the elbow, and Sometimes above it,
with numbers of bracelets. Those are
sometimes silver, but oflenor plated
metal or rod and greet, lace. Their
easy graco of motion is well worth
copying. The pale-faced race may ,
perhaps pride itself on its superiority
in tho oso of the contents of its bead,
but those dusky daughters of the sun
certainly outdo their moro favored
sister in tbe use thoy make of '.be
outside of thoirs. They carry every
thing on their beads jars of water,
baskets of vagctablen, peice of cloth
huge bundles of sugar-cane, fuol, any
thing, and everything, leaving their
hands froo for any additional burden.
They do not even carry their little
black babies in their arms, but cither
balaneo Lbom astride on thoir shoul
der with Hieir Utile hands on tboir
molher'a head, or else astride on one
hip, encircled with one strong? arm.
They sometimes woar large nose rings
through tho loft noBlril, or else a
small star liko nail passe dlhrough the
"Takino UiiL&AQc" Geo. Hunt
ingdoo took umbrage at an article that
appoared in tho Middlcburg (Vt ) Rcg
ister, and wont for tho editor with an
opon jacknifo. The editor cordially
(the habit of tho craft) mot bim at
tbo entrance of tho sanctum with a-two-quart
caji of Lightbody' boat
book ink. It was a very "fat take."
Tho "open jackknifo" gentloman made
for the "ink man ;" the latter dumped
tbo content of his can upon the head
and bairof tho "jackknifo" gontloman,
and very thoroughly rubbed it in,
which, as Mr. Huntington bas rod
hair, well fitted him for tbe loading,
sensation at the moat eifllasivo "keU '
tie-drum" of Middlcburg. The news,
paper man gave himself up to the job,
and vory beautifully embellished the
"opon-.jackknifo" jgontlcman, , who,
shortly after this littlo bit of pleasant
ry, took a cab for homo, where, oa
his arrival, hi good wifo, eooing- such
a head and countcYianoo cmorging
from the cab opposite her rospeclablo
dorjoioilo, and, making for bor front
stoop, lockod the doors, and, mounting
to the secod story window, screamed
"police 1" which brought all tho neigh
bors, who were finally mado to under
stand that the "minetrolizcd" appli
cant had a right to tho houso be was
endeavoring to outer. Mr. Huntington
thinks ho won't "lake umbrago" any
wore, specially asitoost him ono gid.
Ion of the boat bonzino and six hours
ot Mrs. liuulington a timo to cradicato
tho effects of this last proof of tbo
efficacy of piintwra' ink.
Quid vko Quo. Though, when ia
London, a great deal at Lady JJIqs,
sington's, It scorns the late Emperor
Napoleon III. never got on vory well
wiilrthe hostess. At tho height of
bis vwcr he met bor In Paris, and
.ooolty said,' "How long do you tay
hero, Lady BlcaJInVon T" "I dot
Qow,fiosai. "iivwionguoyotu'
' f . , i r!af ' f i
. Not mi ,OniR. A mac bia
railway season ticket uoarly a yf&?
ago. Last wcok he found It in hi
Bible. He bas thought Ittwocawiry
to publish in the nowspapcra a laUi-:
M4.'iuJ. Jjit jt kvsu'l bit other Bible"