Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, March 18, 1874, Image 2

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Slit fiff!:
annoa and raomiaros.
Tbo offloo of tho Clsarfield Kefub
licam will Lereuacr bo in Tie' Opera
House, on Markot street, between Seo
ond and Third. Tbe business office
will be found to the left of tbo main
entrance, on the second floor, whore
nil our old and now patrons aro invited
to call. The press and composing
rooms are on the third floor.
Tike Stale Otbt.
According to State Treasurer Maek
ey's report for tho year ending on the
30th of November, 1873, tbe Slate
debt was twenty-five million seven
hundred and ninoly-clght thousand
eight hundred and twenty-one dollars
and ninety-four conts,($25,708,821.04.)
Oo th. lit day of December, 1672,
tbe debt .. 27,J03,494 tl
Redemption during year, rit:
S percent. Ioani...$l,8,e00 00 163 112 40
titcatei 42,700 24 1,(04,072 70
Debt December lit, 1873 $-S,7M-t M
The total receipts paid into theSlalo
Treasury during 1873 amounted to
be sum of sovon million sovonly-six
thousand seven hundred and twenty,
thrco dollars and twenty cents, ($7
070,723.20), and together with tbe
balance 1,482,455.G1 in the Treas
ury on the 80th of November, 1872,
.rnado tho total receipts for tbe current
.year eight millions fire hundred and
fifty-nine thousand one hundred and
seventy-eight dollars and eighty-ono
cents, (S,559,178 81).
Tbe balunco in tbo treasury on the
1st day of December last was 11,825,
151.24, nearly tico million dollars, ly
ing dead in the treasury, whilo over
twenty five millions of debt is awaiting
redemption. Tbo interost alono on
this sum should save tbo taxpayers
over cm hundred thousand dollars if
applied to. cancelling our indebtedness
This Is not all; notwithstanding this
tremendous revenue, the Stale author
ities are making an effort to impose a
Slate tax upon all the real cslato in
tbe commonwcullh.
Butler Did It. Such is the "slur'
put on MajorGenorul I3onjamin Frank
lin Butler, by his .Radical brethren,
when anybody alludes to tbo recent
Deniocralio victory in Now Hamp
shire. Grant's majority ovor Greeley
in 1872 was 5,743, and last year tbe
Bads carried the State by nearly 8,000
and had a majority of six in tho Sen
aio and GO in tbe House. This year
the Democrats carry all. Weston,
Democrat, for Governor, falls about
SO0 behind the other two candidates,
and fails of an election by tbe people,
but ha will be elected by the .Legisla
ture. All the leading Radical organs
are pitching into poor Bon, and if ihey
dunt keep quiet the'peoplo will think
that Butler carries tbe opposition
party and the President and his cabi
net In his breocbes pocket.
Highway liounEitY, Since the war
oloscd tbo Secretary of tho Treasury
has been compelled to employ spies
and detectives to see that the internal
, rcvoriueand tnriffdutica wore properly
collected." A Congressional commit
tee is now investigating this branch
of tho government sorvicfl. One of
those spies, named Jay-no', confessed
before the committee that he bud with
in two years collectod $270,000 as
bush money. Roador, recollect this
was his portion. What freebooter
over acquired half that sum in a life
time. Yot, bore we have tho spoe
taclo of a rolined loyal gontloman
plundering tho merchants of an enor
mous sum of money while not a single
dollar inures to .the Troasnry.
Sumner Dead. Charles Sumner,
L'nitod Stales Senator from Massa
chusetts, died suddenly in Washing
ton, on Wednosday lust. He was
born iu Boston, on the Gth of January,
1811, and was thoroforo in bis G4th
year. Jlr. Sumner was without doubt
the intellectual giant of the Amorican
Senate, although under a cloud for
several years past, because ho had in
curred tho displeasure of tbo Grant
and Dont families. Tublio respect,
second only to that paid to Kx-Prcsi-dent
Fillmore, bus been awarded to
him throughout the country.
Woman Suffrage. Tho legislature
of Rhode Inland has passed a resolu
tion submitting to the pcoplo an
amendment to their Slate Constitu
tion authorizing woman sufTrugc.
This is the right Slato to begin in.
The peoplo of that Slato rido every
lobby to death that comos to tho
Mow they Pass A way. But a short
time ago grout men like Soward, Gree
ley. Chase, Fillmore and Sumner were
amongst us, but they have passed life's
Rubioou. What a galaxy of bright
and shining lights, but they aro do
more. '
The Democrats of Camden, No
Jorsey, opposito Philadophia, elected
tbeir .Mayorand a majority of tba city
4,'ouneil last week. This is .the first
iotory for 14 years. . ' Things are
working" right.
Christian Sharpe, the inventor of
tha famous Sharpe rifle, died euduluiily
mt bis residenco In Vernon, Coon., of
bjnuutrufy Of lbs Inng, tttd B3.
The Board of Rtvitlon.
At least an hundred times bavo we
hoard tho remark, "where is the use
in elootlng Assessors and paying them
if tbe County Commissioners make
tbe assessment V Tho answer to
this ango (!) question is answorod by
the legislature in tho following words :
The County Coinnilnlun.ri of (neb eounly
ball oompoi. hoard to b. died Bowel of
R.vl.ioa, of which the County Conim .. un.r
holding the oldeit .ertiucte of .lector, ihall ho
Preildent. The membere of the Mid Hoard (lull
each Uke nd lubieriho in oth or Isrintlon
in the following word., to-wlt i "I doewcar (or
ifflrai) tint I w,ll faithfully, nd to the belt of
my knowledge nd Judgment, reviio, oorroot and
cqu.Iim the valuation of ell properly taiable by
lew Id oounty wd fellhfully perform .11 the
dutiee of member of the Board af Roymon fur
oounty, according to the lwe of thli Com
monwealth," which oath iball be depoiitcd In
the offloe or the Reourdet for tho oounty. Fam
pbl.t Uwi 1843, pige 440.
Tho same authority whioh imposed
tho foregoing duties and oath upon
tho County Commissioners.also points
out tho dutios of assessors in language
like this:
It thill be the duty of tbe i.veral alienors
nd iilUnt aiieiiora, to eiw, rate and value
.11 ohieoti of taxation, whether for Btate,oounty,
eity, diitrlct, ward, lowmhlp or borough pur
poiei, according to the actual valu. thereof and
at lucb ratea and price! for which the eame
would tell for at a bona Ode mle, and on tho re
turn of each auciimenti of valuation, to the of
floo of Iho County Commiliionere ; after tbe lame
thai! have been carefully ...mined and corrected
It .hall ha lawful for laid Couiininioneri if they
believe any property or thing niadn, taxable ha
been anveiieil and valued below ita actual value
Ibereofi or If tbo aauio bee ben, aeeeeeed and
valued above ill actual value, to reduce the lame
thereto. P. L.,Muy 1841, Page 394.
The Board of Koviiion in each oounty ihall,
on reoelv ing the retuini of the uiwr, prow J
to axamine and inquire whether the taoia have
Wn made in oonlormitv with the luwe of thii
tiommonwcaltb and whether all property to l0
valued for taxation for State and county pur-
poaci hai boon valurd at a lum or prion not leu
tban tbe lame would bring, after full public no
tice, at a public lalo, supposing enoh leparate lot
or piecu of tncta of land.with the improvement!,
or the perional property ol each ludividual,oom
pany or corporation only, were to be lold. And
fin the dov aonuiiited for determining whether
any property bal been reauoeu loo low, or reuiiue
tbo uime, if too high, they iball prcceod to raiie
tbe prioo or valuation of any property which they
ibull believe to have been reduced too low and
if thoy cannot, on the day appointed rcvlie.rsi".
and eauiliie tho valuation of all property which
ihev thai I believe to have been rcduord too low,
thev nil adlourn from day to day until the
whole of inch valuation ihntl hav been reviled
railed ind equaliied. P. L.,May ISil.Fig. 3KJ
It will bo observed by this that tbe
law-making power designed and called
into requisition the combined wisdom
and labors of the County Commission
ors and tho Assessors, with tho hope
that all should use their bcMendoavors
jointly and mutually to bring about
correct assessment of the property in
each county.
It is very evident from tbo forego.
ing enactment that tho legislature de
signed that each Assessor should vul
uo and assess the property in bis bor
ough or township at its real valuo,ao
cording to the best of his judgmont
and ability. How near tho present
assessment approximates that stand
ard is not now nocossary to stuto, be
cause our design on this occasion is to
show to our readers the utility and
necessity of having Assessors and
Board of Ilevinion.
The thirty-two Assessors in this
county bare made and returned thoir
assessment for 1874. Individually
ihey are, literal!', "miles apart'
thoir valuos, even iu adjoining
townships, and thoir work when kept
soparato and each held to his owa in
dividual viows is about as unsystemat-
io as it is possible to make it, an
wholly useless without the interven
lion of tno Board of Revision.
Now, we do not want tho reader to
infer that wo are disposed to censuro
our Assessors for tbe work they bav
dono. The revcrso is tho fact. Let
the citizens of our county to-morro
elect thirty-two other men to tbe po
sition of Assessor and let the Commi
sionerssond them noW duplicates an
nut them to work and tho result will
be the same.
Without the interposition of lb
Board of llovision the cilizons in somo
townships and boroughs would pay
three times the county tux that
naid in other equally as well im
proved and as favorably located
The best way to euro un individual
who constantly complains about as
sessments and taxation, and quarrel
or upbraids Assessors and Commis
sioners, is to make him an Assessor
clup tho harness right on him, an
put him to work in a practicul way
Some mon have a vory nice theory
about assessments, but when Hint
Ihoory is practically le.ted it falls to
tbo ground.
The Urch Hands.
The Harrjsburg Patriot furnishes
tho following summary oi mo cm
nlovees now on the pay rolls of tho
L - w
T.efrialature :
Tho Honuto. wliieh is composed oi
thirty-three members, has ofllcially
Doorbeepera ana meMengere
Pnitmaelef and aililtalit
Poldern. '
Watchmen and Jaoilori
Librarian (who duel the heavy work)..
Attached to tbo House of one bun
dred members are tbo following:
Pout iua ten
Librarian (about J"0 booki)
Palter, ete
Waiobwen and Janltori
Pagca .-. V.T......
The cloiks appoint an engineer,and
lhat brings the list of employees up to
the roundsum of one hundred. Those
cost '.he Stato, without extras, abou
S75.000 a veur. That less than one
hall this number of employees would
bo amply suflioiont to do all work- an
to do it woll no one wuo is won I
formed will deny.
A Complimf.nt. Tbo new collector
of tho port ol Boatou, bcinc congrst
lilted by Zack Chandler on his confl
mat ion, inlormod his uonrera that on
fifteen year aeo be was a knife oleano
in a Boston hotel. "Well," said tho
jolly old Michiunn (Senator, "between
your knives and Butler's spoons, you
uavo aonv a a wen."
Mutual Affection. It Is roportod
thai aftor Simmons was confirmed as
collector oi Boston if lion. Simon
Cameron called upon him to odor his
ooofrralulations, predicting tht Sim
moim would ono day become a United
Sulci (senator. 11 is said that previou
to his appointment Simmon had inn Jo
flZono at a government spy.
The VnloatMnt Frotf.
The attempt made last full, by
Grant and his Cabinet, to put Ben
ullor into tbe Gubernatorial chair of
tho "blarney-stone" State, arousod
many of tho journals and Icadors of
the "decency and morality" party, be-
mcm r.t tlis "immoral tondoncy of
our politics," as they then assertod.
This vain boasting is nevertheless
truo in practice Our national politics
were ncvor so debauched as now, and
still beooming worso, booauso Butler
has triumphed, through tbe assiBtanco
of "the govornment," over "docency,
morality" and all.
Harper's Weekly, BobIoo Advertiser,
and a number of tbe organs ol tno
docency and morality" party, have
called upon Grant to "unload" Butler,
Cameron, and at least throe brother-
n-laws, before the "loyal" cart breaks
own. Bon's victory in soouring tho
appointment of bis man Friday (Sim
mons,) Collector of tbe Port of Uos-
ton, has brought those organs to the
surface strain. The Weekly, In an
laboralo editorial, ooncludos as lol
General Butlor il. wa lay, the reproientatire of
the immoral tendency of our politioa. And If the
Adinlniitretlon, aa seeuie to be now plainly .vl
rfnnt. to loilain him .eainct the repre
cntatlvea of polltleal decency and aioraiuy, n
will ruin the party. The Bopublleani of Mm-
cbuaettl will not accent Geueral Butler ai their
leader; and if by luitaining him the Adminitlra
tion piercei the line of the partv in that State, it
will be broken everywhere. H homer nr. Dim
mom be Collector at Boiton or not li oompara
lively of little importance; hii nomination li the
erioul ihlng, for it ahowa that the Administra
tion either doei not ioe the llgna of tbo tiiuca, or
duci hot care for thcin. We have no fvar, indood,
that thli barer tendency In our poiitlea will pre
The nubile dlizuit and writh with corruption
of every kind are quite ai remarkable at thii mo
ment ai tbe corruption ItMlt. ine country ii ai-
viiling into thou who believe In political honeity
and who mean to eeoure it, and thoie who laugh
It to icorn ai impracticable sentimentality. What
Inoere Kepublicana aik, and do not receive, ia
imm nnmiatakable aiirn from Waabington that
their Administration la with tbe former and not
with the latter. They do not aee that aign in the
eppoiuttuent or Uovermir r-bopherd, in mo pan
born eoutraota, in the nomination to tho Boiton
I'ollcotorihin. aa thev did not aee it in the ap
proval of tbe "enlary grab," in tba rotontion of
Mr. Caaey, in the tendency to Inflate the ourreney
and in the healtation to retrench. That demand,
however, will not be relaxed. An attempt in tbe
White llouae to Jehnaoniae Iho Kepublioan party
failed, and an effoit to llutleriu it will be equally
Col. Forney, of the Philadelphia
VtM,aftor quoting tho foregoing, con
tinues in this manner:
Men in euch a criiii aa th. preaent ire ..thing
av. a. Indexea of a eyeiera. It il not Ueneral
Butler, nor Mr. fMmmona, nor Mr. Panborn, nor.
Mr. Caiey, but th. policy or which they are in.
reprrientativee. Thii policy li tbe burden that
ii breaking th. back of the Republican party.
The Credit Mobilier waa the ft rut blunder, because
it not tli. wbol. partv un tbe defemiva, and weak
ened publio eonfidenc. in many of th. leader! of
botn aidea. Then earn, the aaogeroui praouo. 01
making appointtn.nU only to plcaie longreutneo
and Senator!, in utter deflanee of the public will
Service not for the partv hut fur a politician. Bat
trv of power. Dot ounipetency for office, were the
road to office. Kxpcrienced men were driven to
retirement by jobber, and .peculator.. Corrupt
Lcgiilaturce in th. Bt.tea aua uunooeii local
government., Illuilnueil Dy in. auuaen wcauu u
the worat character!, led to a final couaolidatioi
of the officeholder! and their dependenta agaimt
the great body of tbe people everywhere. 11 I
in vain to dmoune. meaai lung ai in. lyium 1
allowed to remain.
Muiachuielti leeli the bnrden and reaolvea to
throw it off. PeoDiv lvania bal born, it for yeara,
and .very independent Republican in the Htat.
bat pruwited agaiuat It ; hut in lar in vain. 1 ntr
11 .ot a Hcpttbtica ptimr in J'kUndrtpkia to-dt.
thnt hat act oYfcrJ it, Dut the praient power
of th. wimblnation 1. greater tban It ha. .ver
been ; never ba. the gvneial danger been o imml
nint : and vet. a. if to prov. thia lUtement, neve
baa th. aubmiiiion to thii dtinotiun bwn ao oom
plete. Th. cbaina are drawn ao tight, and rivet
ed to cloie, that the victimi are alraid to groan
and to Durchaa. relief by praieea of their oppreai-
ora. Preiident tlranl doea not heiilata to do-
nonnc. tb. reckleii men who are bankrupting tin
Houth. Senator Carpenter declare, againat the
wretched adminlitratioi of Lou'aiana, aud Mr
Daw.a po,nta to tb. decreaiing revcnuei and in
creaaing dclil ot ine ueneral uovernmenu 41 1
thia eyitcm that eruihca th. heart! of the paopl
Eeadcr, theso sayings are not nilor
ed bv Iiomocrats or outsiders, but
friends within tho camp who spca
from personal knowledge and expori
ence, and their testimony can bo re
lied on, becuuso it is moasurubly
against thomsclvesand isan additional
proof of what is transpiring all atoun
us. Yet, the pcoplo do not seem to
realize tho fact lhat tbo selfish, vena
corrupt.and depraved to-day common
and control the whole Kationnl Gov
ernmenf machinory as effectually as
did tho Southern masters thoir slaves
previous to tho advent of that murder
cr and horso-tbiof, John Brown.
An Infamous Mf.asuue Tho Pitts
burgh Post says: The Apportionmon
Hill now before tho l-iecisiuturo is on
of tho most unjust measures of the
kind ever proposed, and it should be
dofentod. It is mndo exclusively i
tho intorcst of tho Badical party, an
in dclianco of every principle of justice
and if it becomes a law, it win aoo
lulclv disfranchise moro than oiio-tlnrd
lol tho JJomocralio voters ot tno iMiate,
Districts aro made in every conceiva
ble shape, so as to muko it impossibi
lor Deniocralio maionties to count 1
the election of Senators and Uepre
scntativcs. ,lt is so arrangod ns to
tfivo tho Itadicals forty majority i
tbo Jlotiso and sixteen in too senate,
or fifty-six on ioint ballot. Under no
circuiustnnccs, with a fuir apportion
ment, would thore be a difference
the nnmcrical stronilh ol tho Loins!
turo of moro than six or oiht. Of nil
the Infamous schemes of gerrymander
proposed by the Jtudicals or tins stato.
tins Is tho most glaringly iniamous.
Tim Only Subvivob. An cxtraor
dinary circumstance in the history of
tho country occurs on lhu death of
Mr. Fillmore. Never bofore since tli
administration of Jefferson has it ha
oeiicd lhat only one person was alive
except the inoumlient, who bad fillod
tbo rrosldontial oiilco. Anurow jon
son is now the only ox-President li
inir 1 and oven ho wnsbot olected to
thut oflice, but came to it as Vice
President on (lie assassination of M
Lincoln. Whilo the younger Adam
was President, tho elder Adums, Jo
lerson. Mndison, and Monroe woro
livinir. Whon Buchanan was eloclui
Van Buron, Tyler, Piorco, and Fill
more wero alive. Whon Lincoln was
inaugurated Van Buron, Tyler, Piorcc,
I' lllmoro and 15uchnnan were livin
Within the past tliirl y-seven yon
seven Prcsiduiila havo been elected
besides Grant. Il is an extraordinary
fact lhat not ono of the seven is now
t m m
Bewabped.- C. P. Bamsdcll, somo
fifteen yoais airo editor of Iho onn
ao CitUrn and a prominent politicin
has been appointed United Stales Msr
shall for the Eastern District of Vir
ginia. Mr. Xtiimsdoll was tbo Radical
onndidale for Lieutenant Governor of
Virginia last full but failed of an dec
Hon. Oenonil Orant lias taken ra
of tho wounded in bis ense. Th
man Itnmsdell was one of the cheapest
mombera that ovor bold a seat in the
j Pcnnsylrsnia Llgiilatuie.
IMtrr from UarrUtur,.
HARR.S..UH,,, March 14, 1874.
ll I,' . . Tl... n n a Ilia. I
iua. j-.uiiub . luv ,
tho evening ot Marcb .u"
4tb, mot to resume consideration o
the bill making, an appronn.won ,
ono million 01 uouar. lor in. ri.ou
of a permanent conionniai ou.iung. "
fw ifiirvmlirBVB imiiounced n msclt in
,"?W"t?if"hn ..,?1.7T,m2
gnarnntoo that no additional demands
would be made on the State .or mon- -
ey to further tho progress 01 in.
position, iiomoveaiogt .
mittoe of tbe whole lor the purpose
of amending the bill, so as to muko
meappropnanon coou.uu -
appropriation 01 inree mii.tuu. .ro...
Mr. Hum-
iur. uiu.0 ""-
phroys thut this one million, with the
contribution of five hundrod thousand
K iK would en-
y .h y. ,i Jt h building
SUM the erection Of tbe building
Mr. ilotlure assured
"-" !. .
fore-Congress moves in tno mauer,
but he thought prompt action was
necessary and lliai luo oenoiu wa
..l.ll i .l h tin unliAn luat. vnar
" . . J i . j.'l. ,i
moot tbo issue. Ho had no doubt that
if the Senate come up to
the full
measure of their duty and pass
os will respond iber.Hy"
then rclusod to ao'ltito
bill, Congress
The senate
.lablo bonofit to tho State: it would
uttract capitalists from ai parts of
lulistS from a.1 parts Ol
opresentingmmy millions
lie spoke of tho ability
' .... :
l"VT "' B Z .h ;
r.ZZ A.. -,i .
oi inisotatoio meui. uw IT"T
tion. and said it could b mado with-
n.,. InernaHimr tbs bu-dons of the
. . . i f
.r.m ark ami a unnflv mfluini? i
Mifleulation. anido frorr tbe patriotic
1 . .! ,. .... . I ,l
momorius ll wouiu re?ive aim uuiur
onnsideralions it wocld pay ton-fold,
and ZShl ?.nsvlvania could
carry the whole Ihiirg through to a
i nr nni tr nmnri. even li v.oncresa
Fefuscd to come to ita assistanco.
Mr. Kowland opposed tno bill oil
l. o-rnnnil tlmt tha money could be
.. nml r,.M l.nltAf nnmUOl I HA n IIR
should bo just before being genorous.
lie read Irom tiio repori oi ine ooaru
of publio charities a numbor. of in.
aln..nna ahnminr, ha tn I BA I W A 1 1 Rf 111 IT
OIOHVUO, Oliunii-K Mia- w- D I
in hosmiaU. and thought tin million
do nm should bo onnronnaUia lor the
.ma.:: t iin:. n iii;nn nnH timi I
UIICV lUtlUIl UI KIOII WllUlkiv" a...w .
ot other sunenng people Iran
success of a mero show.
wr. anace quoteu :ne ku i
. . -a a r I S . 1 C I
i .i. t rne in ih
centennial to prove that the exhibl
lion was to bo international not na
tional. Six foreiin nations had so re
coifniied it. This mat'.or was import
ant becauso it gave prominonce to ine
idea of comparing our own works and
industries with those ot the old worm
it would teach us mailers of pracli
cat utility in the aria and scioncen,and
would inspire Iho world with a proper
appreciation ol our manulacliirtng
and social progress under froo inetitu
Mr. Rtitan areed the importance of
passing the bill by a decisive vole. It
would help the project crcaily. Ho
expluinod lhat the ISlate treasury was
fully ablo to meet the appropriation
Messrs. Yerkes, White uud Gruham
vigorously advocated the possago or
the bill. On tho final pas.OL'0 the volo
was 24 yeas and 7 nays.
Mr. IUyburn, In tho House, on tho
strenglhof the report of tho usury
bill scandal, Ollcrcd tho lOllOWing joint
Jt.iri, That if tb. g...t. wnenrth. At-
torney Ueneral be directed to eonineace irooeed-
ingi agninit the Union national, Manutactiireri
Naliooal, and Wet.ra National Uinha of rhila-
delphla, Hecond National Hank of Titol'llla,.nd
Urexel A Co., Uaokera of rhiladelpbia, or th.
oflicera or egenta tberMf, who .ent or ca.aed to
b. aent, remittancea for the purpoa. uf aiding In
th. paaiagc of Houa. bill No. IN, for the offence
of offering, directly or indirectiv, t. brib. tbe
mcnibera of th. Ueneral Aaieinblv.
The llotiso has boon for some time
debating House bill So. 21, entitled
an act to reduce and equalize the tax
on air.liracile coal, iho bill is drawn
so as to hold the owner, Ickhoo or op
cralor of a mino, and tax is asaoascd
upon an coa. m. eq. :u,y uomsi.
alio pri'suil. voui u ipiaiiunw uuu liiuu
with'.oino parts o. the bill, and are
. i , r 1 r 1
expected hero in a few day. en masse
to try and bavo it mado more acccp.
On Tucsduy, llouso bill No. 27, re-
lalinir to the payment nl cosls In canes
of felonij, passed finally, us follows:
lie it enacted, etc., I hat tho coats ol
prosecution accruing on ut 1 bills of in-
diclmcnts charging a party wilh fol-
ony, ignored by the crand jury shall
Ssaid'twor K Mr! K V k.g- witf (v
nl$&tol.buo quarter of . century before hi. own iJl
tdrt rrrof Millard Fillmore re. ro.
be paid by tho county, unless it shall rounded wilh the comfort, and luxu
appcar lo tbo grand jury that tho rics of life, and respcvled and revorcd
prosecution was maliciously instituted, by all. His partner in tho law prau-
in which case the grand jury shall
have power lo impose the costs upon
Iho prosecutor. And i 11 nil catcs of
conviction of any felony all costs
shall be paid forthwith by the counly,
unless tho party convicted shall pay
inu nrao, aim 111 an cubub id wiih ii 1110
county paya.tbe costs, it ahall have
tno same, ana in an casos 10 which mo
itiu jiuwer iu iv vjr nnu wnvub 111c nuinw
from tho parly convicted ns cohIh in
similar vases aro now collectable
Section two provides that all laws or
parts of law. inconsistent with tbo
l..Hnn:im .aaI Ion k. mil tint nnmA n u
.nvuhii .nniin nil
.. .
House bill iNo. oil, rrivfnr a bounty
on fox and wild cat. culpa in tbo sov.
oral counlios if thia Commonwealth,
i fln.. rri.i. khi .,. i
dollars as the 'bounty on full crown
aoalna of Ihi kind, and ona dollar on
scalps of animals not funy crown.
lbo joint committeo appointed to
ascertain tho changes required to ac
commodate tho 201 Kepresentatives
and 60 Senators, to bo elected next
fall, reportod to the.Senato on Wodnes-
duv. as follows: "The undermiiicd
committeo respectfully report that In
the discbnrKO ol their , duty, tbey
found il iiecossnry to otnyloy un arch-
itccl, to consult wilh, and to prepare
plans of Such changes and alterations
as wore agreed upon, and for this pur
pose toctiroil the services ol Mr. M
mon, a llarrisburg architect, of expo
rienee and ability, upon whoso iudg
merit your committee havo largely re
lied in arriving at Ihuir conclusion.
We are of the opinion that the only
alteration nrcc.sary in the Sonnto,
will bo to replace tho present desks
similar to those In uso In Concrcst.
By lessoiiinir- the space between tho
rnnanf ilimka a fuw Inphna flltv ilnaks
ran ba nlni rd In iho stikra now occu-
:.'..... .
piod, and give two root six inches to
each desk, thus civinc each Senator a
dok lurirer llian those used in tho
United Slutct Senate. We recom-
mend tho chief cleric to follow this
nlnn and narrv it Inlri nvuniilirin bo.
lore Januurv.iK75. To alter the House
of lifiirnHPnIutlviia. a now liiiildinrr
must be erected Hi the diroction ol
the Land Department ; lo bo one eto
ry in height, with entrance and ro-
ttinda fuuiniv tha Land Denartmoiit.
This addition boing one story, will re.
i scmble a jioilivo or entrance; will
not mar the iJM5.wp
. a m . I
bu.iu ng no .oa --""
. , , , . .
"r'". ""' "
. --" 'TT .HI I
---- 7- -r ""-,.., L
' " ..i..i
- - . - - 7-7; " ru" w,x hBi fr its nurnose the
vnai ii wouiu uo uhwi.o w
much money on this building. We
propose toanpropriate 10 0( ( I It
- -a
: . , hnlll i"
" , "
ixou.. ...........
, r L" R'
MUtard MHIImort.
o ftnd wh Mt
l ..I . . H.,(rl Vdi Ynrtr.
nn s,ln.i. the 8th leaves Andrew
on Sunday, Hie Bin, leaves annriw
Johnson as tbe solo surviving ex-Prosi-
dent of the Kepublio, who, like Mr.
I'lllmore, was e evated to tho Presi-
Illimor , w a b e 10 . .
:j ui
, r ;n-","-,.
" : , ' i..
ironi lOOU IU iokw, now uw..
rn. i;r An.l ilth tliAtn. too. near-
rom 1. 0.. Ana w.u. -;-.
ly all lle questions vnat, men Biaewu
tiiA r,l,li m nil have beon consiirnou
to the grave, the subject, of finance
and taxation in their ovr varying
ilntinna of the
w . I ., .. ... , -J-
ainiaru rinmum -
mor Hill, Cayuga county, ew ork,
in 1800, and wne consctpjently in bis
.A.nnlr l,.iip VA OS h HII llO UlU(l.
in 1800. and wn. consequently in hi.
..wnmr - Lmrth veor when ho died.
, ' . e .L. a
uen a Doy, uis mmor
him to a wool-carder, uo comuineu
nonrlir u tl.ri HiiU.r. w mm t ho usuu sustenance ui "
Li.. I,.... ..r.ii.ilit atiH ihirsl liirlrn.itt'l.ln.ui
liiu uvo ui t-ui . -
edge witu lus inausiry, aim ut, u ,
U.rle in allrantKll t.llO IlkVOrublO UO
- v --o. . , , .
"s- ,
lice ot J udgo ood, an ominoni ibw-
yor'whogeiTerously offered to educate
young Minara in me proieesio... ii
utucivu uv i.. B
Judgo Wood's ioBlructions wore con-
cBniou,miniijiiui wu uuuoi. v
ing sciiooi.
t 1o.,l
county, wnere no.ooniinuou inu io n-
piuv.u 6"' -;- -
alter a inorougn training,
LUU W til" iji wvklVyV.
, . .... i I 1
wreuujwn pm... r
ww www w ru i.wwi -rr'.v
in the State Leimlature. In lHiZ he
. y. I il IM
u "
.. . .
VnhndmiAlil I XT tftl am nuiTiiinr II I Vl'Iim I
, -""-j "I "'.-.T"
no a ternatod oeiween noiiiic. aim mo
r i.:. . f..M.i.n .....i ..b r.
L.... - .ki.i....e,l l. r.
UlUUblUU UI II ID llWIVlwtwu, " - I
. . . . . . r ... I
cneniied and trnsicu icaaer oi ine
v . . t v i. I
Wbig party in western iew iora.
Tn 1S17. anlectod to tho hiL'hlv
responsible position of Comptroller of case of tion. O. O. Howard, the
the State of Now York, and, in 1818, "Christian statesman," is now in ses
had the honor of being nominated by .ion. His friends will spare no efforts
(he Kationnl Whig Convention for the
Vice-Prcsidency, on tbe ticket with
Geueral Zacbary Taylor, n hen the
latter died in July, lSoO.Jir. i i imore
was installed as rrosidont, and mat,
loo, in a very oriucai penou
political bislory. it was ut in i iime
ofthe Jjopea cpcuiuon ogansi i.uca.
and the period ot extreme bitterness
in iu. uikiiwioii oi i ..i;
tion between tho JNorin ona ine ,?ouin.
r . i . i a i c l.
t-pon ms w
doncy he sought to atror.Bthn and
popu.r. ,. . " " -I-
popularize ins
pointing Daniol Webster as bis Sccro-
tary ot Mate, in 111s mcasages w
M - ongrea, air. ruiniuiw .um.u
Compromise Measures of l?o0, np-
proved by Ucnry Clay, including ine
li'iioiiiria K'nr T.anr. Ha nlno advo
n ave liw.
cated a protective, but not prohibitory
tariff. During , bis Administration
California was admitted as
into tho Union.
Ilia finnl mnaani'B contained a elow-
. . , , . .L
inir tribute 10 uamel Meosier, wuo
tllt'U III 10J. Wll toe tiu ui lum
. . ., ... I If ..
1853, Mr. Fillmore delivered up bis
high oflice to bis Democratic succcs-
or, Franklin Pierco. In 1853, ho
was tho candidate of the American
party for President, but a. tb. con-
lest lay mainly betwoen Col. J. l.
r. . t n 1 I. .
rromont and James uucnanuu, no re-
ceiveu BUI a amuil miliorny 01 liiu
vote, cast. During tbe of W.
... . ? ! .
candidacy in 1850, ho was making the
tour of Luropo, and was receiver with
distinction by all the sovereign's whom
ho visited. Fox-hunting at Homo was
ainonir his amusomonls.
Aftor 180C, Mr. Fillmore rotircd
from the political arona,crowhcd with
the highest honors tho nnlion could
bestow, and up to tho limoof Lis doalb
continued to reside at llulliilo, sur
lice was the lalo District Judge Hull,
of Buffalo, so recently deceased. Mr.
Fillmore sustained an unlarnishod
reputation throughout his long aud
active and useful lifo. He was upon
tbo political slngo before iho present
reign ol oluciul corruption and vcuai
reicn 01 on cilil corruption aim cuui-
ity aet in, and if tho closing years of!
Dig 1110 wore ai ul ClUUUL'U, IV vino
from solicitude for his country , fu-
Mure.. ittsburgh J'ost,
. Qur.Kn FaxAKS. Our financial doc.
I tn Ulnl. mil Cnra linn al I V
I ' "I
I r.nt n(T inm. JinnnB litHDB nl B hltMITinn.
1 fi. . ....t .. ,. .
Bhin. At iiarrisbure. as wen mm
Washington, financial and revenue
nuostions are just now absorbing lbe
,!i.i.. oii,;r. Hi. I., Trnnmiene
Muckey declnro's that the railroads
must mibmil to further taxation, and
m.iat nnv ihnir taxr nromntlv. too.
... . ........... r , '
olsoitwillbe necessary io impose a
four mill tax upon all real ottalo m
tho Commonwealth; It seems dilTl
cult to account for this sudden strait,
sinco tho last annual reports showed a
bulnnce of 1.8'.'a.lni il in the Iroas
nry November 80, 18711. Mr. Mackcy
has prepared a etaiemcni, wnorein no
puis the esiimaled expenditures for
1874 at (i,(K)U,UUU.
In IS7S lh. dliburaemenU for ordinary
.xpenM. were..
And for intereat on loane.,
Total, .icpllng loam rede.m.d 6,829,844
Th. i.w require, the pavmont annually
upon ia. principal of in. mm i.u,iiuu
., ... ...
Even wero the amount of Interest
to be paid this year as much as last
... . " a .wj
yenr, ana It Is somowliai icbs, live
millions and a half should cover l
h he ordinary expenditures for 1874.
Tim rnilrnuil nnmnanlna. hv their at.
Itornori arA virrnroualv onnosinff tho
' o ' L
new tax bill.
I -"
Will Fail. Tho effort In the Leg.
Isluliiro to Instruct tho Attorney lion-
ernl to Institute proceedings nguinst
Itlm Itiink and ltnnkora who sent
money lo Ilarrisbarc to) procure leuis-
Nation, is "soundina brass" and will
amount to nothing, l no oew consu-
tution makes clean work of tbe offense
of bribing members of tho lienors!
Assembly. Thev should be taucht a
lesson as well at tho acape goats who
buvo alfady been disgraced
'"'.S'T connected
i " 1 U.Kro Tie lob to pas.
niH .... - - - m . - i
., hi -nrflu a antaleot morals
I ot business men
that usually ascribed to leg-
.tor. alone. That some banker.
.nc.d to a call to nass an In
i. .
further oppression of business men I.
-"-3 corruption
- , . ..d commentary upon tbo
A. KBrv bunker who for
Vded money to tho treasurer and
gVcreury of tL usury pool la a. de-
.orvinir of nublio execration a. tbe leg-
iha Inh "
Tlie best ov donee of tbe laoic 01
bm fuct that
merit in the usury bill is tno uoi inui
tho strongest arguments to be pro-
duccd in '.is favor wero the chocks ard
. ft . ,,. l)BllUeri who
(Hv,h. hn rudelv taken by tho
;" . .:;,,. un80runUou.
i,i.. who woro clamoring
J si. Ml
"" - ""J r:"'" of nifleronoe
a. . - - --
Detwcon tno rotwter, mo iUUuT.o.
the banker in thU i entire eh,
transaction. In the investigate
roinr on. the ontiro list ol o
I 1 : anliru BlmmplOAH
ution now
. Coupon JTtw,
Mra. K. Cadv Sunlon docs not in
, :i ,i
aorse -poripaiouo ., "
tho(0 01 ner sex wuo muuigo iu n
SOmo men never ioso moir ,.rnu.,v
In MilwaukoO, last Week, a
.'. .a. I
"'' -
. . . ' .. . i . . r . I
mBn turow bis motuer-in-iaw om . u
Lin(low j the fifth .tory ofa burning
building, ana carnou
uu" "'"
..paddy," soye a Joker, why don't
jj,,,, .our , croppea iue sra
ontirol v too one for a man. "Ana
enKlbened ; tbey are too short lor an
ass. '
mo vyumu jj t..vv-v j i
"il iH0
If tho woman's prayer movement
. be nble to cet
a aa lila I n nnw. i
twt: ul
two classes of Deer lor nve cents
Another blessing in disguise.
Tbo expenses of the government
t. n,n v,. L 1R71 wflro 8134.000.000.
Mr. lS7iH,orrnnltte.d at 172.000.000.
J ' - I
- ---r -- - -
an increase ol aj,uuo,uuu in louryea.
. .
This is tho rotrenchmein ana ccono-
m.r rf lh liilHil'nl InfllllTS hVC
v r .. ,
Lmn l.i inn iia in miifh nl lnl(l.
Tbo Court of inquiry to try the
to secure for him a thorough whito-
washing. Whether the job tail bo ac
compli.bed remains to bo seen.
B Butler's defense of Sanborn
... , b . bjm jn the ,CBHt Evron
namoni. , croal many of the Radicals
u creale(j the most inlcuse disgust.
,. - ,. b) fact lh(lt crin,ina
u vef bro)Kbl beforo lbo uoueo and
tni, -vnr venli ttted but UlldS
- - -
1Juter cli for the uo(on,0
In 1700 the Post Office department
. . l7:t il eont 23.U8t.
0.5 67. U Would keep a fellow busy
one year, ono month, and twenty-one
days counting ton hours each day, and
ai ine) raio 111 u,uuu ivr uuui,
count the difference.
A bill brftro the Legislature to
roliove porsons who rengioa.y oeneve
in the Tin aay 01 ine ween as uie
Sahlmtb, Irom tho penalties ot ine law
of 1794, wa, defl ated ia tho House by
a VotO of 00 to J4. .
n .. n . ttt, trr r ,L.
tn orecn reeoivcs -,uuu irom vne
I... n . I ' r ,1. . . . I. . .
oiuio 01 l uuiiej iv uiiiu iwi m 'ffi"1
use his patent shad-bulching boxes
for lb rco years,
jt j. thought
thought prohaulo that tbe do-
po,ilor. 0f t,0 K.iional Trust Com-
,Bny w,l be paid in full before the
0nd of the your.
Th(j glfll0 Sen.t(J of CB,i(,,rllUt on
. , ....J . hill autlinrlaiiur inrina
in trials lor mnracr 10 say in inoir
whether tho penalty shall be
doalb o. imprhonmon for ,(ftf.
The Laramie Sentinel, printed six
hundred miles west of Omaha, aays
that tbo pcoplo thoro laugh at and
ridicule the idea of Indian troubles.
"Tho Man with two wives" is said
ho bo a "drama of great interest.
That may bo, but it must bo without
any domestic principle
The Huntingdon Monitor reportod
frog concerts in that vicinity two
woeksnco. e II beta thousand there
!ut " f'g concorU 0 lbe
Tho committeo of the Legislature
to examine and report upon the en
largement of the Hulls and the ex-
. , Min
Pen' tllcreof' " U wl" C08t l",'50ft
FnETTr Fat. Tbe Pittsburgh Tele
graph, In alluding to the fees or .alary
ofthe United Stales District Attorney,
the position held by the lalo Mr.
II Ia l.n n nlilnnnena ,1
I 1 1 c I V 1, 1 1 1 ' U(l I a u mi . . v. . . . ...
I nnJ nnnnmm imn,a..!iin!n llli. Ifif it II ll 11
concerning mo iiicraiivene-a u. i
H- Attorney a ollice. It may
obscrvod that tbeprofll. of red
incumbonls have rarely reached C,000
Ver "nam, iho maximum anowca Dy
H'O Uovernment, and Very frequently
,, ,,,, -,. U'k.,. il.n ni
c v..,i "
bent is thelosor.anil'whcre the receipts
exceod that amount, the excess, less
the necessary expenses of the Depart
moot, is required to be turned ovor to
tho Government. Tho only extra,
outside of this, allowed tho District
Attorney, is a fee of two per cent.
of tbe gross recoipls accruing from
the tales ol a certain class ol soixures.
I Tiio revenues trom this source varies
from 11,000 to (1,800 per annum, the
I.IBn. U:.- .1... ..:. I., A..,..n II ill
"" ""."a. , ,,K m V .
be seen, thorefore, that the oluco is not
nearly so proiaauio as me private
praolice ol many attorneys in this oily,
ouion ine oincr nana ii may oe siatea iL . nttl... ! . n ll.a. 1 n. U A aa
mi win Kive. m .n,umu-... .
I tn trt minnnl w-i.l it ial unrl 1 n ru 1 atoltta
i-" i""-.. "l--""i
ana Dnnps inoKiontoiiy large ana iu
crativo praolice.
Substantial ltoasons,-The adminiS
. .. . , ... ii ii
irnuon organ in new jiBmp-mro,
7A Concord Monitor, altnbntes the
defeat of the Ilepubliean party in that
siuto to ine shortcomings oi vno n-
tional Government. It snyt tbe party
"WUS too heavily haildicnppod With
Sanborn contracts, Jayno and Ding
bnm blackraailint'S. western inflation
schemes, me moieiy sysiotu aim mo
failure of congress to meot the wants
of (he masses by legislation demanded
T)V iho bard limes." Good enough
I reason these for tbo defeat of any
, rf'T'
fWI aV WTmaM M jMfVaTI afflaTiBail I
111 law aalMJilla'v""r'
Tb aboT. work, being again owratea 07 .u.
i L .1.
und.r.lg,,i. offer to th. Uad. '"' '"Pt F
tbeir juetlF ..ur. " MrA V.
Dnncanivlllc, March IS, I74-m
-w-etiTu a v r.m treinanlna' on the preaiiaee
1 of th. aobicrlb.r, wilding at th. Tunnel, in
Huiion townibip, on or abo jt th. luth of Octo
ber laat, a .rumpl.-horned, roan no lured ow, aup
poied to be Bv. year. old. Th o. l. reuue.t
d to Mm. forward, prov. property and take her
away, or aha will
Bu.lib, War, m.-ai
Ii given that letter! of aduiinietratlon
lau of Jordan towmhip, Cl.arB.ld county, P...
uu, ot j r Bn(tor,l a ,
,.id .tUt pl ,. ....
J .d tbol, h.if or demand.
-ill ore.cnt tb.u. properly authentic. edfor ict-
Now Millport, March 1. 1874.-01
arm: for sale i
nth. auhacrlher offera at private eal. hi. Farm,
.I...... i. rn.,i.n inwnihln. Clearfield Mionty, I a..
Ithin about on. hundred roa. oi in. vmega
Anaonvlll Bald faro nt.ln.
about M re. of which are cleared d and.,
,utl,.Uon, with a h.wod log hou.. and a
r. . .rMl,d thereon, uoodorci
... a .nln nf excellent water
lie urvuiiavo. " -
nAar I h AlHif.
inia larm am wi
ual.l. onai in Jordan townanlp. and ia
I II. I.-, I IxltO bOltt ICDOOI DOOM MW euM.v...
published In ... f ., -,rriM ,h. l.od. Th.cieaeed por-
il nl the land a a moat .nureiy oieareu oi
... in i.mi Aa.. bddIv on th. nn-miaea,
or aidreia tl lubaoriUr at Anionvill. V. 0.,
Claarlleld wiunty, l'a. -,.w
marl8-St r.
CAOTH)N-A woundrel calling himielf John
rrauklin, i. wiling around the county, forg
ing order, and note! on mo. J uooenian.i
baa imuoeed n rd.r on Mr. MoMurray, of Kew
w..klncrinn. fur forlv dollar., and a not. an a
........ . r.rmllnan. Canibria county, for filty-
two dollara. There may b. oth.ra. Ib. raical
.... -: l . I e.ll I... An.lin
me awone in in,
not earn hia wigea, 1 let him go. He
man. of good .ddreie, about twenty-
three yeara of age and about five feet nin. or Un
iuchca in ncignt. i-aei mis irain.
Olea Hope, March 18. rumr uuiio
a. rum,
a. M. BILL!,
T. A. FLECK & CO.,
Agent, la Clearield county for th. lale of
ri 1 . .v. Tv.ii -e n
tasnionaDIO rauerue oi uuriucuw.
I 3:1$ Market Mtreet Clearflld, Pa.
j,, .on R VPRV
T t L A & & li A H ft I
Th. lubieriber bal fitted op l tra'.ilara Bakery,
and wiibea to inform raltinen that he will .apply
tbem with IIHKAl), nits, CAKIvS, c, on
rc.ionabl. terma.
Jtak.rT nut ul of bridge, near in. --i,ic,
Clearfield, fa.
uarlS-Sm JOII LLTLtll.
CAUTION All perrone ar. hereby warned
againat purchasing, or ia any way meddling
1 11 in. lunuwiiiH uruimr.T, i v. u . v-(
two Pin, tbree aerea of Wbe.t in tb. ground
alao. all th. household furniture low in poeeeiaion
of T. A. Smith, of Bloom townibip, ai tb. lain.
belong! to ma, and ia aubject to my order al any
tin.. jnitb.iiiAU acrAvuiiii
Forrt, March 19, 1874-31
OR hALI Th. andereigned offer! for
.ale a valnabl. towa property i. th. borough
i ..i r'
ClrarSeld. Lot 861 lbo feet, with a good two.
tory Blank houe. thereon erected, with three
room, down
a autre and lour nea room, vp nam.
g room and bath room on leeood flour.
iT'.t.r Pri re..
bed eompiet. from eeli.r to atoe
ionhi. .na .jy.
2Jl MeCrLLOrqit.
Mwafftetorer and doalcr i
Harness, Saddles and Bridles,
Collar.. Whim. Prnih.a. Fir NeU.Trimmlngi, uiankcii, ac.
Y"" 'Ji?.011
I Order, .nd repairing promptly attended to
Rhnn nn M. vlrn.1. r'.rflnlil. 1C In riWD
r fc" V' .7::: "d., r,
I 1 n.v... nK.-- - J 1 -
Th. nndemgned announce! to hia old frlendi
patrenaga. II. w. bPBNCKH.
t t r. f i. nn
Lumber CiLV, P.., March 50-lf.
.. ... , .
lot of leather purchased by m. at Fhoriff'a .ale,
now in poareailoa of laaa. Uoon, el the tame b.
long! torn.. .All&n maa.
Inarch II, IS.I-at.
I Ing Khool th. coming Stimmer,oroCteachin
primary nthacriptloa echooli, will Inern eom-
thlng to tneir auvemnge oy eonntng imtneaiaieiy
for a circular of the Kiveraid. Normal Initltuto,
at Campbell'. Cburrb, on th. Itrenrh, four
mile, below ifurnaue. lerm opena amy nin, lor
16 weak.. Circular, giving full particular! an
pointing out th. ahorleit .nd belt known method
01 WA"ZB., u w pale,
March ll-lt Lumber City, Cl'earlield io.. Fa.
T 8. PLUMMER A CO., hiving itarted
tl n a n.w and .it.niiv. jtrick 1 .nt
Clearfleld, are prepared to makoonntraete for flrat
clan Kml Briok, in large or .m.ll ouantiti..,
Orderaand eorreenondene. Mlicited. Inforrea-
tion can b. obtained by calling at Kinder, Mu
I .to Blore. or by adrtrewing
w.s. pLCMMKR a CO.,
Clearfield, Pa.
Mercantile Appraiser's List.
Mil of Wholeeale and Retail Dealer! of For.
elgo and Domrrtlo Merchandiie In th. eownty ol
Cl.aroeld, tor tb. year A. V. 174, vie:
ci.a'i. arrcARu vowaimr. ri
13 rlimon MoKarlaaa, dry goodi, grtie.rlM..IO 00
1 jno. u. uiavgow, dry goodi, groceriei.. 10
4 " " patent medieinea
14 W. S. Dickey A Sua, dry goodi, previa. 7
14 C. J. Kengv, dry goodi, grooariei...... 7
14 W. V. il.u, druggiit 7
li, rownnoir.
14 Robt. Meh.fley, dry goodi, gtocriM.
14 II. L. Il.nder.on, .roacricl
7 00
7 00
14 K. L. Hoover, grocorie. ' T 0
14 David il.ll, grooeriei and dry good..... r
14 11. 1. Willlami, grocrlci, dry good ... 7
14 f. B. Reed, drii.i and grecarioi 7 00
14 P.I. A Co., groceries .nd provision..,. 7
11 Ke.ler, XloMath A Co, gen'l m.r'dii... IS 00
" M ' patent meiiicin.,
14 C. M. C.dwalad.r, groo i and .i nfeo'i,
14 Carl. A C.ldwell, .grioul. imp
kaiit Towannir.
II D. Goodlander, g.t' m.rchaailii.
15 Moore A Hamilton, gen'l tnerohandiie.
13 L. B. Carlila, g.n.rnl mwehandiaM....n
13 C A G. pVhwcm, gen'l merohandlM
14 J. II. Edlnger, hardware
14 Chriatian Bntkhart, confectionery.
t K. K. Arnold A Co., bankera...
14 Kunla A tluinter, gon'l m.rch.ndii....,
14 J. W, Carllla, dry gooda aad grooeriei.
14 John Rcheurieb, dry goodi, gruMriea..
14 J. li.barllng A Co. dry goodi, gro'tel,
14 til.rgow A Trolel, g.a'1 m.rehandlf...
14 Thoa. Montgomery, dry gooda, groo'rtM,
14 Mr.. Ida b.naett. milliner
14 0. P. Evan. A llro.. g.n'lmrcbndiM,
14 J. M. Carlila, groewiM and dry gooda,
14 J, A. V.rpf, dry gooda and groacrtM..,
li K. J, Mr llro re, conleclten.iy
I 00
7 so
7 00
io oo
10 00
10 so
IV 00
J5 00
7 00
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7 00
7 on
7 00
cuaa. spsmips lowaipir. rn
14 John Canon, grooeriei 7 I'ti
14 A. W. Palohiu, dry g'ooda, giooeri,, 7 OH
14 J. C. Connor, dry guoda, .to 7 M
10 Jaekaon I'alchia, gun'l niercbaudiie.... ltf I'll
14 John 11. Heed, oonfedionery.. 7 Qi
1.1 Horace Pathin, general mcrchandia... 10 110
14 John Kjao, eonfeetlonery
7 OJ
7 0"
7 00
0 Q
7 H
7 ')
f 00
enast iowxihip.
14 If. 11. Ilarq. grooerlc. and notion!
14 Jamei Lurry, dry gooda and gneriei,
14 Wm. Hunter, gen.ral morvhandl.e
14 J. A A. Holan, grooeri.i and eon(M'i.i,
14 J. K. McKea A Co., gen'l m.rchandiae,
" M patent medicine....
14 J. P. A J. S. Fry, dry gooda, grooeriei,
14 Iloody A Uro., dry gooda, grooeriei....
14 Juhu llockcnbcrrj, grocer'i, dry govda,
covixotos row.anir.
14 OlllllarJ A Hnokeodorrj, grooeriei, dry
g-oda and drogi
f O'l
10 00
t t l
fltnry Yothera, dry gondi, grooeriei....
L. M. Coudrlet, general roerobandie....
L.igey A Khawny, dry gooda, queenl're
14 Jupuu Plubell, dry gooda, Hour, ale. 7
14 Pranoii Condri.t, dry gooda, groe.riei. T O'l
crawr.xlvti.Li Bonovon.
E. A. A W. D. Irvln, uervhandii...... 40 CO
14 Mia, I'athario. Uroff, onfeotionery..,.. 7 00
Wat. 11. Tboumaon, grocry 7 t"'
13 Tbompion A Co gen.rul m.reb.ndia., 12 b'
14 W. It. Alci.nd.r.druggiit 7 tin
" paunt m.dicinw C'J
14 Joieph K. Irwin, druggiil T
" " patent medioiuM 6 bn
13 F.nit A fioodwin, gen'l mdia. 10 CD
14 V. W. Fleming, clothing.. 7 C '
1 Snrenkl. A bweeney, lancy gooda....... Hi on
13 Abraham (latea, hardware 10 tn
11 Arnold A Hartshorn, geueral m.reb'a.. IS
14 E. T. O'Friel A Co, ooulcotioniry. 7 0
14 W. A. Ial., hardware 7 0-1
4 0. A. Itorabaugb, ooafca. and (rocry. 7 0l
14 A. J4. liiik, jeweler... 7 SI
12 John Irvln, general mercbaadiien. 13
CLBnW.IKI.Oa . .
14 A. Oulnibnrg, .lothing T '
K. W. Orabain, gen'l mercbandlie 11 l
Kobt. Mitchell, general m.rcb.bdi...... 7 On
14 D. McUaugU.y, confeotion.riea 7 00
" billiard room, 3 tab lei 40 00
14 Henry Bridge, nwrch.nt tailor .. 7 00
Wright Urol., general m.rchaoJia. 7 00
II. F. Iligler A Co., Hardware, etc In 00
13 Ja. Kerr A Co., clothing, fancy gooda. IS 09
14 Alex. Wat ion, tobacco and elgara. 7 Oil
Mtae rlyndrr, murie iu,r , 7 uo
14 Tbo.. Itobini, eonfoctioneriea. 7 00
14 1. I). Hunk, coufecliooeriei,. 7 0
14 P.vid Adimi, Sour and feed .. 7 00
S Weaver A Betti, general merebandne. 30 00
11 Racket! A Bebryver, hardware, 111..... 15 1)0
14 llartawiek A Irwin, druggiiU 7 On
" patent medieinel... 0 00
I,. Flegal, boot, and iboei. 13 Mi
4 C. I). W.Uon, dmgl, eonfeoliuoeriei.... 7 00
4 patent medicine! I 00
14 R. H. haw, tobaooo and ciran 7 00
.1 T. A. fleck it Co., notion!, Iineygoodi lt oo
4 Mn. T. K. Wation, millinwy. 7 Of
14 Uulich A Jackmn, furoitura 7 0-
4 Joaeph Sbow.ri, grooeriM 7 00
8 Kratter A Lytic, gen'l merebandiM.... Zt 01
14 P. A. (laulio, book, and Itatlonerv ...... 7 00
14 John Troutman, furniture 7 I'.
14 John Bladler, bakery and aonfectionery 7 0 i
14 F. Leiliinger, bakery 7 0
4 Cleo. A Jordan, Sour and feed 7 .
It Jul. Pyaart, tour, feed aad grooeriei... 10 ' 3
IS Wm. Heed, dry good . 10 (
14 Kteveneon A Co oonfeotioneri.. 7 f '
14 O.D. Uoodfellow A Bon, lour and feed 7 '
11 Joe. bb.w A Son, ges'l m.reh.ndiae... li (t
S Hich.rd Monnp, gen.rml mercb.ndiMn w V:
13 A. I. Shaw, druggiit . 10 U
plteut BMIOIML. i':'
14 II. F. N.ugl., jeweler 7 0.
14 8. I. SoyJer, jewslor. 7 0
1 F. ii. Miller, gen.ral merchandiM. It 0'
S Clearfield Co. Bask 30 Ot
14 11. r'tewart A Bon, clothing. 7 0 1
10 J. M. Kretler, general dry gooda- 50 t
14 Ellii Irvin, onfctionria 7 f .
C. Leipoldt, brewer B I
C. Bbatler, brewer. t (
14 LvlU A Mitchell, grocenei I t
aix.Tia rowaiiip.
13 M. J. Jaekeon, dry good!, groc.rrel.nd
patent m.uioiu.w....m Ii t -'
14 Maoauley A ltam.y, grocerle., proVll 7 e.
14 lioover liroa., gen.r.l uercb.ndiMM... 7 0.
aiamD Towaiair.
14 Carolm. Leeonte, dry gooda, groeeriea. 7 I
14 Kubt. Stewart, groeeriea, dry goodl... 7 l j
ooaue! TOWJBHIP.
14 Ellii Irwin A Bon, grocarin, dry good! 7 I .
eai.ia rowsiair.
14 Xhoi. H. Forooy, general merchaodii.. 7 t '
1 p.t.nt mediciaaa. ?
srLicn row.iiir.
14 F. A. Pvirleann, dry good!, antlom...... 7 S
10 P. A A. Flyna, general emhujil.. 30 t
u patent medicine. I t
14 Henry Allemao, dry goodi, grooeriei... 7 I
au.Toa TOWXIglP.
14 P. Prlndable, clothing, dry goodi. 7 C
C. II. Coryell A Co., gen I mercbandin I. l
14 C. P. Wood - 7 I '
druga and patent medicine. C i
13 Lyon A Bro., geueral merchandiM 10 f-C
14 Jame. Brunaw, groeeriea. 7 0?
14 W. II. Litouch.. eooleclionery 7 f
14 II. W. lirtwu, grocery, fine good!.... 7
14 RaJ rirol., groceriu 7 CO
patent meuieinM. 0
14 McCauley A Louther, gro. and previa. 7 Ol
13 Frank, Liverigbt A Co, g.a'1 mdae.... 13 t .
14 Mnlthiai May.r, grocrie., ooulectiooi. 7 l
U ilea, llagcr, grooeri. .nd Sour. t 00
14 Harper A Co., grocerie., dry goodi..... 7 I'
14 Levi Htroup. groceries. T 1 '
4 Mr.. H. r. llendreon, millinery I
14 Cbarlea Kenney, grocriel .... 7 tv
14 Iniwi. Chence, grocery... 7 t
Iiani.l McMonigal, 3 lea pin alley..... 40 '
14 Humphrey A Co., drvggiiti.... 7 0'
p.teni, meaiciuM.. . w
14 Jame. Dunn, general merchandiM..... 7 S
1 1 W. Charlton, notion, and groeeriee 7 t
14 W. C. Langlord, groeeriea, aonfootlonl. 7 t.
jokdah ow!Htr.
14 Jamei McKeehan, dry goodi, groceriu T C
13 J. C. A P. Jobnitoa, dry goodi, grooer.. 10 0
' " patent mediotnM. a v
kinrmii rowirsnir.
13 I. C. McCloakey, gen'l merebandil. 10 00
U J. W. Foller, general merchandiM..... IP 00
14 W. J. Holler, general merchandiM T Ofr
caox Towaiair.
14 D. J. Barbara, greoariea, dry (rood.... T Ot
13 Nutter, Pavii A Co., gen'l merchandiM 10 00 '
14 11. W. Bpenoer, groeeriea, proviiioni... 7 00
4 w patent aediotnec... t 00
15 John Ruiael A Boa, gen'l merchandiM. 1 (
14 Jno. Ferguaoa A Co., dry goodi, grac'a T 00
aoaai. rowii.air.
14 Jaa. ThcmpMn, notiona, oonfectloneriM T to
14 1'cter Mover, flour, feed, groeeriea. T CO
14 Jonaa Mone, dry gooje, groeeriea ... 7 00
13 Irfon.rd Kylcr, general merebandiM... It CO
i Murriidal. Coal Co , gen'l mcrch.adin 30 00
nil rows.nip.
14 i. B. Rnferty, dry goodi, grocorie. 7 Of
rxioK vow.snip.
14 P. K. Brubaker, general merchandiM... T 00
13 J. K. Arnold, general merobabdno It 00
Saw wnnmoTos.
10 J. R. MoMurray. gen.ral merehandiik. 30 0(1
14 Jama. Innll, drugniit " 00
4 patent madioinw 3 Of
11 M. Arnold, general merchandiM 14 C
14 John Mark, eonfectioo.ri... 7 0
14 John P, Frnth, oon'eotionery. 7 0
14 John A. Nrff, eonfeetlonery 7 0
14 Johniton A Dale, hardware 7
13 Holt, Woodildc. A Holt, gonl mJia... 10 Of
13 Ellii Smcal A Co., gen.ral m.rchaadiN 10 OC
It Oallaghor A Holt, gen.ral merchandiM 10 CO
13 Emroit rtavera, general m.rcbandiie.... 10 to
14 Foreman A III. kill,. furniture 7 00
7 Moih.naon Land A Lumber Co., ge.
aral m.rohandlie. 40 0
10 T. C. lleiina A Co., general merohan'M 10 to
14 O.o. E. Junea. Jewelry. 7 d'
1.1 llartman A Frie li f
13 Lloyd, Caldwell A Co., banker.. li l
14 D. il. Uood, drugi, fancy gooda. 7 00
4 M patent medicine! 4 40
Llrerlght, LiugV. A Co., general tadia. IS Of
14 A. Myare, notion!, fancy goodk 7
pai.nt medlcin.a. 4 0'
14 It. Znnilel, watchmaker J '
14 Mn. 8. A. tlatea, millinery T "
14 Jamei llabenhon, green groer. t "
11 W. J. Keller, dry good., A. 11 '
14 J. H. nrowo, grocery ..... 7 a
14 A. Seofl.H, oiinlectlnnerv 7 0
14 Mn. E. Uuckrl. millinery... 7 t"
14 T. t. A J. U. laelt, grocery, ree I, tour. 7 S)
14 J. C. Akard, grocery. 7
14 W. II. D.noer, wmleetiunery- I M
14 Oeo. W. Aaderaoa A Co., boou,.lio.a 7 M
14 Mn. (loo. Uualieh, mtllln.ry, notion.... 7 00
lleo. Iloallrh, billiard room) t tablM.... 40 00
Hen), fiwigart. tan pla allay, I alleys... 40 00
14 Pani.l Colwaoh, groaari.i 7 0
14 J. 11. Friday, boots and ihmx T
woonwARD TownsRir.
14 Hillman A Smith, grocery, provlilotn. f JJ
14 J. P. Maftit, grocrie., Ac -
14 W. II. Philip.. Hardware, groceries T '
14 Baaiucl ll.g.rty, dry goods, grooeries. 7
patent mnlicln.1 V"
14 Oe. W. Lamhorn, -ouf-ctioiierlM 7
14 James Co., gent merchaa m 7
I oerllfy that the abov. Is a wrreot Hit of the
aames of perion. aud Srms awewed fof th. .
rent year. Notic Ii wwehy given that an appeal
will U held at th. t'onnly C.mml.llnn.ra oSio..
la ClMrtleld, on FRIDAY, th. iotbday af Meres
.at, where all wh. fl th.mielve! -(TS"'"
can lltend if Ih.y sm proper. Ka .on.rallo
r rrdiHillom aan b. made after " v"""
flrabamton, I H' Cl B.LE,...
Feb. , 'i l-ll i Mr' Apr"''"-