Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, April 23, 1873, Image 2

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    rr- u,::.-,-r-;
suitor and raorBiirroa.
,. Cea. J off. C. Davis ban boon directed
by Gen, Stiorman to proceed to Hie
Pacific coast and assume tlio command
mads vacant by the death of General
' , , saw, W
Q Pvnishmicnt. Captain Wil
liams, of t ho lost steamer Atlantic,
lias boon rollorod from duty for two
yoart for bin negligent ndibr drown
ing 700 of bis passoiigors. Tills is tbo
sontenco of a Urilinh Court of Admi
ralty. It is as bad as a Washington
white-washing machine
Sombody to Rlasik. Eillicr the
Ku-EUux or the Credit Mobiliurs have
. rained the '"loll" party in Connecticut.
Tbo way the leading Radicals aro "go
lntf fur path utlier" ninc-n flmii IhIa
dofunt is u caution. Tbo Democrats
will havo 10,000 unjority at tbo ooxl
It is said that the Modoc Indians
are a branch of tho Digger Indian
tribo. If this is so "the Government"
may destroy somo of its relations by
uriibbing out this band of froo-hooters.
Iteenuse it win that tribe Cup I. Grant
4iad tbo "bom" with 1864, about tho
timo bo loll the army.
Vn the Wino. Tho Government
fumily, under tho command of Con
vrul Ralcock, have been making pop
rails at Tillsburg, Cincinnati and St
Louis, the pa at week. It is soinothing
remarkable thut our Republican Pres
ident and bis family cannot travel
without tho escort of an army officer,
who should be looking after tho bloody
As We KxrrcTEu. Two weeks ago
we inquired whothcr our Congress
man Scofiold had taken bis (5,000
grub. Tbo editor of tbo Erie Obscr
ictt says :
"A correspondent authorises ot to sej that
Jn-lgo Scu&rld promptly drew hi, extra salary,
nJ, as Oakes Ames would m.t, 'put it when it
would do the most good' to himself. Bolngno
luuger candidate lor tho snArae-as of our citi-
lent, ho did nut doom It aeceesary to mort to tht
sooieiluge praolloed by him oo a runner oecasioa.
It wae promptly tekea sod iavested where it
sroaid Mra tbo largest dividends." Under the new
apportionment this (XXth) district
will bo without a mombor of Congress
for two years to come. Cloarfield and
lk jtre takou out of tbo XIXlli, rep
resontd by Mr. Curtis; Contra and
Clinton are taken out of thcXYlIItb,
represented Ly Mr. Ross; Union bo
longed to tho XIYlh, district, repre
sented by iIr.sPackor, While Mifflin
belonged to the XVlIth, represented
by Mr. Speer. Jtoilher of the mem
tiers indicated rcsido within the coun
ties forming tho new district. Being
so strongly Dotaocralio may bo tho
reason that tbo rotors in this district
are disfranchised.
A Tho Credit Mobiliorand
morality organs always asuumo to bo
moro tcmperato than thoir unprotend
ing Democratic neighbors. Tho Bollc-
fonte Republican gets off the following :
"It It notable hoi that it tho recent election
In Iho eftitorn eountios Democratic Bud Demijonic
Majorities vent together."
As tbo editor has been in the Stale
tut a short timo wo will post him on
this fact: Dauphin, Lancaster and
Lebanon nro eastern counties. Those
Ibroe loyal, tcatjMiralo, godly counlios
gave Ilarlraiifl about 8,000 last full,
nod in March they gavo Captain Whis
ky 7,500 majority, and the "banner"
godly county, Alleghony, gavo over
10,000 for rum, and only gavo 0,000
majority lor Geo. O. Evans partuor.
JIow is that for Dcmijonic f
Pertinent Questions. Tho editor
of the Fliiladolpltia Prtm seems to be
overworked tnontally, -knowing that
corruption abounds everywhero. In
alluding to Legislative corruption and
ring rule in that city he asks :
"Will the people of Philadelphia iter see their
wn ri(hl way to right their nun wronger Are
nbey indeed dref, duuib end blind? When will
the people of Philadelphia ceure to forbear with
this debouched aysiem of making bod Uwi and
defeating good & I"
Colonol, to be frank with you, we
will remark, yon helped to got up this
whirlwind of corruption.' And we
will remark again, you aro working
nobly to put it down. But you ap
pear to bo poworloss for good. The
malady in youroity is too doep-seatod,
and nothing but a revolution will re
move it. You and your friends car
ried tbo Slate and tho city into tho
whirlpool, now bring them back to
their mooring, whore you found thorn
in 1858.'
.National Ba.nk Notes. -Tho print
ing bnroau of tho treasury department
.lias commoncod engraving the plates
for the now issue of national bank
notes authorized by tho last congress.
IDs Ibe intention to improve both the
dosign and execution of Iho now notes,
so that thoy may bo moro attractive
to the cyo, and at the samo time so
perfect that thoy cannot bo success
fully counterfeited. They aro to ro
plaeo the notes now in circulation as
fast as presented for redemption.
If thut Is so wo are not disappointed
in our conjecturo. But ws think thoso
genllemon wjll bo sold who lately pat
roAhced a set of loufors vvbo went
through tho .country selling fac limile
counterfeit Doleotor. Let tho Belle
touts JlrjiublU-e slick a pin there and
took fur its fi-jnnd whom we treated
an) unfairly. V would tiko to bear
4inm him. Iff AA'anL til annln,t:iA t.,,1
it he make no application we 'will
tU'.Jl 19 "UQlWt Mid.
f Smfrfni Transfer.
On Thursday afternoon, nhiloour
dietinguiehed fellow townsman, Ex
Gov. Bigler, was at work in tho Fire
Clay Mino, a boy handed him tho fol
lowing dispatch ! '.'
PnitAimi rniA, April Kill, l73.
Ho. Wa. i The Dthfaleiot large hare
Juit au-olrd you- a member of our body, In tho
room of 11 ou Bauiucl II., rptigueil. .
Ur.uaoa W. H'ooawisft.
This suddon movement of tho Con
vention will intcrforo somewhat with
tho arrangements of tho Clearileld
Firo Brick Company. Tho Governor
was one of tho most useful hands on
the job and the Company will havo
some troublo to get a workman to
tuko bis plnco should ho accept tho
position of Constitution-manufacturer.
Public Interest no doubt demands
his prcsenco in 1'hiludulphia, but our
local material interests, which ho is
assisting largely to develop, call loud
ly upon him to remain with us.
Latku Saturday morning tho Es
Governor lea for Philadelphia, and U
now a member of the Constitutional
Convention, whero bo should have
been from tho beginning. ' But cir
cumstances so ordcrod events, al
though ho was ode red a soat repeat
edly, after ho declined in favor of Gov.
Curtin and einco the election, but de
clined, as ho and his worthy lady con
templated, taking a trip to Europo
this summer. But, tho Legislature
having elected the Governor ono of
tbo Supervisors of our Great Nation
al Exhibition In 1870, has compelled
him to abandon his European trip,
henco bo has consented to tako a seat
in the Constitutional Convention.
The Governor's opinion heretofore
has been that a now or reformed hu
manity was mote essential to the hap
piness and prosperity of Pennsylvania
than an amended Constitution. The
old ono was good enough, if tho ser
vants of tho people would only re
spect and livo up to its requirements.
Uis views may undergo a change af
ter a month's association with the
members of tbo Convention.
Grant' Hoy, I'rtddlt.
An exchango says :,
"There it lame apology going the roundi to the
eftVot that Frrddie Orant wai placed on Sberi
dftti'a Itaff with the raftk of Lieutenant Colonel
without tbo knowledge of tbo J'reiidcnt. Ad
mitting thu to bo true, eouldu't Uen. Urant rem
edy the bad example by ordering bil boy back to
bia regiment, where he belong!?'
This is not all there is about this
dirty work. Grant wanted his son
put on Gen. Sherman's s'.alf, but as
Freddie bad travelled wilh tho Gen
eral last summer in Europo, ho know
the total worlhlessnoss of the boy
and would not be bolhorcd with him,
and so informed tho Secretary Of War.
This incensed "the Government" and
it at once applied to Shoridan, who,
toady like, look him on bis stuff. This
is not all. When thu Secretary of
arabandonod Washington he turnod
the War office over to Gen. Shorman,
wtao was to play ail interim Secretary
of War. This little- arrangement
coming to Gram's oars, he knocked it
in tbo bead. Our readers will no
doubt recollect, tho correspondence
upon this point bctweon Grant and
tho Attorney Gcnoral, who decided
that ii Sherman entered the War of
fice he must resign as Gcnoral of the
array. Tho correspondence was got
ten op to burlesque and bully Uen.
Shorman, becnuso ho would not allow
Krod. Grant to be put on bis stuff. It
is needless to soy that tho General has
not resigned, nor is ho acting as ad
interim. It is a wonder Grant don't
have Fred's, salary doublod, like his
own. The boy certainly cannot get
along with $3,500 a yoar. Blow quiol
West Point has been since Fred, was
kicked out 1
Tirrrd's 8ntrtt$or.
From developments coming to light
in the Now York Custom House, it is
being pretty woll established that
Thomas Murphy is the able successor
of Boss Twocd. Tho difference be
tween tho two roguos is about this :
While Tweed was robbing tho city of
New lork of six millions of dollars he
adorned and embellished a number of
parks and public squares, which were
admired aud enjoyod by all. Murphy
has tlolcu two dollars for Tweed's
one while CoHoctor of Customs, and
he has pocketed It, wilh trie exception
of tho mansion at Long Branch which
he gavo to Gen. Grant. And more than
this Twocd is politically dead tho
Democratic party has discarded and
expelled him from its fold. Murphy
is tbo bead anj front of tho party
"controlled by grand moral ideas."
Tweed bad bruins and possossod tho
trails of a gonlloman. Murphy has
neither. And if Tom, Jr., is "a chip
of the old block," Miss Nellie Grant
will have a posie for a husband.
Tht .norm o Prophet.
Bi'igham Young has informed the
church and tho world that ho is going
lo abandon Utah and lake up bis
abodo in Arizona. He Is coiiil' to rid
himself of all earthly things except
tho church oi his choice. In 'a tele
gram to the Kow York JJeralJ U says:
' "My iwignatlca m Truitoo io Trint for the.
Chureb, an Hreucleot of Jfiou'l I'o-opniallre Jli-r-oanllle
InaliluMon and uf the lrrt National
Hank are made loliOjr from perulur earna ai,J re.
ponaihilitira, and l out arTntt my poiition at
I'retldent of the Church. In that eapacily 1
ball ttill rxerciie tuperrlaion orer butiuc't, re
ch aiattical and leeultr, leaving tbo Wiwlinlto
j ounger men "
The editor of tho journal in ques
tion says :
"II it not tiling that we tbould at the imrnt
moment comment at any length wnon hit teuti
aii'litt and the ludrinent that he raaiet ttnoa Lit
own labon aad tbo purpotei of hit life, tut wo
may properly, enough tuggett that ir the tamo
liltralily of rrnllinrut Fiurctd In thlt eplttle
were noma nut m the rermont in the Talieriianle
and in Ibe Mormon proii at Halt Lake Oily there
would be litllt foundation fur quarrel between
the tiainli and Ibe rlinnrri. At II. rine old
of trrenty-two we taa well Imagine bit deiiro for
peauv. ...
An Exehantro sats : The Ohio Leu-
islaturo hat passed ait act for Iho pun
ishment, by imprisonment in tbo pen
itentiary, of persons convicted of brib
ing Statu officers or members of .the
Local Option.
Tho majority against prohibition In
this Slato, in 1804, was 6,240. Now
it Is over four times that against "lo
cal option.' i j ! ' j
All tho cities In the Slate have da.
olnrod for lioonso, except Altoona and
Williamsport. This is singular, but
such is the fact set fsrlh in tho table
below. '
Allonlown ,
Cheater ,
llarrixhurg , , ,
Look llaron ,
l.aueaaler m
rittaburg m.
trading ,., ,
'or, Aaaintt.
; I7S
ail '
1,1 it ,
U1J '
l, its -lil
lD.tOJ 1,763
Philadelphia votos on this question
in October, and will no doubt declaro
lorgcly for liconso.
An Exception. Tbroo fourihs of
all tho murderers who have been hung
for ten years past, havo escaped from
the scaffold to lloavon providod tho
officiating clergymen and tho report
ers havo told tbo truth; An excep
tion to the rulo seems to havo occur
red at Syracuse, Now York, on tho
18th, whero a criminal named Fralich
was bung. Tbo dispatch says: lie
marched firmly to tho gallows, where
ho inado a speech denouncing the
judge and district attorney in bitter
language, lie closed his remarks by
sayings "in tno name ol Uod Al
mighty i ra ready; lot me go. - i
J C'Aaiirf for Thtolottan
A Church quarrel in Northumberland
county, of long standing, has boon
settled by tbo Supreme Court deciding
thai Sunday buhools do not come
under iho bead of "divine scrvico."
Tho Sunbury Democrat, in alluding to i
mo caso, says :
The Lnlhernans and Gorman ltoform
ors of Lower Augusta twp.,who joint
ly own and worship in what is known
as the "Jjantz L-huioh, havo for sov
eral years boon engaged in lawsuit.
wucn tbo euurcu was built by thoso
two congregations thoy entered into a
written agi-ooment that notlunir but
"divino worship" was lo bo lield there
in. in niter years .Sunday .schools
woro inaugurated, and these two con
grogations iormod and held one in a
school bouso near tho church. Alter
awhile unpleasantness arose and the
Lutheran wing of the school seceded
and went into tbo church, whore thoy
hold their school against the protest
ol the Kolormeds, who contended that
the holding of Sunday Shcool wag not
"divine service." A lawsuit ensued
and Judge Hockcfeller decided in favor
ot the Lutherans. Ibe Uelormedssp.
pealed lo tho Supremo Court, and thai
tribunal lias just rendered a decision
reversing the decision ol the Court bo
low. The whole mnltor appeared to
Inn go on the quostion woolhor "divine
worship" would correctly embrace
Sunday Schools. During the trial in
our Court (Judgo Uockolullcr sitting
id equity j several ministors were sum
monod to eivo thoir interpretation of
"divino service." They disagreed as
woll as tlw Supreme Court and the
Louri uciow.
i oi'bteen Hundred Gone. Over
fourteen hundred members of tho
"bread and butter brigadu" will be
discharged on the 20th of May noxt.
Tho Washington correspondent of tho
Philadelphia I'ress says:
"Frequent inquiries are madoalllie
Internal Keren no Bureau as to when
the net of December 24, 1872. abolish
ing '.ho off! cos of assoasor and assist
ant assessor of internal revenue, goes
into effect. Tho Commissioner, in re
ply, says that this law will be put into
operation on May ZU, and at that lime
the services of all Iho assessors, 230 in
number, and their assistants, about
1,200, will be dispensed wilh. Tbe
law provides that it shall go into effect
on or belore iho 1st ol July next, and
tho Commissioner has selected May
i as most convenient.
O, doar, Ibis is a worso slaughter
than occurred at the Wildorncss, but
its results will go far toward reducing
iua uruioum -oiessing, or, aeui.
"Woman's Kionrs." Judgo S liars
wood's decision that women cannot
voto under Iho existing laws, is unani
mously sustained by all the other
Judges of tho Supremo Court. Tho
point, indeed, is so ovidont as scarcely
lo admit oi argument, but Miss Carrio
Uurntiaru made what aro bear was a
very good spooch upon it. Sho re
ceived the respectful allonlion of the
Court. While iu Uochester.New York.
JUiss busun l). Anthony, for her effort
lo vole, was lugged off to prison by a
United Males Marshal and or tbe Ku
Klux law ; a proceeding f which the
absurdity ought not to conceal tho
this clamor lor lemalo suffrairo is
nothing more nor' less than political
Harlotry, liul ono stop backward and
you land in tno whirlpool Itself.
Lots or Conuiiksbmkn. Says tho
Johnstown Tribune: Our new Con
gresaional District Bedford, Blair,
Somorsot,Cambi'ia--has probably more
ex-uongrecsmco Iivjnif within lis bor-
d ors than ony othor district within the
Statu, fiodlord has four: Job Mann,
a. it. iiussoll, John Cessna, and B. F.
Myers. Blair bas three : Samuel Cal
vin, Samuel S. Blair, and Archibald
-McAllister. Somerset has three: J no.
It. Edio, Wm. 11. Koonlz, and A. II.
Coll roth. Cambria has two: Daniel
J. Morrcll and A. A. Barkor.
Well, they aro not much lo your cred
it, if Oakes Ames, James Brooks, Wl
llr,i. , I , a t- i
v. ivwiaiy nuu joiib uiugnam aro
standard Cungostismon.
Not Mucm.v. Somo ono says : If
(rant wants to make snort work of
Captain Jack and Iho leading Modoc
assassins let him send for Shoridan,
Iho scalper of tbo Piegnns, and tbe
dosolalor of tho Shenandoah Valley.
Jack doscrves just such an avenger.
Wo hardly supposo Grant will agroo
to this, howovur, sinco his son, Frod,
has been appointed on Sheridan's staff.
To our mind Shoridan will novorbo
scalpod by Indians while Frod. Grant
is on his staff TIkj Indians will bo
safe, too, so tar as Fred Is oonccrnod.
Tbo Now York Herald says i Now
Jersey Doniocrutio papers nrorojoio
ing over thoir triumphs In tho recent
munlulpaj elections. Thcv sea rod v
know whether to attribute them to
tribute litem to
PI IP VVcdlt
civil sorvjea ignorance
Tht Uetrayed State.
Under tho rulo of Grant and bis
brother-in-law Casey, Louisiana is
uiado an American Ireland. -Jlot wo
aro glad to team that the white peo
plo of that Stalo who aro noltbor carpet-bagger
uor scalawags, have de
termined to resist Kellogir and Coskv
and tho rest of tho blood-hound who
aro endeavoring to convert that fertilo
State into a second -South Carolina
by tho united efforts of fraud and
lurce. They havo settled upon a quiet
and orderly mode of affecting this
very ucsiraoio onjoci, auu havo ro
solvod that Kellogg's bogus Stalo trov
eminent, supported as it is by Grant's
artillory, must subsist upon gunpowder
and round and grape shot alone, for it
shall havo no money, iho laxpayors
throughout tho Stale have resolvod
that if Kellogg is resolvod to play at
Doing uovcrnor, ue snail uo so at his
own private cost, for as unfortualo
husbands advertising absconding wives
say Ihey will pay no uolils ol this bas
tard government's contracting., Thoy
aro organizing in their respective
countries for tho purpose of quietly
refusing to ray taxes ; and tho carpet-
baggers being thus deprived of tho
great object ot thoir desires will soon
bo starved out. . -!..'
Gov. Leslie of Kentucky has sent a
moseage lo tho Legislature of, "that
Stalo, in which ho lays before that
body the addrosa of Gov. McEnery of
lioiusiana, anu reviews at length the
unhappy situation of affairs in tho lat
ter. "Their causo." he an re, 'Zw our
cause ; for thoir duniror is our danger.
Tho hitler cup which thoy drink lo
day may be soon commended la our
lips. To abandon her is to abandon
tho common cause of Stalo Bights.'-
ii mo great wrong wiucn has, been
porpotralod against bcr shall pass un
challenged and unredressed now, it
may serve as a precedent to render
resistento to similar encroachments
more difficult in the future" In con
clusion, Gov. Leslie says: "I there
fore, recommend that a respectful but
earnest and solemn protost against tbo
unwarrantable intervention of Federal
authority in the Slato of Louisiana, to
which your allonlion has beon Called,
bo prepared and altered by the Gen
eral Assembly of the Slate of Ken-
lucky, in a suitable form lo be laid
before Iho Congress of tho United
States, and that our Senators bo In
structed and our members in the
House of Iteprcsontalives be requested
lo givo all proper aid In supporting
tho appeal proposed lo be mado by
tho peoplo of Louisiana for a redress
of thoir griovances."
Tnosx in Debt. A colorod gontlo
man named Capior has been elected to
Congress from Alabama. Having
sorvod nino years In tho State Peni
tentiary, the San Francisco A'cwt Let
ter suggests that Capior has paid a
debt to bis State which Biindry of his
eolloa'uos still owo to thoirs. We
know it is wrong lo speak ovil of dig
nilarios, but thon can such men as
Capior, Pomoroy, Caldwell and Kclloy
be properly classed as dignitaries f
South Carolina has now a sound Bo
publican representative in Congross
who onco proposed in the Legislature
of that State to sell evtry froo negro
in the State into slavery, and a Ito
publican Governor who tore down the
United States flag from FortSumptcr
and trampling It in the dust hoisted
robel flag in its plaeo. Thero is "lor-
any ior yo.
,. it r .
Col. A. K. M'Clure is very fmuk.
Lately, In a speech in the Senate, he
said : "I come from those who are ex
port Iu fraud, and have made crimo a
profession." .Nobody doubts it-i Wil
liamsport Bulletin.
Tho Colonel was alluding lo the
leaders of tho Republican party, ' We
don I doubt it. Do you?
A ten year old boasting lo a school,
mato of his father's accomplishments,
put it Ihus : "My fathor can do almost
anything, lie's a NotBry Public, and
hes a 'polhcoary, and can pull teeth,
and he's a horso doctor, and can mend
wagons and things, and ho can play
il. a l.n. , . t ..
wie uuuio una a jucaass at an traues
Brit jaawHsmruts.
The Dammar Term of this instltatioa will onn
for tha n-eeption of atudmts of both sales on
MONDAY, tbe Jlh day of MAY. 1ST 3. Thoroaeh
instruction ID ail tba aranenee or ft eommon
Knglirh aad aoademical aduoatioa. Hnecial at
teauaa girea to Iho training of teachers, la
strurtlua oa the Piano and Organ will bt girea
oy aiiee stale r aioora.
ror particalars, address
II. 11. KI.NIV;aU. See r.
Hrndforeatalugue. ap23-4t
tWatc4u!s, Clocks and Jewelry,
Oppaslta Coert House,
Paeond Street. 1'LKARPIKl.n. PA.
All kiaaa of repalriag la my llae promptlr at-
tended to.
April jj, 1S7J.
J tioned agaii
1 Harrow, 2 ccr
All peraona an Jiereky cau-
againsi paronaaing or nrddiiog wiih
I CcraOera. 1 Tattle, half inlaraat U
1 Stores and Pine, a lot of Kails. I Fhm.l .nd
all other pereonal prwpertr aa tho grounds of the
uieeraeia rarn Aseoeiallon, au te same belongs
v we nuu is icu tnere aunjeet to my order.
April S.I, TJ, J.t
n. r.
CIAUTIONAII peraonaara hereby aa.
J tiSed not lo interfere with tha fallowing
property Ooa Cow and Calf, t Iwo-year aid
heifers and a head af bbeep, aa lbs same belongs
to me, I baring purchased the same oa law I7(t
day of April, 1171, IVa Ueal.1 Helada and Kate
ouladft, bis wire, and hare left them wlthlhem oa
toes only sua.ot to my order.
jiprtl as, i-l, v-l. JAMKH 1IILK8.
4 N ORDINANCE.Do It enaeted
I 11 by the Burgess and Tnsrn Council, aad It
is nercny araeraa oy tne aumorlty of the same
1st. That bereaftor no person shall be permit.
trg to nse or occtij,y any street or portion of street
for Ihe purpnsa af laying thereoa building mate
rial, or uf circling sraflulding or ether atmllaneea
eonnoited with Ibe erection of any building, ti-
nept they Itrst olitato frotn the t'lerk of the Towi
Council a permit he use the same, and erery per
son shall pay for said permit tba sum of Ire dnl
lars, eaoept when said permit grants Ihe nee of
nrconu or Maraet streuts, wlieu they shall pay
tba mm of ten dollars.
2d. The Clerk shall are at ao nrrmll I
owner or builder fur a lunger period than all
m'ssllis or !! nee any oilier portion of Ihe slreet
than the burf of Hie street fronting the prsmlres
oa wblrh the said building is to be erraicd.
- A. C. TATE, Oargenf.
Attest! E. C. Jonvana. Hee'y. ap24-4t
iinreaonce of an order of the tiihii'
Couit of Clrarfl-ld county, the naderpigned, Ad
ministrator of the estate of Cfeorge tlrsras late
or the State of Missouri, dee'd., will sell at pub
lio sale, at Ibe Court House, ia Ihe borough af
Clrarfltild, said ciuiily, on
Tllt'HMMY. MAY, ?d, 1S73,
at I o'clock, P. M., the followlm deeerikeJ reel
estate of said aocoasod, to-wlti All that eorjaln
traut of land, situate in Murris tonnthrp said
counly, bounded by lands of fianM llrauis nnd
ninrra, ennraining line) IICKUHgO AMI
MKETY-POUU ACKKH, mors or ,ss. The
Improrrmenls wniln of a good TWO-tSTORT
PLANK IKH'PK. 10.2.1 feel, with lli-L.....
lachcd, FRAME BARN SO hT ahont g f.L
aad ether autbuildlnfe. lOOOl) Oltt'UARU on
Ilia premises, .ha properly I. ,i, uoai,,i,j
Willi coal. Ahwut one bandnd .r . .
le cleared and under a good state or ralUraaWen.
Tiaus or Cais.-One-lhirsl af tbs awmase
snonsy cash upon oouBimation of salet one-third
in one yoar, aud Iho lialanca l i.. . .1.
'he littar t p.yn.mis with liiercs. from
.0( -,,.torad hrnMtt
$rw guiwtijiMfttts.
paraaaftoa of aa order of taa Orphant'
Court of Cleat Seld aoonty, tba andaraigaad, Ad
mlalilrator ot tbe aatale of Kichard Aaberaft.
lata of laid county, deo'd., will aell al publio
aale, at tba Croaa lloade at Kaat Kldgo, la burn
side townahlp. aaid oounlv, on i t
TIll'KKllAV, MAY 12J, IS73, ; i
at I o'eloek, t. M.,lhe following ileaarlbad real
eelale of aaid deoeaeed, to-wit t All that eertaio
piaee af laad aitueut la Itarnaido luwnebip, aaid
oounly, boundad by landa of laaao Keim, K. A.
Irrln A Co. and othera, coolaiulug TWE.NTY
flVK ACRbH, mora or leas.
Tanaa or Sale. One-half of the purchase
money cash oa oonflrmatlon of sale, and tbe bal
ance in oix mouths thereafter. The latter pay
ment, with Interest from data of sato, ta be aa
ourad by Judgment bonds on the premises.
April 13, "7.1, I I Administrator.
Shop on Third street, orar Hilry's blacksmith
shop, L'LKAKFIKLl), PA. ,
All kinds of Rifles aud Bhot Guns on hand.
Repairing dona In a Srst-elass manner and at fair
prices. J.Jo'TJ
is hereby given that letters of administration
oo the estate uf ANOKKW II I NTKfl, deocased,
late of Morris township, Clrar&cld oounly, lenn'a.,
baring been duly granted to tbe undersigned, all
persons indebted to said estate will please saakt
immediate payment, and those having olaime or
drmands will preanut them properly authenticated
for settlement without delar.
meblt-tt. Administrators. '
J. 11. M'MUIlllAY
WILL erprLT yon WITH ant article
IOR SALE. I bave for sale the
. following property i i bay Mares, by name
Minny aad kitty, at f 1,400, or choice of one at
f 100; one set of double harness at &0 r one sat of
stagle harness at 130 1 oaa thrsa-soated spring
wagon at f 220 i one buggy at Hti j eus threa
aealcd bobs (140 j one slngh 11 14.
PenSeld, Pa., March !. 1S7S.
Market St., CLEARFIELD, Pa.,
Is tha man U ga to if voa - want a set of new
HAK.NKSS ar a aaw BAbDLk, or anything else
in thai line. He turns out as good work as is
done In aay shop In Pennsylraaia, and bis prices
are very reasonable.
Ceastaotly oa hand a full line of
rack, as Trotting RadJIii, Quarter and Miie Hoots,
Trolling Rollers, Whips, Finr Unishesand Combs,
As. A Sue assortment of Nets, Horee Oorers,
Knee Ulsnketa, BuOala Hobes, As., Ac, kept in
season. la faot anything that horssmea stand in
need of is always on hand.
All of wblcb will be sold at wholesale or retail
al the Tory fairoot rarea.
Repairing promptly attended to. All work
guaranteed. Shop in room formerly occupied as
Port Office. April , 1S73.
mill fcl'MMER TERM af eleven weeks, will
X commence Monday, April 14th, 1ST 3.
Reading, Orthography, Wrillag, Object Laa.
sons, Primary Arithmetic and Primary
Geography if 00
History, Local and doseriptive Oeography ,
with Map Drawing, Urammar, Manful
and Written Arithmetic.................... ( 00
Ak-ebra and the Sciences II 00
instruction la tnltromentftl musts 10 CO
Oil palming, 14 lessons ..,., II to
W work t 00
lor full particulars send for Circular.
CIcarBeld, AprU 9, IS73. 7:70 y
Knitting Miitliinc!
This Knitting Msrhlne Is one of the most use
ful inventions of tbe age. By autiring cfTurtr
and ingenious experiments the inventor has
achieved what thousands bava unsuccessfully
tried to a-.iain. That is,. a KMI'liNO MA
CHINE, that will knit a sock ia sevea minutes,
heel and toe, oempleta. Narrows and wfdens.-
Knits all gradeaof yarn. Nobles, Tidies, Hoods,
Mrn's Knit Jackets, Hosiery of all sisee, and al
most an endless varisly of t'sefnl and Ornament
al Ooods. It will knit from a Watch Guard to a
Bleigh Robe, aad dors it with neat ores and des
patch. Persons that ara ineepaeiatcd from hard
woik,aa earn from
, Ter Da; with tha Knitter. . '
This Machine bas tahen tht higbral Premiums
at the Principal Kspositions, State and County
Fairs. It is simple and darablo in eonlerucliun,
aad will wear a life-time.' As H is eonstrutfted
with tha tacat raeohaalcal eiaelness, and for
general range uf work. "IT 1IA4 NO EQUAL,"
and Is only limited in bcaaty and style by lbs
imsgiaaiioa and ingenuity of the operator. . I. VltlCE, $ IO.OO. ,
For rrferrnea Ibe public eaa address or call ap
on the following residents of Clearfield oounty 1
Jonah Thompson. Jonathan Hartshorn, John
Norris, D. D. Kilter, John F. Btull.Curwemrllle:
Lewis J, Hard and Joha Orr, Uurd P. O.i Klah
Johnston, Abraham fprncer, Klirha Fenlon,
Urampiaa Hills P.O.; Joseph Kirk, Joha Ow
aas, James Curry, Lumber t'iiv.
Samuel Jenkius, Kin., at Carwrnsville. la lha
General Agent for Clearfield and Jefferson coun
ties. All neecssnry Information can be obtained
ty calling apoa blm. - . April IS, le?3-tf.
lUvtnc narfhuW tht hw Cloth Uobm of
sMsrnnm.oi 01 .Mu faot urea Uoodi Ii tbe ceuoljr.
-u cm wii tutjir
for Men, Boys and Chlldrso, ,
Than any other house In tha oounty.
They will always keoa aa hand a tare and l.
agant aaeortiaent af
tt 1 - ' , , Ac, Ac.
If yon waat In a-el rood aail strllsh Clothina.
at low ngitrns, do not fall to call at thrlr ealab-
ttshmeat befnre spending your money elsewhere.
RemewiWr tba lao.
Alllllsl,TRATtlR' NOTICE. Notlaa
Is hereby riven that letters of sdmlnlsts-atioa
oa tns estate or wm. K. WHIUI.KY, dea d, late
of the borough orCloarfleld, Clearfleld eouaty, I'a.,
having been dulv araated lo tha anderslined.
all psrsona Indebted lo said estate will please
rake Immediete payment, and those having
claims ar demeade will present Ihsei properly
authenticated for Battlement without delay. ,
J. K. WRttlLKV,
F. 0. WHKll.KY,
Clearleld, April , 1871. St. Adminialratora.
IXiitl'TDIf" NnTlce.-Noll-o Is h.-re-j
b.Y given that li-tlera teslamenlary having
ae-n granted tn the suhm-riher na the estate of
OKllKtlK 1IKNHY YtiAH, deo'd, lets of Ilrady
township, Clearileld county, I'ouuaylvauia, all
persons indehted to said estate are reiiieslrd to
wake iuinirdlale parment, and tense having
rlaime against tha same will present thru duly
autBCalleetrd Cor satlleraenl,
j9nv 2lflrfrtisrmrit5.
Mercantile Appraisers' List
T 1ST of Retail Dealers In Forelg and Do.
Ij meatlo merohaudlso In Cloarflold aauuty, for
year IbiS, vln
ecriBu. ,
Class, ' Zf'cswse.
18 John U. Om.go.lll
H MiuK.A.Wriglil T
14 B. Armstrong .... 7
Cruse. feeass.
II Wsa. Rani 7
13 AraUAIIartsh'nl3l
13 Tbompsoa A C0.43J
14 OalharlDttlrair... f
13 Wm. A. Dale , 10
14 L. V. II. Sopor... 1
13 John Irrln I2
14 H. Ktiler 7
t K.A.AW.D.Irvin 34
II J. J. Jackson..... 7
13 Hoover Bros 10
14 John M. Carson. 7
II Wo. 8, Dickry
a nun........
14 C. J. Keagy...
14 O. W. Stilus..
1.1 H. M. Farlaue.
1 4 Jerry Cooper.
14 David H-ll,...
14 J. W. Hell....
14 O. W. Rorabaugh
14 Kobt. ilrhllley.
14 MctieeAlkllia,uiU
14 RobL ii. HtewarU
14 Mrs. M. Kulrrr...
14 Hamiltuntlraham
14 W m. Ali-haBcy....
14 T. A. Mcllea
14 II. F. Henderson
14 A Lacotite..
14 J. B.Ellis
14 Jacob Campbell A
14 Ellis, Irwin A Soa
14 Wui. L. ribaw....
Dun ,
14 P. M. Smith
II J. Scott 1 legal..
14 Win. Mapes
14 II. II. Morrow...
18 T. II. Foroey....
14 Philip MoUea.. .
1.1 Jno. Holt A Suns 10
13 Kills rlmeal A Co. Ill
14 J. Forest f
14 Elliot Sclfrldgo... T
14 Kd. II. Williams. 7
14 Ah. Graham 7
13 alesler, McMath
snanr. .
14 C. Tturket 7
14 R. II. Moora 7
14 W. J. Means 7
14 KanliAOinler... 1
14 John Hchourich... 7
14 B D. Sehooaovcr
1.1 II. Alk-uinn
10 P. A A. llynn.
14 T. A. I'ridi aux
14 J. . Williams.... 7
13 Pat Gallagher..... 10
14 Win. Charlton.... 7
13 Jumrs Dnun 10
14 Mathlas Maver... t
II F. LirerightACo. It
14 I'orter a. Co......
14 . W. Carlisle
It Roht. Mcllondiy.
14 J. UeberlingACo
14 Mrs. s). Ilesinger.
14 J. Stewart, No. I,
14 Clareocellichartls
13 D. Uoodlander....
14 J. Hlowart, No.J.
14 John Nangle....M
13 L. H. Carlisle...
II rlchwem A Co....
i 14 W. H. Ilsllinan...
14 IL C. Oates
It Kerd Bros. A Co.
14 Chas. MuFaddon.
14 Poter Lanoleon...
10 j 13 II. W. Hrowa..... 10
7,14 n in. h earns
10 C. II. CoryellACo 30
II T.J. Burke
... 7
13 Morrison, KaneA
4 Jno. Kane A liro
Co ..
... 10
13 J. A. Terpe i:j
14 Jas. McKeehen...
14 Parker alroog....
13 II. t-an
14 J. C. Johnalou...
14 Straw A Beer
II Mary J. Comfort.
14 flodfiey rieber...
14 I. C. Mclloakry.
14 Wm. J. Ilupper..
13 J. W. IVter.....
14 Thomas Myers..,
- aeox.
14 Bimon Flvnn
14 D. A J. F.rbard..,
II hamut-1 Htarr
Lt-usra cirr.
14 II. W. Bpencer...
13 Jaeksoa Palohin. 10
14 J. C. I'oauor 7
13 Horace Patchin., In
14 Jas. Mc.Murray...
11 A. W. Patcbin....
14 Lamborn, Hell,
Fredly A Co....
II McEre A Co
14 Wm. Pardy
14 Rosa A McCune.
14 Jsmeo Curry......
14 O. P. Pierce
14 Wm. H outer
II II. II. Uurd
14 A. L. llurd
14 Wat. McOarvey..
14 Jno llockcuborr
14 Hugh Jalbighvr
II Wm. II. Wagoner
13 Nutter, Dai isd Co 10
13 I erguson, Ross A
Co .I2J
13 D. h. Irrgusuo A
13 Wright A Bro.V
Co I2J
8 II. 1. lligler A Co JC
14 McUaughey A Co 7
14 liol.l. Mitchell.... 7
13 K. W. Uraham....l2)
IO J. M. Kratser.... 20
13 Ktawart A Bon.... IV
14 R. H. Hhaw . 7
10 Win. Rerd 20
14 Thee. Htcvoosou.. 7
8 Richard Mossop. 60
11 Miller A Powell.. 15
II 11. F.Xauslc 7
10 J. Bhaw A Hon... 20
14 J.H.f-b.i.rrs... 7
14 CD. Vlatson..... 7
1 1 rhinue) I. Knrder 7
14 J. M. Macomber. 7
10 D. W. Holt A Co.. !0
14 Leonard Kyler..
14. Jonas Moos
14 Peter Mover
14 James Thompson 7
14 Austin Dillon,...
10 J. It. Mr-Murray. 30
14 Johnson A Dale.
14 Wm. Foster
14 Kemnel MrCuar.
use KOLA.
II J. R. llrown
11 J. 11. Friday
14 S. L.Rubins
12 W, O. Kellr-
13 HartswickAlrwin 10
14 Mrs. tl. Boallch.
13 SsckcttASchryver 101 14 Pat McUera
7 Weaver A Hells.. 4"! 14 Mrs.This. Iluchls
8 Kratser A I.jtle. SO, II H. A. r-colU-ld....
II Lever Megal IJ I4 A.Mvers
14 U.C.Pasmo-e.eoal 7 10 Lirerighl. Liegla
I Wm. Turktr.liiuo
t A Co
7 14 F.B.IIarlmanACo
1 14 lleorge K. Jonee..-
14 Us. id Adams....
II U. D. Uoodleilow
A Suba
13 A. I. Shaw
II Mrs.T. E.H .i.en
II P. A. Gaulln
14 John Trontttan.,
14 John A. Btadler..
14 Mill etyner,ftia-
sie flora
14 T. 8. A J.U.I sett 7
8 M'ishaoron Land ..
A Lumber Co... 30
13 T. R. Uood 10
13 T. C. Ilcims A Co JO
II Alicbael ?irrr..
U A lUcasr
1 1 Foreman A lies
It McUraih A Co....
13 David Foroey.,..
14 O. L Koarrs
II J. ii. RaSsrty....
14 Adam Smith
14 P. E. Brubakar...
13 J. R. Arnold......
14 Painutl liaggerty
14 G. W.. Lambura.
14 Robert W aring ..
II Misses Mcl'allo'h
A Htewart
II Win. I. other -
IS t. B. Iscli
14 O. D. Hunk
14 Justia Plubrll
14 Fraaois Ceulrlet.
13 L. M. Coulriel....
14 Henry Yutlirrs...
II Mrs. Maria Hitler
14 Henry Cochran...
14 Fred r-chnarrs....
14 Uco.MerrellA Co
II W. E. Longer.... 7
14 Gilliland A llcok-
andora M.M 7
14 A. Higleman 7
II M. U.Conoway... 7
13 Faust A Uoadwia 10
14 T. W. Fl.ming... 7 14 Wm. W.Albert...
II A Oatca 7 14 Wm.A.ChaseACo
14 Jacob Bilger 7 1 Thos. Hrndrrsoa.
14 Jos. R. Irwin..... 7 14 McCullrAKamev
I D. S. Plainer 7 14 Frank Uuleer
14 Aleiaadei Bros., 7 1 14 James Ceruolv....
rivaij. nr.Ai.Riis is raTCRT vinicinr.a,
C'. Aicsnsr.
4 Uradv, Daalel Oondlander.. i
4 Jalius A. Terse,. ..,. a
4 Beeoaria, C. i. Kragv 6
4 ' r5tmon MrKarlaoe 8
4 Covington, L. M. Coudrlet t
4 Curacnsvillr, Josepk .. Irwin 8
4 " Aluaandcr Bros ,, A
4 Clesrfield, Kit-hard Morsop b
4 CD. Watson.. t
4 . " llartaaiek A Irwla 8
4 " Kralser A Lytic 8
3 " A. I.Fhaw 10
4 (lulloh, P. A A. Flran 8
4 Uraham, T. II. Forcer 8
8 Hoastoa, C. IL, Caryell 4 Co , 8
4 New Washington, J. K. MoMurray 8
4 Osceola, D. R. Good 8
4 Woodward, Samuel liaggerty 8
' Miii ia's ta. '
14 Bumside, Horace Patcbin. 7
14 Uoshen, J. B. Shaw 7
14 Lumber Cltv. O. 11. Lvlle 7
14 Pike, John Irwin , 7
14 ' Josqih Spencer 7
14 " O. B.Logan , 7
14 I'aion, Josrpb It. Arnold 7
I CleerOeld, Cliarlcs KrhaScr 8
I Caspar Leipoldt..u 8
Lutbersburg, F. K. Arnold A Co 30
Clearfield, Clearfield Counly Bank , 30
Osceola, Lloyd, Caldwell, Lswths d Co..,. 30
stt.t.ia una, vau rtaa, avtv
. Clearteld, D, McGaughry, I table.. 30
Oscecbt, J. C. Rikanl, 1 Uble 30
M Beniamtn Bwarert. 1 allov BO
I oertlfj tha above ta be a oorract II al ef the
persons assessed. iNotiee ii hereby giren that an
Appeal will be brld at Ihe Commissioner's Office
In Clearfield, en FRIDAY, the 3d day of Mav
neat, where all who feel aggrieved eaa attend if
iney ace prosier, lit eionerat Ion ar reduction
can ne made after tba dsy of Appeal
11. 11.
April iih,ier.
Mercantile Appraiser.
To Tax-Payers I
TN" accordance with the Act of tha General A
X semlily of this Commonwealth, approved the
sa aay oi oiareil, ji. v. inra, and tne sannle-
msnt approved Ibe Id day of ArrlL A. D. IS.i.
"relating to Hie onllrotlon of taxes in Ihe county
of Clearileld," Bottee is therefore herehy glvaa In
the tal-payers residing in Ihe distrleta named
below, that the County Treasurer, in accordance
wltn tne sectwin section of said Act.wil attend at
the places of holding tho borough and township
elections on the following named dava, for the
purpose of reoeiring I lie Oouai aad State Uses
assessea ror.ine year i;at
For ClesrOrld anil Lawraaee township, Friday
ant HalurJev. Mav 2d and 3d.
For Karihaua, Tuesday, May Sth.
For Covington, Wednesday, May lh.
ror uirara, inureaey, May nth.
For Unehen, Friday, Mav nth.
For Uradford.Saturday.'Mar Intb.
Frar tlrahani, Monday, May IStb.
For Morris, Tncsilay, May Ulh.
F Decatur, IVednesdav, Mav Htk.
For Oaceola, Thursday, May 15th.
For Houtsdale, Friday, May loth.
For Ilogga, Saturday, May 17th.
For Huston, Tuesday, May 10th.
For I'aion, Wednesday, Mav Slsl.
For Brady, al West Liberty,' Thanday, May 13J.
" '' ,; Traatvilla, Friday, Ma, 33d.
" Lulhersburg, Ralurdav, May 311k.
For Curwsnsrllle, Mnndnv, May 38th.
For Plhe, Taesday, May ink. ' . .
For Bloom, Wednesday, May Jith,
Far Penn, Thorsdnv, May Slltb.
For LumluirClly, Friday, May 3rh 1
for Forgnsoa, Saturday, May Slat,
I'poo all lavas asld talbaTreasnrerlbere will
bo redurlliiB uf FIVE I'HR CENT, while ve
per eent. will he nJtUd tfi,r (As jret ifne e A).
"Tt, to all unnald taxes, maklna a Hl.r.. -V
TUS per eesit. la peampl tai-pavers. Parties
nan, after rise 1st or May, nay their taxes al ihe
Iruasercr't office. 1 he balauoa of tha distrlols
WiU ha irlled after June curl.
- HAMl'BL P. WILaorT,
- Treanret s OSice, I Treararer '
Clc.rC.lJ, 4vil f MT.l. f
( k 1N.TUE WOKL1)! J
Hail! All UuTTlUc Coming!
Trans-Atlantio Circnsi
Troupe of Bedouin Arabs
Will eihibil at
On Tuesday, 29th of April, 1873
Afteraoon entertainment at I o'clock. Keen
Ing entertainment at S o'clock. Doors opes one
uver previous. ,
ADMISMON,;..... .....50 OUSTS.
thilJrcn, 19 Trial or ander. 26 Centi. .
0d bund red and UUy Aoimnli, o b uod red fcn
tUls.ll AB.UisJaL
Kxbititnl aodijf eotiroi Hitf montUtr wttof
pravi i'4.Tiiii(iuff oapiiblo or icaliug fl t
tbout.Qsl prriooi.
at 10 o'clock. A. U
Led by Prof. Norns's Cornet Band, mounted oa
ma ueldea Car af Cleopatra.
Facb Teat is briiUaatlv lighted with (ta,
fourteen in number,
Accompany this GJoegal Conaoli-
Appearing tn their native costume la theflrand
Mrocl l'arade, and every atiernooa and
evening in lbs lliupedraaaa.
All Den Ahdallak, the Chiefi
Hash Nasscll, tba Whirlwind l
Abdallsh Toeldol, tbe Strongest Maa
llassa llassln, Ihe 8apple
Massia Abdallsh, the Wonderfali
Rrn llassin, tbe Revolving Man ;
All Alahomet, tbe Touch-me-not;
Bca Ambarg, the Iron Man; '
All Mobamliurg, the Quickest i
Amburg llrn All, the Mighllesli
' llasha ILilae, the Thunderbolt) .
All Melllck, tbe Loftier! i
llassta Rrian, tba Lightnlngi
All Uen Lablen. lha Little tllanl.
Their trrriSe exploits and extrsordlnerr dlav
plays af physical vigor warrant lha tuanagsmtnt
in enuuocing inrm uh mnai ;
Marvelout Gymnasts of the Age.
Daring their eiblbltioas of skill and Intrepidity,
these noae of the Desert
lura SomorsAults over a LtriJu-o of
n . . m
iiayonuts, ana creel
Lofty Pyramids of Living Men.
N. B.Mfnt.sTri tTMsl ftnil knut n-a,.M. a.
tht CI rem perform. sec. whiflh Mnma-Mi ki
Uldi V bj tJiiTB-f r,
The Great Mastadon will Exhibit at
BclkfonU', SuturJuv, April 20.
Philirmbunr. Mondov. Anrll 9R
Clearfield, Tucsdny, April 2!). '
"Valiums vi nc, wcctnrfidny, B0t i
of April, 1S73. . .
Qmyil Director
L:feivMd.VtV CVS
'r. rih''Fx 1
'Down I Down 1 1 "
AND OF COl'RfK THE fllEirbTi
it.:- : tt-i ;z i r-
k Prnrlamatinn -airrtine U:U a.
; -" '"6". riKD
TITE are now opening np 1 tot of !,,
oterid III this UMlket, tnd al priien that
one of the r""d old dnvs uf rhrasi Iblep, vJJ
who lank failh Rpua this point, or derai tu T
galious siimtSu'ius, nerd but
Cerver Front sad Market streets.
Where Ihey can see, feel, bear and knee fw v
selves. To fully nudnrrtand what ererhnp talT
this must be done. We do not d..
to enuinemto and itcuin oar stock.
it a
lor us 10 state tnai
We hare Everything that is Keedjj
and consumed in this market, aad al trisss ii
astonish both old and young.
r. a. Biixaa.
Orahaa'i How, Market St.,
We would most regretfully inform onrfrin
customers, nd tha publla geoerally, thai v. J
now bsok ia oor old qosrters, which hart J
remodeled and improved, and we are an p,
pared lo Bcoomatodata all abn may fsrorat
We hate Jas! recelrtd one ef the larger! rhwi
ef a'.l kinds af Merchandise ever. broaghltoCV
Celd eanniy, which we Intend to aall at rsck 1,
uses as will a.ske It an object for all fmxi .,
parftia.s from as. Faratllas laying la aiste
supplies of Groceries, Dry Goods, Ac, ikcaMs
fail lo give us s oall, aa ws feel rsafijistsv
prises and superior quality ef goods will sa
satlsfv all. . Our stoci of
eonalsU of Coffrea ef the best oaaJity Teas h
gars of all Iliads, Molsasee, Fish, Salt, CW
Dried Frail, Spioes, Prei laioas, Flour aad Im,
Ae., Aa. Our stock ot
Is large aad varied, and wa will jest as; , J
supply aay article la that lias, aiihmt sme
ting. '
Wa have a large stock ef ready-mads ClslsbJ
for Men and Uujs' wear, which ae.will d.rpoeJ
at a very small advance oa aost.
Boots and Shoes, Hats aad Caps, RsrfaJ
Queeusware, Wood and Willow Ware, Ksbsii
Faaey floods, Carpets, Oilcloths, Wall FaprJ
Window Shades, Ac, Ac .
- rT" Being extensively engiged In the Laa
business, wa are able te offer superior induced?;
te Jobber).
Clearfield, Ta., Jan. 3, 1S73.
Ll'TIlERSBl'Rfl, A, .
Dealer la
HATS A CATS and BOOTS A 81101,
Tobaeee, Groceries and Fish, Nsils, Barlvsrl
fj'isensware and (llaseware, M-n s sal
Boys' Clothing, Drugs, Paiata,
Oils, Hrhool Rooks,
ft lsrgs lot of Paisnt MediclBsa,
Caadlee, Kate A Dried Fruits, Cheese ae4 Cn-
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Floor, Grain and rotators,
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Sole Leather, Moreccos, Linings, Bindlogi il
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fine gilt psper, etc., at J. M. KKAT7.I.H 1
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abore oust, by the piece, at J. M. KKAT2KR
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most desirable stiles al J. M.
A VARIETY of Dress Goods, suitsble
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eoustanlly en band, at J. M. kRATZSK
RI'.C El VI KG a large supply of Lailiri
I'hildran'a Pbeee. made to order asJ
ranted. A haadsoma Galisr for 82 0 at
oh38 J. M. KRATZER
Ir.T Granite ware Tea 8rU and Chi
I) Sets, Knives and Fork. Silver-vlated 1'
and poi,as, Table Linen, N apkins, very eK"
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OH AW La, Scarfa, Neckties, ColUrs,
Sj Hair Uoeda. Ulovea. Ac Kid II loves all
also the Josephine Seamless Kid lllovea. s I
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