Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 16, 1872, Image 2

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She Jltjntblian.
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Democratic National Ticket.
or saw voss..
or m.aui si.
Bnii Cows., of Wsstuaoreleud.
Usonns W. gaixxtn, uf Franklin,
flume. Manns, of F.rit.
JoB 8. MlLLBH. of Huntingdon,
- 8. Qkow Fir, of Philadelphia.
1. Thomas J. Bargar. .13. P. Iiowenhorg.
I. mepn. II. Anderson.
U. JraseMeKnight.
14. Henry Welab.
111. Henry J. Stable.
IT. It. W. Christy.
1.1. William K. Logan.
11). Ilesselat Drown.
3. John Moffat.
4. Ucorge K. llerrell.
I. To be Sllml.
8. Isaiah B. Jloupt.
T. Samuel A. Dyer.
R. Jeaso 0. Ilswley.
. II i rata II. Swarr.
10. H. Rellty.
11. John Kunkle.
12. Fred. W. Uunitor.
20. F. M. KoMnaon.
SI. J.'fl. Million.
21. T. 11. Stevenson.
33. John D. Ilanl.
24. Ocorgo W. Millar.
No Diffebence. A party at our
elbow fools indignant over tlio fuel
that the Iindiinl Chairman went
about town siliciting coiuriliuliona
from Democrats for the purposs of
topping up "wear and taro" on tlio
night of tboir jubilco. Not a bit more
out of tlio way than to auk a christian
to voto for men for office who should
bo io the penitentiary. The harmony
in the two acts nrc splendidly blended.
Wboeror can do tlio ono will do tho
other. '
, Attention. We have been request
ed to elate that tho display column in
lat week's Journal vai not intondod
for circue adrerligomont, as some
of the readers of that journal supposed
it to be, but merely to call thier at
tention to tho fact that the candidate
who wont into tho penitentiary for
coriificatos of good character was
elected. Thai's all. We advise those
"intelligent" colored members of the
party to got interpreters beroaltor,
befuro thoy announce that "anodor
circus is comin' to town."
D D Isiri'DENCi. Tlrnt corruptesl
of all living men, Simon Cameron, has
just dono what Yerkeg did the da
After Goary and Swoopo got him out
of the penitentiary, cerlifiod to the
good charaoicr of John P. llartranft.
Now, send to Now York for Tweed
nd Connolly. They will do the same
thing. . Wby not hvo ibo characlor
of our new Governor duplicilcd by
ibeio notorious State thieves f Tho
men who voted for llartranft may
not feel so, but the State is disgraced.
The elevation of this mnn to tho high
position or Governor is a disgrace to
while men and negroes. ,
Two Apostles Two votes were
polled in Burnsido township at the
. - . r . c . n rn. . t.
m9, tut k. I IUWII U. V tj n ..V , ( uw
Temperance candidate for Governor.
Those two seorn to have been tho
only real tcmporanco men in tho
county at tlio time. Tho State organi
zation should look uftcp ihore two
uposllus and voto thorn a medal and
otherwise encotirsge them. As every
body will havo an opportunity to vote
on tho License, or Liquor, question
next Decombor, it would bo well
enough for those two gentlemen to
look around for holp, ao that they
may be able to get tho question fairly
before the people.
Outlawry. Tho Radical "muss"
entitled a jubilco in this borough on
Friday night, was an outrage upon
decency and a disgrace to the county,
in a moral point of view, however
creditable it may hare bocn individu
ally to the participants. Tho Sheriff
was compelled to get out of his bod
after midnight and go into tho strode
and disperse tho drunken mob, and
while doing so he roccived a severe
cat on bis head from either a stone or
billy. After putting soveral to prison
tho bftlanoe left for other quarters,
nd peaco was aguln restored. It
was a mero accident that we did not
have first elans riot on tho night in
question, and if wo believod that it
would improve tho morals of. some
very nice individuals, we would pub
lish their names, so that their wives
and parents would know bow they
behave occasionally.
Ota. MAJoniTr. Tho majority of
one thousand four hundred and thirty.
sovun (1,437) for Charles It. Ducka
lew, speaks well for the inorul and
political iulogrily of Clearfield county.
This is a littlo more than we claimed,
and the largest ever given by our
county. Tho msjority for Gon. ilc
CVollnn. ia 1864, was 1,301 on the
home vole, but was reducod by the
army voto to 1,289. A number of
Republicans dropped llartranft and
Alien, knowing tbem to bo dishonest
and totally unfit for any position ex
cept the penitentiary, while others
voted for Mr. Buokalow to defeat tho
ling candidate and thus save thoir
party from disgrace.
To adjust our majority properly in
this county, we should adopt the vote
cast for Supreme Judge. Both candi
dates stood high for ability and in
tegrity, and commanded the respect
of thoir party. Tho majority of 1,845
for Judge Thomison, should thorefore
b adopted as the pemorratie standard.
Tht tilmte EtttUo.
The battle has been fought and lost,
aud to-day Tenasylvaula bos for Gov
ernor elect a man whose charaoter for
honosty and Integrity has no other
endorsement than that of a penltonti
ary convict and a partner in tho criml
nul nso of tho Stato funds. If the
vilisons of this Statu can glory In the
triumph of such a man, olocted by
mcuns of fraud, perjury, money and
treachery over Charles It fiuckulo
one of tho ablest and most upright
statesmen in tlio Union, wo can only
say that ihey bnvo reached a depth 0
moral dogredation only oqunllod by
the worst cnrpct-bug governments of
the Southern States.
Wo confess that wo have been dis
appointed , in the result. e hud
hoped for the overthrow of tho Cam
eron dynasty, und tlio destruction of
tho llurrisburg ring of Treasury
thieves; we had hoped to sco John F
Oarirnuft, It. W. Mackry, and other
members of the ring, nmdgnod before
the criminal courts to answer for tho
high crimes with which they havo
been charged; we hud hopod for a
thorough examination and report of
tho cqudition of tho Slute Treasury ;
instead of this, the election on Tues
day last, has given Simon Cameron a
now leaso of power and insured his
ro uleetion to the United Stules Sen-
atoj it 1ms approved of the lliioving
and plundering of tho Treasury and
given the ring fresh licouso to pursue
thoir iniquitous course without four ol
punishment, and it has closed the
doors of tho Slate Treasury against
unythit.g like a fair aud honeat ex
amination into its condition.
Wo fuel proud over tho moral and
political sentiments of CloarOeld coun
ty, as expressed through tho ballot
box on the 8lh by the unprecedented
majority of 1,437, but we aro humili
ated and disgraced by the genoral ro
sult. That such political harlots and
notorious State robbers as Cameron,
Evans, Yurkcs and Mnckcy should bo
continued In power, dcvelopes a very
low standard of political rectitude In
the Quaker Commonwealth. Boss
Tweed would bo an improvement on
this bund of thieves. He did give the
poor of Now York 830,000 of his
stealings, but these fellows keep all,
and aro backed by a party "controlled
by grand moral ideas." We are not
nslonished ul tho ring, but wo ate at
tho backers. If their conduct is that
of patriots, we woro educated in the
wrong school ; that's all.
Our Tubular hlattmtnt.
For u dulailod statomunl of the vote
of the county wo refer our readers to
the tabular statement clsowhero.
Iu tho vote fur Delegates at Largo
to the Constitutional Convention we
only publish tho vote cast forjudge
Black and Mr. Moredilh, who headed
'.ho ticket of their rospectivo parlies.
The voto for all was nearly the samo,
except that Gov. Curlin had nine
voles more than the rest of the Dem
ocratic ticket and Hurry While six
teen less than his colluugucs.
It will bo observed that wo gained
handsomely in Beccaria, Boggs, Brad
ford, Clearfield, Curwcnsrillo, Girard,
Gulich, Karthaus, Knox, Osceola and
Pike, and in Woodward, too, if we
iocludo the lloutzdale ; vote ; while
our lossos wvro confined to Covington,
Deeatur, Golion and New Washing
tonin ihe latter and Decatur lioavil v. i
Our gains in Clesrfiold, Curwcns
ville, Gulich, Kurlhaus and Pike are
particularly gratifying, because it
comes from Republicans who wcro
too conscientious to vole for men who
Bhould bo in the penitentiary instoud
of aspiring to be Governor and Audi
lor General. Patriotism and moral
integrily provailed over partisan dis
cipline and party tactics, and mem
bers of tho opposition party boldly
voted for tho right. This is commends-
bio and worthy of imitation, and if
thero wcro only more of that class in
tho ranks of tho Radical party, the
State Treasury would not now bo a
don of thieves and tho Executive
Chamber a sink of iniquity, where
pardons and charters aro sold as freely
as shad in tho market houso in Mny
Tho idoa that men who claim to be
christians can voto for candidates
who havo been proven guilty of per
jury and misdemeanors of tho hlghost
grade, is shocking Is tho moral sensi
bility of ovcry man not blinded with
avarice and ambilion.
The four Jntki, ,
The Grant party of Pennsylvania
holds a strong hand, llartranft, Al
len, Ycrkcs and ilui ccr. . Theso men
have lor years gambled with tho pub
lic money In tho State and in the
City Treasury of Philadelphia. , Tho
two latter were arrestod and tried in
a Philadelphia Court and sontencud to
two yean and tiiuo months imprison
ment in tho ponltoiitiary, besides
being heavily fined. Their confeder
ates, llartranft, and Allen, have not
bocn arrested, but In lieu of that havo
been elevated to honorable positions
in tho Stato by a party which declares
that It is "controlled by grand moral
If rascals are promo'.od and Stato
robbers taken by the hand and em
braced by mon who pass for h on out
men and patriots, what is thero to
dolor any ono from committing crime
and becoming open violators of the
law? '
Hai'I'Y Fellow. The success of the
Poniienliary ticket turned the Journal
into a piotorial Inst week, highly em
bellished with birds and beasts of prey.
IJathfbStvep. Twenty-five dollars
was the price paid for votes by tbe
Ca morons in Lewisburg on election
day. In Dauphin and Labanon they
paid only five dollars per capita. , In
Philadelphia they bought them by lbs
ward tit various prices. ,
Dooflruia..,, ,,,
11 loom
Uarniitie. ,
Cbott ,
Coviti((ton, ,
Curwpuivillo ,
Owutur ,
FfrRUtun ,
Ulntril ,
Mdhn i
HuitoD ,
Jurilau t
I.nmbar Cit,v
Now WtulilngtoUti
Union -
W owl ward H
Tht tlggrtgnlt Vole.
Wo like to dwell upon and Invosti-
gnlo our domestic prosperity. What
ever other counties mny do, Clearfield
has an abiding progrcsBivo faith in
tho doctrino of the "old Union Sav
ors, tins is demonstrated by the
annual increase of her Democratic
majorities and a largo increased vote
at tho sumo timo.
Tho voto cast for Governor thrco
yenrs ago was for I'ackor 8,020, Geary
1,700 making a tolnl of 4,820, und our
majority whs 1,222.
In the lato contest, Uuckalow had
8,432, llartranft 1,095 being a total of
5,427, with a majority of 1,437 for the
Tho nggregsto increase over 1809
was out, or wiuen mo unmocrois
gained 411 and the Radicals 190. Wo
lost on the vote of 1809 in Brady, Cov
ington, Goshen, Lumbor City", Now
Washington, Penn and Woodward.
Tho Ttadicul Toss was in Brady, Gi
rard, Graham, Gulich, Kailhaus,
Knox, Ponn, Pike and Woodward. It
will be observed that both parlies lost
in Brady, Ponn and Woodward. Tho
loss in tho latter is explained by the
voto of lloutcdulo, that portion of the
township having been erected into a
borough sineo tho last election, whilo
the voters simply remained at homo
in the othor two districts.
Liberal UtpnbUtanUm.
This organization has made its
mark in our Slate, and is doing a good
work in its ondoavora to rid the State
and the municipal dopartmonU of our
government of unworthy and corrupt
officials. Tho potency of the organi
zation, although not eight months old,
is visiblo in every county of tho Com
monwealth. '
In Philadelphia it embraces not less
than 15,000 of the best men of that
great metropolis, while throughout
Lancnstor, Chester, Crawford, Brad
ford und othor xpulou counties of
tlio State, its inoinbers aro numbered
by thousands. Thoir efforts in our
own county are quite visiblo. Tho
larger portion of tho parly is compos
ed of young men, who aro an honor to
any party, and are as vchomenlly op
posed to corruption in viuoa .
aro to horso stealing, and will lave
no stono unturned until corruption in
high pluoos shall bo the exception and
not tho rule. .
Their efforts in Cleurfield, Curwons
viile, Girard, Guliuh, Karihnus and
Pike, is quite visible, when tho elec
tion returns from those districts aro
compared with former years. Liboral
Republicanism cannot bo crushed out,
because the views of its members nro
broad and national, sound in morals
and eminently proper as political
economists. Tho numo itself, and tho
large numhor of cinlnont statosmcn
who havo joined the organization al
ready, are guarantees that the party
will work no harm to tho State nor
jeopardize sound morals. Their "de
parture" by the aid of the Democrats,
who cannot bo purchased by Simon
Cnmoion und his ring, will rid the
departments and legislative halls of
rogues, roosters, and political vaga
bonds by the time anotbor Stato elec
tion comes off. ,
Murk tho prediction, Mr. lUdical 1
Ohio asd Indiana Thoso two
States acted nobly on tho 8th. The
Democrats and Liberals carried the
hitter State by a small mnjority, and
made heavy gains In tho formor. Cin
cinnati wheeled clear round. Instead
of giving from four to fivo thousand
majority for tho Radicals, the Demo
crats and Liberals carry tho city by
ve thousand, making a change of
ovor 9,000. Tho gains throughout
Ohio aro honvy, particularly In Clove-
land, Columbus, Toledo and other
largo cities ol the Stato.
Tho eloclion of such a slntosmnn
as Thomas A. Hendricks, Governor of
Indiana, is a victory of which the
Democrats and Liberals may well be
proud, after such a huge effort on the
part of tho National administration to
defeat him. ' It is vory evldonl from
the change made in these two Statos
that Grocley will carry thorn In No
vembcr. ' Tho Michiganders and Illi-
noisans must then stuy at home to
vote, in order to carry their own
Statos, instead of going to Ohio and
Indiana, as thoy did on lh 8ih.
A a mot Um.Tlia four great clash
ing cavalry loaders during the war
luipalriok, Avenll, Pleasanlon and
Cartis ar all against Grant. Why
are they all against bimr Because
they know from personal knowledgo
that be is unfit for tbe position to
which he nspiros. ;
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The Jlonilrotii Doctrine.
Last week, at tho Radical Rerulli
oan muoting, where Air. TaylorT ltudi
cnl candidate lor Congress ad a cer
tain Col. Paine, of Pittsburgh, gave
vent to tho doctrines held by lliuir
party, mote boldly than others, the
declaration was mude "that il would
bo a God-sond to the country if State
lines were obliterated;" the centralism
to which the progressive party is
hastening with all the speed the twin
brothers, tho d I and Cameron will
permit. State lines obliterated con.
tralism and despotism will bo coin
plele. Monstrous doctrine! Tho very
lifo of freedom deponds upon the well
dofinod and unadulterated rights of the
Slates, and tho protection ot lifo and
proporty by tho Slates. Monstrous
doctrine ! but not too horrible for the
poltroons of personal government.
Wo know this is not the doctrine of
the intelligent Republicans of this
county, but let thorn bewure of the
leaders that givo utterance to sucb
fatalities to liberty. Abandon them,
whilo yet you run, and hurl defiance
at thrm, and treat them with merited
scorn. 'Jnensburg Democrat.
Breaking it Gently. Our amiublo
friod and aclivo ro-laboror of tho llar-
risburg Patriot, thus introduces the
election returns Irom Pennsylvania t
, We give all tho the returns received
up lo the hour of going to press.
i uejr aru not neaviiy uuurgcu wuu
coinlorl to the Domocraey and Liber
als in Pennsylvania. Tho indications
are that we have boon effectually
routed, and il remains for us lo retire
in as good order as practicable, huv
ing duo regard for our wounded. Tho
Cherry Hill certificate Of good charac
ter bus been endorsed by tlio voles as
couoted, and the incoming Governor
is at liberty to cull into his cabinet
ma iormor creditor, bvans, as bocro
tary of the Commonwealth, and "Dear
Vorkes" as bis confidential adviser.
Tho freemen, who aro jeulous for the
uonor ol I enusylvania, aud wbo gain,
erod around the upright statesman,
Charles K. Rnckalnw. hnva ten over
borne by iboso who prolorrtd party to
purity, aidod by repeators and negroes
imported from adjoiuing Slates. Phil-
adulpuia, under llio skilllul niunipuii
lion and unscrupulous munagomuut of
a corrupt ring, lias rolled in upon us
from the cast wi'.h a Radical msjority
of almost twenty thousand, whilst
Allegheny answers from tlio west
with aliuokl half as much. A few uf
our old staunch Democratic counlica,
whn, never falleriug but true as steel,
send! us rays of light which shine
tt,ivn. Ii I lia rfarknMM which unrrviimda
us. Just now wo hare littlo heart to
speak of tho future. We would think
it only a shower that fell yestoduy, but
it has tho look of a flood.
Dxmockatio Dklawark The late
voto for I'ical ofllcors in Delaaro
shows the Democratic parly is anil in
the ascendant in that steady and cal-
laul little State. Under the loud of
such men as Bayard, tho Suulsburys,
Ponder, Brown and others, tbe plrty
has breusted all adverse currcme in
tho past, and kept the Statu fast to its
Constitutional moorings. Delaware
never deserted tho old flag! She kept
it flying at the masthead during tlio
storm of pasKion and predjudice atten
dant upon the war, and since that
lime it has not been lowerod ono iich.
And now, on the cvo of a Presidential
eloclion, tho people givo token by
thoir votes of the part they monii to
play in ihst struggle Delaware will
be true to her traditional record. ' Her
Voto will be cusl for tho uominros of
tho Democratic parly , for President
and Vice-President, as it always has
bcon and her voice added lo tho Domo
cralio party of tho nation in favdr of
peace, reconciliation, pure mail und
honest administration of public agsirs.
The Thieves ENPORsEn! Tho Lan
caster Intelligencer says "The last
struggle with the rings that ouu ever
be in ado at the ballot-box, lias resuU
ed in roaster to the people. , A besot
ted and boHiul muj irity has given its
endorsement to tho nominees of tho
ring in this Stato. ' llartranft and
Allen, to tho siirnriso of everybody,
nro elected, and by a largo majority.
This is amazing, but wonders ( will
novcr coaso. ,
There is nothing left for tho honest
men of tho country bill to go quiotly
to tbe polls in Novombcr and cuter
their protest airainst tho abominations
of tho presont udministrntion. ll will
not do lo retrain irom voting al luo
Presidential election. Silonco gives
consent to the maladministration and
corruption of Ulysses S. Grant. Every
true patriot will iro to the eloclion and
deposit his ballot for lloraoo Grcoloy,
an honest ard Incorruptible man."
Gome-Hon. William 11. Seward,
Socrctary of Stato under President
Lincoln, died suddenly at his homo In
Auburn, . Y-. on Thursday lost
'.io will nevov jingle that "littlo boll"
again, which was renderod so infam
ous ibo world over. , .
i '- - m m
Just the Man. Hon. Cyrqi L.
Pershing, of Johnstown, wai electod
President Judgo of tho Schuylkill dis
trict, on the 8th. Why that soction
pf the Steto must comp up in the
mountains for a judge, wo oannot say,
but we oan assuro tbem that we have
the very boat material in the State
up horo, and can furnish them with a
few luoie. if necfsnarv.
2Uw (ivrrtijtiurntis.
auditor, aiH!nltl lo dialrlbuu III. balaaos
Is tha kanila of Ucorxa W. AloCullaj, a'liululitra
tor, Ao., ul Julia 1.. iloC'alU'.r, lato o llaaaarla
tuwufhip, ClaarfiulJ eouut.v, docaaiad, to sod
aiaoDK ilia partita li'K.illj tnlilled thereto, will al
laod lo tha dalles of Oil appololuianl, at hi. of
flea in the boruuKh of C'leartiald, oa Friday, Kor.
I.I, IS7J, .1 l.VI-V .
sail 3 3t I). W. McClRDY, Auditor.
AUDITOR'S! NOTICE Tha underlined
auditor, appointed ar tha Orphan.' Court of
1'l.arflcld eouDln ;-j distribute tha talaaas of tha
funds of lha catata of John barmo among tha
parties entitled to rcoeira tha .sine, will bold an
audit, for that purpote, at hi. office, io Clearfield.
Ha, on WVIm.dar, Uatuhar 30th, 1873, at I p.
m., where all parlii-a tntereated ara iurilad to at
tend. 10:10 J.NO. II. FL'LFOBD, Auditor.
Tha psrturrihip heretofura axiiting be
tween Harratt and rMinger, in Lutborabarx, clear
fleWeounly, Pa., la Ilia Tio, Store and Hardware
buaioaei, eras diesultetl b; mutual oonsaat on lha
!Vlh day of October, 1872. Tha baaiseaa wUI be
aontioued by J. llarrey Kdinier, ona of tha lato
firm. Tbs booae socT aeeounta of tha firm will re
main for settlement at lha aid alore. Kilnar af
the partner, of tha old firm ara anthoriicd to act
tla aud resells moner.
10:10.31 J. HAKVEY KIll.VUKrt.
Reld county. In the mailer of the aetata of
lilchanl A.horaft, lata of Bnrnaida townibip, deo'd.
Tba nmleraijraed auditor, appointed by lha
mart ta aiaks dietribution of tbe balanca remain
ing in tha bands of tha admialatrator of .aaid as.
tale, to and among tha naraon. legally antitlad
thereto, gives notion that be will attend to tha du
ties of tha appointment, at hit r(ftc in Clearfield,
Pa., on Thursday, tba tlh day of November, 1872,
al which tima and plaoa partis, iatomtecl may
attroa ii tnvy soe pmner.
(KlIO 31
L'S fJORUOX, Auditor.
anrw of an order of tha Orphans' Court of
Ciearfterd avuaty, lbs undareignad, adminialrator
of the estate of Wm. Lumadue, daoraaed. will fell
at pubtts ealo, at tba Court llouae, In Clearfield,
on tATUKUAY, November Id, 1873, at 1 a 'clock
ri. m., lha following described real estate, ailuatc
a lloggs towniliip, Clearfield ooanty, Pa., begin
ning at etono oorner in lioa of Jamoa Wilsonerwfl,
thenno hy land of A. Croae' estate, its several
eosrars and dlataneas, 178 4-IS porches; tbsnes
by IsD'l of John Coulter S3 perches t tlienoe by
land of U. Adama 80 perabea to turnpike ; tbence '
east by pika S74 parches ; theoos wssl by land of
31 ra. Cross 3 3-13 porches; tbenss east by sirs.
Cross S S-18 perches tbenoa north ita several and distances by land of Mra. CroasSI 3-10
perehes to stones in lias of James Wiiionemft ; '
w ty aauia a-lo pwu w rlca ol btgia
ning, oonuining 41 acres and 18 perehea sod al.
towsaoe, and having about 33 acres eleared. a
frame house, fratns barn snd Urge baariag orchard
lias, os Sals On..hlrd In hand, balsses
ui two equsl annual payments, with interest, lo be
ftuored by bond snd mortgage oo tbs premises,
notlfi-lt , A. C. 1 Ail!, Administrator.
X Tha nderiirratd will toll at Pnblie fialv, at
tliolr naidewoo in Morrii townahip, at 10 v'oJock.
a. on
Hatnrday, Novcnber Of
tbo following poroonal pmparty 1 1 kmvt 1 eolt,
li farad young rank, I oowi, tlt-rk ofibrfn,
boga, 1 wagon, buggy, harnoM, 1 akighi, buBaJo
rv-, ttaai.flM ssjeuaa. t IWS1 mtWH, pitrwVUSJt, OOUtO
0I1 a inn, whifflelna, tbroahing nahino, windmill,
IM) buabola ryo luO buBuola whoat. TO haibola
bui kwbi at, oOO or too butbt'la , 40 or & loaia
straw, 4 ton bay, butbcli corn In ear. 400
biK!a flora fod dor, Id buabola Iwona, 1 10 buabola
patatnra aim, all of the booaobuld furniture.
Will alao artt at tho an ma timo liHI avrrri of Und
in Morna towaahip and 61) awroa in Hogga tona-h;p-bing
timbered and uuderlaid wiib CoaU
For farther hilormttion call on the undoTfignod.
oct-U 4f-pd 1TMAMEK DAl.B.
I hara Just reairr4 from Philadelphia all tho
new Fall stylo French patters Hats, Sonnets,
Oilrick Plume., Flower., Ribbons,, Ao,
and am also prepared tu offer antra Indueeenents
lo tha Millinery trade, a, I buy goods for cash
only, and saa get np bettor qnality of goods and
batter snd mors fuihlonabls stylss tha any osa
In market.
Mltf. T. B. VATfON.
CIsarMa, Fa., October U-"t
J November Term, A. U. lS72,(2d Monday.)
Pater Rl.iel Deoearlai J. A. Howies. .. Ferguson
io,. Campbell Hall Francis Invngia ..Oirard
II. A. rihimmet....Ilog?;i1tYin. H. tlroen-.tlrabam
II. L. Hall...... Bradford !. 8ianocla...
Jot. Hhuc.rU Ursdy
Jot. II Kirk "
John Hcutt...
Al.ia. Wslkrr,
Pred Koblsr " .
J. Hnolh. "
H. f. Potmaa "
.lotm Wagonor.llarn.ide
11. Calhoart "
Zenna tgd.n...I.awrcnoa
W. T. Hchryr.r
Newton llcodfc.
T. MiTlicreon..
joun Kiug
.I.mea Davit ChaatlJaa. Hughes. ...... Mortis
Hsu. Ribllog...Closrnrdil
laaiab lloovar....
W'm. Hsrd.HCurwenav'l
John Ilamarly....Otceola
Charlaa Cleavar....lann
Husli Mullen. I'iko
H. 6. Humphrey ... 11
U. Jlartihora, Jr "
David does Ureal w
Henry lloe. "
Wm. Ay.rl " '
r . alcCraokea..Ksrguson
- arcusB sets
Wm. Uotton Ileccaria , M. Tale.
ticorga f e.iuor....Hn!l
R. Williami Uradford
K. Fraroo "
Wm. Uoovor " '
f- Arnold, Brady
Dan'l Rlfhel '
W. T. llamlltoa.. .
O.J. Westarar..lluroside
Jas, Dowler.,... ' 'I
I. . Kllll.q.. ,,.,.,. ('heal
E. II. l lemaon "
J. T. Loonard...Clrarf'ld
W. K.W'rigl.y
W. W. B.ti,...
II. B. Thompwa...Cur'llo
II. A. lturkelt.,.leoetur
And. Kephart... "
T. Read
J. A. Muny...., "
J. P. Til,,', in (lulich
.Too. Mi'llowell..tlrahaia
II. Spankmaa ,., "
Hiram Htraw..,f...Jordut
J. R. Johnttoa.. n
J. (iillilod.1...Kar(ham
The.. tThltf... "
A. HnmphreyLawnaoa
M. tl. Drown- "
W. Ppaekman
lletiry Hoover.. ..Uorrl.
A. P. llloom Fika
N. Farwall
J. F. Rllter "
Henry Valley Colon
tsirk wscs.
W.8. Dlckey.Deoc.ria
Kd. Cooper.., ..Clrsrfleld
H. W. Psrk...
D. Reese. Decatur
I. L. Ward Graham
T. H. Force. -
W. II.
H. Ceaewsy
R. Oweat. .Lawleeua
4. i oopcr "
5. Byera.
Wm. Lord
Geo. Cu3msa Red
A. H. Cms Hogga
It. W. N.inea..Uradlorti
J, n'oolrldga,,, "
A. Oc.rh.rt....
i. W. Lankhart...Drady
Jot. Walsoa...
P, Sotiday "
A. Moyer, Jr Morris
J. C. Barrett
J. Baam,.. "
J. M. Dillon "
1. 8ummarvilla..llnrnsid
I. II. dnrcnooU.Covl!,t n
D. R. Fullerloa..Claar'ld
R. N. bhaw -
A. Keea..,...,..Owiala
P. Dallay Pa
Thomas WalL '
Jna. Oaleh "
Ja. Ianlap..,..M..Piae
J, L. Lr-y.,..
1. Utotkbsuk (l'iou
3fiv (Irfrtisrmfntj.
V, Cirri trtpMfli.( o ihpnin(Mg
j tf Hie auli-crilirr, rii4tsr la BntU town
b pp. on ur ftbu.1 lh lit of sSqitrtntier la, ft
Urtfti t'uw, whit i,iJ r4 ffpollud. iuiiot. tu b
U ur 17 jreart vll. Kite hn on a iirrfffl ttl. Tb
uwnrr H n'MUraiUj tu eitm (ortvunl, bruva tiroo
rty und take bvr awn, or flir Kill W diipnvad uf
acouriliti i law. v A. HKAUii. Ui I. 0. liT2.-"t
CAUHO, All pvrauna Aro brrrhjr narnod
aKaln't 'urt-kiAtoiii or tu way ineddlinx with
two largt UAV MAKKi, now in tlio iijMion
of Tliowat KUrr, u( IU(irri tuWHuIiip, tho
amfl belonf to Me and are Itlt with him on Ivan
onlv, anhjret to my ordrr.
ootS-ai - IT.TEB !OVKR.
1)MIIT TOKH Xtmi lV Xutici
uo the oftato wf M AH A. I.KHIH. docraatd
hiring b-n dutjr n runt if I to thr un.lrrttt;n(Mlr
all parnan iudrlitrd Iti nidot'tatr will ptminf make
paymeut, and tboao kavinj, el Aim a rr drraaudi
will prcariit tboni pn.perly ao'hetttiratel fur pU
tlrtncut ritbrr to 1U0 ntidtriightU ur to O. R.
Birratt, rin., In (turmy.
hj;i i:kx lswh,
Oct. w, Zt. v.lutm Kirni-.r.
j Icrf T-ilamrt'arr n tht tr9te of JuH X.A.
KDMONDd, drivaitad. lato of t'ltarflold Lur
oajjlt, Clrnrfifld otxinty, )fniiiilasta. haviiif;
bci-a granted to thr nodrr-iicnrd. ao l ail prwiiia
indcMd tu aaid Mtale wilt plrafp utkr wont,
and llist? having tlaiina ur tlfiimnda will prt'mjnt
h"in pr(t;rrly amhctitieitt d I'tr alllcu.Lht
Auy a.-a-'Uiita aca.nt tUe atu.o it. le at-1 tied
with ii. K. Ilarrott, l.stii ., my t'rflT.
li. I. KHMOeVI'M.
0t $, isrs.nfpd. . . :.c.utn.
Di m i ,u tio w w p a it T x r : n s 1 1 1 p.
1 h partnrrrhfii h-Trlufurr a.iniu llwoaa
J II. Mi Murray and tiatttiot Mitaii. ll, doioK bo.
iiiffi tttid r ihf hriu umv uf McMurtnv si
ld.lcli;i and J. It. MuMiinay A i tliia'day
dip'oUrd ty mutual ouiiarnt. Tha book 4 and pa
peri in tha banJi ol J. H. ML-.Vtirray fur t'lo
rrtt. J. U. M -MX KliAY A CO.
Nw Waaliinj'oo. Oc'. lit, Wi.
Th huiinoti will br fondutd at thooMafaod
and in f-triucr Binaur bv lha undrriiguml.
oeto.3t " J. It. .MiilL UHAY.
'HARM KOU SALK. Tlio under.
X aignrd oiTnra fur rata hia Faiintaiiutrd efjut
diKfani btwfin 4'lrartteld and Curwruivillr, tor
aa!o. It euntaiua aliaiul tb9 A am. aud li nearly
all clrart-d and nuder cultivation, with good
buildingn. t will bo ould v iraaoaabla irmi.
If nt f"ld conn, I will let U on tho aharra to a
gfiod (cd ant. A l-o, a pair uf good, young, wctl.
tnalahod Draft Uurac fur ',
Cloarflatd, Oct. I, 1973. St
In pnrsuance of an order uf the Orphans'
Court of Cleartji-ld county, the nodersignad guar
dian, Ac, of Jacob Mitchell, minor child of Con
stance C. Mitt-lull, lata of Buraaide townibip,
de.a.e4l,will aril al public saloon too premieea.oa
Thursday, November 1th, 1812, .
at t o'clock p. M., the nndiridrd one-half part of
that eortaia trait of land aitoato io Hurnaide
townabip, aforeieaid, bounded by lands of Samuel
MeCuno and others, containing 137 aorce, 113
perches and allowance, lata tho estate of tha aaid
Constance klitihell, euhjeet bewsvor to tha sop
part of Catharine Mitchell, widow of aaid ds
oeased, as charged in his will.
Tanas or Sals. Una-half aaeh an oonlrtaa.
tloa ol sale and tha balance la one year, with In
terest, ta bo secured by bond snd aiortfragaoa the
preml.oa. II. L. II KXDKHSO.V,
stl-3t Uaardian.
W. I) Al l, of files llnpr, Pcnua
la mr authorissd Aernt fur the sale of
noloolt s 1'aia l aiut, tha only maunt ndicf and
permanent euro or all kinda of Pain. Alio Hoi
oott't Annibilatur for the radical cure of Catarrh
and cold, in tho head. 11. L. VVOI.C0TT.
c2 3na IHI Ch.lham 5quara, N.w York.
ad doakr la
ITT . 1 v i m
v au-iies, mocks, jewelry, biivcr
and Plated Ware, &c,
Attention, Lumbermen!
TJt ara now ni.nulactnring nur IMPROVED
IIDIIKS. superior to any other in aac. no havo
alao in stock a large quuntity of Csnibooka auita-
bio for rafting purposes, which wa era selling
caeap lor eaan. snilfl t n. Sfc.AttAKV,
ClrorlMd. Pa., March 13, 1871.
TIaring pnrrhMard tho Cheap Clothing llouao of
laaae u. Kaitamtatn, novo llio largvat and boat
ftMorimont of Maoufactnml Uvoda la tuocotvaty.
ana oan aril tnrir
for Mt-n, Poyi and Childrtn.
Than any other houao tn the county,
Ta-y will alwayt krop oo band k largo and U
cgunt aiortutent of ( ., .
, TIK.1,
' ' '" VAL.ISPJ,
1 i . Ac, Ac.
If yon wast lo get good and ttylUk Clothing,
at low figures, do not lail to mill at their eatab
liahment before spending your money elsewhere.
Remember the place.
A Notorious Fact I
rrillRRB are more people Iroubl.d wtlh Lung
X Disease In this town than any otherpleoe o
ita slat In Ihe Stale, Oae of the great causes of
tbla la, ths uss of an Impure article of Coal, l,rgely
mi led tilth aolphsr. Now, why not avoid all
l hia. and preserve your lire,, by naing only
Hwtnpnrcy's Celebrated t'esl, flee from all
impurities. Orders left at the store, ef Richard
Mosson and Jama, H. Graham A Son, will receive
prompt ettealloa.
Clsarleld, November 10, 1370 If.
1 1 We have printed s large anmher of the new
FBI PILL, and will ea the awoelpt ef rweeitv.
Ire eenlt, s copy to ssr sddrats, , myll
5ry tBoodjfl, c
InimriiM Blotk of Oood$ otetery
Woolen (ioods, tarns price as before Ike ad
vance in wool.
Muslins at reduced prise,.
Dress Ooodt (a greatest variety, i '
Mourning Ooodt of all kinds.
Black Alpacas, at all priest.
Black Silks, very ebrap.
Waterproof!, Vslvetcsna, Plaid and plain Flan
nstt, Shining Flannels, As.
Table Linen and Napkins, Irish Linens, 18-4
Shooting end Pillow Muslin.
Ottoman Rep Bhawle and Searfa, Stripsd Shawls
at all prlees.
Paisley Shawls, tingle tad doable, 3 to $i0.
Praia Trimmings, Frlnjet, Leoes, Velvet Rib.
bona, Vslvstssns, As.
Fall 11ns of His celebrated "Josephine Seam,
less" Kid 0 lores, Kid Gloves from 11 ap.
Ladles' Neck Ties. Colters, Ruining, Hair
Braids and Switches.
Ladles' and Children's Marine Cadcr-wtar.
Madame Foy'e, Thompson's, Olove-Fitllng
liip Uere and other CorssU. Alto, lieop Skirts,
Paniera, Ac,
Irge stock of Carpets and Wall Papers.
Show, and Oait.r., aamo Reality as heretofore.
"The best are the cheapest,'
Bslmoral and ether koiltlnj yams, snd eihsr
srticlcs, too namsrous to mcstioa.
Purchasers will 8nd a greater variety of goods
than is usually found Is una store.
Call and csamine.
Clearfield, Sept. IS, 1171
Successor lo Reed Bros,
"11 7 ILL opoa thli wok m taaowaai ftoek of
1 T all dMeriptloflt ot
, ; ' ' SUOES,
&c, ic, Ac, cVc.
Buying my goods Id New York, the Aenef of Ihc
market j keeping a reliable class of goode; sell
ing goods at close cash figures, and oonducling
buaincss la a thorough businsss manner, I hope
to merit the eonldenee ef CASII Bl'YERS
throughout the county.
Cell snd ctamlne any stock and be convinced
of tbe truth ef my assertions.
scpt!i WM. RERD.
At the New Tobacco sad Cigar Stare uf '
A. If. SII.1 W,
Between Shaw HoutcA Mention noute,C1earteld.
Conatanity o band a Sne aasortmcat of Nary,
Congress, Cov.ndiah, Cable, Fpunroll,
. Mlabigaa aad Centary Fine-eut
Chawing Tobacco, Ac,
Alto, a large and well selected stock of Imported
aad Domeallo Cigars, Smoking Tobaccos,
Meerschaum aad Briar Pipes,
Pipe Ciluroi, Tobacco
Boies, Cigar Holders, and everything generally
found tn a well regulated Cigar and
Tobacco Store.
JreykRcmemher the placet Market street, be
tween Shaw llouae and Mansion House, Clear
Acid, Pa. pd.tojan.4 72
Boynton'8 Lightning Cross-cut Saw.
ALSO, . ' i
For sale by
oct 13,70 II. F. BItlLRR A CO.
rjlHK IBtt
. . : .' J :i I f Y . i 'A :i H
Pata nt Link Motion, Alaiott aaltrlcw tnftnhino.
Don't fail to osamiao U bofaro purehat
lug olMefhai-f.
Agont for CI oar Arid oottoty.
rIwal Aernta wanted la OTor (own In tho
county, to whom liboral lormi will to giron.
i'ou mil to aiamino it nnn lattfiy yoortfir.
Clrarflrld, Fa., Ktb. T, IMi-U.
bar for aula
. siurrs ,kd roi.EH, t
Oarrlags ed Wago, Maker, shopld saah, a
el, ef hl. and sell and eianrie thena. They
will he aals al fair prleee. i i taaylt Tl
LOwT.Ob or eooet the last ef June, a right
red Cow, about .l:ht ar sine reare eld.
baring almoot straight horns, Aay Iniuraeetlea
ia relation to Ihe ahere Cew will ha thensfally
reoelrad by Ihe anderslgned, residing ai Moata
dale, Clearteld ooaaty, Peaasrleanla.
Xml &tettti$mMt.'
Presidential Election ProclamatiJ
vanla and Ibo aavoral aufjplnt,oa thartiVl!',
proTluod that tho olaoton of tbo Mvarai - ' 1
of tha CoinaioJtWonlth qnttllffed to oU fot J J
ban of lha Uonorai AMmbly, ahall bold a..!l
lion, at the aaino plaocs al nlilob tba ita, fc J
btr fliall hato bran vol ad fur tt th i,rM 1
loot lo on lb flnt Tuaiday noil alter tbe I
Uonday ol Ncivtotbrr. Iu tbo tear of . i.n
oao thou Mud iKlil hundred and forty, i
mo earn any in oary rnana fear tbtrtaft il
(he. M V . 1. . ' 'I
.... r't'-. iniiwn wi i raaioaui atJ
Vieo I'rraidi-m o.' tbe IfniUd titataa., I, JL'BTIN J. l'IK, II, Rh 8Wi
of CUnrfeld oi unfy, In parauauai,f ibduJ
joined on ine hy ib Aot alH.ra rvfrrred (oiDiui
'; V """"I stj mi, 0 .j
olamaltvn, ruln notivo tu tba rttcturi r.r.J
oouiiiv ol. i Wurlifld, ejuallliod to wtofor kieatwl
ui mo uonerai Aieruii'iT, io tnetti ot tair fM.
elootlon UiiirUta on TL'KBDAY, tbe flfta Ut ,
Novrtobor next, then tad tbort. but ween ih !...
uf fix oVIuck in tbo lorninc at.d wren e'ckvl
in inn vw)iiing iii aaiuuny, io
Eloetore of a Freaideut and Vi'Prtideit af tt.
United Btatat. And that tho luvoral Judu(l,
nietoji and Clerki, oho shall have attends ,
the preoodinf (f-noral alottion, aro rtMiniredlefc
trt'd and perlorm Ibo alike dulioe ana be lobja
to alike penalllai for nfjleot of doty or miaMi
duot aa they ahall be llabl at laid Giimi
The eloctori of the eountr of Clearfiold will i,.
aotloe that tha laid eioeaoa will bo bold at 4
loiiomnf piaoai, la
B fee tin a towninipt at tba Union Hotel, la 0
lit II towDjkip, at tha booae of Robert UeWn
Illuoa tuwbihip, al tbo boaao of tho late Jity
Bloom, Br.
hnfift townahlp, at tho honie of Edward AlUr
flradfonl townabip, at the aoaaeof JaoobPitrt,
Brady township, at the honjo of Hoi. Sohttt
id ljuthersborK. ,
Bam aide township, at Toonc'i evhool heaea
Cbtst township, at tbe pablia sobooi boHaaJ
oitnon noratianga s.
t'loarftcld borons, at ta Cowrt Hoaae.
Curintrton townabiD, at tbo bone af J. Utwt
Curwcnifilte boaoof b, at tho hone of tiikl
isaae iuomb.
. Ioctvtar towoshln, at Contra school boos.
Ferguson township, at the houee of John (1am
oty, l.riucrly oornplrd bj TUoi. ctobUon. (Brts.
Wlrard twnfhfp.oi Cottrree fflll fehoof
Goshen township, at tho pabli oebooi boiai t
Oraham township, nt tho hnnor of Jacob HcUs
Uulieb township, a tbo publio aebool boBa,a
Huston to-wahip, nt the hon of Jess WjlHl
Hva tKfaflt borough, at the publi boqseof Ws
Put I tr, in euld boroajrb.
Jnviia.f toiinhip, ot tho public school husis,,,
Karth.tus tonmhip, at RridreV ebol sot
Knox townibip, nt Turkey II ill nbool honm
Lawn nee tonnsliip, at tbe Court Uouse, iitb
boronD ol laartieiu.
LuiutK-r t';tj boroazb, a tbo publio school krna,
Mmrii townnhip, at tbe houao funnerly oosspm
by Thoirnu Kylor.
Xcw W ajbmgton borough, at th pitblUKsa.
Oeot-oU Loroogh, at tba pnblie boon ef MLS
TJoyt, ia aaid borough.
Pann township, nt tbo hotel formerly kntli
W. W. Anderses.
Pike towusbrp, at tbo house of tb let Ink
Bloow, In toe borougb ol turweusTille.
I'd ion township, nt tbobouae of D. E. Brebtii
Woodward townships at tbo bouse of Thank
Motlca ta further hereW rhea. Tar
11 psrsoni ifpt JusMro of th Pre,
shall bold an olfieo or appointment of trait nU
tba gorernxeut of tbo Vntted Biates, or ef thi
Stato. cr of aay ineorporaud diatrlct. wkfikin
eottmiiwloaed otfcer or otherwise, a suboreW
offiter or agent, who I or shall be employ. .
dor th LeRislatiro, Kxecutlro or Jodirisl it
partinenta of this Stato or of th United Sum
or any city or Incorporated district, nad u.
tbat arory tastabor of Cowgr, or of tat Itu
Legislature, or of tb eommon or lelect emir,
of any city, or eonminloner of any ii corvrti
district, are by law Incapable of boldiai v
3rcMlog, at tn samo lima, u one or a)
poictment of Judge, Inspector or CUrk ef nj
election oi mit votninonweniin.
By the nn of Anenblj of Vnews u tb
IlrrWtrv La, tt Is provided a iiilloas :
1. "Kir ton o (B ears ar to open Ui polli b
tweea th hours of six and seven a. at-, on tbs or?
of election. Before six o'clock in tbe u)ornisif
ccooa lucasy oi vciooor uwy ar to reauii
from tho County Comtuisstonart tbe KtxirtirW
List of Voters and all noecssary election ektb
and (hay ore to parmlt no man to vote vhv
nam is not oa said list, ualesa he shall mm
proof of his right to voto as follows:
t. Tbe person whose name is Dot en. tbifw
claiming too right to rvte must pnrduocae,tAld
voter ol ibe dittriet tn ewoar in a writte ar tna
ed aflidavit to tbe restdenoo of tbe claimant a tb
district fur at least ten days naxt prooeediD tut
aiccima, autintng clear I j wuere lb resMssei
the person was.
i. Tb party elaimiog the right to vote to
also make ao affidavit, suting lo tbe best af tu
knoaledgo ana belief wber and when bt m
born, tbat ha is a cttiten of Pennsrlrania ss.i!
tbo I'm tod States, thai bo baa resided to) tb
SUts tyfio year, or, 11 formerly a cititea Ibmn
and removed therefrom tfaul . has reid-d tbtrts
six months nexrt preceding said election, thai b
bal Dot moved into the Hietrict for theporponif
voting therein, that b has paid aBtateoresar
tax wlthia two years, which wa assessed at kv
tea days before tbe election, aad tha affidavit Us.
suto abt aad where tba tax wai aa.iHsl a.
paid, and tbo lax receipt must bo produced m
ibe affidavit shall state that it has beca lostera
strive ft, or that bo voceevoel aoao. ' '
4. If tbo applioaat bo a aatarallted eltlm.V
must la addition to tbo foregoing proofs, ititti
his affidavit whea, whor and by what eosrtb
wns neturalitrd aad prodaeo bis eertifttatt i
o. Itrery aertoa claiming to bo a nalmnat
cltisen, whether on the rcgiatry list, or prbdwu;
atnaavH atoresata, shall bo require to ymwt
hi naturalisation oertiftoat at the election Uim
voting whor be has beoa for tew years eaioo
tlvely a voter ia th district where be riant
rute t and on tbe vote of awofa a Wet eon beiai
ceived, tbo Kleetioa Officer ar to write er tu
tba word 'voted' oo hi c-artiacapta With the Brt
and voar, and no other voto eaa bo oast tan a?
in virtue of said eeiiifieato, except where sown
eittitiM to vote oa tn oatoraiisaiioa t Uf
6. If tho person claiming to roe wbeiia
registered shall make affidavit that be is satW
bora citiirn of tbe United states, or, It bere
where, shall produce ertdcuce of bis natsrslia
tion, or that he la entitled to cititrnihip bymto
of bis father's naturatitatioa, and furthor, thai t
is between 21 and t2 year af age, and baiiwat:
within the Mate one year, and ia the elacuesia
triot Kb dnys next preceding the electim. k
shall he eotitlrd to rote though be shall 1101
paid taxei.
In ease the peroen ho shall bare reeelveiw
second highest number of rote for inipector.aa
not attend on the day of election, tbea tht per
who fttnll niive receiver trie second nighinai
ber of votes for jodge at th next precedir.f d
lion, shall act as inapector in his place,'
ease the person who shall hare received thr
est number of rote foe inspector shall not slu
tbo person elected judro, shall appoint iT
tor in his placet and lc ease the pct-soi W'
judge shall not attend, then the inspector sr
ocived tbo high ret number of votes, ahall ifwe
a judge ia his plnee ; or if any vaceacy thsii
tinue in the Ward for tba space of ea b-ir at
the time fixed by law for tho opening ef tbe te
tlon, the Qualified voters of the town-Hp.
district for which sweb aflcer thai! bct k'
elected, proaeut al tb place of election, abalt
loot one out of tbrlr number to fill such faraefT.
Also, tbat where a judge, by sicklies '
voidable accident, is unable to attend laciao
ing of judges, thea tbe Certificate ar ret an d
be takva "'.large of bw ftue of the tntawiw. .
j and perform the duties required of idJ-Yr
auie 10 attend.
The Return Judge of th respective di1'1
aforesaid ar requested ta meet st ! C'
Hon, in the borough of Clearfield, oa tbe I"
Friday aext aftsr lli pa() first Tuedayf 'r
rem her, then and ther to 4fi tt"
required or tom by law.
U1VKN under my band and seal, at CI''
PeBBea this aiatb day of Oeteber.h1'1
L.fl. yar of our .Lord oa tbovsa' fi
hundred and seventy two, and if tkf I
pendenoe of tb I'm ted (States tb ninetv fil
It herelir given thut loteraof artiaiaini
on tha citato ef MARY ICRUARP, '"
Kno, townabip, Clearleld eonnty, I'S , desesw born duly granted lo the o,lfriiMi'
a.rrona In.leln.d to sold eatata will pleaat "
Imaiediate parment, and thoas baring
dewanda will prrsrnt them properly aui3fsn;k
lor eettlrment withuat delar.
eetl lr ) ' S . Adolaieii
IXKCl'T)R'll UOTUT-Notla. Its-
i hy glren that leiter, t.iament.ry "
been granteol to th. tubaoriber oa ths erja"
ROUT. JOUN8TON, Jr,dereeed. late el Ji""'
township, Olearlsld eeualy, Pannayitaala
n.n.n. IhSaklul .a . A u , t n a r r0 1,1"'
aha laiaiediate parment, and th"et lar
claims against tbe seats will present lis
aulheslieated for wttlemaai.
ntlHKHT S iuaJiii"",
Qetohor , 137l:St:pd. I.eest
w n n. .v. ii.. 1Mb af Jul., 1 '
IA propissery aele, dated May W, Is.lil
by . C Dnalap la J. W. Carina, eallit fst
sues af 2.e. All perseas ere berehr oeel'"
against parrhaalag er aegollallng for sss
as parmrnt ol the same hse been tinpp
eriJ.Jie R J. UrHlTP''