Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 09, 1872, Image 2

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mmin runitM -m
' ; Dflmooratio National Ticketi .
. , I ,,.' ... "W YORK. ' j , , ,j
-.- '-" 1 1 ; ,'or maaot-ni.
' ' " ' "MWAIMMt. "! '
" Kooas Cnwa", of Wtettnoreland. 1 I
..Gkoiiue W. SsiNifsa, of Franklin. ( : '
"' Bst.rjts Mastis, of Erie. '
i. Jon 6. Miller, of Huntingdon.. ; i
S, (iiiOM 1'nv, of Philadelphia. ,
" ' Ditlrwll.
, Thomnt J. Bargor. ,11. 1. towennerg,
2. 8tcpb. 1). Andcraon.
. S. John AloSat.
4. George 11. Bcrrel).
J. To be tiled.
. laaiah B. Houpt
9. Samuel A. Llyer. !
S. Jets G. Hawley. .
. Ilirata B. Bwarr.,' '
1 1. Joevo MoKnight. .
IS. Henry Welih.
IS. Henry J. Btnbl.
It. B. V. t'hriaty.
IK. William K. Logan.
IV. Knaaelaa lirown.
SO. V. M. Itoblnaou.
il. J. H. Molten.
t'l. T. II. Ktovenaon. :
13. John D. Hard.
24. (ieorge W. Millar.
10. It. BoCly. ,
11. John Kunkte.
12. Fred. W. Uunattr.
. , u.Thf lletull. ,
' YcBtorduy was election day, but n t
liavo notliing very encouraging to lay
boforo our renders tlia morning. '
It in announced by telegraph that
XIartranfl Las carried l'liilridnlpliia,
by 20,000 majority. If that proven
trae, he i elected. ' ' i ' ' 1 ; ' '
Id our own county wo bavo 'donc
woll. We havo partial returns from
ten districts in which wo gain nearly
two linn died over Geary's vote,
, "Dastardly Attemi'T." Something
disturbed tho Aug patriotism of our
nininblo neighbor lust weok, and he
lustily called on tho ''boys in blue" to
defend him. This was his game dur
ing the war. Exempted himsolf from
all danger, ho lustily called for the
''boys in bluo to thrash the Confods.
What itnmaculuto patriotism ! , ,
Where tub Money Goks. Presi
dents Pierce, Buchanan and Lincoln,
each spent during tboir terms of four
yoars, about fifteen million dollars for
Indian affairs. Grant & Co. have in
three years spent over sixtoon mil
lions over five million a year and
nearly ' ono-fourtli less Indians ' on
hand on whom to squandnr the mon
ey. Such are the fruits of "Grant's
JndlftMuakcr policy" robbery! j
Wilson's Trinity. The Grnntcnn-1
4iilatt for.Vico President Wilson j
who loads tho Congressional prayer
meeting, made a speech In Lancaster
one day 'last week, and In alluding to
"the patriotic colored cillaens," said :
Xhen people bar llttla education, and tbo;
are not without fault who of vl an ? but the;
berleve tn Jew Chritt, in Abraham Lincoln, aitd
in b'enareU (rant," , ...i . ... : ( -i
, ,. That may pass for orthodoxy, com
ing from tho godly Wilson, but it
sounds a good deal liko. blasphemy,
according to old Sunday school books.
DebI'eration. Tho Cameron ring
has brought the ' rcniloutiary into
requisition to elect their nominee,
Ilarlranft, Governor. The pardon of
Ycrkos is for this vory purpose, but
there are loo many honest mn in the
ppposilion party to allow tho election
of llarlranlt. The Ponitentiary, per
jury, fiilso counting, repeating and all
win W1." ,
"Sever Illness." Yes, very se
vere. The Journal of last week said :
lion. II. II. Baoof failad U bo la attoadauoo,
owiog to bii ccrero itlneia. .
His "sovoro illness," however, did
not prevent him from flitting back
jtad forward, botweon tho Kastorn
I'onitentiary and Gov. Geury's head
quarters, seeking tbo pardon of Ilur
tranfl' confederates, for tho purposo
of establishing n clmrautor for the
gubernatorial ' ring nominee. The
penltontiary openoa to elect a Uover
n or ! Is that one of tho "grand moral
ideas" by which loyalty is sustained?
Why not go to that Institution nl
once for a candiduto, instead of badg
ering Its inmates for certificates ot
character 1
GionciiA Election. Tho Dome
eruts "marched through Goorgia" on
the 2d, oleeting their Governor and
Stato officers by from 45,000 to 50,000
majority, and ono hundred and twenty-nine
members of tho Legislature,
while the Grant-carpet baggers only
elected six.' Tho Democratic majority
is largely increased over last year,
which shows progress in this, one of
our Democratic strongholds, whilo the
Grantilcs at the Into elections in thoir
(trwigholds, . Maine and Vermont,
show heavy looses. - The Domoerutic
murch "from Atlanta lo tho Sea" on
the 2d was(a glorious march for 'the
ohl Union fjtvrs," hut it has rtneken
with terror the seuluwags and carpet
baggers throughout the Koulhurn
ftlatra who have feasted so long upon
trie fat of the land in that soctlon of
tho Union. '
General Von Hchwoiniu, German
ambassador at Vienna, was married
on the 4lh to Miss Jay, daughter of
ilon. John Jay, American minister to
The present Mayor of llarriahnrg,
Hon. illium K. Vorbeke, has been
renominated by the Democrats and
Liberals, and ho will be ro-elected.
The pi'iiitHiitiriry in the canvssi f-
f (j, the ( . mmoittfealtli . '
Elettion Heturnt.
llelow will bo found tbo vote of ou
Stato for Governor in 1K09 and Au
ditor Gonernl in 187,1, from which the
inquisitive and oonjcclurjng Viindif
o disposed, can luako odl a jbolideul
Ulilgliosia, pinviuuw iu l no roovtaui
tho oflU-liil return : V k 'i
jf uu r.iiAuu.
-A I D. HEX.
3 113;
1 1 1M7,
, 2885,
' 3029;
1 33!i;
. 2100,
; 34701
1 1890
28 1 U
.Ml Hi
, 6172
. 1020
..... Hj .
Heater - .
' 2,832
. CU7I
Ht dlonl
Hoi kl -
Bradford Bucks -.
Hullor -(lanilirin
13 i3l
3 4S4
U iO.'j
7 0111
2 025'
(l ltd!
2 83l
3 015'
2 CtlA
' 2!KH
' 474
. l.'.UI
8. lit
ceutia r
Cleat field
i 2744
I HI.')
Crawforti l
Diiut'ltin -
0 107
, 3 M4
1 2139
. 907
1 21
Krie ......
Fuyetle -Koroat
- - -Fmnklln
Grcftis-- -Hunling'n
Indiana r
La neuter -Lawrence
Lehigh - -
Luierua - -Ljcoruinj;
McKean -
M a-cer -
M.lllin ...
Uantour .
' 3.340
' 2854!
1. 007
. 2104,
' J785
' 10471
'' 7511
t B225
' ' 2593
: 7315
.1.492 3
3 217
4 587
3 7M
2 09"
1 655
4 0iM(
2 40W
Poller - -
40 802i 61,'-U;
" 7HR1
70HI '
' 759
2 982i
' 1.8251
Sullivan -
4 535l
' 700
. 1027
- 2390
15 40
Union -
. 3722
I t-r'
2 715
0.196 .
York . - -
1.772 , 1.452
t?,320 '' ,S45
Tnlal a83.05Bi29a.552
Mniorilyi - 4 591
Bolow will be found the full returns
of Clearfield rounly for Governor in
lKUOand Auditor General in 1871:
mot Kaa a
Ai'l. ui:l.
Dlooin.., ...
B r.dl,Td. .
Cheat .............. -
Knox .....'
llii ' bs
.17 V
III 4.1:
lil! 7
Mr,- k;
II 101
1704 lot
..I II
4 V
Lumbar City ...
Oaoeobt .,.. ,
Ti.UI J.
Majoritva ......
UK, , 64,
SS 61'
I ssi laiM
4(1 1
si 4i
SOU ITUlli S7441I4
!IJK! Hl.-uM'
"Ilunkert, JtlerrhantM and Vtul
ntti Jten."
' This Is tho title given to Radical
Ilarlranft meetings lately held in our
largo cities. ' These self same "bank
era, etc," who havo refused "to clasp
hands across tho bloody chasm" made
by war, now huve clasped hands will
ponitentiary convicts and ring suoun
drcls ull over thu .Stale Capital and
rogues having joined hands, farmers.
mechanics and the laboring clement
should not bo long in putting them
selves properly before the country.
As Mr. Seward said in a speech in
Wisconsin in 1850, wilb rsference to
tho slavery question, "an irroprcssibl
conflict" 'is now going on .bctweon
capital and lubor, and tho ro-cleotion
of Gen. Grant will hasten tho crisis,
A conflict of money-changers on lh
0110 bund and tho p ttrintiu clement of
the nation mndo up of fanners, la
borers and mechanics on tho othor
would be of but short duration, and,
the man who fails to see the result of
such a conflict is very blind Indeed.
A Fkari'UL CRiMB.Tholouomolivo,
baggage and oxproa cars of tho Ex
press train cast on Wednesday morn
ing last, woro thrown from the track
down a forty leet embankment some
twenty-five miles this sido of l'liilu-
dcliihiu, and the engineer, S. Keller,
and his fireman, P. Kline, wcru in
stantly killed. None of tho passenger
cars left tho track. Subsequent, ex
amination rovealcd tho fuel that tho
joint bolts and pinto Connecting the
two rails had been removed, and the
rail displaced from gauge about six
inches, and there securely fnsUmcd, evi
dently Iho work of some miserable
wretches inspired by tho fiend ol durk-
noss, as tho tools with which tho work
was done woro afterward Ion 11 a near
the spot. 1 ' ' 1
The obiect of ths scoundrels wos evi
dently to rob tho ex prose cars, had the
wnoio train gone ovor.. ,
'.. Commonlinff on Governor Curlin's
speech at Utllufonto, and to the ab
sence from it of any reference to the
Presidential question, the Washington
Dailu Chronicle says: "It wat. In the
main, aonnd 1 sentiment anal very
oonrteous in spirit.". The Chronicle
H owned sad edited by ox UonaLor
The Tiro Ex-Goremort.
Wo woro mortified upon learning
thai Ex-Gov. Bigler had withdrawn
from, tho Constitutional Convention
ticket, bat the substitution of Ex
Go. Cat-tin purttully atoned for ths
ofTenso oomtnlitel byllho small men
on that ticket, some 'of whom oould
fharis'sorvod thoir country just as well
at homo as in tho convention. -.
We happened to bo in Philadelphia
during tho negotiation of this ox
chunge, and learned for the hundreth
time that some vory great men pos
eis'.'vdry" small souls; that State
questions must yield to porsonnl
piquo or Interest, and that great par
ties sometimes nominate very small
mon for hoiioinlilo positions.. How
ever, ull parlies liave been pesiorcu
with demagogues in the past and we
lOBumo, the rttco will novcr bceomo
Tho whoio Demorraiio and Liberal
press of tho Slate have paid very high
compliments to our townsman for the
step ho louk in this muttar.
Tho Philadelphia Age, Lancaslor
Intelligencer mid Yoniingo Spectator,
espcelivcly, alluded to the question
us follows :
"Tho withdtnwul of Governor Bii-
cr from tho ticket for tho Coiistitu-
tional Convention in order to give the
liiournl Kupuolicuns an onportumlr to
nnniinalo a candiduto, is n rrrnecful
act of an omlnenl and faithful public
servant, who prefers tho publiu good
to porsonnl interest, lie is ono oi tho
old lino of Governor! who did not
trade in pardons, nor tro ahares in
frauds, niid it is those belter days of
tho Cominonwculiu that afford the
people the proof that tho present in
famous system is the spawn of radi
calism, of which decent Republicans
and Democrats arc alike sick and
ashamed. The Liberal Republicans of
tho btulo luivo desired to compliment
Governor Curtin with their nomina
tion, in recognition of the firmness
and integrity thnt ho has displayed in
rejecting llio proluse .. oilers ot the
Fedorul administration to bribo him
to support scoundrels and abandon
what every intolligont man knows to
bo the trno interest of the Stats. Tho
nomination is' but an bmply honor,
but'Uovernor Curtin may feel that il is
iciuiitcncd by tho ironcrul approcia
lion of the noble part which he has
played In llio groat struggle for rc-
Uolorm and good covcrninent in
Pennsylvania." 1 . :
"We publish, in another column, a
lottor from hx-Govornor lliiler in
which he resitins his position as one
of the fourteen Democratic Dclcgnlcs-at-largo
to tho Constitutional Conven
tion in favtfr of Kx-Govornor Curtin,
who was nominated as a delegate to
thul Convention a short time ago by
tho blato Lorn nm too of tho liiheral
Ropuhliian parly- Governor Biiilcr's
letter 111 followed by ono from linn.
Samuel J. liamliill, Chuirman of the
Uomocratio Btnto , Committao, in
which ho sltttcs that by a unanimous
instructions of the Committee ho sub
stitutes the name of Andrew G. Curtin
on the ticket in place of William Dia
ler. The mngnanlmoas conduct of
Gov. Bigler will moct with a hearty
response from tho Dotnocrati and
Liberal Republicans throughout the
Stato.' In the withdrawal of William
lliglor under all the circumstances and
the substitution of Androw G Curtin
n liln stead, altlioult we regret In
oso so able a man from tho litket as
fiiitler, we are proud to know and feel
that in his place wo havo Andrew G.
Curtin." 1
Ex tfovornor Blglor, with a disin-
tercstodnoss worthy tf all pruise, has
rcsignod his place on the Democratic
ticket as candidate for delegalo at
iirito to tho Conven-
tion in favor of Kx-(iovernor Curtin.
Mr. Uiirlcr so fully and clearly estsb-
linhes llio wisdom of such a cotirso ia
his letter of dcclinutiun to tho Stato
Executive Committeo thul wo con do
no bolter thnn publish that portion of
it bearing directly upon too point
Horrible .Irtldent.
One of tho most terrible accidunts
we liavo over uocn called upon 10
chronicle occurred In thia villngo on
Sttnduv morning last, by which Lio-
renca T. Payne, of New Albion, lost
his lilo in a shocking manner. Lie
twoen one and two o'clock on Sunday
morning, Mr. ruyne started to go
homo, lie was hero with a horso
utlachcd to a sulkey, and us ho was
cctting into the vclnci his root sni
ped and caught in tho whool or llio
springs, At the eamo timo the horse
blurted and Mr. l'nyno s boJy was
thrown bolwoen tho thills, and hung
thoro dangling between tho homos
lioels, and his head dragging on the
ground. ' Tho horso started near Mo-
Guire's saloon, and ran towards tho
liock City Hotel, and then down liail
roud avenuo. Several parties in tho
vicinity of tho saloon and hotel saw
thnt Mr. l'ayno was in trouble, and
made fruit loss efforts to slop the
IVightonod horse. The animal kept
in tho middle of ihoetreot to the cross
ing near Bccchdalu I'urk, jumping the
cuitU'-gunrd at llio crossing, but stop
ping at the culvert beyond. The par.
ties who hod witnesed tho starling of
the horso followed as fust as they could
only Jo find tho lifeless form of Mr.
Puyno still hanging to tho ill fated
sulky1. -He was qui to dead, and his
body was curried inside Beechdalo
I'ark, where it lay until the uoroner'a
inquest had beun held, ihe body
lirescnled the most ghastly appeur
slice we ovor beheld. 1'roin thu chin
upwards all features were onliruly ob
litaratodt the ton of the head was torn
off; the brains were scallmcd along
the railroad track, over tuo tios 01
which the unfortunnto man had been
dragged. On Sunday morning llio
course of llio runaway horso could bo
distinctly traced Irom the spni wnero
il struck the track by tho blood that
snitltorod tho tios and the slonos.
The logs and arms were badly brokon,
and the body was a mass of bruised
flesh. Wo ure told thuttho horso Mr.
Pavne drove had run awny once or
twice before, and that his friends had
been fuurl'ul that some serious accident
would huppoit. Mr. Payne leaves a
wife In deliealo heallb and soven chil
dren, and, with othor relatives, they
receive tho sympathy of the public
Ciittaniuyill "Jicpubliuan. ,
Down With It. Voto down tho
Radicals as the only disunion parly
that now exists throughout the coun
try! It is this organisation 'which
keeps tbe- Union divided, depressee
publiu oooudenoe, rains business, and
confesssdly operates regardless Of tn
Conslilulidn and Vbe law, . ,
Innocence abroad : Mark Twain la
England. f
Greeley is a type-sottor, and Grant
if a West-pointer. No wonder they
watco the gamo. j
'', A Michigander sneosed from his
oe Ibo other day a minie ball that
had entered his eye during the war. -Uon.
Charles K. Tuckerman, late
American minister to Greece, has a
book in the proas of Putnam, entitled,
"Tbe Greeks of To-day." , ; 7
October is culled, by ono of tho poets,
"months of tho iris hues, and balmy
uir, when summer lends its sun with
softened glare,"!
nioudiii. who s still ronc-wu k nil
in England, eookod an omelet on theiLmko - Hevernl steamers were
middle of a live-hundred-foot ropoj overwhelmed in tho gale, and the
raised eighty feet abovo the ground,!; wateri of tho lake must huve present
recently. '! . ', ' J od a fearful spectacle of wrecks. Tho
Bayslhe New York Tribune, '-B.-euk1
tho Grant majority in tho lloiiso of
fivo iiresent members wlio will iiol1""" i eiiuuiuuiiiti
more dare to go back thoro than Wm
M. Tweed tlurod, lust winter, to go
back 10 Albany." t
The Long Branch administriitioa
Inn gone into winter quarters at Wli
iuglun. Tiio bull pups, horses, c r
riugos, Horace Porter, and ull the Hi
of the presidential train aro atinnunicd
as having been expressed from thcoa
shore to the capital. ' j
Tho clerks in the Departments; at
Washington complain terribly of ileir
visilulioiis. They huvo been ica'd
upon and personally requested lo pay
thoir assessments toward ctifriing n
the campaign 1 1 is liko sqiieeiing
blood out of turnips, to be sure, bul U10
blood has to ooino ncvcrlhclcss. , 1
Tho Christian Intelligencer disuusst'S
the extrnvaganco of publio funemls as
a "demoralizing nuisance." It asks:
"What can justify the custom which
now unhappily prevails of making tho
funcruls of private and oven obHcare
porsnns occasions of idlo display and
studied pomp?" ' (
A correspondent who saw the throe
Emperors at Berlin, tho othor tiny,
during a review of troops, writes:
"Wo noticed with some sulisluction
that all throe of thoir Mnieslics ncre
as comnlololy covorcd with dust as wo
were, and 1 have no doubt but that
thoy, too, wero glut! that tho show
was over." .
C20.0C0 Waitiko. Mrs. Willlam,of
ttuoinnuti, recently died, and left
$20,000 to her grandson and heir,
Goo. Williams; but tho where abouts
ofdeorga uro unknown, lie enlisted
in tbo Twenty-second Ohio regiment
at tho breaking out of tho war, and
has not been heard ol unco shortly
aiier 1110 capture ol jdenipliia,
Hon. Willis 1J. Machan has been
appointed by Governor Leslie, of Ken
lucky, United States Senator, to fill
tho unexpired term of linn. Garret
Davis, duccasod. Mr. Msohen is about
sixty years old, was a member of thu
Constitutional Convention, and has
served In the ntate Sonato and llouso
of Representatives. He is a man of
sound abilities and high character.-
Gumhutta, the irrenrcssiblo Gum
botla, is, it appears, by his slump
speochos iu Prance, building up n
powerful party in opposition to the
present pro tempore compromise lie
publican government of President
liners. ' J ho ultimata view ol the
artisans of Gambctla is to make their
hampion I'rosidenl, and Thiers, thmiL'lt
apparently socure in his place, is a
tirr ttlil iunn Nn wnnrlti f hi.rii1i,i.A
,l, :...t....-i. croitlinil
some alarm among the conservatives
and business classes ot rrunce. An
other slorm is brewing., ,1
"The (VoirMfnr Tranfrelon,r
The Pittsburg Vlironicle, nnn of the
numurous Radical organs ot Allegheny
county, cannot stand Gov. Geiry's
Inst tluso the pardon ol lorkcs and
Mitrcer, tho confederates of John f.
Ilarlranft and IL W. Mackry in rub
bing the Slate Treasury. Ill referring
to this dirty job, tho journal in ques
tion says ;
"llio rrownmg transgression of
this campaign has been committed
Charles T. Yerkes lin4 been pard ned
on condition that he makes coiUiin
aflidavits affucling the character of
one of tho candidates in tho lulc
election. Voters ol Allegheny con Hy
without respect to party, look at this
transaction. Not a man, not a piper
has denied that iorkea was proorly
convicted andsvnloncod. isolation
not a paper has openly extenuated his
guill or suggested any reuson whj ho
should bo pardoned. r.ven tho IH1&0-
eruts and liberals wlio ivlenei to
the man to impugn Hartranll, did not
vouuli for his character, they ulnars
spoke ol him as a coulcderuto ol ui 4io.
a .1 . I. . .. , . . '
Aliu now, on ma ova ui an etecisjii,
the prison doors uro thrown open, and
this man is pormitted to walk out
that he may makealliduvits, suppsied
to help elect John t. llarlranlt (rov
ornor of Pennsylvania. If this b( hot
a shameless transaction "clino, is
come again." It bra not tho sligl test
voneering or dcooncy about It. il li
an insult to the people of this Stato
and one of, such an astounding char
acter that wo aro amar.ed that (lit
must Audacious politicians should ven
lure it. Tho Penitentiary Is prcficd
into tho canvass ! Thoro is no lor-cr
deep to sound. What say the pcopt
Among the cmnes charged agotnil
ex-Presidunl Johnson by Mr Boat
woll, was that of corrupt interference
with elections by sending agents ef
tho Post-olheo and Treasury Jiepurt-
merit into the several Slates election
ecring In his interest, whilo those po
sons at tho snmo time wero drawin
pay from tho Government. And no
Buulwell. Secretary ol the iroasury
and ull tho other members of tho Cab
inet, together with every office-holder
whoso electioneering services can be
commanded by the branlilos, are per
ambulating the country advocating
Grant's re-election, while Grant com-
mil Ices arc assessing thoir salaries lo
defray party expenses.
WKLLl'i-'T.r Everybody knows that
Gen. Grant has in ado himself rich (and
odious) by accepting gifts and arterr
wards tiniioinlinit the donors to olllee.
This Is the way Senator Hendricks
puis il in one of his Into campnign
siicechos in Indiana l "iSupKise," aaid
tho Kotmlor, "that as I am going to bo
elected Governor in October, so mo
citizen ' should present mo with his
host blooded horse. Yon would think
that queor, "Yes; but if 1 were to
aocopt lb horse you would think that
queerer; but if 1 were to appoint
that man to a judgeship, you would
say that meant business from the be
ginning. Now, suppose that was to
occur lour limes in my office, how
many votes do yon expect 1 would
get in Jeffereonvllle after having r.
oeiyad those gifts and ro(trting ths
donorc?" 7
Tltt tmt Vmkt DUmtltri mn4 Ttlt
i graphic JVlimnmrme$tt,
The late multiplied disasters to lako
navigation aro among the most seri
ous that bave been recorded for tome
time. On the night of tbe 28th ultimo
four vossels were bunk, a propellor and
many rafts and scows went ashore on
Lake Erie, and numerous vessels oat
of reach of assistance were flying their
signals of distress. The intelligence
of the 80tb ultimo showed fntal casu
alties to fourtoen largo vessels on Lake
Kris and the total destruction of nu
merous smaller crafts and barges, with
considerable loss ot lilo. ' But llio tele.
grams of tho 1st Instant provo that
Uhero was much grauter lossol life and
pronorty on mko Huron than on
.probability is wo have not yot hourd
. certainly inatlor or surpriso
season, should bo so reckless of lifo as
to be so exposed when these lake
lompests coma on in their well-known
punctuality and lury. 1 lie govern
muni wculher telegrams cover tho
main parts of the lake rogion and hnve
not (ailed to givo timely warning of
impending danger, and huve lrrqiteiit-
ly unnoiincod llioso gales thirty-six
hours 111 udvanco 01 llieir arrival
Tho approach of tho lute slorm was
duly lorowtirncd. and cautionary bilt-
nuls wore ordered to be desjtlayed at
uullalo, Lloveland, Toledo, LMroit,
iiKiii-o, tirund Jlavcn. All waiikee.
Oswego and llocliesler many nourt
before the storm reached those places.
ha orders tor Milwaukeo and Urar.d
Haven did not reach their destination,
l is said, throuuh tbo nenlitronco of
the lolcgraph company onlrualod Willi
their transmission a criminal omis-
loii, for which tho oompany should
bo hold rosponsiblo bv ths publio who
sustained ditmago from thoir neglect.
There can b no douhl thut shippers
nd seatnon on the lakes would gludly
avail themselves of tho motoorological
lorecasts it turnislied promptly by the
telegraph companies, and, if tho latter
now their own interests, they will
o well lo spare no pains to transmit
these storm warniny; with the utmost
possible despatch. The ' American
publio have ondorod until thoir pa-
Hence is exhausted the inefficiency of
our telegraph corporations. . loose
overgrown monopolies cannot expect
the peoplo quietly lo submit to mis
management wh:ch entails not only
rest loss ot property but also involves.
as in the present instance, great loss
Vi iliu. at. 4. jjrruor.
Steamer .tmeilca.
particulars or lira loss sixty-one
3an Francisco, October 3. The
Pscifio mail steamer China, from
Yokohama September 7, nrrived thi
morning, bringing the ofGcora and a
portion ol the crew ol the America
which was burned at Yokohama on
the 2 Ith of Angust nl midnight, a fe
hours after tier arrivul from this port
liltle before midnight an odor or
something burning was noticed in lit
ladies' saloon, and soun afterwards Ih
flumes burst out with great fury from
the rroigln deck directly underneath
Tho fire resiatod all endeavors to con
quer it and burned steadily for twelve
hours, thoro being a lurge quantity ol
coul taken on board during tho day
which udiled luel to tho Dames. I li
steamer was bnrned to the waters
n.,i.. 1 11 .11.1. a .m tiur-
tlOOn. . . , . ,,( ,;r-
The passengers and caruo for Yoko
hama hud all been landed, thoro ro
mulnlng on board for Hong Kong two
cabin passengers, 180 Cliiiieso and the
mails, tngnlher with a small cargo,
unhiding eJU0,0UU 111 specie, and th
officers and crow ol sixly persons
When llio fir) broke out tho Chinese
on hourd tweamo panio stricken, fifty
eight of" whom were cither burned lo
death or drowned by jumping ovor
board. three or the crew woro also
drowned, and ure supiiosed to have
beon pnihed overboard during tl
panio. Tho origin of the fire remain
mystery, n everything aboard the
ship was apparently in perfect order
an hour previous.
Labor and Wealth.
That great and shining example of
success ns a worktngman, ilenianii
I' rnnklin, has loll lo the workingma
of tho present day, in tho fullowin
valuable Minlunctit, tho key 10 U
secret of his udvuiicoment iu life :
If 11 11 v 0110 tells you that a work
man can hecomo rich otherwise1 than
by labor ntid mving, do not liston to
him, ho is n poisoner," .....
in tho first place it 14 neccasary lo
labor with judgmont, fntolligcneo, pa
tience, persevcranco and constancy.
In the second place it is necassury
to siiu. Save whntr To save bolh
time and money. Franklin saved the
wages of his toil, and purchased books;
made good use ol Ins leisure time,
studied tlioso books, and mastered
thoir contents. Thus, by simply per-
savoring, strictly nnd firmly, 111 tins
tl 0 guiding rule ol Ins 1 1 lo, ha became
rich in purso and eminent in knowl
edge. Isy industry and frugality nt
nil times and in all things, ho became
a master workman, a philosopher, a
statesman and a ssge, and beloved
and rospocted by nil men within the
bounds ot civilisation.
, Tho counto pursued by Franklin Is
spen to evory workman in America ;
tho key to success is in overy work
ruin's hand ; if it fails to admit him
Id the enjoyment of at least a reason,
able competency, it is beonuso it is
rusted in the lock, for want of use.
It is nnnccossurv to waste words in
the attempt lo provo that Franklin's
maxim is correct, for no one doubts or
denies that il is necessary to Ittbor
rvilii diligence, live with truijnlity and
Mrs Willi judgment, in order that a
workingman may in due timo "grow
rich," that is, independent of labor, ns
absolutely necessary lo supply his
wants and those oi his family.-' HVj
to, W ealth.
Tiik CvVTBAST. Oen. Tom. Kwing,
of, Ohio, in a lute speech said; We
Democrats find ourselves in litis cam
paign co-operating with Sumner,
J'riiinhnll,;Schurx, lirnlr, Piown, Uen
eral Ilrinkerhooff, Ooneritl Bunks, nnd
supporting oven lloraoe iree!ey for
i rctklent j whilo tbo l(epublicaus ore
inclose ntllliiUion with ltohert Toombs,
Henry A. Wiso, Illslilon Duncan, tho
guerrilla Mosby and Brick Pomeroy.
The marked differenoe, however, be.
tween these new afllliationa of ths
two parties is that we are associated
with tho heads of tho Republican par
ty and tbey with the Uil of ours.
Ws are affiliated with thoir corps
oommaftders, and they with our ham
mers. Ws bate enstcd in oar corps
intslleolusl giaqia, syhlls thsy are
gobbling op uimies. a kind, of politic
tal gojiEera, , , ,,; , ,K ,.,:
Elegant Thiee$ in Domino.'
The rohborv by masked men of Mr.
Samuel Popo, a wealthy citiaen of
Paterson, N, J., whoso resilience Is in
the suburbs of that cllV. has boon
briefly stated by the telegraph. A
correspondent gives the following de-
soripiton or the aDair. 1 ' . .
-Jir.'Popa was awakened about 11
o'clock on Monday night by somebody
in the room, and almost uumosiruca
by tho appoaraneo of five mon stand
ing at his bedside with drawn revolv
ers. Two moro stood at tho window,
apparently on guard. They were all
well dressed, and ull wore bluck masks,
except one of tho parly, who had a
whito ono.
Mr. Popo was Informed In A gontle-
manly and polito manner that no
harm would eiiMio if he bul re ma i nod
quiet, a warning, it is unnosessary to
ay thai under llio circumstances lie
obeyed. Ho wus thon lightly bound
with bis bunds bohind his back with a
fiiece of strong tnrrcd rone and his
eel woro tied together. Ho wus than
put Into a clotct under the stuirs,
against tho door of which wero placed
a sack of salt and a keg of nails. The
robbers in llio nicuutimo bound Mrs.
Popo blind und foot, performing the
operation in u tender manner, and
oven wilh dulienoy. the wus permit.
tod to remain in bed. I ho thieves
then found thu key oi tho rule, through
which part of tho gang went, while
others examined other parts of the
house for valuables. Thry succeeded
in gelling some $3,000 iu money, dia
monds, watches, jewelry and silver
ware, nnd 4,UW wot in ot mlliuaJ
bonds and other valuable documents
from tho sate, including a nflmber of
mortgages, etc. " Iu ull tho booty car
ried uir will amount to over ten thou
sand dollars, although the stopping of
the bonds will reduce thu thieves' re-
urd lo about tin ce lhoiinnd dollars.
During all tho time of the robbery
which lasted an hour and u hull', Mr.
and Mrs. Popo were conxlunlly re
minded of their fato should they make
any noise, although, us the houso is
located at koine distance Irom liny
other, il probuhly would not hnve
made niticit uillereiice, lucre were
others outside on guard, so that the
party in all inii.-t liavo iiutu.ii.Tcd Ion
men. They woro stockings outside
their boots, and ull carried pislols and
pieces of sperm candles . for liliis.
When ready toilcpint the tool rob
bers wen; up stuirs and brought dow n
Mr. Popo's lilllo adopted daughter,
quieting tho child alarm by telling
huf lo bo ouicl ami no Harm Wothd
bef.ll her. They linn iiiatru'.toJ the
child not I untie the 1 hongs of her
parent until they had boon gone
somn tunc, nnil o-paileii in a na-
rotli lie. in which they hnd come, tuk
ioi? with ilium iliv Pope's "tins mid
pistols. . ,,
N lio Hie thieves wore a injviery,
a no trace 01 llieir identity lias yet
been discovered. They wero very
fiolishcd in their address ami naa son
mud, unused to hard work. Kven
Mr. Pope gives them credit for I lie
nent manner ill ahieh Ihe thing was
done. It is believed lhal thu robbers
are persons well acquainted wilh Mr
Poiio nnd his business. That genlle-
man hud expected ti receivo a cash
pin-nu nt of UG,000 on Monday alter
noon, which t hit thieves no doubt
knew . iibotit ' mid expected lo bag.
But llio payment lor some reuson or
other was not made, and the bitrgliirs
did not get tho amount, fortunately.
They took the precaution to poison
i. d -.. ,ii-iuif oeone going
into the house, , They made their
entry through a window leading on
the It is ono of the most dar
ing robberies ever perpetrated in Pet
erson. : . , , i
DovBFftRT. Philadelphia is agitat
ed over an incident that ocenred this
week io one of iho courts In that city
of amity and pcoco. It seems that a
Judgu ordered an officer forcibly to
rotnovo tha bat of a juryman, who
woro it in compliance with ihe custom
of the religious society lo which he
belonged, tho vcncralilo society who
wore the founders of tho State and
city. .This is hardly in kcoping wilh
the roligiotis toleration that marks our
era. Docs the Judge not know thut
llio Qni.kcr William Pcnn wore his
hat iu tho presence ot the King of
Kngland, in an ago when tolerance
wns by no means a virtue of the lime?
The King, knowing disrespect was
meant, was loss punctilious than the
overbearing Dogberry, who un'iko his
pruioivpv, una wriwou uinmuii uowu
an ass by his coarse invasion of the
rights of consience of a member of an
ancient society who from long. hon
ored oustom enjoyed tho privilege of
which ho would brultlly deprivo the in.
Oceaw Disasters. The 11'orM,
writing of the inability of ocean steam
ers to save their passengers by the
small boats, in case of disaster, says
there id hardly a steamer n float that
could save half those on board. With
in a few days ona canio into harbor at
New lork, carrying l.iUU passengers.
If uny accident had occurred,compoll-
ing them lo lako retugo in the bonis,
not ovor 7U0 could by any possible
moans have found places in them; and
the owners and ofllcers allowed her to
go to sea, knowing that 1,000 lives
would inevitably be lost, it no otner
steamer was al hand lo givo aid, in
case of accident, -bven llio "rails.
hioh vessels usually claim to ho sup
plied wilh, aro -.oiuio so cheaply and
poorly constructed ns to bo of no use
whaiovor, as In case oi the Metis,
whose raft could not be lowerod. It is
sin 'ly timo that laws, which could
neither be avoided nor misunderstood
should bo passed in order that the
futal eflect ot ocean accidents might
bo Itwsend.
Uw giflrrrtUfinrnti.
CAUIION.-All iereohi ere hereby wamad
againat purchtatng or In way meddling with
two largo DAY MARKS, now In tha poaecaeinn
of Thomas Kyler, of Morria lownahip, aa tbe
antne belong tn tnc nnd are left with him on loan
only, aulijcot to my order.
ootO St , . TETKR M0TKR.
CAUTItlSJ, All paraona are berehy cautioned
agalncl pureltaaing or In auy nay meddling
with the following named property, viat 1 now, 1
heifer, I bejrtv, 1 sot ehaloa, 9 etnvea, a M al
potaloea, 9 beda, now io the poeaeMhis of Samuel
K. Snider, of Cheat towoithip, aa tho annte belong
to me and ore aulijcot to me order. - -
mi St .,. . i AI'HTIN CHRRT.
at ACTIt. All hereooa are Itcreliy cautioned
J againat purchaaing or In any way nieddUng
wttn tlia following property, via: i eow, a lot ot
potalnet, 1 heda, cupboard, ret of ekaira, trunk,
chert, clock, lot of crooka, 8 boea, 2 forka, ) tMo,
nitw In the handa of ritrlalltp Clicaltuwn.
chip, aa Ike vama belong to nia aim arc nniert to
my order. AUKTIM Ct'HHT,
FOR BALB. The nnder-
ilaned ofTcrt rut aala hla Farm, tliuatrd ennt-
dirtsnt between Ctearfiul't and Curwanavl)le, for
aala. It oonlalna about Iflal Ac roe, and la nearly
ell cleared and under snlUaaiioa, wilh gejnd
buildings. U Will Its sold oa reatooaole tarua.
If ajl aaid toon, I will let it o tha tbarea lo a
gond tenant. Alio, pair of good, foang, wall
aatcka4 lirtlt llortaa Ut tale.
- BARltTt,
ce,r8.i4,oa.,VlJ'4L ".T3
5m' dwtisrarntj.
la harrihy (Iran that lattsri of adnlnlatration
on th. aitata ft MAUY A. LEWIS, deooaard,
hating boon uljr uraotad to Iks andersixoad,
all parsons Indebted loaaid aatatenillvkaeeuaaa
paytnaat, and Ihuia hating claliui or dasmda
will preaant tnanj prnpanj BBinaRiioaiau iw aci.
tlainant allbtf to lha andrrr-lfaed or to O. R.
Barratt,,ini aitorm-r
uot. v, 1B7I-0I. Aatnisutrator.
XGC'VTOnM NOTItlC-Wharraa. Ul-
tan ToiUmrnUrr on Ua odala af JOUN A.
MOKDo , dtoaaiad, lata of UlearUald b.,r-
ouali, Clearllvld oouutr, Penniylvania, haTlnf
baan grantad to tlia nnderalguad, and all paraona
Indelitt-d to aaid aatata will plraaa luako pavmnnt,
and thoie having eiaimi or demansa will preueul
kam properly audiaulloalad for aaUlement.' I
Auy aceounla agnlnit the ritata ean ba lettlrd
with U. It. llarrett, Liu., my allornrT.
.... . t KlIMONPH,
Oct. t, 187J dlpd. , Kiroutori.
Tha pattneMhin hrratoforeaalillng betacen
J. II. NaMurray and Aauaal Hilchrll.riuiug bu.
ainaa nadtr lha Arm narnea of lcMurray A
Mitchell and J. H. Mo Murray A Co., li thia day
alfintrM i.y mutnal aonaanL The hooka and pa-
para la tha liaadi ol J. H. McMarray for arUli
tent. i. R. Mrlf I' R11AY A CO.
. Kvm Wsahinglen, Oat. lit, 171.
t. . .... . .
Tha kuaineM will be conducted at tha old Hand
ard In furrarr manner by tha nnderalgued.
oct 3t J. II. AlcMLIlRAT,
In pn
nrauanoa af an order of lha Onibana1
Court of Clenrat'ld eounly, tha uuderfigneu guar
dlaa, Ao- i.f JiJSb ilitsho!!, minor child of Cun,
atanoa C. Mit. hell, lata of lJurnilde lownthlp,
deecaieil,wm aril al publio lalooa the preinoej, on
Tliaraday, Nurember Tib, IMS,
at 1 o'clock p. w., tbe undivided ona-bali prt of
that certain tract of land rltaate In liuruilde
townehlp, aoreiald, bounded by landa of Hauuel
elcCuoe and olliara, aotilaibiog l7 oeree, MS
perehea and al'oiranoe, Into lha catata of the aaid
lonaiauce Aiiinnen, aunirm nuM,ei iu tua luu
port 01 vainartna Mitenall, widow at aaid a.
crated, aa charged ia bu wtU. .... t
Taaaa or hAl.B. Oue-balf eaab on oonnrana.
tlon of eata and the nalamre in ona year, wilh In
tern!, la be at-oured by hand and mortgage on the , II. h. IIKM1KHSO.N,
oaty.3t uuarttian.
T r.PI'HT of the condition of tha COUNTY
IV KATIOKAL RANK of ClearOold. at tha
cloaa of bnalneu 00 Thur.Ja O.wber 3, 1872;
Loan a anil diaconnti.. 15j,9!,3 87
Over draft a IS.474 14
U. 8. bond! lo secure clronlatlon...... 7&.S4H) 0tl
Ono from redeeming A laaorreagenta, 4.7S2 SS
Due front other National Ilanka.. 4, litis 28
Una from Cute Hanka and Uankera.. I.USi 4
Furnitura and Oxturaatf.,....M. .,.... 1,278 3.1
Current cxtjiaca,u , . 676 67
Taaea paid , ' t All SI
Caah ileene, IneleMiiag atauips....... 1,IS0 SI
Utllavt aliunalUeuLa. lvo lis
Fractional eurrcncy,iucluiiing uickcla, 234 9S
Specie, (cuin. , 33 S4
Lcxal tender autea. 9,1-15 tiO
TotaJ ,..t2S3,.',;S 9b
r - " I.IABtLlTIUl. - ,
Capital frock paid in......... .....H04.S00 00
Surplat foaa...., 8, WO v
Kxaliaage. - mi el
Interest...... ,.. , . 6,043 81
Profit and loea 1.S78 01
Circulation nntetaadiur 05,268 SO
Imllrldml depoelle ae.oje ea
DueteNatlenel Uanka. 1.13 02
Hue to Bute Bauka and Bunker 13,740 OS
. TotalA...-;....!......'.,.-.-..... 2S.62S 06
I, W. M. Shaw. Caahier of the County National
Bank 6f Cleatfeld. do aolftnnly awear that Ihe
above atatcment ia Una to tbe heat af aiy koeal-
edga and belief. W. U. SUA W, Laakier.
Suljfcrllied and aerorn tn before ana thia 8lh day
of October, A. 1. 1S72.
JOllff W. WRIOI.KT, K. P.
Correct-Atteat i JASIKS T. LEONARD,
Pet. 9. 1S7J. Diraetora.
RFPORT of the condition of tha FIRST
NATIONAL HANK of Clearfield, at tha
eloea oi tnainoe oa October 3, IS7I t
' ' - neaoratsa.
Ixana and Diecimatt ......... HSI.i.'il SI
Ovor drain . 2.' TO
U. B. ilonda to ereure aireulation 10U.UU0 80
bua from redeeming A rearrve agentt 13,QX2 3o
Due from other Naltunal Ilnnka 1,641 32
line from eihn Onuka and llaukcra... 0.173 el
Furniture an I Fixlurea 1.2110 OH
Oh,1 U,IHNni....H, w lilft Oi
Taaea paid 5JJ 64
"ad Itaiaa, (including rtaa.pi),.. . 1.603 6S
Billa of other Salioual lleaka ..... CHI 00
Fractional Currency, (includ. nickelal , . 401 71
8ieerr. riat coin. ,
Legal Te-mler Notea M M
.. 11,650 00
.'..?!S.5M 1
Capital atock paid io.
$100,000 00
purpiua iunei..HMt.H....r ..-...,
I'rofit and liaa
National iiank oirouUl'n outrtandtag,
bivideuia unpaid
Individual l).p iaita
bua to Nalional Dank.
Due to Slate Bnoke and banker
, 18,000 00
i ,T8 47
823 77
89,010 00
08 00
T1.49I it
.. 6.03 30
1.146 04
..trs.s4 io
More Vea-vfenelo. OfenrKM Oaaare, S3:
I; William II. bill, Caahier of tho Firat
National Bank of Clearfield, do eoiemoly awear
that tha above atatcment ia true to the beat of my
knowledge and belief. '
M. II. DILL I eauier.
Bubeeribed andaworn tu belvre m thia 7th day
of October, 1872. WM. II, N. r.
Correct Attcat: RirilARU JIOSSOI",
i '. i ! - II. Ul MVL1NU. -
Oct 9, t87J. " bircctora.
T OMT. On or about lha lail of June, a light
Ij red Cow, about eight or nine yeara old,
having almoat atraight horna. Any information
is relation to lha above Cow will be thankfully
received by the andereignrd, reeidiog at Houti-
dale, i t.firOt-ld ouuntj, rcnnavlvtnia.
ae2'St 1,1 KR RII.KV
XTTICE-JOHN STVOKRS, or.nvlctod on
11 a charge of lareencv al Ihe June Term, 1870
of the Court of Quarter eainnt of riearletd
eoonty, Fa., and eenteneed to the Penitentiary,
will preeent a petition to the Governor, fgned by
Iho Jury which tried him and Iho cOteer ef the
Courtt of ClearOeld oounty, ftrking for bit pardon.
CAtlTIDK-All pereona uo hereby caution
i ad agaiael porenaalngar meddling wilh aer-
littcataol d.iiniil No. Sis, Ft, at Kational Bank
of ClearOoM, calling for ! 8H. dated tha 16th
aay ot riapti-fnuer, lVt aa ine eatue naa rteen
loat oraiulcn from me. A.Nao.v AleCl.t. Kb
Sept. IS, ISI2.-34
1 AUTION'. All neraona are hereby oaulioned
V J againat purchaaing or ia any way wiedilling
with lha following property, via i One grey mare,
ana Sorrel horae, ona roan aolt, one red and white
cow now in pocreeaion of Jamea llockenberry, of
WuO-lnard township, aa tha eatne waa purohaaed,
by ua, at bheriS'a aale, nnd ia loft With kirn on
:, anbjcdt to our order.
f. r, HI FFNKR,
.via'tcra, pi-pi, 2.i, ti,z..jt-
C ACTION. AH perton x kcrphf Wsuntd
jevinit burchmiuj or in unj y mKldiiog
Witli th) fi'Ilowlog pvritonal .roiicrl, Ona
travia uf horpr, ouo et uf hariieaup a two hurM
w-.ii, lw (tlowf, 6eU oTeorB anl a lot of oali
in ih a bairn, no in 1b pnfMMion of W'n. l,ios
of llluom tewtiflilp, fta tti nmt blcnjt to ui, hT
itC been purclmiit4 nf Mrim. AruoM V Uarti
horn, and uiilj ltt w If lk biin on Imiq nulijcot to
our onirtr. juiin rsiiTH,
Virti, 6.l. 19, 1S.2.-3!
UTIOKe All pvrtont in brrpttT oautionti
unit nrohaiinR or In ny my n.ii llin;
with Ihe following di-eerrbes nrotiortv. to
I pair llob Bleila and Hitching t I Tnnlier Sled
and lllnhingt 1 l'luwt I Harrow i JUg Cbalnai
t fr-t of llanicit; 1WH0 feel Ucmlock and I'm.
Lumber al William I'naey't mill, in lleccarla
Tawnehlp t the t latere at In S ,.-rra of Corn the
1 Interact U I nerea of Torn Ihe I intereat tn
JlMl doom llale ; tn ipUreat In 90 dove It ye t
tha i iatereU Iu 9 aerea of Hurhwheal now In
tha poacooeiaa of Jamea llntkaooerry, of Wood
ward Towntkin, ka the same hae been tturchaaed
by ui, and it auhjrot to our snlart of removal at
Ja. UITUIirt. '
I', r. IM-'FKN KH,
Madera, Bopl. It, lfl,
TXl-.CCTtlM'M NttTH K.-Nolica it herw
A ky givei that Lfltart TealsmenUry having
been granted lo lha auhwriher on ibo rtiaia
aUlthKT I.lllOIILlHdMioaitd. rate of Jordan
towntbip, Clearteld oounty, ronnaVlvanla, all
peraont Indehkad U tairt attain net roqueted to
make Immediate pa,.l, and theaa laaving
olalrot againat tho aaata will p ret act them, duly
authenticated, (or Ittllrment.
SSfUeH'Ji ; . Rieentoea,
a icoiiiuiitu ajiouviuji a lOCiamaTinn
a - IIHHK.1P, ny aa aat it the Uearttl 1
1 of tha C.iinu.ouji h ((. ''
rania and Hie oaveral lapplnaeala therMa, L
proTiae I that the el.i..r of the aereral "
of tha Cniniuunwiallh qualiSi-d lo ,! f,
bere f tin- lianeral Afanblv, ehall bol.l u.,'
tiva, m iue eaatv f at w 'nee Iflt aaiiir att
her alall hara been to'ad fur at it,. .
elretlou fln the Srat Turedar nen after tk.
Monday of Nn n.ber. In Ihe year of aur Ua
oaa thounme) eight bundml and fom ,., I
tha aame dny In every f.iurlh year thereafter f.
the pnr one f rlertlug Eleclori cf I retideat'u
leg n .infill ni 11,0 ,,ai i a'q'M. I, Jl'.TIN Mi;,
of l-'N'tirltrlt. i'-tti)T, in po-tttiatitw "f ihtini.
1... -1... -t. .... - . . y
JflBfJ nn inr Itt flu Act
rvfffn-vt l art.1 I
aid itii 11 rtmnt tti
.1 . 1 . I
is I'fng nil".
i k. i
elimi. K 'i fHitf l Uie rlcvtwn of ik
oouniv i.l tlrtrUi, qualiM tu rlc- for mrmUn
uf tu utfustr) Afsu-iuuly, tu ucttt at tbirmerii
rt Ion (Jimrlctf on YCBSUAV, th fifth d.
of fix o'flUwk in tbo uoniiDc and mtcb I
in tbe veiling of raiU day, to v;tt for tWMty-rjt,, I
Eleetursi of a freniUrnt mil Vice Prf lidcat of tU I
I'niteJ tftatra. And Uit tbo arroral Judw, Jj, I
iMfjiora aou lei-Ki, wbo fttaii aaro atltixJtd k
the prtocdinj, itraoral elrotlun, aro r-i aired to,.
I(t and porlorw tbo alike dutiw and b objen I
to alika ptnaliioi fur ocglcct of duty or aiiwoi I
duct ai tbov iball be iUble at laij Urami I
Tbe elector! of tbe coddIt of ClearncM will tai. I
noltco ttat tbe laid election will bo bold at I
following placet, tIe : I
Hrecarta towofbtp, at (U Union Hotel, la 0l I
rirll townnhlp, at tbe bonao of Hubert JItliiJT..,
Bl'Mfui ItiWDtbio, at the hooM of tbe Uta JaurJ I
B loo in, Hr. I
Bji towusbip, at the bonne of Edward AtWn. I
Bradford ibe buuae of Jacob Piir I
Iirvlr townihip. at tbo houM of Wm. S':bw I
a a .. . ' I
in j.mnrrrnrf.
Ilurailde towaibm, at 1 oonr i aebool boatn.
('brut towoihtB, at tha pablie eckool bonae an, I
emnnn nortuwugti f.
riearneM nqroucb, at tbe rovrt Home.
Cuvturton tuwnibip, at Ure hoaee of J.
Ciirwpnarill boroavh. tsl tka hoau af th. i... I
r iii7 " I
iraw ji4moi( . .
Deoalur townibin. at Centra echool kouw
FcrjtoKin lownahip, at the boute of John Grtr. I
ory, furnicrly oeewpiod by Tioa. Robiioa, (Urau, I
(jlrard U.wnfa.p,at ContrreM Hill tebool kou.
Uoinen lownintp, at tiio pnbiie school bowt i
Orahan tbe botimof Jivoh HUc
Uulich tuwnibip, at tbe public aobol boot I
jsnrflTifie. i
tln.ttfn towafhlp, at the bnnae of Jetae Wilna. I
1100 H'.eie norfrofH, ai ino puMte Bonne of W.
P titer, ia ttrrlil boroufeb.
J or Jin runkvhin, at Ibe poblie acaoel kout. I
Kartbau towatbip, at TaHJen'i acbool boi
Km towr.ehlp. at Turkey 11,11 Kboi! koam
Lawnwco towntbip, at tbo Coart IIoum. iaU. I
Dorontrn oi i ienieiu.
I.natbiTlVtyboranttvat thtpalilkKboolbotji.
Moiru toiru tbo bonwi formerly ocekDw.
by Tb-m.-u Kyler.'
.Nrw H a-utington boroufii, at too paMtetchtJ
konie. '. . ,
Oaotola borourb, at tbo poblio koaat ef iLk
Hoyt, in aaid bvroaKh.
IVnn tuwnitbip, at tbe botot ivnaerly ke&t W
W. W. AnUoraon.
Piko townabtp, at the houso of the late law
Bloom, in tne burougn oi mrweneruie.
Union tbebottee of U.K. BnlfO-
Woodward Wwnebip, at tbe houo of Ibou
Notle U farther hereby riven, Tbit
ell perarmi oioept Jeiftcee of tha Peaee, wb)
thai I hold aa often or appointment of trast emeti
the forerntnent of tho United Btatea, or of tali
SUM, cr ot aoy m corpora iej 11117101, wattaiti I
eominiasioaed officer or otberwiae, a aborditib I
officer or eRent, who it or eball oe enpliyed
der tho Legirlatiro, Kzecattvo or Jadieial 4t-
narttsenu of tbla Htato or of tbo United Suim
or any city or incorporated dtetriet, and ala I
Uiat arary aseaiber of Coniratt, or of tne tan I
Le (dilate re, or of tbo oonmoa or oeleel tm
of any elty, m eeainiieiloDer of any keorpontaj
district, aro ny law iDoapauie 01 botdie a
exereliiag. at tbo mm tlosa, tbo oftea or a
polctment of Judge, Iaipeetor or Clerk of uj
eieciion 01 low buungtuvaueiia
By tbe not of AatotnbTy of H9t knonn ai tb
Rcsistry Law, It is prorided as followi :
1. ''Election officer aro to open the Mil W
twera tbo honre of ail and eea a. so. on the an
of election. Before lix o'olook ia the B.oraiard I
second Teeaday nf October they are te nenn
from the County Commissioner! tbe Rtxisunt I
List 01 Voters and ail necessary election siuh.
and tbey are to permit ao man to tou wat
nam ia not on said list, anient fee iball bum
proof of bie right to rote as follows ;
I. Tbe person whose name is nut on. the Ua
claim ine; tne right to vote mast produce a emlitt
Toter ot ibe district to swear in a written or aria.
eiJ affifiaTit to tbe reridevoe of tbe eiaiiasDt ia tk
U 1st not for at least tea days neat proeeediot mi
election, defintDf clearly where tbe midfiMi d
tbe person waa.
4. tne pariy claiming ngui vo tow nj
a.Mi make an affidaTit, stating to tbe bestef ki
knttmlrdae and belief where aad when be va
bom, that be is a eitisea of renasyWaaia aaea I
tbe United (Mates, tbai be bu resided io th
6 Uta one year, or, If formerly a eititea therm
and remote J therefrom that he has resided tkerm I
six months next preceding Mid election, that h I
has not botm tnto tbe district tor tnepurposiB:
voting therein, that he baa paid a date or eomtt
tax within two years, which was astrmd at hat
tea days before the election, and the affidavit ita
Uta when nod where the tax waa aswsed mi
paid, and the tax receipt moot be aredaced mm I
the affi larlt shall state that It has beea lost ere
itriired, or that he reeetTed aoae.
4. If tbe applloaat bo a aatarallafd elUsei.h I
must In addttron to tfte sorotBg proots, sxani
his effidarit when, where and by what eearlh
was naturalised aad aredaoe bit eeninmti d
a. Erery perton elalminc to be a aMirum
eititen, whether en the registry list, or prodstm
affidaelta aforesaid; ban be reootretl te areim I
his naturalisation eerti Scale at the election sefm I
votina wnere he baa beea for ton years eaw-
tirely a eoter in the district whore be fen a I
vote t and on tbe ruto of emvek a pet ana heist w
eeifed, the Klectsva Offioere arc to write er tta
die word rttNt' ea at evntneate wit a ihe mw
and year, and no other rote oaa bo cut that dv I
in virtue of aaid eertifievte, except where sosi I
entitk-d to rote ea the Bataralttatioa et im
. If Uie perse elalmiar te rote who a m
regHatered shall make affidat it that he is a nana
bora e it lion uf tbe tailed citato, oV, If bora tea
where shall produeo evideaee of his netenaa-
tlon, or thikt Le is entitled to cilitnb.p by mm
of hi tatUcr's nataraJitAliua, and furtbsr, tbstb
is b-twva 21 aad Mi yearn of acts and kasmim I th relate one Tear, aad ia tbe elcctiet o I
triot tea dafs next breeediag the election, a I
shall be mtitlt 4 tft To'e huCn $httl not I
paid tares.
OF EI.ECTIa.iV officers
In easd the nerrnn who shall hare Kteirsdlh I
second bigbest number of Totee for iwpKrar, li- I
not attend on tbe day of e I not 1 en, the .bapr. I
who iball have reeeired tbe seooad bigbeataia
ber of Totes for judge at tho next preceding sk
lion, aball act as iuspeceir ia his place ; sat a I
ease tbe person wuo atvaii nave roceiTee iae 1
eat number ef rotae for ipetor shall aet atteni I
the person eleeted iudgo, shall appoint aa iataw I
tar in kis place; and ia ease tbe perwaMra-i
judgo shall not attend, then the inspector wise I
eeiTcd tbe bigiiesl number of Totes, itaaJI I
a Jtidg In bis piaoe ; er If any racaney ihai:
tiuue in the board for the space ef one koer slw
the lime Sxed by Uw far the opening of ta
tion, the qualified voters ef tbe township, wtr4
district for whih euch officer aball hart bra
elected, present at tbe plane of elect ioa. shall a
lect oneout of thtir number to fill rack racaacr. I
Also, thnt where a indie, by skkness ern
Toidable aocident, il unable to attend nek shsv I
ing of jntgcT, then the eertiBcate or ret an nW-1
tMt taka AhartTti daf bv oaa of the iaibsetSfte I
clerks of tbe elwiinn of the disuict. wbe ih-
and perform tbe duties required ef seid Jair
able to attend.
Ibe Retort iudgee of the respeetiT ei'tr
aforesaid are reqnested te meet al the tes
House, la the heron -h of Ike
Friday next afler Uie said first Tuesday of H
v ember, tbea and there to do tte ikwf
r quired of them by law.
A IV KM foU ssssi kisi aad bmI. at OeareM
Paon v this oiath day af ih
L.8. yr or euf Lord one thi-annd jt"
, bendredendeeTenty two, andofths Iss.
peadenoe of tbe United tttes tbe aietty
horobv given thatlettertof ndaitituw-
th ertat. of MART BHUAKP, sw'
Knot lownahl,, TlearBald toontj. ra.aern
naving oeea uuij greu,e -.---.- .
pereona Indebted lo laid aetata will p'eaw ip
Immediate payment, and thoea havinr olaliM"
demand, will piraenl them properly eatbenuo"
lor aatUroteut without delay. .....
. . lt9U KHIIAni-. H Adm.atiuah
avvreneonm von r r.' VolieeUkt-
J,..e . ..... ...... k,itl
J by given that letlert tMltnnwtJ
hen granted to tha tnbeorlher on the tru
KOBT. JOHNSTON. Jr .deee.aed, latealJcr-
l , D..HalTaaia
lownenip, (.laamein c"oa'j,
prmont Indebted to aaid oaUU are "I"'";,,
maka Immediate pavuteot, and tkJ ' 7
.i..m. ,K. will artaaal lb' "
aulhaulioaled for tettlement.
Oclnberl, IStJJItpd. lwd
IT.-0n or about tha IMk of
1 pn.mlaaortr wala, dated May Id, I"' 0
n. y. ,..m ,.P e. -'! !
turn al
or gy'J.04. All pereona . m
net purchaaing or negotiating !'