Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 02, 1872, Image 2

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" " ' aniron akd rnurnnroa.
u-1 CLEARFIELD, RA. ; t.
i., Democratic National Ticket.
' ;' " ' FOR PHKSIDKNT, '.' 1
:: r r-
, , ' or Niasorni. t
X"-1' Democratio State Ticket.1
' Fori povKRXori 9
$tiAKti$: ft 'BUpK ALEW,
o bra r-tw.BOTi eetssr.,, j;..,;,,,
iff rirr JOR ;rl'RBMB JUDGE, -.;t ')
11)111111 TllOMPIiAN, '''.
ls.! . i.cuV KHia eocrrTvi.Ti ,
1 W I til A M HARTLEY. '
f V.' f1!.' - ntDroin cot-mi '' ''
IIENDRICK B. WP.TI11IT, Lererns esunty. ,
RICHARD VAUX, Philadrlphis.
JAMES Jl. HOPKINS, Pittsburgh. V v.
Delegates t large to the Constitullurjal
, Conteutluu. ,tJ-.
i , Jorcniiab 8. Black, York. ... , ( .
" Hleorr V. Woodward, Luserne.
': '.' Andrew 0. Cartin, Centra.
Frank B. tlunon, riiilailelphis. .
". Robert A. Laniberton. Ilnrrisburg.
, A. A. Piirman, YYaynesburg. i .1.
Jaines Ellis, l'ottsville. " ,
' Ooorgo M. belle., Philadelphia. .
, John A. Campbell, rbiladi-lptii. ,
William 1.. I'orboH, Clarion.
William II. Sinitb, Alleghooy. 1 '
William J. Baer, Somerset. . , 1
B. C. T. Model, Franklin. '
1 oial II. Reynolds, Lancaster. 1 , ;
' ' Iilstrlet Delegates. "' :'
JOUN a. UALL,of Elk. : ,
ytt : si ,iM.i. FOR CONGRESS, '' :
.'.! 1 Unu THOMAS L. KAHE.. . i u
f!i '(,'' f -1 ' -' ' ,,,"''! V "''" '
nt 110 W o'rl tXECTOKB. 4. ...
Epoak Cowav, nf Wcltmorvlnnd.
" Oeoigx W. r?i.iBn, of Franklin. ":
'J,;irivl 1 nrpcniKuriTivE. '. ; I . .
, . J!ni,n Mrvi, of Erie, . . . 1.
JoliS. Mfttxiior IluntinIvn.
"'"S. OMs i ur, of Philadelphia. 'J
'. !, ti .VUlricf. '.' I .1
I. Thoraai J. Uargof. ,U. D. LswcnUrf.
J. Plpih. D. Andcraun
I. John l"fful. '
4. Uaorjro H. Ucrrrrl.
I I. Jc.!0 IMt'Klligllt.
I. Henry Wrlrt. !
IS. Henry J. tiluhlo.
17. R. W. Oiri-ly.
14. William F. I.oxaai.,
IU. Racclaa Brown.
0. TO bo niled
. taalaJi D. llaipU '
f. awuol A. Dcr. ;
. Jaaaa (1. Hawlcv. '
(. Uirau B. Hiiarr.
10. B. Ilcillj. , ,
11. John Kunkla.' '
11 Fred. W. OanHor. ,
(. F. M. Hobinaon.
Jl. J. K. Mollco. ,
22. T. II. Stevaoion.
J. John B. Bard. ' 1.
;i..Ocorg W. Miliar.
' Democratic Connty Ticket. '
"' " .' '.' "' 'for assembly."
30IIS LAWMIE, ef Ostooli.
JOHN D. TMOMPSOSf. of Curwenavllle.
i 1- - ( For tbrea jamra.)
ILItEUT K. lO.KU, of Client Townahlp
(For odo year.)
, . 1XR COI NTY AlblTOIl,
' JA1I.S II. IIII.i:, of Lumber C'Uy.
No Wkmino We ro authorized
by (lie Chfiinnart of tlio Democrnlie
Coufily Commit(o' to witlidraw tlio
call for a mooting tit Curweiisvillo on
ilouday itilit ext ., . , .,
' Xook.out ifor a Dein'ocratic rhujorily
of 1,500 in CloaifioIJ county on ricxl
Jttcwlay, uuj 30,000 iiiilio 'Stale. '
Hon. Wm. A.. Wallace,' (icn. Kil
patrick, and Tom Harahall, of Pitta
burg, addressed tho pooplo of Bed
ford lat -nihti a.ii , -.y : ' i ' v,
,., 'iha Democratic campfireu are buin
ing brightly, ull over tlia Coramon
wcallli.i Tboi mombore of the party
r moving forward for 25,000 major
ity on Tueedtiy next. ' t . ; r . ; . .
', Header, band this week's Republi
can to your lira nt neighbor and auk
him to read Gov. Curtin'a letter; and
if you can get his Bcllefonto apecch,
Jmnd it over, too.
'"Itr.TiBKD. Frank .Barrett, Kq.
ditor'of tho Salem (Xobraska) Inde
pendent for about five months, has re
tired front that journal, ana prjposcs
to dovoto himself exc-lualvcly to the
At Wobk. Tho Radicals aro trying
to squeeze A. Lemon, into tho Slate
So na to from tho Ulair and Somerset
district, but lie is too soar for ibo pa
hi to of ibo honest . yconuin of that
dislfict, ,. ; ,,
The pardon bf Ycrkcs is one of the
most' Outrogooti4 " traiiHactions that
ever 'transpired in ' tho Executive
Chamber nt II arris burg. The Kvans
robbery was childaplay compared to
this luHt net offlcury's.'' ' ' " ' '
Do Youa Duty. Kvery man who
loves hi country, and in morals pre
fers fair1 dealing with tho anuirs of
Slate, will nf course on Tuesday next
east lus vole isr Charles R. lluckalew
and tho whole Democratio ticket.
AUGrunt'g bull pups havo opened
up a howl ana are pursuing Gov, C'ur
lin. .. This is just what might bo ex
Ipovieii, wheu an honest inun gives his
opinion of r.uculs. Lot tho dogs bark,
they at'ofiijthleniiig fiutiv but Radicals,
,1a; Town Col. Curtis, the Grant
iaiineo for Congress, was With Us
jtvoek, and dofendod tho robbet
x ring to tho utmost of his ablltlori
Wodncsday, . llis speech to tlio ring
supporters was tho same old. story.
From Washington to liiuhinond ; Irom
Atlanln to the sen; Warl War I J Mr.
Curtis will trot LI) d sovirent JCaneAoa
next Tuesday ever admin in torod to a
i'aJirHl in Uiis aeok of woods, Cur
(js spenli will olect Xi'on, Kun.
- OtmotralU Coumlw jmttttr
la accordance with piovlous noiloo.
tbo Democrats and Liberal Kopubli
cans of Clearfield county assembled
in muss county mooting, at Clcarfiold,
on Tuesday, the 2-llb. It was one of
tho largost mootings over held in the
county, and was brought about with
but very little effort. y ',
Tho meeting wns'culK'd to ordor by
the Chairman of tho County Commit
tee, D. L, Krebs, Khi., on whoso mo
tion Ex-Gov. Bioi.ku was nominated
for Rrcsidont, Robert MohafTey, Alox
under Irwin, Dr. J. W. Potter, John
W. Wright, Sr.; Joseph 11. Rioth, Ed
ward iieGiirvcy, Capt. Jainos M
Welch an J. George M. Hrisbin Vice
Prosidonts.oiid John A. llluttenborgor,
S. 15. Row and Florenco O'Loary Seo-
relurics. ' , .,
Gov. ' Hitler on taking tho chair
mudo a few approjirinto remarks und
then Introduced lion. K. O. Perrino,
of Mew York, who for ubout ono hour
cntorluiiicd the muss of human beings
present with a rare speech. At the
conclusion of Mr rerrino remarks,
lion. J. J. Stewart, formerly a Itcpiib-
Hchii momber of Congress from Mary
land took tho stand and delivered ono
of tho soundest argumentative speeches
wo over listened to. At the conclu
sion of his remarks Senator .Wulluco
came forward nnd rend a synopsis of
Gov. Curtin'a letter, which he had for
warded by telegraph, at .the conclu
sion of which be proceeded to deliver
a short vigorous speech, at the close
of which the meeting adjourned, at a
lute hour.
Disappointed. Most of our Rndlcul
follow-ciiizons were greatly disap
pointed with tho speakers and speeches
made at thoir mooting last week.. A
number in our hearing exprossod thoir
disgust loudly at the performance, re
marking that thoy had come to the
mooting to boar something new. Sach
sUilTttH Curtis and Doanorotailed thoy
bud read in the newspapers eight and
ten years ago. Doano. was to the
mrotlng just what the clown is to tho
circus, llis muuner and sentiments
were appreciated by tbo lower strata
uud drunken ' members of tho party.
His vulgarity culmioulod in one of the
hotels, whore, after tho mooting, be
debated the character of a lady until
be was denounced us a blackguard and
compelled la shut bis foul mouth by a
member of his own parly.. - .Notwith
standing his low tragedy, he was
manly enough novcrto mention either
the namo of llartrunftor Allen. Ho
either kuows that they are rascals or
bis mind is wholly absorbed in rotail-
ng sentiments at waieh only fiends
and devils rvjoleo. "So help me God,
never will I cla.-ip IiuDds with rebels." j
This was ono of bis finest sentiments,
and at tho aamo linio he was shaking
hands with Gov. Wise and Col. Mosby.
A Stunner. Tho featuro which
most annoyed tho Grantilcs who were
present at tho Democratio meeting
lust week, was to see a numbcrof thoir
old stnndiiya on the platform. Mossr.
lrvin, McGarvcy, Wright, Row and
Welch, having beoome disgusted with
nepotism and tho ring robbors of our
Stuto, hiivo clasped hands with their
old leader, Curlin, who in common
wilh tho Democrats is waging a vig
orous campaign against corruption in
high places. , Thcircxamplo is worthy
of imitation, and wo are satisfied that
tboHsunds, w ho like them nro more
patriotic than pnrlizan, will pursue a
similar course nnd assist tlio Demo
crats in overthrowing the corruptcst
ring that ever digrnced any Stato.
Caincroiiism dies next Tuesday, and
the fourth of March next will wind
up tho career of tbo corruptcst man
on the political stage.
' An Opinion. "Tho lato lamented"
dealt largely In jokes and sarcarm In
the midxt of confusion and misery.
Tho following sentiment is one that
comes in play at this tiino, when
Simon Cameron is trying to eloct a
corrupt man for Governor, Auditor
Genoral, nnd a Legislature to elcot
him Unitod Slates Senator.
"All that I an In tbo world," .aid Mr. Ltuooln,
"Iha Praaiilaney and all alaa, I owa totbat otiinioe
of nia wbich tlia poopla cxpreaa wbfn thar call ma
lloncit Old Aba. Now, wbai will the; think of
thoir hoar Abo wban ba appolnta Bmon lam
aron to bo bia familiar adriaor ,
A corrupt ring forced "Honest Old
Abo''' to appoint Cameron Secrotary
of War, but ho had tho pluck to kick
him out, tut Grant afterwards look
him to his bosom, and ho now owns
him as emphatically as ho docs those
two bull pups which follow him every.
' Stii.i, at ins Work. Swoope Is
still engaged by tho corruption ring in
Philadelphia in roluiling his Billings
gate before Radical audiences, and on
every occasion souks to slander, libol
and uIjiiho some of bis old neighbors.
The vilonoss and degradation of this
crentnro, since ho has joined tho Cam
eron ring, is becoming ' intolerable.
and were ho to come into our town
and talk about 'our neighbors as ho
doos in Philadelphia, his own party
friends would rotten egg him out of
tho county. Ho is simply black
guarding and disgracing his relatives
here, whilo backbiting Ex-Gov. Bigler
and Senator Wallace in Philudolphia.
However, bis raoe is nearly run, The
4th of March next will wind up bis
smut machine. '
What a howl thcro will go up from
the troopers composing "tho bread
and butler brigade" on Tuesday night
next, when the telegrams announcing
tho election of Buckulew go clicking
across tho Stato from tho Dolaware to
tho lakes. ' " '
a) a, a I, ..
' Josh Billings says i "There I one
thing about a ben that looks like wis
dum, they don't kackle ranch until
they havo laid their egg. Bum pbolka
are always a bragging and oackliug
about what thoy tan do before hand.
' Sitti.kd. The big settlement whlc
baa boon ponding botween "Unci
Sam" and "John Bull" for eight years
past, was finally olosed at Goneva,
Switsorland, two weoks ago. ; The
government of Great Britain pays (he
govornmont of tbo United states Jif
teen million five hundred thousand dol
lar. I Thusfendoth the colobialod
Alabama and other claims, about
f which "there was so much fuss mudo,
and through which demagnguoa ex
pected to involvo both countrios in
war. Grant and bis ring receive just
about seven per cent, on their cluim
Consequential damages amount to no
moro in tho estimation of stuletmcn
tint n bull pups. , .
: Fmutinu. Don Piatt, writing from
tho Whilo Sulphur Springs to the
Washington Capital, says : "Tho pa
ternal author of tho hello horo, it Is
said, the other day, shortly alter his
returu to tho Springs, was upprouched
by a youth who ivipiestod a fow win.
otos conversation nnd began 1 'I wus
requested to sec you, sir, by yor lovo
ly daughter. . Our attachment
Young man,' interrupted tho parent
briskly, 'I don't know what that girl
of mine is about. You ure tho fourth
gontloman who has approached me
this moruiui; on that subject. I have
given my consent to tho others, and 1
give it to you. God bless you.'."
Bkiler and Curtin. lilsewhore
will bo found tho letter of Kx-Gov.
Bigler, declining In fuvor of Kx-Gov.
Curtin, as Dolegutc-at-Largo to the
Constitutional Convention, nnd the
proclamation of tho Democratio State
Couimiltoe announcing the change.
Gov. Bigler should have been in that
Convention by all means, and tho
stupidity and blockhcadism of some
thrco or four of our nominocs is fully
developed. Every Ex-Governor living
should havo beon sent to this Conven
tion. , Thoy, ' above all other mon,
know if there is anything wrong, or
wanting in that instrument. We
shall refer to this mailer again. 1
An Outrage. Tho systcmatio abuse
of Senator Wallace by the Johnstown
daily Voice, is very low journalism.
And this tho experienced editor un
doubtedly understand ' Mr. ' Camp
bell claims to be Democrat, and yet
bo persists In assailing one of tbe
brightest ornaments of the party in
the Slate, to the discredit of himself
and journalism. Ilia charges against
Mr. Wallaco aro false in evury partic
ular and look and read more like per
sonal spleen tbun in the Interest of
public good.'' We ore really astonish
ed at the courso of the Journal in
question. : '
A Snake. Tho Democratic States
man is a Grant organ started lately by
J. M. Cooper, at Chambersbarg, from
which Iiadical organs love to copy.
Coopor was formerly a Democrat, and
so was Simon Cameron, but both be
coming exceedingly corrupt, thoy join
ed tho enemy, and aro now the head
and front of tho corruptcst ling that
ever disgraced any Commonwealth.
Coopor's paper preloads to be Demo
crnlie, on tho ilium principle that tho
Devil claims to bo an angel of light
for fraudulent purposes and will suo
cood about as well in convincing holi
est men of that fuel.
Upon Kqcal Kootinu. Gov. Geary
has pardoned Yerkcs and Marcer out
of the Pcnitontiary. Thoso mon were
the confederates of llartrnnft and
Stato Treasurer Mackcy, and were
sent to the Penitentiary for doing
just what theso worthies did, who
were made Auditor General and State
Treasurer. Ycrkes aiid Marcer are
therefore as free as thoir cronies, and
we presume will bo nominntod for
some Important ofllce by the Cameron
ring cro long. Freedom is a boon
wbich all crave, but we fear Yerkes
has purchased it dearly at the ex
penso of frwM nnd honor.
The Pittsburg Leader saya that the
due bill candidate for Governor visited
nearly all tho whisky and beer sa
loons whon in that city, last wook,
and that he is now being callod the
saloon candidato. Here ho passes for
tho temperance candidate. Well, it
won't make much difference what be
passes for; be will not be elected,
anyhow. lie is moro likely to land
ia the ponilcnliary than in the Guber
natorial chair. - i' i .' i - i :
The Pittsburgh Chronicle, a Grant
orgnn,says : "Tho crowning transgres
sion of this campaign la the pardon of
i erkos and Marcer, opon condition
(hat thoy perjure themselves. This
bringing of tho Ponilonliary Into the
canvass, looks like adospcrato move
on tho port of tho party "controlled
by grand moral ideas, and to which
"nearly nil tho clorgmen of tho coun
try aro attached." What a wondor
ful combination of moral circumstances!
Curtin at Hom. Kx-Uov. Curtin
returned to bis home In Bellofonte on
Saturday Inst. His rocoption in the
evonlng wits one of tho grundont spec
tacles ever witnessed by Bellofonters.
His spooeb on tho oocssion was highly
eulogistio of Mr. Backalew and de
nunciatory of the candidates sot up
by the Uarrisburg oorrupliou ring.
Won nenFui,. Ex-Doctor Brown of
tho Bollofonte Republican in a spooch
the other night said. "Andrew Gregg
Curtin, is forovcr damned, damned, yos,
doubly DAMNED r AsMurat Hal
stoad would put it "this is very sad!"
Evidonlly another Browo'a soul Is
"marching along."
"Anything to Uat GRm,it."
This is now the watchword among
Radicals, Tbe New York Herald
says that tho Grant party Is just now
oatering to negro Voters In that State
at tbe epenso of doooncy, truth and
common sonso, ; ,
Governor Curtis tor lh CsmttU
fNfiosMsi Vonvenltsm.
Dxmocbatio State Com. Rooms, 1
1 Puiladilpuia, Sent. 26. J
To thi Democrats of Pennsylvania i
I herewith submit for your Infor
mation a letter received by me from
Hon. William Bigler, from which It
will be seso that be relinquishes the
candidacy at dulogalo-al-large to the
Constitutional Convention, for reasons
thorein slalod :
Clearfield, Ta., Sept. 23, 1872;
Hon. Samuel J. ltandall, Chairman
Democratic State Ventral Committee:
Sia : I horoby tonder to tho State
Committoo my deolination as a candi
date fur delegalo-at-large to the Con.
Blitutional Convention., Tho reasons
why some ono of tho candidates on
our tickot should voluntarily retire
are woll known to you.
The Liberal Republicans, noting
wilh us in the support of Mr, llucka
lew, claim to bo roprtsontod in the
Convention, and as they ask for only
one dvlotfalo out of the fourteen, J
think thorn very reasonable. If we
refuse to make the concosxion wo will
bo seriously wanting In libeiulity our
selves.'' The principle upon which tho
Convention is to be constituted con
templates a fair representation ,of nil
political clusscs, und the Liberals uro
entitled by tho fundamental rule to
more than they demand.' They havo
proposed Governor Curlin us their
candidato, and I . do not think we
should permit him to bo defeated If we
can help it. llisviowson all questions
at issue in tho present polilleul contest
uccoid with ours; be is a hearty sup.
porter of lluckalew, as I am well as
sured, and when 1 say that lite ability
and experience in public affairs would
make him a most valuable member of
tho convention, 1 aaserl no more than
what is known to all the people of tho
Stato. r I-.' '
1 cannot say that I feol no relue
tanco to forciro tho hlirh honor of a
seat in tbe convention, but 1 am con
vinced that my declination is due to
tho Liberals, and will promoto the
harmonious action of the great populur
body wbich ia moving lor a common
object tho rcdemptiou of the Stale
from oorruption and misrule. All 1
ask of the committoe is to say, if ques
tioned, - that 1 bavo not aeecrtco
my poet, but have vacated it, wbor
honorably relieved, for a reason pro
per and just, in my own opinion
ana yours, i am very truiy yours,
William Biuler.'
In obedience to tho unanimous in
struction of tbo Slate Central Com
mittee, I direct that the name of An
drew G. Curtin bo substituted as a
candiduto-at-lurgo to the Cona'.ilu-
lionl Convention, In pluoo or William
IliL'ler, resigned. County chairmen,
and others, having charge of the
printing of the tickets throughout tbe
Slate, will mako the change, and priut
in the mannor Indicated.
This action has been taken that the
union of the Liberal Republicans and
Democrats of Pennsylvania, in the
coining contest, may bo more perfect
and conclusive Am1 row G. Curlin
now h'sds tbo Liberal Republican
causo of tho Stale, making certain the
overwhelming overthrow of the baso
"Ring" of oorruptionists who bavo too
long controlled ttio Oeslinios ol our
Commonwealth. He cornea forward
at a critical moment to show honest
mon tho pluin path of duty, and the
Democrats of the State adopt Mr.
Curlin and plaeo his oamo on their
ticket as a token of their sincere pnr-
noso to do all in their power, regard
less of past issues, to forever destroy
tho rule of these faithless public ser
vants, who havo been and are now
fntloning on tho treasure at tho ox.
penso of the industries and good mor
als of tho Suite. This action makes
sure tbo victory of tho right over
wrong in October, ana shouia every
where bo received wilh joy.
1 should omit tbo lull discuargoot
my duty if I failed to express tho
gratitude of the Democrats of tho
Stato to William Bigler for this hon
orable, disinterested, and patriotic act.
And while be has yielded up tho hon
ors of the party that good might conio,
he bss made grosler tlio reniect sna
esteem in which ho is bold by our
frionds evory whore. ''
Samuel J . Randall, Chairman.
Tuna Arithmetic "Addition, Di
vision and Silence," is the programme
of the Camcron-Uarlranft-Kembto rob
bers. "Add" up tbe wbolo amount of
tbo one million tbrco hundred thou
sand dollar balance in tho Stato Treas
ury, and "divide" it among thorn
solves, and keep "quiet." The brazen
impudence of this robber ring is
enough to call a saint from his prayers.
"Dear Yerkes." Thia is the en
dearing name llartranft, the Radical
nominoo for Governor, gave to bis
confodornto in crime whon they wore
speculating with the State funds.
Yerkos was sent to the penitentiary
and llartranft, juBt aa guilty, was
nominntod by the "grand moral Idea"
party for Governor. " "
, Look Here, Republicans 1 Evory
vote cast for Daniel W. M'Curdy for
Assembly Is a vote for Simon Cam
eron. If you want to act ike part of I
honest citizens, and donounoe villainy
and fraud through the ballot boa, vow
for Jobst Law she, who will fuitbfully
represent you on this point., '
So, So. Tho Pittsburg Leader (good
loyal authority) says that John F,
llartranft, (the soldiers' friond) can
didato for Govornor, opposed a bill
introduced Into Congress lust wintor
by Mr. Storm, allowing soldiers 100
acros of land as additional bounty.
Ho is a prolty soldiors' friend Indued,
This Last Gone. Tho N. Y, Herald
says! The Princess Boatrico, the fifth
and only unmarried daughter of Quoen
Victoria, has neon bcihrothua lor mar-
riage to the Marquis of Stafford. Ho
we are informed by cable. (Should
the anion Lake plaeo it will serve to
bind another noble family that of tbe
Duke of Sutherland in still closor
union to tho tbrono of Britain. Hor
Majesty Is a prudent matron, aa well
as a powerful sovereign.
Attention I Tho PhiladolDhia Press
of the 20lh, saya; "Mon of Ponnsyl-
vama, u you 40 not crusn out the
Camsron-Mackay-Uartranft Ring on
tbe socond Tuesday of Ootober by an
ororwholmiog majority, you will for
ever cover your Stato witb shame.
Organize and vote against the nlun.
In Porry City, Georgia, one dollar
tax Is abated for every shade tree
planted by the citizens along the side
walks. A sensible Idss.
The Result. At last tbe definite
results of tbe election In West Vir
ginia are ascertained. They art en
tirely satisfactory to the Democratio
and Conservative party of the coun
try. Eighteen Republicans were olios
on oat. of sixty-five delegates to tbe
House of Representatives.' In j tbe
State Senate throe Republicans and
twonty-one Domoorats were chosen.
The Wheeling Jlegister says, "tlttro la
in eaeh House of tho Legislature a
large majority of straight Democrats,
eleutod as such.". It is out of such on
election that tho Grant- men protend
to manufacture a triumph.
Cnmdon, tho rogular Domooratio
nominee, was defeated for Governor,
a poii the ground that ho bad sscurod
his nomination through the iroo uso
of money. But Jacobs, the present
incumbent, a better Democrat, was
elected ovor him. Both tho candidates
for Govornor aro strong Grooloy men.
Look at This. Col. Forney, in his
Press of the 20th says : "If llartranft
and Allen bo defeated (as thoy will
most assuredly), the vault of the
Stale Treasury, which we have charg
ed is tho most polluted locality in tho
Stato, and in whose 'dark and imponc
trablo recesses' moro frauds are hid
den, than thoHO which damned Tam
many, will bo ok nosed lo an honest
"Light In the Trcnsury is what tbe
people of Pennsylvania want, and
when they get a ray of truthful inves
tigation to penetrato there it w'.ll net
as did thu lightning flash which struck
the Now York Tammany thieves,
overturning tbe Cumeron Ring, ox
posing Ilh corruptions, and giving us
at bust a partial aircroirnte of its
plunderlngs from the good Stato of
i ennsyivania. 1
Tuunker. Tho Philadelphia Press
says : Hud a fragment of a slur, a por
tion of a comet struck or fallen to tho
earth, or any other stupendous result
carrying wilh it a startling effect oc
curred, it could not bavo created more
Consternation here than did Gov. Cur-
tin's letter announcing his opposition
lo tbs ring candidates for Stale offi
cers on the Republican ticket.
Mary F. Kney has just been appoint
ed post mistress ol a oounty town,
and saya she will marry Kney body
that will vole for Grant. '
grw (Imtisfwfnt.
The anilaralgnod would ro.pMtfulh lra no
riac to tha altiaana ef Baaesrta townthin and our-
mandiug roantrjr, that ba haa pnrobaard tba
Baocaria Flouring Milla and pnt arcr.rthinir In
aoaiplnla ardor, nad l nnoufxiiiruii a Srat-alaaa
quality of Flour. . .
v i ... i
and Flour la q uaelitj aanatant); an kand for tola.
alaa;i aa kand ml for aala w balm la or mail.
0( TN " ft'11"1-1-" WANTED.
X Will rxchanjro Flour and Chop for 2S
iock Shinglo, or will pay part uone, II drcliad.
il harahy aivn that Mlaranf adiaialatration
ou tha fatal of MARY EHUARD, lata of
Knox township, CloarSrld oonnty, ra., droraaed,
harinf barn duly granted to tba nndrriitrnad, all
r.rona indabtrd to aaid eaUt will ploaaa laaka
mnciliato payment, and thoao barton olalna or
demand, will pprarnt than properly authenticated
for aettlrincot without drlay.
oelj 01 i ' AJmiotatnUor. .
i niit imiH'S ViTICB. Notla ia hrra
I jay five that Irtlrrn iMfaraeiiiary karlna;
lei-n granted to tha ruliarriher on tha aatate of
BOUT. JOIl NMTON, Jr, daoeaanl, lata of Jordan
townabip, Clearfivld county, Peiinaylvania. all
persona indebted lo aaid aetata are requested to
make immediate paToicnt. aod tbean havine.
elaitna against the same will praaont Uieta duly
authenticated for eetllrmset.
October I. IS71:ACkI. Kieeatora.
LflMT. On or about tba Utk or July, 1877, a
promlaeery note, dated May id, ISft, given
by S. C Dunlnp to J. W. Carhle. sailing for the
sum of 120.61. All parsons are hereby eaoiioned
against pnrahaaing or negotiating for aaid aeta,
as paynieul of tba eeme una been stopped.
oell-Jl" ' It. J. MOHKMIKY.
AlMIJlM'rNA10HM HOTI t'F Nolle
Is hereby given that lettera of ndminiatratiee
on tha estate of Lavisa HanTtknoha, dee'd, Into
af Hell township, ClearSeld emtnly, Penn'n.,
baring been duly granted to tba undersigned, all
nersons indebted to said estate will please make
Immediate payment, and those haviog elnlma or
demands will present them properly authenticated
for eetttoment without delav.
oet2-6t. Administrator.
CAUTIMN. All parsons are heresy oaadoa
ed against purchasing or In way meddling
with one eotk stave, one pal ok of potntoea, an
gun and 1 kogs, now ia the posseaaion of Christo
pher C. Nefl, as th same wore purchased by me,
at oonstable'a sale, and are left wltb aaid Naff OS
loan only, aubjaot to my ordar.
Chest township, Sept Ji, l7JJl i
CAUTION. All person are herel.y eaatloaed
againat pnrohaslng or ia any way meddling
with tha following property, vlsi One grey mere,
ana eorrel horse, n roan olL on red arid while
enw, now in posaesalon of James Hookenberry, of
Woodward township, as tha aame was purchased
by sa, at Sheriff's sale, end is left with him ea
loan, suhjoot to nur ordor.
" ' - ' WMi l.nTHRn,'
Madsra, Pcpt. IS, ',,
CI AUTION All persona axe hereby aauUnaed
I agaiaat rehasiag or ia any way meddling
s-ilk tka (killowiug described property, te wit
1 far Nob-Sleds end llitebingsj I T.whar Sled
and Hilohinga t I IMowt t Harrow 1 liog t.'helns;
i Set ef Harness I UolH) feel Hemlock and Fin
Lumber at William Pnsey'a mill, In lleooari
Ttiwnship t th T Interest in S aerea of Ouro tbe
i interest hi i none of Cum tho i interest in
ll'O dotan Oats I the Interest In SO dlea Rya
tha Interest In i asre of Bunk wheatfiow In
tbo possession of Jamas Hookenberry, of Wood
ward Township, ai the same has been purchased
j as, end la lul.jeel w oar aidors of removal at
any tuna.
. - WM. i.fTHFR,
P. F. lttFFNER.
Msdsrs, Kept. 14, ISil. se55-3t
("1 ACTION. All parsons are hereby warned
I aealnst nurebaslne or la aav we Madilllne
with tho following pnrsonnl property, rist One
team oi norses, ono sat Ol narnees, n two horse
wagon, two plows, e laid of nom and a lot af oats
In tha barn, now in !h nossoesiun of Win. Linaa,
af Bloom township, as the aaroa belrng to us, hav
ing bean purokaeed of Moasiw. Araeld A B arts
born, and only left with him on loan suhjeat te
aursrdrar. JOHN SMITH,
Forest, Bent IS, IS71-SI
I by given that Letters Testamentary haviog
en granted tn the subeoriber ea th estate ef
EOBKHT I.IDDELL, deeeaaed, late or Jordan
toenshlp, ClearSald aannty, I'onnayrvsnle, nil
persona Indebted ta aaid eaiala are requested te
make Immediate payment, and those having
alaiuii against th aama will praeaal them, del;
aolhenlioaled, for Battlement.
P'ol Eieoutors.
' aad dealor la ' "
Watohes, Clock, Jewelry, Silvof
and Plated Warp, be.,
'Jl?l " . " I"K OI.FAR FIELD, FA..
-IU-' - J ,...
3rw dvrrtijfrofnli.
j Susotuorlo Bred Ursa. V ,i
lit open (hit week tn linneBi ittxlt of
li duMriptJoni or , t
NOTIONS, ' ' "i
11 MILLINERY ' ' " '
'' LADiK3','r. . ' ' !
,! I .. Mill ,tl
, ! .! i CUILDHEN'S
"''' -SHOES,
Ac, Ac, 4o., ' io. .
Buying my g nods In New York, tho lead ef the
aierAvf kfvping n roliabla elaas of goods; aeU
Ing goods at tlvsa eash Sgurvs, and conducting
business In a thorough business manner, I hope
ta merit tha eonH.leuce or CASH BUYERS
throughout tha ansnt, v ,M .'A
Cull ft oil txainiuf my ilurk irid h
of the (ruth of jr tfntUwi$t
Kpilt HU. RtED.
T H' UAVIH, tf ;if IIhim", Pouiia
J U my! Ant U iho mv of
nuk-ott i I'mv 1' i ii(, lue ('til luattiiit rri( nnd
pcrrainvnt f tire of ttll kii dt m( Pain. AUn V'o.
bit's AniiihllnfoT for tbe radio, s ura of l'ft(rrfa
dW fol4r U U bel. K. L. It ULOoTT.
iv?i 3m J:1 Chalhatift F'airc, New York.
LOST. Oa ar mhmti Ibft Ult af Juoa, a liXbt
it'll Vow, about oijrlit or oiuo Ttifi nld,
b ii'f atuiomt ftraixM )rmt. An,r tnfnrtnaHoo
i rrUlitio lo ttw obur Co wilt I OtanltfuMj
rrrir. by Hit uiidtnltfril, trtliti( at Huly
dale, t'litnrbildj cuuulv, rciiiit; Irani,
ftsj-ai. , r -j JttKK- MII.KY.
. uJ.v. -iUi ,-v-
"VroTltF-. JOHN HTVOKK:, ovn-tM on
1 a rirrrirfr iTtrattbt Jnn Trrm, 170,
of tha r.ntrt f QMfirsr Hraw.tir.1 Of CftrftrAdrtJ
oeonty, l a., dI atnlwtMtl to Ibf,
Will nrvariit ft petit. m ta (tw (Im-trtwr. triH-'J by
tba Jury vbicb trWd btia aad tbe oftertftbe
t'ourtf mf larJiidjifttl tuHwg tar ku pamoo,
General Eleellon PrmiamaHoii.
WJIKHKAS. br ft aetof tbo Uetitral Aanai.
blj of tho CemttODtrtalUi of lteDylf
aft tntitUd Aa txH ta rfulate tbo Oratral
Klretioa triihia tbti Cdrennwtft!th,u it la to
Jotnt4 sipoa th KbrHi nf ibt ntveral eoontitf
to gir pablbe autito of tuoh oUctiuo, tho place
wtitro to bo held, aad tbt ofuctri to bo fleeted.
TnaRsVoMK, I, Ji ana J. -I'm, Hi Kb Sheriff
of Clearfltld eeuot. do kerebj (tro Pub lit No.
tioo to the clortert of tbo roust- of Clearfield,
that a gfooral tlreiiea trill be bo d cm tba Buc
onaTuftDAe or Orroaaa aait, (belay tbo Htb
day ol tbo ttorUb,) at tba teveral olooiiua dit
rieti ia taid county, at which time aad place
i at qualified rotor will fota
For owe pertoa for (lor era or of tbo Cowalaw wealth
of Peaaiylw-aaia. ;
Pur oao pemoa fur Supreaio Jadfo of tha Com
moaweatth of i'raat) Iraaift,:
Kor owe pereoa to repiMiit tho onawtle of Cam
bria, CI-arfteM. Erie, Klk, VortoU JtflVraoa, Mc
Kmb aad Warrra La tba CugrM of Ibo aited
. ftlatoa.
For three pertoai to irprirOrat the 8tata at Urge,
ia tbe Cwwrrtfi of tbt toiled Htli-.
Fer fourtoea portoat to rrprewat tbe HUteat larfre
la the C'iaatiluttoaal Coartatioa of tbii Cm
moa weal th.. ... 1 j " , ' t
Fur oat prrauD for A ad i tor Gtaeral of tho Cum
monwcalth of Franaylraaia.
For three perfta to rrrprueut tbrooaatieouf Cam
bria. Clearfielil, C'liatoe and a' Ik, in tbe Caiti
tutinnal Conrcatiuaaf tbie Coianiooweallh.
For one pertoa to rprtct.t tbe eoanty of 1'loar
0rld in the Huojo of RrprrKBUti . e of thia
For one perton for tbo offleo of Coooty Commit
looer of Clearfield eouuiy tbrto jeart, aad oao
ptrooa lor tho oamo office for year. s
For one peraMin fur the office of A ad i tor of Clear
told atiunty. . -
Tbo lott of lira ouenlyef ClearfieM will lake
aotioo that tbt aaid gimeral alectioa will bo bald
at tbo ful low in, plaeoa, rii :
Beoevia towaihip. at tbo Unlet Hotel, la tilta
Boll township, at tbt bouao of Robert Mebaffey.
Bloom townabip, at tho hoato of tho lato Jamei
Blot., Br. ...
Bore- towwtbip, at tbe hoato of Edward Albert.
Ilnvdfhrti towaihip, at tbo boata of Jaoob Pierco.
Brady townibip, at tho hoato af Wm. bchwem,
ta l.athrtbar(.
Barnaide towtwhlp, at T(mnirfl orhool houte.
Cheat towatbip, at tbt pa bin eehool bouse a ear
8 1 moa Horalsaaitb'a. '
Ctoarlrld boruurb, at tho Court Ilooao.
CnwiaxUHi towatbip, at tha hoato of J. Mawrer.
CarwtDtrilia aoroujrh, at tbo hoato of tbo lata
ItftM Bloom.
loeatar township, at Centre lebool hoato.
Ftrirusna township, at tbt hoaoe of Joba rK
ory, fvrmtlf ootepied by Tboo, Koblron. (Broad-
(llrard Cnarrttt Hill ocbool hoato.
1 Ouohaa township, ai tbo public tcbooi oitt at
nna wart ne.
U rah am township, at tbt bonteof Jacob II abler,
trlulieh township, at the public school bouse, lp
JafiotrUlo, 4 '
Huston township, at the boast of Jesse Wilson.
Hoatsdalo borouKh, at tbo public houte of Wm.
farker, ia arid borourh.
Jordaa towatbip, at tho pvblU arbool buiM, la
Karthaus towaobip, at Bridtoa'o ochool boato.
Knoi township, at Tarkty Hill ochool bou
Iawrenco towmhip, at tho Court Jlouse, is tbo
bonrtiKh of OlearTietd. .
Iumler City borough, at tbt pnhlle tehool hoote.
Morris township. at tbo boaot formerly ooonpied
br Thomas Kyltr.
KeW WaMbinytoti boroaib, at tbo public Ochool
OstMlt Wrtirs, at ibr aublit hmm of Milo
IJort, la said bo.(fy J -
Fnnn towsasUp, ai aba battel fcrwt-trty kept by
W. W. Andnrtoo.
Pikt towaihip, at tbt house, of tbo late Isaac
Bloom, in the tforoaga oi i urweusvine.
Dnioa towusbiu. at the bouse of D. E. DmbakiT
Woodward toftttihip, at Ibo hoiuo of Tbo was
Ilfadcrmp. ' . '
AN AtX rogu)stiitj lU lumlo of oliuft at all
tuitions in the several counties nf this Com-
rooDwcftllb. approved tbo JOtb dnr or MnrcD, A.
P actio I. lit it twacYcrf by the Hen at and
Houte of Rqiner alaAivea of tho Common wealth f
rntajylranta in uejieral Aitoomtiiy met, and ti ts
here'-y enacted by authority of tbe aamo, That the
qualified voter! of tho otvrrai wtHinliee of thit
Uommoawealth, at all ntneral, townthtp, borough
and special oltrUona, are hereby, author
ised and required to rota, by tick at , prtaied, or
w lit tea, or partly print ana partly wrtttew, tor
trally claasiflow as Tdlowst Ono Uckot eball em.
brace tho aamel of all Judges of eourte rotod for.
and to bo labellod, owtsida, Jadittaarj oao tickot
shall ombraoa the bamoi of the state officer! voted
for, and bo labelled, "elate f" ono tiokot shall ora
braoo tho a am to of al ooaaty effioort voted -tor,
including office of ftcnator, member, and members
of atoemhlj, If voted for, aad membcro nf Cnngretft,
if voted for, and bo labelled, "county oao tinket
ehlla ambraoa tho aamts of ail township nfllcers
voted for, and bo labelled, "township ono tick
et shall ambrano tho names of alt borough officers
v rrtel ff, and ba la helled, "borongh aad each
elite abaJI be f1ennitMl In tentrata ballot boiat.
By tbo aot of Astomhly of, nowit t tha
rVgtttry Lair, M te pravMew at roimwt t
I. "ftrattioa owioorft aro to opoa tba foils be
tween tba hours af fx and sovaa a, m. on Ibo dar
ofolootloa. Before eU o'clock In tho morning of
tecooil l ueday ar Uctoaar Uiey nra to rwooiro
from tbo Connty Oommisslonert tbo Registered
List of Votaraaadall aeotssary eleeUoa baks,
aad tbey ara to permit no man to woto woote
nama it not an taiw Ust, anloae bo aball rnUt
proof of bio right a vota aa Mlowe t
I, Tho poraon wnooo aama is an wn tbo Hot
tUimlag tbo right to vou matt ayrowrjaaaojao1'
rotor of tha dlttrtot to swear ta a rH ..
ad aft da? It to tba raoidenoa of .
dlrtrtot fVr at laajt ton -... , aTafSant tn tbo
" bfTprtwdin aaid
oloetlon, defialog tlearly wbota the roeidonon of
tbo ptrooa Wat,
1. Tha party claiming tbo right to rote oball
alto auko aa affldarit, slating to tbt boat of his
knowledge and belkor where fid then o was
born, Utuit bt Is a tiUttn of Praniylrani and of
tho Unitod tftaloi, tba bo bat. redded to the
Butt ono year, Or, H formtrl a titisen tberoin
and rouuVed tbfirne that be bas rtilded tberoin
six month ntst proooilinK u, election, that be
haj not movci) Into tbt district for tho puposa of
Voting thel'tin, that he hoi paid it Siaio Or oounty
tax within two V""! wbich was . nod at leait
ton dayt boforo tbo tlootioo, and the afliiiavitsUall
ttato when ana wnere tne ix was ataesseo aad
mid. and tbe tax rKelit must lt urodiuwd iidliws
ibo affidavit sbaU'state that It hasboen lost or de
stroyed, or that be received none.
4. If tho applicant ba a naturalised oitlscn, be
must in addition to the foregoing proofs, state In
bis aad..vit whan, whjro aad by wiitt fust b
wot BtUuralisod ad produce' hit terlititaU of
ts Ever parson olaiuuug to ba a naiuraliaod
oltiifO, whether on the rcjrutry list, or producing
afli davits afori taid, shall ba required to produce
bis naturalisation certificate at the flection before
voting where bo has been for ten yrars eonwron
lively a voter in tho district where ba oflrt to
Vote) and on tho rote of iuih a pdino being ro
eoivod, the Kite-tioo O floors aro lo write or ttatfth
tbe wurd 'voltd' on bis certificate with tho moult
and year, and no other vote can bt east that tay
In virtue of said eertiftoatc, except where tune art
entitled to rote ta the aatoraliutlon of their
father. ' ' ' '
0. If tho person claiming to vote who U not
rrgtitered fhnJI make affidavit that belt a native
born cituen of tlio mud mates, or, u oorn oise.
whore, shall prodoce tvidrncO of his nataralisa
tlon. or tbat bt is em ntlni to Hltraship by reaaoa
of bik fattier' i nMtaralizat.ati, and fnrthor,that be
It between 21 and 2 rrart of ftgt, and bas resided
witliia tbt Htate one year, and in the election dis
Uriel' wm Jvt next trrvcodinc tbt elootien. bt
shs H be rhtitit'J to vofo though he ibtlf not hare
paid taxes, 13 f f t ,f i
At tha same time and plact also, an election
will bo held fur deleiitei to tti coorcntVm to
amend tu Conatltation of tbo fflatt, tn erttiftmntty
with tbt Act, eniiilud "An Act to provide fr call
ing a tonvevtlea to awi'Dd tbt iJoi.ititi.lion' ap
proved April 11, Is 1 2, At prWryrtbew by taid act,
tbo foHowuig ruitsaad cegulationt shall apply to
taid tleetiua, autl tht roUiriis of tbe saute;
1st. At the general election to be held the second
Tutsday of October next, there (ball bo elected by
tho qualified electors of thit Commonwealth, dele
gates to a ooarentloa to revite and amend rhoCon
ttitotioa of thlr (State t the taid oonveation thai)
exmsirt of one bond red nnd thirty -throw members,
to bo oleoted in Ibt manner Miowiog : Twenty
tight members thereof shall be elected in the Htato
at large, as follow : Raob volar of the State shall
vote for hot moro than fourteen candidates, and
tbe twenty titfht bigbrat In vote shall ba declared
elected ; ninetynltMtoltgntas aball bw appointed
to aad olocted from tba difltroat Beaatoriai die
trials of tbo Stato, threw dutrgatej to bo elected
for tacb Senator therefrom; and in choosing all
district dflegatet, each voter shall be entitled to a
vote for not more than two of tho membero to bt
ehoten from bit district, and tbo three candidates
highest ia rota shall bo declared elected, oxorpt
in Ibc county of Allegheny, forming tbo Twenty,
third Henatorfal District, where no voter ahull rote
for more than tfx candidates, and the nine highest
in vote shall be elected, and in tbe counties of Jlj
terne, Monro and Pike, forming tbe Thirteenth
Senatorial Dirtrir, where no voter shall vote for
more than foar candidate, and tho til highest
in vote shall I elected, and sit additioaal dele
gavtes UaJi bealsooau froaui Uti'itj' or I'biladiepbie,
by a rata at targ la JsUU city, and ia their elec
tion no voter shall vota for more than throe caadi
dates, aad tho six bif hret U rota slul) bo doalnrod
2d. Tbe afttdgef and Tnspectorr for oacb elec
cioa dtstriat sbwii prwidw twa taitabto awwaa fur
arb poll, wnt tn which to 4 puta the liebou voxaW
fur Drlegatoa nt large, aad the other tat wbiob U
depoelt Lba tickets voted fur iistriet letwgaAw,
wbteh boxes shall be Uld rncUrely, Hltlo
gatos at Urge' nrd -lMnrtot Irth gatrt iH and t
oacb district io tbe city of fbiladelpbla aa ad
ditional box tball be pnirided for oweb poll, in
whtvfa to drposit tho Uvkett totod for -City Dtlo
gmJet;" and aaid last montioad boxct mutt each
b Iabrllc4 MCitr lJbgatet.' -
d. The aaid olevUnn abail bo held aad too duct
ed by tbe proper elect. ue orTtoers of Uta aevtraJ
eteotioa districts of tho Cotnmunwcallb, aad tball
be go? erirejti d rop;wi.jii tn ai4 reeptroto- by the
general election hiws 01 ihrCommoa wealth, to fir
as the aevma thali bo applionblo thereto, tod not
tnfoniirtent with tbe provisions of said act.
4th. Tbe tickets to be voted formombertnt large
of the ooorentioa shall bavo oa tbo outsido tbe
words ''I'clrgates at large," and on tho inside the
names of the cin U-lstet to ba voted for, not ox
eerdiag furiarn io pom bar,
ilh. The tickets to be voted for dinfricl torm
bert of the convention tball bare oa the outside
the words "Jiatrtot Delegates," and oa the inside
tbe namo or name?, of the candidates voted for, not
exceeding the proper Bum hor limited at aforesaid;
bnt any ticket which shall ountau a greater num
ber of names than the number for which tho roter
thai) bo cot tiled to rote, tball bo rejected j and in
ewatof tbo delegates to be ebotoa tt large ia l'hil
adtlpbia, tbt w.rds, "City jDeJrgte,' tbatt be on
the of the ticket '
nth. Ia tbo citv of Philadelphia tba return
judtrs shall meet at the 8 tale House, at tea o'clock
on the 1 tiurnlay next lotto tog lee election, aaa
make ont tho rot Bras for said oir,ef tba rotes cart
therein for delrgatoe at large aad city and district
delfgiten, to be members of tbo ooorentioa ; the
returu judges of the several elect. us dittrtott with
in atA-b O'-uuty of tbe Plata, excluding rhiladel
pbia, shall meet on Friday next fullowiugtho el.
lioa, at two aouai rlaao iur tbe iineUng of tha re
turn judge el their oeurrty, ntil aake ut fall and
accurate returns Cur tbo eoanty, of tbo roieacatt
thejvia for mom bert of the ooareatioa aod for dis
trict members ut tbe same, an I the procoedinga of
the rot urn judges ottae said city oi 1'biladclpbta,
aad of tbo serunat ouulies of the Common wealth.
In the waking of thoir return, nhall be the same
as those preecrild for retura judges in tbo case of
an tlcctioa lor uoremorcxes-pt tnat returns Iran li
mit ted to tbo ftverttary of tbe sl'osnsnowwraitb,
shall be addmstrd to that officer tOono aad not to
tho Speaker ef the (totiato.
t , - , f, - . . -t F.JORDAN,
rj Styttnrji stfAtComMmmjMmltk
FRX?ttYLVA7tUf S!. ' ' 1 '
la tho namo of tbo awthoHlv of tha Common
wealth nf Pennaylrania, John W. tleary, Uovornor
of said LoiumonwtaUh to Justin J. Jrie, Ksquirv,
of tbo Owwity of Clttvrtltld, oonda grraUng v
Waraa4a A joint, retolativa prowls mg aa
amthdniont to tbe Constitution of thia Common
wealth, has becst tgrwed to by a majority of tbe
members electod to each sHobm of tho logitlalnrr,
at two tttceoasiro sessions of tba saute, which k as
fgllowt t
oiirr nnmi.WM.o rioorotiaa ab .annvriwRirf to
'Be It retwlvod bp Ibo-lHofiato and House of
Representative! of tlio Cowiiwonwoalln of 1'enn
tvhariin in 0nenU Aatembly mtt. That the f
lowing amendment of the Constitution of ttvi
Commonwealth bo proposed to the rtrfplr fvr their
anoniion or rejection, yuriuaoi to tne pronetons
oi .ut icum ariKic loerooi, u win .( t
AMBIPKfcW. ' i i
''Strike out tbt sixth one t ion of tba sixth ariivli
of tbo L'onttitutiuB, and inner! in lieu tberoof the
following. 'A iStato Treasurer shall bo choacn by
the quahCtd, elteton ot tho Stato at fturb limes
aud tor aueb term as shall b prescribed
by law.'" i r r r
Aad wberewo ft It prorMtd In tbe tonth article
of tbe ConHituMoa toot airy amendineot so agroM
apoa shall bo submitted to tbo peojlf in tacb
manner and at such time, at Iat tiireo months
after briar, to beiug ejtrerd to by the two Jlwutri,
at Ibt Irfginlotnee wtia It prei-orlW; -
Aa4 wberews. By an aVt ot tbt (IwwQral Attanv
b)y ot this Ccmmiiiwi-is,llh, approrvd thtelerealh
day of April, A. D, ono tboavaod rbt bwadred
and terenly-twah itea provided, ffbat for the
purftoto of ascertaining tbt trust of the people of
mis Lommonweajm in re-gam to tot aaoptuQ or
rejection of taid tinendtnent, the OoVcrnur of the
Com it wealth oimu. leoiw a wru ti siif tioai di
reeled to racfa atid oory s bar ill tf Ibit Summon
wealth, vomawadiflg Ultra to giro aotioa ia tbe
usual manner, and i uut lest tbaa two ntwspapers
In each city and count r (if so nuny aro pnltliabrd
therein), aad br at least too printed hand-bills ia
earth eieotion ttiitrict in vary tjty ani oonnty
wberwln pn U pobHrlietl, that an tt.
tlou will be beidin rtch of Ibo lownshini. bar.
ftnjjh, wan. a, precincts ami di-incU therein, on
the Mvond Tuesday of Oclolvrr, ta the year of oar
Idiml, one thuawil eight hmijrtd aod terenty.
(wo, for tht purmi of deA'idtaf, uj the ratifica
tion oriYptotfroa of tha taid aitndinew ; which
said election shall be otetred, held and eloaed npoa
tho day airesaid, at the place awl Within tbe
hours aud within which the funeral oletltaaa of
inn v ommnnwranu arcuiroctcd to bourancd bnld
Now, therefore, Tn obtatrntt lo tba F..i.irv
menla of tho tentb article of the Constitution, and
to eomplianeo with tha true intent Bed pin1itg
of taid act of General Assembly, I John W. ilear.
Govornor of the aaid Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia, do larao this writ, commanding and miutiing
yoa ia taid Justin J, Pi, mtT of tbo taid
oounty, to giro nvttaoln tW ntual-vrafinwr and as
by law required, thai aa alootion will ba bold ac
cording to tba tornu af tha CraatwaUun aad tba
provision! or tba aotof Ibo UmotwI Aaeemhly
aforetaioV in oaob of townohipm borougds,
warda, prefttwotw and diltrtoto tbert-irj, bn tba see
ond Tuesday of Oober, ! voar of pur Lord
one thoiitand eight hundred aod oorrnty-two, fur
tho pi.ri.o-a of lading Nrv tbe, approval and
fellncatloa or reject io a t tbe taid amendment
(liven node m hmmtk tst a..i r tu.
State, at JUrrtshurg an this J.l
intbarwarof Buy Lord ona thi.anit iK4 -
deed and tovaoty two, aad oi tba KmmM
Uienioetr-teventb. -"-l.rlth
tn a vTy? '--ntommonwoalth''
by lira ?tt,flei t tTii ti ffflclamaUon, t hero
a uMlna ia Ibt naallfled oltotora of Ctwarntld
0Bt tbaf an oloetlon will no held In oaob of tho
biwnsblpt, borongbo, wards, proiinoto and dis
tricts tberoin, oa tbo aaoond Taeadity of Ootober,
In tbo year of oar Lord oao thousand tight hoa
ditd nnd o wry two, foe tbo parpooa of docllio
Q&nf rtUmrtrtf.
tfpati the approval aod raHItlfWj or rajetii af
tbo tall tm-n-roient j whleb taid elootioa oball ba
opooed, hfld tod olosed, upon tho day last eftfe.
taid, at Hie plaoea and wltblti tbo boars t ud
within Vbitb tb fwrtl alrottoMtf thli c!
munwulih ere direoted to bo opoutd, htld tad
closed t and It tball bo tho duly ql the Judges, ia.
spootors aud clerke of eneb of tald towasblat!
boroughs, wards, prtrlnols and districts, to itMive
at tbe raid el ration tioketa, either wvitita ar ariau
ad, or partly printed and partly writtea, Uum.
ach of Ibw attalifivd voters ol the iitttt, who mae
..IT... sin. I li rls.i. fall (t.... 1. . t.
u., - - ," as. in a D0 0.
boxes rtj - htr, (of tho nrymr) arovtdea" by the
proper officers, wbiob Uo-vajU sLail bo labelled an '
tbo outside "tiiittKlui'-al to tbe Cuu'titulioa," and
on tho iaiddt "fsr the a an ndft.wU ix 'tcalnai
tbt aia nuioui."
That tht vl'iolioa on tba saU pronuJ smamft.
mont ill til, ui all rvpeo's, U conduct ai tbo
geuernl l t-tl-m o of this ('ontnionwetltb are now
corn! ml til i and It fhul) be the duty of the rutui-a
judges of tbt rtjpeeUrw .oottntla! and dlitrleti
mcreoi, nrsi uaviug earriuiiy ascertained tbt
number of votes given for or tgalnst such amend
meut, to make out duplicate returns thereof eg
preotcd In words at bngth, and not in fignne
only; ono of which returns, so made, shall bo
to' I god in tti! prornonotary s omce or the court of
common picas of the proper county, ind the other
staled and directed to the RecrtUry of tht Com.
monwcaltb, and by one of tht aaid Judges deposit,
ed forthwith in the mot convenient pot to (Bee,.
pi. on which pottage ibaJJ bo paid at tba expanse
of the proper oounty.
That tbe several duties raqnlred to be performed
by ibo sheriffs commistfiuaert, com tab Its, juJgas,
insjicctors, and all other officers whatever lo and
about the general ekctiont of tail Commonwealth,
shall be performed by aucb officet la and aboat
tht election herein provided for; and all persons,
whether olioora or others, shall bo liable to ths
taint paaiabaient for tbe negteotof any duty, ar
the commission of any ofleaoe, at, in or about tbo
aaid election as tbey would for the neglect of Ilka
duty, or the commission of the like offence at, ia
or nbouf the general elections of -thit Common.
Wraith.' '' . - '
Tba Congressional Rot am Judges will meet, in
accordance witli mn Ao approved ktsy U, If 61,.
at the Court Hoote in the borough of Warren,!
lo Ibo oounty "or Warren; on tbo month day
after the t lection, boiog Tuesday. 0t4ber.
lMh,i72. J
Nolle la further barcby f Iven, That
all pertona except Just iocs of tbo Peace, who
thai! bold aa office or appolntmtnt of trust andef
tbo gorornmtBt 0 tbe L nited Sutoi, or of to it
Stato, cr of any iaoorpormted dittrlct, wbttbtra
00m missioned officer or otherwise, a oobordiaato
0 (Bier or agent, ho Ir or shall bt employed aa
der the Legislative, RxeeuHvo r Jadirial de
partments of thia State or of ibo United (states,
or any city or Incorporated district, aad alsa
that every mrtnber of Congress, or of tho fit alt
Legiilaturt, ar af tba oomman or ooleot eeaaea.
of any city nr ernnmjstianerofany iteorporatod
diitnct. srri by law ineaptblo of heldisg at
oxerritfing. at the tame time, the office or ap.
pointincnt of Jadga, Intpettor or Clerk of aug
election of .hit Commoawoaltb. - .
In ce the pertoa who shall Lave received tlr
sr-ond hisibaet numbcrof rotes fur inspactor, shall
aot a'tead on tbo day of eletin, then thepersta
who aball bare reoeired the otoood bigbewt oaav
ber of rotea for judge at tbe next preceding ties-
tiou, tball act at inspector ia bit pbme f and ia
a tbo portoB wbo tbaU bare received tht kick.
at number of votes for uupector tball aot stUnd,
ioe pertoa eiecioQ juuge, auau upoini aa itspta
tor ia bis plaeo; aod la ease tbe pertoa tleettd
judge shall aot attend, then tho inspector who ra
oe 1 red tho nigbctt number of rotct, shall appoiat
a judge to bit placet or If any vacancy shall eoa
tiuac ia tbo board for the space of ont boar alter
tbe lime fixed br law for the opening of the ttte
tioa,tbo qualifies votera of tha township, ward or
district for which each officer tball hare acta
elected, present at the plaeo of oieetioa, tball at. I
leot oneeat 01 tneir aaoauer 10 on suca raoaacy.
Alto, that where a judge, by sickness ar ana-
voidable awrltb aOj it'ooaole ta attvad sack meet
ingcf jadgt-t,' thtn tbo oertiflcatr or ret an ibait
be takea caanrO of by oao of tbe iaipectors ar
ebrks of tbe election of the diitriet, wbo shall at
and perform thvauticw mafreol of aaid jadgt aa
ablt to attmd.
Tht Return Judges of tht respective diitrlst
aforesaid are ntjBOttod to aneel at tbt Cttrt
Hoase, in tbt borttfb f Cleartttld.oa tbe first
Friday next after the enid taoond Taesday ef
OaMober, then and there te do ikost tbiags
rired of iheamwy law. t t t
U1YES under my hand aad teal, at Clearfield,
ttin tjiJi torath day f Scptsmbtr, Ja the
L.S. year oi our Lord one taourand tif kt
hundred andttventy-two, and of tbt lode-
pendente of tbo United Suits tbe nintty-six.
Ji Sil.N J. I'll., bbtriff.
VG X TS U A 5i TI--I7 Wo guaraottt
tmploymcnt tdr all, either tex, at M s day,
or f ?,000 or mora a 3 tar. bew works by Mrs. H.
B. tfXUH K, aod otbort. . wierb Promioms girsa
away. Money made rapidly and easily at tri
lor us. v rue ana tee. - aruooiart irra.
1 WORTliiNiJTON, Dl riTiN A Ot
c 1 a, Hartford, OoaaoctkaL
f oiistitullon of, IV nnsylianla.
Proposiug an amendment to tha Constitution at
, frriuylvauia.. ,
B It redeid ky IS NrM.le.d NmH . ffrpes.
sentaltrrs it tht CommoMietulIk of reM.ylreaia rs
f?ra.Mrf .1eeS'y met. That the following a mead,
men! ef tbe (Vnstrtntioa af tkia Commoawraltk
W pmpesed la ths peeple far Ikeir ndcptioa sr
rejeetiun, pursuant to tbeftriioaB f tkt teeth
article thereof, lo wit: a
'". 1 ,Au(xbxtKs'ti.'
Plrik- out the siith section of th. siitk srlids
..f(li. '.oiuiion. and insert hi Ian tkenaf tht
following : "A State Treasurer shall be shoes sy
tha qualiSvd electors of th Slats, at seek timet
and lor aack term of service as shall be presrrissdi
, ,,,r Ppeakerof the Uoues of Reprrsenutins..
' JAMEr! sj. MtAX
. bpewker af Ike SeaaS)..
ArrnovanTlis twenty-ieoond day of Marcs..
Anno llomini an tlrewsand eight hacdred sat
seventy in. .JNo, W. OKARY.
1'rei.srrd aad Serllflad far pabUeatioa parsaaat
re the Tmilk Aniols of th lntitsties.
.1 1 .... reorctmry ef tha C.mmea.'akk
Ofhca Siretary of the Commonwaallk, I
Uarri.burg, June 2tS, !;. - ( !
ever kronghl te th, eeunty, are teiiig recelvria
the Hardware Establishment ef II. V. BlUlkl
dk I O., aomprlsiai the (olios U Cook Swrai
t t 'blTfctniCIlANA, ;
- heoulatou,
KXCEL.SIOK.' " ' '
: . fHICMni. .
,ijtuij .. . 1 .Jr.tami't.
Also, ta following Haatiaf Htvss:
Sl'tAU'S rARLliK f-'OOli,
-,UON TON, . ' ,,,, ,
.1 . . tti .4
-. ;, CilFSEV,., .. .,
da urn IN E(o',
' ! '
' CHESTER EfiO, . ,r
VOLCANO, ',,'t'V'. 1 '
, , PHOESIX. " '
.U J RUOJt 8TUVL3, aC." ; . '
flaarfreltl, nryt. 1)J:J. " '
'', 1 ''' "- seair? rea
Calohe.,.,, kwy-t aad Hmarsoa s ria"t
alth-s, Mason A Hemlle'a and I'aleaM"
Organs and Mclodcons, and llrovsr a ,
naasra rawing iwaroipew (
suo Tsaiasa or .
Plaao, wullar, Organ. Haraiony and J "
sis. Ko pupil taken for less thss kslf a w
M-Roomf oppoait ttulick'l Furnltaia rs
ClaarSald, May 4, IScj lf. .
AI'TIOSJAll persons are hereby
J sd against purchasing or meddllnS
lincatsol deposW No. first ""'r;.
ef ClesrSeld, sailing for SS S, Sated ts '
day of September, ISTJ.a the asm ,
NislsrMolenfrmBie. ANHOM MrCLrsa
Reps. IS, 1171. at