Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 01, 1872, Image 2

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, BD1TO 1 morutTD. .
Still Unwbu,. The lluriiiburg
papers report Gov. Uoary n sick. JIs
hns been unwell ever since the Evuns-
Ilartrsr.h expose occurred' lust eum
CoNQHKsg. This body is still fight
iug over lea and cofleo, and trying to
fix a day of adjournment. . The 30th
day of May was voted down by i
large majority. ' '
JJui Muciily. Tho Pittaburg Com
menial says s
Penniylvanla must be carried la October It
flrant U to be elected a fact thai may well be
accepted bow.
No, you don't, honoj Hurtranft
cud no more tarry tho old Quukoi
State than ho can breathe tho breath
of life into Mrs. Surrnlt. whom ho
No Go. Tho Hudical reformers nro
domanding the withdrawal of Hur
tranft and Allen from tho Kudicul
Stule tickot. If they do not know
they will find out that the "ring" will
rather die in the Inst ditch than to
ntvap horses now. It in a death strug
glo, ana tlio blato robbers aro going
to dio gamo.
PoUTlCAt JtooLEBY. Tho liar.
trntift newspapers and politicians are
making a huge effort to disconnect
thvir candidate from tho rubber
Evans, although ho gnro Evans all
tho Vouchors wi'.h which ho obtained
the money, and then 'borrowed' $7,000
from hiui and novcr called upon him
to Bclllo.
Hefty. A squad of Radical politi
cians wont over to Washington on
Friday last to get Grant to appoint
Allen, the Undionl nominee for Auditor
(J oiioi al, Minister to Kutssiu, so that
llioy could got biin off their bands,
knowing full well that, with him on
tho ticket, defeat stares the party in
the faco. What tho smoker will, do
in tho premises hns not yet transpired,
but we guess Allon will "stick."
Full Again. Every ecnt in the
United States Snnnte is now filled
fur tho first timo sinco May, 18G1.
Gen. Ransom, of Norlh Carolina, was
admitted to his scat on tho 23d ult.
by a vote ot 41 to 10. Tho ton want
'cd tho carpel baggor Abbott admit
ted, who was novcr tic tiled. General
Hansom is n Democrat of the old
school, and is thorelbro an honor to
the party and thoconntry.
Td Triasolk Loyalist. That
Radical humbug, Harry While, still
lias bis name flying at Ibo head of our
Radical exchanges, as candidate at
large for Congress and delcgato to tho
Constitutional Convention, and is at
i ho samo timo a State Senator ; all in
compatible ofilccs. Il is a pity the
i ing did not put him up for Governor,
tool Is Harry a fool? or, is some
body only "trying him on ?"
Vitality. Corruption is eo boldly
practiced at. Washington that Con
,,'rcsi js aotually debating n now rulo,
to thooffeot that hereafter all cx-mem
er shall like other pooplo be exclud
ed from tho privileges of tho Hall
while in session, unless the party ap
plying lor admission make an oath
i hat he is not lobbying or pressing
omo claim against the Treasury
Who or w.hut breeds this gonerul cor
ruption 7 Who can tell 7
Ouoo Umcjora! Who KritJ-Mr, Greeley
is irouri out moutgomcry Jllalr, and tin lot
!..m alio on I lie ruad to Cincinnati. Ho wa turn-
- 1 out of Lincoln's Cabinet for treason ta the
I'oiOB and tbo Republican party, and of oourso ha
' a nt eamnaate lor Cincinnati, Now trot out
Jeff. Itavii, Hampton, Htrpbens, Forrest and Cau
dal!, ine butcbere of llama prisoners, and put
hem oa I be traok to Cincinnati, alio. Jrf.Venfa
Why not? Are Ihcy not as good
men as Longntraet, Ackorman & Co.,
;.lfO "butchers of Union prisoners,"
whom Grant has taken to his bosom 7
. Vi a matter of principle, Greeley is
ii-r uhend of Q rant.
linroRM Dti.KOAres. Wo learn that
Hon. Alexander Irvln, formorly mom-
r of Congress from this district and
iiftcrwarJs United States Marshal of
:!ioWwsIotd District, and S. B. Row,
Ksq , formerly editor of tho Journal,
' iro the accrtstUod delegates from this
i nuiily to the Cincinnati Convention.
They are both old stagers, and know
b.vuctly what tlKy aro about. That
llioy are difgnstott with Grant's con.
iuot is well understood, and I hoy
nke .no effort to conceal it, And iilco
ifittble lo they wUlti'ivp to ussist
ii defeating htm.. .
Js StssioN. As we are working off
r ur ediLtoB a great National Convcn
i ion is silting at Cincinnati, composed
uiiefly of tho leaders of tho honest
t. ing of the Radical party, nd by
tomorrow will no doubt put tundi
W iles for President and Vico Prcsj
lj?,n t in the field, who will most effectual:!-
lay out tho "rnsent takor'! and
the "Smllcr." The cream or the
"r.dicai fiarly (n Missouri, Jl'inols,
'own, Wisconsin and Indiana of .'he
(m.l Jforthwst nro Jo this movo
mout, and will so reconstruct that
, nrty that every "ring" will ' bo
' oL-on, at home and at WashiogUn.
ilon. Ale.tandor lrvin and & B. Ruw,
i'..q.,' aro the delegate from this
. . "tlnty d the jf'yftVfrlti'iii.'
:r-'-Jjl0t the , if ait.
It is seldom that the Radical load
ers testify against thouiselvos or thoir
party frionds. Rut Col. Fornoy, on
tho 0th of April, previous to his nomi
nation for Governor, in alluding to
Gen. Hnrtriinft, suld ;. f-;
Wa hope mora than oae voice will ba raised in
favor or a oauitiuata who la oompawnfc in all re
pccts to 111 tha hiirh oflive of Uuvarnor of fana-
ivlvania. We do not boliera Uan. llartranfl li
that naan, - .. -
This is not all. Tho day after the
nomination the editor of tha Press
said : ' -
General John P. Ilnrtranft la Ilia Hf-publlota
nominee for tlovornor fur, I'cnmvlrania. We be
lieve tt to be a moat Inauinioioai aolrotien : a pad
opening of what pnimlni to be a molt cxi-iling
and difnoult oauipaign.
This Is literally truo, every word of
it although it eomes from a strango
sourco and the Oulubor election ro
turns will reveal tho fact that Col.
Forney has, afior it fourteen years'
vacation,' returned to his former vo
cation of tolling tho truth. , Ho has
ovidontly becorao tired of the "loyal"
busks upon which ho has been feeding.
Thoro is qnito n "siring" of Rudicul
editors who, liko Forney, havo taken
a "now .dopai'turo," and aro telling the
naked truth about the i-in" candidates
and professional Slato robbers.1 " '
Loosnsa Ur. dipt. William Mc
Clellnud, now a Democrutio Congress
man from iho Denver, Green, Law-
ronco (inU . Washington district, is
coming to tho suifuco as a candidate
for Governor. We sro personally ac
quainted with Iho gentleman and
know him to bo one of tho soundest
Democrats in tho Slato, and would
mnko a popular cnndidalo.
As an instnnco of his popularity wo
need but refer to tho fact that Iho dis
trict which he represents in Congress
elected J. 13. Donley, Republican, to
Iho rorty first Congress by a majority
of 1,123 Grant's uiajoriiy in tho dis
trict wa 1,858. " Thu splendid record
and groal popularity of Cuptnio Mc
Clelland ovorcatne not only this nm
jority, but ho beat Donley by 772
votes in 1870, only two years later.
If ho fails to receive tho nomination
for Governor, and Geary vetoos tho
new apportionment bill, be will thrash
some Radical most gloriously in the
old district again. ,
Senatorial Conference. Tho pe
riod id approaching when the Democ
racy of this Senatorial district will be
culled upon to select a delegate- to tho
approaching Slata Convention. Tim
Clititon Democrat, in referring lo the
question, suys :
In refcrune ta the Sunatorial Delerate. the
Chairman f our County Coraiuillee iuforini ua
that Cambria hni inlruelel for Mr, 1'hihp Col
line of that eotintr, and that Klk aod Clearfield
bevo decided to aupport him. Clinton ruooia
uiendod A. J. Quigler of Aorth 1'uint. The no
tion of tbo other couutlci nreeludel Clinton cot-
ting tho Delegate, and fet lei the matter belure
going Into eonterenee, waking attendance upon
the oouference a mere matter of form. Whether
ill, Quigle will feel deposed to lend eonferecl
nndor tbii itato of tbingi we are not Informed.
ret we think it would he better for eonferuei to
attond and look after the eountr'i intcroi t in die-
trict matlori, aod to laj and do what inaj appear
linat for thnt Dnrn afla hMrifi- n4 mvoing
what maj he laid aud done there. No advice haa
been reeeired bj the Chairman al to when or
where the senatorial Confcreaoe will moot.
A Fuut.ic Outbaue. The National
Treasury annually suffer a loss of at
least one hundred thousand dollars by
tho raids of professional contestants
for a seat In Congress to which they
never were elected. Mr. Forney, of
tho Philadelphia Press, who well un
dorstands this outrage, snys :
The practice of contcatlnjr Coua-renlonal irati
has grown intoaa abuse, hut wedunitt thewndom
orjustioe of tho bill of 31r. Hpr-er. of the seven-
tctnlb diitriotof tbli State, which proridn that
no perioa nniuccciiful (n eodfHit lhall rt-ceire
any allowance, ooaniel feel, eoite, Ac. A better
plan weald be to leave the fronting of tha
anco to tha diicretiua of the iluuro and to take a
Tote upon It in every Imtnnce. The other rule
would work aralnit honest arm who made the
eonteat from coniclcutioui motive, but who
might fail to oitabliih tlu-ir oaie. Boiuclhing,
buwever, ought to be dne to keep the miserable
wretcbei from tho BoutS from living in Washing
ton every wintor at Uorerainenl expense, under
pretence oi oontestiug tbo leuti ol menibvra, ,
Not All Given. Tho Radical
journals ore publishing what they
term "Gon. Hartranfl's campaign
speeches," consisting of a catnloguo of
the actions bo was engaged in during
tho war from Bull Run to tho closo.
His victory at Washington over Mrs.
Surrntt is not among the "speeches."
Why hor murder is omitted wo cannot
oonjecturo, becauco it was pronounced
at tho lime " n great victory" by tho
"loyal millions" who inhaled hnman
goro as complaconlly as "?ighl
Blooming Ccrcus."
"What Ails the Pitts ?" This is
now n standm'r nnestion with tho
major portion of our Radical exchang
es. Tor ttie 111 o ol us we cannot see
any diffcronco In tho Press, except
that tho editor, liko Domocratio edit
ors, tells the truth about the Radical
nominees fur Governor and Auditor
Gonerul. This being of such ruro oo-
currenoo on tho part of tho editors of
that parly, Col. Forney's courso as
tonibhes thai portion of the crow who
havo started out on tho lying lino as
mho Stole Them? Congrers has
jiut discovered that all the records
and papers uxed in tho trial and eourt-
mnrtiul of Gon. Duel bsvo been stolen
out of tho War Department, nnd a
committee has been appointed to hunt
thorn up. Whut humbitggory 1 Un
loss tho people make a chango noxl
November thero will not bo govern
ment property and records onoiigh
lo.'X In Ibo War or any other Depart
ment to fill an ordinary wardrobe.
WW a Stimulant. Tho nogroo
in thoir convention at New Orleans),
suggesli d to tho President, by a resi).
Union, that ho should "stimulate" them
by some reMinition of federal patronage.
All the "sliiiiulunla" iho darkeys got
out of Grant's bottlo will bo but few
and fur between, He ncods his "Hlim
nlnnu" for himself, nnd keeps them to
himself, .
Tho Boston Tost anys: Arrango
ments have boem nenrly completed lor
promptly toleginphinw tbo purohaae of
gloves and Inns whle.h Nellie (irnnt
snakes In rnris, the (lumber of flirts
tJoos sho hns "tip tbo Illiioa," how of.
ten it,'.1 'oh my'.i" tbo tfvierj. etc.
Cow, ton .tYir. .
The population of Johnstown and
adjacent borough la 14,005.
Tho Labor Roformors hold thoir
State Convention nt WiHiamsport ;n
tho 7th Instant. i f I
Hon. ' J. Gluncy, Jonoa, lormorly
member of Congress irom tho Berks
district, baa removed to riilladoip&ia.
- A V. Seward, brothor of ex-Secretary
Seward, died on tho 23d, of ap
poloxy, at his home In Florida, Now
Don't speak nil at nnco. There
lives a blooming loss at Zanosvollo, O.,
who will give (88,000 to any man who
will marry hor.
A man who has travolcd through
Now Jersey says ho saw some laud
there so poor tlial you coulUu t ralso
u disturbttneo on it.
Things begin to look so squally for
Grunt and hid present makers tliut the
filtccnth nmeiiumunta aro going back
on liicm uowo bouiu. . , i
It is announced in dispatches from
Washington that Grant regrets that
no ever becamo a candidate, llo lias
evidently got his eyes open.
Both tho Academy of Music and
Horticultural Hall, Philadelphia, have
been souurod for tho sessions of tho
National .Republican Convention
Chicago printers waiting for thoir
typo ordered trom Sow York the week
ol Iho lire, Kent itn their spirits by
singing t'ooina tiiotl font of ovury bloa
Tho constitutional Convention will
meet in Hnrrisburg on the second
Tuesday of November. Il will prob
ably remain in session for several
A Dubuquo woman, who claimed
that a married man in Omaha was hor
husdnnd, withdrow hnr claim in favor
of wifo No. 2 In consideration of 8100,
and went home.
Tho printed Kit Klux lostimony re
ported by Senator Scott devotes 1210
pages to Georgia, 147U pngos to 31 is
sissippi, and about 1200 pngos to Ala
bama nnd Florida.
A Mrs. Diinlup, rcsidingat Maplcton
was committed to tho jail of Hunting
don county tho other da', charged
with tho murder of her husband's
mother by poison.
Pnran Stevens, iho well known hotel
proprietor, and tho principal owner of
tlio i'lUh Avcnuo Jlotcl, IScw York
diod on Thursday night at his resi
donee in that city.
General J. B. M'Fcrrin, chiof quar
termaster in tho department of tho
south, died very stiddonly on tho 25th
ot nppolcy, at bis headquarters In
Lomsville, Kentucky. '
Iho apportionment bill, passed bi
lbo Ohio House of Representatives, al
lows the Democrats fire and tho Re
publicans fifteen districts. Generous
Republicans, nint they f
bonnior Uumoron has engagoa a
private parlor headquarters during tho
KaUical Convention at the Girurd Llo
tel. General llartranfl and Slato
Treasurer Jlackoy will also stop there
Paul Sclurppe, who was convictod
al Curlislo some two years atjo of
murder, has been at length granted a
new trial. 1 be twenty-ninth of Au
gust bus been fixed for its commence
A man must not keon his hat on at
a placo of uniUHomont becauso it will
inconvenience those behind hi in J but
a lady can pile tho lowor of Babylon
on her head, if she chooses, and no
ono dares lo object.
Tho Radicals have districted tho
State of Michigun so as to givo the
Democrats 1 and the Radicals 8 Mem
bers of Congress. A fair distribution
would have given the Democrats 4
and (ho Radicals 5.
At a meeting of tho Methodist Book
Concern un tho 22d, tho expert ap
pointed lo exnmlno tho accounts of thu
Book Concern, mado a report which,
it is statoil, tends to bear out tho alio
gations of fraud in tho binding depart
ment. '
Thnddcus Stevens left a valuable
library of 1,200 volumes lo a nephow,
u,". "onuition that ho did not get Urunn
in fivo vCrs. Tho nephew iot drunk
as a fool, and the executors of tho
ostate sold tho library 0D the 12th Inst
for (3,000. . .
Tho Wiliiamsporl Bulletin says, tho
river is so low that il is impossible to
run rails. A largo number ol rulia
aro tied up above tho schute. The
stock of lit rubor in tbo yards is less at
tins timo than it has been lor a num
ber of years.
' Adolph E. Borie, ono of Grant's rich
gilt-niukors and his first Secretary of
INuvy, heads tho Iteptibhcan 1'residen
lial Elcctoriul tickot in Pennsylvania
Nothing more appropriate. He is
now on a tour through Europe exhib
iting Miss jNollie Grant.
A "rebel" exchango says: Grant
ought to bo willing not only to pardon
tho men who lire I tho Mrs I shot on
Snmpler, but to cive thorn a (rood
office lo boot, for it was a lucky shot
for him. But for it ho would still be
tanning leather at Galena.
It is n significant circumstance that
St. I.otiis, which in 1808 gavo Grunt
a largo majority, at tho lato municipal
election went Democratic bv 8,722
majority. Only ono Republican out
of tho twelve aldermen was chosen,
and ho is an anil Grant man.
A Mrs. Ann EUsn Messcratl. of
liandolpb township, Crawford count v.
on April 1st, gnve birth to thrco littlo
girls, weighing respectively 4J, f), nnd
7 pounds. Wo leurn that mother and
babies aro doinc well. Wo ensued
somebody was fooled that day.
A new Grant paper hns boon started
In Iowa. Jl is called tho Gimlet, nnd
tho editor hopes to bo able eventually
to boro bis way into tho publio Treas
ury. A hotter name for n Grant or
gan could not have boon selected un
ions it had been christened tlio Auger.
Tbo Now York legislature elected
on tho rolorm isatio has boon in session
over tho ono bundrod dnys for which
tho members can druw pay and not
yet passed n single reform measure
This is the body that Radical papers
tout ns was going to work wonders
As was to bo expected, it has provod
a failure,
The Committoo on Foreign Affairs
roccived a lottor from tho Secretary of
mute, suggesting that, in view of
ponding correspondence, il is not ad
visable for Congress to mnko tiny dec
laration on the subject of tho Alabama
claims, as proposed by Representative
Peters' resolution. As Covodo used
lo say, "Coep K wiet,"
Tho West Virginia Constitutional
Convention, by a voto of 08 to 7, has
passed an umnrsly section. Il pro
vides that no person oiiunced on cilhor
sido in tho Into war shall bo held lis
bio, cither criminally or uivally, or
nuvo his property luxed under oxecit-
linn or niherwiaa for any act dono in
aocordnneo will) Hie OMiges of civilised
nv - tiiliue, ,,... ... , ; ,
Highly Impm t.tnl ttrvelopmtnU
Tbo HarrisburL Patriot of Wediics-
day last contains u resurrected letter
from tho pon ol Morrow II; f.uwry
written- to certain of his constituents
iri tho lirio. Senatorial district, and
dated 6th October, 18C7. The leitor
is long, but highly interesting through
ont. Wo hnvo only room, however,
for the following brief extracts s
Now, briefly' as to my "obtuining
the roloaso of tho twonty sovon Ponn
sylvaninns which wero bold by mili
tary authority nt Harrishurg In the
winter of 1805." What I dono lo
procuro tho relcaso ol thoso mon, I
done becauso I was. nnd not becauso I
was not, a Republican.. The lottor of
which you complain, which I wroto
"on tho 6th of March, 1805," will livo
longer than any other net of my life.
Mr. Lincoln endorsed it ns "creditable
to both head and heart," and 1 nm In
formod by the highest authority that
on tho buck of tliut loiter a general
ordor was mado to dischurgo the
twonty-scven Ponnsylvniiians, and all
others similarly imprisoned, -or to
hand them over to the civil authority
for trial. This delivered nioro than a
thousand mon from military bondngo
Of those twonty -sovort Ponnsylvuni.
nns, the discharge of which somo of
my constituents complain of, thoro
was not ono among them that these
young lieutenants who were holding
courts martial upon but what was ns
justly entitled to his liberty at tho
hour as 1 was to mino. The greatest
crime tliut any ot them was guilty of
was tnai ni being, and the
greatest offenso nnd violution of the
publio decency or law was that one of
thorn presided over n Democratic
meeting in Clearfield county. , Bad
and wicked men ii'om motives of re
vengo nnd plunder and to mako ovi.
dence of their own loyalty excited the
public mind against those unfurlunato
men. At tlio tamo timo the political
nu m mors huu the orders actually is
sued commanding Marshal Campbell
to lock up Kx-Govornor Biglor, und
Senator Wullnco in n fort. I was ac-
tivo in preventing this being done,
and I shall dio believing that in pro-
venting this ouirago l saved us Irom
revolution at Jlarrisbnrg in the dark
est hour of our martyrdom.
I plead guilty to all any Republicau
enn cnargo mo wun relative to my
great sorrow lor mo execution ol .31 rs.
Surratl. Tho execution of that wo
man was tho most wanton State jnur-
dor upon record. 1 washed my hands
of her I lood. I appealed for her life.
I thank God I havo no relish for any
political execution.
MrCi.t'itr. o.m Gkant. In a reply-
to nn editorial of the Philadelphia
Kvoning' Bulletin commenting upon
his nasent to tno unit innnti movement,
A. K. MeCliirn says in reference lo
tho frauds at tho lalo election in his
district, "while a few of us wero labor
ing day and night, ufu-r tho election,
to preparo the cvidonco of fraud in
form for Iho consideration of tho Sen
uto, tho command caino from tho Pics
nlent that thero must bo no investina
lion." What hnvo Radicals to say of
Ibis moddling in State affair f Furth
er, he touches tip the President's
spurious civil service reform (Wil
li is a enne ol hand that wo commend
to Kadicnls for consideration. Hoar
It was proven from day to day how
tho Custom House, the l'lmtOmVo,
tlio IMavy yard, tho Arsenal and the
Rovcnuo ofilccs bad vomited forth
their repoators, their perjured election
olllcers, their loaders of gangs ol
rounders, their scienced ballot-box
Bluffers nnd tlio'r expert forgers of re
turns, uno ny one, tiy name and of
ficial position, they were pointed out.
by sworn testimony that no effort was
mado to impeach, und circumstantially
convicted of their crimes. Notwith
standing President Grant's profuse
professions and publio proclamations
in lavor of civil service reform, not
one of these well knotcn criminals have
been removal, except two or threo who
havo been promoted in their respective
Cheap axd Pi.xntt. Tho editor of
the V arrcn Ledger Bya : "Since
Grant was elected President, almont
every town and hnmlol has cither n
candidate fur that ollice or the Vice
Presidency ; but there aio hardly i ny
who think themselves of so littlo im
portance lis lo bo snubbed witli.iio
offer of the'er office. This vms
not so once. Then; ws a timo when
nono but triilt' representative nin
wore talked of for the high positioned
tho head of this government. 'Jpo
onos mentioned fir tho place stood r
prominently from tho masses, ns ite-
casionally tall oaks or pircs stand Ilie
moiiarchs ol the forests. Hut nowfa
mnn who is not fitted for iho Presi
dency le. considered a poor stick, t
is oven said that members of ir
lown council oltcn hcsilato abnut
voting fororngainsl certain measure,
fearing their notion may openko
BgaiiiNt thorn in somo future contf t
itir tne 1 resiliency, .tiorc than lb s
nlmost every member of our Stnlo
Legislature, even, hns un cyo or, tho
rrcsidency, for ho snys"I-n't Grant
I'resiuentr And 1 know 1 am a
greater man than ho." 'And in,
miscruble body of men, tho most ol
them reason cnrnoxtly on that noint
Tho elevation of Grant was fatal to
grentness. What wonder then, Hint
cvory four corners has n candidate for
the Presidency, nnd every school dis
trict a cundidnlo for ConsrcHS, and
every township n candidate for Gov
ernor." lICTIKIMf rir.NATORS.-Tho follow
ing is a list of tho Senators whoo
terms oicpiro the 8th of October noxli
Jlobcrt 1'. llechart, Hem., I'hiladel.
phia : II Joiiom lirook, Hep., Delawaro
countyj A. (J. llrodhoitd, Dein., Car
bon j (J. li. Biiekalew, Hem .Coluinliiii;
David Alumina, Hep., Dauphin) K llil.
lingfolt, Hep., und J. H. Warlul, Jlop.,
Lancaster) llinim Kindly, Horn., Ful
ton j A. A. Purman, Dem., Groene;
James S. Ilittnn, Hep., Beaver j Har
rison Allen, Hop., Wurron.
. 'iho Hennle an at present constituted,
has ll) Demoorats, 10 Hepublicans and
i jioorai. i-ivo Domoaals and six
Hepublicans will retire, but, the prob.
nbilily is, they will bo relumed tho
samo politically us thoy rotire, the
Domocratagainingono in Montgomery
nnd losing ono in Bedford, lllair, Ful.
ton and riomorset ) this boing caused
by tho apportionment of Inst year.
As Good as His MASTKR.Willinm
51. Jlnnn, the loader of Iho Hadioal
rowtliosol l'liiladclphin, peremptorily
declines to reliro from tho delegation
which was solccled to cast lh voto of
IVnnsylvania for Grant Uelng asked
to wilhdraw ho prcmptorily
lodo so, saying to thoso who inter,
viowed biin i "Guntlcinon, I am as
good as tho man 1 have boon lustrum
od to vnlo lor." Tliut ended the ton.
veraatlon. Maantims it remains to be
iuvii whut 1'oniry A tv. vi! t.ifibyuili.
CTawaaaarawiiwTai-i-. i w3gnKg8
.1 Sloe It Vamhltr,
Urer since bis dor-lion to the offlco
of Auditor General, Hurtranft hits boon
affoctod with a mania lo becomo sud
denly I'tcu. Goaded by this (ever ho
has engaged wildly in slock gambling.
Instead ol protecting the mterssis oi
Iho 'public, ho lias usou IDS oinci oi
Auditor . General to advance hit own
nersonal Interest. Charlos T. Ycrkoa,
jr., testifies that on the 20th of Decom-
1 I., il 1.1 U-ir.HtKHI.ft Skn
Dcr, no jmiu tiuiiu a inn ii .nu
"sum of two thousand seven hundred
'dollars, which sum was derived from
"profits on purchases of loans of the
"Commonwealth) and sale of the same to
"the sinking fund, ivbivhsulo wu mado
"on tho 2Ulh of April) 1870." .'! . I
Tho samo witness testifies that ho
also "paid to John l' liartrunft vitrt
"ous amounts of money for profits oris
"ing from stock speculations with money
"deposited with this deponent ly the
"State 'lYeasurer nt the instance aj said
' llartranfl." . f j
As Auditor Gonoral, and ex ojflcio
commissioner of tho sinking fund,
General Hurtranft found hisopprtuni
ly to speculuto with tho money of tho
poople of Pennsylvania. Tho funds
which were employed by hi in in stock
operations belonged lo the common
wealth. These funds aro what Is
known as tho "nncxponded balance"
In the chair of Governor of Pennsyl
vnniu John F. Uurtranft would havo
still more extensive opportunities of
jtVJulglng in his luvorito pur.nnt. iho
pooplo ol' l'crtsmylvuiiia havo bocn
justly jealous of the ollieo of Governor.
They hnvo always sought in its in
cumbent an example ol tho homely
and sturdy virtues which bnve so long
distinguished tho cil'rens of this coin-'
moowenllh. Tho question llioy are
now asking themselves Is w hether a
stock gambler wbo carries on bis du
bious operations with tlio public money
shall receive the highest office in their
cxclnsivo gilt. JNo amount of service
in tho field, if it were as brilliant us
that of a Princo Ktigcno or a Marlbor
ough, can gild this sordid speculation
of a public servant with thefundsof the
commonwealth. JlarrMurg Patriot.
' a)
Boil.lNO Ovkb The Washington
correspondent of tho Philadelphia
Mercury says : On Thursday last there
was a littlo pieco performed at the
Whito House in Iho presence of a fow
persons, but tho principal actors on
tho occasion wero Gonoral Ulysses S.
Grant, representing himself, and Col.
A. Fullor, of Fnyetto county, Pcnn
sylvania, representing the honest Re
publicans of that section of tho Slato.
Tho performance was commoneod by
Fuller, who gavo his Excellency to
understand that in Iho nppointmont
of a collector in the Twenty-first dis
trict of your State, ho had violated his
word in -sending to tho Senate, for
that office, (ho ntimo of o man thai the
Republicans of that Congressional Dis
trict wero ' unanimously against.
Tho President replied that ho did this
at tho request of Senator Scott, Of
Pennsylvania. Fuller replied that
Senator Scott represented neither the
Republican parly no; anybody elso In
that Slato. He gave the President to
understand that he would no longer sub
mit to such treatment, and that lienor-
forth ho would be against lum anil
his Adminstrntinn, and that this act
of duplicity of his would cause hundreds
more to forcsakc him. 1 he President
throughout the performance sat ns
muto ns a mouse, and the only ovi.
denco that he still lived was tho vol
umes of cigar smoko that issued from
his month.
Strenotii of Guam's Otposition.
Tho Albnny Krpress, an nnti adminis
tration Hopuhlicati Journal, signifl
cantly soys :
In our own Slato it is safe to asstitno
that at least 15(1,0(10 He publican voters
nro opposeil lo Grant's reiiotniimtion.
In fuel wo believe a still larger num
ber would bail with satisfaction Me
candidacy of some statesman who could
better command the support of the party.
Hut, in ordor to socm moderate in our
claims, wo put tho number at 150,000.
Of course, al IobhI 100,000 will accept
tho action of the Philadelphia conven
tion ns final, cnucltisiro and binding
upon them. The remaining 60,000 wilt
hold the balance of the power, and will,
practically, determine for whom Ibo
thirty lhrco electoral votes of thu
Stnlo shall bo cast.
Il is also safe to say that n majority
of tho people of Now Humpshiro aro
opposed to Grant, yet his corruption
fund tarried the Stato for him. '
Hound to Go Undkr. That the
Hudical Stato ticket sits heavr on tho
slomnchs of somo of the loyal lenders, is
being manifested every day. Colonel
Forney does not liko tho dictatorial
tone which is assumed by tho Harris
burg Ttlegraph, and other organs of
the Treasury Hing. He say-, "ihoro
is an air of nutlioi ity hero which keen
ly recalls tlio arroganco of tbo Buch
anan dictatorship." That oxpresMOn
shows bow deeply tho wound rankles
in Jorneys chulo bosom. Ho pre
dicts that disaster will inevitably ful.
low n retinal lo reconstruct the Slato
ticket, and tdirioks out this warning:
"i tno ui'croet is ex cathcilra u it pro
coeds from Mr. Husscll ISrrclt, as
Ch-iii-maii of tho Hepiiblicnn Stnte
Comniiltoo, wo simply entor upon tlio
grout csmpuign of 1S7J wlih our right
broken." Such being tho caso, both
Forney and tho Hrpubliean parly
would bo proper objects of pity, if
llulr pnst conduct hud not placed them
beyond tho pale of compassion.
I). Morrison, of Illinois, forwarded on
Tuinduy to Jtiffororin Davis tho origi.
nal commission of the latter ns Colonel
In iho United States army, signed by
Andrew Jackson, Presidoiil.nnd Lewis
Cu-, Secrelnry of Slato. - The docu
ment cunio into tho possession of the
Illinois troops after tho cnpliiro of
Jackson, Mississippi, and was returned
to Davis, accompanied by u cordial
loiter from Col. Morrison, his old com
panion In the Mexican campaign, tor
initialing ut Huonn Vista
TsiAt. PosTroNKn Thosncond trial
of Mrs. Whurton, beforo the Court nt
Annapolis, Ima been postponed until
October next, in consequence, of the
illness of that lad-, as cortiflcd lo by
hor physiciiin. Tho opinion is ex
pressed that it is extremely doubtful
whelhor she would over recover from
tho fcoblo health and great debility
produced by tho exoiloment through
which she hns passed.- Mrs. Wharlon
is desirous that tho Citso shard, I mil
coed, but hor physician protests against
it, aim mo mates-Attorney and At
torney General do not feel disposed
to press it under the circumstances.
There nro in tho UnTtod States two
hundred and sixty ono soldiers who
have lost both eyes, bno hundred and
eighteen who lost both legs, clj'.w.t
who lout both feet, fivo who lost Loth
hands, thirtv-two who Ir, v m a
h Ijixlcvi! who Jool it) iiii,'t(,,aulog
Tun RiNti Nominiim. From all
parts of the Commonwealth still como
up loud and deep denunciations of tho
ring nominations on tho radical Slato
tickety Wftrron tounty,;tbo lunno'of
Harrison Allen, tho ring candidate for
Attditor-Gsnoral. Is in open " revolt
against his election, f Tho bust iio
publicans iif the neighboring county
of J'lrfo dvolsro thill they will not sup
port him. No nomination could bo
moro distasteful to the pooplo of the
oil regions, wbo point to bis record as
proof that ho lias always been hostile
to their best into rents. Grunt's
nntion is tho straw that will broak
tho camel's back.
.. 95w. 3.flwrtl5rmrot5.-,.,v.
rHE' CniCAGO :' '':
, )) j, novelty: 'a .li
r: i
Open ever diiy and evening, neat door to the
Kevitone ritore, on Hooonil atreeU Tha larffret
itoek of CIIOIl'B J'R'U'HM eror plfered far
ale in Clearfield I .
BBAUTiri't. cunoitosi i, . i ,i....-,.a
only to be seen l be admired.
A cardial luvitallon II ealended lo Ibo ladlet
and gentlemen of Clearfield to make us a visit
PA II DON. Notice li hercl.r given that an
ajipllcation will be made to the Kxoeutive
(or the iiardon of Isaac Slorrisou, ivlio waa eon-
vlctedat the January term, ISflV, and eentvticr'l
to leveii vean and liz month! imprisonment in
tno Western 1'enltentiary, mayl-t
ISTRAY. Caino trcspamiingon tho
J premises of the luhacrlher, resiiling In Fer
guson lonrnship, on or about the 1 at of last July,
a Hed Bull, with white fooe. - The owner Is re.
quested to come furward, prove property, py
eberges anil take biin awav.orha will he disposed
or aecwling to law. M1LL1A.H UtAU, n
. May I, t7T2.-3t ' .
A LIAS MOIICK. In tlio matter
of purl I (ion autl riluttiuo of tli titat of
lunn uerga iur. into ai jjurofiao lownnuip,
To tlt hert and U'tfnl rrnreftrntativrt of John
BergtmiJrr, drernietl : Von and each of yon are
hfjrauv noliSt J l and in pear at an Onihanr
Court to bo lie)i at Clfarfleld, In and for Clear
field oonoty, on Monday, J una 3d, A. D. 1572, to
ancrpt or refine to awpt tbe roai tilata of John
UurKnnder dcecard, at the appraitwd raloation
or iliow eauae why the tame sfanald not be lold.
n v the loiin,
r, A. MAVKIt, Hmident J
A. W. Lr.R. Clrrk Orpbani' Court. my I
J. of I'k-arnehl county, 1'a.
" I No. 47. Man-b Term, IST0.
Jv Wri.o. r rt7. ) 'l AttaehmenU !
Notiee ia berehy given lo those Interested that
the Snal aoeount of the Trosleee in the above
stated ease uas been duly Bled in my nmee.
May 1st 1.H72. Prolhonotary
of riearftuld eounlr, IN
Whereas an aniliclin hsl been mJc (by rl-
titlon filed) osl.iiig ssid eourt to giant a charter
of Inforporation to !. It. Kod, J. A. Hlnttinbcr
gi r, L. 11. I.lngle, T. It. HUn It and ot ion, andar
the nnnie, style and title of the "Osceola fluilding
and Loan Assneiatina.M and if no sufficient reason
ii ibunn to the ountrarr it will be wanted at the
June term neat, in aoeordanee with tha Aot of
Assentity epp otal ihe 12th of A nil, lfj.
Jlay I Jt. Prolhonotary. '
.1 TI.KMKNT. Report of the Auditora of Pike
towosbip, for A. D. 1S7I :
John Illooin, Ahrala llalley and John Norris, (fur
iwo unmet; ruperviHn or rike township, In
account with the Hoad funds of Mid township.
To ami. of tax levied, $411 56
It) J. 1. lllonin overwork, 4 IK)
to unseated order, , 3) 00
To cah rec'tl 1. Caldwell, ! 11 00
To bal. tljejni). I'
per order on 8up. 0 79
By work by ci'ii-nif-iup. 4.12 70
Ry eioneiationa, 10 Oj
By per ciNitnge, , M 00
$40.1 3.1 $1(1.1 35
A11RA.M HAII.KV, 1).
Tosml. Inx levied, 1S7I,
To un lea led order,
To caah ree'd I. Caldwell,
Bal due Bailey, ns per or- ! '
der on Supervisor,
$186 35
37 SO
11 IKI
9 03
By exonerations.,
fly work by ciliiena,
Uy Supervisor A inttling,
Hy percentage.
Hy lax not woikd aud
trnnif 'd to nenl Super.
1 75
1M 30
44 00
!) 25
S 52
$243 8 $243 88
JOIIS NORRI3, 1st D strict, D.
To ami. Inx leved, 1871,
$199 05
37 50
10 80
1 0 umealerl order,
Tucmh fiotrt I. Caldwell,
My exon eraliona,
lly Koik by ciiuona and
Hy per cetitage.
Hy cssli lo I. t'nldwell,
$247 05 $247 05
Id Diitrlet, lit.
To ami. of lax lovied. $122 14
To unieated order, 3T 60
To ca h from 1 Caldwrll, 3100
By a oik by oiliieua and
Sup. iriiii Mr centals, 477 08
lly rer'ta for emit pil. it
ue.sra on bridge at Cur
waniville, g (j
Hy casta lo I- tuhlwell,
4 -40 ! ;
$l! CI ?4H0 C4
To emh le-o'd Irom Co.
Treaa. for Iml. ol unseat
ed tax for IrllW anil 'til), $T:33 50
To caili J. Notrn,up.'7 1 : 4 01
Hy ree't il. D. Swoope, , 60 00
by ree l J, t. Krn,r, 25 6J
l!y Stipett V reo'is for 1H70:
. A. Slum, f'J5 00
.1. V. I'.ile, 34 0t
11. Miller, l(j
Levi Ulocni, 4 02 " 70 23
By Suierv.a' reo'ta lor 181 :
A, llalley, $U UO
J. Nun is, 21 hd
J. Hlooui.jr. 11 DO 4,1 po
Hy roc't ol Jcliu Noirli,
to py on brulgn, - 20 00 ! '
Hy caitli paid for making
luplienitia, ollloe rent It
niijjer boat (Is
By casta tid T. Humphrey,
bal. due ton nslitp,
$238 11 $2.18 II
D. 1). HITTER, Overseer of the Poor for Pike
"r"'"''' c,gunt Mll township for
Da. .
To bal. from lat year, ( , $J7 80
To misli fioiu 11. Uwen. 10 00
To bal. due (rota ll.Uwens
on last yr, 0 35
Tocnili from Curtvenavill
bor. fr im, '70 rt- '71, ' ' 130 00
: C. -
Hy ensli paid for anppnit '
of Nancy lWrlmt, 120 52
By errptV wspmr,"' - JO 01"'
Bal.-dt) tQraibip, ; stl t'i
$167 21 $107 21
We. tt a.rtlgnea, Antlitora of Pikr, towu.
hip, have examine d Ihe anonnnii ol John lllnnm.
Jr., Abratfl Dal ley and John Nortli, Pupervlsorii
.a vmuweii, Arensurer, ana is. u. Kilter, over,
iver of the Ppnr rnr laid township for 1871, and
flud them a. anovw stated.
' ' ' M. 1.. C. KVAHM.
,t,;t, h
On Friday, Ajiril mix, 1872,
Ilot mm ' from HilUdc-liihla wlrh k larit and
eleini a.s.mment r.Mll.l.INiiitY and rA.M'V
UOUJet, and win uava all tne iewoex
' Spfing and Summrf Stylci
These douds will be told si greatly mluetd
nrlee, and will be from the most hitilonalikt
houiei in the eily
April 24 3t.
Kent door lo now P. O.
o ... J in :' : .
CAM. at 1.. t'I.KHAL'8 new Blurs, opposite
Ki-llov. lligler'a reiiilenee.on beoond street,
Clearfield, Pa., and viauiine bit Ana atock of
HOOTS & SHOES, ' . ,
Gunt's Fun.Nisni.NU Goons,
VALI3RS, 4c;-r. r..
I , .
Of which h Ii unnntlx wuirinn lutf nrl
m nit uf tlio varjr Jftlci. mi belt Hy'., K tilth he
will tlir'ioM gftvt . ; .
Astonishingly Low Prices!
LA DIE. I hve on hand ft larf-e n wtl)
rlrcted itock ut ihof ef,br''' hand w wrd
KIOHUCCO nl LAoiiNU (JAITKItS, which 1
un mfrly rMoiotiiPni in he the in the mar
ket. Call and riataioa tbem.
(IKXTT.FMKX, ny itnrk of riftifsdln- Ocr.da
it eomnWe. I have nil th nerfltin in Pcnrfi
Tloi, CraTttti, lUnilorcfiiffi, Underwear, Mm
pfivlerr, Collan, Uiovra, Jloiierv, Ac., torrhrr
with a rtnplet aiporttnent of White and Cloth
Bhtru. I haron hand a lit-; and wr ttUcttd
itoek of Hatr and Capi uf the
i . . : t - i ':'
Very Latest Styles!
Alio, TmnVi, VallaM, Itnilrnad Par. CmWHaa,
Canet, ami manr oihrr riletrt( Imth orfnl and
ornamental, which will le rold at fair rate.
afThs citiatnc f Claarnald and Tieinitjr art
reKttctfuli.T Invited to rail and examine my joodr
hoforo yarchanug iHnrwhctP.
Clcartsld, Ta, Feb. 7, 1872. ,
Xew Firm nt Wallnccton, F.
Havo bou-ht the entire vtiek of forida from P.
Onllafher, and are receiving a general assortment
of new guodi from lbs Kaaleru situs, iucb al
, BACON, FISH, . .
SALT, FJ.oun,
FKED, Ac, ki '.,
To e xebanira for Tounlry Prudnee, Railroad Tire,
Lumber or CASH. October IS, 1S7I.
J. M. KRAT2E11 la just receiving a large and
attractive Block of Spring Oouds,
WALL TAPtltS, Ac. . .
Clearllcld, March (, 1S71.
Down I Down 1 1
Proclamation against High Trices!
WB are now opening tip a lot of the bcit and
most lenlonahle Uuudl nnd lVam ever
olTired in this market, and it irlees that nmlml
one of the good old dnrs of cheap things. Those
who luck faith upon this pnint, or dct-m our alle
gations superfluous, nevil but
CVff.I, .IT OIH STOItt:,
Cumer Front anil Market ilraeta,
Where thev rnn see-, feel, bear and know fur them
ndvoa. To fully understand what are cheap goada,
this must be done. Wa do not deem It acseaearv
to onniaerate and Item Ire our itock. ll is enough
fnr us to state that
We have Everything that is Necdod
and consumed In this market, and at lirlcei that
.lnkl.k .11 1
wis viu snu vnung.
both new and
srennd hand, at the Musio Store next donr lol irst
Nalioual Hank. All per lens inlercMed are Invl
ted lo call and eiamiiie a new el vie nf Organ now
on eikibiiinn. Phut Music and Musio lloeki
fimitanllt on baud. a).':! tltf
Ji'l E. M. SCHEUREH, .
Office in Uasoulo Iluildlog,
' ccerlleH, Pd.
ITR A V tOW.!ry.d fion thapremlioi
Jof the subioriher, an Laurel Hu i large
light red cow, about or year. eld. Tha last
?. .' ,,,, " n lb raeidenea
f A. L. Ugden, in Lawraaoe townaelp. Any la.
formation of her whoroahoiite eaa bo left M thu
t fflce, and Ibe pereon taking bar ap will be snlta
l l.v rtwatJid. (all an A. JOL
,,T , :-' t.. . - ,
.li I ;.!.! . . ,
II V N. lOrlTl.R ll A IV, I), I),,,
I' ,
Having lueeeeded In getting a liglilcr liriffoi
roaterinl, benee the ton aad-wa'Artti. eharri for
partial and full lets of Teeth. I mi th,
nusnnfactura of teeth awl other material, aij
ftpemt lum registered and warranted to glre sir.
vioe and Httitaetlon.
ieudi, rrllect that iny aharges for tbi Inset,
tion of ertiltcial and lb laving of the aatani
teeth are now the moetreaeanebleln PenaiTlvants,
Preicrvo vbur tcctb aud yon preserve bealtki
Pulling of the natural teem in healthy, art.
eervative and netful eondition ia made a specialty.
l)lsaases and mal formal ions autumon loth, moatk!
aw and avsoeiale parts, are treated aod correct!
with fulr luooeii. xaioiualiuni and eonsuita
lloni rnai.
It would be well for palicirls from a distance le
let ma know hy mail a lew dayi belure eomigg
to the oOlee.
Il is very Important thai children between tt.
Hi s of ils and twelve) years should have tb.ii
teeib examined.
Ana-ithetlca are adiulnlitentl and Teeth n;
mnved without paio.
liispositiotii and eharactrr aro judged by ill
the world by the expreliioul of Ibo face, hunts
bow very ilirastroui miy if therefore be fur per.
roni to Ind-iTge an eviirrnion of distorted features,
even apart from a hygienic view. Now, to enjoy
natural (nt artificial) eamforti and plrasurci,
icipecl aud uliry natural limplicitiu and in it iml.
rl. PUBTKH rJHAW, 1). D. H.
Office In N'cw Mns-mic Jluilding, Second itre.1,
Clearfiild. P.i. . febl47
Du. A. il- IIILI.3
2lTTD,",,Id .v t liti aticnti nd tba pub
lio Kt iii.rt.lljr. tlial, Lurinit diitolrpd piiinrhl
wi'h lir. Mihw, Um U uow (Win tk utir work
of hi office biuvwlf, n thnt pfltirrrtf nffd not fear
bcinjt put anJ'T llm bnndt ot an; ih opertitt
ClcarCrM, Xurh 2, n72-tf.
J. M, STEWART, D. D. S.f
Office urer Irwin'f Drug Store,
All dental operatione, either in tbe roochantal
oroparuliva bmnrl , promptly attended to ml
l.tishuitiun riiiranteid. Fpti-ial al'rnlion pai
lo the treatment of duieasei of the nntura! tcetk
gumi and mouth. Irregularity of the teeth im!
ccssfully corrected. Teeth eilraeted without mla
l ytlieumof Kllii r, and artificial teetb inserted
of the lievt material and warranted to render nt.
Itfaetinn. anrll3li'7llv
A Move in CunvensiUlc!
J; R. IRWIN, Druggist,
HAS removod bil Prtig Ftora to bil acw
rooms, tbrea doon west of bis old rand,
aod takes this orpmtunity of tk-iulung his ola
onstomorl fur llieir liberal pa-runage, and bopei
hy cloaa alteatiun, combined with a acloct itnek
or goods, to merit Its coutiuuiiucc no tbe part ef
all hia old eo.lotaers, and lecir that of msay
new ouei. Pice b-ire bim a cull.
,- ' j. n. ilwix.
Cnrwriut'.ue, M.rcb il, I S 7 5 C ui .
I bare a We liocb of AMHKICAH
'i'-J'A and SWIS? WATlHlKS. of tho dif.r
im rradm. In from two to iht aunt
cmh T fft r trica for ral LOW, and
(uaraolf tbem lo glre nitre 3t)ifctloii.
A good ftuirtntnt of Ladlea' and Oeoi't
.rwalr; vt th latnt fyUi! Alwajt CttiD
voeoathlaf nt ! - -
I wuulJ ak LuuitMen and nlhart who ta
ttaJ porrbab'ng call and tec bj
tock bitfttr guir f lo tha citiea, ai I aa viry
ar I caa all Watchu aa low aa tbty eaa a
boult, bakUaa Iht diffarcaea la dlitanea la
tbe stent of tha goodi proving dtfaotira.
ATI kinilaof UEPAIRINQ In my Una promptly
al travail to at ifaa atora oa Eacond trct, oppo
ita tha Court tIotb For your l.baral npport
in tha put I aia vary thaokluL.
8. I. FSfDRfl.
y " "A TTliJITlON!
Art yon ia nrrd of a gnrd art of 17 am cm ?
Arc yutt in aH af a mtU Bdllaar Bridle f
If m, aaM at tha Sa-LDe nrj llnrnosi Shop af
JiiBS V, Ha1i i, wdere yoa eon Kt lha licit ia
the anarkiU loubkiod .Sinla llaror-i and U-
ilira'oad ieL' Stlillruf apriur varkntaathip,
always ou imnd r monafaolnrrd to ord-r. Pp"
tl at;ention it oa-ikii to ny tiovk ot Oliart on4
lliunci, aich ora tbo bcit ir ura. I atau harraa
Mirtmeot of Pa J Jim' iUrdwarv. wbich will bt
U)Hseij uf at rcuMiiMf rtv$. Frpairinj of all
kirx U pruniplly attendrd to. L"D't fur(ett
pall btlure pun liano oltrnbcro. , Simp in 014
Pwt OiTi. Marbat atr. rJfurDal. Pa.
May , 1971-ly. JUI1N C. HAKW ICK. -
P. (1 Al.t.AlIlIUR l.iiing just returned froat
(he east with aa entire new and oomph te assort
ment of MercV-.iidis", suitable for Winter and
Spring trade, which hal been selected wilb grelt
rare mid bouftlil at l.iw ralea, is pnpared to fur
nish (tic cilut-ns of Iloutritalo aud vicinity witk
goiMls at a vory light advance on fint eoil for
ensh. t'ouutiy Pniduca end Shingles taken at
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Tbii U a true centre-draft machine, will l
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