Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 03, 1871, Image 1

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rriiiitul) rernr weTisaanar, bt
i. t a n 1. 1 ( ii i: i) in 1 8 .
iMir loreeal Circulation of any Newapapcr
) In North Central Peniiavlvauia.
f Terms of Subscription.
fit In a-lrani-e, or within 3 month... .
pf paid -inr 3 and lii-fure fl month,. .a...,
f nv 1 after the expiration of 6 month.
3 SO
a x
Rates of Advertising.
Tnn.i.nt advprtlaementa, per rquareof 10 line! or
If ... S ttnirs or lcea
I'or eai-h auhaeqnent inaortion
...$1 so
... So
... 1 50
... 50
... 1 iO
... : oo
... 6 00
A luiimilratora' and Kicculere' notices
uiii'ani' notieea ,
lution. anil Htrara
...filution notirea
.,-',.. Kinal Cards, 1 year ,
'tl notioea.pvr line , 20
1 flfl
H 00
.......:o w
J eolnmn n3 00
I oolumn....
45 00
80 00
Job Work.
:n-lo quire .2 60 1 fl quirea, pr.q:iire,il 75
quirei, pr, quire, 2 00 Over 6, per quire, 1 50
fi iW.Mer lea,2 Oil ) eheet, 56 or leaa.lkS O0
neel, ?5 fir lera, 91 00 I 1 aheet,3.' or le.a.lS f0
Over 35 of eajih of aliore at proportionate ratea.
tll.MAU A. WAILK't.
rruK rm O'vo.
Clrai flt-ld, Pa.
f?-Lp(rl bmincfn of all kinds sjttcndrd to
with f)riuiitnpft and fidelity. Ofiioe in rrsid-nce
William A. Wallace, jiui 12:70
Clearfield, Pa.
(uOffleo in the Conrt llonae. plecS It
A T T O It N E Y - A T-L A W ,
JlSO C learlkld. Pa. - y
Clearfield, Pa.
-OffiM la the Court Howe, f jj ll.'f 7
Clearfield, Pa.
Office on Market kit , o"er llartawick k Irwln'a
, lrn K Store.
lronpt attention flees to the earnrlng
ef Runty. Claime, Jle., and to all legal r-aaiBes.
March 2rt, 167 tr.
rnol. l. aVm.t.ornn. an. m. aYn.i.ornii.
t'lrai field. Pa.
Office oa Mnrkt .treat one dnor east of the Cteaf
teld Coantjr Dank. 2:1:71
i'learflcld. Pa.
rLeeal buaineaa attended to prolnpHy wilh
tldrlity. tlfiico on Second atrcct, a' -ive t'c First
Natloiiiil liauk. 1:25:71 Ipd
IVatlaretou, (leaiflild t'uunty, Pcuii'a,
.AII legal buaiueaa promptly attended to.
j, r. mvin n. I.. kNt:ea
Fuecsaaora to II. U. Swoope,
Law and CuI.i.ixtio.n Oitut,,
nsno ri.EAiinin.o, pa.
One on Second St., Clearfield, Pa. n tv2t,d0
And Ileal l-t.-ite A cent. CU-ai ll.-l.t. Pa.
OrT, Third utreet, bct.Cherr.tA Winnt
tr-Hinpeetfully offerp hin nerrtrci in felling
iid buying lnn-U In Cloarfiol 1 and adjuininn
t.ntin , an 1 with n efporience of oTr twrnty
yrn an a niirTeyor, flatten ltiui;flf that he rntt
rnlttr satiffaotion. feh2S.'M tf
1 11 Osreo'.a, Clrarlield Co., Pa. y:pd
Haw Ijost Ijiinibcr,
cu.AnF.iai), pa
lUal Kdata hnuvht an I "old. titled fTftmined,
tmcn naid. itnd e'liivernnre prep.irvtl.
Mnnun:o Itutldmsr. Hoom i
. I.
l:2i:71 II. Orvil. C. f . Aloaandil
A'lTnl NKYS A T LA il'.
Ilelletiintc. Pa. aepM.'e.S-y
OOIlc ou Market Flrecl, Clearfield. Pa.
3a-i).Tica hmra: 8 to 12 a. In., and I lo in
D R.. W. A. MEANS,
r ii Y s i c: ian & s u i: o n o x
LlTllKItsm R(J, PA.
Will attend profoinnal calla p.-ompily. anglOT
rAVIXO located at Kvlerloan, (.'learfielj e
Pa., offera hia prof, .rional
ee. to Hi
pie of the aurroundiLg count i v.
DR. J. F.
llnvin to An"oiivil1e, Pa., offer hin
Dru'et-iii.Mial ftrieH to the people of tint p'ie
and thn mrrouiiinir country. All pH pr..;nplly
aiiended to. n, P'1
"IT VTV(I lneatr.1 nt Penntletd. Pa., iiITtp hi
i L pnilefwioiml aerviee to t)t people of 111
Uff nnd porrunnrtnif; euui.iiy,
attended to.
All calif promptly
net. i.i ii.
lte Surgeon oftheHi'.d Heg ment Pennsylvania
Volunteers, having returneil frotn the Army,
offers hit pmfeos tonal aervieei to the eititins
f lra'fild e-aiity.
f eT Prfii.nal rails promptly attcn ld
Offlea on Heeond street, formerly oernpied by
Or. Woada. fapr4,'fln-lf
PHYSICIAN & S U H (i K O N , j
Tinii i.f.j .i r,.ni t (.iTir ti '
IL pr'.fp.innal v rricea te the people of that
plae and eurrunling country.
.. ll ealll promptly attended to. Ofllce
anl re.ioence on Curtia at., lormerly occupied
ty Dr. Kline. oiyl ly
Fishing Tackle I
1 I'PT rer-i,ed. a e-tinplrle a'S'irtmerd. eonist
I :ayf Itnd-, l-i'h baskets, Lines and
lfvvks, vf feU d r"rip'"n. at
UMinv t iuuLi;:i a .'op.
f leerleid, April IV, 1-71 tf.
Justice of the Teaee and BarWenrr,
Curirenirlllc, Pa
(mid orcr.
made and money prompt! v
Ft'j. 'Ii, If.
Justice of the Ycbw and Licensed Conveyancer,
I.uthert.burg, Clearfield Co., Pa.
9i'nllvlioDB A remittances promptly made,
and all kinds of legal iuatrutuuiiU execute on
short notice. mny4,7(tf
Justice of the Peace, Surveyor and Cunrejancer,
Lulherffbiirfr-, Pa
AM bmhtcM intrusted to him will lif promptly
At ten ltd to. J'tiriniif witihiiig to emplny ur
vtrvor will da well to give bun h on II, at he flttttpni
Iniiist lf thai he can rentier nti'-fadion. Iccdiof
convevaHoe, artidm of aprccment, and all Ifjfal
puperr, i'i-oinptly and neatly ci ecu ted. tnar.tuyp
fJShop on Reed Street, necr rcnn.ylvnnla
Kailnied depot.
may ltt,'70:tf.
C learfield. Pcnu'a
The frefeoinjr and painting of cliurchei and
other public liuildioir, will receive particular
iillenliun, ai well no the pnintinjt of cnrrinci and
ilriphs. (Jildinc done in the nciitest ttylt-e. All
work warranted. Shop on Fourth itroet, formerly
occupied by K squire hnugart. octll'7H
JtH-Vumrit alwaya on hand and made to order
on abort notice, l'ipra hored on reasonable terma.
All work warranted to render lati.tnetion, and
diliiered if derired. Diy2.i:l.d
Jyi:!l C I. H A II !' 1 K 1. 1. I A. tt
, l.utheraliurK, Pa.
1IIK fubsiri'ter offer. h:a rcrUceato the public
in Ibu c.iniiei'r of Scrivener and Surveyor
All aalla fr anreeying promptly attrmlr.1 to, and
llioiiiakinK or drain, dcida anil other Irgal liulro
mnila of writing, executed without delay, and
warranted to be correct or no charge. ll,70
IIK uodci.ignfd offera hia acrvioea aa a Sur
veyor, and nniT lie tound at hia reiidcnco, in
Lawrener towiuhip. Lcttcra will reach hiiu di
rected to Clenrfield, Pa.
may 7 If. J A.M1.S Ml ll 11 M.i.
laim and Collection Office,
OtTEOLA, Cliarfield Co., Pa.
jM-Conrcyanclng and all legal papera drawn
iili .viiireca and ilirMileh. luell on ana pea-
lage tirkele to and liom any point In Kurope
rocureu. v
Clearfield, Pa.
IAVINIl rented Mr. Entree' Hrcwery he
Impee by atrlct attenlion to bi'fiiicaa and
t manufacture ol a anpenor arucie 01 i.r.r.i.
receive the palronage of all the old and many
new curtomera. Aug. 11.
niALin l
( ltAIIAntN, Pa.
Alao. ealenalve nianufaelurer anil Healer in rveuare
TimlH-r and Suweil Lumber ul an kiimih.
JWOrdcra aolicited and all billa p-omptly
filled. 1J.""'.
oito. aiaeiir Ht:nv Al.aitnT w. Al-ainr
Manufacturer. A eaten. ivc llealcrain
Sawed Lumber, Square Timber, 4ic,
W 00 Dl. A IJ, I'fcfin a.
rr3-OrJora aolicited. Ililli flllid on abort notioe
.nil rrn.oiinoie .-,,..
Ad'lresc Woodland P. O., riearfl.M Co., Pa.
2,,.T w M.iir.iil A liin.
M KKCi! A N T,
I reiiclivlllr. i Icai Held County, Pa.
Keep, eon.lantly on band a full aaanrtuietit ot
llry tliKiil. Hardware, tlioeenr. anil everjinm.
niltv ke,,f In a retail aiorc, imcii .m
lor ca.h, a cheap a claenhcre in Ibe county.
Frenchville, June J7, lanj iy.
House and Sign Painter and Paper
t li arlicld, I'enn'a.
W Will exeente joba in hia line promptly and
in a workmanlike manner. e r..oi
Mtk-t Street, Clearfield, Pa.
XT.',i TIVI.H made In, aa well aa 11.
l el-nr weaiher. t'onalanll n hand a (;o,k1
n-...rt:acnl of Fit AMES, ft I Kit ISOMOI'h.) anil
S lEItl.ll.atil'IO VIEW!. Framea, f: .in any
atvle ol oiouldiog. m.e to order. aprlfw-tl
M E I! C il ANT,
pr:A l.l ti 11
Dry QoodB, Clothing, Hardware,
Cutlery, Quienmaro, OmeeTles. Provisions and
I'lrnrfiHtl. Peiin'a.
rfrA their Beeond street
near ll. r. mgw vu
I. UOI.I.OWBt'RH V 19 iflin...
IllaiiK Bk Ssnuruclurcrs,
21S .Wnr.l St., rhilaittlptiln.
e 1'np r Flour PncVa and llaga. Fnolacap,
l.etier, Note, V.rapping, Curtail, and Wall flbJtjll lypd
A Notorious Fact I
rptlKltR are more people tnmbled with Lung
I li..rn.c. in tbia toun than any other place ol
il. air.- in Ibo Klnlc. One of the great canaoa of
tbia ia, the nee of an impure article of nal.larg. I)
mind wilh eulphur. .". "7
thi. and prca.rve your Uvea, by only
ltiimiihrr,a t all'liratfd Coal, free from all
ioipiiMlica. Ordcia I ft at the .force of Richard end .Ininca II. tliaham i Cioa will receive
prompt attention.
1 1 AlUtAIIAM llfMrilREY.
Clrarleld, ;oTenilMT 5H,
Kn. 31 Hirtith Third Street, Phlla.lclplila,
And Dealers in Government Securities.
Aptiratlnn I.T mail will ree.he prompt elten
lloa, sail all Information cheerfully furnialmi.
Or.lrra rallclhit. anrlMi
SomfKo ly'i dea.1 ; there'i erope on the door.
1 he blinds are balf-clnecd on a nctKhburiag etore;
nome one in sorrow of a hired one Uerell,
Suiuebody taken and vomtbody left,
(lone from this world, It care and its strife,
Uoiio from the dear ones beloved during life ;
Done to a bome wilh the ransomed above,
(lone to a ttariour abuse fullness is love.
Closed be the eyes cf (be to-day,
wilent the borne where the loed one doth lay;
Tiit ro is a eoasou of wot'piux for one
Whose troubles are ended, whose luhors are done.
H.-stt the footfall as ea h on his way,
Tn-nds I he brick pavement lihtheartcd to-dar ;
I ink they hoed tbv h-ilf blind d store,
Little they care tor the crujte on the door.
Little care they in the battle of life,
Ardently fighting 'raid turmoil nnd strife;
Lit lie cure they who never hmk baek.
With eyes firmly Uxc' on life's beaten track.
Onward thny rush till in rcaddiins; life's bound,
They s'ackvu the footiitup arid (futct the sound j
On if) liieir efloils their labors giro o'er,
Pass tliem by p ully, there's crape on the door.
Addreaa by the Itrnorratlc Mrmbcra of
l:arneat tVorda or Warning.
Wasiiinoton, April 20 The Dem
oorttta in Cone-roaa Imvo just inticd
llio fiillowifig ttddreas lo Ibu jicojito of
hid uiiiivu outics :
''Our prosctice uiij odlciiil duties at
Washington havo ennblod us to be
come nciiininlcd wilh the noiion and
designs of Uione who control llio Kuili
ciil pitrly, and wo foci called upon to
titter a low wonln of warning ttyainul
tho tilui'initi Ktridua they havo made
towards centralization of power in the
hand.1 of (.'onirroiM and tlio Executive.
Tlio time nnd intention of tlio Iladical
leaders lias been uliuoHt whully direct
ed to do vino Mich legislation as will,
in their view, bout preserve their
osrendc'iey, and no repaid lor the
wise resliaints imoosed by the Con
stilulion lias cliti l;ud ibuir restless
und deaperato career. Tlio I'restdvnl
of tlio United Stales lins boon fuftniil
ly announocd as a catididale for re dec
tiuil. 'J lie tlet'luraliona of
Biipportei-a havo been ei lined by a sub
aidized .ress, und a ilist iplino of parly
has already made udhcHon to liis per
sonal fiirluno the supremo test of po
litieul fealty. The pnrtisan leerislu
tion, lo whieh wo refer, wus tlut rced
und tihnpcd in secret caucus, where Ilia
extremist counsels always dominuto,
utid was adopted by n subscrvienl ma
jority, if not with llio intent, certain
ly with tlio cflcct to place in the bunds
of llio President power lo command
his own nomination, nnd lo employ
the army, navy nnd itiililia at his sole
discretion, ns a means ol auhservin
bis personal ambilion. When llio sad
experience of llio last Iwo years, so
diaappointing to llio hopes and ejencr-
al coiilideiicu ol llio commit, is con
sidered in connec'.ion wilh the violent
utterances and rash purposes ol thoso
who control the lYccidcnt's policy, il
is not t-tirprisiiir t lint llio gravesl up
prehensions for Ibo I ill it re peace of
llio nation should be cnlortiiined. At
a timo when labor is depressed, and
every material interest is palsied ly
oppressive taxation, the ptit iie outers
lave been mulliplietl licyonu all pre
cedent to servo ut instruments in the
perpeliiitlion of powor. Partisanship
is llio only Icsl applied lo llio distri
bution ol this val patronage. Hon
esty, fitness and moral worth are
openly discarded ill favor of truck
ling euumiHxion a n J uisiionerauie com
plianco. Ileneo enormous defalca
tions and wide pprt'U'l t in ru in ion have
lolloucd as the natural consequences
ol I Ii is pernicious synlom. lly llio ol
fieial report ol the necrelny til the
Treasury, it utpears that ufler dedtie-
lion ol all proper credits, ninny mil
lions of dollars remain duo from ex
collectors of internal revenue, ui.d
ihitt no proper diligence has over been
used to collect them. Iteforma in the1
revenue and postal system, whit It ull
experience deiuonstrutes to bo lieccs
sary to a frugal udminislrulion of tlio
k'ovci anient, us well us a measure of
relief to on over burdened people,
havo been persistently postponed or
at t I'll t ! V ne"lecled. Congress now ad
journs without having oven ullettipled
lo redtico taxation, or lo repeal the
rjlurtlio; impositions by which industry
is crushed und impoverished. The
treasury is overflow ii and an excess
ol ' gHIJ.imO.OOU ol'reveiiuo is admitted,
and yet instead of some meastiro of
present relief burren und tltdnsiytj
resolution is pused by the Setialo to
consider llio tariff and exciso systems
heicnl'tor, us if the history of broken
pledges and prutended remedies I'm'-
nisbed any better assuranco lor future
legislation than experience bus dime
111 tlio pari. nuip tiuiuiiii"; aim me
carryiii'r trade, once sources of na
tional pride and prosperity, now lan
guish under u crushincr loud of luxa
tion, and nearly overy other business
interest is sliuling without, profit
lo maintain llsell.
Our tigrieiilliirists, while) inyin
heavy taxes on ull I hey coiimiiiiiv ithcr
lo the eroveriimcnt or to monopolists,
(tin llio prices for their own products
so reduced llial hone! labor is denied
its reward, and industry ia prostrated
by invidious iliscriniiinition. Nearly
200.01)0,01)0 acres of publiu lands
which should have been preserved for!
the benefit of Ihe people, have been
voted awaj to great Corporal ions,
noglecling our soldiers, and enriching
a handful of treedy speculators and
lobbyists, who Hie thereby enabled lo
exorcise a mosl dangerous nnd cor
rupting lufluoiice over Stale and Fed
oral legislation. If tho career ol these
conspirator bo not checked the down
full of free government is inevitable,
nnd with il tho elevation of a military
dictator on tho ruin of tho republic.
Under pretense ol passing law to
cnlorco the fourteenth amendment anu.
fur other purposes, Congress bus con
ferred the most dpct:u power upon
tho Kxeculive, anl pruvided an ollicinl
machinery by which tho liberties
. i.i
tlio pcoplo nro monaeod, and i,ho su
crcd riht of local self jjoverr,:n:n!
into Slutcsis ignored, if not lyranieally
overthrown, modeled upon llio sedi
tion laws so odious in history, they
nre ut vuriunce with nil tlio sanctified
theories of an institution, und llio
construction givcH by theso Jiudical
interpreters lo the fourteenth amend
ment, is to uso tlio lani'iinco of an
eminent Sonator Mr. Trumbull of
Illinois, un anainilulion of the Klutes.'
Under the lust enforcement bil, the
Executive may, in his dcacrclion,
thrust nsiilo tlio govorninotit of any
Slate, suspend the writ of habem tor
pus, arrest i! (iovernor, imprison or
disperse the LcL'islaUiro, silence its
judejes and trample down its people
miner mo iron neei 01 Ills troops
Nothing Is left to tbo cilinon nr State i
which can any tonercr be called a rlnt.
All is changed into mcro sufferance.'
Our hopes lor reilroso aro in the calm
good sense, and the sober second
thought of the American people We
call upon lliem to bo true lo them
selves and their posterity, and disre
garding party names and minor dif-j
lerences, to insist upon a decentraliza
tion of power, una tho restitution of
federal authority within ilsjiistand
proper limits, leaving to llio Stales j
that control over domestic affairs
w hich is essonlial to their happiness
and tranquility and gooff government.
I'.very thing Hint malicious ingenuity
could suggest has buen dona to irritate
the people ol the Middle and Southern
States. Cross nnd exaggerated churg
es of disorder and violence owe their
origin lo tho mischievous minds of
Jwiliiical managers in tbo Sonute and
louse of Jtepresonlulivcs, to which
the Execulivo bus, wo regret to say,
lent his aid and Uius helped lo inflame
llio popular feeling. In ull this Course
of hostile legislation nnd harsh resent
ment, no word of conciliation, of kind
encouragement, or fraternal fellow
ship, has ever been spoken by the
President or by Congress to the poo
plo of tho Southern States. They
havo been addressed only in the lan
guage of proscription Wo earnestly
onlreat our fellow-citizens iu ull parts
of tho Union to eiiaro no effort to
tii ui n In i ii pcuco and order, to carefully
protect the rights of every cilizen, to
preserve kindly relations among all
men, und to discountenance mid dis
courage any violation of the rights of
any portiun of the people secured
under tho Cunsiilulion, or any ol its
amendments. Lei us, in com lu-ion,
earnestly beg of you no, lo aid the
present utleinpl of Jtadicul urlisans
lo slir up htriio in the luud, lo rorew
the issues of tlio war, lo obstruct the
return of peace and prosperity to the
Southern Klutes, becuuee il is thus
that they seek to divert tho attention
of the country from the con option and
OXlraVagaiiea ill lbir nitmtniitriti
of publ'0 affairs, und the dangerous
und profligate attempts they aro ma
king towards tho re election of a cen
trali.ed military government. lathe
live years of peace following the war
the Radical administrations have cx
ponded 1,200,00(1,000 on ordinary
purposes ulonc, being within $200,000,.
000 of the aggregate amount spent for
tho sumo purposes in war unci in peace
during the seventy one yearn pieced-
in!; Juno uO, lMil, not inclinling in
cillier case ihe sum paid upon princi
pal or interest ol public uebL It is
trilling with tho intelligence of the
people for the lt.idieal leaders lo pro
lend that litis vast sum has been hon
estly expended. Hundreds of millions
of il have been wantonly squandered,
Tbo cxpoiidtlurcnof the government
for tho fiscal year ending Juno SO,
101, wcro only i2,OO0,0O0 j while
fur precisely tho same purposes, civil
list, urtny, navy, pensions and Indians,
(Jlli4,0liU,000 were expended during
the tlseal year ending Juno 30, 1S70.
No indignation can bo too stern and
no scorn too sevens lor tho assertions
by unscrupulous Kadical leaders that
tho great Democratic nnd Conservu
live parly of tho Union I as or can
hav sympathy with disorders or vio
lence in any purt of llio country, or in
the deprivation of uny man of his
rights under llio Constitution. It is
lo protect und perpelualo the rights
which overy freoniun chooses; lo re
vive iu ull hearts Ibo feeling of friend
ship, affection and harmony, which
uru tho best guarantees of law und
older ; anil to Ihrow around tho hum
blest citizen, wherever he may be.
tho protecting -Egi of thoso safe.
L'tiards of personal liberty whieh the
lundiimenlnl luws of tho hind assume,
thai we invoke tho uid of ull good
men in tho work ol pence and rocon
ciliulion. Wo invito their generous
co-operation, irrespective of nil former
dillerenees ol opinion, so Unit the narsli
voico of discord may bo silenued j tlmi
a new and dangerous sectional agila
linn may bo checked ; thut tho bur
dens of luxation, direct or indirect,
may bo reduced lo ibo lowest point
consistent with good faith lo every
just, national obligation, und with s
stricllv economical administration of
tho government, nnn inai mo mates
tuny bo restored in their integrity and
true rclulions to our Federal Ihiion."
(Signed by all the Democratic U. S.
Setinlora und Congressmen.)
noitnowiNO Tuoiiiu.K How many
there nro whoso energies nre paralyzed
by borrowing trouble! 11 liny ore
not very uiiioriunuie lo-uay
they nre
certain they w ill bo so lo-iuorrow.
They spend so much of liieir time
groaning, thai they have hut little left
lor the performance of llio dulh s ot
life. Such aro not the men lo which
iho world commits important trusts.
and whom it is ready to assist. If
you tell tho woild that you nro going
lo fail in any undertaking, it w ill be I
suro lo tulio you ui your word. Ami
men aro most ready lo help thoso who
appear to need it tho least. If you
lire weak do your best to bo cheerful.
Know HiMNKi.r. At a meeting of
tho Society of Iho Army td tho Ten
nessee held in Ohio, one of the speak
ers nominated Gen. W. T. Sherman,
who was presenl, for President ol tlio
tinted Mate 1 he Cvnorul instantly
sprang to his feet and exclaimed, "No,
no ! my present oillco u worth more
lliarl Iho rresidency. Mmo is a life
of ; estate, while that of tho President
I . r . ,.
only foe four yciin.'
Ucii b'jvrmun is a Stuart man.
Below will be found tt correct copy
of iho bill .iac(l Ly our Ix.hI.iU.'o
dividing tho Sluto into Scimloriwl and
ltcpj eonuiivo districts, to remain no
unlit 1878, wlion tho next en u moni
tion lakes place :
PhibMk1pliia--l. Tlia 4tli, Ut, 2J,
id, 7th,
Uln and 2rtli wanls -
1 Tlia Vtli, Idib, lailb, lltb, ijth nt,t) 2Wh
1 The blh, 6th, 1 lib, 12th, 16th. Hlh ami
IKih wards ,
4. The lUth, 2Uifa, 21st, 2:M, 23d, 21th, 25th
27tn and ?Hth wards
. Chester and lialawara
ft. M'lntjruiuerr
7. ltnelis aiid Nortliatuptuu...
I. Hera
9. laanouMter
IB. UWIi.lll.,.,1 r--T-,i,... L..1M..J..
II. l.t'liiuh and Carlitm
l'uuph.u and Lelmnon
uaernc, Monroe and lilt.
11. lim llurd, tSuriquetianiia, Wneaod
Willi n r M
lft. fVilnmbia, LTemnitiff, Moiitfiur A Huflivao 1
HI. (.'sinerun, M'Kean, 1'otter aud Tiufta 1
17. Snyder, 1'erry, Nurthutulrcrland it Uniun 1
1H. thntoii, Cambria. Clearfield aud Kilt 1
IU. tumljcrlaud and rrankhn
20. Adataa and Yurk
21. Hod lord, FultuD, lllair and 8tnrstt
'2. Outre, Juoiata, Mifllio aaid lluutiugduu,
23. Allegheny....
24. Indiana and Westmoreland
26. Fiyetta and tlrueite
2ft liraver, Itutier and Washiuxtun 1
27. C'larinn, Armslrnnn, Jiflorson and Kurcit 1
2H. La wr tire, Murcer aud Vunaos;uM 1
2. l'rawlurd.H H 1
.111. Krie and Warren..., 1
Until the next srptennial enumeration uf the
laxahlcs aud apportionment thereon made by
law, the House ol Krprpsentativea shall consist ol'
oue huodrtHl aiitineten, and be apportioned aa fol
lows : I tie city itf I'bitatli'lpiiia stiall ue di vidua
intu ctfrlitMn districts, iiatm iy :
1, The lt want and the 1st, 2d, M, 4th, 5tb,
ftih. tflh, lih, Uih. I.ith, Ijlh, loth and
17th dnisions ul the 2iilb ward 1
S. The 2J ward and Ihe 1st and 2d di visions
of the 3d wa-d 1
S. The 4th ward, the 'M, 4th, 6th. tiiti. 7 Lit,
Bin, Vth A 10th divisions of Ihe 'Mi ward 1
4. The 7th ward and the Till. Mh, lltb and
Mill divisions of the 2fUh ward 1
The 3th and nth wards.
The Mb and Vtb wards, ci the Sib di
vision of the Vlb ward
The iMtfc ward, Nh divii-ion of the Via
ward, and 1st divlsiou of the loth ward,
and tbe 1st and 2d dirltions of the 14th
The 2d, .Id, 4ih, Jtli. 6th, 7ib, Vth, 1Hh,
IHh, lJih, llth, l.ib. 16th, ITib, lfMh,
lVth, 2Utb and 21st divisions ot the 1 Jib
Tbo Lltb wanl and the lltb ward, exct-pt
Ibe 1st and 2d divisions
The Mth and I2ih ward
The 2tHh ward, Ihe 2Mb witrd and ihe Mb
aud I .'lib divisions of the litb ward
The II 1 1 aard, and the 4th, 6lb, Mb and
li'ih diriiotis ol the Kih ward, and tbe
1st and 2d divisions of the 201 h wn
The ', 4th. Mh, fitb, 7tb, I lib. 12th, iMh,
1 4l h aud lUih diviM'tni of the ;oib ward,
and the lith, ilb aud Ulb divisions of the
17th wards,
Tbe lHtb ward, the4ih division ol the 2 lb
ward, tbe 1st, I'd and 3d divisions of tho
Ktb ward.-
The 1st, 3d, M.. 4tU, &ib, 0th, 7Ui, Vib,
I mh, llth, 1 ii b. i:Uh, I4tli, 1Mb, mitt,
17th, lHtb, lUth, 22d, 2:td, 2Kb and 2jtu
divisions of tlio I 'Jib ward, and 1Mb of
the '.'1Mb ward ..t
IA. llio Hk.if.J tin 'JI-I words
17. The 2.U wnrd, and tbejsl, 2d, "d, .th, Clh,
7 1 li ami Mh divisinns nl the 2j(Ii ward,
end the Mh, 2Hth aid 21st dit uioui of
Ihv I'Jlh aitrd
I A. The 2 ah aud 2;ib wards
Adams ,
Franklin ,
Heaver, leiillcr and Wat-tiiitxton
Ilnllord aud Fulton -
Il.-rkl M -
l'oiter and M Kcan.
CartMiQ and Mmiroo
AllrxbcnT, ontside ol I'lttshurfrh
The 1st, 2d, od, 4th, fttb, (1th, 7th, Mh, vtb aud
14th warde of ihr eity of I'llishurRh.
Thr ItHli. I llh, !2th, I.ith, 1Mb. lftth. I7ih, 1 ih,
lUih, 20 th, 21st, 22d and 2Ud wards of tbo
eity of i'lUsburgb...
( htctcr-
Clarion and Forest,
Clinton, l.v coming and Sullivan
luupbio aud lVrry
Klk. Cararnm and Jiflrrson.
Juniata and Kl!lin
Lancaster. M
La r n nne .
LfhlMIOel ...
No thauipton
iyorlhuniieriaii(t auu Aioniaur
Pike and Wayno
Snyder and l uion
Hiisqurbaona and Mjuiiiing ...
Veiian)(u,,, 1
tlrreno '
A Woni.kbful Uiuim.e. Tbo bridge
now in procens of iwtiun acrosn tho
AIih"iHi'iii ut St. Louis is ono of ibo
wonders of tlio ao. It in to bo tt tu
bular, rant a loci, mih bridge, upiort.
o l by llio abiitnuMita and two jiii-rft;
llio hitter uro bUttl. ujiart, und 4'JTfL.
oath from ls nearest ubtUment. mak
ing tbreo Hiuni of about OUUlX. each.
ItH LMcateHl piMi in the hiiimo an thai
tho lvuilouberir Briduo over the
i Leek, an arm of llio llhiiiu, in Holland
i i cllord s suspension bridge across mo
Monui Straits has a span of o.Ull.
Tho Victoria tubular iron bridgo of
Montreal exceeds this greatly iu
length, being (iliUOfl. (1 14 miles), but
it rests iiiion twenty-four piers und its
siians nro muinlv on I V 27lt. The
, ausponsion bridge at Niagara spans
nillt., and is 2,."ft. above the water.
Tho Kast Kiver Bridge will span
lOUUIl., al a height midway of loUil.
Disawointbd. Hon. Leonard C.
Kilhiuiuon bis wny homo from Albany
to Oneida Inst ISulurdny, asked llio
railroad conductor to telegraph for
his horse to bo at the depot on his ar
rival. Somehow tlio telegraph made
a wol'til niis'jtko, thu word bores being
iriinslurined into hearse, anil promptly
to thu depot repaired an undertaker
in n full suit ot doleful black, and with
a henrso with drooping plumes, while
the depot platform was crowded with
melancholy friends with clongatud
facts. Whon tho train stopped tho
first passenger to jump ofT was the fx
peeled corpse, manifesting as groat a
degree of animation as could bo ex
pected from a dead mnn.
I , e-aa' f1
I(sptiTar.--Hone(ii industry is al
ways rewarded. No young man noed
is complain ol being Hepl poor .1 ne rons
Ll. -I . .....I ........ ..I. n,-,, 1 1. In
us Bivuv eq unu ij'.e vuvwi .m..
3 ;J
Anawer bj llev. II. Ward needier.
To the curious in Ribliral literature
and the cosmogony by Moses, who
wns learned in ull wisdom of ancient
Eetyp1! l" noxt question and the
answer by a learned and somewhat
oceentric preacher will not be unin
teresting matter. Urologists, unli
rjunrliinj and scientists havo brought
to light ninny facts tending to show
tho existence of our race upon tho
earlh at very rrmolo periods. We
think Iho land of Nod may have been
peopled before Adam wus born, and
this consistently, without yielding the
substantial and divine totichings of ti c
grent Jowiuh teacher who lead the
Israelites out of I'gypt nnd out of the
hnuso of bondage. Moses may be
rightly understood as writing his Cos
inulotry, from ihe histories and leircnds
as lie learned them, without pretend
ing to write In tout respect from revo
lution. Deeember K, 1870.
1U. Ilesar Wai, Ccsrara :
Dftaa Kih: l'leeae to infurm tne throiiirti tlir
eiiluuina ot tlie Svm Yoi k Ltttjjvr, wbu Cain a wite
a, anu oone
A haaaea op thr Lkhors.
There is no record of Cain's court
ship or wedding. However interest
ing lo tlio purties themselves, it is of
no interest lo us, except upon the
supposition that tho account in Gene
sis of tho creation of Adam was de
signed to exclude the supposition that
nny other pcoplo bad been created
If Adam and Kve wero the sole pro
genitors of the race, then Cain and
Abel, il is i. ferred must have married
their own sisters a connection which
is shockirg lo the sensibilities of Ihe
wholo rnco ut n subsequent stage, of
lint many of tho fathers of tho
church denied that Adam and Eve,
and their children were tbo only peo
ple on the gloho. They ullirnied that
iho text in Uencsis very plainly im
plies that the earth wus ulrei.dy wide
ly populated ; for, when God declared
that Cain should bo driven out from
his family and made a vagabond on
the enrtb, Cain deprecated tho sen
tence and pleaded "that every one
that findelh mo shall" slay me." It
was plainly not bis family connections
llint be feared, for ho desired not to be
driven out from them. It was the
people that ho should meet when a
wanderer on llio earth. Who, then
wero tho people w hom Cain feared lo
meet when lie shotilJ nuvo gone lorlli
into tho earth I
It is also reasoned by Scholars thut
Ihe most naturiil method of soothing
his fears, would havo been lo tell him,
"Thero nro no other people on thu
enrlli, except your father's children."
Instciid of that tho Lord is represen
ted ns falling in wild Cain's i?n;rcs-
sion respecting the population of the
world, that lie "set a murk upon
Cuin, lest uny Uniting him should slay
him," ((icn. i: Hull further, it
is said that Cuin, separating himself
tmm bis kindred, went to the land ol
rs nil, cast of hdom, "und built a city,
and called llio name of tho city after
tho name of bis son Knm h." Tlio
fiilhcrs very pertinently nsked : where
tho ikv. ,Io coino from that ived !
.' I
in lliis city ?
That would lie an extraordinary
state of things which woulJ have en
abled Cain lo fill up a city, however
small, wirli hi, own children ! And
it is inferred, therefore, that there
were oilier people in the land besides
Iho immediate posterity of Adam.
If Adam wus the progenitor , Cuin
musl have married his sister. If there
wero oilier lilies of people, other
Adams, us it were, then Cain must
have married into another slock.
We do not express uny judgment in
tho matter. Wo give ottr correspond
ent the opinions thai havo been held
in the early days of the church, with
Ihe additional still cinent, thut utmost
all modern Christian writers have re
jecletl lliem.
lint tho origin ol llio races una in
our day assumed nn important scion
lilio development j nnd us very many
ablo scientists Imhl to a variety ol
original raeo slocks, it is interesting
to know thut those views huvo been
held before, und iiron supposed Uibli
cul grounds.
lint aro thoro no moro questions
about Cuin? Does nobody wish lo
know what was the mark which tho
Lord affixed lo Cuin? I Iocs no one
wish to know how Cuin died f CJues
lions must bo scares to leave such
points untouched. If Cain is lo ho
raised, ho surely ought lo oo uioroiigo
ly dealt w ith.
Smiu.3. Smiles are among the
cheapest nnd yet the richest luxuries
or lilo. Wo do not menu iho mere
retraction of the lips, and thu exhibi
tion of Iwo rows of muslieuiors mas
titis, hyenas, and tlio liko amiabilities,
are proficient in thai. Wo do not
mean the cold formal smilo of polite
ness, that plays over tho features like
moonlight on a glar.ier automata and
villians can do thai ; but wo mean the
real geniul smilo that breaks right oat
of tlio heart, like a sunbeam mil of a
cloud, iiinl lights up the whole face,
ami shines straight into nnoiiior nenn
that loves il or needs it.
Moral Di-ty. Somo kinds of work
might lie dono by proxy, but a moral
duty must bo dono by ourselves
! Jonah's mission wns mi exclusively
moral one, nnd ho had no right t
shirk It or consult his own feelings
shout llio matter. Thero are thou
sands of people in the wHd governed
entirely lv liieir leelini;, nisieiiu ui
by rooliludo and principle.
Iruh l'ol.n k.N;ss. 11 you curve a
turkev, and it should be tough, nnd
slip off the dish through yourak
wurdncss, and if it fails into a ludy's
lap, il is reckoned polito to make a
bow, and say, 4'Plenso, ma'nm, may I
trouble vou fur that turkey aguinl
ToWAsn Camoo. To prevent calico
from fading, whilp washing, infuse
thrco gills of salt in four quarts of
water; put tho calico In whils hot
and leave it till cold, nnd in this wny
the onlors aro rendered permanent.
and will not rio by auhscipicc. -t
TEEMS $2 per annum, in Advance.
NEWSERIES-V0L. 12, NO. 17.
A Bold Assassination.
Dark and bloody wus the deed ! A
feeling of horror thrilled through tho
bourts of the muny witocsses who
stood by and saw a young and happy
bridegroom shot down, und without
uny apparent cause, by the bund of
tbe sneaking assassin. A merry and
joyous company bud assembled last
evening in the parlor ol the St. Nich
olas Hotel to do honor lo the union ol
two loving hearts the marriage, ol
Mr. J. C. Foster, lute of Bowling
Green, Ky., lo Miss Hose IJird, of this
city. Kuther Donnelly bad just per
formed tbo marriage ceremony. Tbe
bride was in the parlor ut tended by a
bovy of beauties und merry young
maidens. The proud bridegroom hud
but just passed oat to tbe saloon to
receive tho pledges nnd congratula
tions of bis friends, when there en '
torodan uninvited guest, a Mr. Thomas
Smith, of Independence, who at once
accosted Foster. Very few words
passed between them. A bystander
overheard the following conversation,
the meaning whereof is still shrouded
in mystery. Foster was standing at
the corner of the bar when Smith said,
"Voti do not mean it." "I do."
Then prepare yourself." A I the
sumo time ho produced a navy revol
ver and fired into Foster. Turnini;
around, without a word of explana
tion, the assassin walked out of the
saloon, putting up bis pistol as lie
walked couly across the street past
the court house. Turning between
the Market Ilouso and the court house
he mounted his horse and fled out into
tho darkness of the night, unmolested,
uiipurstied. Tho bridegroom stagger
ed back Hark us he received Ihe shot,
und fell upon a window bench. Modi
cul attendanco was soon upon the
sccno, and the wounded man curried
up stairs, ilis cries were continuous.
11 is only excluinanutions being : "Tom
Smith, why did you murder mo?"
"Uli, why huvo you shot mo down
upon Ibis my wedding?" "1 who
wus your best friend and lovod you !
Ob, Tain, why buve you murdered
mo?" A hasty examination of the
wound by Drs. Milligan, Tuylor, and
oilier surgeons whoso names wo were
unublc lo learn, showed thut the bullet
hud passed through the right hand
noil bud filtered llin abdoineu near the
liroiu, und had glanced obliquely down
winds, lodging iihoul three inches from
where it hud entered. The opinion of
the surgeons was Hint the wound was
dangerous, but not necessarily fatal.
The scene in the parlor was beyond
description, i lie tuir and elegantly
attired bride, stricken down in her
grief und honor, was surrounded by
lur bridesmaids und relatives. Here
and there were fair girla lying pros
trutc and insensible from fright. Sobs
und whispers were Ihe only sounds to
be beard. All was sadness and grief
where joy und glee had reigned
supreme not twenty minutes beloro.
Tom Kniiili is now under indictment
for robbing Slone Si Thornton's Hunk
in lli", on information luruinlicd by
Jim Crow Child. Smith has been a
refugee from justice, iu Cunndii, for
about two years, having but recently
turned lo his home ut Independence.
ll,,. n,tili,eit la lite.,,! , I. .,, l.l I ill
His rupture is considered doubtful
Wo buve been unublo to learn tho
rauso that led lo this deed of blood.
Tho wholo ull'air remains enshrouded
in a veil of mystery. Kansas City
Not Ovkr Vkt Wo lenrn by tho
Erie OfwrruiT, thut tho eulvlirnted
iiennihool robbery, which occured in
Venango oounlr. three t ears ago, is
still under way. The Grand Jury of
Cruwlord county have returned a bill
of indictment sgainsl lietinilioof, .Sr.,
nnd his two sons, fur compounding a
felony. After tin old man was rob
bed, bo offered a reward of fYUOO for
each mail tried and convicted of im
plication in the roboerv, and fourteen
per cent, of Iho money recovered
Two of tho parlies were arrested und
tried, nnd about tJJO.UOU of tho money
wus recovered. It is ullogod thai
licuuiholT feed two lawyers to defend
tho two thieves, lo havo ilium acquit
ted, nnd savo the reward, but they
wero convicted nevertheless. He has
refused lo sottlo with the detectives,
and two of lliem have brought suit
n laiiisl him and bis sons for compound
ing a felony. . Tbo trial was postponed
liil next term of Court.
Dkorfpation. Tho war depart
ment has decided not lo punish the
negro Cadet Smith, convicted of lying
and unoTicerliko conduct, and not lo
punish Cadet Grant, convicted of in
subordination nnd lynch Inw. Is
Secretary Itclknap afraid of being
kicked out or the war department il
he attempts honestly to perform his
duty, or what can bo tho mailer.
A dissipated und unmannerly noble.
man, presuming upon his "nomiuy,
onoo asked Sir Walter Scott, who sat
opposite to him at dinner, w hat wns
tho difference between Scott ai d sot.
"Just the breadth of tho table," ro
torled Sir Waller.
(lovtnxMr.NTS. Of governments,
(hut of tho mob is the most sanguinary
that of soldiers tho most expensive,
nntl thut of civilliuns tlio mosl vexn.
Tho darkest iw,r in tho history of
the" House of Keprosentatives
colored youth from Virginia.'
I-1 H0 l ovrier.
A paper has ail article headed with
tho conundrum, " W by do wives fade ?
Wo supposo it is because they won t
A colossal statue of ihe late Chiof
Justice Taney is being ma lost i.ome,
to fill sn order given by Iho Mate ol
Nature has written a letter of cred t
upon somo men's faces, which is hon
ored oltnnsl whrrctrr presenlsd.
Tho first ingredient in conversation
is truth, llio next good sense, Iho third
good humor, nnd ihe fourth wit.
Tbe heart lores rcposo, anJ Ihe
soul contemplation, but the mind
pcrd nrtjon,
This piou phase of public lifts tiow
common to Iho National Capitol, has
not been sufficiently studied. It is a
sweet study; we may Say, without .
fear of exaggeration, that it i a highly
interesting study.
As the naturalist put a loathsome
insect upon the point of needhi
under the microscopo, and, crowding
dow n his disgust, proceeds lo dissect
and describe for the benefit of in un
kind, ao we catch the Christian States
man and proceed to diagnose one of
the ugliest discuses lo which the body
politio Is subjected.
Religion in publio man charita
ble, unostentatious, and steadfast, aud
consistent in daily act with former
profession, is a gentle though infre
quent element iu ovary great char
acter. . -
Time was in the innocent past when
bad ollieiuls formed the exception, and
ufler being convicted of wrong-doing
retired to llio shades of private life.
Iow, however, the good men make
the exception, cud tho faithless oiuny
Haunt ll uliroud without secrecy. Ut
this sort ia ourshum Christian States
man. He steals with a grucc.-ho de
frauds with a blessing. Kiaing in his
place ho says, "in the name ot Uo'Jj
amen ; let us rob somebody.
He utlends temperance meeting
and takes tlio pledge. lie tukee the
pledge on all conceivable occasions.
:en lie can itut away from his leiris-
lative stealings bo rushes to a temper
ance meeting and takes the pledge,
that be may set lucrehy n good ex
ample to young men. When he is
no' taking tho pledge or administer
in tho pledge, bo altonds prayer
meeting und addresses the throne of
Grace. The amount of work done iu
this way by the ohum Christian SluVes
man is amazing.
Of bis birth und earlier youth little
is known. He first attracted publie
attenlion as a froedom-shneker. lie
shrieked for freedom with great effect.
Ho was always rssdy to give ono
other and -further shriek for freedom,
be the same more or less. Shrieking
was a good stock in trude, and in time
he made it valualjlo. There fell, once
upon a timo, a great famine upon tic
laud in which the freedom hrickcr
lived, and the hearts of far off tnea
were moved to compassion, and a great
store of provisions was sent to the
starving people. For their butter dis
tribution tbo freedom tdirieker, our
pious politician, was selected as ngent
Among other stores thero wns a great
quantity of beans. Now your beans
is not only a wholesome vegetable,
but in New England il is extremely
popular. Bukod pork and beans is
llio national dish. On Sunday the
parsons count Ihoir congregation by
the bushels of boans they address.
Now, when the beans arrived, there
was a great demand for lliem from Ihe
hungry Yankees. But your pious
agent instead of giving them out lo
Ihe poor starving people, did put
lliem in store, und sold them for
eah ; and, as the vegetable cost hi in
nothing, great profits did accrue.
Tlio fact, however, reached thokuowl
edge of the people, and great was
their indignation so great, Indeed,
thut ordinary profanity would not do
the subject justice, und great shoot
of "beans" went up, that yet continues
in certain parts, when the bowels of
the Yankee are moved to wrath at
the loss of his vegetable production.
With money, however, one ean elo
much. With active pioly and an un.
sworving devotion to cold water on
can do more. Tho late war proved a
special providence to tho lieany phi
lanthropist and politician. He did not
rush into the ranks and Arc great guns
wildly al the foe. Not he; that wa
risking too valuable a life. He re
mained at home and fought the enemy
in tho roar. He fousrht the enemy by
administering the oath of allegiance.
lie administered the oath ot allegi
ance at all hours, lie administered
some oaths before breakfast. liotween
that and dinner he administered aa
imiueiis quantity. Alter dinner ho
continued the pious business, and at
any time of the day, when he felt at a
loss for iramodiato occupation, be
rushed in somewhere and administered
the oulb.
Ho it observed, however, that in thi
promiscuous and multitudinous system
of swearing, the pimisold pump never
lot an opportunity to make t little
money. War cannot be curried, oa
without contracts aro tho beuny nofr
tician'i specialty.
Alter tho war the sham pious states
lunn got wilh oilier piou siatesiuei.
and formed an union that, in the vulvar
parlance of the political arena, is cali
co) "n ring, tmt ttieso aoiemn, com
wuter, prayerful dulfer called il an,
association; and they said oue nolo
Iho olhor, "Lo, the poor Indian '. is he
not a heathon and aa outcast, ana
may wo not despoil him for the goo4
of a Christian community ?" And so
they went for tlio copper coloi-yil
heathen. They took from him hi,
lands, his blankets, hi subsidies, hi
everything and put il in the coffers of "
tho Lord, for which they ure trustee
and guardian They would have
gone for his sculp and sold it for chig
nons, and his hide, of which to make
raetir simps, and hi very too nsils, lo
turn into tortoise-shell combs, it they
Toor Mr. Lo! Hated on the frontier
and unheard at homo, those pious
scoundrels have enriched lhcmsctvnt
his expense, while every dollar they
have stolen is stained with the bood
of innocent Women aud children and
ignorant savages.
Next to the Indian thoso pious poli
ticians have found their heaviest re
compense in the public lands. They
arc great on publio lands. Whole
Stales, vast domains, have been swal
lowed hy them. When the pious noli
tician is nut after the Indian ho is af
ter the lands, and hi combination it
good for both.
Dut tho association is good for any
process of a fraudulent sort. It is fa
mous in llio wsy of subsidies. Sit inj
tlio irallery of tho Senate and hear the
1 11'"" fl'"ow V? J"ou f"r 8l0m,,i
Bimeiiij , unv. -w v-'ii.iiiv- u. vmw la
tency of pious political effort.
This is the sham Christian State,
man. Ho is course, vulgar, selfish
ami cunning. Yet is ho prosperou
withal ; and one vies wilh religion
favor the old belief in burning brim
stone, where llio pious politician or
this world will howl to ail eternity iu
i llio other, ixm J art,
No man doe his l est except when
ho is cheerful. A light heart make
nimble hands and kse-e the mind free
nnd alert- No misfortune 1 so grent
a ono tlint sours the temper. Till
cheerfulness is lost, nothing is lost.
If Drighnm Young wore an addl.
tiousl weed on hi lint, every time he
lost wife or mother-in luw, it I
litoaled that he would have 10 have
a hat twenty-seven feci hih.