Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, November 09, 1870, Image 2

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    GEomie B. Gooiilasuer, Editor.
trfinsKsn.w MiinM'ii.NVKMiimt(i.
I.AWd.-TI.enerv edition of
school laws is now ready
will 1,0 dent u onual to County Super
..inteiidvnts for dintriliiitiiiii, and the
, Department will send single copies to
-ny. ono ' upon receipt of ten cents.
..Encry .iyatlicrarid.ccry citizen, ojiglit
to havo a copy. Too many oro igno
rant of tho provixions that nro made
for tho ednealion of the young.
.' " A Si.iiihi Chanoe. Two years ago
Donnelly, fladical, was elected loCon
gress from tho S-itli district, Beaver,
Green, Lawrence and Washington, hy
1,123 majority. In tlio moan lime
Mr. Donnelly voted in his seat in
Congress, to enfranchise 600 negroes
residing in I hire counties, I hereby no
doubt calculating that his majority
this yoar would bo ulMiut 1,800. But
what is then-null f lio is defeated
by MeCkllan, Democrnt, hy 772 ma
. Jorily, being a change of nearly 2,000.
late decision of our court makes it the
" duly of ihc Assessors under tho sever
al, nets of AsKcinbly, regulating the
sulo of Liquor in llii Commonwealth,
to assess nil hotels at their annual
rental nnd the estimated yearly sales
..of Liquors sold therein. Thno con
templating to open new houses next
spring will n Uo nolify the assessor
ef thai fact, ho that he can properly
" rate nnd nsem the House.
Thoso failing to hare their houses
. to sases-ed will of course obtain no
-Liecnso llio' ensuing year.
. ' m m m
. Moody war which has been raging
between these two nations has ceased,
nt least temporarily, by the adoption of
an Armistice on Friday tho Sd inal.,
which in to continue for twenty-five
days, during which lime everything
of a war character nro to remain as
found on thnt day. Croat joy was
.1... .. :
manifested throughout Europo on the
announcement of the Armistice, and
it is Imped that peace will bo tho re
sult. Ono of the conditions is, that
an election is to bo held in France,
and that, the Constituent Assembly
meet not later than tho 15th Inst.
. Later. Our lust advices from Eu-
rope nro to tho effect, thnt Prussia has
rejected tho Armistice from the fact
mat tlio rrench nulliorities had so
. fuoliahly amended it nslo permit them
to transport powder into l'uris.
'. Goou Bra John. The Chairman of
the Radical Stuto Committee, John
Covode,hasgone into exile forn month
He departed, tho other morning, for
t the Pacific coast, whero ho is to spend
just lour weeks. It is said that he
left the State to get clear of John Cess
na's importunities to nid him in fixing
nn a case for contesting (ho election;
In the Sixteenth district. Tho latter
called at the headquarters of tho Rad
ical Stato Committee, in Philadelphia,
on Saturday last, and found under a
pnpor weight on the table, Ibis note :
' go Imam jon & ceen qiet ; Meyers
1 1 ' J
ore clectid. l.Tehangt.
WiTNEssrg. Ii is probably not gen
erally known Hint by Act of Aascm
bly approved llio 24th of February,
,IS70, it .its made A misdemeanor pun
ishable by fino not exceeding two
thousand dollars and imprisonment
not exceeding two vears. f,,r nn, nes. i
. .? ' ' vi --
son repaired by legal process, or held
to bail, to attend and testify in
any criminal prosecution fur felony
before any criminal court, judge, or
.sticeinthisCommonwcamiun -
j""inii),aii inieni 10
defent tho ends of publio justice, oh-
scond, dope or conceal himself and
refuse, to appear as required by said
legal process or recognizance of bail.
A Loyalist. Tho Philadelphia Ayr
says: Threo years ngo a man named
Cahoon whs appointed 51 ivor of Rich
mond, by General Sclioflohl. Subse
quently, ho was a can lid tc before the
people fur tho same o.ll so, and defeat
ed. All this timo hn was endorsed by
the loyal press of the North ns a mod
el man, and held op as tho kind of a
man necessary to bo bept in tho office
in (he South by bayonets. Lnst week
this same Cahoon was found guilty of
.forgery, by which ho defrauded the !
-htulo oulof seven thousand dollars.
and scnu-ncod to llio Siato Prison forrilio oflli-ws
four j-cirs. Aiul lliusomls the career
or a ' Toil" mnn and moiK I Had
ical oflli-c-lioltli-r.'
Tho Ik'rm.t rntic mnjurity on the
Congresnional vole in Indiana is5.!i4t,
and j ot the Radicals clocl six of the
oleven Congressmen. If ,ho State clings to Tttichu snd runs alllhcr sk. '"Ji ' !i "i -Tn o T "! "'n,l
....m,..,l, .1;., i .... .... , lot the.,l .il.- I. i. L": . I ar.,mCnl' l.ION0 'PPtl 's to
. ,-. v ", in. ,,aulluwi
r.dd not clou more than two mem-
1 "erc,,R-
v- -
-01'ti .i". .
not i he third Annual. Convention
of tho lounji Men's Chrislinn Associ-
ntionaor Ihe Stuto of Pemiylvania i
xionvatied at Surnnton, Lu.erno coun-'l
tv. on Tuesdse V,r Rib iw-o
y, on u,sJny. ov, gth, ls,Q.
The Steamer Vnrnna of Mnth.rv- '
line nimiinfrom v v , 7,
rest'on f H 7 ,7 (JM-1
veston, fuundi red off Ihe coast of Flor-
. . "'loneriu. All,"
bosrd wero lost sxoc,.t thn .ceond '
Q1 sn-I f,,Mr wca.
IV'jntn In the Votk llf.ld
.ivijioffoirt thfeutt.
Tim Vii.irool (liiovi'iiiii(!inil'lii'lir ,
a viTi-inn of tho Kinpi ror iNamlion',llint Jiiirs I nvro, wiwly l"tl ly 1 ro
....... .1.1. i n iliKPnniimlirn nl' 1711 anil elm. will m-reo to ncieiil tho rrtimian
llio iiiiivh wliicli led' to llio cnpitiilu-
lion Ht Si'ilun.
'1 lie Kmiioror recalls liix mniiifValo foiirm, nn niriuMuo muni lm tho r-iRiu-d
jiiot uftor llio tto liiiuiion of war, ! kuU. Twenty Ave duyi will lio Rrnn
mid tho nii'givinn with w hirh lio li 1 tod Franco to clocl her rcircwMitii
lulled to tlio crv, "On to lUrlin." lives. Tlio election", ot coiiiha, will
lie wiyt lii plun was to muss ISO, tuUe ilneo ; lull on wlint principlo
nnn n.n hi Kill ()(( ut Slranliui-ir ' will lliev lo conducted ! Fur twenty-
n,l .Ml omi nl Cluiloim. nnd to ciom
(lie Iiliino near Ilu"iimi:in with a large
; f.ireo in order to et-jinrnto Snulliern
jCiermany from tlio Northern Confed
eration.. He boned to win tlio firHt
! irreat buttle, mid m-ciiro tlio nllianeo
!'' Aualrm .nil I.aly with Franco in
' till lrH II 1 1 I'll Li llll Ull Jt (II lata AV'HVIV II
t"l"c,miil Winlemliimr.
J ho delects in tlio r rcneli military
system and tho delnv in bringing in
men nnd material defeated this plan,
lio enumerates the dillieiilties encoun
tered, but acquits to War Olllco of
Tho (icrmung having had ample
t i mo to bring their forces into tiie
field, tho French wero outnumbered
nnd put on the defensive. A new
plan was necessary, involving a ro
treat on Chalons. This the regency
disapproved ns discouraging to the
public, nnu llio hmpcror was urged to
resume the offensive.
Yielding, MucMuhou's ndvico nnd
plan were adopted.
Ho alludes to hia situation after lie
hud given up tho command of tho ar
my, uud when his tin mo undaulhorily
were ignored at i'nris; as exceeding
ly painful.
Ho acquiesced in the march for the
relief of Metz, thongh conscious of the
danger of that enterprise. Ho des
cribes tlio operations and analyzes the
buttles which preceded the surrender
ul Sedan.
After describing tho balllo of Sednn
he proceeds to give the details of his
interview with tho King of Prnpsia
Ho says when ho told Wilhelm he hud
given full powers to tho regency, nnd
with it ulono negotiations for pence
could bo conducted, ho merely deliv
ered his own person into llio hands of
llio King, and not France. He told
the King that, tho war having turned
unfortunately, he could not throw off
the responsibility. Kocrlhclcss. ho
had only obeyed ihe violei.lly excited
national feeling.
The pamphlet concludes as follows :
"Tho successes of tho I'russians are
duo to tho superiority of thoir num
bers, tho rigorous din-iplino of their
army and the powerexcrc-ised through
out Germany by tho principle of au
thority." Way our unhappy countrymen now
prisoners profit during their sojourn
in l'rusia by appreciating all which
gives strength to the nrmy, tho now-
org dial be respected, the law obeyed,
tho military and imtrioiie n.ii-it ,Lm
: : 7..- ' '7.7
luting in i-i uh iiiii-rcsiB uitu opinions,
nnd, to sum up, the army always re.
Heels the stulo of society. When
authority was exercised franco was
strong and respected und the consti
tution of tho army presented a re
miukablo solidity; but when excesses
of tho tribune and the press were per
mitted they enfeebled uuthority and
introduced everywhere n spirit ofcrit
tcism and insubordination, and tho
nrmy fell tho cflect of it. God gram
that tho terrible drama now enacting
may serve as n lesson for tlio future,
nnd that our country may riso again
from the catastrophe which now over
whelms tier.
.In .trmUltrt-Tht onfrrrnre br
firrrn Thirrn and llltmnrrk.
At last nn armistice has been of
fered by Count Biainnrilt through
channel and in circumstances which
, T r'"-"1" """" "" " possiomiy
It has been known for some days that
m. inters was tlio ono frenchman
who was likely to bring about nn arm
isticc. Observing men had begun to
feel that the greul historian, states
man and orator had not visited tlio
variuus capilols and interviewed the
vurious governments of Europe whol
ly in vain. After having visited Lon
don, t icnna and fel. Petersburg, ho
' soughl out the government at Tours,
r. . i .... i I,; ... ...... i.. i-
miinu iii way Riiimeqiicnily to Ver
sailles, and, by consent of the Prus
sian authorities, he has been permit
ted to visit Puris, sco nnd talk with
tho men in power, nnd rolurn to tho
Prussian headquarters at Versailles.
Tho cumulative result of tho labors of
tho old man for Thiers is now in his
seventy fourth year is that Bismarck
"""" """"" '"cniy-nvo unys
to ntlow ihc general elections to be
, I eld throughout France, the urmistico
to bo based on tho tliitut qua existing
i on ,'10 '"J ' signature. Later news
i" Un,nl . 1!ri,"i cre' for the
l - 1
lias approved. If nil this turns out to
bo well founded an nrmistice mny be
considered certain.
What kind of an nrmistice f Will
it be an armislico only between Paris
and tho investing Prussians? Will
Gambetla, who found Paris too hot
for him, and who went lip in n bal
loon, happily succeeding in reaching
Tourj will ho und the Tours guv.
eminent consent to an nrmistice? M.
Thiers lias been to Tours, and we have
no good reason to doubt that he is in
complete harmony with the men who
in that city cluim to represent the
French nation. We have no desire to
niiso dilliculiies; but Hint tho gov
ernment in Paris anil the govern
ment nt Tours may differ it is not to
be regarded us an impossibility. What
relations M. GumhcMn sustains l
(cn. Trochu
we havo no means of
knowing. It is jusl as likely that
V. J V,c' nro CWd-
i .inr . i . . - if
- i menu mis I'VHii.nt t ii... AnMn. nn.. ir
tho confidence
a ml-
mon properly It
lutiinc to Iho Frcnt-h army und now
inside the walls of Paris Horo than
thnt : he semis to have ihe confidence
ol tho member of Hip prorixionnl (ruv
crnment who havo preferred Paris to
Tours. Jules Fuvre, who is, perhaps,
as pood a mnn as Gambctta and n lit
tlo heller, refuses lo leavo Puris.
- - . .... .r .b. M Vli " i
ef Franee-of the men who renre n I
France at Tour, nn,. ,.' " ..
represent Franco in Paris-bul if ho
s not, what w ill bo the value of an
nnni,i, c ' Tho armislico spoken of
tonJilionl i 't pennils a general
irT""" n 11,0
tenernl Trochu agrees to an urinis-
kit-., and nil (he prominent men who
r r. con"p"1. tlmt will bo
r"ri'- liul if '''"rs Ko
CrnmCnl' lM reluses
,0 r'"" l y recment, prcf. rrinL'
;;' -VI uiMiunor, now
rul 1f
Ihotlilili ul.y
" r,'nncri election be possible?
"0 lia0 raifWd i-nn.r;. 1
t-.e.on.of the g,e.t diflicul.ics olj
llic altiiMinn. It ttiny prove In lip llio
Tukini! It cniMlril.linnTVcr.tlinl
lucre. In lli" rr-irr..rnininr ninn, ami
i.rnpo'.ul, mid tlinl (iiiiiil)Pttii ami llir,
Tour rrowd will iiNo ngreo, tlton, of
live diiya rriuito will lime
nve noruutnc
well deflned
liberty within certain
limits nnd under certain most unmis
takable conditions. France will speak
her mind nt tho ballot-box ; but will
tho ballot-tKix represent moro intelli
gence in November, 1870, than it did
in May, 1X70 f Will tho November
elections be wiser or more indepen
dent than tlio May elections f Will
the jilctiisritr for peace or war do tho
French people moro or loss justice
than llio jilMsrite which has driven
Bniiapariisin, the einpiro and Franco
to destruction ? In Marseilles, nt
Lyons and in all tho southern cities
red republicanism is rampant. In
those ccnlresMiinderate men havo no
chanco. Marseilles nnd Lyons nre ns
liable to differ from Tours ns Tours is
to differ from Paris ortiambcltit from
Trochu. It is mnnifust, from nil the
accounts which have reached us, Unit
republicanism is itself no longer n
unit in Franco. During tho twenty
five days divided republicanism will
work, Orleanism will work. Bona
partism will work, and every elector
coming to tho ballot-box moro or less
prejudiced will vole as he feels. If
it should happen that the government
at Tours stum to agree, then to a
dead certainty tho mighty influence
of Trochu, who is notoriously nn Or
Icniiist, nnd tho nlmot-t moro potent
inlluenco oi i liiers, whoso Urleanist
proclivities havo never boon conceal
ed, will restore llio Count de runs to
the throne of hruiico. Wo lenp to
ibis conclusion becauso wo have no
idea that un urmistico can be followed
by a fresh outbreak of hostilities. An
arinislu-e means pcuce, and peace
menus lor tho present, at least a res
toration of monarchy. It is a pity
thut it should bo so ; but when we at
empt to interpret the facts we must
do our best to interpret them honestly.
Tho peasantry of r rune e do most un
questionably love lionnnnrtisni and
llio empire; but llio men who are to
lead franco at tho possinlo forthcom
ing elections nre not Bonoparlists, are
not imperialists. J he question is to
be between republicans and Orlcan
ists, and, as tho republicans nre not
united, the presumption is that the
throno and the crown will curry tho
day, tho Count do Puris bein the
All that wo have said is of course
contingent on nn nrmistice. If M.
Thiers fuils in his purpose tho big
guns which Prussia bus brought in
such number and ut such expense
from Berlin will open tiieir huge
mouths and belch forth such destruc
tion us never before has fallen on any
doomed city. It pains the heart to
think of the bombardment of Puris
Wo think nnl of the magnificent
buildings, or of tho libraries, or of tho
fine art treasures, but of the sufferings
of well nigh two millions of people.
We think of the aged, and the wonk,
of women and of children and of tho
thousands of brave men who, although
they know tho cause is desperate, will
not abandon iheirchargo. "The blood
iest iiicturein the book of timo" will,
alas: bo the bombardment of Paris;
but for this bloodiest picture not
Prussia but Franco will bo to blamo.
Tho cry of intelligent humanity to
day is that Franco will bo wiso in
timo and bow lo tho fate which her
own fully or the rashness of her rulers
has provoked. In tho namo of human
ity wo cnll fornn nrmistico, wliulevcr
may follow. X 1'. Herald.
Tim Faithful A. P. Hn.i.. The
New York H'orWsays: If llio won
dering. death bed utterances of the two
great Confederate chieftains, "Stono
wull" Jackson and Jiobert E. Lee,
may bo considered ns until upon the
mniicr, men tno into l.onlcdcralc
General A. P. Hill, w ho lost his life at
the closing battle of tho war, must lie
accepted by history as the most trusted
coadjutor of these eminent comman
ders. In liis dying moments Jackson
exclaimed : ' Send A. P. Hill lo tho
front 1" I'pon his death bed nt Lex
ington General Ijcc, as the telegraph
slutes, his mind reverting to the bloody
events of the war, "once ordered his
tent to be stuck, and nt another time
lesircd Hill to bo sent for." Thus
does it appear that, in tho supremo
moments oi mo closing hours ol tlioso
men upon whoso shoulders rested tho
heaviest burdens of tho war upon tho
sido of the Confederacy, enmo ihc ut
terances, born of delirium, but more
solemn for the reason, that stamps
Guiicral A. P. Hill ns a man w hose
presence was to be desired and Whose
fidelity was assured. No higher com
pliment could be paid to his memory
than theso parting words ol lyco and
The differences between Virginia
nnd West Virginia iiboul tho appor
tionment of llio old State debt and
other things, aro put in a fair wny to
seiiiemoni, according to a proposition
just introduced into Virginia Loinsla.
lure. It provides that all questions
in dispute shall l-e loll to a commission
of two lion residents for ouch State,
who shall select a fifth. Gcorgo H.
Pendleton, of Ohio, and Judgo Benja
min II. Curtis, of Massachusetts, nro
named for Virginia, nnd Horatio Soy.
inour, of New York, nnd Thoinns A.
Hendricks, of Indiun, would bo ap
propriate lor West irginis, with
Alexander 11. Stephens. f Gcor.'ia.
for referee.
r 1
Within a year or two thero linvo
hern no Urm than eirht cases of de
faiillinR navy pavmustcrs, the loss lo
tho govern nirn l l.v them amounlini;
In nearly ( 1 ,000,0(io. All the evidoiiue
necessary to pmsecuto these dishon
est officers has heen fur many months
''"'' ullcr such cases, ycl nono of Iho
h.v, been5 j.rosi.ated nor
T , r'" m"rlc'1
Slu l' n..,.,.al t,ejrl.Keneo would seem
lo pul s prpmiuni on diitliuiicair.
Mnjnr T. Ilennmnry, formrrly as
aintMil dinlrii l ultoniey nt Jlit-liiiiniid,
was arreilcd liy llio I'tiilod Nintoa
do uly rnnmlinl otianinili(tmciilHnd
ing in I.'icliinniid nnisl liim TurrtH-riv.
i(i( a bribo of JI.0U0 while enirnrjrd
in tlio ii 'Hoi'iiti(in of a rerrnnv t-asc.
lie pavo bonds to ajiponron February
1, 170, but foiToilcd bis bail.
j. !!,. Snowdcn. Kso . l.n
renn.mimr - .l IV,.il, .... .'.r .... J.
.,rv,,..n r.,. .1 n.:i..ii. 1
I,!, - . '"
Ton. Vtuh 'IWrnrfoHil l-lrr.,
The Radical newspapers begin to
appreciate the damage the negro suf
Irnifo docs their parly. Several of
them admit that, nt the lato eleclion
in Ibis Slnto, llio Denioerulio vote was J
increased by conservative Repiibli
cans voting our ticket becauso they
are opposed lo negroos voting. In
most, if not in nil, counties whero the
negro voto was tho heaviest, wo gain
ed moro than enough Republican voles
to coutilerbnlnneo ihc negro voto poll
ed by tho Radicals. They Imped tp
profit largely by it in this Stnl,Hiii
find out to their sorrow thut tho Fif
teenth Amendment is a two edged
sword, cuts both ways, or, liko tho
boomurnng, turns about and hits tho
man that uses it. Tho following x
tracts from Radical newspapers loll of
tlio sorrows of a deceived parly, but
what makes it worse, is that they
have nobody to blnmo but themselves.
Tho Curlislo llrrnld ssysi'i
"We havo met tho enemy and we
nro theirs, and that unmistakably
The Democracy havo carried Cumber
land county by nt leust 700 majority,
and tho liepublieans may console
themselves with tho reflection, that
they have been saved many anx
ious duys in figuring out a close result.
Disugrocablo certainties may not bo
gratifying, but they havo Ihe merit of
saving much labor und anxiety, and
in this respect ure decidedly prefurublo
to pleasant delusions. Wo jinvo hod
the information of this fusull with
great promptness."
Now how was this brought about?
There are many reasons that might
bo given, with apparent furco, if it
were desirable to conceal tho truth.
It rained all day ; there were no Slate
ofliccrg to elect ; wo had no active can
vass of the county; nml the whole
string of stereotyped excuses could bo
used aguin, if there wero uny sense in
evading tho issue which wo havo bo
fore us; but this would bo cowardly
and stupid. The main reason fur the
present largo democratic majority, is
that a considerable number of persons,
who havo heretofore voltd our ticket,
this your voted with the Democracy
because thn colored men wero enfran
chised and a much larger number re-
lused lo voto at all, for the sumo alleg
ed reason. J lug lliev hud an entire
right to do if they saw fit, just us every
man has a right lo follow bis whims
and tuko tho consequences of his lolly
Tho Chiimbersburg ErjHmirory,
echoes this sad slory : ,
"Tho Democracy owe to the negro
voto their triumph in this purl ol lbs
Stale. We do not mean, by nny
mcunSj that the cnlorod voters voted
for tho Democratic cundidules, they
had fur too much good sense for that.
Bui wo mean thnt by reason of their
exercising tho right of suffrage, so
many of tlioso who.hilhcrlo voted and
acted with the Republican party, this
timo voted with tho Democracy, as to
enable them to elect their ticket
Thero is no concealing or denying
ling humiliating lacl. - ,
IIoRBliii.t! It is stated, but denied
by authority of (be government of the
i iiueu omics, tnai mo uaugnier oi a
prominent nuvul ofiiccr on duty in the
city of Washington, under the "shadow
of tho National Capitol, is wearing
crapo on her left nrm for tho death of
Gencrul Leo. We can only say, let
her b o w n r o of tho futo of"5Irs
Stirratt. Our falhcrly government
will suffer no fooling on the question
of loyalty. .
Coxvicrr.D of Ram. The'"neJ;rp,
Ben Johnson, indicted for rape upon
tho person of Chariot to Flelchcr, a
whiio woman, was tried and found
guilty at tho Into term of Courl at
lieorgctown, Sussex county. It ap
peared that Iho negro assaulted and
ravished Mrs. Fletcher in tho swamp
near tho house, while sho wus gather
ing huckleberries. Johnson is sent,
enccd to bo hung on the Il'ith of De
ccmber. Dilair.irctn. j
Nr.w Memiiirs In tho Senate next
winter Ihcro will bo ono Republican
nnd seven Democratic Senators who
wero not there lust winter. In Iho
House of Representatives there w ill
ho thirty-four Republicans and tven.
ly fonr Democratic members not there
last session. This is one of the most
Radical changes that has It ken place
for years.
Important Ouissio The King of
Prussia has issued his ro i;l uddn gsof
congratulation lo the German lorcos
for taking 5IclJ!. There is, however,
nn important un 1 ungrateful ouiiii
in this congratulatory document. -Jo
does not (hank Mar-hal Ita.ine, tlio
prisoner Kmpcror Napoleon, and llio
rest of the imperialist intriguers. '
Distinouisiikd Visitor. Hon. Jef
ferson lavis, President of the late
Southern Confederacy, spent several
days lust week, with his niece, llio
widow of tlio lato Senator KrorfVud,
at Southern Bothlchum. 51r. Dsvs
has just returned from a trip to Eu
roe. Eiintnn Scntinrl.
jftrw tUrrtiSfinfuts.
IiTH A V. There came lo the y.i-t.i if I'e
A auhwnber In Kn'ig townvhiti. about Ih. 1,1
ot M-ptemUr, IS, a. a hrin.he MI.KII, wlih a lit
lie while on the end of Ihe laili nppnel I., he
about three year. oi l. The oener will pteaae i.iiw.rti, pro.e prnpenr, par rnirgi-. akid
lake hila away. I'AMUHISK.
Knol tf.wnnhip, Not. ff, 1 n 7 31,
"Vroill'l'.m.irg II, ' lley di-ifiv:l of my
X. Inlrml in the menanlile luMi.i to Momih.
rrnna, Liverighl k Co., I reooinranid lliria loAy
palrunl auj auk for tlirm a lllierel eharr of Ihe
"ale. lilUltOK M. IIKIMllN.
Iltiult-lalc, November I, ).;.
All perartna knowing thcinmlree inJebleil to
Onirge .M. Ilriehin will at onoe make will, e til
of the aame and pare eoet. not 9 &
Ix rut: ( III HT III-' Klllll n MA
of (-IcaiArld eounly, Pa.
J.,ns Wn.aos k S(i'l Fieri Paelaa.
'a. No. Ill, MrplemUr Team,
Ssitw, Tiant A Co. J l;. f I
The anderaigned Aadilor hat ing been appoint I
od lo makdilrllellnn ef the vj'tavy axiaiiig from
tbeeale of real eetata on the aHnra wril, ( era
"" iiena 10 ine ualiee ol lie
ppoinlinent at kla oSjce in Clearii-ld. on Toee
day. (he JVth day of Norember, al 1 o'elo,k. p. if,
when and where nil partire intrri-Med mar all, nd
Ko. .9, 1870 .11. Ao htor.
f pilE anderaigned woold reapcelfulty annonnoe
X to Ihe ellirena of Cleardeld and eiriiiitr lhal
be ha. opened a large
FLO in, FCKI),
Oa Reed elreet, neit door to Ihe lonard llower,
llrarlleld. renn'a
Where he will keep ronMar.Hr nn hand, fhr whole
aale ar retail, gooda in the nOore liwe.
al Ihe loweet priera.
Floor ia barrel, and aaeka. Cent Meej, Oera,
Oran, and all kind, of Feed eenetaatly oa kand
till and are.
. E. B. ISKTT,
"".-t hy J. DYFAKT.
WA!tTEl.-(l(l Barbel, of P,oeS i, ei
fbangc for PHnr, fred. Ac,
itfir AflmllsfnifnU.
1N7. 0YEM1IEK. 1N70.
w i IjTi a it i: i? i,
lLl:iRFIl:l.l, FUftVA.
Uplendld Kress Plalits. from SOe. to S'J 0)
ftlatk Alpacas, from 3Sc. to SI 3S.
Plain Pupllus, Irom 2e. to SI IS.
HandhoiDtit rotors In Sateens. ICpangllnes,
Itaprru Cloths anil llrps, em on display.
r.lrgant colors In Fattens, Site, to S3 OU.
lisrffsliis lu Mark Hllks, SI 3S to M (X).
AstrsrhsB Coaling;, S3 SO to SI3 per yard.
frosted and Plila nearer.
Sealskin, Dogakln and C'urllrala.
Velveteen, at 15c. and apwarda.
Splendid all wool Phawla.
Roman fttrlprd Shawls,
Palilry and lirothe Shaw I a, U Mo.
Furs, from $3 OO to U (XI.
Bargain! are offered la FL'RS. I buy then
direct fritm the meanfaeturerf, and will warrant
thorn satiffaelory in erery retpet-t.
Alio, new ilrlra In Millinery Good a, together
with Ladles' tllioea, Uemt's Hale, Cape, 4.
Milttnery and Coat-making dune in the beet style.
-TorM Gd are bought at RIGHT
PRICES', and will be sold the Maie.
"Ratler, Cge, and all marketable produce
taken in exchange tnt goodl.
Korember 0, 1S70.
HAYING ifiprrtwd mnt fswiMtlei fur burning
Lin during th it teatoft, we ar rt
rU to furnitb
Wood Iturnt Lime, Coal Hum I Umc,
Woo and Coal ftm-tit line,
Manufactured from the mlchratrd
which prwlurri lh niiriT and rr aanT Lima,
for all merhMiiral purponyf, that eaa b foand la
tha Hiattuf Pcno-jlv unia, and which kt kII il
low prim, drlirrrcd an eara, a tha inferior
Limee are told a4 thrir plarei of manufacture,
Alw, dtalen in and ihiipert of
Wilkesbarre and Shamokin
of all llsee, prepared eiprenly fur fenily etc.
Ordere lulieilrd.
II, lie funic, I
-Kor. S, lro ly.
Dickinson Seminary.
THK Winter Tern of Williantport llirkineon
rWminary. a eehi ol for both icipe, will begin
January a, wilb bnildinge Ihoronghly
proved, new philosophical apparalua, new pianoi.
and a full eorpe of elhcient lesrbere. The Kbool
le worthy of public patronage.
Jiot. , 1170 ia. l-reaolenl.
TlaTUTV 4k t'lITAHI.I-:H l-EIX.
ff Vie hare printed a large number of the new
IbK I) 1 1. 1., and will on the reeeipt of twenty
Are eenla. .nail a copy te anv ad.lreaa. my2
OTH p. Having purrbaaed Ihe inlercet of
X s J- A. Htattenbrrjrcr, fq., in Ihe buaineaa
heretofore earried on under the trm name of J. A.
D.etlenbergrr A Co., the raise will be eoadweted
hereafter ander the name of JHuabaoaon Land and
Lumber Companr. (Store.)
aj jjlf I'reaidrnt. lleneral rl.p l
VIMIIMHTR tTdll'H NITI( 10.. Notice
ia hereby given that letters of e'lminiatratinn
on Ihe ratal, or Mr. MAKV J. KKI.l.V, deed,
late of lleeeola, Clearfield eoonty. Penn'a.. bar.
ing been daly granted lo the undesigned, all per.
Bona indebted to .aid eetate will pleaae make pay.
meat, and those baring elatnia or demahda will
prreent them properly autbenlieated for set dement
and allowance Without d-lar.
PI'II.IP KOdKlts, Adminiilrator.
Oerrola Mills, (lei ?S. IIU t.
If X ft IT I It KOI U IVXot ice la here
J by giren thai Letter. Toalauirntart baring
b-n granted lo the aubaeriber, on Ihe htlale ol
K 1, 1 1 All IT II KMKAL, deed, lale of llradford
tswaehip, I'reaewold ounly. Hewaerlrania. all
pertona indrbled lo (aid Kitate are relocated to
make (mioetliala payment, and thoae haring
vieinia again ine aame wit. preaeal then, duly
autbenlieated for actllement.
KI.LIS HMEAL, Eieeutor.
Oelober It, ISTS lpd.
IXIHl TOR'H NOTU h.-Xetice i. hero.
J by given lhal letter, tralanicnlarr ha in
granted lo Ihe anbaerilM-r nn Ihe eatate of
UKiiHOK MII.AU deceased, rate of Bradford
(ownah.p. Cloarflcld ooonly, PcnnSTlrania, all
peraune Indebted to .aid re'tato are requeatcd lo
make immediato pavmenl. and thoae having
claim againet the aame III prraent theea duly
nulkentieated for aetllement.
October l, lr:St:pd. Kiocwtora.
Iji tub .htti:r or tub estate of
Samurl Piedlr, late ef Karlhaua lownlilp,
ileeeaecd. To Ibe heirs and legal rrpreaenlathea
of aai.l Sara net I'lealy, eWeaacd, or other, inter
rated! W hereaa, al as Orphana' Court, held al
t'learield, in and for Ibe county of OenrlieM,
rVp'emher , IS7n, upon prearntalion or the
reiuirt of Ihe Appraiaere of aaid Hamad PirrSV.
re eatate, setting nut aaid real ..rate lo Mary
Ann Wigfrne, late widow ofeaid waa
ordered that pnhlica'ion be made in one newspa
per for three aueeoaaire week a. puhllthed In Clear
held eiHinty, nolilyitic all nereona Inierraiad ih.,
Ihe real raute eel out lo widow out of aaid tetatr
will be confirmed and (he rt-porl of Apptaiaere
approrrd unlea. eofticienl eauae (o Ihe contrary
I ahown by Norember 1 4th. ISTS.
drllSia. A. W. LEK, Clerk O. C.
1 Amaaa I. Smith,
lata ot itoeearia tewaalnn.
deeeaaed. V hereaa, at an Orphana' Court, held
at I learneld, in nnd f,tr Ihe enunly of t'lntrl-cld.
on Ihe !Hlh day of le,lciulier, A. II. !;. the
report ot the Apprniaera of tbe real ealate of .aid :
rleelenl wm approre.1. and Ih. Car. ordered
n,..,rv ne pj.Ten o, pnoiieauoB in nne newa
paper for three eweeea.iie iaeoea to partiea In
interest rending oat af Ihe ooanty to appear at
January Term. I!l, In aeeepl or retuae the
real eetate at lb. ealwatlon Aacl by then, or ahow
eawaa why the aame ahowld not be'atdd.
Hy order of Conrt.
"el. M le. A. W. l.FK, Clerk O. C
John llerirnnder, lot of llarn.ide tnwn.hip.
d.-eeeaed. hereaa, at aa Orphana' Conrt, held
nl ClearSeld. nn Ihe Jdlh dar of Hrntrnihrr. I:
b. report of Ik Apprniaera of Ihe real eetate of !
aa.d derelenl wae afiprored. and Ihe Conrt ordered I
that nolle, he given by poMiratinn In one newa.
paper for three aoeeeaalve week, to parttr. Inlor
ened rending onl .rf in. eonnty lo appear on No. I
vcmlr 1 41 h, T, lo aeoipl or reUae the Ml j
rw.t- TRim'ina naew rty tnrtn, or ahow
cwnie why tbe aame ahonld not be ald.
By order of Conrt.
IM. Id-te, A. Vf . LEK, Clerk 0. C.
Opnaeite tha Conrt Unnee,
ArooBtnodatlon Urat cla and ehartt moderate,
oetl JOHN F, YOl Xfl, Proprietor.
1 !: C lnlneeT llobbe"li t, DreJiT't
1 Hoanaad',MottaUer'ianitUroewo aiand a hair enaih of La
Wtyifanatea Rlttert alto para Liquor, af ah ; tradine to New Millport.
kind, far sedtctaal narpoeee. for eale b.
h)HThKI i IRITIlf,
Id ii dl cm Fnncy Fii'm!
711 ITR-K..T,
MiMt f Iht HltK-k. M.
Tib A lib it goutti fitl
Importer. Mnufrturer k
Iicmlrr in all km da and
quality of
Fr IUirt' nj ('liiltlrrn't
- w " wear.
Hnvirijt; enlarifr.l. rrmmlclrd inH Improvfil my
old anil laroralily known Ft K K M PolU I M, an 1
bvlii importrd a vry large and plBdid aort
mnt nt all the diflorent kindi tf Fun from Aril
handi In Kun.p. and bare had ibrm made nn hy
the moit akilllul workmrn, I would rTfnofltfultj
Invite niv friend of Clnarftvld and adjacent ooun-
tirp lo rail and examine my xtry large and beau
tiful aioorltnent of Fancy Furs, fur Ladiva and
C'bildren. I am drlrnnined toicll at a low prieca
ai any o(hr rexpeetalilfl lloooa in thia eily. All
Fun Warranted. Nu niiarepreufntaitoria ti effect
oet2fl-3n 718 Arcb Htrret, I'biUdelphia.
OCTOBER, 1870.
J. & P. COATS'
Put up fur tbt American market which it Six
Cord In all iton. ben.
From No. 8 to No. 100, Inclusive,
V,For ial by all deal rt in Dry Goodi and
jvotiitoa. odMzo-io
5-20'h and IHHVh
At Market Ha lee.
Pacific B. B. Bonds Bought and Sold.
r-tr-MTOCkr Iloagbt and Hold on Cob.
anlaalul. only.
aAoeoonli rreeired and Intmat allowed on
daily balance, eubjeet to check at eight.
1 :ly it South Third p'lrccl, Philadelphia.
. R. ALEl.XDEB, M. D.,
Irii;r;lat and Apothecary,
Krepi eonftantly on band a large m tort men I of
n ii u a s,
Patent Medicine, I'alnti and Oiti, Varniibrt,
lt HlufTa, Ae. Ilia atock of Drug la pare and
frcab, and en t omen can rely upon getting the
beat af everything in bit lio. Hit atock of
r E Ii F U M E R Y ,
Till rt Arttrlra, Hair Tnnln, Coametlra, Urabe.
Toilet 8op, Comb. Pocket Hooks I'ena, Ink.
I'rnrili and Paper, and a general aaaortinent of
tbie elaa 01 good, an all of tbe beat quality.
For Medical parpoffi only.
Gtai. Potty, Lubricating Oil, Ac, to fait tbe
wanta of tbe oommanity.
Hit eitrnrive and well wleeted atork of !m-f
and Mediriaea enables bint to fill Phypiriane'
preeeriplitna on pbort notiot and on the aaoat
rraaonatdc term a.
8 n ok era and Che wen will Ind bia atoek of
Cbewing and Smoking To bare, Cigara iSoaff,
to oonitat of tba very twet bnnda in tbe market
A hr of public patronage it tolirited,
Oet. 1 m. W. It. AI.EXAN'DIO.
New Meat Market.
rrMIE nndenirncd bare opened a Meat Market
I ia the room lormcrly occoptrd hy Alexander
Irtia, on MarhH alreel, ClearSeld. I'a , ad).ininr
Moaaort'i, where thaw inlrnd ta keep a .apply ol
All klndaof Meat,
Kralt anal Vertablca.
And al "raicr. to .fir tna tii." rihnp will
lie open rra;nlarly on Toeeday, Thursday and MaU
nrday. and meat delirorrd al eny point. A .hare
of public patronage I. rrepeelfully aolieiled.
M. 0. IIRllWV.
fttfAi ao Conliaae to deal in all kinde ef
improred Agrlroltaral Iwiplrejrwita.
rlearScM, Aurwrt I', 1.170 tf.
SherilT's Sale.
"I JT tlrtaeof an dry writs of ri,uomi Erym
I luraed eat of tha Court of Coaana Plrai of
CleaMUId foaotT, aad t ma d tree ted, there wil!
bo aipeaed to pablir aala, at tba Court llooao,
la the borough of Clearfield, oa Wednesday, the
Smh day of N..e,her. 170, at ! o'froak, p.m
tbe following deectihed Real Kiata. to wit:
I-efrndant'i right and tut ere in t-aaa-nf ten
aorei of land, emKranng tha oM aawiwill and dam
and mill ernt nf Andrew Pewit, in Mrady town
hip, Clearfield county, Penn'a; the aamo having
been acquired by ountraot dated Noveuiber I7lh,
lfiA, rerordrd in Miellaneoa loeket A," page
do. Aim, all thai Irart of rand eituate ta
Hra-ly township, afureaaid, beginning at a white
oak corner, thrnee 106 petrbee to poat. eorner of
landanld llobert Pat lon ; tbenee north UZperrbea
to pot ; tbenne ral W perelic to poat ; theneo
aonlb fl tterrhee lo poat t thenoe eaat 57 perebe
to pot; tbroi-e iNiath US peer be to the plane of
beginning : eontainine H aore. win re or Ira ; earn
land ennrryed by J. C. Fuller and wife to mith A
CanArlil. hy ded reer-lrd in t icarfietd in Ieed
llmik ' nil. page J47, Ae, Tbe improrrtnenta
are onr large etenm aawmiil, ia gAd ranamg ordT,
(nlile to cut 20,01)0 feel in twelve houn.) with a
large log pond at Ihe naill, two large dwelling
bouetea, two tenant bouaca, large frame barn, three
ptahie, large hnke oren, atnre bouae. and other
outbuilding: aboat lea area eleared land.
Heiaed, takea in eterution and lo be enld a tbe
propeHe of . W. Canftrld, of the Arm of hmith,
t arry A Co.
TdT Biddrn will takoaatlet that IS per eertt.
of the purrbaae money tnuit be paid whea the
property ta kaoeked down, or it will ha put ap
again fr ante. CVItKMLH llutt K.
Pnamrr'a Ornrr, t Sheriff.
Clearfield, Pa., Nor. 1, 1871. j
,,., ,. , ,.,.,r,, , ..,., ,, ,
At hi Ftnve and Tinware Ktahllbmrnt, on
Mrbet atreel, ararlr nppoaita tbe Jail, ha Ihe
nnrat and ebepe a-a.rtment of Cook and Parlor
Htorrt erer brooch I tn town. A mora; other be
baa tbe J art It eelrb rated
Which i ene of the bet at well a CHEAPEST
tMoeet now ma tie. aii perenna tn want or anr
Ihtna; of tbe iiai are reepertrnlljr iniitr4 Uaall
and are for thrmaelvee.
Tr A larjr aaaortment f T1NWAHE. Ae.,oa
hand. Jolsbiny; dont to onlr.
CleoHteld, Ortober tft, l"7().
TUR twkaerihee nffrra fnr tale a ralaabla trart
of Timber Land, eontatnina 1 arret, eltaate
In the abote namMl tnwntbip, within three wtitrt
af l.amber nit. an the mad bwdlnt ta Ananntill I
laying na both aide, of Little ClearSeld Crock.
rename lor logging, ll a.iird. An, on. wi.b
Ing In aaorrtain Ihe term, or look nt the land, will
lad Ihe anderaigned nt lleorge Ptraw'a. one ejile
her City, en ihe road
I f atnbet rifw. fwebft tin gSr.a.1,
VanafaMurera of
Thrae Inatnirnrnti bare been before (ha publie
fijr nearly Thirty year, and upon their eieellenoo
eJne attained an onpar'burd pre-eminence,
whirb p run ounce! them unequalrd. Their
eumblnc great power, awaetneia and fine tinging
quality, at well ai great purity of Intonation, and
iweetneit throughout the entire trale. Their
It pliant and elastic, and entirely free frB tha
liOncti found ia an mane Piano.
the? are anrqaaled, aaing none but tba eery beat
araaoned material, tbe large capital employed ia
our buaineaa enabling ne to keep eonaiantly an
Immenae toek of luiulier, Ac, on band.
f4rk oorHquate Pianoa haraonr New Im
proved Oreratrung Keale and the Agraffe Treble,
X-fWt would eall epeeial attention lo our
late improvement In Urand Piano and Hqiiare
II ran da. Patented Aug. 14, Iban, whirb tiring tbe
Piano nearer perfection than ha yet been attained.
Every Piano fuUy Warranted for Jt-$ Yean
We hare made arrangement for the role Whole,
ale A g-ncy for tbe moat Celebrated Parlor Organ
and Melodeona, which we offer Wholesale aad
Ketail, at Lowe it Factory Price.
Sept. SI, 1171 Am. Ha In more, Md.
Iliahelt Prenlnm. 8llrer Medal, awarded erer
all competition, at Meebaniot' Exhibition. Uo.lon,
Oelober, IMS.
gas-co:t:tjie2T heatss,
witb ran:TED
DtiT ficRcti, Oratb Bar Ukito,
WaoicwT Iaow RiniAToa,
asn ArrowATic Riot'LAroa,
For Burning
Anthracite or Bituminous Coal or Wood.
) litet fur brickwork, and t itt Portable.
kiirAcrt ara oblt bt
N W. eorner 13tk and Filbert Street,
Theae Heater are made of Heavy Wrought
Iroa, well riveted together, and are warraated to
be abeoiately Jiaa and It Tight. They are the
only Heater that are manage: wirboat any dam
pera, and in which all kind of fuel can bo barned
witboat alteration.
Cooking Range, for TToteta, Rcrlanranlf and
Familial. Alio, a F'lat Top Heat to g Range,
Fiio Place Heater. Low Down Grate. Slate
Man tela, Rrgiatrr, Vcniilator.
Pamphlet girlng full deacription. aenl free, to
any addreea. )y(3'70-ly
Eighty Six Thomand, Seven Hundred
and Eiyhty One Machine! Made
and Sold the Past Year It
Tbi. aaih.r ercerd. ijr lAeeewarf. Iht la., of
eej other Maehlaa, and Ike den.aad It Hill
lscraalDg !
Are bow being aaad, aad tali!
Bewaaee It teabedlea M.ealial principle! sat
foandia an, elhar Machine kaean.a af II.
liwplielt of eoa.trnelios. tea. al oparatlos.
anlforaillj af praoiow aellea at aaj .peed, and
capacity for ihe grwaleat rang, and variety af
wot k, Bat or ce-aria.
Fartlri wl.hlag te parchaae akoaU sot fall
la alanine thia b.ilof all S.wlng iCackisea,
I bare the agcaaj rM tklt Maehlaa, aad will
keep a fall inppl oa hand.
Maj i. ISTI-tf. Clrarl.'d, Pa.
Life Insurance Company
Ja-iEPU UOXIK Pnebleat
E. r I0HT KESDALU. Vice rreaident.
J. T. rt. I1APDEN Peeretnrr.
II O. PIFFARD, M. P Medical Eiaaincr.
W. M. TWEED, Jr . ....Corel.
IIIB AMICABLE wal fnwnded he aon, of
. the heel laainee. mra of New York, with Ihe
eapm. object of ereating aa in.titnlinn lhal
ehould eowimand Ihe eonftdenee of the pwblie. ae
lilieral. eoand and a-iroroaa Life Inenrane.
Corapanr. and ha. achieved a .nose., beyond Ihe
cipectatione ef it, aaoat aaoguine proiora.
The AMICABLE offer, all (mnroied nlani and
deairable new fratorea of modern Life Inenrane.
and doe, wot hold aul promise, or iadnoetaente
that cannot be made good.
The AMICABLE ha, dVpoatled on kondred
thoaaand dollar, ia tailed btatra bond, wtlh the
Insurance Department of the Slate of New York, aa
a guaraatee fur Ihe diarharge of erer, obligation.
A II claieaa egalnal Ihe A MICA RLE are proenptlT
and honorably diM-hargedi in tbe erenl of death
te nnioanf mf ao'ire I. no'd in fmll w,' i
dcalacHoa.aareoeM.lMiMvd'.rred areailaa...
All Poliaieeere .a-furfeiuble!
All Dividrudl are non forfeitable !
All Policies are Inconlc.table I
Thirty day, grace for payment af premies. !
rritilege le trarel by laid and are!
ST-Rook of Rate,, Circwlere, Ac, furnl.hed
apoa appliratma la Ihe Cempany'e agrnte.
Agent for Cleardeld cownly,
Orneral Agent for ClearSeld, Centre, Jrffmen,
Clarioa and Elk conntira.
T. J. HOVER, M. n..
kiedieal Kiaminer.
ClearSeld. Augu.t 17, 1S7S im
Ktlrartcd wilk the wee af
and Lota.. Ai e.Tnrau. (the entt barnleaa .nri
'Aent Aarvthetie wow ia nee, by
S. J. HAYES, Surgeon Dontist,
Who wo.ld hrrel.y rrapeetfnlly return hi.
for me iioemi pnrronage of tke paid, end
i-r .l . . l... . "
.k J,,, . "I "," "'""' "' :
JenaTor. f.k ? l.M ,ore,
Jenkma alore.l wher. he I. preparrd t. rwHre
h,a .'"2-rr. to newly Sited ap eooMa. and do 1
"!. ana worawiannae j
manner. All work done in the tateet and moat
, aiTi.a, ana guaranteed.
nr. Ilirr. will be engaged in hi. fn,.,
ine in m me i.vt or ewek mon'h. Th. nl
awh rnonih be will apend In Olen Hop., Barneide
and l-olherrl. are, alternately. PaHie. reeidini
al a dielanee .bonld write to n. prremo. of their
eontina. hnnra a- i. L .
B)n and front I ta 'clock , .
W. no.. b. Ik. L . .
defy eowinetiiioa Ibr beanly, eheepaee, aad dare,
kiln.. Giro we a eall.
Cwraivrrrtta, pfc, vy- , Ia.
MI33 n. s.waH
II B r A 1. 1. T K R M of ronrleea we, , k
X aa.nee Monda;, rtipiral.t -., ,;,
A Primarr d'-parlmrnl will h. .jl,
School Ibi. fall i for whlrh the Nriitny in.traclor ka. Leao . , 1
effort will be .pared lo render Un inJ
altranl lea and in.lrHnti.a 'l
TERMS or Tt lTION.,Wrilini(,04,tiu
eona, Primar Arithinctie end Priau.
Ili.tor-. I.ocal and deacriptire U.or,.I,
with Map Drawing, Uramnar, Mrit,
and Wrilten Arithmetic
Algebra and Ihe Science,
Inalraeilon In In.tnienental toaiic ("
Oil paiallnf, S4 le.aona
Wei work
For full partieiilare eend for Circal.r""
L'learnrld, frpU 7, 1 HTV-1 pd.
Rev. P. L. Harrison, A. M.( PrinciJ
rpilE FIRHT FKHPIOlf of thtaettteJ
JL y"r oi ini inaiiranon will evwntvJ
i , in aia oay or repiember. It,
PaplI can enter at any lime. Tlir i
charged with tuition from tbe time they iJ
tor eiuac oi tat neaaion.
Tbe eon r en of imtroetioa embraeet it try
ineiuaea tn a toorougn, practical and acttmii
ed edueatioa for both aeiea.
The Principal, baring bad tbe aduts-
much aaVporicnueia hi profeaion, aaBampA
and guardian that hi entire ability and ttv.J
will bo doroted to the moral ad mental trail
ui me yuain pieeen under ht eiiarre.
OrtbogTaphy, Reading, W nting, and PnJ
Aritbmetie,paroeatoB(ll week)
urammar, untgrapny. AritamctM and
11 tutor,..... j(j
Aigcora, ueometry, 1 ngouoaietry, Men.
u ration, Hurrrying, Pkiloeophy, Phjai
,l"i;.v. Cbcmiatry, Look keeping, BuUny
aod Phyaical Ueograpby
Latin, Ureek and French, with aay of the
abort Dranrbc f)
Ml Kit; t'iano(3v leaaona) U
JPw7"Ao deduction will be mnJ fur alburn
fir r or fnrthirpartieniara inquire of
her. p. L. lIAiiR.ou.S.A. M
Feb. , 1'nari
(Store one door ewet of Clearfield Iloua,,)
Market Micwt, ClearOeld, p,.
TTVVPg on head a foil of flJ
l Paroiehin. DmI. .wen a VkiM. I..
neel-liea. reBel naadaerrniera. Hierea, I..,
rMhM .. .. . to , ..ri.i. nr ia
ueoda he keep, tba
Best Cloths of all Shades and Colors,'
hack aa Black la or tka wary belt Bib
raaey, ia great warrety , aire, frmi
Coatina. Pilot. Chinchilla- aa. Ii.
aeereoatiag. All of which will h. .old carat !.
Cart, and aaad. wp aoeordiag te tka tateet ilia,
hy eiperiene.d werkmea.
AIm, Agaat for Cl.arBeld eeanty for I. 1
singer Co'a. celebrated Sewing Moekinee
Kow. I, Idei-lf. y. BftlbUI.
I'l.ber'a Palent Alrtlfhl Self.
Frail ( anal
BI'TTER CHOCKS, wi(k lidt,
aitls ih ii.n iKUtka,
imam mi., riB DIEHEi,
Aad a great many other thing, toe naneroal to
anCQiios, te be Lad at
Lorncr of CberrT and Thira Street t
iLEARt'lfcLl), PA. aaS
New Cabinet!
PA M Y nffrr for taW Tawa Lett ia tbe btr
ouajta or (aela, Clearfield eewntr, Pa., aaA aiw
let to tail parehaeert oattitle the limit a of $4
Wrowgh. Oareola ia titaateif oa tbe UorbaaiH
Creek, ia tbe rirheat portion of the eoaaty tf
ClearBeld, on tba line or the T front A Clearfial
Railmad, wbere tba Motbattnon aad Beaeeftet
branri mad IntereeeU It i alw in the heart af
the Mothannan eoal bwia, and lart;e bodiiei f
wntte nine, bra l or a, oak, aad itber titaner fir
roantl it. One of tba tareeat .atab-r aiatiaUctif-
tn)t eatablikhtnent ia the IS tale ia located ta tbe
town, while there are aiany other lumber at!
ibinRle Milit aronnd it. The t'o it bat area
Tcart old, and) eon ta tat a populatioa of ana taoa
and inhabitanta.
JVrVor fan bar in format tea appW at tbe tftti
oi ioo aoora eoaipanj.
f r Superinlendnt.
CIRCrUR f Ami.
Boynton'i Lightning Crosg-cut Saw.
Far .ale by
aetH.TS . r. tlQLER ii Cf.
Mar-nfactwrrr of
Tin, Copper and Sheet -Iron Wart.
Rooting, Spotting and job work done os
aaaaeiiai i rraaa.
rhop aa Market St., newly appoaite the ail.
I.athrrebarc;, Ta.
rpilR mbaeriber ofer, hie eerriee, le Ihe pablie
JL l lb. ewparily of grrtrrner end P-iirreyer.
All enll. for aarreying promptly .Headed lo. and
tne Banning ol arafle, deed, and other legal ta.lre
I "cnla of writing, elected wllhowt delay, and
warranted I. he correct ar bo rharre. .1J.TI
Claim and Collection Office,
Of CEOLA, ClearBeM Ca, Pa.
.ydrCoareyaaeing aad all legal paper, draw,
wiih eeonrery aad dl.paleh. p.afli an and fn.
e.g. ticket, ta and Irowa war point in Encore
procared. acta Jl era
roa tait st
8. J, HAYES, Cara.a.ti::., Pa.
11 R 1.1' The tabwrlber .frrl Ih. neaia
and kt la which ahe rraiiiM la Ih. Horanrh
ol Clcarneld, Ibr Mia. Il la aitaaied aa Market
atrert, in aa eligible location for either a pn.aia
re.iornoe, or lor nnaineaa parpoee it a eorae
lot and worthy tke nttewitoa ol thoee wanting te
inreal in Iowa properly, and one eqnnre front tbe
Coart Uouae. Vor price, ipqnire oa the premiere.
Na. sJARV rkrMiH;iiA?T. et
angJI JOHN L. CI TTI.E, Any tl Law.
i ie hereby giren that ietlrr, of edminirtrotie
on lh mat. of RuRKKT MrFAIilEK. "'d.
late of Cheat towaihip, Cb-artrld eo.ntT, Ta ,
, : i . . i , l.j
ml, wm, ir a ,c to ine anaerrirovu.
P".ia indebted I. a ,4 dale will pleaee aa. and thoae k.iing el.,, or decand.
will pr,, ,kB proper), .nthe.loo.ted for ft,
Dement. F J EH M. K UlDEN.
Cheat tp., Oct. I L
L .
T MIR Al.lw-VThite Lewd. I lac. Paint. Lra.
X Oil. Terpentine, Varniahe. f all kind..
Lo'or. in Oil aad lire I eint. V.rnl.h Rmahe
SH AIMW PA tl tci. Etna, dy'lM.d ce
DieeoTery, ll.iaikoid'. Raoba, bek.r'a C.d
Hear Oil, Jayn.'t and rer-. inediein.1 f arera
rrirneoM and abdominal earnorier. af ewer
X kind eftb. laurel, rbeial. at
th. kvij BAnrswn n rr