Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 26, 1870, Image 2

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Geoikie 15. G()(iin.AM:i, Edilur.
WEDNESDAY Mlir.M.Nl). (KTl'MIIl 16. 1S73
TMANK80IV1NU.-Gn.nt has issued a
Thanksi'ivintr rroclamation. mid ro .
commends Thursday, the 2lll day of;
!Novcniher, next, as the day to bo ob
icrved. Ho expects to bo homo from
the race courses by that
Y antld '. W ANTrn ' ! Somebody
to go as Minister Plenipotentiary to
England. Salary, $17,000 ; outfit,
$17,000; and infit, ditto. Apply to
Useless S. Grant, Long Branch.
N. B. None need apply but those
who have n largo personul interest in
the Alabama claims. Prcicnta to ac
company tho proposals.
Ci.osr. Work. Tho lion. Uasselan
Brown,of Warren, who was tho Dem
ocratic nominee for Congress in this
dsitrict two years ago, was nominated
for President Judge in the district
composed of Erie, Warren and Elk,
previous to the late election, and was
defeated in that black district by only
27G, by L. D. Welmnre, liadicnl, of
Warren. That was close work for a
district which garo Grant 4,200 two
years ago. ''Things arc working"
Goes Back Again. Lust year Gen.
Foster, defeated "Glory to God" Co
vodo for Congress, by 42 majority, but
a Hadlcal Congress turned him out
and put tho latter in. Tho Democrats
ro-iioiiiiiiatiil l'osler this year, and ho
is ro-elecled by a majority of 725.
Tho scalawag Covodo, was afraid to
run against him becanso the old Cu
det Seller would liavo been defeated
by 2,000. Yet tho old villain will oo
cupy Gen. Foster's seat until the 4th
of March next.
CoNcitr.fsioNAr. Vote. Tho fd
lowing is the oflicial vote for Con
gress in this District. It will bo no
ticed that the f-'cotiehl mill is pretty
near ground out. His majority two
years ago was 2,G4! :
3I.rrin, D.
1D..7 i
Fort't. .
Scoficlii'f Ditjurilj'
Vovs tor Asskmult. Mcssm. Jas.
JI. M. McCoy, of Forest, B. A. Weed,
of Elk, and Hubert Ilendeison, of
Clearfield, tho return Judges of this
Assembly Distiii t, met in tho Court
House in this borough, on the lStlt,
nd after summing up the vote in cacl
county, tl.o following was found to be
the result:
llsll'l m.juntj..
Dull. D.
I..;tifT. R
A Goon Lick. Tho defeat of
"Vienna" Scl.cnck, in tl.o 3d Ohio dis
trict for CoiigrcF), is ono of tho best
licks tho government robbers got. lie
stood at tho bead of tl.o robber ring
as a ucneral in tho army ho was a
miserablo failure, and was put into
Congress and kept there by tho buz
rards and vultures w ho liavo grown
fat oft the government and peoplo.
11 iv-n nd Morton, of Indiana, are tho
two best samples of tl.o demagogues
now living. Search tho United Stales
over, and wo venture their equals are
not to bo found in tho lino of low de
grading statesmanship.
Backs Oct. Grant has been bum
ming around for six months, to get
some one to go as Minister to Eng
land, in the room of the fellow he
kicked out. Shortly beforo the elec
tion a western blow gun named Mor
ton, Irom Indiana, volunteered to go
after the election was over in that
Slato. But that it was in.pursible for
him to leave before, because if ho left
the Stale the Copperheads would cur
ry it. Well, ho stayed nl homo, and
tho "Cops" caiiied tho Stato never
theless for the Legislature, Senator
and all.
Now tho skunk turns round and in
forms Grant that he can't go, because
if ho goes to England ho w ill haro to
resign his seat and tho Legislature
will send n ''Cnppeihead" to tho Uni
ted States Senate. W hat a fix tho "gov
eminent" and its man Frhiny aro in.
Morton and Grant are a pair of jacks,
and it is right they should play into
each other's hand.
A Fa I i.i rk. Hon. S. S. Ren
nctt, tho loyal member of Congress
from the Iluflalo district, son.o time
ago sued too editors of llio Iiuifalo
Coi.tnitrcial Ailnrtifer for libel, und
laid his damages nt tl.o modest sum
of oiif hundred thousand dollars. Tho
esse was tried last tt cc't, and well
52 v !
uiea, tiut alleran absence of ubout an A Comtr.cT Mr.Aat'RK The Pall
hour, the jury returned a verdict in Mall Gazette un English newspaper
favor of tbo defendants. Tho libellous , referring to llio appointment of the
matter was alleged to havo been con Hon. O. P. Morton as Minister to tho
tamed in an arliclo in the Ce-.nmrrci.W , Court of St. James says : "A thor
affecting tho plaintiffs integrity as a oughly incompetent person is selected
merchant. What a contrast! I.,, to represent tl.o United States in
lead of pocketing a cool hundred England, and is instructed first to
lhflllH:ilii- I 1. a ( .J I . ' I .n .... .
-rh - Nuwr uui io ,
, . , "
. i """lo'-il'lo member
will n.iil that suing editors, it not as
profitable as voting uwuy the H'oplo's
. in Co,,4!re.,..llJput.Utin(l ,b.
r W
rocket tho .(Troril il m-l,i.. l r. ....I:... " . ... . I
I t outing. I
An examination of tho h.le cle. lio,.
' .,,
returii, reveai. .n,o swaoe P.
To illu-tratcalilllo: In Clarion conn-i (llltniIM,,,lt,i I,,.,,,,,,,,, a. n.nei ted, cany the Slate hy ten tun
ty the unal majority for tho lemo- ,i ,.,,. ,,,, , ivo" of a iorily. In thiit ( ilv, the fame general
erats ii from l'i0 to 1,000. Hut to !
make a oure thinj; ol Congressman, all
personal amlilion and nniiiiiiosituj
wi-rc li.iil nsiilo, nnj tln-v went into
llio canvas vi'oiwit-ly, ami ttio result
df tliU wus that tlicy gave, (mllitli
llie DcmoiTiilic candulalo 1 ,.r4 4 ma
jority, and llicrc!y eciit a Jmnocrnt
to Congress, (nun a dlfli ii t that last
year pavo 1,100 llndieal majority
On tdo other hand tlic lemf.cracy of
tho .State have to regret tl.o loss of
. i
two districts ... I.astcrn 1 onnsy van.a,
winch they had reason to Ijciii:vc
properly l.olon'ed to them. c
mean, o! course, tho r, or DucUh
I)islrict, and tho Twelfth, or Luzerne
and Susijuchiuiiia IUtriet. 8of too,
llio Tl.ii tcenth,or llio Columbia nrul
U rati ford 1 ist rict. CouKl liuvo boon
saved by tho same self -sacrificing
energy displayed in tho West. These
district's liavo been lost to the Demo
cracy by disaffection in ourown ranks
and a luck of that unanimity of action
and thorough work that has charac
terized the party in other localities.
This ii much to bu regretted, and
we trust that tl.o lesson taught hy the
result will bo appreciated.
Ml'RDKn !-Although Cameron coun
ty gave Scofield 27 majority, the
whole Democratic ticket was elected
by an average majority of 200.
The editor of the Press is lampoon
ing bis loil" constituents awfully for
having voted tho Copperhead ticket.
Hear him in his agony :
"Gentlemen Bepublicnns, who gave
tho county to the Democrats, how do
you like it ? Do you really rej :ice
will, tho Democracy? and do you
find tho "ubodo in tho Democratic
camp" nil pleasant? Will you ro
main in it with no regret? Is it a
plcasint; sight to witness the good old
lifpublicii.i pnrty betrayed, slaught
ered, bleeding? Will not tho ghastly
wounds haunt you, until you exclaim :
Thou cti'iil not I di.i it; never
ljuko tltr gnrjr lock .1 oic.
''Betrayed, slaughtered, bleeding,"
is really good. Had it happened ten
years ago, it would havo been far bet
ter for the country.
Jrrmiso.M County. This county
has often done some strange voting.
At tho last election, Marvin the Dem
ocratic Cttiididuto for Congress, bad
132 majority. I'hipps Radical for As
sembly, has 92 majority. Jacox re
ceived VJ votes, although ho hud with
drawn. Cnpt. Means, Democratic
candidate for Associate Judge has Cil
majority, and Altmnn Republican
candidate for Associate Judgo has 2'0
majority over Gillespie. Hum, tho
Democratic candidate for Commis
sioner is cleted by 250 majority, and
Whito the Republican candidate for
District Attorney hns lu5 majority.
Simpson, Republican, is elected .Aud
itor by 33 majority.
The citizens hud an act passed
through tho legislature last winter, to
allow a voto on tho lujunr question.
The vote stood "for Prohibition" 73G;
"against rrohibilion,"I,. 030; and 1,3X4
did not voto at till on the question.
Radicil Rascalitt. A number of
tl.o cxccssihlo "loil" admirers of the
"Into lamented," soon after bis de
mise, organized themselves into a
"Lincoln Monument Association." ilh
a capital of $200,000. Theso interes
ted parties up to July last, had raised
but 822,000, all told. In July last,
Congress voted the ccormotis sum of
$100,000 in old cannon and war ma
terial. Tho result of this infamous
act on the part of Congress, allows
tho Monument bummers to rob the
fortifications of a large portion of tl.o
ordinances, which they sell at a set
up sale to each other, for a mere song,
and then palm them off on disinteres
ted parties at f ull vnlue, and crodil
tho Monument fund with tl.o first sale,
and their pockets with tho second.
Such is tho power w hich propels Rad
ical philanthropy.
An Eartiiui ake. A severe hock
of an enrthnunko was fell throughout
tho State of New York, and New Eng
land, on Thursday, the 20th, between
11 and 12 o'clock. In many locali
ties houses wero so visibly shocked to
alarm the inmates, who sought refuge
in flight. It seems to have been con
fined to a triangular ares bounded on
the east by the Atlantic const, and on
the west by lakes Erie and Ontario,
and on the south by a lino drawn
along the parallel of latitude from
Cleveland to New York. It was of
short duration, und, so far as we havo
learned, did not result in any loss of
life or serious damage to property.
LlTT I.v Disuist. Gen. J. D. Cox,
Sccrctnry of llio Interior, has resign
ed his seat i tho Cabinet of Grant.
It issaid that his removal was brought
about by Gen. Cameron, ar.d the
blood letting" Chandler, from Mich
igan. J ho former is thu most noted oulsido tho Peniten
tiary, and the latter tho greatest
drunkard oulsido an Assylum. Their
work is, no doubt, for noble purposes,
und together wilh Grant will inaugu
rate something startling.
uaiiy anu ncxi Uircnu n war. l lus
, "pe.eni person ncsuaies, prooa-
: My preferring a domcsttiu Bkirmisl,
with the demoeruls to a war wilh
' England." The editor of iournul in
ouostion certainly know. Morton
,,w.j - ..iJo1 in InJisn.
"Itii'il hmu." I
While many .-..ll.-.l I'eii:oi int
r...i.ilv.l..l lViii.tirHv rriML'.'.l
, , ' v Vll
polith al c anvass, the people df M in-1
r.u it are LeKiimiiifr to loinprehend
that the ininiile the .ni IV (d- the Con-
mitutioii hullrracto war iiL'ainst tho
validity of those uhoininations. the vote hml-eil over tlie clinsiii mi, Inn,",
lilitMoI'lheSlatesiindlrueWepuhlieanjand ullow the party in power to rob, .
lihortv nro rone forever. Comment- i plunder mid pillage for another year, i
J . . ... ,. i I.,,.. i.. ;
niir utmn 1 rcsnlenl (u'lierai iinini a
inlerlerenco in jhsmhii. ai.airs, aim
tho leiult'iicv
f of liadicalism to ride I
roih'hHhod over every monument ot
ie freedom, tho 8t. Louis 7r;iMWi.
I ctin says :
' The national l!epnliiean party ha
vil luiiov uei'iun-u uiliiiost inn i iiiiit oi
of Uaww
n.. i .1 : .1.
(dolm.Kii0 utiairit in tlicirowii wnr.anil
assumed for tho Federal Government
tho right to regulate thoso nfl'airs for
them. It declares against all conces
sionsof power to the people that would
I ii-fimii'il (he iliiiniiiuiiL nartv's U-nure
j of )()lver h fcvAtvA ti,,a iVst oiillm,
j diNiVnncliiHcmcntu, ntiti prosorintioiitt
aro tho limner and healthful oifeneies
ol republican government, in peace,
i .
liberties the people of a State are al
lowed to possess, they hold simply
at thcsufVcrauce of the Federal author
ity. Tho cvont is an alarming asser
tion of the supreme oull ority of the
central government, and of its right
to invade the Stale with its civil agen
cies, to control elections, and decide
domestic questions. Such un issue, so
authoritatively made, cannot bo con
fined to our Sluto. It w ill bo made
to extend to other Stales, and will, in
the end, become a leading national
issue, with tho Republican party avow
ing tho extraordinary claim, and the
Democracy sternly denying it.
"Every day the South is justified in
her strugglu for Stato Jiights, and,
every day, the war Democracy aro bo
ing taught the bitter lesson that when
Ihey made it possible for the South to
bo vanquished, they struck a murde
ous blow at the beautiful system of
government framed and transmitted I un.phs. White men will not support
by tl.o Fathers. And what is the: a policy which degrades their own
reason now that so little enthusiasm race and elevates to power reprcscn
is exhibited ull over tl.o country, not tatives of a horde of semi barbarous
withstanding most important elections
in four great Slates aro close at hand ?
It is because the cowdurdly, limo serv
ing Democratic leaders have debauch
ed tho people, and striven, in effect,
to reconcile them to the belief that
tl.o grossest usurpations are not to
bo questioned any more, and that the
most important matter in the universe
is for a few oil ico seekers to retain
lio.spssion of their mil Tlw.
neoiile will never rallv on nnv sm h
baso issues, and they will be us itrno
n.iniotisly led as tho French forces
havo been, fo long us men are permit
ted to head tho column w ho are doing
their utmost to savo their loyal con
sciences and fat positions by sharing
thee, ime they committed in 101 with
what they call"dend issues" in 1 H70.
There never was more stupendous fol
ly than to suppose that Democracy
can win a victory worth having by
stealing the night shirt of Abu Lincoln
for un orillum.-no. The Radical Pres
ident and tho Radical purly mean to
destroy tho Slates by centralizing the
Government. And foolish Democrats
havo the hardihood to believe that this
despotic nndertaking can be defeated
by endorsing usurpation ami accept
ing the enemy's platform ! Was there
ever such madness? Was there ever
such stupidity ?" Avgutla (la.) Con
stitutionalist. Columbia. One hundred and six-ty-seven
nigcer votes, formed tl.o re
serve of tho Radicul army in Columbia
on Tuesday. On this reserve the Rad
icals based their hopes for a glorious
victory The Democrats were to be
routed horso, foot anil dragoon ; not a
vestigo wag to remain to show even
tho wreck of a part-, and Tow Hill
was to blaze, in its glory ! Rut, alas
for the emptiness of human calcula
tions, what dn-wc sec ? A Democratic
victory ! The hist hope of Radicalism
is fading away. Thostafl'upon which
it leaned has proven to ho a broken
reed, and it lies upon tho earth wal
lowing in its weakness und Hastiness.
Tho people have spoken, and tl.o pep
per und sail legions have vanitdicd
Irom sight; fled like all'rightcd de
mons from tl.o presence, of a superior
power. Columbia Borough stands ro
deemed from its long thraldom, and
no effort of Radicalism shall again,
forever, bind our people to tbo wheels
of its Juggernaut. Three times three;
and again a valley of cheers lor the
old and tireless Democracy ol Colum
bia. Jlrrail.
ISkf.ciu.r's New IUi.l. Ucochcr's
Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, was
crowded on Sunday last to hear the
great preacher on tl.o subject of the
till urn punishment of tho wicked.
Mr. Ileecher's views aro set forth
pretty plainly in the following para
irruph from tho New York Sun of
Monday Inst. Ho says:
"It was clear from the divine reve
lations and from tho teaching, ol ex
perience that transgression of law was
associated with punishment; that sin
and peuulty weru inseparable. Gross
ly i.iiitc.ini in.ngcs bad been ucd to
indicate tl.o sullcring of tl.o wicked
in tho I ii turn stato. But hell wus not
a material tliune. A hell could exist
in the soul of man, scarring und tor
menting H and causing n.lcnser lor
mcnt to it than actual lire could inflict
upon the mere hotly. Theso terrible
iilens of hell derived from tho middle
ages wero the emanations of filthy
and depraved minds, wero nn indig
nity to llio intelligence of n.un, and a
slander upon Uod.''
The Patriot says the colored troops
fought nobly in tl.o Sixteenth Cot
grcssionul district for tho radical tick
Not less than a thousand ol them I
a whole regiment voted for John
Cessna, and ho is still defeated, for
every negro 'torry" who wus inarch
ed up lo the polls for Cessna, a while
republican citizen walked up und vot
ed for Meyers. Thai's tho wuy it
was done.
CJniastic fiioi'iTs We notico by
the report, that (ho earnings of tho
Union Pacific ltuilroud for September
amounted to tho sum of STi..r)J0.03.
Whilo the expenses Wero only fl'sf,.
!."( OK, lenving the net earnings 1112,-
302.S5. This is certainly a handsome
Missouri has furnished I ho latest
lennitlon ol "on-loyalty. ltcons.sts
in nn c(rrt to confer on white men
cquul political privilege with negroes
Hinl'"'"" hus now a Coiled Slates
' S"
0I,gh!" ' ' ' '
Svmikv Th riiiladi lhil,i my:
I'ediii I tho noro vole ""
( n-t hy the lute Ih.di. aU ol U no, at
,ie al( ,.e, lion
, it ii I the I IciiHu riil
hu t is niipment
lute Inon deserted
the Uildu nl y the tli.iuiinil. 1 hey
would not he put on a level if not
Mm w iiejrrocn. Hut tho nolul nero
a iniumy i-ihihi;" . ,
yiuw u.u i-- 1
I liey now eo ami iiniiersuinii uio rein
jmrposc und meaning ol'iiero Kiifl'rno.
They behold herd ol ignorant Mgntvn
solid lor tho Ladieal parly, linpar-,
lial sulli'ago is a farce. It has no j
meaning, as interpreted hy tho man-1
nrers of tho liadi. al organization.- !
Tho nero has a riht to voto lor ihcir '
eandidaios. lie has no rijjht to voto;
n-ainrttthem. Thin M the posiiion 0r;
tho men now r.iiing me
nartv in all parts of tho country, and ;
while citizens are doserlinir the black
I .. lit. n.n l...n,r,. I
...... . v i
racy. 'J Ins fact is demonstrated
an unmislakuhlo manner by thu re
cent result in Pennsylvania und Ohio.
A GllEAT Rki'Uiii.ican Yictohv.
The Lai. caster Intt (ceHciTsays: Dem
ocrats aro not disposed to bo riudic
live. Even in the midst of an elec
tion triumph they rejoico with moder
ation, and mingle feelings of pity for
their opponents with tho joy ol t no
j hour. e aro sure there is not
Democrat in Pennsylvania who will
envy the Republicans, the great victo
ry they claim to havo ichieved in
South Carolina. All four of the Rad
ical candidates for Congress huvc been
elected Hint out of the Jnur art nc
irors. That is a filling result of tho
polio- of the party, a truo Radical
triumph. Let thecannoni be brought
out, u nd tho weikin bo made to ring
with shouts over this magnificent Re
publican victory. Tho time is not far
distant when tl.o party will be left to
i depend upon negroes for ull its tri
Al a regular mcoting of tho Sons ol at tho Cooper Institute,
New York, last week, Mrs. Dr. Mary
E. Walker, attired in her peculiar
stylo ol dress, delivered an entertain
ing and effective temperance speech,
in which she alluded to President
Grant in terms the reverse of pleas
! ant, airing instances in whit h hu had
hecomo so befuddled with intoxica
ting drinks that ho had to bo taken
homo hy his friends. Mrs. Dr. Walk
er milled thut his intellectual powers
hud hecomo so torpid that they were
not equal to Fish's.
Look Aftf.r that Ntono. The
Philadelphia Le:lyr says, Benjamin
S Tamer, the colored Republican
eundidalo for Congress in tho Seliua
District of Alabama, is making a vig
orous canvas un the plulform of "uni-
rtr.ii amnesty, unioertut mffniiit, ami
uiiirrrtal repudiation of the Xational
ilt ld. 1 hut negro thinks bis brethren
will gladly vote to repudiate the debt
in order that they may ho relieved
from tho little taxes they pay, und
we have no doubt ho know his poo
plo well. Turner needs looking after
by tl.o mngnutes ol his pnrty.
JstSo. Hon. II. L. Richmond, in
a recent address before tho Stato Con
vention of tho Methodist Episcopal
Church, held in Philadelphia, Said :
"licing a Methodist, it follows as a
logical sequence, that 1 am a Repub
lican . Jlow lollows us a logical se
quence ? If tho .Methodist Church is
simply looked up:n as a recruiting
station for party purposes, then the
position is correct. But if "my Church
is not of the world," then we fail to
sco why being a Methodist should
necessarily mako a man a Republican.
But perhaps wo arc of tl.o earth,
Tl.o Republican majority in the
Senate of Pennsylvania last session,
was three at llio next it will on'y be
one. In tho IIouso of Representatives,
the majority was tirenty now, if the
Radicals havo ten or a dozen to spare,
they will ho lucky. In the face of the
infamous Apportionment hill, which
now disgraces Pennsylvania, this re
sult is extremely gratifying. If tho
Democracy fail to eapturo tho Icgis.
lat.iro al tho next election, it will
ccrlainly be their own fault. I
Tho New Y'.rk Jlerall, speak lig of
tho Democratic triumph in Imfianu,
says: "Senator Morton, to nilvcnl
such a victory to tho Pomocracy came
to this city a few weeks simi, and
succeeded in securing fifteen thodtutid
dollars, tho pouter part of which was
raised in the Custom. house, to ba in
vested in tho recent canvass " tl'.ney
wa lavishly used hy the Radicals in
tl.o late contest. Greenbacks and ne
groes lire the only hnpo of the party
in power. I
Tho Pennsylvania delegation)!! the
present Congress, stands eighteen Ro
publicans to six Democrats, la the
next Congress, Pennsylvania will be
represented by thirti'en Repuhlicntis.
rra lemot ratsaniJi)n(!lnilependent l.o
1 , ' . ,""mn 1 J"'m",w
It 'Q t llllll llr 1 i.i'tiu i inun i'ii'liit. en
V. . I 1.1! i
rt -- I - - - - j '
tl.o 11 til instant. Let us have a fejr
more of tl.o sumo sort. j
5tfiv tUrvtiSfincnts.
i iuhmsithatoh'h noth'i
- Xol
J ii hereby Riven that lrlt.-ri.if a-l.nitii.lrnt n
on the eilale of Mia MARV J. KDI.LY, de ll,
late of Oieeola, Clt-arfl-lil eountr, IVnn'a.. hlv-
in. Iieen duly ictaiit.'il In the rn li riixned, all er-
l"l''''l ."! e.mie .ill plen-e make it
mmt, unci thfe havinr rlmuit nr flrmpin'U
(in-u nt thrm iniMTlv mHbcniii-itriJ (omrttltiMnl
uu kllimmn'c mili'iul Mt Inv. ,
I'lHUl' lintiM'.rl, A.luiinistmtor.
O-rrnU MilN, ?(,, lf.7 f,t.
Yoke of Callle forTale l
1 ti .r (All 1.1 cuitni'lr fnT U et njt or
HUT . IVrttont ran iw ihr-m bj ctiimp tt
my r,i.rm,t' in Lawrfin-f tfiwn.ii).
ort2ft 3i.a. THOMAH W, I'HERSOS.
stovks ! (msmiSi
At hi. Plot, and Tinwre GMiMiilimrat, o
Market llreet. marie open. He the J,i, ), (leu
Bneal and eheapeii a-iorlnirnl of Cook and I'ailnr
Stove, rier l.tontbl lo tn.n. Ammt iheri he
hai llie juitly rekbraOd
Which ilonanf the heat a. will al rilKAI'FsT now made. All per.n. in want of any
thin of the kind are rr.-pectfnlly invited to call
.nd ac. fur th.-tni.lic..
larc. .....rlraent of TINWAIlE, le ,o.
hand. Jolibit Hon. to order.
rurn. fttrKKTT
JUtr Adifillofiiifula.
I' lT lll'JI HdltN liltAW N Full NuVl'.M
I l.r Term, lo;il.
irT tin,
f V Iaiii........ll..-aiia.lmnr.,..CiTiii. ton
Smtiu.-I r-uiol. rlni... Hi II. Join) SnnmiMii.l trmtii-M
.lltllll'li .lainr" lo;rir.
.In. .nti liiunirnr.liirr "
.Im'oltH t.iiH'R Ilniilv
William ll. i.rt III.... in
A V llilon...
T-lwin I i-ier.. '
Hi nrj hl'iMc.,, "
Mirhanl tkrr.Pt'-atur
.1 It li"iiniiiir '
.lllIIH'P Mvun (liitn-li
K Kinkt'V llnilttu
V K Mi will'. "
rimrlii lin.wn,., "
HiiKrrt Ltdiile Jordttn
li K llliH.m 1,-iwnino
Anvdii liouliprtv.Miirri
MitH. Mcriillv..'.0efH)ltt
Nni(nii Lim a ( li i'n
(t-'orgi? HnntTKnx, '"
It.ilirrt 'ntinr..lliirlip')i
,....m .
' j ,,,,,,,, '
,..,. itrnn-ti..
Alirulimn l(nlniHl..J'lirt
(i,.rr m,.ciiv
Ttiuloil, i A K,,.l..n l..s.ur
wiiimm Krii Ii. II w T Tlioui.i.ii..
Thuum A Mi-Oi.... IllarnrTrni "
V"r' ,)v ;'"" " ; r.........(iir.rIl
,mnu Sm.ui !s i Hut.ion ouhrh
J a ooinij(c..lirB-ifuril Ju. jrurkteu..,Hutnn
- ,;,l',,;,", - Jr - "t !l,J-,w,'rou J';r,lu"
j . U,., -ui.,u...l.iwri-iRT
It A il.ii....
IMili'ii I'rltiir .Murrifl
i r,n..llr.,ly ; r l i
W"' '"'''
S M'Kwrn.N.M Huliinjiru
fr( . winifni...
lulm liiniiiirrlr..Ot--itu
IIiiIhtI H lliU' "
loH-iili Newmuier..lVnn
WttHli.tanlii-r. liurniiilt-
M .M inkling, "
.lulm Krj. Client
I Hubrr. .Seciier 1'ike
11 K SltTlMig...llr.iiu-lillliiJ Wmy.
riMlltl, LIST, Fill! NOVKilllElt Tlilt.M
X Is"e. rniT WKKK.
1. Mir;iill v. t-tioff.
2. H;ijiTty'i cki-cutori.. Ti. Ji-tlricfl.
3. Ilui-rty! txorutnri.. Vi. Jcflriti.
4. llluom va. bnriivr.
b. lllutiiu x.'C.iil.cll.
C. Occful. Cual Cu Ti. OiJiH.
7. Ili-nr v. l.j-Ofl.
5. Irwia VI.
t. Himlrr vi. t'u..k lli-IL
III. Mori-.n.vt .1 vi. (ii.ih, rt .1.
II. llnu.rr vi. t'l.ry, cl .1.
i. (iall.j-Hir.. vi. Fiii-LHt.
11. Ill Ham VI. ilargcr'l tltatc.
II. SiirJor Ti. Mitchell.
Ij. C.lilwell VI. KtTDI.
III. lLp'rtv'i r.wutiiri.. i. llr.uil.
17. Jruki'l heinL. vi. riRbt.
I. llt liry Ti. llilK. r, et al.
IV. Uni vi. Cuttle.
211. Irrorh TI. ll.lo.
ViiikUuz Ti. Brother..
22. bnie vi. !.ung.
2.1. hhoff vi. Mioir. et .1.
2i. Wurrall vi. hiiyder.
liituKD i:r.K.
1. Unit?.. ti. Carter.
2. .Mi-l ullv A J'attenuu vi, Cutuniinirs t al.
.1. Oti!. vi. I.aiigilun A biveo.
4. Carry vi. W aic.uer, t at.
ft. Carry vi. Kitcliro.
6. Hrooki va, Hum.
7. (Jni ii. lain.
5. Mill, r vi. M.-Mmteri.
V. bit. vi. MotiarTi-y.
K.. .MlirRAI! vi. dun.
11. Outline TI. I.u.rie.
12. Woulri'lpr vi. l.auiil.friT.
VS. Wv M-Saul Ti. Mi-rrell.
H. Hay A .M. N.ul.. va. Itlaucliaril.
I . Tliitn iu. vi. Whv.
II. Ili-rtlriu li. W liilr.
17. Iiillf n vi. Httiniiirnil.iiKu.
Is. M, .trilling, et al vi. WriKlil.rtaL
Itf. Itrainifl ti. I .i xht ni-r.
2". Jlnkil n. Iiunkill.arger.
21. Krli.rd VI. I.ylle.
22. Chauitirri vi. rUibmnon, et al.
i2:i. ltuiilur 1 1. Vi ,rra.
21. n .vtiloii ii. t p I. itniff, ct al.
2j. 1- iibrr, Isuiil Ii, rt al.. vi. Panti, et .1.
i I inii;iiu nc; t
FIMIK UMrr!.rnril tukei ttiii method of inlt.rm
1 inr the oilifrai of lb. waiter, end tif the
enmity that h. tiai upeued a Alafblu V.rd. for (be
mauuUrtur. of
Tuinliatonr., IHutlumrnt.
Iliad and Foul Mlnnta,
Ac. dr.
I employ none till tb. heat frurkaen, led use the
best material. All onlrri promptly Ulli-d and tht
work warranted. Adlre all L'tli-r to
IIAMKI. Ooolii.A.MlEIt.
Lulli.tiburg, October 21, 1ST!).
Bandies' Fancy I'ur.s!
718 aiui arar-cr,
Mi.l.llr of il.e lllork, Wl
Tib A Sib sti., Stmtb side,
Importer, Mnnufai-turer A
l.ealer ill .11 klttdl .nit
ualilv of
; 4 For L.diti' and Cbitdreo'i
..--- weor.
HaviiiK rnla-.r.l, rrmo.l. lnl and improved ai
old and laiur.hlr known Ki ll KM Poll I I'M, anil
nai inn imp. ii te a . cry lara-e and plemlid .jmirt
menl of all tha diffcri-nl km. I. of For. from Aral
hand in Fur-pe, and hare had lli'-m made up by
in. ino-t ikilllut w.irkm.-n, I trout. I rrpi-ellully iut inen.i ol I learned an.l a'tiatiol roun
lici to eall .lid examine niy very Inrjre and lieao-
tilul aoorltii.-nt of Fan. y l'un, fur l.adin and
Children. I am toi.ll at a. low pri'ei
ai any oilier reipeetal.t. Ho... in tlm city. All
Fur. Warrautcd. flo uLrepreleola-ioni to rffect
John fa num.
octiO .-.tii 718 Arch Klrrol, I'biladrlpliia
44 Hundred! flf Thniiftandi
e s
fi 2 u X
M 5
ati VJ
CL 1: M
TITTf A KOT A Til.S 5 f
Is FANCV DRir. K.b'2
VaVlrof Pod.- l.uui, '.VLickoj, I i, rpltil
etii l.t'lii( tttntra iljt u.r,J, ri ir-tl ttuUv ci
te. 4 f llcsn-1, l;.i.c,"".t.-i,tt,"'AiiiHt.I.
rr." 'l.'fBt. r-r.- r., mi i. .1 t, i r:-i,r a 0
diiiukrmi.ei .rt I'tf ..rr-1, irit- rim-, n hIp
f.nni t!.t -! re l,..iftni Kit'.' tf i ar.f,rii:, irrr
Irntu nil Alrnh.'l.r M (h n In n lUey nr ii a
l.l(lT lll.dclll II Nil I lit end A MFIi
f.M IMl I U t S( I I'l.V' p rh rl llrn..vE.r ir4
Ir.Tif,.irl r . I in. -Mlt.i:.rarr),.i o til .ilnonei:!i
inett-r - d r-M ri., o . i a lu L aitt y ct MJitui..
Sopr"ii tin U It-en r!ltctl ctnulij toflrrr-
Ho t r(" rrn-i tUx nf.wi'H.
X l i-
tit !&&f&
i . i rn i . " a
V (.on" rv i. I d.iiporrd by i).:cri.l to..,.n or
r liter ten; t.n iltlM; ,tl k ul,d tcj oi.d tl.t
po:at riTRir,
Inr lufliif- i.trry rr.l ( brstnlr Ithmmft
t.m mid tirnt, tiprilB, rr In4!(9rila.
HilltitBK, Hi iiitn ttt ii nd l.tlrrailtifni I-cvriA
Ilrfl iht ll Inr d, I.lrr. Kldnryt, knd
lilndiirr. Ukp ltiitn I nvo nnn nmt
h.ih lilktrciH -n iro fatttd y hltitrd
riotid, h rh is , i-cra'jr isnJucfd Vj dmur went
ttJt.n- )lSrtlvi Oitnntj.
UVM'l I1A Hit lnH.TION, Prwl
rhr, I 'I'll .i lh,-M, I iat.h, 1 4-I....IH. rf llitt
Citcit, Hl7rnrt, t-.-ur hmrlrttoT rf U,- H. mrh,
l.d-vnt. In the H'u:h, i; u,M,t AiterkK, rmlp.ittl. ..
cf the llnri, Ii for n n of II, r l.a-jr". I'sin la the
reirlort of llw M(tn-)-,, d a I undn d olbcr JtIal
) -tnrlotn, ftrr llif , Cj r't r-f l j pprpf' ,
7h ylLTlj. irotn htrmafh tnd f.tlmBll tho of
rW lltrrand bt'Wfta, vhirh ti northern of unequalled
tfResrrln cleanrUnt U,r 1 . f a!Htrpnrlilr, ard
Unrrtlnx ttf l.fc vA Lffnr lo tb hole ) trm.
I OIt MUX l)Ii:AMr,r.n.ttlmi.Teltrr.Pa
I;hi un.l'.uuhi.f ,hiu, l'ltn j irt. I uuulra,,f', ar
taml, LUf - Aoin a, (rul.Mlral.L,rt F'Te, Krvrl
rlaa.llr ( ctir. I !ef .lorat tnna rf the Hkln, lli:ir.or
aud Ithv atHvuttir M,!n, ,f wfittevcr naave or titers
rt lltrralljr ilug i.p at dearrlrd o:l of tlic prairm la a
hop t:mt y hc ir of thir Hitter. tn iKilMe In
tM-a eat wt:i ennice U. Biiet iDercduktnat, thtlT
curative ir-xt.
t'liar.t tba Ylt'a'M MM heef t ynn drd tta
irmrlt;ra bint an -h tVa-Jn HltmplM. I mp.
tU oa r t t,i; rl. ai.iv ti fa a yn find it otstrt.rt d
aM ?fi,ifh li tie r'i: rlrRne It wtwii II t rvt.
r.dyrtrfh.rtmiM, 1 Keep UN blood
rorr a..d I' r a- altrt .f t :e r7t.n1 lllftlrm.
TIN, TA I It a;.d ir U oK1h, nrtinjr In !!.
arttrnief n naiir ftmvaDda. ar rffrelrallf imnj
t lao ln raoTid. I or full direction., ruad eairrnllj
IM flrreiar arnrd Mrh kotllr, prlnt-d Ui fjor laj
raf nKt.Ui.Oemim, rrracta ftikd Fpauimh.
j. w.vLurn, rror-iirfcr. n. n. KrnomAi.r t co
D-rtrn and Oen. ArTta, Pan rnnrkw, C1m
ad tt and U Coctmeroe Mtrt-t, Kv Tor a
tr-'vn jt it, ht-i tFtmt.
)Uu AdirrtlscmrnK.
OCTOBER, 1870.
J. & r. COATS'
T II IK i: A I
Tut lip fu
tbi AuK-ric&n m.rkrt wkluli ii Fix
Conl in .11 number,
From No. 8 to No, 100, Inclusive,
IV-r vnl y lU'doulcrff io Irj (loo'lr tnJ
NllfHUlfa. Oft.l- lm
(CAUTION. All pfroni are hereli? notifio.!
' nol lo purcrmw a eerinln l'ltoji lrHK V
NUTK jriven by Ntiney Mct'rsrken In mv ftivor,
dul.-.i al-.ul tl.r 2 I or ;M Jut of Mav, IM0. and
cnllinj lor i'tvQ, ai lite uiu ha len lut ur ato
Un from me IcAlAJl liLOU.M.
K'lt-r IU, is;n 2(jm1.
lirAXTi:i)l The H-bool Din-ctorr of Kr
y I timi" ("wnchiii wi-b tu emiiloT ttirve com
jiolpiit TEACH Kit?1 lo tak charge ot the acliuolit
d and townnhiii t no oomiiiir winter. ApiilH-a
tlon, Willi mujrvp, to Le made lu the I'mnli-nt or
Secretary, bu can be a titi reaied at bull Lu k P
U., Cbarlicid eountr, l'a.
J. W. rOTTEU, Prefident.
Josn-a Giij.ii.Axi), Seereiary. otilv 3t
1 rTIt A 1 St raved from the tibriliiT In
j ltradr iiwnlMp( a' tout the Cril of Miiy last,
a large HKD It I LI,, four yearn old, wilb while
'otf, tar in the fi.rebeail and Urje ftraiht
Unrtn. Any infuruiation will He thtitikfully re
ceived, ard liberal reward will lie given to any
one for tin prbcDiion and detention. I'lcsae
addrrii J1KNKY AC HA VI'.
Cct. 15-3:iJ. Troutville, CUarlield Co.,
lXMCXTOHS' MUKT,-.Nuticeii bere
J i by friven tbat Let ten TetUtimitarr having
ln-n uraiitrd to the ruhfRriber. on the Kitatc ol
KLIAlltlTIl SVIKAL, deed, lute of Ilroilford
townnhip, t'leartlcld county, Pemiftyl.Hnia, fall
erfunti indchtrd to Mid Lntatc are re(jurted to
make Itumrdiate iayuietit, and tliune bavin a;
claims ajruinst the tame will present tbtm duly
authenticated for feltlr-nient.
JiLLlS SMKAL, Executor.
Otober 19, IsrO
IXIH I TtliriH NOTICE Nutice it bere.
J by s-iven that Irttera testamentary ha ring
tt ti tranlet) to the lulnwriber on the estate ol
(il.ul'J.K SMKAL, dtcaaed, late of Bradford
township, ClearnVId county, I'cnniylTania, all
pertMins tndi t.ttd to said estate are reUtnttii to
rnnke immerliate payment, and tboee bating
eliiims arttntt (He annta will prtieut them dul
autbetit.cated fur aettleuient.
LLL1S fc M L A L,
October 19, IST0:dt:pJ. Kieculorf.
Oppotite tb Court Houte,
AccommoJatiotit firi-t clo and cbarri moderate.
(5 JOHN F. VOI'NO, Proprietor.
ClcirGcld. renn'a.
The frrfwolnic an ! paintina: cbtirbci an-1
other puMio buildmc iH receive particular
attention, as will hi the pain tin 2 of carnages and
Icijrhi. ttildin d'me iu the neat i si alylvti. All
work warrant d. Sb-p on r'uarth street, formerly
occupied by Ktiire Miug.irt. ocllV 70
TIMlltll LAND IX 1 KUur.-OS T0W.,SIILI,:
rilltR inl.aeriher ofTen fur aate a Tatualil, traet
I of Timber Latiil, .ontaininjr lot! .erea, litn.te
Id tli, ahore nntiied lownibip, wilbin tbree niilei
of l.oin.ier I'ilr, oo tbe rua.l lea.linK lo Anionrille
lariitf on both liilei of l.itlle Cle.rflrlil Creek.
Kuitalil. for UziTf, if dciirfl. Any on. wi.b
init to ..certain Ibe termi or look ,t the l.ud, will
find Ibe un.leriliitd t lieorpe Slr.w'r, one mile
.ml . Ii.lf auulb of l.umU-r Cil v, on tho road
leading to New Millport.
Lumber City. October I'J, lf;o Juip L
Ai'-iiTni.iuirirt, i i.aviihimTiex.
If Tit ACT. " are warranted equal to any made.
Tlier ar. iirr ared from tb. friiiti, and will lie
fuutid tnueli Im ttrrlhnn uanr of tbe Ktrael, tba!
are lold. Ak your tlrueer or llnteeiit for Wilt,
birder '. Kxtraet.. IJAHI.OW H l.NUI iO lll.l K
il, without duulil.tlie li..l artirl, in the market
for bluehiK riot he. Il will i-ol..r more water than
four titnn the anino wcisbt of imlio, .nd mueh
mora than anr other aa.h blue in tbe market.
Tbe onlr r'tinine in Hint nut nn at AI.HlKll'S Dltl tl S lOllK, No. S i:i North
feeiirid Mreet, rhiladi-lphia. Tb, lahrli have
both tv i It berg-era and I'nrlow'a name ontbem.all
other, are eouuterft it. tor lale b nimt (irtH-rri
INK will be f.nind on trial to he a luperinr artirle.
AIwbti on hand and fur lale at r'amnable pri.-oi.
I'.ire II round fpim, (ienuiue iledirim a, l liaiiioir
Skim. K. in.', i. Tapioca l'earl, tago, and all
arucire in ine nru nil., al
A I.I IthD W ll.rllKIIUKR'S I.Rftl STORK,
iim No. in North rj.-c ild til., l'liila.
New Meal Markel.
rpilH underiii-ned hav, opened a Meat Market
in the roum lurnirrlj oiti..ii., by Alexander
I r in. on .Mnrkft itreat. rlearfiiM, t'a , ailjuinni);
iner iui.n.1 10 ae.p a luppIT ol
All kind, of .Meat,
Fruit (nd Vegetable.,
And at "fi r to h it inn Tiara." hbop will
be open regular!., on Tueidnr, Tbun.laT and rial
nr.lav. and moat dilirered at any point. A ahare
of public patronare tl r.-ipoetf.ill.T I'dieilf d.
i:. W. Ill; OWN.
TW.M o r-.ntinue lo deal in all kind, of
improved Agricultural I tuple mnta.
1'lrarHel 1, Auciiil at, li7ll If.
Evlra-te.t with the um- of Nithai Oirn 0..
and Loi t. AvinKi4. ftbe nn) barmleni and
eOii'tMit Aniribeiici now in uce.j bjr
S. J, HAYES, Surgeon Dentist,
WhowmiU lien1y mi-Pi rciiectriiMv nlurn h
thru., f ir tbe literal iiarnnnira u the nst, ard
inionn ine u'.iip he tins rcmotre.t his ofli
... t..r t-Mnit r i .-Mine run i.ooni titreeta, (.ver
Jcukitif More., where he is irrparf-d to rocrive
Ins ruti.n,i ru in newly fitted un rot'io, nn) do
ilvtr Hoifc in llir no-t skillful an I wm kninnlikc
nmnper. w work d ne in I 'ie Utr-t and most
aj j-iovej tt; left, an I guarautce j.
Ir. II ati w.ll le en-fitffd in h ofric from
(lie i-t to thp Z.U of eieli mmrh. Tbe balnnfd
caih month be will rj.nd in Ijlen Hope-, Hurn-ide
and l.mniTM urjr, altrnil ly. Tiirties rmi titijr
i a nisianre simuM wrt'e fi it pre ious of their
com in p. t)fl"n- botir-. Iro in f to 1 it o'clock, a.
id., ami from 1 to i oVl li, p. m.
IVe use pone hut the vrerylciil mnlerlnt, and
d'-fr n. munition lor beauty, rhninej and dura
bility, ttive as a cn'l.
t urwensi illr, l'a., Vay
nortiiiT, fold l xniANt; i:n ox mo.t
At Mnrkft llatra.
racifio R. R. Bonds rouglit and Sold.
r-Tot'K Monrjlit and Sold on Com.
mKftloti only.
.fAie. initp reeeived aaj Inlernt aMowrJ on Vatanoea, iul..i.ct lo check at liftbt.
S 9 ljr 4(1 Bnnth Third Ptre.1. I'nil.d. l,.l,ia
IRI'IT C AX -Mni.(rlnre,l from the l.o.l
rharroal tin. frorrd and lol.lerrd oa onl.i.le
and waerantnl lir ,ale h.
ii. F. M1" rrt a ro.
FeptemWr Jlrlra
C. KR-mi.TV!.
I'ppoMle the Jail.
OTOVKS Ironsides A tanner r;.ks, Hunres.
tO J trior iMorea. T,a KrMltt A n,lllrrii
lOorv.i. Id- 4ai Al C. KR iTTCR'A.
SIX T -I'll V :MR't PMIr. M I.I) A in
11 A I. T I M O II U
AtannfAclurtra of
GRAM", KQl'ARE I t I'll Kill T
These lustrutncnti hare been before lite ,ublie
for nearly Thirty years, and nuii tbeir cirellence
alone attained an oupurchnnfd pre.rDiiuence,
which tiroouunccs them iinerjuai.d. Tbur
combines (treat power, sweetness and Sue liiiffinr
unalitv, as well as treat liuri'y of intonation, aud
sweetness throughout the entire scaii. Tbcir
T O I' (' II
Is pliant and elastic, and cut inly from tbe
stiltiietl found in so mnnv I'ianos.
they are unequalid, uaitif none but tbererT best
seasoned material, tbe larfre eapitul employed in
our business rmtbliiift us to keep constantly an
Immense stock of lumber, io., on band.
;f-f-AII our funto 1'ianos have ur New Irn
proved (Herslruriir htle and tbe Ajrratle Treble.
jrvrWe would eall special attention to our
Into iuipmretnents in Grand Pianos and Square
(.rands, Patented Aujr. 14, l-nl. which bring the
l'iano nearer I'erleclion than has yet been attained.
Every Piano ully Varrant:d tr Jiu Years
We have made arrangements for the sole Whole
sale Aifi-ncy fur tbe tuo.t Celebrated I'arlor Organs
and iUWodeoni, which we ollur W holesale and
Itetail, at Lowest Kaetorv I'nces.
Iv'pt. 21, ISrO Clq. liuitmiore, Md
II iatbvat Fllrer Meilat. awarded or.r
all oouifietilioQ, at klecbaniea Llbibitioo, Hoelon,
October, IBM.
wkouoiit mos, aih tight,
DisT Fcaecjr, QnaTE Ha Hckti,
Wrocuht I it on IIaiimtor,
For Burning
Anthracite or Bituminous Coal or Wood.
10 sues fur brickwork, and 2 silts Portable,
lust racTtrarD cxlt ar
K W. eorner 13th and Filbert Streets,
These llecvlvrs are made tf IFvavy WnnTfrbt
Imn, well riveted tosrether, and are warranted U
be absolutely Mas and Iiust Tiphl. Tbey are tbe
only U inters tbat are managed without any dam
pers, and in which all kinds of fuel can be burned
without alteration.
Cooking Rsnpts, for Hotels, ftcftaurants and
Families. Also, a Flat Top Heating Itauge.
Fiie Place Heater-, Low Down Grates, Elate
Mantels, ttegitttcrs, Ventilators.
Putnt-hlelf giving full description, sent free, to
any atinss. jj U iV ly
L'iijhty Six Thousand, Seven Hundred
and Eight y-Ont Marlines Made
ond Sold the Past Year I!
Till nambrr .xeeerf. hp rio.i.tfi la, rates of
an, oth.r Machine, and tb. demand I, till
incr.aitng !
An tow being Dado and t.ld 1
Because It embodirs essential principles not
found in any attart Mact.ioe; keeauss of Its
iiipliclty of eonstraction, aas of operation,
uniformity of preeise aetiot. at any speed, and
capacity for tha greatest range aiii taristy rf
woik, fine or ccar.e.
Parties aUMog to purchase itould Dot fail
to examice this best of all Sewing Machines.
I hT the agency for this Machine, and wil
keep a full supply en hand..
May 4, WMf. Clearfield, Pa.
Life Insurance Company
NEW YORK. noxin
J. F. n. IIAMiKN
II 0. 1'IFFAIUI, M. D....
V. M. T EI'D, Jr
Vir. rreiidcnt
....Mediea) Examiner.
rpR (MICAIll l;.., Coun ted I.Ttom, of
Ibe belt I'liitneil men of New York, aitb tlie olijeet of cnalin. an loilitiitmn tbat
rti-nilit enaniiati't tlie e jntiilenre of lliet.ut.lie, ai
a liherl, ...und and viporou Lile ltisnnn'e
t-'etnpniiv, and his a hi el a suct-css beyond the
rpc'tatins of i s mot saiiRuine projectors.
The AMI( HLK olTrrt all i nip roved plans an-1
detirablc new (i-atures of modern Life Insnrxtice.
and d rs not b!d nut promises or inducements
t Imt cannot be made good.
The A M If A RLI. has deposited enr hundred
ilfMisand d. ilars in I'mnd Mates bonds with the
I nsnrani'C Department of the .Mule of New York, as
a guarantee lr the diachaige of every obligation.
All claims a trnin.t the A M I TA T1LK are nromnilv
and honnrahl.v dm hartc i ; in the event of denth
tVifnrfu a on arcoNNl nfloant or A ft, rid itmiumt.
A 11 Poli irs are non forfeiuble !
All In tJends are nou f. rreitab: 1
All Policies are inrtni(tahi !
Thirty days grace for payment of premiums!
PrivileSa lo travel l.y Ur.d and aeaf
n.ok of Pates, C.rcuUrs. A., fiirnished
wpwn rpplication to the Company's aprcnts.
Agent fi r t barJi- M County.
v. nAniir.TT.
General Agent for Clemfirld, Centre, Jefferson,
iartot) art r.ik countir.
T. j, i!ow:rt, xi. d.,
Mni.fai fcxatiiiner.
rtearnr'l. Aurnst 1 7, l7n .tm
n.WIl) K HAMS'
.NEAR H'THERsiirRtl, I I XS A. alt kin d of Lumber for
LuiMina rnriioaea. l..J
LATH FOR nnnrixo.
n.AfTEItlSt! I.ATII,
TAMXti.', r , ie.
Ilia PlaHrrina; I.a'h ae .Tent, ,ne, ami .1
liff.-renl lrngtfii, to loit .utrhieraj Hi. IVtnri
air four feel t..n. aul r-aJ L...ioUi.
Ail Klnaa or .art I.,,mhn .ill w fnniiitird
In orHer, and itelirered if 10 deilrej. Tiiee, mil j
oe noerai, aoooriling lo qtialitr.
. kin.l. .f nilAIN take. In ,ehanr
for l.omher.
I. illier.Wj P. 0., Jan. 1(1, !;.
V- ,,nn,"'F".,, tirak,-.
Iloollaad , H.raa,lloatvter'a and lire oe'.
OiTreoatei lllti,,, , , rr, tlq..r,, .f all
hiade for -.etHetnal aneno,.: f,...: v..
pniHio.. lor t.l. hi
n. s. swanT
riMIK F A I-l. TKI'.M of foart.a wf,i;,.
J. ineii'w Monday, btptiniWr iifc, ; '
A PriiTiatr ill liarltnnn . 1 1 I.. .1. .
' " " " " 'iiiiii'rTKM)(
petent Instructor hs?e been fi'em.j
.llort will be spared lo render tbt it.u'
attractira and instructi.e. '
Kcadiny. Or(hojrrainy, Writing. 0!.J-Pt Lej.
tns, I'riinary Aritbinatie and 1'rirntrt
History, Local and descriptive Oeo?ri,"'L'j j
r iiuuii, atbiti
and Written Arithmetic
Algebra and the Sciences "
r,i.Ollt,..t. if. In,le..naal.l
. ..... . ... iiauajuiaai allllir l.
j mL
I'll fainting, tt IVSBUlia, ,,,..,,. ,,,,
i r , ,, "."".
particulars send for ( ircular.
Clearlield, crft. 7, lypd.
n rARnrr n ArAnrv
Rev. P, L. Harrison. A. M., Princ
rtVIK FlUrT PKSSIOV of tbe aettfcl
X Tp'ir of Ibis Institution Will coaiinfr-,1
M'iM'Al, tbe 5'h day of September. I;u. 1
Pupils ean enter at any time. Ihrr ir J
char, d with tuition frotw the tine tiny nin 1
ine eiose oi me Session.
The course of initruction embraces even i
includt d in a thorough, practical and ai'cua-J
ed education for Loth sexes.
1 be Principal, having bad tbe advaiii.H J
much exj-erieuoe in bis profession, asm rrt it:,.l
aim fruavruians mat bis entire aijility andJ
win oe ncroicu to tlie moral ana mental tr j
oi ine youin in , un'ler his rtiare'.
(rtbofraphy, Kra-im, Writing, and u
An tit luetic, per hessiun (11 J
ursininar, ueogntpny. Aritniuttio ami
ilislory i
Aigvnra, ueouitiry, J rtrunonatry, alt-a
suratlon, burveinjt, I'bilomphy, Physi
ology, t'brmistry, Luok Keeping, Hot anr
and 1'bysu'nl (norapby (jJ
Latm, Oreek and Freoi-b. with any ol the 1
lMve Uiancb; s
Ml Mt -I niw 30 tetsrinij
Wrro dt duct. on w ill be liia-le lor auit-dbs.
fiVkw further particulars imp ire of
Hcv. p. L. UAUKlaUX. A. M
Feb. 2, Prntnpa;
(Store one door east of Clearfield ILust,)
EF.PS un band a full assortment of G.J
L Furnishing Uoods, such ai hbirts, Lt-
and W ou I to I aderebirt. 1'rawere and fr I
Neck ties. Pocket Handkerchiefs, Gloves, fi,,
ttnbrellas, e.f id great variety. Of kM
Uoods be keeps tbe
Best Cloths of ail "Shades and Colors
Such as Rlark Doeskia of the eery bt k,J
raacy I asiuiere, In great variety , also, rrt
Coaling. Beaver. Pilot, Chinchilla, at, 4 Fm
overeoatipg. All of which be sold chest'
Cash, and made up according to the latest it
by eiperienced workmen.
Alo, Atrent for C'leartlelti county for I. .1
"infer a t'o'i. celebrated bewmg Machines
Nov. I, IMflj-tf, i UUUJiit
stoeah eartue.wae;
riabcr'i Patent Alilll.t Self Stallijl
rruit a. a ii, i
Bl'TTKH tKUtkS, ari'h liiii,
l'ICKLK C'UoCkf,
gTEw T1T3,
AnJ a great nary otiur chli.a too auueriu'.
menlt.n, to be haj at
Corner o! Chnry r d Tljird
Xcw I'aMnet !
.f A. PAN i tQt-r fi r sale Town Ltts in tt.s t
ouu of Osi-oln, Clcartleld ccur.ty, Pn., izi J
ri$ to suit pnrchascn outsule the hx is rf u
boro'.sffh. t'sccla is fituaiid to ti.e M.'iwu
frck. in t;ie riehc3t portion cf the cii.:ti
Cleartiold, on the line if tht Tyrctei C ,i-;i.
Ilailrond, wlnre tL IMtj'ban'-ou and Its-f-:i:
branch reads inttmrt. It is alto in the fcc.rt
the M shannon tusin, and lare bf'j.nt
white (.inc. Ltuil.'ck. t ali, and otb?r tiitl tr ic I
round iL One ol the larcost lumber n in.ttr I
it g e:!a'i;btmiils m tbe tate it located id UiI
town, while there are ni y other luuit-er ati I
.bii:fr nulls arcuntl it. The town is tut tt i.
rears old, And c iiUins a pvpuiation cf cjs li.i I
satid in'iai'iton'.
Kor further Informal icn rpty t tls- I
oi tue aocva compiitiv.
apr!4 fn.r -nulenderL
Boynton's Ligbtiiing CroE6-cut Ssw .
For ,a! It
Mar.ufaclurer of
Tin, Copper and Sheet -Iron Ware.
P.ooting, Pj.autit.g and job work doaeoi
fti ai?4T.i. Trntrs.
Fbcp oa Market St., nearly opposite the Jail,
4 fi-Tft n,FKFu:Ln. r..
Lulheraburg, r.
rIIK fubscriler offrre his eerriers to (hr joV'iS
in tbe enpscity oi ISerivencr and lJrvnr.
A ti culls f.-r utirvejtng promp'ly attended to. s'4
Iben.naiiig of dratS?, deeds ind othrr h irl i!.'.r'
ir.cnt of writing, eiecitti-d witbect dt Isr. axd
wnrranlvd to be orrret or no cbnig. a-l .T
Claim and Collection Office,
O.-t'EOLA, ClearCelJ Co , T.
.4fConre. aneioc an.l all .'(fll paoerl i'
with eei,r.!v .nil di.lial.-h. I'lafl. on aii't rM
ajre hrketa to and trvai any ir I ur.
imeiire.l. e'TO
11)11 fkl.I'.-Tlie ,ul.eeril.erorTeiHlieb;ina
I .ml lot iu l,irh the n .i.l.a in Il.e e.-nf a
i I'liarli-Kl. ..r m!e. It ii ntnati.I en MaA.t
ittret. in nn eliil.le l.-eati.-n lor eill.. r a I r.'-
I.I. u.o, er tiT tii:ilie. I t.t on., a ir I f'
1.-.I an-1 ....rtbv t'le ntunil. n ot lln.e whiilii f w
linen in loan ir..j.erty, ai-il one ao'iae li'-n lb
C ourt UoQlr. I nr prn-e. ..n 1 1 e -r. Tl::"
Mo-. M It V I'lII M'l. H.t.te f. or
B 1 Jl'IIN I.. ( I Tl 1.1-:. Alii .1 U-
VIIMIMHTH ATOltT. vntcti-t!'"
II hi-nel.j- yi. .-n ilial let(eii. .-f a.lii.iii.'ra'
.11 III" eMnle ol lililll.ItT M'lMI'M.N. r i
lole of I'hiat to.nihip, I leaitii II eiie!.. 1'.
l.avinf ben dolv ranleil lo 111? ur t r'ic' e '- " Imlel-U ii In Ml I t.tato . :ll .!rae mil.
pa.ntetit. .ml IhnM. liaiiij( rlaiml or rexar-il
Kill lirin properlr a.itt-.-i'ira,e. ( rHe JaSMIS M IM't'FN.
Clir-t tp., Oet. J f,. A Inuni'lnl
yTA.oi-i tkt h taiiurruii nrT.
l 1 he ih.. p lately .-o.-npii it d, illiain W
Koiptit, .Ireonaeil, ,ito.'. on ll-e ,11. v lt'a
lle.-.l ar. l Pino itrrli, near K. II. l'.pot.
b, rinled on reainniM. ti-rr-.. App'T t
14 K. villi K C 1-AfJMCFS.
CleaUrM, AntiiM 17. 17H Urn.
Mil If I la MI J H l.arfe bt f
UN CANS and lil.Af - J.M1S. at
r a. 11 I TFf.'..
Aumi in, ?m. ' 0 p..iii. ih J'"-
1'IIH I I .. -Whit, l.e.,1. f ,7 Palrt. I
J' aeed li-l. Tnrprntme. arm. he. of .II kimia,
C.-t..ra la Oil and Pit I ami. llrn-1 -
mai IIHT'H rt K ITtW'tV-
llR ti'lhi, Hon. .N.ila. R
nd Raitia. al
Yitea Jan i K VJl ATltr'T1