Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 17, 1870, Image 1

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3 (TAB Lit II P I) IN ltf.
i largest circulation of any Nows
. paper in North Control
Terms of Subscription.
ilj In advance, or within S months. ...I'J K
lid after I and beXor. t months 8 SO
jti) after th. .iplratlon of ( month!.. . 3 OO
Bates of Advertising.
aslant advertisements, per squar. of 1 0 linna or
ess, 8 Uuh or less ', $1 60
Tor .aca lubsequ.nt insertion , 60
alniitrkton' and Eieeutcrs' notloea. 1 60
'tors' notion t SO
lUeal and Ealravs. 1 60
solation notice. 3 00
.ftisiuoal Cards, 1 year 6 00
ftal notion, per lino 16
..16 00
M 00
, oolumn $33 00
i oolumn...
1 ooluian...
46 00
0 00
Job Work.
jh Q,ire )2 60 1 qnlrea, pr. qulr,$l 75
3 fclrol, pr, qatre, I 00 Oror 6, po r quire, 160
i bt,Saer less.t".' 00 I sheet, 55 or less,$5 00
i koot, IS or loai, S 00 I 1 alieet, 3i or less, 10 00
Oror 26 of oaoa of aboro at proportionate ratei.
Editor and Proprietor.
wim-am a. WiLLica. raAsi riaistsa.
Clearfield, Pa.
poT-Legal boainea. of all kindt attended to
with promptness and fidelity. Offloa in residence
of William A. Walloon. '.ul2:TQ
Clearfield, Pa.
je,Ofoee In tho Conrt Honao. deej ly
f H. W. SMITH,
' joJI - C'learflcld, Pa. ly
villus a. WAM.AC.
I Real Bitato Agent, and Conveyancers,
,J Clearfield, Penn'a.
I kTL.ReaI Eitata bought and sold, titles exam
ined, eoaveyancea prepared, psid, and Insu
rances ULou. 0oe in new building, nearly Court .llouae. juul,iO
Clearfield, Pa.
pfOff.ct In tho Court Hoose. IJyll,'"
' Clearfield, Pa.
CCsea Market St , o.r II arts Irk A Irwln'i
, Drng Store.
Star-Prompt attention given to the se curing
f Boanty, Claims, e., and to all legal bustnoas.
Marca IS, ISoT-ly.
Wallacetou, Clearfield County, Penn'a.
; Vs. A II legal bueinesa promptly attended to.
ea aa Second St., ClearOeld, Pa. no.JI,6
Real Katate A (rent, Clearfield. Pa.
OSoaaa Third street, bet. Cherry t Walnut.
aT- Baspaetfully offers bis services In selling
and buying lands In Clearfield and adjoining
owaliea aad with aa oiperienca of over twenty
rears aa a surveyor, flatten himself that ha can
reai.r satisfaction. fobJa.'M tf
Clearfield. Pa.
die. aa Market street on. door east of th. Ctear
1.14 County Bank. may VIII
Joha II. Orris. C T. Aleiandrr.
- Bcllef.inte, Pa. seplS,'6-y
E. I. KIRK, M. D.,
I.attiersburfr, Pa.
- aTWil1 attend promptly to all profcional
aaila. augll:lyrpd
TTAVIXO located at Kvlrrtown, Clearfield CO
I J Pa., offers his professional services to the
pl. of the surrounding oouotry. ibepizv, ov-y
Tfaviay; re win red to Ansnnrllle, Pa., offers his
professional ervieea to the people of that ptwe
,q4 the aurrouning eountry. Ail culls promptly
KUdd to. ll' 0. t 1 1 in pl
J. H. KLINE, M. D.,
nAVINa located at Pennfleld. Pa., offers bis
profeasionat aerrieee to the people of that
I aoo and surrounding eountry. Ail calls promptly
"en, led In. ol"'i,'il
HAVIVO located at Osceola, Pa., offers bis
professional serrices to Ibe people of that
i c and surrounding country.
aj.All falls prou.ptly attended to. Offie.
r-.i residence an Cartia St., formerly occupied
.y Dr. Klin.. ""L'L-
Hirffeoaoflha:d He mnt, Pennsylrania
Voluateera, bavinjt returned from tbe Army,
ffers his profess tonal services to tbe eitlteni
f riearflnld enty
a-Pr.r.ssional call, yromp I, alien leo
tVUe, on Second str..U formerly occupied fcy
r. Wood.. (Bpr,' t!
Becond Street, Clearf eld. Ta.
BT!nvinff permanently located, he new offers
kispmfccsinnal sen ice to Ihe cillsen. or Clearfield
aad riciaity, and Ibe pnblie fcnerally. All calls
promptly aitendod to. octlf y
F. B. READ, M. D.,
K)'leriswa. Pa.
espeelfally offer, bis services to tb. eltisen. of
tb. sarr.adi .oanlry. apr?0 Sw fd
Da. A. M. HILLS,
Deslrt I Inform bis natrons, and the
B.Mic eaerally.'lat beb.s associated wtlb bla
la Ik. practice ef Dentistry,
8. F. SHAW, I). I. 8.,
Wkotaa tradnaw t lb. Phlladclpbia D.nul
Coll..., er.4 tbercfnr. baa lb. bigheil attcsta.
Unas of nrofnei.aal skill. All work don. In
Ike effle. t will bold ars.lf p.rennally raepoasl
kt. fa. kia( doaa I. tbe atost satisfactory aaaa
nr awd kiabMt order of tke profeestoa.
Aa ..labltsbed praeAie. of Iweaty-lw. yaarsla
tkks plae. enable. aM I. speak to tay patient.
a.ik wonldea.
Reirmffrweau from a distance sboald b. asad.
V, bsttw few ayi k.f.r. Ik. patient desijos
Miaf. IJaa. , 1T ly.
GEO. B. G00DL1NDER, Proprietor.
"Pumps always on baud and mado to order
on ibort notice. Pipes bored on reasonable terms.
All work warranted to render oati.fnction, and
delivered Ifdciired. niv2j:lypd
Justine of tb Peace, Surveyor and Conveyancer,
I.ullierburg, Ia.
All burin! intrusted to him nil! he promptly
attended to. Persons wubiiiK to employ far
Tftor will do welt to f(iv biut a call, an lie (In (ten
bitnifir that be can remler tatittluctiun. Vvd of
eon Try Race, articles of BKrreniiit, and all leul
paper, promptly and neatly en-tuted. marJUyp
jy2.1 CM-. All I I 1.1. V, PA. tf
ClcarUcld. Pa.
HAVINO rented Jlr. Entrc.' Brrwerjr be
hopes by strict atli-ntion to bseinc. anl
the uiaiiufupturo of a aitpprior article of 11KKR
to receive the patronage of all the old and many
new euatomcra. Aug. 2S, tf.
DAVID It KAMrt, Luihen-burK, ClrarfieM Co.,
P., oflcra hit aerrifcit a Survi vor in tin?
wl( end of tlif flounly. All cull will bo ittpndrd
to proojpily, and the cbarpn uioilcrnie. l:lf:70
rilHE underpignod offers his services as a Fur-
reyor, and may b found at bia residenoe, In
Lawrence township. Letters will reach bim di
rected to Clearfield, 1'a.
Land Surveyor and Conveyancer,
TTAVIXU recently located In the borough of
1 l Lumber City, and niirned the proetK-e of i
Lund Surreviiig. reKccl Isllv tenders his profrs. ,
sional serl-iees In tire nwne-s of anrl Fpeeululors in
Isnds in Clearlield and al,oining canities.
Deeds of coliveyjiive neatly executed.
OHico and residence Olio door east of Kirk A
Ppeucer's store. uprH.p Hm.
WholesnTe t Retail Dealer in
Tobacco, Cigars and SnulT,
Tno doors ea.-t if tlie Tout OlFce,
L.A lnrCTaMortnienliif Pipi-F, Cigar C', Ac.
)wyi on hand. mylU-ly
Market Street, Cleirflcld, Pa.
"'iJ'EOATIVES made in eloiidy, as well as in
IN clear weather. Constantly on hand a good
a-snrtment of FRAMES, BTERKOSCtlPES and
STKIlEIISCdl'IC VIEWS. Frames, from any
style of moulding, made to order. npr2-tf
House and Sign Painter and Paper
Clearlield, Peim'a.
tk Will execute lobs in his line promptly and
in a workmanlike manner. a( r4,67
nBALea in
Also, eitensiv. manufacturer and dealer in Scjunre
Timber and tiawrd Lumber of all kinds.
Klr-Ordert solicited and all bills promptly
filled. jyifl ly
oro. ALnsnT nr.ssr ai-bert... w, ai.bkkt
Manufacturers A extensive Dealers in
Sawed Lumber, Square Timber, die.,
sTOrdrrs solicited. Bills filled no short notice
and reasonable terms.
Address Woodland P. 0 CleniSrld Co.. Pa.
Je2,Vly W tl.llhllT k II I, OS.
Frnirlivllle, Icai litld County, Pa.
Keena ronstanllr on band a full assortment of
Dry tlimds. Hardware, llroeeries, and everything
usually kept in a retail store, which will b sold,
for cash, as cheap as elsewhere in the county.
Fronrhville, June 17, l07-ly.
DRALKna in
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hardware,
Cutlery. Queeniwere, (1 metric, Provisions and
C learfield, PtLii'a.
jTtat At Ihelr newstoreroom.oa Peeond street,
near II. V. liiffler A Co s Hardware store. janW
masi rACTcnra
II. n. tSllILLINCFOrP, Prrsid.nt,
OlSoe Fore.t Place. No. 1 25 8. 4lh St., Phil'a.
JOHN l.A-in:, Superintendent.
Iou'6" Osceola .Mills, Clearlield county, Pa.
Practical Watch Maker,
Opposite (he Ourt House,
"AII tun. Is of Watrhes, Clwki an I Jewelry
promptly rippurrt, ami work warrant-.) In (rive
j Ht.iar. i'.n
in nr.: i
je, of ,, Peace and Licensed 1
l,ulhcrbnrt. ( Icar(i( l.l t o., Vm,
jrrt'ollcfiitin A remiitaoo'' pnnnpily ma le,
and ail ttin-li of lcgl ii.firumrntc rsptn'H on
I short ntu. rni.y4,iOtt
Intrntor A Mtmfi"torcr of the
(Vlebrated Iron Trame Pianos,
Wan-rooms, No. 721 Arch Pi., Philalrt.hia,
lies rwt ivrd the Prise M-Mtl of the Wt.rlii'i (tral
Klbihi'ton, Lotxi'-n, Lnf. 1 he hiyhrst Piixcs
nwanlrd whrn and wherever eili-biud.
(KslaMishnl lsSl. Je1$ m
Xpw Cabinet !
AM HAXV otter for sale Town Lots in Ibe hor
ousn of Osceola, Cleerttel.1 ciiunly. I'a.. and al.o
lols 10 euil poreliasers ..afside the limits of said
borough. Osceola is siln.led on the Moibannon
Creek. In Ihe richest portion of Ibe cnunly nt
ClearB.1.1, on tbe line of Ibe Tyrone A ClearSeld
Itailroad, where the Moshannon and Itcoverton
branch talerseel. II is nl-n in the heart ol
Ibe Mo-hannon cat hasin. and lartf. bodi.s of
white pine, hemlock, oak, and other liraWr sur
round it. One of tbe largest Inmb-r mannfactur
ing establi.hnients in the State is located in the
town, while there .re many other lumber and
shingle mills around il. The town is but ee -en
years old. and contains a popalation of one thoa
eand inhabitants.
jtatr Kr further information apply at Uie ofBc
af the abor. company.
aprl 4,
Jin) fmi$, d(.
1870. AIGIST. 1S70.
M ill I klit it Out on This Line!
ci.i.Aitiu.i.i), pi xx'a.
DreES Goods, Fancy Goods,
Notions' and Trimmings,
iiatn and Caps,
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes,
fcTlie entire itock on liand will Ic io!J at a
reduction lo prewnt value, and I will n-plroili
the ito.k every sixly djs witb clioice itylcs of
the beet gotttli in the biarlu'L
Near tho PusIimTilc,
Spring Millinery Goods
JiHt Received at
VLT. the Ladies lo Town and the Connfry ere
invited to cull and tec the .Spring Styles iu
We have lo suit all srcs and sixes. We intend
keeping our stock full and complete, so that all
can be accommodated with Ibe best and newecl
styles of eftch season, and at tho lowest prioes.
AIfo, new Inducements offered in tho way of
DBES3-MAKINO, In the most elegant and fash
ionable style., oa Ibe shortest notice possible.
Iletnrmbcr the Place :
Main Street, opposite Mossnp's store,
tew iiorsr.t
NEW miCES!!!
Are now receiving, direct from Baltimore, Kew
York, UostoD, Philadelphia anj TltUhurh, an
lutnenae stock of
Bought at tower priree than bare been made to
any bouse In town since ibe food old days be
fore the late "onpleasantneea" all to be die
tributed to those who visit Carwensvilte for
supplies, Id aecorilsnce with the great sacrifice
at which the were bongbt.
The Ladles are particularly in. led to eatl at
HartNork At C.oodu lu'a C heap Mlore to ex
mine the splendid stock of DRESS OOODS,
new on rxhlbiih-n.
They Defy Coniprtlllou I
Partiei catinot do theniselvei justice In buy
Ing the neecMarlei of life without catling on
Curwensrille, I'.nn'a. mjtlm
NKAii n.Tiu;nFiti no, tlnx a.
AXl FACTCIILS all binds of Liimler for
building purpr,S( s.
Alwnvs on hand-
LA11I FOR ItOolIXtl,
Ac, Ac
II, Plastering Lalh sr. rvenlf sawed and
different lengths, to suit purrhsscrs; the Palings
arc four feet long and ready pointed.
Alt kinds of Pnwed Lumb-r will be fnriii.hed
to order, and delivered if so d'fired. Price, will
be liberal, according to quality.
fA.All kinds of C.n.WN taken In elcbangr
for Lutnlicr.
Luthcrsbnrg P. O., Jan. 19, 1S70.
A I. nn N ,
In Lcavy's Kew Ttuil ling. (formerly occoiied by
Mr. MeOanghey.)
tfONSTA NTt.T oa band a line selection of CAN-
1HKS, M Ts, ( IHAItS, TOHACI o, Ac.
Al.o, IKKSII OVSTKilS received daily, and
acrved np to suit the tastes of customers.
'twill I.I.I AH I) MAI,tHon second story. 1). It. ITLLEBTON.
dast rcccie.d and for sale by
April M. I. T. II l II 10 Lb K A CO.
Mali, kverr eeler shaald kara ana.
''i m -
cleaiM'Ii;ld, ia.
I'd i i:it.
Praver it tho toul'i ttnoere dt-iire.
In uttered or unexpn-xHd,
Tii motion of a hidden Are
That trernhli'i in the Itrrent.
Praver i the burden of a iigh,
The fallinft of a tfarp
The npwnrd ffliineiiijr, of in eye,
W hi n none but Uod ia mar.
Praver l the aiinpleat farm of rj-ewh
Hint Infant tips can try;
Prnver, the r.taitia J(UfLt'h' '
the AUjeity ou hiffh.
Prnvi-r is the 4 'liriit inn'a vital hreith,
The t'hriilimi'i native air ;
Hi watchword at the Rates of death
lie cnleri lUavcu by prayer.
Prayer is the eontriir sinner's voice,
Jt.-tuniing (rutn bia wns;
Vhile eiiftvlri in their ihiiirh rejoice,
And cry, "Rrhuld lie prays !"
The paints in t raver apm-ar s one,
In word and de'l ititl mind;
While with the Fallicr end the Hou,
Hwect fcIluWAhip they And.
Ili're on the hills Hr feedx his herds.
His flock on yonder pluiitf;
Hi praise is wurhlrd hy the birds
Oh. cuiild wo est eh their striiinn !
Oh. Thou ! by whom we come to (iod,
The Life, the Truth, the Wny,
The path of prayer Thy wit ha trod,
L'-rd, traeb ui bow to pray.
The Tax of Mood,
AVIicn rumor tifler rumor rnmoft to
us of warniul revolution in Europe;
when nenrly every telegram nml every
ninil liins us omo fieeh aetount of
wrong nnJ outrage, until
"Tlie ear is pined, the soul is sick
With every day's report"
of Mrucglinjr imtioiinlilics, protestitiff
licmtlKiiieii, toilers driven to tlie l:it
extremity of deFperolion dy li ter,
friiudiiiir poverty, tliu most mitunil
qiu'slion that 8pritif.'H to every lip in,
'Why eucli wretchedness amonij no
many races? What causes nil this
fearful trouhle?" Eilileen linndretl,
and twenty three thoin-nnd ahle hoilied
men now actually in array in lime of
pence ; and, in nine of ene nil warfare,
live millions of tho very flower of the
youth of I-' ranee, Germany, Russia,
Switzerland, Italy, Greece- and Tur
key in Europe, not to mention the
IiiiIihIi Inland", not merely withdrawn
from the productive, softening and
humanizing arts of peace, hut drilled,
I ruined and hy everything that ean
inflame their greed u ml their amhition
for the ferocious, soul hardening devil
tries of war. What wonder t hut hu
manity groans and writhes Lenealh
so frightful a bt.rden !
Let us tako l'tance, essentially, in
fact and hy tradition tho nlmoxl mili
tary nation on the globe, n an exam
ple of tlio workings of this organized
anarchy, which has revoked her
ptescnt Kmperor a hlood relulivo of
tho lrreatest wart ior of modern times, nitdiihli us to no longer rce;nrd thorn
and tho inheritor of bis glory that as unadvoidahlo accidents, but rather
ho lias repeatedly proposed a (eneral ! list tho wicked acts of deliberate sui
disarmiitnent lo his irreat military j cities, willful murderers, or irresponsi
neihhots. What do wo find there ? i bio lunatics.
A peace establishment of nearly half Within A very short time past we
a million men, a framework rcunitine; have t lipped from our exchanges; Ibe
a field forco of 0-17,1!" 1, and a grand , follow ing cases.dind liavo passed over
total of l,:i.ri0,000 soldiers liablo to be
sttmnionid into servico at any mo
ment. Tho cost of maintaining the
peaco quoin is 340,0011,1100 francs, (li
nearly fT0,(i0O,nti0 pel an tm m, while
tho war budget is almost f l:l(l,(iUO,no(l
per annum. Of 3-'2,O00 young men
who every twelvo month reach the
ago of twenty, no less than (iO.OOtl
are taken for tho Gardo Mobile alone.
Look at Iho figures: In 6vo years
t:;f0,nil(l,0(iO, with interest, drained
from the effective capital of tho nation,
and 300,(1(10 pairs of sturdy arms and
sets of active brains withdrawn from
its laboring strength. Now, il is the
merest folly to point lo tho consump
tion made hy t heso uniformed idlers at
homo. Tho soldier is tho minimum
consumer in tho useful direction. As
on artesian, or even as an agricultural ,
..:!. 1 11 i: I
loner, lie w onm use moiu v.-uiiiiinmii iv-s
in quantity and better 111 quality ly
fur t ! 11 ti he does as the slave of roiiline
and diciplino, while at the same
ho would be beau'il'ving the count
nnd miiltiiilvitiL' its material wealth.
Moreover, such upo of goods as the: A daughter of Thomas Nicholson,
poor nameless privuto in tho ranks of Put Jervis, II years of age, was
can nuiko is simply waste, resulting attempting to make a fire in the slove,
in absolulnly nothing bul additional ' ui IVrosi tie to facilitate tho w ork,
impoverishment to himself nnd his j when the flame communicated to the
compatriots, of the total of 100,0o0 j can, vhich exploded, scattering tho
men required annually to keep the contents over tho girl, burning hor
army ranks full, KO.UUO belong to thcihiensl nml arms badly, so ihat it is
agricultural this and poor families ' frnrcj she w ill not recover. Her
in tho cities. Of these) .il,(i.)H at least I cloll t wero nearly nil burned from
nro farmer boy '1 his, in the seven
years' term ol service imposed by law,
anitiiints to 20,000 men, or seven'
threo iiiiece fir every cominiino in
Franco for thnt whole lapo of lime.
Thus, ns tho ablest Froith slalisti
chin estimate, an average of JiiO.OOO
families liavo to look elsewhere for
tho nid in their field woik which
would have been rendered 113 tho son
of tho house. Tbe substitute has not
1.. 1 r...l I.... .....I ,,.. iu
to '" -
another drain upon tho feeblo resour
ces of the poor farmer. What misery,
what th privation, w hat "hopn defer-
of,r,,, ,l,lt mnkt'lll 1 1 10 heart sick" must
these wretched people endure in nil
the long period of their boy's absence !
Why, it is agnin computed that one
hundred thousand families are kept in
positive penury ley this terrible bur
den. Al lust Iho son returns, expect
ing, it mn3 be, to find tho old hearth
stone, tho little field and garden plot,
tho lowly cabin, endeared timid all
their humbleness to his childhood.
In loo mnn3' instances, alas! ho finds
thorn in other blinds: toil, infii niil v.
despair, too well seconded by the lax
gatherer nmt tlie liailill, liavo swept
away bis homo and consigned bis
..........t. if i,r.w ot.ll in
lender mercies, the straw indict, the
ack bread and gruel of tho parish
And this is the gallant soldiers' reward
for seven years' faithful service I This
it the nation's and tho individual's
glory ! How much moro snd the
stor3 when Ihe returning soldier
comes toileting back feeblo with dis
raso and only half cured wounds?
Keen should tho hospital receive him
if. he has llie misrrnblo consciousness
tluit liu is still a burden, helping lo Im
poverish and jirostrato other strug
gling families, and bo perpetuate tho
reign of miocry.
In nil tho nbovo wo have not touch
ed tlio still deeper and sadder su fieri ng
of desolato homes and broken ties
tho aged father, tho young sinter ltd'l
w ithout a protector ttio nmulcn seo. j head and hotly. Jler clothing was
itig tho hopo in life depart for an tin- entirely destroyed, and lior injuries
certain absenco the schemes of hum- nro of a serious nature,
bio happiness crushed out forever. Mrs. Jnnn, of Gttleshnrg, lift w.hile
"The short ond simple annals of the trying to light hor ftro will) kerosene
poor" find litllo sympathy in tho iron oil, was so badly burned that sho ox
heart, of military rule. Those men pired tho same ovoning.
who play tho dark game of war and A coul oil lumpoxplodod a few days
ainlnliorCwlioso dice oro human hones, ago, in Portsmouth, Va , and besides
liavo little pity for thoir instruments. severely burning several persons an'd
It is to the eternal honor, tlion of 1 destroying several thousand dollars
iiTtrUinpcror Ntipoleoti 1 1 1 ,'t ha t seek-1 worth of property, to interesting lit
ing tho prosperity of his people and tin boys, aged, respectively, eleven
inspired w ith lofty feelings of human
ity, ho has, time and again, invited a
conference of his brother monarchs to
end this sad chnpler of Buffering, and .
reduce to its least proportions tl
tax of blood. Tlio sumo influences are
working with him now, and in this
hour of his renewed triumph the voice
of his bright boy whom ho seeks to j
placo upon tlio throne that he has just
consolidated, and of tho gifted and
beautiful lady who has been his good
genius in many a trial and tho inter
cessor for tho peoplo in many a
crici, will, undoubtedly, bo united to
strengthen bis resolvo and second his
efforts for a general trtico. Toaccotn-1
plixli such a mission would ho, imb ed,
lo "crown the edifice." It would be
the signal for another glorious onward
fcp iu tho progress of Into civiliza
tion a forerunner of that period for
which tho henrt of Christendom, ro
membering tho voico of its divine
exemplar, incessantly yearns
Whrn fit. war drum throbs no longer,
And the battle flnjr are furled,
in tho presence of an international
tribunal of justice ami truth.
Apply thrcc-fourlhs of tho capital,
tho energy, the skill, tho ingenuity
mutually worse than wasted in Europe
to its highways, its railroads, its
canals, its telegraphs, its lighthouses,
its harbors; to education, lo charity,
to tho belter tiurttiro of children to
tho euro of tho sick, tho nged, the
infirm ; to tho redemption of wasto
lands, to colonization, to the spread
of the Gospel, t lie friendly intercourse
ol man Willi man ami nation wiui .
nation, nnd what have till tho a-hievo-1
ments of tho past been in comparison
tho higher nnd purer glorv of
a work and such an epoch ?
A Y. Herald.
MurJor Arson Suicide.
Scarcely a day passes that wo arc
not called upon to reoord sotno horri
ble death and destruction of property
caused by criminal recklessness in tho
use ol kerosene The Irequeney of these
terrible occurrences tho intolerable
sulfei inirs, nnd the dreadful loss of lile
and property occasioned by them ad-
without notice .1 crenl ninnv more
Sirs, Henry Work, residing near
Mechanics Grove, Lancaster county,
was burned lo death in attempting to
fill a coal oil lump wuVi- liijhtcil. .She
mlVcicd tho most excruciating agony.
Sa ah Heeler, of Wheeling, Vu , lit
temping to fill n lamp iclulf it iras
burn tig. Tho lamp exploded, enve
loped her in flames, and she died in
agony a few hours afterwards.
Sirs. Longacrc, of Chester county,
tried to expedite the kindling of a
tiro ly pouring coal oil upon it. As
might have been expected, iho nil-can
exph ded, enveloped Mrs. Lonacre in
flam s, and burnt her to denlh.
Sl;ty SI. Miller, a beautiful and in
tere ting girl of Heading, a few days
ago wHlcnvorcd to kindlo a firo in tho
kilclt n stove by pouring cmil niton the
wnoi., and then set the lamp down on
the rlove. An explosion that souiid-
el li te the discharge ofaeannon took
piuc ttnu-tiiry vasourne.i to a i-nT
1 1 I ..,1 nfie I In mn. ,lili n,
' i""";'" ; !
1 lieat l-rendinir suffering,
hi't hiui V
Slias Pridinger, of Hagcrstown, Sid.,
having considerable trouble in start
ing a 'tire, picked up ,1 coal oil rnu
M'liich wns near at band, and com
!irn7 pouring the oil upon the tire,
1 nd the consequence was, an explo
sion immediately ensued, Ihe ignited
lOntents flying iu every direction, set-
jug her clothes on lire, anil envelop
tig her ill names. AHer oli.luring
";' - ' , r,
. l..o I,., lie. fit thnlmivl PYrrtM-Olllliir
1 join , sue ex neu.
t!-.:.i 1 i. .... ..,..:.!.. .-,'
i an of ubiml 1 1 years ol ago, was en-
il avorniL' to kindle a I110, und to In
citato combustion, be Mocurcd the
nil ran and commenced pouring tho
I' lid on tho wood. Tho result w as
1 ,c ignition of tho kerosene and tho
immediate explosion of the canister,
t c liquid flamo completely envelop
ing the unfortunate youth. Ho ling
ered in groat ngony until next morn
ing, w hen deatii ended his suffering.
Near Tarboro, N. t'., while Sir I
lird wus engaged in filling a lamp
iluit Was, liuhled. it explotled ami
- 1 knocked him down and set firo to ihe
tliess in ins who s nurse, 110 was out -
rving a new born infant. 'Ibe nurse
l',v dow n tho infant lo rxliiiouisli the
j fl.mics. Mr. Dillard iu tho nieunlimo
r.esvoriiig 1 rum too sum o nun n -
ci ived, wont to tho assistance of tho
nurse, nnd seeing tho bundle of clothes
..n tho table in a blar.e, seized them
and threw them out of tho door, not
knowing their prt ciott contents. On
boing taken up tbe inlnnl was lountl
dead. Hut its death by tho fall wus
no doubt sent in mert'3. as ils body
ws found to bo burned in several
pluoes, which would, in all probabili
ty, liavo only prolonged its sufferings
for a few hours.
Mrs. Ann Shortor, of Philadelphia,
aged 45 years, was filling tho lamp
close by tho gas light when it explod
ed, throwing tho blazing oil over her,
burning her severely in tho bands,
and thirteen, children of Mr. llurvey
llarncs, perished in tho flames before
llity could bo rescued. As soon as
tho premises wero suflieicntly cooled,
tho firemen went in among tho ruins,
ond brought out the charred ond
shapeless remains ol the two children,
which wero sewed up in chillies and
their bodies banded over to the afflict
ed friends for interment.
In Cincinnati, Miss liickford tried
lo light a tiro with coal oil An ex
plosion was tlio result. Sho was al
most instantly enveloped, in flames,
and rushed into tho street and fell into ,
the gutter, but was fatally burned bo
fore any assistance could be rendered.
Ieath ensued in nbottt an hour.
A I Xeliionville. Ohio, a girl aged
fifteen attempted to light o firo in a
stovo by pouring coal oil upon tho
kindlings. The can of oil exploded
nnd tho girl was enveloped in flumes
from bead to foot. After lingering in
great agony for several hours she was
released from her sufferings by death.
Mrs. James Tyarlc, residing in
Heading, Pa., used coal oil from a
lamp to kindlo a fire. Tho lamp ex
ploded, with a report that startled tho
neighborhood, and tho flames rushed
out of tho low chimney to a great
height, completely Lilling tho foliage
on otio sido of a treo near by. For
tunately Mrs. Tyark wfs not injured,
and no serious damage resulted from
the fire.
Now which of tho foregoing disas
ters ean bo justly regarded as an Oc
cident? In every caso mentioned,
t,0 pnrtion wore ..-iiluT nttcm.ting to
f, co;l oil lamps whilo lighted, or to
kindle fires with coal oil nets which
none but criminals or idiots would
think of doing, as an explosion must
result almost as certainly nsif a spark
wero applied to a powder magazine.
Kvery one of tho above disasters
migtil have been prevented had tho ( him, hoping in tho struggle to deal
principals in each caso exercised as him a deulli-hlow. Getting on his
much judgment as a ten year old child ; knees, and firmly grasping his crutch,
ordinarily possesses. ' Ilemcry yelled al tho dog. Tlio ani-
Perhaps ono reason why people will j mal, slid tearing round tho room, and
persist in recklessly endangering their ' clashing his jsws together, suddenly
own and neighbors' lives by carelessly stopped, glaring on Ibe man, and then
handling kcroscno, is tho fuel that the made a furious spring for iho bed.
manufacturers of tho various kinds , With suro aim, Detnery's crutch do
of lump fluids, confidently assure the scended on the dog's bead, and felled
public that their particular stylo of , him to tho floor. Threo limes tlio
lamp or theirsupcrior brand of illumi- ( infuriated brute returnd to thecliurgo,
nated oil will not rxplwle. Tbero is i and thieo times was repulsed. At tlie
not to day in tho country a kerosene foulh time bo fell stunned and bleed
lamp but contninswithin itafiro fiend j ing, and after breaking tho crutch
ready al any momen, lo burst forth I ovor his head, tho man finished him
and envelope its votaries in flumes of!
torment. Let those who must use
tho villainous compound cxerciso the
greatest po.siblo care in doing so.
llamllo it a earefullj' a 3'ou would
nitrnglyeoiino. Never for a moment
think of filling a lamp that is lit, or
in the vicinity of a fire, or a mulch,
or even gas light ; nnd least of all
never think of kindling a firo with il
unless 3'ou nre read3' to experience a
foretaste of peidition, to bo speedily
followed hy a realization of perdition
itself. Exchange.
A Goon Kl i.e A man who is very
rich now was very poor when a boy
When asked how he got his riches, ho,"
"Sly father taught me never to play
,,iii ,!, . ft,,;. i,,i ,! ,..
to spend my money till I had earned
it. If 1 had but an hours' work in a
day 1 must do that tho first thing,
and in an hour, and after thnt I was
; j , , , u ,
I I J ' ' , J.
I with much more pleasure than it 1
had tho thou eh t of an 111. finished task
upon 1113 niind. I early formed the
huhit of doing everything in lime,
und it soon became perfectly cas3" to
me. And it is to this I owo in' pros
pcrily." As P.KoAM as it is Losn. A Ger
man statistical writer remuiks tlinl
the intention of the sewing machine
has enabled ono woman lo sow ss
much as a hundred could sow 113 hand
a century ago; out no continues .one
w.Mnannowdemandsasmutd, cloth -
... . 1...1 ...ti,. ,,.l, . I, I
after all
M ,
"(i KNTl.bMKN of tho jury," said 0
1.1,, st..,;.., . .I..,,-,,.,,- ; a ooit ni.ont n
........ .... ....j... n -
t of I,,,,.. , i:..i,il
tnen of tho iury,
, ,i,.,r0 tt...ra .1.;,.,.. ,oim
in that
I . - t; piease rem oiio.t ma, ... v-
th rty-six iol's : just exact y tnrre , ' """"' " ...-"'. ...... ...
. . K ' '.. ... .;di il,. . I.nn,irl f Art- coril.
j jury IOK KOI,icm(.n." Tho attorney
I u"111 1 K,n ,no ca"
Smith sometimes si
ays those things
aid. Hear him :
which ought not bo sun!
"People who work hardest, and bare
tho most need of rest, nro tho ones
who cannot afford tho lnxtir3 of n
visit to a mountain or seaside. Those
who take lifo easy, and do not perform
luminal labor, can afford to tako a
summer vacation." ,
Ills given, ns on important item
j frl)m Washington, ilia'. Grunt nttends
, .,c uioalro every ingni. i.ineoin
used to attend Iho theatre in the same
' u-.iv an,! would no doubt, be dolnir
' j,,t) ,t for an nnfortiinato change
.ol programme, wnerony n moiirniui
. tragedy was substituted for lively
A San Francisco printer offors to
, do the Govermcnt printing n ith Chi-
1 noso la hor for ball tho present ccst.
Be cautious in speech, but prompt in
TERMS-$2 per annum, in Advance.
SEItIliS -, NO. 5.
Th' n It was written in the sky,
And in the stars aboro,
Thnt but Ibnsi momruts should be gi.fn
To me for life ami love.
One moment for us lo meet.
And one to part, and then
One moment fur a rainbow drean,
To melt in tears auin.
Yes, thus 'twas written In the shy,
'Twas thus the stars decreed,
'And wo, far parted, wandered on
To melt In tears agmn.
Hut Ibere's a happy, distant land,
Whero the bonds of fate are rireli,
And there we too shnll meet again,
Beyond the starry heaven.
A Fearful Struggle with a Eabid Dog.
A crippled man, Mr. Ilcmrry, shut
in a room fn DccNsi with mud dun,
has just shown pluc K and piuioneo ol
mind. On Friday last, his wife and
child went oul leaving him in bed.
Tho dog tried to go with them, but
wus driven back. Uetnery lay read
ing for uboul an hour, lien bo was
aroused by tho actions of tho dog,
which stood in the cenlre of tho room
with glaring eyes, and bristling hair,
and yelping hideously. On being
spoken to, tho dog slunk under the
bod and lay there howling with pain.
A gust ol wind closed the door, utid
Domcry and the dog were shut in the
room together.
In a cliort limo the animal sprang
from u oiler tho bed, and begun a fu
rious circuit of tlie room, Knapping his
jaws, from w hich oozed a thick saliva
that scented the room liko mu-k.
Hound and round ho rushed, upsct
ing chairs, bounding over tho stove
und catching at everything in his
Ilemcry yelled ul tho dog, and bade
bim lie down. Just then tho brute
halted al tho door, and Demery raised
himself on bis elbow and laid bold of
his crutch, intending lo rise and open
tho door. The dog enraged by iho
movement, sprang ut him with a
bowl, bul received n blow from the
crutch which sent hi in rolling on the
floor. Tho animal soon struggled up,
however, and reoumud bis mad race
around tho room, presenting a more
frightful visage than beforo. Demery
moved to the sido of tho bod next to
the wall, und gripped big crutch ready
lor defence.
It suddenly occurred to him that
his wife and child would soon return,
and t hut tho dog, which he saw was
rabid, would probably attack olio or
bothoflhcm as they would unsus
pectingly enter. This wus Iroin that
moment tho one trrrihlo dread that
filled his mind. He formed tin unse l
fish resolvo, and at once acted upon it
II o would exi ilo tho hruto to ullttck
off with an axo. Demery then drag-
god Hie body outside, nnd calmly wait
ed for the return of his family. A. Y.
Tiik Mkiucation of Natire. If
one is not sick unto death, what more
effectual medication can be found
than tho sun, and tho south w ind, nnd
tho all embracing Kurth ? Tho child
ron of tho poor uro lioiiltli3-, because
the' sprout oul of Iho very dirt
Tho sun dispels humors, enriches the
blood ; and the winds execute a sani
tary commission for these neglected
ones. The' live, because the' uro of
tho earth, earthly. Tho experiment
"-anting a race 01 oiicnuaieu ,er-
j mryn to clean apron
1 dickeys, is a railuro. a he
nud 1 lean
to is a vast
! "u""t of post mortem doggerel that
never would have been w ritten it the
cneruns m.a o, maoe u ;, 1 , nnu
11, 1 ,
n."u '""'''J " ''IC'"' 11 ll
culture, to court tho wilderness ami
rinln iiinr.rv if uiriit'n lil'n.
I.el one
sleep on the groundin n mild climate.
for three moulds, nnd even the man , '"t,r type eseliewe.l, extra lights 10
who reads Homer is content, often, to '"sod, so n lo disguise the fatal syinp
sleep tbero tbe ret of bis lifo time loin- l!'it s g" and child come, then
It is better to lame the savage rather another, and 3d another, and so tho
...... i;.,.l,- nn,lailliininnrer,,. f, ,v 1 S II :t I 1 1 lOtl li I V IIIOVC Oil US UpttCO, lIlO
if be be eliminated wholly, tho best
relations with Nature nro broken off.
Kverinore c nre Hooking for some
thing among books and pictures, and
in tho babblt-gs ol polite society,
that we do not lind. When the blood
, .. ... ...... . - - -
, n!, 1 r ,1!
, , , , ,, 1
to tho clouds, ns balloons on no, and
j n'K'' discourse ; while tho world,
' under our fort, teeming w ith its mvr-
i'ol lives, pulsating even to tho sinal-
! lest tlnst. nnd nil clorifiod, if w-o will
, ,-.11 1.:,.
; oenoui 11, is 1101 iiikco uuo u-oosm
1 speecli interpretcii, nor lis renuu-
. 1 11 ir ami trouhleil liuminitv. 11 11ns
, f. "' ' ; . . ." .( - ,.J
w ill I.....I Ihn ninnt. rrnrd wound. In
the day of our mortal burt we do bul
, ::.. . : .: : : ,: ..; : " .
on back lo Ihe earth, bclievinr- i,.,i
in tho ages to eomo we shall go forth
1 again, eternally renewed. Omhm l
Al a recent wedding party in
llhinebeek, a tho clergyman reached
that part of tho ceremony, "I now
pronounce yon " a fish peddler in
the street shouted "bull heads! bull
heads!" to tho amusement of some and
the consternation of others present
on the occasion.
.Men's lives should be liko the day,
moro beautiful in the evening
, like the summer, aglow with promise;
I . , 1 1, m. ., A .!... I.
n, is n 1 n . r 1- w 10 uie uomi-o
slionves, wnriT go-m uu u-vus
have ripened on tho field.
An sdverlisement wn sent to the
Cleveland tlcrahi, in which occur the
word, "Tho Christian's Prcnm : No
Cross, No Crown." Tho compositor
made it read : "The Christian's Dream :
Vo Cc"J, .Vo Ohs .'"
fttioitr am i-Roi on x.
It Villi tie rememlH'tf I tl.nt lh bia
loiy of Nisgarn as ttti'leii by mnn,
L'ova back baldly to t'i'iitiiiie. j al
this lime I'm lor Hennepin, who ap
pears to he Iho first whilo man who
ever sa w or eveii hear I of the fulli,
discovered them whilo on bis way
from the St. I tiwrencoto Iho I'ppcr
.Missieeippi. Ho has left an nccount
of that " rroiliiMiuis I'ndeneo of Wa
ters w hich fulls down of a surprising
nnd astonishing tnnnner, insomuch
thai tho I'tiiversn cannot n fi ord its
parallel ; tho Waters," ho adds,
"which fall from this horrible, Preci
pice do foam mid boylo after tho
iioisl hideous manner imaginable,
making an outrageous Noyso mora
terrible than that of Thunder." Tho
good father rather exaggerates tho
"dismal roarinir," for ho says tho In
dians wero forced to ubtindoti tho
neighborhood lest they should bo
dentoned by tho uproar; and in tho
curious picture which ho gives, tho
spectators nro represented as holding
liieir hands to their cars io shut out
tho roaring of tho catami l. lint this
picture, and the description which ho
gives, show us tho appearance of tho
fulls in his days. The main fall now
lbs "Horseshoe" then ran in neatly
a straight line from Goal Island to
Tublo Hock. This rock jutted far out
into the main stream, and was termi
nated by a til u IV, which turned a purl
of tho witter dirccth- back, forming a
lesser "cutarnot, which full directly
facing tlio maiii fall. A century utter
this bind' had fallen away, as Tublo
liock has dono within a few years,
I ut its silo was plainly discernttblu.
But Niagara's own rock engraved
record of itself goes back into uges
compared with which the two centu
ries of its human history nro but n
day. Wo can tell the precise appear
ance or the fulls at almost any epoch
since when, initio otl.OIIO 3 ears ago
tho water plunged over Iho edgo of
the bind", just itbovo Lewislon-n, six
miles below tho present place. lint
this descent of three hundred und fil
ly feet was not accomplished ul It
single lea); tlicra must liavo been
three falls of different hcighls. separa
ted by inlorvi ning rapids. The high
est single fall, tit Miiy period, was
some 211,000 years ago, w hen tho cata
ract was at tho w hirlpool, four miles
below tho present falls. The fall was
then two hundred and forty feet high,
the wholo body of water descending
in a single sheet. And as the fall re
cedes u little less than a foot a 3'ear
about a milu in 3,0(10 years by ex
amining the t liaiactcr of the rocks
and dip of the strain, we can predict
the appearance which Niagra will pro
sent lor two bundled centuries, pro
viuing that in tho meantime no chaiigo
takes place in the present order of na
ture. Thus, in o.UiiJ years tho main
fall will bo a little ubovo tho bead of
Goat Island ; the American fall will
have disappeared, and Goal l,-i;ind
will bo an Island no longer. Tho
height of the full will then bo twenty
feel less than il now is. Another
,r,f liiij years und tlio height of the fall
w ill bo reduced by forty more feet.
In 10,(100 more years tho gorge will
have lengthened back to tho bead of
! tho rapids, and all thai constitutes
I Iho present Niagara will have disap
1 poured. Tbero will be no great rata
Iract: bul in its place a rapid, with a
descent of two hundred and lift 3' feet
in four miles. lr. A. II. GucrnMy, in
JIumc Journal.
Tho Fooling of Growing Old.
There is a mystery in the feeling
of growing old. Try as we mny , wo
cannot quite tleflno tho strango seitsi-bilit3-
that slowly creeps over tho
heurl liko a distant foicruiu or of Iho
last it'3' coldness. ' Do 3 0U feel your
ane?" wo ask of rninu octogenarian,
making our self solicit ude in a pathetic,
sfyle ol politeness. Hut the answer
seldom throws any light on tho won
der wo are vainly striving to muster.
Then wo endeavor to proho our ow n
emotion; and here, loo, we nre baf
fled. Why should Christmas come
around so soon? Why should years
crowd so fast on each other? And
even space familiar space why
should it contract itself so marvelous,
ly? The old farm, tlio encircling
hills, tho remote mountain tops, tho
ver3- heavens 110110 nro as large as
they once were, and yet for il till no
reason !
Tho first shock of surprise with
which advancing lifo announces itself
is a very difinilo experience. It is a
deep cut notch, and tiie buck of life's
treo never grows over il. And then
sets in the nopliistry of devices, of till
dextrous concoils, of pertinacious
logic, to persuade, ourselves that we
nro not quite so old us iho calendar
1 .... 1 1 l!..a A u,tii..v .,C fiiiili.ri iril-ca a
, ........ - ;.'"
. "d . n , w,,'.
1 ! lashi .nablo ntliro assumed.
HiJIH manners ruitivaieti, nnvs mm
1 g;rls patronized, email print resisted,
thin veneering ruhs off, mid t'ie con-
1 elusion is pltimply mot thai nro get
ting old. And l hero is 11 touch of
1 pathos in it., something that vivifies
!onc to one's soil', something that em p.
I lies the meimity very su l lenly into
consciousness, something that
V the immense contents
I of the small word Lile.
Not that tlio si niggle is nil over.
The resislanco to tho thought of ui:o
is nol doled, il is on!3 itilel'iuitted ;
and back it comes 011 fine brac ing
days, in: festal occasions, and when
enterprises ol pi ill and moment chul
lonoo our tilnt k. if wo chance with
,.derlv individuals, men that ate tcrv
, -
1 bald, women that nro Very fat, tho
weakness irols upponnou again, ami
asserts itself with charming bttoyan-
i oy, verging on 11 little deceit
veeoi,,,. on iitn deceit. ut at
'" H l''o nur" '' "v'-r
, ts lost ground. '1 he gut tering time
of the harvest is ul baud; soon tho
beautiful fruits are ours ; and then np.
j pear one by one the sweet eompensa
I lions tor w h til has been taken awnv
from us. Slowly, too, a new insight
j is granted to our inward being, nnd
1 this touches the heart with strange
i tenderness. A drop quietness per
I vados ns. We do n it need our ma
lignant passions to quicken our intel
lects, lor wo can bo slropg wiibotit
anger, firm w ithout obstinacy, decid
ed without dogmulisni, and earnest
without fanaticism. If our senses
have decayed, ha not ihe soul gained
thereby ? Tho outer world has nar
rowed ; bow small is its horiion, nnd
how few friends slsnd in its fading
light! Il is all very sad, but the
world within has gloriously enlarged ;
its horizon was w idened into a shin
ing space, and ils renith is far higher,
ami its lofty sky burns w ith sorcne
luat re.