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litonr.K H. (ioom.ANUkit, Editor.
wrnsHfOAT units isa, it, w".
lie ,nt Moon Hprak.
Two weeks nioro will number tlic
Presidential days of Andrew Johnson.
A loyul excluinj,'o unnotinccs to tho
world as o fact, thai Gin. Gram's Cub
inet will bo composed of staunch Re
' publicans. This is wonderful news,
and neurly as ominous as the hurried
repoal of tho tonuro-of-oflico bill by
tho Rump House, (which is now stick
ing in the Sennlo, as well as the bill
introduced to prevent a person from
holding a military and a civil ofllco at
the same time.) These menaces, when
taken together with tho riot Butler,
Binghnm, Wade and other murderers
and blackguards, created in the Rump,
On the 10th instant, while counting
the Totes cast for President, shows
conclusively that a bitter intcrnul
strife is now being waged in tho Ioyul
family circle
In a few days Gen. Grant must
speak ; and until he does speuk, the
Vahburnes and tho rest of mankind
must wait. Should ho luil to dance to
Greeley's music "Romo will be made
to howl," wbilo the General will be
compelled to undergo a more vonom
otis persecution than even President
Johnson. Impeachment will then
again be in order, and tho afterpiece
of tte drama commenced in the Hump
on the 10th, will be pluycd, while tho
futeoi the actors will be that of Robes
pierre and tho rcast of tho French
Jacobins. History is constantly ro
repeating itself so far as the conduct
of men is concerned. The loyal lead
ers in Congress are just as godless und
depraved as thoso in tho French As
sembly of '89 and '93. Their work
lias been as bloody and corrupt while
thoir ambition is far more dangerous,
becnimo they aro moro ignorant; and
knowing full well tho mislako tho
French leaders mudo by assailing the
Church, they assumo a pinch-buck
morality and clasp tho Church to
.their bosom in order to forward their
wicked schemes. But all will fail.
If tho futo of Butler, Bingham & Co.,
is not that of Robespierre, Ponton
and their conspirators, wo shall be
niislukcn : That's all.
South Carolina loyally.
Mr. J. Al. Cooper, of Chamborsburg,
has been spending somo time in tho
Southern States, and in writing to the
Valley Spirit,ho informs the public out
of what kind of material loil men are
made. Ho went to Charleston, "that
bot-bed of secession," as it was termed,
and finds it now tho "hot-bed" of
loilty, Bculnwagst and niggers. He
took a side view of the Legislature of
South Carolina, and says :
"The presiding offl -ers of both branches arc
white men. The. President of the Senate Lieu
tenant tJorernor Hooter, a fat old carpet-bagger,
who was elected on the T.latfortn of "lortr acre.
and a mule." The dclndcd negroes have not yet
ar-n me "ionj acres, nut ftomeol them are said to
hare oome to tha conclusion that they hare got
a mule" in the person ol the Lieutenant Governor.
The Ppmkcr of the llouc in a nativo Carolinian,
and belong! to the race of erelawags. After a
Surrey of the member! of both branchel, I lot him
down, from hii looks, ai the meanest
man in tho whole lot, either white or black. I
knew nothing of hie history then, but I learned it
before we left Columbia. Uii naaie Moses, lie
wal rlccrotarr to Governor 1'ickeni when South
Carolina passed the ordinance of secession, and
when Fort Sumter fell he elicited the honor of
bunting the rebel Sag over her. Ilia request was
granted and he rained that flag over the Fort
when Major Anderson and his little command
marched out This furious original secessionist
Is now one of the leaders of tha Negro Itepiil.lirau
party of South Carolina, and presides over the
I'opular branch or the legislature, whilst men like
William Aiken and Wade lisinpton, who at first
opposed secession, are not permiltedto vote ! Our
Radical Congress ha rewarded htm (for hoisting
the rebel flag over Fort Sumter f) by removing bis
The Difference. Ten duys ago
Mr. Holbrook, delcgnto in Congress
from Idaho, took the liberty of saying,
in rather plain terms, thnt Beubt But
ler did not always Jell tho truth when
ho was railing againBt his neighbors.
This raised a great hub-bub in the
"loil" Rump. An effort was at once
made to expel Mr. Holbrcok, but it
finally wound up by colling him be
fore the) 8icRker, where ho was pub
licly reprimanded lor his soft impeach
ment of tho Dutch Gap Canal hero.
A few days after, this liar, bhrtk
gunrd and coward liutler together
with tho hero of Vienna, Baltimore,
etc - Schcnek and a fe other "loil"
sneaks and murderers, actually created
a riot in thcllouso, thereby disgracing
the whole nation ; but neither of them
woro molested. Tho reader may ask :
" hy tins distinction ? Wo answer;
lecaurc Mr. Holbrook is a Democrat,
whilo tho murderer Bingham and his
cohorts aro "loilists." A detailed
statement of tho conduct of tho "God
nnd morality" leaders will bo found
elsewhere in this issue.
The Democrats of Connecticut have
ronomi,.ud tho present Executive
Ho... Jntnc E. Kngli6h, as their can
jl.iluto for Governor. Gov. Engliih
has been twic ,.crtcdi hn, n)aj0 an
e-TcellMit offlccr, .nd hi, riends feel
confident they can elect him for a
t urd time. Tho election comes off
the first Monday (5th) of April. Tho
D.Mmion ?adical, have ro nominated
their Jew ell, defeated last year by Mr.
Tho republican Slutu Central Com-initu-e
met at lllurihurg on Thurs
'y,(tS.) and decided to hold the
Male Convention on Juno 23d, In
Philadelphia. This, if mi.take
not, is the death blow to Geary.
Tho expenditures of .reconducted
Louisiana during lm exceeded the
receipts by 3GS,ti00. .. .
Contest over the Veto of Georgia
Isrrklnn a,f Vlrr-Pmtils hi "'
lr. of (.till rl llwtlrr 111. ttj o !
an till Ihi-lr Biol Ma I orsre iinvuie
I .arltrnirlil.
The Wsahittginn cori'i'ponili'nt t.l
the N-tw Ymk H'.r. givra a graphic
ilcscriplion of tho pnxt'edinL'S nt the
Seiiuto and House of liVpre'cnliitivcs
wIh'H in Joint Convention for thr pur
iwrso of counting iho voles aid tleelar
ing tho result of the last Presidential
election, from which wo muko the
following extracts :
Tho votes of tho States then pro
ceeded in reading till that of Ucorgiu,
purposely put last, was reached. At
this stngo of tho proceedings General
Butler presented a written objection
of four counts ngainst tho vote of that
Slnto being counted. The objections
alleged no fair election an J incomplete
recuiiktruction. Tho objections were
road, and then began the scenes which
mnko to-day coiiiinemoralivo of tho
disgrace of tho country and of the
rupture of tho ltudical party. When
tho objections hud been heard, Mr.
Wudo decided thut, under tho rulo
agreed to the other day, tho objections
wero out of order, as it was concur
rently provided thnt Georgia was to
bo counted hypothetical!-. Duller
insisted thut his objections went be
yond tho rule, and he demanded the
retiromenl of tho two houses f'ir de
liberation. At this point ISen Wade,
with most Pick wick inn innocence, said
that it was agreed that if the vote of
Georgia did not change the result, it
should be read, but that if it did change
tho result, then the vote should not
bo read. AI this every one Jeered and
laughed for fivo minutes in tho most
boorish and unrcblrainablu manner,
and Mr. Wade was tho object of De
mocratic sympathy and Uudieul rage
all over tho chamber. Seeing the
storm which his bull had invoked, Mr.
Wade abruptly ordered tho Senate to
retire to consider Butler's objections,
and thus stultified bis ruling that they
wero out of order. Tho Houso, then
left to itself, decided by a vote of 151)
to 41, that the vote of Georgia should
be rejectod. Tho Senate sat lor forty
minutes, and Mr Wado was utterly
incompetent to slop tho debate on tho
Georgia case, which tho joint rulo for
bids to bo indulged. Every Senator
had something to say and find it, and
the Scnato drifted as a vessel w hich
had Inst its helm, Mr. Wado All the
time feebly rapping his toy gavol for
order. At lant tho Senate, by a voto
of 31 to 29, decided thut tho objections
of General Butler were out of order
under tho rulo providing that tho vote
of Georgia bo h)'potheticully counted.
Butler, meantime, had cotnii over to
the Senate to see what was doing, and
ho accompnnied tho Secretary to the
House, when tho latter announced
what tho Senate hud done.
'1 hen tho Senate returned to tho
hall of tho House, and Mr. Wudo,
assuming the chair, declared thut, all
tho votes having been counted, the
tellers must announce the result. It
was thus seen that the Scnato was
bent on over-ahitighing altogether the '
dictum of tho House, that the vote of
Georgia should not be counted. The
IIouxo hud decided ono thing; the
Senate had decided thut tho llotisoj
hud no right to decide thnt one thing ;
the President of theSenato was in the
House to enforce this ruling of the
Senate, and the Jloufo was there to
speak and act for itself and in behulf
of its own views. So soon as Wude
declared that the tellers must rend
the totul vote, General Butler roso to
a point of order, thut the House had
decided that the voto of Georgia
should not bo counted, und ho naked
the Chair to puss upon that point of
ordor, and direct that the Senate retire
to consider it. Butler spoke with
irrcat noise and emphasis. Thunders
of "Question," "Question," "Ordor."
"Mr. President," "Mr. Speaker,"
"Question," responded through the
House, whilo the galleries took up tho
scunds and sent them back with audi
ble comments and contemptuous latii;h
tcr and jeers. In tho midst of ull this
Babel and hell let loose, tho tenuous
treble of Wado was hoard declining to
reccivo Butler's question of ortier.
Butler hurled back from tho very
depths of his throat, "I nppcnl from
tho decision." Wado refused to enter
tain the appeal. Then Butler bowled
out of his sent into tho aislo, deliber
ately rolled up his cud's, threw back
his hoad, and was regarded by the
Houso as tho East Indiun regards his
idol they knew that he was ugly, but
felt that he was great. In a few words
of intense bitterness ho called on tho
House to sustain the representatives
of tho people niruiiiht beine tramnlcd
on, ana no looked tno very incarna
tion of hato, spite, and malice, though
I., i . .
pcrlectly cool witlial. I bo scene at
Ibis point buflles description. A hun
dred men wero on their feet; u hun
dred tones thundered at old Ben.
undo; as many moro ballooed at
Butler; tho Houso was fi antic, and
Butler and Wade wero tho personal
devils w ho had invoked and wero tiy
ing to rido tho storm into directly
opposite courses. Tho contagion of
rcvoltspread. Ingersoll. Kurnsworth,
Kelly, Wnshburne, Van Horn, (Mo.,)
Banks, Shelluburgcr, Pike, Bout well,
Lynch, Judd, Jones, Eldridgo, Wood
ward, and scores of othors, wero on
their feet yelling discordantly, and
demanded "question" with one breath
and "order" with tho next. Wado
wus nowhere. He was an atom hurl
ed by a hurricane. The gavel Willi
which ho pounded mndo no noiso, and
was only a little hummer Muikon
against a mighty tempest. At this
point a voice deeper than all the noise,
a voice, profound as tho bass of Becch
cr'a bi organ, n voice pitched in the
tono of command, roso upon and fairly
conquered the House tosilenco. With
that voice, which wus tho poetry of
the Philadelphia convention, Senator
Dooliltlc demnnded thut tho votes be
read, And, Wade fell back as suddenly
as a horso on his haunches, who feels
tho hand of a mnstor, and ordered
Conk ling to read tho voles. Conkling
began, when Butler, Ingersoll and
Van Horn continued their protests,
drowning the nasal tones of tho New
lork Senator with all kinds of motions
and erica. Tho storm wus browing
Otruin, and no ono could fail to see
that it might end in literal violence..
Bon Butler hissed out, "1 moo that
the Senate havo leave to retire," at
which there was lunchter, and the
joint convention became a ci reus agnin.
iiuiier lurtlier moved that the Ser
geant at-Arms remove nil tho interlo
pers from the floor. Moro laughter
and cat calls. The Senators flushed,
and goino of them roso to reply or to
retire. Scakcr Colfax, sitting on the
right of Wado, got up and said : "The
SiirgoanUaUArms will arrest all mem
bers of the Houso who do not respect
the rulings of the President, from
whoso decisions thcro lies no appeal "
(Hirst aenantion. and a almit silent )
White llutlcr nbi'leil, Inirernnll anil
Van ll 'i n kr. up their loud pioictn
Mr Oidtvoy, the Serjeant lit Anna,
piix eriled to tl'cm. am! Mr Ingi'iMill
ant tlow n, w lule Mr. Vim Horn win
rJli.oil In Ihnnten to cut Mr.
(tidwnv in two if be tnid a hsml on
hin. Partial order, however, was
restored, nm! Mr. Conkling resd die
uiil. i:.. hi-, mm lit ,Milliilii.iilU -
llow;i for, whicl, reading Mr Wa.le
ITprateti, aim tncit pnsciiiiiiicu iiiai
(rant ami Colfax were President and
Vico President fir lour years from
March 4 Lis next, in the usual form.
At this point there was a condition
of suppressed sneers and u general
sjiiril of audible contempt obtaining.
The voice of Wade was not even lis
tened to. Every ono was thinking ol
the scenes just past and waiting for
tho next turn ol the sei-ow. hen in
this decorous and dignified manner
tho election of Grant wus announced,
Wade, tho marplot, completed the
fureo as follows : "Tho Senate having
finished tho business that brought
them here, tho Joint Convention w ill
retire to the Scnato Chamber." In
this blunder was evident tho whole
inculpation which had boon charged
by Butler on the olhor Houso that
Wado was over-ruling and disregard
ing the rules of tho representatives,
and that this was tho "business which
had brought the Senators thcro. The
confounding of the Senate with tho
Joint Convention wan an unhappy
luotigni, wnicn lnieimiucu mo mirui
and the chagrin. The Senate then
retired with as much dignity and ex
pedition as they could command under
the insults 'hicli liatl been heaped
upon then. Tho sequel of tho row in
the two chambers was quite ditlcrciit.
Tho Scnato murcly appointed Mr.
Morton to inform Grant und Colfax of
their election, and adjourned. The
House wus evidently, in for business;
Bu'.ler was boiling. Ao sooner bad
tho lust Senator's coat tail vanished
through tho main door than he was
on ins feet screaming, "Jlr. Speaker,
with all his might. Mr. Colfax rec
ognized him, disregarding several
others who wanted the floor, and then
Butler sent to tho chair, as a question
ot privilego, a resolution censuring
Wado lor Ins ruling on Ins resolution.
By consent, Mr. Colfax made a state
nicnt, in very moderato terms, regret
ting the see no and sustaining the rul
ings of Wade as being tho only ones
ho could muke under tho joint rules.
Butler then spoke for forty minutes,
very earnestly and fluently, declaring
that as things now stood thnt either
Houso could block nn election for
President, by refusing to allow what
voles they disliked lo be counted, and
that as Wade ruled ho might have as
arbitrarily tteclarcu Neyniotir elected
after Kew York and New Jersey lind
been counted, and then refused to on
tii tain an appeal from his decision,
only revolution being then a resource
to right the Wrong, lie animadverted
on Colfax's order to tho Sergeant at
Arms, saying that in the Joint Con
vention Col lax was no moro than a
member of tho House, and hod no
more right to order that oflicer thnn
he, Butler, had. Moreover, Colfax
had disregarded the wishes of tho
House, ns the Houso stood by Butler,
lie said that once in the British Par
liament (ho members detailed twelve
strong men to hold down lUa Speaker
in ins chair to muko turn (lo his work.
and that the Speaker should have or
dered tho constabulary of the Houso
not on its momhers hut upon tho in
terlopers, the Scnntors who intruded
after the broadest hints had been giv
en them to retire, as tho Houso want
ed to consult by and for themselves.
Perhups four years from now Colfax,
as Vico President, might, by arbitrary
ruling, declare himself eleetod, just us
a relative of Colfax's had declared bim
solf eleetod to-day. He moved for the
rescision of tho twenty-second joint
rulo, and the appointment oln commit
tee of five lo consider tho matter, and
vindicate tho outraged dignity of the
Butler snoko us a vcrv incarnation
of anger and spito, and his Jf captan
ilum bitson Colfax and Wade were the
richest things sinco tho row between
him and Bingham. Leaving Mr.
Dawes in thechnir, Mr. Colfax replied
in direct, severe, and very parliamen
tary terms, repelling Butler's hints
and vindicating his worthy undo. Tho
members all left their scats and crowd
ed arountl Colfax and Butler vory
thickly. Tho sympathy of the Honso
wus with Colfax personally, nnd yet
againBt Wado in every rcsnoct, and in
that direction was with Butler. An
adjournment carried tho n flair over
till to-morrow, when tho division will
continuo, headed by Butler on one
hand and Colfax on tho other. Now
it is nip and tuck between them. Tho
point in favor of the equal indepen
dence of tho Houso which has been
outraged in tho mighty person of But
ler, carries much in his behalf. On
tho other hand, Colfax makes it a per
sonal, if not a family matter, that
Wide bo let alone, unit ho is using his
personal influence, ns ho did to duv in
hisspcech, to thnt end. Tho Senators
tonight feel os if they had been wound
Cd in tho Houso of their friends, and
they wonder 'bat Butler did not try
his teeth on somo of them. They de
nounce Butler as a hound, and as all
other sorts of vile animnls, including a
polecat. It is concoded they must
possess their souls in impnlicnco till
Iho House resolves, or refuses to ro
solve, on the motions of Butler. Mr.
Colfax's bointr on the floor lendntolhe
expectation of lively scenes to morrow
Lolfiix cuts liko a rar.or and Butler
mashes liko a club. It is believed
that tho Speaker will hardly smilo his
wov through. Democrats' here aro
just letting this family quarrel take
its course. Anything docs tor a pre
text, nnd a rupture of the radicals bos
been inevitable for throe months. All
Iho bottled iro of tho House against
the Sennlo, concerning impeachment.
civil tenuro.nnd Indiun affairs will be
uncorked in Ibis discussion. The end
is not yet.
A Dirty kocarh "Petroleum
V.NuHhy,"ns he calls himself, reud a
Itadit-ul lipcech in the Court House on
Wednesday evening of last week. Tho
lini'.'S that make thieving in high pla
ces rcsccianie, tiring audi low black
guards as Nasby to the surfaco as
lecturers, and oven as preachers. Ten
years ago no respoctablo audience
would havo listened to this man's pro-
futio and indecent Dilutions ; but wo
havo changed all that. Met, whose
calling is to tench reverence lor the
word of God peoplo who profess
Christianity, sit contented under ihe
droppings of this mun's vulgnrity and
prolunity; join tho ribald laugh, nnd
onjoy the sacrilegious jest. The world
will bo hotter when such voices as
Nasby's aro heard only in rat pita, or
wuko tho echoes of low groggorios
As a lecturer, even if lis werodecont,
he is beneath notice or criticism.
Ytnango Sptclator.
On t'a t. f-'wiM'l inn A jnril
: ileal is betnit Mid about Imlling the
! (,'nvrrmiiriil In the eiiortnotia rsilimid
j stilmnlirs, but f. w people hnvn nn
.adequate bbn of the extent of the
mvindliiiii. One) inlniiet w ill illus-
train. Tho Pacilhi railroad from
1 1 lintiba to Salt. I.uko is 1,1011 -nilea
I long, on which 1 ,ti:it) mile ol t rat k hns
i been laid. The a"! mil eostof building
I lliia ronif art far rninntc! ed. waa S:IS..
Kit H..I. So much the company ha.
rxpriiucn. uiiwrium hiisii ivmiru:
I There is a anbsidv of land to the
nmount ufl7,OV.',000 acres, which, a'.
l 25 per acre, is worth $Jl,312,(Ml(t.
Thero aro Government bonds lo (ho
amonlit of 8,.r)0-l.0(l0. Thero are
first mortgage bonds standing before
the Government lien to tho amount of
J,')('i,r(i7,CSi). Tho whole amounting
to IO7,4li.'l,(i!i0 received by tho com
pany to olfsot tho expenditure of $;!H,
f 21,801. In other words, tho Govern
ment hits paid lor constructing the
I'ueilic road, so far, und give" tho
road and a Imiiiuh of (MiHJ0.)8,8"9.
IV'tirrdilfin ( Ya.) Srntinrl..
Inchf.ankd Cost or the Arm v.
What is nil this trash about reducing
tho army! Aay with it. Does this
look liko reduction r S:HIO,000 for ro
cruiling this your, to $100,000 on tho
same account las'.; $500,000 for cloth
ing commutation this year to $200,000
Inst; $8,500,000 for horsos and mules
lo last year's 85,000,000 ; subsistence
;. 600,000 in excess; and finally, $1:1,
105,500, totul, called for this year
against $.'I.'I,OH2,0'J3 last an increase
of $10,112,407. liedut-lion indeed!
Why, here aro ten millions increaso at
tho first blush, and nobody knows how
muny more millions to come, like
thieves in tho night, in the shape of
deficiency bills, "to correct nn error,"
und so on, and so on. And yet these
impudent michers dure to pruto about
reduction 1
Judgment Notes. The Commis
sioner of Intcrnul Beuciiuo has recent
ly decided thutii judgment noteshould
bo stumped at tho usual rate of prom
issory notes, being fivo cents for
every $100, or fractional part thereof,
with five cor. is additional, on account
of tho clause, "without defalcation."
This decision is made under the
clauses of tho internal I'evenue Inw,
which provide that no stamp dutv
shall be charged npon any warrant of
attorney accompanying a bond or note
duly stamped.
Gerald Eaton, who murdered Tim.
olhy llecnan, a brother of John C.
Hccnan, tho pugilist, in Philadelphia,
last summer, is to bo hanged on tho
25th of February.
On the 1 1th of February, 18f V, hy the Rir. A. W.
Germ, Mr. WILLIAM ItOSfi &. P1I K Hf-ON tn
M M..1K A. roHTCBi Wth uf Uwrcnc
tow ml. ip.
On the 1Mb of February, M69, hy tue Iler. A. W.
Get br, Mr. JOSEPH 1). LAUKIMEll to Mm
LIZZIE K. FL'LLLKTOXi both of LawrrnM
On tbe B:b of FrWuary, IMG, by the Rer.A.W.
Opt. Mr. WM. M. A HAMS, of M-lnUr.
Centre couuty, to Mini LIZZIE W. FORREST, of
CU-arllclJ Bridgo. OaifHJ eouoly.
On the 7th of Fhrunry, 189, by H. J. Pi.orrr,
EmW Mr. WILLIAM K0IH.NSON, of Jordan
lowDi-h.p, eicnrftcM county, to Mm A NX A E.
DON ELY, of Tyrone City, Rtair eounty.
On Ihe llih of February, U69, bf Jdnur
Eva!M. Eq., Mr. RKV MORE ROM, of Curwrntt.
ville borftufrh, to Miu ALICE J. Dl l KLEHAR
GER, of Pike townihip, Cltirflrld pouoty, pg.
In Clearneld.on Saturday, tin I3lh of February,
1819, CORNELIA, ercond dnughtcr of W. W. md
Mauaii J. BtTTi, aged S years and 9 dayi.
"Gone in the worn ing
And there is no night there."
$fn drfrtisfmrnt.
riv.n that tbo fullowin. acenunls hara kMn
J.umirj and riassnl br ma. anit rrinain Bird of
m--nrl in this) uflite rr Ilia inspection of hairs,
Irpatrea. erlititrs, and all ollipra in an.otlirr w.v
Inlrrstwt, and will be prtsmM U Ih. nnl tlr
.ban's iarl ol Claarficld county, lo h brlil at lb.
I oun llnuw. in lha borough or ClrarflrM. com
mrnrint; on the third Mnorlsr of Marrh, IM9.
Kinal amount of 1. W. H'ri(lit. adininlilrator
of the eslaleof 8, 1). Khule, l.le of Brrcaria town
shii, doceasrd.
ItrnisTna'a Orrim, 1 A. W. M:B,
rirarflrld, 1'a., Dm. 10, IMlS.Jt. lUgialer.
SHd eoonl. Pa.
Petition af William Wirharls and Sarah Ml
rhals for sperino prrforraaane of contract with
lsaiie Price, deceased.
Whereas, the ebnre fclitlon was fllrd In tbe
Oihans' Coarl nf t'lcarS'ld conntr, Janaary 14,
lS, and the Court directed a citation to Issiie In
Ihe hcira of Isaac Price, deceased, and all iartfrs
in interest, flow iht Is to notify ,?n and each
of rou to apiear af tha Drrt daj'of Mar.-h lenn,
IffiU. of aaid Court, to sbr,w cause if anr, wti.r
specific performance should not be decreed of the
contract abore mentioned.
fcbH-et A. W. LKK, Clerk 0. C.
Farm for Sale or Rent.
rilllB undersigned desires to aell or rent a farm
1 aituata uilliin S( miles of Clearfield. Con.
dilions reason. l.le. For fur ther partienlan. call lu
pcreon or address lha subscriber, al Clearfield Pa.
''' ! R. 11. MIAW.
B ARti aFxs ! IlAlTo AIXS 11
Farms, Timber Land & Horses
'TlllE anlirril.r, d.simas nf dirnMinff of
M. real and norannal pninrrty, oftera lha fullo.
in rare n.ortunilT fur bargains:
ONB FARM sitnnta In (liranl lotrn.hip, and
knnwn aa tha "I'lamliua ItuisHol Farm," adjoin
ina: Inni nf Ana:. Layout, and olhnra. cin!.ininf
llsll Arrea, fifty of hich arr rlraml. srita to.
dis.lllng housrs, barn and T.unc nrrhartl thrmin.
Als... THK BUI K IU N FAIIM, ...niainir..
1(M Arrea, smr ol wlilrh aro rlrand, Kith
dwrllinf liou.r, hnrn, and other onlhuiLlin,., t .
irrth.r irilh ln thririnf yoonf; orrhartls tbrioon.
.Ms... PFVERAI, nTIIi:R FARMS and trads
of TI.MIIKK l.ANDH for ssla.
ron RFT.Thr FAW .MII.1, 1 HWKI.I,.
INll IIIM ;.S at Ilia moulh of llror will
ha ranud, or let lo run l.r tin thoaaand. la suit
W-FOl'll HEAD f'F WORK llnnsKS.and
IlAUNElSr. will be sold on reasoiiaole u.rnis
-A narraln Is o(T.r.l In rh i f the ftire-
cmn,: propostlions. Tha terms will he maileeasT.
Kiirtlt.r inrornialion eon In ol.tained Wt railing
on the premises. nr by a'ldressing the undrrsignod,
al Franrhrilla P. O., I'learflil.l
W'lH-lf. h. M. (Ol THIKT.
VI DITOII'H RllTKI'.-In th. Sn.l
rount of John llli.oro and James A. lllnom.
eieentnrs of Isaan lllocm, rleeented, lha anditnr
appoinled to report on .aid aeeount and .keep
tiuns, will near the same at his nftiee in t'laaraeld,
on Saliir.lar, Mareh Oih, I "f,., al I I'. XI.
lei.ll .11 pel. 1MIAKI, Tr.ST,' Andllor.
('I ATI' It) Nhm.AU perai.ns an hereby oaulloned
) against or in anr wat mrdilina
Ih the following prjperIT, sis: One hnreso nne
sink, one iron kellli", one sat of ehairs, l.. nf dish,
ee, hit nf erorkrrTWare, three pair ol hedsleds ai.d
lira Wlll-V., wilh eloihea f.r Ihe same, now in
the possesion of Fee, of Flrarlr town. hip, as
lha swaa. were purrhasnl hf as. at nonstable sale,
and are left with Dim on loan.
frl.ll-.1l pd. . JOHN llrilKRI.lNd.
of Clearfield eount. Fa (Jams
Vll. II..Ktt.Aa T ItttQ
''""Mi II AUnRTT.
1 b sndcnif nrd.
appointed to distribute tbe
tli. sale of defendant's ml
ironr-v arittnjr Iroin
Ill.tBtrftatlH m lb. niL -a? Is . . '
v. vh MR .if m 01 r piiruary, at l p Ja
1.611. t fi. IriKAbL laial, Andllor.
)!(" ;Mifrltfrmrnts.
BlacKsmilh Stand for Salo
It til. UN llol'K.
I I'M 1
I I ISO ll
I K ' in n ai. I well Slushed.!
I', r r Mil I.. n.liee i"i I
Ilie lireoitsi S In
M. H. WltMIIT.
I ...
f 1 I "I
pnl"riR Hruricr . naoii. ol 1CK toiiut,
tti: Hit t and hartiMi, Iwn wnir'sn, two
(win pipi( chain a, iiirraiti, grab, aurl nanthoi fc
lino brill and eukinj( Hove, iatd jirojorty
trl(iuir 11 me, and ii uljrct to my mli r.
IrMI 3t i. W. blilMMEL.
I'M ) b)l KTATKiS for tbe Wrxtcrn Ihilnct
of Pennsylvania.
Kpknkik MtMAflTKit, ii Rmikriipl under th
Aet of rongrrisftof March 3d, 167, biti iug applied
fur ft ditvhaife from all hn dolti. and other claimi
provable under laid Art, Ily ortli-r nf the Court,
notice ii bcrcliy givi-n, to at) peruini who barr
proTinl their ditit, and other pern mi tnfcrrstrd,
to appear on the tfih dny nf March, v,v, t ,u
o'elock, A. M., bufure H, E. WuudrulT, Kxq., litg
lotor in IlanxrupU'v, at hi olTn-r, in Philipilxng,
Pa., to ihow Cftunn, if any they have, wfiv a )
charge ahoiild not be irranlrd to the laid Hunk
nipt. And furihvr, notice it hereby frivea, that
the Htcond and Third Mcetingx of Crrditon ol t li
aid Dankmpt, rruirctl by the 27th and 2Sth
Heotiuita of mid Aot, will bo held bi-lure tbe auid
ItrK'itrr, at tht ifiinu time ami plncr.
kbll 2U H. V. M.CANDLESS, Clotk.
THE ORKAT CITY a work deaeriptive of
tne Virtuea and the Vieoi, the Myiteriei, Mii
eriei and crime! of New Vork City. If you wiib
to know bow Fortune! art made and loit In a
day how fehrewd Men are ruined in Wall street;
how Countrymen ar awtndlad by Hharperi ;
how Miniitera and Merc ban u are Ulankuailed ;
bow ban re Halli and Concert Ha,loom are aaau
aged; bow Gambling Huuaai and Lotteriei are
eun ducted; bow Slock and Oil Conpaoiei orig
inate and how the liubblei Runt ; read this
work. It enntaini 3i fine engraving ; telli all
bout the Mtiteriee and Criuei of New Vork,
and U the Soieieit and Cheapen work of U
kind publiihed.
jff-Seod for Circular! and tee our termi.and
full description of the work. Addreia,
Pbiladelf.hia, Pa.
CAUTION. Inferior w rka of a limilar ehar
actrr are being etroalatKd. ties that tbe book a
yon buy oontaia 86 fin aograriDgi and aell at
"j-er eopy. Ictbl I J t
To Wagonmakers.
THK mbtwriWr it dciiroui of connrrting with
hii bmiih Shop a ttnt-claii Wagon, Slngb
and Hied ei(ablihu)f nt. A tood opportunity n
offered to a wagnntnaker winbing to go into buii
oeei. Thr lubMnWr run alio furnmh to appli
cant a comfortable dwelling hounc ( nrar the shop)
U dnired. HtNKV KLRNd.
Curwemrillc, Feb. 11, lHf.
A ZjU IC 13 3 U;
for the Laundry.
It la warranted sot to streak, or la any man.
ser tnjura tbe Bneet fabrics
FO' FAMILY t KIT aold l FIVK oenls, TEN
cents, and TWENTY boxes.
Each TVKNTY can boi, besldri herlng
ffra limes as mack blue as the PIVK eents box,
contains a pocket pin euihion or amnry bst;.
For Hotel and large I-eundry use, it is put np
In f 1 Oil boies. I ae that each Boi baa proper
Irade Hark. For ssle by
febll in llAltrWirK mwi.v.
m?,ll,nn In ARTtlVA, BROVCHITIS. BtfVin
f.?...?.?,..K!l:,s I oi! bi..:humc
COLOIIINO AT MUIIT, Ae I. .Ill eBcluall,"
so. the Caih that frniueotl, follows Measl... ai.d
anr alTceUoo of th. rwpir.lory rw., no mailer of
ho loni euodln. or lu-ver the aceol II, c nenoa
II acuasasce,uc. Is purvlr Trtelablr. and Is pleasant
lo thr U.le Its I, aaoUiln,. allarlo, tl.
leoceot the couth. brtlluili.(iMtakaaiIaiatji:
Uia nerTes and tai.lliraUi.f Uic sjsbusa.
Mothers, Save Your Children I
child nar ii. .r rnorp. If tHs arm. I, a4
IT. '.',; "." '"" Mr"t
W.'.j .l.onld be 0,olll u, H)n.p. a. II.M fatal
.s.e. ( KOI C,e. Ilk. a U.W P'u ,,h!, ,.
'MtoJblZ'J'''' """" M,d'c' "
rrrfant aatjr (y
OtUimm, Hi
For sal. kr llarlrwlrk k Irln ri.,.,.u .. I
jT lnir;a;ists and storekeepers thrunnlmal the
' ""r . lebll-1.
IIIV Till.; P. TKXTllOASTr.l) 1-OF.
rEK, put up la ona pound papers, r.iinir.s
f J or nlhar aubsUoca to sat. la Ii.
Old Qne.rnment Java Coffeo.
Prima Rio 1't.H...
Furs U round Cclea.
For sola bj J. p. KRATZER.
Flour IniiufactiirorM,
And liaalera in
PiiiLipsBuitn, ;pa.
VFt i.i, Ri rn.Y of FLorn, wheat.
COIIN and CHOP nonstantlj on band, and
lor rala at rales rvniarkalil low. frb If
House & Lot fur Sale or Rent.
P11B undersifrned now offers for aals.or rent, a
1. Hill KK and LOT, adjoining Ilia riling, of Th. house is new and wall nnislied,
Is hr S3, wilh kitrhrn 12 hr 14. and to.
gelher with Hire and a half aerra of ground and
spring of water. Tins Is an rioellt nt loratlon for
a tannery, bliu-ktmilh. oal.inel-maker or carpen
ter ahi.p. Tlia property will In fold cheap and
on casr terms. For fortlier parlieulars. examine
the premises or address the
Luthr.rtt.arg, Jan. 11, lRfi 3m.
LulhtTkburg. ClrarOeld Co., Pa.
Look Herel
'pnF nnderslmed It prepared fn fomlsh ton
1 with tha best KTONFH AHR manufartnred
in this ennntrr. lie has never yel failed to pleas.
ma enosi ia.ti.nens. as lo quality or durability.
wam ...R.iiii iii parr ui
Fruit Cans, ffor Canuing Fruit,) Safety
And In short KYKIIYTIIIVI osually mad. and
kvpt in an establishment of this kind.
Ten h.r. Ihelr ware d.-lirered I.T me, at ANT
Tl MR and lo ANY Pl.ACK dr.ired.
Orders for ware solicited, and promptly filled.
,?jr-For general assortment, see Cafalogne anal
Prira List, mailed free to applieanta.
,IA liWral discount will be gilren In the
wholesale Irade,
I.nthersbnrg. Fa., Dee. S. lar.S tf
Grape Vines for Sale.
VI.I. the leading hardr varlrlies of first nnal.
lit. fliNi uHII CI'TTIXtIS, II M per
hundred. CONCIlKIf V1K K8 only 10 rent.. Or
der. s.. I, riled as soon al convenient, and rilled ia
ro,Mi"". ..t A. M. llll-Ltj.
Oarflild. Pa , AognM , 1"17.
"VIC K AMI V KtmuS.T pnhltr
l arrbTnoiin-Ml thai I hrftl.Mtrl...if
nw'ht to make and sell Hnnineen's Patent OA It
HINIJ (for rafls) in l.'learflrld eountyi and that
any person or persons making or ee ing the aatne
in eaid county, without aultiority frum ana, will
be doait with aa the lew directs.
t nrwenstllle Tell. 4, lar.u sirprl.
SIIIK(.I,K WAbJTI l!.The blgbesl
market price will be peid for No. 1 l.tiNd
billNOlby J. p. RHATZRH
frV rr" J"
VhU.trtf Iphi.i 'AdvnlUrmrnti.
'bankers; cO
No. 15 South Third Street
xENEiuf Agents,
Tin. K a Tint a l Lira ltfnAetra (Vimpat U a
ent imrnr.i ic i.t"rr.i iiv p.ot4i Avl ol Cua.crflM.avp
prwVi-0 Jul) wtltt
I.ih"til frrmi rttT-r d to A c-tili and Solicitors, who
ai- in vliffi tu Bpi'ly ulrmr ufTlf'tj.
fill ln-i lie iltrii I oii'l tin RnpllraMoB tt oar Afflfiai,
IfHinr-o In Kip n-fl o-l trrT it unr llttntunx H'.n-r',
iifrt clients noiI Pnii.tiixeiti, fiiiiy o-n rit'tn toe
tWTikBig.- iflie 1 ,y t fi - i;itit,jii' , timy b ttml.
I'.. W. ( L (HU it, CO.,
A" 6ii Hautk THti 4 SL
It. V. lUHr,I.. MinaR;cr.
J. . THOMAS. Agent for Centre and Clearfiuld
count ic, 1'a.
Vo. G1H rch Street, M'tUVa.
Celebrated "Champion" Hoop Skirts
The largeat assortment, and best qaality and
styles in tha American Market, lirery lady
should try tbein.aa tbey reooininend theinselree
hy wearing longer, retain in i; their shape n-mcti
beter. beins; lighter and more alaitie than otb
ers warranted in every respect, aad sold at
ery low rrirot. Ailt fur lfo kin'i "CIJAM
huperfur Hand-made Whale lion Corsets ip
fifteen different grades. Including tSe "Iitinri
al" and Thoiup'n A Landon's "ULOVK FIT
TING" COKSETS, ranging in priees from ft I
eents to $i 10 together ilh Joseph Beckel'i
eelebrated PIlENCI! WOVEN CUKSETi, aupe
Hor shapes and quality, ten different grades,
fro ui 91 It) to $5 60. They are the flnest and
best goods for the prices, ever imported. The
Trade supplied witS Ueop BkirU and Corsets at
the lowest rates.
Those visiting tba city should not fall to call
and examine our goods and priees, as we defy
all competition. March. 1, 1869 ly
MAHtrAcrt'axR or
Plain, Japanned & Stamped Tinware
llnaae Furnlililng Cuuda. Tin Itoufliig nnd
. Condurlnr Plpea.
No. 113 Market Blre.t,
auEljr rillLADKLriJIA.
ISo. 3t HoutU Third Kfret-t, PlillaJflpa
And Dealers in Government Securities.
Application by wail will rtnn prompt alt ra
tion, and all InformatiuD cbuerfally luriiinhrd.
urnert soiu-itea. aprl l tf
Manutactareri of and Wboleralt Dealers ia
411 Market Hill Merchant Htrrct,
augl 7J PIIILAnKI.I'HIA, Fa.
1868 winter. 1868
Importers and Jobbers of Dry Goods.
V... ( 1T .id . tit u , ,.. '
Ai". aiw, -( , in . t am du.
We are now prepared with our usual extensive
and wetl-a-rti'd utocb to olfcr extra indue tunts
to CASH lit V LKS. aprll-tf
(ttaereifors lol'etrr T. Writrhti Co.,
ivranTKi s or inn nrt ett ii
If an
Brandies 4 Wines for Medical purposes.
j.13 87 No. SOU Market St., i'liitad'a.
No. I? N. Fifth 8t. and 434 Commaroa,
PfllLAPELPllIA, Pa.,
And Commission Merchants,
run. ma aai.aj or
Wool, Qinfrng, Fur Fkins, F.alhers. Lealhsr.
Flaif!.ed. liricd Fruits, Clorar Seed, Roots,
Deer Fklnt. Putter, Ileeswal, Sheep
t?klns, Bggs, An., ae., 4e.
Warkly Prira eurront forwanlad on requaiU
J una 11. IMA Jt:r-I
DK A I' M S b LIM'N E.iTiTcA T A iTrTi
lrrtt(l with tho atmuat tucc bv lr. J.
ISAACS, M. I)., and Tnifonmr ol 1him of the
Kre and tar in the Mutual Co linn of I'mnfrl-
vania. t xrnn fsperirnrr, (furmrrlt of l.rTiifn,
Holland.) No. M)i Arch Ktrrrt, I'hil'a. frati
muniali ean ba Hn at hii other. Tht medical
faculty art invitrd to accompany their pntienti,
a he haa no aoorvta in bu prolriro. ArtiBvial
txv$ in-ertfd without paiu. No charpt fr x.
amiiiatiim, (jrlft ly.
ITaTing just received all the novelties of Ihe season
in the Millinery line, request the ladiea
to call and examine them.
Cleernold, Pa.. Nrv t, 1M51.
Markrt at., Cliar-lcld, (at the PoM Oflire )
'Iil K andftvncd btfi I two to annonnpa to
th- riliifna of ClrarflM and viciiiit?, thai
ht h-i flttvd np a room and haa Juit rotnrnod
(ron lha eiir iih a larpa anmunt of raadinj
manor, i onining in part of
Bibles and Misccllanooas Books,
nUoh, Acrodtit and Pun Trn of rr d
frrtptlon l'ar and Kuroloiti, F-nch prwpfd
and plain; Ton and Pencil; Hlank, Ljal
Tapori, IMd, Morttarr( JuHinent, Eirnp
tlon and I'roraiMory nmca Wbito and I'aroh;
uirnt Ilrif T, 1- cl Cap. ltrrorj Tap, and Bill Can .
tS)it, Mu fie f-r Htber Plann, f tm or Vtulia
rontstantlr on hand. Any boki or tuitonrrj
drlrd that I muj DM hara on band, wit) be or.
ordrrod by Ant eapram, aad aold at wholnaala
crrrtailto suit Qtiftomara. I will aUo harp
periodical llioratara, tttch a Maiatlna. Newi,
papora, Ao. p. A. UAUU.
r!arBfid Mnr 7, mtin ti
it hrhT ftwn that Irttorp. f M'ttniniMnktina
a tha wliifl (f JOHN I K N A Rl, drcrai-.t.
I having bttn dqly raniri to ih nnrfmi.n. ali
Urttmii Hi.lrhtM to fmA .tata will
prrsnns inilrhled to said aetata will pra mnke
pamenl, and those baring ctalma or
ill preeent inem prnerly nnthnticatrd for eH
It. I.FONAHD. Adea'x.
jenSK t
1l TH' .( t lrtl AHI.I.K' KFI'.H.
We hate printed a large aumlw nf th. new
I ICK MLL, and will nn tha receipt of twentt.
ntenente. mail a oopt fo any eridress. nstja
1) locate, beery rmr sb-H baearsjt tf
t durational.
ri i uu ill. i. IA
'pil hl lllNil HUM. of w-k.,
1 will e.winenoe o Moi. lar, I . braarr I, I tl.
IKliMH OF.Ti:iTI'iN.
Reading, Orlliogtaphr, Wiilnig.lli J't ls
s.ns, I'rimar A t il litnelio and Primary
tienitraptir, .r half tnlu, (of eleven
weuks.)...; I 00
flislory, l.oeal snl descrlplive ll.ofrapliy
Willi M.p Drawing, tliainmar, Menial
and Written Aritboielic '
t It
AlgW.rft and tha Relencai
For full partitulars aend for Circular.
ricaii.lJ, No.. II, 1M Sm.
... t Ot
Rev. P.t, Harrison, A. M.( Principal.
rpilS THUD SKSSION of the present rho
X (tif year of this Institution will commence
on MONDAY, the 8th day of Fehruery,
Puptta ean anter at anytime. They will be
oh arte ml with tuition froia tbe tint they eater to
tot ciete o lbs Session.
1 be course of instruction embraoes every thing
included in a thorough, practical aod aceoiu
plistied education fur bothseies.
Tbe Triueipal, bavins; had tha advantage of
macn experience la bis profnssioar asmres pa
rents and icuardians Hist his entire ability and
energies will be devoted lo the moral and men
tal traiuitif nf the youth planed ender bn charge.
Orthography, heading. Writing, and Primary
Arithmetic, per Session f II weeksj $i WO
Qrsmtuar, (Jeograpby. Arithmetic, and
lii'tury $8 00
Algehre, Geometry, Trigonometry, Men
suration, arreting, Fhiluenphy, Phyit
olof v. Choir iitrr, Book Keeping, Botany
and Physical Usngraphy . . - $9 00
Latin. Ureek and French, with any of tbe
above Branches - - - - S 12 00
-.o 4rduftion will be made for absence.
arrcr rortrierpartirourt Inqnlre of
Kev. K L. IMHHIbON. A. M.f
Feb. 4, UV tt. b;38J Principal
a. r. aorvroK...
...GEO. I. TOt VO
Menufaotarere of
Corner of Fourth and Pina Straata,
n A VIN'O engaged In I lie manufacture of first
elaas MACHINE 11 T, we respectfully inform
the public that era are no predated to 111 all
orders aj cheaply and aa promptly aa oaa be done
in any of tbe eitiea. We manufacture and deal in
Mulay and Circular Saw-Mills,
Head BIok, Water Wheela, Shafting Pullets,
QiHord'e Injector, Steam Oaugea, Steam Whistles.
Oilers, Tallow Cops, Oil Cops, Gauge Cocks, Air
Cocke, Olofco Valrea, Check Valve, wrought Iron
l'ipea, Slrata Pumpa, Boiler Feed Pomps, Ami
Friction Metre., Soap Stone Parking, Gnu Park
ing, and all kinds of MILL WORK; ((.gather
with Plows, Fled Sides,
and other CASTINGS of all kinds.
4rOrilen solicited and filled at cily prices.
Alt letters ef inquiry with reference to machinery
of our manufacture nromnlli answered, bt addrra.
ing ns at Clearneld, Pa.
dcclO tf B0TST0S A VOtSQ,
I'tnniucj lills.
L. Tteed,
F. Weaver,
a. Li. iii:s:i a co.
'pilB propri.torare.peclfolly Inform Ibeeitisens
A of Clearflcld cionlt. that thet bare anlirelt
refilled this establishment with tbe latest improved
wood-working machinery, and are new prepared
to cierute all orders in their line of business.
They will give especial attention to the manuleo
ture of material for boose building, such aa
sash, Doors, blinds,
We always bare on hand a large stoek of DRY
M'Mr.ER.and will pay cash for all clear Laniher.
One and a half Inch panel Huff prrferrtd.
Lumber Manufactured to Order,
Or ejchansed, lo suit cuMomcrl.
Ordcn solicited, and Lumber furniil.ed on
short notice and on reaeonat.le terms.
o. l. m:rn a co.
Clearfield, Not. 7, lff.7.
R. PTTO!l..
A. Ijivi....
..Jomji pAxroi.
..J. ic in in.
Hiring filled np a Irsl-olase
Are prepnrri to furnish all kinds of
Manufactured Lumber,
uch u
Flooring. 8idinff, Surface-rressed Lum
ber, Saib, Doors, Blinds.
Aod arary drMriptioc of
TXt' firalert will and It te their edrantaga to
eonsnlt nor prioee before jeretieing elsewhere.
Address, . U. PA1TH.N A CO,
Dee. I. IRttg tf Clearneld eoonly, Pa.
J Hbeker Cor, .
H sainj,
Tt sale by
i. r. mATn.
iPrp (fioofll, Cromlft, rt.
l) Sicond mm, Ciniiriiik
fpriB BoJerslgnerl "'fertfally Brli, .1
1 t'Ml ef Ih. !.. Ire gerersH, ,. ,
l Iru lld as'irtment of ai.rrbae Hi., all,,
art aow aalliuf
tow rrticu.
Thslr alack eoniliis In
Dry Goodg of the Best Qualitj
Suoha. Prims. Da I.aiars, Al.,Mo.lln.,lble.,h,d and
ed,, Irilltngs. Il.k,. M '
wool Har.nel..Satin.ti.,Ca.,MI
Cottonaas,' '
KubiasA Hoods, Ualmvral '
and Hoop fcklrts, Ae.,
Alio, a Ana assortment of Men's Draa.r.
Skirts, Hat. A taps, U(,i, A iUMfc' U;
all of which
Hardware, Queenswarc, G!aswa:t,
Urocenos and Spices.
Of eterytbing nsaally kept in a null IU .
CUEAP FCIU CAMU or approted aoaatry j
ClearS.ld, Ket.T , 1867.
Jlrugs & rttt ttirinrs.
II 13 51 OVAL,.
.narkrl Hlrtrt, Vltarfuld, Pa.
TK beg leers to Inform ear oil ail i,,
e r eestomere. that we bat. rcmored eir .
tablishment lo tha apacious new bni ding u,
.reeled on Marked street, neatly enjoins, u,
Mansioa House on the west, sad oppe.ii. )l.m
(iraham A Sons' ftore t where wa rtipselfii.
intite tbe publie t3 eome aod buy their
Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicinei
Our stoek of Drags and Medielaes ntiiiir
eterytbing used, selected with the (rnw
eara, and
We alio keep a full stoek ef Dyes. Perfsarm.
T.iiiet articles, koeps. lo-.lh ll .b-t. Hi
Krusbes. Whitewaeb Brushes, aedererjsli.
bind Brashes. We bate a large lot of
Flar.eed Oil, Paints, and ia fact eteritl,.
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Confcctitnsrt, Spices, and the largest ststi .
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(Second street, opposite tbe Coart Beats,)
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saa now cn nana a lull supply of
Dye Stuffs, Tobacco, Cigars, Conf.eticsir
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Will find hi. , tick of Progs FCLL and CCV
PLETS, and al a tery alight adtanea ct Enu
Tearbera and others will b. fnr,.l.i.J
clarrical and aaisetlUneooa books It .mr.M J
Consisting of Cap, Flat Cap, Foolscap, Letter si
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Pane, Pencil.. Ink. Ao.
Will tnd a full stork of PVRK SPICFR, POP
SODA API1. Concentrated I.VF. POAP. e.
Are reouestedtoeiataine hie stock of Perfnu.'
Hair Oila, Fine Ttrll.t Poapa, Brutbss, Cowl
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Will Ind a full 'opply of prime Chewing
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CIGARS, f cuff. Fine. Cut. Ae . Ae.
Of tbe best brand, alwsya ei band.
The best quality ef Liqaors always ea head,
oaemrat purposes.
""Physicians' Prescriptions promptly
earefallT eomnoun.led.
Aprl . 1M. A. I. FITA w
T)ER?OXS desiring fiOOI PICTI RKS.r.1
A ettle and price, witb all the modern
aients ef the an, can he aocoiamodatad br ea
at tny rooms in Clearfield.
Negatives made in Cl.Wy as well as
Clear Weather.
CHILDREN'S PICTrilES taken arcar.
in a few seconds.
Tbe TONE and F1XT5II of tnt rkotce
goaranteed to ennl that of ai.y luaue ta I sj
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Coniisntiy oo ban.i a large ruj.p'y of
Frames, Albums and Stereoscc;
Or all aiica, stvlea and prices, and of thr
bnish. Als,
of the most intrreslinf
for sale at reasonable rates,
From ant style of
short notice. '
nculding, made t ori-
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Keep, nonslantly on band a foil as-orto ea
Kry tioods. Hardware, ttroorriei. and aeerrll
n.nally kept In a retail store, wlnrh w.ll l
for oash. as cheap a elsewhere in the county.;
Frenrbvilie, June 17, IKHMy. J
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Sawed Lumber, Square Timber,
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and reesonehl. Unna. I
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