Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, January 10, 1867, Image 2

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Ueorok B. Gooiilaniif.r, Editor.
Thnraiay Morning, Jan. 10, 1867.
The n'ahinglon Hump.
This body having adjourned over
en the 20th ult., for Iwo weoks, re
MHemblcd on tho 3d inat. But little
other than csueussing has been done.
The disunion memborg prcsont meet
every day in secret, for tho purpose
of maturing thuir treasonable schemes.
Tho impeachment of the President has
boon tho chief business for tho past
weok, but nothing definite has trans
pired upon this point, as those who
possess less than sevon dovils oppose
the impeachment programme of Ste
vens, Ashley li Co. Tho leaders have
not pressed the question very closely
up to this time, boennso a large num
ber of the "loyal" mombcrs nro out
foraging, though ostensibly engaged
in tho investigation and exposition of
frauds committed by the "loyal" office.
holders. There is a committee at
New Orleans, investigating the late
riot; anothor at Charleston, looking
after dead negroes; and still anothor
gives cxibitions at New York, Phila
delphia and othor citios, pretending
to investigate tho custom-house and
whisky frauds. This last cominitteo
is said to be a secret one; but it al
ways manages to send word two or
three weeks ahead, so that the robbors
have ample timo to cover up thoir
tracks, or meet them at thoir sittings
and sock. Those loyal robbers who
have defrauded tho government out of
millions of dollars, and fail to report,
will no doubt bo exposed when the
menagerie gets round the circle; those
who help fix up things tock will
be treated in a courteous manner. A
number of the leaders have gono to
their Stato Capitals, where Senatorial
elections are pending, and have taken
with them a numberof flankers. Thus
Stevens and his backers are at Harris-
burg; Trumbull and his backers have
geno to Chicago, and both tho Kansas
Senators are on a similar mission ; and
thus it will bo until after thoso elec
tions take place. Nothing will bo
dovelopod at Washington, except in
iquity, for some time.
.tudilor General'! Report.
Wo huve given this annual doc
ment a superficial view, and find that
the balance in tho Treasury is 8032,000
abort of last year. In turning over
tho leaves, however, we find the fol
lowing parties have mado raids on
that Department, and the only wonder
is, that there was anything left,
as the State Treasury has served thorn
in the capacity of a Frecdman's Bureau
for a series of years. Tho following
items wo find in ono drawer of this
bureau :
Col. Q M'Clurc, for whiskey, etc.,
destroyed by the rehs, . . f 8,000
Gov. Curlin, for extraordinary
we think so expenses dur
ing the war, 5,000
Treasurer Kcmble and Gov.
Curtin, for expenses in visit
ing Washington, we can
travol cheaper than that. . 1,707
Gon. (!) Harry White, fur 4th
of July expenses, . . . . 5,000
V m. B. Mann, for examining
books of insuranco agents, 8.802
This gentlemen is Iistriet Attorney
of Philadelphia, and has made 825,000
out of that the past year. How he
finds time to take this slice out of tho
Stat, we cannot comprehend.
Goo. Bcrgncr, for miscellaneous arti
cles furnished Goo. W. Ilam-
mcrsley, Clerk of Scnalo, $2,450
It is a wonder that this item was
not 124,500. Wo suspoct, however,
that tho balance is sliced out under
some other nnmo, so that tho child
would not be recognized by tho tax
payers. Why the civil expenses should
be increased 853,000 over last year,
we have not yet had time to examine.
We obserro that the Surveyor Gen
orr office, which the loyalist talked
of abolishing, has cost tho taxpayers
120,000-83,000 more than last year,
when in Democratic hands. We pro
umo it will not bo abolished now,
as it is ono of the bureaus allotted to
"loyal whites."
Gov. Ci'RTiN'g MsssioK Wo aro
not disposed to bo egotistical, but be
ing possessed of more patriotism than
loyalty, we aro compelled to foreiro
the publication of this document. The
Governor has turned a complete sum
mersault. Ho has changed from a
medium statesman, to a raving fnnutic.
He has attempted to imitate the rad
icalism of Thad. Stoveni, in order to
secure his election to tho Senate ; but
if ho does not look sharp, ho will be
tho third, if not tho hindmost nag in
the race, and will bo left without
cither honor or friends at the closo ol
his term.
Forney and his two newspapers
present a solid front for tho great
miscegciintor Stevens for U.S. Sen
Vforfrt-M Itipuhllmnlnm. I
Tho clap Imp saying so often iwuod
trum tho lips of loyalists, that the inn
jority should rule, is very nptly exem
plified in tlui conduct of tho WnH.iliig
ton Hump. Tho i.t New Kngland
States, with a population of three mil
lion, havo twelve Senators; tho Stato
of Pennsylvania, with tho samo popu
lation, has but two ; and tho ten ex
cluded States have a population of
ciht million. Again tho six Now
England States, with nine north-western
States Indiana, Illinois, Michi
gan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota,
Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, (tho
last two about to bo States) havo an
aggregate population of less than
8,SOO,U00, but theso fiftocn States havo
thirty Senators in tho United States
Scunto, while tho three States of New
York, Ohio and Pennsylvania have an
aggregato of 0,120,301 inhabitants, yet
these fifteen States may not only ovor
rido the three great States, but, as
Congress is now constituted, they con
trol all tho legislation and all tho ap
pointments, civil and military, of a
nation of over thirty millions. One
voter in New Kngland or tho North
west, then, through tho senatorial
representation, is equal to more than
throe voters in Pennsylvania, Now
York or Ohio, or in tho residue of tho
Union. And this, we are taught by
the loyalists, is a republican form of
government. We aver that it is the
reverse, and, like loj-alty, is of foreign
growth, and a sham, if not a reproach
to a frco people.
w m
A Great Discovery. It would ap
pear from what is now transpiring
around us, that the rich resources of
tho Yankee mind, like that of tho dar
key, arc not half developed. The Phil
adelphia Christian Instructor furnishes
the following information in reference
to or "national wards" "Lincoln's
pet lambs" in that city. Tho odi
tor says:
"A High School, of a thorough and liberal
grade of sludy, It in successful operation. A large
number of eolorcd youths are attending It, and at
the Cominenoeinenl, ft few weeks sittoe, the oompo
litioni and declamation! evinced taleut of high or
der, and scolarship of a must commendable char
acter. What a rich harvest of good ia flowing
from this benevolent bequest ! and who can esti
mate the full extent or value of the good as it con
tinue! to flow on ?"
What numb skulls the former inhab
itants of our earth must havo been 1
They kept, bought, sold and worked
the African for over six thousand
years, yet they never discovered tho
"high talent for scholarship and dec
lamation." This miraclo was left, by
Providence, no doubt, to bo developed Wo would not
be surprised to learn, beforo long, that
through tho combination of negro
wisdom and white loyalty, Revelation
will be denounced as a farce, and the
power of tho Creator, like that of tho
Constitution, defied.
Tin Pardoninq Power or Tn
President. The act just passed by
each branch of Congress to deprive
tho President of the pardoning pow
er, repeals tho following section of
the confiscation act :
Fr.c. 1.1. That the President it hereby
authoriaed at any time hereafter, by proclamation,
to extend to peraone who may have participated
in the existing rebellion, in any State or part
thereof, pardon and amnesty, with such exceptions,
and at such time and on such conditions, aa he
may deem expedient for the pablie welfare.
That which troubles tho loyal IJutnp
ers tho worst, is that tho Constitution
conferred this same privilege long be
fore any of tho present tinkers wore
born. This 13th section had about as
much force as a Pope's bull against a
comot. The men that placed it on
tho statuto book, havo been compelled
to wipo it out. Thcro is much nioro
of tho Bamo work to bo done, but it
will probably not be as easily accom
plished. Theso loyalists must perpe
trnto some more seriousjoko than this,
beforo tho President's pardoning pow
er is confiscated. Whilo the Constitu
tion lasts, it will be good.
Somedodt Mistake. Ten years
ago, we heard a vencrablo statesman
make tho remark, that Thad. Stevens
had thrown his conscience to tho dev
il, and that he hud asked three other
gentlcmon to do tbo samo thing.
Judging from what took ploco on the
floor of tho Hump, on Saturday last,
the old buckshot-war hero has evident
ly beon re-constructed, because he sta
ted, in a speech, that his eonseicnee
would never allow him to vote for tho
admission of another Stato whoso Con
stitution prohibited negro suflYago.
He declared also that tho idea of put
ting loyal negroet on a fooling with
rebel whites, was an outrago his con
leienee could never approve.
The Way it Works. Tho down
ward tendency in the dry goods trado
has brought about a reduction of ten
per cent, in tho wages of the employ
ees in tho New England manufactor
ies. The propriotcrs are now at Wash
ington, to got an additional tariff of
forty per cent., which they will no
doubt get. Thus by robbing tho fac
tory girls of ten percent, and assessing
forty ujion the whole country, the
loyal owners make the handsome
profit of fifty per cent., in addition to
the ono hundred thoy aro making
now. This is tho result of Tsalm
singing progression extortion.
Stevens, Forney A Co. now talk of
impeaching tho Supreme Court, bo
cause that tribunal in the future in
tends to hold thoso rag-a-muffin to
the Constitution and their out lis, or
furnish them with a rope halter and a
J "sour apple tree."
He Inmmh on it Mr. (.'la, the
Speaker ol the Slnto Hump, in his1
opening speech, declared that "treason
must bo nutdo odious." This is just
what George III and his stallywags
told George Washington ami his rebel
adherents ninety 3'eitrs ago. But, in
stead of treason becoming odious,
loyalty was rendered so, and is so still
to every bosom warmed by the pulsa
tions of an American heart. AVe ad
viso thoBO modern loyahsta not to ful
minate thoir eipuriotiei nrticlo too much,
or their dosires might bo reversed on
them beforo Ihey are ready for such a
rebuff. Tho difference between pros
titutos, except in sex, is not much.
Tho ono always blabs about her vir
tue, whilo tho other goes in heavy on
loyalty, and yet it is something nei
ther possess.
Ahsaii.inu tiie Government.
That loyal paper-hero, Col. (I) Mo
Clure, editor of tho Chambersburg
Repository, has oponed a masked bat
tery on tho new Stato government,
lie is "feeling" for tho onomy in the
following plain spoken stylo, viz. :
"The Republican! of Pennsylvania have ehoien
their tlovcruor trom the bit of converts from the
Democracy, and tho highest position in the gift of
the new Kxcctihve, tlitti of Attorney-Oeneml, b;ie
been conferred upon a moat worthy gentleman of
tue same political school, who I! unknown, and
waif untclt ill llic groat political contests of the Re
publican party. Must the highest honor in the
gift of the hUtte alio be thu! conferred, and u)on
one who followed the Deinoeracy aa long ae he
oould do to with political or personal profit?"
Tho fluttering of this wounded bird
in this sarcastic manner, is because of
the attempted assassination of the
"Soldier's friend," by tho Jayhawkers
who have unarmed the loyal works at
"The Cuaritt of Cowards." The
New York World under this appropri
ate head, thus moralizes upon tho in
sulting response of tho "Chicago Re
publican Co." to a recent appoul on
behalf ot Southern orphans. The ed
itor says :
"From the representatives of ft party which
elaiini all the morality and all the deceney of the
eouutry, it ia hardly to be exjwoted that a request
from a charitable woman, for the relief of starving
children, should not only be refused, but the refus
al be accompanied with insult, llut so it is ; and
it ia only the latest illustration of that Radical
rindictivcncas that is asoowardly a! it ia virulent,
and which wars only upon women and children.
It is the kind of warfare that has pre-eminently ex
hibited itself since peace eloscd tbe struggle of four
years the valor that, when tbe war was in pro
gress, raked the eoasts of tha Southern States row
Norfolk to New Orleans fornegro substitutes; aud
that now, long after tha Sooth has laid down its
arms, proposes to arganiae Torcb-and-Turpentine
brigades to walk over tha course where other arm
ies fought thoir way, to burn and devastate peace
ful communities, it ia the valor of venom, which
is only valient when the foe is unarmed, and its
grandest victories are over weak women and help
less children."
Read It. We call the especial at
tention of our readers this week to
what we denominate tho second Dec
laration of Independence. Wo refer
to tho decision of tho Supreme Court
of the United Statos, on our first pago.
Lot no one be deterred from reading
it because of its length, as tho longer
you read at it tho better it gots. This
decision furnishes every American
with as comploto a chart of his person
al liberty, as a parchment docd duos
of his real estate.
A Good Ciiancb. Tho Hagerstown
Free Tress slates that four ministers
of tho Gospel aro wanted in that town.
Tho Episcopal, Lutheran, Preshy torian
and German Reformed churches are
all without pastors. Hut it hints that
religion nnd tho gospel, rather than
loyalty and politics, would bo pre
ferred, and that the members of these
congregations are willing to pay lib
erally for tho former.
Tho Philadelphia Press has evident
ly taken a contract to villify and abuse
thoso who do not thro w up thoir hats for
Thnd. For some days past, from one
to thrco hoavy columns have con
fronted tho Winnebago Chief. If
Simon should happen to "wag" into
tho Senate, tho Dead Duck will quack
louder than ever. Old Thad. should
keep his man Friday in better subjec
tion. His attacks upon "loyal" men
might injuro tho Government.
Joo W. Furey, assistant editor of
tho ficllcfonlo irifc7i;niin, has been
succeeded by Mr. Mitchell, a promis
ing writer. Tho former has pur
chased an interest in tho Clinton
Democrat, and has pitthed his tout in
Lock Haven, from whence ho will
assail the common cnetnj in a Vrry
ous manner; whilo the Watchman
will jog along in a Meek ly way.
111 e
Go Ahead! Thad Stevens wants
the Rebels of the South, and tho Cop
perheads of the North, put on the
same rack universal disfranchise
ment for tho followers of Jeff. Davis
or George B. McClellon. Go in, old
traitor. In the next rebellion you get
up, you will lose moro than your Ad
ams county iron works.
Tho President has vetoed tho bill
passed by tho Rump allowing tho no
groes tho right to vote in tho District
of Columbia. Gen. Grant and every
member of tho Cabinet, except Stan
ton, openly sustain him in this courso.
Tho bill will of course bo passed over
tho veto.
Tho bruto Palmer, who ruled Ken
tucky with an iron rod during the
war, is likely to bo clot ted U. S. Sena
tor from Illinois. After Holt, Butler
and Stanton, no man needs hanging
worse than he docs.
The dead duck seems to think that
the Supremo Court needs re-construction
as badly as South Carolina; nei
thor of which are half as much dilapi
dated as the defunct water fowl.
Patriot A 1'm. Th alunm-ii
Democratic central organ but lately
been enlarged and otherwise Improved.
As tho Legislature is now in session,
we woild advise those who wish to
keep up with tho proceedings of this
body, to subscribe. Hud wo been fa
vored with a prospectus, we would
havo published it with pleasure. As
it is tho only Democratic paper pub
lished at tho State Capital, wo hopo it
will bo liberally supported. Tho terms
wo believe are 87,00 for tho daily ;
82,50 for the weekly to singlo subscri
bers, and $2,00 in clubs of fivo and
Truman H. Purdy has sold tho
Northumberland County Democrat to
Messrs. Jacob E. F.ichholtr. and John
J. Auton, at present local editor. Mr.
Purdy has established tho Democrat
upon a solid basis, and made it rank
among tho most influential papers in
tho Stato. Ho haB published the pa
per nearly six years, during which
time, ho has secured for tho establish
ment a large nnd profitable patron
age. Success to the retiring as well
as tho incoming'itors.
A Dead Shot. Our neighbor advo
cates tho disfranchisement of all per
sons proven guilty of bribery. If such
a law wore in force now, not one of
tho loyal candidates for tho United
Statos Senate would bo elligiblo. That
"ure hard" on loyalty worso than
schools as Covodo would say.
Is it not remarkably strange, thai
tho parties who have had so little re
spect for the Constitution totally
disregarding it the past fivo years,
should now be so tenacious about
amending and lengthening it f
A disunion exchango says "schools
are hard on the Democracy." Not
half so hard as tho Supremo Courtis
on educated (?) loyal murderers.
Something. .New. Tho discover-of
the "strongest democratic district," in
Massachusetts, by a disunion journal.
Pleaso to name it
Good timo in Venango county, just
no cr, for the Sheriff and tho printers.
Tho papers are filled with Sheriff's
Ri.i.ioioN and Loyalty. Rov. Dr.
Boynton, chaplain of tho Houscof Rep
resentatives, preached in tbo Repre
sentatives' Hall, in Washington, on
Sunday last, which was well crowded
on tho floor and in the galleries. The
text was the 27th verse of the 2d chan
ter of Mark : "The Sabbuth was mado
for man, and not man for the Sabbath."
The lino of argument nursued by the
speaker was to show that all laws and
institutions wcro made to bo subservi
ent to the interests of man, and that
when they interfered with tho rights
of man, they must jive way and bo
set aside. He made the assertion that
Christ was a radical reformer in tho
broadest sense of the term. Ho spoke
for over an hour, and concluded by a
fling at tho Supremo Conrtdccision on
tho subject ot military commissions,
arguing that tho progressive spirit of
llio ago demanded mat it tlio laws
were not adctpiato for tho protection
of loyal men fur acts committed in
timo of war, and if power was not
given to punish traitors, tho laws mtiBt
bo overturned, and such laws passed
and Buch men placed in power as would
meot tho exigencies and demands of
tho timo.
AVo should say that if thcro is no
religion about this kind of preaching,
it smells a littlo revolutionary.
Sharp Siiootino, According to a
New York correspondent of the Bult.
Sun, so mo of tho crack shots of that
city aro about to try their hands at
Jeromo Park. He say two hundred
and fifty pigoons are hold in reservo,
liko so many turkeys, wailing for
slaughter. Eight gen llomun, lawyers,
merchants ana men of Icusuro, are to
bo the sportsmen. , Among them aro
Recorder Huckett, counsel to the cor
poration, Devlin, Shepard, Knapp,
and others of our first men. Prubu
bly in tbo wholo country no eight
men could bo found that equal theso
gentlemen. Recorder Huckct is un
doubtedly tho best shot in tho coun
try. Any of his friends will hold a
lcotiny between their fingers and allow
iiiin to hit it at ten paces, which he in
variably does. He can knock tho ash
es oft a gentleman's cigar whilo the
cigar is in his mouth, with unvarying
accuracy. A la Willian Toll, he has
more than once shot apples from tho
head of a friend. Jannins, of the Lon
don Time, has moro than once desir
od the Recorder to shoot an apple
f ro n his bead, that he might write
home to tho Time that the feat was
actually done to him. But as the pis
tol is not always truo, his fi tends in
terposed nnd prevented tho feat, al
though tho Recorder was willing.
Ono of tho gentlemen shot at a bumble-bee
on tho wing tho other day, and
cut him in two.
Gen. Banks at Portland. We
learn that a delegation of five gentle
men the word of either of whom
would bo unquestioned in this vicini
tywishing to "vindicato history,"
visited Portland recently lo satisfy
themselves concerning the charges
mado against (Jen. Banks during tho
congressional canvass. It is said they
returned amply satisfied in thoir own
minds, that Mr. Copeland had author
ity for all that ho bad stated. Com
tnontccalth. The chargo was that tho Gencrl
would get "dead drunk," w hich the
gallant hero denied from tho stump.
Adjutant Geneial Kihnnlir. of Mn..
sachiisctts, who was lately removed
by Gov. Bulltsck for opposing Beast
Butler's nomination, threatons to pub
lish letters which will fasten upou the
Beast, irrevocably, the brand of spoc
alator and plunderer. We hopo he
will havo the nerve to "lako the bull
by the borus."
Inr Vnhlit IhM.
The following is tho olllt ial state
ment of the public debt of the United
Stales on the 1st inMant:
5 per cent, bunds, f I'.ix.tml .XMI 00
0 perct.boii(lN'(i7-(W, 15,7:UU M)
O perct. bonds ol 1S, 2MH,7-tO,HS0 00
11 -per ft. 5-20 bonds, KH, 125,100 00
Navy pension fund,; 1 1,750,000 00
Total, 1,400,400,741 HO
fl-per ct. bonds, 810,(122,0(10 00
3 yr. comp. int. notes, 144,!IOO,K40 00
3-ycar 7-30 notes, 07(1,50,000 00
Total, 832,370,410 00
Matured debt not pre
sented for payment, 10,51 S,0K!) 31
United States notes, 8:iH(),407,K42 00
Fractional currency, 28.732,812 32
Gold certifies of deposit, 10,442,080 00
Totul Debt,
425,073,334 32
82,075,002,505 43
Am'tinTreas'y, coin, 807,841,507 75
Am'tin Treus'y, curency ,33, 805,705 04
131,737,332 70
Ain't of debtdess cash
in Trousury, 82,543,325,172 04
The True Test. Gov. Branilette,
in his messago to tho Kentucky Leg
islature, says that his policy at the
close of tho war of granting pardons
to indicted soldiers of oither army has
beon rewarded with tho happiest re
mits. H itliout amnesty Micro can bo
no real pcaco, unless forgiveness cov
ers acts of war and relieves thoso en
gaged therein, there is no real peaco.
Tho war is but transferred from tho
field to the forum, where timid nnd
coi rupt men may swear away that for
which bravo men and truo struck the
muuly blow. To assumo that this or
that class lias sinned too greatly to be
forgiven is but to declare a partial,
not an entire peace. Tho broach made
by exceptions may widen until flumes
of strife rekindled from dying embers
of war may again lick the lite blood of
our people. Amnesty only can extin
guish the embers and coal-heated ashes.
1'licso principles have guided mo, and
aro deemed applicable uliko to State
and nation.
The Presidential Appointments.
A dispatch from Washington Bays :
"It is understood that tho Scnutu fi
nance committee have tuken up the
Presidential appointments referred to
it. A proposition was mado and ad
vocated that they should reject them
en inast-e ; but, upon consideration,
this was rejected by a majority, it be
ing considered as nr. indication of a
spirit of xpito which would bo unbe
coming the Senate o( tho United States.
It was finally decided that tho nomi
nations of men who formerly acted
with tho republican party, and who
severed their connection with tho par
ty with the object of obtaining otliee
from tho administration, should bo
rejected. In other cases whero tho
appointees have served in tho army or
navy during tho war, or wcro consist
ent democrats and good officers, tho
committee will recommend the confir
mation of appointments.
Holt Justice. Mr. John G. Ryan,
who was arrested about eighteen
months ago on suspicion that bo was
John II. Surratt, now seeks damages
for fulso imprisonment. Mr. Ryan
was arrested in Memphis in July 1805,
and taken to Washington city, chain
ed hand and foot, ineercorated in tho
Old Capitol prison, some weeks in sol
itary confinement, removed to Vitks
burg, and again kept in solitary con
finement until November, .and then
released without any explanation or
satisfaction, as he alleges. During all
this time be was not permitted to
comtinicato with his friends. Mr. Ry
an is tho editor of a newspuper in
Secession and Loyalty In his
testimony before tho committee ap
pointed to investigate tho lato riot in
S'cw Orleans, Mayer Monroe, of that
city, stated that at tho outbreak of
tho war there was, in his opinion, but
ono Union man in New Orleans. This
was Dr. Dostio, who left tho city un
der Jeff. Davis's proclamation, llo al
so stated that tho first secession
speeches ho had heard were made by
Gov. Hahfi and King Cutler, and that
tho most prominent State's Rights
man, and a leading spirit of the South
ern Rights Association, was W. R.
Fisher. Theso men aro now tho ex
treme Union men of the Brownlow
Masters op the Situation. We
find this paragraph in tho New York
Day Hook of tho 2!Hh : "Amid all the
effort of the political quack doctors
to compromise bridge over, or cajole
tho Southern Suites into yielding to
tho demands of Congress, let them
remember that they aro master nf
the tituation. They havo only to
standstill. Do nothing. Tho mon
grels are already coaxing, begging
them to yield , and tho great crowd
of trimmers aro perfectly frantic to
havo them do something. But we
say, stand still. Don't stir an inch.
Yon nro masters of the situation if you
did but know it.
The Next Presidency. Tho Pitts-
btirir Jienublic lunula nt if mnkthnml
the name of Andrew Johnson as its
candidate for the next Presidency. A
meeting of soldiers, recently held in
Iowa, havo named Dan Rice for the
samo post as (ion. Jackson, in lXiW,
patted him on tho head, after he had
rode a horso race, saying, "you aro an
extraordinary lad. and may yet be
President of tho United States." we
are not so sure but ho may get ahead
of tho candidato of the liciublic.
The Great Hi tch Civ rn
Tho owner of tho farm known as
Dutch Gap, finding that tho island
made bv the onttimr nt Tlntlor'a r snil
could not conveniently bo put to use
iMMMiv pome meansoi communication
With the main lunrl. linn imna
filling np one end of tho oannl, in or-
dor tO CrCfttS a cananwav anil tn remal
canal will eoou i among the things
tin Jnnuary I, l7, vijr J. t". IUrii, Kn ,
Mr. J Oil 1 A VI. oil t Mis 1.1.17. U1K1 II
UllimNi all or Ip , rlcrMJ e.i., I'a.
tin January I, 117, ly J. U. UsaHKVT, kitf.,
Mr. JAMhS WILSON, of JrSersna euunty, I'a.,
to Miss AMANDA it. IIOl'..N,f llra lr t.,n, !,.).,
CloarflvlJ county, I'a.
will ttlease
n uf I'hief
tlianks, fur a likeness
Justice Chase.
In I'enn tua-nsliip, en Friday morning, January
4, IsOT, CVXTIIKY, wifeof (IruK.ii Hiishin ;
Bjfil .'i.l years.
Clearfield Co. Agricultural Society.
VrOTIt'K is hereliy given, that there will he a
X meetint; f the Clearfield County Aa;rieullural
Society on Monday evening next, heing the 1 lib
day of January, 1N07, In the Court House, for the
purfMise of elevtitiK a hoard of officers for the com
ing year. Jly order of the President.
It I. II. II A KU Kit. Eeretanr.
Sl,l ;l(.ll nilt st A LK The undersigned
has a ft rut rate two-horse Sleigh for sale, with
shafts and tongue attached, nearly new, which he
will sell on reasouahle terms. Apply to
janin-.1t:pil Curwensvillr.
-A nearly new STEAM KXtll.NE
i aud HOI LKK, with tilings. Knrjnf .10 burse
power. Iloiler 4u-horse power. M ill be sold very
eboap. Address, W. A. 1 W.J. Me.MANKlAI.,
janl(Mm Milroy, Mifflin county, I'a.
1AM alway in moipl of th beit OV8TKHH,
which will be acrved up in tbe uiml variety of
Mtvlrt. 1 have now wuno tuid corufortalilv nx-io.
tiitfl npfor the c:orouioUtirn of LAl'IKS, which
department will reeuive iiarliculur attftitiou.
jitnlO-tf Ic Crm ami Ovftnr Falmm,
TIMIE umlcrnifrned will tell or rent her farm,
itua.trd in AlarynriMr, Clearfield couuir, I'a.
liie fann contain. 'N t, lll'MHHl AUihH,
and U well adaptwi to furtning or grating, and at
jireaetat ia in good lUtc uf cultivation aitd well
watered; having thrmm ona good TWlTOKY
FAHM HOI iSE and a two-and-a-half itory hunt,
very Urge, and well arranged fur keeping pablM.
The ntHMJwary outbuilding ar complete. Aleo, a
ooim.letc uitrcUaudina hTOKE ltOUM, in which
ha bren and if now a gnneral Moortisent ot mer
cbandiKt convenient lo eaeh bouse ii a spring of
niuuing water, which waa never known to tail.
Thora ij alo envtcd thereon a imall barn, with
ttaltling futfiuient for twelve boraea. For further
particular! aud trraii, addroaa the nndcraigned at
Clearfield Bridge. I'a., or call on ber at Marmville.
)anH)-,1in Wra.H. W. TIlOM PhO.N'.
I M I M T K AT ) II IS OT 1 1 lw Utter
of AdminictratioD having hrru granted the
undrigtied n tbe ettat of Hobert J. Wallace,
dee'd, lata of Clearfield borough, C'learfifdd count t,
all peraont indebted to laid ctlc will ttiaka iia
metliute payment, and tboae having claim again ft
the aame will present them procrly authenticated
fur settlement. (iEUllUE W. KIIKKM,
janIO rtt Administrator.
rpEA8 Itnperial Young Hjson Japan -J
Oolong II jsonTwankay, a good tea for
$1 25 per pound at J. . KKATZEK'S.
BLACKSMITHS can sart money by gatting
their llor.esbae and Nails at
janllMm. J. P. KKATZEK'S.
HICKWHEAT FLOl'R. 1,000 pounds freih
ground Bock wheat Flour for sals at
janlO-la. 3. P. KRA7ZKR S.
DRIED FRUIT. Apples Paachat Chsf
lies Pranea Juit reetirad at
BOOTS AN1) PIIOKS. Fin Calf Boots
Kip Bo?U Kelt Orarahoes buffalo Ortr
shooi Uutas Buskins Pandela at
janlfMm J. P. KRATZER'S.
CROCKS The celebrated Brady Stoneware,
for sale by .P. KRATZER.
OTATI'.M UST of the nances ol tbe Bornurh
O of Clearneld, for the year ending Jan. 1, lxt7.
Orders were drawn daring the year for
Work oa street l 11 f 2X3 14
Lumber t t t i i A7 o4
l'rinting acooant I 1 t M 00
Hardware I I I " t I IT
Blaeksmithing : t i t t 00
High Constable's services t I la HO
Interest on order No. IA : : A 73
Preparing Implicate : t l t 40
Mecrctary 'a services, two year t li O
Total : : i t VII 01
line front Collector of ItAA I
llue front I'lanking aceosnt i i
Cash in Treasury : i t
Total t I t i 24 A
Outstanding orders for yr. end'g Feb., 1 .S9, $.11 TJ
Feb., IHI, J 12
Oet, IHA2, 7J
Apr., ISM, I.SS 20
Jan., 1--A7, 49 Oil
t I 4K( Od
Tue oa MeAdamitlng
Assets aver liabilities
Total t : : i : 1124 6A
We, the undersigned auditors of Clearfleld bor
ough, having examined the accounts of said bor
ough, do certify them correct as above stated, and
that the above represents the financial condition of
snid borough, and that the assets exceed the lia
bilities four hundred and eightv-nine dollars.
C. B. HANliHiHD.
V. Tt. lllci.rn. pee'y. Auditors.
al All! i:ni.V It I roil T of the County
Katiuaal Bank sf Clearfield, Jan. 1, IsAA
Notes and bills discounted $113,7177
U, 8. bond deposited to seeur cir-
eulatioa ..... 74 00(1 to
Specie ;n tl
Compound Interest note, - 4.A:'0 00
Legal tender Bete ... H.4M1 00
National Bank note . . 1,110 00
Due from Basks and Banker . iJ.Wi 40
Current expenses .... 730 00
Cash Item ..... 1,0(6 ;
I'rsmium ..... 1,0:0 I
Over draft ..... 2,278 S3
Furniture and fixtures ... Jvo 00
Total J51.M4 71
Capital Stork paid in, f 100,000 00
fnrplus ... 1.0.17 00 .
Circulating Mote . Aj.OflO 00
lod. lepositor - 80,t)42 31
Mscount, profit snd loss. ,!25 0
Total f J.U.M04 71
I hsreby certify that ths above statement Is a
true sopy sf ths original sent to ths Comptrollsi
of tbe Currency. WM. V. WRIGHT,
JsnlO-l Csshier.
QtlARTKRLV R KPORT of ths First Ba
llon! Bank of Clearfield, Pa., Jaa. 1, 1866:
Rots and bill discounted! t 100,400 40
Over drafts i i t J.WT 10
Fnmilur, sad fixtures, I ; 1,U1 i
Cssh items and rsrense stamp t 4A4 24
Ou from National Banks i t 11.80 14
Due from Nat. Banks and Bankera I 1,6.12 81
U, 8. Bonds deposited with Treasurer
of li. 8 , to secure circulation 100 000 00
Notes of other hank i i i 1,011 0
Notes of Plats Banks t i i I Ml 00
Fractional currency t t i I0 30
Legal tender Notes and Specie : i 1,423 10
T I 10 Interest Notes i i i A.260 00
Compound Interest Not t t 0,0lt 00
Total It till 134,147 04
Canital stock itald in. 1100 (1(10 on
surplus iuni
l.ono 00
Circulating Nates t
M.O.tO 00
3MA 20
2,0.14 51
4.0O0 00
eve 04
I I 3.14.A47 64
inamuual deposits I
Dos to Nallnn.l
Dividends unpaid t i
frofll snd loss t
Total Liabilities I
- j " mw . i . . Bimrwii mini
th Quarterly report made to tbe Comptroller f
the Currency JON'N BOYNTON, Fres't
rlACTlOX All persons are hereby cautioned
aesinst starch. .in. n. I . ... . I ,:
with the following described personal properly, vis:
One roan mare and one bay horse, bow in the pos
session of John Carson, formerly of Clearfield .,
now of Cambria, as the same belongs to Die, snd il
left with the said CarenB on loan only.
Rise' t Isonluirw, Hubbell's, Drskss Hoof,
land's German, Hosteller' aad Greens'
Oxygenated Bitters, also pars Liqoers, of sll
kinds Tor edmnnl purposes, for sale by W. ft
Pulley itlocksTsilTiiesTMd b"estnfa:
lure, st lUhRKLL A B1ULLR o
I 1704 41
2 K
: 127 ti
ilftv ;dmtisfmrnt.
a k a 11
Philipsburg, Pa.
friLt lK . MTT. jnn ,TI,
utoRot l, r.tD. iriLLui rowan
W. W.liETTS,$CO.t
(flueestsors la Munsoa k Uoopi)
line just rereive'l Urge ind well ,,.
lent e J Slock of all kid of Staple joods
uch a '
Dry Goods, Clothing,
Booti end 8 hoes, 1 1 at, and tap,, Mo
tioc, Hardware, Glass, Kaih, oils,
Paints, Queens wore,
Groce'iee. Flour, liacon, Keed, Ac, which
we are oll'cring at greatly reduced priori,
For Cash or in
Eichange for Lumber and ShingW
We hope lo make it to the advantage of
Timber Wen,
ia the lover end of Clearfield county and
on Clearfield Creek, to get tbeir eupplje,
from I his point, being on the line of
Kail Road tun Sell
gondii on belter terma than at any point
10 Clearfield county, and we are aelling
our Stock at such
price aa lo make it an olject to tboae buy
tng p noils in tbia market lo deal wttb us
Advances of Goods, Feed, Ax.,
made on account of Square Timber, which
we will either fell on coiumiuion or buy
at fixed rates.
Flour of different Brand can be had at
all time at very low price, at tbe Clear
field Store, Thilipsburg, fenn'a.
lry Goods Notion, Ac, in great vari
ety, at tbe loweat price for Cash, at the
Clearfield Store, I'hihburg, Venn 'a.
Salt by the Sack or load, cheaper lhn
can be had ariT whero else, at tbe Clear
field Store, I'bilipsUirg, l'eun'a.
Call and Kzamioe tbe tock of good, at
tbe Clearfield Store, at Tbilipaburg, Pa.
Highest price paid in Good or Cash for
Lumber and Sbinglee at tbe Clearfield
Slore, Fbilipabuig, Penn'a.
The cbeatiest pood of all kinds are to be
bad at the Clenrtield Store, at i'hilipsburg.
Call and ee if our grxxliand price don't
ool tbe timea. W, W. BETTS. 4 CO,
I'bilipsburg, Nofember 15tb, lH(S.t,
Ae Cheap a tbe Cheapest aud Gtw4 aa
Hie lleU
Have just reeelved, anil art opening, at laslr
Old Stand ca Fruat (Street, above th
Aeademj, a larg and well
lecled atsertraent ef
which they are selling at very low rat.
Head the following ratalojvt and projil tkerrly.
For it lL(2ijB
y. Especial pain has Soea takes la th
Q jseleetiea of Lsdies Press Uoods, wblte
j Mlnods, Embroideries Milliner Goods.
rrinu, Rercbieli, Kgnies, Ulover, ae
! i.' -1 r v,fT
Alwsjs sa band Black Cloths Fancy
and Black Caasimeres, ffatineta, etc.,
sieaay Haas L'lotbiag ol all kind.
aid a variety of stbsr articles, whleh
they will sell at a small advaaee sa eosl
Psruoular atteatioa is invited to lesir
stock sf Carpets, CotUge, soaiwwa Ia
grain, tuperan .ngliik Ingram aad
Itrnssels, floor aad Table Oil Cloths
Window shade and Wall papers, t
FLOUR, BACON. Fish Salt,
Plaster, .Apple, reaches and
Prune kepi constantly on band
ALSO, in Store a lot of large and
man t-iorer seed.
We Intend te make It aa object for Farmers and
Mechanics to buy from ai beraase ws will
sell onr goods as low as they eaa he
bought ia the eounty and pay ths
f srj highest pries for sll kind of sosntry pro
duce. Wo will also sichsngs good foe
ScaooL, Rasa snd Coi arv eiders;
Shingles, Boards, sad sll kinCs
of Manufactured Lnmbsr,
Clearfield, March 14, lht.ti.
ha removed to hit new Ware-Roomi, on
Market St., Clearfield, Ta.,
where he ha opened a very Urge elock of
Dry Goods,
Merinoes, Gingham. Cloth. Delaines, Prints,
Catsimeres, Alpacas, Bilks, Satinet, Rep,
Cashmere, Tweeds, Cobcrgs, Mohair, Jeans,
Lanellas, Muslins, Flannels, Bonnets, Rib
bon, Cloaks, Balmoral Skirts, Hoop-r-klrts,
Shawls, Dross Trimmings,
Head Nsu, Caps, Corsets, Gloves,
Collars, Ecarls, Urenadins Veils,
Table Covers.
Cssts, Psota, VeiU, Over-CoaU, (seal's Shswl
Shirts Hals, Caps, llnder-Shirts aad
Drawers, Boots. Ehoss. ttum
Shoes, Cravata, tl loves
and Collars.
Tea, Cotes, Bugsr, Molneees.SsIt, Csndles, Rlee,
Flour, Baeoa, Fish, Tobseeo, Raisins,
Currants, 8 pi , Craeksrs,
Vinegar, Oils, Var
nish, Alcohol.
Household Goods.
Carpets, Oll-oloths, Drngget. Lsoking-dlasse
(locks. Churns, Washboards, Tubs, Bnek
sta. Flat Iroas, Paws, Window Blinds,
Wall paper. Coal Oil Lamp, I'm
hrrllas, Bedcorde, Knires and
Forks. Hpwons, Crocks, and
Stove Blacking.
.r-All of which will bs sold oa ths most res.
onabls terms, and the fcijUsi mark! pric paid
nr Drain, Wool, and sll kinds of cons try produoo.
Clsaraeld, December It, ISA.
flhs andersigned have this day formed a Cc.
J. partnership under the firm name of Irwin A
liarlshora. for the reananctl.m r.r. ,.... i w.
ehandise and Lnmber business. A lerre end
well seleeted stock of floods hss bees s.Med Is
. otkhu . .n ivisir oiore I n
CarwensTille where ws ar sow prepared tesbew
vv.n.Mn, eempieieo aaaorimsat with pnees
ss low as ths lowest. Th. hl.t,.., K..k.. ...
paid for Lumber of sll dsecrlpilos.
ins aatroaafs oi ths public Is respectfully
o'le"-- BDWARD A. 1RV1N.
Curwensvlll, inly It, 13 'V
Th andersigned I prepared to manufacture
everything ia his line, si the lowsst figures, aad
will wanant hit work to ha aa represented.
Glrs him a call, at his shop on Market street,
eond door west of th Post OfBce, snd he will
ds all la his power, to render satisfaction. Some
fins Mails, top, tltra Freach calf skins, ae,,
oa hand, ready to b finished on short notice at
low prises. DAMhL CONNELLY.
Juas Uih,!U4-l yr