Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 05, 1866, Image 2

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Giorgi B-Goodlasdlk, Editor.
cad ci CI n pi
CLEARrltLU, r.
Wednesday Morain?, Dec. 5, 18C6.
U'TT.. Tt, l-r. fV.u hi
. , i ,
Bia Dn rem, -
the control of oar old friend Win. S-1
Garvin, who. we hope, will be able to
bring old -ilesser" to right i;jain.
Tbs Riuht 'asik A number of
negroe in PhiladelphU are forming
themselves into an association entitled
Lincoln' Company," with the object
cf fjinjj to Liberia.
OSeial returns from all the couo-
tiea in Xcw York State give a major
for Governor Fenton or 13,745.
r, whole State U over
The vote cf the whole State is over
12,000 below that of li'A.
J road, expecting it would he found.
The income of lion. Asa Tacker, of. xhoy were to have their examination
Carbon county, is returned by the 'il- j to-day, at Sowers. The child, by pro
ternal revenue assessor, for last year, per attention, is likely to recover. '
at tl'i.T'iT. We would add another T
' I Ovra-CBowpED Labob Mabket
eolnmn to the KepubUcan, if we had . The yew Yort papers are cautioning
o&ly i
three month' Income of this ;
SE5ATO&UL X a!. i he war on the
Senatorial question, between the loyal
factious, is becoming interesting. Cur
tin mud Cameron ocenpy the centre of
tie ring, ms clowa and ring-matcr,
while Steven, Forney and Grow are
trjirg to ride the no'e
The oEcisJ majority against Hon.
A. J. E'Jgen ia the Fourth Congres-
'ocal IKtriet of New Jerev, U but i
2M To accomplish this much, the !
canvaseer, threw oat 135 ballots be-
eanse thev were printed Andrew Jack
t-ji Rogers
instead of Andrew J.
Dla. nn Jacob Fry, aa olJ and , colored jieople, contrabands. Ac., seek-
promioent IemcKrit of this State, !" employment here, of whom it is
Uied at XorristowB on Wednesday ! sa,tf to V lhal, tw?my tliojiaand will
, . ,:notaverjge a dav work in a week
lat. Ue was formerly a member of duHng th comin;; winter T1)e pilor
the State Legislature, a Representa house is already overflowing and una
tive ia Congress frm l-i5 to 1?C9. ble to afford a shelter for the swarms
ac J sirred alio a Auditor General of of vagrants and houseless ones afloat
the S'-ate.
A number of Eastern woolen mana
Cictsrcr have determined to stop.
TVey ay they cannot afford to pay
commissions. Government tax and the
present enormous price of dye stuffs
asd wool. Poor fellow! These same
chap, have doabled their capital from
' t
two to three time daring the past six
T-. n.-.. t it
Eruoior Pioc.EM.-Eer llenrj
Ward Beecher aiicoa-iced to hi con-j
pre jit km, oo Sandav last, that he had students of the evidence in the case of
rra-ed a troupe of .ingers, and in ,he ?T'"-toni, believe that the con-
. , viction was nnjust, or at any rate un
ite f.Ure Wd give "sacred con- ja.linecl llT th te.,imony, a. ,d tho in
vert" ia hi church. We presume be i trinsic improbability of such a man's
ha adopted this plan to keep his
from attending any other
M it cm fercwa rw-. CmMinL
fcT a rir-m yuKf ili iiM fuermi
ext, the; w:U qnarrel with
Lord fur avowing people to die on that ! man has Wen on more than one ocea
dar. Pats is the place where, a hun-'fion nrged in our columns; and the
drrd rears srn it wai a in for a man I wisJo" of 8orae movement such as
to kb hi wile on Pandnv, but it was lU' ,now rted will be appa-
. . , .- i r'nt to all w ho have given the matter
pocooaceJ a s-arp Ins.neso transac- a cot:dertioii.- AJccrtiscr.
Uoo to maraSctare woo-Jen hams or! -
maimer, ou Mocduy, aad sell them to
the -heathen round about
cf the week.
Hoa. IWI K. Ma -reder. Jnd,- ..r'common-proportv.tes;
.v. c-.i j . . , . ..
otw'j u.s-.nei ci jian ian l, has
lea arrested, by order of Lieut. Van
'' ' "
nt, for
' t-ivil
AcHep, a negro-burvaa agent
Ei.-tit K,'!! U nrr,,.;, i n .
Kireaa ur K. m.M.. ... . i.
.j.nv. i.j m jojh
crse to protect the 'gentleman
from Africa." We wish we tad a
laream to protect oar ri -hts Upon
Ci iat we are ffr r,! t,n, Hi
, J
' - - - - im. ui WI'.T
Some fellow, neglected by the Fool-
A...-,iarvi?a tae t buade.'phia
ATteao pu to prove that the Constitu -
uui r- Va an- J.IL. it . r
, .v. ... .c. . . "
.v.,. Mme,,.,. , . ,h.s,.,.in r,Hn.
ooi are txg.-er than ether; tat this offices, and it was he, at the Charles- j tlure " "" mnn w, l'ore V""'1'
e, denominated by the e-Iitor aa 1 ton Convention, who terrified Butler ' ,K'.nt P"rt " 18 nut ln'dy
ejnrisn-mast be a whopper The ' " temporary whiteness, like that ! '"'' ' both its at tion and its rc
tt, see that their treason h l,f lh:llk- lT threatning to cut off , ? , ,"-.,,,t B Mu'vo ll0 " V
:a de'-ated an i (!,.. . l- I ths doctor's ears and nail them to the ! ulus'"ng " no doubt amusing
-r.l r T g ""for bad been imprudent, I ? "",me hi.e State ol'.Sou.h
'JU vennct to get out of the ' tut he was very quiet during the rest i ar"""a hugging with the black State
w,f l7 W, ,riKse ot- the session o"f the Convention, and;"' iM-'liu-lt, l't to us it was far
t aNe jaritwUl next atumpt to toadied the South by voting till v-scven ' , mi"""K. bec-anso we knew that
rove that the moon i trade out or ' tin,M f"r Jtf.-rwii Davis, as his can-! the political offspring l.rn of such an
' . ' Cl Pf' didate ror the Presidencv.-A,-A.iajr. 1 e'"r but a Mon-
-reea ttieese. ( I grel brat. Mrs. Carolina has added
The Tinvrmw n . r Bitlxa Ain bis Gami. Imsirine", : nothing to her chaste reputation Tor
u , , c i: . '"""0" ! S-'- Hoffman, of New York, in . that little love-making. The lKMnoc
- srtal acd batter Erigade" to. k it the speech at lluffalo, "imngins Thad. I racy, or the Conservatism, or w hat
: to their to ire up a rwreptioa ; Stevens aa President, Parson llrown-1 ever you call it, of Massachusetts, as
:-. boooref the 'War Rrpresenta
r ve, oe their return to Washington.
- Sata-diy last. The committee had
- . . j v... .
fr the cccaskie, as a similar commit -
aa4 a year ago
to get one to de -
k Lno-an was
1 rer a ea!vrv pg A.
. . ,. . i iicai iuou au. j iva near wuai niy j r. erj- stripe oi wur ; ami mifoirto pol-
, .ftioT!tei,lhn Iiami.n.and a score, friend in the audience says. 1 make , iticians have Ueu holding their Con
ci" others ; but all declined, antil they j it a point never to contradict a sensi- volitions all around ; but let the De-c-
A.iwa to a white negro judge, 'bl remark." Great laughter mocracy have, at least, ono Conven-
.a. .i. ik;- . i.i V. I m I tion of genuine white politicians. A t! U mg bad teea p.t- GfDeral G. w s-bofield has been ! Convention of brave anil true patriot.
; ea acta iloo-lAy. spread binned
iTf namr i'-wi.
aUWnniit wo tVe
. I.k. iMf,..-.
' v -
.The lrbariin displayed in thin in
i -
'stance would furnish materixl for
! twrt-cotumn article on humanitarian-!
!iiiu iu mo -tw iuik i ncaac, uau
: .1 X' ' I iT I . t 1 I
. .
the crime heen committed in Ninth ,
'Carolina, instead cf Massachusetts. 1
Hut happening where it did, it i I
I merely treated as an incident of the
day, and the child being white defeaU
a loyal howl :
' A man named Jainea (randcll,
'living with his wife at Wcatfield,
Mu, has been arrested, together
with wife, and the two are held for
I""""""'"" at bo.iiere, for unnatural
' and inhuman conduct in trying to de-
; .1 . i: . . f i. .1:11
Biroy ine mo ui un luiant iiiiiu.
nn,l l.i iril., d.i. linen
I been married but a little over a year,
! took the child to the Shaken at Kn-
I tk-M and urged them to adopt it. The
Shakers refused; and the parents then
took the child to a neighboring wood,
1 put it in a hole or hollow, und cover-
ing it with leaves, left it to its fate.
It is thought, from marks and bruises
on the infant's head and luce, that the
unnatural parents' stamped upon it,
with a view of killing it, bet'oro cover-1
ing it with leaves
It xv is discovered i
the next dav by two huntsmen.
' j I
! their dog and was found to
parents deny tual tliey stamped on
the child, and say they left it near the
country workmen against seeking em
ployment ft that city, telling them
that the labor market there is over
stocked, business dull, at.d multitudes
of workmen are discharged, while the
rate of wages is falling. Referring to
this fact tho Washington Star re
mark: "We feel it a duty to give the
same warning to perxms coming to
Washington in search of employ
ment. In onr long experience in the
newspajier business we have never tie
fore known so many persons out of
employment in this city. A largi;
of tho filiating population
brought here by the war, still linger
'onS er,thc '? for their labor
has ceased, and jostle each other for
a livelihood in all the trades, and in a
fierce contest for the smallest govern
mental office. Descending the social
i scale, we have some thirty thousand
upon our streets, and Heaven only
knows what will become of tho thous
ands of the unemployed here when
the severity of the winter come up
on u.
Tin Case or SrANuita We learn
j that an earnest effort is to be made,
! now lnat llie tumult and excitement
! of ' o' ' up-
: un t lip . I nr tin Pr,u.i,t,,it tliA
ne o EjwarJ ?
pangler, a prisoner
of the' Dry Tortngas, charged with the
I complicity in the assassination of
r, . J
j Tresident Lincoln. Both Spangler s
own friends, and many disinterested
: being concerned in the plot is a strong
element in his favor. The present el
fort is not for the pardon of the con-
condemned man, but for a new trial,
l, ,,.1, :n i.;,. .,..,...
Vi i - i "I I" "
estai usiiing lis innocence ootoro au
iniiartial jury. The necessity of some
Hrlion in tliir-nu tA tl.ta nr.f, .Hnniln
i . Take Notice It is a noteworthy
thetwlancel mat . mu biulium7u.i unikt'J
I spokesmen ; all the long haired "re
formers:" all the spiritualist : all the
1 ,-; . ' ,r. ' .
md al the Kloomer and
rights females Mrs. Swiss-1
-II a 1 -
ilovers; and
, n.e,m' i'. aj .uey Mone,
Anna Dickinson, 4c arc of and w ith
I'-'i'cal party. Every impudent,
Ulathering, ort bless, rattl
s. rattle j.aieddar-i,
! " J ' . .- . J"J , nu
nerv he-temale is opiM.sed to to a re
! established Union. A their dailv
' Practice is in violation ot either the
'a,, ''n,ture. of morality, or or God,
! ihtT M npt K,0.rJ. to
! any otherorganiration. I atdl won
Frank R I. ubbock, ex Governor of
T.m mnA m r ..Innnl ....I 1..IT I
1 erson Iavis, has estahli.hcd himself,
' i" connection with bis son, at llonst-
' fT XX th a it t ii in ainl ivi niniiLki.,11 !
' holiness. For twentv fire rear, Mr
k.w a iserreiary oi me lreasury,
j Henry J. Raymond as Secretary of
State. James tiordon Bennett as Min-
Lter to England, and the travelling
uuujTiwii prraiiiniiisiiiig me eour. -
' try as members of Congress. With
! U-H ruirrs w mi woum your secuinc
' 'orlD (Voice Butler would
, appointed Major in the Forty-first reg -
luicnt. rrg'iinr arinv
Many mit-nlled lVnmcratic journals
. t 1 ... .... ... .1 ... . u . . 1 .. . . L
,n" leaner, pronuw -.., ......
i . i . i - i i ... j i i
' Miff Ol UlC HOUlMiMIP Him BJ hmiht
jo! the leoi.! in cntinuinp their sup-
I rrl to a imlili.-al party w Inch
! Ilemly hit on tlif complete .Ictruc-
! ti..n .! the live while man' irovcrn -
Neatly leiit on the eom
1 """ - e - t
Inidni htnlilikKpil lie nnr fnrvlMt hers. I
i;..n ..I lliA t'l.m Wvllltrt tliall . llllTm-
n..r,t,l In- onr ton .lathers. U
.,. ,. ...,, ,,,..,..! J
1 .1 ... .i. 1. ti...; I
i,an the i.eoi.lea. They have. 1,mmi 1
doinir nil thev could for tive or six
rear to eaucaio uio ncoiue in hub
.1 1 . ;.. .1 : .
Black Republican abomination o( "loy
alty." If the thing now callod by this
kingly namo of loyilly, is right, then
the lilack lti-publican party is right,
then the people, are right in supiorl
ing that party, and the Democrats are
wrong in opposing it. If tho Aboli
tionists havo a right to overthrow tho
irovernmcnt of Stutes, and to subju
gate white men, for tho purpose of
reducing thorn to an equnlity with no
grocs, then they havo a right to all
tho natural fruit o! that subjugation.
Tho holding of Stales in tubjugatton
can bo no greater crimo than the very
act of subjuijatuiij, and whon you have
educated the
people to
rrlit, it wi
to believe that i
the one is right, it will take a long
time to persuade their common sense
ti.nt tlm nthor i. wromr. Ifvoumav
,,.irive anv hcodIo of the riiht of
K(,if nvprniiient for a sint'le hour, vou
may tor a day, it lor a. aav, lor a woeu
it lora wet.k,f()r a month.if lor n month,
"" li"1!-
Tho principle admitted for any time,
is good for all time. These Democrat
ic leader went over themselves into
the filthy slough of ISIuck Republican
loyalitm alia despotism, alias devilism
of every infernal type, und did their
utmost to drag tho people after them,
and now are trying to drag them out
again with just about the same kind
of rope or principles, with which they
dragged tlieiu in. ain attempt
Worse than vain to expect to drag
the people out of thu Abolition slough
with Abolition roties! If the Demo-
cratie party is ever to return to power,
it must be through other agency, and
by other leadership, than that w hich
carried it over to the support uf its
enemies. The organization, tho ma
chinery of the party, is worn out and
bruken in tho service of its enemies.
It smells at once of the stench of ne
groes and the blood of white men ! It
is loalhesome to every Democrat, that
is, to every Democrat who has refused
to be a party to the stupendous crime
of the Abolition war. If tho Demo
cratic party, we say, ever returns to
power, it must be bv other means thau
tliis old filthy, venal, bloody, negroized
machinery of tho party organization.
The Democratic principle is not hurl.
It is as bright, as pure and glorious us
when it started iu the great struggle
of 1776. Give it a parly machinery
worthy of it strength, and it will
draw forth again tho popular enthu
siasm which was always tho forerun
ner and companion of victory. Do
we believe it possiblo for the party to
achieve success through tho leader
ship of the very men by whom it has
been sold !' The return of the Demo
cratic party, or rather of tho Demo
cratic principle to power, (for after all,
that is tlio only question wortli con
tending for,) must never be looked
for on this prostituted, bloody, negro
worshiping hnsis or loyaHy. The De
mocracy of the United States was al
ways purely white It tan never ro
turn to power except as a vhitr man's
pany. x no Biici ipi io ma ie u a mu-
f,o ,ai1y, or something between a
party. 1 lie attempt to make it a mu
white man and a negro, ha resulted
in nothing but disgraceful and contin
uous defeat. Theso cunning or rather
foolish leaders have been trying to split
the difference between a white man
and a negro, and tho result is, thut
they have made political Mongrels of
themselves. What we want, what
we must have, nay, v hat wo will have,
j is a purely tru'fe mi' party. A par-
j ly oused upon winte supremacy, on
precisely tho Bamo foundations which
were laid down by tho wise and pa
triotic founder of this government, is
the only organization w hich can sue
eessfully cope with tho negro party.
To concede anything to such a party
is to give awaya portion of our strength
The w ider tho gulf between us and
them, the stronger shall we be. This
ntli.nil.l frvB'iiiut in, on ll.i.ii irFniin.L
h itolh a fl) unjrimo. The Hlack
Republican party holds the negro mid
oil that belongs to him in fee simple,
and for the Democratic party to ut-
: tei"pt j possession oi
j llis bojv ta to play tho pn
,i j , ,i. ..,'.
of any part of
i it ot a tlncl
time. This
mn 0f thing
ror veral y
has been going on now
ear under the present
j i fiv ,ii .e .ell i nuu l ihu IVilol I i-ll iji UI
.nt...( .,. a... I I. ....I..... 1. ... ..I
I., .,,. ;t, !,. n,:.
Ueluora n
deiuoralization of our own forces.
These considerations havo led us to
support the proposition for an early
great convention of the truo old De-inK-racy
of the States a genuine
Democratic convention, whero the
peoplo or all the States may meet on
term of pel feet equality. Not such
a bastard concern a that of Philadel
phia, whero the marplots of ono sec
tion held their bloody hands over the
voiceless mouth and choked throats
i oJ llie oll,,,r ""'lion, reading them les-
of reproof and submission. If
! represented in that convention, was
. ccruiiilf not w hiter than a mulatto.
j But there are real white men in Ma-sa.
j chuselts, as in all the New England
, 'laies plenty oi i nem and we nope
that such, and only such, will go to
me great i (invention oi me Males lo
be held in Kentucky next Spring.
' who acknowledge nothing to repent
of on tbc one hsnd, nor clsiui ths right
i to exen int fbririvenens on the other.
There oii(ht to he hall minion i
real white mm in contVrem on that
( -
an rntlimtinc m w hich will urouKO
'" lutT.v ' V1'1 ' ,''r,,y
!pin. 'J " t ,t,n" c"'."'
1 I-hilmi in which IVinmtuH bIu.I1 not he
orenhton. Mich a I nnveiuion nnni
doul.t w hether they nr running a
Democratic or a
Hlmk IJepilblii-an
l.lallbrni. Let ua huve a Convention
ol white men, who want the old L inon
our forefathers made, and who prefer
tho Constitution ns it canio from tho
hands or Washington, Jefferson, and
tho patriots of tho Revolution, to tho
ragged, negro-looking thing bb it pass
es out ol Tund. Stevens, Sumner, and
Hen. Hutler. The issue is a plain ono.
Let tho cull lie for a Convention of nil
who wnnt the Union ai it ifiand tho
Cuiittitution os it van. Those who be
lieve that Thad. Stevens and Hen.
Hutler can mend thu work of Wash
ington and Jefferson, must take, at
least, a back scut in such a Conven
tion. Let thosowhoare foolish enough
to think thut they can hold tho "Rad
ical" bull by the Mi7 try their hand in
uuother place. Let this Convention
bo for those who moan to seize the
ocusi oy mo hums. vnj iwi
MiMineiinus Doinos in Missouiti.
An a Hi-ay occurred near West J'luinB,
Howell county, JIo., lust week, be
tween Fred. II. Raker and John Fin
ley, in rcgurd to a homestead entry,
which resulted iu the killing of Finley
and his wilo, and the serious wound
ing of Mrs. Cousins, sister of Mrs.
Finley, by linker. Great cieiteiuent
prevails in tho community. J Inker is
still ut large. Last Sunday, two broth
ers, iiumed Titus, assaulted tho con
stable of Missouri city, Clay county,
whereupon the consUiblo, lamed F.l
gin, killed both the brothers, und fled
to Rlattu county, to surrender himself
to tho authorities, lie w as followed
by several men, said to be friends of
the murdered brothers, und was him-
self found killed on Mouduv.
Tho Rev. Andrew Schwnrtj late pas
tor of St. John's Gorman Lutheran
Church, Fifth Street, resigned his pas
torale on Tuesday night ai.d left the
city. Our readers will remember
thai ho was a radical candidate for
tho Legislature of Maryland at llioro
cent election in Baltimore, and was
defeated. He was nominated and en
tered upon the canvass without tho
knowledge of hi congregation, and
they were incensed that their religious
teacher should cngago in politics.
Until another pastor is elected, Rev.
II. Knehne, D D., and Rev. Mr. Blen
ner w ill officiato in this church Itich
mond ( I'd.) Dispatch.
Not Cosbistkst. Judgo Allison,
of Philadelphia, lately sent a Federal
soldier to pmon lor thirty days for
contempt in not taking off bis hat in
court, although to havo done so would
have been a violation of army regula
tions. Singular to say this same
Judge resided and preside! iu Phila
delphia, a year or two ngo.whcn fed
eral soldiers, in tiring at deserters,
killed or wounded a woman and child,
and yet tho soldiers were not punish
ed. Has loyalty" gone into a de
cline, or is il a greater crimo to keep
one' hat on in "the presence" than
tukoa human life! Patriot d- Unfon.
HunsE Racks. There w ere at least
three thousand peoplo nt the race on
Saturdnj-, nt tho National Course, at
Washington, including General Grant,
Secretaries Stanton. Browning and
McCnlloch, and several foreign minis
ters and others. Tho raco was for a
purse of 82,01X1. Mile three
in fivo. The horses entered were the
famous Dexter, tho trotter George
Fawectt, at d the pacer Polly Ann.
The horso George Fawectt was for
merly known as Silas Rich. Dexter
won al! three heats, bis time being
2,'.'tiJ, 2.211, and 2,201.
On the night of October 14th, when
Wells, Farrn A Co.'s fast stage arrived
at Crystal Luke, near the summit of
tho Sierras, on the Donnor Lake
route, a man who had been riding on
tho back part of the stage walked in
to tho house, and as lie approached
the fire, fell to tho floor and expired.
A doctor who examined tho body said
the deceased had been frozen to death.
No ono knew who the person was, or
where ho got on tho stage; he had no
baggage, and was only protected from
the cold by a linen coat.
A Mrs. Fox, residing in Sandlako,
N. Y., attempted to commit suicide on
Thursday by taking poison. II er mo
tive foi Iho action wns by res son of
thefollowingcirciimstanees : Her hus
band went to the army in tho early
part of tho war, and not bearing from
him sho supposed lie wasdeud.and ac
cordingly tnairied another. Recently
hecamo homo and claimed tho child
ren, which so grieved her that sho at
tempted to put an end to her exis
tence. The prompt application of
restoratives saved tier life.
Rkfresiiinu to Sinners. It must
have been refreshing to sinners to wit
ness the avidity w ith w hich ministers
of the Gospel in this section entered
into the spirit ol tho recent political
contest, and tho anxiety they exhibi
ted to be among the iirst to got to the
bnllot-box, and the love they manifes
ted for (heir neighbors and many of
l heir flock by supporting a parly whose
purpose they know to bo to disfran
chise and debase them. Should not
conservatives withdraw all support
lrom such "wolves in shceps clot lung?"
JJaijentiurn .,.
William yiinn, Esq , of Washing
ton. D. V., Col. William II. Stew ni t, of
Baltimore, Md., and John M. Miller,
Esq , of Elkton, Md., have been ap
pointed, hy U,0 prcHident, Commis
sioners for tho State of Mm viand, un
der section 24, act of Congress, Feb
i ruary 24, IHtu, and section 2, ai t ap-
proved July 2 lSOi'i to award com-
iciiMilion to ei.ih loyal licrson to
wuom a colored volunteer or durflcd
msn may linve owed service at tlio
lime of enlistment or draft into the
son-ice of tlio UuitedSUtos.
The starch mills of S. V. Hartford
k Co., ol Jjuiranter, X. II., were burn
ed on tho 27th of November. Tim
loss is e'timntcl (it nbout Affin.
.KlmflnHmM Htm. j
lloll. John T. J one. Im leen eleeteil j
K.inntor I'riiin Arkantm. I
The State dehl of Illi..oi.,on the 1st ult, when article ol impei.cnnien,
' . i ,a tWa , mi were drawn un
nstant, wan .','.,IJ". inn I . - ...
nv.ty well for ' State. nn-l ill bo to a icpu , ,.-
. i .,i 'caucus of tho member o! Congress
Twenty car loaded w .il, cot on, . reassembling W sl,-
hi.i nvi-r 1 in "n r in" road lrom """" "'" 1 1
temphis to Norfolk every day.
Jefferson and Joseph Davis's plan
tations in Mississippi have been leased
to an association of colored men.
Johnson's largo nail factory nt llol
lidaysburg, was destroyed by tiro on
tho 27th ultimo. The loss is heavy.
Hon. Cave Johnson died nt darks
ville, Tenn , on tho 28th ultimo. He
was P. M. General under President
A person lately set nn investigation
on fool. Bui he complains thut it
hurts him. Let him put it on horse
back. A disloyal sheet in Virginia, favors
the senatorial aspirations of II. G.,
"becauso bo was un influential seces
sionist." Our faults ulllict us moro than our
good actions console us; il is ulwnys
pain that carries the day in conscience
us in thu heart.
Hon. Herschel V. Johnson has re
signed tho oHiceof United Stales Son
ator, to which the Georgia Legisla
ture elected him.
Mr. Churles A. Dana has bought up
tho old material or the New York
Herald, types, presses, &c, fjr his
new rudical paper.
A in an named Parkinson, who shot
the seducer of his daughter, in Jas
per county, Indiana, has been tried
for murder and acquitted.
Two hundred and eighty-five gal
lons of sorghum molasses wore made
4'rom ono acre of cane this season, by
a Rockingham, a., farmer.
Tho Boston police arrest people for
playing cards on Sunday in private
houses. This is indeed strange
amusement for a religious town like
Advices from the Upper Missouri
stuto that tho Indians are agaiu trou
blesome, several boats having been
fired into and a number of passen
gers killed.
Forney says "ho has not committed
any of the crimes that Andrew John
son is in the habit of pardoning." No,
Forney; your crimes arc such that no
body lau pardon.
"Did tho minister put a stamp on
you w hen you were married, Mary ?"
'A stamp Charlie 1 What for, pray?"
''Why Matches ain't legal without a
stump you know."
Major Georgo E. Glenn, a paymas
ter, was robbed at Fort Hoyes, Octo
ber fuh, of f ;0,(HMJ in legal tender
notes, and fJ50,000 in vouchers lor
money puid out to troops.
E. F. Fillsburry, Into Democratic
candidate lor Governor of Maine, has
been appointed, hy tho President, Pen
sion Agent lor that State, in the place
of a loyalist named Potter.
Female clerks aro now employed in
tho Dead Letterotlice at Washington.
What a paradise of enjoyment for cu
rious women ! We know of a few that
such situations would just suit.
President Johnson may not be a
"Moses." but wo boo that ho gives
moro money to aid tho children of
Ham and hominy than all the Rads
from Maine to Iowa, put together.
Gov. Geary will bo inaugurated on
tho loth of January; tlio election for
United States Senator will take place
on tho same day; tho election for
Treasurer will be held on the II th of
Dennis F. Hanks, Mr. Lincoln' re
lation and old preceptor and friend, I
writes that Mr. Lincoln's "whole Pres
idential career was a continual titnig
glo against tho rapacity, the cruelly,
and tho recklessness of tho Radical
It is said that Judgo Bond, of Mary
land is to be impeached. Better turn
him over to tho Freedman's Bureau,
under whoso care all the lato bund
men aro now luxuriating, and toward
whom ho seems to have such stron"
Neither Chief Justice Chaso nor
Judgo Underwood wore in Richmond
on tho 2(ith, tho day for tho com
mencement of tho United States Cir
cuit Court ; consequently tho trial of
Jefferson Davis must go over till the
May term, in ISO".
General John A. Sutler, the Culi
fomia pioneer, is now in Washington
endeavoring to got a claim against tho
government allowed. It will be re
membered that it was upon tho Gen
eral's farm that gold was first discov
ered in California.
Mr. Wm. Oaks, of Hurrell town
ship, Indiana county, whiltt carrying
a scap of bees across a field, on Wed
nesday night last, stepped into a rut
and fell, striking his chin upon tho
box, which dislocated his neck, kill
ing him almost instantly.
General George II. Steunrt, former
ly of Baltimore, and lato Major Gen
eral in the Confederal o service, ond a
graduate of West Point, has been par
doned upon the recommendation of
General Grunt, tho Attorney General,
and other prominent persons.
Goiho Back on nis ' Fkiknus."
JhoAcw lork Trihinr, in summing
up the result of the election in Massa
chusetts, says: "There are n very
few Copperheads and some Negroes
chosen to the Legislature, but not e
nongh of either lo do any harm."
Si hhkn Dkath in Cot rt George
Washington, a nephew of Gen. Wash
ington, died suddenly a few davs since
in Wilmington, Clinton county, Ohio,
while attending a case be had i'n court.
His remains were taken to Prince
William county, Va., for inlei mont.
At a town meeting held in Chelsea,
Mass., for tho puriHiso of nominatiiiir
a candidate for Mayor, tho names of
but two candidates were presented lo
tho voters R. S. Frost, und Bob Mor
ns, a negro. I lie vole stood Frost
"'i ' lr Ikib 24i
Bob will make
j 'I ,,ixt tinic.ftiro.
liinfrest dipiintch trausinitted over the
Allnntic telcgrajih cnblo was it on
Saturday by a overnineiit olllcial of
tlio United Slates lo one ol llie minia
ters ol this countrv on the continent
of Kurojio. ll contained over five
tliotiMnd won!, and ct l"i.iwn.
Tmk I'iuuhm H 1 vi 1 ai hm It in
report eil thill pi-oiiiili.lil I ado liU Inld
a i nucim in l'hilad'l)hla. on lh l'th
The grand jury of tho Criminal
Court of Washington tins found a true
bill of indictment against Snndl'ovd
Conover, iilius Charles A. Dunham, for
perjury in the matter of his testimony
implicating Mr. Davis in tho assassin
ation of President Lincoln. The in
dictment covers thirty pages of close
ly written legal cap.
In Holmes county, Ohio, n veteran
Democrat of 101 years traveled four
miles to tho polls; and oiners, iigeu
lis, y;j and 94, wont u considerable
distance to deposit Domocrutio bal
lots. W hen such ancient patriot do
thus, what excuso can young and vig
orous men have for neglecting to in
convenience themselves to uphold
their principles ?
"Lkttf.hs from Hem..'' Mr. Bent
ly, tho London publisher, write to
the paper in refcrenco to the book
culled "Letters from Hell," which be
has announced for publication, that it
is not, as some good peoplo supposed,
an irreligious work. It is tho pro
duction of a Danish clergyman ; und
has boon translated by u clergyman
of the Church of England.
ASaiiStoiiy. By a recent storm,
four vessels belonging to tho little
town of Harrington, N. S., wero lost,
with most of their crew. 1 ho nnm
her of men drowned wus thirty-eight,
and this calamity makes twenty-three
widows und sixty-five orphans, nearly
nil living within six miles ot cacti oili
er. The loss of property is also a very
serious ono to the town.
The great suspension bridge over
1110 tJUlO lUVCr III V.IIIC11II1UI.I, ,.)-
feet long, was opened to pedestri
ans on the first of December, with ap
propriate ceremonies. It is tho long
est single-span bridgo in tho world,
costing ?2,UOO,0UO. Railway tracks
are laid over it. J he span from cen
ter to center of the tower is 1,760
feet. Over 10,000 people passed over
it the hrst day
Not Tbi e. Wc are authorized to
announce thut tho urliclo in a morn
ing paper about the breaking up of
the "Johnson Executive Committee,
and the loss of U3U,00iJ sustained there
by a prominent bnuking house in this
city, I incorrect in every particular.
On tho contrary tho Executive Com
mittee have a largo surplus to their
credit, ns has always been the case.
It ashmyton star.
At Rrynoldivillc, Xuvrmtxr J, 186, hj Urr.
B. II. Fim, Mr. JOHN PIUFKEIl to Mu. LE
VINA II011N; kotb of Ulhcnburg, Pa.
At BrynuMBTille, N'uvpuiImt 3, I SAO, hy Urv.
n. II. Fim. Mr. PHILIP StVOOPE to Mrs. HAN
NAH WOOP?; bulb of I.ulbcnburg, IV,
On BrjiteniWr IS, 18(16, bj 0. W. Fnorr, Eiq.,
Mr. (iKUitO'E V. HECK, of Indians count;, to
Min MARY E. NAVIOAN, of Huntingdon oo.
On KovrmUir s, 1S66, by 0. W. aorr, Em.,
Mr. DANIEL !!. BAUNETT.of JeflVrton ountjr.
to Mifi. CORNELIA R. I'UAt-E, of Woodward
tuwnlhip, Clearfield eountjr.
On Noremlier It, IsCS, l.t 0. W. Snorr, Ekj.
Mr. WILLIAM II. PHELO, of Trronr, Blair co,
to Mini MARY E. HILL, of Madera. Clearfield
At tb residence of Mr. Jainns Curry, on Nor
IS. tSf.B, b.r Iter. J. D. Em-niLD, Mr. SAMUEL
OWENS, uf Rumiide towinbip, to Mirn ANNA
MARY RENNET, of Chert township, Clurneld
cix di'frtisrmmts.
rAUOXM l't)R HAI.Ii-The rahwrilxr
hai two two-bunii. W AOONS for sale.
reaiKinaMe tcrtui. (iEO. W. OEARII ART,
tis1 If I'lrarSrld, IV
CI ACTION", All perron are hereby warned
) acninit pun-hapiiiff a oertain booli aomunt
held Rftainnt nie by John J. ineait,of t;hest town
tkip, an Ibe aame ha been paid by me. and will
mu oe paia again, umc ein,pilled hv law.
deei li pd WYATT C. KITCHEN
TTOBKU UTOI.KSi. MM, from th. utahle
11 of Ihe rulmcrilirr, on llie niichl of Ibe Si'd of
.MnenilMT Ian!, a HA) MA 1th, about 7 reara old,
hand hie;h, black ler, tail and mane, with
aearon leH bind feilw-k oint. and a tear on acek.
Willi a ainall while meek ou fnnhead. A reward
uf .iU will be pkid lur the capture of Ibe Ibief and
mum oi inc mare lo jor.i-ii nunisUN
deei-Jl, Ontra eounlv, Pa.
A Great Discovery.
ONE of Ihe (reateit and melt uarlul diH,iorie
ill medieal artenee wa made br llieoelebratrd
Dr. J. lliuna., of Parn, Chief I'liv.ii-inn to Ihe
Imperial InArmary of Frane, in lsfil. Tbuae who
nave ln alHieird with ll,a patuful diaeaw km. wo
ai r,ie. ana rneeiuaiiT eureit l,v Ibe ue of UR
M M Kit- FllENl'll I'il.K 8ALVR. tun. nM.k
loo hiphly of the lienrnt. eonferred umn theu by
Ihe ue of Ihi. reniidy. It b.i nevor been known
io mu in enicliiiit a permanriit cure In a mnrle
care, in m, reieel it uriaiiwii all other
i-iurr in in. ainn. ii win ao ju whal ii i-rpeom-mendrd
fur: if ntl, Ihe mmiey will ba refunded.
One or two boxet i, sufni-irnl tuefleet a permanent
cure in four or ail dayn, if the direction, on Ihe
Uue. are followed. Frlee, one and two dollar, per
boi, according to ite. S-nl by mail or rtpree. to
any part ol Ihe t'niled Stale, or Canada. Snld by
llruKftit generallr. A lilicral diennt made to
Ihe Irade. Addrem II. S. M.MIAM A CO.,
Williamrpnrt, IV . Mile Proprietor, and Manufae
tnn'r. f..r the t'niled Slale .nd I'.nnda. d.S t
AT0lM.t ruri.rtfull). ana no nr. (n tba .HI
l lam of riaartflii aod rinoll. that kp
Uk.a lb. raomt fnrmnl. iwaiiiad bj l". A.
Ilaulin, In Urahaia'i How, imncili.trl. orer H.
F. N.ufl.'i Jrwrlrj tiora, and will eoailiin lb.
A full assortment of Cloths, Casshnerea and
V stings eonstantty ua hand, and made to order
ob the shortest notice.
Particular attention will be given to CVTTIXO
Men's, Buys' and Childnn s clothing ia the most
fa'tilnneMe sMra. tiive him a est).
dcMf W. F. CLARK.
On Main St., as 4W writ af Dippl. f
rt-RWKSriVIM.R. TA.,
Ilai feow oa a larga of
Drugs, Medicines, Oils, Paints, Dye
Stuffs, Patent Medicines,
Trvaara, Phnwldrr-nrarrt, l.laitlc Rtork
liifra sml Hwpportera,
.laa, l-ull),
Perftimr)p,TiUtOi.nila, ConfwllnfHM. plra.
Caon.d KraiL, Tohacm. Ciirart. booba,
8tatioa.r.v. IVntlii( Peas, lab,
and a (rcnaral variety
of Nullona,
till ttnrk mlira-i all aHlcl.t ffdd la a
arwiiiinniiT, ii anilr.lT n.w, and of tba bait
analli. aad will b ai Id at taaMiaihl nrirw..
I Call and tianlna tht (ad ; Uifj rannol fail
l r'"'. dftJ-tt
"j. " 1 ' i.'".,.rr.ij
iHfir 'Aflwllvm.ntti.
cnn ' ""' ?'! i '-s
O.M ft '!ri ht ii, hut fi.i.'n h tiki tit.4 Ii,.
Puiiitta IMv Kaliv aHding Iu i rwtlunt u,4
Dot Im-tb ruird. A'1-lri..i,
ll. N. 1)1' MM M t m
'" '' illmn.pnrt, IV
MM HASP K i-iii Mitr .. pnrm-nl Ut l.ti..
t ur Iu kaIIoiis vl I 'i.i A L oil. l
ilseOIm. J. I". K Ii ATZF.H'S,
l'li.MI N Am, In,. l FAKI.on HTOVEH, tbi
oniv iii-iii t-l Kiru)jr-lii'-iit Imrnnig cit, l
I I ill
J. 1". K It ATZKK'S.
I'KS A laljx tock ol Fun elu-nir oul al tba
Hoeeof J. p. KHATZhH.
llthAkKAST KIIAWLH, KuiiUk.,
J) Nuliim, iSvfcrlp, in irrtt mrifir, nt
nOl'Hl.K KKI'KHS vtful'l do will to nunm.
Ihe luriri" tih k of V'tnttwtrf, (ilnwivrf.
Ion Wrt WilltiW Ware, Tin Vro. now hU-
("1 ARPKTH lirutuwlf, Iiiffrain, Vrnitiftu, Up
J arid Cot top Cr)Hitifri, for nalr lr
' Un J. v. h H A 1 y.r.K, Murk.-t it.
JV . . .. .
iilB POI.DIKK'H UKI'HANS. Pt Mri. Ann S-
htrpljpni, author of 'i'rhion and Katuioo," "Tbc
(iolU Urick," "fiie UIU JiomciiiraU," "Siimt
XtmzU-ft" "Mary Ifrent," ''Kt-jtHrled Wilt
"Tho licirvm' "The Wtfc'n t?.crct," tic.
Thii new book, hr Mm. Ann 8. Btrphmi. kai
been iironounotKl by all to be hv far thu belt a&d
nioit InlervitiD work cvnr written hy hor. It ap
jMMirtMi in luonthly itifiahutnti in l'cteraou't Mag
aunc during (he lavt yoar, having been eoiiiletnJ
in the icoen)hr number, where it pro red to buth
utoHt popular, powerful and iucwM.ful norol that
nan ever ipptura iu ILiai Alairntinc, and it le now
puhliih d lomplctc and auahridp'.d, in one larg;
(iuHiciiuo roiuine, unilorm witU the "Gold Brick,"
rathion and rautue, and the other worki of
Mri. Ann S. htrpheiif, publinhed by oa. It will do
douht prove to he the utoat popular and mrcrHfu
work tUBt ua ever been wntuu by ttiu taJented
American aitfhoirr.
Mrt. blephcnt ban rewntly broome a favorita
with atl Anicncan readon of pry fiction, and th
announcement of a new Wtrk from bcr graceful
pen in cheerful ncwi to tUourandi of readrrt. And
there ia a rare tnut :n More for them, for in "Ih
8oldier'i Orphan'," Mri. Btephi'ni hi, if any.
thing, eclipM-d all Ler former eflorta. There inlat
redundancy of acrnc and action, but there la far
mora artistic1 excellence, and an elaboration of
caune and effect!, attainable only by practm-d
writert. J be action ot thii new novel trannmrea
in Philadelphia, and beyond the limiti of the city
tue aumor uiei not permit neraeii to itray. lUa
time irlected by Mra. Htf-pheni is recent, the lata
war, and ihe pictures witn Ttvid dntmrtnet tba
doinertia iuffrnnt; and an? ri fieri entailed hy and
made tor the fraud and heroic it rafale lor na
tional unity. The plot is one of abmrbint; inter
est, the eharaetera are crapbie trmnwripU from
n-al life, strongly indiridualized, and the oontratta
formed Ly their indiriduaj pecuiiarilice, mental
and physical, lend a rare charm to thia latt and
most finished of Mrs. Stephens' bookH."
iae boiaiers Vn,hmat is publmhed eompleta
in one larpe duodecimo volume, frioe $1 M in
p iper, or 1 iu cloth.
mrs. ass b. sTrrurss othkk WORKS.
The Gold ISrick, $1 60
Hilent StnifEffle. 1 b
The Wife'a fterret. 1 AO
Marr Ucrwent. $1 50
Fashion k Famine, M)
TbefMd Uomeatead, 1 i0
The HniT" 1 bit
The Rejected Wile, 1 &U
Above arc in paper cover, or in cloth at $2 eanh.
The above book' are for tale by all booktellcra.
Copies of 'The Soldier's Orphans1 or of any
other or atl of the a Ho re popular books by Mrs.
Ann b. Mt pQcns, will t-e sent to any one, free or
postage, on reeetpf of price. Address alt orders to
T. B. rtTtKStt.N A IIHOT11KKS.
3t6 C'hcmnut Street, Philadelphia. Pa
And they will receive immediate attention. da
The While Man's Paper.
The Best New York Weekly Published.
TlLf. eommenee in its issue of Jan. ft a new
If and original Homaoee, written expressly
fonts columns, entitled Tbe Confederate F)jj on
the Ocean: A Tale of the Cratam of the Sumter
and Alahama,' By Prof. Wm. 11. Peck, of La,
aatiior of ' bertha Seelv." "Beatrice." c
Amonn all the war stories that have been written
none hate yet portrayed that auort romantic of all
ftelda, the wonderful and even mysterious vnvarea
of the Confederate cruieere. This story of Prut.
P. will not be merely imaginative, but historical,
not aiuiply rums nee, but reality, much of it fruoa
the lips of the very ertori in tbc scenes themselvca.
We feel safe in prvdictinr that it will have a greater
success thau any previous stor of this popular
This story will be eommfBeed in tbe VTrekty
lay-Uivk of January ft, lM7. and atl who wish lo
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CAll')X All perttms are hereby cautioned
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tny juft eensr, 1 am delemnned to pay no
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nv2S St J'UiN W. RtiWI.FS.
STH4Y JTI:I;K, Came treopasing on tha
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SlhKH, aiM'ut two years old no other mark a
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prove property, pay rbargos, and take him away,
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no gH-3i;pd Went lniur P. 0.
VtlvKTU WASTI'.IX-Kur th. mort pop.
ular and lft Kllmg M'llSl'ltlPTloX
lnloKS Iird. W air Ilia tnoM nlrnaiTa
iti).librr. in the t'nilwi Slatp.. ( baring ii bottM!.)
and IbrrrHHT pan afford In aril boob. pbraw and
l' a awn libra mmuiuiua titan acjr
til hrr mnifiauT.
Our Ixmb. do rm pan Ihrourb lh band. f
Oonrral Arrnla. la. a.arlr all olhrr auhwriiliia
wnrkt 1U1.J ibrtvfor. w. ar. .uahlrd to give onr
oiiva.rr thr aatra v.r ccttl. wliicb ia o.u.lly al
lewpd lo llrnrral Atvuu. Klrnririippd iui ararra
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Unr .mbraprii lb. mint popular n il nn
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who want lli. Inn! prriug afrnnra, will plraao
nd fur cimilar. and an. our terms and roiwpar
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I bii npi, 111., I't. Loon, o., or Kirhmond, Va
ANTI'.H AliKNTS o ?no r
luonth for a-i-nt lemrn and l STS
l.adir.,, lo IntrtHtnr. lb. Common
Sc-n.. I'amilv rVwin. Marhinn. improved and prt
frolMl. ll will hrm. fi ll, ititrh. ((.ill, bind, braid,
endrinliroiilrrhnaatiftillr yiriiontv S-O making
tho rlw.1 ir- lurk ititrb, anv Itillv warmnlod for
thro. roar.. W. pay lb. waa, or a pom.
mi.ion, from wbirb Iwioa thai ntnontil pan ha
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ppqiH-.tpd lopiim. forward and prow propprty. pay
rbarfrr.. and Ink. I hrm away, or Ihpy will ba dta
io.pd ol awrditit to law.
nov-it -lepd JOHN' LEoX A P. ll.
I-'OK H AI H-A not PKand LOT.nwWarkr
rtro.1, in Cloai firld borough. Apptr to
novll-lf All'y at Law, ClrarlMd, Prnp-a.
CAKNKIir KI ITof all kind., at