Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 17, 1865, Image 3

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(fEDNKii)AY,:::::::::::::::::;:.May 17, ISO).
gates of Sulcrlptlou, AdtertMii"; und
$.Kr'P,'"i '" "'''"""'I - $2 HO
if pniil tci'rAia the vi-ur, 2 50
" if Hfl HiiJ uilliin liif itnr, 3 (10
jiZrTlf: uUire rnUt to n;,iy f,, (!lC firem nt ,;!.
l-uijfnrul cr p.oa Jan'ry com I, lstS5.
Jjpri' inn iVu' rind'crs, fiiri, fl fi'm'-u, (
Jk-JtfiuV Hofi'cr , f.til, -(Wi'oh.
-""",', torn, 3 fiW,
j iiiff ', em A, ;i in,,,,
I Jro'"' itfi'r"H'iif, t,nart of 10
i'mci, r ! 3 timir,or htn, j
Tor cut A luldriiFiif iiifrrfidH,
(in'u ailecrtiiiuj, Jur tuck tqume f 10 j
Zi'itCK, or J (iinn, or (i',
"or encA, oomucm! iiitcrtiun,
fttffiunol Citriln, I yttr, ...
lnl Hotiit. tr line, ...
Qiilunrif uutirr; orer 5 fines, jcr tnr,
2 5t
1 .Ml
2 t'O
i ;o
1 00
S 00
8 00
12 00
15 00
(20 00
85 00
2 50
Jturly aavertfiny, I sotntre,
(.. io 2 (u .
flll d0 3 ro
Jr!y riii titiny, j eitlumn,
fffiiiii, iyf quire,
tfi 3 lym'i , jirr quire,
i't 6 tin'm, jieryuiir,
rfci nirr fi quint, per qnirc,
JfaiubilU, i i..f, 2a, r ,
i irf, 2. ur i t,
rfo i -l.rrl, I.S, or ,,
rfo thei t, 23, or ma.
- 00
. Ac r . l .. . . ' ..
lh price, ol ull kind, ofprintiii" uiateriAl..
1'. W. MOO UK,
rullUbcr of tho "ClearfM .'. i
S. J. HOW,
Publisher of tho "?nin-iii' Jjw n-d
jjjrThe trial of the as.-as ins isprogress
icgat Washington. Stntiton Las had to
.o, turn oi aooveai proportionate rates, i tergusnn ; Jost-pli Straw Fun.n.nn . Si .
vjsJ-The above rate, were agreed upon by the ,,!lt. MuKenev GirnV. P , 5 V , V
mgne.l, on the 3d day oi December, IM'. I, ' ' """fy. Uirurd ; I.ob.M t McCraek
,tJwill beftrietly ndhered to during ihe prejenl , ' , ; 1 t,tlr M'l.vs, knox ; Isaac
jiel-A to the pressure sullicient to permit iVU0,..m.,i i'- '-! Cormstoc!;.
', , . r ' , ,p,,. ;., .vatifl'mai.
mepiv.iv.v v. .ivvcp.j. .vpnifisj uv
Iheyare tillowcd to publish only Mich po-
lions of the proceeding as the ' " I
loctc JcMcnates. In , "u S i
...I A 1.... a. ........ I -
itutcere , ., , ,l
. uiiuiaay irii'unai, unnnowu
, ur law? and full of poison.
, , , . .
fayiiio nidauoio unuer tue east win.
.. . . . '.
dow of our is now as bad ns ever,
totwiihitanding tho fact that we called
ttteation to its condition a month ago.
The stench that arises from its surface is
enough to causo tho cholera. Wo r.ow
fire due notice thai if it is n.-t remedied
lithin a reasonable time it will bo returu
ts a
C"!i.Tho trial ol lion. Bonj. (!. Harris
of Mary land, for tiisloynlty, tefote a MU
itaiy Commiittion at Wat-hinglon, closed
on Friday la-l. The verdict had not been
rendcted. Mr, JIarri? was guilty of the
trime of giving a dollar npieeo to two j ar
olltJ rebel sV.divrs who called at his houe
cu tLt ir ry 1 cme uficr I.ce'a tin render
jwjy-Oar thanks lire due to cur member
efConjires. for a copy of the report of the
committie appointed to investigate the
InJa with ll.e itb. I States. As this i
ibe fust installment from our representa
tive in Corgie.-s, we lakeplcasuic in tuak
' inj the acknowledgement.
CsJ-TLe liein tho river la.-t week
luill as it was enabled our river
lien to malts a pretty general clean-out '
lli'Bl'ficld Creek was not so high, nnd ot:ri(
friends there weie not fo forliina'c.
Cti-1'he suUoiijilions to the 7;C Brv-1
rnnient loan uinouuted to ? 13,7t'-J,o(0 tn
Fiiday last, A jtclty gco 1 ujy'i
C-iTThe Pittsburg lsl or Salutdav l.iM
tontained an acconnt of the nircst, ai :
Lake City, a place on the C!i;iion liver,
in Jellerson cjunty, of Josotili L-inberry, '
tlie man who shot C rus Dutler, in tltlt
Winly ial Lil. Thu account slates that
Unsbeny had been work it- at the abov e (
iamed place ever cince bhortly after the
hooting air.iir, but wa? not identiliod mi-
lil recently, and that he was taker. L!
. IWUiaai'port for trial. i
We also find the above stitement reii-'
rated in the Brookiille HffulHom of Sat
urday Irs-1 , w ith tho addi'.ional it.forur.i
lion that Mr. Yanvlint, who accompanied
llutler when hs attempted lo make the
4irrett, had been subpmnied a. a witness,
tho court to bj helj at Williain'port in
June next.
ACQUTTW. okWm. Uaincs The
ofWm, G.iine., for the murder of his
brother in CTnten County in thesumnw
of 103, look place in Bellefenlst week be
fore last, and resulted in Lis arpiiUtil.
Hewn first tried in Liok Haven, cmvio -
led sndfentoneed lobe hung
a ue
lriul was Iher. uranted. and a chance of
" "
rsnwe ordorcd hy tho Legislature, to Cen-
tre countv
' i
fliioso 01 our citizens who nave mo-
ley to invest iu tho 7 : 30 Government lean
. . . f . , , , ,. . e f .
rer eferrcd to the advertisement ofJny
Cook D Co., in nilOlher column, nnd als.0
o in, article from the New Urlur.
Pn-,.. ... I-.... p -i'i ... ;. t.
o ii is. u it ii .1 i.h.j ti i . i ii e i o in 1 1 u 1 1 ii ,
a coincidence between the.o two notori-1
ijurilorei, relative to (heir capture.'
Hot ll Vura .7,'iirrt li Mill M-nll Lv lVimin.r.
uois, and loth wf re .hot while deli.,,!-
in,. .1 i ii .i ii-
nf themselves-Hoot!, s wound being
imrtal, nnd that of John Brown being
,c'y pniniui lliougti not morini, una no
wa compelled lo limp to the gallows with
ft" uchealed not being ss lucky
s Booth.-Both wer bold, brave, n 1 bad
wpn, who conspieod nainsl the laws if
Hieir COUnlrV.
S-'ty-Afl vices Of Hie I Ult lioill
-Hrownsville, Texa, confirm the report
".at the republican troops have captured
city rii iiionterey, jicxico. ueiniurce
rnnts of imperial troops haJ arrived nt
siamorn, to assist in repelling Hi Mt
'"ck on (Pat town ol the republicans un
dr Cortina.
tThenetr military establishment of
t n Pnoo.twi.i.. .;ii l.o n r,f
bout J , . Ca I ' T fh? .?ny J
tot?. ,,,UndreJ ftt,d f'n th0U(.',aDd
"'n Uirideo into lour corps ; oDOOfreg-
one of white voluDtetrs, and two
-7:. v.y""K" n uie CMisnuehnn-
V , VrL ncr. .unbu,T. One, weighi,,.
was soiu in tmubury for 5.
TThoeont of justice or Snyder Co
- -itfii i umni I M inim it i. M . l. .. .
,, ,. - -'ivui MIUUU'ULl 1
ood Anvicc A dclcitiion of
headed 1V n D. 1). l,nil, I-;. .
, , , . " ' mini- i r
"...civ 19 not ( a pi . mm n . f.....l . II ...
ii. . i . .
111 mm i-ll Ull
i lament Johnnon the oll.or day. In re
l'ly to their salutation ho did not fail to
g:ve thtm some very fio0J advice. Among
other thing, lie told Hum lint f,Cclom
mennt tho privilege for a ninn to work nil
take rare of hirmelf and family, and not
to depend upon tho el ivnty cf tho (Jov
oinment. Ilo uho exploded the
that the time niiht speedily come when
all negioes shall bo removal to a country
of their own.
list of Jurors for June Term, 18G5.
Ii It AN 1 JLROR3.
Isaac Hieketu. Pinnr-nrin . .ti... ti..,.
ell ; .Jacob Campbell, Bell ; Thorn ns
..ryrS, i.i.i.; martin II. Jatlier. I'.nidj ;
Jlilet Arumgost, Brady ; .su,Ue Holliday
Brady ; Oihell.i Suiead. B,n ii,l., . ii...'
iMiueii IWMI ; iyitniiel Mitchell, Cleai liohl
I hoiiiaa Wnriiii- a. '
.. ---e' u . , iifinrH l, TV.
,V. P. ltead. L-twrerice; JaniM Farewell City ; ..'uhnsoti, Morris .les
eB -am,. Morris; Kos MeClure I'.ko :
.Henry Baughmau, Woodnard.
TR.VVEKiK jchop.
Beecaria John Uo--.4 w ' '
M 1 1 -I. : " 1
O 1 I " . " I " " I ..ill I ha. A
..miles Cudwalader '
Bloom -Co rge A- Bloom.
Jjhti fiep-
'''''dforJ V. K. Williams
1.1 I .1 ... .1 . T'......
John J. Ky-
n,.n,K. i.r.i. i .. w
j. -, m. n, u.
i.. i.iy jviuirr.jr. j.ever J-,
Ki:k, llen.-v .SIihIV.-p. Joseuli S,vl,.r
1 I ... r '
ionn .. i,. rieg.u. it.vv.voil l.utlier
P ....... I I . . N'l.. n:. . . ..
Cunikide Thomu Hitehcn. Aaron l'ateh
in. Chest-II. If. Hard.
Covington l-'iaueis
Cuiweiikville B. 1'
Coutiiet, Solomon
Sterling, Jacob S.
cuie, I'.iiwaru liomiwin.
Fox - Adam 1 1 el rick,
'ioshfti John Nel.nin.
liulich James Maheiv, EJ.varJ Miller
Huston Jacob retrrman,
Jordau Jonathan Mays.
t i . , i .
Km iliaus -Chui !es
Ilahn, Oeni.'o Kmer-
Lnwren.e-Lewis C. Bloom, Saml. Clyde,
Lewis C Cai den.
Lumber City Samuel Srencer,
Mortis (in.)i'e Arderv, Ja. W. Hoover.
Fen n Flah .) I. r ton, Joseph Ne-v coiner,
i'lko -Mo'Cs I'ailey, Mirhatl Wise
I'nion Win. F. Johnson.
BiinKoid Adam Uearhai t.
I'eecaria Amasa J, Smith.
Bell-l'iiah Hawk, Jacub ' Keller, Jack-
fun M. Clineev.
Borns -Calvin SLa.v, Kichard Wat le, J.h.
Bra ll'ord Jame Lnun.'berry, 'lobeit Bule, l.'hri.iiian Smith,
M.les J. I.'Miel.
Cov inc'on lohn B. Bitl-ov.
Cle-n li.- 1 James B. (Jralnai,
Win. r.
- M lririn.
'ir ivcnv il le Naae 1!. Seiner,
Clianilcrs, II. ,M. Tlrimii,o..
I-. rg i -on ( ii i. r I. ell, Alex Furj:iion.
( ; ii ai .1 Bernard tiiccn.
.lusl':i- Arulu w .). Aj krr.
'J. r i.ui Ivlw.u.l ; tirry.
1 Karlhau--S.i:iiut 1 Bii I .tub. Ii.ihiel Moore
K. .1 llayt.i s.
La.vien e John Shnw, jr. Divid E, 1 loom
Divid Brown. 101 i-li i Ardery,'.er City I avitl W'hitmoirf.
Mo: ris Jeremiah Hoover.
Pel n - Piclinrd Dt iivrr..
Pike- Ceo. IS. 1 1 ,!0, .;
1 1 . :.i ii
llaMn t u. ,, Tylt,;.
T JJ J4 Alt JCliiXS
L. pt rtc ! rcck!y f. r the llepublican.
C'l.FA'o-iKLn, Pa, May i;, lsd.i.
Wheat, "A bus
$2 (H1 Union?, f 1 50i,2 t'O
( oru,
2 Oi ; Apales, dry bus 2 Ml
.irr.i. i ir'n Apple., i nor,, i
Oats, 1
Flaxseed, 2
Timothy, 8
Cioversee 1,
W, IJ tr a u s, I
C'l' C 0 I ! ' H'ool, ( lb MIM.UJI
" 1 ( li Lard, fl lb SUM, 25
5u fork in Hog, "1 lb " Hi
fOoi.2 51'i Tallow, "ja III 15
0U ( i.'i 0" liuiter, " 40
1"! (in Flour, y I I, 13 I 0
7i0y2 lO h'gg", fl doicn, 20
lirili:itI-., Hon. PAMPEL LIXX, Pres-j
V T i lent Judge of tho Court of Common Pleas 1
of tho twenty, lifiii Judicial Jistriet, couipf.scd of'
the ct.urities of Clearfield , Cin tro and Clinton I
nnd tho Hon. JAMES LLOO.M and Hon. JXO. D.
THOMPSON. Associalo Judges of Clearlield c...:i
have issued their precept, to mo directed, for the
ooiuing oi .i ..on oi voiniuon iieas, urpnau t
" . u,url '" !",pr , tr leriinner, aim iouri oi .ler.erai jnil Lieiivei v,
at tho Court llouso at CIcatDcld, in and for the
1 " 3 01 Cll,,na'a1' u"
in .. i l r . i ... 1 . i . t . . ii?,'-
KOTICK IS, thereforo hereby piven, to the
Coroner, Justice of the Pence, and Constables,
in uuu ill rmu couoiv oi i 11 it i ni'iti, iu ui in- ir 11
,. 1rp ,.'.;,,, .',. i
: .. I r. - : 1 . r l r...t.l ... . : .. 1
In.iuiaitiuus, Examinations, and other Hemcm-I
r '1. '
GIVEN under mv hand at Clearfield, thislOlh
day of Mar, in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and sixty-fivo.
JACOH FA EST, Slterif.
e' lV, M.V,lr-,".V, lh . l'rem"" '
9 subscriber in Hrady township,, on the
6h of Ma Mtlt) Il0Grliv Mare, suppos-
Cll l0 be a-buUl 6rt yfAT, oj. The owner is do-
sired to enmo forward, prove property, pay ciiar
ges, Ac., otherwise tho will ho disposed of us tho
' directs.
,n,-r. ALEX. DEXLAT, sen.
'ny '"' '!r'J;'"1-....
HWIIM. Ii. J. Ml. It It V r.isnnelfiilltf nnnolin.
m i
ai a
ens (lint nhii will ML r.a. I It. lo I'n
cal and Piano Ml'SIC, to couimenco Monday
April 3d. Terms, $10 per quarter of 11 weeks.
C'lloouu at resideneO of J. L. Cuttle, Es i ,
CleurQeld, March 22, 185.
Washington iiousi-:,"
a'). 70'.), Chattnul street,
fllHIS HOTEL i. pl.a..ntly .itualed on the
X rorth side of Chestuut street, a fow doors
bur. Seventh. It. central Icea.ion it
p.rtieularly desirable t person, visiting th.
cityonbuti ue.. or lea sure.
CIM ? V. ALIM01.D,
v S i:V tu .Minag.-i.
"IA. inru v,..-. .
Hi for th. '"i I8. ' MM
-mimissionorV r o SJ!LH. "7! L.V ,ho
cny .".o2i.hflna25,ildliy;;r1s.1BU""
Tho UoarJ hovo dirscle
ed that nil nr.
rntitM . .. '
' ..V " ,,ll,r oe'oro th rij ami uro.luco
),.. ii .i i '.'
Mio tunnshi!, in whi
i enlistment, and th
, i u ..ill
" ""-'".i.
aji.litnti..n nro junt ncd true.
Inrma cuutaininir llieso rv(iuiitlnn on. l. ..i.
liiino.l nl .. . ' ' w
, . , . , ."ii " "'...union! cm bo n
tinned nt thn nl i... ,,r .i, i.. ... ... ..
... . i: . " . i'wini hi uoiii'i, when
A Free Sliow !
LLlilAltFlELl) !
SumnicT Goods,
And Very Chcat
t t
ee?sors to lioynlon A Shower re'i'etfu!lv
iiiiuuun.-e to the public that they are now open
ing an e.ten?ive ai'i'iirtinent of
At the oil .tiind in tlrabam's new building which
; they offer to sell at itrtonishinirly low price,
(oiieideiiug their oo.'l !) for euli or npprur
od couutry pruduee. Their stork of
J Customer; can therc'
calicoes with fast"coi.(i::!
ml'slins! df.laines! lawns
LAD! F S' SH A W 1, ! G K X I'S' S (.1 A W I.S ;
on; stock of
AND VARIETY, embracing
NoTl NS 1 Ni "TK ).S '. Ni )TP NS
. Scurfs! Itoa.LXets! Neck-Ties!
.Satchels ! I'.Tt Monmiio.s ! I'.rthos !
rirjLor.iphic Alliums !
1 1 pes. tobacco .t seoap.s !
Or unytliiiii' c!o in tlio Notion Lino .'
u o c n s w a r c
AM of lh bel ii.i:l: v. nnd
t.i.1 with special
r.gaii to the trade of Clearfield enmity.
EliWAKD ti It A 11 AM.
Clearfield, May l", l-SI.
o r
srni.yo a- summer
at nn:
(Ljjnp tloiijinii m
wmmrn beos.
Crand tipeiiitig of Spring Clothing this day,
(Ira lid opening of Spring do thing ibis i..y,
Orand opening of Spring CI. .thing Itiis d.iy,
Grund opetiir.g of Spring Clothing this day,
At T!eiienstc:n llin's Extensive Clothing store,
- t Hcir.el'.Hoin Pro's Exti nsivo ( loilnng store,
mvo Cloihin"
lieiunstein Pro', Extensive Clothing store,
At I'cinenstein lire's Extensive Clothing store,
The lurgefl and bert selected stock in town,
Hie largest nnJ lust selected Modi in town,
'I he largest and best selected stock iu tm. L,
Hie largest and best selected slock in town,
Furnishing Hoods, J'ats A Caps,
Furnishing Hoods, Hats A Caps,
- i i 11 , in.
lumi.-b og Ooods, ..t. A Caps,
u'uls ln! V,' y(llitcs''.Vi'rra
eling Hags,
Trunks, V discs A Trav. ling tags,
Trunl.f, aloe. A I raveling P igs,
Trunks, Valise. A Traveling lings,
At i 'res Inw I'nr the liinc,
Al price low for tlio times.
At )rlrc low fur the 111110"!.
Atl'i ires lew for (lie limes.
Our old customers do not
need an Invitation, Our old customers du not
need nn invitation, Our obi cHstomers do not
need an invitation, Our old customers do not
need nn invitation, To other, we ray,
Ca 1 and examine our slock,
Cull nnd cxnuiino our stock,
Call and examine our slock,
Call and examine our slock,
Ilefoi'c purclinHin ElHowiiero,
Before purchasing Eiscwliero,
Eefore purcliasing Elrtcwlierc,
Fancy Goods Constantly on Hand.
May 3, 'i 5-jy.
I) AY LI'. ALL persons indebted to Dr.
IIksrt Josura for professional sorviee. or
otherwise, are requested to call on the subscri
ber, at hi. offlcs in Frenchville, and .ettls with
out delay fur now Is the time to sovs cost.
Y. I. tOCTLKLl, J. r.
May .1, 1KA5. 31
J lilies, lit
!-f ALT
mJ 1I.A:.TI. H in large qtian
.1. P. EE AT 7. MP'S.
Mir h 2.1, ur,-.
i.;i.i... " ...ii -i .. . icni itu .
,i. .1. .?.:. . "V.V" ' .'' : "coo., buWes,er- I o wv keiso PUBLISHED IV envepn w s'Pr tbtt Tnr
eir nrescnt rosi,ln.. . ' 7.i" license, for 1SU5 ' " T "' ur ",r . " "U,U"P" 01 'er .. (nn in- .v'" "".t' "' '"." .
I id iii r ,' . t lie foi lint inn , im.j .i. Ti . vv 'Hii.r.iubl sho.l l,v (1 I . ". '-"'laiuom, ana
ttn.lcldl.lron.;,. ' '7. mrsui' eJ. hrr 1 - 177": '": V" ua ' PI'"'t. "J."' ''"t.'wi.. Orunjro o.mnt.. N V ""oon duly orgaul.oa
in which ,h. resHes. mu.t .iso" b. o"' -ntu,n will in ,c ' f,,," , " "' ,7, .,, !7! ?! f
IV i
w" " " I
I.I. T'PIlSnvo .....
burjf, on T li u r .1 a y , May 4t0.
'ur .Munis, tiruham m.,1 liruHr, r.i i i...
. . - - ,nuSiii.
MoaJ.," VavS.h t't0n' K1"tuw'l'
l',r i'i 7 .
l,.lo ,.f V ri,"":1 T""1'1-'' thl'
1 lor Ileecaria.Woodw.r.1 n,i t....i..
Hope, on Monday. A!:iv iSth.
i For Jlurn.iile, j! It nd Clict townfliio,. at
i lLo ''ouso uf S- Plnlner, iu New Wuahingtou,
un Thursday, May l!ih,
.. .. :
l or r-criruson and l'onn i,...i,i i t ....
her fitj b.,r0URli .ttho huuii uV I'm vJi
Wouduv, May S:iJ ' U
; I'or " Illo'oin nnd Uni- .a .
Ih. honw ol Win. Schiren, " V ''"r1"'"' nt
W,duo."iv May "' ' - ' 10 Lutheriburi, ou
. J. HUM I'll ILL, Afi'IAmV,
. ....... -
it UiviMun, lath uu-t, r.i.
I Aei't Affe.iur' O.Ti o, I
' Curwcimville, April 21, 1S05. nj2a at.
S VKC I A I. A N N U U N C K M li N T !
j r , .... . .
jLlDlllae rsol lTlologflMillKj MatenilLs,
VW.M.KSA,., A iikta ii,,
wi niiiieii gl no tmiii Af o i" i o u uil . Iiiiifiiina iiinL.. ... ... r I 11 i . vwiWi,v- f. ... ... n
r,M ,,,,,, , ,,, . ,, i j ' ' ""ereursi'S u inilie-
oi.'l, JiJi'J.lJ) nAl.N.i. , ted upon our country, bus now involved us in tho
In addition to our main bu.-incn cf Photo. !" 'sl. turriu,o settioiial war, afid tbrtaten. to fol
grtipbio -Materials, we are ilead.marters lur the ''iw it w ih sectarian crusade far more awful,
following, vu : uuies. arresto-l by the d'.s-einiuation uf documents
StTf(iscijt,.s an! Sti'reosfijiic 'irict!
Of these we have an iininente a-nnrtireut, i
eluding War Scenes, American ar.d Foreign Cit
ies and L'.ndscapes, (Jroups, Statuary, etc. Also,
Revolving Stereosc .pes, for public or private ex
hibition. Oar Catalogue .Till b) scut U any ai
dless on receipt of sump.
J'iofiajrcjiliic Albums !
We were tho first to introduce these into the
t'uilel Stat.s, and we manufacture iurnenso
..iantitii in great rarie'y, ranging inpr'eo from
0 cents to 5u ca. li. Our A 1,11 U MS have Ilia
repulotioti of being superior In buiuty and dura
oiuiy io any otaers. j ney
I'i'iLK, on receipt of price.
will be sent by mail
.Mf-Kiua Al.nlJ .MS
ade to order.'t'J;.
Cr. Vi'7o:;nry,,', .'
Our Catalog'i.' now oiubraeo. over .i()(K) dif
ferent subjects, I" whiih ad litiors are being oi'u
tinually made, of 1'ertraiti of Kuiluent Aiecri-.
caiis, etc., viz : about
lliO Mnjor-icnc nil.,
201) Htig-Uenerals,
Id Artists,
1 00 l.ieut-Colone!.,
2..0 Other tnheers,
75 Navy Officers,
125 Stage Picture.,
60 Statesmen,
i:t'i I'i vines,
125 Authors,
5(! Prominent Woni-n,
I 3,0 i0 Copies of Works of Art.
'including reproductions .f the most celebrated
' Engravings, Painting., Statues, etc. Catalogue?
,' sent on receipt of Stamp. An orJer f ir One Do
it n Pictures from our Cat.iloguo will be filled utl
the receipt of 1 1 HO, nn 1 sent by mail , rm:n.
Photographers and others ordering goods C. 1.
I. w ill please remit 25 per cent. nitU their order.
r-tV-The prices aud ijuality of ourgnl. cia
not fail to saliaiy. Apr 1'J uin A A CO.
UIED POTATOES. V superior ..t f..r sale!
April IV I".
I'CTHXi:i:K.-Th undersigned, having
been Licensed an A uciomesc, would inforiu
the . itii-.i i s of C!i arfu 1 1 cmnty that he will at
tend to callirg sab s, in any part uf tho county,
I w hem er called Upon. Charges nm.leriite.
1 Address. JAMES II. Tl'KXKR,
' ,1pril l'.l. pd. Wtodlan l Ph.. Clearfield co, Pa.
1 X.J!. Person, calling sales without a proper
I license are subject to a penalty ol which
provision ni!l be enforced iigiiust those who may
1 violate thn same.
1)1AN'J FOIl SALE. A pinna mado by Loud
of Philadelphia, is otlere.l for sale. Price
1.10 cash, i ply to .Mis. L'. J. Perry at ihe'hmi.-e
. Mny .1, l."f5-,,(.
STHAYE1) (HI STOLEN' from the runnier of
the subscriber, TWO HOOKS, one entitle 1
'-Ancient Mythology." an I the other, Sell C ia-
Iradictinns of tlio li.l le. Any Christian, or
'Christian', son, that tool; or stole them, will
please return Iheui to tho nibseril.xr, or the sub
! rcriber must cutisiJer that (.'hri.tians will strut.
S. II. LAL'ij'llLIX.
I Clearfiel 1, May 3. HC5.-pd.
is In rely given 1'int Litters of A.liiiinistia
tion l.ave been gninl.n! to the undersigned on the
elate of 1 litis II, Pom les, late of Lawrence twp ,
Clearfield counly, decease! : therefore nil per
sons indebted t i said estate nrj re piire J to make
inline. liale payment, mi l those having demand.
ngait'.st the same will present the n duly authen
ticated for setilcuieM.
May .1, 1 ti,i, pd.
.V. is hereby given, that Letters of Adminisiia
lion nn the rstt of I'.enj. F. Carr, late of Law
rt nre township, Clearfield county, Pa., tleeo.nsed,
l.uungbecn granted to the undersigne,', cl! per
soi s. indebted to said estate arc required to make
iuimediiite payment, and Ih.vo having cliiims
n gainst ihc same will present them duly au'heiili
cati'J for settlement.
EDWAKD WILLI Vl.-s. A ln'r.
.LI.L;ET!I CA11K, si in, r.r. '
May :i, i
Juu.'j iiiu.r
Ill 13 great lino traverses the Northern and
Northwestern counties of Pcniisi I. uhia to
, tho city of Erie, on Lake Erie.
. It has been leased by tho V'rtia .o'toiii'd liuil
rotr.i VviKj'nny, and is operated by llicin.
' lis entire length was opened for passenger and
freight busincts, Oct. 17th, IMil.
77we tf 'inn, lorr Ti niut tit Krtjun turn,
Mail Train, ;i) A. M. 3.10 P. M.
Waru n Aecoin. Train, - - M.
Corry Aecoui. N'o. 2, . . M.
Corry Aceom. No. I, - . M.
.Vail Tram, IPOS . A. M.
Wairen Aecoui. Trsin, - - -M.
j Corry A "com. No. 1, - - M.
Corry Aecoui. Xo. 3, ... M.
' Ptssrnger Curs run through niriiot'T (nAsuit
both ways between Phiiadelpliia and Erie.
Elegant Sleeping Cars on Mail Trains both
nys between Philadelphia and Lock ilnren,
and on Williainsport nnd Elmiia Express Train
between U lliamsiort and llaltiiuure.
For information respecting Passenger bu.iucs.
a tly at the Cor. Hllh and Market .reels.
And for Freight business of the Company'.
A nits, H. II. Kingston, jr., Cor. l.'lth and Market
si , Philadelphia ;
v. W. Pov Holds' Erie;
M. Dri'll, Agent X. C. It. U. Pahirn' roi
). II. Hoi STos, (len'l Freight Ag'l, Phila. ;
H. W. (iwiimkh, Oon'l Ticket Ag'l, Phila. j
Jos. D. PolTs, (ieu'l Manager, Willnunsport.
jan. 1 1, IM5.
4 CENTS WANTED To .ell the great work, lyle, q'ti' "J pnoe.-not eveiy-1 verbally or I) - letur, and upon 0 most reason-
y " LIFE AND DEATH IX KELEl This- found. Tho atUtition of Mill oer. , aldo term.. Ben so desired, he will furnish
ONS." Soldiers, Ladue-, any on. can sell It. " Here aant. u respwifiiliy e.dicite.i. tho Clork. an! cuaplcte sHtbo busiwM enjeoU
ii F niKirnrtv riPartisular ancntion rl to fhhn orJiri., iid wiih thd asu. JOabl'H 11. JONEi.
AP12-'.la. Arr,!lS.-5.2ai. ( KyKifwr, P. 0., Mir. 1, JiCj. ly. pd.
IX -
IX .
untiiininir "0 chn.iterj nl.
proirie.-s and iioreeuii,m. v..'.
wn to tho cinignitiun of the l'harimiin I'm iluni
niiienea An account or thoir pcr.ecuiiuna of
ptiMs, (iuiilters, t'atholii'.", and other Dirsent-
i"Xcr England, ,h.Illu. Lnw and V "ra."
craft -lVrwmhnofUis cnt.-r1 l'rj.u tha Slim
l,l'lii"n ' Virginia prbr to tho Kovol nu.'n of
-,-. ..-.-, wuiiniTt., V.UIUU nil. I li: .
'nrin ii tlnr. .,f .1... 1'..!.. I ... .
i.- .u...v.......,'i ou"M. "."vsrumsnt, op.
liiiwi ,i.',r r f) ' re.toro pj-
i "i iu iiiu eiLTP- i ... .
"f Chun
f'.ited Si"'
tliurch and .Sf'.r.,,, n,.,,,, : .. ...
Inl 1 vyuonimiuii i;i mil
f,1"11', hjU moBtof Ilia .Vutes, In the
' , ' .', ,no C0ni,c'iuent c...i, of the clergy
I OTCrlurow u,ur "er happy yMew of fre
, 6vernmenithe variou., weau. euiplujed from
A ,?i ' e' 'T"'1'1"" "f -VunJuy scheula, tnd Hi
, , i f" ! "luvement, duwn to theieiiuro
su bvem.n of the c.n.nnon acho.ils. ncudnaiies
i . . i..."......iiiwii..uiui letirmni: i en-
. gine oi ignorance the enslnvinient of tho
minds of the rising generatbinj to the degradiiii;
.brings of tho cU-y tho riso and result, of
-;tive Auirrisanisiu, Maine-Uwisin, Know Xo-
, iiiiiikimu, Auoicn.insu), and lb vuruus other
fannticisiu. of I'riest. ruft.
j All should .Ubseribj, who wifh to anriaint
th I'm s ftlvr.. will, 1. 1. 1. ....... I ...... p .
' i , wn mi-is iii uie guatert
value at the present time, or to arm Ibiinsch ei
; Tl'rf ''"'i'Ti'.I 'l' "I'I",E0 I'uriln it ic P, ies.erafl,
Lilio'ios u enaracier and uljects, suiii us the
author l.ui sought t.i make this bb-tory useful in
accomplishing. Priestcraft it (herein proved to
be alike iintak'onitie to the true Christian reli
inn, poptdar liboriy, and tho pt.hlic peaeo an 1
prosperity; and tho political eljrgy are also pro
ven to bo servant ol Satan, instead ol minister,
or the l'llnoo of Peace, and their influence "evil,
and only evil continually." P.itriotJ will find a
oerusnlof iu pagos of great advantage in cuab
luiS them to light tha by Ira-beaded mooter
Hint must ho lain before we
.,.,. T .
0 C IU h I IN f.,r llt'llCI
and a reHoration and religious lilcnv iu
n:r c.iuntrv
This History will also soon ha nubli.b.i I In
",rmt w PIer covers at If,
er covers at If. und in l-u,1 H.l.
ur skin covers
tii .ii .. I ..i -------
. .. i i.'" .r 11
nm oo seiu io any u.i iress in tlio L niied .Vtattts,
po.-iage iree. r. very intelligent patriot should
tiave a copy, and alter reading leud it to bis
friends und neighbor.
O-Address, enclosing payment, ij, J. ISt cbo,
Middlctown, Orange couiny, X. Y. apI2.
Imsed sin co
in jincos.
the liite
.. '. K R A TZKR,
Front Street, above tho Academy,
Tow cflers a Very lurgo fleck cf
Dry Goods,
I At n reduction of 25 to 10 porcent, inclulle
1 I'KESS (iOOHS iu great vnriclv.
. Merinoes, Uinghaini, Clnlhs, lelaincs, Print'..,
Ca-simcres, Alpacas. Siik., Satinat., iieps,
Cashmeres, Tweed., Cobcrg?, Mohair, Jein
' I.aiiellas. Muslin., Flannels, Hornet., Pub.
j bors, Cloaks, Halmoral Shirt., Hoop.
Skirts, Shawls, Dross Tiiminiiigs,
' Heal Nvts, Cnj.s, Corets, lilovc,
' " Cullais, Scar's Hiena lino Veils.
- Table Cover..
! Clot h i n r .
Coat'. Pants, Vests, Over Coats, lient's Shuwlj
SLiits Hats, Ci,., I nder Shin, and
Drawers, Hoots, Mines, (iuui
Shoes, Cravats, (iluvoi
: uud Collars.
o c c r i c s
Tea. Coffee, Sugar, Molas'ns, Salt, Candles, Hi,
l b ur. Paeon, Fi.-h, Tol.iicro, l!
L urnints.
pice s.
Hraiid i
'gar, Oil', Var
lii.-h, Alcohol.
tin-wai;e. glass-waiii:. woodkx-
W ABE, ana STA l inNEU Y.
Household Hoods.
Cupel., Oil cloths. Drugget, I,
( locks, Churns, WushLoards, Tubs. Illicit
t ls, l lat In lis, Puns, Window Blinds,
Wall paper. Coal Oil Lumps, Um
brellas, Hedcords. Knives and
Fuiks, Spoons, Crocks, uni
J'"-A1I of which will be sold on the most iea
Sonnlilu terms, and the higliuot market price paid
or I ' lain, H'ool, and all kinds of country produce.
Cleailiild .March 22, 1S05.
tfl i" fl .1 l 1
ol 1 Lister in Uenrlickl
For Sale by
Fch'y 15, .'It. .IAS L. l.EAVY.
i:Uioiin! E2o(eI,
Mis. WM. A. MASON, Prnju ielies.
H IS long eslabUshod ae.l well known HO
TEL, situated in I h 9 west end of the town.
has been reuiod. lied, enlarged and improve. I, and
the propriclres.respertlully announces lo hernu
! mcrous friends, and lo the travelling public, ihnt
she is now prepared to accouimo.tuto ull w ho may
favor her with a cull.
, Ample, safe and comfortable stabling is at
laelitd lo (ho premise., and (ru.-ty attendanls
' will ulwiijtbe on hand. Charges ino.lnrnt".
Mar. 15 'fi2 if.
milim;IvY ciooD.s.
IT. 1 . 11. .
- .. ' r: -. - .1 f. I. ... ,r m e, , ,; ,
:i j w v ss,w Mviumjijiii,:,
Wlinl.i:,SALi: HEAl.KU.s
No. I ll Market streel, imith eldc,
I' II I L A 1) I' L V II 1 A ,
' Have now opn their Qcual handsome mriefy of conlcr a favor by returning the faun to tho sub-
Kibhons, limine. Materials,' .-riber. JAS. L. LEAV Y.
) Stinw A 'Fancy Hnn.Ms, l M,,r. tf. CltarfislJ, P..
Ladies A Misses llu", I -
' Flowers, Huche.', Laies, j 1 I't'TlO.X Lillll. Ths .ub.cribsr having
I and all other atlieles requited by the I taken out a License for crying vendues'
M1LINKKY TBADE. 1 aul ether Tublic .ales, cither in Euglish or (Jor-
Py ptn expvrienee ard strict atteullon ti tbi. man, respectfully otbir. hi. service, to bis follow
' i.r.,,h ,.? win.... exclusively, wo Hatter our-!citi:ens, and will nttuni to all calls fiom anr
solve, that wo cau oiler inducements, in varLty.
TRBAKtRY Dkpahtmknt, i
urricF or tt MMKoi LtitoFTiiB TitEAncr.r. J.
acLiiiRtoii March 2oI, IaC5. J
ri,,;lilA!l'J tatisfactury
It scutvd to tho liuJcrsitned. it hia been mudn
Cocntv Natiosal liAsm or
boroushof Clearfield, In thu
I t't.itoof renafylvania,
under and in nccordancif
of the Act ofConcres cnti-
, , ,l) I'rovul National Currency, -
-... v- a ui uiuiuu Dimes uouas, to pro
vide for tho circulation and rodcuintion thereof,"
S,prcved Juno 3, lSiil, and has complied with all
the providiuns cf said act to ho complied with be
fore Coliirnent-ili" tho buiine- uf l.ut.tin.r ..r...
said act.
t;,aW' Thorcr"rp. T- Hugh McCei.i.ofoir, Comp-
, r m " mrrency, do hereby certify that
, c C'",""J -V i ln,k if Vltarjhhl.m tho
bor" ' flenrDcM,
l,n'1 St:i115 of I'-'J'l'
WCnc0 ,ho lu,in"
i-wniii' .I'KMlllMl
, in tuo counly of t'learueld,
vania, is aulliuriii d tu com
er bucking under the Act
In testimony whorof, witnon my hand aud seal
ui uuita iun a day ol Marco, IS05.
Mar.S-tf. Comptroller of tho Currency.
4 LI. person, indebted to (ho undersigned or
il to tho linn of PASS.U0KE A 8XKVKXS,
are reciuestod to come forward nnd tattb without
delay. Xow ia the timo to srte eostf.
, , . , 1- C. PASSMORE.
Clearfield, AprilJ2, ISfij. tf.
" i'UMI XIS'l HAirlt'MNOTiCT27J
IX. is hereby given that letters of administra
tion t.n the estate of VT. II. Mattes, late of Fox
tp., Clearfield co., des'd, having beoa granted td
the undersigned, all persons indebted totaid estata
are hiuestcd to make Immediate, payment, and
those having claims against the same will present
ethui duly authenticated for settlement.
C. I). Jr'tLT
May 2, Ct pd. Administrator.
new ' skTiTn'oiT iso; : '
The (ireat luveatiofl of the Age iu
O O P SKI 11 TS!
TW. lilt A DLEY'S New Talent DUPLEX
Wopts", Bradley A tury, (lam J. I. A J. O.
West,) Solo Proprietor, and Manufacturers, 87
Chamber-sand T!) and SI Rcade Street.,
'HI IS IXVEXTIOX consists of DLTLEX (or
Iwo) Elliptic Stoel Spring.., Ingeniously Uraidod
Tightly and Firmly tugethor, edge to edge, mak
ing tli j toughest, uioa Uexible, Elastio and lur-
Ullllt SlirilK. AVAr II. ..1 Tl... !)..!
l, I. I-, . .1 . r.- . .
:.;"ia..r.i5,?,K,1. "l'"" tt"J wn,!!1u?"lV
..uv-i. inou irouti ma uonuiuui ouapj
T ...... T . . . . I
iwieo as as any otner blurt.
T'ik H'iin,l,.H'iil I'l..!i.nii li i i r...
Y .... T " . V . w,u
n-j i leusuro m auyi.uuy wearing itie Liuplox
no Skirt will be experienced particularly
hi lie Skirt will be experienced Particularly in
an o.uwiju Assemuno., Operas, Carriages,
Itailroad Cars, Church Pewf, Aral Chairs, for
I romena.le and House Dress, as the Skirt can
be folded, when in uso, to occupy a small place
as easily as a Mile or muslin dress.
A Lidy having enjoyod the pleasure, comfort,
nnd great convenience of wearing tho " Duplex
Elliptic Steel spring Skirt" for a singlo day,
will never afterwards willingly dispense with
their ue. For Children Misses, and Young Li
ilicj they are Superior to all others.
They are the best quality ia every part, and
rn.iii sti,,n.ibly tho Lightest, M-jjt Desirable,
Comfortable aa 1 Economical Skirt ercr mado.
For Sale in all First Class Store, in this City,
and throughout the United State, and Cunadas,
Havana do Cuba, Meiioo, i'juth America and
tho West Indies.
iNui'ini: rait i in:
Dnri.Fix rt.Lirric skirt.
A. A C.
LXew York, ap!2 Jin.
Sowing' Madiiiics
f AiE!-mj rr.aniAin lru, ISOU.
Hi oit.hvny, New York.
Vashinti.ri Street, Hoston.
entirely ra w principles of n.ecbanisin, pas-se.-.-mr:
many rare and valuable improvements,
having been examined by tho most profound ex
pert., nnd pronounced to bo SIMPLICITY and
I'll 111 ECTJOX combined.
It has a straight needle, piVpendicular action,
mnkct tho LOCK or SlU' l'TLU stTlch, which
will hci:!.r rip or raVcl, ana i alike on betli
sides; performs perfect sewing on every descrip
tion ef material, from Leather to Iho finest Nan
s' o Muslin, wi:h cotton, linen, from the coats
est t) the finest number.
j Having neilhtr Cam nor Cogwheel, and the
last possiblo friction, it runs a. smooth a. glass,
and is emphatically
a .ots-'L maciilxi::
It requires Fifty per cent, less power lo drivo
it than any other machine iu the market. A girl
tuch" y,.;,r. r can wark il steadily, without
fat i ; t io i r injury lo health.
Its strength and W.mJurfal Simplicity of con
struction renders it almost iirpos.'iMo to pet cut
ol ordur, and is (iiiaraiiterd by the company tj
give entire satisfaction.
Ws respectfully invito nil Ihoso who may do
irc to supply themselves will: It superior article,
to come i, tid examine this t III ii ailed ilUelllnc.
Hut in a n.i re crpecial manner dj no solicit tin
patronage of
'lercL.tiit T.ul.MS
C'-oacli Millars,
.'loop Shirt Man
Shirt i: ro:ji'in
Corset Makor.H,
(Jaitcr Fillers,
Shoe Hinders,
Vest and I'ant.t
loon Makern,
I ress .Maker?,
Iteligious and ChiiiiUhlo Iiislitutioiu
liberaHv debit with.
Timrrs or .'uciiisk emi.r ;
No 1 Family Machine, wiih IleW.-r, Feller
and Hraidor, g)
No. 2, Small Manufacturing, trilli EtV.'tibion
Table, ij
No. 3, Largo ManufaclHrin0-, w ilk Etcn.'ua
Tab!.-, i
No. !, l.'go Mainifacliiring, (or Leather, with
Polling Foot and Oil Cup, 10i)
One ball hour's in: ti iKlion is sufficient lo eflabU
liny i .-r-on to work this uischius tu
llu ir entire sitisfaclion !
Zi3 Agents wanted f,.r all towns in Urn United
Slatei, where AgfR.. V1 not already established.
Also or Cuba, Mexico, Central and Sjuth Auier
ci, to whom a liberal discount will be given,
Term, iuvaiiably Cash on deli very,
T. J. McAK'lill It A- t'O.
ST., Hostan, 720, CHESTXIT ST.. Phlia.
A. A Co. O'cb. 3-ly.
i EOlltiE FA EE i
X ing Iho nateriii.
takes thil fc'jthod of inform-
riiicu ol i learueid couniy mat
be ha. ref lied and reopened the hotol formerly
. kept by E. Schreiaer, at toxestown, where bo
will take cpocinl I" render sntisfactien to
all who favor biin with thoir patrcuage.
Coxcstowo, April I-', 'fj.
'rilll' person rbo some (line ilgo go! a I'.L'F
1 1 FA LO HOPE markeJ XS. Mitehcil." would
part of thn souoty, on ths shortest notion oither
irs '
now-rf : ,;v"
xf'. '