Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 11, 1865, Image 2

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Sit Clcarficlb Republican,
WkinkM'AV MtKN!Nt;::: M.W 1", Is!'
tii KitiiT .Smith's Lkt The le.t.h r'b
n'.teinion is in vitcU to th ehaiacieriti-:
ietk-i cl LicnitlSiiiith.ol New Yoik, p'.l
i;i,,,i ,i nnr first tm 20. Of course wo
ililler 'lith him fo ully v herein he (-peaks
t f the iusliluiion of ih.vei y, tho Mains cf
the negro, cr tho ciih',:fti of 'la'ts'
l:;hi.i. It m.iy he that, in (-iitlaliiin nn l
t-iidotsing the measure ol'iho Urpuhl ean
.rolilioii party, the people the.ehy ir.cai.t
lo tc iinilerstood as rejeeiin atul rrpm'.i
c.tiiig tho principles and dot trim's of .Uf
!'erbcn and Madion ; hut we do not l.eliovo
it we want further proof. Madi.-on, it is
known, w, more than any other one man,
t!.iouthorc,rtheCVliftituliei.. Ofeou-.-e
ho llinleifood it incaiit as we.l as ii'ij
clhrr n:nn ciulil. 1 ( rotti t.:i u.e
Oovernnu'iit Inu I ecti n,!ii)ii.ileicl .n ne
'jordunee Rith tho princij ii s lanrhl hy
iiim mid .'ellVreon. I'utii.gthis peiiod
ur country advanced in wealth and
greidtie?s heyond that of ntiy othrt- in the
history of the world, and out- people more
happy an.l i ro'pcroui. . Hen w . ti.oimi
llie peoj.le ot' the pre.-vnt day repudiate i S(jUl,(, Li.,s ,.t. , r,!,-ioti ..I'ler that, .!,. ier ban el. U i not pivln
.k.iuiii.Nc wlxwn iolliienee so ; . ., . . . i .. tv.thoiit it ereat and iHifXl-ected m'.uc-
l -jO v,'. .. . v v -
XUI..I, ntval rntiilirilli'll'kl O.I ? 'o llllt 11 !
" .. . i.
aks tor " better tunes man we uit to ,
have. The iticit fervent praj er is, that 1
they may l.a j.t-t m g ird. Il ' I
opinicn, tUrcfuto. that tl.c coj lo will j
cinhiMco tho earKct opp'.u lunity to deiii i
wiwlratotbat they me folioweis tf Maui -j
EOn and Jell'ersrn, und believe in lhi pi t -.
feet Kplality of iho SlaUs, ni.d that (he
Slntts havo tho pcifecl lihl to ( hoose, !
and lo form and n . uh.te their f-w n .Ioiik-k
. .... .... ... .i,. ,i ,v',...
TIC intutuuoiiH in 9I.U1I, i.. ., . i-.ii ii , nil1 1,, - i i .
, ; :i:d Johnston weio n n.l.ins. l..o li e,
tf,, .'.'.', f.Ot colon ie. 'thrill hois sincerely ii'laehid lo tl.c l.'i.l-
Itut thai portion of Mr. .Smith's lelti r, t( , Mates, ns neeepted hv ll.eir native and
i rt t,l,i.,1i Ii ,1 lit... n.,. tn iioii.t out In l'.es 'aiiccslial ,V'jd' ol Vir;:ii.ia. heo, in tho
; .lehr sei. ihAtruo ..olicvin dealini.-
- -
., , i :loti, as the jri-'itnl'-onol 1 a: j u :i
with the v,m.utshed rcbt-N, is h-by i'.,,.l(j ttVcrboe Inulit to l.tko plain and,
tcretting, anl wo corosaiiy rcconuiifHU
to lliofe of his difciples in this rrion who,
are not yet ui feilt d with blood.
. 1
From Iho Ha!'' Journal, May ', Hi','1.
Tun Ci.KAitriKi.i) Cursrv I'iiisomiii-1. !lb,w
ill bo lull ml tho ii a ii. t an 1 f. nti npo", nt lor,1-tofore-publii-hed,
ol i ilion of Clearhjld c-iir.'y,
tried buforo tho Military t'ouiinis.iun ut lUrii
burp, for " combining to roM.t tho oweuiion uf
certain pro visioni ol tl o laws of Cuin;ct," end
for tho " ta, mn. iff ion o f n r t of -illy n'-.i n t
tho (lovorninent of tlu t'iiiti -1 St:il.,'":.n l ' ut
teriug diaioy al tentiuioiita lied ci( rcsiou-," to
H it t . -"
,UUU liuo, lo bio. id C'lUi.niticd until tiuo is'
pael. !
(iooi'KO F.ousbcr, thrco year iinpriunnii-nl. 1
IVnjumin Hoy, r, lliroo yt-ars inipri foioi.tnl.
Henry Y'oas, throe yours i"ipri-"'iiie nt.
The findings mid out. iu'im e hi on .. p on i ,1
by the fi.iiiiuiindine:, and tho pr;n ..oi-.-cutto
the Clinton I'enitoiiliury, N'W York., wo pn-fcr ivinir
the above item cf Iho histoiy of the lime
througlt which we me iiuw pas;iir', n
furnithed by our ik icdibor. In doinj; o,
iv o desire lo remind the reader of the f..ct
thai il is only a lew weeks t-iucecur iu ih
t. or declared that Incso "Military t'.-iu
missioDs" "no jurisdiction" ovt r these
cases, and plainly iutimaled that iheiea
pie would not submit lo a icss dis
leyiir l of ihe laws of tho land, ic. And
wo nl so ask the public to hoar it in mind
that our neighbor, iu tinnout '.ciii the
above outrne, has not a mhIc werd ol
dibi.probiilion to ulti r ; ,md that, Ay,
ii'.het', I,C lUltst be Uodcittood H3 .. oi- ,.-
Tim I thi(j 6f nlf t.tcs - cprcinlly in ike o of Mr. Llootii are vindictive und
cruel, Done will dispute. To' when the
mariner in w hieh Ihey were tried, ai. i lhe,tato of N'irmia. from u pel iod befoi p
clniiacU-r of tho w itnesfes n..-ainst the m, ! .l,!,,'Jr "ere bom, il im Iho theory of
.,a ...... Lt,l. ...... 1 .1 . ..1 I I :.
iciuiici-iiu il, iiuun tl .,, i. L'I .1 . . ,
., ' 1
ldiese lin n i,u.y l.avo violaled tho law.
I'-u i if so, i i -.a it-hut thvtiiv' And was it n
luw that they tvero compelled lo know
ond understand ? Theso would hi
. ni. i.r
fiuedioiis for a jury lo determine; bul
"Star Chumbera" flisumo (he motives to I
had, a uil net accordingly.
Admit that they did viol.ilo the law,
i ,. . . . . p , . .
v.,ak r.,iy tuu .tu.uo. uios in vicii.i
in order
ling nn.l ilinetardtiia the htw
punish Ihcm ?
iViirN'riT? I loa ol .1,., .,, ,1., i
......ii ... k1'!". iiib
, rii ... , , . ,
ot ihe advccales or our present miimiuotli
national debt is, that the debt is ,luo t0
r,i,rt,i.. . i , .
ourselvc, that whatever pay in
thesUpeof prU.cil or in.ere.t is paid
mloour ow n potkut. Wo believe il was
Mr. Lincoln iiitmolf who put the w hole
arglimenl into n irhUhell, by coini.arin"'
.... . , ' ' lu"M'allno
our debt to a man "indebled to himself." J
II tuis is too lact, tucn why not rail the
..... it , .
debt paid al once, and Lo done w ith it ?
II costs nt loaH ten per cent, to as.s,
,,,.., . ,
litis tnicretl senn-nnnuaiiy, which would
IhuaLo saved; uml besides Ihi, Somo
(Anly thou.nd onicc -LoMcik would bo,
relieved ,'iom their ICMOIlsibh. dulies. md
, , . . . ,
relurncd to Iho pui'SUlU of productive 111-
dualrv. Ifaruani.s mdebled to himrclf, .1 i ii i . i
nnd forg.ves tl.o debt, ha is no
....... u..
. i
rs corhurily no
ebled.ies cosl,
WOUaolT. J'.Ulif thisindebledliohscosli
him ten rer cent, of Li, annual earning-,
in theshapeof stattotery und keei-ing Lis
ocouoU, wo think U would be grMt
foollndeed not lo close the books at onco
. nl I . .1 J i i 1 . t . .
, ,. ,
nu ciit me account S'juaie.
ftL-The remains of Fresh lent Lincoln
woro consigned to their finnl resting placo
nt Spi-intel'-U I'!., on the" -llh inst., after
rci-urvint? about thhtccn days in making
the tourney from Was,hinp,ton
A tram ,.,
-r Ci, .1 for I I.n t,lirnnP. I'OTlVel'-
rJ tho'criso and funeral rTort, aceom-
,J 1 1 , ...
lyurer.nt.-r u ho.nn.ioi.tieod tho
l.rocei dilitM icception lit each station.
i ... . i
It norma that late. 1 :-, is noM ceiislilcu
hy tliii rroi ter for w it". "
n pioper tiis
. i ., i, ...i , ,.'i!i.
,!ie-l (leml.
.::ty l IYl'ei-t it. ... ..,.1......- ,
Hut wl.ett it if lemetnt-erttJ dmt tl.fttitm
,1 Kiin lit two ti'il uk in the tneril-
nml Ihnt the t il i.-.H h,d l.een i''
tnt 'lhv ii rtli.-ei .d'ihe h.ike Shot e run. I
ns atnte.l hv the Mayor w H t the
.,,t the 1'iiriv h:i'l le-1
lit ml he ili-
ij-.c-leil lint their lel l
...!..' I... ...... ,! i.l.l .-1U 111
, . ,
in, . . . ..- j , -.
lmur, ll'fio nenH U
for enmre. h'i w ak!. -- I'lesi.lent ,!ol nH'ii
Ilia i.-m. il a jirocl.tinaiiuii t !'.' rinca rewml
,,C ,.0 (..Hi IV, i- tho iinc-t of J HVrniii I Li
."..-..,,. I . r .. I ' I M . . . .1 1
,i,i"'i, e.u'.i I... i. . . . .
.J'.foh 'riiiimioii . f M i"fi - i i 1 '
p.vt., y pue'ter of N'i.i.ii. molt
N v.-.,,,'.,,;,,, rMnilyif New Y.,i
i,,;,, ,,, U',,r I . p..i i m
h,.( - i(1 (,r jtlrl)nilllt i(.n in
my lliisi
'fjelitleinen in the ai.i'ii.ali"H I'l'1'
I I. ev me nil now hili, .veil In he indiei.
!:, Willi the I'lir.n ol l.ui-i. Mr.
Tuekirhi.s i ul li.-ht .1 a hller hramlmj; te
. as v ile ealuiniii.iler wlen vi r t-liiire luiti
nilhiii'V i vim licit V whatever with the
.. , . VJ,.jt ,,)V . ,l0 :,tro or
, . . , ,. . , , ... i, ... i. ,,. ,, ,t k
. i . - . '., i...
'l' iliow j l.ul .Jt',1 t 'a. i- uas
..,,. ...,,. ,,,. .....a,,.,, ,,
,n.iiM ,() flli; jn not thii.-..flhe kind,
jiu hoi...t d hi c iu-e too highly i) d.tnin
.j, ,.rimo.
t:.i,i.i t!..' Now YjiA l'.'' J.mrn.i'.
,;liu 0 a)1l ( it-ii. Jon lohiMon were
0j po.l, ulli. ly, luilo; 'yt eeipilat .m"
Tanr''iii i,i ii,i'"'
sion, iviio p-j-lii.M ttu il n w .try
, . i , . . i
:,ni.l.,'i u l.eop
li.'i u J.eopiv' il". .o u.ttoai . i,ii, i. '
... . .ii i
! ll-e gi.i.-ini 1 1 an y t.oo ; ;. ...;.oi.-
Mttipl.i tvnids in : 1 1 -..-k .vielt .a:i sen e
l!ie uiie by h i.s father, the oilier f.j.'u liv-
g-anoi.nhet ha i e.i uo i in.u n .v-. in. at.i
. SV , .- I I I ...i 1 1 , I ..I-I , 1, I'l I.,
I eoi 'luhorat ) ihe r tra li' iu -i ruction
i hv ti;e help d I hooks, oi evei.ol liio.e
I I leap hnuiccs of in formal ion ) e.!op;e has
I ami dictionaries they lil'lst have fout:J
iheir e u ly teachinos c '.nli: me I. In Ko,r
,lis!i, or in iinv clliei l.l n ,j u :i r, they .vou.d
, tiud that a butt-, tied as a political do
i ina.ciitio .), meai. I a A i.i in: In r I;, no
nor less, iSitc and A'.', 1 1 ire m iioii ms.
I They aro enure, t-rtui, ;i- ilit logician
j r.iir, eei'U' ii oj a, ;V .S at i-,n U, . '
' ti it tliiii's or, I, - , A .S:ate is a N .
jlioii, ami a Xalioit is a Stale. Tiioro i
: no po.sible coi.i'i'piion of a .Nation i,
, not ii Sialo, or ol ii State that is not a Na
tion. I.octe. and law, and hum in lati
jiiaj:.1, ale' nil unatiiiiioiu i 1 1 t ! : i .-. te- ii,,
as to IheaccipUd polilieai hieaiii.- ol
i, States, h:1.! ,. (Tt. n l.'t loi 0 tinw, :n:
I'.iti.ledl Has not, in (i.,r o, ii .1 iv, rhe
-iiiicii'i.t i.i.-i j.;loii,ius Stai... (. SiVey uo
J climbed lo l'i am o .' I'.du'l the ' h.d.ol
lio.voa" dfelaro il bo by a buo i.,.ij iiiij .'
1 .011 is Napoleon's A. .i.i 1. 1-111,4 all the
w hile pointed ut ll.o.-o iliinnn i.lci.t 111
stiuiiieiits ol modurii humbug! l'.dti't
Nice, and ull Ucr moukeys ejivo hoi.-elf a
ftiiy from her ow.i indopeudeiieo, .'.lid be
come a "ih i ai lint nl" of I'r.iinio by liio
(nine sai'o, pine, ;.nd bayonet rule 1 diclA-
tion ?
I.eo, ami .Iol.n-!un, ivero huh of them
.sincerely almoin d (o the old I'liioii. lio'.ii
ol them oppo-od lo tho Seiosioi. mijve
uicht -found ihoniselves involved it) it.
They held tl.ei.iselves ,n e:li. in of tho
l.'nitld Stale', ,, M,M' Ihey ivoio. lineally,
cili.un 1 1 Yn t;:iii.i, that ana S ;ite, in
her Sure, had i n "i,
! I 1 1. L
l tiilcil MAlcs v nid 1 1 tvi I lent int.) lier own
Malo con-,1 1 net ion ol h.t.vs. Jim
. , .i . i . , . .
tti.fy acici on, wu inc. theory ol ihetr
'1.1 I' -, 1 c. . I . - I' t r
, ol Iho I ntted Statys, and t:io 1 alh i r of
I h-.t il,.. I ,,,-,..,-.. i.. .
! Jellerson, un 1 his parly, (Jiscai'ded
! "ow- 'I Iu y ui e o( the .,..(; but gei.lit ii, en
and holdiers, of whiilcvt i p-adi
.i ... ,i.. r. ,- , . , . . .
I'1 liv 1I1R lllllll II 1,1 H.-ie Oll'.l i ,,i ii.-,. I
j p, he j,,, 1.,1 by their ;;-'. s. The,,.,
' -.--(o.
lis Nodl. Ill-) leiblu-i,!. said, imiv
I l.e taken lor a tv: :,'., in llio case - bill
verdicts mo nol alivays exponents ofjus
. .,, ii,., ..a..,., i ... i I ... ',
...... , i,u i" ii, i 1 1. una, . L-i i ii. . n, il in: : I
,11'imeu.i in toun i tun t in .or na' . v
to'appeal. have In be .icc.p.ed. Thojustico
ion eau.n nllei I h T... . 1 1 . I I .
il ll'ermt Uul ,U
iet)Uoud in comt without f.ulhor c.lll
...sal ui it i. is i,ejo i ii it contrary scut.
if ii -l" '
mi ii. i, of, , tiou. .io una too . ut). I mil It 1-
',. i r .e . ii i i
j lUl's o olhceii und ao.dier't m tho lalo
; I'ooledernla ar.ny umlcrst ind thi , Th,y
I Vield to tho venttd o I ho liH nrlon. hey
'ro ,MC, that the "new Nation" !
he ptoUd of, unless it propose. ,., M.,f to
exclude nil that is honoritblo from iis com
-r ir i. . ..... .
I he Monroe IhiciRiNK -A urccial Witsh-
ington di.-patch to the Fl.ila.lldphia ,',,:-
' yesterday (jth) stitle.i lhnt--"Two
, m. ,,. I .,. . ,ii i i
b es have bee. o .f i.o.n.e at.d nt, ud-
! ' .'II?",''" fU i ' . " ' '
cers ni.d soldiers who wish to cmigrale to
juexico, in uccor.iaiico with tho Mexico)
'.ecee, io vimI them
It is nd.loil thnl
- to F--' 'hrou.htmt
int J,, ' ' "s m.tB." otnotl..n;M..l
l.ino Oil. S . iU0I" 1 0C-
I'liii.TI nn.l in . inn. nn., I.,n..
, 1, m u.,,,
'llsbandcl from the, rderal nrmv may
' ,maK0 K0", tn,lSranls,M hut evident-
'V much bolter champions ed tint ,a i,
nf .,-: f,,i " V, "'"V- 1 ,m
- . - , . - . . .- v ,
1 much bolter champions e.f that ,a I,,
pi0 0r American pol. ics ihVt no V. r
Jm UovPinment 1,11 fiain n iVn Zi?,"
tnlinvncnmrnl nhall -,i 'Li ...
foo.hold upon Ihi. conlincn, (,f
V"3 ol,J,cto! ,Ul,i eniratiou 13 well ua-
fc'00'1 o 'w arme,r 5't,oc J" lb
o- -i iii.iiiont
I ,r
" ' O ......
V V til . c T
- "I " s. .uv eiwiu.-
ezauius-y at. rt' vmon.
, ,. c . . i i
(From tho A enntiRO Spectator.
Oil Matters.
Tho Tut apsco Oil Company lmvo put a ,
..i.i. -i ;. .,1,1 iill ,i,..if l irril
on French creek, boloiv Ulioa, unl tlio of
st j, most satisfactory. The well (jives
rviih - lion l'i COO'l viold. 1 o fool i V'O IH'l-
vMuwr '! I'i;" r"ber
ir a shoi I Unit", hut enniifiU is nseeruin-
,o iHsU10 lU, ,.cui,ny t!l,t oi In
uiJimi;inee will he found on thmr I I'opor-
.... .... i ,. . , , . ,
iv. 1 lio win KID'- mmi (l l no l i.nip.H'j
u Im-e, ifiil nperalions I.T iU veh'.ineni,
i l..-:i!L' vii'i-rouf v Ui.slird rorwi.ul.
Anotl.el- tv.-ll on Mil SrC.rmu-U ati'i
M'KUiek Fiirm, n Fie.,ch eiveU. wa
- . . i
tstweek at,a uyiciitiuu 15 Urrili
lul I i ii-S "il
The 1 ni.yl'iicker well on crcok
m nr I'.K'l'ei.-t.iwn, prmn im's to he oi.u
., . .(15 on ,,t, ,,,.,,1
'1'hu M'C.iltnoi t well on Snuar creek,
h.H hcen pumi eil nh nit u werk ami u
lily iiieren.intr Ms viehl. Wo learn
l( lain.u ,
A H .,,, tir.y a
1 .. 1 6 J ., .......
Hint II IS Mill
Iny n the li(er I- arm, hp u- m'oiitn
Nituly. it lieioi'g" to i:ie i ericr on v-ui-i
The J'tirul, trn J ,ui-ivd say: 1 ho j rr.sriu
pi ic-s of pell. ilea. ii in o I oiM t . leil ns l",v
in eoi.ti with the priees ot hist year, ;
wl.ere.i-. ll;ey nro rel.tiively hiyl rr than lit
ih,. ivii r.'Mi.iiiiliMi; tx r.o.l 1t vear.
A'l '.l I 1, p: iee of eru.h) l.i tlm
i.i'iii'iil front IVl lo II con I imt
111 "kl KCl
vviii. ohl nt the iiversn of
for toe iiionlh; Hinl ilnring th preseul
. inn. ih, wit!) tln preni; l-n of jjuhj
.1 :.h ul 17. 1 In y have inn:."l li.mi "-l to ""
' i'i-nl
alinw in iihsuluiely an :iuvi.i..:o ol
ol.H per ;:u'h'ti ...I tl.O year
. A like if, ull i- nl tin;
,n 1 1,1 .M o.,k. In the etirlv nmi: tin
m',1 i.ncvs at the '.fells Were at low (is
per hauel, hut dill in J Iho 1 I'CtiL
. V'a!? iiiaiiy pri "')?
i,,.!,,,.,., - ..,. tl,. v have t.t no t.i. e he. n low-
; i' v, 1 n il price win au-un tu- p " J 1 "
ii.'.ylhin hke iho hh?h rut-a to which
they ncie l.u'.'.'d l;i-l minni"!' hy iho d
' v it.', e '.n g V.d ; b Jt lliero i IU re:toit lo
anliepalo ilia, il w.llat liny tuio: fall below
la point aiVoiilin iitnplo e inij ens ilion lo
!all the of production. The irado i.i
I deed, a--i.niiiiu' a stl'onjlt'.i ai.d ulnhilny
I that was never before ki, and iho ex
! ii loidnnry Ihiclu uioiiJ of fanner years
'. lic as i.l.liki ly as ihcy ale uiidesiriible.
i The i"riiiu:Si " au 1 S.ij'.r ereuk distriel
1 in .'.ii ) 1 1 j 1 y pivoi.eiM l), e heavy or luhiiia-
.. I !i ; n ,f h ke I ho Li-h ia.ha to
.. . ' , ... , ,,. t, .1
i 1 1 1 i ,t r en ,t-L rti iiii t i
...i, wliU'li e -Mi) nan in u u: in u
in tr.aikel Ihati tho li'lit ' il, v. hue
il. ii !',! s I, lei a inoioi eiely kill.1, 1 i'
ready kale, 1
in-l i:.ct when the li;h'.
..I, nt Ihg y.i',
-e.U hr ; ui pi i i.i;i", .no .u
i icai irg i il lind a K.oly -aij nt
, . , t - .. . r . l -... .. "ii . . i .... .
. . . .. .ii i 1 i i 1
e :riil s. i.:iv; .cr.mir on .i as oec.inie
..n cfpiitno i.( c i'.iy, t-ith in l!i4.
l.l liurop,-1, for ir.iuliinu und
purp.ises, lj,'.'iK-o t!.o
il I... - in mat U t.
Most of t!it e il I ' iinpanies or mi.'.." 1
i hit ir g the pa -1 w inter hive t I.e ir n;.'en w
on iho ground, r.i.d mc pu.l.iu "J e l a
li..iis vigorously. In ale.v m ok-, we may
eoi.l'e ! . . u 1. 1 y look f-ir s,-nio exti-ioive
"j . 1 : iv e s ' l:, let alltici i.'. I clul.n '.' con uit 1 -cd
ll-'rem the No.y Pro ''irrti'' J -iri.n'
It is a duly. M.c ii7 'rVoVc ','.:!:' hli '!:
th.-e M.sies' 1,1, whal-v
templed, w halevcr may b"
line, is but ,i suiii't li-'iiil wu,
nny ho
1, no, in ii
Il is he
to I ..MO
ii' over Iho
"I i ike in .vard
nielli .,! e
J, or t 1 bin
-t I.n l!
in :. ii; ,-
r ph. co. It is putt iny, 11 p!a-l c;- m er 1 1.0
ii'iit.d, mid cii in; out : a II is well.
'!'. every in.ui capiihlo ' f ihinkiii-j d. o;
!v on iheo ml et-, it nee
It to l-i
lid t!i it I ho principles t!..o--ary lolhe
in .1 . ii ' i: : oi" a fi co or ,!
tv, i.ri1 decay in ; and vanis'ii.,,: u.vay fioin
I lil-.-e poptllalioUS, tl.c i-oj ;i; o i'or-'t-!
iii', and more and mo - o dvp u 1 in I'roio,
the I'lJiidi'.meiilal moral f-yslom that
under. io any w. Il oi eanized bociely. We
are not jr-tii-.j .uto tins e.a'!iiiiation lo a
ny e.xient al pro-rnt. Vo proposn onlv
ivino ii brief anl pointed proof cfwlial
w e say.
( 'ivil society is built on I hrwY-i! .''. It
is so iitiiveff.ily. 'ma c in i it tiled the
phi Hot and the l it ..t St.ite-) or Nations.
Whete llicre w-t ro r.o 'io- , ihoro never
w as a constituted pulitic il oid.M'. And,
ap.iii, w heio the iih,!j has become di"or
n.'.iiied ni.d di'-pised, so-'ioty, from i?-i d
oid.-r li:u In'lell ii.t') (Ic. ".V ami death-
I?m,ia i,i l-io'-in fitiw., (!.,-, rl.t.n I m1,,I
n., n I , , f IV -, u I 1 , r l-t I 'a . I.V-.iiia tiA
w hen ill vol ce, uml ron tempt of the
ly, came. ilon with luxury.
f,j..,(u Vvidr
,,r,,jvo tVltl
Whal are wo, tlion, to llnnk
erces 1 11 around us of I he
pr.yips.-ivo ilisfciiiution ol all thai u-eU lo
bo rpvoienced amonir us as llio fannlv le-
i ,,
ion? Look nt tho fearful lists i f ili
um-en ;n the com Is of t he d Hot en I Slntos,
inci easiii'j! your by year. Consider the
i. un.bei s uf ihoi-o who iivoid the tic-ci'sily
of divorce, by never seeking even a civil
niiielion for ll.eir lelatinns ns men mid
women! Aro llio'o Uuin'unf If children
come of nt. ions, w hom do Ihcy be
loiij; to? The l'uhlii; St'lio.)! System calls
tlit in nil "children oflhn Slule," und
this Public School S sle m has done a very
. , :., i,, . ,, . , . ".-
'r"!,1. ir"t0H. 0)0 nutl.oii y ct
"'C' ,:"nilV' ,,n'1 1,1 'l"I'HVing Iho Stale of
Ihatlinchor without whicll it is ever a-
... ...:... : . i . ,,
' '" isim in in. inina iiko a wen or-
f),ni.pil holiiicil aistoni il this evil r-oei
f,K j ' ., , h',,,!, already, M.nk into an
,, . , .. , i i i i .
V .lcs,, when
w ho counted their neon, not hv Ih.-ir i,,..
but by tho number of their husbands ! '
Wn too u I, on tl.n (,.mil r ,;.. ; ..
1: lie far.her disso y, ,), W,H hn, ,,tir ,,0p-
ulationaora kind that cannot mniiitiiin
any r fpcctiiblo government, but, liko
i l.l I . , . ...... I I. ..I. . .. I 1 ... . i
" v .ni.., int. Kiiiiii I I lit 1 J II is
" no feists intisv ..u eiinuieu nown, nil.J
kept in subjection by tho whit, or rosin-
ing this, bo put to death by tho bullel?
T'r vvsvt v t vi t 'I nii-ipu I'.nir f!..ri!..
il-m.iI to VV,.ol,i,,ln tJi.i...,' r,. .i.
purpose of arrangin, wi.h .ho War I.e-
parlment Iho loealil.cs nt wh ic 1, Fcniisy 1
V.w,ll,ro,l' liro mustered oat of
, I,., .....i I T . : I
I.IU1UII..U .tun l.itl'l. lb IS limiC'ISIOOU
that the I'eim.svlv.mia leeinmnts in (1.,.,
Sherman's nrmv will ho broucht to liar-
r;.l , . ,.-t -. , "i .... -n l . i .
nsbcl.g where they will bo metered out
. ,ii. i in, iii n ill in v tu uu III Liu HI) t l O I
ri.i , . ,..t - . . "i .... n 1 i .
. i .'i.V r V r V,ustere(,1 out
" T. 1 ! ',cVr.03
I"?1"- ho ( .ovcrnur desires to PO-
euro tl.o rironii.i iinvmont nnd 1,1,1.0-1,1,
1 1 " I - - u,mj,l,
out of Ihi
their homes in the shortest limo nnd to
e,"t lhe nilfI omharr'isM.ienl,
t.ereloloreatler.ded tho payment
IA liPrp nilirft n iir.l ad IA ivntnnnnl
-. w..w...... ,
teiinrt out of troops ut thi3 point
,L" t-nwn.
aim luuatet
M HHI1-I On tho 27th Instant, by tho Jtov
,y M r'.urchriohl, Mr. Peter Howl tu Mlsa I ran
cej J,' Smith, both of tilen llopo.
0n (ll0 , tiny, by the snnio, Mr. J. P. Hull, ;
r r,l;,.n,i emintv. to Miss Margaret MoUm ken,
Cu.h towrshlp this cour.iy. , 1
Jlclu titrtiscmcnts.
,' .V. . . t f ,'r .il., il,.. P,.iriir..iiiiU
1 " il l V 1 1 v tlio I'o it i n ( "ui i ' ti'i'
I r?,iy ' 7 i , ,r v" ; v V
"I H.0 'I-"Ih;M r....nty mil ,, '
I It 0 ollii't' "I ' . .,
,.,lr !U. i I, n SiHnr.l .y i.t,. n.;. ...... n,. - 'n tin" l'"i.r i- 1 ' ' . '
j,.n Kivt-n to ti-.j h-" . K ,.; V(,
ih Kr..un.l to l o K"v"l'u' , T' ,:' ,
. .... , :..i...., ... .... , ,,t.- v
t.oi..m" - - - , . , iU be
tivi'ii in duo mm on.
M:.y 10, Oi It.
lly i,r,l, r.
h. K. H'.H'IN", Si-p.'y.
NOi'llT.. Ni tico
I i Loruhy K.n'ii t'1:1 l'l't',r 1,1 rt'iinii..-ii i
...... .... ,l,n ,..,i of (leor'-i Kriilinrt, l.ite of Ho-
... ).
r.ltur t , rl.ip, drerasod, li.ivo ho.n ,'riit-d i
,iio und YiKni'd. All person to m .i c.
,llt9 urfl rcil,1011.d l() ...oko i,.......duto pn.v.ncnt.
und ull p.raum liavim oUinu Sint
...;ii , ,.i.t I'linii du v mil l.i''d for fettle-
i - stM0 K K II A UT,
inicil. Jit tiiii:-'.
M.iy li' nt-pd. AdiiiiuUtral.ii'P.
Slioriir's Sulos.
I)Y YIIU'K of f.m lry writs of t .-..
) ii.iiiid out of tho i-oiirt "f ('i'tt:.ii"n
I .' riioirtii'ld ri.u.'v. to "ic di.-c t''d
tl.or.i will ho ftpov-l t- i'l.MM.p; SAI.K. nl tho ;
Court lion.,i in I'.ii lu re...:!, ul ('!,Mlu-i-l, on
Mond.iy tho 10-h .1 .y of Juim n.'.xt, at 1
o'i !i,, k. 1. ,M., Iho fulloning V.i- ,
tale lo wit : I
A certain tra-t f 1:10-1 .-it'iit in I'- t -wa-h'p, ;
Clciirr.cld cu. .n'y, lVru.-yh irei, lo in Iri-t N ..
I'.'T.'i, i.i the diwio.l of said hj t!.o Sia1-,
eu:.:i led .... I d.fC.i'e'd a foil : Pivimoiiu ut
.1 whit pii.o on tho I i 1 1 of tr:.,-t Ni. . .",n and it
of trai-U .No. I u.iil .in I i I i. :i..,l .lio.e'O ' y
1 tract No. HJ ! lr -t .o. wv-t
lii.J and f..r-tiioli p-ToIic ; rro.'in i!.- 5ii:-m-.,.-il..,rii:.
' I'n , k a:. 1 l'i J --v r , . 1 I.i.
in.,, lied lo ia! -r, if , 1 c-i'.i ; "I'
I'.' -i I, -1 ! M .in 1 -l-'l ;, th.-n
I.' l-i soi.ll. :i'Jil por-ln t . , a in i: !
corner of t!.i i.T.d tra "s X ).
iu.,1 ;l.o paid traot No IDJ I, ta -;
;Vi a-i 1 in 1 -i
hy ai I tra -t.
;o I ma.,1 . r.-,
1'J.IS :.ii 1 I ',
i'j liv ii I tra t
N i. It'l'il iiuith. 73 der
no, res ii I road .1.1 1 oro.-k
of h ;. ooi.'ai.lil' .? '
, nr. r o l on iw.rr ml N'-i.
, i e-t-t, i f ,..
III'.'T p. re'.e-?
n.-ro? a a 1 .".!'
I J7', I i'
t- p'a, 0
:!! ov-in--;
. h r ',
IT'.1-',, (Tiantfl t
..n:o iiri-ii.'.ho.- i
J-jtncs V il.-oii, and hf-.i; ih1
irt;;ao;i,l by W il. Tiiins for tho
inonies before n a. no-l in 'nil li. l' i. hy i:w:t
Ki,il., dated ith tn-lo'-tr. 1 '''. r-ioor-l at I'lear
licl I, Ac. Hf'..i'd .in I taken iu e :. ti - o. , and to
bo .-.'l I as the properly of Win. T.iui, ,l--.-..;i s.j I.
Ais-i A certain tract uriand ittiat- lit V 'r.-'i-
n t!,:p, C'losi T.o'.d c, P i , 1, -i , led i n
th ca-t by bin of t! H. ."ir. r.-, .nel oa tl.'
M.nih by bu.d.ef !. bell niilViin. Wi'-, n
west ey I.-.ttu .'i.e. ,.oa . ..,-r""i iv
r.uilli I'j- II. .-Van io.-. ,',0r.:i iK-niy, in
lull " 0 '.'"lul ill ncr -s e'.oaro I, a . 1
nWe'oi..hvii'J rrm-t--1 I'.- io -n. I at. .1 I t-;
I,, t. in e:.' ' eli 'ii uad to lo.--.lJ ui the J r p. -it; ,
of Jiin ..s For,;-!."-
Ai.f. A ivrt .i i true', of bin 1 -kit 0-1 ia I'A-'
too .:-!.'. (I, ... '.' -M e, 1'. , 1- -an l:d by
l.o. U of A hrah t a l!b-,ai, -M-i-.s .'vrrij, and th
eri. c i.:l.iii:i.i' t.-n nures wore t r !-. , with u two
.t..iy 1 1 a u 1. i.,o un 1 f:.i!Li l-i- or I
lie .-.i- dio.l t j'-io-i t a -I. .I'll t, bo
f. id tin' pr ip -rly i.f John M -'-..--.i.
Ai...- Ami l iio '-o-t el !.u. 1 - 'i. in I!-.-! :i
t-.ii'!i;i. ' i r (' 1 I coi.i'v, P.., I'.t-elt.'l by
lliiielt- .1 Piinois, coritui...:. ,' it'iii.t h.J .i'-ro,
ii'e-nt () at-rt-t t.--ari'-i, bavin - lher e. er
t 1 it heii.t' barn. Sou- l ai '1 !-ike:i in evo
i-iiliou ai. 1 i ii: s .. 1 .1; t io pr i.i .-rl;.- jf L'a t. lo!
Al.-' i Two 'i'r lin hi f ;?r la J -:!a i'" '. 1
i'i. l'"-.tnr t i-j'.ii., liea.l'ell (., Pi..
I roi I iii 1 ul1 let t on i u: ! in rt.. i. r.d le.c's
1 ale-rit I'lunor .- ri ot l.',a fuel t . na iil't-v. nn I
anl a, upon ithi -Il iTi-.o 'i. on.;i 1 .' t'w-.l Try
I. oi... bo-..-,-, nnjlnith I, -in la!. ; f on ; ,in--,
with ..titer ..ut'-.i.' iin.f . S. i ' I i.n 1 t:.R.-n in
r section and l bo .; I at tie -op r'y ,-f I!
II. K"i.!.:i:t.
A I. so dhrn c-TtrMi tri.-l-i of 1 .n 1 -i! l it a ia
lliiii.ride I '.. rb a::l ! 1 o P a. t'.t "H t'c T"of
b- un led ly - I ion At I.,., on, .Inn I'm vh! a
ai. I M ' ' v ;ii d u : her,', w ith i n e.v niill, t!,rv s
d a . I.i;- le a a:: I iorn :,- i r r -I, a ; 1
about j :i".' cle.. . I, un I i- mt en'..: , .".-in s t
ni'-ro r lo-i. A i, - , I n ,' I ii:, . i o,i io i el i.i r ' or
io " arraelinl in i iiii.o of I'll,.1. y, ', er, !. 1
Ivl ii.:- of I-, a v, r, J il.-i I'.l..' i-i, Il .:. i. t
, Muster. "'.I o'-'.,r--. A: -n e ln.i dr. 1
i,f.tiM ir.. i h or !-" I,-un'i d t v l.oioof Inti.t
lli e'.i.lou.'ti, -I -ill. 1 1 . : e a i :. . U'm. U a . 1 ,,'ii
e: -, with b hnii3 .- or- ,-to l tlien en, na 1 about
e'u'i.t i.ore, ol-'.ir, 1. o..-d an I t.itt,.--i in e.
t'on tii.Ulj b rul I a a tho f r p.u't ol I'an I 1'.
, Also All of di fond u.i's in'erc-t t i.
tr.-H't . r pi-.c.. o land .ot-.iate ... Ii. dfi.r I t -un-.-l.ip,
Clf iiili- 1 I oi ut.ty, P. titi-ylvii: it, 1, un 1 d nt
f., 11, ws: II-i:, i.i. v at a piiu cnini- of J... "b
b::,'y'- pi'.iv!i.c-o, ilio.ica e;i.t lysi-i.'lll
cho! t-, ooi i. r on linouf Vi' ii, SI,i,-ov's p.ii-hi-a,
thiiiee-.i rout h by the l.'oi p -n lies in ni.ite
o.ik coinor. I'iun.-o Hot by l- aan Ii r al. on's pu.'-eua.-e
1 1 1 porelios l,i u pu-t. then -o n ! l'i I "n p r.
to 1 1. icv.d b.'iii.i i.i.ii;, o nitai .in ; 111 arros mi I
7i pel . lies, and boi.-o; miiiio pioinisos w liioli d hn
M.iroy piiiohi.fed of Win. Pan.-o u by dee-l ibite-l
.'III.'tni.i r, iso.s. ,-eijoJ ..n,l t tl:ou in exj-
,riwl...l ci.tion and lo be told as the propcity ol lsaa1
V Shi'cy.
efami-,' ' ' JACOB A. FAf -T,
of tho'May, -
tAH":i'bS lien. PAMFKI, IdNN, Prc
y id.-M .l.i.;ru uf the Co... t of I'j.iiinon Pleas
of tlio t'.vc.ity fftli Jnlie-al Pi-trl.t, coin.sed uf
the counties of dearth I l , fen lie urd Cliel'-n
nod the JAM lis PhO .I.M and Ihui. .INO. l.
TIIDMI'.-O.V. A-socialP Jr.l.'.-esof fb-arlbd I co. ;
have isMi. d their pi, . 'opt, to me directed, for tho
holding of n C.n.rt. of Common lT.'.-i', Orphan's
Court, Court of Quarter Sos.-i..ns, ('..ait of Dytr
and 'I'ern.iiipr, and Curt of He:, oral Jail Poiiveiy,
ut the Court llmo nt Clearfield, in and f.r the
county of Clearfield, on tl.o
yVuVi (V.uii ,!n) of, ii-r,:.
im, i u c. i., inereioro nereuy e.ivcn, in too
C..r.,r.,.r. Justice of the Peace, und C .nbh-s,
i nn. f, r P,id coau.y of Clen.f.ebl, to a, pour iu
their .ers.,s. with their ItolK Koo.-r H.
N'OTICM IS, therefore hereby ejven, lo tho
, . V . , , , .,
Tnninsitioiis, l..a.ii.nnl.ons, and other l.cuie.n-
i.r ....... ... a.. i. ...,..,:., i,,..i, ... .i,..; .
.,,,,,,,.,, ,
"'"I i" H '-'r ''vhalf, peitain tu bo .h,n.
VKN im.ler my haii.l ul Clcarf'hl tlil
day of May, in the year of our Ur.
; thou(,ud eight hundred 1 siviy-iiv,1.
i .. J ACOIJ FA f ST, .V,'
1 V lor the i
XOliCi:.-Tim Pourd of llelief
county (.f Clearfield, w ill moot nt the
, ii- t - ,
,Uv .,,, nnJ 2Mx r aUvf
Tl.o Hoard have directed that iiii new i.ppli-
rants must appear before tho Hoard and produce
.1. ... a . . . .. , ,
tueir m .. i.iieine.u uenuiing nninc oi poi.nor,
regiment and c r,.n.V! who rn.i,ted ; the
mnnbemf children, with nKo nnd .exofea.h;
i tho tmvnsliip in which thoy resided nt tho time of
rnlistinout, and their present residence : aiidthnt
alio ia wilhoul Hie liieana t.f support for htrfo'if
- which -s reri.U-i., must ls.. be prd,.e.-.l
whoso certilieate, awoni to before the board, must
. r.... I. ...... .1 ..... .!..,.. i...
t ."...I Ullll UIO II niriiiii 13 ni,, UT,.... ... , ' .
resents herself to be; that the atatomnient oltho.
m""loranl nK f her family is trim ; that she
Is1" destitule circuinstanees and her family in
..cutUant : and that all the f,..t. aetfor.l, in her
. ,
8 destitul
.ctual want ,
"l'i."-11"" '
application are just nnd true.
e.,..,. ,i,n,A r.-.,itiHiii,ini . i,A ,).
luinis u-niii,iiiiii ,-v.-. - ..... ..v ....
aiM-Heution i. n
ollico oi mo minni in noil el, wnen
mndo and tho witnesses npiionr.
W. . ullAULKY, (;.',',.
. . . . . .
i iijii-sAui ana i'L.-.-li:u in hire ,,ii..n
tities, at J. V. KKATZER 5
t March 22, ISoj.
Valuable Heal Estate !
1 ..l,,,,,1. Court of rloui llchl county, thrro will
U exposed to A'l'llLlU SAhF, at Uc..i,iiat Mile,
"" Wednesday, .'list day of May, IDtr,,
All th:n,) iwi trails i,l l:i'l-uu:ito ih ui-
,.r,ltUW,..l.ip,CIer1loMcmt.V, ,, oco l,o-
rir ..i.' t K-.m., theneo 247 pen-h.-- to a
I.' . l,.; ,,,, , ..,.
,l ul LMll l OI -llL to c-h 0-1 li U t , tilOM-0 (i.lltll
' ,,.,,,,,,,,,,;,!,,., .,,,,,,,,,,!.,,, pj .Toa and
,., . ...i..., -v, n... l. 1, i n n in ut il
.mi i'"-. i - "
........ r, tln'ii.-o , utl. .' fi .....I .', t.-i.tha r to
i, w oil :i:l p.i.V.,,- t..h c-,n-
,iing :to nm. mere or wmh-.
i -i.-iim; Oim-r.rih r.Hh lit Fiilo, and otio-third
,,.,lf..r Cut L.i.ii. o I.o:::v. u id'.w ; mid
01IO hiilf of thf hi.l..n.-o I'.ifh nt e. n h i in i ( i,.n of
mlo. and Iho rou.uir.dr in "iio your, lo tic to
h u l l J.y h,.nd und niorlf.' .".
M.iv HI H . I' c uuu i i ,
Ti uolco.
A Free Show !
In Cr.EAiiFiEi.D !
AT Til I-i nii.A? fsTcMir, 0?
Ijoyxto.m, b:io.n:u & (;:iai:a'i.
r Vj
And Vcr, Chens ! !
ovn't in. siii.v,t;i'..-! .t r,rt.,riAM
1 ' ' . . . -' '- -- V '
- 1... A- s ,,.,vi. rd. ,. -el 1 1, V .
i.ii.-e to l Ii 0 I tibhu th..' ,,;,-v -ir. 1..-.V "1 n-
i:io uhiio tut.' .nol- -ir. i. .',v "1
an eMoii. ivy U' ,'.t e(
sum ir;., ft coons
th 'J, th.r. 1 in Gr.thaiu's budding which
f of.", r to s'- ll a-, a-i ,t,i-' in.'i'y low price-',
...Tli-tii;; tl.. ir c-.-t Ij I-r i.eii or upp. iv
o -antrv pro-.hi.v. Thiir .-'."olt .(
fillY (j! OOPS
Cd. t ' :i i c I i '.'i.w:'.! Ji
CAl.IOii:-; Wi l li FAS 'r't.'i '-I.' Uf-- !
MI'S!, INS! I'Fb.M N ! I, AWNS
fl.nTils: CASsi; ni ; ! v i.s I I Ni.-;
i.MdKs-siiAWi.-;: ;i:nts-m wi.s;
i i a rs .1 cai's : i'.:ors sn.i :
fAKl-KI'S i.dI.-'.LiTHS!
d'!: .-sT. u; iv nF
IS UN'r.A AM."!.i:! IN
AND YAK! F.TV, rmb
NnTIiiNS ! Nt ITi iNS!
N't ! I ,'l N'S
I'll ... 1 1 1
llli'S .
in Ail
1 1!'. fi'. I SI-MA KS !
:n'M:::;Y id' ai.i. kind-::
.iiiLC ci.-,' in tho N-'lieei I, in.
Or an) tl
A I. Si. i,
Qu oen s w a r o,
A!l .-f :l,e br .t Mna
i , 'iu -1 to Hie lu l
ly, a',,1 select,:-! nil!i special
of ( b articld coin.' v.
AT V. b'lYN 1C,
.HisliPlI s'l'V, ;;.;',
KliUAhl) C1.A1IA.M,
Clei.ii.eld, May 10, H.'-i.
o r
O ) J f1 t, C' tf 1 I t J? II
II Hi I t) UJl J Ij It
I 11 mitTU1
(Tljfap (L'loiljlnn
.i I'
s I W
(irmid opening of .--'iTiug Cb thin this day,
(Iraiid opening of Spring CI . thing this day,
(irnd opening of Spring Clothing t.'.is day
Cram! eporir.g of Spring Cloth in i; this day
At. Ileien.-lc n Pro's lltel.aii o ''1 ahing flore,
At lb'ijoilcin lira's Ilctci.sivc CI, 'thing .-tore,
At llcia n.-tf in lire's Kftoimive Clothing store,
At iloi'MMo-toin liro's K.xleu.-ivo C.. thing store,
'I he largest nnd best eleet.-d .-lock ii lonn
11.0 bllL.est nn I I, est lehn I, ,1 il..- in t.,ui, i
'1 In, b.rretl nn,l l,U b.,1 1 ., .1 l,.rl, t
'J ho larn.t. nnd .,-t s.-lteUd lock in (oTHi'f 1 ,h"a W, n U'"""1 '' '''"'".'''""'" '
rnrn!.l,l,n- .1. n... t i'..., i.,o( ('.in,.,, ...., nnd is iniiMated by ll.ciu.
KuriiUl.intr Cods'. Hats .1 Cans!
I' Cenil?, Hats A Caps,
Furnishing (1 uds, Hats & Cnp,
Trunk?, Valises A Traveling Pap
Trunks, V ,lics A Traveling Hag"
Trunks, Valises A Traveling Hairs,
Trnnka, Vnlises i. Traveling Hairs,
At price, low lor the I hues.
At ju li-ca low tor (he li.ncs
At prices low liirll.e llitie",
At pi l 'CM low lor Hie times.
Cur old . ustoii.ura do not
need nn involution, "ur old customers lu not
need nn iuvitnlion, "ur old cnst )iuora ihi not
need nn invitation, "ur old customer d j not
need an invitation. To others we my,
Ca 1 and exan.ino our Meek,
Call and oxntnino our stuck,
I'.ill nnd examine our slock,
Call nnd examine our stock,
JiVfoiv liiirclinisin lilscwlicrt',
licfuro juipcliiisiiiej IhlseswIiiM-o,
JltToiv )iirc!i':isiii;r Klsowlioro,
Fancy Goods Constantly on Hand,
it i: i z UN's i n l N p. a ot n 1 1: ;j.
May 3, '05-ly.
I) AY HP ALL perrons indebted to Ur.
IIknrv Josr.rii for profeasioiial services or
otherwise, are re,iio.Med lo call on Ihe nib-eri
bor. nl his olfice in Fronchvilio, and settle niili
out delay for now is Ihe time lo s.rvo cost.
F. F. COlTill'.Iir, 1. p.
May 3, isr,5.3t
V liuhlo to a.-fwniout under tho U. 8. Eev.
' nu l.awB, ciihor for incntno ftr th year 161,
gum or Miver i'imic, S"1' """",;'ii uutsiei, car.
riu;ea, rj ring-wiijjium, in rt'iea, raulodtoni, or for
lU'tnuca fur lSfl.i, ro ri'iucHei to meet m at
luo luiioKiiig i uiufi 'l:u'os on luf uayi appoint-
e,, whero I will roooUo nil fttch nMurna. And
h de.uult .,f which tU 1 Ity of te-y fire
pcrrnnuin will iu ull f,,S l. u-hicl to ... prp.
icr duty. '
l''ir Cl.e.rfiol 1 horenqh, I.awrono towi.thip,
and all others conveni. i.t, nt hraol Tout's otlicB,
in t'li-url'a-ld, on Monday, May 1st.
I er liiiard, Covington, i.n I IC-fthaus ton.
l.ips, ul tho LuiKB ul Jul.n 1J. Muhon, .Muljou
bi.r', nil Tliuradiiy, May 4th.
t or Morris, (lul. am and llrailf. id lown;l.i,s,
nt the I. oi.. i f Ji.-. P. kelson, Kjkrtuvtn, .,u
Monday, .May
Fur i -.i t nr and Pos t.,wr,hi; r, at th0
hon-eet' M.lollo't, iu Ujicola, oa Thardav.
May 1 1 th.
Itur lleocaria, Woo.l tvn r.l nr. I Jordan town
ship.', nt tho kuu i.) of lJa..i'-l I', ia lih-o
lloi,i, on Monday, May 1-ith.
lor l'.unmid,;, Pell and C 1 1 e .-1 township., nt
the liuusu of 1). I' lot ii it, in New IVanliintmi,
un Thursday, M..y Hili.
l",r I'erfjijanii and Term townahip., and I.u:n
hrr ("it s buroufih .it the huun of Win. Hood, on
Mo. day, May 2; I.
For JJrady, liloooi ami I' -..ion town-'.ipj, at
tho l.uu-o ol VYin, S.hiToui, iu hull.cril.ur-.. u.
V.- !..t?!av, Mav 21th.
i'. J."lIi:Ml'nn.h, AsVt As.V,
I-t Ii,ii.)n, UUh Din, I'.t.
A.-.-t A'si iw'j Oa y, l
t'urv, nm ii.'o, A;.. i; i I, 1 0i. j cp28 Jt. '
s i t:( i a i . a n : ( ) u n : ; m i: n t :
V.. A 11. T. ANTHONY i CO.
I..;i:ikVr-s-f rii'.t'.nipl.ic MuU'i'inN,
l'! '.tX.MI.E i lUtTAII.,
;, u, i,i;o.iiWA r, a. y.
I.i p.Mitb.ti to ear i .mill titi.-ltiCH cf ritot.i.
r:, ! a- Materia'.-, no a'-J lbja-bpiaittrs h-r tha
17. .
in n.rii'.'ii'O a-f'Tttueiit, .-
Amnio-n ar.d Foreign Oil-
I. : ai. I i.'ia .-.'a,'. , ,, . ou, .'i'i.u.;.
' j;..v. ! .'in : Store, pe.-, for public or private ex .
bil-iti. ii. '"ur C'ltalogto will bi aent to any ai
do is en receipt ei'stan.p.
n-jr.'i'hli: Aii-iuti !
. , . , ...... . ...
I i v wire lac tirti iv iu'-j-j??
.-.. ir.lj ill
b'l.'.lo i .-!ati., nol
rcanufitctiiro iinm nse
jrrcat vr:uly, ranging in price Iro.u
el t.e li. Our AblJb.M.i lnvetlu
oo r:r.!; lo
n imloti - n
f being superior in bei uly na 1 dart-
bility la any others. J hey ill bo iont by and
F'l : 1 1 1 1 , .i. i ,! i t of pric. 0'Siue ALUl'Jii
I-- t , e. dor.'r'.' "4
Co.'. J,l',-tjjr,tiJn!
Cur Ca' now omhriiooa over 3II!)() dif
(o.ont f.ii'joots, to which addition aro bo.iig cm.
tin a. ii!y made, of Portraits of Kiaineut
i.i:..-, '.'.e , 1 1.: ; ab.i .t
!.! M..i
:"0 l'.i
In ncm : s
"i'i N'.uy O.Ticr-r.",
I Ja ttaire l'iet;..-.'.',
i.'.O Htales.non,
UJ Divii.i',
125 A.tth-.r.',
efl I'lo.aiii.'t.! t,'.,iui'n,
-M Arti-:-,
p.'.i ,i a- Colon.'!-,
il U.l.or iiiQt't'W,
e l) C- pits of Wurki ,.f Ai t.
pr el i :ioiiJ ef tl.o in-..-1 e
i'.e'u !i' i upr 1 1 i liuiij ef tl.oni'.l e. Itbr.-ittl
!.: ;.".va;, 1 al .lie.- , M..tu;s, e:o. t tl .to ,r ics
io on r.'coii t of Sl.t.cii. u r J -r f.,r One H e
x. it I io I in u f. oni
li.o r. ooi, t of i I tu, un I otil by mail , raiin.
I'I, ,;.,, : hers and other er l.'iii: go ids C. 0.
'J. j i,e i Mi' t i per cent, with ll.eir order.
T'.vii.e prio.M jnd ipulity of oarjr.oli e .a-
l.oi fail to ratiely. tprl J oa. A 1 e
tl I. hi) I'l'IATUii.-' '.pir: -r lot f.r aa le
t 1 ... . J " UUAULU':
I I i'J o
.' i.een I.i
1 1, e ell i. 1 1 i
t, n. I to -a.!:,
0 In ii- vrr oa,
-1 . il l a p I.
. i;. p...
l .1-.' io'e
ir-oi.-'. -i v-i
1 i. -bite iho ,-:i
uii dor
:ncu, l.annj;
, it i.i 1 io'ur.a
that l.e nil! :.i-
'.Id o .
:, ir. a;, v
I. CI, a,
p trt lithe o j.lliti ,
n s aiodor.ita.
, II. If KM. It,
'ii-.iid i o,, I'ltar.iel ! o j, i'a.
a . .ii .-ali i. ithoiit a pr r
'-i a j tiiiihy ol $, U, ivli.ti.
,f .- I . j,.:..-? !'.;. w 1: j may
) 10!
- i. ':.
, i- .v.
A pi ni t in x lo l'' I.'JU 1
, ier -d lor rale. Vrioo
I'. J. hci v at :!'.'hi u.-.-J.
h. Cf 1 1 l.K.
-v iv
t'lilAVlii" 'i.i S l'i:.!-; IV- ai th- cornier ol
O .'.'-' - i ' o i 1 r, l o'el li'.l ! en. entilio i
a i.-:.l V . th I "ail ,: a.r, ' S -ir Cju
tra li.'t:,,,-- .111, 111!.,,." .,y Cl'.riatbiD, f.r
''i.ii, i, ,,,',, . ,,,, t! at ...ok ,.r .-'toll) th.'. a,
! ' ' reo .-i i ii v -i i.i (I.,, s-ib. -rlbis, (,r ti.o . ib-
r.i .)' j:,-i i..' t.ial Chiir'ians iviil .t' ul.
s. ii. h.u j;:lin.
b:,:iri,;.!, M.y :). h. t.
"'I.MilllAlilJl'M Mlll('IV.v,!i,-j
; 1 H h, r,-' y in-., p. n,.r. ,,f
. lien l.avo bo, ., ,-r.inO;d ',, the na b-n i.-iied on the
' cs i.t, l. '-f J'ilus Ii.
1 CI. iirlicld ouaillv,
lloivle-i, bite cf l.a'.vronee t, ,
ilu.'oaso I : therefore til i,er
f""s '"'''.--'l ta .-ail e-':i'.o al ro., aired ij u-al. .
inin.eihate piiyai-nt. and tin. so bat in iloinarnj -,
j ac.i.,,t tho ,...,.. n ill present thua duly autbtu
j-oj.or, Mil;wu:.tAWr
Mnr 3, 1 fj.-pd.
b h.-l
IIS M It Al DIl'S MIIUF,- Not;,.,,
,-rel.y c'ivt-n. that I.cll-ra of Ailii.iriitr
ii.uu tu the e.-'.aie id lleiij. I . I arr, bit ,.f J,aw .
reiieo tottiisbip, Cb ai fo.'ld O'jiinty, l'.i., dcoeasod,
bavii.L; boon r.ra..t.'.l to tho un lcrrie,ii . ', ull per
Sons ii.d.'i'tod lo .-aid o. tat'j are li'e.uiro l to nii.kB
, in.ine-li.'to pnyuietif. an I those linvi..'-; ilaiius
: :.'.i in -l the will present tbeui tlu'y a-i'LeMi-
'..' 1 for .-L!tie.:ient.
11 1 W A 11!) WIl.hlAM.:. A !',.
1,1.!.'. I'll c. mi, .1
'..',- ... H'hil
we,: mr.
i n 1 1. v;i: i rn i a a i:i:ii: kaii.i.dap.
'rttillS ercnt line travor-vs tl.o N'orlh cm dnl
fl. Noitl.ivostern of Peiuiiyl abia lo
' "- ''i'.V "f K'ie, on hako F.rhv
I lu ",il0 K'l1' '' "l,,-'",''t li'f-'vnger ai.Jl
j froi;,ht bu.'iiie.--', Cot. Kill, IS ill.
I Ti.r '.( t-jtr Ti ii ti in nl ! -ri'ii ..
, I I r .lVC, KASTW tfli. Train. .'!:20 A. M. .". J.I p. M.
Warren Aceom. Train, - - M.
Curry Aceom. No. , . . M.
Cerry Aceom. No. 4, - - M.
Mail Train, Ifns - - A. M.
Warren Ace. .111. Train, - - -M.
Corry A'Coiii. No. I, - - M.
Corry Aeroin. No. ,1, - - - M.
IYssong-r Cars run through withoct riusou
both ways bt tiveen Philadelphia and Kri r.
lllegaat Slec ing Cars on Mail Trains both
ays between Philadelphia, and L.u-k Haven,
and on Williams ..rt and Hhnira Expresa Train
between M liinn-.s port and l'altiinnre.
For infoniiiitioii roipecting I'assenger buiintsa
a dy nt tho Ci-r. liPtli and .Market treets.
Slid for Freight business of tho Company!
A .tun, H. 11. Kingston, jr., Cor. loth nnd Market
si ' , Philadelphia ;
J. W. Hevnolds' L'rie;
o. M. Hrill, Agent N. C. R. R. Ralllmora?
H. II. Hocston, Hen'l Freight Ag't. 1'hlls.J
11. W. CwiNNrai. Oen'l Ticket Air't, I'hils f
Jos. U. roirs, llen'l Man iger, Williamsport.
inn. is
0 V. NTS W ANT!: D-To salt ,h" ?:,,Vl,!.nr5l
. '. u 0;... I ,, ii.... onT one ean el. '
1 w" ' v ' n i- .-jrviiiwi'"
Ap 1? Ci- 1m