Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, April 19, 1865, Image 3

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V"EONESlur,::::::::::::::::::Ai)ril Jit, I Mi;").
T I .L 1 - ' "
nates of Subscription, Advertising anil
1 Jobbing.
SvUcription, in n.'ivuicf, - - J 2 HO
if paid within the yrar, - 2 SO
n ' i not paid vithin the year, 3 00
fVTht abort rate to apply to the prctent vol.
unto" paid for at or before Jan' ry court, 1S65.
JJmrV fliicf JVrV tiofi'cti, each, C iWt, $2 60
Auditor? notice!, each, - . 2 50
Caud'om aud Kflra'yt, each, 3 ftmcf, . 1 60
pinlution notice, each, 3 timet, . . 2 CO
frtuitnt Adrertitementt, per tquare of 10 1 . r
ii'iiM, r leu 3 limn, or cm, J J
for each tuhteqnent intertion, - 50
Qficiul advtrtiiing, fur each tnar of 10 J , ,
linen, or leu 3 timet, or leu, J
Par each tubtequcnt intertion, - 50
Profcttional Cardt, 1 year, - . . 5 00
lotal notice: per line, - - - 15
Okituary notice; over i line; per line, . 10
Yearly aditrtitivy, 1 tqnare, - . 8 00
do do 2 do . 12 00
do do 3 dn 15 00
Jtarly advertising, J cuhmm, - - $20 00
" i " - - 35 00
" 1 " - CO 00
fl'cuis, tingle quire, . - . - 2 50
tfo 3 quire: per quire, - - 2 00
do C quirct, per quire, - - 1 J5
dj oi rr 0 quint, per quire, - 1 60
Handbill; ft iietf, 25, ur cm, - . I 50
in i theet, 25, or leu, . - 2 60
do i theet, 25, or , . - 4 50
i whole theet, 2i, or leu, - 8 00
fOrer 55 of each of above at proportionate rates.
sfrlhe above rates wore agreed upon by tho
indcrsigned, on the 3d day ot December, 1SI'4,
and will be (fictly adhered to during tho present
high prices of all kinds of printing materials.
Publisher of tho "Clearful.l Jtcpuhlican."
S. J. HOW,
Publisher of the "Hnfttmun't Journal,"
Maj. Will helm. The announccruent
that this Uepjily-wrongcd citizen cf our
county (vus, at last accounts, lying ttanger
ouily ill nt JfrribLurg, will bo sail news
to his rumcrous friends. Although t-en-tcnri
d to iuii'rifor.mpnt in Tort Mifflin,
through tLo ii'ti rposition, cliiolly of Gov.
Curt Li., bs wp ure i ti formed, ho has remnin
ed in IJtttrieburg. The brg'iDtiing of latt
week his fortitude seemed to forsnko him,
and ho was at onco prostrated. His vvifo
wert immediately lo his assistance, and
wheu last hoard from his condition was
somewhat improved ; and what was still
better if not luo late he had permission
lo return home a. soon as his health would
permit hut upon what conditions, or by
whose authority, we did nil Irani.
f.&The drafted men of this county nro
juit now in a quandary. The (iinais cow
hero when they were required to report;
tut it is known thai in som.) other dis
tricts notice has lecti given for "them not
in report until further orders, and word
until Kidyway on Monday last, ver
i .:.y , that similar notice would he given
in this district. D-ffiiiif) and official no
tice was onfi Initially expfotcul from
Capt. CiimpLull ou Monday but none
aico, and cur conscripts are in doubt as
towhatihey should do. We are sorry
that it is a subject in which we arc not
fermi'.tcl to givo advice.
Peats or a Soldier. Tuilip McCrt-ck-en,
son of John D. McCracken, of FVrgu
icn township, died at the residence of his
father, on th 0ih inst., in the 21st year
cf his age.
The deceased was a member of Co. K,
8hh liegiment P. V., and was taken pris
oner on the Cbicahominy on the lG'.h Au
gust last, and remained a captive until a
lout the last of February. IIo was un
well when ho leachcl homo, ami soon
took worse, and died in about twoweckn.
HorsE Burnt. A Dew d.velling-houe
belonging to Feler Oivcns, in Knox town
ship, was destroyed by fire on lnt Sunday
eiening--evidently the work of an inccn
diaiy. Mr. Owens intended to move into
the house the next day.
&3Tl( you wan? to astonish yourselves
go to J. I. Morris & CW., in Fhilipsburg.
Ij b'jy your goo:!s.
Meeting of the Deraocratio Standing
A meeting of the Democratic Standing
('omruittee was held at theoflieo of It. J.
Walhico, Eq., Chairman, March 2ht 1HG5
O. 13. Goodlander. Esq., wus elected Sec
retary for tho prsont year.
On motion of Matt in Nichols, Faq., i.
was Jttsolrcd, That whereas, Cleai field
county was honored with tlrti delegate to
the State Convention of 1SGI, andrfho
with a delegiUo at largo, as well m a Kep
resntitative IVlegate, to the National Con
vention at Chicago. We hereby concedo
to our aibter countioi of Clarion. Forrest,
Elk and Cameron, tho richt to the Senn
toritd Delegate, and to Elk and Forrest
tae ltepresentative Delegate, in such man
ner as they shall adjudyo.
Col. fj. S. Worrell. (. 1. Goodfellow and
1. h. Ivcizenstein, were elected Senatorial
Conferees ; ami Lever Flegal, John G.
Schryvor, and J. Linn McFherbon, Kepro
antativo Conferees, Eulject to-the resolu
tion of the Committee as above stated.
R.J. WALLACE, Chairman,
Short or Memoht. Forney, in hia Presi
of the 14th inst., the anniversary of the
surrender of Fort Sumptec, 6ayg ;
"To-day the glorious Flag of the Union,
which had waved vndimmed and untarnished
Ur ao many yoars, until tho foul stain of
an unjustifiable and unholy Rebellion bad
ullied its folds, will again float over tho
walls from which the originators of tho
Rebellion had torn it."
Forney evidently forgela a certain "lit
tl affair" at Uarper'a Ferry, in which
''Old John Brown" performed a conspicu
ous part, and wherein that lame- "glorious
Flag" was somewhat "tarnished" aud
"sullied." EuKAui was instigated by New
England Turitanisra, and heoco, in the
estimation of prcaeut "loyalists," was all
fight. Now, Forney and his followers
know and tbey should so preach that
f there was Treason in either of these
els there was Treason in both of them j
nd that it will not do to extol the one
by siogkig
"Jean Erown'i loul it mari-hing na,"
ni denounce the other.
Full Parlieulurt of Eventt after the liutlU of
fimtonivillc The Endeavors of Lee to Es
tapeSheridan Checks him at the Appomattox-lie
Ajrecs to submit The Aeics ex
cites our Men lo unusual Enthusiasm His
Army Completely Broken Down Only from
Eiyh: to Jen Thousand Men Surrendered
What wc have Gained and what we have svf-'.
Washington, April 13. Correspondence
from the Army of rotomac snys that
very litllo fighting look pluco on the 7th
iust., at Furiuville. There was some skir-'
mishiug between tho enemy's rear guard
tind the 2d Corps, with tho 2d Division of
cavalry, the result being unimportant.;
Lee had intended to fall buck to Danville,
but being cut oil" by our forces getting to
liuikesvitlo first, he changed his course
and started towards Lynchburg. 1'art of
his army passed through Furiuvillo on the
morning of the 7th. After crosing tho
Appomattox tho bridges wero burned,1
aud before our troops could get over, thu
enemy had taken a position a mile from
the river, wliete t hey erected works and
made a stand, in order to allow their wag
on train (o get out of the way.
On this side of the river, just outside of
the town, a divisiou of cavalry had taken :
up' a position, determined lo annoy our!
advance while reconstructing the bridge, i
i The od Division, uuder Ueu. Crook, at
tacked them vigorously, driving them
back some distance, but they hud a force
dismounted lying in ambush, which pour
ed a severo lire into our men as they ad
Ivanced to the secon I attack, and ihey
were compelled lo full back on their sup
ports. The loss on bjth sides wus very
light. Tho 2d Corps soon after ciossed,
and pushing on alter the enemy, drove
them behind newly built breastworks.
Gen. Smyth was severely, and, is believed,
mortally wounded, in leading the charge.
This was a tad loss to the command, a: d
every man in it feels the los as a peison
al one. A more gallant soldier never ser
ved his country, and he not only ranked
high for bravery on the field, butns ageti
tleman and a friend ho was beloved by all
who knew him. ;
The loss in the 2d Corps during the day j
will be some one hundred and tifty men.
mostly of Smyth's brigade. In the morn-!
ir,g before the enemy crossed tho river, I
tAulveguns weie tuken from them, and I
afterwards t-ix more, making eighteen du-i
ling llio day, and about 2,HM) prisoners, j
The number of prisoners taken o:i the )
Oth is pultlo'.vr. at i, i no, almost entirely
ol Kershaw 's and Cuslis Lee's divi-ioir
The correspondent, after giving further
details of events, but which hav mVmly
been published through official Muice,
says tho lield where the surrender took
place was almost covered with '.he ene
my's dead, all of tliein nearly f-eing shot
in the head and upper part of tho body.
The position was a vory favoiablc one fir
theai, but our artillery had good range
on an adjoining bill, and our men charg
ed up the ascent with such impotuoity
that uno wero bayoneted bebuo they
left their light breastworks- The road
for miles was strewn with broken d i n
wagons, caissons, and baggage of all kind,
presenting a scene seldom witnessed on
the part of Lee's army, loss mi the
iitli will sum up about or.e thousand in
killed and wounded, the Gih Corps sull'cr
ing heaviest.
Anothor letter, dated rn the evening
of the "th.snys: are lound
scat tered all along the hoe of march, and
as the troops piss th ey come in and sur
render tliemsi le, expressing their de
termination to tight no longer, as they
consider tho rebellion us good us oiet.
Four guns were brought in thn morning,
besides a long train uf aoibuhmcen, muiiy
containing wounded, who wore pi. iced in
hospital and cared for.
Gen. Gordon sent four surgeons through
tho lines this afternoon, ntking Unit ihey
lie allowed to minister to the wants of 1
th03eleft behind on the road, but as wo
have plenty of such help they will bo 're-;
turned to the army in tho morning. j
Gen- 1 1 ay ? was relieved from his com-'
mind of the 2d D iviiion of the 1M Coi ps '
yesterday for tardiness in moving hiicotu-i
mand in obedience to orders. j
Another letter, dated tho 0th of April,
says: Notwithstanding tho correspon-i
dence between Generals Leo and Grant,
yesterday, which led all to expect a for
mal surrender this morning, the loi inerex
erted all his energies to escape tbe net
laid for him. He marched rapidly all
yesterday afternoon and evening, until he ,
ran against Sheridan at Appomattox Court
House, when a sharp light ensued, result
ing in tho capturo of a number of prison
ers, ana the checking ol llieir retreat.
The 21ih and 2ith Corps were closo un
in support of the cavalry, and during tho
night look up a slrong position across thu
main road, and on llio south side of iho
Appomattox river on Iho north, cutting
them r If from retreat in tha.t direction.
Early this morning Sheridan attacked,
vigorously, and lor somo time a btitk en
gagement, was carried on.
About G a. rn., a Hag of Iruco appeared
in front of his line, and he wus h.foi im d
that hostilities had been suspended, in
ordor to arrange tcrois of surrender. This
was caused by an agreement made by Gen.
Lee consenting, to a cessation of firing, so
to comruunioute with Genciul Gri.ut, and
was done, it is said, without proper au
thority. General Stmidan'a adjutant
general was nllowed to come through the
rebel column to communicate with Gen
eral Meade, who stated that he knew of
no such arrangement, and that ho was a-'
bout lo move forward in accordance with
his instructions. General Leo, however.
sent another mestaie, desiring to havo an
interview with General Grant, to arrango
tho terms of surrender, and General Meade
was thus ol. liged to grant a two liisur'e
armistice in order to communicate with
General Grant, who bad moved arcund to
j the left during tho night. The two hours
expired without any result, and tho Lieut.
'Col. Whittler, of General Wright's stall",
came in and reported the terms arranged
jand the papers sigffcd, when tho greatest
'excitement prevailed throughout our lines
cneer upon cneer rending tho air. Soon
after General Meade and stall", with other
officers, rode along tho line of the 2d und
Gth Corps, and they wero greeted with
tho most, enthusiastic shouts, the men
throwing their hats in the air, and fairly
dancing with joy. No such scene has ev
er before been witnessed In this army, and
, tho thanks of the whole country mo due
to tho bravo men and their heroic com
manders, who have achieved such a great
and glorious victory.
' It is understood that the men of Lee's
army are to be paroled and allowed to ro
turn to their homes. They give up every
Ihiogin their hand, but last night they
, destroyed l-rg amounts of propmlyin
thoslmpo of wagons, gun-carriages, bag
gag'i papers, d'-c. The number ofLeo'e
forces is put down at about twenty thous
and men. Very few guns are in their pos
session, as they havo abandoned nearly
all they did not lose in action. Thirty-
cigi.i were urougui in yosteruay, aud sev
eral this morning.
The- rank and file of Lee's army nre said
lo bo well sntisfied lo give up the strug
gle, believing that Ihey hnvenu hope of
tuccoss; but if General Leo had refused
to surrender they would still havo stuck
to him. Tho officers mainly are Buily
and discontented, but this feeding will
soon wear oil' when they find how liberal)
ly our people are disposed to treat them.
Another letter from the Army of the
Potomac, dated April 12, says : The final
arrangements for tho surrender of Lee's
army wero completed yesterday, and to
day they -wero at hbr'rty to proceed to
their homes or elsew here as they chose
Tho terms granted wero certainly of a
very liberal character. A largo number
Of Oilieers, together with thousands of tho
men of this army, express their dissatis
faction, not only at tho unprecedented
liberality granted to the Army of North
ern Virginia, but at tho manlier in which
they were paroled and allowed lo go their
way, without our men being permitted
lo enjoy the result of their long struggle
in tho pasmgo through the linos of Gener
al Lee and his army ; but it is claimed
this would havo been humiliating to Gen
oral Lee and his oilieers, and thai it, is not
tho wish or desire of our Government or
commanders to act toward tliem in any
way that would tend to irritate their feel
ings or make, their position more intol
erable than it actually is. The policy pur
sued may hare been for the bet, and our
soldiers will submit, as thoy always do, to
what is judged mot wie. During Sun
day night and .dond a-,' large numbers of
tho rebels, as well us some officers, made
their escape from the linos und scattered
through the woods, many, no doubt, in
tending to return homo. Ourcamps last
night were lilhd with them, beggirg
something to cat. which of course, was
freelv given. These men, when asked
if they had boon paroled invarihly replied
"No," but allowed to go where jjhoy
Tho number General Loo claimed lobe
about given up was 10 000 muskets, with
us many mote men from the commissary,
quarterm istei's, hospital, and other tio
partinents ; but tho oilieers who have
been permitted to p.n.i through their
camps asse: t that riot more than (even
or eight thousand will In: found to have
surrendered. The cavalry operating; with
Leo was also turned over, but only a small
force, witli broken down horses, could be
found, report stating that the best had
picked out and sent to Johnston. The
number of guns-taken wus thirty, with
liom three lo lour hundred wagons, very
niniuunuio'n, ami no supphc. As tin evi
dence of tin staie of tneir commissary,
when they reached F.trmville, tho resi
dents tell us they had been issuing ears of
earn to luvn for several days previous, but
that a train from Lynchburg met ihem
iliere with flour and pork. Out (if some
two thousand horses turned over to us,
not more than two hundred wer found
'o be ivorih a single ration of fjrage for
Commissioner " il I and Assistant Com
missary Hatch were captured on their
way from Kioiuiiond toward Danville, ami
brought into camp on Sunday. Thev
had ii large .Southern expre-s wsgon. lilled
.villi cigars, liq-i rs, and other luxuries,
and by somo understanding were allowed
t ) go into Lee's lines. They relumed
last evening, and are said to have gone to
Kiclimonil on some busine-s connected
with tho exchange question.
Orders were i-suci last evening for a
movement of troops now here. The 2d
and Gth Corps aro to start this morning
lor Burksvillc Junction, the cavalry ami
21th Corps to go toward Danville," while
the oth will remain to tako possesion of
and bring away the propel ly and tffects
of Lee's army.
The Irakis uro now running to I'urkes
ville Junction, but Uio road bi-ing in a
lathershuky condition, not much regular
ity is as yet attainable for the time be
ing. l'rigndicr General Smyth died on the
'.'t h from the td'-cts of the wounds receiv
ed on the Glh His body has been
embalmed, rind is nn its way to bis Into
home. He lived at Wilmington, Del.,
and leaves a wife and child to mourn his
Major General Molt, who was badly
wounded in the engagement of tho titb,
u hilii gallanly leading his men in a charge
on a rebel wagon train, 1 f l for home this
morning on a leavo of absence. General
Melt's wound i'juit below the knee, the
ball passing through bjtween lbs bines.
P.cp'rlod weekly for the Republican.
Cj.EAm-tnt n, Pa., April 12, Hfij.
Wheat, $2 0r;Onit,i, $1 aO(Vi2 00
Rye, 2 Ol'; Xpplcs, dry bus " 2 bo
Com, 1 7.1(0, ! ni 'ljr'n Apples, 1 ( 2.ri
Oats, I 1)0(0(1 HKH'uol, -( ft) KiCi.lMI, 1 (Id Lard, Ih 2,)(i'( " 2i
Potatoes, Mi t-ork in Hog, 'fl II. IS
Flaxseed, '(X bus. 2 50 Tallow, ji lb l i
Timothy, 8 ()t'(o, Oil Uulter. " ' 411
Cloverseed, ;i 9 0(1 I'h.ur, V 1 1, 12(o,13 00
W. Leans, 2 OOo iO.Vfgr, "j ilnr-n, 20
w. wmamiaflw mrnmim ins w wimi ,tm sw
, IP.G.5.
rj ISt great lino travorsos the Northern and
X Northwestern counties of Peunsylvabia to
the city of Erio, on Luke Erio.
It has been leased by the Penntilcania Iiail
roml Company, and is operated by Ihem.
Its entire length was opened for passenger and
freight business, Oct. 17th, 1 801.
2Vnie ( Vatnenger Traint at Emporium,
I.IIAVR Eastward.
Mail Train, 3:20 A. M. 3:40 P. M.
Warren Accom. Trnin, . M.
Corry Accom. No. 2, - . M.
Corry Accom. No. i, - . M.
leave westward.
Mail Train, 11:0s - - A. M.
Warron Accom. Trnin, - - -M.
Corry Accom. No. 1, - . M.
Corry Accom. No. 3, ... M.
Passenger Cnrs run through wimort chaxge
both ways between Philadelphia and Erio.
Elegant Sleeping Cars on Alail Trains both
eayr betwoen Philadelphia and Lock Haven,
and on Williamsport aud Elmira Expross Train
betwoen Williamsport nr.d Baltimore.
cor information respecting t'asscnger business
s nly at the Cor. SCth and Market sroets.
.nd for Freight business of the Company's
A onts, 8. P. Kingston, jr., Cor. 13th and.Markot
J. W. Reynolds' Erie t
M. Drill, Agont N. C. R. R. Baltimore (
II. H. HousTow, Oen'l Freight Ag't, Pliila.j
II. Y, Owiuker, Uen'l Ticket Ag't, Philu.;
J" D. I'sru, Gn'l M.innger, Wiiliamspoil.
Jan. II, IS.
TIIl, sabscriber will expose to PUBLIC SALE
at his rosidonco in Uradford township, on
Friday, 21st April, the following described prop,
erty :
Two 8pan of Tlorscs and Harneis, 2 Tirnbor
slod, 2 Lof chains, 1 Long Slod, 2 Fresh Cows
Olid 1 HoilllT. 2 ll,,-t ll.r.. nn.l
other Farming Ulonrtls. Household and Kitth-
en Furniture, snob as stnves, Deds, Ueditoad.,
lablej.Ac. Also, a muall lot of Clovoriaod.
I erSalo to eounuenre at 10 a, u., whon due' KENT'S EAST INDf A COFFEE
attendance will bo given and terms made known lias all tho flavor of OLD OOVEHN.MENT JA
l,y IMVID ASKEY. . VA, and is but half the price j and also that
VdFV'NWAVTi'i, T 7T7, : T la iwloo the stronth of Java, or any othor Cof
VrY.rJ.? '. 'A9. B??.at foo whutovcr and wherovor used by our first class
-: .. :n"" iitUJil. I'UIS-
Soldiors, Ladies, any one can soil it.
Ap 12-V5- 1m. byraeuiie, X, Y.
At.innf.K.'i.iiftf PI, sIa .,,. i 'nr . 1
MailUfUOlSOf I holographic Mtlterillln,
wnoi.r.sALi k iiKTArr,,
.101, BROADWAY, V.
j- j
In addition to our main business cf Photo-1
prnphic Materials, we are Headquarters for tho
lolluwing, viz : i
fitcreOSCOVCS and MCreOSCOpiC teiVS I
Of these ne havo an immense assortment, is-
s iT.i. ! . I
.- u 11 4 uiiiii) u iuu' ii'Ji jiioti,
lUvoivmg s.iriooipo, tor public ur privato ex
bihition. Our Cutnloguo will bo sent to uny ad
dress on receipt of stamp.
! I'hoto'jrapliic Albums !
' Vt'e were tho first to introdjeo thoso into tho
United Slates, and wo manufacture iminonso
quiiiititim in great variely, ranging from
bO cents to SiiO each. Uur ALIIU.MS have t!i3
r.'putotion of hoi njf sufsrior in beiuty and dura
bility to any ethers. They will b sunt by mail
FKE15, on receipt of price. J-l-'iuo AblJUMS
made to order.
j (trd J'hoto'jrujiht !
I Our Cu'alogito niw omhracos over .())() dif
', ferent julijects, to which additions lire beinjj on -tinually
made, of Portrait of Eminent Ameri
cans, elc.,vu: about
100 Miijor-tleneruls,
, 2utl IiriK-Henerab,
275 Culonels,
40 Artists,
I 100 Licut-C.liinels,
73 Navv Officers,
12i Stae Picture,
12i Authors,
ill Prominent Women,
, 2jII Olher Oilieers,
8,0 )0 Cpios of Works of Art
i including reproductions of the cinat cidebrnlcd
Engravings, Paintings, Stutucn, eto. CutHlogucs ' l''oro aro numercus counterfeits ofloat un'K-r
sent mi receipt of tilaiup. An ordor for One Ilo- j t!! nu"'l "f "(icnuino East India Colfeo," "Ori
inn Pictures from our Catalogue will bo tilled on ' ''a'it lO'''a Coffee," etc., put forth by iin
t!io rcneipt .it" $ I SO, and sent by mail, rncii. i I""tl'rs to deccivu the unwary.
I Pbotograahers and others ord:rim' iromls C. O I In I lb. packages, nnd in boxes of 30, (0
; I. will please remit 2 j per cent, with their order. prices an ijulity of (oir gu ls evi-
not fail to sati.-fy.
April! Jin A i co.
Slt.roiic & Aiiicrit'ii.
utivo numbfrs of the Hanner of Light, (on in
ilependcnt weekly newspaper, published by i. J.
Hs.KnE, at Xlidlletown, Orange count', N. V., at
$2 per year, pnjal.lo in advance). Pack num.
bcrs, or supplements, containing the chapters al
ready published, will be funnshod to subscribers,
I This lli.-tury enntaius a full ciposnro of Popular
Delusions rebi'ivo to tho preleuded " Reforma
tions " under Calrin and Luther, Henry VHP,
Cranuier and Cromwell, Ly a truthful hi.-tiryof
tnoir rise, program nnl persca itintn m l-. ir ipe,
1 Hi wn to Iho emigration of the Phaii.-aic Piiriinnj
lo America An accnunt of th cir persecutions
Liiptisu, ijiiakeri, Latholics, and Oilier Dissent
ers in New England, tho P!uo Laws and Witch
craft Persecution of Dii enters from the Stalo
Ueligion in Virginia prior to tho ltevdotion of
1 770 -The severance of Church and State at the
furmntion of the I'nited Plates (P'vcrnmcnt, on-
, posed by tho popular clergy of that day Their
iiiurls unit llKoe ot llieir progeny, to re.tore (
liiicul power to the clergy by an attempted union
of Church and State the Constitution of tho
I'nited Stales, and most of the .Suites in tho
way, and tho consequent eonspinry of the clergy
to overthrow our farmer happy system office
government tho various niOHns employed from
mo first perversion of .Sunday schools, nnd tho
Anti iVunday Mail movement, down to the pcizuro
and subversion uf tho roiinnwi schools, academics
iindculbges, fruni institutions nf learning to en
gines ol ignorance lor tho enslavement of the
minds of the rising generations P) tho degrading
dogmas of the clergy tho rise and results of
f-ntivo Auicriianisui, Maine-LawiMn, Know No
thingism, Aboliiionism, and tho various othor
fanaticisms of Priestcraft.
All should subscribe, who wish to acquaint
ineniseivcs wnn Historical ucls ol tlio grcntet
value at ttie present time, or to arm themselves
with arguments to oppose Puritanic Priestcraft,
wh eh, in addition to all otlu rcursi s it has indic
ted upon our country, hns now involved us in tho
most torriblo soctional war, and threatens to fol
luw it w Ih a sectarian crusade far more awful,
unless tirreate l by the dissemination of documents
opof ing iis character and objects, null ns tho
author suuglit to make this hi.-tory useful in
acroinpli.-uiiig. Priotcraft is therein proved to
be alike antagonistic to the true Christian reli
gion, popular liborty, and the public peace and
prospcrily ; und the political clergy are also pru-
yV ; . ,,, ' ,u,nl"c"
. - . ... I e - -
vi nil i mice oi i uaue, uui inuir inouuiicu evil,
and only evil continually. Patriots t, I1 find a
perusal ol itspagosot great ailvantago in enab
ling Ihem lo tigbt the liydra-beadcd innnster
that must bo slain before wo can hope for peaco
nnd n restoration cf civil and religious liberty in
cur country. .
! This History w ill also soon bo published in book
f irm, with paper covers at 1$, and in good cloth !
or shin covers at $1 oil '.o $-'. At these prices it!
will bo sent to uny address in tho United .Si inc., I
poslugo freo. Every intelligent patriot should
havo a copy, and alter reading lend it to his
friends and neighbor. j
'i. ''-Address, cuciosing payment, 0, J. Ilocbe,
Middlctown, Orango coun ty, N. V. npl2. i
Ao, 7W, ChcslMil ttreet,
rpnis HOTEL ts
pleasant V situated on tho
I North eidj of
Chestnut streit, a few doors
above boventh. Its central kcatmn makes it
particularly desirable tJ persons visiting the
City on business or plensure.
Ap. 5, 1SG5. C m. Manager,
o. l.H Sl.nket street, north side.
Have row open their usual handsotno vnrtoty of
ii.uoou,, j.i.iii.e. i.iiernna,
Straw A Fancy Punnets,
Ladies A Missoa lints,
Flowers, Ruches, Laces,
and all other articles required by the
- MI 1.1 X Ell Y TKADE.
By ling experience and strict attention to this
branch of business exclusively, we flatter our-
solves that w. can offer inducements, In variety.
styles, quality and niodorato prioes not every-
where to be found. Tho attention of Milinors
and Merchants is respectfully solicited. j
-r-Particular altontion paid to OPing orders.
April 6.1SW. 2 m.
adies' and Children's lists. Latest Styles at
CHA.S. OAEFORD A ONS. toniinentnl
j ll"l tl, Phil sdelfbi
jnti. II.
CTDon't fail to Read This!
OaiEsoS (Dfflffo! (D&aq,
154 Heads Slrout, (throe doors from Qrecnwiuh
Street,) N. Y., call universal attention to their
Krllt's 7''S J I) (11 11 CtiiV'r
1YLHL lllLlUl IslWLC.
hnfnln .KMnnbont. nn,l t-w;.l. . I.
a saving of ! nor cent,
Is Iho moFt healthy btvorago known, and is very
nutritious. Tho weak and Intinn may use it at
mil times with impunity. Tho wifa of tho llov.
I V.7. Eaves, local miiiistur of tho M. E. Church.
horsey i;uy, wuo lui not ocen anio to use any
cotTeo f,.r urteeu vears, chn use
throe times a day without injury, it bcinx en-
nr.,. .;i.,.i 1
Dr. jamM jjoyie, '0f U(5) Clambers street, .ays:
i haT9 nuvcr kll0W uny 6o(roe ,u hjftUhfu nu.
truious, anil fruo from all injurious qualities as
1 1 ujvih my jmiioiin 10 anna 11 univoraauy even
thoso to whom I
Lavo luttierto iirvtubitcd the
, uso of Coffee.
I The Principal f tho Now York Eye Infirmary
snys: "I direct all tho patients of our Institution
1 to uso exclusively
and would not bo without it on any account."
Tho Hov. C. Larue, an eminent clergyman of
t'w M. E. Church, now etutioncd at Jlalsey St.,
' Newark, savs of
"I have used it nearly a year in my family, and
find it produces no ache ol' tho hoad, or nervous
j irritation, as in tho case of nil othor Codecs. It
: is exceedingly p'easunt, and I cordially recom
! mend i t to all clergymen und their families."
, is used daily by tho families of Iliahop Atnej,
I lliahop Paher, liirhop James, and many of the
1 most distinguished elorgyuicu and prolcsiimal
j men in tho country.
Ucwarc or Counterfeits !
sn'' a eur9 that tho packages nre labelled
: uio'e 1?itet In
fti j--u.n muni
' I J I Ji hA J) h street, ic-ia 1 or;,
' n,ni' "," or firoenrs nnd largo consumers. J
!0"'" " ",:ers 'j-ncra(ij.
UrJcrs Irion lountry flrocfrs solicited, to
whom a ory l bersl discount will be made,
H'Woo.; Agent,.- llollish A Molon, and W.
J. llelss if- Pro., Philadelphia ; Francis II. Perry,
Providence ; A. L. Wake k Co., Poston ; Pynch
on A Leo, Springfield, Alass.i S, N. Callcndor,
liuiTulo; Oor.lon AIMillian X Co., Cleveland; A
A. Colter A Co., Cincinnati ; J. A J. W. liunn,
Springfield, 111. ; 11.11. SiUieldi, Corydon, Ind. ;
und C. C. liurber, Chicago.
Tho Am. Ad. Ag , 'Ai'J Uroadway, N. Y. Pus
Dop't Esos Al.voiui. Cor. Dep't Fowlkb 4
W'km.s, nil authoriiod to roceiv orders far
Kent's East India CofToo. It. DAVIS.
April 5, 165. ly.
F O II S A L E !
linr.t power circular SAW-MTI L with 3ltl
t A
acres ol irst 'pnilily ol t-ui'p pmo timber in lee
simple onj and a half n iilions nf LOUS cut
nnd reidy for manufacture .?nd Timber Lease for
two millions more. Tho mill is adiiptcd to cut
ting Isill-ttulT, and a number of Pills now offer
ing. AccessiMo and aijacont to tho Pennsylva
nia Pnilroad at Tipton, by plnnlt road. .Mule
- i teams und oxun will be sold with tiie property if
required as wed as all other implvmen's nocos
sury for driving on tho business at once. Will
bo sold at a bari;nin t closo n concorn. Apply
nt No. it, Forrcsi, Place, 12.'), South Fourth nt,
Philadelphia, or to John Elliott, at Tipton, Blair
county, wliii will show the pnpdrty and givo full
particulars, and who is authorized to sell.
March S, if. II. 11. SlULl.lNGFOIID.
TOTIt'E- All persons having unsettled ac-
will please call nr.d setile them, as wo are dosir
lous ui closing our Looks.
L. HEED, A Co.
3 mo. Jan- Uth ISrtf
Second Street, above Arch,
A. 1". Itl.AIlt, Proprietor.
(I te of tho "Surf House," Atlantic City.)
! pt. 2.'!, lSti.,-1 y.
Clian-jotl liisUast, but net liis Politics.
bain s, ono door west of Loynton if- Show
ers' Stirro. Tho subscriber wishes to inform his
r.:nnj...i ............ .i. . i. . i. . i r. i -
I 11 "o. (i uu iiuiucciu!, INtilOllS IIIUL IIO IHtSiCll UIH
old stand in Shaw's Row nnd has broke out in a
,.ow i , 1 -o in tl
new place in ttrnliain s Bow, in the shop former
ly necnnie.l bv It SliitmOi ns n 11. .m! uml SI1,r,i,
.-. .... .' . .. . . . "I
no -would iiKe nil ins oll irieiuls to givo him n
call on Court Week, and bring ns tunny new
tlliev lllilMJ nt 1i(iKi.tlilA n liA nan,in.lnlA all
i on short nolice, ut tho hurt Sho hop. Kept
(by FRANK bllORT.
I TrGfTtemember Graham's Row, ono door west
; of Poynton A Showers' (store. j iu. 1 1, 'tia.
:i(j(Hi;il EIoU'2,
Mrs. WM. A. MASON, l'rojirielross.
1 1 1 1 S long established and well
I JL TEL, situated in tha west end of tho town,
j has been remoddled, cnlareed nnd improved, nnd
I tho proprietress respectfully uniiounccs to bernu
j incrous friends, and to thu travelling public, that
she is now prepared to accouiiuoduto all who may
1 favor h er with a call
Amplo, snf nnd comfortable stabling is nt-
(ached to tho premises, and trusty attunduuts
will always be on hand. Charges modcrato.
Mar. 15-'C2 tf.
r"i,"Tm-i,in- '.,,.
lt. II. J. III.KRi resrectfullv nnnonn-
. , ... . , -r ,,
ccs that she will take a few Pupils in o -
cal and Piano MUSIC, to commence Mondav
I Anril 3d. Terms, till nor nuarter of 11 weeks.
air Rooms at rcsilenco of J.L. Cutlle, E(i.
Clearliold, March 22, 180 j.
' '
- --
irCTIONMKH. Tho subscriber bavins
taken out a License for crying vendues
nnd other Public snles, either in Kuglish or (Icr-
.......,irli. nir.P. I,:. I,;, rvi
cituens, nnu win atienn to an cans Horn any
P'1" of tbo county, on the shortest notice either
v(,rlislly r t,y clterj KIul upon tho most roMun.
., e lorml. when so dos red. he wi fuYn h
tho Clerks and complete nil tho business connect
ed with the sale. JObEPil II. J'ONb?.
Kylertown, P. 0., Mar. 1, 1805. ly. pi.
fpill'j person who somo time agogot aBUI-
vn a nunc ri,,i M. Mitchell," would
confr ft fRyor h nluTnlag the earn, to the sul-
icrib r ' JAS. L. LEAV Y. I
Mar. 1 tf.
Clearfield, Pa.
1 OLinda
TTBLASrHK. "20,000
-it (
. . r 11
p rJaStCr in llCarilClU
1 or Sale bv
IVh'v is. ' i- I. 1.TAVY.
CQ-rurclmsod since tho lato docline
in prices. 1
j. r. kra tz mi,
Front Street, above the Academy,
Now offers a very largo stock of
Dry Goods,
At a reduction of 23 to 40 percent., laoludla '
DKES3 GOODS In groat variety.
Marinoes, (Jiaghsini, Cloths, Doli.inss, Tr.-if,
Ca-simercs, Alpacas, Silks, Satinets, f.cs,
Cashmeres, Tweeds, Ooborgs, Mo.iuir, Jet i,
Lauellax, Muslins, Flar.nil.v Hon .ets. P.m.
bons, C.oaks, Ealmural Skirts, P ,ip- .
Skirts, Shawls, press Trhnmin --,
Jiead Net, Caps, Corals, til e
Collars, Soarts, Orsnndins Vi.l,
Tabla Covors.
Cloth i n g ,
Coats, Tants, Vests, Ovor-Ooats, dent's Phairls
Shirts, Hats, Caps, Unlor-Shirts and
lJrawers, Boots, Shoes, Ou:u
Shoei, Cravats, CI loves
and Collar!.
Tea, CciTeo, Sugar, Molarses, Salt, Candles, Rla,
Flour, Il&coa, Fish, Tobucco, Uaisjni,
Currants, 6 p i o e s, Crackers,
Wines, BranJios, Vin
egar, Oils, Var
Lish, Alcohol.
Household Goods.
Carpets, Oil cloths, Drugget, Looking-nit!!,,
Clucks, Churns, Waahboards, Tubs, Isujlt
cts, Flat Irons, Pans, AVindow l!iind,
Wall-paper, Coal Oil Lamps, L'm
brellas, lledcords, Knieaand
Forks, Spoons, Crocks, aud
Stove lilicking.
git All uf which will be sold on lbs most rea
sonable terms, and the highest markat pries paid
or Orain, Wool, and all kinds of conntry prod ito.
Clearfield March 22, I86i.
ItKWAItn. Was taken about tin 10th
of January last, a largo light tan colored
DOU, with a long busby tail, named Tioer. The
ubovo reward will bo paid for bis delivery to the
owners ut Cook's Mill, in Graham township, or a
fair proportion fur information of his where ibouti.
March !, ISC5.
Valuable Heal Estate !
phan's Court of ClcarBold oour,tv, there will
o exposed to PUBLIC SALE, at Pennville, on
Saturday, April 22d, 1865,
Ail tho following described Real Estate, sitnut
In Pinn township, Clearfield county, Pa., late the
property of Martin Myrter, dee'd.-:
A dortaia Iraot of improvsd laud eoul itning
100 Acres,
Pounded on the north by P. Dally, on the sfluth
by Win. Biglor, on tho wost by Clark's heirs,
and on tbo East by Wm. Bigler 'the greatre
portion of which is cleared aud in a good state
of cultivation, with a two-story Lo Ewolliug
House, Log Pr.rn, and other outbuildings, uul
two Orchards of assorted Fruit.
Terms Ono-half cash at corfirmation of the
sale, and the balance in ono yew thereafter,
with interest, to be secured by Lond and ruort.
gngc on tho promuos.
'S-ti-Snlo to commence at I o'clock, p.m., of
said day, when duo attendance will be given by
JOHN FLVrt'N, 1 . , .
renn township, March 29, 1865.
iLOVER and
TIMOTHY SEED for sale be
Maieh 12, mi.
tiie count i" atiaTbanT;
Tur.isrBY DerARTiiENT,
Waclington Morc'i 2n.', 1S5.
r.H M.Ss. by fa'isfaot'irT evidence pre-
V T scntc-1 to tho undersigned, it has been mrnis
to appear tlmt Tm: Cm-ntv Natiomal Basic or
Ci.eirfiki D, in the bon'ughof Clearfield, i- lb
county of Cienrfield, nnd Stuto of I'ennsyN ania,
hns been duly orgri.iitd judorand in acti Jcncj
with (he requirements of the Act of Coi.grcs enti
tled " :m Ac' to provide a NiOional Currency, bo
cured by n plodgo of l'uit.J ijiates I pr
vido for tho e'-culati -n and r.dempt.on ther-.o:. "
npprcved June 3, loOt, and has co-. plied w:
the provisions of said act to bj con plied w. . ; ;
fore commencing tho businass of bauking ul:r
said net.
Now,, I, Ilrun McCl'Lt.oioii, Comp
trolh r of the Currency, do heriby coitity that
77ie (' ufifv .Viid'otmi hunk of VUarfieli, in tha
borough of Clc.irficld, in the county f Clcii floid,
i n,l i, i.. ..r !...... .1,. I. .il,,i...l !,,.,,
i ' ' ' " " " "" "'" - - ""
""'"CB .l'19 l"W fcf talking under the Aot
In tesiimony nherof, nitnnis my hand and seat
of often this ?d day ot Marc ." IHO. .
J'ur.S tf. Comptroller of the Curroncy.
T A iVIV I ) A Servant well acqua'.n-
' tcdrith the duties of a
h list", o!J or ono willing tj learn. Must,
havo good recommendations,. Apply at ay
house, or at tie store of C. W. A 11. W. Ginltli.
I 11. 11. .-.Ill ill.
March 22, 1 805.
AI)?HMSTKATOK'.1 Mil ft I". Notice
is hereby given that lottcrs of bdioiuistia
tiou on tho ostite af A. Wood, lato of Union
tn.. Clearfield co.. dee'd. havinir been erantad lo
the undorsicned, all rerfuna indcht'-S to said estate
aro n quested to mako Immediate payment, and
thoso having claims against the same will prossnt
i cthui duly authouticaled for settiomeut.
, o r, j ni:.,,.i,.
i i'lui. v.-t-u. n,imiiii,,iHii,.
O PL IH)1.I,AKS Iti:VAKII; Lest, on Fia
Rim or at Be'.sina raftina- s-ound, a pociet
i book eontarn ing f.fty dollars one 2i) UiW aod
I three 10 bills also.-a promissory note John-
I.. . - .... ... . i r. - .1 -
1 llnt'or lor IUe, payatlo luremoninn.rr ui,
boinir an exemntion nolo datod about the 20th of
! TOernmher. 1S,U. Anv person uadir.g laid money
and returning it U ttt will receive the above re-
8 TnOXfAS! llltKRR.
. JUJ - V..-. t
Mar. 8, tf.
Olauera r. V.
JaJiet Fnrs, The larost assortment at CHAS
j 0.1KFORD A SONS, Continental Hotel,
pbiladclpbla. Jan. 11.
1 titios, at
March 22, 1905. .
PLASTtR In lares qoan.
1" adica' Furs, The largest assortment at CHAS
J OAaFORD A SON'S, Continental Hote.
Jan. II.
CiTOLKM On the 18th of February, from th
k3 hoase of Jseob Flegal, two BUFFAL'
ROBES, me marked J. Shaw, the other R. V.
I i oe pertoBt wn- oarrieo away tne nuove proper
tv will return them to R. Newton Shaw or Alex.
i Powell, Cletrflsld, or at ohowsillia.
' Much I, I '!'.:. pd
I i-
1 X