Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, April 12, 1865, Image 1

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wAv iJiiw jSx? JI1T fi 1 rait
D. W. MOOSE, Editor and Proprietor.
vol. xxxvi.-wiioll:no.
i'14 1." lAfAn WnmO- about ono mil
mi nan iiijvyd. in..'. ruarn.'n at i.or.
pushed on nearly duo wot. and i.. 1 ..iiem..,, u-... .fY "u,ei PoreiulnJ ll.o
g northward, wul, the piekcU of Awes' ho cmo'm.oa mI.o o "u vw IT' b":0
'I'vmioi, w-uh.n f.vo hundred ynU of tho ho charge, a:,, " uhy 1 Lis
iU iMirtO.Hr.w, ... n i..,. ... . .1 r.,vo Lack m confusion.
TERMS :-$2 00 Per lannnjtfpald ialdvar
NEW SElilES-VOL. V.NO. si "
IJ'.'or lu-fltUi- HI .-
' " "v-.w.n .ujiui'iiiyi iiE.U'uiMRrtnsoKTiiK Av ,. i ! ana threu mo w.f. .,f it. -. m i.
tftho CV.rr.W ..V.-,.','.,.,,,, 1 noticed, in a. April l.-Tho g, eater portion f I ith the Hoydlon road. Z, - '0!'"!1
Details of Saturday's Movements.
nng .'imto a number
U-e editorial, that you seemed
of I'rihonors. Ho
Hieees until
ght of t ho Five Forks.
loihaiii J , i-ns; ieu uiuiiim , Uif isi mo rehol where tao enoniv'., i.,f.. V
fcronfcriV.S belonging U,o K'-. l!"-. .'. i-tod tehmd i, J, pT
. - i . . ""i'i.TOiuoiiu.1 ma-, an'.l re- o u pari in 1 leuel 6 com- 1 1 O .va.i nn.v if I ,. 1 1 -,
bunco of outer- painm: tho roads conn,.,.!;,,, .ion. numl. IrmiM.L IY,,, r-i. : . i . . .. . 'V' 11 11,1 '"iio.s au.J a Lalf
- " O """'.IVIJ. . ...u III! lilIMM I- 0. II. u , . .
wuiiin U iiavt forlv.pi.... I.n.... i ""v'.ui. A,ir
jcpurty wouLl stau.i no
ittlhi' ncrvice, owing to the pivat rush of i-w rs
lt(Jl.o!.t;on cnii-i'iijits! However this
tsj to in your loiui, 1 can assure you it
J;unt R i'!y to this Tclion cf the emm
lj, 'll.o Aho!;tio:n-ts Loio mo not on'y
jesirotis of the Ie!;V'i.Tats takia;; tl.cir
tore, lui l!:cy vot.M ix4 1 c otluuh 1 in
lUk'i'! if ll.e L'cini orats t cil i u
liu. c-f tl.iD. In M.:ao ff cur Al..!
i;:on lt!ii:vN Lot tvui.l ho '0i 1,'ctJy nii!
ifjlo civ? a fc.v Li:itt:cl dollars to any
toe of thc-o who, foi year?, they have
leca calkrjj C'i'per!ioaJ," -IMi-l ( in-pilliizor.-,"
'Tia:Mi," and n-ch ta:M
unios, rather than face tin ii- t'nclj AVif's
tusic. Yi'?, liiey wou'.J ie i;!in' to
jcj'loy iLoiO whom ihcy havo l-?"ii ilc-isuncii-g
in ,-i:-aitora'' to fijl.t in iJ.iir
ml ! !
How utliaiH ! lTow j a'.il.'.H-: V.'I.atu'
icil they )ur, :v r.ti ' t in eau'0 ! n i ,
Iiiitcr to f h t ni'iiot Tiai..-. ! VI ,t
ilful tights i: lVi:.y t t;:('tiii'.i i c: , i-;
lliolate. lainn remlr it initH-.s'h!,. !,i hiipsMetachmenU frn:,'i other
inc me vaon trains m t isv us thu uow- ''" 'ho l It , r (lie l'lfil, c ,n,s
m-i-u, uiio ir.Ain lauii):' lortv- "" in i!ivo;vin ' !'. j,t, ..r...,i
g i nours to ir.ovo live niilos, oi.n tLnm
" men y.iatini:. Jiut 'thrcm.-h the ui
".."'a (,!'erj'y ami j'erM'VC-ivi.'co el the
cthoer in oh.trpt ot the ( nu i.-i m.kis er
ana ti innii.-.-ary Pej-artiiifiits, tie
'" oeen almot a, well tup"!io-l.
in t!e-il o r
W hen th
i eai e-
Satieo el' I !w on., ,. ., '.. I ;
en am-eii naiii. mov in I. I'1 ivn-.l I . . i ....
matter vl.otvo .-tnik" r,,it wu i.,a:i 'l the
:ival IM !au 1 1 v I:t!e I i.-, i, ..
t.-.l I Ml i If 1 l'l 111" 1 C J I I'll -. i f 1 i . 1 1 .. i i-
.. i ' " ur 1 i'
IVf . .11' 1.1 li in. , 1 ... I . r .i . . .
1'n'ki ! t'rf i
Ayrei tliu-i
a i irv
!:ai tors.
i"'ivf of SherhlaiiN rr
li' .e.:; i l.cre I i-t i vcnii a -.ft of th"
I iKh c.iijh n;ii at one.' .le-l.a'.ehe 1 to .
ai'l. r.rd il i oxpeeti-l that' Lj-nir-M : in
tl.e nr.iiiii.:; w,- f,;.ll roj.ivo ; . 1 u v,
lii'in that ij's rur.
It i
I ' " "HI- Ml.'l'Ui.lM
ori the iva t i.a iny fi a j.J .o
Five I'.ii 1.. , whieli is a!i' n:.
fiMll tl:e
hi;.' -i.los ol
have fi)ii:;'i
I-nei,a. i ra.v: :,i'-i livitin was iluewn
1'ito ii ip;!o : in l i-i-ux .,1.,,, ar,.l was
driven 1 avk j-e'.l smd; f,-,r :,t ;l ,:,,
nd a-!,l. Thev wero final' i, fir:.).-!
heyeml (1,,. '., v.;: .,. r,,.l In tr of ;,.
l.oi e. I d to thr ;.tl 1. k : -1 . i - n nd
hy lnli.,,,-t r.v:r I'. M , ,.. 1 ,,, , ;.. r,..
!. deed it,., lit p-miiid. In! (.-tihli-lu-d
1 v,i hriira 1 -s on iho Wliito 1 ak in I.
In froiit p! Ayi-ri orlioa jM ,!, m.,rtl.
in;' the IL-ht w u j.ip.dy an inlaiiliy im?,
;Oid in.- ti'..p t!:at I. -h ivfiUint.a m::ia-
; ' H-it In... I ji, ;i: tIMt
'it re.-led l v Wl. :tn. i- ..
"is K-li l.y the r.-VI lortiiiwtmn'.iie.rr
....lei.ei'b inn. rieket.' divUi..:) is ru-
-1 ted lo ho I. tw.-cti ei.-ht fiti 1 tori ill ous
and f tr..i::r, and i Kud 0 !) mio;-. in
iiuiio.ers ;n any division 111 t!io r.'hrl
York ooJ he 10th Now York wcro a,ain
? e , 0 ery neaviiy.
At tui.n tno noMiiall portion of the
cavul.v ei.rr.nmnd was hack on iho Vuu
Jihnn road, uhout threo miles. Matter.
lh eatemnf- to be very fe.ious, n ollieer
lt-Tr TlU ,n,l(,v 10 i'
J1". T OTinnand u, a rcinhW
nt He did Ho.nnd.hoivinforcvmcnt
uim ed m -od .soason 10 participate. Af
ter Iho enemy had gotten over Iho lord ,
con iuue.1 to deinoiHtrUaaMnstour left
centre ah u V10,v l() us at to
what o her movements he Has then tnak
in;;. i- ...ii.-,.,i,1,tlMlvil,1 ;(,!,,..
hunt 1,01th: rtre.1 or injured any of
our iik io '
lVem. tl Mtnong tl.clroop., on iho left.
Centr,. wa3t:u.2,t Ponn-y hunia. Culonel
O. , Kim'.vlos; 1 in, lv.iii.-vlvania. Col.
J. 1. Kobm,oii,Sth I'lnnsilvania, I.cut.
. ; ,'J,:i,i 'H 'I'enn.-vlvania,
J.n'iit. (.,,,1. A. ' H i.,,. .., i . 1 1 ,
Vania, (.'
!'i'l W. Sander.-
-. 1 r-
re )e!
tiie:no:i fop'ta r
fi u PI d
AO l.'.l
i. ! S'.t.
1. 1 1
Uth: ! ia'1'.-ea 1.
'. '' d. i.-io-i
1 1 in 111 a a hoiry,
ad !iie!i 1 am t -.ji
t 'A ! 1
iu'!i !i.i 1
e 1 ui"
1 11 1 i-l evciiin.;
Wi ha n lldmor
1 ! tlii I
.01 lO t!.0 OL
on whi. a i
l II in !;
'.s, on the 1
a ii'iu 1 t-r 1
pi ue-'.n:it ,
intei.-ei'tion ol
1. From :
C'i a'rv 1
ii in 'Hi
1 art
of l ,.
1 :v-e 1 Ihoj'iiiot
c enemy thu aV'oed li
.i-iUi'.'l', 111-1 ovi-i'i d
Ibolitier.i-t'j train! lrahid, 1 hclievel
k Dtuiociau would heat a I' time t' g.-l t I;
krt vreio it rot for that it hrieot ai;d ii.-S'r'ht at tit
tins 1110. eait a I
eat ho.i
i ; iho .-or
e jiuiii ui 1 w it li 01.1 v a
in 11' ui
odieallo rrinciidr, t or 1. 1 ; --r 1 i.o t in
ieinind of an Abolitionist 'p. .' ij u-. .'
Jrit'C J ;": f l.irjuin ! This I iririj !e : -pars
as plainly in a l'etiD'-ylvai i 1 A!u ;
ticr.i.-!, ! in iho ivT.tiirie Yaid.t e, t ! ; -1 1 T
;Lu; 'neil (juite so faiiy dew '.o 1 .1. -. t
KLi-lhri l hey k rife, w il ii. w hiidi
ah:tt!e, or a white nin to bi .-hot in ;
iiir Bti'i -I. Iheir taott 0 t tf.:--Jo bo "lake :
itecL. i; est !" ;
TliOiifch these tlion pieol.'.i a to every !
loetLcy Ueel t-.'.t Iho war i.s j ut iiljjut
orcr, a the rebels must necessarily be
ilirreJ oui by this timcoaviii i had ti iih
injlo cat for the h.'l three years nndnii.e
B'.'iilhs; ll-ul the re-election cf Lincoln
bi assured limn that we nic in cat rest :
ill their fighting men were all kd'.ed
Ingagn.and that thci.-pre-ent army b
!j muds up of iio 1: mutt 1 1 .1 a they pot
hf "rol iho c::ailo ami the ci.ive ;''
jut Gin. Lee has t'uvrendeit; 1 that Jell".
b rcs;p.i . J. Ytl thoso men will j:ivo
thfif kd dollar, boiro.v, go in debt, and
Bslave themselves, rather than enter the
rrlecl In December they will preach
teyou that the war will bo rrerlel'ote
ieLUils of the January stoi n tt liavcr-e
te Allegheny monntaitis ; in lVbinai v
icy will nil you it wi'.l ho over before
! (iio no mil oil pi 1
' ?a:ne ti.1.0 l.i!
-'ii.t-1 s.
I i:h (1 the I.e's were re-en!,
of them a', a re.-i-Cable d :.- t'liie.'.
ing re'a.foiO' d lids nioitiit'g by tl
em ; -, tl.o enemy
t in :r lie. el and !:'
fell into our
1 1 0:1
Ml ! e
Fif Ii
ell h. c'i Ml 1 .:! '!)' to it
ny of their won h- 1
, a well as those of o ir
left l eb;i.d t 1 e.. v
l A
hi.,- :n th
' e . e I'e IlO'Ii'
At solid e.
leiehed to
; U lute I l.ik I oad, tbr
miles h.iin Fivit F'o ks tn
and t!ne miles fnmi the
Ml..-.. I...-.!. . . 1 .
inie 1 ik i '.:a 1 i 1: ti r.oviiton r
.Ir. Piliioy's Hi bold the . 1 abmst o
fade la-tw.nd- Fi on that point our li
1 111 I'eie.sai :oi lingular (eon 1 iicibn 1 In.
loini to !!ie .ooad caiM, new L.i
1 Mouidan found hi n-i ! f 1 s" ? ii!1! v
fi 'ui 'e 1 n ii h inl'.mt ry NO.'.erdiv 1 li 1
wa 1 in: ibL- to ui.ioe .ii'iv i-'.ib piolod ad
va":-.1. Lho in ll.o cveno,,' I." h .1 a
I hunt tl,"ti t , ii Milting in a i r. a n laLtl",
tie' de;,1;;. , f u hieli will lo' i . .ui by o..t
' 'I I -poo e ir. - u it!. I..- e euui oi l.
J' um,' ll.o ui-!-1 f; . J ait of the Fifth
eo p, was i.l iv .'d lo hi.-, Mip o-t, wit'i tl.o
exi-eotati-ui i,l -tri! iuL' die lohol inl'i'i ti v
ill 0,1
HIP W0 Coul 1 have on
had It not been fir the fa el that t i thu
' "ght of u.s lay the While l i..: , v,i I. p'ir
. 'die! t.. whioli road th - i i.em; hi I o,iab--i-.ui.-il
a hiroi.-; bne. Tin.--ai lieala j oint
i wa, this-t!K. While Oak road inns Irani
( Ih.l'.oydlun j l.uik over in ;U1, 1 connects
, v. I'.h the road i,ee.-s; ry fur tis to move on
un moer to :eaeh Fii. Fo. ks. We ,ul I
, "jot rmnuon t!,o 1; oydton plmk in lho
...u n ui oi it-u-1-i.uuig loo, and liien turn
'" lho White Oak r.nio t.,i- il.,. r..,.s....
A'! id:ng th.j lUu-, from the rxfivmo
If. i to lheex;rei,-o of the left eentre, the,
Ham made by our men admirable.
lho heiubjuart--i . Il ,g , I iu.icniis Ohm les
1. :mt!i 1 J. l, wn (i,v-.-; e-ou' 1 have
hoe.i see-n h.uea id there Ihrm. -h
lho wnodi, A'ailutheii-ooinmandeis cheer-
I ll !!lC llloh no ..... 1 .
; " . iuen nun'' iu h.l-
"'Sl't within a mile and a hnlToTlhTfT.
on the Boutl.webt side. 6 utj
Thc stnil, made hy tho enemy to ro
Un. then- works had been of tl.L - t
desi.L-ralo e u,i-.i . . ' ' L- 't'
ohtained to-di;;,:; d1;;
lo tho strate-'v evereisn,! I , ,i "
ders hut . ., CXUU8ca '' ihu coin.nau
der.s buttotiia ovorwhel.ui,,.. LUm,HM
wo, 1- :i r tLe trlJi- 'JlJ
Tho order for an attack on tho'ino
ea and noulh of Petersburg hy ibe SisUi
uuii .Nuuh c-orp, wore carne-t out t.uiicl
ually ai daylight, the .iiillery jiu- n-'
been hamuieniig a.vay the greater ,.!irt ol
ho nght n.oiig the tn l:.o Lm; h,-id bv
the abo.e corp.. aUl!j tt )u,VJ1. . has been Vciy teldota lama durit. '
Hie war, not even unpaged l.v ijiui vL-A.'
ff !a,Ul J C!' oleasion t-f iho mam 2.
pi 1.-101).
Tho Ninth c-.rps troop, ear-,,.,,!,, t:,,,
action wcr the .Second uu-i 'l';',, -,j ,
ion.s and Colonel .a,n. Ikir;:,:-' ,J(
of the First division, i'iio '-:a e 's
lilildi. in t'tni.l I.- tr -i ' . c. ' '
: -t v. 14 ii..,t a ; t
tho Je u-ah-m roud, and wt-i - ;
ctvaful that by 8 a. m., we wei
ion oi lliico fo.tilie.iii jr.s, lni
being the most e.tet.sivo and i '
'i'heso works contained foci a.
sonioot win cli were at once
e, on
' allij-
thai on and nalle! u itli tl
ei.eiav h.i.i v labii
- ' " "l.W t ' I V J
At t'' Gener: 1 Custer i-rrived j y 7 Wt ", ,'-'onSil to lo , i.
upon the two bii - i.le.o his d'-1'7 '.'T" V ?nsiUe
vi.ion. TJ.-l.rW., 11,,,, th", nJ. Lu,!drcd iyl'l V-'l...
1'iaiy this (ieneud were in,l....l n ,.!. ' .. . Wa4 an.Uer.W0.. Wh'cU the : '.,.
..i:-.-- . ,V,,J - I rea leei. 1 I mm ...V t.i. e . .
- .".. ..,i;a II, ei
n!i -eel the
1-lioii.j iul'aiitiy
lighting had now
v ; mo-i debtruclive lire upon our I
; on think an I 1 1- ir
l'eti icb-ji -i i n - a .
eu'.'.l t'l,
lv. li nut
i r
i-l'p:o.o ii u o .-h .11 probably
i r. tinavo
i.Ik i m on.
; 'i'he attack r; ido on tho enemy',
iia of the TiM-tiH -'on-ih c ap:
, by FoHt-rs idon, and about tl t
loi.ers wei e l-roULtht in, lho 1 1 ;h
! York taking the in o-l of lip-i.i.
I r:iic three hundred or four hundred
I l imit r,l' rroini 1 iv:n taken from them.
j ati-l our Jplekei linn n niiieh further nd-: ami niiing. i. a i l .- -i. uios p 'iii-iii was . uc i avuiry inu-s.
assaiiltea an-l a tew oi our men cipi'ire-i,
but in a very short tim it vt i's re'.ak-n
w itli aljJl sixty riijm.n ai la bt i .1 of
It, lhi-refA.-e. Lees mo niee-sary fur lis,
in oi ki to e it.tinuo on, to imj.e to the
iet available roil t i tl,,. w.-.i ,v ,, I I
j ''II. lias no !id )! ,-t ,'i.t iiu-e.
Alo-n il was found that our column would
, loi.e to inovo by lb.; front of the r, b 1
I 1 i.e. and no: far from it, and ihit should
j '.ve d i thu, andlhe cm-ipy f um! it out
t. iuoh no doubt ho would," hit liist mine
woullboto cut our eolu:::n in two and
attempt the t ;, , lore o tu- - uty cut oil.
A n v l pi-oii :.t till i,i-iii! pi.t...l ill. i.. ill-
It on, ...... "... . . . 1
it-it mat ten kiioa.s ii;.v a cavalry
1 " i iiiand v. lil hit in
ami T,
b ... op ui our t-eniie. ; .i . .- ' '
ii was nere t i it one divi-i-m orOone-ril ' , " u,e rjr'r"
MerriltV co,r, w.-w posted j , he . i l- ' U''" "Je ' ' 'V'1" M lh l'
of , hiek W0,Ju. Wc 'ha i a hue fo, mod ' Z"m" " w ' '? f "
e.mMstnig of men dii-mounled far tho pur-! D i , .n3 "f"" " Oic ,-, .
lo-o. Ooneral (iibl, c-mnaaiid f , X ! d dotted, n d tl
, ; iiihs wero oiivon back
ik'-r a
), i3-
oii mis i:ue. j iia enc-mv K.-t,t ,,n si,- ,,,
light with n weak line of infantry, untTl
joined by Lillie's hi igi-io of Gordon s corps,
u rejuiur line ol battle
) lain o
o it. n.) ai I'tor h
ov el
'I II- Io'm-s r.f th Filth corps yostoi. loan-
j-.i-t a-seei tained to have been iol
far lioiu one lliousand in killed, woun led
O n- 1 vs 1 1 !!io preset) I 1 1 .n v A. n i:
e:;i eo 1 il a 0. e lido ilia', of tho en miy on
-n-a parts of the Foe, at lea.-t, Was reat
! l!, in phi- ravn. hut cf course the tola.
j Cien-t ho eivell. M ij or Il--killsOn, of ill--
I '.th N.-.v Yolk he-ivy aiti.leiy, ii woan-j-J
c 1 ami a prioner.
I Tho f harps'io itrr-t b'o-i-ht in! lu
Fifth c.'i l.s hea-l-l'i'" tel'S this lii-iruing
ai.xteen eav ilrytnen. 1 flanging to William
Ileniy Let 's command. They had boon
on ielcet, ami were cut oil' by the force
sent l- tho ai-i-tancj of-Sairi-hn.;u i.isi'ATe u
II r Mii'i: vitrmts Amivor tiif. I'ara m ac
te fir't of An il : in the latter part of ,p:it 1, Midnight. A coui it-r from SIh-i
larch thev etend the time till Mav ? j id.n has jusi arrived with the most cheer
fothey believe their oivn lies? "llvi
iaily ihey aro living epistles known and
Mol all mer.."
U'hat an incalculable amount of r.ii-.-
ieflias been cone by llitvc tio proiess . . f . . . , f , . . . , i iilC olaca now euno out
, , i un y ,i , a- n.uiM-u i'j u ,,i i i-i 1 1 . v i it.i. .
UlIia epirilual udvipeis, but who lire C(., i,,ui r,,ovc,i don tho White lo.-e m and hIioii tln-y aseeitnin,-l that
fact the political ndvi'ers of men, will , ,lk ,',Kl.j. U w;.s here t he latgo i,u .,b.-r ' Sheridan was in co.irn ind they
better known when the ha-tory of th, I ol pri-oneis were taken. Theiebois il,,-., n.u.ircted a stiong de,ire to ;ee him an-i
L , , , ,, , -,. nn :, iretreate-lse-u'.h, nl -m; tho Wlotn Oik tin; g-jaer.d in pi.ry vv.n. acre is he .'
Kent time blind bovaittv'l hy an tm- 1 '. ,,., ,v n ., j. ),,,,
i , ' 1 i-ead.and weie vig-noii-ly purt-ie I by 'o n- w o o n ne .
tinl hand. 1 once i.eai d one ol t !.e--:e , . , ...i,;-. f..;nn r ,.,v.-drv IVooi 'Unit night lhr Iroorn cr.piinipe-1 in nnd
ing news. 1 lie comaine-i loico oi cavit.ry
and Warren's infantry advanced ngiinsl
the eni'iiiv this afternoon, driving thton
-everal ui.le.s, and capturing about
prisoners and a of nuns.
.ey retreated to i ivo l oiiif
I'iN'.viM-ii; CrKT li n i:, April 1, '2 A.
M. Uu :ti , iv-ing III. n. a sliorl d btaueo ol
( I'intviddie rte one ui :, fi ed mid hkinni.-h
id wilh thu I -ih N oi I ii l.'arulaia I i.d-'pen-don
I battalion, now only i.b.lU Hgbiy
'rorg, ti an-'- .. body of Irjupj ho
l-io'i Kinging iiboui l it o country i-cekiui;
loi a,:1.) ior iheir ie i m:j iia 1 theiiiseh t-.s.
1 lie; Woiuh hcl-.s i .,11 I, uholil lho
i eitieiis leal o 1 inueu iieieliiai) they lo
Soeloil, '1 Ins sinatl j ai ty aiteuipted to
cii-.-ik ojr a Laaeo by fckirmixhiiig fici
ly and felling treon aeross the load. Fin-I-ing
il w oal i not do to lot them ijo on in
ihis way. tit-n. Irwin Gregg unit-red Oai-
oiiii-I U B, KloivIch, couiiiuinding li 1 .--t
, l'eiinsylviuiia, lo charge with a pciliou ol
; his leginient, and drivo the rcl.-ols oil.
: Tl.o clrirgo was accordingly made, und
AS hUCCfaeflll.
' Wo took one ollieer and a few private,
prisoners. After th-s there was no more
hkirmidiing, and wa entered iLrnvid he
without opposition. As wo entered the
i loo t-twn tho sun was sitting ; il had just
, ruined t-oim timing the day, and the road
i,.,0 wero raiher muei ly. u lint low pimp
w hu-o ignoiat.c was provcil.ial. , ta; Armv of tin; Jaaie-, advance J ivwt on arour.d the tnvn, find that niitht, to, ihv
l ilio fold to. -I to'vaid the .NH road. I" """ ' "e-t vvuvi u.m ui-geiM-iai-, on
-, A .
f,-r tho Y-iK'.i.r;i pattof thiscoiiiiliy
le a , v-so mind i so nai roiv and eon
l.'t- 1 t,, t tO d-.'.-ii'O tl,0 le','e of hi'
-.iiliy, is not fit to live in this it;
lei: was on I v'-i i; !, ;i m x w-, ., un-
-1- l I. .c
i..U-, !
bir -ta-Ull
Wwal v
1 1
l .i to
-eh O.hO'.-
Ti.o faun
:g hi
o t.
' i '.
L.i !
nil int.- A
'..: re t, ui le-.-s
lL-- ' ,,,',-!. :
-It-Ill -1
rgue, o
T one is t fb i
cujiitrv :
.'--.2 u
'"' ' Til ls niaiiiu
i-il. I e n.i.,1. 1 ,l,i n ,1 I1, ;
ho ronrs -il ill end Oe ' '
,,',-,.;, o .iler '.f the t'liiviTM' .-
imo'.i.i T ul ' he-0 y li .ie I
li i tie' villi ! . ;
auo alter
about 1 1 1 ! l 1 0
I I ' I
. i.l.i.i -i , , lea- , ,l, ,,.JoI-c jj
'' as the la-l r,oat lit.e of laili ,., 1 the
:;','.-'is .".iVa I ) supply llmir c.u-iial and
bee's, army i- a', nil to ho .-evered no! i.
is 1: rmlv b- la', id thev wi'l immel.Atelv
ivo I !i
en t p jsi' i -ns at I'e-'e i -b .ir
no -a
.' ha
1 ly
er'.rg ," . j.'-litifil
h in iia..-o ViOcl.-;
d al mc for th:
land kichmond
i Sharp e:i,i cm-'.-l n g
1 llf ill 1 lo' Co II '. i o ol till:
b-'l of t'uo S,' h o ,rps.
tri-k-!lh3 Eattl- cu Fri-.Iay F,U1 FarLcuIir?
1 , i - ' F.u-.'.i.v's Mll.t., Apul, I T-i nn-l-'i
stand ihe not r a i ions ul ( day, th.
, il '"T.uer bad their i;t!:v:ic rial lior c V-'.'.U FnOMl, ll.e !al lei had ri'.',:iti''il
I ll.i' hoad-uni t.-i's wagtuis ditl nt
'g-t ui , the j'encKils end their
nothing to eat. ai d both went to bed hun
gry. ' u th . orcn-ion hard t:o. k was-at a
pi etnium arouinl hea-hpni tel.-. Tl.o
coal 1 not a'.l'oid us iii.thing lo ct, ami
e. inse pient ly wn eli 1 not gi't a.l Oppottu V lu ii i e pii it.
i Fur lb- night G-.-n. Slier id a
lu-ail, pi 1 1 lei .- nt Lho ho! el, am: G
Icing hi- I. .inner i.n th-' u'.er
l ' an l hous- o;u,i)- i'e. Tin- o!
thee luniii is id.iscIicJ. 'lho load ncees
- uylorus Intiavel on Was nan, ov and
long, through a thickly wooded an-l swam
py n-etioii of country. Fy lho lime the
lie-ad of our column o nild Lave got well on
in iho iliiection, if imt iiupo un to Five
l u.r.-, it: u n-.l.' Woi.i l ll .Vll boJIl OICIv
near tho 1! 'j al ton plank load.
l!,i 1 lho enemy then made, an attack,
and we been t i iaj-t-lli d to h i m :, to line
lo niiei lnm the ad ant-igcs would have
been greatly in tl.o en ui'H hnor We
e-.Uel nol clou g - the cm oiy mounted, for
tllC glOlin I Will heavily wooded, bo-ides
being sivampy. Again, had our men been
dismounted nnd gent i no light, the lel.-g
rang,! i illes and muhketti ol lho eneniy'.s
infantry would have soon driven oil our
boy.s, w ith Iheir tdioi I i ange e.u bim .
l'ho disparity between the range ol the
two arms would uoou have tellled the
This now brings u.s to tho morning of
lliColnt. Tho day opened cloudy uiiel
rainy, and lho roads and ground generally
weie in no wise improve J. 1 ho (.uialloi.1
runs wore us tmall creeks, and ihe creeks
an rapid blream.s. livery ho.h.w noted
for a water pud die wa, nniv matkel ly a
niiniituro lake. 'J'r.neling idoiig any
road was attended with a constant found
ing for bottom.
Fetwecn eight' and ten o'clock in tho
morning an advance was made on lho
right o! the cavalry line duvvti the White
Oak rond by a porti'ii of the Fifth army
c Hps. Flout none cau-o, as yet not billy
explained, I ho movt men t ptnved a fail
ure, 'lho oau.-o ii'.ti ibiiied by imiiie to the
troop being o enoa' clu-d in ii'imb.i's,
and by others lo widely di'leion'. e..'i t .
At any ta o tho ttj-ivuiViil v.a, m l antc-
Froni this lime till Lup i-, c -s
tho btruggle continued, t L. e,,
every tilolL lo rceni-i-,- il. I... ,
men were determined n i-..i,.:
sion of what tt ey had fouglitbo Lard
paiu so ueai ly tor.
About noon lho chances neemed. that
wo baouu ,oo it, hut soon nfter tho l'r
vih'.omi. brigade, under General Col lis,
uio l. iimneer origi-ue, untler (Jone'.'d L
. ;C-
when ho lurmed
and advanced.
lho Id, fit!,, n-,-1 Ci, foiled Plates
lleguhus and Ctli i'enmylyania regiment
iieio d.d m .-l of tho lighting. The com
mands of Generals Lavis and Acting
l.i igr.dier Gi-neia!-. On!,!!...! P.a..,. Ira,,,",
an-lOhailes b Kil,..,.i ,1 I... ,i.t . .T.f.0. 1 ." "8'nT brigt-ae, untie
got over to the B ovdion .-,..'k nnd l ,1 ! '.wr w,.,h Ut'U(!lal HamiUon'd brigude of
they prevenied the enemy' from gain a " - ' CaU-,e , n -he,(s10''.
loothold on that road to-e'h.v fc e j X lh.0:t Un", 8veU thealla-it
It U probable that (he :,th and M corns nU" '? J, '0l'k in'm CAVVl ad agnin
and a onion of 0.d's army will b 2 T U TV ' "V'6' ,
ilv pn-'o',-d ' lho lira which, mmoj on th ground
I iia'dijiercsts oi ie service compel vour "7"""'' '' fy . , t-.i
cm le.jiomhmt to a e et 1 c m ' c,li,ructer; a"u l 6la;1 men ad
po.tai t iolurma.ion ; h i fc o 1 1 1 i s account 1 T? ' ""r th,r0Uh lhe Ver' t!licl:est
of eavaliy ,.pc.., ions' is no, a fo r! uc- 7 77, t"?1? ,ora t0 V c Mil
tail as it othenvise would be i t0E',,t Tor? they crossed half the
I I was al lh:s pe, icd .hat .he real battle ! "S1'0-"" " "0t 8000 ,0 b ,ur"
camujCi.ced. 1 lie inomoi: I was a tliticul i. i' t .t t. ,
ono lor us, ar.d General Sheridrnt,, t , S'1' ,,0rU'U C0DtC3,anU
Mo. theieiore, .lashed forward, f dlowed W,V ' ? T dun.uS the ln'' , , . ,.
by bis Midi'. hea-hpiarte-r'H H p- and ccori ' " S 'lCX W," I,nrl of hh divi
and wilh his hat oil; w avi - u n . he i i, ' ' f.'0'' IUaU0 an 1"uck ln U ' rt Mc
he che-ei e-d lho men , ml 'I, ee ,! 1 ., i, ' i t,1:V0' tha -Md'OmattOX, and took
llotoid them to.emain linn; nnd r ?l the lino but v soon otier forced
cheers and tho answe.s Ibev -avo a -UVC '' V0 L,S fru,er V to
cheers ami tho answeis they gave iu r
turn told plainly enough they woil-J,
The sight was a thrilling one. 'I he en
emy had driven our men out of tho foils,
m il Hit fielding was in Ihu open lie-Ids. -Along
tho line of the woods l! o enemy
re-formed l is line. Colonel Caphart's
brigade ami Colonel Ft niiinglon'ts brigade
were hastened from the left ol the lino to
mppoi 1 the centre, .lu.-l be-fore the ene
my hud e-,1 out of the woods our mm
Motion low breastwork of stone foneciaiK I
Il oil not iifl'oid them any p.u pro- j
lection. '
At live innl a Lalf o'clock Ihe cn fitly
made a gfar. I advance m to. o bn-'s o1' b i"-1
lie!-!-.- i
the han! !
a lack ol' s-.innntt.
i ho loss of the Ninth corp3 will roach
from eight hundred to ona thou.and, in
killed, wounded ami prisoners, among
w honi were Geneml Toiler, commanding
the rccond division, who is badly wound
ed in the groin, -but not fatally, it in
thought; Col. GetcheM, ol the 3 1st Maine,
'severely; Major Helton, 31st Maine, se
verely; Col. Gregg nnd Lieut. Col. Wins
h.iv, IT'Jth New York, wounded ; Major
Moi row, Lio-iili I'ornsylvfuiia, lost n leg;
l.ieut. Ale.and.r, Li'itli l'ennsylvanii
l'ho c-c'ps have taken 11 guns, about
--ln0 pri Unas, ami two bailie Hairs tint
. I I . ! .... I . . ,
no no. i in f ivo, tn torsi i ,(. iv , a-. ; , ,, , ,i .,m,i p i
i i. or.,. i,.,:.,a.,K- o v i 1 1 . t i llV - II"' Fennsylv.inia.
' ' "I i.i nit ...o -, .... ,., . ..,., t ,. ,.
I C - I I ', , r . . I 11... 'CI. .... .!. 1 ' "l."l . .
b ill... - I ill.; oil. . I , , ,-. , 1 1. 1. I i- ' . ,. , i . i - , , . . .
i .... i '-!-.. u i ,- i. in laaa ol r.iu n -.'leu, lie a- thccoleb
.... .,,. ,, ,1 , , ,,k, l ,i , n ;; il , , , , ... ,
' I-.,! i,':. I. ill S
a-i-i her-.c: tho
f:f--a,ry f
:i a
l eailel'
la.l'le hl-
'-n . 1 'ro il;
w::!l ol the
,er acne: .J:
look up iheir-pau tors in tla- liehl- ar niml
t'.o town. Son)'' I lho tall o'.li'or.s f'.ei 1
on in ll.o dj coli-n ol'Fivo Foiks.
Ah ml an ho ir or nj aTior th
cell ps tr lops h el be, ;i repuli-e I, a
el a'.'at'l; win ma-lo by the erotnv's iav
a'ay oti p-.'ili m on the h ft ol G.-to i
al Saei i 1 in s lii e held by Goi.i i ai Cha; h s
11. Smith's brigilo. The e.-.e.:' c aac up
in good i-t;, 1-.', t.-at wcic l Cpc .! .1 '. it h or .;--1
-i.-i ah! . lo. s. As nan a-, po-.-i! -ie ( lin
eal S -ii sih ma I" a co l a lei e-li ii g--, dri
ving the cnemv leak, mil t..kiii-evei
j tin i iy pi is oiH i s i i thi-
1 M.-j .i I'liul Oa.iaooui no, i .iiittn ialiiig
1 1 .V .-. Yoik Mo.f.le 1 lhll- s, iv..i w,'iir.
! ,h- 1 in the. .-h.i'". tb-iierai Smith ha 1 iu ii on i no seen.) t.nd m.;-i i on
tilt' oobu s ( tho .'.ill',
lo lo, 1 brighter tl.a:
field wis crow dod wit!
e Lht r wit h t in-ir Mall
vr si.
' ri
'iv i-ot f.'j-ut nii.lAnv letAc- i;l "' 'V-F' .
, ,- , , If. I b j I OV
rail ru: lie when he -.v si - j j . t . c
lie i onliatl-d lo I .old hislriel ,'
;' ih S. mlo-i
' about nice
' i lime i- vern
- trove-1.
in. I c a Tied Ihoal with
uey al oaco l'Ushed for
uhii'a ihi.-v reached
and in a very short
.-f il v- ore t :; n u i and
a moved on
a i ii-g ihe 1 1
n i iii, and
i a. the c:ty.
,1; a ail.-:-) num
aavti to'.v.u.
els before tlieni,
into ttnir
d IV
1 inner
i il
out .l,!.i'h
No all.iel.
a o i M, ; IP! i o en i j
on lho inner
r of prisoners,
lias l)5'.'n
n a strong
', in;
mu-t be-. r in iiind lho t on loi im.i ion
ih'- line, : I. I lint part i tH't'iijiicd Py O. J
tlilloi out t a 1 1 - bif.-i o tha la. t ul':'U-
l'ho left of lho Sixth o-.rps t .'-i,d u l.
ilattl'.or'.s tun. lac Second cor lis c.ucial-
! .. I O !.. I , l.. I. l , .1 i I,..
I'll (IIP. II 111'! lull III, ill .i.e P. b 1.1 .ii'-
viv.l. it r .-iile il ii li 'hi. mill
oljectat wh'tii he was throwing hi.n ,v'a,.i,)g ,,t. ,.'ros-ipg of N' road.
1 lie I illll COI'i-s was .suosianiiaoy iu te
of la the pn-t cilice, raid before going lo bod
tho c.m-
ic'us at .1. If. I) iv':-., tla v aie w lcl.m'.",
one Was U't'l.detl, but SOU".' thought i
iteiid at n very ies jn-clful didtuiuo-
oetliroeor four hundred mil, s from '
a iiu-u-l Iheai-tlves w itli roiidli)
touts of lho mail.--.
They f mnd many ;-i'V love letters, let
tors containing Con h- !o: ate nolo-., lings,
e'o, an-l privato and public letters o! a
lUoio intoi est in g than important charac
ter. Most all of the lellei i toul.ii.ioil rcf-
liles I 0 ,-elV lllg
The w on r.d 1 1 c nd in -rom.i.rL.'
Lloro anon.
YE ltlTAS.
Gen. MeOi.-l-
, fcirA r.,ria letter ays
" ior
ttbeumtror in the south of Franco, und
hurtling to America next autumn
a l.oi so shot iir.iler bim, bo
a trilling '-vo'.ind ia the 'o';
was : I :gh t tl. it (.! - 11 el'al
u -1 on the liclti d.u ii-g th
the day.
Wo killed in 'his lUT.-i-.a-Mr a r. b "!
colonel to. un-I N'e.dl, ) langiiig t a N . th
Cat oliiia regiumat. lla-1 tim g.-oun 1 a 1
laillo.l t ) au thi.ig a steady cli trgo
we would have cap; ai e-l very in any inure
priiionors i ho rebels l e uai-.'d an I
ii ei o covered by tneir inlaiitry,
tains to fl.slen an,
l et, I. o. Iu M;, tub' s
over b.-l'i r--. 'I he
coin i a!-,
and on - -I '
t ?tp:etie o-T-.e
th wt o I
e ll eki d.
loi :i :o-j i . ii.o, ai.-i ho I ad uai. 1: I
v int;-;:-1 ol u-, iu this v. a" t h.,t l.i -
t I : . . . i . . . i t
o 1. 1 oio-i a .-ui i ,ii . lues, ,-:i,, i i e ill l 1 : o , , , i , ,- , , : ,
. , . r , i- e m it.vf a- I I. a- loo -,.-al...i
,..,,, ......,..ft; .... :au-,al.!l niiie. U .h-an led to the
. ! lU: O-UXWl ,;o... lolling O It b lite- , , r), , V,,M,( , ln ; : l(
r:c;i poured ,,: ,. w e,.- lavctc-1 h,o. whn h ,,, !',,,,,...,,,;, , hU. t,,0
niorolha.i oioelr.iae tl-enoaij s l.l.e, ,,,,,,, HaU ;u : '.,-., lu;d south ot
i.r.d loie.'. ooi' p-ltionie: it into , .-, , v ,i:U,:,:tlj, vikh lun.
, ,, ... , . . ! Sixth corps on tho i'iuht ami tho Scc"ud
by dark lht, r.u-uiy et bvcred one leru-;rn ,!;0 suiv:..nt-t,i llt .i... b.dita.vl too!:
be vol.ey : ii seemed to bo a eontmuous ; , v :,, ...0ljl wh.r.ji..... .,s,.
L.ic of Lame. As it did rut move our; one-thoi.s.itn.l pii-ouers wuc can
in m any, In- eneo.y bro,.-and went :';! ,,.,, hero. T,,0,e . , wor,. r.,,,,1
aa- we tv.-re h I- in p !'-' the held , ,(n Tu, ,.,. d i ,' liot,,, ' undo, Coll. Gib
mil our ),o-iti ti at Iiin.sidd'e loipl1, ,, . .., , ,,,, ., i i ,, . i ., ,.
.. 1 ,b.ns. 1 ucv we-l e : aj-po, t. .t by Uio coll 1
U,US''- ,. , , ,, ! c-1 elivi.ior, of th-.-Te ,-tity lifla coi-ps ball
Among I lia wounded tetd t) Iha i oar , , ,, :, ,: r
. j ill', i.tii. . i.e. ui'. , , b Ol,', i ..-.ill.
m a held tho Iim
, " V ; ;l ,,is lien l ie i-n-T-nt lorwani move
endii to r-rolong h s to -jui n in t ai is i
tuns iei i topj & i I ,, Icomineticedtho i th cot'pi was in
r. weikx aud thenco go to Koine
rr-den, with he in on. m. of n-end-noHh,rW lo in (.,)ak(,,
f!L,o a-lvisa all our rf.ulers Laving
"'pCity to sell to give wido notion of the ,
erences to the tuil -rnig eotiditiun of tho'
. . i 1 t. . ..-I . ...1. s.ini.ii.i'li i ... ,,, ,1 ii,,, 1 ksrtmik. Iliii-ti r,,n.
Slim- II 111 l- tl.IOli'l! nill'i. ill il 1 I'lllf atlUlel , ...... .,..,... ui .. ... .
fiom'tho loll of Ihe Second, in n.-ai ol I tie nin J 1 paragraphs on the tpiestion of and i W hilo .etieial Smith was lighting, '1 m-'
luuienting tmi neees.-ity ior coiisenpting, ; arid U.ivi t.nved :.oro.-3 with a prntioa of
nt forward inovemont pressing, ami nrnuntj tho negroes. , bis e-.mmar.d and engage 1 the enemy on i
moved During the night of tho 2Sih wo riper,- Smiths right. Under Davis, iho l"th!
an-l i-d communication with tho infant ry on ! New Yen k, Colonel M. II. Avuy; :Mtlil
i Maker ro.ul our rieht. On lho lllllli it rained hard and -Nv lot!;, (. o,oml . . L. New Lorry, and
and Boy. lion plank road, between Hatch- the roads were boon rendered almost iin- 1st Fennsylvaiii.i. Major H. S. Tliomas
er's run Gravelly run. Tho Second pa-sabL Pa all wo could it was found wero eng i-e-1. The L t Maine, I.iejlmi-
When 11
.... I i I T . ' It I 1
WWII a 1 t if 1 . lv 1.(11 I 1 1 I , V I L' :l i I 'I -ITlill
' : ,',',, .,, ,, '' , ' '. J ao Secon l turps,
l,eut. ill --ui. ed the 1th 1 eiiii-ylvania. ,- , , ,i , , ,
- . ..... J . . rum tho run. a rune an
laeut. ili'i.iv ol he b I. eiinsylvanu, , Wi, , oyor l;o )V,.at ofij.
w is cariie-il oil llio Heat eii'.nl. ,l!.,v. l :, lv i- clilh
ho cava.ry los-o, or the .lay lire - Ui(! ,,,,., ,,;)r.u J wulln snppnrtio, di&
b.dwe.'n live und six hundred; pivbubly !,..., , ., , ,.,, i,.. ,v, ,,, ',,,,,.-.
I. , rilnl n, I, ivn . ... . .'..I
..... I. . ......... ... V ll.... 1 ., I. i" ll P 1 1 I. .'1 II '!!'
' feiol, of ihu
est of il,
id:-.;i with
corps crossed IIuiIkv's run simultaneous.- impo-s-ibki to get our trains up. Hy n-.i-j unl Culoin-I .lonathan 1'. Chilli y ; Oth Oh-
Diliin ' ihe ii.-rht. rie:i. rirnnr n
portion of tho &th corps to advance, so as
io strike at thoroirof the infantry force
wo I
ks aim without opposition.
ly, und moved up the South sidi? o the , k0H of this lin small portion of the com-, in, Colonel M. H. Ciyer, a. id "Jd Ne.v York
leek, towards the I- .vellon road. 1 ho maud bad to bo lelt a long tlistanco back 'luunleu leill-js, and loth Oai i. Oolonel
',cliboth through tho papers and by Xwenty fourth cot p was jiut into the place ' to nroteot lho train from etti.turo by tho 'Stephen U. Clarke, were also eng, ig, d
"Hi-bid. It cobts but little, and by occupied by the Second, and assists iu ; cneinv's cavalry. This was known to be ! Having failed to gain any advantage on
'''inr eotni etition nmong purchasers
;y dd luindrrds of dollars to the euui
property will sell for.
forming tho main line, und is also some-, t)e:r by, patiently watching far an oppor- our left, the enemy turned his attentio
what in the position of a reserve. tunity to niako n dash. Itisalino. t need-' to dUcover what hoaihvay ho could m ik
Mieridan in llio moamuno mnveu nn loss to say it did not get ono. J.aily in ngainsi our un ms rig
it ire cavalry command around !)innwid- tho tnorniug ol this day, afier having pro- my left his cavalry and mov
en tiro
dlo Court
lit the eno-
ed Pickett's
IVmocralie nictnbers of (he
itiilature L iivrt united in nil fltidres9 to
. if prtv friends in tha SUto. reeem-1 flunk. A t dark on Ilia OVclling of tho 30, iibinlc road. Hero tva rested
''HdiiiB th Hurri-L.ipff ;Wi',i le Oif-iri lho IctL nf lli Scennd corns rested 011 lho Wns.t nf thn Hnvtllnwi, i.l n.lf rniid ia ft 1 lo check il at a fordini' placfl on tho line
rpori as tho central leu:oeratic orcan. ' Bovdtou rlank roadncar Eurgos' tavera 1 rotd runninc to r "ivo Forks in this lat ter of Cbamberkia's Kun. Tho 21th New
House, thus threatening tho ; tected our rear, w a onensd communica-1 division along our front over to some 1mv-
fscutliside railroad, and tho enemy s right ; tion wilh tho infantry on lho Hovdtou hinds thickly wooned on both side- Ve
our right, luiscovcreu uio inovemeut, nna attempted
'i'iio enemy .v;ts lound lo liavo fallen
i ie .... iI.1l, of It A lino rev, iii Ir,.
. , , . . .... . , , . . , , Ultl-h I'l'i" "" l a -w
w hio!i attacked Shei idaii, and H ivaslho 1 1 ,i... o;..ii, otn ns cu'.tiiij them of!' they
Pickett had now not his command into a I ,. il,,. So , l il '.. naiK
..-:.:.. r ...i.:':.. .., . ,!.. ""'.'"S. . , . . - . '
jiii-iuoh iioui "...on no wouni nun livery
el.Ilietilt to extriiate it,
Wo are expecting more and very heavy
Iiaviujs ' - - -.--.
In lho forenoon, and being busy ir. teaiing
it up. 1 his ot our.s- cm ilie icuc-l uriily
in t', and tho two divisions thus caujhi
between the Si vlh and Second corpo, nt
once stood across tho i-outhsido road to
ward! tho Appomattox, hoping to bo ablo
to 1'ortl it nnd thus cseano Cloture. Hut it
appear! they ran agiin-il Sberid.10, and
put' ing on a bold appoaranoe' made ii
show t f fieht
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The Victory ofSuiitlay.
IlKUQt:ARTi;rts Armvof tub Potomac,
April 2. Tho most important victory the
Army of tho Totomao has ever gained in
Virginia was iron to-day, and tho outer
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