Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, March 08, 1865, Image 2

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August, n he intimate
Patrick was a very
But whv did Mr. Cur
s thry divl, nhy ly Congress. It might bo that the courts to remove and that Ho gives to loth TIIL COUNTY NATIONAL BANK ft ft F !? f ft JJ!
Fl.lW roach thiifs 1)ftlJ committed errciB, aim mat. opp.- urv '. Takasbry Dephitmekt. Sti)t$J'Bl
E'UWCOJLU tionhiiatalltnonroreoiisliicd; butcould wooilaolothodohy whom the otlenoo orricsor CcnrTBoi.i.rnorTusi Treascry I 1 1 1 l 1 1 U
! llifv by ft biulple umeudmciilf to this hill came, i Wachington March lai, 1S64. 'I "I
ivlil l.ll ..11 iu ,ln;.;nnu) ir .,l. milluil StPnt! ivn .lurern there 13 anv clnrtnrl nr 1 T II llt l.A. by sattsfactiirv ml, Inn-. .. I
'-rv trulh and give a LUo ovloriag to the facts ? that without Information they would by from those Divine
V. WJvj- . IT . il ., ...l.n.linn ill' thn niniiiMlmnnl I'nmllllt llpllPVCrH 111 H 1 IV It
. . . , .1 . .1 . . I 111) IltllH U 1U II Ul H1U Ilim'I milll'Ili t Vi'uniu" miivf'iBi-in
ul no hoi any mat mat rncming ",,., ,., ,. ,-, .,, , BnM 0r l0 ? Kondlv do
ine attributes which tho n onta 11,9 undersigned, it kai been made T E W TON'S Pll i.
iving Clod always ascribe '? PPear tun? CoustyNatiohal UASK'or i 1 L. L S
o we hone fervently do wo H'"""!".". " lho borough of Clcaruold, ia tho
O we nope, uivtnuy uo wo ouunl of CuarilolJ ttnd stutoof l'ennsylvanis.
scource oi war mnv snced- i... i.... 11 '
C 1 Iia . .nun -iC ipnliw! 11m . - . I. . . I . :..,........ f ... ....... ........ . 1 J . . ' V W
",u 1 rvnw , ..-.v0... 8 .,t.m,8 ueiiMiiir 10 Ucbirov us. ,miki loiwmpw.m un.y has been dulv ormniicd under ami la accord...
against Mr. Lincoln s manilcsto requiring Mr. Davis, ol Muiyluud, said in reply Hy pais away. ci, n uou wins inui 11 with 1U0 requirements of tha Act ciCongres vntl- j
. . . , .. ... .... 1 II II.a mnii I,' I,. .11.. II.. H...I It I,. . . V,.i 11..
Lli Sinrulonmeiii ol flavor v hh t ne lirt niai inno was nooiuer umu lumi huw ruuiuuro uuui un mu nuumi c -ni mu uu nvt m pu mu umiuutti vurruuey, k. -
' . . . - l 1 ' 1 l,nH.l.....'. (ika Vi i.n.lxn.l asms f'l i I liAim. HUTOll I) V ft 1.1 ltd I'd ((' I'llitcil Kt lit I'll Vwillila ti. Iip.u '
condll.on to a .eaeeful kellleuirnt 5 I , l.onsi(1,(1 When n j',,, ,ib. Bni yenrs 0f ui.roquiteil mil shall bo sunk, fr th 'ulatim and r0deu,l(tiun tUoroor j
,ha, the solo aio, and purpose of the e., a l0 U ,,,,,,, it would be too and until every di'op of blood drawn with 1,.0 wTM NrWTOVS I'll T V
spofchesand procprdmgs was to compel ;ue to nitato tlio ipieslion. l!l the bill the lash shall be paid by another drawn foro ooiiiuioncina tho businou of baukiuj? under iL,vv O I'J LLb.
WrPNCBDAY MotiMNu: Maucu S, H)i. Mr j incoj0 (0 abandon this policy, which before llicm perish a thousand times ra'.h-'with tho swerd, as was said thr
"Tr'-ir ! denounced as unnullio.iml and un- "than the I.U-ny of tho bo des- and years "SVV.U
ee thous- eai,Uct.
A Sad Case of Seductiou.
Tha "pnnUiSsinn" rl ratrick LUI leV . . ,,mn t n n rmncr kikiumii il
. . . . ... . f.rt nn.l t li et 1 i c! r. n fi I 1 1 1 o F I iPccllPS hll :. . I' I.J :.. 4 1 1 Mr.
one of the vtctims ot ine crussno agauiM v, - WMh in nuutw mrnn m huijuhiu,
lnvful. Mr. Curley knew this to lo too ll'nHmn'
n,i 1 1 1 tl. a x'...- ti r t it . r..n.... r nun, jl uuri'iuro. i, iiLUil .11 1. v c Ll.u L li II , vump. I
Mcijlellan was tho first to judgments of the Lord oro true and light- troller or tho Currency, do hereby certify that;
o a paper spending the com. altogether. ' 1 7" 7,'" J',u".': Vh.arAtl:L' in, i
With umlico toward no one, with chat i- -""-"S" '"' . i.u v,,earU..M
tho butfitu-ffl oi barking uuuer tho Ayt ;
tli Wdoui of sneech and tho nersoual w "taught" nothing atxut resistance-wth- was glad lo refer lo this hecaubo it show- ty forall, with linnness in the right ns ,
t n t! r ii . secret or ,'her ownunt cvUldc f ed thai U was not a parly question of pub- God gives us to seo the r.gut, let us b.r.vo Rfurcaj.
rights tf tho Democrats of this county-- lyaOoulsca, or 9.ner orj,iHuMij u cuumt Hb to ar- on to finish the wo. k we mo in, to bind i iMiimc
for liiiu
... . 'jr. . 11 ....... hifii nn.l nAlli.liii Hill II ti .....
together with a conv of tho chariresaaamst "e ",,v "'" ip,i.nii i rials hv irrpsimriHiluo hodiei. un the nations wound, to cure
, i r - . i .. i ;. ...... -. " - - .1 - - . . ,, . i ...
him auu the
Telegraph and
4ion thereto,
veue. After
thce naners. and when thev shall be rla- p'y I'Uhcr men or means lor .is i-iosetu- t , f . ror j... uftvi8 currency
cod in possession of further facts, and par- 'ion. Had he confessed Ibis it would Uo did not want sLurp vengeance visited Stanton's Report on Arbitrary Arrests.
1 r
remarks of tho IlariUljurg "eoiarauou ii irrvuien m.n nu.i. ..a 0,llcH lf,0 ti1(.ro wouul bo no law in too wuo tinin navo urn nu mo imu.o auu ior,
the Put riut it- I'lion in "ela- t'e purpose nf the war, and the "abnudou- land. In New York, IJfBton' and Haiti-j his widows and orphans, to do all which j
will bo found on our first 'went of siave.y" the only otstaclo to more, and elsewhere, men have turned may achieve and die. ih a just and last-,
mil to lounaon our nisi j t j persecution, ami in Ha t moro ing pence among ourselves and with nil
our readers thall have read ."y"Ml&nwl"wr Inmrwon. ' nations. !
tcHiuionv wherof. wilne. niv hand and teal NKW TON S riLTjS.
ii lU S l'lLLS.
of otlcu tail ?d dny ol .March, ISlii.
11 UUI1 MeCL'LhOL'OlI.
Mnr.8 tf. t'omi tioller of the Currency.
is hereby given that lettors of aduiinistia- j
Hun on the estuto of Jas, A. Wood, Into of Luiun
. . ... .. r.t.i ,. , 1 . ... I. ... .
iloulailv of tha bistorv .f this trans-' buvo been lho truth, and Aoulu have an- on emwna in me ansencooi niioiuing w .... iAtlloa'. nmr. ,0 Conurcs. , ".
' .. . . . I. ii: : ..ii i ,.i. .i. tho riKbt RCCOPieil .ly the Lonsiuuuoni 1...1.1.. .1 lotUui duly aulhcnticatud
ctwo,-allof which will douMless bo P"'1,3JU!"' 8 ailj 1 170 Coui ts Jle wanted the Uepre- u" u;l"' " ,culn' D u "j
fortheomhig in due tauc-thcy will unan-.Comrul.sion. 'senlalivcs of the people to declare the '1'"";, V!. i- !'"! I ; ,l N, '. ' r--' r'l-vA- -
rimouslv conclude, that for low. du lv. cnu-1 15ul 11 woul.l 1101 luivo answercu me nuiuiy 01 i lie military iriouuuis m mo . - 1.. .,, i.u i ,, ,,., 1'
f I II I I V' T . Sl.C I'lV'l'IU VUilllOV II J .HV'
tp., .Clearfield co., doe'd, huvin been granted to Couijoed of highly Cooceutratad Iitri
tliounderiigned,ull persons indebted to anid eilala : "Vti
lempublb meanness this esse of scluclwi purpose of thosejackalis who dictated and l 0 civilians.
is without a parrellcl atlecting the tidu-
cors no loss than the seduced.
cugineered tl is btisincs. By extorting
They would havo 110 fears for tlieir liber-
. ..1 p in; : :.i : A
Air. rarnswoi 1 n. 01 iiunino, miiuihic- .. 1.. .. if
r.iv i.i I ln fnnt h-mnn from Alurv Innd I air. . . . ...... . . . . .
(his confession from Curley I hey hope to ivi i lht olall tllll act, 0f Hvil and' "l''nlor lor lle; '.v P'oc 'ima ton. uacke.t
, mere was.';.-;- 7." T
I1IIL lli II111V fill III I I I I I LI ! I L II II I. L IU t'UILIIll
ty tho purpose was well understood. The and thus secure a further lease of the hit n ono mat ren-tereu ...s .... u 0.0 ; ,. ort o ,uesCCrotiiry of War upon arbi-
Whenthe Iroons wcr sent toourcoun-'justify themselves . efo.o their musters, miliuiy of General McClellan, there was
I - . . - . n . . . ...... it..... I .... I 1. : ... r...n ...-
authorities were induced to take this step,
not merely for the purpose of arresting
deserters sod compelling non-reporting
conscripts to respond ; but from assuran
ces that sufficient evidenco could be found
ollices they now di.'iace. Their stake in u.
.. . .... . : be
1 trary arrests, and the manner in which
lli is.nirt w.ia imnm-fnnt. nn.l thcrpfure. iD 1 .... .r.L. 1 1 1 :..!. 1 the 1 rohldcill has ''Used the eXtl aorilina-
- 1 Biou .lllMli ilTS ui iiib iuniyiui'ii j.vuifi..-, p. 1 1 . 1 1 . .1 i .:
their estimation, justified desperate tore who were about to meet to involve ry l'" to him by . e -
. , . . , .1 . c. . 1 -;.r.r iluuon, 111 of insurrection," presents
means. Somebody must bo, or that .State n civil war goro mea-, r'eU!,0 fwll loucuill . r'e,n.irka.
else they wero themselves condemned.- , V '-. ""J"' , , imi' : transactions.
. . .. .. I . c 1 1- - M.niuLu.....v.i...... v ,. ,
to warrant the arrest ot Gov. ami : uenco curiej s coniession pieamngguu-, jjjg way ,iir0lli:, lJaliiruote in diseuiso
Senator Wsllacc, and perhaps others
These assurances were given by'erent
individuals, and under different circum
stances. To obtain tho information the
.basest means of corruption were resorted
o. In some intances luciativo cilices
were of&red ; and in others tho tyrants
Argument of tcrorr was resorltd to." Mtn
were seized without warning and dragged
fcefore cei tain individuals; W immciii.itelg
irehasii oficr telling a j'taunille story n jii'mst
Xhnse gentlemen, or assenting to ptirliailiir cmr
ges .iguinst ttem. Thus fortified, the (mops
were ordered here, and 'arbitrary arrests
immediately commenced, tint none of
the victims would sxear strong tn.nigh. .Some
Mr.Stanlon iuforun us that many of
j the arbitrary arrests hi. vo been made by
the Governors ol Slates and provo-t mar
ly to all that is charged ntninst him to Mr. I'uvis replied l! h had been a
: , .... ,. j. 1 11 i 1 me uovcrnors 01 o.aio uuu provo-i mar
lbo,othat false, as cll as lo man ol heroic mould he cjuI.1 luve .vilhou. ,1V orJl.M r ' or know.
ihubQ that may bo true. , m.ucheu saiciy inrong... edge of the IVe.ddenr. This is roma. ka-
- " ! ATier somo further discussion tho veto, blu-not alarming at nil but ii is remar-
Tho Voice of Liberty not yet Hushed. ; was taken on Mr. lVivi' nmondment, re-k. blc. Tho said (iovernors and l'rrvo
It is gratifying to learn that at ' suiting yeas 71, unvs 0 I, and tho IIoupc, undoubtedly got their "authority liom
, - , , 1 , . 1 ir . r .' 1 .:n 1 .ir..,., 1 lho cxtraordiuary powers conlerred by the nienibers tf Congress, who havo at half four, took itccss till half pa,t insllrweti '
lpriauon imi was tuKen
of lho deserteis w ho were urreslcd, il
seems, made information strong enough to
lead to tho arrest of certain of thcr neigh
bors. Thus Willhelm, Hubler and Cur-
heretofore assented to nets of the present teven o'clock'
AdniininKlraliim iiimint! fatal blows at
public libeitv in America, are beginning The civil appr
Ij uianifcst a willingness lo letiacc their up in Commnti-e ol tho W hole.
, , .1 ..i- 1 .1 1 M r. Neliciik. of 0!ii . iif.succesifuHy cn -
stei-s. On the d itml., when the civil ap- , , ' '.. . i n 1
, , . . dejvoreil to ttiike out Mr. livn, amen 1-
propnation bill was under discussion 111 t nUvU ,)(lf)I) .v.rvet t0 before the
lho liou -cof Keprc.-onlativo.", (:i bill llial i ccps-s, ml to substitute sonu-thii! td.-e
must either pact or the wheels ol'llovern.' The llmise, hyavotcpf M ye;is
n.'ivs. com iii re. I 111 lho hi si tiari 01
Pavis' namelv. "That
'powers so "extraordinary" that nrdinarv
people havo heeti unaLlo 10 discover them
111 lho Constitution, or to cmupiehend
them as priric pies at nil consi lo it w.tli
a Ioiuj ot governuient, havin;
uro rtiiueated to iimko Imuiedinto jiayment, and
hums UL'uinst the mma will nresent 1
lor foltleinonl.
IIOI.I.AIIS ltliv AKi) host, on rmo
'J'J llunorut Dolnina rafting ground, a pocket
book containing fifty dollars one $iJ bill and
three $10 billa ulj, a (irom'ujury nolo un John
llutler for (105, payable three months aftor date,
being un exemption noto dated about the 2i)th of
December, 18151. Any person finding suid money
nail returning it to uio will rocoire tha above re
ward. THOMAS liKKKS,
Mar. S, tf. , Madera P.O.
TN Tltli MA TTI'Ml of tho rowsrl of James
JL Curley. It Appearing by lho of!
leu ling citizens of Knrtlmus l , that thoy are .
convinced that tho jurors who hold thj iiMiucal
on tho boiy of Li rtley Llugun wore mistaken in j
their verdict, and it being tho opinion of the most
of tli e c'tir.cnt that lho finding there f was wrong, 1
in fact, lho reward herotcfiro sff.rel for tie
arrctt of Jmuca Curley ia this d ly withdrawn.
X1PJ.S. DOLdllfcHMV,
M'. &.URADhEY, Coininijsionori.
Clerk. March H, ISC j.
Of lho Sreatcst medical value, pr,pVel fr0B &t
original proscript'on or the otlebraui ),,
TON, and used ly Urn with uch remtrUW,
surcosi for twenty ywrs in ,11 p,,uof lh(
el States, are an infallible Mu,.j )n
Digestive Organs
uient slf'p ) Mr. Ii'vi, of Mai land, of.
person shall be trie 1 by onrl martial or
'military couimissiuti in any State or Ter
ritory whoro the cmirn ol tiio U. States
1 1 . . .
are open, exei'ol persons uci i uiy nrisu i -
.l ,'.-.,., I . 11 I 1,, l!,,.
" -" I 1 l . . ' vf Ul Ul I- r .' 'i IV I 'l '.ll'j'Uill IV t '
ley, were arrested, followed by some thir- 0,ituuc c1""'1 ttuh bu"'g sl""s, and mUUt;iry wr liavul servici. f ,1C n.ited
L'd With IjC-
feu-d an aim udiueiit, foiLi I ling the trial
by courts martial or military eominisMuti,
ofany person ' except those in
to the miliiary or naval service, or lebel
IDI.r.Y CO.. NOW OFFER Tllhlll
aujiuotli Cur fur cie on reasonable term?, 1
una id a reasonable price. Part of the C It is
k I 1 .1... .:..i .. 1. 1 . ... ..r '
. . . .. , , . . iiLii, u.i 1 inn K-iuuiiiLiiir is i!Jm n, urn. yimui
miee o.suncu ami i.uiepenue.u , tho tra 0iin, S;lu,L., cvor buUt; tho sky-,
0110 o! whicu 1.-. tl.ej'id:c:aiy. t::.:es, lisHl cxtra large, high nn.l pitching, hat ulso
have changed i f l ite, and wo .-oppose j largo side windows niado expressly for ca d work, j
to (i I ! that, undrr tlie-e "extra ii'dinary '' pow -1 ha a go id laboratory, nnd every ouveni nice lor
Mr. I ers ol' the Constitution, presideira and -"";5 hri-t-clasf pictures ; is located in I'lnlips-,
postma-ters, provos an I prs gvngs. m..y i m,r-' r"rl''. "s , . (
;u 1 cm 11 11 1 i!i.i'i isim any t: 1 1 1 1 1 in . . . . , .
i . ...11". 1 . . . r 1 . ... .il .1 rc . 1 . , 1, 1.
ui e, w 11 noui even ine i.ji .iiniiiy 01 i.r.v. 1 p, , Prm-li-il
Mr. ."lantDii s.'.ys lliat aoiong other r.r- o!ia;er
tii'.r.irv oitli'it", under the new and "ex-1
riiEY vvnu
ty or fcrly others iu oiler sections of the
that all proceedings liejutofore had, con- Slate? or rebel enemies uh ir
tiury to ihis Kfcclion. bhall be vacated, ing spies
J'he latter part of the nmmondmont
.1 ..1 ,.r - v , .. I
shall Lu forthwith dt'hveied to . ru,..,. '
lil ! HI IUtlUl.3
1 he auiondmeiit "All proceedings heretofore had. con
. . .... ... . .... , 1
nnys (.il. I lie trary to this kcciiom, shall le vacaten, ana
1 1 .,n ..m-,..., 1. ..1. 1 1 . 1....
Most of these victims were submitted ' , '
,;;.! : 1-. i:..:. -r.ltnc
v m iisv .iMisJiijnbjvrif , 111 uniri tu tutu 1 , . ,
information that would justify the seizure il,,e 01 V' ,r,l;u"a'"- 'Vc
rxr i:..i 1 it- 11 . I was adopted by rcas
dnsVanses ,, , . aiiea Zn' T "Z Z 'alter clause of thoamendment whs at last U I.'". ol subject , ,ril under this
instanses, 11 is aiioged , sirvng inducements section by court martial or military cotn-
Avere held out to them to make the nccef"ln,:keu "1 h 11,8 cl"' vu'c of ,3 10 1' mission now held under sentence, bhall be
s.ry oath. But this attempt, it teems, ,hi8 15 t0 be ,(,tolltd' ,"t us be , forthwith delivered to the civil ..uthori-
i.rllv fidled. "Imcrant IIW- r voimy wimiKiui tor wuai ius neeo gain- ties .0 oe proceeuen sgHinst uy .....e-u, i
0 .1 1 .!.....! -1 nMf, 1
r .... I'tl. U 1 L11.1L L I III illiLrm4 I llll III 1TI'H 71- e"
JJcisian organ at Harris- . c. iil, 11,0 ',nv.. bo,! "
iUiearnciu, ns me ucsnan organ
"burg calls thorn, they may bo ; but they
were not too "ignorant-' lo sec that in
their arrest Jknson and such Hyenas, bad
failed in their real oljcct; nor w ere they
gainot the personal rtjux ol the citizen
must cease. Mr. I'avi.s, violent republi
can as he is, doserves lho thanks of evjry
lover of liberty for his cll'urts in this be- . 1 : r . 1.. .. 1..; t . 1
"ignorant" enough to degrade their oh n 1 uu" " "u"' "'iumu, 1..0
manhood bv Uomins it.fnrmrr. Ir. I ni-n . ct uu; 1 y I3 u.BO.iimeo.ea to uov. t.ui tin lor
J o" ... ...... ,
because others had basely and falsely
ling to law, and that all nets iooon-
t with the above lie repealed.
The civil appropriation hill was passed
tut i
1'hiliphburg, Pa.
bistruci oas giiMii to tho pur
IMA l.NlIiE ,
tr.Di dinary" p.nver, i;i-j-ui'(M wereta-i
km to pi fViTi t ihe 11-1.' o! t!ie pi"!o!!i.'t I
lor trea-ullut.o e i 1 1 1'c. I uls I I will I: .u!,
mother ri'inai kab
l! Us
o: even "extraor-
esrorn to charges ngainst them, under
promises of ofiicial clemency, these men
were not moan enough lo escapo the pet
ty punishment inflicted by their persccu-
President I.iiicoln was inaugurated for a
second to. in 011 Saturday last. The fol
lowing is the inaugural ad lress.
1 I'elluw Countrymen : At this second
oMiearii'L to take the oalli of the 1'iesi-
vul'Jablo ell'orts in this connection.
The following is a iketch of lho debate
i ne civil uppiopi mi ion on i 1 ting uinn-r , t('ti lial ollice there is le-s oecission .- 1111
consideration, Mr. I avis, of Mar) land, of- extended address than there was at first
dinnry canslit utiona! powers." T knt.v
.vlial iviis troii-onublt! neoe-f ita'ed the ex
amiualioti of all con ependi'iio- ail !d
lers , nnd this certainly would bo a vcr)
marked ti-o orextruoidinaiv pawer. The
postollice, it is prn-urned, is sacicd to all
coriespiindence. We recollect ft ea-o tlnil
oecured ia this city, when the lion. Gide
on Welles was rosimsstcr. Dlliccrs were
on the track of a criminal. They winch
ed his wile or mistress, and dtc vcied
lliat she dropped n letter into llio pot
(.llioe. They immediately went into the
olticj, and ill-man led tho 'i iviler;r! of
looking al h-ttt-r ;oid to o,.en it, fur
the juipoie ( f tli-covei ing whi-ni the
criminal wsi. Mr. Wfllt s f.-olly rr-jd i I
that tin; postoliie.i! was u-.-ai tv l to rnini
iiaN as to an) budy no letters ciuld be
examined in that olli.e, except by ) Ol
sons to whom they were dneived, that to
bie.ik nvor this rulu wiilillnt-i destroy
Ihe privaov of corresp liideiice: an ! tint
Kit ,-. ill c mi. e to Pl'Hf.It! SAI.IC-
A lit lii? itr.i'iiiiio I l'al. u 1 Ij ' 1 I. I .1 o ,.o. ,
I." ill OMMiihip, r.n W'olu'sday, 2JJ .
March, tlio fillowing Uci.-ri'oo I prop -rl :
One j an i'f llouei', liurnc-j ami Wnj'n '
l'lo ri. Ihuri.Hi and other Funning I lenshs. J
Uyo, t'.ui kn hent, Oats, l'etnioe. Also Hay, !
Siraw in th bundle. Ilousehold and Kitchen;,
l'urnimro too tedious to mention. SCKOr I I. A,
yB.Cr-Siile tn comincnco nt '.I n. us., when due . SCIIOFl'LA,
atteiiitanco will to given and terms undo knonn SCI'l I'"l' I. .
March f, td pd.
fi r.I.IICty XOTICI-:. The Ilirl t.f Hellef I
1 V for the county of Clenrliold, will meet al the
fi 1 1 . . 1 , . 1 1 n nwiiiu i't; iij Litiiv il 1 1 inn' v I'pin ine an iitnchtluieiil ihat no peison shi'.ll I .n a statement of a eourso to ba tui - ... ... . 1 .;..,.i ;. i, ,
, bo tried by military commisMon or court hUed seemed very fitting ami proper. j , ,,lle..t,f .....rdiant it: the lown
lion, loalhsomo and ollonsive ns il was, by , l"" " "vtK 'f"Pr". 'T' "ow, tit ine expiration i ami, -, jlt, m,,(lo t!lJ ,liM i itnin.-it i..n, but
pt'l soon fti,i nun y iiiumciru liiiu nil? unii- WHICH pUOUC tietnrill luna lliliu
liny service ol tt.c L ulled states and
el enemies chaired with being sides ;
proceeding) heretofore had iu luch cases
The liruo will Kiiielv conm h..n 1 are declared void, nnd nil persons
i .. in 1 1 1. fuijeei 10 11 i.u oy iiiiiii.nv euiniiiissioii
assr'ssa-i 11 ut'i n 11111 i vw 111 1111 iiihiiii run 1
, , , , 0 ' 1 court martial shun oe lortnwiin tu.-ciiarg- "lho progress ot our iirmic, upon
enu wnun iney win uo properly rewarded e,i or delivered over to tho civil nuthon-' which all else chicily depends, is as well
damning tlie r souls lo all et-. fi.ity, ly mak
ing falsi accusations ng.iiiut ottios, All hon
or to these "ignorant wooJsncn of Clear-
Commissioners omce, on Wednesday and lours-
day, tl.o 2Jd and 2:td days of March, isr..i. j
ihe Hoard have directed that all new nfijli-
canU must nppear before ttio itourd and produce '
t!n'ir sworn stntemeiit dot.iiling nciiic of soldier,'
regiment and ceinp-iiiv ; when en.isted : llie
niiiiibcr of cl-.ildren, with iige mil sex of each ; '
the ti.wiil.ip in which they icsided nt the t'uuoof j
eti'.l.-trnciii, nnd their present residenro ; nnd thnt
rh is without tlie nuiins of support for hcr!l
nnd children, who nre dependent npon her.
Two of credibility, from tho townihif
in tthicli she resides, mil
whose eerlilieiito, sworn to Ii
so 'or'li that the unii leant is the person elio en
res, nis hoi-solf to boi tlnit tlie stiucni'iiont ofthe. ! tin Liver nnd digestive organs of an; naton
umber and ape of her launly ii-huo; Unit she in the world an 1 are tin ino.t perfect parrt-
lHJ(iltflIl 1111.' t w iif 11 1 1 j
iii,t ftl.- bo produced ! Tlie wo knon I)R w.4nnK f Do.u,.,
before tiio lnmr.l, must . , , ... , ,
I is the person .ho ep r i of ,!,fs 1 1 hey llave h,) niicl ff,ct
-vo - ii
Ivitled for the cunislnnent of anv one w !oi 1 is m destitute cireuiiistimees nn.l her launly in v,;,.h h ernr vt l,.,nn m.,l htmiboir
rci- been constantly called lorth on every ' . .,1.1 . , :, ... ; actual want : nnd that all tho fawts set foi-ih in her j . . . ..... ' .
nil ,.,.int nn.l td.aso of the great contest i " " ' . ' . . ' : . ' aVcbeaf.on are just ar.,1 true. , ie.r ct.ects nave ao.inuant.y lowntotssw.
which still absorbs lho attctiou aud en- ' " "Zw" : ! .1"?'fl '-;,,a'" V'T VnTT TrUr ' raun,,y. bow "" cxco1
not mosses the energies of the nation, little ' ' ., " .' . 1" 'ii:.'. 1 " V. : n.1 ol:"y " V.. "ul" , are safe sua pust
1.1 . I I nutli'l IUH TI lUlv UIC I'll O I1' fit U'K II II 1 1 1 Oil 1 1 0 11 Is TlllHlU Ull'l IIIU IIIIPTJI 1 Ul'PvIir . . , t 1 f . spi j ,
or. 1 hut is newcould be iresenled. L. .1... 1 ...... 1 r . - - , . . t . ., '. ' j i. in- vV tou ! snt to tnke, but powerful to cure. DnirpJM
for their integrity and virtue.
Hut there is ono exception. Anduinong
so many men, and under such trying cir-i
ties. ! known to the public ns to myself, and it
Wr. as&tjiirno, 01 Illinois, raised 1110 jSi 1 mist, reasonably satis. aciory and en
(iicslion that tho
oi iii iu... .....c. .; , 1 irusi, rea.onao.y is. actoiy u en-, , ol, 1,,Ucr cnlnie(1 u,.r to all. U ith high H'". f'.'r J relative lo crime; and all
tho momu' t thut he L.nJ assuino:! tJn'it oro
ht t it U'ii9 li.r ti iM-i 111 In n 1 ti iid Tii'i M. i 1 1 r, I it I it it)
lo be examined, ho might also that' PHILADELPHIA & ERIE RAILROAD, yuril'y the blood and expel the dii.aie. Th.,
: tratine propcrtios stimulate tl-s ritsl actiritl
I oUO. of tho body, remove the ohilruefioni of its org am
f c,, j. ! f Hll IS great lino traverses the Norlhorn and purgo out tho foul bumori whichbrtsd and grew
cumslances, and in the face of such This point was sustained by tho Chair-1 ventured. '
that bit one faint-hearted man could bo
found. Patrick Curley the bravo ami
valient Patrick was the only Judas.
And just like that other Judas, he bears
false witness. Poor Tail
Look at his confession ! Then read lho
charges against him. He is charged with
t-n JL isorinwesiern cminucs 01 rennsi ivuuia 10 , i...i... .ii.h nr d'nordsrsa or-
1 venturT' " " U " I "M ''IT ! I ' tlod' 'by 7Md-! into' their natural sctieo, s.d Impart ,
strong lemplaiions, ought we not lo bo man, Mr. P.ko, bui on appeal from his! ..0n lho rccasion correspondiug io ZK ; healthy tone to the whole .ystcn. an
rroudof the community ii. which wn Hvp decision was reversed -yeas M, nays ho. to this, four venrs aco. al thoughts were : " V. . i 1 . V"." "V . ' '""VMV - ,tuey care tao every uay couri..N.. ."v-
, . ..... . '. ..' . ' - , . muK e 110 ti isiTi'iitiiiuion. proieei in ine lreiktm. ousiuess, vci. 11m, uot
nir vurnnn n iw i urn Kim. ill iriik. ...... .. i . , i.,.n n. s n tt i n. rii.-. ...., . "
.... , . ..... " v , ; , V V i 1 . t 1 8 , s. crols" of u'l lottets, iv n t ier from crim -
ted tho umeijdiueiit would 00 adopted I il yvar. A 1 dreaded it ; all sought to avoid 1 1 1 -.- n ..i- 11
without rousing pailisun feeling, h) re-' ' h r)nl? or . 1,llt U" l to tho many cases of arbitrary nr-' 'while the Inagt.ral, was being BIjJ "'." l'ncMj lo liave been nlmndon
rests and trial, he thought the House ow-' from this place, devoted alio? ""S, ,',pV1 ' U'SU,",,l,n f
ed ilto constitutional liberty nnd tho r,othcT to,aving tho Union without war, , M, ul '; ?' a ;pm!11.U lbl ronPW.
m a lo!.! Ihe alcndXn ,Ca" rVT' "f WT l" t3 - Z Tar in ior, 7 Z
i-i i- 1.. - .. i . 1 : 1 :i . . . . j ii tpp nrr I ii ho nmtio cm 1 v hv ! he mi 1 nrv
w v ( - p t w 1 1 L iui lit i n 'i . j'-jhi j.'aiiici v vi'i t . vt 'CI
commonly known and called by the name, examine into frauds in contracts, ho had ivar, but ono of Ihem would niiiko war
ofthe 'Democratic Castle,' the oljcct of u'"1 J ."porting a bill, which become rather than let the nation survive, ami lho
which organization was nnd is to resist the tahFcinS,WKlt tlnileM lo l. .,.1 by . oU)er woui j acCl.llt W!ir rnlhor than lei it
which orgai uation was nnn is to mut the COUrl ma. tial. It was an extreme meas- 1)erin,, and the war came.
execution of the draft &o. ui e, but he felt that it was necessary to j Ouo eighth of Ihe nholo population
Tui is the indictment. Isittruo? Wechet.k what seemed to be a great evil. He. ' WPre colored slaves, not dislributed geiier
answer, it is not. We hove read Ihe con- al.U.' ti'ue, thoughtthe law would bead-'ally over the Union, but locnlized iu lho
. in. I inn nd bvc-laws of this "CaatU" I lu,n,!,u',red ieon, bul ho was sorry ' southern part or if These slaves cotisli
Btitulionand bye aw. or this Castle - 1 10 8;iy, frou, ,)U observation, llial the nd- ,utC(i n peculiar and powerful interest,
odpresumo most of our readers l.ave: m.n...trai.on ol the law had been such du- All knew that this interest wassome how
also, as it was published at length in the ring mo pint year as to compel him lo i)C causo of Ihe war
authorities. The executive department!
Timmf I'umnrjrr Triv'nt at Emporium.
Mail Traiii, 3:20 A. M. 3:40 P. M.
Warren Accoin. Train, - . M.
Curry Accoin. No. 2, - M.
Corry Accoin. No. 4, - M.
Mail Train, 11:08 - - A. M.
Warren Aecom. Train, - -M.
Corry Accom. No. 1, - - M. .
Curry Accoin. No. 3, ... M.
of the government gives nolico to theju- I's'scnger t.,rs run without change
dicial department,., at i. may step ,.. , Tm, both
iWhcn the military appear.- Jf trtforl j yf l)Ptwtc,n ruiladelphia and Lock llnven,
Times. 1 nnd on Williiiiuspnrt nnd Eliiiirn Expross Train
-- - liitiHcn V llininf nort nnd L'ultiuiore.
: 1)1 r.D.On the 5.1,1 of February, nt tho re!. ' b'"T lnf"""ation respecting Passenger b.tinoss hie. from tho system, lienco are spoil""
. , . . ", , . . V i, i a i y nt tho Cor. lln nnu .MiirKei sreets.
denee of his mother in 1! ooin to., of Puhnonnrv . . - . .. . ..,. lor
.. ,,, , . , " nl lor rroigni ous.ness oi ine voinpnnys
Consumption. Mr. W in. doorge, aged 21 years, 0 . s ,, ,.slnn. n.,. ttnJ V,tL.
dy, bol also formidable and dangeroul diisuei
j While they produce powerful effects, they ins
: tho same lime, in diminished doses, ths safest
! and best pbjfie that can bo employed for tU
dren. and being purely vegetable sre frti b
i .i.i. i.
run u uni in. ,
Tho uioct remarkable feature of thM pills s
the perfection with which they set in MlwtW
dissimilar chronio diseasos. Tits sis' 'K,,,,
ct nK Diarrhoea or Dyspcpiia, In eith
toring the organs to a healthy and aslars.1 cj
dition, which cannot be said of any elb
cino In existence."
They create pure blood and remo '"P
ie from lho s vstein. henco are s poiiiirt CI
To strengthen, per-
iacoom organ in mis piaco last summer ; r 1 , . -.v jici tinto nntuexicnu tins interest wus tne yonrs ot butties nnarnic.i, vnon
on.l - .i.r h, i '"gulof theguarBiUeesof tho Constitution,' obieol for which tho insurcents would but was discharged on of
.b ,niiu socni to lorgel thut any man has a rend the Union bv war. w hiln tbn pnvnrn- llocamo homo nnd gradually sr
woru to L-e lounu lhcro:n bearing such a right to trial by jury or even to be lui-1 m.m ni.imo,! nn il,.. , ,i ,,,' liourno from whence no
... . I a ...
inoilllis .mu ; l.,il,.,l,.l.,l,l
4-Suriie deceasod was among tho first lo on- , w UDVn(1jsi sri( .
list in mo seryico. no rassea nrmigu inreo. r r Tl nl.
II. II. HoI'stom, Hon'l 1-relght Ag't, Phila.;
11 ir t .... v. n 1M Tiibiv- kn't 1K i 1 rk. t
ink nwny to that ... ,, ...-mm U'liiiim.nmt
traveller returns."- 1 1 , . M
I ...ll,. - 1) . ......
ho ro-enlif tod,
his diie.ise. ,
licit) butrJiseinnris.
Dills di.'counle.l,
Pennsylvania Stato Stock
Duo from other Pnnls
Dank Notesof other Hanks
begnl tender r.ote,
Check.', Drafts, Ac. -Over
construction. nished with Ihe knowledge of lho o Hence ipatrict tbn tei itoninl, ,,fit
It laid not a word about tho draft, or V11 wl"ch J10 "J charged. Courts nur-j Neither party expected fcr tho war tho
about rosisting thai or any other law. 5ut nPPear0l 10 b funed with a view to magnitude or the duration which it has
i. ,l.-n,..niliM, p........r. i wnvict, and many of lho proceeding, alresdy ntlained. Neither anticipated
' 7, T.T- . I -'"'"-,ere not only a reproacU to U.e adtmnis-; that the causo of tho conflict might cease. 1 -
ees" that tin fake in ( tration of justice out n ahamo and dis- or even before the eonnict itself should STEAM SAW-MILL
rointof fact-u ruc It does not appear firnc0- ''c alluded to the trial of Messrs. ' cease. Each looked Tor an easier triumph Tvii5 ami
Horn the account as fuoiisiiea lliat his nnu a resuu icss lunuamentai ana as- ,-v - ri . - t
alatement, or Wession," was sworn ,o t , .,, , ,1011 SALE
, , .. . , , ot jcuiies. Both rend Ihe samo biblo and pray to , -- v ' -L-Si- "
Tor his sake wo hope it was not. Mr. behenck of Ohio, would have no iho same Clod, and each invnkc lis, aid ' . ,,.nw . ... 4w ..iiitv
In alluding lo the meeting hold in this 'Jeul'n jf tbo amendment coiifincd ngainst the other. It may seem strange! A horse power circular SAW'-MIbD with sio lievenno isu.nps,
phca in August last, Patrick says: f.T -i"nd mililftry co.m m,li,310f' that any men should daro to nsk a just acres of rst n.mlity of y-hite pine timber In fee " ll'u"'.. " t'
I was present ul that meeting, ami Tlll 3ii ,t t"? L . their bcad , si,.,p.e-on. It a half of DO. S c, Lensss,
to cnU e ; wdh toid iu Vu the Spffind'She who 1 li'lT 'J l "l T"yC" f blh 'h"uW. nl ffi " " f f ' "
Government in carrying on 'the war" '1'hat of neither ha, been nia KllilroBll Bt rtp.on, by plank roa.l m , u ,a cireu .uoo .
i J " . .... vviiuiii, , onounrail InllO A 1 rv ,. 1 I I. na I.IJ i ' in in VI t o uruiHTlT II 'v " "
Whnt an apt pupilhe was 1 This was Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania, express- Woo unto iim world be- ronuirod-as wollas nil other implc.nonts noees- Duo o,. cortif of Deposit,
ni .
Duo Commonwcallrj,
Interest nnd Exchange,
kj DANK, for tho month ending lebruary Z8,
Trade supplied, or sent by mail, post ra
99,340 $g
6S.HU3 41
5,514 13
19,331 it
8,fi48 t'O
S.SJO 00
f2i 68
224 3S
430 00
623 III v nurf rf the United States or
1,111 06 J ' J
$193,170 21
on ma i.slii r.i AUPiiKL over r.n an m nrc. ' ivi..p. nia mu niinLiiitn iiuiu ain. ,,,0 r r.,- r- : n .i . i. n.i surv lor nrivinii vu
.i aieksrs. Dicier ana vvalUce cave any of these arrejt3 and Iris U bv on i arv nnuri. i,..i i.:..i. t....:- i,r,.,. ....:'.i... ..j .u i.. n,.!:.... ..m
$50,000 00
61,945 00
76,195 Ptf
7.037 13
2,L'tU 22
1,390 0(1
10.Q7 92
ceipt qf price, l,
jr. s. nowE & Co.,
43, Liberty Street, X(W W;
. - - - .,1, i i , v " .vji.4. , uui rvuicil IIUVIHK Wlii'i"""' Itl lMllir, "UM nuu i IV noil.
uch airico or instruolion cn the 131U of, courts had been id TilU0 of laws patscd through His appointed lime, lie now wills, March 8, if. II. II. SHILLINOFORD. Mar. 8ih, ISfii.
. , TT..I.
$108,570 21; TFor sal io t'teMnsiu.u -
9'Mareh 8, ISM, ly.