Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 17, 1864, Image 3

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Unparalleled Demonstration
fltPVMFV lawns the humblest citizen in tho land, tho scopo of which it was supreme, that
la tLc execution of tl.olnw tho I'reKidcnt Uie control of all thing not granted to
con oluiuiour obedience, uutwlicnover no iuo ruci.. J "-
trnnscends the limits of tho law. snid Mr. lion remained m the Stales and people,
mand, nnd no heartiest conscription, was
iW'I'ti 1 1 1 o t the subsequent abandon
ment of these Ly Congress and
H..I have as much right to command him that under this system we existed ns a t he l iesulenl, mi destrucled the people of
as ho has to command mo; but disobedi- government or law, with thenghis t ho North ia to make conscription and
ence to law on his part is a much graver of- and powers of the ruler clearly defined, draft the only mean to hll up our deplo-
s .. i . . : 1
rrntic Ending Committee.tho largest con- fence ihnndisobedienceon the part ofapri- and that the duty of the cit..en lo yield ted ; and, after two million cf.ol
crat.cMttncl.ngLomm.iiee.uoiafi ,..:.;.,... somo ninv think these views obedience to h.m therein, as equally Ultra have been sent to the fold, and Mr.
coursooinicn inaicvtrmn iuvumUl ----- ,. ;irn ' ,. Iml,,lll.t ctar j,incoln imJ cancel lor OtHJ.uW more men.
he enunciates a purpo.-eof the war that
is utieily unlawful and revolutionary,
Ai'iM. Inasmuch ns it hns been shown
county, or any of tho adjoining counties. hc Mr Lincoln w?ng cn,inently union- 'lhat the revolution of the federal Gov
asfembled in tho borough of Clcai field on al,lu l0 ,ho )iuv on ,ilis chargo, for bo had rnmentaround its clear defined axis, and
c, i. i ?.i.;.,.t Winnnmnrn in .1 is nnr.nn nnlintmentB. by the control of the Stale (lovernuicnts
' " SATCUDAY, lit ,
)iublii) pulo on
catur towmhii., ib r0n "V l'Uoui
t.Uito, lulo tho prupert, of 1 T9 I
r., n,,tt,n "( a li
IL.o I .6 1
""r-u ana Mb, .
turusy, uie .on . , -- . p" "'" 7U; ' Bj ,vithin theirs, each in its proper sphere that tho restoraticn of the Union was the
lho dillcicnt delsvalion. were met on hit u. iom itotional alti l.a" ' . . . .. of lh d Aionil e mcjcil whilst the deslruc.ion of flaverv
their opproach to town, and escorted to nol only Uono ,hij uUt 10 hnd'en- portrayed iu glaring languago tho bless- wus the rn. purposo of the wrtr, may we
vrl-i-vKsnvY Moumxo,:::::::Au tJUST 17. their rcRrectivo quarters by the following courB0a enlistments in tho South. Ho ings of the ohJ tnioi., hh dignity, its
named cent lemcn.wlJO ncteu as warsnuis: am, iy l uis looiibii anu uuiawuu i"'t. .: ,---
namiu k""'"i rJ .. , . ,1,..,. iv ni i In nmticn ri-ipncJ liberty was en-
David F. r.Tzwtii.ER, Chief MarBlial.
rci- pnr.nirF,
JACOB A. FAUST, ofCtirwensvillc.
COX KM) UAKI2H, of Knox twp.
IV. JI. ilcCULLOl'Cill.ol'CleuiTicUl.
L. C. EVANS, of riko townsliip.
Capt.D. McGaughey.W. W. Worrell,
l.ever Flegnl, Alfred Waltcis,
Wm. M. McCullouth, Harry Uobb,
James I.eavv, T. 11. NVilnon,
John McClelland, JoEeph Lines,
I Pr. Jed'crson Litz,
U'apt. M.Ogden,
James L. Stewart,
Wm. Forcee,
A. B, fc'haw,
could JelT. Davis and all his Cabinet. He J"cJ. luwpcriiy anu nnpp.r.ess w as U0
:ol 01 ail WHO eciuciii llli m, mm nuii, u
Jus. Mel'herson.
J. L. MoMurray,
Aaron Wise,
Kli llloom.
Joiiih U. Read,
had given aid and comfort to the enemy.
Mr. liigler sfiid tho communication ad
drepsed "To whom it may concern,"
would come to tha rebel cause w ith heal
inc on its wines it would act like ft pn-
ineeu to all its ills it; would allay homo
gocpel of " peaco on earth, good will to
man " was preached to all ; nnd ailirnied
that n return to that Union was tho earn
est with of nine-tenths of the people,
lie combated tho arcumtin that tlav-
in store other deceptions, through which
he debigtis gradually loaegume the powers
of ft Dicta'or ! Therefore
ltavhcd, That, in view of the foregoing
declarations, we, confessing and acknowl
edging Our obligations to the laws and in
stitutions of our country, and sincerely
'desirous of preserving and transmitting
Uicni unimpaireu to posterity, do solemn
'dissensions and givo new spirit to there-,ery wtts un incuous. r,y conirasung u. .t-u.uU...u.o p.n ucmg
hellion it woul.l silence the clarnor.ngs conu., w. w. . u." " .7,l:: V"
'for Feaco and Union in North Carolina
Alexander France.
illwasufutnl stab to Mr. Holden, the
Union eandidato for Governor in that
State. Juut it was in accoruance wuu hit,
Udii;. uu i .......... . I
The meelinu was organized ubout half Lincoln's follies from tho beginning. He,
... .. n ' - nft ttnnl.fiil In fliPllPR
r.nRt two o clock cn motion oi waiter, -r. uivi. u..v- -
Tl ta 'no exaggeration to fay that the
Heeling in this place on Saturday List was
Ly far the iargest gathering of men able
bodied, intelligent, thinking men-ever
Leld to this or any of the adjoining coun-
ties. It was eti5iatically an outpouring
of the whole county. To show with what
. unanimity and piiit lho people rallied,
ve need wily state a single instance : a
townEhin polling about ninety Deruo-
cratfu votiMB, kft but three of their
.number at Louie ull having to travel
not less than twelve miles. So numerous
were the delegations, that tho Marshals
wero lola'Iy unablo to ptrfect'their order
of reception, and tbo idea of a grand pro
fession and display of the formidubleness
of tho host had to be abandoned. Delega
tions began to arrive about ten o'clock,
and from lhat until one o'clock, look in
what direction you would, you could see
the approach of wagon, carriages and
buggies, filled with the sturdy yeomanry
of tho hills nnd valleys of Clearfield, to
gether with a redilablo ropresontation
from somo of lie adjoining counties.
It would bo idle to attempt a "full dos--cription
of this demonstration. It was
successful in every respect and but a
singlo purpose animated every heart, nud
lhat was that some plan miitlit bo dev'iBod
to save our country from the dangers that
: now threaten it. U was not simply a par
tisan display; but a demonstration of the
people to convince our rulers that their
prosent war policy is condemned, nnd
Knl if llioir (rrmLl nnrrir mi 1- r- """"
. j . .. - ,.vrul UL-gUtlH-
tion ns lho only hope of nvcrting final and
irretrievable ruin. And wo rejoico that
areppectublo portion of Republicans had
tho nervo to disregard the dictation of
their leaders, and identify themselvee
with this movement. They are not Abol
itionists, ncd when they sco clearly nsi
they cannot now feil to Bee that all this
precious blood ncd treasure is shed in a
vain attempt to place lho negro on nn
equality with tho white rnco, many more
oflhetu will array themselves with the
old NationalDcmooitcy, whote high mis
sion it is to restore the Government to its
original aia?p!icity4 purity and dignity
JU( beet of order prevailed throughout
the day. The Bieeches were all excellent
and were listened fo with eager attention,
nud when evening came, and tho parched
cnrlh and heated air rofWhetl and puri
fied with a genllo howcr, the mbv op
Ci.EAnrir.r.D repaired to their distant
Lonici, Cotling that llioy lad devoted
another tluy to their country; nd hoping
thot they had many more such left, and
that their fellow -countrymen throughout
tho entire Union would co-oporato in tho
mighty work of reatoratioa.
1 of Arrangements, who nominated tho fol
lowing oflicers :
15. D. II ALL, L., rresident.
tho war. pnd ho should not, lliougii us
niniingcmcni was iuuor j
l!cniniriiignta wliitenine th.n- .
Mor-un A Co.. toutli 111 ' U
by laid hmoii ll
oi ucginumg wilU ubout "klJ
m 171 k.
ginumgwilU ubout p
..vuij-rvar Acres of M...
tlicrcoa. l'art of thli ,a . .. " MM
whitand yellow i, n. .. :"wlllWyt
TE KM S.-Ono half . 1
inainder in 0110 yiar thereafter wi,V?J J
ut ivcuruu vy juaguietit bond.! ,
said day, when duo atttndBnc. .ni H,
jy20-4t MAKY BMBaiW
G. P. Good felloe,
Henry Kerns,
Wm. A. l'.loom,
James II. Clark,
Frank Mc Bride,
Wm. T. tiiibert,
F.d'wd King,
tieorgo Groom,
James Savage,
(ioorge Knarr,
David Welty,
Amos J I .Io,
JoFenh Moore,
Thomas 1. Hartley
Roland Faust,
C. J. .Sho!i,
David Fiscal,
John Fu'.iuer,
John Holt,
Frank l'earco,
Wm. L. Shaw,
Wm. T. McCoklc
F. (.'oinli iel,
F. W. l'.remker,
!v Lonoway,
Thomas Smith,
James McCltllan,
iimut'l Clyde,
John D. Thompson,
Isaac Culdwell,
D.ivid T. Sharp,
James I'loom,
Mnj. John lio,
Daniel tiorman,
Thos. Wftshburne,
John M. Cummings,
Daniel Ooodlnuder,
David Horn,
W. W. Kelly,
John I). Miller.
Col. C. S. Worrell,
James Turner,
Thos. Henderson,
J. A. (i. White,
John 1?. Kyler,
Jacob Willhelm,
V. R. Holt.
Jacob Flegal,
Charles Mijnot,
John R. (i;irmont,
John (ii'lilAT I,
K. Rundy,
Fijualid misery nov, Irs safety then, with . anotlier dollar towards the proieculion of
his exposure to oeatn now, ins nieniai mr iih-h-iii, nr , uu iu' ihit, inui in view
and moral condition then, with hisuncon- of the fact that overtures for negotiation
trolled volition nov. land fctllement have been repeatedly made
He clemonstinted the fallacy of the nr- by the so-called Confederate. States nuthor
gument that tlavery ruled us then, and ities, and ns.oflen rejected by Mr. Linco'n,
appealed lo our inhnppy condition for tho , we insist that a reflation of hostilities
r.-iur ihil a u'. inlinlinlii nrw nov- shall bo rronied. thus nfTordin nn nn-
i laini ; bt;t he intended to ueul witti the emeu now, ami piciureu vnu mniuiiy ui tunity lor lho introduoiion ofrr0posi-
t.oliticul policy thnt accoropaniod the i rulers nnu mcir sauiiues. nuns ior iriuement anu penno.
war which ho characterized ns tho worst I He then fought an answer to (he que?-1 JUtohed, That as it is evident from the
the wit of man could havo devised that lion, nny cinnot we nave uns union m pom-y oi i resmeni Lincoln, tnat do set-
all us integrity i lie eucweu mat it was uemeni oi ine uiuicuuieo. between the
becauto a piostitution of the powers of thd-Norih and the South can bo effected
Federt.l fioveriiment,.of an interference w hilst ho occupies lho Kxeculiro chair,
with lho rights of the people, nnd an nt- it becomes the aolemn duty of nil men
tempted control of powers tkat were ex-' who desire the prejervation of a Ilepubli
cKisively under tho rights of tho Stales, con form of Government, to unite their
that it was because lho servant of tho energies to prevent his re-election.
people had forgotten that he was the crea- iicioiict, J hut evidence to prove the
lure of tho law, and sought to bear him- tendencies of Mr. Lincoln to usurpation
through it Mr. Lincoln had divided a
United North and united a divided South.
Iliad ho had wisdom enough and patriot
ism enough to havo conducted the war
for lho Union, and not for tho gratifica
tion of fanatics to havo looked to the
Uuion men of the South for help, rather
dear to their slaves, lVaco and Union
micht hnvo triumnhed lone since. Mr
15. said ho could ?oo in the iiew aspect of self aboyo it, that Mr. Lincoln in his re- is to re found in his suppression of the
cett. ultimatum nnu proclaimed ins ;iur-; puouo x ress, in ins suspension of the
pose to be the overthrow of tho rights ot writ of wwus corpus, in the nrrest, impris-
I.. ...n. nA!.;.. l.nt Anillflia ilrnftQ rnn
Vcriptions, carnago, nnd common desola
' lion. The Southern people will never
yield their right to their local institutions
j Whether they want slavery or not they
' will stand by the light to havo it until the
James ratteiaon.
It. J. W!Inco, Fred. R. FoW,
A. C. Tute, J. R. Wallers,
Sam'l H. Hindmaii, Cy renins llne,
Jacob Faust, J. C. Allpurl.
I). W. Moore,
W. A. Heed,
George Dimeling,
Jauics C Barrett,
Thomas Forcey,
Wm. K. Wrigley,
John J. I'icard,
J ohn F. Kote,
G. M. ILmline,
Jscoh Kuntz, jr.,
liobert Mchatley,
John Mclntyre,
Joseph Goon,
Conrad 15a ker,
Kiuhnrd Hughes
The mcctinir tl"
motion, u. J. ivauace, wq.,
ill a lew
CSjrTiiK Kim s is unimportant. Kcthi-ng
from Grant or Shermnn- Sheridan, who
Buooeods Hunter, is advancing up tbo
Shenandoah valley, with a largo army,
snkl to number sixty thousand men.
Farrngut is said to be progressing favora
bly against Mobile
Another rebel pirate is off the Eastern
coast, nnd has alronly destroyed somo ix
ralunblo vcescIs.
last man has bitten tbo dust. Suppose
JelL Davis was to mako the u'timntum of
j cace, the establishment of slavery in the
North, how long would ho be conquering
u peaco on such terms? There would bo
no peacJ Democrat on such an isswe.
Though somo might desire tho institution,
oven they, would not accept it ns a dicta
i linn. Mr. Rigler fid that, as for himself,
j whilst Li was willing to do nnd sutler any
' thing for tho Union and Government as
made by the Father?, ho would not con
j tributo one man, nor ono farthing, to pros
leoute tho war for tho unlawful purposes
I net forth by Mr. Lincoln.
I Mr. Ricler next, in support of his Kad
j opinion of the sets nnd intentions of the
l'resideiit, called attention to a late com
munication, which aiireaveu in the . x
I Tribune, over the signature of R. F. Wade,
Senator from Ohio, ns Chairman of the
' committco cn tho re bellious States in the
'.Senate, nnd Winter Davis, as chairman of
! Iho buujo oomniitleo in Hie House cf Uop-
i ruseiHativos. On this point wo can give
I tho render no idea of lho ellectanit power
lofMr. Rigler's speech, ll was the most
On,. ..I.;-.. 1 -:-"'",r. ""o -
net heard in u long linio. lie showed ny e.t-
nnd eloquent remarks, slated the object tracts from thedocument itself, that Mesrs
of the meeting; when Ex-Gov. liigler wa.! ;". , ci'.u'"eans o.
. . , , , .. ,. , , ,. high standing, charge Mr. Lincoln with
introduced to the audience, and spoke lor , jphon, faWhood nnd usurpalion ; and
about ono hour and a half. Ho nindo a, n addition that they chargo him with the
speech of unusual point and persuasive intention of practicing a grove fraud on
power, commanding tho unbroken atten- electoral College through Ihe scheme
lion of tho vast crowd for nearly two iof a For tvote in cortain of the re-
jj0ur3i I voltcd Slates, should timt becomo necess-
Aftc'r glancing brit-ny nl the cause of ,ftfy l0, eecuro hi? docUon-and ask the
our picfcnt unheppy condition, he called 't'""ficant question whether be supposes
attention to the late manifesto of Mr. ; 1"s opponent would submit to a decision
t.inrnln ,1.1rP.l "to n Knm iL nm v rnn. attained by such means ? 1 he vast crowd
corn," in which he had mado the over-! responded toMr. a common voice
throw of slavery a condition prccadont to lhtt.1 thJ7 woulJ ubuiit to no such uur
any proposition for settlement and peace, ' l'a,'on !
however honorable nnd satisfactory in all j liut w Mht pass over a largo portion
other particulars. Mr. Riglersaid ho had, of Mr. Rigler'a spcecn, and ghaice only at
soon after tho war began, expressod (he , l'10 conclusion.
belief that Mr. Lincoln would provo to be i IIn said ' was not willing after to
tho best of his partv. Ho desired to say, I mach complaint against lho acts nnd
lhat, since reading the document refoi red 1 1 policy of Mr. Lincoln, to lake his seat
to, he had changed thai opinion, and now! without somo reference to what the I'era
held him to bo the worst; and that ho ocralic party would do, should it at,tain to
Ulinvprl Mr. Lincoln Wli nnw nl Ipninlimr I TOWer. lie Said Il0 did Dot Unertako to
to act the part of an usurper and a tyrant, determine what would bo tho position of
lie characterized the attempt of the Frcs't ' th"1 rftrl' on a11 Hie complex questions be
to prostituto lhawitr to the overthrow of:foou, Hoknew itwould stand up for civil
tho local institutions of the revolted States jnn(l religious freedom under nil cucum-
unluwful, revolutionary, impolitic, ami ,',s'n;a-lor the Ireedom ol the pre'S anU
a falsilication of tho oft-repeated promises of speech ;ihat it would wield eve ry mor-. l
of Mr. Lincoln and his li iends, that tho,111 rolltl,:ftl mlluenco of the Government
war should bo for tho Union and fr and all its material power to maintain the
other purpose. Ho said tho rresident Union ns constituted by the fathers ; but
had no moio rignt to muko tho abandon- 11 rr-'r,rs Prace ,0 wnr among the people
mentof slavery a condition precedent to i ftna siaies oi America, adu, wimisi anx
the .establishment of tho Union, than ho iou9 lo w 101(1 very means to restore the
lho States, nnd in substance has declaied . onment and banishment of citizens with-
llial our old Government should no long- out due process of law, in his interference
er exist, lhat the wur was now for the! in ejections, and finally, in his attempt to
freedom of the negro and not for tho res-: re eled himself through his rotten bor
loration of tho Union. lough system of a one-tenth vote of the
lie oflirrned that in Ihus placing him- rebel Slates, to accomplish which ho bold-
self above tho law, Mr. Lincoln had for-; Iv nssumes to ignore a solemn law of the
foiled all rixht to our respect ; that, as a last Congress, and which act is character-
condition precedent lo our respect end i ized by Senator W'nde and Kepreientative
DDi'uit'uiv, jic uiubi ii'iuuuruii uioiu iiju 11, ii uiicr iuvm luoui Aooiieionrsis ) as
law, and lhat it was tho right and Iheelu-'."dictatorial vsurialiun " lhat must bo renie-
ty of the citizen lo denounce him for hisjdied.
i.reaoli of duty, and lo impeach Inm and JwsohcU, Jhat, " peaco upon the basis
his aiders and abettors before the tribunal of lho Union as formed br our fathers, is
of tuo people lor their utter disregard -ol . row tho heartfelt desire of every true
me law.
He argued that it wns the duty of all
who loved our institutions, lo unite for
the overthrow of this corrupt and hiwlcss
Administration, to tho end thnt w ar might
ceaio, meicilea conscriptions le Hopped,
and the Union of our fathers restored.
Under a Democratic Administration, WBr
would bo made tbo last igcncy for the
restoration of the Union, instead of tho
first. All other means would be tiied to;hn thus placetl himself above the law. has .-ti
1 ...... . 1 i- , . , -.--:. . I . 11 . , ' J" "
. ' y:
rillLADELrillA k ERIE
fpUIS Kreatlin. travor,e. , &k
1 KorthwcJlorn counties rfl.TK
tho city of Krio, on Lako Kri. ""
It has ben leased by th, ft,.-.,
rood tonfnny, and under their 4
ing rnpidly ojiened throughout iu
11 11 now in use ior Kiwenrer t.j V
si-.iCfi from llarrisbure to St,,,tl J
211 miloj) on the Ka.tern K, .1 , i!N
Hit imn. I..1
Time of Putttnarr Tm,'..
Ernrio. Train ln.X W.
Aci; in n Train arrives westitatj i S 1
Cnrs run through wiTBor. .T'l
on these trains betwern Mn.j.i-?"
Haven, ani between Baltimore nduf"
more, and Villiamport andPhTfil
Fur infitrinatiim rnuriAai:..n.. I
wi'ivm ir ruin. e
apply nt the S. E. Cor. Ifth ted JlX I
And for Freight buainen of tk,iv
J. W. ltevnolds' Krie :
J.M.rill, Agent N.C.R.R.M
II. II. Hocsto.1, 0"n'lVrei(.htAATI
Iwu L. Uxpt, Oen'l liekrtAA
Jos. D. P..T-N, lien'l JJanaggr.WaJl "
may 2i, 1861. 1 "
J furo existing leiween the nQt
(he publication of the (.'Imrfuli Ht
disiolrod by mulual consent M thi iu
July, 1S6I. '
1'he Books are in Ihe band of Ikeite,.
nerforcoilcetinn. llioee patrotk.j ':
felvcs indebted to the late puMitimfc'J
tub?cription, adiertipinj, or joni,,t
fpjctfnlly invited to call aid settle ttiiJ
at their curlieot convenience, f
I. W. JfflORl
, . 0. u. gooduq;
Liraruou. juiv L'7. isw. . b
lover of our institutions, nnd all other po
litical objects should be made toyield to
....u...u.r..i, .. .j -ecraniy proiesi DISSOIUTIOX
ngn.u... .uu suen .epu.waie an uogmas; nj partnership herelofreeito,J
atvnr.ancotherew.ih, nnd denounce tho J. the undcmgn.d in th.prCi1
u.miiirniuui nui (win 111 j,! ii col n ami resse'.i an Lieariiciu anil nnjunmg conntie, ii
"'J o whom it may concern," ns revolu-'dinoWcd ty mutual confent.
tionary in sentiment, contrary to law. and I VM. A. Tllli:
subversive of the Constitution; amine' . ...... J011X.Q.I&
ntlirm. lhat n trrvunt nf H,a nm,l !.! "carficld, Ju.y 2,, IStVL
, , , . . " ..
restore peace and unity ; and he did not
hesitate to say that all shades of opinion
in lliiu psrty uniicu in tno fntiment,
forfeited ail claim to our confidence, rea
red and obedience."
JiMovetf, Jhat while we are ready to.'-
1 ; - :u L. .
i'Xt A1IU UUF1I1C3B will 08 tODUMU.
fioHl ai heretofore, by
n a. a. wiiu:
thnt an armistico and tho opening of re- oley ull laws eracted in nccordanco with ' V1 ,V'Vi? P'
gotitlion would be the very lirst step of a ; tho C;on.titulioii..)t hnhj i m bo theri; V.'.' ri.'l
' '' ;'"M-ri,".u"v,,uu I'lucinmiiiiona mat imve no Irghcr claim : Scfiembcr, 1862. nnd rjV.e is tka i
the Inion and vindicate ; to our observance than the depot's plea 1 1803, ns raid nuto las keen
i, and lhat lho peaceful: of tnditari neertitv." JOUSK
Eradford tp., July 20,
mriit of war, wrong
failed lo rcstoro
the (cnitilution
irinedy of inlercouito was new tur im- Jtctohrd, That the only hope of escapo
perstive duly. horn theevils that now alllict our common
Jle rcferrnl to Iho pending eonrcrip- - country, and put a stop to the slaughter
lion as an ovcrfhndowing pail upon the , of husbands, fathers and rods ; nn end to
niinoi oi nn, ns uirging in us wake, iieartlcrs confcriptions, most odious in!
untold niheiy ; snid Hint he hud on nil : their discriminations in favor of lho rich!
occasions ndvh-ed lulmissicn to law, bc-nnd ngninsl ihe jioor ; ce use tho snckin",!
causo of the duly of the citizen ; that the, burning nnd spoliation of cities, towns' I
11.1 mr. i.mcoin nsei iBKen irom urn , v.nngcs. numiets and other property, to' Will Imi Campaign Sheet for ll.k
Ins base of argument, and now he had no jeente; lend lo a reduction of elebi, n dim-nnd Conservative mams.'
advice to give, but that, for the many inulion of taxes, aud restoration cf Coiuti-j It will be printed on i hrpiledft-'
wrongs of which the preicnt Administra-1 tutionnl currency ; and finally to tl"ro WT nt ,uoh r"lc" M krit'
lion were convict belore the people-, he eetabli. hment of freedom of necch"nnd I"u'h ofn11, H will support the '
could only uo tho words of Hen Wade cf the precis to bo found in a snP"dv , I'e",.0,rft,rof T''i0'.
and Winter Havi. s I,t the people eon- return 'io and the benign influS ! f LVAMft'
.u,r iuo rtmeuy ior uieo usuipations, winch will, tliereby, l o brought to benr white man, nnd fear'lj sutfin iIIIkI
uu n..r IUUI.U, iuk tjieui icaricssiy exe-.upon tne minus and hearts of the m-ordo ' tutkunl rights nftheiiiiicn.BOBiiw
cute it "
JIr. Wallace closed with a pathetic and
iu all sections.
Jletolved, That
the doctrine of Slates
iiimrlor tbev uist be (.mileiL
The first number will be issoed X
earnest anneal to men of all nnri'.M in'lliclii.-nn. .n t,.i. t ... : .' "Iof Aucuti. Tho whole number till i
tk il.o ;,!,. r-.i-i Vn"".. "V"""' y uioso f0n0Wlne each mher woeklr, nnnl"
had to make itrf establithmcnt such a can
dilion ; that he hael no more right to call
S'JO.OOO meu into tho field to prosecuto'u
war for such a purpose, than ho would
havo to their services in the establishment
of a caonarchy. He characterized the
President a ultimatum as nn attempt
I nion of Stales, it could not fad to see
that tbo experiment of war had been
ovidc, most thoroughly and horribly made,
and that it has filled, f ho widest thing
Mr. Lincoln ever said, ws, lhat if wo went
to wnr, we could hot fiijht always. Mr.
Bigler said he would pay the expenses of
Dr. B. hero concluded his remarks, when
the Chairman o f the Committee cm Iieno-I
lutions was introduced, and made Ihe fol
lowing report: i
Wiirnr.As it is not only the conslitu.!
?5"Tni: only read to pence is through
military measures, nnd it is exceedingly
important that something decisive
""""V ' " Ktiuv wiun "viuwi. relations fcetwoon tlio ."States, lhat was
wrev d not distrust the peoj.le, but tncre the rifiht 0f the States, and the States
would doubtless bo wrae doubt respec- enjy. ji0 rcreate-lly quoted Lincoln
the result of therrcsidentinl election ngainst Lincoln, to ihe infinite amusement
teneral Ornnt wins no victorv nnd n iii. 1 ir ..,.,i i i
celing of d.scoiuagctncnt pervades the against the eommut.ication "to whom it
loyal States.
may concern" IIo brought on the stand
Ni spcaKS ine ashington correspon- the ontiro Kepublican farty iq both
ticntoi t national jimimtTif toandurd. I Houses of Congress to testify against Mr.
at a flagrant usurpation of nuthorilv, lor , nc' one who wouiu go io wasiungion and
which he merited tho severest execrations , renJ Hiat passage or lho Inaugural to Mr.
of nil men levoted to our renublicnn form Lincoln. IIo feared it had been forgot-
or Government. He denied that cither j1"1- Tlie democrats would not forget it,
tho President or Congress, or both united, should tho Chicago nominee be elected,
.possessed any such right. Tho Covcrn-I Ho cxpresied lho belief that ihe very first
meats at IUcbmond and Washington !l",lorl o a Hemocratic Tresident would ba
combined havo no right to overthrow lheit0 8l0P Hie war-to put thoswoid lo n-st,
institutions of the States .or tochnnrn the in order to try what virtue Ihoro is
. -----e- 1. i .
a reusuu, iieguimiion, nnu iniercouree.
lie expressed tho belief lhat ten com
petent men as Peace Commissioners,
cowld do more to rescue the country
from its alllictions, than a hundred thou
sand, or five hundred thousand conscripts.
He had long since declared himtelf in
favor of an armistico, to lho end that com
missioners might be appointed to arrange
lie says the only road to peace is through! Lincoln's right lo overthrow 'slavery ly Hi If"118 of temporary peace, with ft view
military measures. How does lie know ? showing thatThey had unanimously voted, 'or referring our national troubles to ft
None other than military measure have at the Into session, lo so amend the Con-ionvenlion of Stales, under tho forms of
been tried! They havo failed, so far, witlijstitution as lo authorua the overthrow of! Hie Constitution.
little prospect of any better result io the. slavery. The amendment failed, nnd now Mr. Uizler was followed bv Hon. Wm.
r..l.. I Itl I .H. . 1 ' .
juiuii.-. ,. ",v-iw" Claims o exercise uie right
We believe that ?taco lasting ponce himself. This was only equalled by Mr.
ns lasting as obtains between peoplo gen-. Lincoln's hardihood about his scheme of
rrally can bo obtained by negotiation. coropnsMed emir.cipation - which ho
That has not been tried aud won't he first Bought to catryout by net of Con-
mea ny Lincoln wunoutuio ireeaom oi gress ; nrauu asKeu uongrosi to pro- speech elicit more bcartf responses, or
the negro being tho basis or tho nego-, vide for bo amending the Constitution as1 plain truths create CTeater enthusiasm,
tiation. U ith thohtllo progress we have .to authorize tho appropriation of money U ne briefly referred to the constitutional
made in conquering peace, during thefor such purposes ; and failing with tho(iight, peacably to assemblo and apply for
and ic , reir . o.t ll . n I r r "'r 'fK l0u.bvcrt our present system elminn, th result of which w.'ih"
and to rear a loft the standard of I ence Government is one of tho main pillars cd in tho final number: Peisomifc
and Lnily, ns the beacon of hope aud the uron which the fabric of -Union . vative ri.,1,.. cnuntv Committeeiiri"
harbinger of safely. ted by the futhers of the Keruiblic- that'lnt'Tcstcd in tho cause sre inviBin'
sir. naiiace was toilowed ty Pr. T. i II1P "cpanure lueretroni Lroutht upon us
Jeff, lloyer, who was received vith shcuts our l'r,,'ent wo. -od thnt a return there-
or .,.., i.o ,;c um m !'! 5?rA.S.r M
his lemn.ksjbut befcre concluding j L'rsohtd, That the courso or Senator
shewrr of rain ce mpc llcil n retrent to the : Wali.acb and Kepresentative Hover, meets
Court-house, although not over one third our most hearty approbation, and deservo
of tho vast crowd could e fleet nn entrance. Hie appellation of " well done, good nnd
iaitlilul servants."
7eY.w.W, That " these proceedings be
signed by tho ofliicers, and published in
tho V!car field Republican, J'artriot l Union,
nnd Philadelphia Aje,
nonai rigtu tut llio duty or ihe peoplo I Un motion, lho vote was taken by yens
peaceably to assemble together to express ;Bd Bay( v,Licl. refulted in ono universal
Iheir opinions on all questions fouchinc' ,, 'r , ,
lho public welfare; and whereas none 1 F flnd wb?n 11,0 Mi weroi
but ft tyrant would Mlenipt to interfere , cn"e' tl' 'lenco was that of the tomb;
wiui uie iree exercise of those rights; arm tlio wholo were then adopted with
iWefore we, a portion or tho citir.ens of 'ihreo h earty cheers.
Clearfield county, solemnly re-avowingour I ti, ,i ' ,
fealty and obligations to ihe laws and tho mcct'"fi cn adjourned.
constituted authorities, do now stnl bnrn A t.., r.. o
i ' ; .nin up rEMAi.Kroimrns.
aeciare UW.m.i .hum .it:.. .
Pint. Thftlll.iir!AwnmAMiArii..i'.: " '.,U"J "i
o ,., i " vuung woman woo dossu tliatlsho linB scrv-
l l,' m V" ."'r'"0'1 'I1 "ccorJunuo I twenty-two months in tho Federal Cav
L " "i?.!!1 airy, nd professed to regard her term of
; V T VT' ' "ytc ut "ervice ns uie most agreeable period or her
fined by human wisdom. j ifo, she gives her name as Frances Louisa
ii,' .J,"ll,?res!orolllnlGoTcrnn,cr't Clnyton, of St. l'nul, Minnesota. She
to its onginsl simplicity, purity, and dig- joined the3(lth Missouri Cavalry, and look
nny,we urewilhng losubmt to any sac- part in sovcral battles, inchuiing that of
.... , ,., . , , , :.tone' Jiiver, wiicre slio received n wound
,i,i n wnr OI more innn llirco nllioktiro N ha akIaiI linn ...n
In Clc bj of not fen than ID to ftf J
" -
C.h must occompanyeiifhie'',:'
Orders fhld bo sent tn to"
lnteet by tho firA d..r of Aup",,,
111 I .1 I'll., Ulll" ,L,t !.
el aa an Auctioneer, uuuvr ,
Laws, respectfully infruis W f
public fcencrjlly.-thnt be if
attond rublic talcs iu any P""'
tho ehortcst notice and on im t
t.rms. Ho can be "tld
letter, et Leeont'i Mills, Clesrj55j
C .. n, n h n n r7a"'H'''1
OUOl unit
1 fr.ii-rvcl711
THIS larce nJ moitl
liKhtfully located o tbeU"
tiuehanna. In tho borough of tor u
Thepreeent proprietor ""V iH
rn.i..,i.i. ,ntomeri cerof'rt1"'' -
merit a liberal share of pnbM P-
Will b well supplied wily " ,Djtf
ket afTords naftuien wiU ""' ftV
I" ADIES' Drs, ''he-f'i
J Tlaide. Mozambique,
oiA. niise. u . - ...r
hams, Lawn., jut P'f
.i Ikt If
having rt;is,1j,
A Wallace, who engaged tho attention of
the vast crowd for more than an hour.
Mr. Wallace talked as if his feelings were
fully up to Ihe occasion j nnd never did ft
I j - " iistsiurftsivve -' iV ivw Ull I MI k Bll Well
years duration, and of unparallelled ning- that she think she never would have been
nilutlo, slioulu be suflicient to convince discoverd but that she was wounded' nnd
Ml rational minds that lho Unicn cannot sent to tho hospital. Miss Frances is far
7...w7 "rL". ., 7 ,nowo,:u- . romping gocd looking, and with her
. 4"" "lecnvo means, nair ciippeel tijorf, as she now wenrs it.
lor tun rotlnrahnn r.F ikn 1..;. b .... n .1... . ... ... - 1
. " " ...v.., o.o a even suo Kigiit easily do mistaken lor a
cessation of hostilitioMctercourse, reason man, the more especially ns (ho chews
' 6"""". anu SpllS t ier tllO most nnnrovp.1 fnnh nn
lhat the ultimatum of Mr. Lin-: She dreae rwiiB in L-i,t r k.ic ,i
half style, and is altogether a remarkablo
looking girl. We believe sho is on a lectur
ing lour now. riitabxirgh Chronicle,
coin, Addressed "lo whom it may con
cern," establishes the fact beyond all con
troversy, that the war is now waged for
the overthrow of slavery, nnd not for the
restoration or preservation of the Union
or the enforcement of the laws.
Sixth. That slavery, being exclusively ft
threo years rind over that we hnve boon atmendment, ho hnally attempted to carry J redress of grievances, and the right lo State institution, war waged for the pur
war, wo apprehend that theothcrsido ia(out his scheme in elcfiaiice. of lho CocBti- lr arms in defence' of themselves and' rose of compelling its abandonment, is no
not likely very Boon lo agree to Mr. Lin- tution. Mr. C. Baid ho had uniformly , tbfctate, and affirmed (hat both were in' ! revolutionary and violative of the
coin's preliminary conditions. Tho only advised obedienco to law ; this was a rulo violate. (Constitution than was the net of secesiioo
u 1 . . .:!;,, !ti 'n
be Ihrouch a clianuo of rulers ; and. from of doubtful uuthoriiy or utility ; but bo in- ment.SlaLfi An,l KivUrni . ihAt' Seventh. That ia lontr
lment intlication, they tuonn to mako tended that obligation ns much for tbesa ; lb? Ktatos crt-atod the Union br th for- wage.i for the tmrposiw eot
thai cijAnrQ in rsnYfmtpr. ( wnih j.n- in ns lor Inose out of unf hni ilv. ilo snii molmn th. rnn-:i..i;MH xrmtt ik tMninklnn. nf (Vnff.Aa. t.i kai m. riAMA..t ... - .m- i
,ino 4ici..i.i?n wni ns roucn ppuna ry tno wun cte!)ivJ snd ImiKed powers, wjbw ' nunuer or vomoteeri exceeded the de- ing always for the comfort of hit men."
the war was
forth in tho
7 in n.
A soiwrr in the urmy before roters
luirgh writing to hi father (who was a
liepublican three months ago), says: "I
hope you will do all you can for the elec
tion of McCIellan. If the boys here get a
chance to vote, you may depend on bis
getting a large majority I lie is regarded
as the ablest General in the servioe. and
the best man for brineine the country
out of difficulty, He is not only a good!
..VS1 Ik""
...r. OTPI-rT. CIK1""' .m
hM beenremoddled, sals r r
the proprietor wPr-wiWC
ne la now ir - :.
favor him wim artW r 4
a-,ni ..f. and o"7 ii(f 5
""i""! Ana "
will always b on tsnd. lH1'