Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, June 15, 1864, Image 2

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Tivk to OnoAXize. We nek the utlcu-1
lion of our Poinociaiio friend to the ad- j
dress m' the National Democratic A-cin-1
tion, inserted on our first page. Th i.i good,'
W')lk been long delayed j but that Hi'- I
live tiioienieiili have now commerced,
let us all take
devote every
groat ohjl ct
tho country
his heait that there is no hoi
Wanhiviton, June li 7 a m
T!j Mihf-Ufxtral l)tjc: 'v have ilii
ine aui on rmay. i -- unewriea in Diaso ulion r,r n...
TIlO object i Rliil Insult of thn save ' : n u ur r . ft MIL PsilneriM,. i .... ur'CrL
l..... i I .. . VHAWroittk. ' I t.i 1 i,.7. f. '
liuiiuu mi muiiy nu ilium Hrn won staled l',,i .(',.. f'i,,n,.wl I.:..:'- ' . .' ' 1 J. V. Kh..
in the following cHinct Ahich wo lake u a T...7' . i 7. Mr'P'. 01 urlc' :''rliM O.Un.. '"tl,.
from tho Now Yoik Tims, tho oro,. of ... . .. ?' . ' " ? .U.T' T' UV.?":
Mow, Lincoln and Seward iu lhat eitv ; .., 1 u.e M-conti. tilth. Sixth, St-vntl,. 01 J,"'n 1"u'1 'xrititlui,,. ,
..!..- ...:n
, j'BiKun n 1111:11 win naun Unexailinle.l
liiutnru r iimu.'. ,11
V Dissolution of
- - 0 - -
lute be-, t oil! Hon. lirunl i. licatlmiai'iot-i " ... I,al I e, o Final- List uinu mn,, " . i-'fi em u, nun i wonm Ko,.inoiiti. t,- Juliv
hoM In good earnest and down to 0 o'clock lasi tninj(. which mure serious u flair, both in original eon- Iho Jtucktiiil frivod nl Wiliinioii J-.otTw
ciu'rcv to the Mllll 11,111 llll'n' 1 " "" lJt!,llln ooptiou. iiH nutu .1 chwniuier. m.d tin final u!" 41 ' n.i'Tistau on tl.o Oil. I )kimivVI. ,;i k .n'.: "
.i . , , . f "op tho day. Tho cnomv made an .iiiack oon-cp.nce. than wo had l.oen l-d to I,,.. 1 '"; ' en,!'' ''Vi'iuh liniments, wore X ll'o .,f h.Jj'Mij,!,
... x.oA-tho rr.toMtion of 0 1(), ,y ii:,u ,. Unncwk. Wright lu-vc Iron, tho h, t dos,lU:h. 1 ncioloic '"'K d.cha.l on 10 tcb.,a f;.r . t.ui;jar W;
l.vety Itoinocrat believes in ,,,, Smiih hut wore ovci vnIkmo repuUcl. u, ,u, ,,,,1,1,,.. The Intention real- !.th' .H'"1 '.,n! l,r'"t i" that city. Thoy 'v"h '?';'!"' ' T" L.
efor hii Urtiicock'n lines arc hroughl w ili.ii forty v n thatit hIu.i.I.' ho the deoUive but- V. 11 lHsl ,"lUlft "'i' ""Ih of inundaiim.. ,i ., , !, 1 ,.,r
U H'MM'.W .MoltMMi
1 1 .v t:
K: 1 1..: ics Nome. Ci'.d
1;.y. W. 1 1. Wiiiht will !
willnm, the
thinking K.'pubiioatu ure of tin) be
lief thai 11 i- ruin, filiate' y and confu-
l'i 'i i inn Chu'ch in Curweni v ille on
it S'il lja',!i, at 11 a u-, and in Clear
fu !d at 7 J f, m.
V.'u. A. I'voi.M, K-ij C'oliKLi llu.V. Tho
Hii-M iwceitiert ot Wi. II I'dnoni, ot l'iko
mm I t, u a cm ili.Uio for Sht'l ill', win
n.mtnki', lor Wxi. A- I'l.oou. ot Knox
inuhhip. 'I ho tnistakc 'M entirely our
i.rtn ; but cm: do no possible harm, a ho
isirrcction is tiia.lo iu lull tune to pi event
ir.y fun In r tuimppreliciiaion.
country outsido of the restoration of tho yards of the rebel work. 1 1 o icbel woio lie of the campaign. The ninveuiotiti of
lVmooratic ,.arty tonoer. And many very bn.y Stunhiy ii.trMMrh- th o proc.d.n--l iys culMunatin in tho
- iiiaiii t d tin Iti.l A't.l KKIeitl III,. IliWKjIlltlltl- im.. ,i..ia,i .'.((.,1,1 II. ,1 i.i..liu. I
I'l"' v .-T-ll, , I V. V l I ltlllM'--,l IIIIIM'III
iny, at I'.oIIoiw'h lii ido. imiLtort ard even- sirate;.'io puint had ilr:i n our liiovi chi-u
ing t'liewa parly iicrns thecn-l kmIo, in h,M,i of tho (.'liick ihioniny, and rcdu-
K. JI. i amon, Sic. of War. cod the imli'aiy problem to .lie loicin,; ol
the j:icnii of i hat river- i proMem w h n'h,
WasIIIMHon, Juno (')- p) . M. ifsuli cd in out favor, would decide whet h-
T .V.ior- (r. f.fii' Ji.r : leiiUclios halo .- Kh'IhuoihI could bo emiiid by c-ey d:
been received from Hen. (iianl'it ho, id- i,ioi, if u de.'iiio vieloiy hhould atlmd
. Miiarlei'H lo-dav. but thev leoort onlv col- rinr iiiimi or v. !,,) Iut i, iirnu .v j . 1 1 : . 1 1
1 i . . . i, . - i
0 0. ich in tho bion, tiniest thn direction of public aibiiru
arc jjiven to (illior men. Then let every j
nun put his nhoulder to the w heel, and
there will yet be hope for the country.
Fatal Actii'EST. A younj; man
May, wit Inn a few miles of
oujilit under tho gallant Mc(.'l..lhiu m
'C 'Kii.oi'i Ini'oci(. i jtmo t5, lcf, 3-
THE NEWS. oTitii.-Au r-.s,,.rj;c;u-:;"
..... 11 WniT MKi-i,i.... "i w.
Mo:li news Inun tho opt rntioim ,1-ound ctrtaln pr .. ttv iq li;rta l "nC
lichin. r.d m S-. crclary Stanton h.u M-.o, );."'"''"' ,, I.,,, C'n'Vi',
Huii t.i ,j ... . l , . :aj'i
,1, ..f v " """uuiur.f". '
.tu,ur. J'j M..-fT'te
W. 1'0TtV1;
,opcr to iivu to the public, w,,l ,,o found UuTC7
i our coin mm lo-d it. Th) lutllo of I m w,,'",h U uLt"''""-i o-''lu'.Mt;v,,'',.'l';
riday week, which is now .-.;. itcdly Juno 1., r. pi. Ll Vl-Ci
...... I .... .... . t l. . 1 ....... .... - 1 ...... ... . . I 1 i' I . t n l ... . .
:i 1 1 1 ct iitr'i'K in if it 1 1 1 i m in 1 1 ri i ii in i- n i i i.ii i in iiutvii ,i u k oiin i ini'in i im.o in iiiitm.tii.ii.ii.. t . i ..... ...
ttashmgton Ilcartyon ot tho la o Jo- c0l, t,.,,,,,,,., ( npcr. ilw,.-. They i tale "Tho K'at strudo did not result in tion to 1mv boon intend..,! Ivtien (rm II .lit i rt V nl I .1 1 1 i W f I 1 1 V W I :H a 1 V I It n I V ir V I I 1 1 it I ir . . t n t1 U f II cikviwi un.l I imi.i i I n niinmn . nuu ' ' T T 1.' f . t .
. ... -..,.,.v ')( Itiv ti I i I IlillL II. If- . i l 1 it.. UH
injured on Wi!n'?thy lal ly the falling 1 liief qiim h rinasi i of it-.r atiiiv ro- ncre c;irnil and leini'nturi y Ik'M :tt tivo
To UmlJcr.
" . i . .. i : .. . i . . .. ,.r i i. a . . . . . . . i
ThodocenseiUndllatry U.yW ' ,' u'i 1 . . 1 1 1 ' . 7
ni. nipf iii iui.i,iMj..'i..M, ,,lluMIM,t kI ;tte. All ireeiltul il plies mo. l'i oliiM V
of n tree.
Milled in a serious failure on the part of ui.til lliu Stih Hay of July, t.xt
hi them, tho t. n ion loroen. I ho kiloncn of Sicrc
no action so nni'oita'it, in lis i.,..,, v;ir,t,,., . I..... : :.
1 I I r O' I f - i I I ,il i . . ,vu nmw: . ilvll 1.1 IJII1IIMJU,
to -iisu j., mi i 111 im- n ii.i.j; 01 ii hi-, (,n ii iiio, nii'i 1131119 c;i-iij 1 1 au-un iiieui ciiai'iici ir. was ever crowd. "i into si oriel
llecanv was sii-iick on tho head in homo to the hi my . I ho ouioli'iL hi o l.eiuj! n puM i mic ton lorril'lo ii' mutes in
rtiE Tr.iTii l-v lIisTAKn. "It is r:iMei to nisnuor t ho p. rtulais of w hich wo
"1 lir.-i.,f I."' ,'MiiM
!tlll I, . .1 .
k.ilLln h
01 o.-f rr'.uvl i,ui li
t ccilicutioi.t cu lio Rn Xyx xif
i.i- -jii.'r a re.iiClul.L pi'. .pic, llooi l.i,y .i. ri
u.iin; ai.d lo ir. 1 1-... it:.'" tho Kurnprun
'. sU-nt of .'ii ti'iiih 44 c.'nnr frtaum; .1,
-, imi i.r our form of g ncr.nent, an ab-
I'liO abivfi sontciK-ii is taken from A
- : ooeh delivered by .ludjjo l'tily, i f Ne V
'i nk, (a far LVic.rerai ) at a war inoeiini;
eld ill that city u few ilayjnjro. Tho Idj!
in drciiledi dly hiepular, l et f rt.hole'.s,
1 i'ii,oit:int titltli inadvertantly ccapos
ii lipn. It is an "ulturilily," m the
.lie .ludgo, to attempt lo ittain noil c"irrn
;."ij,n:v i province. ol thi ace inlinj; to
,hc same .ludfo, is hinder to do than to
.nqucr thorn.
Like nil other', .Ki'lo Daily docs not
tempi to tell us what chad 1 done with
hoco "provinces" after they t-hail luve
1,0011 CMi'iucred. Moro sonilly ho do-
otes his talents in doi.iiip whv to nc
v.'tnj.lish tho easier" port ion of iho "con
! uot" tolling us very honestly i!uit to
hink of g :rcr.irj them afiorwuidi, is an
.ihiur.i'i y."
What a cheer fu' protpi ct in hero held
f Tth ti the people.. After thoy have fjient
. icre Ihnn three yours in the ncrcnipli-h-'iienlof
whul I hoy wero told was only a
were nnali! to loitui anil so neyereiy ie
iured that ho expired that nilit. lb' was
Mf!.' l about twenty yearn, and a youth of
much ptomii-c.
Tiiievfs AbofT. Scarcily a day pien
thiil we do nut boar of a case of robbery,
or attempts Ht ivhhcty. C"i r country
merchants have '. eon pretty ceiierally vis-
Kentucky is ji'iiin invaded by nvoral
brouchl in. and transport arc not d-hiycd ihu early daw 11 devolotied on tho part of r:("llnfc' columns, under Gen. Morgan, and
a mo uent Iho encniy nioh (.trenih both of po.ilinn several towns Iihvo been raptured and
a .1, ..1. i,, i:., s,i,nt,..,,, , 1 11 1 : .1... , .
" ' ; " n 1 mi 1 j .I.... U-. inn 1 Miii i.ii niucu raitroaa property ileal roved
o'clock, none. to-d,iy, at Ackwnrlh, cays : victory t hat could hero l.c acli eved would . . , 1 1 ' v
I am now on the railioad l Ackworth be i.nrcln.o.l at too -rent, r, eri-t Allilo.i oporl prevailoii in rsow 1 urk
matchless valor directed by coiiMim male ur'-;,y '''" ' had died in Kifli-
skill could do win done; but il was in nioiid. Tho i fl'-ct was to bring pold don
from p.s j pi (
Sta!i u and Irr.e loll po-son loiwai.l
to wi'hiii i-i uoVs of M iriet I 1. All well."
K. M. S-asto, See. of Wiir.
Juno 11, lMI.-r.j. 'IUliUV,
STKAVr.I ur TDI.lix"; -.J
of I'. tvr Suit, in lirmllWJ ' Phi .
nlRlit ' f the 2 I'd. i.f May .(t . T V'l,
ite.i; and last Saiutd:iy nipbt the stort of mac. tin
"In fallitii; back, ln.nrver, the artnv
W tMits .TOs, J uii - 7 -' I . V M was from abandoning all tho lound
TjMn I'tr. lhj-. AV.c ' v ; Mi-paicll- il had gained. It held and i-till holds the
cs liom hea hoi. irters, A'icj of the l'oto- rnemv with unrehixiii' clutch, loeu
It'll vrsr.i i.l: . !. ili,-, . '"'il
on S.'it,- 1 ' ft, lonn horn", imu nciior thini",1'
hi. ruivnr,! n;.l l,e -M u .Ji
mc w:.lTO BLV CUU hi IUUJ.
(..i.lkinH. Ji.t.e s, lsf,l.;
St pi.
'i'o Mi!!-Vrii-hts '
1'AI.KD 1'UOPM.S.VLS ilUtr';,
il '.' this nioriiii.j:, li.ive l.een re
ceive. I. Aiia-i-auit uas t, 1nie.11 inim-mo
about liiidiii.d.t an 1 succe-.-fulit rei nl-ed
entered and trlievc.l of cooils to tho a-
II tnc ick's
ttdviincnij; furc line, .stnool l!i"j.ariy
wero capture 1 and thn rest killed or diiv
en back.
Several le"ors have pae ! bet Teen
(.i.'ii (fiant and (Ion !."o, in re-poci to
collect tnj: 1 ho dead and wounded between
tho two armies, (ien. (iumt, in the do--i
ti t letter, reieu 1 1 1 rt t ail Ins ell'.ils "Kir
aif iuliii tl.t )..:!',. of wo'iiiib-d men
let. on I no t, 1! t He..: I ceil no i iloi v ,
:i. sent nut
1 lu'ir c: mi-
papers in the Siaio, Inlands, wero captured in eonseipionco of
Mr. SutTit oilers tho fJto Dfijcrj'. frr ; tho enemy not delivering (len. letter
, 1 1 .1 1 r , o. f.. until after the hour ho had named had
citle, which Hike I i u (me 01 portunil j for 1 . . .
11 expired, (.en. Inant has iioiilied tieneral
a man of active energies. ! ppe ,),, thy ,,,. i,rmili a
Tub Captive iletitu FKoi.-Thn f,l-; nii-i.nd-rs.sndi..-. a,.d .-. ill nci b-l.eid as
In the 1 lece lini! ali.rnooii ahundiod
mount of pei haps n hundred dollar. pieked men of tlic ftiemv mad. a ni-h lo
The exorcise of a little viir:Unr upon fee what was tho rreaniui!
the par! of the victims of tliefo freeboot
ers inihl have a very sitisf.ict.ry elb ot.
Nrw Pfmoi matic Dui.v. II. 0 Smith, :
l'.-q., of tho Fu!;?n Cvfiit It'io:rat. in eon
neci ion w ii h a part. or. U about to lake;
charge of the Limn'cr Intf'Uu-nrcr, inten
dioj; to publish 11 daily paper ao.
n... . : ..I , 1... .,,..1 l 1
IIIOI'f,l''.;t't(t'ii'..s4iu'-s,i,.,-fc.i,,', ... , . ... ,
' I o rebel ot'.P'i l.s Rlid six 11. t
iiiont reliable and mbtanliul 1 'eniocratic to sr (1.L,, j,,r , j.,, iviumded of
loiovt it'C H teisiciti o!
ui Hi iiru I. .if i I iirliod
breakfiitj-'b;"af:er woio than a million lowinj; letter explains itKelf. Thoho bravo I ' V(, ,(," nu:ltarv iie!li,.,snee has boon
See. of Wr.r.
sr. on n niM' iT. n.
cf t-hcir fellow countrymen had been boys had not been heard fro'n iinoi ttif r'Ceiv'ii.
i-laugh tered : and after piling up a nation- timo of thuir capture, until it few days a;o.
d debt ofe:.r th.navhl million) cf AALirs, ar.d fears bo-m to bo entertained thai
1 ,i . '.. , . l tt 1 ., , . . r.. ri.
.liiiumg uiai tno reiuciani people iitv a- nioy liau met a worse iaie. j iieir nuiner-; ,j ,n jh f (,n ty.l
'.out as fur from being conquered as thoy 01H , iends will bo glad to learn that, they j IVom'Ueii. (i.ant, dated jesierday al 15
fre at the beginning, lo be told that the are sate and well. p in . that all has boon very quiet to day.
.v.,W...W,tof the nurn,w of which all. I.vsriiiiVR.i. Va . Mat 9. 1SC4. No cu-ualtie reported.
. unerltlees loivn Vieen is u 'V,- iVr J.ine a. II hero and well was ta
iiriiiiy ' is most ilt i iile.lly cool.
tictt. ipiuonvr not ...o IV ,1).. tf,, r.
in eoiiipany w it Ii Chai les Lai rimer and
Lixcot.y ami .Ioiis'sto.n. Tho Conven- M. IV (.'ramor. Wo are nl' well, have been
...! iii . i. ,t . :-.r.t. . iiseil well, and nro in a hoahliv f.miii--
on o tun oiii'-e-iioiu hi: nor "n o mo t , , , , , - ,' . ,. i
" ' :.. ,,,,.1 I L,ir,.u in. t ce a ticl.'it '
Titmi. pi-r.iT tt.
VV I...... r,.v I t I M.
'' a. '.J'. AVic ', k : A ditttch
from Mr. lima, at (itn. (iiant's hcadounr-
now our lines in many places within filiv
yards of the enemy's win ks on the Chick
ahotnuiy, and while il is not clear how
lien. 1 1 , ipt can again make nn udvanco on
his immediate .hunt it will bo e.piiilly dif
lii ult lor Loo to make bi c.-ii.pc. 1 he
mi ii ntif n hi Mich I hiit ll.eio r ill necessa
rily li.w'ie t ei y important movements
on the p.irt of the enemy "
A Iisp:iich d.ilcil at head j'larter of the
Army of tiie PlIoiihc, on the 7lh inst.,
coiiiaips tl.o (ni
1'Yid iy's battle :
"Th" l;-:ci.m...d ' r.f .Tune I
an: , .s '.!,; nf eight bundled
ale! lii'tv (-I i-opei's on I'r.d.iy lit at l.ib
bv I'ii-oii. It says thai on f riday b ur
teen a-saii'its ,ii.ic made ly (len. lirant
on tin; li.dit of lino held ly Ker
shrt'.v, Iloko, and I'.reckii.ri.ige, all of
whi.'li were repul-ed woh grcal slaughter
of I he assaTauts, th"ii'on up n escaping
'din.i-t unh irnied. I ho aoknow ledment
is ir ado i It a '. we i' air.ed a pat t ial nicce
against Hicek iuridje, but liial lle y recov
ored the groin..!.
Our less, it ctatcH, nui-t have been Tory
heavy, and puts it al ten r twelve thous
and in ibis ongagemini, and '.ivs that
liiy look or.o ihou-and li.-oners.
" I'he .sVn.'i , '' furl hrr remarks that 1 ien.
'iran'.'s r.bjeet P. gain the strong posi
tions around i ii' .'.' and open the
i to
iitiir.luy the '.'.iih i!;iV f l, '
M AltHM.I)..Or. tho Slhimt., I.y t!io Ht.v il-n-rv
It. funitli, Mr. Saoiu'l Huston to M;,, U ;Wa
II. ('utile, nf tins piaon.
" tT ' I'lio l',tf nf ? li -nil i.l Cuke tint ar,-,iinsnlc J
tin! ii'.nvi, noii'T j;ai p n.iiir.ini't that, ia th kirel
ni n of tlielr brni l tlirj nislovl e the
(aa.e l,a ,iiie.i. !iry fdt tlieiu soli o. May too
iiiiip.ointii.nti. of iliiK woilj always ho Jjy'
journey uhiail of them.
dn the 9th inst . ly the W. M. fti rclul-M,
Mr. Alirnin lllewm to Mid Mnry Patterson, buth
of JorJan tun nship.
t-'n "hn ii-li ultimo, l,y J. It. 0kU-,,, Ti . Mr. on that the following B, praiiaer t. ii
Jlenry M. Iln-kok, or hin.x, to llift Mary A. , t ror.iil prui i-rty i.f d.vulcnti, itS
Slrillrv nf rnritii.iin t ..1, i ... .. . ..... .1.. .. M... . ... l
j ---a-.,. . v. r, ?vl ...u si,n,i oi intcttatft, u
ft,, iI.a 1. n. - m. o . .. t t the Aft of AUfcmbly of tho 14th .
1 a....,., ...lain, ... . ti'ifr t'Ull.Ut
to .Miia. M K'.-e, bo;b of Kims tup.
"n tho fume .lay, tv t'ac name, Mr, Dui i l A.
SI,.; . y. formerly of llliiiMninville. ihi eoonty,
lo Mim Mjyiriu Wi.rimuu, ol Diw-Lvilk', Ind.,
fuunty, l'.i.
bt iw...
, T V..t,,r.t... O,,. 'I .1, .1. . . I
the luielit, ot u
on in. ri 1 1 r, at ti c
.lull ,rei,ny (fr il
lo-v.::.:,,) , i; u , :. j, --i
Mill." 1".ji:i and 'i"fifii"iiiniclu i'"
cjIIi.i; npjo titiier 'f'lcta.',,!,"'
J'-'dX J. UKtD
Jun.5, K'M. ISAAC C.Lbl J
i l 1 .1 :;; At bis ret MeiiCii in An ,n. i,f er.
umiplion, on last Sa'ibilh afl-iuie.n, it. i".
Sflioenitij;, ia the o'.lh year of hi ng.
31 flu 'Jllibdlisniuats. !
is;l. bnve been tikvl in the ltffi.t.r,,j
( k'l.rf.i'l.l, iiiel nil! be jrfRiitr.d lu ,
Court for approval, ou fo L.osJay ti;w'
of June Iieit.
AprruifCiiieiit . f f.'r:i,in parcnjl profm,
r-ni mi.i.o, hi i a i i.ri i t ilia md. i,,!
I'.nel ilu.-e.-.-e I. I. il LAll ai-
Cifhifohl, jun. s, t:i;
" " pcrle't Mint'.r inv
1 VI I IOV-. Ail itTsoni are hereuy eaulion- j.j,! !:.oul::
, iiaiiisl or in any iv.iy ine.l. I ,.
nun;; uh a cerium bay atnlium, n in in tha poii. Thn Is
l'i!. 'IM I'd AS'
VL'rrtali. care f..r paia in lunl.niu.lUp
Ihroat. ci. u, rl.tuni.itioii, c.ilit, b
i'u., uiojv(rfi.i I.
iu, Co, Mich., J It,-,
10 e.Tt 1ST ' ,t,t mff wif. t.i...
a.. r II'.., I .. , . -I O U . . - C " " '',
" .' .4'-. ' " ' tjuir.toy .sore Tl.P.r.t ; it crowntnetd to
""'ii' ' i' e -i "m mm on iu;iiji,r;j Wlj H0, (,,r,3
an I is i-nojict i iny orJer.
batnbor Ci'v, l'.i.. Jiu.e l.i,
roao lo l.ettotns !,ii,l..e, anil eonnocl Willi ."'.7Vrr."."7 7.7 '7. TVS 7.T7 T
(ienoi')! imil.-r- l.oit'.it i,,s .,!.;.... i,, i U IIl-A.NM Ab MAll'.M I, .s 1
lL'tlao ami il-.ts?-o,ip,- u,.O).0'l. J III!. V LUJUKI.D III V l.tvvic.
tors, dated Siil
.i .tf.t tt . i . t
uoiiuon;si.s at luiinnorn iai w ocii f ,.. , ,i : , i, e. ,i. ,
ttl ..en , vt w I'ttt , v til i in' iitii.
Imve performed at leat ore falulary uct j Your bo.bnn.l.
r tho country renominated their ruin- I VI I.I.I A M '.'A KK
-or and for which act all well wishors of i Mm. Mary J. Carr, Clearfield, I'a.
'Mieir country ought to be doubly thank- j Al!uion i here mad" to the
4il. There is naw at least a faint glimmer ; ,,,., (rnm . a ,p..1rofa
p. t'.i . yrslrnliy, annonn-
b. i
'en. Hunter over t!
iti'l .Maurt'in. ano that 'he
p. ..'one as kille.) on uatt.e
The dispatch is as billows :
"Tho Iliclniiond Ec cnorT of o-dav
.oaksrif tiie dtiath ot (len. W. . .K ucs
by (ien. H.inter, '2 mile' beyond Sta ni
ton, Va (ien. ,I,.ip was killed no the
',fhono for (ho countrv. W'loevor else : . ... i tit l.l auo Ills suci es-or retired lo Wayrics-
... . ... nubsfipient aato lias boon receive.! ny his boro', and now holds the mountain br-
:nay succeed, it seems tout impossible.'. , ,. , , t , I. ,., ... ., ' , ,
. , , : family. He was also at I.vnchburg J I.Cin. tween Jiarlottsvi.lo a;:d M.iii tit on. Iho
hat Mr. Lincoln can secure a re-election. i.m.BU(.AN ' Ijaper fnrihei stales that no hospitals or
Uii mountain of sins is too monstrous for . J 'stores wore cnptu.c l I.y Hunter, Anoth-
t lie people to endorse, if they have any !, CoDiruutiieaied. 1 or di-palrh announcs that our forces oc-
! ' Missis. Edwrs 1 sieg leae to cnll tho cupy Staunton "
pofsible chanco of making any t.f't'r i (llUMllion of tl.e citi.eria ol CleiuiioM V...r- , 11 F.. M. STANTON, Sec. of War.
dioico, unless ifyoy are redly ili vented of nugh to a mmance exntine in thrir midM,
eveiv particle of reason. Iho remond of which eacit individual, ns Waiiinctov. Jtmo H r v. To Vj
SucU a conglomeration of humanity , we!l ?oc:'e!' fj"'"'1"'1- 1 "'aH 'tnnwl b'-.c, AYv 1' ri-. -(ict.eral Iluotvi 's;
J,.f. .c., ,..i " . vieioiy ano occu .a' lor oi Staunton is omi
" ' ' i w hi
it w in. is up to,, arte ;.i as P. Hows: 'in
rhoit. esierday n buv day for us
r.nd a dark d iv for (iraot. We linvo Lift
no ground -n our right : iraipe I large
ly on our 1 . i r, : and w bfive i nearly
two ihoiis.npl pti-oners. VVo hue put
pcrli.sji.-i leoi l hniis.ii'.d ) in-
..rt. T urit i t, f. ti-ti .... I tf li i i mi: i. tt . ' , 11 I . it I I .1 I i I
t. I,,.,- . It III lUll'l Hll .,,l,-. T ,V-I..,I,, 1 11 II I ,V III, I l,, ,tl(T I ,1. i. n I l.l.l l"fl.
The professed ministerof the Gos- ly retailed in violation ol Ihn law to all reived liom (i.-neral luitler
pel ; Iho public plunderer; the shoddy , classes, incluoing I'lUitualnninkiirifs htw. : "All quiet on my lines."
Contractor; the professional gambler; the .u'"n drunk ,,n'1 10 """"r l'Hs- Jl alM) 11 i 'Kichmond j.apers of .luno 7th five in
nhile ruin and tee black man wero bii ct that the jdace is kept open on Sun- liigenco of a fight at Mt. Crawford, be
nlute man anJ t .ehlnrW man were n II fln1 intLxio:llinp drinks furni.-hed. iwoen (ion. llunrer. and (ien. Jones. i
there in one grand mi.tturo of nycophants l,.,st Sutiduy it was lull and very noisy, which 1! r :u 1 i,-iorions, and Jones,
and mercenary, clinging eluvos to do the, This is 'lone in violation of the following r(.j. commander was killed' Si -virion
... . . ... e. . - .. . ' .
t.uuting 01 tneir usurping miigter, tnai ,a l" .s...J.t.-, , was occuj :o.i ny ti,e tiuon lor- to-liy. Ihn (
. 1 ...... . : . . . 1 . . 1 r . . " 1 1 .Im II ntil I,a li. wrul Tor in. ner, in nr tie r.nni ei.j 1 hit liiOil um b ,111 s.,,,,.1 ,.. '. 1 , . . . .1 ,
incy inignt continue 10 giuat ami latten : -- ; ' . . r ' . v . icw-n ? aim r?s in incm ins
unon the hfe-blood of their counlrvmen-, " 1 1' " ""a ' i , . ,1 'n' at the:, hcioic con luct iu
" i "!"" '"'""''" . RiAeKivor li.vcitL'rJ.iv cvenin? ..
il. - ..trt,,.. ,i., , ... ,t ,..,b .,nn.nn v , SnmUv .,.., .n '
niia me vin tviiiii:i, iiiui, isasiioi ii'.iv-
ki e ti.l iloi -. ard b .n o mi lb i ed i oi y siigh t
lois, th tuk ( t id !' "
The Peun;ylvania Reervoa.
Tl.o list battle of this ;;i',iant Corps
was at Ileins ii I a Chiircii. on the imth of
May, in which thoy lopuUed La ells corps
of the K 'li. l army, with loss. A
moti the Ib-bel olliccrs who fell befoie
tht tiro i,f ttio rc-orves on tiiis ,lir, were
(ien. Pinsnin, ami C,,U. T,.i;!l of t,o
"7th Virginia, and liolbnau. 'hi tiio 1st,
with tiie onler lo telutii home. Iho f.-.l-loivit'g
ndd-esse w.te iuod by M..j li.ri.
Wa-rep, and I'igil:r llci.'erai Ciaw
foid :
To Tin-; i;ii.i;vr.s.
1 1 r AP0.I .1 STTRs 1'liTl! AllMV Colt's. May
ol. l.siil.-So!,i-ri-Vi!li t li i 4 is thi or
der for the rein.-n of the IViii.m liania
Keerve. whose term of service ei,nes
Ihn liiner-il coiiiniandiPi: 'beo.
great s.itis-
t ns ar-
duoui campaiirn. As t!:ir cminiauiler
l':. l( ll cto.-k i in,
Note! in eir;'iil:ili"ii. of ,1.
ii'.iii i n-tiiui ot Is $ '.l:.-.' ff)
D-'aeiiiiuatios of J Vi '.T.lj ta
1 i.ojiiaiiui,,.! ,,t .f lli'3 ls 01
Lie i;, i iiiitu ti t ?iik U.M. riuio-
t'-.iiit lum
liaiiitit'tM iiiel ild.'s of every kin Jdus
tiie 11. ii, of this ntila
Aiuaunt t'.ue ilrKisitorj
T"tal ii in,, un t ol.L'liti. and liabiliilei
i.-f ei ery di-.-eriplion
.irciiiesl ain't ol oebl n l lialiililiefl
jino-.t hot m'iu't, May 2, 'o I w:n
Total mn'l of liiiiJeuilj Jr cl.irn.l this
lay h is 2, liia re
Stuli) .m l P. S. Tax 4i'i ,"J
A no oiril of gubl iind fiiTer eoin and
bullion l'i l.iiii to the hank
Silver ' 1.2 n.j 17
(iol.l t,s.,si rn
Am't biil h,oJ A n-jt Ji.ooaniei
Su-penJe.1 .l.'ht
Va!. o jurs'in t! pmp'y boll by bank
Am i o: un'v 'i'i , r. . It t f iln b'nk mii't ,,f iinl.iliiicit of Ho) bank
by .li-eei.irs
"f ifhieii ain. unl they aro ludebteJ
as pri'ii'ipiil
A n 'I hi i nili,rsrs
Total aai l ol liabilities by Ita flflck
hopler (i bi, h aaiuual I'lty arc inilcbtcj
ns .I invipal
An. I ur iii,i.r.'er.i
t i0,' JO
u:t,.trr no
Jf32 0.1
".la.i o.i
l!2,ii 6 .s
225,;:: :.j
2:j,i:: .ti
:.ioi 33
hut Bhn cult Dot L
ai d eouxbe'l violem!. I usti y.jur iii:
snu ma. io a perteel eur in ntii wwk. I:
ly behove that but f.r tho lini.nsnt ilj i.
buvo but bur iiio. JOiia II. IIAIIL.1I.
P; re .'.i nuil ;.0 eonls a boiu. vsj in
lru;,'.is, i.lf,le 63, l',,rii.iiiJHl, ,V f,
juu sili, I t-1(11
(Ol; NT Y 'O.M.MifSIO.NFl
C"!:"Ve III'.; alll lio'ic. b) ia,;
A.Nlil's 1 1 II. I., of llrmifird t..nli:p.mii
.Into tor the on'o-e ot Cuuty C,in,uj.Mi'iEe, ,
j.-et to iho netioii of the Dcluovratie pr
Clear)! cbl e.iun'y A.
CssyWo are :iiilln) li arise.
WM. b. H1SIIKL, of Lawrenc lnui,i
csii.ii.lnto for tiie oilice of C-.anijr C"iis
saljert to ibe action of ihe I'tnirn'mli' r
CltiarGelJ county. Ma;J)U
ti Wo are authorized tosnr
CO.MtAl) 1IAKKU of Knos twji.,it:
for the ofliee of County Coiuiui.-f :0er, we
lt.') 2t '',c Bcl-'"u "I" the lluuioemlie uft'ni-
,s,oi8 :;i i"'-"-
.cKi i:
llfl.u.s; u
s,sr, is
p,o S5 zj Ci-ie-'o are nuthurizcl to anw
JOHN L.rLI.I.NL of Karthaui;,.
S.l'.'t 7ft eiinrii-lati' fir the oftleo vt' C umy r-'wi'i.:
3,Cil ii mbjeel to tho action o; th;' D.-aucriai fa'-!
CleaiSelJ Counle. )'
:9,s:o co , '
i'yL- r:l We iti'c outliorized totitiK1
5 ofij I'D . , ,
: The abmc naif meat i.eurrect. to tno bee t of ,uy J" oiuwu.
1 kn.mle.l-,: and belief. I). lininiv, for tl. otnee of rlienfl. M the kiiii
; Srn and mberibea before mo thin imb Il : l'""'""' rty ol Clearfi.M couo'j.m,'"
i 01 .Muy, 15., I.
Un I ',.... i o
week, couituonlv ealled unibiy. Krorv person v.-.v v. 0, u . u. . ... uo, . , ..,,. .,.;rn. .is ir c.imnjan.ier j0 l j. j.,ri.t ttsTW U are Jlllt hol'lZCil 10 31.56
i L-il.: i .'. .... I .. e ...:."'. i. ,1 Ul,. UllN." he I II a li U I 1 1 l 1 1 fie I 1 1 . i ,tt.,..l , ,. n O . ..t j I . . .
, . , , . i .... , i woo enaii vioiaio i ur iiri.. .! tone .u i ins aei niHll . , , . , , . ... v. ., , .,, , t , , . t ,,. N i . . . r . t . n illlio ol li II II I LI, ot Kurllli'ii 'P '
rented there was a purely patriotic, elf- .,helllkon, (,na ileemeil to have coi,ii.e,l a mi... . I bno born to Alatoona pas and fiml and congratulates them (hat lh,,ir -ucoss-1 OT TI"tirT OK ill I" C I I' V UII II I) ili.l.v.c for ihe'o(r,.f l, i
sacrificing American sentiment. "' riemeHnor, nn.l 1ih1I. on conviction thereof, in it admirable for our purpos'-s. It is the fill engagement of vesterday. closing t,oir i k ( (II IV HtVK for tho' month enlin - tion of tho lemomlie lurty uf Cluntili'
An honeH eflort was made by come cf "v ""'"l n,,rt ln '" (-" be gain through the last ot mo,t astern ejutr term of service, mid being tho last of ma-1 MavSIft, 1-01
- I1 I',.,,, , n.t, im,, ntil .ii ll, I,.. t.,i ,..,., id., nl' ,1.. .11. ...I. I....... 1. ... . . . . - '
, , . . ,. i , "' ..,.-. ,, ,r ,i,.,i, ii .hi. i 1 1 1 l ij i ii un, ii now neci mcs as nv o.P I es hravo c I melit snneilioo
tho deiecaie who wt e candid enonch :o .,. a .ir., ,..;,. ,.,! i,. t,ri. i i ,1,. . . ' " " ,ul) i milmi. is one i ney
, , ................ .. c u'ctui in us ns it was to iho onemv, In;- remoniiier with watisf-iction md
confesa to tho bo,,eleSsne,s of re-electing ing e,si,v defe. ded fron, cither direction. py command of ' '
Incoin lo postpone a nomination until Court." 1 '"' 'oaos iienci irotn Ackwoiih into M.j
after the result of the nresent conlet be-1 TI.p mi.. mint. nril. rnn n,l e i. v,'f"-"1 'll ''r1' '"t- ccuri- (Mgn.-d A. (i
foro Richmond in known but the iJiod- jury khoul be called lo the's i;i the
iv i.iuciii, h one i ney can
eountv i,iil for a i.cno.l not le-. llu.n ,. nr V.Y"' V 1 eiiieiu...-i i. n satisiaciion aiM J rule
111' -IV IIIUII IV UM"I Iftfc tuv ui. mil'U 11 HID 11. I
"Cour." I"t'
ticoi g.a are
ttl' lOiill
'l...'.,.i.. ,r.u ;.: ... - . 0 LX E liA f, CK A W l'i 'u I iX I I; V VV V T 1
. . . . i i t.iiii i i hip iKiniinii in niir tin.o'ic urm - - n n i-,
dyi.ea would bear lo nothing of the kind. o . l that men w.ll catllr. 0 v. n ,0 , - n.c e,vi'n. but TO 1 11 TI IlKSKKVIX
11b iDvic '.nitrs Tin hp Iitvispsv, Prvv-
: (7rr:i.M. WArrr.v.
Mann, A. A. li.
... . l.. ,...;,. i " im i" oi; .. lien iiiovi nii-iiis ni r L'lven, out
Thev they had the power to make the 1 ,n . 'I ) ' ' ' , ' ,, , i . ",p r-"1 ,H ((1,1 fnr l'"lllio infonponon.
J ioolive, not only to violate Ihe law. but -n i . , . ,i . . ,
nominaiion, and believed the nominee bad to disturb H e quiet, and pood o.der of . !' l' 1 .a.,rh hu hor''lt 't "-
i. . . -t ... 7 . ir --.i . i ... .1.; .. . it ..i i i . , , , .,, ,
111.- power iu t ; tc l nt msr : 1 . vuii uii.'m lllHU a. 'Tin in u'niii: iv is rniti tuai. iiiro l ;..
.. '.......Ill,
. are other places w lieie the law is vp-jntcd. i-
i . . . . . ' .... .... .
I out at preeeni ine cvnienco is not ho a-
Fntii.ixT As t art of the history of tbti bundimt. lei mewain Mich Hint they
I'tillf .1 ifenunteJ,
Pennsylvania Male Stock
pi'cio ...
line from other Hinkn
I tank Notenof other H.mki
I.eiral tun.l'r vote.,
idie.-kF l'rafii, ,te. -'ier
li, .P.,
It iw enue Mtanip',
" ,ty.
IHO, 07 1 H I 2Vo aro authorized to fins"
- IS.l'rfO II WM. A. BLOOM of Knot tp., m I ei
fi.OfiH 31 Iho otheo of glioi nr. mliji-H to tb f-';
- 9 i:i3 OJ Di'inocratie joirty of C'leiirfield o.
...Hot 10
thii they did not wont.
r : .
A . l i boCRiE oi,tsn,i:K(.oi!r,. f n Til j.,,, ., O.nor.weallb, ,',-reeiaI)
A tl llf I ..Itni l.i., . I 1.,' I .. II . .. f . 'VI
' JI I V-t'llI .11111' I. I . "illil lT (II till hr,
-.glials arc nan on 1.0.1 Mountain and the lVnt.svli a.a Ifsorvos To-day tl,o: '
OOltU.V. i,;.,i. i i ... . ,1
,. . i e . r. . . , t"" "o."i. tt.iiiu i.iiiu in o CX blCO
l)es,R do, from CmerM Card,-, , late : we us is to bo .rvnied lon-vor I i-u:ut.m.
i: ...i :n i- i v.. I,.- ri 1 1 vi a itnuuro- l.-.i-.. ..,i.v..r I.. . i... ' apuai .M'i'K r.a'l in
time,, we iPKrtrn cor fi.M page, the let- " " " !" , " po, t satisfac.o.y p,ogrct8 i the organuu- Vf B ... itu-1 , a 'i, , ' I Z Ni in rireuUtion
i ...... .... .. tion to his ec i 1 1 ri i ii ti 1 1 . . . .:. . Puo l.)ci',,r.i
- vno. nor inn onim i',t,n if,i , ,.-i. ,.i. I .
T- .r .
j pwiN ii. TATos:.
Sccienry of War.
12,r,:;o Oi)
2i75 7.1
ii2 ti
1.S nO
4C5 21
too (10
112 10
fcif-Wo are authorized toas'y
fi'DtON I". (iOOIiKKI.l-OW, efUwJ
H' a candidate for the i.Bie of flitrl."'
j:3i,5e 28
ter officn. rn ruont occepting the nomi- thodutyof every cood citizen to oive in
nation of the Cleveland Convention. It foimation and to ad in bringing to jus
will bo seen that Fremont reiterate; tho tice Ihoxe who would tl us viulato bo'h
identical charges against Mr. Lincoln for God and man. If .hi notice
ft h ich IVmocralu l.avo been so fiercely next I will give the name of Ibe'l
denounced by bis biieinc?; fenlimenls, and of ti e ua' m.-r who
we dcubt not, thai meet a hearty place, and by whom the oflenco can be
in the breasts ofavery large number of I'10,011, -'
these who havn kleadily nd'.n icd to lb ; (-grThe Tribune's account of tho battle
present Administration. Tho letter is in of tho Wilderness fovs :
I II It-lJICl Willi I nOW , line ,, .l ( tl.,
part from you. j d.,0 other Uank.,
As a division you havo ever been faith- Iuo t'lunnionwealtt.
, fid and ih i otH sobliers, and you have latcrett and liichange,
Bhotild r.ot bavP iliedeiredefVoct, in my .'.: "''u' All 7' nohly MPtaii.ed mo in tho many Irving
.. ... , .. . ' to the In oak in tho tilocraidi lines, no ...,.. ,i,,, 1. .... , ' . I
Wasiiinotov, June 107
JoO.fif-O tol
.2,r.-f co
ll.t,i:i7 Wt
S.72S 79
3,!H!I 21
Hi 00
,17J o9
iV.i.m 2
ihe aetion of tbo I't niorraiie piriy
CsirWo arc authorized to amfl
A lilt A 11 AM OlilJliX of bati-nD'-tlT""''
riidiite firtho o!Ti -o ..f fhorilT, juhjert'1
tiou of the Liinio.-ratio t arty of Clrt'".
... jS-
fcPitrir-u I hr. it. iK n-l.TvI.
. . f . i , j c """"pi " i M U
f.eou.-rit Ihn 1 " " ""'7'" '"-"" Jfsie.uay niuu with n ur w.iveriiltf lide,(V.
int: 111 uiv (Ji imt i ijiimiijic. 1 I II -s,. 1 ,.r ,
......,..,-,.. To-ill - f 1 1 (.1 hi unilit LLM t
Clonrilt'Itl, jun)
0 V4. Cii.Airt
i .it . ...
i . ', . t " ".' , ""-"""'fc' gloriously, an I the Wilderness. si,)t(.
w, h dm,- . - o o plook last 1,,,'ht vania Court I!os0 and Ileihsaida Church
1 here was no fightingou Wednesday. ie.,. i,.... ,.,i,i...i .1.. 1 .: . ......
. 1 ., , . ' ' - not lOII I It. L IU It 1 1-
esc-,,1 bythepicke s. lies and triumph, that have . n uked your
An ? fu n fTi.tunn I tint l..nn niT,xin, ... fc
(ivi.rv can C-n an (iI.Ia nno inlm t n( loi'i. 11 'PI. . ft ti. i i . . . . ... . . C.lT( OP.
t'ij i" 1, ."v win .,iiiii .v...... ,,,1. iiei.. iroitjo. in i. en. nurnsiuo which ihe killed and wounded between
My aovere up'-m r. Lincoln, and, with, coniniatided i.y tien. rerreru, had t een ibe lines were gathered in.
U MM I .l' J
for the co:
MMYo arc authorized toan
M M A II1-4T) .,f l imrereetivp., -"'
for lb oniee of flierilf, .ulj. ct l"llt"
1'emuerstic any ol I carlii'iu en.
v' .iil, to flnn51
WM. M.MclTU.oriiil of - .,
the exception of asingleeentenco devoted idaced m the dispmud c
. .. .... r .... 1 . with the request that,
to Abolition, ia truly Amencan. ' v Rhoulll
of tion. iodcwick
un'ess absolutely
tipeecsnrv. thev sliruild t-At tin r.ol int,-. it...
Yv"ho would havo thought that three years jght.
of wnr wc.dd have wrought nucli a won-j ' The negroes remained within mile
dctral chance upon uch a man. Bn'1 hnlf of ,ho f,,"nl during ihe entire
... day until dark, and wero not broughi in-
rAtjtrrt, AcciprT. Mr. Benj. Rpnck- to notion."
man had three fingers of hit riiiht hand Tho account 01 the baitlo at Spnttaylvn-
l,.;i , . . 1 1 .1 1 ma says " iho colored trnojia weie not n
nor ibly mlod ou tl.o circular aw yes- (he cfnrp( In Gp1. i.allKg' llnforiUnai,
terday, in tho Machine ehop of .packman i,.,ttn on Iod river the negro troops wen
rid Co. llwa purely accidental. Two nol brought into battle. What is tin
uf the fingers were afterwards omputated matter ? Has experience taught that no
M tho middle joint by Dr. Wood and cannot bo trusted in battle, or . .
... . . ' ,. . . the programme to kill off the v. bile aol
in .r.s" 11:11. u.e muf. ppger, tlioneli (:PT. r.r., Perl)nr. Lincoln hates to
MI'I'ICT.. Ths Il.urJ of Relief lto for the olfico nf Hiftrn'l au."'.
r.-l I.I.I :n . . . . .1 r,l, IlitmoeraliC M! 01 1
iiiiv ti. . eiir live., win nice. Ill la KJ ,uu a .1"" ui iu . - .
v oinniiesinnerii oiuce, on iieanesiiuy Slot itiurs- couuiy.
.1... .1. i,,.l. ...l '.-n.L .1 .r i .... I
u.i,., ..on .ion u,.in u..n oi uuno tr.i, t'li stilli'1
'J'lio Iioanl huve directed that all new ai.i.Ii. filrir Wo are a II t llOl lZed tD
. l...r .L.i. . 1 ' . .. . ... ..r..l.l t f1
(in home to Ihe t.t Sim- H.m. Ce.m 1 . ' "1 . " J. L . T . .1 . ... . " . Pn um J0N L. tfTl'i.h o.
-,,,,,, ., n iiuiuiun name ot so .tier, fur the nffiea nf 1'imrirl Ain"", .!(:
yOJ forth three years ;." to battlo for her reiriinont and coinpsnv: when en.i.te.l ,l, . ,.i L ri,n,.ertic rarty of t'l 6'M
llOlinr Uiel In ut ,, i 1 n V n. ... I I. miml..trr,r rl.ll.l.nn I.L ...i . . , . J"3'
deserler who cnnis into nur ums 10- r .1... 0 0,. i,.-,-.i.:.. 1.. .1 . . ." ... " " v-
, - , - wiw 01 iiiBcouuiry, , " i"..niii .11 nun-u mey resiuo.! t lie tunc or
o'eiiiiu veiieiiii miiiieri vicirry near Tnko back V out'
There waa 110 movement yesterday
A c
I oria
u .. i. ) 1 I e . .j icpiiu'ii ni iiaiD oi
your soiled and ffiir-tvorn full'lu"'.nl' llltir I 'etm rci,Cure ; ana tbst
Staunton was much comploir. than the banners, your thinned and shattered 'hnV, v' U10,n' of,'l'l'wt for benelf e ire uillioiizcd to 0"
f.chn.ond ,, rej.orted. ilesays I hat ritnk,, Rllf, -ol t!lom ol, ,,ow vou .,el,rorm. ""t'IVV"!:1'";1 up'? h"' , . J0MN J Mill F of Mrri. J
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