Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 25, 1864, Image 1

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p'v iiOKE.' rj
? CCLAI.TER, f Editon and Proprietors.
miNCirLES, not MEW.
vol xxxiv.-wiiou: xo. ic
READ! HEAD! nswpirm.
C. W. & H. W. SMITH
From the
a supply of
uiatpnaiaj a genera! uncment f
J&w Goods I
, Fop.
Prints. IVI.-iines, Jf7amij;.u. A'iw!is
Bfeea-l Mohair. Chaliiei, Ur., l.ii,eB
4u, IjT-Uas. Oinirhams. Checks. I'biidd.
at. - -c.jif, mawi, i'ia.n Cs;incro.
(Cottoca-:i. Iron matins lller-bcd muslins
fit 'e ' t :a.-i e:fy wholesale prices;. TaLJe Cot-''-'i
tijo i skirts, i I I1 Linen
T-' or.
an o ceries, l umber,
PHILIPSIJXHK, Centre county, Penn'a.
Have received and arc just opening
the h-yest assortment of tie Usi,
Fur tbo Hcpnljliran.
TERMS :-$l 60 Per Annum, if paid in advance
O T 1 O N S
F.- tr hrfvjht Iu tluf c 'i',! cnimfry, cuntUthj,
nitv f.oons a. c.-Roci'.Rirs,
I'm reclining on m.r bunk, my dear, this ploasant
April diij ;
While my comrades of my company eniov them
selves at plsy.
Tub sun ba. parsed the lonitli and iu rays nre
dulled by j'.ouds,
W bilo be passos through his orbit to assumo his
evening shrouds.
The cloudi float .lowly through the air-the zeph
yrs fan the blossom
The rloak of nature's growing fair bedecked
with flowers iu bosom ;
The lofty peaks of the Illu Uidgo arise in Sffflll
Which tills with holy deference llio
The weather's beautiful indeed, the spears of -ra.s
Wo gave ioruo days ago an extract from
(ten. 1 runk T. liluir'a speech in Congress,
delivered only a day or two before ho re
signed Lis ieat, and was restored to li is
rank in the army by the President, in
wiih;ii iiu arraiffncd t in nn Siilinnn V
heart of any
and form it column of assault. The river
wanunbridged, and was 10 swollen by the
rains that iho lord was next loinipassa
hie. Pcloro bridges could be cons' ructed
it whs dark, and the assault by th" Sixth
corps had lo be abandoned.
Mennwhilea ImlliMy was jilnced on an
emiiitface to tho left, commanding the
hou.e. Another, also bearing upon the
House, was already in position neir the
urten, TOhoio corps
ler- :
T.G.nrf.. tl.oU-.r. Trim:t;s Eutloai. I
-. titt. Linl.r.idrriD; Hand- '
. ' . !-; tia-tie Faej. Whuieb r.e, II n-
""' oMns, 4.epLjr. Acck-tie-
Oilt and Sllre-ed ielu, Lth. r Eelis.
r--V"..TW (Tturn. )'.;. Meanre.
Itrvrb, r-tT :r rrcst variety, ikiitlji. lnr-
iai Zi jii f uer.M, i.'ii Ci-'tcs.
dies' Furs!
Hoots, Shoes, &t
V.-.SI Kip B.vst4. K
ii.f fa' Li La'iir,
P l
lints. Caps, Hounds. Sec.
i Hood.--, Nubias, Sontags, Balmoral
and Hoop Skirts !
iiais a cats : hoots & shoes :
J Heady Yade ClylhLig. cf Lzial Styles
; lruSs Oils Paints, Putty & Glass!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Correspondence of the N.V, World
llE.M)ylAHTi:RS ARllYOriHE Totou tr
Chase. .Secretary of the Treasury, for hbdi iS.l-MUV' M;l-V lr," '" orthe moment
crimes and miidemanors. At Hia unme ! tll tw0 P'jJ'intie armioh of the Union and .
time we expressed llio opinion that tho I f'O rebellion rest like gladiators in the '
President must liavo believed all the lien. : ")K al 01 ti,pir C0'I'Ht. to calher strenctli ; i,on, nf i!o,,i v.
nnl in wilu a . i mill tn niniuflivrn r.t. fi.t, .J.. . . iv.i. "iw4
would not have reappointed him to a high ,'Suc1' an. "torv.l brief though it may be, ri)!ht
command ,n the army. Gon. P.Uir d. ' "!. nowa of iron could La rapid lite upon the enemy weak." '
dentil baa no.ningtvings on this ,ubjcct, P l"tvul1 np' unremitted hght- inj. nni acatterili, their line "io such an
w .u vis:i 10 ci. j.ouis he con-l r" s l,uul' i""' ar- extent thai iusl at dark tlm rpi.tiinr liri.
my nave i.a.t to ur, ergo 1 1 w.ll have I pRde of tirifHn'a diviaion, Fifth corps, com
bee , perceived ha the ellorls of our lor-! fnnnded by Col. Ayre- charged na the
.vs have been clncfly d.rcctet against Iho : h,ll Com t'ho right and took tho place
mWJL .;.;iicul.y. .Some los.e, among
I'attle lins l.een toward our loft. V !.! . t...i .. , ?
are thMrra;"' "mcnec lie aaid : by he le t flank contmnally 0f the battery on the left lo cease firing in
Kach tender Un?d srcr; I 1 . . ' 'K.k lh ,In' f r(,lribut'n very At the cloce of hursday. a day of Mtch ,ime. While they held possession of '.he
raiio eontribuL g J ,n Balure s ( "C:1.r for t,.1CM F'cople. If they pet Il0wer 11 ltt Sonera Oraot himself said was 1 hoiIM ;ld ground, the enemy behaved
rroelaiminpthegreattrutL.datallto ncr mu,t ! TV," l'"s, w,,r,lry we should gee "evo.r r,?u?ht " ,',1"3 continent the army ' war,l our dead and wounded with rcmar-
pay tl.eir tribute. r musl . om0 highly perfumed young gentleman, boo n follows: Ho t'ftl corps on kablc barbaritv, refusing the latter eve-y
Around my heart (hi, day has thrown a halo 1 ' V- b(!,"'t '? ilU ,'!UuI' B,CP ' "i, 1 10' neXt'. U.'C Sncf""1 , attention and'Vcbbmg them of everytbirc.
most encbantin;. j ln Cong.eHs and play the Robespierre, de- occupying the lett centre, and tho .inih j The bodv of Lieutenant Col ViWk
Muich make, ,e--tlmuJ;h unwilling-on that , mant "'b' t,,e recticii of the guillot ine, up- J;orP'i lrniing the left wn.g. This posi- i f ond New Jersey recimcnt. wa
To ,,,,,'Tr ,'"11 m" ,ra'?'ias il" wh,,:h ft)1 nien t-lia" l,e -xerntca who eontit.ue.l on I riday, no battle taken fouu,i tririied naked, lying in ao ore-i-
' m nS dinr' hea V. Th.y -r men were engaged burying ard. This closed the day sighting, the
Than health and Z yct.nart f, r mon t ', I:,'PM,"J,t y.Wi..,- 1 ,e utf "8 for t ie wounded tu- enemy beinc driven back into his fn-
postessing.1 ,lcn' ""P"' r "1" j r7 ,to,7,. fries of "good !" ,:nd cheers. j ".-g most of Hint day and evening. The ; trcncl.nicnti: Some sharn skirm shirs
tut -hat that more ma, .Uaac. to be. Ml no. .,. ;C "' r. . V."" ''V- , " . . p.,. ... . aj ocourreu . Uimg the night.
.... . ' . iii ruia jj iiil . i tiiitir!'n i n - i " - " j "l " ci ri:u st;
initios ins denunciations of tho "Ked lie-'
publicans of tho French revolutionary I
stamp," as he call tho liadicals of his
party. Jlj rejieated fiibstHiitiully in
J.ouiti sjieecli ivlmt lie said in Con-1
his Si
become a burning !
rat, wuo cared not to face the enemies of
ranee, but etisanpnincd tlm ttrric nf
be, nro harry in ' i wnu llle wooit ol its citizens.
Cheers. In
Congress. I have beau!
utter the Fume i-ctitimeiitK which
came from the secessionists of tho South.
I have braid Thad S:
evens sav that the
tompt to answer
Fur oft we see fair Lidcutt
And, also, those who tervnnU
their station
And sioB and play from day to day despite their
"sV '" wiu
Nor do we find the whole of hliss
I iniA l.n A, km ' 1 - .
That Ueaven alone brines ea,e , m. I 7," CatCa !" Vlh
rows all relieve ' I "." v' ",ms- nna WM ln fUect n lor
We often ec the pious win t, with tyei nptnrned ! Plg" nall0n "n;i 1 know Uitt Mr. Chae
10 ueaven. iiur ui a ncpnraiiun nmi e inn
Eefecchin- God, with a'.l his heart, to i-htd hie tllc O"1 go in peace, and cutting our
grace core ev.n. j country in twain. I know (heir object is
v e see him o:tin a-ony, prostrate before the a'.tnr, t0 annihilate the Southern States ulid le
j IVtitiomnR the Throne of .Jrjce, until h i strength .uce them to territories; ami then by
Tb.n r.Tv M'";- , , j Congressional legislation, such ns thev
I lien recline ocr in deen , i,. i... . ..:r M r. ..... . . . .. ..
r . ' " i ..i ..... a nn- mi mr, n pv w en nne inn llm npnrn
!)urinir lat niaht tlm rmt .rrain t. a .
ttnd an rod tinsitinn toward tlioUfi Mini.
( - ..v .. . . I V . . .
ton lur aoove the enlierchments
. . t ....
o luer, .,ose name I did noi learn, waa; Corp have taken the position oo Iheriglit.
"i '!!.": W "lfi nI'n" . 1 w, WW to obtain last eyening!
..,,m1u nunc in upon !o thc tpicdid Vermont brigade attach
the Mmet ot tho d..y, winch wa on., of cd lo this corps was last night added anevr
rams and terrible weather, filing the ! rcimCut, tho Fifteenth Vermont, he,ry
road., wluc.i have now got bad to artillnrv. tiTleon liinidrn l t(mnrt TkI
iniui o,il Corn-Sitirchl
fer.ed sinner
This surely can't b; happiLCSs-bliss can't bv
lliis be winner.
?j I cor.clulc the
Ee?tow rn all the utmvst cooj.iud let our ;v
letter mode is to be kind and
and aittfranclute the white men of that
country. Voices, "Never, never.") Ne
ver ! Well, that is their design, that i
what they nre seeking to do, and they will
j use the negro just ns the sUveholdet used
mental ; i bun in former times. Thep will inn. tlio
The strife f..r worldly poods and gain brings ! Votes of the negro ss a basis by
with it rrief ami M.ln.c I i,;..i. ii,.. ..i . i i :..
. unj titnie nieuihi'ivrs in
. "SeViVtadS." Ere"" Pin U P"' l,0n'er' nnd 1,6 Wil1 S,ISlain tllC Bme re,a-
'c- , tion t0 bem that be retained lo the
, c,too, the strife for liberty and corernmenU slarehnldpr in vr. r,.t irui'. u
J .....wo
nnd cheer'. There would be a Ferf.lom
Where each and t!i ai tu be free nnl. ii,.;.
Tea. r.,re-. JI.-U's;
-, Sa' Fish,:.
s, ?!: Pe-.-. Tot. i
Trunks if Carpel-Bags
ii T St's. Ccps X Snccr. (ila Pi- c
fih if i.lL-liteJ :
; Their robrtance, too, won !
ine state De riven.
I ' Ami . n tl.A r.'l.t tn ;n ,L
' i - "f.". -v .... 1 1. w p., ii a
1 t jo unevea.
i Tbungb we may war. and ti'.k, and fisht to
rm. todacco and segaiis ,j:rr":"'Z:'
brilliant st'rv :
Tho few cnj-v tl.c irood at lj-t th
.v. " J
I inMiiui3 over
ir.MrtM J lacintintis.
I I am for inainlnii.inir tin's ro:i:itr'
the t'enelit ol white people. Cheers. I
Jam oppo-cd, while those negtces sojourn
'among us. to giving them rights over the
: v.-huo citizens cf this touniiy. Cheers.
I r.r-i enposed to clothing t'nem with the
! privileges of ftitlVnge. A voice: "Let
Ihcnj I:ght." l.nugliler and cheers.!
this race on the cotton
Hardware, be.
Fish, tSalt, and .Nails !
their toil.
crjyed but
;ht to save'ut ur natir n'?
fSe. Sr:n. Srvtie rt.-ne.
t.j. Pit F-t-V j. Ta'.'le K'clvc-P-.a?'d
Te x'lij. Ha'-h.'t .
Trk-, Ted Cast.T?, Sii:..
e. Si:-ve.J.
T!V, Sj-ilC f,
i Critkrr.,
Ft.oi n, Feep and PaoMsio.xs !
And aU art.L-ies ujrr.ry kept in a f
-t'ti;ry t;-rc u' ( wl.;,-;i wuil-e ?v'.J
;t c'.a-
Notwithstanding the mud, another swift
nnd bold n'tivre was nccomp'.i-hed on
Fiid:.v night, again changing, toward the
left, the position ol our whole lino. The
I'if.h nnd Sixth corps were marched all
night, and the army yesterday morning
faced the enemy bv.t two miles above !
'!cr I ?k; rr,-r
, ret: it TdKi's.
E.-T 1
t-.ii :
And tbo-e
- M I S p V I T T V r' r
t-jds. Trucks. Cr"t Sac. tt'!lin
5Trhtii. Pir-i..'t B'e'8. hit X nra;hes,
Colli Errshf . A:i t 'iu.h aiil te ;olJ
Cheap ibr Cash !
ArlJticad enaatrr p-wiv lia ii ci.-iiane
fe ' Jio'ls, at BuuHtef r. tf. ny II
Iif"X, nn,! Wnirndi-sl. nn.l
I S0,r",rt taken Prisoners! ;
Tw.CCO Cottxalanis freed iron the
EVtBtT rraa t'jat tas m! t tfcinc of ibe
putt ttit'Ty ol tlj WA !i mast fimJiy eome
tat everla'i' n tDat tLa Coafeierale) tiotam-;
B f Ume. Eat mvw ft kave the absir Giuri-annl-K
rr.ii n-. ui cberr c p ; ard the
drwJ.,k tm .or j.iy an-i p!."n.H.B If the
-at --ir t-Sr-'Axrr," a9d to wear ant
'.3iac!bpwpla of Ciear- ,
rfd. u I .v.. u ii.. t
SHORT T .h.rt rm ipd Sli.rt-rfa
mJLms wiX u ch-a T ttW
caa ia th euury; ar.d ii dva't beuar it,'
ymt g'.re b-m aeii ert Ts-k, at any eia.r
ca tad jee Lc :n?e'ir. Ha wa4 r.. '
mmi tiefu! t.ii bi 'brp m arw r Ma.-kt
. is taaw' iv-w wbr yea will i4 km
tmt sm Siart a s-a' if a a tti trtrr f
uh like to .
Ali tiada of wik tai! aax and to o-drr
ea aaort o jtre, as btms m aa foi Its
4u 'n Hb.rrvi" mvltn e-hT.
feHC-.a't frjet ti bT wa 3Kaket stre.
ia fca.!"i Kow, Airwct'y ep i r Ke. H. E.
Swnpe- c T. 2H?ET.
. OarSeliJaw tL IHZ.
Licensed Auctioneer.
T-rS. ""I. CI X)"Vt. of Pika towiujip. dc
Cheaj) for Cash !
or .-.rproTeJ pmuuee, basibr: or f'jisj'er.
rt.nifHt'jw'g. :cor. is, m-s.
1 Tl n OUrjl foi RTor Clear5e!d
county. Thc ectcrned Al'DITOK avpoin
fH I'T the C' irt h ascirtain the lien? and report
dif itilmtion ef the moneys trisicg from the ule
of the real estate cf John Young, dee d, now in
fie bands of the Administrator, will attend to the
Juliet nf hit appointment on Friday the 20th day
of May neit. between the bourt of 18 a. m. and
p. m., at the rficeof H. B. Swoope, Esq., in
the b-rouh of Clearfield, when and wcre a!I
f orsotit inuvestt-d mar attend and be heard.
April :o, 15 r.J. Auditor.
T S Til F. npi a"?i Ct)lTtTof ri7arrie!d
JL c.or.ty. The nndcrsipned, an Al'PITOU ap
point! by the Court to make distribution cf the
moneys in the hands cf th Administrator, oris, j
in? from the b.!a cf Ike ral nf 1. R r.,t. i
er. deceased, will attend to the duties f his ar- ; at Memphis, Tenn., who is a well
piintmett on a;arday the lift day t f Jlay, neit.
between the h-nr of 19 a. m. and 4 p. tr, at the
"See of H. B., Esc . in the bor.uph f.f
CieaHitld. when and where all persons interested
may aiULd and be beard.
April ISM. Auditor.
kct scenes like there wiil ccmo to icn until "ave no olijcctiun to their fighting if thev
mankind is riper. jr. ill fight on ctir fide. "
Eei-gion. then ftands out to save the people fro:a at ' fny 'be doctrine of these ra licds is
aWieiion, j the dortrlne of exformitial ion, a horrible
And only rau'c. nture di;re;s by adding more ni J atrociojs doctrine, unnorthy to be
T! on hh rin-.T. i . , , . ' tolerated by any people profcsirg to be a
TL-cy promise us another clime, where Angels will ' ,y 'Al "??,s', T',c iJi;a "f,
care s ws. naling S.OOd.OiM of white people of our
Xc after rhcliier tiny arc risht, or whether ?,Wn. ,,aco "DU 'uooC of dlsfianchising
they arc lying, j '"rp class of people, and carrying on
Tho ro.r must labor, day and night, for justice nEa'nst them a war of cxtci ruination, is
erercrying; horrible. I f they have nothing to expect
The church, the etate, the rene nnd thief, con- from us, no forgiveness, thrv will fight to
in)io mas. us sutler: 'the xsl. Hut there a mi friri-ifPti
hat shoutd bring to ui relief, becotres . rfl.rl I, I,n r.,AU ..)-.. i ,..;ti
ourgreaic.t icoffer. Uv ... Brm. . ' .,:..
lience you observe, lia at a loss to know what nipn i, i,.,,,,. .Kon'-nv IH., K l.oi
iuiiuury, I'.tecn uunurpi urontt. ina
Second corps, except liirne's dirision,
which retained the works occupied by this
coips yesterdiy, .moved up and is now
massed toward the left in the rear. Noth
ing but skirmishing, and occasionally cin
onuding, has occured to-day. The lines
of the enemy aro mostly concealed in the
fnrflt;! nn.l il la Yilain ftial I.a n.. n.
, m,,uu nuusc, aion,:; tno ;y ;w;t!i to risk l.attie in the comparatively
river, between die 1 o and M.iltanonav 1 n--on fi.d.l r r ... i:.
... M.ivj.-t ..n;. , I I U' 1 iVnOI'Ui llllll .pOtl"
sylvania Court House road thus: the Se
cond corps on the riht connecting with
the Ninth corps on tho left, conne-,t ing
with Purnside on the right, nnd tho Sixth
corps held mostly in reserve on the left.
The. headquai teis oftlio army, inehiit'.ng
those of'teneral Grant, were etal lithe i,
as abo those of the Sixth corps, at tho
house of a noted and weaithy ecesijnist
Hatred Gail, who, in company with his
brother, held pnssieiMon of an immense
estate, upon which that part of our lino
of battle, held by Iho Fifth -ind the re
serve of the Sixth cojih, ttaj disposed in
sight. 1 it bo this douU.'nc
niovenu nt of t.ur line did not turn tiio co
rny s flank as intended ; hut, nevertheless,
it heing in a sottthcr.sfi'i ly direction,
an advance movement, nnd brought us so
imicii inrtucroii our way. 1 lie enemy
was found in fiont, nnd iihi.piitous as ev
er, nnd leisurely engaged in htrct.gthoiiing
works, which ure understood to bo ol Ion--;
standing nnd very foi tniJ ible. Ob-ei va-
tion of the held yesterday forenoon levta
It 13 ci'? tionablo if Gen. Oranl wishes ta
risk anotherdirectaltac.k upon the strong
ly intrenched lino of the foe until the re
iiif'.'rcements now on the way arc at hand.
Considering the milosj thus far traveled,
tho proportionate slaughter if continued
all tito way to Richmond would une up
both .irmies completely. Aetiva
preparations for soma nety movement
are nevertheless being mad .', and the cn.
not bo mado without liringiug on mora
fighting. Everybody thinks that in Kuch
an event have mere advanisges in posi
tion than those wo now hoiu. The ordar
for two days' additional rnthwi has just
been ittsued, and whatever move iijunt, ia
tii.tde will bo toward the front, TLo total
number of guns raptured in Thursday's
engagftnent is now reduced to eighteen,
instead of forty-two reported ftl headquar
ters. The total number of cap
lured by us is eight thousand. Tb num
ber of colors twenty-two.
l' RO, Va., May lo 6 a. a
All sutei duouj strains of the armv have
eda cirious fight. 'Jhe'aJvance forces ol i "ei'n eruercii to this city nnd are new par-
tcore is wanted
To save mankind from sore istrer, end evil ev
er blunted,
So, II let conscience be try guide, to her IU
pay devotion :
And for my query I'll !id no more prolix solu
tion. Xow, siter, let me press your hand, aud Iir, too,
could 1 r?acbyou,
Well re as one, fergoud combined, come join me,
1 bcreech yon.
Together let our lort entwine, which death itself
can't sever,
And happy live on earth at least, It ft death !
death fxrerer.
Ki'fr ti't1 yowr iVo .rr,
CrLrrrrrn.VA.. SrxPAv ) H"1LL
ArrnRNOu?, April 21, lt'.J j
I fought for the Union from the beginning
, i-aughtcr. I An 1 these aro the only peo
ple they will forgive. Those who wil!
join their ranks they seem disposed lo
j lake to their bosoms, and allow them
the benc.1t of tho Amnesty Proclama
tion. General Oanlt, of Arkansas, a gentle
man who renounced the Confederacy after
both armies wero ouietlv diirtrino within
four hundred yards of each other, expos
ing their bodies in full view without firing
a shot. Palteriea were coolly placed in
position, nnd the aspect showed that the
troops on both sides were too worn out by
hard fighting, and marching to waste their
strength in the useless tuiituositics of the
picket lino.
Our batlcries on tho left about. " a. m ,
lazily felt of the enemy ' position audtlicn
subsided. A sharp and successful extem
poraneous fight did occur on our left, bow-
ever, which resulted in more serious fight
ing in the afternoon. Tho enemy had
posesslon of a house across the Ny river,
near the termination of our line of battle
a commanding and dar.rotis po-ition.
Soon after '. o'clock Col. Cpton'a brigade
oflijssei's division of the Sixth corps,
with a portion of tho New .leisey brigade
of the tame corps, cro.-sed the Nv, charged
Barbarities and Retaliation.
A citizen of Kochester. New York, now
and warm supporter of President Lincoln,
yna - "em .
nut - i ra,-
Clearfield Acadcniv.
D. W. McCTJRDY, A. B. Priacipal.
'TnE next Quarter will opan cn Monday the
X tt of April, 1S"4. Term i of toition as fal
low.: CoaiBoa Erpisb. comprisirg those branch
eot kicber than Read;r)S.Wrilicg,Arith
tie, feencraphy, Eng'itb rammer and
H 'ott, vr qanrtcr. - - $5 TO
H'e'ner Ecfrlrsb, per qnarter, - I
Laneuajes pr iuarfr, - - - 10 00
March 1, Ifa,
writes to the
i'i'i and s-aj s :
editor of the Kochcster frt-j
tlint Stntn Knd lim.n rnr.fnrpil nvnil..-l liim.
self of the amnestv t-rcelatn.ition. and I i '"o inn, ann toon tins house from them
understand has ioined the radicals, and ' ",,Pr 1,lv(''-v engagement. Tl.c day was
i has boon accepted bv them. Put, gentle-! 0,r'0 ol "!'' About ti e middle of the
men. this is a serious n:atter-a matter ' Rriproc. w'm oe or these showers was
worthy of all consideration how nre you "fa'11. General Meade, aeco.-tipnn-
to terminate this war? iIo.v aro those ! :o.'' (!e,ler:'' "nglit, commanding tho
men to be subdued, if all tho-e who wish 1 corPs. rntle up to this house, entor
Ito lay down their arms and make amends I. " fcnd ':,t down for a light oonlerence.
i for thoir u.t r.i.n;n.., ni 1 1 pround was still held by Lptou a und
norxn , i. r.i..- :r ... :. . i i the New Jersey tioops alluded to. which.
v .'V i.'ILIICIm 11 1 1 'I II 111 ..TPL V IT HJ IT f A 1 ... . . .. . , "
ten. lei tn I iom Wit if Ihev have ""'I" l' "iv" incMiirjie
ked here. J hoiisands of out wound da1-
still here, who experience :ho beuefiti of
attendance by the members of tho Sanita
ry Commission, a hose efforts, ho ever no
ble nnd persevering, cannot prevent a
terrible amount of neglect nnd MfiVring.
The city is almost deserted by tin origin
al inhabitants, and many houses are occu
pied as quartered by our troops, fin mors
prevailed during the night of a projected
raid by Fitzhugh Lee'a cavalry, and crea
ted considerable excitement. Mucn na
tivity prevailed during tb e night, by rea
son of an order from General Meade thu
two dnys' rations be fen t forward to toe
front immediately. Two thousand pris
oners were sent forward to JJello Plia
this morning.
i nothing tocxpectVrom us,' as a mitter of !el10' 0,lr position. The tivo general had
.!.., ;n .1 -.i peen conveisina uui a low nntiu-.ej. when
He is atisfie-I that what was told of ,,,- !. ";n ,:'?... ...... ;. ' .iasuddrn rattle of musketry from above
the cruelty of the rebels at Fort Pillow is
this war will continue, with its enormous
expense of treasure, and what is ten thou-
startled both. I ho next another
true-that the negroes were slaughtered yand foM w VRst e,pen(liuire of volley nearer and accompanied with yells
there without mercey But be adas that . lhe pr.ciou blooJ of .... noll L soldiers in : ILr.' couKl n.ot lo. TH ak.'jn. Lc"r;'.
the negio uoops in 1 ennessee ha.1 tcen ; the ,. . ,,;, ,or lhft m,in. ' an.l a numt-er ot the l-ullets penetrated
: i - f . . t . . t . . . . i
gui.ty oigrpai prutauiy to wnnea wno :enance of the Governmen.; rnd we
not r.grueu u very irwnu y w Lave to shed more and stiM more of that
I nion cause In one instance that cane ( ,n,u5oil. Wo0ll an,, ht thMn t0 lhp
to hi. knowledge, a party of these troops ; jf we roU), lhem anmnestr. The jltf0.
entered a house, and one or them threw a L.in8 are rr the r,roIongntion or ,i,e ar.
pan of hot ernbew into a cradle where an tb dj ftt u h amncetv on nny
iniaD. was sleeping aounurneaiiie i. iiieterm,ut,lcfg tL h .e AfljinQ
innocent in s most suocKins manner, in
vjll i the bouse. Generals Ideude and Wright
they can have tb
and tho while man
anoicer instaot incy seized a very corpu- cf,jsed. "
lent old man put a rope about In, neck Thi, j, cxat;y w,lftt ()0 iPtrlrcrats
and dragged him to ao fro till he was near-1 Jjlve jn rer,.rf.nc0 u tbo cnnHscstion,
ly lifeless. Appea.s wete mado to the of- annihilation of Stales, and extermination
1 5 ? a . 1. . .1
juau lusiiiinctoru.'u out the rearuoors
: and mount their horses when the enemy
came down upon the bouse and tho lioops
! around it like wol o. At the same time
they bror.ghtouta battery from behind a
wood above, unlimited it, and j-outed iu
a co-rrcrate storm cf grapesbot uion our
men. l no latter. nlUiouim taken at a
The Southern Army More Kaid right
ing to be Done.
Tho Washington Clrcnick, Col. Forney'
paper, expresses our op.nioo precijeiy,
when it says :
"Any man who fanciei Ihul wo go
ing to Richmond without further and
most determined fighting is mistaken.
The men who fight nre Americans. They
are Iree-born citizens, and of the proud
est of the piouci. The rebel arm- of Vir
ginia is composed rf the ck'tof the South
ern people. It reckons in its ranks :uer
of education nnd position, full of pri le of
family nnd nccustomed to exalt courage
into a God-liko virtue.
"Tbey nre burning wilu a passional1
antipathy to a people whom tbey have
thoroughly misunderstood, formerly des
pised, but nre now rapidly learning to res
pect. They are not to bu co'ed, though
whin thoroughly vanqtflshei thfy will
have the manhood to own it.
"Put, until they nre vonquithad, t'ley
will fight with an energy and a despera
tion that mut command the admiration
of every heroic spirit, even whil deplo
ring their folly nnd despising their cause.
Tbo body of Leo's army ii ratide tip hy
veterans, who nre ucd to exposuio, rmii-
Jji.lwrebTriTtwu.....i.-;.jn, occrs in command cf the district where (i0i-.trine of the R i llcnla who barn rulnd isition to thoenemy with a
, .. ia. of Jaie. D. Lytic deceaaed, late of these oulrages were jrpetrated, but no (be Administriioa , and for which they wound-d and prisonc; of from I. fly U
"'""""P-' nanrs n craoied to the na- aalislaciiou coun oe omaineo. ineelu..u. m,rl, hiiiKrlv dpnnun.'ed t i,.n ! seventy nve men.
dre:?VM ... r..r.r.. . .1 . W . . J . t I .. I - ... I 1 I 1 .
den ilip.vlvanui-o. foticlit valiantlv. but i mr Wl,n hnrdslnp. injured to U.cipltne,
we,-e force.! iintk thiough nn orchard and ! and, ,nrc unbhaken by the thunder.- of bat
flown the face ol the bill, vi. lilin-' tha no- i 'le- ' ...
. ' n 1 I ...... 1 a I.- 1... -. K. m
loss in killed ! ouun ps c;. -. vj -
succession Ot tiesperom iru.giB. iiur
ders.ftad, ai peraoas ind-bted to ii estate are
rtaoeted to make immediate perns-nt, and those
cairp riain:. aaicst in came Trill
tbea da'y authecucsted for settlement.
J0. LvTLE, t .
ap. 13 ft yd. A. C. TATE. Zxn
!are they hXely to Ucomo demorahied.
..I.V.l.I,, , .......
matter, became known to the rebol troops : fnr inrtbi dsp. An;s Tet here h Jb position was to valuable to U Ut. ! ? '',7 " " ' ! 1 " V.i.
and they went into tori 1 il.o.v turning' rnh r'uir. a devoted friend of fir. euemy proeegdwl at once to plant a
its r :r.:rnw a.s itcsaj a las f.ut
f"tra'T taat be bat t"iJ out Li;i -J an
CTIJIZi, i w-: f.uzd t:lii cry.rf
1 a-et ia ary rir: if tie CJ-C7 at u iir:e
for revenge and there gratiiied their wick-
K?tEEIE.-A fa.1 stock of ebaic. Groeer- beccme one of fiendis-h character and ex
i,1ra:.-e r ei'Trncese?
only when they recognize it as inevitable
. .. . ,rr !.,. Kill .A niHiiAin toi in I tvs.
oln, who denounces the radical doctrmo.i ,a"Vjr ,a 11,9 F'oun; ntxut tie house, ! i, '' not ,ie ali-btest doull."
ICIl wing .r'. roll fr Tmn.
was or- - -v...
and hold I VasniKCTOtf. Mav 13.
'i ho orderj reached (lea. Wrigbil Although Ibis rnornaia tbre was n
At thai I'm? ine , ottieial promutgni.on 01 lue uci, it U eon-
cur ps was still in Edcntly a.?erted by leading Corgresii.xa'i
spir t. In consequences of this license . incluJiajg negro equalitv, wberever L whitl1 threatened to ir .filade our
en to troops to commit an outrage their ' and not an Abolition paper in the pletely, find the Sixth rorpi
er p.sions might uggct. the war has( sfate dare finj fRuIt willl ylim . jgj dered to drive them laok, retak
xme one of fiend Uh character and ex-,,i,e centml organ has gone so far in. ih' the hill, 'iho orderj reached (lea
HiJ T.:i saitt to .::a
tis'iaai ' M ., c-eralj. iif'r?. b
irt at J r. kbsUtr.
termination appears to be '.be end and nb- ( rotltrary direction at f endorse tljj wtola aa no,,r Wore dark,
j jeet for which b'gbting is carried cn. The ptajr fatn;ir faWofct V tx i main liody of the Sixth
of c-at.'.i P-''CT of the fannG'-sof New F.ngland now I . J lesrrve this side of the Ny river, but it was friends of the administritioo' that it ha-
rM" cii-i r'r'l "' th-ro rnj- ieg it lo the i t7l.cnfs are rnor mu,s, as ths poor M- immctliately tent foiwurd to the left, he-: been detertnlned to call (op tkree tu.i-
jf i"sT f iect.
i Iot sid wht-n b 1 jokc-i h. coai.
Lmd a piece of woocls, to cross that stieain dred thousand troops.-