Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, May 18, 1864, Image 1

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3 p f 1T1T IT T f
0. IB- O00DLAND H, ) Edto"
VOL. xxxiv. whom: no.
Terms ot MubHcription.
If paid in ndvanco, or within three mouth, II (0
If paid any tiin 8 within the your, ...17
If paid after tho oxpiratlou of lliu year, - 2 UU
orraK on maiikkt stiikkt, ci.KAnriKi.n, rrNN'A.
0. II. UOOltLANLKll, 4 CO I'tlblis-llCl'S,
TtriiiH of Advertising.
Advorthomouta are Inserted iu the llopublican
at the following rates :
1 Insertion.
One npiaro, (10 linea,) $ 4l
two t'lMTV, (JUIlUOS,) I 00
Three aiuurca, (UU linea,) 1 60
3 months
J do.
$ 74
1 40
2 00
f) mo'i.
3 do.
tt 00
2 00
2 0
12 mo
$7 00
10 00
12 00
14 00
18 00
One Siiuaro,
Twoi'iunros, :
Three .unrei,
four ann'ros, i
Half ft column,;
: : :
: : :
12 60
4 00
t4 00
8 00
in oo
12 00
i : 6 00
: i 0 00
i : 8 00
t s 14 00
One column, i
20 00
sr. oo
Over three weoka and lesa thun three uioatha 26
cents per aqufire for eaou insertion.
Busineai noticoa not xooding Slluei are In-
jirtcd for li a your,
AJvertiasmenti nut marke 1 with the nninber of
ajoriions dosirod, will be continue! until forbid
and ohargod according to thjso teriua.
M Monday iu January, I 3d Monday !n June,
Jd Monday in March. 4th Moiiduy in Sept.
of each year, and continue two weeks if necessary
Pro;'t Judge Hon. Samuel Linn, Ri-llvfoDtn.
At'lo Judges Hon. J. D. Thnuij son.Curwcnsvillo.
Hon. James Illnoui, Forrest,
BUrifT, Edward l'erkf,
Prrfhonotnry, I. F. Etiweiler,
log. i Roe. Isaiuli (1. Bargor,
Di-liiet Att'y, Israul Test,
Troiuror, C. Krnttcr,
Co. .'-urvey.r, 11. 1!. Wright,
Cui.cii.-r'ivncn-Jiuu.l) Kuntt,
Thus, bouhcrty,
Amoa Head,
Auditors, Charles Worrell,
II. Woodward,
F. F. Coutorct,
Coroner, J. W. Totter,
County t'up't. C. B. tandfurd,
Glen Hope.
Or. Hilla.
Lecoutes Mill
Tuir.n up;
Olcn Hope, Win. S. Wright
L'tahvills, Thoodoro Wold,
Hegarty'i X I'.oadg.Pntnl. Hcfrnrty,
W . McCrneken,
Ta.A. M O hoc.
J. W. Campbell,
II L. Henderson,
" Chert,
. " Cuh,
. " Oitend,
Bloom, Forrest,
Bofp, Clearfield Bridge,
BralhirJ, Woodland,
firmly, Luthersburg,"
" Jefferson I.ino,
Bun.J.K', New Washington,
" I'urnsido,
" l'ateliinville,
" Et ttldge,
a.-t, Hurd,
'," Westovor,
Clsurfield, Clearfield,
Covington, Frenchviilo,
, " Knrthaus,
Ckrwcnavilltf Curwonavillf,
Jenics Hloom,
Jane Forrest,
W Ilium Albert.
It. II. Monro,
t'liaa. Moppy,
Jus. Oulluher,
W. C. Irvin,
Jack l'atchin,
Jn:ob Buice,
(i. Tuier, jr.
Win. Mediirvcy,
R. A. Farlior,
M. A. Frank,
r. A. Oaulin.
T. W. Fleming,
Centre county,
S. Itndwbaeh,
T. F. lioftlieh,
L'd. Willinmn,
Jna. MeClollun,
C. Mignot,
William Carr,
A. II. Shaw,
T. H.Forcoe,
A. O.Foi,
Chaa. J. l'uscy,
David Tyler,
II. Woodward,
Kl'mi Chase,
U. Horkadorn,
Jas. Thnuipiun,
J. C. lirouuer,
II. W. Bpcncer,
A. C. Moore,
T. II, Fleming.
Ilenj. F. Dalo,
D. K. Brubnker,
, ," West Dceatur,
" O.'ccola Mill?,
fetpujon, Marron,
Fos, Littlo Toly,
Gimri, Leeonto's Ktl'.f,
llald 111115,
Qofhon, Khnwsvillo,
flraliniu, (Irahamton,
Otelieh, Siuitli'fl Jlillt-,
Hot ton, Tyler,
Jerdan, Ansonvillo,
Krih:rj, Fait Liek,
Kiel, New Ki'.lpcrt,
Merrij, Kylertuwn,
; Morrisdalo,
Pn, Lumber City,
: Grampian H'lif,
n, Curwonfvillf',
Citun, Heckton,
Wdw.Trd. Jeffriva.
Jaincs Loekett,
This Tost Office will do f,r Chest township.
Will answer for Fcrgiu-ou township.
; o and sec tlic New Goods at
Eirysville, Clearfield county. Penna
nilEAP for CASH or ex.-hnn(red for Timbor
J Hoards, Saw-Loirs, or Fhinslei.
Bcs. 10, '113. tf. JAS. K.WATSON.
Mr.u i ii.vvTs. and dealers Iu Dry
Gooia, tiroccries, Hardware, Queouswnre, and
verrtliinj usually kovt bv the trado. Store on
CiiOOi'D istroet, below Judjjo Leenard'a, oppo
se tho rretliylorian Church, Clearfiold Fa.
: W. 4, ISC1.
iJ) V E A LEU 1 A L U M B E 7i
f WaaWnpton. Clcnrfifld County. Ta
July 1st lCC3.-tf
lLi a 4 Ba ff a 3r f? IBi i 4 a 11 1
. , L V T H K K S U U R ,
VILLI AM 8C11WEM, Proprietor
Nay r.i, lstiu. ly.
JncTinv iv THE l'F.ACF..
I'nr Dkcatcr Township,
promptly attend to all buaineaa cntruated to
A ire. P. O. Address, I'hilipsburg Fa.
Jlat lSUl
fnaunnv. JAS. I. WATSON
OMl'SON A WATSON, Doalcra in Timber,
Baw-Lnpa, I5oarda and Shinglea, Maryavillc, 1 0..1 Clearfiold county, la.
Aug. 18,
McMurrav. Matt. Irvlll
1 Goods, GrocoricH Lumber, kc
Jluinsidc, li
It 24, 19C2.
i Attorn oys nt Law,
CLKMU IK 1.1), VA.
filter from Jjbilipsburg. 1
(. :i rvn I.r.uoi, K.wE.siiudi'PEn (71'1ieithick, ltqiorted Jot the Cl.LAUt ltLi ltii -
1'llll.lCAN llj JoU.N JloOTd.
Leroi Kiitcr fricml Kavc8(lropjur, uikI
biing tiows to buoy up my soul.
Eavesdropper How dulnt thou know
that it wan I who knocked at thy door ?
L. hy tho stop upon tho pavement I
know it wua thee, uud thut thou hud'ut
exciting news.
E. My loyul lord, culm thy nerves.
J.. Are thing!) not encouraging ?
E. Thut dutch fool, Dcitricls Kxlinc,
liu.i betrayed tho secrets of tho Loyul
League !
Urctit Oot ! ko aro undone !
E. l hiwo oppOBed tho admission of
fliniplo, honest men into tho Longuo for tho
rciHon thut thero is moro truth thun uiet
ry in the adago thut " children und fool
, -The dutchman must bo decoyed to
Loch Lomond, and there, having u stono
tied about his neck, must then bo sunk
intn II,. rtl.n...l... t..iol !
Hill toll the u ntil."
into the fathomless pool !
E. Would st thou suggast a tneasuro
89 sevcro ?
A. Exlino is simple enough to tell tho
truth, and such men iu these times, de
serve a traitor's futo 1
E. As nothing but wisdom drops from
thy lips and flows from thy pen, I enifoiso
what thou snyest without further question,
for in wartimes no truly loyul lima will
think for himself.
L. Thou hast well said for I-orney is
the "inspired scribe of the Loyal League, I burdens felt by the community to the ut
utid I but reiterate hie sentiments. most extent. No one objects, much less
E. Ibows down Great is Abraham do we, to tho ostensible objects that the
Lincoln, and Forney is his only truo
L. Ihou should st Eay l orncy is Ins
chief prophet, and Leroi, Anna liokinson,
Hubert Dale Uwen nnu Henry ard Hco-
cher aro his minor prophets and scribes,
E.i hove lllttt UUintOtltlOnallv, 1 hUYC
nol uHci'Ci "'.'Jlojul sentiments 1
jj.ll is disloyal not to recognize mc us
of the holy prophets and tcribes.
E. l will not nguin so otlcml ; but
what ahull be dor.o with tho dutchmuu ?
L. llring him befoio me forthwith.
E As Forney is tho mouthpiece of tho
groatly adored Abraham, nud thou re
peatest but the word? of the chief proph
et, thy will is my law.
L. ami tea his breast and pulls Ins liair I
Truly the Democrats have justice on their
sum; cuuiu Hie copperhead goddiss but
bo destroyed.
I kavesdropper nnd Lxhne enter.
Exl'ux, (iood morning Leroi, I nm
bleescd in it your good writing it ish very
goot, and I know it bleescsde government,
for my wife say she reads dem smart dings
in Forney's Kronikle unt War Press, be
fore you puts dem in your ledders to send
to de Kafdsman'sShernel.
A'. (aside to Exlino.J Hush, Dietrich !
you aro trending on tonuor toes.
i:.c asule to r.avcsaroppor. no you
mean dat Shon Forney's writing ish no
potter dan de now you gits from do talk
ing Oia women, to put in nib loner waiwc
gets brinted ?
hxlmo you nave necomo very uis-
Ex. I disloyal ! 1 would not tio any-
liuc condrary mid do kommands from do
goyerment (Linggon), oder yon, do wisc
roy for Philipburg, lor do whole world.
L. lou wrote Idlers to a Loppcrncau
Ex. v ell, do loyal Labors wou nou
prind my leddrn, und my wife say dey
had more original madder in as yours, unt
dat 1 whs not used fair.
L. Do you not know that your foolish
writing in urcd our cnusef
Ex. My wifo aays del 0 is more drooth
in one sentence from my ledder, den all
of Leroi'a writinc.
. . . c . . .
.Your wile is arank uoppcrnend i
7;.c Shlander nod do woomans, I haf
shworn to brotect her mid do holy Ling-
gon and do prophets, 1 slivvoro dat mid overy ru in both tho loyai ana rcuei ar
my fist 1 vill avenge her wronjw. j my. Too other day a call for lint for the
E. Do you not know thnt all truo icy-
alists hold Leroi's writings more sacred
than U10 Bible ?
Ex Who dispudes mid his writing?
T. Jcrrv IJutt is not worth a rowtfdinon sheeting
pins, else ho would havo her puniphc.l
. - . ,i 1.:.. ..1
K. If wo had Ilnynnu in bu place, bo
would have her whipped until Mood run
down her back in streams ; luul wo Ben.
Hutler he Would send her jewtdry and silk
dresses to Massachusetts ; Or had wo Neal
Dow ho would hnvo her pinno and wino
transported to Maine. fExline knocks
Eavesdropper's and Leroi's heads togeth-
Why arc you bo disloyal.
Kr Call me nnvt une. hut do not can
mo disloyal, for great ish de gjiverment
(Abraham Lincoln.)
..--IMetrick, wilt thou graut mo but
ono favor.
Ex, I vill, vat ish it ?
L. Nover again darken my door 1
Ex. I vill humblo myself in Fnckcloth
and ashos beforo Linggon and his wisoroy,
but mino wife I vill defend nt all hazards.
If our got and government, Aba Linggon,
ever shp.ks mit disrespect von her, mid
my list I vill black his r-yo I
E. Disloyal Copperhead, depart !
A'jr.Mr. Eavesdropper if you again
beeps iudo mine vindow to sco veddor
mino vife vashes de baby bofore she puts
it mitin de pod, unt she does not drop n
a kcddle full of hod vadr on you, I vill
fling my fist on your noso. My loyal lords,
farewell 1
Z,.--lIov fortunnto that the fool has de-
r!;.--I wish that Satan had him I
L.1 toll thoo that thou must cast him
into Loch Lomond, bo that ho may de
scend into China 1
A'. Vhc ho made our heads ring
did t Uinu not discover
lii-i powerful
stront'tli .' and fihould I pneountor Lint nn
tho bunks of tho roiuuntio lnko, it might
bo thut 1 would involuntarily journey to
the Cefcplinl linpiio 1
I' llnst thou not oflon snil that thou
would'st givo tho list l,ihir ntid tho list
win to wipo liberty nnd justice from the
fuco of tho earth?
A'. So 1 did, but I meiiiit myself to bo
tho 1m l nuin, und my gold nnd silver gods
to bo tho hint dollars.
L.l uudorstand thoo ; wo nro of ono
A'. Will tho government not hold tho
dulehrn.iu to nn account ?
L. If Captain I'.luir was half as good a
mm as Genernl McNeil ho would uton Kx-
j line s dutch foolihhnei'.s by scuding a bul
j lot through his cranium !
E. If thou canst girt Provost Marshal
H'air removed, and myself appointed in
! his steud, I will hava every Coppei head
i man, woman and child bound hand and
! foot, ami cast into tho bottomless Loch
I Lomond : Provided. Chaso will trivn ini
, ' t dl,,1! irii Por Brconl.uo
ulllu . ,ca" ,f
J '' "V V',l'( "rl J"
f,?,U t."" ''! hl it fauso.
ku for
t pale
1 thee
when Kxliuo'
mentioned the
kettle of
boiling wutcr.
From tho Medieul Surgical Importer.
Kvery few weeks tho "United States
Sanilury Commission" appears before tho
puiiuc in a new roio in llio urt ol money
.'getting, It seems determined to make its
, Commission profess to accomplish,
viz: tho prevention of diseaso iu
, camp nnd hospital, and tho care ol the
I sick nod wounded scldicr.
e linvo sonic vcrv serious nbip..(ioii!
to thU CrriV.lxalion nnd its way of doinc
. ollsiness. In tho fust l.biee. llm thin- it-
self is founded on a false issue, and is a
j standing insult to two Government thro'
its medical department.
It wis started
on the plea of necessity,
to nccomiilish
luties that it was the acknowledged busi
ness of fhc medical bureau to perform.
Granted thnt thero may have been n plaus
ible excuse for its existetico for a timo as
an ailjunct to tho medical department,
just as our militia and emergency men
have on two or three occasions been called
us mi urn to too nnny, why has it
not gracefully retired when its services
wero no longer neoded? I'ecauao it ha3
assumed to perform tho legitimate work
of the medical department is no proof
that it is needed. Tho department is ful
ly competent to perform all the work that
the Commission has taken out of its hands,
and we think thut its continual appeals
to the public for money now, for many of
the oljccts for which they aro made are
tantamount to a fraud on tho community-
Ono of tho strongest arguments used by
the Commission in its appeals, is tho ne
cessity cf supplying tho sick and woun
ded soldier with the articles that the Gov
ernment does riot furnish. That this is
derogatory to tho Governraont, is well
known lo those who are cognizant of whut
provision is made for every emergency.
This will bo mado tomcwhat apparent to
our readers by tho following imperfect in
ventory of the contents of one of tho store
houses of the Government, taken from the
Sew York Evening Post, and which we com
mend to their persuaL
"No person can pa through tho spa-
cious rooms of tho Medical Purveyor in
this city, nt tho cernyr of I'.roomo btrcet
and Green, without Udng strongly nuprca-
1 red with the exteiannu minuteness 01 me
'arrangements mado for supplying our
; niilitiiry hospitals with tho necessaries
and comforts which the sick and woun-
.... . 1 r M . -... 1
(tea 01 ouc army require. nn ..i.i.
magazines of medicines enough, 0110
would think, either to kill or cure almost
norpuais was mane in uu i-n.-pij'
1 ?.o. bW P-roomo street arc mountains 01
old linen for the purpose-nags on oags
I filed up to the ceiling. Jiero aiu uunui.
1 fhirts bv thousands, acres of
un-it. KUimlies O IOWOIS.
l....... f i,-' , rrconn eilivllS: M C3 Ol
i..Menil. maltresses. pillows, counter
panes, and cushion-, tho cntiru l.itehon
nnd table fumittiro of hospitals, tho ex
tract of beef, condenced milk, the extract
of collee, kiln-dried sugar, cornstarch, gc
lnline. farina, tapioca, and many other
things of the sumo cbus in as 1 rrgo abun
danco as they are needed. Of some things
wholo cargoes as they come from foreign
countiics aro emptied into these maga
zines. It is difficult to think or anything
wanted in a hospital which is not hero,
from a caso of surgical instruments to a
gridiron. . ,
"Those who desiro lo know precisely
., n . i
... i..r.i i l.n fJnvornnipnt iirovides
twin ...'.. i
the supplies of hospitals can be fully in
formed hero. Tho medical purveyor, Dr.
Katteri.f.f., a penlicmnn, wo fear, not on
the most nmiablo terms with tho Sanitary
Commission, uui pro npv, i-iw.ku..., . ....
outspoken, will g.vo he bcnavoiei,. Y Pni(, Swift ..j wouI , ,, ,
who interest themselves in bohnlf of our , ., , . d dj , , . , .,j hi
soldiers nnv explanations which they may 1 .
require. They will probably discover that morn"
the caro of the Government and of tbei If. in playing euchre, a lady partner
medical oflicersofthe hospital department Luou'jj "liclp" y0U, must you consider her
for tho comfort of tho sick and wounded, in tll0 light of a friend and sister ?
?.f ou' ,r,Ily,.L?8.-an?"nL S Sh' I r-Wherefore is it that one year in the
.7. Z J u if in La w reels hero
pidv of
tides, it will le found, wo think, that tho jg-Why is an Irishman's joke like un
requisitions havo not been duly mudo, as , irishman ? I'rcauro it is pit.
we havo every reason to bclievo that when i
mado they aro promptly answered. fcSTOn t 'Ouvind recruits for our r-
"In tho buildings used as mag.ninos for,wic aro Bald to be on the way from Gcr
thee stores there are employed one bun Jluy-
not MEN.
dred arid sixty women and girls bclom--1
u inn i.i mines 01 our soldiers, sntue of
them widows and orphans. Tho rooms in
which they work hum and ruttlo with
scwing-mut'lnncs. The-o persons nro em
ployed in making tho necessaiy hospital
garments, forming tho bhroling into
sheets, putting up medicines in commodi
ous canes, und other similar employments.
"Tho oversight of one or the-o great
storehouses, the purchase of the medi
clBcs'Tind othrp
tatk of causing them to bo put into nro,.-1 ,!"'V.,UU nf M-xth-tlio JfiR.Ii with
cr shape for uso. und sending them off on ' V-',C fttC0,id .fo" ou,r. lnox9 left.
tho requisition being made, mako thonoitl c1v"Iry hd been skirmishing m tho
of Medical Purveyor in thi, citv i o sit ! T'.nU'u? mih tt newI liiVOrcd body
Not less than sev-nn ,i'ii,; ,.r ,i,.i
.an seven inillinns rS lrO.
irs, expomicd for the I'll ru i rttn.L. . j I ..i.i
...... i .-- , . , -- - - , ... , .,, ......
P.i.-uu inrciigii ti,o hands uf this oil
-"ICO W10 l-eciUlini.. Of llm imr "
So mueli fur ii,.. , .!
, . " "VI.MMlVllt O I.IVJV K'l
making proper provision for the hiuk and
wounded soldier. Wliat can the Sanitary
Comtnifiaion provide more.
Again, it must not be forgotten that Con
gress has mnlo amnlc lH-uvi.-.ini. i,.i- nm,.
i.l. i.-,., .1, ,.! i: ..,., 1 '
. . - i
, , . tl'l"cr wim proper rations an
ciouung when in hospital. This is done
'y converting rations duo him, and1
which are uusuited to hij diseased cnn.ii- i
'"on, into money, which
uie purclia.cxd euch
comforts ami In v.-
nos and coniforu na i, ,;....., ,
which are procured on the reijuisitiou of
iuu uigeou-in-ciiarge 0I a hospital. A
correspondent of a New York daily paper
says :
"The public attention is invi'od to tlic
followmg rjlkud statement of nrticlcs l'"'-
month, at nnr nt ii, . .. . ' . .
.... .,llttJ uiUOUVL'll hi Iftno ( ....
the Department of ti hospitals m pms and serubby oak, with nn undor-
drt , , S I G ,Klst'.l!f ll'n't, ' Krowll, of inm-l in miny places that ren
cruirj' o'-?,nT ti,e nK,u-V ncY' tl'C forest a!.,,n,l impenctrable.-
S r S L Wi ra.ion6 He pinoy-rro low limbed lind .craggy,
viz.- 0 "iciisiry, :iu-i the cliincapim tho Milled and bristli-
i73 , , .. est of tl'.r-ir niecies. An advance inline
..l a found bulte.-,:,,;,,-) po-mds fish, of buttle was impossible. Artil-
V.,. ;rn C,,:i'ihU' 1 r""'" chickens, !.ry could not bo brought into action at
"Y o , ' - . l'oul:ll, turkey, 4 bar-
l- '""eis turnips, 3 barrels on
ions, 2 barre ls apji!,.s, 3 barrels can. .is. '1
bushels cranberries, I box lemons, !',')
heads cabbage, pounds cheese, S
1 "o . , ' "r('1' pounds lamb,
l.oOO clutns, 10,000 oysters, 4HO oranc-',
llbuncheseelciy, 120 pots jelly, i'r, pounds
1.1. iKiiei una 0 pumpkins.
'",,UJ vwuiuium iiecv.-;.iy ; 1 i;e i.,.ov c
i-.-uu is attained and attainable at cm
.......... j niiJiiui ; aim more e.-peei
V if
iuv iiuunHT 01 patients Is ia!
may ne pna n. -i.i;,i,;. t ,.i.,i .. 1...
aujipiiea nic not accessible, and cannot be
purchased. Theso ditlicul lies can be and
aro obviated by tho conscientiousSur-eoti
ho has tho means of purchase, and u
market nt hand however distant.
ill tho thinking people examine this
subject in all its bearings ? Tho conclu
sion will bo inevitable that the soldiers
need 110 extraneous aid."
Another duty th0 Commission assumes
to pei form ia tho sanitary inspection of
camps hospitals, etc. Why, every medi
cal olhcrr of n regiment or a hospital, is a
professed tan itai inn, and he has his bri
gade, division, and corp superiors to eee
that his work 13 properly done, and they
again are under tho supervision of
Modicnl Inapectors, nnd various indepen
dent roving commissions of inspection up
pointed by government. It is hii insult
to the government and its oflhvrs that
this Commission sends its agents to over
seo their work. Why doe it not tend
agents to see how the President performs
his work, or how the work of the depart
ments or Congress is performed? Why
confine its supervision to the Medical De
partment? Perhaps it has secret agents
at work who knows? The plea of " cue
fur tho soldier" has been asuceesslul can.',
(nnd they may rightfully claim that they
. riue or. 1110 wave 01 popular opinion
w 0 snail resume mis subject next we.-i;
and review the methods adopted by the
Commission to raise funds, its irresponsi
bility, and tho disposition it makes of its
money. We think that it is capable of
proof that whero tho soldier gets tho ben
efit ol a dollar, much moro than that
amount goes toward defraying the expen
ses and keeping the machinery in motion.
There arc sonio remaikable developments
to bo made in this connection.
able paper, the
M'e.T mm i. ti'ii'
r."cmi'; j os.l, ascribes our
I reviu bus iu u uue,
ed fact that the
nigger "irn't properly 1 ceoi'iiized-" Put
didn't the commander nt Fort Pillow rec
ognizo tli" nigei ? Didn't General Sey
mour, in Florida, recognize the nigger ?
Didn't General I'.anks, in Louisiana, rec
ognizo the nigger ? If tho nigger wasn't
1 recognized upon these occasions, how and
I when and where on onrth are they to be
j recognized?
We aro really approheiuivo thnt Abol i
tion Editom will go to low so recognize the
niegger, that niggers won't recognize
1 11 r.r.;, :;' .1 ,,,..;
bUVLU. . ..... ... 1. ... ,i. ..i.n,
. fJ-ThnceL-brated Do. preach
to . i ....
c'ing nn a..u n muni, w i- tevere upon i m-
lor i . . . '. 1
or pioadine ncainst t heir eon-eienee.
O D - . -
After dinner, a young councellor said
pnmo sovcro things against the clergy, and
added that ho did not doubt, wero the
.. i- . .,, , i.
devil to cue, a parson mignt i.o iounn to
, , , , R0rni0I,
' Iiighwy department entitles an ollicial to
TERMS :-$l
The Battles of Thrtrsdny and Fri.lay,
juay j ana u, oa itio Knpid Ann.
From tho New York Herald.
Tin; tattle on tui rsdav, mav 5.
At ono o'clock on Tl.urbdnv wo wero in
lino of bnttlo with tho best corps on tho
s men near Llianccllorsvillu
mcMO were soon lotin-l to have augment
ed, and tho tkirmish speedily swelled in-
proportions of a battle. Gen. Wil-
'ui, with a
ort ion of his command, was
cut oil" from the main bodv. but mined
them later in the day.
Tlx; ti,;bting hero tho great
siipei i'iiTty of our cavalry to Smart's fa
mous partisans. Tho latter were badly
iwuimcai in me nay s engagement, anil re
itirod towards Fredei icksburg, to join Gen.
I Huhugh Lee, of whose commai:u .Stuart's
is a part.
taking the different positions assi,'n-'
, , . . r i
! ' 1 ". ". '." 1 '3 "l K:ul "'y COI1-
i snucuon oi neiM breastworks in front of
its lirst line ol battle, und soon bad them
capable of fcrmidtib'a resistance. Tho
face of the country und the character of
its growing timber was found the most
unfavoioble imacinable for offensive oper-
: Ti... i .
i uiiuun. i mi loans were narrow generally,
I tedious and bounded on citiier hide with
1 1 . . .i r
I " "enso growui oi young pines, chinca
all. A few i.laces on tho immediate
n: i.:, inai aiut m an oecasional hrenk m
the fori.-t on either side, wero tho only
positions po.iiliiu fur planting batteries.
Uver three hundred pieces lay idlo dur-
ing tho whole of tho first day's light-
The position was admirable for defence,
and was selccUd by lien. Lee insl
on iearniiig tiial lien. Urar.t had oi:t-mn
ik!uvci i-d iiini am! gained a crossing with
out u hi. tile, Many of the ravines wero
u'cp anil inn ok ltje. t ut a m"'
al im, nK-ille. but a i;...
11 accouiit ci precipitous Ucclivit- ' luu 1 1 " 11 "l " ""i
ics. The maiu obstacle wo had to con-1 tlic command of that c iflicer, purticipatod
lend against was tho thick growth of " tlll; h'ice conflict of the tcf'l. The Sac
scrubby timber that prevented tho proper , ond t'rigado wn'j in reserve, to close tho
01 the troops and concealed tho
enemy 's
f'01 ees.
dur e
pretence und disposition of his
and line of battle formed by
tho corps was fully iivo miles in length,
from northwest to southeast, with the
centre thrown forward, givil g it 11 convex'
form. The rebel line was ct cjuul if not
greater Icrgth, us was proven by their
maintaining their positions in our front, ,
and 011 one or two occasions temporarily
turning our Hanks
This much it seems necessary lo say, for
a proper appreciation of what is to fob
At one o'clock p. m. on Thundiy, Gen.
V.'avrni's rones bi-.'im Li.tllr- bv n.lvniirlnrr
along tho line of the turnpike in line of
butl.e cr. both sides,
sharp ar.d vigorous on
iho J. editing w-;.s
oth 1 i Ii s, Willi or
casional lnteivids till ik.ik, with in
dilferent success to cither. Dur first dash
frcm the centro of Wiirten's corps was
met with a deadly volley ti nt threw their
line into momentary confusion. The reb
els took udvantage of this, and made a
bayonet charge on Lattery D, First New
York artillery, capturing two of their
brass Napoleons, or 12-pounders, Tho
battery seems to havo been imprudi r.tly
exposed and indifferently supported
sharpshooters had previously shot down
tho horses and many or the men. The
captain was wounded eaily in tho fight.
These were the only two guns wc lot in
tho battle.
At dark Warren nominally hel l posi
tion a half mile in advance of his breasl
wni ks.
Gen. Sedgwick may po.-iifly have been Iho enemy outlier tliun Wurien,
bill was not bully engaged till afternoon.
Tho fighting in his front wa.-. terrific for a
considerable period, and tho losses ncccs
unly In avy on both sides. At night ho
seemed to havo gained a d.icidod advant
age, and at ono time it seemed probable
that Leo was withdrawing troops from
that point and concentrating on our loft.
Subsequent events contradicted this theo
ry, nnd the Sixth corps was compelled to
meet one of the most Vio ent ts of
' " 1 .
this or nnv other war. I eavalry wc have advanced up the Penm-
Gen. Hancock opened on tho rebels ', 8uIni ,or Jo1 tlie Chickahominy and havo
from the lou. of our line at half-pa t four p'lfelJ' brought then to on r rresent pos.
onThund.iy iiMcrnoon. and foutht furi-l ,ien- 'illl'b0 aro colored cuvnlry and are
otisly until night. Ho found himself con
fronted with veteran troops, who rcsistod
his impetuous assaults with tho coolness
of weil trained toldiers, and when forced
back always retired in better order than
would bo possible for fresh rocruits. From
tho moment of attack until dark, tho
crash of musketry was incessant and dea
fening. Tho rebels were finally driven
fully a mile.
Gen. Hancock was severely pressed at
ono timo in the evening, and two brig
ades were thrown into the pap between his
light and U arreu a left, iho lighting
hero w as of the most ohstiuato character
As the sun funk below tho horizan, tho
erund conilict of tho dav lulled into irreg-
Liar musketry filing,
d liuuiiy ceaacu
(ienerul P.nnisidu s CfirbS was t.Ot Cn
gngeJ through tho day ; but wua Laid in
position to eujiport tho Sixth.
TilEFHilWINli ON J Kl i. V, BAY I'.
A light hao covered the. ground when
day d.iwned on Friday mominii. As it
50 I'cr Annum. ;f paid iu aJv.t:
SIiKIKS - VOF..lV. - NO. 11.
disappeared beforo tho
pickets of liOlh armies
sun, and as tho
chiuo m s: :ht
each oilier, hostilities begun from u ehiw
and ttragling interchange bi'shots between
the pickets. 1 ho hie nicreined in wan ith
until six o'clock, when the eiifci.'gc.aer.t
became general, und continued with litt'.o
abatement throughout tho day. Tho rtb
ola had intrenched their position cn tho
right by felling timber uud covering it,
with earth. Their line ran along tho e3gj
of the wooJs, with Hilillery atationod ut
interval.", A loss formidablo work was
thrown up by our troops, atid the interval
of tho ground war, the scene of ono of the.
most hotly waged contests of tho nar.
The ground was fought over iu sorae pla
ces us many as four or live times, the com
batants driving each other iu turu lion
the opposite lines of lillepits. The oilli
coi'p, on our right, was mo t heavily en
gaged in tho lorouoon. ilaucnch, on tli.
plank loud, nustained a terrible charts .
the rebels, whodrovo him back and tepo
sesu'd the ground enptured from tin
the day previous. Sedgwick's left divi.i
ion that of Gen. Seymour was
into cnnfu.-.ian by u eiuirgo from thut por
tion uf the rebel line, which wni enid t
llllV0 ,J'on reinlorced during tho night by
i .,...'.. i I- . . i i - . .
Loncstreot s corps. In fact, tho oondition
ofntl'iiirs nt this timo seemed anything
but hopeful, and though tho lino was fi
nally re established, yot when, later iu tha
evening, tho rebels pierced the right con
centre under Warren, and pushetl our
lines so fur back thnt frr a while itseem
fd as if the right witg would bo detach
ed, the feeling of apprehension was al
most universal.
The condition of affair? rrrtuinly look
ed gloomy on that Friday evcniii". His
tory demands that the "truth should bn
told. At the battle of tho WihliMiuvGen.
Grant, did not do so much outligt as 01:'.
matni-uvre and outgeneral the enemy, lij
a masterly movement on Friday niht i
changed the whole aspect of affairs. Wi.
drawing the Sixth corps from the ligh;.
by way of the's Ford road, ho aont L
to tho extreme left, thus at tho same timo
consolidating his own lines ono inoro and
threatening tho rebel capital itself.
Tho opeartions of tho Ninth corpa,
which on tha day before had been held in
reserve, weio directed respectively to tha
j assistance oi warren ami uaneocic, mo
uuiMiTBu. oie- ci)"jii weio sent along
tho plank road in the direction of Chunc
cllorsville, w ith orders to report to Gener
V . V.T!, ..'J)". uJ.r ? ..TriVn.
I'.u p ieii ecu i :ti I'.-n iiim iiaucuciv. mu
divisions of Putko nnd Wilcox wero mov-
cd out upon a country road running south
erly between the tump ke and plank road.
Tho rebels weroeoon encountered, and
when Gen. Lurnside and EtafTrodo to the
front they v.eic greeted w ith a particular
ly warm salute. It failed to injure any
one, howe ver. Parke, with a division, held
the right of the road, and was on theflank
of Warren, whoso inn was further
Ktrenjd hencd 1 y the massing of tho Fifth
mio. Nin th coipsmtillery 111 pontions con-
vcnicm to repel any iiuempi 01 me reoois
j to break tlnengh. To tho loft of Pinko,
closirg ti. the fpnee between him and
Stevenson, Was ',
ileox's division.
The rebel : bnrrfl'.ooten ntalioned them
selves iu the lice lops immediately over
the front of the ir line. Cupt. Hutchinson,
of Wilcox's i taff, was wounded pninfully,
though not dangerously in the thigh while
conveying an order. Col. I.rgendro, of
the 51st New York, was .-hot from u tree,
the bull pas:-ing through the peak of his
cap and cutting the bridge of the nose.
Tho Fourth division of colored troops, un
der 1 erriro, was upon the extreme right,
picketing tlio liver and holding tlio line
between Hancock i.t.d tho river. When
s-.iib.scr(utnt!y tho provisional brigade of
Col.Maishuil was moved to the cert re,
one of Fci rero's brigades took their placo.
I Up to tho timo 1 left the field the color
ed troops had not taken part in the bat-
tic. Many of (ho i-.-giments ot the Ninth
corps was under tiro tor the lust lime.
All behaved iii a most creditable ifiunnor,
some of them standing to tho work like
veteran regiments.
Operation.-, South r,f rJchraonl Official
tc-i frcn Cen Eatler.
Washington, May 1(1. To Ni. Genera?
I'iv. l foilvard a dispatch, this moment
received from General liutler. It tells thy
Kdwaiu M. Staxtox, Sec't. of War.
Head Qcaktei s ner Pchui dv llcs-Dntii
IiAM iNc, May 'i'.To EUk'-h M. tUtnltn,
Sec't. ofWiir: Our oreriitions nmy bn
. .- . r . l .. e:ti. i in ,
mmmra u in i ui. i.i-j -
now holding pot il'oni fiB our ndvauco to
wards P'chmon 1. Gon. Kuntz with 3,00e
cavalry from .Suffolk, on the aamo day with
our movement up tho James river, forded
the Pdack Water nnd burnt tho railroad
bridgo at Stony Creek, below Petersburg,
cutting in two Beauregard's forcea at that
point. We have landed here und en
trench?! oureolves; havo destroyed many
miles of railroad, and havo got a podtioti
which, with supplies we can hold against
tho whole of Leo's army. I have ordered
up tho supplies. Peauregard, with a large
portion of his command wns left south of
the cutting or the railroad by Gn. Kunlz.
Thnt portion which reached Petersburg
under J I ill 1 havo whippo I to dey, kill
ing nnd wounding many end taken msny
prisoner!, after a sever and well roptet
td fight. Lieut. Gen. OraMt w ill not hr
troubled with any further reiulyrcemont
to Lee from l'caurrgar l's force.
I'evj. K. I'ctlkr,
Mnj. Grn. Commanding.
I'OKTRU.-J MONROE. May 10 Fig'il'i.l
oiimruoed v-"ue i '.