Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 16, 1863, Image 3

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Ik (fhrfidJ Virj;eHir;in.
WedarsJay Morning. Dec ICth. 1863
Mich of our sjnc( is ocruj.ii'J with
jtlio third annual message of " I.rosiiKiit
jj.if.eoln, fm.l tlio (xtraonliiuuT 1'ioe-
J t l , - . ....
, i lilinill idii iljiptliili'il llifl'i'lu, nH II l.y
'way of,,;sts.-ril,t,or A.i.totl.oin.'sxu-c.
lit .1 . n i
itivoniv jiortion r tlio tiii'iiic
tliut is dl" siicci.'il inlej'i'ht (o Ihe uh.
lie, !H (O in.' foilll'l ill 1 ll 0 rplllHrliS rrll-
. , i , i . . ,
tuig Lj Hurt .roeliunatioii, xuU lo the
JiVfH.laniMlioil itsnlf. ' ailV IHTSOIl,
.... i
afUT jicrtntin (liiri looum'nt,t'an Uu,o
to S00 l in r. i( ion frimliiMl lU
I'liinii reflorciJ, ujion the terms and
jilans jii-djmjmjiI, tlicy have i:t'rtiiii,ly
livi'il to lourn Imt little of human na
turo. Vo helievi' that tho priwi-rs ami re
huiirci'S of tho ri'lx lliu. arc just
riiirroiiiidi'.i with morn diflii-tiltii'M and
jit ijilexitii's, than they over More bo-1
ture. AVo boliove that tho ltojicsof
the n'-ojiloofl'it! South ol'ainimj their
iiiii'-oe iKieiii e, v ithin anv reasoiiali e
jicriod, are lainter now than at any
1' ii'tni'l- time. I'elioviiin; this to he their
onlitiin, we nlr.o believe that thons
ini U of those who are now arrayed
M;:iiiist us in deadly hostility, would
'jjladiy eiiihraeo the ojijioi'tunity to re
1 irn to their nlieiaiife, it' the condi
tions offered were Mich as a high-spir-
i'.ed iK-oiile such sx oeotilo as
i'othei t,C tlio soi
of the sires of Se-
M'lity-Six ought to bo, could accept.
Aro the conditions olfercd in this
. l'roelainalioii of such a character'
iy no means.
Will these terms be accooted by the
rebels now in iirine ? Not by a man
W ill it slrcncihin the hands of tlit
1'nioii men m tho South ?
nion men in mo .ouin: .mi ne
, ciui.-e it lontii iiis w hat tlio insti
of the rebellion have always si
that tin) jiurjiutc of tho war, fnm ihi,
l(juYtiry, wfis tho aniiibilatiun
, hlavery.
M'ill it nthUtrength ton liitiniate!
; Vnion sftitimoiit in the North ? No i
il . : .1........ i,. 41... oi .... J
..-.l.nini: r., , iw on , i not -
)v that the Union cannot bo thus res-
S " , , , ., , . , . .
lored, but that the freeing and ttin.irjr
loose of three or four iniliions of de-
n'lldellt negroes would entail untold
Tiu'series ujion tliein, ruin whito labor,1
:ind destroy s:cictv.
. r... .' . . - . . ,,, , :
fterms that cannot an,l which he must 1
nave Known wouiu not, no aecciou :
, Js ho mocking at the terrible calamity
; whit h, if he did not cause, lie at -least
:; bud the power to avert ' oos he, or
iloes ho not, want tho Union as it was,
; restored '! lJoea be, or docs ho not,
want tlio war stop'tod '! lias be not
'demonstrated that although be may Dec, o, iMi3-;it. pd. ciak ol o. c. I
,lovc tlia Union inuel,, be loves Aboli- Estate cf i hilip Erliard, deceased. " !
vU.iti'.iti more? . ICr.KAK FIELD COUNTY, SS: i
: lliesi' aro the groat questions UJ'KIVCK tho matter of the cslato of Philip Erhar.1.1,
', Whii'ht'e pl.'OJilo U1V lO reflecl .'Hill JL deceased, the nppraisetnent of t!. Heal Lst'te'
'..jet jot said deceased, set out lo the widow on her
... , . , j cluiiu of t-'iuo, was, on the 2 -th day of September,
N O htlVO 110 space to pursue tne S'.lb- lM,;ti ri,nil tl,l confirnad AV. i." and tho Court ,
JCCl i'n?'( hoi", but lT-fel" Ol'.r rcailet'S to 1 ordered that tho same hi published In o,in nev-j
'!! d'le.tnneiit itself, when they t-an ' l"'- ,M ""'J' ':'y'"a all per-.-ons inter-,
answer all
ttiei'.i bst.
thesie oiieslions as suits
T'1"11""" 1,1 "i'-
i - 1
I- Mi. sky Lost. Wo regret to learn ;
' tiiat Mr. A. U. Flannegan, doing luisi-'
.',.,', i
ItCSS for II. Mossop, 111 this place, liad
U-ti i i . l , ... ... 11 ,,e ,,,.. r,,.
io id luck U losea roll of mone), on
'rillirsdilV morning last, aillOlinlillg to
- . ' , ,. '. .
; lad Ol' S.'UU. It WUti in bis pceket,
i,i',Mi'ii'nlni'i. in hutnif iL'iinsiiteil nml
, !',. . ..... ,
j is suj'posed to have droj ped out and
c. 1 1 . r . . 11 , I . 1 .
-iunen lino iian is. !
AsiiTiini Aii film 1 no W'n ni'ii
. , . . 'iii.
JnloriiH'tl that our lnend II. LlVcrgood,
of Goshen township also lost bo nit- ''"
.... .. I
,10 .)0, in mis place, last Alonday Hlgbt,
"jn some unaccountable manner.
lj, Auolitiomsm Win Mm. Tyng,
epoeeli tit the bite nco'io ineeiing
'Cooper Institute, Noiv Yoik, aaid :
i " In nil Iho.sC itlulilK's tlmt aJorn tho
man and iliivify tlio avonnm, the blaek
"Iininund bluok womun sliino ns exulted
.- an. L-lnriiii- ii ami white won or u-fote tro-l
ci in the land.
IA)l!lll-e.J llie IIIMO
lias cotno .hen wo n,o to Dike hem onr'
dully by tlio linn I nml soy of every ono of
T tliein, "It U "'.V lirutler, it is my n.tltr,it t.? my
J i v-ri'i-.n." The Very ri"ht tlmt I have
! lie ahull lmve ; the verv eluitna 1 limko for
luypeii l win mane lur mm ; inu resjeri i
l.di'iiiniel ho hIiiiII
receive ; the counte
will tnynolf extend to
- nanoo 1 reipiire I
' him.
Gifts! Gifts!!
A H. . Siinu Lave ale fino
.Turkish mon.eca tiav.diiie bu.g for liidien:1
1 's0 l.a-kta. wl.iol. ll-.,., tc H,
" . .. " "
Diiti.'o ,.f ik.,. i.,.. ...t i.:..-
... - . . . .
girta fur the approaching hole
v 6
Mtllltll I -m the imii .,. mtJ.-I
i, in
I h" l.iv l' lie. A It. II. i. M'. .1 in"'
v' ' ' 1 1:' ri. f . r , . , r t.ititi-f. fl.'tiil.. !.
" i. t,. In , mi Mi iy Jm,0 ulu'.w, l
I'. II , t I'll l ii.i com t v.
l'Oli SAI.K.
(.'mil uvu iiorti.: tyauox " ill ho
J l .io nnd. rsigucd, u im i f j the tii.,. r'fcit-
''' ti rn.i-. 1 1 . I,. 1(1 I'll I Co.
l.lcuili.'ld, Inc. lii, lu3.
(io and lln: New fion.U at
NarysviUe, Clearfield county. Penna.
Ill LAP b.r CAH1 or c bunged for T
ll .iir,l-, !
lie. Ifi, 'fi.l.
.1 ... , . , . . . '
lullr -1 i-ii -! i . imvn i ,r mio a lo
. ''l)ll'i:ii m'f'JTI-:ilS
llioj will vll chenp fur
Doc Id, ISflJ.
"1A.MU to the iirtmiiKC. nf ll.o huWHW in
J I.nrence t . w ) i f . uliout llio 1st nf July
j,,,,, a ukd HEIFFKK. wiih a wi iu-ric, ,.,.
I'"j lo riiiifr two venrn uM. Tho wnur will
roiim f.irwurrl mid in v iiriif.ei'tv, tmy clincci"',
Ae.,therwim., b will k ii-i ..f' ti. inw
JUll.N lillLl.U.
Dec. In, lStiJ-id.
AI'T'OVTlie" urn Ik rc'iy en n tinned
ir;.'ninst buy in e or tnhini; nn nenintneiit of
a certiiin note fnr f 75, il.iteil on nr I limit the 2Stli
dny of Nnvi'iiilior lirst, pnvalilo in tn weeki
tliiTfut'ier, piven bv mo In Jnine" Zeigler, of
rini'ly tmvnsbip, in (.'lenrfioM county, I'a., in I
iliil not rereh'o vhIiio theriifnr a;.il will nut pay
ll unless couponed li v one eour.e nt litw.
Uradv tnwnbip, I
Dor. Ill, isn.l-p;l. dec In. NIX
O M'K.VV SI I'.l'ltS came to (ho prom-
of tli under-Mimed in Knex tnwitfthip.
Clearfield county, Pa., about tlio middle of Nov.
luet, ono red btucr willi funis wliite on tho buck,
and horns about two ince long, Mtppuned to b
three yearn old; tlio other red mid whito, with
white atriprs oyer the ahotiMeri", with large
ho nm, auppo;ed to be two yean old prist. The
owner or owner are requested to como and
prove their property, pay chargca, Ao., or tlicy
will bo mid a." the law direct.".
Hoc. . isfi.1. PltirE A. 110WLE3,
AVlNtl made application lo tho Afviktuut
A'neor of the I'.tlh ( i lloction Dinlriet of
l'niii.ylvuuia, and a License aa Auctioneer hay
ing been ernn'.ed to ni by the pruper authority,
I would inlorm the citizens of Clearfield county
that I will uttenrl to "culling ealea" wbonever
depirod in any part of the county. Cburges
moderate. Addrcsa JOHX L. KEAMS.
Dec. Ifi, lsfl;l-tf. Clearfirld, Pa.
P. Any person " calling " aalm witboat a
license it subject to a penalty of $riO, which will
be enforced In aocordanco wilh the law, (gainst
ull persona yiolating the statute.
O TY 11ASK, foV tho month ending Nov. 39,
liills diacminteil
$9!,900 62
iS.'J'JS 4)
8,876 29
1,440 (1(1
yg. to
I'l'mwylmnia St.ito Ptoek
One IVoin other Hanks
I'ii iik Nntcsof other Uauks -l.i..:il
tinder i demand cotei,
Cheeltn, I)raft", Ao. -Over
Hevenuo Stamps,
t2 bH)
:. hi (
tfio mi
316 'Jl I
40t 110 j
7M 7j
J:iO 0(1;
Furniture, ....
Uu u t'tmiaionwealtti, (spaeial
1 1 out or l'latnx, ire,
- - aui R0,-,
t3d:,n23 11
Cnv;ta fik VM In
Note in circulation -
Lite Iensoitors
,K, en ' ertii of Deposit,
f nii.nns
l a. 1 1 1
J'"0 n'r Banks. -
Due Cniiiinnnwealtr,
Interest niid Exchange,
,1 AMI'S
Clcarncbl, Die. Kill,. S(i:t.
2,282 4.3
3l." 0"
4,::y7 i
1 1
OKA 1 1AM.
Vis, it
f iay. deceased
IN the urn
utter of the estate of Levi Murray, j
1. the aiiTiraiseini nt of the Ileal ai'd,
Personal l'-tatc of said detcised, el out lo the!
widow, on her claim of j:inw, was, on tho "Dili of1 ?,
Scpiembcr, load and cniitiriued, At'. .'., and the!
Court oHeietl that pub! lea I ion be mad- in one
IK.vspaier publishe.l in faid county, notifyi'igj
till poisons interested that unless exceptions are '
filed on or before the first day of next term, the
same will be continued ahsolutely.
I!v Ihe Court. I. O. IUUU Kit. i
.,..,1 Ih-.l ,,nl
r,,,.,),..,,! ,uV ..r ... i,.r,' ,k. ., ni'
fore Itin first day of next term,
be confirmed absolutely.
P.y tho Court. I. 0. RAKO Kit,
icc. u. r-jit. cierk of o. c.
tJTRAY i'WS.-Caine trespus.-ing on the
premises of (he subscriber in Hell township.
in Augiisi last. TWO ( IIWS, and one IllllFFEK,
one tUd Cinv, with while lace, too other a
jj,-,,,, Billi wllil. ,a,..', d , nu,..r.u heif-
lbo owner id reuiied to como nud prove
property, pay charges, Ac, or they will lu dispot-
ed of aathelaw di.ects.
A c" " t'1-
Hi'ceinber 9, IS5:l-pd.
U.S I J'A Y.
pAMK trospn sing on the promises of the
J undemig nel, iu Lawrence township,
c" ' " B""ul 1110 s' 01 -"''V. I"e. a lil'.O
HElFFKlt, riing twny.urs old.wilhsouiewhite'
on "10 ''0"y "nd " un 1,10 f"J tn'1,
The owner is lioreby reipiired t come and prove
property, pay thiirges and take lur away, or eho
w ill be sold as the law directs.
Deo. P, sr,3.
-.retnisei of tin
ta.vik to the pretnisei or in niturriner, resi-
ding in Decatur township, Clearfield co.. Pa ,
I On or .hjirt tl. 1 ) A.,. l.t lll.'l)
HEU'FER, tuppeied to h. about year old.
i1 1'c owner it hereby required to como and prove
l,rnpty, pny ebaiges, and take her way, ur she
" '0,a ' airects,
-." ." ' :..
fe - - -t.m. .
6uJ eomt '
a dark brindled COW. mnrb.j .;.k i Vi.
left hip, lupnosed tab out of rfr...-. n-k.
owuer is requcsi4 to come forward, prove
vr-j uer .way, or in. win
be sold as the law direct!.
Nov. 2i, 18(l:i-pd.
TI10S. 11. FORCET.
TV f ERCH ANTS, and IJ.iieral Senior!
KLH sinT"
t iiBAlv .'t
i.t ,,Vie.. Jn
11 L her, such a. StAKK-TlMBLR
u LKS'. BOARDS', le.. and also
aU kiudi-forall of wh eh the h nrici wfl
... a.uua mi, i. nun. ,u, uK."v 'i is - il Ormbaoiron. eturn.ld oonuty.
ot. M, UM.f I
omit mo mum on.
II mm hi , n,,,, .-ami ll linn, ivs-
I T i li i 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 . - i, il, l ,,iti ,,i i ,,, ii
i I I lin im, hit i. nil .1 mil, 'mI liviilri , ,i i
I e .'"Illin.'S 01 !
mines (. ( , n, n,,, l',, )rl, .,.,,1 i :. .,!,,.
II." 1,1 II J...V S ll.ll'I.M i,n, I l, ,. .ISll. ll,
'I H"M I" V 'ii. .lun U. .,f I ..,,ni... ..... :
iiiivc i'.ii. . i t , ,t, , . ,ii,,., . , ,,r ,,,,
h"l . ri'j i, ii Cnrl of I '.iiiTirill I'l.'ii-, Oi li hi
Court. ( ,.nrt lit (l im I, r .-c. imi, ( mill nl llir
Mini liTiiMin i., m c,'r ,,( i,,., ,.n, Ji ),
ui lin' t lloii-c nt Cle ,i ii.,.1,1, in a,, ,,r .
c.ooty ( I ( ii.nrii.-i, I, iu iiiu
X ,i,d )!. a, lite th il ri ,,( Janu iT'i, lSl',,
Noll'i: H, therefore I,r l. giion, In the Justices of the Peace, iiml ( 'n tittili-K.
L mid 1' r J counlv of ('l. iirlii lil. tn iMirar In
tlit'ir proper i.rrxins, wi!h their Hull, ilccmil.
J II M U HIM M. Klllllil,jllH,llri MM, I ,.ll,r.v II.. ,
,ninri., In tin 1ii.m tli:n uliicli In llicir il!icci-,
mi. i in uii'ir ncniill, .iTlulll In III' (Jinn'.
UIVKN timlcr niy hnml lit Clcartii'ld, tlile 9th
dny of lite., in tin' ) Mir i.r niir l.oril, diio thmi
fiind I'iglil liundri'il an,l ixlv-lhreii.
liDWAltl) i'KKKS, ,S7,...
1. l.SV fur Jauuary Tirm, 1 -H 1 .
June Corlirium,
I a.
Mi lt Spencer, et
J li. Jooituu
lili.u trvin
V, l.tmniird
Job Knlaiiil
lleiirv V !j r f.' i lu
A. K" Wright
I ' i n c ' ' " ii .k llno'l
J'!Jv;ird tSlint'iniikei'
Mvekloy A I'autlu
l'lti'i- ,layj
Fvtina InlirO
Kobort Hiii'nt'y
A. rainpbi'll
Alex. Fer;iis'on
A. 11. Mia'v
Philip kmn'r's a.lmr
JoHinli ).: in l.urn
1'. Cntiilru't
. N. iSuliins
J.i.siiih K. Kent
Win. M.. pv ,1 1 ii.iinp"iiii
Sum ii i-l Way
Hubert VVIiiiioiilo
.Inhii Thninpiiii
I.. W. Weld
Jatuo." Siniih
I.ewiH Smith, et al.
('unlit-Id & lliider
I. uonaid & liii lhey
Juines (luiinwny
II. .Siiyder, ot al.
bnTiid Ki-ili,-irt
Thoiiia- tir.ilmni
li'l'M' ,V llaird
Isaac .Mi'lCet)
J. 1,. I'llllt, ct 111.
M-ioro A Paiilly
J A. I., Iti
list Juiiiiiirv 'li'i'in.
i -toi.
(.11 A Ml Jl llnllS,
Dell Wiiliiiui liurlli rnile, Anion Ii. Tato.
llo;i"s Auroii II hi i in :i ii.
Drady Amos IIoiimiII, Jey.-e Lilies, Lewis
Urailluid David Wilton,
Durnsiilo James Iliddlu, John 1 1 .fVimiti .
Clict Johu W. Nil), John lloliKon, Anduw
Clearfield llnrooph John Freer.e, I'zra Ale.
( ur eiifv ille Lorouirli Jacob A. iuust.
Dt'ciilur Jacob F. sieiner.
Huston W illiam II.
Knox Samuel Snyder.
Kan ha us Loreiu JJoi tli no.
Lawrence William L. Kihel.
Munis John W. Irwin, Hubert Ardeiy.
Vnion Henry Liningvr.
Woodward Williuui HendtTRon.
Beccuria -William lLiminond. Wui. S. Dickey,
John U. Dillon, Thnmai Fleck, Win. H, l'iekeu
oii, Joseph M. Smiih, P. 'f. Johnson.
Hell illiain T. Thorp.
Llooiu Adam Weaver.
Hoggs Matthew b'tott, Gcnryo V. Sbircy, (of
Henry) Oeorge W ilson, jr.
Bradford Johu 1'orter, M'm. K. Wrigloy,
Walter Shirey.
Brady Henry Kriner, John Hcightol, F'rod.
Oswalt, James Irvin.
Burnsido Frederic R. Shepherd, Siiru'l New
eoiner, IleEry PenticotT,
Covington John Maurcr, Joseph T. Mulson.
Dcealur Peter Smeal.
Forvuson John E . Miller.
Geshen Robert K. Flegal.
Oral) a in Levi Hublcr.
Huston John Tylor.
Jordun Isaac Bloom, Hiram Straw.
Knot John McMurray.
Lawrence-John Dale, John Livingston, Hugh t
Orr, Ainiuel Brown. I y
Lumlier City Hubert Young. i
Morris Juseidi liottirock. David Dale, lieorire
Newr Washington Thonias Mehnfi'y.
Penn David WhitHier, Isaac Kesler, John B.
Pike Samuel F'ullerton.
I'nion Williain Welty.
Woodward John Wolf, John Coulter,
1 V giv
ISTLH'S NOTIt'llNotiee is hereby
given that tho following accounts have been
cMiiioiicu uiiu pusseu uy ma, ana roiu.uti Ulod ou
rerroin io una ninco lor tlio inspection ot bars,
legatee!, creditors', and all others in uny way
interested, and will be presented to tho next
Orphans' Court, of Clearfield county, to b" held
nt tlio Court 11 mse i.i the borough of Clearfield,
commencing nu the 2d Monday of January, Istit,
for coiiliriniition nud allowance.
1. The Account of .Samuel Hunk nml S. P. White,
executors of the last will and testament ot
Peter Smith, of Hell township, Clearfield co.,
The Final Account of Andrew Pent?, atmin-
istrator of all and singular the goods nnd chat
tels, rights and credits, w hich were ot Adam
l.uieriek, late of llrady town.hip, Clearfield Co.,
(lecea-i :l,
3. 'The Final Account of W illiain Hishcll, ndinin
i itiator of all and singular the goods and ihut
lels, rights and credits, whici, were of
hchuckcr, late of llrady twp., tdearlield Co.,
.1. ceased.
I. The F inal Ad -uuiit of .Tames Wrigley, a.liniu
i -1 r;i I . ' r of nil and singular the goods and chat
tels, rights and credits, which were of Moses
Norn, late of Pike twp., Cleutliild Co., dee'd.
5. The partial Account of J. L. Ileum A (!. W.
lUiceai, executors, of the la-t will end testament
of All rah, nn Ueiim, lute of township,
Cleiiiliild co., dec'.l.
rl. Tbo Account of Tiscus, ndininistriitor
of ail and singular tiie roeds and chnttols,
right, and credits, which were of Jacob Fisher,
ll 10 uf Woniinrl twp., Cteartiehl Co., deo'd.
liKoiiTnK's Ori'ii i:, I
Dec. V, 1 ?6:i. J
!riu:i' xoTicr--Tho of Helicf
, w ill meet nt t!ie
sday and Thurs
Dc. en.bui', ',.
for tho county of i:leart.ld
j Coininissioner.-' eho'e. en Wedne
day, tL" ";;d and i lih davs nf
Tho Board have ilirected that all new appli
cants must appear before the Board an 1 proiliico
their sworn (latenici.t detailing iiuu.l of soldier,
rcgihtent and coiiipuny; when eii.istid ; the
riunibi-rof chililren, with age mi d tcx of cm ii ;
the township in which Ihey resided at f ;e time of
enlistment, and tiieir prr.-ent I e ace ; and that
she i without lbo means of sin. . ml foi lnr.-e"f
eniuiren, w.-.u are ilepeiidei'.t upon her.
Two v ilnessos id credibility, from the township
'i'1"8. ""'"t i" irodicii.
whose eertilieate, swiirn to before Ihe board, liiu.-t
pl "' tlmt the npplieunl is llie person she rep
resents herself tt be; thnt tho staten.inent of tho
number and ace nf Iter Family is truo ; that she
o in M-.-uiiMQ eiri-umsiiiiices nn.i nor tainttv in
actual want ; and Hint all the facts set forth in her
Rpp'icauon nro.iust nrd true
Forms rnntaining theso reouiitiona can be ob-
lfinie,l nl lin ,lMn. f I tt 1 1......1 ,.r 1 . ..r. ...I
application is inado and the witnesses appear,
WM. S, BRADLFiY, t'i.
Nov. 24th, 1SC3.
TIO.-Tho nublic are hereby cautioned
I ...,., J; ,:'. .
f Lawrence township, dated the 17th
inst., calling for twenty-four (S25.) payable on
the 1st day of May, Jsti4, as 1 have received no
prot,-"Tn,1,e for tlie ,no not I ''J il ""less com -
v.r. . .
I-wjnciMp., Not. 24, 1 S63.
CTRAY llUI.LCam. to
the premise! of
KJ tb. undersigned, in Knox townahin. Clear-
tnwnahin. Clear,
t field I county, Pa., n or about the 1st of Juno last, , tho money remaining In the hands of Amos Bon
. . ''.' .STEER, supposed to be about ene year sail, tho Administrator, will ntreml to the duties
l'. ith a star in tha forehead, some white on
i lj'' nn' MtMa foot. The owner
l',"!t required to coma and prov. property,
I ,j Rt,'L "J ,luk9 bira ""I b
mid Hk,. ... i..
Kot. JJM pel,
U. !S. .VJO'S.
fl'HK Secretary cf Ilia Treasury hnf not
I liven tmllee nt an intention In willnliew
U s popular l.onn from Snl.i at Par, and until 10
iin iiolic Is given, the uiid. r.ii;iird, a " (len-i-r-il
Sill. "i-ripl ion A;.ut," will emuiii le In mp-
'v the public.
The wli" Ie it ti. .ii ti t of the t.min noilmricl 1
Five Hundred Million of DolUiz. Nenrlr Four
Hundred Millions linn been already ml'Si-ribi"!
I'-r and paid inln tho Ti ea-iiry, mostly within the
la-t seven iiiunl V s. The large demand from
! I r. ad and the rapidly increasing homo ileinan 1
for n-e as t!ie lm.-i.''for eirenlatioii I y Nnlional
llnnk itij" Assoeiiilimis now urjin; in all purls
(,f Ihu rnunlrv. w
, in a very short period, absorb
' have lately raniied from ten
llm t.n In n.'t. Hnl
to lilleen millions weekly, lre.iicnlly cwee lini
three millions daily, an. I it is wi II know n that lbs
Secretary ol the TreiiMity has ample and iihfail
intr resource in the Dulieaon Imports and Inter
nal llevi iiiii s. nud in llie issue of the Interest
ln iuiii(. I.i'unl Tender TieaMiv is almost
n certainty that he will not liud il necessary for
a loi'i: tune to eniiie, to seel: a market for any
other Inns "r permanent loans, the Intefst ami
rinci al of which are paynl le in gold.
Piudi'tiec mid sell interest iiui.'t lorec the minds
of Ihose coi.teiiipliiiin the I'm million of National
Itatiking Associations, us ivell ns the minds of nil
who have i , II v money on their bain Is, to tho that they should li'-e no tilt!')
in subscribing to this tii'-st V", u'"r It
will soon be beyond Ibeir rearh, and advance to
a handsome premium, as was the result with the
, " Seven Thirty" Loan, whin it was ad soi l and
could no h-iiger he siilisciibt-d for at par.
Tt is a Six per Cent Loan, the lnlerost nu t
Principal payable in Coin, tints yielding over
Nine per Cent, per annum at tho present rite of
premium on coin.
The tiooiiuneiit requires all duties on import;
to be paid in coin : these duties Imvc for n long
time past niiieuiili d lo over a ('uarter of a Million
of Dollars daily, a sum nearly three times great-r
than that. ri',iiiied in the payment of the iyter
et on all the j. lid's and other pi t nian, nt Loans.
So that it is hoped that the s.irplus Coin in ih.
T leasing', at no distant il'iy, will i r.ab'e the.
I nitcd Mates to n'suuie specie pay incuts' upon all
Ths L .an is called .Vnft rroin the fact that
whilst the may run for L'O years yet the
Ooyi imaeiit has n ri,,lit to pay than oil' in Hold
: at par, lit any time alter years.
! The J ii ion .-t is pa'.d hall yearly, vii : in tie
first dajs of November and May.
i Subscribers can hino Coupon ll. nls. wh'.'li
j aro payiible lo bejn-r, and me $00, Sinn, Jjim,
$ 1 OOU ; or llegi; t Tnl D"iids of s.-uiie denoiuiua -
' linns, mid in ii tli it ion. $.'i,00!, and $10,1)011. For
I'ankirg purposes nud for investments of Trua t-
' monies the Ilcistercd Poiitls ure preieraldc.
' Thofo i 20's ctiMiot bo taxed by States, cities,
i towns, or counties, and the lioyernineiit t;ix on
j them is only ono and a hull per cent, on the
amount of iiicouie, when the income of the liold. r
exceeds. Six Hundred Dollars per annum; nil
jollier investment', such f s income from Mort
gages, ltailroad Stock and Ponds',' tc, must pay
(Vom three lo five per cent tux on tie iueoiiie.
l.iiaiks and HiMikers thruiighoot the country
' will eo'itiniie ti, dipose of the 11 lids; and nil
' orders by mail, or otherwisr, promptly attended to.
The f a few days' delay in the
dcliury cf the Don Is is unavoidable, the di'iiianJ
Icing so great; hut ns interest commences from
' the'ilny ol si.h.-i'i iption, no loss is ocei'siom-d, :ind
every cllort is being made to diminish tho delay.
Subzoriptioi' Agent,
111 South Third St., Philadelphia.
Dec. 2,188.1.
A. I. 1!ovnto..:::;::::;::::JOm:I'U
War of K.vtci'niiiiation is to Lo
wnircd aoainst
111U11 JL J.
The subscribers liaviue Diircliused all the in
terest of the Into firm ol liruhain. 11 .niton A. Co..
nna having mail') largo additions lo their stock,
now announce to thw nublic generally that they
nre ready lo supply them wilh any and every ar
ticle usually found in a ci'y slop). Consisting of
A .Superior Stock of Dry Cioods.
and Caps.
& Shoos.
Their stock nf Hardware is very large, which
they will .-ell cheaper than the cheupes'..
Pulley Elocks,
Suitable fir rafting nnd buil lirg purposes.
They ilcsiro especially to call the ntti ntion of
the public to their stock of
0 11S w
a r o
It M. a
Which they flatter tlicm
canno( be beaten
in this section.
Call and see our stock, whether voti p nrohaso
or not. -.'- REMEMBER Tlliv i:LACIl, Mar
bit street, nearly opposite tho Mnnsiou House,
.'"pte.iul'C.r 2:d, lX'i.'l tf.
Atitlitfirs' N'oliee.
IX THE MUTER of tho Estate ofliciijamin
Bnnsall, lat of Brady Inwiishij-,, Clearfield
tounl;,', d 'ased, the undersigned, who was duly
appointed Auditor to d:strilni'o the money re
maining in ihe hands of Lever F'legal, Esip, Ad
ministrator, will attend ti. Ihe duties of his ap
pointment nt ollico in lbo nf Cl -ur-field,
ou Tuesday the 24 lb day of Dcceuihor, fo;.i,
al 10 o'clock, a. m. ol said day, when and where
n'.l persons interested may attend if Ihey see pro
per. THO?. J. MeCLLLoi lill.
Nov. 2.i. 1sT,:j, Amlitor.
Auditor's Nidice.
IX THE MATTER ir the sale of the Real Es
talo ol David Michaels, l.y the SherilYof Clear
ticld ci only, Ihe undersigned who was appointed
Auditor lo distribute the money arising from snid
sale, lo those entitled to the same, will attend lo
the duties if his appointment, at his! otliee in llie
borouoh of Clearfield, on Fiiday the iU-th day ol
December. ISll::, at 10 o'clock, a. in, of suU day,
when ami where all persons iutuicstij may ut
tend if they ho pri per.
Nov. 2o, lSlW. Amlilnr.
a ...l:. . . V
utiiuir s
N THR MATTER of the sule of tho Renl Ks-
late of Thomas McCracken. Into of Lumber
i.ny, ti' iirueiu county, ilecenseil, llie iiih.'oj ign
ed, who via duly nppoinied Auditor to distribute
tbo money arising from said rnlc, will aticnd to
,h( Uu"1'" '" oppointinent. at bis ofimi. in ttiv
borough oM'learlleld. on lbo 2(,tll dov
r Beeeai. Isthl, , ,o o'clock a. in. of said
"h. ,,n'1 "!"re 1'" interested may
ena n mey see prop-r.
Nov. 2S. ISf.3.
Auditor's Notice.
THF: MA1TLR of the Estate of Reuben
Bonsall, late of Brady township, Clearfield
county, deeeasoJ, the undorsigncj, who was duly
nnnointed :n open court to nudit nml .l,..t. il.,,i
of bis appointment, at his office in the borough
of Clearfield, on .Mondaj the 2!Uh day of Decetn -
ber, ISM, at 10 o'olock, a, m. of .aid day, when
ud h"o all penont iuleroited may attend il
'they i. prof sr.
THOS. 3. MeCl'LLOl'OH,
Kot. ti, ISM.
hct a j:.i.jh r::.v.'K, i
A lliniH.V ( 'i 'NCFN 11! Al 111
jXot Malic Drunkard,
GcTJiian Hitlers,
1MIII.AI1I I I'lll , I'a.
Will Effectually and Most Certainly
c u r i: a l l i) i s i: a s i: s
1 1 Ut) I' LA N I 'S (. K 1 1 M A X , I UJ' K I ;s
Wiil cure every case of
Chronic or Nervous Debility. Disease of the Kid
neys, and Discnses nrisin from a Dis
ird.'r.'d Stomach.
ou.sicRvr. 'int; ruj.owinu symi'-
totua resulting from Disorders, of tKo
Digestive Organs :
wirj Piles,
I' u 1 1 n f tf. i r
t'leo'l to the
Head, Acidity of
tho Stomach, Nausvn
Hearth'. rn, Disgust for
F'ood, Fulness or Weight
la i'n Stomach, S. tir l.'nie
tat!. his. Sicking or Fluttei in-;
at the 1'il of the Stomach, im
Tiling of tho Dead, Hurried ami
Difficult lliealliings Fluttering at
Heart. Choking or sutlocuting Sfiisa
tations when in a lying posture, Dimness
of Vision, Do',, or Wcba bef.rc the
Siirht, Fever and dull pain in the
Head, Deficiency of Pirspiralion,
Vellowni'ss of Skin aioLFys,
Pnlniuthn side. Din k, Chest,
Limbs, ,f c., Sudden FTush
s of Hoat, lluming- iu
the Flesh, Couslnnt
Imaginings of
i-vil and grcul
D p r tssion of
i p I r i t .
PAUTICt'LAR NOTICE. Fnr those ho de
tire and will have a Lienor Bitters, we publish
tiie following receipt: (let one bottle lloolland's
! Herman Hitters and mix witli Three Qmint ,
1 O'ooi( It ran di nr W h ', e., and the result will be
a I reparation that will fur rrcl in medicinal vir
I lues and true orcello. I ee any of the numerous
' Lioiior liillers in the market, a d will enf uut
Im. ou w nl have all the virtue of Huuhtml'i
!i!trm i n coiiiieeliou with a imrl article of Liipior,
at a Much bss prieo than these inferior prepara
tions wiil eo-t voti.
a fi o o l) a i i i) t i r f; ,
Will give von
W ill give vim
brisk and i:nk"i;ktk: feklinus,
Wi! 1 eni; on voii t )
S L IO K I K !. L ,
And will p'jsiti', ely p r'- ent.
Those suffering from Broken Poivn and Dell
cato Constitutions, from whau-ver cause, either in
Male or Female, w ill find in lloolland's Uurinoa
liillers, a Homedy that will restore them to thoir
usual health. Such has leen tho case in thous
ands of instances, nnd a fair trial id but ie.iiirti
to prove the a.-scrti..n.
Remember that those Bil'ors aro NOT Alobo
holic, and NOT intended as a Dovir.iy;e.
The propricrors have tin usnnds- o.'Lettors from
the most eminent t'lergynien, Lawyers, Physi
cians and Cilv.etis Tosiilviug i f tli.'ii iiwn p. r
isonal knowledge, to tae bcHilieial tflecta linJ j
I medienl virtues of these Litters. j
I ''o,a .Vc. .. Xi irtim limit-a, I). I)., Kdllnr nf lit
t'ul-jvl in:llit if III .'ol'ols h'mitrh lti;.
Although not disposed to favor or recommend :
l'alei.t ledi.'iues in general, through distrust
of their ingredients and eflecLs. I vet, know ol'no
I siiflicient reasons why a man intiy" tu t testily to
the benefits l o believes hiinself to have received
nfn'i7,",,V '.'ni'r , ,!;"', "";i,'T' rlV'V L
may Ihus eoiilriliule to (he benefit of others.
I ilo this the more readily in regard to Hoof
hind's tiermini Hitter', prepared by Dr. C. M.
. Jackson, of (hi fit.', beeuiiso I was prejudiced
' against them for many yours, under the impress
ion that they were chiefly an nleoholic mixture.
, 1 am indebted to mv friend Robert Shoemaker.
Es. , Ibr tho removal of this prejudice Ij proper
tests, and for uico.iragemeiit to try the,.,, when
siiltenng fiom great and long coiiiiniicd dibihtv.
The ii-e of thr"" bott'es of these Piitcrs, nt the
beginning of (lie present year, was follnwed by
evident relipf, and restoration to a degree of bid -
iiyaud mental vigor which I bad not felt for ail
months before, and bad almost desimir,., of rn.
paining. 1 tliereloro thank Hod and my frieu
lor (limi ting mo to tho use of them.
Philadelphia, June 23, IStil.
Diseases of Kidneys and Bladder, in Young or
Aged. Male or Female, are speedily removed,
nnd speedily restored to health.
Delici.te Children ilmse sufiVring ft om Maras
mus, wasting it way, with scarcely any ticsli on
their bones, are cured in a very short time; one
bottle in such cases, will have a in i.i surprising
Parents hai 'ng suffering children as above, and
wishing to rinse tliein, will never regret tbo day
they 1-ommt.nced with these Bitters.
Lit-eary men. Students, and those working
bar. I with their brains, should always keep a bet
lie of lloollland's Liners near them, as they will
find much benefit fron. its Use, to both mind and
body, invigorating and not depr.-ssing.
It is not a Liqaorstiiuulant, and k'jes no pros
tration. ATTENTION, SOI ,DI Klls,
t i .t. . r i r oil-
We call the attention of all having relations or
friends in the army to tlte fact thai, "lloolland's
Herman liillers'' will euro nine-leiiths of the dis
eases induced by exposures and privations inci
dent to camp life. In the lists, published almost
daily in thy newspapers, on the arrival of tho sick.
ii, win ue noiieeu thai a very largo proportion
are suHering from debility. I'very case of that
kind ciin be readily cured by lloolbind'a lierman :
Bitters. We have no hesitation in stutfnir that,
if these liillers trefo fioely use 1 among ojr sol.
di. rs, hiiinlreils of lives might be saved that oth- J
erw ise would be lost.
The proprieto'S are daily roroivin- thankful
letters from sufferers in the army nnd hospitals,
who hate been restored to lieuith by the use of
thco Biltcrs, sent to them by their friends.
Sec that tho signature cf "C. M. JACKSON" is '
on tho w RArrrn of rn Holtln. 1
Prirc per lluttle 7.1 rents ;
Or half rtozon l.n l.
RhnnlJ your nearest druggist not have 'hearti
cle, do not be put off by any of tho intoxicating 1
l',r.aii.oin in.u lliny ie onereu in ins piaoe, oui
send toua.and w will forward, secure y packed,
tiy express . ..,
i riue.pat omoe ano aianuiaciory, no. oci Area
street, Philadelphia.
. (Succcisors to C. l. J .
plrfoT sal at IlarU '
ltAre, Clearfield, Pi.
N A Co..)
V oprlotOTS.
v !'jiton' Ira,j
uVt 1 'flj-y
nhw rinM.
ii-:au:i;s ix xn
ioMi:sTir ju v ao(iy,
I'llII IIHI';, Centre nullity, I'cnn'i.
Have received mid aro just opmini-
tln liyctt alMirtm,-,t of thtt best,
Lri e hi-nitilit to thin arrtian nf eoiiittry, ooititiitliny e
nitv .o()i) .Si tiuociatii.s,
iiai;i)yai;h and uinswai!!;,
Ij'.i (I i o p ii r s !
: Hoods, Nultias, Soilings, Balmoral
! and Hoop Skirts !
; Reafly Made Clothing, of latest Styles !
'; Drugs, Oil-, Paints, Putty & Glass!
lirr-L'luur irina ami Corn-Starch!
( OA l.-OII. LAMPS WtlOl) AM) HII -!.
Trunks tj- Catyct-Jings !
Fish, Salt, and Nails !
Flour, Feed a?d Provioks !
And ali urticlo.i usually kept Hi a, Crst-clasfl
country store nll of wUich will bo pold
Cheap for Cash !
or af j roved produce, Lumber or thinglea.
l'hilipshurg, Nv. 18, lstill-tf.
The fiU-nson why
Everybody junl.cfo llcir C L 0 T IJ N ll o
Ui:iZFNSTi;iNT UPvOS. &co.
j Because tlicy sell so very cheap for Cmh ;
I Because thev keen lbo best f.o,l.
i I!('l'""J! "-cir Clothing '..well made A fashiont.ble
liccnuso tney Keep tlio largest assortment;
Because they got New tloods every week ;
Because they give every ono Ike worth of his mon'y
, Because Ihey tako tho advantage of nobody;
! Because they treat their customers well ;
Because evervboJv likes to Jcal with them:
-,.,, tI ,f) ch ,,, h (
,, . ; , . ' - '
"10"' Clothing uro well aewod A flt woll
' Beenuso tlicy can suit everybody ;
; Because their Store iso convoniontlv'situatiul :
Because nobody leaves -their store dissatisfied ;
'"cause un wuo ueai wen itietn are surotocall
again, and send their neighbors ;
Bccuuse they have purchased thoir Stock at such
reduced prices that they oan afford to
These ure a few of the reasons why thoy ftp I am
7rr-AlI kinds of Country Produce takei at
tho hijhest market nrbes
Clearfield Nov 1 1 lSil.'l .'tin
j : . .
11,- Ii;si and (:ltcup,tt, in the Worldor Ladies!
This popular moii'hly magnsine will bo ijrenlli
i'ie;i,oe.7.,r 1804. It will contain one thousand
pages ol leading! fourteen splendid steel plates !
twtlve colored fashion plates '. twclvo colored
bcrlin work patterns ! nine hnndred wood cuts'
nnd twenty-lour pages of muic! All this -till
l.e iriven f',,r ,mlv 'I'wa ll,.,, - J. i
. r . " n j'.' i '"
'"r "ri ""', Wgarinesorilioclns of 'Peterson,'
Thrilling Tales ami Novelettes
Arc the best published anywhere. All f,V ,..,i
jii'iiiUu- irritrre ai r rmilninl In trriii- ori'i'iifi '-fur
I'.trmn." In lff,4, in additi .n to its usual
liiaiiliiy of short stories, Foi b Oiiiuinai. Coi'V.
iiunir Novian-rrs will be given, by Ann S.
Slephcns, Llla Rouinnn, F'rank Leo Benedict
"'id tlio Author of " Tho Second Life." It also
Fashions Ahead of All Others.
F ii ch number, in addition to tho colored plate,
Hivei Bonnets, Cloaks and Dresses, engraved on
wood. Also a pattern, from wli'ch a I'rcss, Man
tilla, or Child! Dress can be cut outwithout tha
ai 1 of n manlaa maker. Also, Kvural pagei of
Household and other Receipts.
It Is the brct I ad 'a 5Iaazliie In the World,
Try It lur one year.
One Copy, Ono "'our,
. f2 0(1
S 00
7 ;o
,' Three Copios, for One Yeur,
. jre Copies, for Ono Year,
Kigut Copies, for One Year,
Trim in in a lor Cict'tlnir li t'lubx.
10 CO
Three, Five or Eight cpio make a Club. 1
cverT ,,cr,on getting up a club, at the above rates
1 a copy of the Magazine for 1864 will be giyeu
gratii. Ad'lrm, fun 1 1 m id,
COe Chestnut Streat. 1'hiladolphia. ,
JtV specimens sent gratis, wh.n written for.
"oT. n, isa.