Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 09, 1863, Image 1

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T T.'tf
i D. W. MOORE. )-...
0. B. GOODLANDER, Edltora-
TERMS $1 25 per Artinm. if paid in advance.
cvtD . . If If V
TIF A AA.AA. nAy S. Aj A
) 0 1 t r n .
For th Republican.
Ci.KAit i:i.i ihon-c r, viw.
I.i Srvkral Parts Paiit I Ilr Ckackv.
Como Out Y Moody irnn-vlntl' '.
We're going for to go,
To fight the reliel enemy,
Wlio're jilnguoy 'outo"you know.
Now, ihoulder whoop 1 eyei right and drM ;
Front Mar-tin, wipo your nose
Tort whoop ! tkut's lick now carry whoop !
John , turn out your toea.
Chargo bay net. ! that's your sort, my boys,
Now, quick time march! you're tight;
Just 10 we'd pokj the enemy
If they were but in tight,
Ji'ow sergeant Aliuk call the roll,
Let each answer whore ho standa,
All ye that have'nt got no arm.
Will unswer with your hand.
Leflennnt C. , put on my hat ;
They ny you have some prime,
A very little thnnk you 'hern,
That'a quite enough this time.
The camp's aurpriaed ! poor Jimmy's lost !
liy platoons wheel! halt dross!
Here EJ. and Jack, and Will, and Sum!
There's mourning in your mom.
I any you J , keep your canteen down,
We're going for to travel j
Captain, I want to halt, then, eh I
My fhoe Is full of gravel.
Ho ctriko up roiuio for'ard march,
Now point your too., you loiuax;
For yonder is s (lock of sheep,
Strike homo for empty stomachs.
Confound that rum, he'i spoiled my ealf
Hut lamh like I will hmr it;
My breeches rent, my storn cloth pHt
Here, Ned, bo quick ; ropair it.
Nay boys, 'twae not a flag of truce,
That linen fluttering to the breete,
For "nary" flock of sheep that lives,
Can bring your Cuptsin to hit kneea.
'i Flour and meat of all kinds should be
kept in a coo), dry place1
5 Keep coffee by itself, as its oder affects
other articles. Keep tea in a clo.e chest
i or canister.
Oranges and lemons keep best wrapped
closo in soft paper and laid in a drawer of
The cracked cocoa is tho best; but that
which is nut up in pound paper is often
? very good.
To select nutmegs, prick them with a
': pin. If they are good, tho oil will instant
; ly spread around the puncture.
i The best rico is largo, and has a clear
'fresh look. Old rice sometimes lias litllo
. black insects insida the kernels.
When a cask of molasses is bought,
diaw off a few quarts, eUo the fermentation
ptoduccd by moving it will burst the cok.
The small white sio-rt palled nparl sihki
i is the best. The large brown kind hasan
' earthy taste. These articles, and tapioca,
5 ground rice, Oct., should be kept covered,
P.utter that is mado in September nnd
October is best for winter use. Lard should
l I I 1 ...I : . - .. I . I - . - 1 : . i. : . I.
lunmii aiiiiHiuie, itiiu una which is iiik-
....., .' .. . . . .
tn iruin a iioii noi over a year old is uti.. i
Uich cheese feels soft under the pres
ure ot the finger, that which is very:
; strong is neither very good nor neaitny. i
t To keep one that is cut, tio it up in a baa
mat will not admit thus, and hang n in
cool, dry place. If mould appears on it,
wine it. nil' wit h ,lt v elolli
Halt cod should bo kept in ft dry placo
where the odor of it will not afleci 'the nir (
nrn,i,n,, t ii,i i.i.,i.
is called Dun, from its peculiar odor. Fish been, calculated to represent,
skins for clearing coffee should be washed, I Union j lv)nt a .0.,(i of ,nPnning ;
dried, cut small, and kept in a box or pa-1 , ,. , , . . ,, , ,.
per bog I embodied in that one word? Tho Abo-
, , . . . , lition oligarchy at Washington are sapping
As a goneal rule, it is most economical i i ,i n
to buy the best articles. Tho best is, ofianl un'"'"i5 Conshtuhon, and
course, always a little higher ; but good ar-, it nieans Union. The "Jacobin Club"
tides njxnd best . It is a sacrifice of mon- usually called Congress, aro passing acts
ry to buy poor flour, meal, sugur, molasses, 1 (not laAI) (hal nre obnoxious to tho mass
of the injurious otlccl upon the healh. 8 I
Of Went India sugar molasses, the Santa !
Cruz and Porto Kico aro considered tho 1
best. The Havana is seldom clean. White
sugar from is sometimes very good. I
i'Snne" luhn ''f n"'"''? KOh f the
aacehanne aubstancn, therefore there is
j.robably more economy in uing loaf, 1
crushed and granulated sugars than we
should at first suppose.
8oft soap should lie kept in a dry place
in the cellar, ana should not be used till
threo months old
liar soap should be
cut into pieces of
convenient mr.e, and
laid where it will become dry. It is well
! to krep it several weeks before using it, as
t it spends fast when it is new. (Sermantown
i Telegraph.
Saltinu Bsir. The following issairj to
bo a superior receipt for curing beef for
winter use. First, rub salt into it and lot
it remain for 24 hours to draw oQ the
blood ; then take it up, let it drain and
pack as desired, bavinc ready a pickle pre
pared as follows : For every lOOtbs.of necf
wo 7 Ibs.salt, 1 oz.saltpetre, 1 oz. Cayenne
roppor.l qt. molasses, and 8 gallons water;
put these all together, boil and skim
and let cool ; then pour it on your beef.
It is supposod this amount of water will
asako bnno enough to cover the beef.
c it h i "io nr. c i'
For the Republican.
Bkccaku Township, Nov. IMS. Editors: ltave you ot any
"sour-visaged," dry-lippcil, and peevish
otj maids, "tout" in your portion of the
country? If you have, and they nre not
too ueful, send them, post-haite, to
Jleccaria. We have a pair of excellent
clowns, who perform bnd piny outside of
the "arena," without tlio use of canvas
and "center-poles and braces." They
act behind the curtin, (lutllo! that's mis
spelled,) however, but admittance is, I
think, grali", and their dramatic perform
ances are so grotecquo and indescribably
laughable, thut, naturally humorous gents
nnd ladies, would sink under theirexceed
ingly exhileraling effects. Those clown's
dramatic "piecos" uro bo pool teal, that if
given in too large "doses" would melt the
jolly and gay to a liquid, instanter. We
do n't wish to have those "brilliant ac
tions" which are attracting the attention
of to many of our lovers of "un" dispensed
with, hence our application lor hearers.
Their principal plays are
" Woodward'a gone up 'Bait River'"
in the steamboat "glory" (they forgot
that part of the dramatic piece,)
"Curtin haa 'klim' the polo,"
and ho is higher up the "pole" than Wood
ward is up Salt lliver. If ho would full
ofr he would break his precious neck
it's long enough to tie, though
" Hail to the draft; or Copperheads beware"
" Ilootor Jiiip your wings nnd crow!"
yes, crow ! let your charming notes chime
in vith the crowing of Niggerheads; do
your beat, Shanghai's ; roll it out Nigger-
head, ti-um-tilly-lilly ; oh what a melody ; j
whoop-de-doodle-doo; give us some tuoro;
ring in your sweetest strains
" IJirilJ of a feather all flock together;"
then your symphony it's so charming :
yea it enrnptures our inmost feeling, and
sends our blood tingling to our fingers'
ends, and down our legs to our toes ; it
sends a thrill of sweet felicity into our
brains; the nerves c.irries it into every
nook end coiner of our bodies; it stimu
lates every organ, and each performs it
functions with vigor, and if tickles us all
over -he I he! he!
When thoso famous actors heard
Curlin's election, they " growed 'hiq,' " one j lid. The Democrat who says nothing,
was even compelled, by his sudden di.t,,,,.' but waiu patiently to see who is coming
, 1 . , . lout ahead.
s.on. to get a new suit of daddy a trousers, , 3J ,fhe r,Palocrftl who fl)p a cw do.
and tL-irtcras; and the other one was lars in greenbacks will accept some paltry
luppily, the possessor ot a suit ot " 7m-
i,m" f.liiPs-lncUv dor he's .ot nn'
....... - - - j "n
II...1 lll.l. In 1.1. ... l.llnl.l. n..ll.
t.oiutl twitch to his ever-tw.tchmfr mouth,
ne hub h verj curious iinuir jr. 1'epuiy
. .r . .
j Provost Marshal Par-Keener ; as a nmrtial
ho is vice ; ns a bar keeper, ho w ' par-excel-
(.') he will stand the live long day
P" ing into that clap-trap smut machine,
! mUsnamed " Raftsman's Journal." The
jother will sit on his new porch und sing
songs; Hiding dMte, ho ding ,;. Whilo
al)Ov0 him shines the word U-n-i-o-n
r. , , . , ,, i
figured on tho smooth side of
a board,
. .
and stuck up on a pole, a striking emblem
f Purlin fdiml.irur tho " uno " IliA
. . i
' b ' fc ,
need not wonder, then, that it was re-
fhrislftifd. hpnen thn nnnenrnnen of the
word Union. It was intended for a sign,
unit If tlm li.,l Inlla. nna ntlarAil alurlittwl.
-r ,
" would be a sign indeed ! it oul.l then ;
renresent what it was. or nuidil to have
of he P00?' ftn,dl &l to our
Civil una rcngiuus iioeinei. ; nun ii. means
Uniox. Even tho whining curs, who are
dangling, liko greased and dirty fassals
about the tail of Tower, nre committing
y crime that their fiendish minds enn
. . ,, , . . ,
conjure up, or their blood-stained bands
e engaged in ; and they soy they work
in nJ0 cauii0 0f t)ie Union. Vice, corrup-
tion, treason, sensuality and tyranny aro
all folded up in its enticing greatness.
Oh 1 what black and damning deeds of
infumy are perpetrated by the baaditfi of
demons who stylo themselves loyal, yet
they screen all these heinous crimes be
hind the word Union voluminous word
indeed! What, Loyalty 1 ah real union
ists beware 1 these are our country's worst
enemies. These are the traitors whom
our nation must fearl They dread the
name of the Constitution, and loathe the
name of liberty. Sons of the devil you
need not boast of those high sounding
names. The name of Demooracy, or even
of Copperheads will live in the memory
ot tho people, when your own will bo
rotten in dark oblivion. Your names will
le breathed only with tho sighs of mothers
whose sons you have murdered. Then
ceaso your bcasting and ranting ubout!
your pretended loyalty. Put enough of
tins, there are enough of Pecoari-i's
who know more of this than I do, and
ninny more in Clearfield, yon and tho
world is filled with such knowledge. I
will now let this pas, and fall back to
tho topic I first introduced. Forgive me j cheek of every American must tingle with
friends, if this episode, may set hard upon l"ie as ho reads tho silly, Hat, nnd disli
any of you Loyalists. I left these clowns i WHlHry utterances of the man who has to
or acto18, in Glen Hope, one reading, .nd.
the other sitting on the stoop, commun- neither he no- Seward could refrain, even
in g tv mi ins own iiiougiits, or, perhaps
studying his next play.
What will it bt
"Como '
buy of my warori ; "
or w ill it be :
"We'll have a jolly-ficution-oh ! "
no, let us have,
"Away sail thought, you haunt me ; "
"uiusca road my dojtiny.and rovoul it to my soul."
Why, you need not apply to the. muses
lor a revelation ol this secret. I can tell
you at once, you cunt live forever, that s
the events of vour lifo will re -
veal themselves as they ulong :
another certainty is, you will live till you
die, if you do'nt grow loo fast and thus
nd your precious life before your time
arrives, and oh! what a thought! our
theater would sink in ruii s then.
Come, irod-hearted men, if you think
your souls cannot be melted to fluid, como
out from the darkness of solitude and !
bo reduced to mirth; this world has no
plensures if you cannot laugh till your
sides nre sore.
Come, women, from the dismal regions
of taciturnity unto the light of joy. h !
be enraptured to your hearts' content.
Come,--theatre open at all times from
"parly morn till silent eve," on main Bt.,
at the corner of woodhousr, alley, sign of
tho "Big Omon" oh! beg patdon "Big
' ,1 f .1 . ,, ,
imoir 1 meant: nnat a t,iundor ox
dctHty provost marshal, barkeeper, chief
,. . ,' '
manager and actor. Ktemt, actors .nter.
Ub.tJ .M.MUli.
Four Kinds of Democrats.
The La Crosse (Wisconsin) Democrat
ray "there uie four kinds of Democrats
in the count ry."
1st. The Democrat who openly and above
board lets his voice and pen he heard for ' "ii.VMuirg In ig. tjen. arren was act- tudes is sulllcient to always keep it sup
or the ritfht and attaint t the wronii. , ing on den. Meade's stall' in tho capacity plied with a uniform i;iant it v of water.
ottice at tlio hands of an Administration
which desiuses him and which he dos -
i .l i i . .
IIISH, UIIU llll'll l'lllirU(UI9 IUPI1III II 9 in T
f biwi villilving and libelling the
. ,,u.,y wLticla is more honored by his b-
sence than his presence.
4th. The policy Democrat who hhifts,
turns, rolls, wiggles, chances ends and
jumps high and wide for the top of what
ever piank may como up. If there is a
show for Democracy to win tho day, they
howl Democracy of the cast iron kind,
and go it strong in bitter denunciation of
all opposition parties. If there is a chanco
to make a few dollars bv
somo fac end of niizerisui
'slide into the channel, and go bobbing (
IliO Stream W illi IIIUI 1)111,
or "in certain contingencies
or "had
it been or "were tlio cases
they might, like mon, stand tip for their
faith. They back and fill contradict
themselves, blow hot and. then blow cold
first praise, and then censure take a
.. . . ' . .. ,
bold stand one day and urn like a seated
cat the next We don't like such men.
I here is no dependencn to be placed in
sue.i men. I hey will netrav and sell
their best friends. Selfish at heart and
cowardly by nature, eager only for spoils
they live and die political "might have ry Jl';d' usy between regulars and volun
been's." No matter what a man's creed leers enter into this affair. Warren is a
is if he stands up for it bravely we respect
This is no time for men to follow tho
ead ot cowards. Thoso who aro afraid
to co ahead-
id-to pioneer the political wil-
id U'tler tako back wats nn.I
ir self-appointetl leadership -
deraess, had be I
rnimm llto:i mil li, tiimm I All I ii.. i.l liii.
Pen man or a mouse. A Democrat or
H-pablican. For (lod's sake don't beg
i i -i.: .. , . .. . .... 7
1 . , , , .v ...
mm i:i-vi, mm ill no and play into l no
hands of our enemies. If the cause of tho
T)..,nei-e i. i.;,.i.t tiioL- i n if
i i c.i'. ...... i .i' n'
out if position is what you want Do as l,"")Ul ll ,Va'"fon is made the rankiti;; of- -,n"'1 18 v1 V lernie, ami is owned by tne muu u juml liniMiieu. i wo or mem
Judas did, then hang yourselves. ' Become ficfr' Church, which institution holds it for the were, made to the order of railroad
tool foraniggerizd Administration, or i ,!,ut ,now 1,10 question arises how 0' exoluivo puqioso of grazing Ad the and imxirnialy a.vaite.l."
stand up for a white man. This half-way f011'0 ho t0i' "! Ple.isanton have t'i;k which comes into the olheo T5s js M()l oxm. ,tistrian de-po'-dodging,
tntik and water, half-round style, kltke'1 "P- Ihcy promise faithfully to, Mormons are compelled to pay one- . . . worse than that. An i
uAilout, If the present is not a tune J i" VJ A I? J!!,'??.,L,:;2 'fT V. L0.'"1"' ,l.,e 77 tlioWo i,0 ncoplo of tho Unite t
v.. - j . . a .... " lliiiB L-Vlllli. 131-11
to Inke a position wo would iu In Lnnw
lo iaKe a p isiuon, we would ne 10 knovy
when the time will come,
Finon Cahehon's Attachment Casks Set- back to the 2d of May, when, r.irney al
TLtn. In the United States Circuit Court, : ready ranking Pleasa'nlon, the threo will
in Baltimore, on Monday last, the cases of have their appropriate position. French,
Chcrles Howard, ffiu. A. Gathell and Miijor-Qeneral, who has reasons for not
John W. Davis, Police Commissioners of liking Warren, takes sides with Iiirney
Baltimore, against the Kit-Secretary of and Pleasnnton, as docs also Sedgwick,
War, Simon Cumeron, to recover, several- actuated by honorable motives. Meade,
ly. $10,000 damages for the arrest and im-, with the unflinching regular influence at
prisonment of the plainttfTs in July, If VI, Washington, stands by Wurrcn.
were finally disposed of. The suits were The regulars have hit upon a solution
taken from the docket by consent of the! of the controversy that they fancy will
plaintiff's counsol, on the Statement in , not lower their dignity They are work
open Court by the couel for defendant, ing like beavers to get Birnoy to accept a
that ho was authorized by his client to department, hoping thereby to get bim
say that the latter (General Cameron) had out of their army, where the quosticn ol
no part in thu ariest and imprisonment of , rank will not so materially affect him,
the plaintiffs or either of them. and thub quiet him, whon Ploasanton's
Washington Corre..ondeiira Chicago Times
Till: IMtKsinuvi'.t his HOIIY (.I AHI).
. o .
, ,31'''" '! J'"''-"" '""B
A Solution of the Cuutroveriiy.
Your reader will not have failed to ob
serve the exceeding bud tuslo which "char
acterized tho remarks of the President
und Secretary of State at tho dedication of
I lu nohliprs' c.tmol ru nt Cuttu.l rrt.n
; " soiemn oecaiion, irom spouting
mii u'liuin uiinuiiiiu uoririues. l he
readers of The Times ought to know, too,
that the valorous rrnsident did not dura to
make this little journey to (iettvsbuig
without beir; encoi led bv a boilv-inim d nl
Bol.iieis. l or the first time in the history
ol the oountry, the President of the Unit-
...1.1 I. . . " i . .
... oia.uf, in irineinng tnrougu it part ot
...o ....,, ,,,, i.encciui, even on ft
'ullsi"" ininniiiu, na1 j 10 mi e.scorleit hv a
body-guard ofsoldiers. When it is added
that his route was through Haltimore and
.. .i t i , .i
nuu pun oi murviaiin, me recent scene
. of such flagrant outrages on the rights of
i 1,10 emzens 01 unit Mate, you will readily
' 1 '"uipieiiei u mat it was tear
for his own
personal safely which led tho Prosident to
go escorted as any other military despot
, i ,'
And this is the tiinn who, not contented
with trampling or, tho Constitution of his
country, taking away thu liberty of his
lellow-cilizens, und abrogating the Monroe
doctrine, is no.v ready to sttike hands
with tho Lmperot Napoleon for the club-
lishmentof h monarchy in Mexico; fur it
is said that overtures have been made, to
me Administration to tlm tl ! ;r
' 0jr (loveanment will reeojinizti Mtximill-
: i" Kmperor ofMexico, then the French
armies will vtiihdraw from Mexico. Tha
Administration, it is said, has entertained
tho propositi 'avorably, and will no doubt
agree to the infamous proposition. What
eise could no expected from an Adminis- uinent ot their power. The uill'orent ele
tration with such antecedents ? ; yations of tho water marks show the grd-
1 teh
nulling rtf n t I..I 1 T IT
, the Major generals of this army. It U a
funny quarrel, illustrative of the blunder-
llnr, !j It I a.1 .1. Ill , .IT - - .
i ' ' " r "u,"lu " ar nice ai
I' ,Vusl!in.?ton' lmnj;'Iiiloly aflor the bat-
110 of Clmneellorsvdle, Urig. (.en. Iiirney,
-,, ,ore a conspicuous part in that mem-
oruDle eniii'-ement, was promoted for his
gallantry to the rank of Mujortie.neral, his
commission datina May 20. A few davs
altcrwnrd (jen 1 leasiinton received a com-
1 miss on of the satno rank, dated June 1,
j which was Hkewisn issued for meritorious
!slr,V0l's ',.t clllln('(lIotsville, at the battle
, , lm'1 1 nl''g'aphical htigiuecr,. Ho
'"'' excellent service on that oeea-
sion, was wounded in tho discharge of his
: duties, and was subsequently recommend-
i e'' for !'ro'!iot'n- He was not at the hat-
'""""" "l "ul """ "0,v
' or oll'er '"s commission was made out and
ante-dated Mav .1(1. iminpili:itr.U nfi.r
nnKi-Miiioii ni "r,i i:.. l . p.
.,, ,, . .'. . -V
tl'ellorsville, ns if it had been won in
" , i" t'lvin- mm rani ovor
hnll, Itifn.iu ,,,.,1 PI....-...,., 1. I..
both Iiirney and Pleasonton, who not only
did win distinction at Lhancellorsville.but
have also received honorablo mention in
every engagement and movement since,
including the battle of Ciettyshurg, in
Inch action Iiirney commanded the ,'ld
Corps after Sickles was wounded on the
first day of the battle, and Pleii-anton
commanded the cavalry corps throughout,
blendin" with w 1 0 'Variu" wna only acting as a staff of
(hey cently llct'r' v''i'' ' l'K''t, has the President
'd eo bobbinc ,,con i""1 appointing the latter to rank
ie former' 1 understand that the l'res-
1,1.,,, . i,.;. u ,i, ,., i ,
"-- " ."ii-
i; !'1',0 ,, '0,l,,!l'r0rt;(8l.01,l'l!lt,IIS,n-
, . ..,.i uujr
steps to correct it. Doubtless it was a blun-
vuiiiiiniiuu ,,y iuu unu wiiu was m-
siruclPtl to tilt up tljocouimission ; but iu
mi hill n uiuiimi nm-M inn, i-hi evu inn om-
eers who sutler by it. They have forward
" . . u .til? viu-
ed a formal piotest against it but even
that does nal relieve them. Warren still
ranks l hem both.
Some of tho elements of tho traditiona-
cst,liir- Meade, who recommended him,
if a regular. Mai leek,
linn1' ,ho .implications
tin-ouch whoso
for promotions
V-"" ' regular.
The Adjutant
('cncral s olhce is controlled by and filled
w,lh r,Su'i"'t. Pirney is a volunteer ; has
never see.i tho inside of West J'oinl ; has
iii. . ..." -
w'rM"1 "ls ow" wy up from a (Jolonelcy
to a General's rank. It would ne t
do to him n rnn,
, .
forgetting in their haste Ploasauton, a ho-
cus-pocus was played, und. without anv-
bodv knowinL' when hp Uie nr Qi-tl,ir'.T
, - . . - - j c
mm. ui-itruii m in i en ennui iiiuiiun, un-
. ... .'.,
less the affair is settled before. They ask
that their commissions shall be dated
cotninisBion will be dated back They
IlllVf IJIH'lt'il Jlllll 11 1111:1-1 Mt'l'iU llllt'lll, i
but ho didn't si'C it. Then they proposed
Kansas, with Jim I.anu and squatter sov- A i stin, L imtb Co., I
ereignty, but tho bait was not (;ood. Nevaha Tluuitorv, Oct. '(';). j
Then Wushinglon was darkly hinted at ; Our littlo jiartv left Salt Lake City en
lut that luiled. At last they come out the '22d of August last, by way of i
squnrely and nd'nr hint tho Middle De- overland mail road, which L tl.c "
parlment. Iiimey quietly smokes his but by lar the ii'.it dcKolute und linne:.
cigar and says, "I'll see about it." Tr.ko'of al! routes l.-tnlin- tn thu Pm itio en. st
it all together nnd it makes a very funny I When nbont three hundred mife from S.l
quairel, und one that will enter some-j Luke City, we iirsi Inm iimi f t'-o-exrite-wliat
into tho wninglings of the Scniito j tiient at the K.-euc Kiver mines, m.d re
this winter, to relievo tho monotony of ; solved to try our loituns there.
uiseussions on tlio appropriate spuero
of American citizens of Africin descent.
Among the great ii'itural curiosities of
North America, the great saline bod of
water in Utah Territory, known as tiicut
Salt Lake, stands in the lirrit older. The
lake its. If U not individually so great a
I curiosity as when viewed in connection
with mrrounding conelative indications,
which give us a coml-ination of natural
wonders truly astounding. the wntor
inarks timer that tho hike is now a mere
remnant of what was once of tho mighty
witter collections of the earth perhaps of
a body of water that spreads itself thro'
out the whole Utah basin. Provo Lake, a
body ol water, distant perhaps seventy-five
mile; from tho great lake, is surrounded
by indications of a like character, that di
rectly point to an early period when its
individuality was lost within the limits of
; it mighty sea that absorbed both it-ell ahd
, (ireat Salt Lako. Along tho base of the
mountain walls of the valley, if wo may
, so term the limits ofthe bisin, lira distinct
. water mirks of various elevations. Thev
'are clearly discernaMo at a distance of
liven'v-liva miles th. mnm plnmie.l ,W
being from seventy-five to one hundred
feet above the level of the valley. They
tiro almost conclusive evidence that a
great sea once e.xi.-ted in Utah Valley,
whoso hreakors h ivo left tho marks of
tlnir power indented upon lLo
roc it y
front oftheir mountain confines, ns a nwn-
. l . ,. . . J ,
ofsMuare mil?s, to the present saiinous
body of about sixty miles in length an I
r . . - I! , 1.,
lorty or nuv in ureaun. tins presunip-
lion ia strengthened by the existence,
throughout the entire valley, of acouatile
deposits, such as .hells, petrified .U ,
water-worn rooks, otn. I lima thig i honrv
tho ink rence nmy bo drawn that Great
Salt Lake is I'r.i.ln.iliv IiminUhin, l,,,i
this is not tho case ; it is now reduced to
n haM of fixed causes which will give it
perpetuity in its present extent." The
moisture of the atmosphere of these lati-
Tho melting snow of the mountains swells
the river in tho spring and summer that
empty into it, and when this melting is
prevented by the coldness of tho fall and
winter, those rivers fall, and by evupora-
nou uie iaKe rapiuiy declines the evapo-
ration carrying oil' more water t'r in tlie
. t
i r im,. ,1.,,.:. ii ;., ; ii.:.. ,i.
. u ,u.-,v. is ill una WUIIIIIII
condition that coarse salt u obtained from
tlio neaeii ol the lake in quantities u inin-
. v. ,- ., . ,
iium. Now, so long as tho meteorological
system prevails, tho lako must
tho same as now.
No theory is settle I upon by scientific
men as to the cause of the salty naturo of
the lake. We have an opinion of our own
which we believe to bo rational. Tho rv
ers emptying into it Canaan. Jordan.
Webber, Malado, and
numerous smaller
stream, head in the
mountains, whore
they aro supplied by myriads of mountain
brooks, some ol which undoubtedly have
their source in salt springs. These brooks
. ... ' . -
iin pi eg ri aio uie gre.u water-carriers ot tno
1','k0 '.,h. 8;'1.t-l:) oswM Hn .xlont-
niuuii ii, uc, i urn ii in inn peiccpuuio to
the taste and they carry it inlo-the 1 ,ko
wultc ii uiuu lorevor reiiiinn au( aoouina -
Into, ai evaporution imronses tlio propor -
Linn fi riiii, io ihn anini' i in an mi-.w
nun i'i r ui. i'j i ie ivnii'i. lull si i in iv
I tilt
have been carried to the lako over a bun -
dred and u has perhaps beeh accu -
niuiating there lor tlinuamis or years ;
1 and thus it must continuo to accumulate
through all lime, if the supply should bo
Tho volcanic indications surrounding
the lako are peculiarly imi rei-sive, and
could well be ma le the subject ol the na-
lural philosopher's study. The whole
face of the country appears to have pinsed
through caloric Influences of thb intenscst
c.-iaracter. I.normous rocks fringe its
margin, which aro charred as black as cb -
. .n... I .i-i
. y "" "K "p-"'t'" "u meir
, fragmentary condition bespeak tho mighty
convu nions which thev passed ihroiie b.
, . , -.;
"r f'ie l'lle cen,re. . 111010 19 l"He
large l-land, upon which these volcanic
indications aro o'l'ially cmtiLntic.
- .
MV Ibere must be thousands of head up
' .w
I o,l .!,. mc( i,Q h.., ,.r i,.i ....
on it. It Is reached by small sailing ves- o( ppanicl do!. Our f.itheiN thott"!
sels. So extremely salt is tho water of they had established a country i'
Salt Lake that piscatory life is impossible, which tho eoplo owned the (lOVon
Its average depth is fifty foot. Portland .ncnt, but Lincoln has turned it t
(. On-yon) .W. ! one in which tho Government own,
Jk5A Democratic; contemporary
complains tlint whenever un Abolition ,
tnmor conies to ins to iiinKo
rpcccu uu . minauiy uc-niia v iiu.u-
tr tho auilieneo that ho
. -
lias uecn a
Wo supposo tho ncoun -
drcl does that to mako it appear that,
somo timo in his lilo ho has been in!
jrood company. Though ho dies, ho
i not destitute of an ambition to Hp-
pear respectable.
The Silver Eegiors cfNcvp da Territory.
Corre.ipnndence of the Ciucinnuli
approached tho place on the I Ji!i ol
tctnber. weary, rat.""l r.nd hunr . i
had walked over fii'leen htttidi'"'! mibs
while on the way, part of th tn' shoe
less nnd without liiod. Four of us only
bad come uloiij; fur hundreds of lidle.-J
through tribes of hostile nna.f:
We found everything in a stale of ex
citement, and every one crazy about tho
recently discovered mines. Fubu'.oUi
stories weio told cf the wealth of tho
country. One man, whilo digging e. po.,i
hole, had struck a silvor ledg, ami so! 1 it
for sixty thousand dollars. A poor cun
grant, stopping for a day, had found a
vein, sold it for forty thousand,
and gone on his way rejoicing. A thou
sand similar stories tire circulated. A
glance convinced me that there w.v
reali'y about it, although probably not so
brilliant as had been pictured.
In February last, silver was discovcio l
hero, and -the first cabin erected whom
now stand tho united towns of Austin and
Clifton. They at prosent contain O.OuO
inhabitants, nnd tlio inilux co;:lirues at
Uie rate of hundreds daily. Hvety lacility
that tho country can afford for building;
is employed, and houses aro erectd ns
if by magic. Several quartz crusiiiug:
mills are in operation, l tn v in'
aro approaching completion. Kvoryfhing;
is bustle und confusion, 'lfee inuuntai .".
appear to bo l.teially filled with the pre
cious ore, and tons of it are daily ''J... ,
brought in. All day tho el.nij; of ham
mers are heard, nnd the slillniwi of tho
night is broken in upon by tho rattle "I
stumps and the explosion of mines.
spring will biing fifty rninei'i
' ... J . ...
I and emigrants to Austin and the v ''I'
' ble, and there is h iforlnn,. h-rl r ov, '-y
i willing worker. Laborers r-"t from live f.,
I. ... . .
six donars per day, anil mciti aiies i. ;.i
oight to ten. We have no currency out
side of gold nnd silver. (I'reenhieki aro
worth but sixty cents on the do'.lar, r, X
taken reluctantly at tint.
To tho uninitiated, a mining town pre
sents a strango appearance, especially
where it springs up in ft d.iy. The t-.ii
of Austin and Clifton aro situated in a
mountain gorge or canon, tho principal
street running through tho centre, and
extending prolnbly three miles. Tho
mountain is .almost pcrpondiuuhr, and
for a mile up on cither side covered with
houses of pvery description stone, fronts,
frame, adobe, log and brush huts, lonts,
ilc, and chaotic confusion. Tho main
street occupied by stores, restaurants,
drinking and gambling saloons is crowd
ed at oil hours,
The recent discovery of silver in tliis
section of Neveda is but tho beginning
of the end. Tho enliro country is filled
with it. Within ten years tho mountains
stretching from tho Pacific to the Platte
liiver will lie a continuous mining tow n.
Tho mineral wealth of tho country i3 in
exhaustible, but enterprise and nrtsrh
aro required to duvolop it. Thoso the old
States must furnish.
Tho Richmond Knyuirer of tho 11th u!t
contains tho following ;
" Sinco the bombardment cf
comiuenciid (on the 17lh of August) up t
TIllll'uJ JU t'ltl 1", .riS t ul, !,.,.! 1 C.
: uiiii.vMj iisi, ii,.iii.i sunn iu:i mill i:ici
llt it flf whic, p2 :w slruok. li;o ,.,r
i rison, twenty-seven have been HHed, and
s i. t vii i lie wounded Thofia
un'e liino lw bcJn"cul down"
dm itnf in'
liiir'v -.'un
! litres. Tlio
! ji)0 nouiuN,
: vera go weight of she'. b'ine
tho weight of iron th;-o..
o iti o.m i i r .
i " 1 ''i'-"'" t''"Hmo, "I I l',T ' Jlll'l.i
1 1() c;u., ,nall killed, :j(l,370 pound.? of irop
, to each cisuality. If the cliariies of ,.
- in: iiiiu
dT averaged fifteen pounds, wo have 'i.'i'l,
7 to pounds of powder used, or t',0."7 tbs
of powder to oach man killed, and 2, l.i I
tfis. of powder to each casuality. .Sunitir
in ruins, laughs at hor enemy, who slili
fears to pass her battered walls. Chariot;
ton will have a valuti! lo iron mino in tho
1 ru;MS 0 Sumter, and even now. when iron
is scarce nnd sells bi,.b md.wtru nt
liulo risk mighl ra.lU a rOltun0i'.
j Jrjjf-Tlio rliiltulclliliia North AmnU
ran my :
, .Vhcn tho government wants any.
... .... . ,. .. .
llilllir it ItlKCS It. 1110 Oilier (.IV it
walked into tlic locomol ivo works m"
31. v . liiituwin und toult l'jtif loco-
: i T 1 I f I, . t
. . i ., ,
S ntoo siibimt. o it. with tliO D.ltutlC
tho people.
Jki5"A man should throw ofT n'l
() ft1(, op11.0Miv0 tbouft, l,e
))0 uinv
..:u.m 1 ... inn, . ..i i:
1117 Ol ll IIIO M1." . -."ii iiiiii i
,,,,. i;i.n ti, r,,m,i i..,,i,.r I.ia i......
i , ' '
" j.... ...
ITjr'lnr. Conslitution and the Union'
I place thorn together. If thoy stnd tb,'
must stand together; if they fall the
must fall frwothcr." Duniil JlV'ifr,