Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, September 02, 1863, Image 3

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    .. . t. or If?..... I
- I
, ,
Cir TLmo t Tjtotf.
train rn f"l""
P.ltimnre Uf""
tl A H
l I'J r
Jl A. .
6 SO I-. M.
Vail Train
.-.Wall 2 J A.
trough Acmininoautlot
ia 4 a. m.
. . lhalrlnll ft till I llNr III UIIIM II
-' - ..... - I. .
T;,oD. for II H8. .1 .
Triioi m tU Uai.d Iivui.i Vallit rmJlfirt
7;r fur r!lrf..til at 4i A.
TJmLAV Mnn'rt ;
with tj) tin
Tht followlne r th ramol uf th officera
Ilia Central lJuiocrtic Club uf ClenrflcM eoun.
tj all rtfiiliug in or uar tbil placo :
A. M. IIiixi, 1'rtaidrcL
Joh McfueaaoH, I Vic, pre,iJ.Du.
T. J. McCii.i.oi oh, Reconl!n) Soeratarj.
W. V. I!itt, Cnrrtfpondlnj S'oeroUry.
IaAAC Joiimhun, Tifaiuror.
3TAU euiflraunicationi ahould b addreaaad
to tba Correrpuodiug fiecretarjr.
Nonce -The time for the meelinaj of .fUU commutation by a dialled man:
notice, iueuuicii lUUimart A',.,
tbo Toaohera' IiUtituteLm he uhungeiM - i,, T7 iw,
rromthe September" ,o ,b. 6,h Dear Sir T',
, f '' October next.
i i
it : te3". are compelled, jor waul or
' apsce, to defer the proeeding of the
Ntitnocratic meeting at Mount Joy, and
Severn t communication. They will ap
pear in our next iaiue.
jtaTDr. A Hiils, would inforu hit
patrons that he will be absent from Lis
office the second and third weeks of Sep
tember. jtay-The "popular will" with which the
abolitionists cay the couscription act is
' gieeted in all parts, is not visible in this
A 1t Dat. Several of our jovial
country friends, who aere brought to
town on Monday last through an anxiety
; to hear something about the draft, to seo
tba circus, ko , were heard tu remark that
that wa the dryat dny they over mtr in '
Clearfield. The authorities having stop
; ped the suloof liquor, it mipposeil to bare
suggeited the i'L' 1.
No IftLr yog jt. U'e are torry to in
form our correspondent 011 the Tyrone and
1 ;New Wa.shing'.on mail route, who coni
f 'plains o bu lly and no doubt juMly
j I of the failure and irregului ity tf mail
I j mutter, that ivc know of uo immediate
I remedy. Those who are now inist-ruling
I the countty aro totnlly deaf to the coiu-
'. iilabts of tho people, whether those com-'
; pbints uro well or ill founded ; and th.
I only hope of relief is by turning them out
jof office aud putting honest men in thro'
i the sovereign influence of the ballot a
; woik in wlncii we are sure our corr.apon-
1 dent will cheerfully unite with us in try-'
I. , I
j in to accotrpllbh.
, . ,"" , , , ,
Net DkaI. I bote who had been led
' to bnliere tbnt the Republican-abolition
i party of this county was a dend institu
' tion, would have lound thcmlves terri
bly deceived had they been in cur town'
lust Thuriuay at the greut Republican-1
abolition County Convention. After j
reguur stenuing call lor weeks, not more
than one half of the districts, and certain
ly not half their j ui ty vote, iti the 03un-
' ty, were repre:eiited
1 ,,, r:,.i n r,t i.t. . 1 . . ... 1 may be louna at nia omce on me eouinwest cor
l.obe.t Mitchell, of th.. pluce, was 1,0m- . - . ... . liBMI.eept
inateil lor treasurer; Jnmcs Glenn, of ;
l'ike, for Cotnmitkionvr; and John Iiua -
sol, of Tenn, for Auditor.
I'KAKEWoiunv.-I.eV. Mr.Glldi tr. who
, 1 n ..... , :
has Uf n decidedly warned in some of
1. tat na...trt..n . 1 , 1. . s 1. . 11 .1. '
Sen," not of Israel, but of " 01' Dabe'i
army at Waterford the other day, an-'
tiounced fiom his pulpit last Sunday hi!
intention of obeying the "call," andad-j
Vised all others to do likewise, and be
glad. Thit is piaiseworthy. W. always i
admhea man whose practice accords with'
Lis preaching. j
. !
i Ii is " Idiotic Linco!" Tho Palladium
thinks the following, from some Wtttern I
paper it "idiot lingo." Perhaps it is,
but it is i rjn as th first chantei of I
"Garrison's Libaalnr begat lb. New
York jTriiunr; and the New York Tribune
begat tho Impressible Confl'xt; and the
' irrepressible Conflict beeat tin Helper
Wv and the Helper took begat lh;
. aid of John lirvien; and the raid of John I
Bron begnt the Chicago Platform.
. To which the New Haven Register adds: j
that the whole begat the " present cruel
war," together with death, a national j
debt, and destruction generally. "A fool
can make nior. mischief in a day. than
wiss. man can remedy in yewrs" and'
that ia just tba atat. nr .1. .!
the present time. The fools have had j
their day wise men will toon hav. their
- va IWV WUUtl j tt
Tm ADmsisTtAT'.oni'a Wsjtr. WT. tak.i
the following from the Boston Journal: '
"The Government has decided not tr.1
retain any officer in the army r. bote views
n ia war pouey 11 not ut
ft.,,...:.. - r.- . .... . .
7nn, , A , a- C0BI,U ,
reported for dismissal for the Use of what
termed disloyalty or treasonable lan-
Thus doe. the Administration .nap it.';.' "ipP'n Tan m "khatT?7
bip at the manhood of its officers.
cert. It
-aitnucb worse than the whip of the'
lh..t.Y. orer''.Pr M lh rnar.bood 0
mn it oeirier man the body Of
nf il -gr0, If lhere 1e n thing ahead
l" iu ti,e refinement of derpotiim w.
nno 1 conceive of it. U is enough t0
ILutt 1Ctt,hJrobuk- U KiT
n ballot box.-7nr.ans Prmter.
.4a .1 1 . t .
v.u. A uiwpucn from lortrm Mohro
.mr,. ,,...., ,. To,, Sumter and
I Wagner W.r. both In t,fW,0i..n of the
LniotWoroet-ihat Ih. whole f Morri.
wuuiu poon i occupied, wttn
Fort Moulin, would b. .educed and lb.
fall of Charleston would toon folio.
Nothing Important from the Army of
the Potomac. One or two) bud bom. tm
" 1 - - I k w u
reUU on the A report
potne la hand, by way of Wilmington, N.
Croliu, ih.t Jff Dvi had i.-ued
p v,OB caUin oul 50-000 -' -
uo are 10 receive tbeir freedom and 50
jncroi of land at the end of Iho war. Whiit
f will our Aboliiionialaany now? If their
object is to fiea the rpgrot, they muH
iuj.poi l Jtir, iw thngreaie.t tfmancipalion
iat that ever wai.
Ax Opinio thou ilos Timduiui t5r..
TIN. OH TU. Covrii.Tinl f ' " "t" ,bfe-
caater Kxpieea publiehea Iho following
op.nion of Iho Hon. Thaddeua Stav-n. i
- " iiq ainii
regard to the cHccl of the payment of iho !
Jiry opinion u that the payment of the
fJOU commutation and the fumiah till? a
aubttitula bnye pracieely the same t-HVct
l--,ll, ,-xf il..., 9 .. .1 . I r.. j r -
fivuvt vi iucui ncva uraiieu ulna iruLu
further draft for three years lie ia in
T . . . i . . .m
eBect in service, either by htmielf or an-
iun uni.mukoi ajwu IIIUKei me
government his agent to procure a aubnti-
tute. The government has conaentetl to
act as such agent. The law says he inuy
"on or betore the day fixed for hi appear
anoe furnish an acceptable substitute, or
pay auch sum not exceeding $300 for the
i.Mini.0i:nnl..Ai..,,i .:.T. . 1,1
j,.v,v- .uuu.uuaw.uif, ..... V,c" -
upon the person furnishing the substitute,
orpaying tht money, shall be tfisoharj-ed from
further liability under that draft." Mo
one doubta that furnishie substitute ex -
. a
cuaea for three-years. To sivej a difierent
eti'ect to th. payment of the commutation
iiniup iu uig iiiriie loee uibq mi ausuruuv.
it is a very miscnierous misconstruction,
which if need be, 1 have uo doubt, Con
gress trill correct,
MAURI ED 0b the 234 of Aajcaat last., by B.
v, jiaii, a-aq., in r. gamer n ireina. to jura.
MArftret White, all of Karthaoa towaabip.
DIL.D la Goshen townabip, on the 25th of
August leal, Louis J., sen of John A. L. and
Margaret J. Flcgal, aged 7 years.
" This lortly bud to fresh and fair,
(ydl'd henet by early doom
Jnit raut to all w bow aweet a flower
la 1'aredieo could bloom." M.
August 1st, Xannit, agtd 8 montha and II daya.
Ou the 1 9th August, Frances, aged 2 years, 3
months and 7 days. Also, on the 2'Jtb Augnat,
Martha A. aged 19 years, months and H days
all of dyeentrv, and all daughters of James
and Catharine Thorn; sue, of CurwenarUlt.
S8r"With the erideoce of her aeceptanee with
tbe Savior, Martha left tbt thoret of time. Her
d'ing appeal to all wbo witntaaed her triumphal
depai tura was, "prepare to meet me ia Uearea."
; ieie t.l if is fo dit in (As Xro?. II. J). T.
I 0a August lith, at the residene of Jaa. Thomp
son. Martha ITeDbnrn. acad 74 ssvi.
...... . . , , .
On the 2i th August. Richard, son of Ileury and
Martha Ana McKiin, of Curwentville, aged 8
years, i months and 11 days.
rm lAKSlKHS to in-
ilw- -L' form biI plt-
VySaWjt tons that profession-
fawCCVi4 ''? buaintrs tontines
UZ2l&-Jk. the time, and be wilt
f&WftfmitZl' lUrrefore) L unable
accustomed placet
this a u miner ; but
when notice appears in tbt
town papers to tut
July S, 63. tf.
A DM I MMTKATOH"! V)T1CK. Letters ;
of Administration baring bten granted this 1
day to tht undersigned on tht estate of KKEDKK
KINti, late of Burnside township, deceased, all
persons iudeUei to esid estato art requested U
.... 1 .a. 1 ...; a. aa net manf a K A tiinasta K V i r !
olaiiui araitutthe Miue will rreat tUem duly
r-r.-7, Vi." ""i .,2 ., ..tlldtn.nt
MIHVHMBU t"S lv-t a
A Ti-ttrv uivr
Burnside tp.. July 15, 13C3 ,'d.
New Goods at Reduced Prices.
Tbt t Id stock to bt told at a reduction to cor
respond with tht new goods.
Hat jut received
a gena.-ad assortment cf
DRY GOODS at reduced pricas
DRY GOODS at reduced prices
DRY GOODS at reduced prices
DRY GOODS at reduced prices
Bonnets and Shawls
Bonnets and Shawls
Bonnets and Shawls
Bonnets and Shawls
iirimiiru uarillC OI'KU CUlllUl'I'iJ ill Kit'i 1. UOIU.I'ft.. Bali al I' MMUI.I
u..j n T, vfts;ntl.Uive lhti a call and examine their stock, and
r""" 1 vi. :::,'tbey feela..or.d thatyoo can be
iiaraware, yuMntKirt, usswwrw, hohous
Hardware, Queensware, Tinware. Notions
,I,,n,wre Q'.ware, Tinware, Notiou-
Tea, Cotfee, Molasses, Sugar, Salt,
Candles, Riot, Floor, Bacon, Firh ,
Tobicco, Crackers, Vinegas, Oils, Varnish.
Carpets, Oil Clotb, Drugget, Looking U lasses.
Clocka. rbnraa U' .K -Vu.a rA m Tnka. nneketa. flat
. 1. . . . ' ... .. U .
irons, ran a, n lodow-Dlinaa. wtu-raner, vi.
Oil Lamps, B.d-ordt, Knivt. and
Forks, Spoons, Crocks, Blovt bltcking. AH of
which will bt told on tbt moat raaonablt terna.
j and tbt highest market priet paid for Grain,
1 tM . "
Front etrt-t. abtrt tbt Academy, Clearfield, Pa.
Jbb.9, 186J.
tj ber offert So ttll.wTtry ruHS-l
abltUrma,. TWO HORSS CARRIAOK, an. alt.
both r. got-raln, -.r.
B!ri.M Apply to JAM.8K.WAT80N7
A ir3-t WUIi.sitr.vt, Ft. ,
IUr r Ihl ituu Kl ti..u ii . . ... !
,:",: r. i i'or nhi
J' . ,0 "ll ""' d-sired In matt Imtt.
' j''a !"."
Auguel 19, 1863.-pd ' ' r"
Estate of Moiei Boggs, deo'd.
1 .n f.r-itian'a Pnttkt ft.. It,. . . ...
. . ' " ' ' " I Ull III I II
1 McKn.liy, Auumry, da., 1 1.
I11 ',.Hule: rfV6'1 I? "' t,ir" of M(,"M UufK;
i W.ra:
Baxtor, Elixabcth. aifa uf John v,-r'..i,.. i
thaJan, wifu uf Henry L. iunluy, Wilbor F.
Kogg: llaury A. Buga, AUry, wir8(,f Wll'ium
I CUaudlur, auj Kolaud C. Uog', and all other
! peraona luteraited, or cluimin,' to ba ownorj of
aaideatate, to be and appear before ilia honora
' ble the Judaea of the aaid Court, at a Ceurt to be
j held at Clearfleld, on he SISth day of September,
A. I)., It0:t, then and there to nfoxnt nr r,.i,..n
! 1,1 ? "": "tt0 of ,aiJ ,d,:Jont. "ppniisad
I 'tton put upon t by the Inquest duly return-
eu. I ii
llAlUJEH, tl k 0. C
Aujruat 12, 1863. Cu
... u.... 7
Jj' u'9' ''P"" "! aj0,a 0,l
III IM '09 J ld 0 iDOfMna aj eauooii
mnoi t,.a ..Jtomn,, dosjoJ A"uy N M i
'"sKvaT'l KHOf zJ
H !!."! ".,
pom B.Jj40 -i'lunoj ;o tid Au u i p.jnou
iAaeqn af StuH3 ei pun II! I )
Xiunoo pagjno3 jo aueiiip giii uijojui pgnou
'Xiuoqini J.doid ei i eui o pjHBjS uq Uui
avq iuoionv a eauooii v puu 'iiuvA.Cauue,r
. J I" J--!VA ;w-n MIDI w,l i I
juaiimy eqi oi uojiuondde epaui oXIAvAJ
jo ooi3tp3 qig eqi ju joisoKty
RK1.I1:K NOTICIi. The Board of Relief
for the county of Clearfleld, will meet at the
Cotntnisaioners' office, on Wedneaday aud Thurs
day, tte i'lJ anaztth days or Sopteiuber, lSCJ.
The Board hare directed that all new appll-
. oante loust apprar ooiore ine uoaru anil produce
1 their sworn slatement duUilinK name of soldier,
jregimeot ad compmr; when en. is ted; the
number of children, with age and sex of each ;
' th township in which ther resided at t'ie time of
' enlistment, uud their present residence; and that:
I t. : : . 1. .... a. a l. aC . . r 1 . - '
eh ia without the means of support for herself
aad children, wbo are dependent upon her.
Two wilneaaea of credibility, from the township
to which ahe resides, must alro be produced,
whose certificate, aworn to before-the board, must
set forth that the applicant ia the person sho rep
resents bcraelf ta be; that the statemioent of the
number and age of ber family is true ; that she
it in destitute circumstances and her family in
actual want ; and that all the fate set forth in her
application art just and true.
i'orma containing theae requisitions can be ob
tained at tht office of the Buurd of Relief, when
application it made aud the witnesses appear.
August 12th, 1883.
To School Tcachcrs.
IIVK TEACIIEK are wanted for the
. Penn township Schools. Persona wiahinj
to apply for them will please meet the Direct""
on the third Saturday in October, in lVuniille.
Perhape three or four Femalea will be employed.
i!y order of tht mrd,
Aug. 12, lSttt. J0UX FLEOAL, Sec'y.
Tor Sale --A L1Gf,T
GOJJ, entirety sew, well painted and Snisbed.and
eubatiatial in tvery particular. Fur sale at a
bargain. C. L. BARKETT.
Clearfield, Pa. April 15, tf.
CO ERLY & HUrCUISON, Proprietors.
TIIHIS Ilotol, to well known to the traveling
I public of Clearfiild county, is now in a cor. -duiou
to alord the most excellent airi-oirinoduti m
either for tht transient guest or the permanent
Tbt "United States" bet now all tht conven
iences of
and tbt Proprietors art determined to spare neith
er expenet, time nor labor to ensure tho comfurt
of the guests. The patronage of the trnrrlinz
Visits to any of niaP"bli " re-pectfully solicited. jly I, 03, y.
Have just opened a large and splendid
assortment of
New Goods
At their old stand ia Clearfield.
TIIEY bavt the best tafortment fT Hardware
that hat ever been brought to this county,
which ttrT will sell at the most reasonable tiri
among which will bt found a splendid lot o
C V T T L E 11. Y,
To which they Invite the special tttentioa of the j 'eW v
:rzt:::i:tch.-piousl ,i 11.
n,.. ififft unit Ciimi'd-iirt.
A lot of Pistols of tht btst pattern, and other
nre-arme. Alao a general aseurtment of pistol
.,i,;H,r...ll f wLi.h will bt sold at reasoua-
hi. nruii
They continue to manuf tore nil kinds of
'l'in-or ItrMBQ kVftlfS. StOVP.
Pipe, etc., which caenct bt surpassed in tL is sec
tion of tba Ctate.
Tbty also bavt on bind IMUsburch Plows,
among which art Steel Centre Lever Plows. Also,
1'low Casings, and many other Agricultural Im
ptemenls. '
Cook tioves, I'arlor and Coal
Stores a general assortment, and of tbt bes. pat
terns, fr talt at reasonable prices.
Coal Oil, Coal Oil Lamps,
Paints, Oils and Varnishes, a general assortment.
Glass, putty, Nails, Iron anlCastins of great
(variety ; in fact almost every thing wanted by
;thtpublio caa bt found ia their est ibliiUiuent,
and at prices that cannot bt beat.
j Now is the time to purchase,
I . . j v ft. laoaiiv mjj iuiii, .w .uci , , - . "
they fetl aaaured that yua can be accommodated.
lLt-oember, their establishment ia ot Second
Street, Clearfield, I'a , where yon can buy goods
to tht very beat advantage.
fr-Old ailver, copper, brass, pewter and old
callings will be taken in exchange for goods.
May 20, 1SGJ. MERKELL A BlliLUK.
DissolDtion of Partnership-
rllC Co-Partntrahip beretofort existing be
twten tht andersignrd, trading andt-r the
.1.1 wnTTf'nV It RflN." Iiui liiis dav
ssn. v. .
h.B disaolred by mutual eooaent.
, Jnnal.l88S. ASA WHITCOMB.
1 - W...;sasM vmaatn i l1 will hfl
I t I n. UUT W VHtjiui'oe I -----
oovTun-tdat th. old ...nd under th. title, of "A.
j . C. S. WH1".001
Woodwari. July 29, ms.
Attorneys at Law.
THOMPSON A WATSON, Dealers ia Timber,
rtw-Lft, Boardt tnd hbinglea, Maryarlilt,
(Cltssrttla Bnagt P. O.,) Cltarttld tounW. Pt,
Aug. 19, 1M3.
(u i? i
1 a r t nr I I ii hI C . . I . i ..
lobehcdin tht ir Grinds, n,r tf,i h.
cu ,h rf ( U .. n riiM.,,.. UY.Vs.ry.
y.r,;..v andlrid.w, the atA, 21., 22m
,.., V Oc...rW, Domini, 1SC3.
JOSIAII n. iIeeh
ttvy1 J,)(- D-Thompson.
Milium lato, JUchordShftw, Jr
Jos. A. Citldwell.
Cl l.Su-efpstaktt, open to all lirudt unj
Beet Bull 94 2d Beat Bull 91 John Owens, (I'ike,) John
Shaw, jr.. Hobert Thompson, (Jordan )
All breeds coma together in thiaelaaa and com
pete with each other, to be juilired he
! poiot, eyminetry of frame, ability to fatten, and
i the atock they will produce
(', r.r.,.l, ..
r0fLc!w" is
oet ,L J .
J ct heilTor under 3 y 3
ia ueat uow J I
Beat Calf under 8 uo. 2
Guulicb. Wm. K. Wri-
ley, VV. V. Worrell.
Class 3. 0.rivi.
Boat Yoke of Oxen f 5 00
2d beat do VailJ't Cattle Doctor & 2 00
Junnss Wm. Schwetu, J. Jl. Kyler,
Samuel Brown, (Lawrence.)
Clasb 4. Fat Cattle.
Bert fat bullock,oow or heiffor over 2 yra. 91 00
2d beat do Vadd t Vnttlt Doctor A 1 00
Ji'does Matthew Forcee, John Mc
Pherson, George Kettlebarger.
Clash b. Tltorovcjk bred 1 Lists, open to all.
Best Stallion 910 I 2d beat Bullion $j
Best Maro and Colt 8 2d be:t Mare & Colt 4,
JuDues Thomas II. Forceo, John A. L.
Flepul, David Whitman.
Tho preiniutna in this class are intended onlr
for homes whose pedigree render them worthy.
TU ... .1. . , . .
The. aociety wish to encourage the ruisiog of h
k( .1 ,.. t. ........
j blooded h'jrsea.
j Class 0 Hiding, Draft and Farm Horses.
Best Saddle horst
3 00
Best matched carriage horses,
Yuaatt on
A orse, and
Best single family horse in harness
Best spun of draught hcrses, or marcs,
Best spun of farm horses, or mares,
Bost golding, or mare, for work, over 4 yra
old, 'oaai. on tht font and
Best colt uudor 2 years old, I'ouull 011 the.
Horn and
Tht bur so that move, the heaviest load
on stone, bout without s hip, YouiK
on the Horte. and
Jinyts I.ever I-'lecal, Joseph Brenner.
Alexander Murray.
Cl ass 7. Trotting Hursts, open to all.
Best timo 3 in 5, trolling in tingle har
ness, Youatt on the Hunt, au 1 975 00
JiuoF.s H. F. Naugle, Doct. Foster,
Doct. Buyer.
No premium will be paid unless five entries
aie made, fcnch horse to trot against time. n
trunct fee f 5.
Class 8. Trotting Horses owned and raised
in tlit county.
Best 2 in .1 ou time in harness 920 00
Best trotting horse, or mare, under saddle,
rutin., on the Hornt.
Bert trotting horse, or mare, in single har
ness, Joualt on tht Ilorte.
Beet pair trotting horses, or mares, in bar-
. De"'. Youatt on the Horet.
Best pacing horse, or mare, Joiioff 01 the tone.
i namiu; uurae, or mure, -
Jl-dc;ls-C)I. E. A. lrvin, Ramsey Mc -
Murray, Kdward Mcbarvey.
No premium will be paid in this class unlosa
there tro ten entries. Entrance fee 91.
Class V'. Sheep and Wool.
Best liuck.cny breed. Allen t Farm Book A $2 Or)
Best Ewe, any breed, do do
2 0U
Best sheep fattened for mutton
Bost lamb
Best specimen tf wool
Jidi;ks Robert Wrigley,
I 00
I 0)
Naul, Sn.-nuel 1'. Wilson.
Class 10.;, open to all.
B'st Boar, any breed, ouny Far. Man' I i-
Best llrseding sow, dj Far. d: Gardner A 2 00
l!e-t bog do do 2 00
Best pig under six months 1 00
JtLiLiO Siiinucl Clyde, Moses Wise,
Andrew Cl0s.
Class 11. Foultiy.
Best cocp spring chickens not less thau six 1 00
Best and he.tuust turkey. SO
' Lest display of chicken. 1 00
Jror.KSu. it. Barrett, Rev. Galloway,
; i.ev. uaian. r.
Class 12. Phwi.ig.
uwner hi team ana plow Hint plows green
award the beat, Youna Far, Man't f
3 00:
Own?r of team and plow lhat plows atnbble
the best, -4?fei's Furai Hook Jr 3 00
i Jl-ui:es Kos.s Reed. Urier Bell. Dnvid
Best plow for stubble or award 2
Best tubsoil plow, lorry's Fruit (Vurdia A 1
Best ciod ciu.her and roller combined, 1
00 I
Best craln drill,
Alien t Farm book A 1 00
Best aide-hill plow 91
H"1 treMg ?
Best reaper A mower i
Best cultivator 1
Best corn-planter I
Best barrow
Best borst rukt 1
Lest luuuinK iniil 2
Ll ox'voke A bow. 1
Leatox-yoketboa. I
Beat hay pitchiog mach ne,
iesl stoek and straw-cutter
Lift hur-e-Tower fur gouerul purposes
2 00
2 00
Best original invention of sgricul. implements 0U
JlPt.ts dauies luompson, Jacob r 1c
gal, Adum Geui hart.
All articles enumerated in this class not made
in the county, but produced i.pon exhibitiuu, if
worthy of it, will be awarded a Diploma.
Cl.u'-s H. Miscellaneous Farming Implement.
List Dee liirt 91
Best 1
Best potato diggor 50
Best stump nulirr Z 00 ;
Best grain cradit 1
Best lot gard. tools I
Best set farming utensils owned by farmer 3 00
Ji'bocs EU Liooiu, John M.Gummings,
B. I). Hull.
All articles enumerated in this class subject tu
samt rulea aa class 13.
Class 15. ll'Afuf, Rye. Barley, Corn, Oats,
d-c-, fc
Beat acre of winter wheat, Amer. AyricuCittd- 3 00
Beat acre spring wheat do do t I 00
Best field of whaet I or 10 acres do it A 3 00
Beat ten of ryt do do at 2 00
List tcre of corn do do A 2 00
Bost field of barley not lest than 3 acres do A 2 00
Beat acre of oats do
A 2 00
Al 00 i
A 1 00
Best bushel of eora ears do
Best 3 seres of buckwheat do
Best bushel of winter wbest do
Best bushel of spring wheat do
Best . ten of polatuet do
Beat 1 acre of beam do
Pest acre of clover aeed do
Beat 1 acre broom corn
Beat 1 acre torghum
Beat i acre peat
Best I acre rutabagas
Btst i barbel timothy tetd
Be t trTt of
Rust acrt of turnips
A 1 00
Al 00
A 2 0
2 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00.
Best I bushel nf turnips American Af rtcwtmr.'sL
Jiros William Smith, (Pike,) Daniel
Ay ei s, John Larrimer,
Crops being tqual preference will bt given tt
those that yield tbt largest net profit, Statements
to bt furnished by th. aihib ilor a. They must be
measured, or, and a ttmplt furaubed at
tbt fair.
I A..lnnl fur romlnma tnnM the d m
mle (.lit, .n,..,nnt yy tieiiil-,
ttnH,r a y-A, ef ter.rlit, nl t, nint.i r ef jreln
tai..(l on tJ)e groimd ,nti rrd f, r a i.rrn.lum, and
rno.t itele e..,rtly aa be ran lha kmd eM e-n-dUt-.n
ot the ,ri, ,rr,, the.ldndq,.n.
t ty of nl man, and the li.ue atd mode o( .
lira; It la t!r (tnnmj '
IVione eiiierltiK flflj , r,,r exhibition, or
Inton.luiK to dc l ., mny ,W, i,., tu , Kxoru
lue Cuiuunlie. at T tnue, and have the field
lueeauied and (Aauiined by a committee while
grow iit;.
C.a4 IZ.IirtaJ and Certal FvoJ.
Heat loaf of t,hrat bread
I'eat loaf of rya bread
iiaat loaf of corn bread
j Beat pound cake l'lp
' Beat fruit oake IMp
' Heat cotToe oak l)ip
Best batchelor eake
I Beet pr'e'rt'e A jelly"
Beat iponx nake
Beat jelly eake
Beat ludva' rake
Boat eake
Beat jelly
Beat pie, any kind
Beat lot cream
neat ciaplay or jel
ly d proaorvea Dip
Judgm Mr. Josiuh W. Thompson,
Mr.. U. D. Goodfellow, Mrs. Duvid Drees-
Class 17. Butter aiul ehteit.
Beat 5 noundi or mora of buii..r i nn
Best 10 lbs., or more, of ferkin batter made
la .May or June 1
Best cheese 1
Jvotirs Mrs. Wm. S. Head, Mrs.
Hartshorn, Mrs. Mane Fulton.
Class 18 Flour.
Best t0 lbs. flour
Best SO tbt. rye 8our 91
Best 50 Iba. cm meal 1
Best 60 lbs. buck
wheat flour 1
Best 60 lbs. apriuj
whoat fiour
Junoss S. B. Jjrdan. Wra. Ililes, Chas.
Class 19. Domestic Artidct,
Brat box or Jar of honey 9100
Beat 10 Iba. maple sugar Dip. or SO
Best peaches put up air tight Dip. or 6)
Best touiatos put up air-tiirht Dip or SC
Best blackberries put up air-tight Dip. or SO
Best currants put. up air-tight Dip. or SO
Best fancy jar of pickets Dip. or SO
Beat grllou syrup or sorghum, cr tacb, Dip. or 50
Best cured ham (cooked) with mode of
curing, do. Dip. or SO
Best dried beef, with mode of curing, Dip. or SO
JuDufs Mrs. Wm. C. Foley. Mrs. So
phronitt Hartshorn, (Curwensville.) Mrs.
itacy W. Thompson.
Class 20, Domestic Manvfacturu.
Best 10 yards Flannel
Best 10 yards snttinet
Best 15 yards woolou carpet
West IS yards rag carpet, wool chain
Best 10 yards ololh
Best pair woolen blaukets
Best woolen coverlet
Best woolen fringed uitts
Best pair woolen knit stockings
Bost specimen of knotting, kniiting or aee
dle woi k by miss under 12 years old
Best pound linen sewiug-thread
Best pound stocking yarn
Best fuot-mat
Ke.'t tidy mat
Jf i.uiti Mrs. Wul. Caldwell, (Tikf,)
Mrs. John Nonin, Mrs. Nancy tSliiiey.
Class 2.Need'.t. Shell,
Best specimen of needle work Dip or SO
Best specimen needle work on machine Dip or 50
Best specimen flowers in worsted Dip or SO
Best epecimon embroidery do ' ly or 60
Best epci-iincn smbroidcry la laoe p or CO
Best apeciinou embroidery in muslin JjljsT 40
Best setimen of leather work Dip or SO
Best specimen of wax flowers Dip or SO
Best specimen of feather work Dip or 50
Best specimen of on.amenLil work Did or SO
j Beat s lirt made by mi.s under 12 years Dip or 50
Best patching and mending Dip or 59
j Ji'iiuKs Mrs. Uichard Shaw, jr., Mis.
I A. M. Smith, Mrs. Jacob Faust.
! Pi iu " Mill;,,-,, nr...,,!;.,..
' Best millinery 91 Best dress making 91
JrDiir.s Mrs. Samuel Arnold, Mrs. C.
Mc.Oilloutjll. Mies MajtK'e l'mnn.
, Clvss 23. Artistic Work.
; pjiu,.. jn 0j
:,;,,, iuli
1 Boat cattle painting
. Boet paiuting iu watcr-coiors
' Lest ornumenLil naintinir of anr kind
Beit Dujuerreotypea taken on the ground
Best auibrotypt taken on tht ground
lie.-t pliotoiapiis tfttken oil tht ground
Lett landscape painting
Best penaiauiLip
Best arehilccturul draniiig
J i Di.r.s Mrs. Eliza lrvin, Mrs.
mund Jones, Mrs. F. K. Arnold.
I Class 'Jl. Designs.
Best designs for farm house, burn, carriag ! 00
' hour.e aud .liable j
Rent design f'T dairy house 1 00
Bost design for bridge with plan, span But ) .
! less than .'50 leet J
j J ici. :s Hugh Leach, Robert Dough-
1 ci ty, Milo Hoy t.
Ci.As iltUlic Fabrics and Machinery.
Best cooking-stove, wood or coal, 3 00
2d bost do do Uo 2 Ot)
Be.r;:rktov. ?2B..rev..f....9
I'd best do 1 2d best do do Dip
Bost specimen or lot of tin-ware
2d best do do do
Lost specimen blauksuiithing
Best sperimun guusiuitbiug
Best specimen iron -turning
2 uu
Dip A 1 00 '
2 0j'
1 vv
Lest plate castings I 10
Bo.-t .hower-bntii 1 UU
Best original invention in county 5 00
Best display ut table aud pocket outtlery, I j,.
American manufacture j r
00 ' Best display of e Jge tools Dip
00 Bjst display of furu-iug anJ field tools Dip
' J I'Di.Ls John L. Guttle, Ileury Kerns,
j David Tyler.
T,n i.linv.t iireiiiiiiin sin nfVured for r
ticles Uiuuulacturcd in the countr.
I Uiplofua tuny be awarded for any o'f the
F J exhibition without re -
1 above articles on exhibition without re-
' gurd to theii place of manulaciure.
; Cla-. 20. Vehicles c all kii.ds.
j (test family carriage
Best timber sled
Lest horse curt
Best wheelbarrow
- 1 Best buggy 4
Best far.u wagon 4
ueei sieiga
JlbCils- hiimuel IvirK, JaCOD . ami
J , , , , ,
bell, James Forrest.
Class i.7. CnLinct-ware in county.
Bestdressiug ImreautI I Best sofa
Best extt'i. table 2 Boat
cU. 50
llftnL wash stand ola. SO
Lest look'glass frame SO
office chair SO
Boat set purl, fnrn'e 91
Beit act i h airs 2
Best conlre table 1
, jiest variety of cbairs$2
i Best bed.Uad 1
Best di.pUy of cabinet-ware Dip 2
Jt riots James H.Fleminp, Christopher
KiaUer, Joseph Irwin, (Lawrence.)
Class 1M. Coopering and carpentering.
Best pint wart tubs, stands, Ac, Ac, Dip A 1
Best specimen sash 9 1 I Beit lot buckets 1
Best window-blinds 1 1 Best lot baskets 1
Best psnel-door 1 Best s t grain meai'rs 1
JlDties Abr. Moore, Uirain Leach,
Win. Robi.on. (Boi;gs.) j
Clam 29. Routs and Garden Vegetables. I
Best 1 bub.carrult SOo
Beat t ds ruUtbagsoOc
Beat 0 b'ds cabbage 50e
Best 2 do cauliflow. Dip
Lustqt- Windsor bnsouj
lie. t vari. melons SOo
Best i do ta. pulal O0c
Best i do Limatta ifia
Best i do ta. be?ts SI'c
Best vari. squashea Ida
Best 4 stulkt celery Dip
Best i do tw't pota 50c
Jfpars Thomas Mills, Hon. John Pat-
ton, David Adams, Sr.
All vegetables must be shown to have
been raised by tee exhibitor.
Class 30.- -CWc., Saddlers it
Boat gents' boots and shoes .
iest isdyt'boots and shoes
Beat display of boots aud shoos
Best Isilys' riding saddle
Beat riding brid.e and martingale
Beat aidt bnitbtd harness leather
92 00
1 00
2 00
3 00
1 00
1 00
Heat robt madt oy exbibit-r
Beat tug harness la
Beat carriae)btrBtu $3
Best eingis harness 3
BtttUivtl.rj ttiX I
Beat tents' ttddlt 2
j Bttt dlsplty itddltry 1
fl e4f tkln M I f?n tide .! .tn. M
Bl ' kp tenth. ) I He lfct up- 4i ue
J iHira Jnctib ruilit, lanao fwuilew,
Jaim-a Sii'Wutt.
tna 31. ''jii'.wi' ii7 f ;Ao(ri, Work.
flot 'iiit of et'ithee rmdahy baud 1 Od
Hit foal rnn.i by a lady I Od
Ht pnt and rati tnaile by a la ly I 00
Ueat hunk maltrnea l I Bet atraw iaatU)a 1 Cl)
llit bair luiiliret j
Jiimilj-William th, Wni- Teltle,
SmiiubI Shntlncr.
1 Cum Z'i. I'rintinri in tvurri.
llj.l l... ,11,111 M. I 11... ui.. ,.
JJctcrJ lip W Be-anener Ulo
"P- Bet orunuicatal Driutiiiir lim
Jldoe William Iligler, II. i. Swoop.,
Wui. ii, MoCuljough.
C'Ltsi 'i'i.Stonneari.
Tht bent drain tile l'lp or 60
The bealbraokata Inn d; iO
me oeai pottery
llin MP &D
The beat tire brick Dip The beat brick Dip
I , " u ,K, 1-,-UOOl1iiow.iJ'"wl rau.t,
amuo,,I,e"-1 . , J ,
CtAgJ4. Uitmicaii and chemical actio In
L eou"ty-
1 lie beat available manure at moderate tost 91 00
Tue best do
do for farm products 1 00
The bept material for glue
int best tallow candles
The bost vinegar
The beat linseed uil
The best speeimen uf soap
The ttatwriting-ink
Jcdues Doct. Caldwell
Doot. Fetzer.
' Class 35. 'Wood and Stone.
Best dre.sed slouu 91
ilost mill slonn
do grind stun a 1
do shingles Dip or 50o
do floor bonrJs I . .
worked f '
do weather bds I
do butter boul Dipa.SOa
do turned article SOo
do wush'g machine 91
do split or aba- 1 n,
ved hoops "
do butter l.dlt Din
worked j 91
JuiiOLs Josiuh W. ThomDsoii. Jesse
Appleton, John Moore, (Ferguson.)
Discreliuiiary premiums wili be ..warded
for all articles of merit exhibited by me
chanics in all tho various tranches, and
it is hoped a genoral exhibition will be
made. For all improvements useful to
the farmer, aud having valuable proper
ties, discretionarty premiums muy bo re
commended by the judges and awa.ded
by the Executive Committee.
Class Xatural Minerals.
Best auit of useful minerals of Clear&oli
including ooal
9.' 00
do cabinet of minerals of Clearfield and)
adjoining eountiea, to bt the prop-
trty of tht society I
S 00
, SOo
do lisua atone SOo Beat potters' clay ,
do fire clay SOo do burnt lime
do aolleo. of fossils $1 do coal
Jldcjes Doct. Geo. Wilson, Doct
J. troucli, Doct. Kline,
Class 37. Fruit.
Best display and greatest variety of graf- )
ted apples, summer and winter fruit, V 93 00
named and arranged I
a,. .1 ; . 1 . .. 1 . ... . : , . t .
uu uiriiu.r aim icmdbl ini.o.jr v. pvam, r .
numod and arranged
do display and greatest variety of peach. I
s, named and arranged
do collection of pluuus,
do collection of cherries
do oolleotion of quinces
I do specimen of applet, one peok
ao iptciuieu 01 loreiga grapta
do specimen of American grapes,
do seedliug grapes raised in county and I
worthy of oultart J
do slomestio wine, A mode of manufaoturt 1
do currants SO I Best blackberries
do Uooaeberries 50
Judges Thomas Henderson, Henry
Ililes, Jonathan Spuckman, (Girard.)
Class 38. Horsemanship.
To the lady wbo manages bcr boree best)
and s'.ts moat gracefully J
To the gentleman who manages his horst
be. i ,.4 ... - .... f 11 r
Beat display of borsomaiisbip, not lata I
than firt couple J
do driving in tho course by a lady
do company of oavalry
do " " infantry
do bund with brass instruments
do martial band Dip I best ton singers
Jcdces li. 0. Bowman, Hiram Wood'
ward, John Carlisle.
Class 39. Nurscriet.
Bost nursery containing the greatest vart
I ety of fruits und shrubs, cultivate 1
I ia the most approved uiauner, (tbo
I applicant to furnish written dua-
oription, with tht variety and
I mode of culture)
93 00
'2d bent do do do do ftirry'i Fruit Garden.
JttrtiEs Daniel Bowman, John Han
cock, James Thompson, (Morris.)
, Class -10. Ucneral l.ut.
I Best dixplay and greatest variety of Dowers
do do do do plants
j do do of Horn! ornaments
! do basket bouquot, with handle.
I do band bouquet
i Helen Gu ttle, Min Sophia Radeliaucb.
For Sale.
uu; Coach making and Dlacksmithshop,
together with the necessary wutor power for aaw-
iuj, all in good condition, for sale at a bargain.
Xhe above property is situated iu the borough
uf Curwensville, and possesses all the advantages
1 n0Cesary for conducting each of the abort
, branches of business with suuerior facilities.
. pur further information applv to
Curwensville. Auit. 19. 'C:i-tf.
QTKA V OX. strayed Iroio the subscriber in
- Itll townsbin. on or tha 3d of July
A' last. ONE OX or hTAO, of a light briudle color.
star in tbo l.ot tnd white on Hit flauk,
, V.'?" hor!"e: i'0"'
old, the point cut ou" the left ear and slit, Any
j person taking niui up, aud tending word to tne
subscriber will bo oell rewards J for their trouble
Bell tp., Aug., 10 6u JOS. A. PASSJIOBK.
VrOllCU CAUTIOXi Notice ii hereby
FN given that my wife KLV1NA, left my bed
uud board on the Ml duy of Aug , 1363, without
- jut r,us0, Cuution ia therefore, hereby given.
to til persons nt to harbor or trust her on my
aceomit, as I am determined to pay uo mortdeblt
of ber contracting.
Smith's Mills, Aug. 13, (i-pd.
Spring & Summer Goods
lam just receiving and open'ng a carefully
selected atock of Spring and Summer goods
ol almost every description.
A beuuiilu. uxuitmi'nt of i'rluta sna urj
goods, of tho now a t and lstsat stylea. Also a
gre it variety of njoful notions. '
Bonnets, Shan Is, , .
Hats and Cups,
ilouu aud tiaoss, a large quantity,
ilaidwart, Qnetuswtre,
Drugs and Medicines,
Oil and Paints, ,
Carpet A Oil Cloths,
Fitli, aota aad Flour,
Mackerel to i and barrels
of tbt beat quality, a.) of whiek will bt aeld al
the luwtst cash or ready pty prices.
Jly old friends and tht public generally, art
rtfpeetfnlly invited l call.
yrN. B. All kinds of 7i?4.Vaa4 sppr.TtJ
fOC'.Vrur FUQDVCH ttkta In excbsogt n
CleaxijU, Jtaj Jl mi Wit, t, IRWir.