Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, April 15, 1863, Image 2

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    '"!.. I :vl tt... V.. (!.. .oi...,j.rur, VV ht thl P"tnin tlnj-d t() til V hf n
1 1," I n i! t ill' I . ' 1 1 j 1 1 1 . lirirn 1 lUJ . I' tO ToWfr
lo" tlpil -'M tntf if.iir j.Iftcr )) tho Ui At' lili'iiii'ls Hliri rH ti.ithlrl
'i i. "-it ! tin v ff II. ne., Id l.' nl- injr m (net ion, me tnstaM'y le'linx
t( r i c - ! 1 1 i mi nii'l en ri oting tli(;tii") "f t liH " Mini the gtrhl object of Mm
tin' A I liiti -iiif Id nl,li on p.itty, t'l'iir nii'" patty I to hihke nn iti- niii
Our itf'lu-ti nil know they tn I .( n 5 Imi peae. with Mi rnriffdi mio-. We'
fie'hl i-r lli' I'niori and the tnfi.roeinenl 1 1 1 v Inore limn nnee denied the aprri
of (In' 1 1 v ; mi. I th y f iMjfhl lib mi i n. .ion. and have charged lack upon the i
orgy nnd Ik riiiiin ti er tin .,iej ; lull Aboln ioni-ts thel , a they b or ly iheir'
the mmiv til-elm nti in of lending nieiiiln rs fanati'.'isir. ninl oh-i imcy hmuuhl the
of the Adinitn-ir iiiuM thnt the war was no country In ii- pron-ru Iuiim-ii lul.lo eondi
'longer to re-tore the Union m It m, hut lion, mi ' I cy tm.v prevent. .y the intro.
to give 'imparl i il fie.'lnn ' to llio necr.1, tlnoi i'ti ot now t-mei, no i.iiiii rul lu sot
Wferlnesday Morning. Apiil 15t)v,;i8G3. tL-y f.-lt in il' they had been Ln-cly bo. , 'Moment, which should reatoro Mm Union
- 1 1 1 ' ' . tia cd. Is il liny tvondar, Ihon, Mint thujas il wa., and. maintain llio Oont ituion
'TetVOO On ailV Term " 'soldier vn don't menu oll'icers com- a il is, nnd was Intended for vorlerilv Ly
f'T i: I:FIK1.I. V.
I lio Attack UM)ii (,'linrti'i(uii.
no m n it d m i . n r ( i k f -o nr. -! r m r i ; u .
mronTi rued ciui.r.To r 11 v"tnr
k IdlMl.
frfitn ih liii hnwn'l i'm'tnl .1"t.
II In tindcfilood Mint tilllrlnl Inforiiin
lion n ipci-ive l At o Into Imtir (n Moti
y pvcnintf, In Hip piled Hint thu mrm.v
hud ln.'cn Hi 1imii;I ini; to i,i,n'H the Imr il
( lmrlp'ton Imrl'fir, l.nt Imd not up to Mini
limp HiN'opi'dtd in ;i'llinj over. It wiik
also ludipvcd yiti l'iliiy (hut mvt'ral ft'dpr
nl iron-clrdx, ti'ht in number, tofpilior
with mny lriini'oru, hud crossi'd II
wiii ilno hplipvi'd tlml a duintct) wnt re
IIUVM WASIIINtHDN.,ji,ii.,i,f.
f pilR Bfin 4 A . i.,fcii,., k .r.
Am (A til (hp linnipr n( n.i,li !,. . i 1 1 .. .1 , u ... ., 11
IVntn Ailtniinl Dupnni
ltti!'. April 12 -A Klrmuii wjih
i1pi AleliP .'10111 Admirnl liipont, ntrivfd
thit pvtfi!r)f nn l 1!ip Upurrr of ( ntclire
wtil to Wnnliinjrton on ppuiil (ruin.
The n!w lironght hm not yl ''rn pro-fiiulijiitr'l.
know lr ( t!im'lr
funk 1 run 1 ymi n't.
Hn H.,i,, Mfh JMb. I 1. i
Tli liuaincia will bi-rmfif r hr r. ,
S. rtrkinann, wlin Mnttcri lilirai-lf iri , '
ti'rlr nf ttf 'it -r In Hie
w Yor ( i; - ihnt h run - m-t (,
ft ll miini T'.r run nt rnw 1 ..tV
iv.'o.v A;ir yohk.
Till: ATTACK OX 1 7.1 A7-M7'O.V.
Ituinorcl liosignRtion of Mct'lellnn.
fn l(til a liln.l ,,. n .. '. l
kin t. luinU t mil tiimtW
r.i. " ' r:,v.ti
'Within ii lew tiionlln ii i.nrtv hm i )lin ? lut thoir ro.iipliiinl nre unhoiird. I il frainiTi. Thpir sole rtipcl i the uliV 'civrJ by Urn .Socrotiiry of Wnr y'tcrdny
nil nit t l.ri.i nliiAf' itrwl ii. In yiii.nrii n
I l i V v mi 1 n w r. m I, .'Mlll.H J IJ'Hliv I-'i VI- U'U IJ fliUM'IJ , tlUU II IIII'Y CUM MUl- MJ" . . . . . , ' ' lilt: H'Ul IM IIIV lllHli; iH-IIM'UIIUIIi
ho oulv coidln Uml.lhPv reno. . hofore , V..' ' jpHtenry s.iup that in u.o en-
wuimtjiiriiinii i uTi nuniirr.
. il..... . .... ... ... ' K"KI
io roiui wnr, prpj'iipn -to ipi trio Luion cluie.
prung up, nhone chiPt i-nd is to ci-rur" n, Military ilisciplinc (')ibid tho r
,r.i.-o cm umVrmt, no i.mltpr lunv dmhoii, loi,jinj, ,,o,iil:il mooting, J lm.l tl,
I't'lblp," A.iVf hMii orj in. ,
, . wny to iisriM'Inin their npiitiinonts u
Although it isnot si siua in pluin words', . , . ,
,. . . Iheir piiviitc If'.ii-i'w sou ircIv d!io
pvciy not. of t!i Adminihtra'.ion, cinnnci
pklion piochiiiiiUioiiH mid nil.
vvl II in M:!f'CVid-nt Mix I tho Aft -islnnt
tvlilor nlluJL'ti to the IVmnTntic parly iu
tho loyal Stiite. in the roniftrks quotf d
ibovc. AVlmt must b thought of u jub
!ic Journal, controlled by nipn who inako
ttpicihl protcntinns to piety who claim
that thoy nre perfect tnedeli of morality
notorioiiH fir 'Vm tiding u trumpet" be.
loro them who can o deliboiaioly per
ptnue ft wirkcJ, burefiiced and maliriom
falaohood 1 uiV. ti ihcy know il to be w?h T
Who id in fuvor of "peace on any torpjsi?H
Is finy cup ? Mot certainly lliu lli'itlo
franc pm !y i not for they willBubinit
to no cer lenient that doe nol promio a
HESTonrr Union and Nationality kiune
liuti'ly, if pnViblei if not, Bt llio 'iirliet
poasibh; ; criod.
We ! :'y (Ihmp futiUiiinUllipJ slanderers
lo poin; i -i a single ' resolution," ".pooch,'1
or "pubi...' uel," lor nhich the Doinwratio
party i.- ; ii any bpiiho responnibki, favoring
an utiv-. titional, or "dishonoruble" peace, i
Tf they ciir.not do line und we know thev j
tunnnt - then tire their souls blackened i
a 3 Ii the damning guilt of bearing 1'alne
witness pgiinsl their neighbors!
No, no. The peaeo tho DemocraU want
is baed upon very important conditions
'onditiuns n hieh eould be readily obtain
tl were it not thai tho power of the gov
i rntnent mo controlled by men who seek
:o confer no si:ch hles.iingH upon their
-ountry. Those conditions are, that the
Union bo restored at it that the rljhts
f the Slala, and consequently the person
il rights of their citizens, be ueoiu'ed ns
!icy were before the pesiut ucui'pets
atiie into poiver and thut tho sucred
provisions of tho t'ontitution bo toi-pect-
ThesM are th.p "u ri i:." upon whieh the
Pvtnociatiu pmty Hdvotnl a peace or
rather, a rastition of hittiluia until at
letist nn ellbi t bo made to restore "peace"
upon these conditions,
And well ihry know Mint mirli j'olicj
would !eult in pence. Iiat pence would
i . i t. tiii.t .
enauio me people 10 nenoia uieircouniry ; tll0 foun,jt;rs 0f our ci,00i gy8tsraw
'lottroyea ny I tie lolly una wickcinoss ot
tho Republican-Abolition imrly ; and ras
iher than submit to this, lh?y would
drench their country in blood, and blust
private letters seaieely otie in ten ot one o! tho Abolition orKiiiic, which!
of which fail to denounce tho war, ns at daily teem with slanders against the "Cop
piesont nmnnged, in the most condenina porheuds," has yet answered Mr. Vullan-1
lory tonus. And in tho face of this evi- dighnni's t (moment, rnado in his Ohio.'
dence, to ho found i:i almost every house-1 speech, in ns clear nnd positivo a manner
hold, such Abolition sheets ns our vi:jtr- as it was possible, to provoke an answer
headed neighbor are constantly represent- 'from his calumniator,
ing the nrniy ns n perfect unit in favof of! More it is:
Particulars of the Sombardment.
For Safe.LB
(ION, ftniii-t) t,,w, n.ll -ulntH id,4 flnUli.,1,
N kw l okk, A pnl U'. 1 he whaler hllen hrcain. c. L lHiiki.Tr
I ii, i i "in ni uic'i v.i-., .. ....... , H. i ,1 u,
moil, reports lining chmed twelve hours on ' -
1-ivc-I wouty U. S. Loan,
gngemeiit of the 7th hll the Monitors weto . --"I,' P"'' '"t. ,.,iku J
i....l.. I, nl iiritl, i.-linl -usiill ia lint " ' " .0ll. I
' "r""""'- - " ' i T T0V Un. FIKNKY CO. of ru.. .
R"U ". 1 I I .l.. .,n A.... ' .
One gun in Ft. Moultrie wa dim.unK d Y' u. K. Uau A, VH
, .,,1, ,),. ,.t .n.r . i- . .'"''-I
........ .u ........ , ...iirmui I'l'IWiaUiiiii
ami one riinn wounded.
A special Washington despatch lo the intori'st liclii(f pnyntls nn to iotfuoUT7j
trald states a rumor that McClollan has i half jroarly in Ooli- A
'Ihe Keokuk Kcportcd Sunk.
sent in his resignnlion,
The "var department decided that the
two years regiments are not to t? inus
Al-ril 8, lsM,
CtirOur nitfgerheaded noifhbor, having
published tho resolutions prepared by the
officers of the 1 l'Jlh regiment, with high
ly commendatory remarks, will, as a mat
ter of record, (if not of courtesy) also lay
beforerliis lenders tho resolutions of the
Thirl v-live niivnles full but threol of
Company Y., of said regirrent, hs pnblishs JeUct 11118 "ct el been given to the pub
ed iu our last paper. Those soldiers are ' . .
, ... ii i , ., .Now, why bus (his distinct and positive
all from this neighborhood, and nre well1 , . ; , ,
, , ill ir ,. .i ' charge, both in regard to facts and per.
unil fiiior.'il, V known. M:mv n llirm. c ' 6 '
stood cape to cape and lamp to lamp with
trio uianngert 01 tun mqnerhcad organ in I
the Lis
On the 12th of lost fleeeniber,' when I
i nun the city of Kichmond in form at ion
caino to tho city of New York that there
was a disposition to comproni se and re
turn delegates to the national Congress
and be obedient to the Constitution and
Laws, and thus restore the Union as it
was, the President, on that day, rejected
the proposition, and the damning evi
dence of rejection exists in New York
over his ovn autograph but there is an
obligation of secresy at present, end the
The Firo Concentrated on FortSumtor ln ,m.lh? PrBiion or the time ffi . . Qn
i dating from their tnustering into the ser- Jr iJi
'sons, never been answered? What is the
menmn jof tho incessant cry f "war for
il... . .p..i: .: .1 -i ;
IVesidentinl election. The" left i ru'l'ote oi auiyugauou ., ciiermi-
hou.e and comfort solely with a view of iT.'0"' w,,en lwaw was Pl5e,'fl'1 00 con'
'ililinn nf rettorino ibn T'ntnn m if u-u
serving their count: v. n was not lor tbo i . 1
And why, if n
-for they all made more at
under tbe Cunstitution ?
IIRV I ill'V l'l't
' - --" I - -.1.. - . -.. I. I I
iKMne-nor was it with u hope of promos 'l vc" mieimeu, nave our
tiunt., higholhce. Under ad (!u.60 cir ' tieraN bocn ir terferc.l with by the
,i Jacobins, nnd recalled from their cotn-
comstauces we bineorely hope our neih ;. , ..
.ii , i ,. i i i r .i inlands Whv-are thei-e Jacobins labor
bor w ill at leat have a kind word for them, i .
mg so hard lo destroy the reputndon of
The i)emociacy are frequently threat,
ened with the vengeance of thu eoldiers
whe n they f-hall return to their homes.
The action ol 'Company E looks very like
tho boot being on 'tolher leg. l)eniocrats !
pun r.nibir.o llii'ir mMiMiiiiMitfl. u liibi llio i
l ,i ,i 'of having divulged the secrets of tho c imi?
A iiihtionists ( enoineo 1 hem. And we; 6 e """"
telieve they relh'Ct Hie sentiments of nmo
men Iii;o MeClellan, I'itz John Porter,
r.uoll, rrarklin, Scs., and build up the
bhoddy renown of Pope, Fremont, and
others? Why has tho War Committee
exposed the President to tho imputation
! w i. .. ,i:.i i ii.. r . .. . i . . i -i
I ii iij urn ii luveui mo inci inai ine i01us
I r,. i,... :., e...t it. ii i i i .!.
tenths of their comrades throughout the ' J1 "
wholo army. All honor, then, to the 'ulhct aD Abolitionist, doe, not pos,
.,..,1 r.l.!l.Dpi.,1 .oblii.r nf il.o 5e8,th6 ful1 confidence of the President?
State Si i'ihintfn lsn r. We regret that
Gov, Curtiu failed to resappoint Mr. Bur
rows to offioo of p'irttn Superlntendnt
of (.'oinnion Schools. Mr. B. was one of
the hopes of self, government forever.
We have pronounced the charge of our
neighbor as maliciously false, and k'u in a ti
ded that he be held up before the commu
nity as a public calumniator, unless ho
substantiates his charges.
All these things can have iiO other tens
dency than to protract the war, and give
the disuuion Jjcobins a chance of becoms
ing rich at tho expense of Ike laboring
We will now (ell the people what the
Democrats intend !o do when they shall
appointed hv Gov. Packer, and was then;'1HVe possession of the Government :
understood to bean opponcntof the Dem ! They will restore the liberty of the
ocratic party ; nnd Gov. P. was very freely I press.
censured for not selecting a member of! They will restore freedom of peecb.
bis own party. 3. They will re.itore personal liberty.hy
Il now Beems that Mr. llurrows is more I restoring the privilege of the writ ol Aji
of a Democrat than an Abolitionist or corpus.
rather thai ho attends to the duties of his They ill reestablish the supremacy
loEce, and refuses to play ihe part of the , Mie law, by subjecting the military too
I partisan w hich caused his rejection by , the civil authority of the cn.nlry.
Having done so, wo ix.w. pioinibing to' . Curtin. ! 5. They will dismiss the army of provost
13 tried ey the same ordeal before which j rlofessorCoburn of Urodfoi J county, is'maishrls iu the loyal Slates,
wo arraign him, nnd bound by tho same , ni ienRmo Gf guccessor. I C. They will not allow tho military to
rules oi evidence, charge j
1st. That his party ace opposed to peace
fop f am p Hint. iti.fl.A if limiiffht. iilinnt unw t
might result in restoring Ihe Union at it '""' Gui"J AJminUtra
ffjf rton ti the Government,
2d. That the aim of the party now in j If tho Administration is the Govern. S. They trill call shoddy contractors,
power it to change our form of Govern- inetH wiy j;,,, it jia with Ge;j. Harri- rascally Governaent ngents, and middle
mentfrom il Union of equal, independent J g0n, orGen. Taylor. men to a strict account, and perhaps
and coordinato States-a family of Re- We suppose tho Government was cut make them dis-onre some of their vrofa.
puoncs, as u were-into a L-enirniizoo rjj razor the other day
oonsolidated .Nation. wounded his hand.
3d. That the party in power deem the
ihe name of his successor.
vice of the United States.
Fortress Monroe, April 10.
Yesterday' Richmond ll'Aip says;
Charlxsto.v, April ".The attack has
commenced. Four irod-clads out of sev
en in the Yankee fleet nre engaged.
Heavy firing took place from the fleet
andfroai tho furts Sumter, Moiiltrio and
Morris Island.
The Jronsidos wr.s Lit nnd run ashors
but got f ll'aud was carried out of range.
Al 2.09 the Monitors and Ironsides
openod fire at n distance of 3,000 yards.
At 2.30 the firing was incessant on both
sides till five o'clock, when it gradually
diminished. The fire was concentrated
on Fort Sumter.
The Ironsides and Keokuk wilhdie.vat
4 o'clock, apparently disabled.
Intense excitement prevails in tho city.
Our Monitors have gons out id take part.
Our ciisiia! ties are one boy killed and five
men badly wounded in Sumter. Theoth
battcries have nol been board from.
Ai'Rii. , 1.30 r. m. Seven turretted
iron-chids and the Ironsides are within
tin bar, and twentystwo blockading ves
sels oil I he bar.
The Keokuk is sunk on (he beach ol!
Morris Island.
There is no deposition apparent to re
now the conflict.
Ii H n H Ii Ac"c O U N T tf.
Ti! Land irrcti lHjhting uithin tijKt rf the
Ciminxati, April 11.
A special rorreff endeneo to the Gazette,
from Nashville, gives the following:
We have received late Southern papers
wlnoh cut Hint a terrible battle Is pro"
grossing at Charleston. Tho Federal
iron-clad have been repul-ed it is said,
and tho land forces arc fighting within
sightof the city.
Wasuinc,to!, April 11.
The Richmond IVAinof Friday has b?en
received here and contains the following
dispatch :
CiiARLisToy, April 8th 8 o'clock, r. v.
- All is quiet thus far tO'day.
The people and troops are in high spirits
at the results of yesterday' fight.
The Keokuk is certainly sunk. The
fighting yesterday was chiefly at a distance
of nine hundred yards.
The Monitors cannot pa-s Fort Sumter
j be drawn up in line at the polls, during a i witnout coming within tiva hundred
uopuiar election. ya,t, . . , . ,
' , ,,,, , I he impression is very general that the
,. Uiey H ill not allow Ine voters to be cnemv ,., renew tll0 tt..ack 0,:rs
i.-i.., ; .. . i . i . rt. 1 . .
j orioeu or in.nuiuaiea uy uovernment otn- ing damages
, cinls.
total destruction of African slavery as of
greater imporUnco than a roturn toloyi
tilfy on tho part of the no v seceded States,
cn condition that their institutions be
recognized and guaranteed from mole.-ta
lion as under all for nier administrations.
4th. That, according to the ndmissions
when Seward 9. They will dismiss certain New York
I Custom House officers who, on a salary of
If Lincoln should take the diarrhuia, jft thousand or twelve hundred dollars per
the Govei nrn nt would have to swallow Jaaa-m, keep horses and carriagos, and live
burnl brandy or some other .iH'ringent to
regulate its bowels.
in brown stone houses.
10. They will stop all arbitrary arrests.
If Lincoln should get the rheumatii m, ;Rnd hold the party who have caused thera
the Government would have to noon in l mnilp. annn-ppulilo fnr ttnip Krima.
notwithstanding the unconstitutional bill
of the parly in power, tho success of the p,et (0 ,
When Chase takes snuQlhe Govern
w ir ii detlruction to the I'ninn ; and a failure
cl success, a rahratitn-of the t'n'ji.
j?-Tbe .VijycrAt'jJ organ pro'ees great
id miration for the "patriotism of the nr-
Wben Welles gave his fat contract to
Morgan, it was a t rother-in-law of the
(. .... . A .M.W. I Irt ... I. ..lA...U.l ll..1
wv'l I IIUKIIV IU llUlil U'S CAIV1IMI.I4 illC
fu or.
of inderanitf,
11. They will endeavor by these and all
other lawful means to restore tho Oonttitu
tion. And, finally,
to -ri . .:m ..ii i..:. . i
I t-. t uk niiiusauu meir power, ana
jail the statesmanship which they can reus-
I'here is a rumor that the Govei nmcnl i.r tn thoip oirl n.. rr..:.
r ;. -represents the nrray as a unit in drinks tea out of a bottte. Wa don't be-1 i.-rv.. .o ,..- f,:..i
, . , . - - - (.'fciii. mi luantiv, i-untiini I'm IV UllUCIIV"
the rebellion is rut i;ot. .!,,. .,.,, r..r ; ..inu. ia i .... .. . ..
. ,u, n, . it..i0r(u iu carry oui me unconstitutional
Ihe Government, by skillful aud sue-! Chicago platform,
cessfu! strategy, arrived unexpectedly in, Now, we call on the Abolitionists to
tee wbetk-'
f.ior of "war till
d iwn" and tells its readers Ihalthereb-
!p have become "embo! lene I," and "en- '
., i... i. .
i , - , , n' n0" I Washington, dressed io a beautiful Scotch J give us lAor platform. Let n. .
..... . ..o ..... i ,,HhJ
I . . 1 .1 . 1 I . . I
.n:u piny, wnai cnusna nivision in llio
second dispatch
CnARLsTo.v, April 8th, 9, a. m. All
quiet this morn'ng. The Moni ors were
still in eight yesterday evening. Many
pieces ot the Keokuk lurniture, with ?pv
glais, etc., were washed on Morrii Island
Tleach. Many of these articles were cov
ered with clotted blood. The impression
prevails at our batteries that the slaughter
on board the Keokuk was terrible.
The Yankee machine called the Devil,
designed for the removal of torpedoes, has
floated ashore and hllen into our hands,
All is quiet. The enemy is constantly
signalling but no attack it anticipated be
fore to morrow.
The Yankees Lave been busy all day
repairing damages.
The Connecticut Election,
HtAD it wat Carried 'by the Administration.
The Newark Daily Journal publishes the
following letter, written by a member of
Compnny I, First Regiment Connecticut
Artillery ;
"We were yesterday March 2'Jth
thrown inloreat excitement by the re
port that two hunJred of our regiment
were to be sent home to vote at the elec
tion ; an order did come, "lo pick out
twenty good reliable Jlej uUii'an.i Irom our
company." Our officers
Quartermaster General of Cntiutclicut
came on o Washington nnd had an inlir
view with tho head of tho War Depnrt-
BY virtus of n tinier '..f tha Or W,-
ClpsrCelil rtiiiuty, the uiiWinnl ;f J
fort t Pt'liLIC SALIi al l.uUienWir 1
Thnrsday tho 7th day of May ne:t
All those eoi inln frrniiiii-s, iho tutu if fliu
ip iviinvr, ii-itu inph, iiiiiKiu iu nruiiy town' ..
CUniS. hi , I'iiiii?ylviini, conniitinj of vl
TKACTS, cue uf ihinu liogiuninj at Ilia sursit,'
tracts Nut. 113 1 ni.J 113 ', thonn nm lfi,t; i
et lo a horalicains, tlicucn liy lauJ of Krwifr',
uwui, irn''i iu. uj, nuriu u. nr.d Hi .rtd
puralies Ij u Iniiek asli, tlieaou eatt K l p,rj.J
lo a auar trcii, llicri'ii u! hi divi-i.n lu, j
.!.... K' i.i ...... 1
in ujurrnitiu trai-L .mjs. 1,1 .iLa HJi HjU'C 1
.Iv u..l-. ..r..l...u I.. ..t L . . :
BUV. II. UM ... J.II.-UV. IV I'llDI V lK.gll5,'J
150 Acros juiJ 15 ?erch?g.
T!i tbr tract, coTiiaii:;-j 2 A.TtMj?
123 1'KKCiIK.i cuinm.'iJulnz at a i-'i.riir trw. ..
told us that H;e joiunijf ulLcr lan.ln of rooji'm ml s.,iJ
lining tin- mmo pn-ini-n cvir-To-l n tjj tj
1 biiqi uriner, iler.'inc I, by .N'H'.iaii D. Ppi;',
TLKJI!-Uno ilMrJ LA.ill ut Liio tiir.t J
anJ Iho rcmaind. r in oin'tua to yenn ta-n
. I I, Ir,, ,UI . il. I.. . .
ment, Mr. Stanton, and sluted to him thit ; cUlcd l v Ju lmi-ii H n 1 nutm rha rr-, .,.
"Connec.iicut would go for Seymour, r.n . f
less Me r,Uitrs could go home." And.
il .. j.. i...... ..I
iiiiiut; nu ni cuuiciib Hint, p. ii'ti.ij
could 'io spared should go home nnd voic.
Mr. Stanton asked how long it wouldtake
for the furloughs to go through their reg
ulnr clunneb, nnd bving told k would
tako throe days, ho said.
"Sen 1 their names to me, nnd will put
them through in three hours." j
And. the men were accordingly ;ii kr.-t
T. I Ad Klr-UiJ
I.::l'..enli-, A;.r.l 3 ll"V'J,
L, fu. , i it iu.
.ii( ; men that were "sure to vote (ot '
Buckingham ;" no niattfr if they had j
snt i.nll" their time in ths guard house,
sure to "yote right"' it Bas
5,000 Men,
ti'i DOTH to !,i fu.T!
. r..'i.i,,v'i u t-f-t.x.i.T,... .
U.U.UIW a, rijn.M.'jHiwj 'j'Ai.S
! p.kizus.-te;.; hs .. a co, iu h
f f.'i al ffic l!il w1!l Idi- to l
if they were
But as vou may well sippose, we, who T.r iliwi.t(l lntret to ths CLOTH IV4 Kt-tii
were not 'of tho fame political way of! '-I.sIl.M KNT ibe imireril iulffneih,n xLioh j
thinking, did not like it. We should not ! stch'K, bicU I-j qniip ani AviLr l4
care If lliey would lot lis go too, and toie 1",rurlur 10 B"n5
fnr psAvmnnp. Ttnt thi-.t mKtinl mror,l in n '
to the programme. So we made some rrot-
ty loud talk the consequence of which j
was, our commanding officer went to Mr. ' Come, sal a ana Kot
Stanton anj stated that he was afraid ho:
would demoralize the regiment, and had
it stopped so far as his regiment was con
cerned ; but 1 believe il was'extondod to
all the regiments in this vicinity. Sjj
lookoutfjr a great influx of soldiers on !
the first Momhy ofApiil. Yours Inily, !
55V OlllH-.U,
I All kindi arij lyloi nf Ooiblog M th-uH
Pr'.t-ei usually a hint at mIit fi-rr
MAlUtll.U On TussJ.y. March 3 lit, by the.
Ilev. V. M. Sliowaltor, Mr. J. S. tlray, of Hail i
Muon, Centre ctunly, to Miss Kin;no, daughter:
of J. J.Tuto, Eif)., of this
On the :SUh of March, by L., Uq., Mr.
Klins Li.ics to Mif's Margaret ll-'gi, Ij'h cf
Jlrady t'Jwnllip. I
nii:i Ou fuudny, March 23th, l?n3, of ty-1
BholJ ferer, Mrs. Mitry A. rialluslier, ns-'J 21 i 1I0L'-!E, oi ?'''ti lb L.uil
years 2 months nd II dr.yf. the luaves al PEIZENSI'l'.IN BRiW.ACO
hunband and child, bcsidea Urge ctrolo it cimrC-hl, April S, 1-11
irienus to niuurn ncr houiu.
Or miy -th r lO ii.
ir-Reiaeir.'.ipr Ihi Jlsc-, b l'i MAI.
filler, Miou sl mild and lotelj,
lientlu at tbe cummer brerie,
Pleafant hi the airof eveninx
When it float! among the treoi.
Paugbler, thnu hail gone and left oj
Aud thy Ion we deeply feol ;
But in Beaver, we will meet thee,
Where our sorrows (hall he Lealed.
Oh, dear wife, thou hast bereft ns
Of thy smiles we loved to dear
But la Heaven we hope to (rrcet th
Where there ii no rarting tear.
T.J. t.
Coal! Coal!
f rUE tuhtcribor respectfully ann' otii-il l
I citiit nj of ClviirStld r,.i.' kiuiiy that I.
0'w prepsred io lupply the Ti ry i-ttl qailil'
COAL, at lb aliurtvrt Uotice. Hie irrmfr
ii dcrignid lo be fcriuiinciit, nnl i full u
mill slwaye bo Kc.t on baud.
I rniCTr-S rtrnts tt Ihe Cai.
', 1 rents doiivered.
1 For the jublie fouveuience, 0ri
' Coal will be aiven at Krn'.ier't e1. ro. .
Clfaraehl, April 8, 138"!.-n..
On the Ith ict., Amaoda Elisabeth, daughier of ,
George Hoover, of Graham twp., agtd t J I .
and 19 days, of catarrh fever. j
Ths Mnniter Xahnnt. of. iriltrtn ltni4l
Five Hundred &hott Find at thi Xahwt, tuti
not Oa'ro ly Damaged.
Flyer's Patent Churn,
A superior art ele. A family oiing tbn f
firivr tiumJ h wilhrmt Kulter I
On March 26th, erlia Martha, daugbUr of Al. Ail tbe ab.n e and amr oiiier art.elti l
lauaer and Angeline I orceo, or Uradford tp.f i i,hed Uj cuUouirre cheaj f..r Casa atttrt-'l
aired 4 Ttarii. 10 aiombii and IS davs. I f.. .j .......... ..,. -imrT. 'V''
. .. . ...... .' Pnniur .nmiuA A olkcp t.nn.Wr Hit"1' ' 1
uu. nursauy inorninz rusi, or ooniumpnoD, in i -r;- - .. .
the borough o: Cherry Tree, Paid Kinport, i Cabinet .worH, taKen in exchange for r
t,sq., aged about 45 yoars. "''" ' , ' 4(J
' 1 Clearfield, Pa., and nearly oppnnte
Btora." JUl
Xlcto bbtrtiscmcnts.
Nov. 2n, 18S2.-7
To the School Directors of Clear
field County.
KTs'TLKMK- t-I" pursuame ef the 43.-J
TY BANK, for tbe mouth odiDj "
Ulllt (liseountd
Pennfylvsuls 5 late Stock
Negro Soldurs. The run lovmont of I Smia .trim.i.iii,,,, i. .t;n i,r.i in not severely injured
lecro sol iit-r, l.v iIim ; mt i. i,.n T i . . . , . Some of the rivets had been started in
S ' , ? 7 S'JlUh " l,M 1 P Tennesse, but no important result attain- hef turret wnich preveDtod her gun. from
.justificat.outo Aounpiotment ofne-Jed. ! being worked to advantage,
gro .oluiei shy the North. Jut so. The i Noihinc new from Virlr.h.iri,. Thai The Keokuk bd been ubk and one
VJT section of tbe Act of 8th May, ISM. you are Stiecie
hereby notified to meet in Convention al the l)Ut from olher Banks
Court llouie. in Cirarfii-ld. on the first .MiqiIht : H.rl, K'nm r,fr,ihr li.r,l
in May, A. D. 1S63, beinj the 4th daj of the f. 8. Treaiury legal tender 4 d-aanl
Month, at on o'clock P. M..and leieet, rirauor ' Checka. iJrnfia. tc . 'i
Atweil reports thai tie wasai union lleaa l by a majority cr tne wnoie na.nnor or Ltireetor , Qrer dralu,
on the '.'in, wliere he saw theJlonitor Na prefent, one person or ntternry ana sc jntiao ; Furniture
The latest advices from that quarter will Bhe had five hundred shot, fired at her by itl'.JrKV ' Uu "d Expco"'
t.A f-i.A anAll.A I I llA 1A ift 1 liDllnrUIl at C 1 1 fl r I SW t M Kilt 11 A. , .. r-, . . . r. ... . . . . ' - . '
I ww ii. uuia iij uiwu.a wiuiujlii
Niw YORE. April l'2.-.Thi nrim aehnn.
er they havs anylhine else in view than ner Riiine Dawn, with a rarro of Kriiihh
PllO (TOVeriltllPll ivm nnfn tisinril (ntvli. ., - .1. I .j . . -r. olf frjim 'ua.nn ..... 1
V ril ? iv., ii r .u -w... w " -j i ir, (.uMiMig uic n m ut-) uou 'JIO next t res- """i ' "ui iureu uj lue Kuu
i S a"y. 'Vi9,0n , i thal il ,,r' ,tl,JiJ th0 ,ftrifI rt idential election, and use the military- lo I t Uonticcllg Mr Wilmington on the
North tn .1 he Administer, op-nly ,,ended to d, .0 l,e it had lei.tir,. defeat the Democrat., at the ballot-box.-fVll he " . v
disrcgnrded the purpoes of the wurasi ti . r . . ; 1 . t ..1 , , . u. I be sileame: Cieorge Peabody, from New
declared bv resolution of i .loh- ,. T?"" " h,h' i . ! sulnlt t0 51 OrWn. on the 31st tilt., and Key Wc t on
. ' ,. , . , . , mrcr imi mm mnK ws, ana uicd to mij t tho (itb, arrived here this evening
1 WA I l.i. r. Kr.1 i.-li ifln 1 niri.1- m I U II .1. .1 ... . " ' .
4.-v .7 ''"v..-.....6 .... .. , ... ii.c- i.'iu it-1 1 U(lul ,nil4 wiiun n W!H youn g
of Culunibia by confi--ea!inc rlave rrop-i U'hon tl-Mor.!, u,.r,i
" uwnvvi. iii I'tnuiit'l, IUCU IL' " Aill 1I,IT.-.. . ' . ' , ..i-i!ii i (...
erly-anil finally by ihe issue ol emanci- mcnl gol tt Lllipk eyp. (Qhio ) Ga A11 eyc5 RrodlreCtC(1 c,jRregt0Di j Sy .d it t.llXd tS I ? - SunZtX Z A, on i.rnclamct oris dec niinff" tinrti,. .,. tl.i ., . ... ,n . fin nine y snu 11 was rej io .ieu tna r, .Upp..dinir tmp. : dtpmin th. mr,ni f i ..a v '
r 4 - - - 0 r
freedom" to three ur four millions of ne
groes? Until thoie things took pface, no
oice was raijetl agiinst the war. The
Government was supplied with more men
an J rui re money than it asked for. But
tbee and sixi'.ar acts disclo-ed iTe fact
iLal tho real purpose of the a ur was not
to restore the Union and enforce the laws,
and hence th people very properly be
oame alarmed supplies of men and mo
ney Loth stopped, and disaffection began
to trvaniKl ttsclf, net only in tbe North,
bat -a lb arui) lo. Tbe very act that
I the rebel baltoriet at Charleston, but was i ,nlt y, the Btat Superintendent at
rpnnired hv th Sflth ann Afith aApttnni r.f ai.iil .i.apiirieiL
act. CHAS. B. SANDFORD, ! Caplul Eu-tk raid In - IJrt.COO M
County Sup'tcf Clearfield co. Kotos is clrcuUUon
April IS, 1883. I Du Pepsitori.
Xni on eertif of peporu,
uolRte the Constitution to meet thera.- , and overflowin,, their late encampment, .poke tengunboata, but obtained no new.
Tber employ negro soldiers ergo we musl i The canal had been totally abandoned. other than that General Hunter wa up
Jo the It i. also .aid that Ibe A last desperate effort wa. about being Ibe bay.
iouin i.aaespotism, ana or course on me maae to reduce Fort remWinn on the . " !."v" " w
4as- McMurrir.
Dry Goods, Groceries Lumber,
Buinside, Ta
Dee. 24. 18S2.
Matt, Irrlo. Intersil and Exchange,
J7.T70 W
DR. il. WOODS,
.s.::..r-"7wV VZ'" w ' TRACIICIN0 Phy.lcUa.aiKl Exaroiaiag Bur-
,a,uepnnc,pl.,.,eNorthrou.tU,11adSa Yruoo in order., reach tbe rear of the Clara, a p-ri-e to the .tea'mer LT.oVX
inyeuMoo -JlutChuterJvrertonKi. city. . . riird at Key West on th let tost. . .bub l, H3. ly-
ClearSeM, April ,
i ACTION. All perm r 'b,J",
J J agaiuat me-ldliog la any
tin HAY MAKE, now la tt. w.
CrowU of Urh-- towah P." 10
' to myi, and in hl r-1s SgS g?i
n A. a. . . M.f 7 "IT- w -