Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, March 11, 1863, Image 1

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TEST'S fl ;rr Ai.'n n if r-vJ m urtvnrf
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ilciiijKU'j i;l!5(i!I;t:i!i.
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27, lu
for ii" lo know it I present. Wo have, as
it is, liirlfl enouuh to make faith reasonn.
bio and unbelief inexcusable. There is
i n i -rl i revealed in which to exercise the
. vi, tied powers of the most gifted niiiul,
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of a -"!
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anc '. Il l t 1:1- I
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y ol lilt me lis:
proportions, I:
II ! ! I : . ii. I : oli'
ill I ! i- coot ' 1 1 1
Ic. el. id only
uions column IU''' ' lt rewarded ii. its Invcs
? . ligations. "Tho entinnce of tho wort
i n:n.
,n i:, F,
a .. i,.- -I.i '.he icli
" ' ,,:,w' "'l"r"" u'l"ifrnoilJ light, it giveth understanding to
'.- ' I , fl"! i''r.'"y apjune i tlio simple." Him both sail nnd bikllast to
iitiwi ol t!,t I .ii ii' ai'pioniiitil (o ; tl.o son I tnsspd on tho hillotvs of nerplex
o l n il His r.'-iilliiw t.iittu-i'. 1 lul-
.1 Ij, V.,,n, si.T.I'ii ".I. V.
: o I'.i
ity. 'Hiivn mo tho Jiililo, nid oiii, "nnd
tlit.ii may t J. o Ixnd give mo faith to fix or
il, or mv lioad will 'rcv iliz.y w ith nnnuei
yru u ,., :i,' iM'i' r. !'' , ..u-nt, coiiluioii atiJ cttead,"
(.otit.,il ll., .-out illlC-r.t 4 '-Wait tlio To-lit. nor ns- with frnntiorneo
jj"o. i , I I . i -1 j 1 1 i i.,i,;.-in of our
.i t 1 1 1 .i i iioVi.t 'olVioiont ly coin
i;i I. 'Mi 'ill
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t r
W li v (iii'l n Tin il s pucli tilings ; Ilia ways tho' DOW
' 'nt 'ilvcl in i IimiiIh nn.l darknopn, w ill appear
A II ri;;lil. tt lu n lie-m tliinc eyes the mint in cleared ;
. i!n ii, Iriirn ' -ii . i --ioii to his wi'l,
I .Mum' r on. .in .-liBtt.i, ill. in viiiuly thus to uttompt
. Kvpli'i'ipy vluit llmu ruii.-t not cniuiri'lRTiil,
An. I liu.i, tor wi-fst omls, thinks tit to bide."
j Wl.oii instructed l.y lLo Holy Spirit, we
id H'o'i'oss iii what we Know, whether
litllnor iinu'li, with ii n peji Iv a li !o satisfac
tion. Our uiidcr'.aiidinii may hot he citlii
; or mi lull i r m, clear ns we w ould wish, but
1 ( no'i :h fur invent duty, nnd more fully
1. 1 c.
Ill I
.or I . 'i 1 ."iiiir -io
Ji ini i I ; Iiros
ii ii ( oi'i.iU
Mo 1; .Hill Ol!-0
I !io k if .i i our
i r n -in i .'me
; .on. w,! lint o
,.f I,,.' liclil of find cioarly as -ve advance. In the darks
... . n'v a . in; o.-t titu-. wo will linve iie ligh t, uml when
i 1 nt ;t midday beams are withhold there is reus-
i.iii.l i noun or ; on 'lU' '' which leaving with (iod wo can
. ! .... 1 1. . i . i., : 1 1. .. i ... : ; t :
i .a I til 1 'O i ii i 1 1 ii 1 1 v 1 1 1 i ii u iiv 1 1 1: ii l. , i tit ii
at any liirenvlule wearo hcie, perfect day
wi.'h ti i, liio enliro dan of God would ho
clitmjjwl, nnd our present sl'Uo no longer
on" ol' discipline and fu ith. Hut disciplino
is nceiioii, ami laiiii. wtien tneu, will irrowr
unl con tier
M o! t
, ',. ;i ,i
l ' , 1 ;. 1
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i.y o
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I ...
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ii lino
in e
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t ' llllll
i u l-i ad
'. ol i ve
The Condition of the Freed Negroes.
Oil Hi I
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, die !
ic lof
.il i.j'.
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lilllll .-t 1
tt , -I., ii t lit- ins
i. t!i- I I'M e e.i- .
ic Ht, f it ion of :
r.'.iolij'.ii trans ;
.. tvovor, is mily ;
i :; "i-ieil in a i
1 ;.'. I" liO iiivs i
I he at let'sl o j
ii 1 divine. i
in .i. r oi' I lie iioel ll tal. le than '
i i-l ol lieiii..: U reiiMin to j
li j. ct, w n.'. l be iiddiMoiiiil
1. e. us o! iod, and a it ent '
. .it i' itii, cent ' tidv : beennso
in (.:.
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. w.
w ','11
-1 ri
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re I ie i
w l' ii ! I i' lot I' i : i ; ' '
it :! I. ;. t! .1' I io v ;.!'o t i
i v ' i r'.;r ol li- 1 1. at 111''
t. I. -n
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c:.,' l'.r I
.-!... .0,- !
I :i ;'. r, .1 c! V
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nil i.. .t
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III. I I il 1 HOI Ol - ;i,.
. lo ,,',. ,!,.! I i lit
1 , " o, ii l.e tav:i ;
1 1 itf.i (i,.'l.;'
' In II O. Ol IV.M lllU'd
e i,, ii.. won! and
1. 1 , ii wii'ilii 1'ko-
ii i.l.c 1 mi, ami
V ('.'. -ct, 'I', io.'
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it U.
..'.-t,,"; i
Iiem 1"
III' Mill.'.
be i- b'.i
j.iv I,.', ll
! !' .-"I
.li.i.r a- lie ple'ise-. nci.:i. until) lo
1,: , H'.t i, i I ni nil, and io all,
,t 1 is lu'l't, lot" and ti 'atli,
iod nnd iii'i-l iiiii'i'iiuiiy .:i.t-i-
I.'. -' I ' a" .liable that we loi,i
ii m.d be fiiby pel -lU.ide;! that be
', . d !'i-l n h.'.t "a.- uci i ' vijry, and
., - nn.'." -::rj, f.'l' fa'pli and ir.ii!
i,:i! no! fiiveii it licit wo loay sit
r. in !' o'.n,..acenV;-.!'.iction, i
1 1 tt i .ii, mhii':i it ;s c nitiii ti in
, , ...ft '.olfi.-tii..' li lo It
." , Jreisi H lis w ell ' (if F.iiva'iion,
... j. i.; i . .t. its ii use (icj'tmii-
.i,.;,n,l ,'li! dca foinetinus
i;1'Ui.;i.,iiii.t'..s 'lash upon the in
,,, ir'ii'e st;ti'l!:ng bri-hiness
, . ,; , .'iciidiin fir.i le.i.'ir.i:
; 1 1. , . -i. U t"i m c'.ouil-
Hinl when nil that binds to
en Ih is ready to be looked, tho moorings
ol i ho soul v il! i'O cast oil', and it will soar
away to legions of eternal light and per
fect knowli .Ijio. Theie we shall no loneer
.iiid - see in i'1'l, but seo as wc aro seen, nnd
ihcii-' l.notv is no .iro know n. J W, S.
! 'fur. I iM;i:rs. The liev. Emnuuol Sl'u
for. a ::ii:.i.-lei' id this set!t (which is 6ome-
'iii, civ ..nii'c'l as Dunkors and '1'uuks
i-j w ri.ii soniu tirno fiinio to tho jVi
i ':,'. Ol ,.,'( in correction of some mis
! pU.iiTiioiits an to Iheir doctrines and racs
lici -. a- follows :
"You in; y bo desirous (o know u hut
we do believe. Well, in brevity, we bap-
tux none but believer.-, by a triune im
meision, ! a lunging way, ll:o candi
d.iie .ii i kneeling i-isture. And while
v.e lioi.eve h;i j'!i-m is initiatory to the
church, '.vo al.-o bciicvo it washes away
.-in pieviously coinuiitled, when preceded
I y true p'.T'ileno) and faith. Wo believe
liiat when wo coniinur.e, or have the cm
b!i ;n', bread and wine, distributed among
us, i , preM'iiting the sufferings of our Sn
t ii ur, it shoulil I e done in tho evening,
pii i eilod li rst by the wa-hing ofthe meiii'
in i 's let t ; next in older, tho ptrlaking of
meal by all of tho members, w hich v. e de
nominate the Lord's .Supper, then follows
the i ''.iiiimunien. These arc perhaps, all J
!;-' iru live leal tires ul our lai.n.
We hold much in common with other,
profe-i-riii.; christians ; our habits aro gen-;
i rally 1 lain, in many lo.-peo's roFemtliliff j
the I'ncii'.s, j arlieulai ly as regards dre.-s;
opposed to all Mipeilluiiy in everything,' always successful in our1
i p . -iii, m. Cur people are generally in-
ibisti inus, and frugal us n consequence, 1
ivaltii aeimuuiatcs, .lido follows almost j
as a iieres.,uy cons(uenco. Then is ver
;li' 1 the d in. er of riche, as the Saviour :
d i l ued. History assigned our origin in 1
Seiiivart.enaii (iennany, to the year lH.'-,
t'ur Iii t minister's name, the Batn- nil -'
thru ity savs, was Alexander MacK. The I
word 'i'unkrr,' or 'lmnker.' by which we!
are kron n in historv, we issuine by way I
. ', i
ul convenience; vet we iun our-soives
German rntists,' or 'Hrothren.' '
is that !
.1 --t
on aim
.1 .
pi.. i 'i
! li."
,.l ti
i-- ii..
f the
:, 1 m, I'.il l.i. m-ital vi:
I i a',! bo id,.' it, it r'r to the
minutii.-f ol hi palti aduWlMhe
- ,i ,i.'i. s ..! !'!', and prep:
.'lier. liii'I nod ai i'iec-iatir
; i? i"i!'U
d.i-.vV lot
i il C'lllrl
more I'l '.ii nnd -ivrlio ib'.e. Onn pi men
. ..i i ,,. I-.- iiniii'.i.ibnble niTiin
i,',.., it. is. ll. u'iii.iii since the lull is treated ' ('"tnhri.l,
ns lo.o 'll diet Hi - "lie -li'iuld. wli 1 i.- being
Conscientious Scruples
The following is a statement of tho
number of men in each county in Fenn.
sylvnnia exempted from military servico
on the ground of conscientious scruples:
bed foi 1,
Hoi ks,
t ameron,
t. he.-tcr,
, i i i
' i.i-i i : noil. M" fl I o i. Ill il iioit ii, .i i.' i in
!,!'( tu so k a:.d e ulii ie t nil oil'-rc t vet
suvoieii'u n. Along m Io
is i i .lly ( vi'bnt that ihoie wio: a nattir.
:d i.ii 1 oi"!.i'in.e ,1 ni'i'i ti ii bi-t'.veen the
kii.i.'ii! r.i e and A'l u.i in bis full 'The
ic ei.ifn ii of t'lt iue ci.i. c and deeds i f ins
crut:ib;e j-r-i'b.'iie. are ba ,'d on this,
.vl.,1.. (P., V I-..
mil plan ol i.o.ii n i'.,,. i,,,t. (IceasiMiially j jJanl'"ni
tin i e iniiv l o I i us w hat hCi ius me mgru-; -J.'dawaie,
ous, but, ii i- owing to I'll- excoeiliiigly ;
limited ci'iiipi, '.leieion, I'm it cannot be rr'?i
in this otlu i w i-e .',.;;n in all His vvoi ks, FavettO,
that then is lie iii.i-t adm.i ibli- In-auty, l"rest,
order nnd eon", lei ei'iss. Our vliurt-i to' Kratiklin,
peer into the i loud- v. l.irh miitiHii.iI Him r ullon,
iiv conn li'iice. or in ''teiu),
831-Juniata, 17
1 Lancaster, not rte'd.
Ll Lawrence, 18
5 Lebanon, 90
11' Lehigh, 13
'.'i! Lu.erne, nono.
7-j Lycoming, t)
2 fiercer, 15
3G'.i MHllin, 117
10 Monroe, 8
S'.iMcKean, 1
raft M'Tiilgomcry, 105
1 Mon'our, cone.
C'leiirt eld,
ble fiom (i1ocier-l-UI1'lj('r"ln,,
iZOn N'0."th.-mf .n. 3
ll' Northi..'nb'1'J, none.
C! ii'ion, not received Peny,
IMilMiiiau'elplm, i-U
o' Pike, not rec'.i.
2is I'ot ter, not ree'd.
arren, (
Washington, 11
Wayne, not rec'U.
Westmoreland, 4
Wyoming, not recM.
York, 150
According to tho accounts generally ros
ceivod, the Lincoln Abolition policy of
enticing slaves away from, and refusing to
return them to their homes and musters, '
in proving very disastrous nnd destructive!
to uitf negro, tuoioiiowmg is ironi a
correspondent of tho Milvvauicie j:ws,
writing from Helena, Arknnsns.l'eb. 5th:
liack oftien. Wushhurn's headquarters
but ft fchort UistiMiee, is a p?ach orchard,
the little grove in rows io close that o:io
can hardly step btwoen them. Here,
about two feel under ground, are over a
thousand dead negroes, and day after day
others who have starved to death aro be
ing ndded to tho nameless list. And
there nrea dozen negro graveyards in He
lena, each rapidly bomg tilled with ne
groes who Hero once happy and content
ed in health, and cared for, of uso to
themselves and to the world.
Yesterday, in company with Cupt. Sher
man of tho '2d Wisconsin cavalry, we rodo
by tho lirst named negro "plant."
Four darkies had just deposited on tlio
promid a stout negro, dead as a door nail.
Ilia woolly head and dirty feet protruded
from under the worn out horso blanket
which served as a winding sheet. Ono of
the living km slowly digging a trench, the
others stood watching.
lielloo boys, what, s tho matter with
him )"'
"lle'se dun gono dead massa 1" and
they chuckled to think we could not
guess why he was there.
"What's the mat tor o! him?"
"Too much hard times, nnibsal Do ni
gord can't stand obory ting."
"Nit'qors dio pretty ea-y hero don't
"Yes massa, dey get shut of themselves
right smurt now deui's hard times for
niggers' -
And so thought wo as they wore left
behind lo conduct their funeral to a ter
mination. In half an hour some thous
and dollar chap will be left to rot and add
Holiness to the soil which will hertalter
grow larger pouches than ever before.
In the house of Ir. Grunt, where I board,
is an intelligent African girl about 24
years old, owned ly tho Dr. The other
morning while she was sweeping up tho
hearth, said I
"Millie, aro you a slave?"
'Course I is, why V
"Why don't you run away and be
free ?"
"Umjih uiiiph dis rhile is too smart
lor dal. Dero is no fun in sleopiu' in de
mud, starvin' to death, and gettin' no
medicine when you ara sick."
"There are lots and lots of niggers in
town who have run away, ain't there,Mil-
"Umph umph right smart lot ol
"Well, Millie, ain't they better olf thpn
before they run away ?"
"Now wat's do use of foolen, yr.u know
better. Would you be better oil' without
clothes, nnd a bed, ami a house to sleep
in, and somebody to look out foryuu.lban
it you had 'em all t De time was herr
when us niggers bad our portiei, and
heaps of fun ; and we had good clothes,
and nnsjis as good as anybody. l!efore
dis war begun a wagon load of niggers
didn't dun gone dead every day aj dem
does now. Dis chile knows froniefing yet,
and tilt is to stick to missus."
"Well. Millie, cannot the niggers take
CM'o of t hemselvub V
"Lord help you, no ! About one in a
hu:idi ed is smart enough to livo and di
odilors would dnn gone dexd riht smart.
Wat-wat-wat-wal do niggers know abocit
buying stuil, and taking care ofdein.'elve-!
dey never done 'em 1 De massa always
buys for do niggers just like as if dey was
his ow n family, and when dem is sick he
has 'cm doctored up. Umph umph ! de
white Yankee folks skin de last chicken
out of the nigger 'fore il were hatched if
de nigger took care of demsclves! Deed
dey would 1"
"Well. Millie you area very sensible
girl, Btick to your home, and yoa will he
better of."
"Deed I will. We'vo all dun gon got
sick of Yaukees long ago. Nebbr had
euch thieves in town afore. Dey leat tie
niggers stealin', and eomo of de nigger
steal right smart too, 1 reckon.
"What do they Heal, Millie T"
"Golly, dey steal nil day ee,
don't watch it all de time. We
had white folks in de jail here till the ar
iijv come, and now doy is dar all do timo.'
"Don't you look ou the vhito folks
wi':o come with the army as your friends?"
"CtJ'h uniph 1 ot now ; dey is too
wicked. Wat-wat-vi at-wat dey care for
niggers vt hen tie' lets deiu die heio and
won't give dom nOt!in? Nigger don't
know much, but dey learn tings who nm
dar friends right smart."
Aud there is a world of truth in her
ider.3. The army, with its ugly eye, care
little for tho rights of any one. Niggers
ro'tov'.'!'. i ! 'so, 1 lo gather tho rem yet
Ntnidin-rin tho fold,' or tj pit k tho cot
ton hr-npnj lleeeo.lik.i fivm the pod It
is an actual fact, .S hundreds know from
itrsctia! knowledge.. What will bo don,
with the poor wretches, God in His great
tvitdom only knows. .
KM, I.II K. '"'''
The ' 'hio:';'0 nn'' ol
ni " we
lire I ol I to . ,H
lo.-i'iio' w ith i i i- lioi er l laoii and eon-1 Huntingdon,
duci, which isln i'.'ii'V tvhat'vei hedoes Indiana. 10
is both w iso in u jn-t, and will, in the end, Jefferson, 1'
nrove for ii-i tin' s if st and be-1. Ami no. ' ,, " .. , c. .
,, i . i-i ,-. ;., -,;,' -oNumssioxAi. Li ections. The Mates
i v wi 1 cue h o" i i.ieiioe. in overcoming .. , - . . , , , , , ,
.. . . ,, :....,,. 1 1 i , which are to hold elections for members
dit lieu ties o herwiso msui'inountiible be tf,. ., , ,,
i ol Congress this year are as follows :
rtnvnrd0'1- L I N "v Ilatnp-hiie (3 members,) lecond
'Whi n t '.-is'iri fuil.-i wuli oil h er nwrs, 'l'usd.iv in March
Ih.-ii :iib I'levnil,, mi love a,l,.r..s." j I;,oiio island (2.) first Wednesday in
We nie persii i led that all nuinan w is- A pi ll,
don-., in i'-ii! upi-l limits, can comi'rehend, . Connecticut (4,) first Wednesday in
me these on'v w hich lie nt the entrance April.
to theiibi "! of infinite goodness urd truth.' Kentucky (9,) first Monday in August.
A iii-e ..n i v iivi'le, or secret li-v!osrd, Vermont (3.) first Tuesday in Sept.
nvrcly mil ..I n , s t- t- -I' -i b .-s t Lrrs : Cn'.ifoi nia ('!,) first Thursday in Sept.
but tin i! "i -i e; 'V lie hid ti the 'el Virginia will elect three members,
'iini'i. Mii'lili lUpthxi , in livini mind and tin-re may be Applicants for seats from
and procedure ure far Iroiu usoless. Thev . the old State of Virginia, on member;
arn doubtless answering wiser ends than ;from Louit-iana, two members ; from Ten-
' i-iMcaivil, nil JUIISV nicy UIO UUl liecco-JUlj' u-.dsi.-u, V" v mvi.--., a
if two
Tho Congre.'sionnl conferenco commit
tee on the Ways uml Means bill luive
agreed upon all points but ono the tax
ation ujion Kank circulation to settle
which a new committee has probably been
appointed. Tho poh,ts ngteed upon by
the committee put the bill it) this shape.
The Secreluiy of tlio Treasury shall lo
authoiueJ to borrow from liiuo lo time,
on tho credit of the United Mates, a sum
not o.vceeiiing iOil.l.Otl, 11(10 for tho cur-!
rent tiscitl yeur, and jitjOO.llUO.O'JO for tho :
next fiscal jour, and lo issuo therefor
coupon or registered bonds, payable at the i
pleasure of the governnient, after aurh '
periods as may be lixed by the Secret ;ir !
not less than ton ncr more then fully1
years from date in coin, and of fuicli do
nominations, rot lcrS thnu i-.."i(), as ho may 1
deem e:;pf dient, hearing; interest at a rate !
not exceeding h j or cent., payable in bonds
not exceeding 100 annually, end on all
other bon.lj temi-iinnuiilly, in coin; and
ho may in his Ui-iciulion u;skmi;, of s-jcIi
bonds at any lime upon fucIi terns ns he
may deem most advisable for lawful mon
ey of tho United States, or for nnv of tho
certificates of imiebtediicss or depa-it, or I
I - !".! -1. . . . .
ior mij ui U.C nuasuiy notes lieieloloro '
issued or w hieh may be issued under the!
provisions cf this act ; aiid all bo'ols or
Treasury nob-.s, or I'. States ntos, issiudj
under ti.e provit-icnn of this net, fhall be
exempt from taxation by or under State,
or municipal authority; provided lie.'.'
shall bo outstaii ling or bunds, Trea oy'
uotes and U. St.i los notes, ul any tiuie i.- '
sued undi r the irovisi -ms of this net, no
grenlcremount nitoi'O'.Lcr than tiio sum
of s'J'jC.i b il.'OO. The .Secretary of the
Treasury is tiutl.ori.o-J to ii tie on tho
creilitol the tinted .States f i;'.VW.IH)tl
in Treasury notes, piivaV'lv at the I'lenfun.'
of the United States, or nt such timo or
times, not exceeding three years lioiil
date, as no'.y bo found mo.U bt nclieinl to
the .ublic interest.-;, and bearing in tero.-t
at a rate not exceeding six percent., j n y-'
able at the periods expressed on tho iaco
of said notes, and the iniere-t on taid
notes and on cei tilieaii s cf indebtedness
and deposit thtrcal'lor i'sucd shall bo
paid in lawful money ; the Treasury notes
thus issued to be of such denoininaticn as
tho Secretf.ry iiiny direct, not less than
slit, and may bo disposed of on the best
terms that can bo obtained, or may bo
paid to any creditor cf tho United State
willing to receive the same at j ;;r. These
Treasury notes may bo made a legd ten
dor to tho extent as thif Unili'il
Slate notes for their face va'.ie,ec!udin;;
itilerext, or they may be mr.J-j exehnn .-e-ablo
under the regulations jrcen! e I by
tho Seci clary, by tho holder thereof, at
i ho Treasury in Washington, i t at the
oliice of any assistant treasurer or deposi
tory dcsigimltd for tin t purpose, for Uni
ted .States notes in amount to tho
Treasury notes offered for exchange, to
gether v.itli the interest nccrueJ and duo
thereon at tiio date of interest payment
next preceding such exchange ; nnd in
lieu of any amount of said Treasury notes
thus exchanged, or redeomed, cr mid r.t
maturity, tlio Secretary m y issue an
equal amount of other Tiaaury notes, n-.d
tuo rotes so exchanged,
icderuied, or 'aid, shall Lo eanccLd
and destroyed as the Jtceictary may di-(
icc't, in order to K-cure certain and
prompt exchange-) of United .States notes
when required as above provided, the.
Secretary shall have power to isciio Uni"
ted Stales notes to the amount of ?Li!l,
000,000 which may be ns'ul, if necessary,
for such exchanges, but no part of tho
United Slates notes authori.ed by this
section shall l.c issued f'.r, or applied to,
any other purposes than said exchanges;
urnl whenever any amount ahull have
been so issued aud applied, the f .u,:ei hill
be replaced as soon is r.iclieablo b om
the sales of tho Treasury notei for tho
United States t.olcs. .Secretarv is author
ized, if required by tho exigencies of the
public service far tho payment of the at ,
my and tho navy and other creditors of
tho government, to issue on tho credit of
the government ono hundred nnd li.ty
million dollms of United States notes, in
cluding tho amount of such note- be i do
lore nuthorui d by a joint reso! jt:o:i pas
sod January last, not bearing interest and
of denomination? not less than one d )V,.i .
The seventh section of thoTor.iiiid ''ill i
stricken out. It provided thai ou a i l :if
ter Maicu 1, next, tho coupons on all
bondj find Tmasury notes of the United
States heretofore issued, and which may
bj ismed, tiall at any time within ihiily
da) 5 before they rom? re)ieclivoiy due;,
and at nnv time after tbev beconiP
are goou to kick anu cuu niounu. a re(.eiVnMo lor customs ns co:n. Jho sec
drunken offioer in tho northern army i tion reodifvin tho lndeien,iciit '1'ie.i.sury
tlio most aiiuive to ineni, mree times
have we within a week interfered to pro
tect some poor "toy," as tho male niggers
are called, from their cruelty and tyranny.
A good mulo is hern worth a hundred dol
lars a nigger is hot worth a cent, present
or prospective,
li.i'i in A rovi
Y,rl Cm,,- It.-
tho lStlisavs: In v-'.ord.iv's
'avo mi necouPt of a coroner's inqu'-'.
held i-.cin tho body of Aug. C. l'.l od hi ie 1,
who died Monday night with epiloplio
eonvul iiom. A fe'.v y. ars ngo, llrodhe.-id,
tlieu in the trime of vigorous manhooil,
and weaving upon tho dn-liin.-: inlilleiy
iiniloini ol the lirilislrio-rvice sevei a 1 loy
al medals, whii.h he Icul earncl by htavp
ry nnd s-.i'-ee-.i, f.iin;. I the a'-.pi.iintim''.
of a wealthy baronc-s ofthe l'.igt-t family
one of the most m i?'-cratio bousi s o
Lngland. 'That ucqiiuintanec iiniiiiolia'e
ly be itr o a love match, nnd the u n if
leiiting oi'i osilion ot lit'.' lannly oiily set1
I - -1 1 ' 1 ' I -(jUAi'l.DN
i.-.'i-ili C.-.i''.'.irrl by
ved to rem
a runaway niitcl
hai py couple? spent iheir li'ipoymron u
on too Continent, visit. -d Italy, ."'.viUers
lanJ, and the Jigypli.-n pyrcmids.iirn! two j
years ago came to Illinois r.:i ! purchasod '
a farm near Clifton, in Iroqnoi , county, j
J',rodheail was iw i';tionint of .o;i'iiilt;i-;
r:d seienco as he was ,rt!iciei)t "in thai ul j
ginn ery and pri-jeoUle-. And when to'
this - lino., iuipiiiiment i:', add'''! a ''
sealed -hubit of dissipation an inordinate !
foiidnes.s for th't wine cup which his Iree,
i.nd easy lit',, had engendered, and v,hi..h unioi t uuutcly was shai ed by h.s
w ife, we have the sum total of c.iiis.' ; Mifs j
ficienl. to bl.'c t any man s irospect in Ino.
His failure in an agricultural lino only
confirmed hiai ns a drunkard, and lia-.
teiied the doiiouenior.t'. An nnlont le -er
of field sirti, his. !.) ,ind giuv were i'i
constant reqiii-.ii.iou, and his heavy liba
tions on moil occasions iaoio than once
laid bint out for a night's lodg:ni; on the
His wife.oncc :i pet of Lrilish aiMoorat
ic circles, and at one tiaie r.iai bul l. oio.
In the (Jueon, though n highly aey iui-I'lir-hed
lady, and an excrib. nL tniui. sail,
audsi-cakii.g with littcney s- von 'l:li': nt
languiigis, soon bi.i.a..m uioi''' '" ' ic-i
than even himsell. She died ilruuk, a
year rig.", and liroa.llic'i! wa ; in such a
stale i'i' beastly inloi, iliun ns in i... u;...
bie t- CJinpieiitiid the. tael. "Si'ico t'.. I
time ho has been rapidly "g"in;; iii'ii' r."
11 ij property dwiiollin.-j atvav for year.--soon
vnnirlio'l, and tit, the time f hi
(b ath wc iind th,.t he bad been drivey to
tho extremity of niwning his goh.l.n mod
Isst'E of TAi-Eit AIoNi'.v. A careful ex
amination ofthe financial bills pas-ed by
tho l ! cent Congress, says tite Nov York
World, shows that Secii.:a:y Cbn-o has i.-s
fued and has tho nuthoiity to i.s-u? the
following legal tender no'.oi, treasury
notes, bonds ami certificates of indebted
r eijs :
Fh'st iisno oi tender
note.?, - ?1o0,0ihi,000
c'ecor.d issu of legal tenikr
Fliny '1 ill! Mil'
Th? Gui.r,o'.'.t ' L'
v.'. -niN'.i v. Much ?.
The following di-o. ill h h:n bei n receiv.
od by the Navy i h ; .iilnn nl :
Um'ikii'.s Si,'i.ii.o1.', l'"e!i. 27, )
via Mi. urn is, Mai eh, 1. J
7. ) i. (.'. M'. 'iv, ,;-;-.m, .-u:
Sm: I to 'i el to inform von that tho
I 1 ndi'inol-i ha- a'so (alien into the bunds of
1 I the e'l 'tv. 'Tlio rams Webb un-i Queen
of tlie West n! 'aiiked her twenty-fivo miles
' from hero an i lunrued her slie sur
' j retidend ; ell t tv'iieh can l. tr iced to a
i tion ri .in ili.ioce wi'h mv instructions. I
'I'lono' know the p u' icuh'rs.
! KcM'-etfullv, .lK n'K'TKi:,
A'-'.i'ig re ir Ail.uirid.
C.i''i, March 2. 'flic report of tho cap
t '.ire of t In I ii'liano'.i creates much disii i
' oinniont and gloom hire. She was ono
of tho new iron cl.nN I'.-oui which sin ii
gnr.d l e nl,. We' ,! ON'', ' led.
We have no p n t'c i! .is or Iho n flair ca
c-r,; rumor' tvr Jainj.hii, whioli state
that tlf" I ii'liiuiola was at tacked by l"0
rami tbieon of tho Wet, Wbb. nnd a
I il 111 . 'Ci of ol'ier vessels, when the sho'n
battel io. oH tied oi) h"i. (-lie was board
ed iiioil'v a'i 1 I ik'."l t"i Toit llud.-iii.
if i f aid 1 1'.,' I. t li"1 IP el will Mum bo pu t
in '.I'l'vic ivuiiist u5. Iiebi.1 do. -oi lers ar
riving nt Jl-'itipbis. in-i.-t that this new
r I., 1 ll.-ct of ir .n'.Ti'ls will i roceod down
the liver a! nm . , nod take part in an ill
tack upon'in I'ougv and New Orle.n-.
The r be! : ha I o,i v:: ready, and a doni 'ii-
av I -' louke'l lor at an m u'ieii!
! st rat ion
! e. p. ci.:'.)
c.pli.':'i ol
i ben di-re:
! IV-'leiis
j iriMisela i- i
! ticipa'i i ;
' Nat t i ' r
:i io
' ! .
, .IP
. h .'
s. l l
le'o 1 lll'i't JlU III i 1 ill ' illg,
..f the laet that the most
A'l'ivril J'-irler have
!' I I'I leC'lptnri) til''.!'
n 1 -, and at o ieo all
I ! i 1 1 c h-ct from tlio
Wo o ive not iii'iu on
.h" Mus'.--ppi to c ) c witli tho "1 ndiano.
la." ;;icpi the ".Neosho," and she is not
ipii'.u re idy yet.
I-".' ''IS'H Iii TT' M.
N'i:w YoiiK, March "..A special Mem
phis dispatch t i ih". y'i;i'.f says that tin'1
iii'linnoia it'll' nttackeit by U.ree rebel
boat;; ou Tuesday tl;o '2Uh ult. Vho light
win cliDiinate, lasting sev-ral hours, nnd
rho was o.i ly f ;ir, -ndcrcd when in a tick
ing condition, .'-ho was iun ashore; and
the captorcd ollicei 'i aud crew are lorv iu
J i ills,.
IV, ! 0
(I Dili i P. il I n l-i.
not . .s,
Fir j'.'ivnioiil of tlio army, b"1.!1 ,
i .'ui iiheiiieii of indi-btodncs, l ."',oo i.' i'.i
i'tacii'tial cuu "tic;', .Vi.iMiii.tiiai ism cd to dale, 47-j,U0tt,UUi)
1 nterrst-bcarin : tieas'v noli'..)
1 A Su-irii ri:-,t;i r. ;:r r.Ii'rti'csboroujh -
Tho i-.-.o,!:. su'ut.d v;iUi b-j
Cincinnati, March .'. -p'-ci-d dispatch
(('. the (.',-. ,. '', .:. !,'.' llili'lVot-boi'.I.Igh,
.it an ..-.:. i 'U ol i i c iv, iiv
, i i :ii i '. i '.f ii i
' i :i'' i I ' ii U
1-1 I
converti'oh.. ..t J
t( n-Mr.
der notes at will of
I, ;00,0'.iO,OpO
Senate's- nmendinerit to con
ference bill, CO,! Moduli
Lends umbel i.:"d by confer
enco cotmiiittee, (20 a:i I 10
years) biiii.iiil.l.iiini
,ii t 1. . i
; Ot i'.i ;
. . ,n nl
-O'Jl t'e
i I
' II
d of a
li ft Mur
' I. in:', ami eil-lyn.l.-.
A ft oi
i 1 1 tv or 'l.'if'
, f.-so,' ei-i,t
To this may I
der the banic bill, making a grand total ol
iid'h'd i ln,i,(iiin,,ii,l im-
he ,o..''
CULii) il l '
,1 bevel e e.n .'. eui ; !i t i
en fioiu tin1 I : vn, t.i: ,
killed and Itve.v rum-led. Nme
an 1 e:i.'.. pio i.ij t,-,-, j i t: , . 'ire I, w
three ni'.ii hel i;.. ...fll-i ;,.'id ii Mii,r.;
ic.e.ils, and a i,.: ; . i'o..' of o.'licial order.-,
jap,.- and rrv.'.'o l."igg:i-.. The
e:io:uy c-ngag.'iit Was a portion ol .lohn
M )i' an's di -,:- :oi. I ) ir 1 i n killed and
'toiiiide-1 was ii'm'.; Iiuil of the cneinv.
latv is also omitted.
pSoine young ladies fo-.ling theiin
relvos Bggiieved by tho severity with
which so: ie of their friends ariiinadvert
ed on th irjgay -Iumes, crinolines, scarlet
iinltieonts and flounce", went to Iheir past
Inonovcar from now, wherever the tor to learn ins opinion.
Federal army gains a foothold, the negro 'Do yon think,' snid they, 'that there
population will bo reduced ODO-half. can bo any impropriety in our g
This is not alone my opinion, but of j things.'
scores of oflioers I have lately convened "By no means,' wns tho prompt reply,
with, irrespective of party. And as they 'when the heart is full of ridiculous no
die oft, po will the land be impoverished. ' tions, it is porfeetly proper to haug out a
As a general thing, they will not work for sign,'
wages. ne d iy hist week w-s came upon i
a plantation which numbered sixty four! C-jTA newspaper advertises for coninos
negron. The were slaves once, Hat on j itors "wh don't get drunk!" and adds,
the first of Janua-y were told they wcrel"The editor does all tho getting drunk
froo, and must mpport themselves. Of , necessary to the dignity of tho
this number only five would work the establishment J" '
Suniocs Atcinr.xT. A serious aeoidynt
occurred to the Express train Westward,
yesterday at th-: end of the
mountain between Mexico and I'crryville
station, in Juniata county. A portion of
the end of the mountain slid down upon
the track, 'dter the watchman had pa--od
and bef iio tiie ti.iin camo along. The
consiquonco wns, that the engine, c:;
piess cur, '.aggago car and ono p:vsen';er
car were tLiown ovef tho rnibankmoiit
anil into the river, leaving them perfect
wrecks. Slr.mge as it appears, the ex
press messenger and baggage master ..
caj ed uninjured. One passenger by the
name of John SI.earor. from Green-bur;;.
' 1'ii., was killed, and some ten others in ne
or lots injutcd, none d ingornudy we bo
licve. The Engineer, Jacob Elder. -vs
badly i-colded about the legs, but th" lin..
man escaped uninjtare-1.
i C Jy Did yon ever kiiinr a young wi 1,, v
who woti'dn't ge' Tiiuriioii the sci;i.!
j time - il ! could ?
' I1' you ever know a w ido verto .-t ;;.
' gi' 1 , alone liH "a year of d-c. n y" w.v
' 'id you ever know a man to !,. u!:e-tila-Iy
hai l on one vice without ii iving a
' ic-t tIco of his own ?
I nl you ever tobacco cuowing
(T.ris'ian to f"cl any compunction I r b
I cci alinj the lion 'o of liod with tin vile
I juic; ol the w eed ?
Did you ever knoiv a man to gwtv in
j;r ic.! by feeding i.n sl ind-'r?
Did you oyer know a topi-r who wan't
c nee a modf rale dt inktr '.'
Did jon ever know a griimb'.cr to os
sess energy enough to eon ect or mm nd
whatever lie grumbled nl?
Did you ever know it toady who wasn't
a hypocrite ?
DMo Les'rcv"!
iuj, -jjdss v i.i0 J.003
' v :-'io Flor.
1 I Mi,
, ll'-.
.'I ll e,
:. Thomas,
at th. j'ort
'Tiie steamer Dolt
I'.ei'niii'l.ioii the 21:
She ropoit; tl- .t on the h"h of I'ebru
nry, in latitude 2 I, 1 -i i t i l-.i i"i. the ate
Florida captured and burnt I he-shin Jacob
i l.'hotv O :!uli.-r
i. '. Tell I'.ld
i. Tlir- p. .--"ii
nod to a 1 1. ui-
bell, wluc.i u.i.lcl li,i;i ,
ii' h for New' Vol !.. ' .
1,1.1 ' iln.-ls ol' te l oi b ..
g is and ci'etv t. c: e 1 1 in
l-h V" .l tv
tho i 'i :i ol F
M.s. Wi'.i.....
arri .-i-d at St. T,
ni is on
in., y . I i.O '.'i - - :: g' Is aro
Mr. John- n, and two Mr.
r,.l'.-. I'io'V hiivo an i jo I l.ero in tin
'The oarL" of iho ,1 ,(.-.!, I'.e'.l was chieil,
f a' Engliil. nc unit, and valued .it -''111' I.P. I
She w as i:i.-iiiv i in Km;:) .".d ; i; 1 X. York .
The ves-i'l jii.d ft. it was valued at n,
iniUioii an I a half d .ll .1 :.
( i;ir 'i'-V' i nmeiit is a lu-avy l.n r, as liie
d'jtit would have an,, noted lo : I7"i (l1."
, ii
CI l t'Spl li I
c r, u in.- r
follow im; o
fair L- I a.
. i . '., ',,,., i.
.. ;i rc'i 1 i ii- Win.;,
n' r,!' t h-? V.'hei'lin 1 utedi
Into of lhe,th ni;., give
.1' i'-'i I.n -, of a di gr.irelii
I our tr '.e.s
tlo (
a ioi
ni. , i t'.
o v.. l.V ;,
t nnr i.
I. oil
fl'. i
roa 1, i.n Dif tru
iti 1
. 1 1 I !i.e 2 'itii
, i v ;. ie i i oi'i
is on t'ee M i ..-lull g
1' iv sh w ill. the in
i y
i:( I ',
1. A
' l':
I.I t !
e, th'
ie'i t o were . "ik.d
v ictircd e qeu.ii, g
I I iv. !.! men.
Co.nusi ATioN i.n New Ori r.iss. It is
ttated that Gen, I'-utlcr has charged l.iin account with the War Department,
with ono million and eighty-eight thous
and dollars, ns having been received by
him frofti wililaiy nsse-suients anl con
ffil Tivn hundred and fifty deserters n; e
now awaiting trial in tho Aiiny of the b tl,--ht of tw- ntv mile-. Our men mad
I'oloiunc. Ills uudcrslcol that most of no Ktand, though outnumbering the tn.
them will 1o seiitiinced to doath. J tny.
I o
OU! il'l'.ll.
I ve hi. n l; d men "I the I .th ivn n -viva:.
i.i i : 1st .-'w Yoik Cai' iiiy w-re
sen', in pur-oil, and 1 1 1 i j o u i c 1, l-etond
. tun bin ', in..-t "I !' is. iieis i.fol burs
-es. Thev ,'il-" tool; n number ol pij-.,n-crs.
l'-ut the con.inaiiih r of our d.-taeh-liieiit
transi!! dod his orders and pursued
the en, i. iv beyond Womb-lock, where, nf
li r ill i, ic:' in tho r-hel 'icketi, they
.to. el , -1 . i - v i ' ' T in tho, without
go. irdic, ej.uiol a surprise. 'I'lm ouemv
s io;i r. turned in f iree, charged upon mi 1
threw our men into ermfuiion, killing.
wounding and enpt urine two hundred ir.